Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1867 Page 8
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THE COUTTS. USITtfl STATES t"?? jJilt .'i C.'tiTT. Chumo cl Lwtkeulenmii Acuta** * Trea*wr> Adi-iif. Before C(io*?ni M0r?r n* :jL The further h?iin;., of''- t-eotteN. Carlefoe was resumed yeatorday o i ru Gem 11 ?o?r lutts. In#- , readout, it will b-i recollected t? charrod with harto ?, ] While actio? as T-en. ry ?#? nt ut Metupnijh T?jt:h , em kezz ed m ?ev 1 ?' < "i'"1 <s ?t ?b wrs, Ibe it or' .1 Si : U uov. eu r .1 .'o bail Is ?:',Ci,3i" 'uret ? Art it term ut m* Circuit Cour: to t.-e bis trul, ii ? ? upon to do su. SUMif C3U.'1T?CI iCIMT?PART 2. Yrrdlct ol '? " U Ag ilmt the I.out: Island l(ii 'roucl louipnny. Beiore Jud-8 Leonard. John R Wol r, Mlu.inutratar g/' ll'a Walker, ?*.<"? 1mtti 1j inti Uaiir ud Company.?This ease, which Jiua been pr vloualy reporto ! In It. > 11k ald, was an action tor the rcco' Biy of $4,100 damages for injuries auudutd by Wo. Walker, dccoas d, wtsdo tie I: - convey cd as a pa-i?i' or on th defendant's tin 1 of ralt.vad from fleer pork, L. L, to Hunter's Point, on fhe 23th of Aumat, 180ft. at. 1 from which injuries the dvoedeul died on ibt samo day. A number of the nnii loy.? of the railroad company sr r? examined as ernno - ? for tlie dele no , all of whom teetii.rd that Ibero were\a. em -aali tu .ome of th? car-, and chat 1 'acards forbi lm? paeaoii le from stanaiu? ou the platforms of to? car-, 01 from , 1 in< thi ir am* net ?( too win..ows wer posted in the care. One of these wltu 1 sea -wore that there wro ultocn or suuoea ? cti 1 ??occupied in the roar car. Oa the inal it was al o da ve'oped that at the curve wbene the coihuou occurred, about half a mile we t <>f Jamaica, then* iliou.ii have been a Bagman posted, ft hich was not tho case nt the Wine oi the accident, hut that e man n uued Sh eUan. 0:1 hei'iinsj the whl ties of tb<* approaching trains. r>n to ward tt o track and h- id up bnta mma..a signal to ftho engineers The express train, ou winch the d- c. :e- U wrae a paaTenger, materia'I y Slackened i s speed, but not ?ulhci-sntly to avoid coll..ling. But little dauta e was douo to he engines, one <>f them, the General Shi-rtnan, "bring vhla to move <lt) tuo track aftorwa *hno thf other, the General Urn at, was some w lost dir a) hut. rhe hneck of the co'lunon wao .-ulHvient, how aver, to break the platform upon wh en the d ara.jcd ?win b ing eanvwyed, crushing hnn m n rightful launpfx between th? raiting*. Ttie wnole aii?'r o'rUrrod i..r ugh tho mail train lroin the eott lie!., .wontv tulnutu^ o" hind tv-ne. The Court, in charging the jury, stated emont: other guest 1 >ns for their CMiSHteraMon, that tho c"tnpany wore b lUDd to inrnlsh euuable accummodath n lor pa-i aenger.