Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1867 Page 3
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?WASHINGTON 1ft* t?ifttn AFfrt^rialtoi Mil 1 tfrU4 fa Cmm^cim tf Ue WMi Hard Words Between Xossrs. Butler ar^d Wnghmwy letter Tonat^ ? the Ku Who lited ftr Jetf r>att? for PmiHeit art Bid Bat Tike Fort Fisher. for the lemeval of Colloc tor fomythe. foe. foe. WimOTDH, Kmk *1, 1867. The New Yerk Cedeetereht*. Thais ia a good 4*1 of fun aad bluster going on neve about Ike New York collactorrhip. Evidently mif politic lane on both iMm are working for Mm removal of Nr. fl?lie m too bap# tbet some awn more entity nonaged and more ready and skltfal la allowing himself to fen made a tool of wilt be appointed. I nee tin word ??skilful" because, if the statements of aotne of the vet eran wire pnBem here are to be bebeved, It reqeirea no amnll amount or ingenuity to manago to lot oneself he well need In n poeitioo like that of Coitoeter, with Mo tmmmm petmaage. Tho unpreaaion about the White Heuae today ie that an change will bo mode In respect to the OoUectorahlp until after Confrere shall ha?a taken a assess, If, indeed, n change even then will be made. The President refuses any information on the anttfect, nad therefore all tho statements in different papers are BMW gnomes. In regard to the statement that Con gressman Laflio Is urging General Slocum for Collector, 1 am authorized to assert that there to not e word ot truth m it Mr. Hufirard, from tho House Committee aa Public Expenditures, has reported a resolution calling am the President to re me vo-Collector Smyths. * Hefo Debate ia thn Tfnuae. Compliments passed between gentlemen to-day ia the Menee daring the debate aa Ute bill for the relief of the peer of the Sooth. The feeling reached a degree of heat ?hat aa other measure, either of this or the last session, has yet aroused, and the opposition to the bill has, not withstanding the majority la its favor, been able to delay tto paasaga by Interposing all the parliamentary obstacles thai aa ingenious and nnmorono minority ooald avail ?hamanves of. The talk betwoea Mtears. Bailor and Bingham was of a cboraopr thai In former days was usually preliminary to a light; but the apparent im probability of such a result waa evident from tho disposition of Ute Boom to Indulge tho com in tho uttoranoo of their Mttoreet per i anvnro invective It ia understood that Messrs. Bailor and Bingham first or wood swords at the republican caucus ia the early part ef the semion, aad the rivalry between these able dofeatora has been frequently apparent in tho debates ?hat havo atom taken place. When, In reply to the eharge Bade by Butler that Bingham bad goaeover m body aad spirit to the other ride, Bingham, m his fiery way, all tried to Butler's voting fifty-Seven times for tho ?mh-Trait or of tho rebellion, aad scorned the imputa tion, whether it earns from the hero of Port Ftoher token or Pott Fisher ontaken, the democrats aad some af thn republicans were hugely pleased and gave vest to nproarioaa laughter and applause. Tho retort of Butler was similarly received by thoee who wore acting with him, and the debate was of eooh rare WBclneas that ail aeemod to regret Its terminaUoa. It to this evening the monopolising subject of conversation. Ill Mil will eetoO ip again to-morrow, and will probably Pto though the Sonata proposition af ?ppoaprioilng pi, WO,000 win boon modified as in anthortao too die of toat smoaat to aappMsa from the fund I tot the miatoaaaoo of tho Freed Mr. SCmtHI'h Geld BUI. Mr. Merrill's bin I* provide for a reserve of gold is I baaka and far oibar pur i it unlawful for tbe Scerotair af tba Treas ury to sell er otherwise diapoae of any |tld or silver aata art bald bp tba go vara in sat of tba Uaitad States, at (bat map beraaftar ba received bp n from duties oa a mow prartdad bp law, anlil tba balaaoa af tba Tiaasury abait amount to $100,000,000, wbea It abalt ba tba dotp of tbe Sacrotarp of tba Treas ury to (Ira public aaUaa that aU liabUitlaa of tba gov arataaat af tba Uaitad States matarad sad to mature win ba paid la cola It farther provides that it MaH b) unlawful far aap national bank to sell er sMeiuise dtapoaaaf aop gold received In payment af lataraat oa beads bald bp tba Treasurer of tba United Matoaaa aaoaritp fbr tba redemption of ite notes while aot redeeming Its notes in coin, and all aatioaal banks fail lag to aa redeem tbair notes within tbtrip daps after Iba asaaasptioa of specie paymens bp tba government abail Mb Ml tbair charters; that as further redemption or eon i of tba legal tender notea soar outstanding shall > bP tba decretory of the Treasury ; that ail ser plna reranues beyond a specie reserve of $200,000,000 sbaB be applied to tba rsdsmptlon of tba public debt; Mai Iba bsarsiary be aatbanaed aad required to issue ?esse payable ia twaaty years from data, aad bearing 1 three-tenths par osat interest, payable semi ta aarreaep, with wbieb notea be abail i all indebted usee of the United States net other Man provided (br bp law, aad wbtob abail matara with bs Ma pears from tba pasaags of tba aot, reserving the right in tba government to pay sis par eaat ia gold ta Ma of Iba asaen aad thras tenths par cant, from aad aflar tba aspiration of tba said two years Thai la ease MMssa af aap portion of Iba maturing dabt shall decline Is aaaafea ta papamat tbareoi tba ad so van aad tbrea 1 for tba parpoas, shall from timo to time bo aoM bp tba Secretary of tbe Treasury oa dna public no baa, aad tba avails thereof ba applied to tba payment of Clalsao of New York Claw Apwiaot tbafiavera. aaaat fbr War Fnpanaea. Iba delegation of New York Alderman, constating of Bamfa. lias,' Mctilaals, Hardy, Causa aad Coullsr, bad later*laws Una morning with Secretaries McCalloeb aad Stanton respecting tba $800,000 claim of Now York dtp far oar expenses Tney ware accompanied by Fer nanda Wood, who Introduced them to tba Boorotartce. Tba Brat visit wee made to Mr. McCnlloeh. Alderman loom, as ebairmaa, ex plained iba business of Iba dele gation, stating that tbay worn authorised to demand a salmbarsement of $000,000 advanced to tba Union Do botes Com mil tea dnrlag tba war aad ex pea dad bp that bedy in Siting oat regiment*. Mr. McCailoch replied MM the claim was oadoaMedlp J eat, bat Urns there was aa general legislation thai woeld eaeble htm to pap it All sach claims that had beea paid hp tba Treasury Dopart saaat had previously bean authorised, ba said, bp special ?em of Congress. Ha himself bad no dieenntoa m the matter, and saggested 'hat the War Department would ba fbaad tba proper place to apply for an equitable settlement. Secretary Stanton, after listening to tbe esplanatiea of tbe delegation, also acknowledged that Maw York city had aa equitable claim against the gov ernment. Ha spuko ta high terms of tba Important ear vlees rendered by New York city recimcnls; and Mid that they had been the mean* of saving tba national capital ia times of greet peril He could take so step ia Iba matter, haw ever, without the authority of Con gress, and recommended tba daiagatioa to gat somo Keprr antativa to Intradace a resolution for the appoint ment of a special commission to examine t Ha records and audit the claim; then ba would aOOrd every fMlllty for a settlement. The AMarmanle deterstlon baa coarJuded to fotlow the advice of Hacrawry Rtaatoa. Tba New Order af Tkiiw la tba Mautlt. Tba imprecsion gains ground bore that the example af Oanerai Hampton and others in Columbia, wiu> raaarri ta the fnadaiea. will ha very generally followed fa tba Southern Hta'ee and thai much good will grow ant af this pailcy ta both races. Tba nest address of She kind Is expected irom Coventor Wise, af Virginia, 1a Richmond. The hope Is expressed that tbe adleere sainrnand ag the military <districts will bear la mind tbe tajanctlens of Washington to (ioaeral Morgan '">dar chrcnmsiancea somewhat onstage**. vis. ??"Ceesiaaily ?nd vtroag'/ la hnprem tippa tbe army thai 'Uay ai? r euiaaaa" Qtaml Lm la Ftrar ?f iW Pnhm4 Tlfthk i:*MUiad*Ml c?vsnttew. mm Richmond I learn to-night ?