Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1867, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1867 Page 6
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NEW YORK HERALD. Hftr1 OOKOOK HBNWBTT. EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR trnn a. v. oount op wlto* a*? kawao m. Volume XXXII 1*' 31 TRIPLE SHEET, New Vor!>? Friday, M?refc iN, 186Ti TBI VIWI, EUROPE. The n??ra report bp the Altentio cable includes ad v tern from 1 .undue, Parte end 9L Petersburg deled yesterday ei suing, March 2L Lord Derby premises e liberal reform bill for I reload. Napoleon's foreign poll07 he? been endoreed In tbe French Legislate!# bp a verr Urge mqjerilf, egelnel the attack* of MX Thiere and Jo lea Favre. Garibaldi ban been elaotea to the lUUnn Parliament in three different cilia*. The incorrectloe egainat the Turfciah authorities Is eiteadlng rapidly in Tbeaealy. The Russian campaign In Bokhara t* aeepended tor a season. Coaaota cloaee at 91X for money, in London; an ad raaon. United State* tve-twenties were at T4H In Lon don, and 77 X la Frankfort. The Liverpool ootloa market closed dull and heavy, with middling upland* at lSXd. The Mencheeter trade report U very nafaveraMe. Breadstuff* quiet. Pro viaena generally naehnaged. CONGRESS In tbe Senat* yeaterday a joint reeolntloa placing cer tain troop* in Mlaeonri on an equal footing with other troop* we* passed. The Oomnuttaa on Printing was by reaeiution instructed to Inquire If there were any deficits la the account* of Mr. Wendell, tbe Into Superintendent of Printing, that gentlemen baring requeeted each inves tigation. a re-olatloa wan reported from tbe Committee on Commerce authorising the sale of roseola by Amur! - one cttiseaa to friendly belligerents. It was laid over for tbe, and also a bill amending the Bankrupt law by providing that the District Courts shell-eppoiut registers instead of thn Chief Justice A Joint reeoln tloa exempting wrapping paper made from wood or eorastallu from the internal revenue lax, with an amendment imposing a Ux of tea per cent on aH State, municipal or corporation notes or scrip l*sqe? by any national bank, was pagsed. Thj tyjl buthorixtng the sale of certain atoojq held "In" trust by the govern meet^or the Cherokee and Choctew Indians was passed. The Joint resolution suspending the payment of loyal owners for staves enlisted in the army was passed after some dincuisHtn, la which Mr. Baulsbury advocated lie passage, by a vote of 83 to T, Mr. Santebnry voting la affirmative. Tbe Senate ooon eftewards adjourned. In tbe Mouse the provisions of the twenty per cent additional ctimprecation bill wore extended by Joint resolution to the employes in the Quartermaster's end Subsistence departments. Under the call of committees for reports the Judiciary Committer reported the Senate Mil tor a Distr ct end Circuit Court in Nebraska, which was passed. Mr Hulburd, from the Committee on PuMic Expenditure*, offered a resolution to the effect that said Committee in Investigating the edministration of affairs In tee New York Custom Bouse, having received testimony inculpating one or more Senators, nuoh information shall he transmitted to the Beanie, which was agreed to after some dis cussion. Mr. Hulburd also reported a resolution de claring it to be the aease of the House that Collector Bmythe should bo removed, pending consideration at arnica tee teaming hour expired and too Southern Me- - dtef tell wae taken up in comniittoe of the Whole A very animated debute ensued between Mr. Bingham and Mr. Butler, the teller accusing Mr. Bingham at having gone over, body and soul, to the democrats. Mr. Bteffbam retorted by refen ure to the "hero of Fort Either net taken" end tbe gentleman who voted ?fly timet tor Jeff Davis as e candidate for tbe EreaMency. The committee rose for the purpose m giving Mr. Butler permission to reply to Mr. Bing ham, which he dM la e speech of tea minutes' duration, ?e mid that he bed supported Jeff Davis when be wee loyal, bet Mr. Bingham supported him when he was a traitor. "In the war," ho said, "I did the best I could. Beenues I could aot do mora I (alt exceedingly cha Tbe only victim of tbe gentleman'? (Mr. Bing ? owete la the war wm an inncceul woolen haagrd upon the scaffold, on# lira. Burratl I can sus tain the memory of Fort Fisher, if lie end his associato* eaa sustain that," Nr. Bingham replied, and the House went Into Committee of the Whole ag;ilo. The bill wee materially emended end reported. A resold - diea tor the appointment of a standing committee en education and labor wae adopted. Several (executive nsra?totetonn were presented, and the Hon* ad journed without voting on the Southern Belief bill, aJthough the previous question on it was seconded. THE LEGIBLATUEE. In the Senate yesterday reports from rommitterj ad vene m the bilk authorising the contlraction of ele vated railroad*, the Bulkhead Hallway and a railroad lu Leiiagtoa avenue were agreed to. The Mil Tor (he better protection of emigrant* in tbn port of New York wee re ported favorably. The bill amending the general In euranee law relative to mutual tn*nr*nre companies, the Brooklyn Terrace MU and numerous other* or a local or unimportant character were passed. The (all to tM la the construction of railroad*, which devise e direct tea of $7 iO,'*W fur the purpose, was ad vanced to e third reeding In tbc evening nation the Ml oetatoUahleg e Boa id o( Pier* -rod Wbarveu wea ?mended end ocdeeed to e third reading. In Iho Aaaimbiy the bill to establish a legal gazette dn New Yoefc city wee ordered to a third reading. 