-j and that "suitable aODonunodat oa" meant aeavs; that 11 a uaeseocer oould not bohna a eotit tt Wan ?ot especially liindim; ou him be should remvi Standing lu me pas-uae way of the ear, bat ceum si 1 id ou Hie pietfaftn If h? desired; an I Unit it was the duty ?f tho comluotor to direct piuts>mgera to, f a ear Tore In mot too, a passenger womd not be Justitlod in paTSii.g fruiu > no ear to another. Also, that tn o".' uter is the ipi stion of -he ainount of damugea if they fouaii for lb* |)Uin>..U, no cous deration should lie t?k n ef nientnl auxl-itv or sufo-rius' of n>wtoi kin from the lu ~ v> a rc.utiy , a- uo pecuniary compensa tion for .ch <usib M could be awarded Urn j :ry, after a ibort rettreineo . returned a vcrdiot lor the phunufl lu the sunt of SUPE3I03 CDUST?PART 2. Action to UecoTcr Wuuea for Chnuttlnc n itliirincra' floating Chapel into u Feed Barer. Before Judge Oarvin. Wm. IVo-xt and Gkrittapher Wat ra Ltrsi* F. Clrvt Ior<f.? Tho p'oiutiffk in this action aro ship carpent-rs, and al eye that they performed work for the dsfbodaat in rvpairing n r -rtain feed barge, anil that thoy also fur nished materials and paid out monoya for lUiing the aaiue. They claim as compensation for thos ? s r> cm $1,149 so, out of which they say they received #4.11, Which left a ba'auce d :c them ol #099 86, for tho rt ?otcry ol which thcr brought this su .t. The .lei. ndont niirged ti' it ha had cmploy- d the plai nt to examine the ti cl, which wm the old m:i Hit r ' floniin ; church that lav lor a number o, ye ir p. -1 at ilia foot of )>;ko street. Must river, and to report to him if it 1 ouid be so aiiara.l and rapeicp ut 10 ho tit for ibe store e of grain; that, relying on their julgm nt, h- had subseqt) ?ctly puroha?-d tho vcs- i and hired the plalntiRa s^ially to cnlarg.' tier so that sue would liavo a capacity tor ator.UK 30,000 bu-Meis 01 com; thai tba Co i of so au.l re patting her Mr 011 Id not wxcoc 1 fi?00; that n 0 w dnvs alter pht ntlflT dc'ir' fed lb vos-pI tvi defendant as contplote. he (defendant) ptuevd eigia thousand buahelsof corn on board of her, when sho at once su..k, thereby damn0iuj the grain very haniy. In thl? statement of the caso tho defendant demanded ? diem nasi of tuo ?nit, and preferred a counter c.mra tor #.1,400. Tho care is still on. AUccrd Injury to I'rnprrty. Jamt.' Jo"-iu-n re. CharUt Uul -r.?Plaintiff in ibis csro claimed f2,000 damugos tor injury done t.ia prop rty by water flowing over it from the premises of the de fendant, for want of a proper escnpo. Defendant. waa angttged in the atono cutting businost, nnd the overllow of th- water lined t>y i.itn lor that purpose to thu pro arise* of ton plaintiff waa the nauso ol the ptw?ul a ?? Men. The defendant clsim <1 li-or-) was no evidence to vhow that Johns* n waa owner of ttio premise* oocopie'l by Uim, and thai he had en knowledge of any damage being dooo plaintiff's property. The jury returned a tnrdict for plantlff tor ill J CCtfnT OF 6EAEMI StSS Mt Alleged Homirhlo In I'ixhili Avenue. Before Judge Kama). The trial of John & Fkeehan, charged with stabbing Aomin Weight, in tho Kiglilh avenue, on the 1Mb of An .iist waa romm 'need yeetarday. Mr. (loaning 8. Bedford, Jr., Assistant District At torney, on behalf of tho pe ipb, addressed the jury on follows:? John J. Skeehan, the prisoner at the bar, stands in dict-d for the crime of mwden being charted >nh hav-ug, ou th > evening of the 15th day of August lost, er.