Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1867 Page 2
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feOMUnU AND IiOONNM Wi A MUTATIS FAMILY. AT 48 WEST TWELFTH Jn itmi, nan xnoorumodaln A gentleman **4 wife or two MImn. with furnished rooms sod Board; oerraaU mJ Wuldrea not taken Jt#( ; noeee swioired. ;D El n at |l|to p. ?IUT or ROOMS. HANDMOMB1 Y FURNISHED. . can l?> he.! bj t g i.lemMi eat bU w 'a or two or Urea gte goeMnman. by applying At M Wh'. Twenty-seventh Oood reference* inqulind. u T PKANKrOBT HOUs t, CORN KB OF FRANKFORT 1 William streets, *0 rooms. great eduction In 94a, toluc. parSyi $1 M to AS per wank. Open All SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS, ON 8KOOND doer, to let, wtih Board; ^ roforoaoea given and required. Apply lor two day* at Va* A 22 ?w; rof SUnlra A FEW tLbr FBW NBATLY PURNISHED ROOMS FOB GEN ai only, without Board, at t! Amity strost, near aad tie Southern Hotel. fm WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. -8FLRH I dig Rooms on aseoud. third and fourth floore; newly 1 furnished, with Bret eiaae Board, to gentle _ .Tg wife or twerantlemen occupying one room. Also ete Mrreinf NocWMrsn taken. FBW NEATLY FURNISHED HEALTHY B rooms to let?To stogie gentlemen, without board; bath. Apply at W Btaocker street, seat of Broadway. a T 61 LBXINOTON AVBNUB, CORNER TWENTY 'JX fifth ?treat, nswlr furnished Rooms en eecoad end third Boors, with plain cooking aad abundant table, no moving In May. rule rnaoeu exchanged. A km ALL FURNISH RD ROOM TO LET?TO A QBN tleman. Inquire at ST Sixth arenue, in the paint store. NKAT FURNISHED BOOM?JUST BELOW CEN. ^iral Park. Baferenoe required. Address ?., ata ? A NUMBER OP PINE ROOM8-POR FAMILIES AND J\ single gentlemen, (o let, with Board. Apply at 86 Nlath ?treat, near Fifth arenue. Reference required. PLEASANT SUIT OF BOOMS TO LET?WITH . Board, at IT Baat Thirty-sere.ith street, between Fifth i Madison avenuca. References exchanged. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LET, WITH Board, a few iledy furnished Rooms. Terms reason able. Ne muring la May. Call at 17* Wararley place, near Hammond street. m BWTLT AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOM (Brat Aeor) to rant, with Board. Baferenaes exchanged. Imat Ml Bast Thirteenth street, between Second and A. ?E LB O A NTT, Y FUBNI81IKD FRONT BOOMS TO LET, WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD, at SI West Eighteenth street, near Flfh arenue. HO MOTINO IN MAY. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE A OEN JX. tleman and wife or a few single gentlemen with neatly Furnished Rooms and Board, vary eourenient location. Jhith arenuo earn pasa the door, and other lines within a ?look. Terms wry moderate. Call at 100 Vartck (treat, t T M WENT TWENTY-THIRD STREET, WILL BE April I a rati of two or three Front Rooms, Alao Hall Room at present. References. AN AMBRICAH WIDOW LADY HAS A NICELY J\. furnished front Phrlor to let to gentlemen only, where (he eenforta of a heme can be enjoyed. Cell for two days on Era. 8INOLAIR, 118 Klghih arenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL sAf TO A OKNTLB nute and wife, or two adults, a well furnished, second atorr front Room and Bedroom, with Board. Apply at 118 Forty-ninth street, between Sixth and 8erentb avenues. None but permanent par Use need apply. AT IS WASHINGTON FLACK, NEAR NEW YORK Hotel, two handsome Farters, with Bedrooms attached, to root, with first class Board, gas and fire, on moat reason able terms. A N ELEGANT BACK PARLOR TO LET?WITn A Board, to one or two persona; also neatly furnished Booms, at moderate ratos, at S3 East Tweuty-ntnth street. A LARGE PARLOR AND BEDROOM. HANDSOMELY furnished, to let. with Board. References required. BSP Bast Eighteenth street. FURNISHED BOOM. WITH TWO BRDROOMS. FOR i two gentlemen, In a respectable German family, at No. I Allen street. A ' 53 LKXTNGTON AVENUE?A ROOM TO LET, with board, on third floor; terms moderate. A?ROOMS FULLY FURNISHED, WITH OR WITH . out Hoard, lor families or single gentlemen, at 1?3 Thompson street. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM?FOR ONE OR TWO J\ gentlemen. ?t 39 Vt'-st Tli!rt-*?iith street- no li 'ardors fn the house. Terns nif> ierat -. C ill for three days. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM T'> BENT? without board, to one or two gentlemen. Funil* pri vate. Oaa. bath, Ac. Terms modente, Ifnertnaiientir t-u Raged. References exchanged. Apply at 20 Third street. ?OARD?OPPOSITE TIIL ACADEMY OF MUj*T?\ AT 104 East Fourteenth street?He vera I eery handsome Booms, elegantly fiirulstu-d. In suit or single, with first ejast Hoard, in a private family. ?DOAKD?SECOND AND TUIRO FLOORS TO LET Jj In suits or single Rooms. furnished or unfurnished, from April 1 or 18, at 97 Enat Flfte-utli street, near Third DOABD -A OESTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BE AC. D oommodated with a nice Suit of Rooms, hi vine every cuvcnUnoe, at 129 Eaat Twelfth street, ennvenlant to Iroadwsy. S? movin* In Miy. An rh'gact parlor and fine ailta of room*, furnished or unfurnished, ran be engaged Vox May I. pounnnently if desire,!. (BOARD ON STUTTER ANT PARK?F.I.EOANTLY FUR Mj ntaheO Rome, wllh Br,i cUss Hoard. in a prlv.kto Baasily. I SI Bast Fifteenth slreet. References exchanged. Board in brooklyn-witihn kite minutes' walk from Fulton fsrrv: a few single ceutlemen and a ?eatlaaaan and wife can l>e a.vomiu > luted with Rooms, fur nished or unfiiralahad, with or wiiliout lloard, by applying at 1ST Fnlton street. "DOABDINi!,?A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM Jf on the second flour, also other Rooms, to let. Apply st Ro. 9 Lsight street. "DOARDINO-AT 191 OEAND STREET, BKT'.VEBX J3 Broadway sod Bowery.?A few gentlemen can have Booms, with Board. Terms moderate. DESIRABLE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR MEN AND their wives, or single gentleman, at 88 Lalabl street, ?Me St John's Park. LBOAWTLY FURNISHED SUITS OF APARTMENTS for genUaoaea oely. 11 East Fourteenth street, near Tit LEO JSi for patason Cn BOARD?FINELY FURNISHED BACK ' Parlor to let, with Board, la the family of a Fn-noh sr. to a gentleman desirous of brushing up his before lee vie g for Parte. Apply et M Kelt Thirty. ran? Bias roqatrad. ROOMS TO LRT?WTTHOUT BOARD, Twentieth street, to yen U sen a oaly. Refer nUBMISHBD ROOMS?TO OEMTLRMEM, WITH OH IT rthui Beard, st No. 74 Rtvtegtoa street, third dear frees Atten street. MELT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WTTH ?togentlenMe end their wives, nr single gentle ?overlay place, between Fifth end Sixth era fAHMOMRLT FURNISHED ROOMS?AT Tt NINTH h*r<; rot near Ftfth aveane. with or wlthont I en moving In Mey. MS HATIHO PARLOR FURNITURE. AND It for Board In Brooklyn, {dense AMI New York Poet ogles. ROOMS TO LRT?WTTH BOARD. TO at 17 Wast Twenly-eliU street. E2aSffiB WITH BOABDi CAN BE OB bread ah not, Newark, N. J., oppa tRD?ANT LADT CAN PIHD A QUIRT, with every requisite, daring egpv ted LOUISE, female physician, 47 West M Fifth and Sixth aveiMien ? OP WENT FLOOR ROOM! OR 1BPARATF.? select bethroem and cloeeto in C?IT or flRNT FLOOR 1 9 ftllth Tabte or Beard: i Seen. InS University plaeh. rf.RT?PLR ABA NT FURNISH ED ROOMS TO ORN M?an. without Board. Apply at Ml To** street, Jar eWOtty. RIO LRT? FURNISHED, TO OENTLBMRN. A PARLOR JL