1 be dMIia to prevent freed* upon hotel and boarding boose and in retail is to isllroada held under leave The Oenitituiional Conventioo hill was thou reported by the eonf-T -uii' com mi. fee. The i providing for the election ot ?lel"gatee by dfacrfcte and aliovac negroes to rote wore ?sea, the farmer by a vote of 5d to 61 and tbe Uti r by ttleTt The amendment applying tbe tes oatb to all far having two engsge-l in the ra te, and tbe remainder of tb-i report I hy fh yen* to 4t nay*. In the even eg *ee vagrants n New York; tnaoend the iletropolltea Easiae lew; relative to contracts of the Mayor and Comoros* n r of New York, end the MetrepelMna Railway bill were introduced. The Qeeeral Apprepnai ioa bill and tbe bill i? limit the hours of labor of conductor* and car driven on railroad cere were peered. The Assembly refheed to go into <"omm!ttee or the Whole on the Broadway Railroad hill. The hill to iacorporate the Mew York and Long Island Bridge (omparty tut -wderrd to n third reediag, end tbe Assembly adjourned. THE CITY. A epeeiel mealing of the Chamber of Commerce was held freeeordap eftarnoee The neeeiion of repealing the eaiating usury laws was discussed at considerable length, end e mamonel eaggoeuog their abolition wee approved by the Chamber and ordered to be forwarded te tbe Tngtaleiere. The Board of Health met yesterday. The Superlaten deal * additional r?port ea tbe tenement houses sum toed by htm wee reed and died. )? The Board of Eiciee also raei. The cesee of a.neieen Btohfore of the law were disposed of. I Am mtluen lei meeting of eitiaent war held ia*? ever tag in the Everett Booms for lb# p rpo*e of .nkn; ? aeuro* to oppose and defeat the teal |v<?,'i o' -v Mil ? dupled by l)ie AesemHy which prop'??*-? to giv4 BfotropidiUn Tr?n i' Oop ,?eov jMi?or< to cor.*:* i.. a Br -pie raiiroad through t??t- hoc- * between tbe V ??? t ?! fcu-'h hveouee, from W*?hir.:w>n move ?o O i d #????*, and wbio'i scheme the property u-'.ter? gr tbe neifbburbe- J declare w?u.d tie ft f ? ly el- "ruouveof their Intero te Spevtm n opl>rd? ) vi g u hill were made by Mr touibm y.i, M- T#r- pie, g-r Lomond Plank viae, Mr P 0. Leeu Mr j,],n 4,. Sv -on, ci-Jndre Sesbe end ethers A pr?asnM? and y< o'utloDS having boon agreed upon. it wn* decided tn?t ? number of condemef) should pr?* *det one 10 A bmv A- hn their boat tfrrtlons for 'he defeat of the | The trustees of the Paabody i uod boid another private Pheetisg yesterday. A dinner wee riven them la the ?vestas by Mr. A. T. Stewart. and their portraits w-re P??ea et Bredy'a gaitery duriog tbe day. kTbe Bev. t. C. Ewer delivered e lecture last evening en .e mbjeot of the Ye Remits Valley, before lbs Young <<)'? Aeatv-laUen of Bt. flmothv eherrb. si Idrric Hell, ll- oer of Korty seventh street end Broadway, There ?v 14 premet a pretty large and highly apprecieiive ?' n e, <rho lirteeed with marked attentiou to tbe re ^"'?1 ui >ie lecturer. of I ,Uy concerned ialkt (M M bt Patrick* Day. Marshal Wall waa MTtHit yirterdap afternoon. A preliminary meeting <* delegates from U>? various Church ud Father Mathew TwifWM 8e cletles wm bald laat araalH la the baasmeat *f *? Peter's church, for tha purpose af giving public axpraa ?ion to lhair unqualified dissatisfaction MUwitah aad their oaaaara of tha rieVeri' 8h Patrick'* Dap. (I wtt f&el'ved' to Aflat fiiy'dnotded aottoa aatU aftg* the Iriah Convention tht* evening. ?? Additional fhcu arc coming to light regarding tha Kimball abortion cam, lapartad ta the Hanu.e yaatar day. Tha Mm. Kimball rafhnad to woe not tha widow of Colonel Kimball, of Bawktua' Zouaves, aa rapraaaalad la tha city papers yesterday, tha widow of that gentleman being etill alive. Aa investigation lata tha facta connected with the murder of John Fltapetrtok, la WHUameburg, on 8t. Patrick's Day, waa hold by the Coroner yesterday. Con siderable testimony waa takaa, whan an adjourn meet waa bad until to-day. John Murphy, a young man arrested on suspicion of being connected witb tha mur der, was present at tha inquest. In tha case of John R. Walker, administrator, versus tha Long Island Railroad Company, which was an action in the Supreme court, Circuit, for damages, claiming $6,000, for tha killing of Wa Walker in February, 1806, by n collision between the mall and expreae trains, tha Jury yesterday returned a verdict for the plaintiff In tho turn of $3,260. Aa important case came up far trial yesterday, before Judge Gilbert, in the, Supreme Conn, Circuit, King's county. Mr. Orlando Allen, ex-Mayor of Buffalo, brought an notion against Mr. Andrew Stout, ex-Ctty Chamber lain of title city, te recover tha aum of $36,000, out of which he claims to have bean defrauded by false repre seatations made by defendant. Considerable testimony of n very Interesting character was taken. Case still George N. Carleton, who Is oharged with having em bezzled half a million of dollars from the government while Treasury Agoat at Memphis, appeared before Com mlaeioner Bet is and gave ball in the aum or $36,000 yesterday to appear. John Skeehan waa placed on trial in tho Court of Ooaorel Sessions yesterday for tho murdor of Thomas Weight in Eighth nvonuo on tho ltth of August laat. Testimony was heard on both sides and tho case will probably bo finished to-day. The Stock market waa dull yesterday. Cold sold as high 134%, closing at 134%. The markota generally wars very quiet vegterdty. and !