-tally, maliciously and wttboni j stidcation, stab od T. omi.s Weight In the h-:irt, ca.a-ng -t insuat deai.i. Tlier--ere fo ir -v wlinesaes to thl < end occur recce, toe rtetad-. o, which yr-u will henrtroiu their ovan III*-. Ilie.-c wltuest'W ma; iliUof -oui what in the r v- nlon of the affhir. but In en er a.peei th ? people claim 11 at the law -toes not j i?,,iythe a t o the |ri-ouer At er likening attentively to Iho -es iin-ny It will d?i ivo upon yn to nnaiygo It with a nerutiny worthy of your po-nioh as jurors, sworn to do justice to the 81..ic u-i to see that no inju-t-ce no iion- tlio Moused. 1 wlii now ptocc-d t-i rail the wilne* vs. They ortii u ll yon what they f i v, -?. d it will be for you to vender a verdict in nccordm oe with the tru'h. Tltanthj M. dweew ,sworn ande an-.a d, te-it led:? 1 Isolde at IPS West T?outv -cveutli str-v-t; on the ?vat-tn \ of 15 h Augm-i I was ?.th Denweat an-1 Th-itaaa Weight, th.' deceased. M-ctweug eleven an-l t?o,vo ?'? ivk, on the KtfWh nr-nae, between Twen-y ohrhth ?ad Twenty ninth streets, goinr down the a u e; we wet ilie prisoner, a woman and a man; we wjr? on our way liome, oro-'ing the rurbftoiio at Twenty nln: ii ?treat; the dweeaed mada the remi-k ??how do you Mk my hat;'' we bolou ;--d to a club, the Mi >tlo ol srblcn waa, "flow do you like uiv hat f Co-.-e ar I see It at the Broadway Park." this motto waa p cted ?wound the city ; it was on a tuie-rsi-n pole on F. g'.ith avenue; at Twenty-n n-h street. the deceased was i-iok lag at the posier when he tmde-.o remark; wo walked ao, Jolting about our mi; to. when we met tne pri? ner ad hie two frien.ia; ti-ey v era scout six reet from its; we walk-'-t about oao hundred leal, the pnc>nnvaud two friends followed behind u?; ti - pri*<ner the remark, "Who are >i-u t-o-.tip >r ailmtMig lot The de ee.. -U turned a round and said, A -? to ." 1 pip up my -elt nana, leiuu? the p l? nor t r.t he v .i- a iricmt of aiiic. and I wns 1 aain otin home, and we ware not talaiui or ailndlnc to Mto: the | r-on- r a--1, 'iiu is. heyi' ate! ?t:.i' --I *im aider th art-!, then the arb-i r ram--an *??i the pro nor said arreut tne deceased; t MM ire oft- or to arrest th prisoner, that he bad atahoe-t my fru -I; the offleer aid a-1 wuul'l urTett both; the -nicer fit ''r Weipii*.";--tde, fvnnd he was -trc, end ?sid to the pr1ic : -r, "I i arro-l you;" the deceased ssM. "Yea, otherr, arrest him and 1 will go to the station honse and Biake a com* aleiol;'' we to"k th# do ? !??-'I to t " -l.te-?r. who Mid be - jui-t d ' nothing for n?; we thon broti^ht hlnauj , and be fall; we n:ad? him got up; he foil nu?:n, -nd th-it e*rt?ed; two or three minute- ei it- ?d from ti.o tibii- of the Urat fail to tho d? >u| th: pri^outr ?