Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Mart 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Mart 1867 Page 2
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CITY REAL BITATK NR BAI.*. BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY ENGLISH KaSKMHNT. oti Twelfth street, user Fifth aveuue, 20x*txH9; 0*?* ,0110; house first, No. 134 West Forty-fourth street, three story h1#* JR2 Brown sitae, 21x50xll)u, In good utJer and negkborheod first aUss, pc cm O^U.uliO. _ Won 1?1 nnd 144 Kant Thirty second dJJ5ft, \tgh stoop l.rown stone Houses, 30x18x1#.!G prwa outy \ 18.800 for both. A valuable Corner on avenue 0 and Ninth street, five Iter tea, with store, $1? Uk>. A lasts sn Vishtv-aerend street, between Third and Fourth avenues 25il0o 1? each, price $14,800, $10,000 can remain at Itor oeui. else asseral nrlvste. tenement and store Properties. In gulrToTBrDl/hV a. CARR. 1* Grand street, near Biocd ?V- ' s -FOB HALE?4 THREE 8TORT BRICK AND 2 MAR A bis Houses, with chandeliers, on north side Thirty third street, east of Seoond avenue, Noa. 311 and $.3 inclu sive ail modern Improvements; would now oost to build, wtth'lol. $18,000: or will be sold, from $10,3(0 to $11 NJU ?-i. Also thrown stone four story Houses. Noe. 6I>1 and Sb Meoond avenue. Also tour story brick, tlxAQxhslf block, Ho. 141 Bast Thirteenth street $14,(90. Apply to ABNKRL. ELY. corner of Forty-first street end Fourth aveuua. A?44 YBAftS* LBASB FOR SALB OF LOT, 25X100, ? la Forty-eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave nues. centre of block, south side. Apply to EDWARD II. F0RDY, 84T Broadway. I THREB 8TORT HIGH STOOP HOUSE. FINELY West Flftoenth street, SxISxtt, $1B,OU0. sale by SMITH A CO., 82 Fifth avenue. A BARQAIN ?A THREB STORY BRIOK HOU8E, A brown stone basement, in West Thirty-third street; ffifldO; will pay It per cent Interest. McORATH A ORADY, 824 Ninth avenue. IT 111 FOURTH AYBNUE?HOUSES FOR 8ALE.? J\. See Stanley Day's Real Estate Circular, which can be bad free or by mail upon receipt of stamped directed en velope, A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, WITH IMMEDIATE FOB session. W> Bast Sixtieth street, north side, near Lex ington avenue. If sold beforn the 20th lust, will be had cheap, luautreof the owner, on the premises. Alsothiee first class Tenement Houses will be sold for $25,000. In quire of WM. M A,.ILL, 19 East Sixtieth street. A THREB STORY AND BASEMENT HIGH STOOP House and Lot for sale in East Twentieth street, 20x56, lot l'JO feet. In perfect order; will rent for fl.SU"; prlee $13,500; mortgage $o,00j. nan remain or he paid off. Apply to owner, GEORGE KEHR. 217 Eaat Thirtieth street, near Third avenue. A GREAT BARGAIN.?WILL AND MUST BE HOLD, one of the best corner Houses and Lots, southwe-t eorner of Lexingtou avenue and SUU?tli street; bouse 23x50; lot 100 feet; four stories, hlub Sliaip In own atone trout, very elaborate, (lutah. with inline, I .ate possession; will 1*> sold On to w cost to close an estate. If applied for immediately; also one Inalde House on same block, both strictly tirat class; built by days' worx and in perfeot order. Apply to JAMES FBTTRKTUH, 217 Eaat Thirtieth street, near I'hlrd avenue. A?FOR SALE-SEVERAL 1MUSE-S, IN GOOD LOCA . tlons, from $15,000 Pi $45,',1UU. CHARLES E. MILLS, oHloe, 40 \Ve?t Thirtieth street. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE FOR SALE? ou Thirly-lumth street; 25i5ttxM V; c -ntaiulng every Improvement: price only $40,000. putter, BRo-s. a Bellamy, No. b Pme street. A LARGE, ELEGANT HIGH STOOP BROWN STONR Home and ilnestaule; the new furniture if desired; finest location on Murray 11111; a bargain. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. ABAROA1N.?THREB STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN stone front House on West Twenty-sixth street; con tains all Improvements nnd Is In proper order. $ld,0U0. fhrms easy. JOSEPH MASON, 22 Pins street. APKRPECT OEM.-CITY RESIDENCE, COUNTRY seat and farm combined at New Brunswick; 67 acres of splendid land; superior building; every variety of fruit in meat abundance; completely * locked, and all neccaaary tools and Implements; only glg.OUO. J. *? FERGUSON A CO., 30 Nassau St., room 24. A YERT FINE HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE. 20X45, XL all Improvements. $13 U00. Apply on premises. IM Fiftieth street. Do. English basement brown atone 231 Fifty-seoond street, $18,1X11; easy terms; splendidly located sad in every respect very desirable, and betweeu Broadway and Eighth avenue cars. Apply at 112 forty-tilth street, be tween sixth and Seventh avenues, to owner. LOT FOR SALE?ON WE8T THIRTY-THIRD street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, 20xlM feet A , R ? 0 inobes. with party wall and cellar dug out. Price, if sold this week. $5 4(J0. Apply to SAMUEL MILL1KKN, 124 Ninth avenue. AT T? THIRD AYBMUE-FOR HALE, ON EAST FIT tleth street. Mir four story brown (tone House, adjoin ing the Her It man old mansion, window* open on sams; marble halls, black walnut aul a, furnace and fixture*; lo cation choice; also other* ou same street and a number on tbe aetata; do. tfth, 49th, 5oth, 5l*t si*., and ou *Jd avenue; worth attending to. JAMES ROWK. Ad ?FOR SALE. FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House on Fifteenth street, between Irving place and avenue, in goo I order. \YM. S. JENNINGS, in Broadway. Trinity Building, basement. Anew three story brick house for sale in Harlem, at a great bargain; has all the modern Im provements, sewer. Ao., pleasant location; Immediate pos session , price I9.00U. S. A. SPENCER . 381 Grand street. AN EliEQANT FOUR 8TORY HIGH STOOP BROWN etone House for sale, on Madison avenue, near Thirty - aoeonth street; full front; In complete order. 8. V. IRELAND, *)1 Broadway. Brown stone front house, four stories. elegantly frescoed, on Murray Hill. Price $5U 000. Parties wanting a complete house at a bargain may obtalu particulars by addreeatug G. H. B. A., Herald office. TJY J. E. HATCH A SON. >75 NINTH AVENUE. X> west list eh, 4 a h. s. brick, 3*x60 f 10.900 West SSd st. ? a. h. a brick. 99x60 I3.UU0 West 46th st. 4 * K. b. brick. 16.8x59 11.UUU West 51st st., I a. h. a. brick, 39x48 9,300 TENEMENT. West Sid it. 4 a, first class, 33x50 11,000 Wsat Mth st., I a. k. t., stable on rear, 19x1110. 10,000 West SM st. 4 a., first class 7,000 Business pboperty for sale-ooxioo fkbt. on the tuirner of Grand and Greene streets. Special atten tion Is called to this valuable property. Very large and ex pensive improvements in that Immediate neighborhood lisve already beea made are In progress, or arc about to be com tnenoed; all which will be fully eiplalued by the subscribers. Ills desirable that purchasers should communicate tierson ally. between the hutira of 1 end I P. M , with BEMAN A HAWS, 54 Pine street Factory property foe salb-nbaR Chatham square, consisting of a six story brick building, base ment and suheellar. containing Shafting. Belting, Patent Steam Elevator, and heated throughout with ifim. Klxe of factory, 48.8 front, 47.8 rear 78 deep Aho a otte story brick Building, tin reof (adjoining), containing Engine, iwu boilers and shaving room in basement; 24.11 Irunt. 67.7 deep; and a four story brick Building in rear of engine building. 318 front, 37 deep, whole front on Pell street i3.7. No#. 20, 33 and 34 Pell street. New York. Title IndtspuUbie. For sale-one half block of lots between Fourth tud Fifth avenues, and Fifty-ninth and Sixty eighth streets. Apply to C1IAUNCKY BARNARD, lUU Broadway. For sals?the lot and first clash dwell Ing House 37 West Fifty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, with three Lota adjoining and a Lot with stable In rear, running through to Ktfty-faflh street now oc cupied by tbe siriacriber. For terms and particulars apply at office, S* John street hetwi-cn 1 and 3 o clock. The house and premises may be seen from 1 to 4 o'clock. TUOH. C. SMITH. For hale-bkown stone house ict madison avenue, northeast corner Thirty fourth street; just tin ished and painted througbout In the very beat manner; bil liard room walnut doors an I stain Brown's hot Water fur nace. all modern Improvement* and tlrat claa? In every re aped Alto mirrors, sr. Apply to ANsUN Pill.LI'S Kit KF.8, 19 Cliff street EOR HALE-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK House on Thirtv-Aist st.eel Eighth and Ninth avenu-a: ,30x96.9; house 4a f?ot deep, with extension, In splendid order; parlors, dln'og room and kails frescoed, pricef 10.IW, Including all the CtfMIs sod Ulltdoths. sMi l H A MEAD, 894 Eighth avenu* WpyR HALE-THF. PROITRTY NORTHEAST CORNER pu-r and Baxter streets. 