and Bedieum on second floor; grate end gas. Rent $7. Inquire stBl Beat Twenty-fourt h street, near Third av. mo LRT?WITH FIRST CLASS BOARD, AN ELB 1 eeafly finished Front Pert or and a Hall Bedroom en i all modem Improvement#. Dinner at A No, 18 rU LRT?Rt PER WIRE. fOB A OOOD 8ISBD NKWLT HFurnished Ream (Without board), nee of bathroom, good eloaei; gas Included, st MSQ West Thirty-third strevl r LRT?FURNISHBD OE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, to aht0eigaeUamee, without heard, at la Beat Fifty street. Hoaeovlagla May. rpo LRT?FURNISHED ROOMS. EN SUITE OR SEP. itletnea, wl I required. J areteiy, te si sale gentlemen, without beard, at Na I roans aveeea Befarsacs To . LRT?WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD, BT A YOUNO widow, ens large wen furnished front Room, first floor; verv desirable for e party ef twe or three gentlemen; lo mm* sieeHsal; sere et the door: references exchanged. Address Mrs. H. B-, etotlaa D. npo PHYSICIANS - A ' A pleasant Reosptton Ro me would like to 1st oae dnoloCe ofHoe,*w1th breakfast if required. aadelleaUea. Call at 199 Reel Thirty-fourth at, -A WIDOW LADT HAS A TERT handsomely fumlshod, which 1 R *>T**LET PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.-TO g- "h e hsndauma aull ef Rooms and Bxtoualon, on Brat w?. to a fleet ctaas business. Bant Rl.fluO. HAST TWELFTH street, near UNITBRNITY plana. ? Flnsi Booms well furnished; good Board. Inner at S. I7 Diet IS nrrn aybnub, n* vr dflmonicom.?h, somely fernUhod fliemi m tot; tunaU If ?I moving Ln M?J. l-et"rer.oes ev~ en,;. . ifie WOORTKB STRK ET? Ft RNISTfF.D ROOM x"0 lot. to gentlemen only ; room* from $1M a I week; also Front WRMft editable for a physklan. inn NINTH STREET?NBAR BROADWtt, TO LET. [I/O with Board, one large Room, suitable Ur gentle n%n #n l wtfo, or two flugM iWUeain. Kcf^rtnaefl ?? ma Rf.SRCEER STTU^HT. RRTWBRX ftf.P.Nl |[|o and M<ii>ster. er ir llrondwsy.?Fnrnlshi d Ro,>m? ?mfortahle /or twq g'tiil' man or faiu llet, from hi to (10 wr week. Heels nerved if desired. II 7 WIRT HOUSTON, NEAR SUM IvaN?TO LI I lei, ? heelepeeely furnished Romn and Bedroom, MiClirReirSli^^sw m'triX **nU?n*n' flOABDBRI U[p i/ODGJBRSl W A !IT?D. liCTWIWI RTRRRT, NEAR SRCOND ATR rr<) nu? 1 args Koom on second Boor. with Hoard, for a gentleman oaf wife or I wo gentlemen; bail Boom for ? gentleman. lorau moderate. 167 WEST THIBTT-FOURTH 8TBBET.?FUBMISHBD Rooma to lot, with Boord. No moving U May. Roforcwoa repaired. 07Q FIFTH AYRNUE -ONR SUIT BOOMS. OMR ZtiO Bight, roar; one doable Koom. throe flights, front; gaa and Bra; free uao of hatha and parlor. Sk? I BOARD AMD LODfillie WAKTKP. Itodko MARRIED lady, WHOSE UUBBAND 18 I away, wishes to obtain Board in a M at family, where can tnd the eomforta af a homo Address If. B., Herald A GENTLEMAN. WWB AM* DAUGHTER WISH permanent Board from the lti . f May In a private fami ly occupying a ban00 in a good ..icaUlf; Parlor and Bad roomre quired.unfurnished p re 1 erred. Addroaa T. L. B., box (81 root office. Am PARTT HATING Fl UNITUBE DB8IBB8 TO MBRT ? with a parson nay partially for Herald office, or celt at -tj Baat Bighty-fiourth street. with a person hiring a house May I; the usa of earns to ' board .or Use adults Address 0. 8. W-, A LADY DKKIRB8 A BOOM AMD COM PORTABLE Board in u honso where there are no other boarder*. Address, willi . 1, Mtaa H. Hamilton, Herald office. B OARD WANTED?BT A IiADY, IN A PRIVATE family, or where there are but few boarders; must bo courenlent to Wilcox A Uibbs sewing machine oomnaiiy's office, 508 Broadway; will furnish her own room. Refer ences girou and required. Address J. N. D-, at shore num ber. Board wantkd-city or count by.?also all wanting Board. Rooms or Dwellings, city or country, can hare directions Immediately. Call at or address the Boaru Exchange, Mx Broadway. BOARDING BUREAU.?PARTIES IN WANT OF Rooms and Hoard cau obtain a long list Of first class locations from the register of the Real Estate Bulletin office, 4M Broadway, near Broome street. First class board wanted-por a lady-, Iprlraie family preterred; not abora Thirtieth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, or Broadway; reference* exrhinged. Address, with full partfculare, box 5,438 Post office. WANTED?WITHOUT BOARD, in a private family, a Furnished Parlor and Bedroom, for two single gentlemen. Address, stating terms, L. B.. Herald office. WANTF.D-BOARD FOB A QKNTLRMAN AND WIFK; location between Wavcrley plaue and Twenty-sixth street, and Lexington and Sixth avenues; price not to exoeed $25 per week. Address J. C., lierald office. WANTED?BY A DRESSMAKER, A PLEASANT Room, with Board on Sundays. Piirais family pre (erred; references given and required. Address F. Q.. sts tlon C. WANTRD-A FURNISHED KOOM IN THE NEIOII borhood of Thirteenth street end Sixth avenue, with or without Board for a single gentleman; molarsrc rout. Address, with particulars, 59 West Thirteenth street, office. TTTTANTED?FIRST CLASS BOARD AND ROOMS IN A vY desirable nelghhorbnoil. for a gsnl Ionian and wife and two single geuiiemeii; hosi of refeteti'-fes required and given; will pay gift and $2e. Atlmves X. A. R., Herald office. WANTED? BOARD IN HARLEM. BY A ."OCNC. Qi N tleman, in an American family, fortuo commence ment of April; location not too far from the New York imais. Address, with apeciai terms under, H. W., box 6,4ft New York Post office. WANTED?A COM PORTABLE li'tVE. FOR A LADY, wbo is very nervous at,d will enquire oonstanl ai'eud anoe, wathin an bour'a ride by railroad ot N?-w YciJi city; a small family preferred; compensation lit ursL Address S. H. A Co., lieraid office. COliNTHY BOARD. COUNTRY BOARD.?TWO NEATLY FURNISHED Milts of Rooms, three each, to rent, with Board, In strictly prlvo faintly in Morrlvtown, N. J Rood table, plen ty or fruit, so. and Mater in tho bou?u, mid the use of piano, near the depot. Apply at S5 Pineapple street. Brooklyn, or address Mrs. M. A. L? box 249 .llorrutowu post office. CTOUNTKY BOARD WANTED?AT ORANGE OR MILL J burn, for lour udulU. two small children and nurse. Address, with tcr-us. M. P., box E 40tl New York Post office. HOTKIis. Atlantic iiotel, Chatham squarr-wbll furnished Rooms at moderat-- grieos. by tiie day, week orinooth. Open at all hours. JOfffi GBRkEN. Proprietor. REUNION HOTEL, FORTY-HE- ONI) STREET AND - Fourth .'ireiiue?K.101ns In suit and single; newly and elegantly tarnished, at reasonable rates; table a is Europcuii or utile d'hote. ITNiTED STATES IIOTEL FULTON, WATER AND ) Peart.streelfl, reopened on the European plan. This llotei, which dosed some t-wo years since, is now opeiukfljjl the public, thoroughly renovated, furnished new and elm cj oily throughout. Rooms eu suite er single. u&O. N. TEKKi, Proprietor. CITV HEAL ESTATE FOR (ALE. A -Ml YEARS' LEASE FOR BALE OF LOT, 25X100. A. In tTrty-elgliih street, between Fifth and Sixth ave nues, centre of block, south aide. Apply io EDWARD H. PL'RDY, tH7 Hroadway. AT HI# FOURTH AVENUE?HOUSES FOR SALE.? See Stanley Day's Host Estate Circular, which can be had free or by mail upon receipt of stamped directed en velope. A THREE STORY AND BA-iEMKNT HIOH STOOP House and Lot for aula in East Twentieth street, ?9x24 '"t 19# feat. In perfert or ler; will rent for gl.dFJ; p: 1-a *18.600: mortgage $G,IMU can remain or be paid off. Apply to owner, UEUKUE KEUH 217 East Thirtieth streqg, near Third uveuue. V AOKKAT BARGAIN?WILL AND MUST BK SOLD, one of the bui - corner Houses and I.ota. southwest comer ol Jvertngton amine nrwl Slxfi ith street; hou-c 2313d; lot HXIfeet; four series, high stoop brown atone Irout. very elaborate ItnUh. with immediate po"???loii: will be sold l.o lotv eoat to clove an estate, if tpi>lied for immediately: also one Inside Ifouae on same block, both strictly lirst dues; built by davs' woi k and to perfect order. Apply to J A ME 8 FKHRKTCU, 317 Kest Thirtieth street, uear Third arenue. A LOT Kim SALE-OX WKBT TIJIRTY-T'lIRD street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, 'JUxf" feet 9 incites, with party wall and filar dug out Frtre, if sold this week. $5,3U). Apply to SAMUEL MILLIKBN, 1IM Ninth amine. Anew three story brick house for sale in Harlem, at a great bargain; has all the modern im proyatnenU, aewer. Ac.: pleasant location: Immediate pon aeaainn: price 99.000. S. A. SPENCER . 