*?* ? **"*y ?imm, on lb* beat MiUorHr, that General Robert K Lee to heartily in fbver of a wwiitot Be thinks the peeple of Viryinto sboeld moke every efibrt te evert their rota; that to to toto to talk of tivity. Ho acknowledges that the MB to a one, bat soya ho can euMr aothtog Appomattox. Commenting en thto says:??Wb? will now soy that Virginia will degrade and dishonor haiaoir hp acting uodsr the 8hemea tow t General Loo een new ho placed among the advocates of reconstruction." In thto eonneottoo the Hbuis'b PresidsnUal ticket for IMS to very farvrahly talked of hp the people of Virginia and creates groat enthusiasm. ? The Bnpplenenntnrp Reewnecruottwn Btll. The Sapplemsatary ? stuns! motion btll did act reach the While House until thto morning, and the President has certainly bad bet little haw to cmollir it te-day. It to not probable, therefore, that the veto will be sent in before Saturday or Monday, if at all. Otori Haakon at the WMtn The usual throng of offloe and paHtoa i at the Wnite House to-day. The Prsatdaat, however, has beta engaged daring the whole day with the moat ben of his Cabinet in Piling the blanks in the appoint ment list, mads by lbs Senatorial guillotine, and judging from the experience of tbe peat two weeks, they will have their hands full to the work of supplying victims for execution. Tbe claims of tbose aspirants la affioa who bad the championship of CUbtast Ministers occupied an much of the President's time that the outside appli cants in the hails and saleroom, who bad not yet boon entered far the race, were eonatrained to dafor their hopes till tbe light of another day. The Postmaster General, with hia bushel basket of applications, letters, Ac , has boon with lbs President nearly all day in etoaa consultation on tbe subject of thooe appointments, and but little else, except as above stated, boo received offi cial consideration. Approi nl of the BIN for Relief of Destitute Colored Pet-earns In tha District. Tbe President has signed tbe bill appropriating $15,000 for tbe relief of freedmen or destitute colored persons In the District of Columbia; also tbe bill appropriating $60,000, in addition to tbe amount heretofore provided, for expenses attending tbe Paris Ex position. Registration of Voters In Washington Under tbe New Mafrag* Law. Tbe registration of voters ender the new suffrage law has commenced In Washington. Tbe registration la the iirst ward shows the Macks greatly in the majority, tbe whites taking no particular interest la the matter. Secretary Stanton on the Floor of tha Hease. Tbe Secretary of War went to the House of Represen tatives ibis afternoon, at two o'clock, and remained until the House adjourned. It to said that tbe Secretary was before the Judiciary Committee touching the restor ation of property to pardoned rebels. The Baalaeoo of the War Deportment. The principal busineaa now being transacted at the War Department to tbe settlement of claims growing out of tbe war, and the transmission of Instructions In reply to interrogatories pat by tbe new Military Governors in tbe work of getting their establishments in running eider. The Callneterahlp mf Philadelphia. It to understood that tbe President to-day nominated to the Sanate William Goodwin to be Collector, and A. D. Hartley to be Naval Officer for the port of Philadelphia. The Albany Celleetornhlp. There to a quiet little fight going on about the Collec torsbip of tbe port of Albany. Thomas 8tovom and Peter Carmicbael are the most premtnsM candidates Stevens has been rejected once, bat to sMIt in the Bold, with ex-Senator Harris at his back. OsrmtohnM seems to be ahead now. Tbe Presto eat, in response m n resolution of tip House, transmitted to-day a letter from oar Consul, dated Toronto, March it, lacleetag a from Mr. K. Mackenzie, the United I ployed to defend the Fenian prisoners, in which the totter savs the Court of King's Hanah ban given n judg ment in the cane of Patrick MoGrath, one of the Ponton prisoners, and have confirmed tbe eonvtotlen. It will be reooUeotod that MoGmth wee tried at Mm November term of the eonrt te participation la the Pen Ian raid of June toot, as a ciUaon of the United States, end was acquitted. it Mr. Mackenzie autn foil acquit, besides plmOtng ever to the felony. He was convicted of the Many. 1 above elated. The const having parted from n tune heaered principle, there m no appeal, so tbe matter moot root. The Judgment in thto case may be said to end the Ponton trials, the remit of which is nineteen convict tons and twenty-two acquittals. Tbe original nnaebnr of Pratoa prktnm lodged la tbe military prison at Toronto wan niaety-atx or ninety urn The Amu ml AarartcM CMhh to UfMU Britain. Tto Secretary of Stat* reporta to (to President, wto has aanl his isUar to tto low, that tto coira*pa*flsacs nhun to tto smffi, imprMoamsat and tree i man! of American ctUscns in Oronl Britain or tto pravlnoea within two yean pact la Mill In ptognta, and thnofasa its pablteation at tto prissnt junctor* would, la tto opinion of the Secretary, to incompatible with tto pubiic interest. Mexican A Shirs?The Btatutlea hp the French. The President, in replying to an iaqoiry of toe Beans. encJoees tto following letter to that body OomciATS or ran Uarrn Srtna, 1 You Caps, Pet>. 28, 1M7. Si*?I have the honor to Inform yon to tag French transports base arrived toe* i Rob of February 21Tto Tartar* and Cbaraaie,the ranna, Villa or Lyon and Megars, the Owes, Torn Croa and (astfarilon* The following a. sailed:?On to* 24th, the transport Tamptam with 1,080 troops; on U?o 25th, tto Ardorbe^wltb 1,260 froopa; the 20 b, the Calvados, with 1,000 troops; on ths 27'h, the Fan, with 1,100 troops, and Yarn Crus, wHh 1,000 troops, on the 23tb. Throe thonsaad troops have hoan embarked, making in ail a total af 10,400 troops to ante. Marsha) Ba/aine Is I' "" *" ' 0*"" at tto vlHag* of itdsdad, ?om* thirty miles from this city, on tto fins of railroad. Tto em nslag rapidly, and tto it)imMii af i is that they vH all have embarked the French officers is that they previous to tto 12th *f March. The Custom Hons* of tkla eltv la ta glran ever to Kraaciaco Bcrea, tto former Collector under the Juarez government, and also under tto tnterveatton pravlow to the Convention of July 80, IOOOl Maximilian is reportod to bar* arrived at Qaaretoro on the 10th, with nearly all tto avallabto forroofhla party, say soma sight thousand man, nnmiatnflsfl by Consnils Marques, Minora*, Yidnant sad Meades. Tto liberals have a force of some twelve Ihooeand men around said