3 fe. t on lle-ter and IUU Jartfr, oomprl.lng hall of adto.uiai lot r.tSU For further partlculanMntpnre of A. W. LBQUEfT. 56 f ront st. )R HALE?HOU^_AND LOT, ON THOMPSON _ street oondlUoa. F3R SALE-IIOUS& AND LOT, ON THOMPSON street, containing allyoodern Improvements, snd In good sosdllltiu. L MATHRwSiiN a hlig. No. 8 Ktfc street, after 13 o'clock. For sale-twentieth ward KEnkmbnt prop erly: c ard rlianee for Investment. 4. MAI II KW-UN A SON, No. g Pine St.. af^r 11 o'elock. JflOR SAI.K?A HANDSOME BROWN 8TONB vitoNT _ Hou-.e, In Ferry .-trie!, now bring finished ?ltuau d "n south side of Ferry stieet, fourth house west of Fourth street inquire In office at 137 Chnton place. Eighth street. F>r rale-a bargain-lots on northeast eecner Third avenue and Seventy-second street, hir ing a frontage of 76 !nel 8 Inches on Third avenue, and Wt feel on Seventy-second street This Is one of the finest properties on the Island; Seventy-second street la Its) feet wide. Inquire In offlco at 137 Clinton place. Eighth street F OR HALE-TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, HIGH stoop House 384 Ninth street See It. - F OR SALB.-TO PHYSIC!ANH?A SPLENDID COR tier Mouse in on# ol tn# finest locsl'lie* In the city. three story high stoop basement and sub-cellar brick House; 1 all the i " * eoatalnsall the modern Improvements, and In good order through,>ut; just the spot for a plivamian mr further i Oculars Inquire of A. KNOWLloN a lUlhcst cottar of IFulbtn sad Portland avenu e*, opposite the old stand, Brook "CH)R RAI.R-A TWO STORY FRAMR HOUSE, BRIf ?*- . haaernent. nine rooms gas, go. Stands on a pint wi gardenJh front Apply atatlWest Thlrtv-alxth street. FU* BALE?WEST TWBRTY FIRST STRRBfr three Mory high stoop brlek House, with modern h amenta good order; prtoe gl'J.uW. Also a deslra) IS. 'fLt , ,lr"t near Bleacher, In perfect urdf "i n ir ifvr J"'.T*11'" ? from $9 00U to ?3U,UU9. I m vUKiin, VM hlilh ITVDiiq, yOB HALE-H0UHE; THE HOUBK AND LOT NO. 191 ? W ouster street; 35t 10U feet. DYE A CURTI8. 908 Rlxih avenue. 1NOR HALE-A YERT NEAT THREE 8TGRY HIGH 1 stoop III use. completely furnished, In fine order; all snodirn Improvement*. Price 6 PLOW. LA N D. 101 Broadway. I NOB RALE?HOURR AND STABLE. WITH ALL MOD* ' am improvement* and In good order. Inquire on tbe premises, 36 I'lke street f>OR RALE-TWO THREE STORY RASBMENT and cellar brown stone llonsef. ?iie30il6i list, nil improve. metit*. in m avenues. Ap|i. ate possession. wn stone limine*. *lxd39it6jlt*l, *U improve [yelginb street, between Second and Third' ifj tu the owners, on the premise* I turned) IT OH BALE?THE TOVH *TORV A W i^Mt JF Mlonii and brlrlc Houm, 20140. lol 20i98.6? 80 Vft?l fort?* hrs street near Broadway. Immediate pteacsstoo. Twenty lei rentiash; balmce five vesr* Price gli.UJJU. Apply to KM. .MY HacKKTT, 16 Centre street, or 71 Fertyflrtt *r?i-t No agrt.ia need apply. ________ 17" ill RALK-GN TWENTT-NTNTH HTRF.ET. BBTWiE* r Fourth and taxing on avenue*, n three slory high stoop rro i ttnne House, 3Jt*U all the way up; Int KM feet deep; n'riee it .use, xsxnu an ice way up, ?s iwr iw? . Tec irst. d, glided, Ac; price $36 l??. M sV>. it *DW*RDS,3?I Wget Iwtaly Uurd oreaL CITT R?U ISTATSFW IALIfJ| Foe sale?fivk four stoey woo sits north. waet corner of-avvitir A and Twenty third str"?t: also four four (lory House* on Third avenue. Apply U> TUOS. J. Ml'KI'll Y, 7S4 Third avenue. Fob sale?a nkw three story brown stonk House. lla? all the Improvement* ti e fa J neighbor. Iiood and location, 'lectin...> Mi l r- ile. r* v oted. 1 iquliu .11 tin) pr .on - 3d I >?t b it ly Ur? a ruet, Uetweeu Second and fhin avsuu's. t'omnlssion. LIOB SALE?UNION SQUARE. NO. ?l BAST TU1K r tecr.t i street, adjacent to Hi'" .dwsy aud isatueJuwly In the ii'?i of pr >pertv adjoining ths .>( n?oa l>n-eeoa Four toeath slice'- .1. ?<? ? sOo Eotiitn mreet, near Greene. R. WILLIAMSON, owner, Bull ? Hcd Bank. POR SALE?FURNISHED. ON WH-'T TWIJNTYSEC ond street fr-r So-ruth nvrr.U', a very pretty lour story Drown aloue Bngh?h basement House, Id fine Older and beautifully furuuhed. Price $?1,4)0. J AS K. ED ? We ~ WARDS, *77 west Twenty third atrc l IDOR SALE?THE THREE STOBV IIIi? II STOOP A House Me. Ml clreenwlch street (leasehold); modern Improvements and in good order. Seen by permit from ID tlllia. Prioe $4,000. JAMBS B. EDWARDS. >77 West Twenty-third street. Fob salb-on west twenty third stbebt, a three etory high stoop brown stone front House, with or without furniture. In perfect order; 11 has recently been completely overhauled and repaired (almost rebuilt), free, ooedln oil throughout, and elegantly furnished from top to bottom; It la a most beautiful little house In a first cuaas neighborhood. Price, furnished, $30,000; unfurnished. Baton. J AS. B. BD WARDS, 277 Weet Twenty-third street. Fob sale?a thbbk btoby brick and babe meut House, 176 Madison street. For particulars In quire at 372 Catharine street, In the store, or at $7 Heeler street, ftrat Boor. , Fob sale?a house and dot, no. n Hamilton street. In the Seventh ward, New York. For particu lars inquire of B. STKINEB, 872 Water street. New York. ITtOB SALE.?WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION, r Saturday. March 23, ou ths premises at Bag Harbor, L. I., a pood two siorT.sttlo and basement frame House, In the business part of Sag Harbor, good location for a bakery. Further particular* at FANNING S, 226 Bowerr. IpOB SALE?ON NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, ' a Sailor Snug Harbor Lease, twenty years to run; housn three stories, 26x60. Apply to HINMAN A CO., 16 Wsil street. FOR 8ALK?WITH POSSESSION, NEW BROWN stone high stoop dwelling House, 117 East 'Fortv-slxlh street; best built and moat desirable house in market; now open; price $26,NX). FOR SALE.?CENTRAL PARK LOTS; TWO VERY desirable lots, located on the Fifth avenue, opposite lower end oi the I'ark. Apply to WM. H. RAYNOR, No. 6 Plue street. For salr?the first class modern built three utorv sod basement high stoop House aud Lot 148 Kaat nro idway, wph or without Furniture, In excellent order, recently built by present owner in the best manner for his own use; will be sold reasonable, as the owner pro poses vltdtiug Europe this present season. Apply on the premises. 1TH)R SALE?IN FIKTY-SEOON'n STREET (OOOD A block >. n very handsome little three story high stoop brown stone House, furnished or uufurulsbed. A solid little house and richt In every respect. KILPATHICK, Bull's Head Bank Buildings. FOR BALE-ON NORTH SIDE OF TWENTY-SBt'OND. between Eighth und Ninth avenues, a four story high stoop under cellar brown stone Uouse and Lot; has furnace aud all modern conveniences, two bathrooms, dumb waiter, Au., usu excel lent block and bus a splendid rear. Will be sold for $22 ,100 If at once; $16,000 can remain. Permits Trout KlLFATKIClw, Bull's Head Bank Buildings. 1jU?R SALE?IN TWBNTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR ' Sixth avenus, a three story blgli stoop under cellar brown stoue Honse, containing all oonveniencea; slse 22x46 by 10U; price $18,000 and terms to suit. KILI'ATIUCK, Bull's Head Bank Buildings. TjNOR SALE?A FOUR STORY KNOLI8H BASEMENT X1 House on Thtrty-Brst street, between Eighth end Ninth svetiuns; price $18,000; also other moderate priced Houses In respeetable locations. HINMAN A CO., 15 Wall st. FOB 8ALE?ON TWEVTY.PIBST STREET, WEST side, a large four story high sloop House, with about IX Lots of ground, very substantially built; all modern (in ?mveinenta. Prioe $21,030. this la one of the cheapest outes in tbe market. JAB. K. EDWARDS, 277 West Twentydhlrd street ffOR SALE?A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIGH 1 stoop House, with all Improvements and in first rate condition, situate In Forty third street, near Broadway. " quire at coal ofllce 176 Wooster street. 1JTOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS TWO STORY BRICK 1 House In Fifty-second street, near Third avenue. Terms to ?ulL Apply at 102 West Twenty-ninth street, la tbe car penter's shop. 1JIOR SALE-A THREE 8TORY HOU8B ON TWENTY. X1 ninth Streets bstweem Lexington and Fourth avenues. Price $12,000. URM Y A COPLAND. 410 Fourth avenue. For balk?$12,000 for a thrub story brown ?tone high stoop lloune, ?U modern imp'ovemeota, and In good order: loeatlnn Second avenue (Hanson place), be tween lMth and 128th streets; of easy access by cars and HAQOERTY A PHELPS, U Pine street steamboat. F OR SALE?A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY DWEL Hog; modern Improvements, gas, Croton water, all In no-cell fine repair; Urge basement and sub-cellar; one of tbe best built hottsus In tbe Tenth ward. Inquire at 77 Chrystie sU r)R SALE?AT HARLEM, ON 186TH STREET, NEAR Second avenue, tbe three story frame House (with columns), with one or more Lots; situation desirable. O. CHB8TK.RMAN, 70 Nassau street. For satjB?a thrbb story high stoop brown sUme House 'Ai.6vnAxM.9; In line order and centrally lo cated; $18.0un. POTTER BROS. A BBLLAMT. ? Pine at F 1/lOR 8ALR?ON FIFTH AVENUE, A MOST BKAUTI fill modsrn House, blj^h stoop. 30 feet frost, with all the modern Improvements, will be eold either furnished or unfurnished. Apply to K. 11. LL'OLOW A CO., No. I Pine street. |^OR SALK-AT 788 THIRD. AVENUB. A CHOICE _ list of three and four siorr high sloop brick and brown stone Houses, from $7,000 to #80,000 Also frame, brick and brown stone Houses (o let. Also Third avenue Stores. Floors of six rooms to small respectable families. JAB. BOWS. F OR 8ALE-A DESIRABLE THREE 8TORT HIGH stoop (corner) brown stone House, 30.6x48, replete with Improvements;'worth looking after: location good; property ? ' " ROWK, 7W Third restricted; terms easy. Apply to JAMES avenue. IpOR SALE?IN TWENTY-NINTH STREET, NEAR 1 Third avenue, s four story English busement brick; contains all modem conveniences, and is In very good con dition. Price $li).Ukl. KII.PATRICK, Bull's Head Bank Buildings. For bale at a fair price-two four btory brown stone English bas-ment Houses, eligibly situa ted on Porti-second street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. Terms liberal. Inquire of tbe Owner, SSU Bowery, or JOHN KAVANAOH, corner BUtth avenue aud Forty second street For sale cheap?a tureb story high stoop under cellar brick House anJ Lot In Ryerson street between Park and M> rile avenues; hits hot and cold water, heater, gas. Ac ; la In g-od order; only $?'- (180; terms easy. KILPATP.tCK. Hull's llesd Rank Buildings. FVOR BALK CHEAP-HOUSE ON WEST ELEVENTH street; three story brown stone, high sloop; chandeliers, furnace, good cellar, possession. May; good neighborhood; terms easy. Print $18,001). Inquire at 480 West Twenty second street For sale or to lease-a first class four story t rench roof brown slone House, with stable at tached, on the corner of Sixtieth street and Lexint-'.on ave nue. Must lie seen to l>e appreciated, inquire of the owner, CHARLES OOOI'KIt, 81 Euat Six I MtUeth street. Also for sale or to lease, 8J East Sixtieth street Inquire of same. IjlOK SALE OR TO LEASE-LOT ?J ROOSEVELT 1 street corner of hew Chambers. Fur terms apply to KM. LINJZ, l?i Maiden lane. pRKAT BARGAINS.?TWO CORNER LOT8. IJTT'1 \T street and highlit a?eoue, resdv for hul'dlng; apleudid : waton, .UUJunly required: balance on m >r.gage. A. 8. NEWHKBRT. Ib'J Broadway. Harlem property?houses and lots at reasonable prices and e ,sy terms. A few brick Houses to let $700 rent We remove Mavl to 1.38$ Third avenue, 124th and IJSiii streets. RANDKUi k POKT8R, l.hil lid ?v. Houses for sale-by a journeav, no. $ pink street?Wast Nik St., three story h. *. brick....$18linn West 48d st., tkree story h. s. bmwn at ne 14 .M?i West 23d at. lotir slmy Kng.l'h basement uriek 14 IXW East kid at , three atoyy English baae-nent bilck 12.0UO 1 OFFER FOR $??$$, HALF CASH. A FOUR STORY 1 I ugh stoop brown alune corner House on west side Lex ington avenue,.Murray Hill, baeemeul. parlors, second fl-ior and halls fi*?coaJ, snd the whoie esuhllshm-nl in the moat onmplete order; slae 3dv80x6S: must he seen to be apprecl oompiete orner; sixe-JUxsoxsi; must be seen to be appre ?ted. For permits apply to A R1LPATK1UK, Ball's He Bank Buildings. T OT FOR SALR-ABOUT 46X80 FEET, 640 AND 643 } 4 Water street with two Frame Houses, wall altusted for stoic: or factory Improvements. STANLEY DAY. 81$ Fourth avenue. ST. JOHN 8 PARK.?FOR FALR, NO. 88 BKACH street. 37.1'lW feet with larce four story brick Buddlog covering the ent>ro lot Apply to E. II. LUDLOW R CO., No. 8 Pine street rMANI'KAOTCRSP.a. HuTRL PROPRIETORS ANI CaplUl su ?Valuable Prjtp-rty for sale. A subsui Hal, well bnltt six story brick Budding In Cherry street, nei Catharine far y, onlv two block? from East river, admlrmb ad.pied for mimufarturing, hotel or tenement purpose Tbe | lot la 8hil7$, main building Mfll and all aiory brlc exten-iou 26iltV> Tba buildings are In good order and mm ble of being altered for any purpose. J or full particuUi apply to J Oil A SON, MILLER ? HALL, 36 Nassau atrec New York. n O FOUR STORY FULL FRONT BRICK HOUSES and two frame Houses on rear of lota, In West Thirty k OK APT 8M Ninth avenue. YTAVERLEY FLACB-FOR SALR. AN EXTRA LAROR vv niece ne,?r Broadway; possession 1st Msvnaxi. Ap tly to H II. LUDLOW A CO.. No. $ Plna street 1 LOT. EXTRA SIZE, SOUTHWEST CORNER THIRD avenue snd seventy sixth street, for asle aheap. Apply WM. Fl. RAVNOR, No. b Pine ?! cat. ??D RTRKET.-THRBE LOTS (76X10H FF.ET) ON TUB -sj aoulb aide. 100 feel enst of Icxlngton avenue, or tla. Inquire of.owner. at *? Iktwery, In the store $3 BOO "~'"lR NKAR CI5.-LRAL r*NK- * _ hemlaeme three story oollage; possession m die 1st of April. Inquire of Colonel U MART, 'Ihtrd av?. nne, between Eighty third snl Eighty-fourth streets. (3> a nnn cash will buy one ofthb MODfilft ?*.UUU Houses south side Fifteenth slreel, Just wa?t ef Seventh avenue; 38 feet wide; In Bee order; balaoca $14.8(0, can remain on mortgage five or seven years If de ?bed. R. H. TAYLOR, Noe Sand 10 Fine street. $6 500 KACH'-ro* TW0 RXORr.v A.TT!P and haaement Houses, tn Seventh street; $ood neighborhood, ID ro-una lo each: ta waterlow a do.. terms half cash. (? Nassau street $8 750 POR A THRI!',! STORT HT.??r , -- - , r House, g i-ii order and loeatlom Aleoa three ?tory brick ta Nluth ward for $8,800. 8. F lkeland, 301 Broadway. $1 n nnn-^?R * thrbb stort mioh btoof jLaA/jYyU brlrk Ileum, all improvements, aliuated on Twentieth street. Una three story House on Fourth street, BiuJtes - 4 DBbuftANT.hlWnUi CRY VI? Al< BSTATBjrO* ?A1J. <tv* iMiRojufl jKutoMHnp Vj O.t ? "I" furnished thfM story and lan.~ni.-nl bWW MOM ll>Him' on Flfty-aeccnd str-et, w?n"i Br ? ? iw?J ana Eighth avenue. ftr^i < Un urrounilngs; bonne SBfeet dMK term* cany. PermiU or B. TUOUKaL. 1.386 Broadway, uear Forty-eighth street. BROOKLYN REAiTksTATE FORSAIOE. Aim cri/tNCR OFKERP.D.-FOR SALE, IK Brooklyn, on the southeast corner of Carlton una Wtl loukhl y iiniu * on* of the elegant block of brown * ton ? li< ui IB u ? ?, tti i ? ?mrtey tavMineui nod cellar, hou?e 21.6i It feci tat 100, cU modern l.u, rovements. Convenient to lltKub on I ilyru avenue one i uute* to Fulton 10 "1 ? Fnoo $?.&.:?ju, i .m o.. J andinui;9**e *W>1" on tbo | remises UI I'llCM AS FAliAN. AF1KHT CL VSS THREE STORY BROWN 8W'NE hull stoop llouao lo BroOtlyu, Third Street, n< *r r il b avenue; oe'giau pared ttr<'-k> loot sidewalk. *J minute* ride muii W til A*i '?t ferrt. H2KH A HaRUKNBKRUU, 6T street. A BEAUTIFUL MARHLB HOUSE AND LOT-NBA* fairy. Brooklyn: $\t?W. Other Hour ? and; all prioea and locations. Firms and Country Seals. W. H. MBL1CK. 421 Broadway. BROOIL.TR.