181 Grand streat. An elegant four story high stoop brown stone llouae for sale, on Madlaon arenue, near Thirty aaveoth street; full front; In complete order. ? S. F. IRELAND. 1801 Broadway. ADK8IRABLE RESIDENCE FOR BALE-ON 135TH street; house, basement; 26x90 by half block; brick; ail improvements; in good coadlttuu: with full Lot In rear, with stable. For permit apply to ABNEK L. KLT, corner of Forty-Brat street and Fourth arenue. or a Fine street. A PRINTED LIST OF A VERY LABOR NUMBER OF j\ Prtrato Dwellings for sale, with full descrtptlons, prices, Ac., can bo had at our olUcs, No. 9 Pino atreet. up stairs. POTTER MBOmEBa A BELLAMY. A HANDSOME POUR STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN J\. stone Hnuso for sale, oenlrslly located, la perfect order. Prieo tMUMR, POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY. No. 9 Pino street, up stairs. A BARGAIN.-FOR SALE, A HOUSE, 16 FEET WIDE, lot full depth, rour stories, high stoop, brick; all the modern Improvements. with carpew. mirrors and chande liers. Located between Fifth end Hilth avenues, near Four leeatb street. Price 996.009. PUTTER BROTHERS A BBLLAMT. No. 9 Pino at reel, up etairs. A BARGAIN CAN BE BAD OF A MEAT ENGLISH basement House and Lot, with or without furniture, nutated In Forty-sixth rtract, near Broadway. JOhBPH McGL'LRB. 116 Na B Taj k A Cfgt AND COUNTRY HOMF..-K?B BALK. FITS A Lou. with a large, elegant mansion, stable, Ac., on bsjkground, overlooking the East rirer;>moet delightful ait nsJos. end below f-.Urhtr-etslh atreet; price only SltvOUO. Apply at emae to JOSHFH MoOUIRE, 119 Nassau atreet. A HOUSE IN FIFTY-THIRD STREET. BETWEEN Broadway and Eighth avenue, three stories, high stoon, win be sold cheap. For permit apply at 1S6 Fifty third Stieek ADESIRABLB THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOU9E; all the Improvements, In resfect order. 169 West Fifty third streat; 914.0b#; 99,000. If wanted, on band. THOMAS BCA.NLAN, 704 Eighth avenna A CHEAP HOUSE, TWO 8TORY, EIGHT ROOMS, LOT A Vit W, No. ZUgFlfty-thtrd street, south side, between Eighth and Ninth aveaoea, 96,001; terms liberal. THUS, SCANLAN, 79# Eighth avenue. Boulevard lots.-wb have for sale a num. bar uf Lots, in plots of four and upwards, wall located on the "Bradhur-t I-arm." BKAPHCRST A FIELD, 90Cedar street. ROWN STONE FRONT IIOURB. FOUR HTORIK8, I elegantly frescoed, on Murray Hill. Price $99,000. artles wanting a complete house at a bargain may obtain particulars by addressing O. II. B. A., Herald office. CHEAP.?NO. 400 WB8T THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, a three story high sloop brick House, 90.10x46x98.9. Sustaining all Improve meets. Price 912,260. Terms liberal. REUBEN APPLEBY. 10 Pme street. Factory property for sale-near Chatham square, cnnaisting of a sig story brick building, base nt and su'v-ellar, containing Bttaftlng. Bolting, Patent jam Klevatcr. and heeled throughout with steam. Blse ef factory, 48.8 front, 47.9 rear 78 Jeep Also a one story brick Building. Un roof (adjoining), eontalutng Engine, two Bailors sn.1 shoving room In basement; 94.fl frent, 87.7 deep; sad a four story brick Building in resr of S;if1ns building, 24.8 front. 37 deep, whole front on Pell street. 79.7. Noa. iCal and 34 Pell street. New York. Tills Indisputable. FOR 8AT.K-THK LOT AND FIRST CLANS DWELL Ing House 97 West Fifty.fourth street, between Fl'th and Stxth avenues, with three Lots adiotntng end a Lot with stable In rear, running tiirunsh to Fllty-fifth street, now oe cupied by the sui-serlber. Fur terms and particulars apply at ofllce, 98 John street, between 1 and 9 o cloak. Tbo house and premises may be seen from 1 to 4 o'clock. tups, c. iMrrn. rHOR BALE?THR PROPERTY NPRTllRAHT CORNER Hester and Bsi'er streets. % fe, t on Hester aud 100 feet en Baiter, comprising half of adjot-.ilrg lot, 20x90. For further purboularo Inquire of A. W. I.hGi.EIT, 36 Front St. FHOR BALE?TP THE HIGHEST BIDDER, HIGH ?loop House 234 Ninth str -ct. Seed. IDOR BALE?A VERT NKVT THREE STORY HIOH r ste<>: House, completely furnl?!ied. In fins order; all mod:rn Impiovcon nU. Fries $14.U)0. 8. F. IRELAND 201 Broadway. FWOR BAt F -THE FOUR STORY AND HAFRMTINT ?tere ?nd b-'rk House, 90x41). lotfiOxIri 8, E1 West Forty flrs'street, near Ln ndway. ItnmeUiatf p. s-es-ten. Twenty Ptr cent ra <li; t' lin-u live Teal*. PrtCo 9I".""f- Apply to W.M. jAi HACKETT. IS Con Ira girect, or 72 Ferty-lirst street. No agit is ic.-d apply. FHOR SALE?ONE HALF MiOOLOf LOTH BETWEEN ! u tth i | ; .i'|| ivenues, s; ^1 'flv *> lit i rd Silly, streets. Apply to CUAVBOB? BAKKaHD, IuO Broadway. L'or iat,b?First ci.asb houses in bent loca l bona In city and country. Inquire a? real eetate ufflot HI IhUA hreiuig. gg mm f-Rr""* BB Xv*uU#U alraea. J CIT* UAL CSTATB PVR BALK. F ;OR SALE?1IOUHK. THR HOUSB AMD LOT BO. Ml Woeoler street, ?il*0 feet. DTB A CURTIS. SN Sixth >mu rHR SALE?A THRBK 8TORT HOUSE IN ? Eleventh street, la perfect enter; prise $16,IW0. Ap pip at 106 front airesL *_ tiH>B SALB-LOT SITff PERT, WITH TWO H0UBR8 r thereon, renting now for (LIB, an Broome street, near WUlett; price ST,(00; alee two first aUse Tenement Doable Houses, Frout end rear, la s pi SB did order, M Molt etreel, oear Broome; price $9MM; letW_bjr hell Meek; alee Bowery Property- Apply to FANNING, lit Bowery. T7?OR SAI.K?THIRD STR8BT, RRAR BOWERY, A MnU, ? ia Woet Thirty-third etreat, MitiiRt; price tRIOI. H ? rery neat brick House in perfeet order, modern laiprore menu, fiae sub-ostler: peeeeeeloa May L ^^^^^^M||||S|l|MHMi(Marilraot F?t F ooee in perfeet order, bm ?illiniiliB Mar L BtoBBBf MAOLlT.ITI R 8 ALE-A HANDflOMB BROWN 8TONK HOUSB trd Street, price 891,(09. ROBERT H. UOFF, ft Cedar street. For salb-a modern built tour story brown etoue trimmed House SO feet deep, lot 100, newly farmehed throughout and in the boat of order; prioe $19,000. Apply to S. R. J AOOB8, No. 1 New street. Fob sale?very oh bat. with ob without Furniture, e rery elegant brown atone 11 ouae, in Kaat Torty-elghth atreet. by J08BPH MeOUIKB, 116 Nassaa at OR SALE?THR FOUR TENEMENT DWELLINGS, _ coruer of Eleventh avenue and Thirty-fifth atreet; cheapest tenement property in New Tork city. Apply te JOHN MoCLAVE, At Fine atreet FOHl SAI.K?ONE OF TII08E COSET BAT WINDOW Houses, in Thirtieth atreet, near Fourth avenue. For par.iculurs and permit apply to URMY A COPLAND, 410 Fourth avenue. PUB 8ALB?BY L. J. OARPENTBR, 84 Third aveuue (Bible House), Kaat 10th at., b story Kngliah basement brick House..