*><! thai the oh -er ban no r.kht to keaica him n ti.o atr utj -ie was rearched- and a Iraifb we louud upt-n h'tn: the pr-to-j?:d to tne. "Yoii rtRi-hed vottr rt et -l nnd put th.. t.ti -e ir. my packet;" ' ratd "it *i? * protiy huig the. | Wj'-id St4 ? my frieli I " Cttas oiani.tied? tVe had o-ir arms llnlretf teeether at Ibe time of t ? si?M-ttig; ao picto <i Isi . c w.oa ???a; the decva ed was not n-i -x - o-e.i, hit w m * o?r. He-Ira-:?l ha-l dmnk UWIeto.rtra ing lltio-r. uori'-d De'i. iu.-t: w-- v.- r ? ail ? 'r. Itr. I. h- - n, ? ho holds post tnoricin c.v i-t-iuaiiou on the dt-c.-itsed, ?x-t ll-ni the wound was URder fhfl ielt ari, " eaeaod baMMrrhnge, reanltin it -to Tbet lore i; lewn Te-t eorrr-oerete-t fween-.y u id -ai I lbt-e as- so da.urbane- the Annie h-gnu, wimwae on Kig. th aven-i'-- with Mr. ?ke-iiaftanii Mr t'lynn ->n tiie ettiling in oue?uou, gsre ar-rth-r vers -n of the n T Ir. -h-n.d:?W-were ah- III tbreo Ita-t Tr-m l'wentf ? n h atr-et. on I lith avanuo, when dec red, Be no. ? t pa red ar, one ha'loo 1. ' i-w ri.itcU will you tn?u t- r .our bat? the para-s w-tp on ihe oj :->ite -tide-r n *?n ? nth street and ffi, hth a.onue, - ,j tm tna same d-te ->f th- avuntte with us; Ihov ovcitcog n?, and bad theT bsnda on each of 1'ie-r sbuit! 'er?: t'l-y wrr- tal'-: t g alt.ud, ae'itfng and me-:rli> - 1 hit 1 -it - krci-.nA- ? I g (hey slit'ted ?0 birn, whoa the y-mng nutu |u lll0 tr? said, -'Tm; what uo you want - maka of ill" rtkceliau raid nolliln* but ??I'mpir ongl. tubt -< ? a-luwalk wrthout he-tig insulted;" tt.u yocni min rus-ie a r -sit at him; 1 saw tho yoi-"g m*b strike Mr r kertisrt ta tlie face wiih hiitflst; there waa a v .?;!(?, t: -v ,;i b..d tunr hate ?- -. the ?cu"ia ladnl sboat a minute, when the policeman came up; I saw them pick their htu up. namorest and t-weeney were recalled and contr?-i eted Mir. Eagan. atBrniing that no b-uws wore i that nuns of the partira bad removed their bat* from their h'-adR Ofhcer McCormlok, sworn and exsmined, said:-! beard an argumen! sad loud talk on th t ovoning, (o-t. or (Iva perwiBi were alatid ng Ib the middle of tbc block; the uereasrd sgifl, ?? Arrci SkeehaoSkteh.-n ?aid arrest iha tiecea" d,I lotuid ti.ddarens -I - " r .area with hluod; there -?U nothing the lustu-i w-ta Iho prisoner; I saerehsd the ptiaouer aad found the b?'?m I donrehed him he ?aWI " 1 think ? *? ? a r.?u,iiu ? . . ? u.e isuo 1 j?ui my ' .it in tit- |4> Vet u . ' ><t !<? Huil'e "it; 1 hh* it ?r iflle mii| e i t Iowa r*k: 1 it i titer, bhi I.i-i I i ?? . .i' uir. ?: t *m <ns i ,?>.? i.i ? ? r> r. u by; fr. in ' ? t.. <> i...' i.i ' ? ii ?im 3 mau I ipit wtkm"! r t ? | am h were i at* at! lual occurred; u.l ; i a *!?-. .i iiT. 'I .mm .* i I'M vi m riled. but lb? hoar of p.djo'rn ment I ii ; t ..a i..m u.ii cxui.ii..oit TiiOtuO aili bv i ., 411. J u.Jay. COURT OF SP l'\L Ifssm Bo'ore J istt im Ke'.ljr an J Do* tin J. Tl j prri.iiinz 3 ii.s,1 i-.'il of forty five <%*?*, prln t;>a?ly nrnor 6ff?i-*irr% at the Sp -sial fieWions yev tr: t..?, a*i i'!i with at) (tliowt?Amntll and battery. 13; .1 Nation* of the Exn. ?? law, 4; infraction* of t'..n 11 altti npltaanca, I*; (Tit tvceniea, 10; plc'-tlne poekri 1; . ' -i".oi> t rin ???? (?, 2; cruouy i i an) malt, I, and ti.reo ? 