-FOB BALK, THB VERY DESIRABLY aliuated three atory high atoop brick Dwelling House, M Lawrence street, near Fulton avenue; lot sWildl feet; hoaae 20x40; In Bret rate order; baa heater, bathroom*, water cloaeta, hot and oold water, atationary waabtub*. Be.: within a few atapa of City Hall and ten mlnutea walk of Fulton and Wall etreet ferries: with or without furnlturo. Can be aean front 11 to 3 o'clock. Apply to J. K. SMITH, II William street, from 1 to 3 o'olook. Brooklyn propbrty.-for balb. a larob ya rtetj of Houses, prioea ranglngfrom 11,800 to |S&000. Apply to WAONKB A JONEsTM Broadway, corner Fulton a tree! R, T, T710R BALB?A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILDING, JP with frame building attached, containing engine, boiler, shafting, Ac.; chemical apparatus, Ac., suitable tor a eheml eal manufactory or other factory purposes, together with a atable and ten lots of gronnd, on part of which It Is built, all situated on Kerry street, at the Junction of Newark ave nue, Uoboken, N. J., about fire minutes' walk from the ferry. Apply to ALBERT Bl'EYEttS, 22 Nassau street. New York. FOR SALB.-THH ATTENTION OF CAPITALISTS PAR tlcularly requested. Three apleudld three story brick Stores on Kuliou arenue, corner, 88 feet on Fulton avenue, and l'J6 feet on aide street; uew brick stable In the rear; fine locality for buatueas, ana raptdly improving. For further pnrtlculara Inquire of A. KNOWLTON, southeast coruer of Fulton and Portland avenues, opposite the old stand. Fob bale-in clinton avbnite, Brooklyn, the substantial frame House on west side of Clluton arenue, second house north of Laf&yatvo: 16 feat by 86 feet; contain* 13 ronin* and under ocllar, with pltu/as both front and rear. This very desirable residence is hand somely elevated and In Ihe most beautiful part of tho ave. una. The lots are 37 feet & inches by 200 feet, w.ib the hum width of fronton Vanderbllt avenue, which Is the main en trance to 1 rospeet Park, aud only ten minutes' walk from It The huuae may be seen from 11 to 1 and 4 to 3 P.M. For term* apply to H, DICKINSON, 83 Beekman street. Now York. For ralr?two story and basement house and four Lota, Brooklyn, east atdo Nostrsnd uvenue. 103 feet north from Dekalb avenue; p.,ved and sewered; water in house. Price $6,0<H); 71 per cent on mortgage. CURRY. 67 Pearl street, up stairs. FOR BALE-BUILDING SUITABLE FOR MANUFAO. turing purposes, with steam engine aud boiler; 36 horae power; building about 46x100, three stories, brick. Ap ply to K1NYON A NEWTON, Union street, near Morris. For sale?a first class, three story and basement brick House, with ull the modern Improve, ments, si a bargain, Inquire on the premise*. No. 46 Summit treet, near 1 kicks, South Brooklyn, or of WILLIAM KOBEUTs, 88 Beekman street, New York. For salb-in soutii Brooklyn, a two story frame House, with Furuiturof tuts a handsome garden, with fruit trees and grapevines; price $3,603 cash. Inquire at 62 John -treat, room 18. 17?OR SALE?A VERY HANDSOME TIlitEB STORY ? brick House, In a respectable neighborhood, near Fort Green. Brooklyn; lot 28x100, house 21x33, with extension; price $7,000; $4,000 can remain for Ave years. For permits apply to WM. CALLENDEK A SON. 30 Plus street FOR SALK-A FIRST CLASS THREE STORY KNO llsh basement brick House, located ou weal side of Bedford avenue, Brooklyn, second house north of Dekalb avenue, with ail modern improvements; In first rate order. Inquire on the premises, between 9 A. M. and 6 P. 31. LIOR SALE-CHEAP, IN BBOOKLYN. A TWO AND A J? half story basement and subcellar House; perfect or. der, with all modern Improvements. Also, If desired. Car pets, Mirrors and Oilolotns. Inquire at 302 Bridge street. Fob sale or to rent-furnished or dnfur. nished, an elegunt brown stone front House, situated tn one of the beat neighborhood* of Brooklyn: magnificently furnished throughout, and replete with all the modern con veniences; the house is very well butlt, and possession can be given soon, as the owner ts going to Europe. For further particulars apply to 8. HON D LOW. Montague street near Court. Also for sale, with above, a fine team of Horaes and two new Carriages; will be sold at a bargain. LxaseAold property?in wtlli a.msburg, nearly opposite South Serenth street ferry. For sale,or would be leased for a term of year*, the four story brlok Building anil Foundry adjoining, ooverinz three f nil lots of ground. For particulars apply to JOHN TURTON, 164 Front street. A HO ?FOR SALE IN BROOKLYN. 1^. D., A ipl ,T:vU. three story high stoop House, on a promi nent corner, a short distance from Grand street ferry. Ap Sr to T. C. B AILEY. 10 Fifth street, New York city, or Court street, Brooklyn. ?/l ^nn ?FOU BALB, IN BROOKLYN, HOC8B ipTitJUu. and Lot W Hall street; all modern Improve ment*. Ioqutraof H. T. WAKBMAN.4B Chamber* street. Gift grift ?FOR BALB, OK HART STREET. A ipU.'A/U. gethlc Cottage. II rooms and Urge attic. Has all the Improvements. Lot BTXxlOO. Will be oaiuted and put m perfect order. Apply to J. F. GREENWOOD, Bnter und real estate agent. Myrtle avenue, corner Sand d street, Brooklyn. SI f> nnn FOR A FIRST CLASS THREE 8TOKY ClL.UuU high stoop msrbls front Hours, In the IIne*t part of South Brooklyn; all tha modern Improve ment*; immediate poue*Rlon; must be sold; terms easy. Owner. R. T. BUSH, 148 Broadway. COUNTRY RK4L ESTATE FOR SALE. A COUNTRY HOME, FROM $1,000 TO glOO.COQ. SEE STANLEY DAY'S Real Estate Circular, which can be had at 319 Fourth avenue, or Bulled upon receipt of stamp. All wanting fakms.-oood soil, mild cli mate 24 miles south of Philadelphia. Price only %M per acre. Also improved Farms. Hundreds are settling. Information sent free. Address C. K. LaNDIS, Vineland, Mew Jersey. A FARM FOR SALE?SITU ATP. D NEAR THE depot, one hour and twenty sir minutes from New York, at $83 per acre; floe land: fir?t class ncghborhood. For parti. ulaia; Inquire of J. II. K. liLAl'VKl.T, 68 Wall street, room No. t, rear stairway, between 8 and 10 o'clock A.M. At yonkkrs?for sale, ok exchanoe for city or Brooklyn property to suit, or good stocks In part, a Country Seat of l)t acres; ail conveniences of a city resi dence; splendid river rlew; One garden; fruits of all kinds' Call at house, corner of Werburton avenue and Point street, near Olenwood depot, or on J. H. W1LGUS, 127 Broad street, M. Y. city. \T PRKKSKILL?A HOUSE AND HALF ACRE LOT. Apply from 0 to 10 A. M. to W. P. PECK, at Tribune offloe. AT YONnERS.?POR SALR-A HOUSE ON LOCUST Hill avemie. eight minutes walk from depot and land ing house; contains 15 Koomt. and Is In pcrteot order, Lot 82v?JU. with carriage house and hennery; good vegetable gaidett, and ao abundance of choice fruit trees and grape vines In lul be.,run. Possession at anytime. Apply to OhO. W. FRANCIS, Main street, Ynnkers, N. Y. A PRODUCING OIL WELL. LAND AND MACHINERY: a rsre chance to purchase. Call lor particular* at 841 W ater street. A FINE PLACE FOR 8ALE-OF 14* ACRES OF LAND, large 11 -use, modern Improvements, with tine shsde trees and frul! of every blocks from depot. Aoply P> R. F. HARRIOTT, 14 I'loe street, or HAKIllOlT, \ AIL A CO.. at PlalnBoM, N. J., olflce opposite the derail. A FARM FOR SALE-SITUATED ON AND OVER looking the Hudson river, which, for scenery and situa tion Is unsurpassed. On the farm ta a good brluk House, finished In modern style, snd good Outbuildings. The land l?good and very productive. Price low and icrma easy. Ad dress )?<>( 6,KM Post office, or apply at the lumber yard, our imr of Fifty-third street and Second avenue. A'i rRsT CLAM FARM FOE SALE?IN HARTFORD county, Conn . on the New York and Boron Railroad, ?nc-ihtrdof a mile from Warehouse Point depot, Houao contains 14 moms, in good order; command* a fine view of 1 the Connect," it river. Farm contains 70 acres; best land in the vidnljy; baa a gradual slope to the southeast, andean all lie seen from the house The soil is suitable for tobacco and all New England crops: ha* three barns; there Is running water to the houae and bams. For particulars Inquire at H. MoCABR A OO.'ft, - iw Tot*. Nov. 80 and 81 Cbsmbers street, Nc A AT AMENTA union, DUTCHES* COUNTY, A LARGE convenient Dwelling, In good repair, with two and n arter acres of Land, stocked with excellent grafted fruit, reae Mrs Wm. Y. Chamberlain, on the premises, or lilram Merrllt, 40 Third aveaue. A NICE RESIDENCE-WATER FRONT, SIX ACRES,

