Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1867, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1867 Page 11
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U11TES STATES S0F1UK UlAJET. OloUl OfhilMf-Tk* OMelal Rti4 ef PNt. ?t?cr?-LUMIlir there** wkee Aemla? TwUaee Between Pi*UU| ut Evidence, 4fcCe? Ac* Tkt CmUet SiaU* plaMif It? error M Ckarlm Lt to the Circuit Court for lb* Southern dtotrtot or I1-1?"" This *u one of oorerml actions brought against the turotlM on the official bund of OUror ffi Boon, u pot m>tor at Mobile, Alabama, Oa tho trial bolow it op poor* that Boora vu appointed to affice bp tho raoddoat daring tho rococo of tha Sonata, and rocoived a eommtaaloo bearing data In April, 1849, to oontlnuo in farca until tha ood of the next sitting of tha Senate, which terminated on tba 80th day of September. 1854c It aloo appeared that Boon wai again nominated by tho President In April, I860, and that he continued to act from tho date of the trot appo utment In 1849 until bU removal ?arty in 1868. The bond, however, waa given for tho Bret term, while the default charted waa during tho ?eoond term and before the bond for the second term had bean tranamitted to Been after approval by the department. The question waa whether the flrat bond will be made to apply to tbo second term of office. The case was onoa before reviewed in thla court, and a ?aw trial ordered. On the aocond trial a verdict waa rendered for tba plaintiff, which was sat aside bv tba Court, and on the third trial the verdict waa for the de fendant, under the Instruction* of the Court that if the bond, given in evidence, waa not approved until tha 15th of July, 1850 (which waa after the date of certain ef the offeuoeecharged, (hen the defendant was entitled to a verd'ct. The oau?e tuereupou came here, and the principal awigument of error Is this ruliog of the court, the government cia tning thai as the time of making the bond was laid under a videliclt it was not necessary to prove It a.- opened. By the Court. Mr. Justice Miller delivering the opin ion?This case has been In thie court before, and is re ported in It Howard, 73 It was then decided that the Bond, wb'.rb is the foundation of tho amt, was obligatory from the time of its aoccp'.anoe by the Postmaster Gen eral, and not from its date; and also thai the term of office of Beers commenced, under his appointment, by ^ end with the advice and consent of the Senate, on the day of that acceptance. The case bavlag been remitted to the Circuit Court for a m w trial, that court directed a ?erdict for the defendant, on the ground that there was ? variance between the bond offered in evidence and the ene set oik in the plead.rig*. The variance la supposed to have refarence lo the time the bond took effect. It is Claimed that the bond is described as being dated and taking effect oa tho 1st day of July, 1850, whereas the evidence showed that, while it bore that dale on i's face, It waa not approved by the Postmaster General until tba fifteenth day of that month, and, therefore, un der the decision in 19 Howatd, did not be come tho bond of defendant until the last toentloned date. Upon an examination of the declaration, it will be seen that the plaintiff doclares oa tha bond, according to Its legal effect, namely?that an July 1, 1950. the defendant, by bis certain writing obli gatory, acknowledged htms-.'lf indebted to tho plaintiff Jr. theburu of $20 ooo. Th.s manner of declaring gives ao date to the hrn.l. and merely civos the time when defendant became bound by it to the plaintiff. The rule that allocul'ons of time, quantity, value, Ac., need not lie proved with t rec =u?n, but t'? at a very Iwgodeparture from the time, quantity Ac., a. og.-d. Is a.lownble, is so toelI understood, and is so much a matter of every da;* >n?ctice. that no citation of authorities to Fuetuiii ft u tiecessary An indictment charging a pri? ner with ?tnnrder ou the first day of July would bo sustained by proving a murder committed on the Ultcrtitli of triat I month. Hew much mote reasonable that n contract allegod to have Ken made on the first may be supported by evidence of the same contract n.tJe on the flftoenth ?f the month. But it is alto a rule of evidence that when words used in a 'colnration are descriptive of the Instrument declared on, It must, when ottered in ovi denco, conform strictly lo that description; and wo concede that if it Is alleged as part of tho description of ?uch an Instrument, that It hoars such a date, or la ,<lated of such a day, that no instrument will bo I admissible which does not bear that date. It Is said by -counsel that this declaration gires such a description of the date or the bond. A careful examination of it, bow ever, ahows no attempt at such description and merely ?the usual necessary allegation of the time when the con tract was made. If. however, counsel is correct in his construct! >u of .the declaration, still tbere(ts no variance, because tho bond read in evidence actually bears the date which it Is claimed that the declaration ascribes to it, and it therefore conforms to the supposed description. It Is no variance, however, from tho substance of the Issue to show that though dated on the 1st of July it look effect only on tho 15th, because, us we have ehown, the pra ise time when the contract became obligatory need cot bo proved on trial. Tbe attempt to show that by the pleadings suliaeqneut to tbo declaration it became nccas aary to prove that the contract becamo obligatory on the aery day alleged, l? equally unsuccessful. The defend ant, by If* third pica alleges that from July 1 to Sep tember 30 Ir.a pr.ncipal wai deputy Postmaster under an ?ppaintaieut not coubrmcd by the Senate, and that tho bond sued on was applicable to this appointment and to th's period alone; and that during that time no default or breach of its condition occurred. Tho replication is, that on the day or the dale of the Dond, and from thence forward for four years. Beers, the deputy Pontmaater, bald under the appointment confirmed by the Senate, and that the bond covered his transactions during that time. To this defendant re Joined that Beers was not Postmaster under the np 8ointment, set forth In tho replication, but under the rat?a Presidential appointment, and that the bond Bovered nuiy tho litno montlonoa in tbo pies. As it was craved on tli* trial that the bond was accepted on tho Sfith July, 1880, it follows, under the former decision of gbia court, thai from that tiruo forth the bond covered file liability, and that lt was under the lost appointment. The pteo o. the defendant fails, therefore, except as to E? time between the first and fifteenth July. It not pcrce.ved how the precise day when the nd took effect Is material otherwise than this, and tho court, by refusing to permit any breach to be proved within those tlfto-n days, would have fully ^protected the defendant. All these pleas have relation to tbo legal effect of the bond, and none of them de.