$8,(00 Third street, between 1 si and 2d avenues, S story h. A . .. brick House, possession May L 1888 11,000 Forsyth at., uuar KtvLnxtouaL, Lot 98x100, with Build ItlRV 133d St., 8 Lois, near 7th sr., each .. WjOO 12Sd su. 8 Lois, near lib av., each 1.0JO SSd at., Best, 3 story It. a. hrtck 10,000 Staplcton, Sutcu Island. 14 Lots ob Harrison street. Fordhum, N. Y., 2 good Plots of Ground, adjotnlef St, John's College grounds. Bergen oountr, N. J? Farm of 40 acres, with good house, atsble, fruit tree*. Ac. OR HAI.B?THRKB WHAT TWO STORT BASEMENT and attic Houses; pleasant part of Twelfth street; rang F ing from $6,380 to 96,600; also Store and Dwelling; good loos tlon; 912,UU0. 218 IV cat Twelfth street, or IS Seventh nr. FOR 8ALB?A THRBR 8TORY BRICK AND BASE meat House, 17( Madison street For particulars in quire at WK Catharine street, in the store, or at AT Healer street first $w?r. IjlOK BAi,K.?$12,000 FOR A THRRB STORY BROWN atone nigh stoop House; all modern Improvements, and tu good order; location Sacond avenue (Hanson plaoe), be tween 124th and 126th streets; of easy acceas by cars and steamboat. HaOQBRTY a phklfs. n Proa Hast Lnor. BALK? t LAROB FIVE STORY ENGLISH BASK F merit House, in Kaat Tenth street, AV feet front, con tains 60 rooms, with modern improvements: could be altered for tenement ptupoaea; price $?, 1 uly 93.600 cash to Slitre I. Apply to L. J. CARPENTER. 34 Third avenue, lble Hou.e. F>R SALE?TlIE FIRST CLASS MODERN BUILT three story and basement high atoop House end lint, 148 Seat Broad way, with or without furniture; In excellent ordaf; recently buiit by present owner in the beat manner fo.i his own use; will b - suid reasonable, aa the owner purposes ?Luting l.u ,)|.. till;, prceut se .tun. Apply on the premises. fj><JR SALE AT A FAIR PRIOB?TWO FOUR STORY 1 brown stone English basement Houeos, eligibly situs ted on Forty-second street, between Broadway nnd Eighth avenue. Inquire of the Owner, 330 Bowery, or JOHN KaVANAGH, corner Sixth avenue aud Forty second atreet. pOR 8ALK ON 1819T STREET, NEAR FOURTH J' ?v?tiu?. a three alory Dwell..,* ?)i?Oxl(W Jn errellen! "emu ??*>UlrfCBiu/?-NEeiII?,Ii8',lr*i'i" ra,kl'eu,:a: 98 (Ml, tcnna e??>. BKOH ,NK A froLSAN. 631 Third aienuo. P?g,e8tLeS ?N T.W?'NTlri;KIR8r STREET, OPPOSITE menu- into-' *? with i n'lf "P. all modem improve JAB. Il EDWARDS, 237 wSat Twentrdhlrd atreet. FOR SALE FURNISHED-A FoTJP. STORT HIOH BlOOp hrowtl IWl^l lie,dsn ia ThlrtY-. hlrdbwtreet ? twoon Filth avenue and Broadway ? lotusr iS" tore I. new and ele*an,.and ?8e, $i.g SStSi olScr/"?1" " M- LALLL.NOER A SON. 30 Tina aircet. IpOR SALE FURNISHED OR UXFUKNTSHPI* a ?..., AtaSi jwaar-ri: SScKfa'JfEK ? A. "? MEWBKRItY. i t>3 rlro'ad way. TT0U8ES FOR SALE?BY A. JOURNKaV NO ?i>iwc West ?d ?t.'"tKe? ^'ri *U>'7 h' * b'ric*.'. ..tlSOOO .t^'th"'' "brkk."' i moSS : ag n0l:SKt.,f(,R "ALE-IN LEXINOTON AYKNUll near Flfty-fonrtli etreet; three ?turie* brown "?"??>? eAi.iM. t c-.rzLWijm.s'.'jjL.' T,?T..*0R SAL??ABOUT tSXflO PERT 840 awn ui ??- SfANLKY DAY, 819 Fourth avenue. Ml^Yb"n^"nPe?HnnLAu4' ^LAS^oO^ l.glitfully situated; haa mkd'ralmnr'rm^Z. V,*n^e; rta' a?'ssk ^^S"wSSSl,REt,a? Cham berg .tree., or to HOMER NOR QA^f N n a Planli. "V"0. XSKAST TWENTY-THIRD BTKPRT ru?? 0K.mAorb"",8.Si.8Tre-^TH^B STORY IilOH atorjr and Oaaement, brick, $9,300. ^ thraa ??OWNE AMcLEAN, 3M Third aranaa. ON TWENTY-91XTH STREET. NEAR aina ??? nua, n handeome three itorv KUh t,, } risrwrssw ? JOSEPH MaSON. a Pine atreeL PSpPPB *"* BBOWNB A McLEaN. TO ThTrd ???5^ ZSffiflEVBSHi ia5S=wurog??; TBHMae ?x48RxToo ?19" .?J001' "OWN STONE on pramlaw. 1W Eaat Forty-nratakea,.' ST^Sam'tou 8?Torr'hl?b'at<?iPh" AYENUS.?FIRST order, for aale or a*7ba?? ^ r^d"r??id?.ZflM Oonmnleot to city. NewT-raey /^Farr.-i"" ???. *? r- *<TMOUE, 171 Broadway. $7.750 ^I?4?efu?rhWhT??" ^2RJ- BAEBMBNT In Forenth atreet, between areniSJVSS D??Ed to?,u?l JOSBPH MooUIKg. iu NaSSatrooA $8,750 h^VSVJJ*.2J?SJ102,o".0??' ?lory Inick In N In. h wartTorfAAM >??Uon. AJao a three ? *? B- IRELAND, W Broadway. $12.500."iI22?,a?A?2.'i, JHRRK *T?RX A*D MWTB BJJj,??TATS MKM1A ?A. R^^T^.C<?Ah^ ^nthaMt'oSSer'of'oartto^a^w'i? at fel? haaament and dollar; honao 21.?I SlSSSw ^^r2^r,uluoSr,,^ BA??oi"^^w.?Rm.ArIlI'-*1-0" 0A8BA BAI with !!3trJ5r5IR?S?tol}^ kitVn. So ^?'w eo if P"?ah?andl S ^ri!,m1**#' Tw'!r,'"nl1 atreet. third'ho botwaon Kllth and nlath avennea. Souih Hrooalyn. F?Wfc5?i';D?5a :SAB.!;,,^,^A^ F??-lf A?tetnrA t Kbfir? H^.A>i ,THRR,! STORT P.NO Bedford arecut. Bnwklrn. iccandtf atenii#. with ail modern i in pro iTJV1 ^ '"Tiled P.. .ho, gW ?rd'r F0haffAau?7baHm.nirW i,RooRLV*l A TWO AND A de- WUhSTmS^???Vj^d "Odee; I?rfeot or nei; Mlrrnrea niM 'f Car ?? "Irrora and Q,.< ,ol,?. ^ ? irJ RrM>.? , rerL FOlmrrLanTIba.rrU/,.OMr'r0AJ,uN; A NEW THREE rmn (IT ..^ r1 "' "??! rtilaJrlchla brick, hlKh to -at fXtrit J* i. S'"' ?l,i .W,-U 'welro iwfi? I .n?I? \"I I'l tht mod approved JT. 2i il.7 - vl 5?H water, msw . J, * *?ih, heater and ^*020. belli, iptoklnf tub*** and v** tlhui# Hoon t,. v %t A. hRUHH, owner, aidI'limheriand ?ir?ei. ilroofclrn! F?aol?iS!^? n'Jl, RX^!"NUK-TH1KTY WRLL LO J W BA RTliri' U T ?' Ulto.i e euue. Bcoklyn. amla il?I *"?W*a/. Now York. Call atal ?a BROOKLTH MAL MTATB VOK ULj, FiX>b sals ok to kbkt?ruBwiansn or our a 1 uiefied. an etegaot brown Mm front Houee rtubt one at the heel neighborhood* of Brooklyn. msfinlfli?? I urinated throughout, and replete with all the aaHora mi reuieneae; tkc house M vary well built, and pt iMorton on be (iron soon, no the owner U cot no to Kurope. For further pertloulors apply to h. HOMDlAlW. Montaorus street near rotui. Also for onto, with ebore, a Ana too so of Hasans and two now Carrtagss; will bo soM at n bar sain. THE 0HBAPB8T BOUSE IK BROOKLYN?THSBB story brown stoaou very fiaeitoonML fifteen rooms; sould not bo built for lane Una filfi.OOO. win bo sold to an imme diate pnnUaser at a grant bargain. Apply to ?. a. ut ? BKRST. IS Broadway. Oourt street, Brooklyn. ?1 Q AAA VOI A MODERN THBBB STOBT HIGH vlZ.UuU stoop marble front House, la the On est COP1ITBT BKAL BWATB BOB ?AuiT A COUNTRY HONK, PROM $1,000 TO ?MMMl BBS KTaNLBT DAY'S Baal Bstete Circular. trSk aaa ba had at Sl? Fourth aronao. or mulled upon receipt of ateaap. All wanting parrs.?good soil, mild cli aaate, St miles south of Philadelphia. Prloe only $? par acre. Also improved Perm*. Hundreds am eeUUac. Information sent free. Address C. K. LAND IS, Ytools at New Jersey. A FARM POR BALK?8ITDATKD NBAS THB depot, one hoar and twenty-six mlnatee from New York, at $8S per acre; floe land; first olasa neighborhood. Por particulars; Inquire of J. H. K. BLALIYgmT, B Wall street, room No. 4, roar stairway, between ? and 10 o'clock