1 4 3 iroiu lai-l Court <>a>,* i. i.-l !i.toy, of Flity iSf ul . r-et, between Fourth an t ??111? ii avrini 'A, fur ? wjolnti i (be rl*(V-i' tavy, wax fined $ 0. Pairiek JJ#v ?s, o! i-'mir n avenue, be. twi ti 1 ?" t and I33MHtHMc, an i J t<i !; ni , u No..i.i Ki.t >>.i. y-iuiril auoot, lur l ad o.iou-ct wore oaou QiioU f 10. t lis other c lee*, ahich wereol no K-TtTn' Import mr*, weie ilt..; iwrni or acoo't'nf o tbir uer u.l thi Omit .'4)uarued a. an early hour Saturday rnoruin^ out CSUET CAU9BA3-BIS DAY. Sun run Cor?flnict rr. ?Cart 1.?Shnnean?e? N'oa 217;;. id-?>. 3039k 2. a, 2.1-;, 3::;, 3024,2 so#, iw.i, e.-9, b. 1*1 2 07. : 17, 3211, 21..I, lost'., 1T93. 3103 Part 2.? Si: rl ?auie - Noa 2149, CMO, Old Ktl 31-2. . '>!. S'At, 'J252, 323a, 20M. KtM, 2WM, Old, 2 i i, 219 , ? 131, 2-22, 2J44, -.iuX i'urtll. ?t. **lcn4i*r ut n.t I. iv . ? ? r :T ? an.'t TnRH. ?Hoe. 210, loo, 107, 1 >. - 202. iM 207, 208, 209, 120, 163, 154,. 1?W, 1?0, 1S7 - a ?r iovi CnriiT ?CiiAW-it-. ?Nn?. 2*, SO. fO, 75, 77. S-\ Oi 100, K3, 11-, 170, 171,189, 190, 207,213. Call Caul ter.c 'ill So. 225. Si ?Ti. tt C "art 1.?Nop. 2*179, 2143, 2007. 2767, 3011, ... 7, 1193, 3019. 3071, 2710, 2077. SiO:.!, 2093. 3100 32.9. 1'irt 2. ?us. 3122, l.VW, 3173, .104 3120, 2074, 3170, 3200, 3202. 1122, 256?>, 3U94, -044, 3214, 2210. I /'.I' ?UUA-?W 1.-901, 1005, 1123, 1092, 714, "SI, HIT. Part 2.-1017, 1123, 1193, 1203, 1234, 12S0, 1293, 1070. BROOKLYN COURTS. SUPREME CdlPT?CIRCUIT. Action Asralnst an IU-1'itr f'litwitbrrlttln of Netv York?S3 3,031) Panalgia Claimed? I in <tcTfMtin*?nv, A*??. Bofore JiuU' i Gilbert. ? O lawlo A't'n tu. Antlrtw V. Ftnut.?This ac'lnn wis brought by plilniiO", who ts a resident of l'.aflalo, to recover the sum of $3o,o00, out of which Ije claims to have been defrauded by fuise representations mnde by ili? def ndant tu April. 1884. Mr. Stout is "resident of the hi o anil Leather ifctak, of N-w York, and *u for. morly City Chauiocrlain. It uppearw that at the time specified above iir. Alloa negotiated with Messrs. L'iapp .k U' bbell for iiio sale of a large quaintly of <aad iu lVnwylvanla, tli: price ol which wan $1-ft, 030. lit was to receive $0d,o00 In <-as!i, ami iawe tho remaining $35,000 In stock or bonus of ti.o Star Anns Company. Not kuowmg any thing concerning thu real value of the stocks, pUintiii, av l e clxitus, would not uk'i them on'll he tr.ado sniiu t'.quirtes in mga; J to the company. He ? i direct J to tee U> fcuilaut .n tins sui , who was, as ciaiined, a stock b rider ami minis rof tit ? c nnpany, and who a. -..r. i hiiu that liie company wassulvum aud its bunds wore as priod a-- Cnl't'il States flve-.wcufios. I'juin thes' r i re actuations lli?- plu niilf alleges ho rer ived tho stock or bonds, purp ?rt i ii u to bo vaiue I at J33,o00, bu: a tor wards . a eenaiQM tba: t iey were vabicles-, ami that in .act Hie I company was in olveut. iir. Alton therefore, sues to recover t' at amount including lutecn. The insweroi th< derca e Is a general denial that such r pre on'noons v. ere ever made. 