-criho ? bond different from tho one offered in evidence. After the day bad been fixed by proof at which the contra' 1 feocamo binding it was materia! tbat no breach should be proved he'ore that lime; but the proof which fixed that date was no variance from any ploading of tho plaintiff, ?or from ion substance of any issue made in the case. As these principles require a reversal of tbo case. It is not deemed necessary to notice tho other excepMoua, Which ore unimportant, and may not arise on a new %rial This opinion disposes of ths case of the United States WO Stewart, which io identical with this, oscept to tho - of the defendant. Official Opinion?The Pnblte Lonls?Mgnslsk Ornate the Lewrr .llloalaoippl and their C*nSrmntl*n by the United Heatee?The Offi cial Drrieleno of Registers and Receiver# as Rwtdenrc ef Title. Ms Uritfd NtaUt. FUuntif 1m Error, ea Jama EcSfat *art, Hal. ?Tbo facts in tha earn have boon previously ^reported in liie Bluid. The opinion ef the Court which Cellewn will sufficiently recapitulate them:? t By the Court (Mr. Justice Nelson delivering tha apinton)?This la a wrK ef error bf tha Circuit Court of ^fth a United Stolen for the Eastern district ef Lou 1st ana. I TMe suit was brought in the court below by the United Mates to recover possession of a tract of land situate in S* par tali of St. Bernard, about ten miles below tba city New Orleans, on lb* east side of tbo river Mississippi, ?nd between tbat river and Lake Borgne. Tbo dotendani* set up two grounds of defence:?l " ' * *?" ~ * ? *? soatearam Ktui KdAri tmnliht w .. . Phiir.pon by act of Congress, March 8, 1834, from whom lbs defendant* derive their titles. Tbe rpanish grant was produced oa tbd trial from the register's office in New Orleans, where these ancient titles are deposited, and i# found in tbe record. The Governor, in making the grants, recites: " Consid ering lb* foregoing proceedings, made by tbe Segundo a. a a. sLk. .laaa I .u?a Anifrv vw>?r? uran annniflt. AviinHni? of th? pUce, Louui Andry, who vm appoint *d to make survey aw pui l?u Msrte Le Compta, In poe eesaion of tbe vacant land which lion in rear or at the extremity ol the forry arpetits In depth of tbe plantatioa belonging io Bacbemin, Coram, Voraon and Portugal*, , Bnd iioue.ns of fourteen arpents m front, composing the *a d plantations, until It reacbasLake Borgne; and, find ing that avid proceedings are made agreeably to tbe order *>r survey and to ths grants of tbe above-named parties, who are not into red, nay, who haw assented thereto, Ac. Now, therefore, Ac wo do by these presents "grant go tbe said Marie Le Onmpt* the above-named fourteen ?rpenti front from tbe forty arpsnts In depth owned by Olio -uld Baobeain, Ac., to tbe aforesaid lake, following Hi - un>< directions wh ch tbe boundary lines of the ?ei t Bachemta, Aflc, run In order tbat she may dispone of and enjoy the seme, Ac." There Is Kim obscurity in tbe language of tbe grant, and. If it Waa opee tor construction, there le ground for the inter rvetauuu c -nieoded for bv tbe government, namely:? lint the tract granted conaiwed of an area of fourteen ?rpeots front, and extending beck within parallel linen to I ako Morgue. ? But this obscurity la removed by tbe -.Vticlal .* Danish survey referred to In the grant, andt which, as we have seen, was before the Governor when' Me grant was made. rtieipx. a I oiied ?utea deputy surveyor, and who ffisi been in the service of the government, under the ?urveyor general, since 1838, surveyed the side lines of ihie tract m 1831, and according to bio recollection and Belief, had before him at the time the original Spanish ?irvey of L Andry, and followed the side IInee of that purvey which were not parallel, bnt diverging side lines, corresponding with those of the front grant to Bacbemin and others. Tbat grant fronted ou n bond ? - *w " mlAu A* AhAM unuiu nuu vtuvta. *??? ?? ?* . I ef the rlrer, on tb# conr^i ?ldt Of ?nof?, in wi? nvor, uu w* wmw ..u, f ?nd, soc irdlng to tbe usages In Bpnnlsh loeatlona. on such 'tends, and which ts tha usage and practice nt location* under our system of survey. The side llnsa run at right anglea with the bend of tbe liver, and, an In the Instance before oa, diverge and widen as tba lines nxtend for the entire depth of the front lot. It was thee* wtvergins line#, terminating at tha rear of tha Bacbemin let. that were extended la the same direction by tha ?urvey iu>d location of tbe book lot of Madame Le Cnmpte, by I-. Andry, to loike Borgne, and wbleb were ?norwards adopted by Phelps. This Spanish survey end location of the grant removes any obacurliy that may ?xlst in the description. Tbe sure *y ef L. Andry waa not produced, bnt He ex istence and 'oss were sufficiently proved to let in the eee . ondory evidence presented on the trlaL r Tbe testimony of Phelps was taken under a commis sion, tud whon prqduoed st the trial several objections iwere taken to Its competency and admissibility on the part cf the government, which were overruled. The objections were very general ted Indefinite, with out pointing out tho portions of his answers to the Inter rogatories which were Inadmissible, except in gross, embracing matters clearly compotent and relevant to the ,, issues. It is th? -inly bf the party excepting to evidence to ffioiot out the part excepted to, ao that the attention of \ P>" court may be drawn to IV If tha exoeptlon covers ifcf ?dmistlble evidence It la rightly overruled. (II ft* prUlflMt tfllNM tf i ii?ti !? tkMk any doubt oil axial m to tbe uuiupairaof of lb# ?ridoftoo. Wa 4b boC regard, kamnr. the portion of Phelps* testimony obj-cto l to aa of any particular Importance In the caae. The only pomoai of hia evtdeooe which are material relate to the Aodry surrey of Modems I* Compto'a grant, and hie own survey of the Bfie la 1831. Bat:? 3. The moat oob clue Ire defence to thle action to re cover the load in question is the decision of the register and receiver on the petition of F. A L A. PhllUpon for confirmation, dated Deoember at, 1KB. the report of these offiocre in favor of the eUlse, 6th September, IMS, and confirmation by am of Oongross, March 8, 1636. The Pbillipons owned a large tract of lend derived from six French and Spanish grants, all of which ait set out In the record, and among team la the grant In question to Madame La Comptn They stale in their pe tibon that the land la situate In the perish of 81 Bernard, en the eaat bank of the Mtmimippi river, abont tea miles below the city ef New Orleans, measuring twenty oae arpents front by an lrrngnlar depth extending to lake Borgne, boaadad oa one aids by the plantation of Mr. Guichard, and on the other aide (below) by the piaata Uona of iba widow Beauregard?Ike whola according to a full and detailed plot thereof, executed by Angnstua & Phelps, United Mates deputy surveyor, ia the month of February, 1831, herewith presented aad prayed to be accorded. This map is in tbs record and iaclodas the tract of Madame Le Compte. with the diverging Unas as surveyed by L. Andry aad afterwOMs by Phelps: Tbe register sad receiver, after hearing the proof* la the case and referring to the claim, and reciting that it contains twenty-ono arpents front by an Irregular depth, extending to Lake Borgne, and bounded above by land of Mr. Guichard and below by land of the widow Beauregard; and reciting, also, that the tract is made up of several tracts, all of which are derived from the original grants made, and comploted in dua form, as foliotrs, enumerating the aix French and Spanish grants, with their dates, report, "We are therefore of opinion that this claim ought to be confirmed." This claim, thus described by the register and receiver, was specifically confirmed, referring to the data of this re port, by the act of Congress, March S, 1886. Wa do not deem U neoessary to pursue the ease fur ther. It seems to us that the title, te the extent claimed by tbe Pbillipons, under whom the defendants held, hat not only been confirmed by this government, but that tba grants under the French and Spanish govaramente were as extensive and the boundaries as well defined and settled aa we are of opinion they now are under the survey and location confirmed by act of Oongroaa, The judgment of the oonrt below confirmed. Ef Bpfie of (fee looa u Seem ml the Dudley Ofeeervmtory. SPECIAL CMRESPOHOENCE OF THE HEIALB. Dudley Obssbtatobt, Alixxt, March fie, 188T. Through tbe kindness of the direoter of the observa tory, Professor Hough, end his assistant, Mr. Thomas MoClure, your correspondent was enabled te get a satis factory viaw of the eclipse through the teleeoope. It is a well known fact that lunar eellpaea occur only at the full moon, or when the earth gets exactly between tbe sun and the moon. Wore it not for tha inclination of the moon's orbit to tba ecliptic, an,ecllpee would ocour at every lunailon. The Egyptians, Hindoos and Chinese otavery early period had-observed that eclipses of both tbe sun and moon were reproduced or repeated ia regular order every eighteen year.