A. M. At yonkers?for sale, or bxchanob por city or Brooklyn property to suit, or good stocks In part, a Country Reel of 1J? acres; all conveniences of a city resi dence splendid rlrer rtew; fine garden; fruits of all kinds> Call at house, corner of Wnrburtoa aveuue and Point street, near Olenwood depot, or on J. H. WLLOU8, 137 Broad street, N. Y. city. A T PEEK SKILL?A HOUSB AND HALP ACRE LOT. Apply from S to It A. X. to W. P. PECK, at Tribune AVALVABLB BRICK TABD POR 8ALB?IN COM. plele working order, Bhl feet dock, and near Ue city. Possession Immediately. B. H. TAYLOR A CO., Itea ? end M Pino streak AT SARATOGA 8PRING8.?LARGE BRICK HOUSB fer sale, well situated, with two springs on place and nearly two acres of ground. Never need exeept for private residence, but suitable for boarding houoo or olub of gentle men. In good repair. Possession given Immediately. Ap ply to HOMER MORGAN. No. S Pine street. A PINB PARK POR 8ALB CHEAP?64 AORBH, ON A Northern Railroad, all stocked; 21 miles from Now York. B. M. MA8QN. No. fi Tryou row. AT .NBW BOOHELLB-AN BLEUANT COUNTRY Boat, with U acres, handsomely laid out; the,eaUro property constituting of a first Anas place. Will exchange tor a desirable oily Residence __ ? JOBBPH MABON,8B Pine street BARGAINS?SPLENDID COUNTRY SEATS AT NBW Hrurnwl<-k. 7 uores, Urge brick reslBenoe, all modern Improvement#; fruit and shade; $90,WU; also 16 acres: mag nificent improvement I. $'Jb,(IU0: 60 seres do. with auok, UB piemen's, fir , filtkuOO. and other* riieap. PETTI r A ?KAZKK, 171 BrosdWay room No. K OILING HPRINO, N. J.-A NEW COUNTRY HOUSE 1 for sale; II rooms; 31 city Lo's Krlo Railway; W minutes (Tom city; ?I2, <W; very desinible aud ronvenlenl; views, plan* and IU1 ds orlptlon matleil to all applicants. GEO. P. WOODWARD, .<7 Park row. N. Y. COUNTRY RESIDENCE?PTFTEEN MINUTES FROM Mount Yernon depot; good house, born, and II aoros of splendid land, atl ln| peiloct order; neighborhood unexcep tionable. Other Country Places for sale. JARDINE, IS Chambers street. COUNTRY HEAT POR SALE?SITUATED ON THE Hudson, about one hour frum the city; fiue brick house, with conservatory adjoining, suitable for summer or winter occupation; grounds containing about tbreo acres. Addles* for partioUisrs T? box 1,867 Post odioe, N. Y. B ClOUNTRY SEAT CHRAP.?LARGK HOUSB, MODERN ) improvements, near Passaic Bridge sUt'ou, Kne Ra 1 way; trains every hour. Heo owner on premises, on Kndav, at 144 Weal street. A. POST. Farm for sale?on the passaic river, onb and a half mile from the Pateraon depot ol the Krle Railroad, containing from 20 to 60 acres; excellent location; splendid. Urge and commodious new house and outbuild In,:*. juat comple'ed. For further information, tnrma, fie., apply to d. VAN KIPEit, 211 Hudson street, N. Y., or COR NELIUS VAN Rll'ER. on the premises. LVJR SALE?A VERY ATTRACTIVE COUNTRY SEAT 17 on thjj has; river, at Throgg'a Neok Westchester, fifteen miles from New York, and accessible by railroad nnd steamboat, containing In all about 47 acres, principally un der Ingh'uuttlvuiion. The m.-tu bullae la very large and wm moji'dis and thoroughly lurnishei. The outbuildings nre unusually complete and extensive. Graperies, hothouses. Ac , all In perfect order. The plaoe la stocked with fruK trees of the rhoirest varieties, and shaded by forest trees of large growth. Por permits, terms, fir., apply to O. A. ROIBINS or FRANCIS BACON, Executors, No. 4Jaun uey eourt second lloor. FOlt BALE-A FARM ON LONG ISLAND; FORTY fiacres. For particulars Inquire of JOHN SATTIO, 800 Brogdv. ay, N. Y. For sale?house and lot. containing is fin tidied icorns, 1n Newark, N. J.. 11)6 New street, opposite Arch street, seven minutes'walk fnmi the Centre street depot for New Y.i-V. Qua aud water lu the house and fruit in tie garden. I'tiuo $1,500. For half?an old established country Store, now doing a go id business; also a fine house on the p! me. with .<11 the modern improvements, sl'uated on the llarlcin Ha-lroud, within flvo minutes' walk from the depot. Apply to UKU. BANKS, 138 Bowe.ry, N. Y. FOR SALE?BETWEEN ELIZABETH AND NEWARK, N.J., Id , will be ? dil in two or three seres, or to suit; House. Ham and ? unbuilding*; plenty of fruit of all kinds. Inquire at :M6 Klvtugtoo street, sail loft, or 801 South Fourth street, Jersey City. No agents need apply. W. DRiJ.N. OR SALE AT SOUTH ORANGE?A NEAT COPTAQH. three nunutes'walk from depot; eight rooms; half an acre of laud; abundance of fruit and shrubbery: pnee ?r.000; a bargain. Apply to JAMES M TAYLOR, U Vine street. F For sale?at williams bkiduk, wkrtchester county, a nlco Cotufge, with over on* menu of land. Distance from Now York, br Now York and Mar lam Rati ro id, J- of an hour. Will bo told choap; possession Imme ? dt-telr. Inquirn at Mr. UlLBS' drag store, oornar Thir teenth street ami Sixth arenas. IjlOR H\1.E IN JSR3BY CITY-A TWO 8TOET AND 1 high basement brick Hons*, with Furniture; lot 10x90, house JOx-M, in perfect order, tnald* and out. with modern improvements. Furniture is entirely new throughout. 171 South Fourth street, seoond door from the oosner of Jersey avenue. Apply to the owner, C. H. YOORU18, 168 Wash ington street, N. T. For sale?the hioh stoop three stort finished attic, basement and cellar brisk Dwelling No. Ml South First street < HemlHon place), Jersey City. Mar ble tile hells, besement finished with herd wood; two both rooms end water closets, furnace, range, conservatory, mar ble basin* oa every floor; nee In every room, all in com pie la order. Horse ears within seventy-five feet to Cortlaadl. Barclay, Chambers, Christopher Twenty-third street ferries. Price, All,000: $10,000 ceo remain on bond and mort flagr. WUl sell Use Fixture* and n portion or nil the furni ture Apply to ownar on the premises from 9 A. M. until $ r. M., until Monday evening. March M. Posaesalon May 1. F?! i ntgn grouna ana oommanainn a East mar; groands 100x110; all ; hennery. Be., in perfect order. B White, But 4 South WUHem Cottage, beautifully situated, verv healthy location; I oe $l,0flR For particulars, apply to Q. O. MULFUBD, >R sale?furntshnd, in thh tillage or _ Astoria, a first daas Residence, containing ell muflrne. Improvements, situated en high ground and eommandlng n fine view of Hell (let* and r? ? 1 1 kinds of trait irons, a table, 1 Address (Jodillnt, Stevens , street. New Turk. II?OR SALB?AT MADISON, N. J? A TWO RTOMT 1 o price I IPO Fulton street. riK BALE-ON MORRIS AND BflSBX RAILROAD? A well built House la Madison, N. J.; also a modern Qothie House, with Stable end three acres, at Chatham. N. J. Both are near depot, end have varieties of frail, and la perfect order. Address Owner, bok 4.H8 Pent ofllast Fob sale?fricb $*aoo bach, two nich cot lagea; 8 rooms; fall lot*-. 1A minute* by horse oars Is Jersey City or Iloboken. Inquire en premises, of ANDREW MoLSAN, Cottage place, west of lis* Corners, Hudsen City, tur. TTiOR SALE?AT NEW ROCHELLE, A COUNTRY r Heat on the Long Island Hound, having a fine view; good house, about $ acre*, ell filled with fruit, and flee gar. den. Apply to JOHN O. UI001N8. No. 7 Pine street, room No. 8. Fob ralb-a ybry desirable residence on Berd avenue, Htaten Island, near Sailor'* Snug Harbor lending; for sale low end on susy terms Apply In TDCK BEMAN. MULUQAN B CO.. M Broadway yoB BALK?THE FARM AND COUNTRY HEAT OP f the subscriber, ?t Wi ? the subscriber, at West pert, Conn., about 78 aor**, eon- I slstlug of arable, wood and salt meadow land; alao tho far famed Compo Beach; ens mile water frost. Oa the promise* are a good House neer the beaeh; e line garden, with ohole* fruits; an apple orchard. In full bearing; and never falling springs of water. The Btoek. which Is thoroughbred, will be sold with tb* farm, end the Furniture U desired. Tw* hour* from New Tort by New Haven Railroad. Address J. B. FISH, But Wo. 8. Post ogee, Weatport, Oasm rR SAI.E?FARM AT FEBKRKILL, WBSTOHBRTER county, eoatalnlng about 81 acres, for cash, or exchange for property la Jersey City or Hoboken. Inquire ef 8. MKHRtTT, 49 Third avenue. For bale-a hourk and two acreh op land, with plenty of fruit, three minutes' walk from Mount Kleso depot. Harlem Railroad. We,tcheeler county. Apply to SMITH A DUNNING, WHouth siroet. rR RALE?THE OWNER GOING TO EURO PR, TUB beautiful Country Restless* of the iubscrtber en the north shore of Iaing Island, near White stone, twelve mils* from New York. Apply to JOHN CRY PER. 99 Pine street. EOR SALB-IN JERSEY CITT, THREE STORY AND basement I rick Honse in York St., $6,889; another in ?k sL. with all modern improvement#, R7.0U); one In Mor ne st., $8,880; one In south 4th at. $4.