place, under Eacobedo, Tree inn, Ooronn and ~ re in Vera r ? " others. Here in vers Cms tbe imperial Minorities ere enlisting any man they can tndnoe to do so. The contra guerillas, formerly under colonel Orpin (In number three hundred) have nenrl^all enlisted, _ They ars to bs commanded by Mariana Cnmacbo of Jala pa. Kvery thing la vary quiet here in this city. There have net been any officers quartered en the American residents since the 14th Instant. I have the honor to to, wHh grant respect, your obedient servant, E. H. SATI.NfKR, AcUug Fnlted States Consul. Hen. Wi H. hcwaaD, Secretary of hint*. According to tto Mat official isiormatiaa rsaalvad from Mealoa It appears that tto rvptibllcons bar* tor armies, wall equipped sad armed, each *f which canld ?aer haul* to Maximilian at Querouro. Of thaaa four arm lee only one, the Army of tto North, under tor* bedo, waa la fVonl of Qaeretaro. The Wsitern army, under Corona, and tto Central army, nader lngnlaa, were coming to Join Eaeobeda Should tbey make n junction the snoceia of tto republican* is aimoetooruin. Should Maxftnthan force ? beUI* end defeat Reoobedo ttonemla Corvna and Regulea will oder him bottle. Should they be defeated, Oeneral Piss, of the Eastern army, will be left intact and able to take can of Maxi milian. Mecclpta from Canton#. Tbe receipt, from customs (bom March ? te Id loolu ?Ire, at the porta below named, wet* aa follow* ?New York. 02,47*.Ml; Philadelphia, 0164,000; Baltimore. $104,012; New < irieaee, March 1 lo 9, $1 Id,ML Total, 03,204,out Whin pi waters In Ike Heath. The romptroilT of the ? ureeocy bee ed?lreared tti* followlag letter to Senator vbarman, Chairman of the FltiMoe Com silt tee ? WaMBMiwh, March 01, 1407. IhuaSm?Our National Bank Kiamlnrr is St. Lonie, Memphis and New Orleaus report, that ths city authori ties at then paints I .sue srrlp, or "shiuplwtem." pay able to the hearer, to nrestate M moaey. Not tree of this practice have also appeared to print. I eaeloee a printed slip, <ut from s Southern new .paper, sad also a letter from ths Carman net ton el Batik of Mempble, in reference to tto wacttoe. Samioa 72 of tbe lmernei in* net. passed Ma M Kav*n*e act. pawed March 8.1246, and amended July 13, ISM, impose* a tat of two per oentem nnoa the note* of say person, stale bank, or mate banking aeeorlatios paid out by any incorporated baak after August 1, I'M- hot 'bis ia act bread enough lo cover tto case in question. Wiser cities oaa flood their respect Iva actions with irredeemable ehlsplawter* without llmitettoir, I do sot know of any way I an and circulation ?k?w V ftoiffih ' i Tk* VtM <1 Cnnewla, TWnwrmiy af State, m mpmmioi hwNUw of tk* Bmiu, ?n the Department baa so kaiiatalp tkt u; salaried consul now ia offlce baa boon permitted te apprsprtale or baa appropriated to bia own aaa tw aad abeee the amount of aabny aaj paction; of these or aar other foaa atherwies than la eeafarmlty with the law aad aa authorised aad dliaolad thereby. The Comptrol ler af lha Treasury says he has no means of stating the aaaeuntef the fans, but that the serpiaa, after making the legal dadaaUoaa tar aaiary, he., la deposited with the State Departaaoat. nontenant Viaasrai Bharwaa baa i litrmit a letter to the Baadfaartera of the Army, dated Bt I-oule, March 1% 1MT, la which he says ah the treepa ia the Depart ments of Dakota, Flaue aad lllaaourt, embracing the Indian country, hare been aad are now being placed la position to afford the boat protection to the telegraph he plaint, aa wall aa te protect bp which the emigrant* travel or aaenhnnta aaad their geede deaUned te the mountain Territories. Theaa troops wlU occupy peeta randttp built, but tealgaed for dolbaco by s fraction of the garrison, wbilo the remainder can operate aacsoertsar expedMoae between tbe poeta. Commanding etOoars of thaaa peata or atatiooa will act against all people who rlolnle the laws of Goagreaa or who endanger Um Urea or property of our people, bo they white. Mack or coppor colored. "When thar* are no court* or ctril aathortttea te held or punish anah maleiactora we nauat," ho any*, "of aeoeaaHy aae the musket pretty freely, tne enlp weepon with which the aoldl*r ought te deal. Peaceful people, whites, blacks or Indiana, win bo loft to bo dealt with by tbe civil authorities and agents." General Hancock, in the Deportment of the Missis sippi, baa organised a special force of about fifteen hun dred men, with which he will proceed In person to tbe country of the Cbeyonnoe aad Kiowayg, below tbe Ar kansas, and -will there confer with them to aaoertain If they want to fight, In which case bo wlU Indulge them. If, however, they will assuro him that they will remain at peace, subject to their treaties and agent*, be will not disturb them, but Imprem on them the imprudence ef assuming an Insolent manner and tone when I he* visit our poets, and bo will imprest on them that it ia to their interest te keep their hunting parties and their young warriors off our main lines of travel, wheru their preaenaa glvaa tba ocoaaton for (ho many rumors which aa disturb our people After ho haa done this ha will distribute this force so aa to be again easMy aaeombed If the occasion calls for M. la like manner General Augur, In the Department of the Platte, ban prepared a Caroe of about 1,000 men to ho aaot under n competent commander. General Gibbon, to the region of country on the bead of Powder aad Yellow Bteae rivers la pualah the band of hostile Sioux who have Infected that road far the past year, have killed many people, and are at open wan Mo mercy should bo shown te the In dians ; for thoy grant no quarter nor ask for U. Pan awl Augur was instructed, if possible, bp means of rnaaors, to notify all Shui who wished te avoid the flate ef their hostile follows te come la te some one of our mili tary peats on the Platte, where we would food thorn temporarily aad torn thorn over to the care of their prop* agents Bat inasmnoh aa Congress ban lately provided for a commission to visit these Indians, aad as thaaa coaamlaaloaen have reached Omaha, tbe headquarters of General Augur, General Sherman baa instructed him to delay actual boatUltiaa until tbuaa Commissioners have exhausted their afibrts aad reported te him their Inability to Influence tbe conduct of the hostile Sioux by pool Ac measures. In reference to thorn two expeditions General Sherman aaya:?'"De fensive moaeuiea will not answer against Indiaao; we are tied down te long routes, and our detachments am no naaaaiffy small, hardly enough to build ahiltara aad gathar firewood, the materials for which ham to bo hauled two aad throe bundled milea, while the Indians more hundreds and thsaaaoda of mOafo taking with thorn their ponlsa, lodges, wives and ehfldien. They ere thna enabled at ens Umo te aMaok or molest ear rands at aae point, aad in a man or aa aaahn thair appearance at another hundreds of wttae distant, Our troops mast gat among them aad kill anangb ef them to inspire four, aad than meat ooa dast tbe remainder to places where Indian agents can and will reaide among thorn and bo bold responsible for ?Had Htm Mtrshtl r. It Patteraca, District of ' 1fam|iolilio Collector of Gmtom?Nelson & MmII, Detroit, Mlehl -Anthony W. Street, Salt Lake OUy, Utah; rintl?il Mu, Pilot Knob. Misooun; Lewis F. Doas ttrnio, Oipi GiimrdMML