'fue case culm* on fi r trim ye-ier' ty. Mr. <1. F .Tenks opone i Hie n.m.' lor pi ih.liif, and ..ailed Mr. Alien to the st. nd a tic Srst witness. Ins testimony Wa-. subctia Ually as fol oasr?I i.ogo iatcd vt .th il.-i<?r; liubbuil 4 t iapp lor lite saie of bv e tboUMind ere f ol laud u lYnu syivutiia for a c msiderntlou of .'). and oxccut id a c intta t lor that purpose about the i.r t of Jade, lsdf? toe ci*.tract was -iii-roti lit evidence?It was d ip j.-uoJ with Mr. Stout at the mink after its exec r.ijti, at th ; sugg ~.iu:i ol '.os-rs. II iboell Jfc Clapp; s ibogpiohtiy au abstract of tide ar.d a do ti ? 11 at id ? o it; the do d was executed by myself and wife; when thu lime c.,ir.j for the jutytnsn'- of tho li.-st iiu;al:nent they werea -tread/, but afterward* paid ovor a portion )f fie purchase imauy and otTere I these bonds, lib ml which I oonnutod Air, Sioiit. Witness, a'ter atattng thai no hud e\ iutiiied thu buildings of t ie c.inpuiiy at Youktug, they claimed belonged t > them, continued as follow*:?I think it ia tlio early | art ct July when 1 went to sou de fendant at lliu Suoe and Le ? thor Jauk ; i bad nu ill lor view with him; Mr Hubboii, Mr. Mtoui and in., set. were the ? nly persons pre.-umt; I to-i.ud iir. Stout about the Atnr Arms bonds, rcinaikin ; thui 1 na.t been referred to htm for tiooriuatiuii cuiicctuipg tho unan ial condi tion of thai company, and iliut I had been informed bo was a stockholder and know all obo it it; bu raid that ho was a "jtnc..hoidor and Mutt their bunds vvero as good as government tlvo-tuen 'ns; bu told tne that tlio Cuinp'iuy owed nu fluting debt more than the but) d00 of bun J ? which they had i?.su d, uad part d whicu wore ofleied :o nm. and tiiat they woreuDuudaoily ab.o to take t'icm up; 1 wctit away and notified Mr. Hubboii to toil or. c;app that I was talis:.od from 'dr. Stout's representations tnat the bonds wore good, and that 1 would tuva ibeni; sub soquentiy 1 look me n with that understanding; 1 noid t em stlli, but never have roovetcd a ceut of imyoi nt f r ih hi. On hi? crocs-examlnation by Ju igcj i'mrrcpont tha j lainnfTslated that he was sixty-four years of age, uud weat to Buffalo wb n he was sixteen; I was a moruhaul from inv boytiood ual l WW; I then wont ln:o the bauk lug liuMiiioss, and ronfaihcU lit that luilil 1833, when Mr. Kit liliun la led; 1 closed up uiy bus.nest and did hut da anything part ittr for three or touryaa.-s; I eu teicd into mo Uunilug iiuaiii.'ss hi lo3t>, and at 1841 the l ank of wli ch 1 ww president failed, nothing whatever being paid; the ti xi ten yearn 1 was i.dni.ii struuir of tu> tnoiber's estate, until a suit oineut was made a.tar a fash on; 1 fen r mm nr.d laming at Hudaio, i n i iu 1862, whi u tuo liulialo and l'mnuitrg kallroau Lntnpany was orgau ted, 1 became president of it; tho toad, liowever, w is never UnUnod; wo coheetod wihat moouy vrv con d for stock acd cumniui.ccd eonvtruchug too road, nut I liu'.sbed; tiotio of too too* o>* c ' .re. e ! was ? err rcj-aie; alter tnat 1 w..s in tho Legi - n are, Msyor of l)uU:t'o tor several yearj, and in ISIS fin is .ti eni?