-; and hence oi:oe having observed all tbe eel ipseo visible In that period it was an easy mat ter to foretell them for s long time in advance. One of the early Chineec emperor.1 founded a school of astrono mers, whose duty it was to predict all remarkable eclipses, and on failing to do so paid tbe forfeit with their lives. In a subsequent reign Yhang, tbe astronomer royal, announced two eclipses, which did not take place, and in order to save his bead, being undoubtedly a skilled diplomatist, ho said:?"It waa not because bis calculations were erroneous; but that the heavenly bodies deviated from their regular couree out of respect to the virtues of the Emperor." Tbe eclipse of tbe 20th was a partial one, only about three-fourths of the moou's disc being obscured. It be gan at one o'clock and fifty-four minutes A." M., Dudley Observatory time. Tbe greatest obscuration occurred at three o'clock and twenty-eeren minutes, and the shadow left the moon's limb at flve o'clock A. M. During the progress of tbe eclipse the obscured portion exhibited various shades of color. Near the beginning the shadow was of a dull purple; but abont tbe time of greatest ob scuration it was of a darkish yellow or straw color. The surface of tbe moon was distinctly visible by means of tiro telescope directly through tbe obscurod portion. The ou'llue of the moon's disc was easily distinguished with tbe naked eye; in fact tho disc appeared to be surrounded by a delicate line of light considerably brighter than the general surface in tbe shadow. HOBfiiSLE FA WILT QUARREL. rrn^a.t*,ro..""^ Dem/<rat of March 13 Jit* received ??* J?? from Sarcoxie, Jlrolenca of c?a.r Iwo'brothw^0 J^hi2j?2tk a?d sss? 3? rfSS prtr srjrsw sms ? ?S??aw&".,sKsrS brother with JX&SK a"^." fro'm wh'Tch th" A*lmr r?^ve\tthoir^m Xot the ?r thn^JiV on.lb8l.occa4"'n ot hls visiting the resilience srJM ^JssTffSSS sw-s: tr ail occasions, and finally tbev met on^hihiJ^ 00 the resident of .ho ,g The mediately commenced firing at eacb athar^nd^i thi same time, approaching. Tbey emptied twomvmv!!i! each, and then cllnchod and beat each other in a hnr^ nble manner with the bulls oflhe^plrtoiT ?2S" tinned in this horrible work unlit thee fell anert from sheer exhaustion. When found by lomVmL ?!! u pened along the road the e?^r^ro^e,^S|W.ti A hi '0UB**r horribly wounded, trying to drat !? ?f tron the bloody and fatal snot whora hif brother lay. The survivor ?uat ontealSmdllt?and at last acoounta be wan still all ye, with no bo?n of W? recovery, as he wae terribly wounded m ivaSS^. JS oonUnued to raye like a maalacT ?**P?otnand TAB WEEKLY-HEKALD. The Cheapens Nevrepaper and Beet Literary Journal ta the Ceaacry. The Wangle Bubald for tht present west new ie?dr contains two eery Interesting Merles, entitled THE TWO CADETS, era THI BROWN GINGHAM. Po ? t kt-? "MaTRmo!nAi Ass or ajt una," written for the Wnsgir H braid* by Gtoeoa Whom. " It also contains: The yery Latest European News by the Cable atM the lfalla up to the hoar of publication- - The >enlaa SituaUon in Inland and Aaerloa. tmbisTi? all lit Now* rtodvtd by Ihm CabU^oar ap^ttl rum pondenoe from the Fenian Camp at ThUnghtaad Dublin BatGm m Kit mail ock mM la the together with reporta of the latest Penhsa MnaZ men* la this eity, throughout the State. ^Td Canada; Our Wathlagtoa Despatches, embracing eoy Special Reports of Important nod Interesting Mat. ters t ran spuing at the Sea* of Government, the-Prm oaodinga of Congree* Supplementary Re^netruetlon Ln^ Ac. f The Very Late New. from Cblna and Japan received by the American mall tteamsnip Colorado at San Francltooj The current New* of the Week, em. br*'tag nil mtereetiag Political and Looal Dvonlaj and the Latest Newt from Hexioo, the Went hi diss, South America, the Pacific, Ac.: Varieties Our Musical and Theatrical Review for the Week; , For*'?n Ooertp; Artistic, Scientific, Kin jng. Religious and Literary Iatelligence; Editorial Ar tKfltf en the prominent toplo. of the day; Our Sporting Reoord, conUlnlng a report of the recent Fight between Kelly and Parkinson, the oomlag jj. C?"T"r Md Aaron la this rlelnlty, forthcoming events ta California, PedartriaaMm, and an obituary notice of the renowned turfman, Hiram iSIZlfLl^ tnm ?? SP^iai Pari. FChltaa Correspondent; Our Agricultotal Budget, oea and Gardeners; Reviews of the Cattle, Horse, DryGeoda. and Boot and Shoe Markets; Financial and Commercial Intelligence; Marriage and Deaths; Advertltameata, ?dacoounu.f Ml Imporct nnd Mtmctln, event.5 Tha?B.-Slagi? whtorlpuen, f?: Three ceim. Mi i'L? ??^ 111 ????? ??Pta.. Plre . ' * **1 d advertisements in* tertod I. the Wmuit Hmuut ?... TH* IBAfiOl. A *r?de and' F?i^ D Ball "JttJf ?*At,DMASQrB i.m K??/8,ySS &-^y&v2jsrn3r. ???? ~1 yea, 1W Broadway. G. Hanft s J"hn Stader berg, Ml Broadway. ^ Broadway; F. dpaogeo M anyiS^P.'ai.^?.^;. OOaTUMRa.-A LABOR Cnttume*, oowiprimi.g ail the a,1(* historical ported for the pr?a#nt mmumq rin wipdjrfally irn? bit term- at 126 Third aVe^e' ba-V^J obtained on reaaona Jeciith itre?ta. Alao CottumM mJSTRF,f# Rmo. AbbiaTI, late oortomer ^ ki.iIh^*; p"tosiA peny and Urau'a lialiaa opera. rl ? Aramatiu ooia HKAio^f SITUATION* W ANTNP?K* N AL.KW. BUMBBBOf WBUL RECOMMENDED UK"*** i girls want mImMmi tl In, Lowe ? U semen ImUUH i si., user iSe Rowery. PLACE Kuiwpe. ALADV H DESIROUS OP PIMOIMO A OOOU for her Freacb maid. wi? a fs^'T M"* f tffS '?ilt ^ " Hr*roari Uni^ *o- *? fru* " A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES; ALL KIMD8 Of family sew s* 0*11 for twe days ?> ?i Minolta sC NUMBER OP WET IWIM WANT si Mr*. Hium'i Huns Ageacy. A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WITH POOP. OgT EBF A nrsnoe. wishes * situation ss ,1^2 1 washing and ironing. Can bs ssss si SM *??? ?*a sc. taira floor, back room, for tws day*. A N AMBRIOAN WIDOW LADT WIHBJIj A is s family ss asasnslrssA or ?? honsawork. 0*11 si 4M Qsaud ?t.. from 8 A. M. is 4 P. M. A LADT WI8HBH AM BMQAQMMKMT ^A8 JB0U8?; A keeper for s gentleman. or ? ?itu?lloo ss matron. AA driu Mrs. C. Msruoop iUUop Pt Wtw York. A FIRST CLASS 000K WANT8 A SITUATION IN A private family, or *? oook ss housekeopor for * snwll family: und?*tand? Bugllsh Ad" dioa G.# M Kel 14th it , neer 3d a*., for tbie west. a RTTITATIOH WANTED?BY A BBBPROTABLK OIRLi A UWUJJM obliging. Can bo imq for two d*ye st 8b wot w" **? k RRRHFi/TABLB WOMAN WI8HB8 TO TAIE A family or goudemen's weehlng; h*s livod In thebe?t of funiiln ss Uuudress; beet <dtv rerereooe. I,all si 8#* td sr., near SSth si., two pair of st*lrs, front room. A WIDOW LADT. POSSBSSmO ALL TUB QUALITIK8 A requisite for s complete housekeeper, wishes * sltna uou sssuch: city or oountry; 0*0 slsa cut, sew end make lsdles' end ohtMieo's dresses; wages not so much of an ok imtas * ulesdT situation is s huhlv respectable family. Call to-dsr st iSflflth s? , on Mrs. Daily, between 10 sad 4, sc sfldress for three days mi plane. Avert respectable tounq girl, lately srrlTod in, wishes s sttustton es nurse; wiU make herself generally ueeful; wagde net ss much sn object ss s respnctsbls home. Cell for tws days st Ml Best Mi u., eooond floor. . A SITUATION WANTBD-BT AM AUT1TE, WILLING young woman, M?cn months landed; haa done waiting sod enamberwork; ran sir# good rofrrese*^ only do obsmborwork. Csn bs seen UU Mondsy st MS West 17th St.. ssoonfl floor. Arbspbctablb youno woman wishes a SITU ation aa Mtmtrcii and chambermaid. Boot of rcier snoe. Apply st HI West 18th sU, room No. A AOOOD COOK WANTS a SITUATION; IS A OOOD washer sod Ironer. Would go to the eountij.