*60; on* In South 4th si, $2,100; a nice House in Jersey ar. $8,888; a very nlro Hsu** In l'assaic plane, $7,408; a verv nice House, stable and thr?e lot* of Uronnd, five minutes to ferrv, $16.Mi>. Inquire of IR A II. POST, 19 Montgomery street.' Jersey City. * fOR BALB-AT CRANFORD. ON CENTRAL MAIL road of New Jersey, Dwelling, eight rooms end cellar, outbuilding* and fruit; ? acres of und; price 91.800; Imme diate possession. E. J. AN MB, 98 Fulton street. FOR 1ALR-IT PBFK1KIU-, IMMEDIATE POMES elon. line bilek Dwelling, 16 r otot; contains all city conveniences; tins yard with fruits, stable, Ac., one ncre of gruind: only three minutes fron derm: line river vtnw; must be wild to e.tele. Injure of U. HILL, Jr., near ? be ; Win'noe. or of 8. bMBERSON, 4J1 Eighth avenn". EIOR RaLK?AT Oil' RRY HILL, NEAR IlACKTM ssck, t.", ralnn e* from drpit, a fins House, wlui all the mod n imp ivuments, with <no acre of garden, well stocked with alt hind- of ltuli; stabs and carriage house at tached. Inquire at MR Weal street. __________ flOR Pt .R-AT A RiROAIN, A FARM OF 8S AOTiKR, at l; gllsulown, Monrroutli co inty, R J., one rlgh h of a mile (rum railroad; good buildings; term* easy; imme diate pOS?e?(nn, _ _ JV+&W im mm* oovmvmr nut iwm miumul DHM $AL> OB RXOHAMOB rot A III r a BkouMua?A Farm of Macros, ?w lorg liaillMosAer.wlU ||mB of fruit Bad ?ti of toe TruMa; would otki a gplaalM iwir boarding jyw erHUee's n-jdoaoo. Addxnaa J. W. BUNBt; PR BALB OB KXOHAHOB M ?*TT FROPBRTT-I P A Farm of n acrea, la a good stats of Mltlvation, bow aM Boyt strsstoTftouth Brooklyn. DOBIUl OB MXCHANOI FOB OOODB?FABM OF Urn -\TT? fPVmald '' r" FOR cm FBOFBBTT? eomptoU RmMmwh ti hain froa lb# quarter of * milo dis tant tram* Am bathing boaoh and Long Island Sound; know about 60x99 feel, ho* all eitr Improfateenta and U ia porfact ordar throughout; Am stables, oow boons, ice house, ?aa hoosa and hannarr; four aeraa of garden.. Tha grounds ? front of and around the house aro abadod bp a henry growth of eveigiMM aad okotoo shrubbery: ? orchard of all varieties of fralta; berries, Sowers, Ac., la abundaooo; four acroa of Am ?nil? Uad. Location unaur P*Wd..l>e whole property aad aU IU surroundings are strictly drat elaaa aud sntWy aultod to tbo resldenoe of a gentlaman's family. For further parttculara aad permio apply to 0. H. BLlVBM, It alon to examine the premises Fine street. |JK?B SALE OR TO LET?AT SOOTH BKKGEN, If. J-, X oil UM oornor of Barfta ireoue and Newark plank road, a Aral elaaa Houaa aad eorea Lo'a of ground, beauti fully altuatad and la oomplete order. Inquire on the pre IjMJB 8ALB OB RBNT-A HICK, COMFORTABLE TWO i ?tor7 CottsM. 9 room*, partly furnlabed. In tbe Tillage of Idlp, L I- .Apply to lTWB CHECKER, lit Broadway. To a roaponaiblo tenant wUl be reatad low. FINE HOWLI FBOFBBTT FOB BALK?WITH LITRRT stable attached. located at Mount Ttrasa, Westchester bUMiaM Batata Brohere; K. J. Wilaoa, No. ? Floe GHERAT BARGAIN AT FLAINFIBLD. IF SOLD BB M fore April 1?Fine, large, atylUh Houaa. 11 rooiaa bant. II fore April 1?Fine, large, atyliah Houaa. 11 rooms, I Ae ; 4U aeraa of garden, full af fruit aad ahade; SU.OUO" worth SU.OuO. Addreea B., Plalaflald, N. J. Hudson river pbopertt.?foe ralb, on thb weal banket tbe Hudson, a number of baadoomo Residences. with river fronts, batwaon Pier moot and Nyack, 'with from 1 to IS acres, ranging la price from $18,000 to $1,600. Apply to WM. H. PLarr, Ptcrmonl, N. Y IFTOU WANTTO PURCHASE (BOMB TO KXCHANOB) Farms or Country SeaU. of any alsa or prteo (or root), call on FREBM AN A CO., Ill Broadway. N BW ROCHBLLB.?FOR SALR, A LARUE DWELL ?lag Hou-e. containing 36 rooaaa with two aeroo of land, JLt tag House. containing Id rooms, with lira aeraa of lai with email house, BilAI: view of the sound, price mod ata. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. A Pine street A REAL ESTATE WASTED. NUMBBR OF TBNBMBNT HOUSES WANTKD -ON a lease of three or Ore years, by a responsible party. RICHARD AMKRMAN, 840 Sixth areude. IlBNBMBNT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OR . 1 aaae?The highest market value gives. Apply to R. a. GIBBONS A CO.. 448 Broome street. WILL BUT A SMALL HOUSB-FIYB OR 81* ROOMS. In Hoboken. Address, stating price, John McDonald, Iff Ninth avenue. WANTED?IN THIS CITY OR BROOKLYN, A FIRST class House, worth about $10,000, in exchange for a floe Farm and Country Seat on the Hudson. Address or ap ply at 71 Nassau street, room No. 9. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL HOUSRw IN good order, with modern improvement*, west of Fourth avenue, to cos: about $9,000. Addreea, with full par ticulars, S. K. J., Herald oflloe. YlTAhTED TO PURCHASE?A NEAT. GENTEEL TT House, In a first class neighborhood, between 1 hlrtleth and Klslieth streets, and Lexington and Sixth availuea. at nbout $3VX>0. Address House, with particulars, box 1,00-4 New York i'ost ollloe. Agent* need not answer. Agents FOR SALR, s FIRST CLASS BAKERY AND ICE CREAM SALOON f\ nt 288 Fullou street, between Clinton and Plerrepont, Brooklyn, for sale, with four yea-a' lease. A TIP TOP OROOBRY STORE FOR SALE?IN A thickly settled neighborhood: licensed to seR liquors; sold be-"* the owner is going into Uio whoiesala business. Inquire of K. C. HORNER.!* West street. A TEA WAREHOUSE FOR BALE?ON A IiEADINO avenue, elegantly fitted up. with choice stock and Fix tures and loug lease. Inquire at MS Eighth avenue. A ?FOR SALR, THIRD AVENUE GROCERY STORKS. j Country Produce Stores, stands. Meat .Markets, Cor nor Liquor Stores, Restaurants, Sample Room*, Cigar Store*. Bakeries, Oyster Saloon*. Hotel*, Hlliisnl Saloons, Express Business, Furnishing Good* More, Con fee. lone rie*, Coffee Sal. ons. Fish and Oyster Markets, Broadway Restaurants. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A FIRST CLASS FOUNDRY AND MACHINE SHOP 1 i Coerck street for sale or to lease, with Engine, Bolls., : ha fling, Ac. WATKKLOW A CO.. 39 Nassau st. A -RARE CHANCES.?FOR SALE, LEASES AND As Fixtures of four Urge storra. AIso two let*a Dry onods Stores, with Mock snd Fixture*, and a number ol small Stores on the west side of Eighth avenue. Leoso andl ix ture* of Liquor, Grocery. Fancy, Millinery, Hat, Cap, Mutter and Cheese More*; Bakeries, Batcher Shops, .saloons, splen did Hotel. 18 looms, completely furnished, with Lease, stock and Furniture; louz b ase and low tent, t- M). L. l>EYO'S Ileal Estate uud .Store Agency. tkri Eighth avcuue. A SHOE 8TORS FOR SALE?KSTAB LIS III. l> OMR ten years. One of tho largest and most successful es tablisbraeots in the city: present owner retiring from busi ness. To any person who understands tbe business this la an opportunity seldom ottered. For particulars Inquire of ROBERT IRWIN, No. 3St> Bowery, coiner Bond street. A NEAT LITTLE FITTED UP CIGAR STOKE FOR (aleat a aacrtiios; well located: lone lease; low rent: must be sold this day. SAMUEL WINN, Auctioneer, 2*7 Bowery. ARARR CHANCK.