Consols?Obarieo MUae, of Vow Jemoy, at Cohosh, Bolivia; D. ?. Botes, of New Jantf. a Hamilton, C. W.: W. Hodaaa I-awToace, of How Jersey, a Moscow; a M. Provost, of Pnuytniil^ a Zaoatocao; George Gerard, or Pennsylvania, a Capetown. CsUmtert tf Imhmal Rmteane-Arthur G. Gorman, Fifth district, Mar/land: Jacob Weart, Fifth district. Mow Jersey; John B. Hoadloy, Fourth dtatriot, Now Jaw/. The fallowing BomioaUona wan rsjocted:? Saorpora y CWiiow^ Mowr^ W. Tiacogr, Phlladaiphla; jmmmntf Intamal Mtvmmt?F. W. Williams, Twelfth .?Ma district, Pennsylvania; Jobs & McKteraan, Nineteenth district, PrnnaylTtnia. A'aval Ogtcnr?Arthur D. Mark lay, Philadelphia. Rejections Mr the Mewate?Correction. The following nominations worn mteetod by the Son ale oa Tuesday and not aoahmad, aa terminally pnb Nahod:? OMtctain af Internal Mmiiim Oeotgo H. Grace, Sec ond d lot net of Missouri; Hoary CL Witter, Twenty third diatrtet of Pennsylvania; Hepburn MoClun, Kightoooih district of Peouaylvauia; David Caldwell, Savealaanth district of Pennsylvania, and George (Sanderson, Ninth district of Pennsylvania. formatter*?Allen P. Richardson, at Jeflbrsoa City, G-xwgo H. Swift, at Cuba, N. Y.; Albert 0. Clark, at Toledo, Ohio; Richard Hat haw, at Ana Arbor, Mich.; William Snyder, at Franklin, lad., and Jtemuel D. Trull, ? ^7. FORTIETH C0IGHE88. OTATK. WismscTov, March 11, 1MT. Mr. Monroa, ,iap.) of lad., riala af the Mlnnaaota Laglalatan, which won appro prietely raforrad. Mr. Mown (rap.) of Wta., pnaantad the anwstial af the Wiaooaata Logialatnn for aM la the conatroctioa of wUMnry mil, which waa referred. twsuxtiu oowraaaanow to oovann*a*T otsnsa.. Mr. Wiuaem, (rep.) af Oman, from the Finance ^ the Houae joint reoilutlea to as OowimlUet, reported the employee of the trot divit?on of the Currency the bene its of the raaotutioa giving twenty par Ira compeaaatloa to certain employee of tho gee coat extra compensation to certain employee of^tne gswr era meat, with a raooaunandaUoa that It be It waa iadetdltely poatpoaad. On motion of Mr. famiin, (rep) of Mo., tho Chair wan onthortnad to AM twe oxiating vacaacteo in Urn regaau of tho Snuthoeninn Institute. xxmnwran or vumw rsran maw tax. Mr. Mosmitx, (top) of Yt., lapartid from tho Finance Cnrnmtlteo the jaint rsmtaMsn exempting wrapping paper made ftnm wood or cornstalks (torn the Internal Revenue tax. It wan oanatdorad aad potood and goon In tho Proridcnt Mr. Wiuns, (rep) of Macs., ftnm the Military Com mittee, reported n Joint reeoluUen piecing certain Jroop* or Miteeort on aa eqaal fooling with other troops I Hon lo tho boaotf. Mr. Dhakb, (rep) of Mo., enlled for Ho consideration. After dtscemieo, in which Meant. Drake, Hondoraon, Corblu aad Thayer participated, the Joint reoolutiea Mr. Airrnosr, (rep ) of R 1., from the Committee on PriBiiog, reportsd n moot niton to mini dve " ' caipioo of tho report of General Humphries en the physics and hydrnuHos of the MMalmrtppl river aad tho y r?k?< uon of tho allnrlal region mm ovortow. ivQiitav iirro ran Aceorme or ran Lara ?prmtmriiaajtr Mr. Ammrr Introduced n i seel nil on Instructing the ? Committee on Printing to lanolin if thorn be any deflefta in tba accounts at the inte Superintendent of PriaUag, whether he made n contrant prejudicial in the govern ment, whether he bought more earner then he abeuid have bought, he Mr. Anthoav explained the etyeoi ef this rseolattea to be to remove certain false Impressions created by newspaper* an to the conduct ef the late flopsrltrtendent In making pnrcbam at paper. He reed a letter from Mr. Wendell, the gentleman referred to, denying the allegations made sonlnst him, tm* requset lag the Investigation called Mr by the committee The resolution was adopted. ran seta or ran*era to rarnwuir amjjonaawm ? Mr. CwAtrmnn, (rsp.) of Mh.-k, ftnm MMOowwnw on Commerce, reported a rtsoUMoa autborMhm American cittern* to dispone vsaraH to frifdly befllgeretit* under certain clrrntstesirse As the rsuuetd of Mr. Momma, (rsp.) of Mam.. II wag laid over For Mis pressnt. nun ism svuwouvrr pv ran ssexscrr taw. (vdRjdf HI. MtNduooda MR Ml ft* ftWMJr *a?nalbw (fee miiMh ii|M| ta? cbwf Junbw er m vmi4 mm* to appoint *? Mi jggltlnf thai ISO *S?M itntit by thoBMM 8mm DwiM MBRumuiiMiiMa Mr. Ohm, ami M mmMm Km ?mm ?? Ml hmmMii ft? IM?I tm wMpptag mpar mada iM maaC at~i?ata?t, whrih wrHMMMnki limlrilliMrw?*? effts Treasury, tfaUac nlc*r>. rriJ'Xi f|y? g^||g|| ||||^ ^ ?hlMpl?iMW MMd ?Crip M CttliaaCy. 1lM VMM MM saaearidand IfMid (fli Mr. Tbohmu. movad Ml mmmMmI axemptlag from internal iihh lax laddfta MM wholly Aran vwi Mr. Moaaiu. moved la aabahtale far the word "rid den" the wards "all articles ataWMluvl of wood." fhia Of&a fjiiiiriOd tOl Tba Mil as eaaeaded by Mr. Itisimaa tM tfeaa passed, and goes la tba Haaaa fir iBa>nmaa>, Mr. Wiuuaa called ap a jotat malaria* directing tba Soeratair of tba Iatarior to anansni tba operation of aa act for the rabaf af tba batiaefjehn K. Boullgny, paaaad daring tba Mat seaaion of Congrem. After dahata Mr. Joaaaoa, (dam.) of Mi., movai la poetpoue until ta-morrow, aai tba bmUom prevailed. mm mimam msa* bonus On niatlaa af Mr. manor, (rap) of Tanaaa. tba uu flaUhai bnataam of yuaterdar, which was tha Mil ta aatbortca tbaaalaof cartaia stacks la poaaoaaioa of tha ass ?bald la trust for the Chickasaw and Choctaw ^^^?which waa debated aai paaaed. ^^^?braaca am norms oa ***"* or MAuamotT. Mr. Moacuit, (rap) of N. T., from tba liaaaoa Oom aaittaa, raaartai fhvorably aa tha jotat resolution to ra mitor refund dupes on steam agricultural machinery imparted as models er for purposes of experimenting. It ims psatpsnsd until te-aaorrow. T*a renan or dotal slitb owns as vox mjivm n umaa in tju military mavicp Mr. Tamomu. oaiiad up Mm joint resolution ta sas pond rurtbar proceedings under tba set to appoint earn missioaers M pay loyal ateva owners far slaves anltrted In tba army. Mr. Oath, (dam.) of Ky., took tba bear and spoke at length la opposition to the resolution. He ebaraatortsed It as tha IIrat step in the direction of repudiation, being a breach of tba plighted faith of the government. Mr. SUDioavBT, (dene.) of Del, said beooold not rote to pay for negroes, bananas be did not think tha govern meat had any right ta (ska them or enlist them. Ma would net vote a dollar to reimburse himself for personal teams, nor acoept a dollar If voted to him. He hoped no slaveholder In the United States would accept a dol lar of H. The joint resolution waa then pamed?yeas 32, naya T. The nays man Messrs. Buckalow, Dor la, DoolttUe, John son, Patterson of Tana., Van Winkle and Wllley. Mr. Sritrtbury rated "ays" maoism, fa., a post m drutrbt. Mr. Cambson, (rap.) of Pa, latroduaed a Ml) to esteb Uah a pott et delivery at Chester, Pa., in the district of Philadelphia, with a surveyor at a salary of $300 per an nua, which waa passed. tub rAitaa axmamow. On motion of Mr. Wilson it waa resolved that the Committee oa Foreign Relatione be instructed to eon rider the expediency of poeeing a resolution expressive of Uw esses of the nation that the American deport ment of the World's Exhibition at Paris shall not ha opaaad oa tha Sabbath day. na additional ommmaATfosi to oovaasnnurr mruuat The House bill to include the employee of the Quarter