^ Osit bs eeer at tho K"opiojr AiiftflUtioiii lvt 6th >T.t below 6tn it. A YOCNO WOMAN WAIN A M?ATION IN A W A vste family ss odok; has no objecUos to amist in isg end Iroiiing, thoroughly understands her business. Has the best of city reference* Osll for two ?lsye at 384 Bast 12th st.. betwean 1st end Sd an., sseond floor. A PBOTB8TANT OIRL WAMT8 A oook and to aaaiat at waahiog. Good dlf refeience. Call for two daysst 25 Best 12th st AM AMBBICAM OIRL WI8HBSA SITUATION AS oook. washer and Ironer; la a good baker; hssiso.ob jection to co a short distance In Ike oouotry;has good refer ince. Call for two dqys at 144 Wool 28th at. la lbs base ment Want no sails tor general housework. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A MEAT AND TIDT young woman, is a private family, to cook, wash and iron; U *^ "ker: hai thebeatof'otontawi her laat place. Call for two uayo at 838 Weet 3oth it. A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU nilon as oook and to assist with the wsshlng. C*s be seen for two dsys st 008 14th St.. first floor. . RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN (NORTH OP A Irelsud) 'wishes Tor s situation ss first rets waitress; has no objection (o s private boarding house U required^ good city references can be given. Call lor two dsys st 488 I8th at., between 1st sv. end avenue A. A OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL A housework for s smell family In New "Zmntrv "hare no objection to go s short dlsUnce Isto tksoonntry. Apply st lift Elizabeth ?L , front building, bank room. PBOTR8TANT COOK DESIRES A SITUATION IN a small private family. Can l>e eeen at the residence of her p.-e-eot employer, 121 Lexington *v., for two daye, between the hour* of 10 aod 12. _____________ A SMART. TIDT YOUNO OIRL WI8HBS A 8ITUA tlon u> do general houaeworht has no objection to go a short distance into the country; good olty refersnoe. Call for two dsye at 182 Elizabeth sL COMPETENT DRESSMAKER DESIRES EMPLOY ment by the day or week; Aral class d'T?'*1''"0' Call st 41k 2d sv., batweau 38th and 37th strssts, third floor, front room. - A~ TOUNO AMERICAN WIDOW WI8HES A 8ITUA Pi. tioa at chambonaaid or wgfireM la a rotpgctable hotel or boarding bouse. Inquire si 281 Weet 41st it. ~e RBSPKCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN WIBUES A SITU. A etion in e imeU prteete tmUf to work. Beet of city reference!. Cell at M& West 36th st., rear, secoud floor. RESPECtTbLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS nurse snd chsmbennsld; is competent to full charge or sn Infant from a month old; is kind and "bilking, hsa two yaara'city reference. Canbe seen at herpreeant | employer's, at>4 West ikth at.. third doer west of 8tfa ay. a RB8PBCTABLE TOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITU. A atlon as chsmbormald and laundrass. Oood city refer ences. Apply at<2 Weet 33d st. YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST class wsltress in a private family; thoroughly under stands hor business and nss the beet or city reference. Ap ply at 68 Wsst 30th st.. corner of flth av RKSPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tlon to do geuersl houeework In n ?"u*1lpriz*Wfamily, le a good plain cook, waeher aad lroner. refer enot. Call at 44 SId St., between Madison nad 4ih svs. * OKRMAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION A8 COOK. A washer and ironer in a private American family. Oood city refereuoe. Add rase bo z 191 Herald oWoe. p ~ TOUNQ-MARRIED WOMAN WI8HBB A SITU A urns as wet nurso. CaUat 380 Bast Ikth et . between let and 8d are. A FRENCH NURSE FROM PARIS WISHES A 81TU; ation to take ears of children and to do sewing, good reference. Apply at UM 8tk av.. ketwoou 18th and Jlh eta. A PIR8T CLAS8 COOK'S SITUATION WANTKP?BT \ , woman thoroughly eompetont; undoretands Freneh and English oook lug. Oood referenee. Apply at 98 West Ikth st.. in baoemsni. a SITUATION WANTED?BT A RB8PECTABLE A EnglLh gtri. as chambermaid and to aas.nt In the waahlng or ?lttmg. Can bo wma for tare dsys si 88 West 18th sk, near 8th ay. - A SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO OIRL, TO take care of s baby aod de_ plain gawls? or as oharn bennaid and waitress la a small family. Apply at 88 B sal A SITUATION WANTED-BY A ?E8PF.CTABIi? rirt aa chambermaid and 8a* waeher and ironer or as ?ook and to help with the An* washing and ironing la a ?.u private family; has city references. Call for two days st 18 West 18th sc A to Kuropa wttb a family, to lake iui at cblldraa or aa | mm m A SITUATION WAHTSD-MT A RESPECTABLE young man-tod rout, m *?i nurae. Apply ot111 Dilweiy w. ArtUCH PERSON. SPBAKINa HMOLISH AND rroach fluently, would liko to hero o atttuUloa m houaokeopor In a hotol; no objaatloa to looro tboeliy; r?f eroneo airon. Addroea Z. M? atoUon L. A FRENCH OMC. DEI)IBM A SITUATION TO OO A to Buropo wMh ? r lody*a tuMtr < clp%?StRai AI nBPBC^ABLB TOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A SITk upRoo M chambermaid ood to do Sao washing; good city refemnoe eon bo (Jron. Apply for two daya at SU Woot SStb ot.. 10 tRo roofe AM BBSPXCTABLX TOUNO WOMAN W78HB8 A BIT uotlooo* In dooo ehambarmald ond woltrooo, or wottrooo only, too piiroto family: baa four roora and all naontha rofaraooo from bar laat plana. Call at 110 Boat Bit at.. Srat Soor, for two d?ya. ARBSPKCTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waltroao, or to aaalatal wafting and ironing; no objooUoo to himaswait l? a amoll family; good aity raforonoo. Call otStl Waat astb at.. In thabammaal AM TOCNO GERMAN OIBL. JUST LANDED, WISHES ? o aituatlon aa aurao or (lambarmaid la a Srat daaa family. Can bo anon at US Hoatar at. AM TOCNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS ? ahambormold aad waitroaa ta a private family; would aaaiat with waabiag aad Irooiag; good oily rolamaoa. Call ot 1MB Boat ?tb at., maad Soor, iroot mo. ATOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS aaok aad to aaaiat wttb waabiag aad Iron log, or woald took, waab aad iron, aaa giro good rofacoaao. Coll at No. ? Ualoa court, oS Ualroralty plooo. far ooo day. Am toung woman wibmbs a situation as ? waitroaa aad ehambormoM. ar to da bouaowork in a am all family. Haa good aity roforaaam. Coll ot IS Sib aa., bo* twoan Warorloy place cad Kb at., tblrd Soor, front roam. RESPECTABLE OIBL WANTS A SITUATION IN o amall private lamity, to do goooral boamwark ar aa plate wok, waabor aad Irooar; good <dtr rofaraooo. Call at MS Warn IStb at, Siat door, back room, for two daya. Am TOUNG GIRL. LATELY LANDED. WISHES A attuatloo to do baoaaworfc; la o aaaart, tidy girl .and willing to amka beraolf gaaarally uaofuL Call at SI Waat SUh at. tblrd Soor, front room. ATOUNG GERMAN LADT WISHES TO OO WITH eoma folka to Soo Prooolaoo Ula apt tog, to do oil Hindi af oaodlowork. Inquire af M. Stoho, iff Eoat Houaton at. a BE8PECTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS A good eook, waabor pad Irooar. boa good aity rafaranaa Call a" 111 Waal Mtb at, room Mo. 1. ATOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO GEN. oral bouaowork ra a amall prirata family, ar aa plain eook, waabar aad Irooar; eon give Urn boat of ?aty rofaraoao from bar laat altuoUoa. kCall far two daya at II Hoary at, boaamaat, SITUATION WANTBD-fiT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, oa ebambarmaid; la wHIIng aad abllgiBg. Call for two daya at SB Altornay at., top Soor. . ARBSPECTAHLB PEOTE8TANT SCOTCH WOMAN wiehaa a 111001100; la a good plain cook and a Oral rata wtahar and Iroaer; good atty refarauoe. Call