$ afrnffi tij cms* prlore U?? JrarchaiS. Codbd wan quiet, but Arm. Cotton waa modemtively active and lower. On 'Change lour advanced 6c. a 10c., though quiet Wheat atoned firm, while corn was la a 2c. lower and oats doll and heavy. Pork was firm. Beef waa steady, wnile lard continued heavy. Freights were easier. Naval stores were quiel, but firm. Petroleum was a shade firmer. Whiskey was dull at previous MISCELLANEOUS. Advices from the Rio Grande contain the intelligence that detachments of the opposing forces at Catahualpua bad come together, Maximilian taking part in the aflhir. It wee of little Importance, however, end accounts vary as to lie results. It wee said that Santa Anne had pro posed to Join Maxim lUan. Juarez waa about to order the Preeoh residents out of the country unless they took out naturalization paper*. Our Sen Luis Potosi (Mexico) correspondent gives an account of the journey of Juarez and his Cshtast from Zacatecas to that point, with n description of the old town |of Gandaloupe, its convent aad fine works of art. From Zacatecas our eorreepon deute furaleh graphic accounts of the chain of events since Mlremon'e defeat which have transpired la the vicinity of the Juarez headquarters. Our Havana correspondent mys that It la probable the recent abohtioa of direct taxee on ccaain nrtldcn aad the subs!UaUon of a new Import is n first step towards the abolish meat af cuetoia houses altogether In Cuba. The Bank of Santiago da Cuba has failed, without any hope of leenmptten. Porto Rico detec to the 3d test say that aa earthquake shock was felt in San German on the 7th of February. No new casee of cholera have been reported at St. Thomas. The sugar market wee not active. The deles from Venezuela are to the 384 nit. and Boitvar had eel ted Uuabobo, and tranquillity ensued. The Congressional comqsKteeo were installed on the 20th. Tha steamer Boitvar, which was run away with by her Kagllsh captain from Laguayra some time ago, had returned. General Falcon, the President, was atill swinging round circle of bin dominion*, aad had arri/WatPortoCebeiloon the Our eorreepondenee from the republic of Bandana Is dated January 14. The government had declared he parts open for the reoeptlon of prizes in the Spanish Chilean war. Tho militia ha* been reorgaai ud, with the President in supreme commend as Lieutenant General. Genarel Glaarun, the successor of Stephen* aa C. O. L R., made overture* to the Roberts breach of the Fenian Brotherhood yesterday for n union of tho two sections. no action nas ym nana taxen on nis proposition by the Senate, which a In session arranging dataila lor tha grand adranca on Omada in the coming summer. At a dross panda of the Queen's Own in Toionto on Wednesday evening, the men wore ordered to keep two days' cooked rations on hand. Our Montreal correspondent aays that although a microscopic examination rails to discover any Fenians along the lino, the universal topic 'is the anticipated raid. The tMlnnteers are preparing tor active service, end the telegraph wires are in constant requisition for* warding orders and countermanding them again. In ?taw of tha proposad confederation, the elections me exciting mora than usual interest; and although thoy will not be held in Lower Canada nntil June or July, preparations are already being made for n thorough canvass by both parties. General Sherman responded to the toast of "The Army and Nary" at a celebration in St. Lou in on St. Patrick's day. His speech is published in our column* this morning. A meeting of the Republican State Central Committee wee held at Albany yesterday to consider the question of eagre suffrage as preheated in the proposed Convention MIL A stormy debate ensued on a aeries at reeoiuWons offered by Mr. Chart** & Spencer, of Now York, to vortex negro suffrage In the election of delegates, which were Anally rejected. A resolution calling e party convention lor tho fith of April to nominate delegates te the Consti tutional Convention was adopted. A mass masting or the citizens or Charleston, a C., irrespective of color, was held laat night There wen only about fifty white people present. Judge Moore, n white man, presided, sod a negro anted aa Secretary. The meeting wee decidedly radical. Revolutions claim ing the suffrage and the right to hold office tor tho colored men, opposing large tend monopolies and celling tor a revision of the State code end reorganisation of the oeeite were adopted. A similar meeting area held in Savannah aa tha 1Mb, of whioh a synopsis wan given in the Hualo at tho time. Wo publish this morning n detailed report of tho mooting, with it* piattorm and tho resolutions adopted. Tha joist resolution of the Louisiana Legislators ap propriating to last tho coastMationality of tho Military Reconstruction Mil has beta vetoed by Governor Welle. A motion in the fenate te pass it over his Vote won mad# tha special order for to-day. la the General Assembly af Virginia ygoterdny a rsaotution was passed te take a recess from that date to tho 10th of April Rotors adjourning the Legislature passed tha State Interest Debt bill The Maryland legislature appropriate 9100 000 tor Southern destitutes. A cominittee of the ikxwd of Chosen r-nchn'jori of Hudson county, N. J., betd an la vestige' on yesterday a '' moon at Guwro >?rg Inn the n'ana; rmont of tha W -nairken ferry. Sers .vl aitare*** tv^m entitled who '.ueaimoeslv probautt'.sd the feriy to he aa latol ere Ma bulreace. ilia work of re* Issuing tha gwiuup - nail manhe* bor d r*ur en the Fsgmic end Hack noaOk mete tp Raw jersey, on the plan of aa rand ke --<gg?sted by the liutAU), trill probably be commono 1 under the direction of an eminent engineer at an early day. A Southern candidate wan elected Mayor of Nenbera, N. C., yesterday, by a unanimous white and Mack vote. Tb# Tennessee Supreme Court sustains the Franchise law of the last Legislature. Tho Green river country Ih Kentucky id aoitoring from the great floods. Sbawoeeiowa, on tho Ohio, is also submerged, many people having te take refuge in the wharf beat. A detachment of Vrternn Reserves have arrived nt Os