master's and Commissary Departments with those whose salaries are increased twenty per cent by the resolution of last aaaalcn earn# from Uw House, ant, oa motion af Mr Williams, waa indeflnitely postponed. Bxacvnva SMStoa. The Senate, at twenty minutes past four o'clock, want Into executive session, and soon after adjourned. housx or UfiauuTiTn. Wiwuiwiw, March 91,1M1. IBB ABBinOXAL OOMPHWAlioB >0 GOVBBBBBBT tMTWtm Tha raadlng of the journal having been dispensed with, Mr. tscHBXti, (rap.) of Oh to, on laara, tatiw dnead a joint resolution to extend to tha employ 6s of the Quartermaster's and Suhatatenea Depart meals at Wmhiagtea the previelooa of the joint reeolutiea giving twenty par cant niMHIanal com panaaUon to certain employes in the civil eeivtoe af the Washington. tt 1 Deludes niscthnahw. n and other amptayoa af thaaa Da ? kr. Bouua, (rap.) of Ind., suggested lie eUffimina to laborara In the navy yards, fcs. Mr. gcnancK explained that there had been an advanaa of wagea made to those laborers which trough! them op I to a point as high as if they had twenty per eent added to their original pay. Mr. Julias, (repo of ind., atalod that Uiey bad bad ne I recent increase, and that they were abeotately starring Item the iaeaOcleney of thatr pay to support their tanf Mr. Bbiuabib, (rap.) of Me., suggeated its extension to the employes la the govern meal printing office, and Mr. Ohmthr te tha lahotw a m tha Fatant Office. ? fa thaae and te ether aeggeetione Mr. Scamat replied that while he would not oppose each eyiaasteae if they 'imply those eomtojM, to bo laoladodT He 1 The piano? Bitten was paaaad wMhont a dtviriaa. ? The 8nMxm proceeded, aa tha (bat business in order la the moratag hear, te the call of innimffiaaa for re Mr. Wane*, (tap.) af lawn, from the Judiciary Com. sittee, reported beck tha Senate bill to provide far a Metric* and Circatt Coert af the United btates far the district of Nebraska, with aa amendment giving the Judge af the Klghib eiroait $1,000 additional salary to defray his travelling After illsi iissniii between Meaara. Wilson, Eldridge. was rejected and Boatweil aad Spalding, the i the bill paued. m Ear out or nrs mnwrrnat on rrrmjc sxrxxDirram on Mr. Haiacan, (ray) of N. Y., chairman of tha Com mitteo on Public Expaodiuirw, stated that the com* 'mMte had taken taathnany which apparently Inculpated one er more luambsra of the Senate, and that the cam* mi Use deemed it proper to report it to the Hoove, an that snob action might he taken as comported with the courtesy due from oaa Bouaa to tha other. Ha oShred uu following reaolatioa I Reaelved, That the IIoum, baring been informed by oae of ite committees that testimony baa been brought to the I knowledge of mid committee, which testimony ^^m^^m onr or mere membera of the Heaata.^^^^H knowledge of mid imamiuee, w"hict> teetunoey spperently inculpate* one >>r mere membera of the Meaata. the Honm therefore tllrevu that all auch le'tlmoov be tranamltted to lbs Senate for Ma Information. Mr. brAtjHDD. (rep.) of Ohio. taqSirrd whether the resolution contemplated any further continuance of this Mr. Hrvarni> replied thai it did not 1 Mr. T*au, (dam.) or K. Y.. stated that, aaaneof tha nilnortty of the committee, be did net agree to the is efba evtdeace was, to bte mind, entirely Inauf gt to base such a revolution open, and be naked that tt should be rand te the House. Mr. Hri.Hrac stated that the report Just submitted wa> based on the testimony takes by Urn committee last session, together with the evidence of one witness who iiad appeared before the committee of the present Con rrcrn, aad If the Houae should require the reading of all the teeilmocy it weeld probably occupy six days. Mr. Kinww.a, (dam) of Wis., inquired of Mr. Mai* bard why be weald not stem the fhom, to that tha Bouse might act underrtandlngty, and not send lortb a virtual leineechmewt of one or mere nwontors withaat knowing the tesllaaoay on which tbo action la founded. Mr. Hct-nrsn bad net the allghteal ohjeoWoe to having the teat i atony reed. The committee had reflected some, what on the subject, and bad come te the ooachmlon that it wu more courteous, more dbcuroce, and would give least standai not to have the testimony read, bet to have t transmitted to the Senate for Its Information aad aotiw. Mr. B?*Hta. (dem.) of H. Y, objected te the nee of the word! "apparently ineulpatlng Senators." Incul pating wm a very hard word, and be aebmttted that the Housqwm net qelte prepared to use It In reference to Banenwa. Ha wee quite satisfied that the matter should be referred to the Neaat* for lie action; but no language iffionid be used that could be considered dtecourteoee. He aaflymtiil that inrteed of the words "epperiatly In . .ilpetlag, the scrd? "aflectlng or harlog reference to ? need. ?n< the reeoiniion he se modi fled ?????BW testimony committee at the last eetmoo affecting thorn Senators Mr. nam rioted that the teatlmony taken by the fderstoodto be Mr. DaoHUle end Mr. fit anon, of Two., kmwnwxl ind eirendy been pubtiehed In the New York paper*, a*d irtif. aad wm therefore within the eagataaace af the Senate, the teaUmaay taken tbla morion, and aa whlah Ithe resotatton was based, should be road to the Heuas Mr. BaiostALL, (rep.) of Fa., another member of Mr. BntottAtx, (rap.) of Fa., another member of the uuiammsi. stated that ha had no objection te ffia rend; bat be wiabed tt distinctly ander ?ftthe? Mood that th* majority af tha < tear tha publicity sought to be given to the tesrimeayH | Mr. Bhnhab, (rep ) of Ohio, laqaired bow the heerie could taxeaction upon A withaat having ? rand and rSk^M^x'r^ed'that that was a matter far the I Senate Itetif to determine, but he did ant sen whet woald prwent the Senate having the testimony read I with closet doors. ?Mr. Noma. idem.) of Mo., another member of the ?mmMtat, declared Mmseb willing te agree te MM resolution jrtthout bearing the testimony of all the wit. ?< had only hoard the testimony ef one witness afmrnmrnffimmmmijism it (tfgmt examined his rnarioa, aad ha did not (teem it saffieiant to jaatlfy he ranriutloa. He did net understand that a committeesharged with certain apecHIc duilea had tha right t? gotutaide of those duties aad to emmti.ote Itmlf Into a gnat inquisition Into the conduct of cillrana gen The SrnMna affiled that It waa too lata to make ibe point of effier, and evea if It Bad b-en made in time he would bar* overruled M, because the whole subject or the admlulfration of the New York ''ns^em House wm referred to hat committee. After sons farther dtaaumien the previous question wm moved Sid seconded end the reeotutton agreed to, aamAva roe rm aawovtt. or om.tscro* aevrmt Mr. Hittntka than reported the follow tag raaotultoa: - ?eeolved, TJel it It tha mnea of this House that Heyy A. Pmrifce Aboun be immcdtetety removed from taei nnliertor tie eon er New Tort, sod th?? the therh el inert __ Meeee earns a ?wrtmed onpy of this naoliitloe to bo laid bofeto the FmMent of the I'tJtod SleSee Btrvum, (rep ) ef Mm, eapoead MM raaoluttnn. " " "de Houae * fhers was oae way by wMnh this House ahoeM i the ramotal ef a high officer?that wm (by Impeach men Three wta no ether way. The it ease did not rvqeeet thr reamval ef aa oflker ef hie ? apart or, er of his orcein fltce, er of hi* no uoaap I rater, but dement led it la the ntme ?f the people ef the (felted Mates, of tb? high eeertof Jtbttcc wffiMtshed by the coast Motion for King IM ?