at 147 Mott at., n?au Grand. (100K.?A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPKCTA* J bin colored woman, aa cook, without waihlng and Iron ing; can glra good city reference. Call at 1M Ratter ntreet, tw i dooia from tlrand, third floor, front room, for ?a day, PAP-IS EXPOSITION -A OBRMAN WOMAN. A RBSI. I drnt of Parla for aeren Taara, deelree a aituatlon a< in terpreter and guide to a purty or family about travelling; baa Irarrlied In Swllaerlaud, England and Pranoo; la not tea an k. Call on or eddroaa B. K., 11] H'ldoou at, Ua . boktn, B. J; for two da;a ?m>ATIONI WAITF.D-PBBAtl^ SIlBVli ItlONi WANTBD-BT TWO EBHFWTA** I Autinif girls, oae mm fti*t ci*a* ouok m * prtyiU# la** IWT !laa uao ??al of ciijr reforwM*, ihe ?iher a* Md to hmenfr generally naaiul. OnUal Iw OiTUATION WANTED?PY A TOUNO *OM tN. TO DO S chamberwurk or waitin lu n 'i I bet; of raferenea ?rom he. ' P4***; J**"0"4 *lUu?? ?d gfrTtginC 1m1 l*u UAyi at 18S W??l 87tb S~ITUATIOM WANTBD-BY A VERY KWAPjMjg aouawgtrt to Ao chaaeberwork aud waiuag a?d take food refereuoa. Apply at 83 Weal Md it. la too rw. . SITUATIOM WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUMO rtd. 10 do fooorol hnuaawoi k ta a amall prt^aU fan^r? (looiSaj raferance. Call at SX Baal list OA. aoooud floor,

hook room. . ITUATIOM WAMTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE OBR maaktrl. to BO to California with a t silly. Bofora to M re.Tohn Pa bar, 2fl Weal 38to at. ooroor oStt ar. 1TUATIM WAMTKD-BT TWO TOUNO GIRLS (SIS I unl' oSaaaaood ptata oook and drat rata waauor and "?'., . ? J 1 1 j ?i ?gHi?- Can-Bo Ironer toa oibar aa chambermaid and wa UB CUnton plaoo, la too boot atoro. SITUATIONS WANTBD-BT TWO OIRLS; OMR TO oook. waah aad Iron, and too otoar to do <d>ambai work and wailing; food city roforonoo; no objaottona to toe coon. try. Cat! w 302 West 2Bth at SITUATION WANTSD?TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work in a r-*" privala family. Uood city refereuce. Call at 378 7th ar.. flret floor. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT TOUNO woman, aa plain oook and to assist with the washing; city tan be aaen al 138* weal lthb at., batwoan 7ll? and 8th an., third floor SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO girl to do ohamborwork or waiting, heat olvy raferenoa. Call at No. ft King at. basement _____ _ _ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girt to take care of children and do plain aewlng, or aa aiat In c'hamberwork; haa no objections to the country; good Sty gtoSSS: tool at *A corner Wto at. and 8th ar. SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO, "?;>LT''Tl O widow lady, aa wet nurae in a respectable family, call at K Fltnti-*K at., a car Canal. Situation wanted?as chambermaid ahd waltreaaor waitress onljrjgood eity relnreacas. Call at 648 6ih a*., betweaa fl7to and 38to ala. TWO SISTERS WISH SITUATIONS IN ONE FAMILY Oae aa chambermaid and wnttreaa. toa other atreM. can operate on Ororer A Baker'a machine. Best city rwferenoea can be given. Cell for torn dar?. from WW* o'clock, et atykeot wth ot.. betwoen let and 3d era. rpo dressmakers-wanted, a tirst mbpat 1 tern ratter and trimmer at Mme. Duval's, lite M me. OH leaple'a Emporium of Kaahlouo, Drees and Cloak Making Es tablishment, 811 Broadway. City references required. TIT ANTED?BT A YOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN. JUST W arrived from London, n altuatlon at seamstress. Ap ply to R. Plckford, JowoUor, M 8to ar., botwoen Mth aad 16th ate. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO a altuatlon as Brat olana Unndroaa; beat oily reference. Can ba aeen far two days at MIS East 14th at. ___ WANTED? BT A RBSPBOTABLB TOUNO WOMAN, a altuatlon aa chambermaid end waltreea or plain aawer. Call for two days at 48 Beach at. WANTED-A ERW MORE LADIES' CUSTOM BY A competent hairdresser; would prefer to go to lad? e own residence. Addreto dalrdreaaer, 101 Weal Houston street ANTED-BY A NKAT. TIDY YOUNO OIRL, A SIT nation to enn of children and do plain tewing. Understands taney werk. Apply et 444 Beet I3lh at , Up floor, back room ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUA Hon aa good plain oook aud ,to aaaiat iu too washing and IroniUL' or to oook, waah and Irou in a small private . fiOTilr; bStelty reference. Call at *5 10th ar., near J6th a treat. OTANTRD-HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. A W altuatlon as leundreta; can do fluting; would be wil ling to cook, waah and Iron in a private lamUr; haa the beat oi city reference. Call for two days at it* Kaat 14lh tt.? top floor . | ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE widow woman, aa wet nurae; haa loet her own baby. Apply et 17 Ludlow at., near Canal. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS A OOOD COOK AND to a-slat with the waahlng: would like to go a ehort distance In the country; haa good relerencc. Call at 1? ? eat jgd at., between 7th and 8th are., aecond floor, hack room. ANTED-A SITUATION. BY THE MONTH OB PER manently, by a r-ung tteraon. as aenmatreaa and lady'a matd; underatanda rultlug and Suing drsasea. cab operate on Wheeler A Wilson's maohiua. Inquire for Miaa bmiih. 4W 3d ar.. New York^ WANTED?BY A YOUNO LADY, A SITUATIOK TO learn the bu.lneaa of aaleawtnnan. In N?? *ork or Brooklyn, or to do oopying at boms. Address L. N., Brook lyn I'oat udtoe. ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT young woman, aa chambermaid and nurae. call at 301 2d sr., batween 23d and 23d ato YVTANTED?BY A TOUNO LADT OP GOOD ADDRESS. W a altuatlon lu a trimming or fancy store; can give too beat of reference wbero she learned, on Broadway, and was with the parties three yeera. Addreee D. E , atation B. TITAN TED-BY AN INTELLIGENT YOUNO WOMAN, | VV a Situational ehnm'.vrmald and waltreaa; wouid do i housework lu a email private family; no object lontutg"> a abort dletanoe Into the country; good city end country rofer- | anoe. Call at 3?8 6th ar.. between 3UU and 26th ato. Wanted?A situation, by an American touno woman, aa child's nurwt, aeainatroaa, or totrarel with a family In this county or Europe. Inquire at ltrt LhiUto pher at., New York, or at No. 8 tlrocna sr.. Brooklyn. WANTED?A situation AS HABKSLADY in a cloak, Doe or ladlra' fnrnlahlng eatabtlahment, by a French lady, who underiitAndi French. German and English, and who la thoroughly eipcriencrd id toe above 1 hw of gooJa. The beat or rafereocea given. Address saleslady. Newark, J. ANTED-BY A TOUNO GERMAN WOMAN, ASITU atiou as nurae. Inquire et 201 ?r. C, room No. 3. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOED woman, a altuatlon to do ehemberwork. washing and ironing or plain sewing, or to take care of an tovabi. t an be aeon et her piaaent employer's, to court at.. Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waltreal. Apply at TO East 2M at., aecond floor, back room. Wanted?a protestantoirlwho supports an aged mother wlabea to take charge of a ''J"*? ^"^"fl the summer when the owner leeres. can give good reference. HUta where to call, and address it one month to my reel name, kllsa Perks, atation D. N. Y. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BI i ERSPECTABI^B ' W Tounn women, to oook. wash and Iron, in a small pri vate family. References can be given. Call for two days at 184 Wcat mth at. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A GOOD COOK; would sealst wlib tli* washing and Ironing. Good city refsreooe. Call at>413d a*. Entrance 00 39th it. W^HANTRD-A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED woman, aa <-oeh; will aaaiit In tho waihing and Iron ing; can produor iha beM of ally rnfaranan. Call at 38 Waat 18th at., between 6th and 7th an WM ANTBD-BY A TI10B0U0R WAITRESS, WITH excellent city reference, a alt nation la city or oonatry; i takaa charge af the silver and dining room In atyla; wagea 910. Call at 101 fnew 3171 Bait Hit at. W ANTBD-BY A THOROUGH CHAN BERK A ID AND laundreie, with atrellaat city rcfarenoe. a aitnaUon In the elty; doai up ltnena In ityle; or aa eook and Uuodreia In a private family, an eiceliant baker; wagaa $Uk IRi tnew >17) Kaat 2lat at. ** W ANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, la do ebamberwork and waiting and fine waablng and treeing, or to do kitchen work in n imnll private I amity; " referenda. Una be aeon for tare days at 191 Weal K?. YET"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW, FAMILY TV waablng at ber rewdmce. or to go out by the day to work. Apply te Mm Leanyt 36 Henry oh, teoond Boor, HBLP WARTBOwFUIALRS. A mm numbbr or oood situations readyimme dlately. No charge till aulted; with referencea. Inqulra el 106 6tii it., between 8Ui and 9th ata. Lack hands and first class cloak hands wanted. Apply to A. T. Stewart A Co., Broadway, en trance on 9tb it ANTED?A OOOD COOK. WASH EE AND I RON EH. Apply, with city referencea, at 66 Weat 17th at. w Y17ANTKD?A YOUNO PROTESTANT GIRL. AS TV atiraa and chambermaid- muat be able te lew neatly; beat ef ally referencea required. Apply at 17 Seat Hit at. WaNTED-OPERATORS FOR WHEKLRR A WILSON TV machine! on fine cutiem ahirU, itmily imploymint to flrp| elaae hands. Apply to PBRBOO, 66 Nieiaa itreet. WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK; MUST UNDER TV Hand ber batlneii and eome well recommended. Apply reea 19 and I o'clock at If Wiverley place. WANTED?SBTSRAL OIRLM TO WORK IN THE perfumery department Thorn who bare had experv earn tn wrapping bnitlei prefarrdA Apply In the drug dure, WANTED?A SHBPEOTABLB GIRL, TO COOK, TT waih and Iron; tint claai refereace required. None olber need apply. OS Weet SOtb el WANTBD-A OOOD HERMAN GIRL, TO COOK, weah and I roe. Refarenoae required. Apply at 97 Si Mark's place, Eighth street. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WHO WILL ASSIST IN the washing. Apply, between 10 and 13 o'claah, at 40 Weat Wd il WAVTED-A WET NURSE, FOR AN INFANT SIX meatha eld ? Apply at 136 Waat 40Qi at. ANTED-A SMART SALESWOMAN IN A FANCY etore. Apply at 161 Grand si, Williamsburg. w \TTANTED?A SMAET, TIDY GIRL, AS OOOD COOK, TV esoeDent waaher and Ironer, with beat otty reference. Apply at 40 West 63d it., from 0 to 13 e'oloek. w ANTSD?96 OIRLS TO WORK OR HAT ORBA menu and bead trimmings: oOod bands; alsn 3 or 4 learners. Apply at Lyons A Brum's, No. 436 Broadway, n p autre. WANTED-A OIEL TO DOOENKRAL HOUSEWORK. One who can eoOh, wash and Iron, and can com - well recommended, may apply at 2te Wast 42d St., cornsr hth ar. Wanted-a ni>r woman, for general work la a small house and family of threa adulu, at 36 Weat list si TVANTED-AN EXPERIENCED MILLINER, IS trim tr nicr for a flrat clsss prints huu a In Phil - lelphla. Apply st 324 Broadway, on Friday aud Saturday, bet wean 9 m: w ANTED-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE TO DO IN country: ahe must brtag the beat rec.> tons a< to chaiacter and cipabMtr. Nuns dh?r< I spply at &i> 3 )'sBt 14th sl, this dej (I rldeyi, bslaotn lbs bouts of hipl*. mop w AiraiMpauiJU. WANTED?A YOUNG IMBL OF tt ?>E M. TO ATTKMD children au4 out* tonttf gen.wtsllr useful. Apply ?BAB* Ooulhweat comer of M or. end Uj? it. lUrita. WANTED?A POOO WASHHE AND IRONKK, AIB<? TT lawM 11, plain cooking. Oermen fill prsfsrred. ApplX for t?o days tlW WmI iTu> A WANTED?A COOK, WHO IS ALSO A OOOD wsshsr and lroner, and.would bo willing logo In thi oonntry Apply between II and ? o??toofc at l?Baal Ud at. WA?T?D-A SMART. TIDT WAITRESS; ALSO A TT chambermaid. Nunc but tbosa who can coma wall re commended need apply at ft Clinton place. afUr $ A. M. WANTOD-Ah BXTBRIKNOBD 8AI.ES LADY, FOR TT ? millloery irooda store. Only Iboao who baro had Ural class eipehsnos I n this Uaa and oaa ooma well raoommend od aaod apply at l.Ul ^roadway, oumar 27 th at ? fIB DAT CAN BB MADE BT COM PKTENT WOMEN . Apply at the Swtalanla depot, 17 Wo. or at. from U to L grrcATiom wahthd-nalrs. A SMART COLORED SOT WISHES TO TRAVEL; good reference glren. Addroaa 97 Thompaoa at. A OOOD RKKTAffT WANTS TO BNOAOE WITH A family or as valet for two or throe genUamoo going to Europe. Address for two weeks P. F. 0., station D. ATOUNO MAN WISHES a SITUATION ON A FARM; Is capable of aU kinds of farm work, and can lake charge of vegetable garden if roqutred; la a good driver of a team Call al ISA North Id at, between 5th and dtb its., Williamsburg, for two days An excellent penman, with a knowledge of bookkeeping, advertising and commercial business, desires a oosiilon; is willing and obliging. Salary no great objeot Address for one week L. Z., box 2X Herald office. ATODSO man. anxious, able and willing to work. Is rary desirous of obtainlnK some evenlug em ployment in any capacity; wrltaa a fair head and Is quick at Injures; Cau furnish best of oity releranoe. Address, stating Urns U> call after B o'clook, A. H. V.. box 222 Herald office. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A MARRIED MAN, AS farm hand; understands It In all its branches; best of reference given. Apply for two days at 181 WestHSil at 117ANTKO?A SITUATION AS COURIER OR WAITER. TT by a young man who speaks five languages, and offers his services to any gentlemen travailing to the Paris Ex hibition: la well uoquatnted In knrope. Addresa Charles, box 12) Post office, I'oughkoepale, N V COACHMRN AND UAHDBTEU8. AKRESCn HORTICULTURIST AND VEGETABLE gardener, who thoroughly understands his business, wishes to find a situation. Can give good reference. Ad droaa H. S., Herald ofiloe, for one week. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young man. as coachman In a private familv; has good references Call at or addresa this day 41 West lilh at A RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN WANTS A HITUA tion as coachman; ghly understands the b islneas In all its branches: can give the bast ouy reference. Can bo aeon at 1,209 Broadway until aagagad. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ENGLISHMAN WISHES A situation aa ooachman or butler, or to travel; Is well acquainted with all parts af Europe; first class ??efervuees, both English and American. Add revs W. A., New Yprk Post offiee. Farmers and oardkners.-wantld, a good, steady mau, who Is a good farmer and gardct or; good refereueo. Apply at 2U6 Greenwich st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL MAN, AS farmer or plain gardener. Ilia wife understands the dairy. The htghe-t city referenoe given. & house Wanted. Addresa o . box 112 Herald offlco. WANTED?A COI.ORKD COAOUMAN IN A PRIVATE family; ho must understand his business thoroughly and ba obliging. Address, with reference, box 4,801 Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS LANDSCAPE GARDEN er and florist; understand* gardening In all Ita various branches, the boat city reference from his last place. Address II. Y. W. Kaue, IB John street, Thorburu's seed store. XA*ANTED?BY A SCOTCHMAN, A SINGLE PROTES TT tent man, a situation as eoa. hman and groom, lit cltv or country; knows his business thoroughly; willing and obliging; has first class testimonials. Address, for two days, O. a., Herald office. A CLERKS AM) SALESMEN. SPLENDID OPENING PGR ANY ONE, MALE OR female, wishing the most pleasant, light and profitable business. Apply at Bartlctl's Reversible Sewing Machino Depot, buT Broadway. Alum Hint clerk, ok long experience in city trade, (Wiresa epilation; reference first class. Addtos# Lumber Clerk, station C, N. Y. oltv Post office. Bookkeeper.?a young man, who has been bookkeeper in a wholesale house, desires a situation in that buhiuess Address A. 11. O., Herald office. Bookkeeper wanted?a young man of cha raster, witn gi.?.l references, who Is willing In make bltuselr useful. Address, stating expectations, Msnulac turer, Herald office. COM PKTENT SALESMEN WANTED?FOR THE CLOAK and shawl departments, at Weebster A Abraham's, 2b& Fulton at., Brooklyn. Druggists.