wego from Hart's Inland Massachusetts, according te her ray ma* tar General's report, has expended thirteen and a quarter millions of dollars in paying bounties ainev the war began. Knoxvdle, Tena , was Doodad daring tbe lets stems, BmMilOrtfismtls damage was sustained In thr neighbor inri>?l IhcMUv Yeefc u< 8u Vruclm. The mden of the Met here been ?truck by the extraordinary hlate of the drat sew* by the new steamship tine to China. The news brought by our special telegrams from m.1.. ..J I i HI T. ? ' *' .1 ff Chief and Japan trill hare reached London twenty day* In ad ranee of the date at which it would hare been roeeftrad there by way of the Cape of Good Hope or the bthau of Sues. The arriral of the Colorado at San Francisco on the 20th of March, on her return?the drat round trip erer nude by a ateaamhip?from China and Japan, and the Inatantaneous trans mission of her news la Europe by way of San Francisco and Mew York, suggest a prodigious revolution in the commercial history of the world. Aa it has boon ascertained that the electric current ean be transacted to a dis tance of three thousand or ten thousand miles ss surely as that of one thousand?in line to any requisite distance, it is not unsafe to pre dict that ere long the success of the grand experiment of an Atlantic cable will be rivalled on a still grander scale by a Pacific cable from San Francisco to the Sandwich Islands, and thence to some point on the shores of Eastern Asia. With this, to say nothing of the Rnssian cable, and with the telegraphic lines stretching serosa the American continent, not only will political but financial news of the utmost importance be speedily oonreyed around the globe. The rates of exchange at any time and at any point will be so immediately and so generally understood at every other point that every merchant everywhere can be his own financial agent The transportation of the immense products of Oriental Asia and of the great Archipela goes, with their inland continents lying to the sooth of Asia, must inevitably find its way to San Francisco, while the balk of European commerce will eome to Mew Yorl^end the cogger^ 9f Atnerigpji wntinuit $riif flow but froiri these two points to th? rest of the world. Thus the two great commercial cen tres will be Mew York, the Qneen of th< Atlantic, and Sao Francisco, the Queen of the Pacific. Meanwhile our railroads between the At lantic and the Pacific will build up a line of flourishing cities that shall enliven even the intervening deserts, as in ancient times the traffic of Asia, passing across Asia Minor to the Mediterranean, built up along the old camel routes in Syria the marble cities ol Baalbec and Palmyra, together with those on the Mediterranean coast. In this broad and world embracing ricw of the subject the primary importance of stenm ship lines between 8an Francisco and other points on the Pacific and Eastern Asia stands out in bold relief The initial experiment -shows what may be done. Whatever obstacles may in terrene, whatever delays may be occa sioned by extravagance or mismanagement or playing with stock after the battledoor and shuttlecock fashion ? Wall street, the great object of establishing steamship navigation be tween our Pacific coast and Us stern Asia will ultimately be attained. To this end and for the promotion of the interests of steam naviga tion on the Atlantic as well as on the Pacific it will be right and requisite to encourage American steamship lines, not, indeed, as one company has weakly asked, by guaranteeing its bonds, but by all more legitimate and effec tual methods. For years past France has emu lated England in fostering and developing the mercantile mJIrlje? BuT Uj? has waned not only "for want of~e'il?uufi;re&je"t, but in consequence of positive legislative dis couragement. Thus all American vessels which had sailed under a foreign flag during our late it were prohibited from coming back under their own; and this is one reason why Ameri can trade is to so lamentable an extent eon fined to foreign bottoms. Surely this ought not and need not so to be. Tbe success of the French steamships should stimulate our rivalry, and American steamship lines should at once be established. This country is not only politically on a broader and firmer basis than before the war, bat commercially it is about to enter upon a new epoch of power and prosperity, distancing ail competitors and eclipsing everything in the record of the re publics and empires which have passed sway. The Military Mltaetlee la Aleztra. We published yesterday a highly interesting batch of news from our different correspond ents in Mexioo, and by telegram from San Francisce, with regard to tbe movements, con dition and prospects of the belligerents in that country, and on Tneaday last we published a graphic letter of our correspondent who ac companied Maximilian and his army to Quere taro. From all these accounts we learn what the situation of the parties was up to tbe 26th of February. At that time Maximilian occu pied Queretaro, where he had been some days. He appears to have seised open this place as tbe best point to arrest tbe progress of tbe liberal army under Escobedo in Its march towards the city of Mexico, and seemed to be waiting there to give the national forces bat tle. "The anticipated battle st Queretaro," our correspondent says, uis the great objective point of all eyes in Mexico." It is said the im perialist force numbered about tight thousand. From all accounts we believe this to bo nearly a correct estimate, though tbe force may be a little stronger. Tbe troops of Escobedo bad sdvaaoed from 8an Lois Potoet, and ocoupied tbe line from San Felipe to 8an Mignef, including tbe little but famous town of Dolores Hidalgo. San Miguel Is eighteen leagues from Queretaro. The contending armies, therefore, ware within two days march of each other. Tbe army under Escobodo's immediate emmand was not larger if qnlte as large as that of the impe rialists. But the liberal generals Corona, Reg ules, Aranda and Garcia do la Cadana ware rushing forward from various points of the southwest and north to nnite frith Escobedo in front of Qneretaro. All tbete forces together would amount, probably, to fifteen or eighteen thousand men. Should a battle be delayed till these division* be unite!?that is, should Escobedo wait till then >?nd Maximilian remain in a defensive attitude at Queretaro, the