* law mm ?Hi? ?stoat/ i> h til aaoagn uUmiw^H af hiatalthtalOomiaoM. nr. RiitiU, ??)?rPH, ?1111 dw^^H ?MO lb* I?a?II? wm w?i ? uncalled Mr. Km oahed Nr. Ran*ill ?W should b^^H thoPmetdeat refmm to romovo Mr. ta^t* T ?"? Kuwu IMM UMtf If the rwrtot ? what ? MMw?-Mt?iiill, m?H>fc? reeo tnttam to?tad Meows business.. (Langhtor.) He coo mured la the oplnioa that Mr. Smyths nhouid be re- i HMM, If net tor n?lfe??ice, oertalaly tor units?a. I hoar here expired and Uie retaliation ^^^^?to-inoiioa. r*a vmnmy iiup m, the On? then by a rate of 71} to II want into Com orittoeef the Whole on the etale of the Union, with Mr. I? to the chair, a? resumed cob side ration of the Banal i totat resolution appropriating 9l.aoo.000 tor the Mt resolution appropriating $1,000,00* tor the of Hw ?M?? people of the Ho?| All general ??tag ordered to be closed in two minutes, Messrs. ?HiM)f?Wared to be closed in two mluuu-s, Ranks and Bingham withdrew their pending amend- I ?mh Mr. BiauaaM than offered aa aw?dm?t le strike out of tba Joiat resolution the words appropriatiag " owe mUltoa of dollar*" and iaaarting thoee words:?"And to that end the Secretary of War la hereby authorised and directed, through the 0?toslaswr of the Froed ?en's Buraao, to apply no oiuoh ? bo nay deem neoee ?17 tor the ?up?an aforoaaid of the uaexpoaded moneys heretofore appropriatod to smpply freedmea and fofogeeo with provisions or ntteoh " Mr. Bingham a*, plained that ir the amoodmont was adopted the bill would a? make aa additional appropriation of one dol lar, but would simply enable the Commissioner of the Fr?dmon's Bureau to extend raltaf aooerdteg to the ton?of the aitgtaal resolution to an oh ? are famlahlag tar want of broad la the Southern States. Mr. Brruca made a speech against the amendment and the Joint rasoiattoa, declaring that it was iatanded la aid la this way the able bodlad white rebel*, who were looting round comer grocery stores refusing to work, ?fifilhta?or ??MtaMMtoHifMMta while the mudsills of the North wore foroed to work. I Mow latsg, bo asked, should the naodaiHaof the North support in buy, whiskey drinking idieae? the aristoc racy of the death f He desired to enter hi* protest against the bill la whatever form It ran?, even if by mwa^nnrtnei-da w? about to say chicanery? vNh Are mi nates. Referring to the speech of Mr. Woodbrtdge, aoa? days since, la which hp uaotod the text "Vengeance is mine, and I ail repay," Mr. Butler ?id that eeeordiag to that Men the Almighty w? working aat his vengeance among those aery people around Richmond, Saalaborr, Milton aad Andersonvilto Aadaraoav^B who bad stood by Union soldiers dying of starvation. I Ha thought Uwt a little starvation weald glvw them an idea of the suffsriaga which thsy had witaaamd without atrtvlng to alleviate. Mr. htaloivo aopportad the Joint resolution. Ho eonfaa?d to bavin?had some wavering of opinion la ^?(Mr. Wood) remarked that this appropriation of 91,000,000 w? a premium f? the persecution of the rebels, ho w? brought to ? atagd. Ho could tally ap preciate the feeling! of tho gtatleman Just betora him HMBftiiBMM ?an radtm?gm?m?g? | (Mr. Covoda) who? son bad has* reduced to the point of starvation la una of tho rebel prisons. Mr. Coram, (rep.) of Pa., Intorrapltag, remarked that he bad seat quite a number of packages of provisions to the Booth while prisoners were starving there. He had seat them, with due caret through General Butler, ? Fortre? Monroe, but not one onnce had ever reached the one re. He would regard that ? hia doaattoa to the ^?theru people. Mr. Se<i.i>n?i, resuming, repeated tho remark that he | could appreciate the force of the appeal made by the gentleman (Mr. Covode). No she "onld nontemplata the seen? that took place in rebel prison' without emotiona of horror. Mot only wore prisoners starved, hut they I were shot dead after they were Induced by offers of food I to era? tho dead lines. Ha (Mr. Spalding) bad had his I two only aous dragged to a rebel prison. They wore not. to he aura, reduced to the point of atarvation; but they ?? doaatad to ^ very much ?Bering. If. bownvar, thoy had aufbred ? hto friend's (Mr. Oovoda'sl soaa had auf firi^ ?d If thi bmo who t?n mpossibh tar H earns on the pelat of atarvatioa bo could not to hto door atone hut raapoet the appoal to hto hamantty. ? Mr. woomoumo, (rep)of Vt., for the porno?of she w ?>g that the Union soldiers who had sag?od in rebel tog thai the Union eotdtora who had and?ad in robot prisons worn ihem?lvea in tar? of thto Mil, road from a New York papor a latt? from a soldier aow living in lttrtlaad, vt Mr. Uxmx, rrep.) af 111., whHe not iwdlithg that aa an argnment, quoted against It the reaolultona adopted I In the meeting of tho aaaortattouw of tho Brand Amy of ?o Republic, in Waalnngton, Now York and al?whom. ? Mr. Wood?onus declared that if aach aaaaatationa coo toatad of aaMMcs thay warn wanting in Ihn taut element ; distinguished a coward ?? a baawa man. (Ap ise on the floon) Mr. Bnoaaiog suppertod taMHHHi ta???ta M waaid ha adopted, and that ^ amawdad would bn punned. ? hBv^v ?? to to with the passage or tod?t of the reooluttoa. He i of tho gioriaa? from Mod^o^?u^hayo?^agato gr?o who had aovor had the oppettoalty of ^Bto know whether ho was a brave tocbtoujexana--to know whithar ha waq.a bawve man or not If thtora?utlon panned hhwuadd propo thto hka aid ha graotod to thasa who aoa suffering from ?undation in the nhto and Mbntoto?Mlto? i ? Mr. hcrum, ratarrlng to too Insta?ton toado by Ml ?ioodbrldga the other toy that pm (Mr. Butler) wm ml id ho ?oread to ho^m^aaMed iiUng to be ataatod to the Thirty rdSSt?H* ha bad ?Id any suet moans to any that la? a itoliamaa I am very much obliged tolim. (Laugh?r.l As to IhaMrioaof the eol?ara of the Brand Army af the Republic, I nomvod anaollcited, a reootatloh approving of my oo Jong aa I have the approval of tho eotdlorv of tho aaaay 1 can vary wwli to without that of thoee ?ft cusbkma of ibis Bourn during ^^^^^?VtLaofrhtor from tho democratic side.) want an tar a conaidarabl* time and with a?a considerable ?parity ?f tastlag, and w? partlci p?od to by Mmn Scbonck, Lawraaco of Ohio, Pyie. MHmt, Faraoworth, Braomall, tamilabarger, Butler and la the bo ui? Of IK Mai* Mr. Bonn spoke gf Mr. Btagbam ? having pai ovor I* the other side of the House, aet oalr la body, but in spirit, sad reminded hla of what "that gnat and food man," President Johnson, bad doae, while ProvMwnal Governor of Tennessee, la taxing wealthy rebels to support poor (amities Mr. Barnaul, in noticing Ids allusions, said:?It does not become a genUeossa who recorded his vote ftfty times (Mr. Btantsns suggest? flfly-seven times) for the arehtnutor of the reholilon for the Presidency of the United Mateo to undertake to cast an imputation either ? my integrity or on my honor. I ropei with scors and contempt aay utters nee or that kind by any mas, whether be be the hero at Fort Pisher taken or the hero of Fort Fisber not taken. (Boers of laughter on both ?Moo ot the House, lbs democratic si? of tbs House manifesting peculiar enjoyment of the scons.) I ai*> stood here, aw, in the name of the American people, to repoi with scorn the attempt to lory charities by con?? cation, in violation of the constitution of my ooontry. Thai, str, m the