*'t 'd too Ogiisn C'.nup .uy, ncgotialiug tor me Indian Ite'c.-.-aiiou; I uid not know ol any i ilfai-plicaiionof ti oneys in that company; tuera was true li!de?;m<-nt aga :is', ;uo in lliwfalotn lst3; 1 nave no recollection of e\er having -ecu Hr. stout lie ore tne 1st of June, isrH; A was at tho iS ioe nad Is ather l.'ci k. I> lv:n ttii;'s co m-el m o rea l a gu lraniy written by Mr. . lea, ptain'.Hi, and sigtieo by ir. fc'npp. 'a wit,. :t inn letter g urti te.d to snvo >lr. Allen trout lots ta accepting ti. > bond . Vt hue * c ottoned?Aftor I saw Mr. Btout i randn ll.o guorai ty; die lai d 1 oiu to ftp .ins, UnishoJI and Olaj p r >..? steu ot ft.'WW nere , 8.h"0 ol wntCu 1 liad pur if d I r $lft nn ar-'tij ire other 8,Ood acres I owned or a lou : lime .o n lv ; the nfid was in McKcan count. , 1 .?nntiyivwitla; i SUiqii e Mr. MulilHi i d n r d me to la o lite but Is; ho hid not know aii.vt'iiur about, ih vn; lie I as ud> l.-?ii uiu in hum option down iu III piexeul Unto; .Vr. 1- nut re,he en ed to tuc to bj a tnaa o wiahu, a , and I bad cot..ideace tu inm; i did uot r. rd > n t I . kriiior mat no never bred stock in the star Arm ( iii;auvi i.'us ta the nr. t liute that ur. h tboeil has been my co rD.- -L nn Ins re d r t sxanitnatfon Mr. Alien explained tho Can e ot bis in ociui-nt in It,:ft" lo in PMJ. tin the r"|t r<M)Utr. in ot tuo cashier of tire flank of tifillafo, uf Wiitch ne waa pre .den , all r lite Jea n of a U.oUiei iu-.a > his prr d(c,*f: -r, ho rcpori d t o circuiatlou of t e h nk mu n smaller man it r.ahy ??., a. the icscance 0. the itmik Com. \ssi icrs I" Hi hlmsrlf and caduer v ore, b .1 mc na.ure oi the caao wan ktibue q ea lv tuude known, a ?n..f* |ri./ t entered aud no i mat took place. Ho *r? s - rwirds elected Mayer of I i i., rn i.c rol tun I.e.,. .a. .rs, ,\jr. In icreraa >to I a ry mutayM cucon et fun m iho 0.,dtn Company, Mr. Alien I .and that no moneys ev r p:v-?od turo .yb his bar Mia save what wcro used lor defraying tils expenses. r. .I. Mont;, of Yonkere. was ii xt exaui.ned. a id t ?t.ue<l mat Mr. : tout. w..s m of tuo sur nr.aa couiiMcy, in ISCI ami 1S0.'>; the r..: party tailed In 1?uj. wiuie s met with ii euuxat at a i. ceiii j ol the c iali.firs and tin iclioiJers ot me com,.any yiiicn waa beta vo icc< lve a general sis cm n o tbea a it of tne v ..up'iuy, and to Uae steps in order that the ootnpaoy laigM nut oiTta ip; tire .mount of ibdetrt dne a was re I?re?cr.' a to oe i>MLweeu ftkO.UO)rind f7.M),0u.i ox-Iu ive ot mo ?? u "tw in usada and jodgn e.its .i-rninst the com pony, ami,un it. to over t Hiti ot)n; alt r tow fatiuMi f the ui i c. ii ,i.iuy u a?w aotiipaav, und"r lowlmn.eol rlie " tar I ir nr n ls??npti>y,'' e as lormed at-out itie let of, lbbft. ah n t r .d.lOn ? was put In as pre'"trod 1. cot; tlret rrpi"*e ,ied ihe pi Mt hulk ol t. e dsht m" tne ? ?