liberals will have a good chance of defeating the imperialists. But if Eetobedo should be too impatient and commenci tbe battle before be is sufficiently strong there is reason to foar defeat; for Maximilian baa both good generals and troopa That was the actual situation st latest dates. A battle was expected in the course of a few days, and it is quite likely the next news will bring accountsol it Should (he national party be successful that win be the end of the em pire, and Maximilian will make the best of hie way probably to Texas or the coast Should the imperialists giia the battle the war may be prolonged for some time. Aa Imperial estab lishment grafted on Mexico by Europe cannot continue to exist very long; but success In such a battle as was imminent at Queretaro would give it a little longer lease of power and keep the country in a state of oiril war. Mam's the Ward. The Congressional delegation from this city? 1 John Morrissey, Fox, Brooks and Fernando Wood, paid a visit to President Johnson a day or two ago, and made a formal demand on behalf of their constituents for a share in the federal offices. They claimed that as the especial friends of the President they are entitled to eqjoy some of the good things within his gift, and complained that they had not been consulted in regard to the appoint ments, but had been treated as of no account They do not seem to hare impressed the President with a very high sense of the value of their supporL We arb told that he preserved a provoking taciturnity?that in reply to questions as to whether he would make certain removals and would honor the recommenda tions of the New York democratic Congressmen for the offices of Collector and ^Assessor of Internal Revenue in this city, now vacant, he " simply answered mum." The only remark he did make was significant and not without a spice ot sly mischief He wanted to know of the disinterested delegation if they supposed that the Senate would be likely to confirm the nominees recommended by Morrissey, Brooks, Wood and Fox t ' p There is something refreshing in the cool impudence of these sturdy beggars for office. Without a party at their backs, elected by the lowest ^21S?Lvfif. grogshop an<J the gambling hellTbeaten in every Northern Slate in the Union and too insignificant even to be thought of in Congress, they march up to the White House and demand to be made the brokers of the federal patronage, generously offering as a sort of compromise to be contented with half the appointments. We have no doubt that they would make very good use of the offices if the President should accede to their demands. Fernando Wood is well verted in the science of making patronage pay, and would realize handsomely on perquisites and shares. Fox bos a number of deserving candidates in the First ward who are really Buffering since such arbitrary restric tions have been placed on emigrant touting, baggage smashing and other populur callings. Brooks has a large family of hungry Know Nothings out of place who have been looking about with their dark lanterns for employ ment for the past ten or twelve years. John Morrfosoy, who loves to do a generous action for his friends, would be pleased to push the claims of Isxy Lazarus, "Dublin Tricks," Joe Coburn, Barney Aaron, Bill Tovee, Kit Bhrns and other deserving champions Upon the whole we think it might be well for Andy Johnson to consider the demands of the New York delegation. Then if he should ever run for President of the United States he may make snre of a larger majority in this city than Hoffman obtained at the last November election. C'tUeetw SBTtk* the OrMlgea?Carleus l>ala?? la Waehlaataa. Mr. Hujburd, of the Congressional com appoiytj^Jg i|jr9|^H^ th<? man sgeBeut of the New York Custom House under Collector Smytbe, has reported a resolution requesting the President to re move the Collector. The Hon. Ben But ler thought this a cringing way of doing the business and that the dignity of Congress required the regular process of impeachment. It matters little, however, what process is adopted, since it is plain that Collector Smythe is to be sacrificed to the vultures after the Custom House spoils and plunder. Should the President decline to act upon this hint from Congress, and should an impeachm ut move ment fail in the Senate, the Collector will still be worried by his enemies; but he would nevertheless, in being sustained by the Presi dent, be folly justified in bringing his persecu tors to the test of a trial before the Senate. We have strange rumors, however, from Wash ington of negotiations going on between the President and Congress for a division of the spoils, including our Custom House in the bargain, from which it would seem that even "Andy Johnson" is casting about for a new Collector. We can hardly believe these reports, but in the corrupt atmosphere of Washington nothing in the way of combina tions for the spoils is impossible. We shall probably have some definite