proposition which the gentleman (Mr. Boiler) oeeiree to utter in aa American Coagreee in the seared name of charity. (Applause and laughter, i Mr. Bt'Tusa roae to reply, hut the Chairman announced the Ume to which the Hoase bad iuaittd debate tiad that the I dkptred. Mr. Bonn asked the privilege of the Bouse to reply to the acnUemsn fram Ohio. The ChAmsss sold the gentleman could not ask that privilege of the House when the House was la Com mtttae of the Whole. Mr. Elmupoii, idem.) of Wis., expressed the hope that the sentleman from Massachusetts would get the oppor tunity be asked. It was a subject which hie (Mr. Sl dn?e'a) si? of the Hoosa would like to beer ven Tbe Oaissab said that the committee would have to rtsa tor that purpose, ss the committee was acting under a direst order of the House, cloetsg debate. The committee ruse, having Brit agreed to Mr. Bing ham's emendment ofibred when the Hon? weal lint into committee UMitjr, Mr. I boa asked unanimous consent to speak fof too minutes. Mr. KLaattMis sxp reared the hope that the House would a? "bottle up" up the gentleman from Maeaaebuseiia. (Laughter.) Unanimous consent having been riven, Mr. Hemes expressed his indalte obligations to the House for ita kind nana aad said:?1 have never concealed the faet, wbtoh to now so offensively pat forward, that I voted for Je?rsoe Davis 1a the convention of my party fltty-mvoe times. I thought him tbo representative man of the South, aad hoped thereby lo sore tbo threatened dis union which appeared la the distance. 1 was foiled, and stoontoa coma. Tbo dlflbreaeo between as nod the honorable sea'.toman from Ob? In Ibis?that while Jef fereoa Davis was a Banal or of the United States aad was claiming to be a friend or tbo Union I supported him, while the gentleman (MT. Hlagbem) supports him while ha Is s traitor. 1 have changed my support. (taugoter.) I saw the error at my ways sad repented. Bat 1 did not expect a Mow to ? aimed das n that direct ion from the at? of the Banes which snppn?d htm then, has tapaaried him ever eta?, aad Is still supporting him sod Ms friends < Laughter end applause.) (Mr. Bingham s seat is ? the demtmrear at? of the B?ss. Inroarnaj I SM art asaa to Impugn dm h?or or latogrtty of the ?? Uemaa (ram Ohio. 1 ? ly said that 1 thought ho was leading too other ot? of tbo Boo?. Mr. Hmuaaa-?If the gee tie men had ?sllBed hit war? by saying ho thought so I should a? have mid Mr. Birrua?I never apeak anything I ? not think. (Leaghtsr end applause.) I will try to repeat the words 1 awed. I said the *?tlemeu had go? in ?frit, as ho had go? la oody, aver to tha other side of tbo a?? I thought so th?, I thtak so now I said no thee, I my ee bow?(lugbiori?end I cannot take It bach, sir. i Meaifhetaiions of encouragement) The gentleman has had the go? last* to attack me for the 1?0? that I C?M ant ? ?y more injury to the sworn I?of myooee try. I dM the boot I eoeld. inner m? ef mors ability e?M ? more, ?d ae man M reedy to si?them bmh?* plaudit fur their \ slor, their dlecreti? ? d thoir eoBau<* i lute mywrif. Because I oould cot ? ntcre I toR exceed Ihsiv oneartaed II iturttu the war the *?? lean?from i- iM^S^smi d<d ? much -1 did in that dim lion, 1 ehnuld no glad lo reoogitixc Gist much deaei but the ualy vmtlrnwf ta? gecttetoaas peeweae that I know of was? innocent woman banged apoa_ lbs sen?id. His oaty victim is the war woe one Mm. Burr?A I can sits?la the memory ef Pltrt. Usher if he aad hMamaoi at? e? mi.utre him lo the bleed ef s worn?tried by a by e military oemoiMsioe aad cosdsmned wtthoat sal A ei?t evidence, ts my judgment. Mr Bnwimaw srted sod ohrei?d A? mine's* to repty. Me setd:-Alter t? yearn of service la Ihte Mosee feoti ?me.i will took la vrta for coy remarks of Mitae persoMl to mar? men en this floor, ? when I was greintoaeiy creep? by e?hers. 1 have etmervsd us am?itr of de?ts end the amen 111 the eat? ur of de?te end the amenity of i ?ct eat "f the House in such term. 1 trait, ? estitles me to tbo respoot ? d oonst?rait? of tbewe who know mo beat. Hut tha gonllam? (Mr. Bettor), while be miks ei matter* of Mate call ehooese to ? institute him ?elf iny judge toucMan the integrity of my oonduet as e ?Bora r?pr?w?loUvo ot tU? uuoui* had wb? h* ?a? to amke to* reply to me, (heft* tolllM boMTM himself aad aa i ii)uh||c6 !? up*, mtovliiMI I# q-WllfF ble MB* jodcro-nt by saying iktl he Mbr mi4 k? thonght m Wr, if he Us I mid at Brat that he Itonkt m M Nnr ?nM have disturbed my equanimity. tor 1 would bar* oatxvmed my?alf tww an m>mb aboat wbto he thought as I mould about who killed Cook lsl?a (Laughter ) Tba poaUeman baa show* ibe mm* want of ron* id'ration lor the rigMa of others ta tba naiarlra which ba baa Just made by favor of tba Heron By what right daaa ba aeatoitoto htaaaalf a judge to My ??' me. and toeey of man vha wars bto iwaio ia tba (iota of conflict vbaa tba aartb qaaked, that tba blood of innocence Is oa tof handef Dew tba gea ilamaa mean t<> aay by bia swoeplag Jaggmnsi tbat ft tt alao oa tba heads of tbaM bmra am wbc vara aaaatt to tad by t,.i warrant of roar I fuel duct a court la pro DOC ore tbat final judgment without wMeta nobody oould bara l.oao executedf Sir, I apil H la tba laagaaga ?) a man tbo laicbet of wbosa sboaa tba gsnllaman *a not worthy to unloose, who said that wo sbookl patiently hear first, sad roa-id-r and pronounoe Judgment ' wards. In tbo languor of tba rrsat load High Gto lor of England, notwithstanding lb cynical poet tbat b? was tb.i greatest, mankind 1 will ray that whether the blood of Is Is <>a my bsnda or not, I leave to tbo rbantobio i of men aul to future *??>. On ibo groat question n noted with 'be annac.deatioa or tba chosen of ilia people, by wbtch he was cut <tuwn in tbo preaeaee of bia rtbtc Ing countrymen. not fur in- odium bat Tor bia rUMaa, murmuring, as bis groat ami w.-at ap ta tba ooanaa father of us a*l "obarltv lowanls all, and malloe towards none!'* It wan fir that the means by wbtob his taking of waa accomplished should ba aaoertainad aad deter mined. When summoned la do it I protested tbat I war not equal |to tbo tank, and those who called ma to tbal work know hast with what nliciance I aatared nnea lb But with my owa prwant oaviouuii, aad wKh tba records that iiaro gone to the country aad the world, I defy the gentleman s rai "iuy. Her the fall or tue >|>oakar'a hammer announced tba termination or Mr. Bingbeia's fiva miners. Mr. Srat-nw. (rep.) of Pa.. moved tbat tba House ad journ, remarklnk that tba mantbara bad bad no ugh of this matter. N?yaiived. Mr. Rons, (<ium i uf 111., miggested that Ian minutes additional should be given to -Vena.a. Bingham and But ler. Tba Hons* again went Into C ?mmHtee of tba Whole aa tba Btata of tb? Union. Xr Bliine in tlia clwir, and *e ?limed the ronHld.irati u of Ui.i j, lot ri<e>4uti?>a Tits various amend in nts ofTen-d by B.-sare : cbanck. Butler, FarnswuriU, Pyte, efcellalMrger, Bruomall, Logan and Others wsra vol?*l upen end iqfocted. Tba amendment uOot-d by Mr. I/man, providing that the expenditure "hall n >t enend h y.uj tlie epprupr a tlons already made for the Kroedmeti'a Bureau, was adopted, which sensed Mr. Soombi^, (rep.) of Pa., to ask whether tba repub lican party wm again triumphant The comsaittoa then roe** and reported ibe bill, aad tba Bourn seconded tba previous question upon It. oojumvm oa mHN Avjos ssn laivw. Mr. Ba*e?, (rap.) of Mom, from Uw Committee oa Raise,to whioh was latorrad the r?