-TIIE STOCK AND FIXTURES of a first rlaas Grocery for sale at a aacrtflee: Una Apartments attached; moderate rent. Inquire at flh) Green wleh street. D1 VRUO STORE. $3,500?ESTABLISHED 40 YEAKS; ' well located, corner; no agents. Address Lancet, sta tion A, Spring street, TVRUO STORE?WITH STOCK AND FIXTURE*. XJ wanted. Addreae. wtthln two days, firing prtoe. Phy ateiaa. box ASW Pest ufflos. LMiR SALS?THE POPULAR PAPER HANGING AND U Upholstery Establishment of Charles Franklin, In Fougk keepsle. on the llad*oa. established some fifteen years? Mock consisting of Paper Hangings, Window Shades, Laos Curtains. Cornices, end numerous other articles. For fur ther particulars inquire of CHAKL..S FRANKLIN, 9M Mala street, Poughxsepale. N. T., or of Messrs F. S. WSRKS A CO.. HTReads street. New York. ijtOR SALE?LEASE OF A THREE STORY BRICK 1 building Spring street, near Broadway, (four years) from 1st May, IMF, to May ISM; store Itafilj second floor three rooms, third floor fire rooms; water end gas; a good cellar; present rent $1,117 per annum: possession April 1 Apply to WlNKENh A TOWLB. Real Estate Agents, Ml Third arenue. between Fifty-eighth end Flfty-nlnth streets JjtOR SAI.R?AN IRON VACUUM PAN,I FOUR FBBT r In diameter; pumpa, Ae.. all complete, nearly new; alee n steam Hoisting Engine. Inquire at fid Rasa street. jtOR SALE-A WELL NSTARLISHRD MAT, OAF AND F Fur Bust noes. For partScnlara inqnlreat K. KAHN'B, 1M Grand street, Williamsburg. V IpOR SALE-HALF INTRRRST IN A FIRST CLASS f -Auction and Comatmtoa House. fully eetahllnbsd. Plica $2,040. Address P. R. D.. PotwhkaapMa, N. T. UOR SALE?STOCK AND FIXTURRR OP A HOSIERY r and Fanoy Goods Stem, with three yean' Lease; or the the lease will be said without the Meek. Apply at m Oraad street. IOR RALE?ONE OP TWB BERT CORNRR PORK ' Stands In Was house,lardbollera . JBB. of Orchard and Rlvtngton streets. In the groeery store Stands In WasUlngton market, with lee hnusa, smoke and aeu susage machine, Ae. Inquire eorner . LIQUOR HTORB ON KTOHTH AVENUE, . ??.. ?- - amp lease. rHR HALB?A LIQUOR HTORB ON KTOHTH A ? in e good location: ohesp rent: three t-sj Apply to JBNMfNGS A HON. ?* Eighth avenue. F>R RALK?PROPBLLBB TUO TBHPB8T, THREE I years eld; r ye.? Old: ready for busineae. new lying foot of Delaa oay street. GEO. M. KLOTM, feet of Balancer street. tOR SALE?A LAROB ASSORTMENT OP YAWLS _ and Quarter Boats; alee 16, 17, 1$, Si and it feet Sell Boats, which will be sold at a bargain. FREDERICK SCHMBIRBR, boat bnl iding establishtnen t, corner of Wayne I street, J?wp City, and foot ef fourth street, and Greene i JM.TUR1NO AND J A 1j?OR SALB?T1NWABB MANUFUi ' panning BsUbHsbmeat, located down town, in this otty. The flctery la ttry convenient" olty. ntnetery la eery conveniently arranged, and tha machinery and tools are la eieailent order. Price $8,000. Ad dreae kst RAM New York Pest eflee. FOB SALB?A FIRST CLASS DTK! NO AND RE finishing RsiabHtbmeaL now doing e prosperous busi ness, together with Lease, Machinery, Fit I ores and Good WilL The advantage Of this factory is that It itags of this factory (a that It can be where _ power is required. It must to be appreciated. Toe responsible purchaser terms will be made easy. For further lufermeiion address box S.TU New York FoM efllce. JjtOR RALRy-A NEW PATENT RIGHT; IT IN AN AR _ tide which will here a large aale In all the Stales. Only a small capital required to commenoe the business. Address J. A., box 144 Herald offioe. T7IOR RALE?A FIRST CLASS CORNRR LIQUOR J; Store, situated In the Fourteenth ward. Inquire of WILLIAM ABBOrr, 171 Chatham street. r, M 8ALR.?THE WHOLESALE AND RRTAIL OTTA wa Root Beer establishment, UN Wooster struet, wtth receipt, lease, end everything appertaining to the butineea Apply to SIMMON* A BB()., Is* West Fourth street r)R SALB?SCHOONER MABEL, ISO TONS BV RDFN, copper festened, snd In good order. Apply to MORKAU A PARKER, 180 West streeu FOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS OROCKRT STORE; three years'lease, got>d chance for a young American. Apply to T. DIMoN A "<)., M Fnlion street, Brooklyn. For salf-a fir^t class corner liquor Store, with fi<e years least; this is s rare opt. jr'unity. Cnll and Inquire of W. R. BRINCKKRHOFF, W av tune C. ?,OR SAI.R-SODA WAIBR APPARATUS; PF.COND hand, difTcrent makers. A large number for aula. 4*7 and 48S Pirn avenue, corner Tarenty-alitU eUeot. For sale -a rake chance, the stock, lsasp. and flilnres of s well.cs,aullkaud l>ry Goods - ire pi1 Nlghth avcinie. Light stock and low rent. Ap) y on thi p sm sea ID? Klgiith avenne. lAOtt SALB?A FIRST CLASS BAKERY. NOW DOING A/ ado-Kl biulne? over the counter. Apply to OElillU A MANuLbb, dwg aud Utt Baslnugtou gheak corner et pwft $?LM-HOTBL THIHTY TWO ROOJIfi P PherW (mm, Feral lure and evarrthtag ousmei|^^^H Now ?BOTHMmE 14 ?1|M front Nam Tort FVOIt 1 VLB?A riRMT CLAM BAB ROOM AMD Ui ? U < .at aad OUa, store with 1mmof house, one at ?M new loraltam en BtzUi area it, end bow deign a first dti busine DVB A CURTI88, 608 Sixth aroBBB, ? ? ?TO ? fdLK-HOTKL I* PHILADELPHIA. OHBAM Ver? TUO*AB OONOBBYK, MeroL.aU' Hnla( ? IDOB BALH-A LABQE HEAT AMD PRODUCE STAHfl "wwkoL duply to J OMR MgCHHA. m Wot street. between Fulton aad Dry sires*, rB 8ALB?A DI8TILLBBT, IN OOOD WORKIMM erdsr; will be sold low. Apply to J Q. WHINS*!% "oi Boat Fourth street. IPOS SALE?A RESTAURANT; ONB OP T P stands la this city: loof loato: 441 Broo Broadway; alto a dm elaaa Laaok Countor auacb TUB BBS* ?Homo atreofc attached. f? iB BALK CHEAP?AH OIL RBPIHBRT. ADD W.. but MB PoatoHoa. Jeraey City. F'"{JtVLB ?AT f BABOAIN-TWO YBARS' LKAJSL i 1th t>Un k aad Fixtures, of an old and wall eotaK l. <>raer Liquor Store. In a good location do wo towm at a low root Apply to THOB. UAFKNKT, Bad Eighth Mf IjlOR BALE OB TO LBT-THB LEASE AND PIXTUBBB JC of a liquor store. etUbluhed or er twanty yoara. la am of the fluent but!nana looallUet In tbo city. Apuly for 0M woak at 10 Old sHp. FLOATING BOAT HOUSE FOR SaLR.?HAH ACCOM modatlon for fire boats; It lSySS feet and well rltlad up. Can be teen at the foot of Kant 134th street, and will ha Md low for oath. Apply to FLETCHER PLACE, A WAU Hardware business for sale?leask, stock aad Fixtures, of au eitabluhed wholesale and retail hardware business la offered for tele for a short Uinc onlya location one of the best In theetty; rent low; two yuaaw leaae, atore well fitted up; present stock light Parties wishing to inyeetigate vl3 address Hardware A Co., Herald ofiloe mlng their address, and they wtll be welted upon am particulars given. M ILK ROUTE FOB BaLB.?INQUIRE AT N*. Charles street. ONLY $8.600 -FOR BALE. A GOAL YARD. WITH eight year*' Leaae, goodwill, OOoe Fixtures, 11 Cart, do. Boat dear. For particulars apply at 336 Set QTSAKTUG, SIDE-WHEEL U9 FEET LO.NO. FOB O sale cheap; also M second hand Ships' Boats, from *do SO feat long. Apply where the-ateamboat liee, foot of Il4Al street, Harlem rirer; at Stephen Roberta' boat building shop, or 888 South street Shell Boats built om pound in T3 CHEMISTS AND OTHERS.?FOR SALE. LA ROB Evaporators, Kettles and other Maehinary. Apply to PKMBKRTON A WKBaTER. 