solution of this imbroglio to-day. It is a very utrly prosecution as it stands?a scandalous squabble for the "big plum" of the Custom House, aud nothing better. ___________ The Troubles ol Keatorkv. Oar latest advices from Kentucky disclose the troubles of that State in sharp relief. Neither one thing nor the other daring the war, the State, sinoe the war, with the return of her rebel soldiers, has become " contusion worse confounded" than ever before. The pistol and the rifle are still so freely employed in wiping oat old political revenge* that men are afraid to speak their opinions. A " reign of terror " prevails; but still there are signs of a great revolution quietly going on. Old party lines are completely broken down, and various half way factions, " inexplicably mixed up " have sprung Into existence. These can not last long. With negro suffrage in the rebel States la foil blast this question will soon thrust itself into the foreground in Kentucky, and the course of Wade Hampton in South Carolina is the card for the aspiring politician* of Kentucky. When they bear from South Carolina they will begin to open their eyes, and South Carolina can tell Ibem what to do. The Bmperer'e Foreign Fallcy?Debate Is the French ('b a other* Conrladnil. The debate in the Corps Legislutif on the foreign policy of the empire bos ended us every one knew it must, and in the endorse ment of tho Emperor's policy. A telegram dated the 21st and printed in to day's llsiui.i> Informs us that a large majority hud agr-ed in justifying the policy ot the governor >ik To any one who is in the slightest degree acquainted with the composition of the French Chambers the sfeple fact that this debate has been so keen and so protracted will he suffi cient proof, in spite of the result, that there exists throughout France very considerable dissatisfuctiou with this same foreign uobev. The Three Beraiei. There are three Banian's running in the Fourth district of Connecticut for Congress. William H. Barnum, the iron dealer, P. T. Barnuia, the small swindling showman, and Lewis Barnum, who claims to be a cousin of the small swindling showman. The latter Is self-nominated and stumps the State in the wake of the showman in order to show him up In his true oolore. Lewis Barnum makes some terribly severe attacks upon Barnum, the humbug, and is doing him serious in jury. It is said that showman Barnum is so alarmed at the progress made by his cousin that he is about to have Mm arrested tor libel. This will only be done to get him off the ground for the present; but if Lewis Barnum is shrewd he will defeat the plot of the small swindling showman to get him out of the way. No man ean be arrested or held to bail for libel under the constitution and the laws of the United States, and the third Barnum can easily obtain Ms liberty If ha should be ar retted on the complaint of a self-convicted humbug. It is of course very annoying for Barnum, the showman, to be held up before the Bridgeport people in a state of nature. He cannot afford to stand examination and expo sure any more than any of bia follow hum bugs oould, including the Woolly Hone, the Feejee Mermaid, the Boarded Lady, the Petri fied Horse and Rider, &o.; but he will not find it so easy to get rid of the anooyanoe. The people are oalled upon to "pay their money" at the show, and they insist upon knowing "tie true naturej^Jh^ ^ JtHt Hoyt-A Hint I* CfHorter Saylhe. The transfer of all that was mortal of the late Jesse Hoyt to the shades of Greenwood recalls the good old times of the old Jack sonian democracyfwEfll the New York Custom Hodie, tinder said Jesse Hoyt,*?as one of their rich placers and the Albany Regency reigned in all Its glory. What a volume of party reve lations was in that Jesse Hoyt correspondence, fished oat from the old rubbish of the Custom House and published by the late William Lloyd Mackenzie i What tunny confessions of demo cratic wire pulling and pipe laying were thus brought to light from Martin Van Buren and the dashing Prince John, and Marcy, Cam brelling, B. F. Butler of Sandy Hill, and all the rest! Now, we dare say that Mr. Collector Smythe baa collected a mass of interesting Custom House correspondence, from alt sorts of politicians and all sorts of people, from Mr. Seward and Thurlow Weed to the last appli cants for that " general order businessand if Mr. Smythe desires to be laid up in lavender, like his illustrious predecessor, Jesse Hoyt, he has only to leave this correspondence among the rubbish of his private office, to be fished out by some disciple of Mackenzie. As in the case of Hoyt, ao doubt Mr. Collector Smythe's private Custom House eorreepondeuce, in the form of a book, would go off like hot cakes. The New York Jockey dab. There is a bill before the Legislature to incorporate the New York Jockey Club. During its consideration by the Senate a proposition was mad# to amend the bill by the insertion of a clause prohibit ing racing for any bet or wager. A raoe without anytbtng depending on the result would be like a whiskey punch made of lemon and water and sugar. It would be the play of Hamlet with toe character of the Prince I of Denmark left out. Racing In England ? and France fa a national sport and is conducted*under strTeT ftilgf^Fhich, in a great degree, prevent dishonorable transactions on the turf. The New York Jockey Club pro poses to raise the character of horse racing in thfa country, to encourage the improvement of the breed of horses, and to inspire a bet ter clats of citizens than have heretofore been on the turf with a pride in the sport. Whether t.Hey will succeed or not remains to be proved. But the effort is a deserving one gnd