*>liiUoo of dr. Baker some days ago far tba appolutm-ui ?f a oominium ou labor, reported a rale that there shall ba ap,H>taiod ai each Congress a Committee of Education and Labor, to coasim of nine membera. Adopted. nxncwnvN cxwucsjcatimw. Tba SitttH prsaontad Executive oanntnnleafioas M follows ? From the Tnwmuor of the (Jnned riiatss, transmitting aa account of tba racetpta and axpandl. tana for tba Foal Office Department for MW; from tba Secretory of lbs Interior, transaaitting aattatauw of ap propriations to fotdl treaty stipulations wHIn ipo CUecu koea of tba Mississippi; alio reaoiutioaa ef the Soldiers' ? sod Ballon' Union of Washington Oily. tub yax am uvuanm uvs asoca. Mr. DOWIBU.Y, (rap.) of Minn., unwonted tba mantanal of the Lsgislatun of tba iftoto of Minnasnta. aaking far n repeal at wo muob of existing laws aa imposes a duly oa bra stock imported Into tbo United Ha ten, un okast waarao. Mr. Windok, inp.) of Minn., prmsalii a memottal a# tba LagUlatun of Minnesota fur a gnat or la?da to aid In the construction of a wagon read from Ui? western lino of the State of Minnesota to Hilana, In tba Terri tory of Montana. Mr. Wilms, dbaalnm"UmCommit!?*< mths to dietary, to Whlcb waa referred tbo inquiry of toe H peak or aa to ibe mileage of members of the Fortieth Congress, reported that membera who warn mmthmu ?f the Thirty ninth Program are ao? entitled to moat*, any payment of mileage until ton iaat dm of the commencing the torn Monday in December. IM7. maraoaa ranx ran ransnmsT. Tba SrsikiR also presented mamagm from tba rrsat transmitting Informal.on la reference to the with er Fmnah troops from Moxioo; to the imprison M of Ameneantotumnoin Oreat Britain or tto prorutem, nod in retatnam to Mia into trial of Amoatoaa eitmona ? Canada) wbtob wore referred to UtaCommtusw anforwlga tftoira Tba efiort to get a vou this evoamc on toe pasaaga at tba bttl for too relief of Bootharn daaUmtoa having bean-triad and abandon ad, up Hoam, at hnifpaaa Boa ?'dock, adjournau. Heetimf of tk? Wmr T?k Bejra Union State 'SPECIAL TEH6RA1 Tt TK WUU. OwnMm M DalTtrwl M Mk AriImi AHcwIir N?ar?M to fato tor Man* km of the Mate Constitutional CoavwntlOT? Aptcy Debate. Sec. AUUXY, March St. U01 At tbs meeting at tbe RtptkUm Uatoa Bute Cianat Committee to-dwy a nqr Uaijr i jwt of universal salfrage m 4 uooal Cmvmum, Cbertos K fpeeeto, of N -w York, (And tbo followieg resolution* Resolved, That tato the Plata Committee of tto Union republican party of tbo Praia ?f Vew Tort racotnloo * one at iba dootrlaoo of tbe party efeeao a*anasilatoMB we are tbo right of every cutaaa la apalinr baton tbo law, sod congratulate the country upon the net loo of rnauy hitbano prominent, tobls la tbo fltoxtoro tiatoa la ibalr recognition at the sttnalisa oaO oti'iir naoo m the action of Congress giving to the Mack man a rota Resolved, That our graiiticatioa by naooo of rhMae tlou la mingled with profound lag tot aad ami a a Mmm eooujrb ^ooiiotfuit off Mmi A MMPtotjpJy of Mils oloclM^I by republican votes, hnvs been round tbta day to op aiesce with all tbe democrat < of that body atcpt one la repudiation of universal snBrsga, aad coaseq wnt daalaf to tbe Maelc man of a right la vote for datogatea la Mm Oeastlhi clonal Convention. Resolved, That in the formailcn of a constitution all wboaa ri"bw af pntroia and pc* perky are to ho guarded aad protected by It, aba ere eaale oHlneaa. af acae aMad, under no disability or trennon or crinra aad ?f the nan or twenty-one year*, am entl'led to a voice; that th? la aa original, inherent aad maiieflabl# right Of which tbar candoi bo deprived without great wrong aad tnjaottns Kevolved, Tbat wa ?wruanilv and rsapaciful'/ ragaaat members of the Assembly e!eciad by repubtleaa wan to reconsider tble action, aad relieve Iba repaMama party ni this State 1mm itta deserved lopiuauh of advo cating tbe right of tbe negro abroad to vote and deny lag it to bim at homo. Resolved, Tbat la tlie nuine of tbo repuMtna party af this State wa ask (or <?? mmodUia passage o a bill yr viding fur tbe election hirn?dlate passage o a mil pro of dalcgatoa to a Ceantattoaal i weary >f dVlaya aad dbagrcw ronveatlon; tbat wa are weary <>f delaya aad ataagrce liicnis, and tbat tbe pnrple hare the rtgbt to (Mail seasonable compromise and prompt aottoa front adr reprtwauilvs*, and tbat 'heir w.M bo not dofaalod. a atonay debate aa ibaso raacui mas waaaaanad aa b> several bourn l>vtw?-*o 'be radical aad eeaaarvattva faction* of (be committee. 11 race Braslay war la attaadaaaa la paraoa, urging the adoption of Iba I ttour, altboogb not a member ef iba Spencer debated ilia matter wttb groat spirit, < hie aaeonmten as worm tbaa Wade Hampton aad ibo reconstructed rtbaia of tbe Sooth. Mr. Aobertssa, of tfeatchsatar, Mr. Andrew Bleak ley, af Raw Tort, and others oppeeed the roaoiuttaao aa its pail tie aad gga geroua to the party at this lime, rejected by the following rote:? Auaissr tub Ratoccnoas.-Jamss TerwtIHgurL Bleak lav. Mania B. Brown, H. IX Harris, K. A. Mvrriu. iemee A. Bel. B. Cornell, Charles G Kainaaa?lb Is Faroe or tub Raw mm .n.?Charles W. H Uleaaon, Charles W. ttodard, W. H. Mat Isaac I tar ton. Waldo Huictita*, Hum Famagtoa, ( W. Pataaar-i The eommiuee (baa adopted a resolution i party oearsai was (or the 8th of April la cbmae candi date- for delegate* to the Cuastitattoaal Oaavaaftaa if the pending bin eoeuid paaa in aaasen. ARREST if the ?arkhw rowers it thy. Tuot, Morsb M. l?g|. On iba evening of the Ittb Into. Iba abam eaas af Mr. Emanuel Marks, Jeweller, mending aa Mto lltowtofc, la rroot of bia at ore oa Rtvsr at mat. la ibia oi|p, waaoad doaly robbed of twenty-Urn hundred fnlag arortb af diamonds Tor some days ao dtua con to bo bat la Iba thief or thtevua, an adwIMr was tba "bout" aaada. Chief daiaotlva Lemuel RurWrort, of Otto oNy, bad alraag auaptoleaa of a attoagar, wbo bad boon loath* arooad Ibo eHy tor aorao to tbeftoaa ?Nf? aa "Boston frank. '? who i ben about thai tlmo. aad wboto Mr. Hurttort haloed lived la Providence. lb L PaiugiapMag to Pnvt. denoc, Boston Frank was awosiad by oflbar Bfiuone aad locked up to await a dtaaordtlna. Mm aaaaa MRhIR Clark, and be a a noted Now Turk, Bsolua aad Change operator, travelling .mm aity to any oa uiadaiiry earns atom, usually with ouch raouH as tbe ammaod totoaiy^ now exposed la a said in be res peat akiy esmnetod (af Ronton. Oa h>i arrival bora be uapiieoieu dtoaao Tbaia-" toe, Jamas Morris and Wtibam 4?> wu-pe^. aMsf tola ally, aa acaoiupMomi la Iba robbery <*? * ** rtngu was tound open Merrta A>' vf tbyftlalpaala to the taoft, N la aaw tolls'a. t, are loetod Sf'? "to ?? added that "Boatoa fw^er ibab bw aold otic half af tba dlsinasto la JamatTtoratoa, tag at tba arratoad part tea tor lbs sato ef pro. ' tiCtoRAR UflW-ATURE. Oavnorr, Mich., Marab ?, WfT. la tba RiaM SaaaU yaatordnr M"Verncr Crape'* to* af i be Fere Baron sad laasdag ftiiliito bUI maotota^ uaaa .ad rmaltod ta too toil totag mm,_laaktottoi v?^ rU inorsisg tba Bevaraar mot la tba Boaala Iba vetoe* If t-OTir toinstd billa oa the aama grouada aa Iba Tto Bunato toab a veto oalwo tolbg tolto h?i lsrksd strength to nam them. Tto etton wsru tobito rhb|.rotobif fdlflR tn Hit# nlpi f |P?ir