44 Cedar street ?A SMALL PROFITABLE MANHFAO <PZ/0\J. taring business; full Instructions guaranteed. A bona dde business very cheap. Must be eold. 94 Foltm street in the toy shop. MACHINERY. A TUBULAR BOILER, FIYB HORSE, NEARLY KIT, In first rate condition, for sale at a low figure. Apply to J. AW. LYALL 36 acTd SI Weoster street. A TEN FOOT RUBBING BED, AND FORTT HORBM tubular Boiler, cheap. JOHN MoLAREN, fit Donate etreet EilOR SALE?A 26 HORSE POWER STEAM ENO r Corllea' make, with tubular Boiler. Steam Pump. He Pipes end eoanection. ell In oomplete order; to be aeUr by the let of Hay next. May be seeu In operation daily Is the basement. 6/ Duane street. To be sold also the Siena Hoisting Machine and the Shafting lu the building. B. HOB A CO., 89 and 31 Cold street FOR BALK?a small steam engine and eoilbh, now running In good order. Apply At 70 West Thlrtp hlrd street. 1POR SALE?TWO WRIGHT'S SCROLL8AWS, TENON ' ing Machine, Power Morticing Machine, Screw Cutting Turning Lathe, Power DrilL Belung, Shaftiug, Pulleys am Hanger*. UEO. L. CUMMINOs. IIS Centre street r/iOK SALE?A STEAM ENGINE OF 12 INCH BORR, " 3 foot stroke; all i-?niplete; In ruuning order. Also two plain cylinder boilers. 30 feet x 30 Inch. AVply at the lses 87 and 88 Eldrtdg* street. FO): SALE?ONE 15.1IOR6E HORIZONTAL ENGHNN anil Roller, m complete order. Price $1,8<J0. Inquire Of OKU, W. WICKs, No. 4 liberty place. FOR 8AI.E-4 NKVf RACK OKKR LA'lllK. 8* I*. high. with elide rest aud counter shifting complete Inquire of W. HASTINGS. 20n Centre elreet. POUTABLK AND STATIONERY STEAM KNOINBS AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILL*, 'lbe best eud tno.-t complete in use. Circular sent on apphc'itlon. WOOL A MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY. I'tiea, N. Y.. and 96 Maiden lane. New York. QTEAM ENGINES-EXTRA QUALITY, CHEAP; N c i hor.e power, 12 hone power, 18 horse p >wor portaMet Boistiug Machine, Pump'. Ac. HOWARD ROGERS, SO Vetey street COPARYIK UNM 1 PS. A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS SEVERAL YEARS' EX. penance In the banking business wants a partner with a moderate capital to establish a commission house in em change, gold, stock' and government securities; refarenoen ex<-baug"<l. Addreae with real name N. A.. Ilerald otfloe. A partner wanted?with $r,oou, in alioht. genteel and exceedingly profitable manufacturing budnesa, iu which there l-i no risk. ISAAC A. BhlOS. r Naseau street. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH $3.0)0. IN A WELL rut .'.dished manufacturing business. Call at the ffcW tory, 348 t'earl street, second floor. A RAKE CHANCE.?PARTNER WANTED. WITH capital to lnreet In manufacturing, advertising and pushing a good article, for which I have the entire right| ?rood references given and required; business already eetnfc. luped. Address, not for explanation but for an Intculnnh X. i. Z., Herald offlce. NEW YORK. MARCH 51, 1867.-THE PIRM OP JACOB Fisher A Co., bea this day been dissolved by mutant oonsent. Mr. Jacob Fisher will continue the business In Ma own uama, and also will pay all liabilities and collect all Mb. standings due tho tale firm. JACOB FISHER. BABET HEYPECKBK. ARTNKR WANTED?WITH $60U TO $1,000, Atmrfc or silent; opportunity to travel; comblna business with pleasure, rsre ehanoe; large profile; Invite inveatigntlM Apply thin day only, before 6 P. M., at 401 Third avenue^ pies euro; rare ehanoe; large pmflte; Invite Investigation. ? *? " * "- " c " "WThirdai ??????????I h. a ai r CAPITALISTS.?A GENTLEMAN OWNING A ?ret rate Saw end Planing Mill on the Susquehanna river, wants a partner with $10,080 to stock tho mill with Umbor. 40 per sent, interest, and no risk. Gall oner a4 dreaa J. A. GASTON, 24 Naeean aSreet, N. T. TOR. THR 0NDKRSIONED, HAVR THIS DAT RV. VV tared Into a copartnership for tho manufacture tf ladles' underwear, atg White atreet, under the name sal style of Arm OUSR A 8WKBZ. Doted Nnw Tom. March 1, 1867. fXTANTBD?A PARTNER, TV thorough bualnasa babtta. hi a buata pay aura $$4,000 la oqp year, tddi aaa X. G. P., ?wa <M nnn *? |i*-4 partner wantrd-in a ll.UUu regular eatahllahed light profitable buainaaai will clear $00 weekly; is a good opening to asatlsfactory Mr. eon Per particulars inquire of or a ltd re as Mr. Hall, WMl avanua, asoond story. *1 nnn -partner wanted?in a first olarr ?pl.^UU. Billiard Saloon, In ngood looetlon, with InaR lenanr, gaod oppertnnKy for beaioeaa J. M. MOODY k CO.. 0$ Pino otrenh ?1 A AAA WILL BUT MALT AN IMTBRMT IN A g)IU.uVu Bookstore, havfag a gaod ally and oouhtaw trade. References required. Addrean hex 10 Italian SL New York. fcl ^ nnn wimBur thb half interest or a ?1').UUU rettriag partner In eneof the beet man*, factoring bnatneeeee In taiis city. Satisfactory reasons gti'aq for aeBlng. Address, with reel asms, C. a, bea 140 Hsaadi ?dice. ton nnil -fartnbr wantrd-to take rai ?Pmu.UUUi place of retiring partner, In flrst risen business en Broadway; long leans, and One a look of goods on hand. No bonus will be asked to a partv that can Mwm r?i reference. Addieea, with full name, P. T. F., stall sq New York. BV8IRBM OPPOBTVMITIKS. RARE ^HANCB IS OFFERED TO FURCHABD H. a first rlaae manufacturing business. Apply to J. M. MOODY. 48 Plaa atreet. or of M. VAN BUREN. ad the wi? room, 28$ Fulton street, Brooklyn. A GENUINE, HONEST AND OROWINO BU.4INBRR for sale for $400 Address W. B., box 14D Post atta% staling where oan be seen, ke. A CHANCE FOR A PRRR PASSAGE TO CALIFORNIA and a free bnildtng Lot In Newport, terminus of the great Paeiflo Railroad, near San Fieneuss. Oiloe lit Bread* way, room 1$.* ABAROAIN.-THE STOCK, FIXTCRB8 AMD | lease of the old Mta bill bed Paraool and Taney Oeedd Store, 861 Broadway, near Seventeenth street, west etdex will be sold at actual root of atoek tad fixtures If perehnM immediately. Lease at madarata real. Apply ae above. Extraordinary chancb-wantbd, ohaeer for aa interest la a pleee of land I for Improvement; situated neer the business | York el'y; from $4,010 to $7,000 wanted: at leas can be made. For full explanation and details 6,648 Peal odice. _ For salr?half of a flrasant and profit. able bueioeaa; $1,000 and services; no old fogies waateA Apply for oi?? we?k Sn gallery ?treet. _ r LET.?NOW IS TOITR TIMB TO OBT AN OLD established Butter and Egg Store; Lease and Hxlnren Tor sale. Rent low. Taqulre on the pram lies, na Eighth ar. r PHYSICIANS.-A FIRST CLASS PRACTICE "IX the country for sale. Addreea Praouee., Harsld ofilea. D1 nnO -THB ACCUAINTANGR OF OKNTLEMB* DA."'JU. le desired, sWo to take an Interest of $1.06$ in en operation which will produ-e, after a short delay. ? rerv large profit: no risk; money secured by mortgiga M propei ly Addreea for particular* box S.967 Unit oflice Oart FOR A LAUNDRY BUSINESS?ESTAB. llahed four years and paying largely; will bear investigation. No humbug Agent# need not apply. PETTIT A FKAZi E 171 Broadway. r ?...n ho R nni\ -* P^F-TY NAVINO THIS AMOUNT TO ip-jfcvUUUv lnve?t can find a good oppvutilfllly. loves. Tzetton solicited. A No. 1 reinreuce. Address box 10J lleraiR I) . ? . ? til i, JKlVBlil Y . dhL. IAMONDS BOCOITT FOR CASH, B?G C ALLEN. <16 P.roadway. _ VirATCHKB?8CITARLE FOR SPECULATIVE AND if gift purp<ii'?, Gold and Silver Ainerioan WuMta tliaan JiwUiry of ever* description. Oold. silver m.ti i'l .tod tbaina Old csUblpI ed hmise; 1848. _ send f.?t pi nv I .i, LIONEL J AO V lib, ITT UmauWaV.