merits encouragement. Strict CcnaCruciUn and Starvation. Some members of Congress are so sensitive about the rights grated and secured by the constitution that their ^delicacy compels them to tnrn a deaf ear to\tlm ?oice of charity. Strict constructionists of" this class object to the appropriation oi a mill.'on dollars to save the Southern people, white at. black, loyalists and disloyalists, from starvatio. \ because they cannot find a warrant for it in th.1 constitution. This opposition would be absurd ii * " wer* no* cruel and inhuman. There seems to ' be a faar on tho part or some of these gentle* the appropriation will not be fairly uWded between the whites and Uie negroes; bat " well known that a large amount of relief v **? extended to poor white people by the Frecu men's Burean, and certainly there wae nothing in the constitution to prevent food being sent to Ireland by Congress in a government ship during the famine of 1847. SlaCGHTKMNO TBI fUlLBOAD JoM.?Four New York city railroad bills were unceremo niously slaughtered in the State Senate yester day.' Two hills for elevated railroads were reported against and thrown overboard, the Lexington Avenue Railroad waa quashed and the Bulkhead Railway was strangled by the oommiUees. The Broadway jobs are still pending. Let them meet a similar (late, and the people will be content to struggle along until the Constitutional Convention shall pro vide something for our relief in the way of railroads as well as other matters. Am IxrokTAMT Qcmtion.?Massachusetts has at length ratified the pending constitutional amcarim nt, which makes, we believe, the whole nnm'-er of States that bare ratified It twenty. One more State is wanted to m k? he r< quired three-fourth s of the twonty-s- ven S .Lis now constituting the government of the United States. Hhy cannot we have tLU Slato r.ght away, and ti n* tare, br'oro the adjonrn tii nt of the present '*.don ot Congress, this greut amendment proclaimed part of the con st! luuon. so that the rebel States, be at once retnrned, In fowling ttu> condition* im posed upon them! Hav* not w? or N,-w y0rk a member ol f'ongrew who can pui thm ques tion to " old Tbad Stevens?" Coon News rot Legislators,?The number oi the New Jersey Legislature who was con victed of bribery and corruption and sen tenced to the State Prison about two months ago. has been pardoned and set at liberty. This is good news for legislators in general, among whom, at Ibe time, the remarkable conviction created as muoh indignation as alarm, Tu RnoumM u Lootsiaha.?Ia the present Legislature of Louisiana, heretofore regarded ss semi-eecesh, resolutions have been intro duced recommending all citizens, white and black, entitled to rote under the reconstruction Laws of Congress, to come forward and be registered, on the ground that harmonious action under the laws will protect the persons and property of both races and nave the State from anarchy and misrule. Is not this a revo lution of ideas T The spell is at last broken. The old Southern order of things is p suing away and all things are becoming new. " Pbeiwotlt Hobbid "?Not the spring fash ions, but the weather of the New Tork opening day, as described by the ladies. The new styles, however, are said, In many things, to b? so pretty, piquant and charming that they will hold good until the skies clear np and wo have the proper light and bnlmy breezes of n spring morning for a just appreciation of the season's novelties. " Shine out, fkir son." APOITIOWAL FROM MEXICO. Maximilian Participates la a Sklrnbh-The Great Battle Becaariag loimloeot Bests Aaaa tu Jala Ike ImperlaUata, dee. Galvmtox, Texas, Muck 21, 18ST. Advices bsre been received from the Bio Qraade up la the lStta loet. They ooatain eleven daye' later aews from the sest of war. A battle had been fought at Catahoaipoa. It appears to have lakes place between email portions of tho hoetUu forces, not more than 2, MS men hnvlng been engaged oa either aide. Maxlmillaa took part la person. Tfcfl re ports of the reoult differ, but the appearances art thM. Maximilian was victorious. ^^aSjffnA't psr PorQorto Dlas ass about to besiege tho capital. A gene ral tattle was impending. ? l*VXI ^9)1 fherHj order tho French residents to leave the Country or take out naturalisation papers Jk Tho IlDomls la various fertsgf tVe country vers Mop ing np n Uvrly guerilla oar. 8everal imperial lets, while ridiog with the Emperor, were shot from the roadside. * It was said that the pfoepeetsef Maximilian's suecM were greater than before, ss Santa Anns proposed to Join htm. AM US EMIENITS. Theatre Francois. The farewell pcrformanoe aad boncflt of MM. Scribot aad Chaodora, times. Saunter aad Car nal was an artistic aa well as a pecuniary suc cess The much criticised, much applauded aad much abused drama, Le Supplice d'une Memme constituted the main attraction of the entertain ment, which was brought to a close by a sparkling come dietta, t'Amour d une Ingenue. It is needless to dwuM either npou the excellence of the rendering or tb e oil-expressed satisfaction of the large aad fashion able audience assembled to bid the departing favorites farewell. Ml lee. Saunier and Caruel, with Moos. Scrtbo t and Chandora, have had repeated evidence of tbo appreciativeneea of the public, and last night's demonstration was but another proof of the high eateesn In which these accomplished comedians have ever beeo held. Although we shall miss these artiste, it is plea sant to learn that their departure will not Impede the prosecutive of the theatrical eeaaon. The eaaooleied players, under wooes joint management so many Sao performances have already been given, have in prepara tion numerous novelties