fruit, M.OOO: also e beautiful new Cottage, one sore. ?barn. $0,700: also another, three acres seven rooms, , fruit. $0,500; one hour from city. HENRY TAPPKN A CO, S7 Pine street, room* Nos. 8 and 9. T YONKBR8?LARGE HOUSE, IS ROOMS. OOOD garden and fruit, ten mlnu'va from depot, $S,Mk> NRY '(APPEN A CO , 87 I'lne street, rooms No*. 8 snd 9 A NUMBER OP FIRST CLA8S RESIDENCES AT NEW Brunswick, from 1 to lu acres, for sale, in good loca tions, 8U miles from New York. SMITH A HARDEN BE RGII, 87 Cedar street T J. B. HATCH A SON'S, 178 NINTH AVENUE? $S.00rt-8ne Place at Newtown. Long Island; large house, carriage house, fine grounds, shrubbery, fruit, Ao ; convent* ?i to railroad, every hour to Hunter's Point. Also e choice Place, with 10 acres, fruit. Ac ; glii.500. Various others at same place, from $io,aw tc f Js.ouu. The above Place* will he let If not sold. T 78* THIRD AVKNI'lf?A PACT WORTH KNOW A Ing -1 am renting thoae very deatrshl* three ?tory high stoop brick Houae* on Seventy eighth (treat, all lAa Evamenta, at lea* year * rents, (III; alsuton West Sid ?u, it frith *1 , on 9d av . 78th 79th sta. at 8*I) $l,0UU, $!,*?, $1,800, $1,800. Fnr perUoulare apply as above. JAMES ROWB. AT NEW RO.'tRLLR-A CHOICE COUNTRY SKAT, with IS noma tastefully laid out In lawn, garden and orchard; will be elrheoged Tor a first cla?a city residence. I JOSEPH M A*ON, a> I'lne streek_ BARGA1N-H)R BALE, NEAR PLAINFIELD, N. J., a deelrablel ountry Scat of twelve acres, seven In orchard. lauacdish possession. FRED. A. PET1K9KN, Architect No. 5V$ Pine street. A VALUABLE "mice yard FOB 9ALB-IN COM plrte working after, loo feet .lock, end near the city. Possession Immediatty. >. H. TAVIAR A GO.. No*. 8 and 10 Plao street AN KLKOANT REjpRN'JB AND ACRES, NKAB depot *t New Brkswtct. on* of 4. 10 18, 14, 40 EDW ARD a. vaV. warren HARDRIBEkGII, \ BN W*ll *treet CHOICE VAEIWY 0?~FARMS AND COUNTRY ?eats?All locatlomsnd pices; many within on* hoar of New York. Partktboklnc lor Country Beats ?n 0B 91 frddTOM W, 0. SjbWC ? Broad wa*T A COVVTRY REAL WTATE FOR IAL1, A COUNTRY SEAT, ? WfKB9 FRONTHU CITY. BT Ne* Haven Railroad or K/u:td steamers, containing Id iT'i, wiih nice Building*. choice fruit, lino shade, rood i.e.ghbuinoou, convenient to ohurrbee and perfectly be*!thy. Hnif f!?,3 4?: terms easy. Aapply at 138 Eleventh street, turner :>iiiu avenue. Boiling spring, V j.-a new country house for sate; 11 roomi, 32 city Lots: Erie Railway; 4t) minute* from oily: 412,"00; very desirable aud convenient; views, plan* and lul description mailed to all applicants GEO. E. WOODWARD. 37 Park row. X. Y. CHFaP FOB CASH ?1?0 ACRES OF LARD IN RAM. wy county, Minnesota, 8 in ilea from St. Paul; 60 wond, balance pr?irie. Alio 306 acrea la Sloui county, on the Rook rlrer. low*, and near tbe Pacific Railroad. W. T. BROWN, 36 Nassau street, room 24. rtOUNTBY HEAT FOR BALE?SITUATED ON TUB Hudson, about one hour from tbe city; tine bnck house, with conservatory adjoining, aullable for summer or winter occupation; ground! containing about three acres Address for partlcu.sra T., box 1,867 Poat ofllce^N'. Y. pORTMANS LAND FOR 8ALB-81 ACRES. BOUNDED \J by Terry's, Mchoonmaker's, Johnson's, Nllea', Robert, son's and Armatrong's farmi; conTeuiant to railroad depot and 2}? mllea from ateamboat landing. Prloe 83,008. Ap ey to JUUN PARE ALL, 130 Kaat Thirty-fourth atreet, aw York. DWELLING HOUSE AND CARRIAGE HOUSE ON High atreet, Newark, N. J., near depot antLhorse oars Price 8A0U0. K. NI LBS, 18 Wall atreet. Elizabeth,Y. J.?forty minutes from n. t. One two atory and atUe frame House $3,000 One two atory and attic frame Home A0U0 One ili story frame House (water and gaa) 7,800 Alto several Houses In good locations from $8,000 to 818.000- ApplyyAOWBB 4 jQMB8. 306 Broadway, N. T. For sale?terms very easy-three nbw villa Cottages 'lata roof a; twaive large rooms, marble mantel*, well and olstern water in house, high ground, very near horae and atoam|r*llro?d at Morriaanla. Inquire at 87 Bowery. PUB SALE?AT ORANOE, HOUSE WITH SEVEN moma. gaa, water, marble mantle, Ac., one-half acre of ground, with uenrly evenr kind of fruit; a bargain. If sold immediately. Apply at 71 Broadwav, room 38. BflOR SALE?A VERY ATTRACTIVE COUNTRY SEAT 1 ou the has. river, at Throgg'a Nook. Westchester, fifteen miles from New York, and accessible by railroad and steamboat, containing In all about 47 acres principally tin. tier high cultivation. The main house is very large and com modious and thoroughly furnished. The outbuildings are unusually c unplete and extensive, draperies, hothouse*. Ac, all in perfeet order. The place la stocked with fruit tree* of the choicest varieties, and shaded by forest trees of laige growth. for permits, terms, Ac., apply to O. A. BOBBINS or FRANCIS BACON. Executors No. 4Jaun cey court second floor JjiOR KALE-A LARGE FIRST CLASS BRICK MANU. r fuctunng Establishment with two Dwelling Houses, lo cated 011 three and one hall acres of ground, with in twenty rods of the Eric C.nal. New York Central and Syra cuse and Hingharnpton and Oswego Railroads and ad joining a horse railroad The buildings and improve ment* are of the moat substantial kind, there being a machine shop 60x100 feel, two etoriea high; foundry, Stixflk; blacksmith shop, HOxW; tumbling room, chipping mom. palm loom, pattern room, tempering room und o .ice; aLo Holler and l.nglne, McKnnz n Cupola and Hlower. Line Shafting and Pulley. Allot wluoh cost about iTu.uUO and would now cost much mors and will be mid for much leas than coat. Also for sale a variety of Toots consisting in pari of one H. B, Hrallh's Tenoning and Borln : aud Mor ticing Machine, one first class Daniel's Planer with 20 foot bed one shaping Machine; also Tool* for working Iron, two Shapuig or Milling Maohines. several Upright Drills, one Trip Hammer, one Crauk Planer: also Vines, Hammers and other Tools loo numerous to mention. All of which will be sold cheap by the Hubbard Harvester Manufacturing Com paiivat .Syracuse, N. Y. ? fiiOR BALE?A FARM ON LONO INLAND; FORTY 1 acre*. Fur particulars Inquire of JOHN 8ATTIO, 300 Broadway, N. Y. FOR BALE-HOUSE AND LOT, CONTAINING 13 FIN lebed rooms, In Newark, N. J.. 106 New atreet, opposite Arch street, seven minute*'wa k from the Centre street ?tepnt for New York. Oa* and water in the house and fruit In the garden. Price $4.500. For rale-an old established country Store, now doing a good business: also a fine house on the place, Willi all tne modern improvement*, situated on tbe Harlem Ba'lraad, within five minutes' walk from'the depot. Apply to GEO. BANKS, 128 Bowery, N. V. For bale-between Elizabeth and Newark, N.J., 13 acres; will be sold In one. two or three acres, or to suit; House. Barn and Outbuildings; plenty of fruit of all kind*. Inquire at 366 Ulvlugton street, sail loft, or 801 Sooth Fourth street, Jersey City. No egeuta need For bale at south orakoe?a nbat cottage three iniuutes' walk from depot; eight rooms; half an acre of laud; abundance of fruit aud shrubbory; price $7,009; a bargain. Apply to JAMEB M. TAYLOR, 87 Flue atreet. TT?OR BALE?AT WILLI A MS BRIDGE, WESTCHESTER 17 county, a nice Cottage, with over one acre of land. Distance from New York, by New York and Harlem RalL road, % of an hour. Will be sold cheap; possession Imme diately. Impure at Mr. GILES' drug store, corner Thir teenth street sad SUtb avenue. TjtOR BALE IN JERSEY CITY?A TWO STORY AND f high basement brick House, with Furniture; lot 20x60, boose 2utfc', la perfect order, Inside and out. with modern Improvement*, Furniture la entirely new throughout. 