-a youno man who has three years' experience In the drux business da-urea a situa tion; first claaa references given. Address U. L. M., Herald office. DRUO CLERK.-A YOUNG MAN THOROUGHLY AC. quulnted with the pre.rriptlon and retail business Is desirous of obtaining a situation In a respectable establish ment in cither New York or Brooklyn; can give satisfactory reference. Address Apothecary, Herald office. MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS SALESMAN WANTED.? To nun who ran lntUm-noe a largo trade a favorable ar rangement will he made by an importing house. Address box 3,997 Post office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN; UNDKR stanris book seeping: clothing or produce house pre ferred. Address Lewis, Williamsburg Post office. WANTED-BY A LACE, EMBROIDERY AND WHITE good* importing boos*, a salesman who has a first class connection la New York Slate and the Northwest. Ad dress box 9.7UI New Turk Post ofiloe. WANTED?A GERMAN BOOKKEEPER FOR A BANK, to go to Illinois. Address room 391 Metropolitan Hotel. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY. THREE FIRST CLASS, well experienced dry goods selesmon; one window dresser preferred. Apply to Y. Straus, 180 Broad St., New ark. N. J. WANTED-A SITUATION AN CLERK IN A DRUO store by a youug man who has bad several years' ex perience in s first class drug store In Novo SooUa; good raf ?roncos. Addresa B. M. L., 19 Wast Ktb st. WANTS A SITUATION?A TOCNO SCOTCHMAN, just arrived, aa bookkeeper; has been accustomed to tha woollen trade; ha* good rererenoas. Apply to W. 11. 8., care of Jobu Williams, Osnsrsl Agent of Emigration, No. 1 flpwlinf Oretn^ ? ? ? WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED ENffcY CLERK. IN ? wholesale Yankee notion house. Addreaa box 1,634 N(w York Poat office. JjyANTED?AN EXTRA CLERK POR SATURDAY IN the business; unexceptionable reference* required, Inquire e grower;; ? aplendld chance Tor a youn* men to learn i sines* nooxoeptlon " " It Carpenter's, <04 Mar.' JXPANTED?A MAN A* SALESMAN. WHO HAS THE Vyy acquaintance and ean conrel a wholesale trade In tcaa In thta eltr. To aucb a perron a liberal arrangement will be made. Apply to T. Y. Keller A Co., 30 Vraey at. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN QUICK AND ACCURATE atSgures, aa entry clerk ma city jobbing bouse. inuat be a goo-l penman, and bare bad eiperleBoat Address, naming reference, Hoalery, Herald effloe. HELP WAITTID-KALES. Agency wanted.-ebb rt glover would takr an agency for the aaJr of light mechantoal gooda at tba atora S3 Water street, corner of Bookman Beetofrefer A gents wanted?to bell an article wanted In erery houae. hotel, atora Be. CHy and country. Call on or address C. H. Brown, T4 Bleecker al. Naw York. Agents wanted-in every county turocoh. out tba Union, to tell a new Invention, wanted In ererr bonaebold; no better opportunity erer offered to es tablish a permanent bnalneea. SHALER A CO.. R) Cliff ?t_ AN RXPERIRNCED AND RELIABLE man can bare a permanent situation aaoanvaawr for adrertlae menta for a weekly paper of good circulation by addreaatng Publlaber. room No. 4. No. 9 Spnice atreat. All desiring immediate employment call tbla day. 61 Rroariway. room 30. Bookkeepers. raiea men, clerk*, wetter*, porteri, gardanare, coachmen, An. All touno men wishing employment should call ;at 312 Broadway, room II, corner Pulton at Ke tahllahed under the patronage of merchants. Information free. ll bookkeeperipal m kn77;lkrkrTpor. tera, watchmen, farm hauda. Aa.. dealrlng aituatlona oall at 61 Chambers at. Desirable raoaaclae thin day. Ex oellent salaries. TbM BROADWAY, ROOM 10-WANTRD, CLERKS, oopylau and young men who write fair hands. $14 per week Call early. OY WANTED?MUST BK~ STRONG, INDUSTRIOUS and Intell'gent. Call before 10 o'etook A. H. Langley A Bencbley.JkWI and ?S ?'h nr. _ COLORRD WAITERS AND WHITE BELL BOTE wanted, at the Reunion Hetel. 42d at. and 4th ar. Gentlemen and ladies wantbd-por teach. Ing and other business, and aa eorreanondent* through out tbe country. All mutually Interested. Call at or ad dreaa the National Union, MJ Broadway, N. Y. WANTED-YOITNO MEN, OP GOOD ADDRESS. AS agent* for an Accident Insurance Company. Addreaa, atatlng aalary and references, lusuraaoe, box 1,9*3 Post office. WANTED-A SMART YOUNG MAN; ONE THAT un derstand* opening oyatera perfectly, a German re quired; no other need apply. Inquire at 171 Court ft, be twean t'ongreaa and Warren, Bnokly a. _ WANTED-TWO PIBrtT CLASS WVITBRS; NO others nacd apply. Apply to L. W. Parkej, IW "Rb a*. WANTED?IN AH IMPORTING HO USB, A SMART, aotla* hoy, |g to 17 yeere old. who realise with hie parents in the city and can be In the etere early la lae m irnlug Addreaa box !,(?? Post office. N. T. WANTED-A MAN SERVANT TO ATTEND A ORN. tleman advance 1 In year?; must he of a willing dl<pn? aitlon and neat and tld? In person; one who b ia ba-l eipe rtence preferred. Apple.' with rtfe"*ne?*. at 66 and <7 Worth it... between 10 And 1 i o1*! >? k. for two lay* TXT ANTED?A SMART, INDUSTRIOC# R >T;ONK WHO Hrt* with hU parent? pr*fTT*d- Apply, wila r?fer? *1?ne?, to HoiUngaworth A Lea!?,*S Broadway ? ? B THE TRADE*. ^ AYouno man. i*yeaR- ?ld, wanti to r farn . a good trad*. Addreaa, staling full pertK tiara, I., lit. tee* E> ^ THM TR4DBI. BPI(iDgM.-i TotlNO MAN IS OFRM TO DmU> aageaaeat with a builder, oan e.t"tei l. V weed WJSBrXEf^Llnri s^.hpS at, New Tort ?- *" ******** MOUDDKRB ?rANT*0.-FirTT MOULDKRS WaMTV ed, to go to CMifonde; douo bat Urit elaas and men ami apply. P. jLAFFERTV, No. ? Day slV\vyT WANTBD-d FIRST CLAHS WAT01IMAKER, WIU reoommended for ability and character; oo na?n naad apply. BEAD. TaYLOB A OO.. No. 9 Maldan Iww WANTED-BY A COMPETENT AND STEADY TT you up man. a alt nation aa engineer: tha boat of rti eraooa glvon. Add row H. Junes, Ou Rail flat at. w I gtvon. Add row U. Junes, ANTKD?A PRACTICAD CABINET MAKES All designer, to act aa foremen at Obaatnut St root Mia Philadelphia; to a suitable man a good eatery will be paid Add row It. N. Buckler, Chostnut Stroot Stoam Mills, rfS dalpMa. W ANTKD?HY A WATCllM AltKK OF DONO BXPESXr once, a situation la a bettor olaas oalahllahmawt AA drew Watchmaker, box 3.U3 Post uflloe. WANTED?A SITUATION AS RK.FINKR OF PBTHO leum oil; la willing to (Ire Instruction also In building aud ratitttng in all Ha branchw. baa had sereral years OW perienra In Western Pennsylvania. Boat of rataraneo nr?A Addrew W. O.C., Herald office. WANIED-A FEW GOOD HTONKOUTTRRS. TO whom the highest wipa will bo given and steady em ployinenl. Apply at Michael Ryan's alone yard, 27 ih at? near ltd sr. TV ANTED?A FIRST CLASS OLAKS STAIN Kit. ONE ?v who understand* all of lis branches, to go out of tfew city. Apply to M. M. Packer, 35 Kerry al.. up sUlra. \I' ANT 1.11?THBAB ?>K FOUR MILL SAW I ILK COT. " tera. Apply to Wheeler, Clemaon A Co., W man ?t. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED SODA WATER MANO farturer and corker; must be fully com;?tent to lake charge of a factory - mu<t ir-duee rcroinmt mixtions aa tA caparity Appiy afier 10 A. M. at IJt East 3d al. WANTEO-A WATCHCASE MAKER AND A WATCH, case springer. Kor particulars inquire at MO Do wary, between 7 .aid s? p. M. WANTED?A BKACkTTkf MilKR~MUST BK FIRST i Lees workman, with undoubted tuatlniouiala aa ta character, Ac. Apply to Warmu A r-padune, No, 4 Ma laue. WANTED?A PHOTOORAPHIO PRINTER.?NONE BDT first class banda nead apply at Pane* k Ca.'a, IM Bowary, with references FRKNCII ADV^RTIHEMKYTS. ON DEMANDR UNE FKMMF. PVKISIENNK, ATA If* de I'exparlrnce, pour prendre oolna de deux leu nan enfanta et ooudre. Elle dolt fournlr de bonnaa ??rnas dationa. Oages $10. R'adrrsser a R. W., station F. UNK FIT.I.E FRANCAISE. ARBIVANT DK FRANCH* dtsiie ae pl.ioei dana uue fa-allle r.imraa boons at paw ooudre. H'adrerser au 1.216 Broad nay. UNK VlLLK FRANCA I UK DE sTifK i'ROUYRR IT A place eomn.e bonne d'enfants, pa* d'ohiectlcns . vp. agar. S'adrewer xu 9H et 96 Kim at., a In chawibre 5 et & POST OFFICE ROTICB, POST OFFICE NOTICE.?TUB M VII. FOR TH? ('cited Kingdom and the Continent, via (jueenatoww end Liverpool, per at-niner City of Pel lniore, will at this ? flee at 10:J|) A. V.. on S.<luidey, 1 ?T and al the up town oilier* .a I ollnw x:?stations A and B, h Oo A. M. : Stations (1 hi d 7 14 A. M.; Stations E and F, 7-so A M.; HUilon O, 7 2.1 .v. >T Hie malla for Fraaem via Br-?t and Havre, per steamer Vd'e do Paris will close ad thisofllro, on Saturday, March 21. n'd A. M.. and ut the ua town office* aa f? low a, ou Friday. March 22:?Stations A and II, P M : Suitiona C and U, d:15 P. M.; HtaUooa Ewl F, b P. M.; Station O, 8 P. M JAMES KELLY, Postmaster. IIKI.K'HK S AOTltTK*. Spanish American chuiuhi.?the church op Santiago oalebrate* divine rervlcc in Spanish. In Trinity rhapid. Twenty.fifth street, near Broadway, on Sunday alter noons, at 2 o'clock. Rev. II. C. Riley, f rom Santiago, ( bile, will (D. V.) preach next Sunday. All who apeak Span ish are cordially invited to attend these service a. Mas la free. PIKH'OI U,S. TO CONTRACTORS.?PROPOSALS IN WRITING WILD be received by David Smith, Ilohoken (la? Light Company, Orcein-streets, Jersey City, o'clock >1., for furnishing di street and South Third street, from Provost to Ware ttret., and Wnrren street, from South Scrotal atrci t to uutB Third street, being the street* on throe sides of Iduek Nd* 147. Pr opoeals umst state the kind ol that wiU few furnished, and al*o the price per cubic yard. Id Smith, Treasurer Jersey Cltv and ompany, office corner of (Iraml ana City, until Mniular, ->ih lust., at 11 Ing dirt mil filling In South Second FtAUUasK MAMTELb. ^ MAKBLH MANTELS?350 MAN1KT.S ON HMD. OV everv style and quality, which will be sold for the ned i-lsty days ?ta liitoral dedurtioii, at A. KLAllKK'b Msntm Warorotnne, lop East Uiglileenih strant, near Third aveuitat N. Y. Culibtaout. MARULKIZKD SLATE MANTELH?SUPERIOR IM apnemanoe, more durable, tatf the price of mtrbla 1. B. STEWART. 'Hii Sixth avenue, between Thirty-llith sad Tnlriy-sixtb streets. CIsOTIIIHO. AT50 EAST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR nitt)AD'.VaY? L. CASilKKltO pays the highest Br??odw,y p-leea fhr Indies' and geulloui.Mi's cast olY Clothing. La lies waited upon by Mrs. Cash berg. k T 13; SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR TENTH STREET.?K. J\ MINTZ will p.v the Ulgheit pre." for Lade*' and Oentle.iuen'a east off Clothing, ('.irpets, dr., by calling oa ow uddre.s-dtig a nole to E. Mint:. Ladles Waited on by Kggk Mlatx. C' NF.NTLEMKN HAVING ANY CAST OFF t LOTHINO T to diiposo of can get a fair price by railing on or ad dressing JAMES KIRK PATRICK, 4W Pearl elrect, nwa* Chatham. ___ Ladies and gentlemen will get TnE hioh e*t prlto for ihelr Cast Off Clothing, Furniture ,Carney, Redding, 1c., by railing on or addressing H. or Mrs. RAD ISH, agent, IM Seventh avenue. ANTHOLOGY. A BTONIitfUNU.?MADAME MORROW, SaVRJ il daughter, beau the world; for tolling name god i likeness nests everything ever known; toll* your thoi on entering her mom. LfM Ludlow street, Ore tloor* Houston atreet. Foe hJc. Gentlemen oot admitted. Ua from 9 A. M. till 9 P. M. Am fact.?him wp.llinotom tell* of bubim theft, good lock and nam tiara. W Jtoarery, 01 ?lath street. Hours 9 to 1 "YJADAMB BTRON?THK GREATEST BUSINPBN Medical Splriiualisi kaowo, cautca ipacd/ i 319 Fourth artn j*. frjHesBI. , . MA PA** RfaA-ORSAT NATURAL CLAlRYOYAWf rareals jour whole life. Mo. 3 Greene street, eena Canal. Consultation BL TRIRTT-Fll QOQ HBYBMTH AVKMtTB. NKAR THI OOO street?Baie. KAY, Clairvoyant and ?DR. ORINDLP, PHYSICIAN FOR FEMALES, MO. . ? Amltj pis. ? netween Bleeeker and Amltj -trrsss, makes M hie special pratlce to treat all famala rumpteladm from whaterer cause produced. Elegant rooms for ladtai about to require nursing. A LL LA III Ed WHO NEED SPECIAL MEDICAL < /V surgical treatment should oenault CHARI.EM I.CT1 M. :?.. 99 Broadwsj. who has hsd twenty rears' sucrose prei'tlee, and guarantees Immediate relief la all eaaaa art oat pain or exposure. CaaaultaUon froo. DV1CB TO VARRIBD LADIES?MADAME R1 TLLL'S InfMlble French female PUIa; No L A 1 A TLLL'S InfMlble French Female PUIa; N* 1, prtao SI, or Mo. 1 price Si, wMoh coo norm- fall; ears mmm health j. OHoe M West Thirty.ruurlli street a ear Otath arenun. Kent bp mall. Addraaa box 1U. Also sold a* druggist's, 193 Greauerieh street GREAT AMD BUKK UHMKDY FOR LADIES.-tHU Portuxnese Female PUIa always gtre Immediate retlaf; price SB. Beware of tmttators who copy my advertiaeaMaM teaall polaooouseomrcitinda aa "Pamela'PIUs." and "Mm tracts " Dr. A. M. M AURICKAU. 1? Liberty at root ABLBBBINO TO LADIRB.-A LADY WRITRN:-PO? tugiieoo Female Ptlla relieved me In ooa day, allhapi loconrenlanoa. Ilka magic. Prior SA Dr. A M. MAVflm CEaU. olBee IM Llbertr street, or saal by mall. Am. mauriceau. m. d.. professor op midwtpb? ? ry, thirty years' practice, at 19 Liberty street Ooom sales certain relief to lad tea from wasterar eausa. A CURB AT OMR INTERVIEW. WITH OR WITHOIT* medicine. for mat ried ladles, from whatever casae, hf Madam* RRrtTELL. Professor Midwifery thirty peso# practice), M Waal Thlrtyfourth street, near Sixth aresu?t_ All cmportunates should consult dm* GR1NDLK, Ma S Amity place. Sure rallhf la aO apm olal aomplslnta. _ -MADAME GRIMDLB, FEMALE PHTSICIA*, ?? . d Amur place, oaa bo consultM on all female ?mm plaints. Pleasant rooms for ladies who daalro good naMMS aad medical alUn lance. ^ | T TRUTH-MADAME DESPARD'8 PILLS AIBWAM A ranted to firs certain relief to ladles. Prtce_B?. MM B#wprr, opfx'nTwi Mith slissi. Ilouri, I As M, lo4 f. Ih Medicines sent by mall. A~ -IMPORTANT TO LADIRS. DR. POWBM* . French Compound and Fills: warranted aoeaeasf ol la Iff[y esse. One trial sufficient OSlea ISA Ire street UlADIF.N CAM ALWAYS RRLT OM DR. POWMM? , unfailing Female Remedies, and oa nothing alaA A certain core! Offlee IS# Kim street. LWATB SI RB.-A PATIEMT WRITES :-"I BW for drugs All failed. Electricity relieve*! ten minutes without pain or exposure." A private worth forty biota, giren sway. Write for It snd save h< aad money. Dr. and Madame DUBOIS. S3 third avenue. -youtmphl riooR and manhood iaoAun& A. Ueo Dr. POWERS' Kltxir, especially all oontetapUMMH marriage ?PVcv I3B Kim street. TlL "UN>i)RTUN ATKS >,ONSULT 1DR. KKNNbof, J\ the sticnassfnl doctor, IW Kim street who guaranteed peiieancnl auras without mercury. Debilitated persons, try Kennedy's In vigors tors. Consultation at all hours. DK COOPER, 14 DUANE STREET, MAT BE (Ol4L suited on certain diseases. Tbirty-two years rin-risnaM esehlee him to make speedy cures or no eharg* made. TAR. IIUNTFR CAM CURE WORST OASF.S OP CRM. L' tain diseases, without mercury, In ahirter time tliam any other physician, or no pay takes. No. 3 Division stre?A since 1UH. TtOCTO* nUNTKR'B BOTANIC CORDI VL RB8fORBE J ' vigor of rnnth la one week: give, health ?rnl str?nglH tc the west dkbilltated. f 4 per bottle. Ma 3 Dlrislr n *t: eoA since I AM. ArADAMF. LOUISE, FEMALE PHVB1CUN. 47 WBNf ill Ihlrleenth streek Comfortahld Rooms for ladies dur* Ing expect ad sldtneea. . "DOWERS' ELIXIR WILL REMOTE ALL MERYOUt I sffartions. depression or rrejtement. Inoepiolir H eIMB Or h'tslncsa, loss of monr iry. nonfuslon, Inoucnla of rslf'dew Irictlun. fqark of lugABrtL ?o. Offleq 1Kb IgimsUMv 0?* mwam