whose production wlU, for weeks to come, attract all true lovers of the drama to the Theatre Franfaia. Last night a two not comedy, hy Delahardtsteto, en titled Dr?i Tag* mm* Sem Lebtn Hnei PtorsCe* (Three Davs in the lift of a Prince), was represented bef ore n targe audience, when Mr. Bogs mil Oawison appeared In the th e of Kuh von Kuhdorf, which be ropreeonted la hid usual masterly style The ouacludiog piece wee Kots ebee's one act oomedy. Die UnfittuoUicken, in which Mr. Dawlson sustained three of the principal characters. Tbe English rentes of Doaixettl's pleating open, La FigHa del Jiegimento, was performed last night hp the Etchings troupe. Although the honeo wat not at wail filled as en the prerlona evening, ret these waa a rear fair and select audience present. The opera was pre* ?anted in a meaner which denoted that the talented direct rem waa earned in bar endeavors to pleaaa, and that she relied on the public taste and on the talents of the company alone for succsm Miss Rich Inge sustained the pert of Mario with spirit aad vivacity, and Iha admirable acting of Mr. Bagaln aa the old sergeant waa wall dsasrriag of tbe applause it reoMved. Tbe other characters m the pleoe were rairly represented. The third sointe of chamber music wee given last night In Sleiaway'a uoalt haH. Tbe ptace was comfort ably filled with a select audience, which, by Me dlaortmt note applause, seemed highly to appreciate the beauties of the selections performed. The night wee not one to tempi musical AUdvsli to lease their corny firesides te attend the concert, bat thorn who did so end braved the slush aad mud of tbe streets were amply rsnsmpsnmd by the meaner in which the entertainment wan con ducted. The programme comprised Mozart's quintet In C minor: Sehnman's sonde, for piano aad siahn, A minor, op. 1M, and Beethoven's quartet, D, op. 16, No. S. THE MATH OF M. UVMHTWf. Washikoto*, March 21, 1MT. The following official account of tbe death of Dr. Liv ingstone has been received by the State Department:? ComrutTs or tub rumen Stash* op Awbbmu, 1 lOLAsa or ZANsnua, Dec. ff, IMS. f 8m?It becomes my painrul doty te report ibe death of Dr. David Livingstone, tbe oelsbrated African ex plorer, who, aa I wrote under date of Mar ?, INS, left ban on the fith of March lad tor the exploration of the river Rwuma. aad that region between the great taken of Control Africa, of which, an sot, but Utile la known. The and iatoHtgenoe was received here on the fith instant, by the arrival of several aailvs members of the expedi tion, from whoa bat tittle of importance could po elicited save tbe fact of Dr. Livingstone's death. f em Indebted to Dr Kirk. B M. M. Viae Consul, aad formerly a member of the Livingstone Tsmbset expedi tion, for the following particulars or Una sad event, aad as his accompanying remarks may prove Interesting, 1 cannot do better than to give them in his own words: The rstarn of several of the Johanna men who nocem pealed Dr. L. baa mite it certain ihd that distinguished traveller bus fallen, and with him half of his native fol lowers. I? prevent expedition may be briefly stated in have been aa attempt to nolle the magnificent discos ? v of t*te years sad determine tbe limits aad eoaaan f... , f the three great lakes, which reach iron 14 dec. i*"'*. ,. 1 d?g. north latitude, aad flowing telheeeahy y"- ml and Nile at Urn two extremliiea. but *"? 'armedlate space, an yet unknown. Dwell H .L -rapeleal problem. Bat Dr Using "V J?* JfY V te aflhet the preeent enormous East VfEL-TLtem '*? lbuw?h PfWHertbg the way whlok ii elmSao oommvrce. Ts have ooaaelldaied diMcoverlae achieead by himself la one the ttwue*|w> on the Sengaaylka; fipeke aad SLit ??***? ? **?AlbertNyansa, ? fJvs hL.oT^tttad J?** for one who was would have hem da a"'?*J*.caa continent within UIO DTH Ml Cr ^ BMW m Kglfamm hamm K^art SLtW tS-inSy 9&I5 ? ? D? ^XUSTZ '!>*??" at the Htend^- Her. be met have Mace returned ke to n lake wee el! ?-- ^ followed tea ing n wide water la ^ ?h?V wrn?? border of the lake for ae- TJ^sstackedfa a bush roua inland. rh?y wift mddM ^ ^ y.vna n. * kdlwl try, about nlue A. M., by s b. wm.I? the most forward of tfo> atte <*?H whVrb*^ul*hAlfCtbroouh hie neck ? B*J,0Dd th* *? h*?* wfitcn cot bllf tnfooKb nW B#ck ? W.M #&?? dm* p AimwKt'iSi rrrrL ? wMls* ffi'ShuBrrST." T^tedSTif L W ^Mr.beof Zaun raited Mavtte, Aglic, Mao* I tee, ? njfibfien nude impossible for mcea yet loeliclt ant 4h? n* fr,om ? mpen-'tmote simplicity ef the faw who haWe r*t,|rn?. M to where this tradedr took place. That II e ?? 1to the went Of the Nyansa Is certain, but whether in ln* a'* trtot wh bed already explored, or further to thW m irtn. ?? tuii unr?W*in. That Dr Livingstone war killed by Ibe same Ma *lt*" e* he su-i 1 wore among together is certain. Tbsw w?v ''<? i eve aitarked us then II they bad dared, but we w? f* too firong tor them. With rueii enemies it comes to h? ' a question or numbers as well se equipment. Thn death of a faw will not break their charge, and a smallt party taken uaawarea have no chance Only one of the ? survivors sew Dr. Livingstone fall, hut they bored his body at three I*. M , when tbe MaTiie had gone. They took o* all the baggage aad aleo the upper clothing ef tae dead body, to that aot evea a note retuaiua by wbion te trace tbe route. It Is hardly probable that aay farther particular" will ever be obtained in regard to Dr. Livingstone's draih. ae the davits are a wandering people, anil it will be quite imputable te ascertain the particular trtha by whom Dr. It '? party were attacked I hare the honor to lie, air, very reepaetluily. your obedient servant, KDWaUD D. Kol'ICS, Lulled Rtntee CoattiL Boo. W. H Skwarp, Set fatarr of state