271 South Fourth street, second door from tbe corner of Jersey avenue. Apply to the owner, O. H. VOORH1S, 288 Wash ington street, N. Y. FOR SALE?THE HIGH STOOP THREE 8TORT finished attic, basement and cellar brick Dwelling No. 841 South Flrat atreet (Hamilton place), Jersey City. Mar ble tile balls, finished with hard wood; two bath rooms and water closets, furnace, range, conservatory, mar ble basins on every floor; gas In oven room, all In complete order. Horse car* within ?eventy-ove feet to Cortlandt, Barclay, Chambers, Christopher and Twenty-third street ferries Price. $21,0U0; $10,030 ran remain on bond and mort gage. Will sell Gas Fixtures and a portlu* or all the Furni ture. Apply to owner on the premise* froas 6 A. M. until $ P. M? u itil Monday evening. March 23. Possession May 1. vob hale?furnished, in thb tillage or J7 Astoria. a A rat class Keaidetioe. containing all modern Improvement*, altuated on high ground and commanding a fine new of Hell Gale and Kaat river; grounds 180x190. all kinds of trait trees, stable, hennery, As., In perfect order. Address Godlllot, Stevens A White, Mo. 4 South William street. New York. I/O It SaLE?AT MALI SOX, N. J? A TWO 8TOBT r Cottage, beautifully situated, rerr healthy iooallon; prlc- $2,901. For particulars, apply to Q. O. MULKOllL, 1IM Fulton street. _ Fob bale-on morris and bssex railroad? A well built House In Madison, N. J.; also a modern Gothic House, with Stable and three acres, at Chatham, N. J. Both are near depot, and have varieties or fruit, and In perfect order. Address Owner, boi 4,395 Post office. IjMIR SALE-A HANDSOME COUNTRY RESIDENCE ' on Long Island; acre of ground; fine house, eonuin Ing 10 rooms and cellar; barn, stable and oowhouee; situated on high ground, four miles irom hew York. It minute*' ride by railroad, accessible every hour; Ave minutes' walk from two depots. Will be sold cheep. Apply to J. COR NELL, No. 1 Essex Market, from 7 to 12 o'clock. I/OK SALE?A DESIRABLE TWO STORY HOUSE IN r Itahway. N. J., containing eight room*, with attic and basement, with about four acres of land, within five min utes of depot; II trains to and irom New York dally; house now occupied by ihe Rev. Father Oilnn. Price $7 Soil cash. It. A. Matthews A CO.. 88New street, offices Nog.*) and 31. FOR HALE?A FARM OF Stt ACRES ON SOUTH side Long Island, half mile front on great South bay; good lulling gunning and bathing. Price $10,000. Also one of 8M ai res; good bouse and barn. Price $2,750. For Per th oUrs Inquire of J. L. HaUNLBRS. 33 Bowery. fflOR SALE?A COTTAGE SOUSE, TWO MILES FROM Stamford, Conn.: four acre, house and burn. Price $5,000 inquire of J. L. HA UN HE its, 23 Howery. f/OR HALE-A SPLENDID NEW TWO STORY ATTIC and basemeot House and two Lots. The house waa built la?I ? iimnier for the owner. In the best manner itnd with the best materials, contains 11 large rooms, heater, marble mantels, flee well large cls'ern. lea house, Ac. The ceilings and hall have cornices, centra pieces and are pan elled: In feat. finished In ttte best manner. Inside and out. The ground Is high and very healthy, all 1 oommands a very tine view. It la situated on Ifndeon uvenue. near Win Vorst street, Hndsou City, on mile from Bfbokeu ferries; cars peas every fifteen minute*. Price $7,300; $4.AM can re main. Inquire of S. WILHON. 33 Park place, or oo the promises. For hale-price tMM each, two nice cot tage-i; 8 rooms; full lots; 15 minutes by liorse cars to Jersey OH/ or iloboken. Inquire on premises, of aNDIG.W McLEAN, Cottage place, west of Five Corners. Hudsou City, N. J. FOB N4LB-AT NEW ROCHELLE, A COUNTRY Neat on ill* Long Island Sound, having a line view; good house, abeutS acres, all filled wUh fruit, and fine gsr, den. Apply to JUHN O. 111UUINS, No 7 l'iue struct, room No. $ I/OR HALE OR EXCHANOB-A FLOURING MILL, 1 on the water, near tbe elty; a rare chance for any on* wishing such s place. Apply to JOHN O. HIUGINH, No. 7 I'lns street, room No. $ |jK>R 8 A LB CHEAP?AT RAHWAY, DOUBI,E HOU8E, r ten rooms, large lot. $3,303; also a number of farm* cheap; easy terms. HENRY TAPPBN A CO., 37 Fins street, rooms No*. 8 and 9. For sale or bxchanob-bkautiful country Heat, with 14 seres of land and plenty of fruit, one mile from Mount Vernon depot, Westchester county, 48 minute* from the city. The house contains all the modern Improve ments, barns and outhouse* In complete order. Also one of three sore* at Rye. One. two sores, at New Koehelle. Apptv to H1NMAN A OOm 13 Wall street. pp 7 l/OR HALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY r a A dk"7 Farm ?/ WO ecres, situate oo main road and midway between I'eekskill and Lake Mahopac; new large double House, commodious barns and abundance of line fruits; would make a splendid summer hoarding house or gentleman's residence. Address J. W. B1NNKY W Beaver street, New York. ' For balbjor exchange for city property! A Farm of Rl acre*. In s good stale of cultivation; new boom and barn, young orchard: near Hempstead. L. I. F?rparticulars Inquire of Mr. DBMN, oornsr of Legrsw and Hoyt streets. South Brooklyn. rR HALE OR TO LET-AT SOUTH BERGEN, N. J? on the eorner of Bergen avenue end Newsrk plank read, a first disss Mouse and seven Lo's of ground, beauti fully situated and in complete order. Inqulrn en the pro misee. fUR HALB OB TO LET?A SMALL FARM OF TWBN ."V"'?""1 r"'*r Htaafhrd, Conn. Inquire at 117 West Forty third street. Fob sale and rent -in doYkr, morris cqun ty.-N. X, the Merchandise and Minck Is Trade of the iste Rfdnev Breese for sale and tb* Boom lately occu pied by him to rent Inquire of THKO, F. BRKSSK. 34 Beekmau street, N. Y. EH>B SALB OR TO RENT?48 MINUTE8 FROM WALL F street, via Long Island Railroad, four first class Houses, nearly new, near depot. Aleo a fine Mansion Houso to rent, furnished, 10 seres. F. a BULK LBV, 48 Wall street, Jauncey court. PINB HOTRL FROFERTT FOR SALE?WITH LI VERY ?table attached, located at Mount Vernon, Westchester W&fcfr GO b^DPr^"L^mUa " GWOIWB Y. BYRD, REAL BHTATB AOBNT, 103 RAN dolph street, Chicago, Illinois, attands to the purchase and sale of real sstain, nayment of taxes collection of rente for non-reeldenle, Ac. References-Chicago Board ?f Reel Was. Broker*; R. WUSoa. ?0. Iflg* (fat, ?8W fW* COeifTlT RKJ|l Great bargain at r? lore April 1?Fine, UigW. Af,. 4Jg acres ol v*rd--i' '' $^W?^w0rtta #18<*.<>. Ada.'' HCDSiiM RIVER i'KOPKK/V? the Hudson. ? B* r mv-' w',h over lront*> beti?*0 EE fr,,m SISUOO la withifreml to IS acres ranging i'i_pr:oe .. ? UW). Apply lo WM. II. PLATT, ? Nice farms-id to so acres; good WMPcSi2i uietita; well fruited, watered. Ac ; IE t.eur S ?nH Hew Jersey Kailnud; #2.6#0 to #"."0b. Also Reside*. v rariOa, 1 acre to 4U0; #B.UUU to Si;&.lAA>; convenient Ui ?k. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 hroadwW) . PEREMPTORY?ONE OF THE FINEST RESIDENCE# A In Weeloheeter county, 10 mlnntee' walk from Pert Chester depot This In e very desirable property, and wlU be ?old at aaacrlfloe. a full description will be sent on sppli eatjonto 8. KILPATBIOK, Bull's Heed Bent Buildings. OPLBNDID RESIDENCE AT MEW MARKET. OF 2# ?> acres, will be sold at e sacrifice; also Farms near Plain field, one 82 seres, mod buildings, $11,000; one,#! acres, #?,*?; one, 61 acres, #7,000; one. 100 acres S18.iW>; and a Ddtnher of One Collages and Country Bsatdenoee, from #1,000 to #16 000, CAMPBELL, KELLT A CO.. 201 Broadway. 90n 'ARMS AMD COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOB .Hy ?*le *' bar galas la ereiy locality in the oountryl GRANT? ID*iysuTtreet'*'8 * ^ Apply U A. sfls ?99^ WILL BUT ? GOOD FARM TBAM OF V<U -JU brown Mures, 7 years old, very handsome; a sor rel Horse, #86; serviceable, beery built young Mare, cheap. All warranted. 488 Pearl street Qftn ACBBS FINB LAND-ON HUDSON RIVER, OR. pi/l/ ange county, m Cornwall, four miles south of New burgh: view of Hudson river; 4 nouses, 6 barns and out buildings. orchards and other fruits. Will be sold In parte to suit Prloe #80 per sera and upwards P. XEOLIO, I# Centre street <?ft ROft ?* BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 76 ACBB8, 30 ?lPU.?Jl/V. miles distant, near depot. House 12 rooms. outbuildings, Ac. #4.1X10.?.6 seres of good land Iga. WELLING, 12 Chambers street. numerous and buildings. H C<1 9 flfMl ?TOR sale, a beautiful dwell ipl j.IMIU, ing House in Weal Morrlsania, Fifth are nut- of Westohester county: 18 rooms, barn, all kinds of fruit BLISS it JAMES, 846 Broom* street HEAL ESTATE WAMEIb HARLEM.-WANTED TO PURCHASE, ~A SMALL House, In Harlem, convenient to the "boat landing; price not to exceed S4.UU0; $1,000 cash. Address, stating par ticulars, Harlem, box 111 llerald ofDce. OU8E WANTED?IN THE EIGHTH,' NINTH OR , Fifteenth wards; a three story brick; price not to exceed #14,000. Address J. Q. H. Smith, box 143 Herald of flee. Lots wanted-in new yurk, iiarlem and" Brooklyn, at reasonable prices. Also $60 000 to lout on bond and mortgage. Apply to J. W. BOUiSRC, 06 Lib erty street. riiENBMENT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OR 1 le.ise?The highest market value given. Apply to B. H. GIBBONS A CO.. 4fG Broome street. WANTED-TO PURCHASE. IN BROOKLYN OR Williamsburg, a dwelling House for about #4.000 caah. Address, stating location and price, P. R., Herald oflloe. WANTED-A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN atone House, beiween Forty-ninth and Seventy-ninth streets, and Lexington and Ninth avenues, from $10,000 to $18 Ota). Easy terms; possession 1st May oi sooner. Also a full Lot in the same bounds Give exact location and siae of lot. Ac. Addross J. R. Smith, box 117 Herald oflloe. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL HOUSE, IN good order, with modern improvements, west o( Fourth avenue, to cost about #9,000. Address, with full par ticulars, 8. K. J., Herald oflloe. 6 HOUSES WANTED?FOR SIX CASH PURCHASERS, In New York or Brooklyn; owners only need apply. SMITH A BUSH, 14! Broadway, room No. S. FOR SALE. A FIRST CLASS BAKbRY AND ICE CREAM SALOON at 286 Fulton street, between Clinton and Pierrepont, Brooklyn, foraale, with four years' lease. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, THE LEASE AND fixtures of the Ocean Steamship House No. 42 West street, now doing a first class business. Satisfactory reasons for selling out. Apply on the premises. A SHOE STORE FOR SALE?ESTABLISHED OVER ten years. One of the largest and most successful es tablishments in the city; present owner retiring from busi ness. To any person who understands the business this is an opportunity seldom offered. For particulars Inquire of ROBERT IRWIN, No. 386 Bowery, corner Bond street. A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH?FOR SALE, THE Stock and Good Will of a wholesale Grocer/ Business, on tha west side of th* city, between Barclay ana Chamber* streets; a large store and good loeatloo. Address Wholesale Upooery, Herald oflloe. No agents need apply. A TIP TOP GROCERY STORK FOB SALE?IN A thickly settled neighborhood; licensed to sell liquors; sold because the owner is going into the wholesale business. Inquire of E. C. KOKNEK, 186 West street. A SALOON FOB SALE-DOING A FIRST CLASS business; to a gentleman capable of managing a bar and restaurant ef the very best kind this will prove e good Investment. Address for three Says O. Walls, Herald ef. A SAKE CHANCE'FOB A MAN TO OO INTO BU8I net*.?For sale the (took. kU the fixture*. Implement* and good trill of the bualne** of a manufacturer of genuine Turkish Fig Pule, JellW, Preserve*. Hyrupa, Ac.; the buyer will also be taught to make the genuine article*. Apply at 77 Eut Broadway, corner of Market strut, basement, be tween the hours of 7 A. M. and 6 P. M. COMMODIOUS. WELL FITTED UP BASEMENT Saloon and Reetauraut, s tnated on a corner of Sixth avenue; the eery best stand to tbe city, being entirely withe out oompetlUoo. BROWN A H OLDEN, 1,88 Broader, it way. A FIRST CLA88 PAYING SALOON, LOCATED ON one of tha but avenues In the uity. In full running or der. Satisfactory reasooa given fer selling Inquire far particulars at MA West Twenty ninth tlrcot, after ID A. M., for two day*. A LARGE SIZE LILLIE'S SAFE FOR SALE CHEAP; nlao two medium else safu or Herring'* and Valentine A Boiler's make, standing Desk, st 28 Liberty street. A-TWO BROADWAY RESTAURANTS FOR SALE? . st rery low prices. CHARLES E. MILLS, otlice 19 Waal Thirtieth street. AN ESTABLISHED SAMPLE AND CIGAR ROOM, doing s paying business, the best location In New York, will be sold at moderate term*. SOUTHMAYD A CO.. $4 Cedar strut. AFANCV WOOD WORKING FACTORY IN THIS city, long ea la blinked, well located and now running with new ana Improved machinery on cash order work. Addresi Factory, Herald otlice. A FIRST CLASS TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT FOR ?ale at a great sacrifice, utiafactory masons given for telling. Apply to R. 11. GIBBONS A CO., ?!6 Broome at. A?FOR SALE. SPLENDID DOWN TOWN LIQUOR ? n:id Sample Rooms, Restaurant". Bakeries, Billiard Saloons, Oyaler Saloons, earner Liquor Store*, Pruduce Stand*. Meal Market*. Express Buslium. Coal Yards, Jer sey City Orocerle*, Liquor titoioi; Third avenue Grocery Mloraa S'uh uti<4 MfiIap V u lrnl PoR'n* sn*t a '..h* G..i....wa Stores, Fish end Oyster Market, Coffee and Cake Saloons MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Codar street. AN RXCELLBNT BUSINESS HOTEL FOR SALKf European plan, finely located down town, with lirft cue* Htrend Billiard saloon, apleudidly lurnuhed. He ulpta $150 per day. ROBINSON; & Xueau strut. A RESTAUR \NT, OYSTER AND LIQUOR SALOON, doing a large and flrnt class business an blxth ***nne; long lei-e. the present proprietor has made a fortune, l'rtce $a.2d0. Including everything. W. II. MEI.ICK, 421 Broadway. A RARE CHANCE.?THE STOCK, LEASE AND Fix tures of a well established Dry Goods Store on Eighth ?venue Light stock and low rent. Apply on the premise*, 127 Eighth avenue. Bakery for salr-a chance for a man winding to go Into tuelneu; cheap lease on whole Mouse, doing a good business over the counter. Apply at 444 Klghtu avenue BUTCHER'S STORE FOR SALE-ESTABLISHED twentv-eix years; now doing a good trade. Apply oa tbe prom lees, 110 Best Eleventh street. FN ANAL BOAT FOR SALE.?A NEW AND FIRST VJ cl??s Bo .t, now lyiug at Long Dock. For particular* filLam N. Fltxgeraid, 94 Orchard street. Newark. address William N. J. COUNTY AND HTATK RIGHTS FOB SALE FOR Waterman'* Stationary and Portable Burglar Alarm, uat patented Agents wanted to ?all the same. 49 John st Drug store fob sale?well established and wait paying business; price $7,200 cash. Inquire it STEICKLAND'SDrug Ageaey, $40 Broadway. D RUG STORE FOB SALE-ONE OF THE BEST IN the elty; old established, unexpired lease; pleasantly located, doing a good business. For particular* address G. iTUilerair W. W.. box Jim Herald offlce. DOR SALE?THE POPULAR PArBB HANGING AND r Upholrterv Bsubllshment of Charle* I rankltn, In Pougb keepete. on (he Hudson, established some fifteen years? sloeg coneintlng of PepgT Hangings, Window shade*. Lace Curtains. OoroTcee. and numerous other For tber particulars Inquire Of CHARLnS FRANKLIN, S84 Main street, Poughkeepsle. N. Y? or <rf Messrs. F. a WEEKS A CO.. IB Beads street. Hew York. For sale?the good will and rtock of a party retiring from the Cartage busineea; good oppor unlty. Address letter A. Herald o?o*. rn SALE?CENTRE MARKET; THE OLD ESTAB llstaedbusiness and Stands of A. TURN BULL A CO., Noa Id and 18; the finest In the market. For salr-lrasr of a thrrk story brick building Spring street, neer Broadway, (four years) from 1st May. 1W, to May IN/1; store IU*?; second' Bear ?' Z1 " * ?* ?" " "Kid three rooms, third floor five rooms, water and gas; a good cellar; present rent $1,117 per annum; possess!** April 1. Apply to WIN KENS A TOWlE Real Kstata Agents, Fib Third avenue, between Fifty-eighth and Fifty-ninth streets. jptGR~ KALE?AN IRON VACUUM _ PAN, FOt'R FKRT In dlametar; pumps. Ae., all complete, nearly new; also a steam Hoisting Engine. Inquire at 18 Roe* street DOR AaLB-A WELL ESTABLISHED 1IAT, CAP AND r Fur Huslnets. For particulars inquire at B. KAHM'S, ?Mi Grand etro*t, WTHIam.' urg. Foe sale?half interest in a first class Auction sad Commission Hons*, fully established. Price $2.?hb Address P B. D.. Poughkeepsle, N. Y. dor sale?the stock and fixtures of" a J; Fancy Stare; It must be sold this week. The fixtures will be sold without the r.oek, If desired. Apply at )U avenue B. For salb?stock and fixtures of a hosieri and Fancy Good* Store, with three veers' Lease, or th the laaae wtfl be Mid without the ttoek. Apply at 37 Orand street. POR8ALE-A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND Dialog Saloon^ ens ef tke best mentions in this city, with a four years' Leaee from naxt May, No. 442, corner of Broome street and Broadway. rOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS BARROOM AND RE", tan rant and Cigar Storo. with less* ef houM; one of the beat location* en Siith avenue, and now doing a first elan Ilk avenue, and now doing a first else . OTB a CV1HM, M Cut* aveque. PO> RAT.B. fOB iBALB?THE RECTIFYING OISTILLEBT AT the pGuniaea' "***'? uPP?*lt4 City Hall plaoe iuqulre M FM>R SALE-ONR or THE BEST CORNER FOR* Stands In Washington market, wuh to* bouse, smoke "??**??. anJsaui>a*e machine, Re. Inquire ooruet of Orohard and Blvlngtoo streets, In the grocery sio-e. For salb-a liquor store on eighth av&nur, . locailou:> rout, three veure' Itni. AgpfrloJEMH1MQS A 80?f jji Eighth ?reuvte. _ F0!LS.Ali!ir7& 8uT?fK- fixtures, lease and Good Will of the business of Luw Beer end Dming *fo. 18 Greene street; t-riee f3L0U0 Also au 1 IK Mineral inttruetiom how to carry on * bkslneen/wtil be glreu. The owner will sell it pnr.laly e. * ?? No cannot attend to both. Apply at iSUreanr ?*>. LHA LKASB. STOCK AND FIXTUKM r at . *?~**!*h11*he4 Fancy Store on Sixth avenue, bo. tweea #h Twenly-lirih streets. Apply at 671 Siiih ai'ov "?> hetwaen Thirty -eighth and Thirty, ninth> thA oonfeettonory atona w T7IOR STOCK AND FIXTURM OF A BOOT f and Shot* (til On Sixth avenue, well located and data# a Rood trade. For par^plara^apply at 808 Greenwich street ??? IN l , Fob sale?obis of the im located cigar atorea in thta^fr. with Htoek, Flftpres and Lea* 5 187L For prMM inquire at No. IB Catenae etreeL ^ TJtOR SALE?FROiTELLEK TOO TEN EE ST, TUBER Hxs?*" aa ? Foi salk-a uMf iwimn or tavu and Quarter Beau; ateo Ml 17, 18, a? and M feet Sag Boats, whloh will be eold at a bargain. FREDERICK SCBRE1HER, boat building establishment, oorneroi Wayne and Greene street, Jersey City, and foot- of Fonrth streak Uoboken. POR SALE-A LARGE MILK ROUTE; HORSR. Wauon (new), Sc. ln<;utre for one week of OARUAH A HUGHES, 88 Court street Brooklyn. IftOR SALS?A SMALL SIZED LILLUF8 SAFE. COM. ' binatlou lock. Inquire at W Leonard atreat, up alatra. For sale?lease, 8 years to bun, with newala, of a three story and attic brick Ilouan, a used tor business purposes, on Third avenue, near Fo teenth street. Apply to HAUGBBTY A PHELPS, No. U Blue street. POR SALE-TINWARE MANUFUACTURINO AND JA? panning Establishment, located down town, in thin city. The factory la very conveniently arranged, and the machinery and tools are in excelleut order. PrioeRtvMQ. Ad dress box 6.0U7 New York i'ost oliice. Fob sale-a first class dyeino and bo finishing Establishment, now doing a prosperous bust* "Wss, together with Lease, Machinery, Fixtures and Good Will. The advantage of this Inctory is that It con be used for all purposes where aiearn power is required. It must be seen to he appreciated. To a responsible purchaser teraad will he made easy. For iurther Information address bed J,?a3 New York Post olllee. FOR 9ALE?A NEW PATENT RIGHT; IT IS AN AB. tiole which will have a large sale In nil the States. Only a small capital required to oommenoe the business. Addreen J. A., box 144 Herald ollloe. Fob sale-a first class cobneb liquor Store, situated in the Fourteenth ward. luqiura at WILLIAM ABBO IT, in Chatham street. FOR SALE?A PLUMBING AND TIN SHOP IN HACK* ensack, N. J.; baa been established bv the owner eight vears since; has always and at present plenty of work; as the owner lias a place in the city, is unable to attend te both. Apply to owner. Mi Hudson street. FOB SALE?LIQUOR STORE, STOCK AND Fix tures, cneap. No. 878 Eighth avenue, corner Forty, seventh street. License paid till first of May. Fob sale?the stock of a good family grocer, store, with apartments to line in; will be sold cheap lor eaah. Inquire In store M West l'wenty-eighth street. F^OH SALE?THE GOOD WILL. STOCK FURNTtttri ? "dP'"?^ of ? 0r" cl*?? hotel and rMtaurantJwtt? bUlUrtl room attached; looatlon central; possession given Immediately. Address if. A. L., Herald office. F0WB,?HwBAP-AN PIb BBPIKEBT. ADD BESS W.. box 10D fo?t office. Jersey City. ? F,|5lf.W ?* THIRD AVENUE?STOCK, rilTiUM ?1,5?} of Cenfedtomiy, lee Cream, Paper and reriodloal Store; a bargain. ' F" ??? BRuWnk a McLEAN. til Third Vvoana. /^J.000 CHANGE FOR A LIVE MAW ? Hotrt t? good stock. and alao the loo la neeeaaarr for both binlaaaaai t? H^t&n ???. Appl7 b#tw**n ? aod Hand* and I J G-Bfi^k{JnA8m?RB' *0? FIYB TEARS' LB A SB, stock &od Fixtures, for lilt: 1b ? sood lootlltv a nJj ralachanoe. FrtgoSaOQ H, K. F0R "ALS.-LSA8R, STOCK A , Fiiluros, of on MUbltihed wbolsitli And ret^D ri&jbt.'jar *d4r^ Md** M"5 cLrim'ilLt08 8ALB -IK<JUIRB AT no. a Milk roptb for salb.?inquire at boutb. eaat corner of Eighty fourth etw&t and Fourth a" FOR SALB. A COAL YARD WITH s?3* ^"-^^^^w'i'ssresa S*l?EwAND MACHINERY FOB SALE.-TWO HAM Apply to Seooinbo Manufacturing Company. ?4 Sroady^ QTOCK AND FIXTURES OF A LOOKINO OLASS anb TpOCHMlaW AND OTHBR8?FOR SALB, LABOB PEMBE^ON 'Y W^Bt8TB*Rd?Tc^Jl.'?Slry- Ap* * fpo GROCERS.?FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND FIX. ?2 S3 000 ""?? ?ALB-,7HB leask and furni. j lur? of on old established Board in* " near Maodongal In Charlton atreet, full of boarder? nfteww ZXJr?" ??"p,e^ Add'roa. O B^iuUoi 5.000 QlUoe, on hay barge, Hubert street. North rlrer. 25 000 fa'lPriLd tiFOOT ,?>K and CHESTNUT i k. }; railroad Ties wanted. Apply at the offlra. ? hay barge. Hubert street. North rlrer. ??#*' ?* machinery. A fine, laror hand lathe for salb -powrb Slide rest and several chucks; eLly .lTe^S inios slide latba. J. O. WHITCOMB, 66 Thirteenth rtrm2> two doors west of Broedwsy. """ street Ij^NOINRS AND BOILERS OF IaLL SIZRU ?ra, J inrned Shafting, 10k centa per poupd; Puller's lla'ne era. Belting. Presses. Crushers, Mul Fltttngs.'Kplnia? Machinery of all descrlotlons bought and Bold at dIyuS machinery, Uo to lit Hudson itrUt, JeAey City. ^ F^PB|?ALB-A IS HORSE POWER STEAM ENUlNie torlloa' make, with tubular Boiler Steam Pump HratSl hi'lh*. r?.d ?? In oomplrte order? to b2P<iell??A R HOE a CO.. W end 31 Gold streak F,0na-Ab'i"^A "."ALL STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER, hlrd atrae?"0 tood urder' Apply at 70 West Thirty! F0Ui.HMiefc7alWIP WRI''?T'S SCROLL SAWS, TENOB. A ? Machine, Power Morticing Machine Screw r'ntiinw Taming Lathe. Power Drill, BcltlSg, HbaOmg P,ntoTa Iff Hangers. UEO. L. CfJIMlSoa, l?%ntra st&l F?f ,St'Sfef, .^r?l^gI,"j.gps?o?a F^htfTSS*0 "?*** HTKAM KNOINE, OOB x lit make. In fine order; can be used huh a? ia* nJT sure; suitable lor boat or fartor? ,h tfr prm' 1> 0. SIMMONS, no Weal street. F15 Kifii'iKLVr ?* P. U. SlMilONB, 630 WmtV&el F??l^?.B^"PI,'BSDIi> "ALF-MBDIOM DEGKNOB pOBTABLE AND "ATIONEBT STBAB ENGINES i.^, AND boilers and circular saw BILLSL The heat end most complete In nee. Circular aenl on application. ? WOOD A MANN STBAB ENOINR COMPANY. ______ *>*? * Maiden ii^New*fork. WpJU?1^^ J?? PRtNTINB Waecke?atrest Addrees Downey A Co., 10S WANTED-A SECOND HAND HORIIONTAL Iff. glue, of about 121 horee power: alio Tubular Roller 11 ?Wee power. W. 11. JaCKBOiJ A CO.. ?l Bn>.d??. W ANTED?A SECOND HAND TBN OR TWHf rs aln . hoI!S,po,w*r PorUh|e Engine and Boiler nrtoa ClaOTHlNO. * Al TJ'H original m. marks', mi siiriTAXFHttS ladles and gentlemen nan receive An ' h? any ether deiler In the MtT^r ie?rPtwoVTw?,aSSf Furniture, Jewelry.'Fur., *k enough to call en or addrees Ibe number as abovn. lJaiS waited upon by Mrs. Marks. In and out of ths cUv AT40 F.A -TTWELFTH STREET. NEAR RRnimvi* _ le l.A -IIBEKO pays the highest Hroadwav nrloea fw *Md A"""*?"'* <>"? olf ClothlnA Ladltw wTiiII upon by Mrs. Oaahuarg. " waiteB ATJffa.T?TH..,AVE,,,;B' !,BAB TRNTH STREET _?