|u loi, eiiituar>e of uiu jmn jsnh; tlio pr >pery iif tlio ol c? nit- i y w.ta -uiu t . ir.u.lTs solo; the a^wtt of ill new company 1- wortlilooa. tin - ii?1 bint | 0 1)00 In cash In the pout pan/ la f re trie In- .us were i.mi d; I look about j!t?J,?i<>0 <a rvlr of >r> n?,.iKtkMt aid oi llteee I ua ttel 57 r,Of)o w itb; I received Hum as ? a>d frond*, bu- t.ave uc. er r> i nvered an.- to tig lor II cm; i took the Ix.iMlr on ;li n-p.icei utn.iis timt t. ?' eannugaet the companv were $i te-d per u.,y, an l tint the In m of the $.iik)i>.k> worib of ho id? cuuid bo pa. J oil and the com] toy le.t cle.? . t yrus Cleoland being called to the stand to titled that be i nd i. n? me star Arms Voti nany tn iwe n f .d.nv.rt aud }..0,0tA), and obtained a Jud^maut agonal thorn for alc.OtW. Mr. Holt, of tho fl'm of rv?* k Co., tesimed that w a H.e onutpany failed l?ev oswi nt? n.m g.tft i*w in gold or .?tarut $>B,iW0 .a currency at the ihito of the in un y ot the mnc?*; the firm lo < preterred stuck for th- time . but real xeti anything on it. Csue avail on. COURT DF 0TEMK3 TERM An Knafrrn llislrlct Homicide. The (rial of Cbarics O. Kdly, indicted for the killing of a nogro named Charles Rogara, In the month of Au K'..-t last, which was sot dosra for y ester da v morning, was poitponed nrtil Saturday, in consequenre of the gr"atatni'iKii of b lalnew at lbs 8 premo Court. Circuit, oVi r wb ch Juiige Ciibi-rt | teeides, Ihe puritottiars uf in" bom ctde, briefly staled, are ne follows'? R appears iial at .iinniiualf p?, i i?n oCtook ot- tne night of satur 'lav, u,a ,4.n ot Aug., a .? t, woe standing in * tu*' (V.t ii f r-t at c- , K. 11.;, near I n 11 "? Ki . y a, r t, i-n| iw I o. a nun.her !"?' "S ?o lb hinging i.n r . . I I- alt. ? it. It the a*- w?aa aude au uonrw. uas?l awsauit an >a uuu wuit i VnlO. s?d htm its tli# hr* ' una,, i"i^v, ;na Kel'v ,vt.s .rr??oA a <1 ,. ?? ? p ?!? rk??M f.rt,* nir. d"' ?K **,?"??" ' IM Alias* t.fv u | |Ma. I U?e ?t ?Oe wW;b'tiTui a'cJ C <b . POLiOS lNT.SLtyW? iCl Arfvanmrrrnr Ptw: Ttev-rc?Oa tv ttth Irst Mi* ?'?"? *?*??. ?r nf ?? N ,. s, Pllj ?tr ... !n ., thrash p,T T seventh *'r?Ft, fr ,-n r-v Si :h toFi'tb avenue, 1-,-t from her p,e*? pi~a t . tv, r pre X'uttO((? 'o'f! .vi-laai cta'j, 8ei of J# - ? ?/ . 0 ? - Jug of earrio?s ;<vvt nil er r\ Mr < i -.t8f> ? 1. TO-t 'V*'"' hr""f ^'T,< ?' ??*?. V . ?' :?"! It nm . Af V.'e','Uinl"! Al-as vent t-. the tO- t?? f ,,,1 '? * ?' Wiif?W> til# |fO.?U? W#f# pt?U*d, m#nt wL#2?h ? It ' to . t anion r ^ J . V till 1-,-ea t.kT Oat by Mr Ti,Z. nrvo h" 1^1 b,U .01 by 1 ?7. i . f ' / i2 *,n s,ro<'b Mi* fi.ii: h then rvt,! H,n;: *??{'? who U.:j >7r Vla-I caused .h,. re. ar of roar or fil? tic:at i;i?0!s I he roof?Jvf*<t ' ro*Yi Tni n \xr t >. * > I he had r^on-t taem .t Tl- t0 r*u' 1 "" e'i iwii tli . ?> til i fC| o . tin be 11; W?o7Mh , w'lr",pr,'^nt0-1 h>'11,1 *'"?<' nail). I 1 ? e? ^,D W 'wlotl.v'ti to tlfr V I.-jnt- r J,,11..a Of vo f-2 Aon -tree- t ? H i r ' ' nlw? .,.1, j ?' ? ??' ? tia.t i4 .en. 0 linn foar l , r#y,e,'?a ,hl'n acdkvp lr?h?'n m?i ?%??r i'U f,,r U,t,n- ^?oh hay. ] ? e ntnif-rfer f.v.ko t-e was ve rJay arros c 1 Lor tt'7.4ri'?ot,he ?inp J'etio Om-ltnj, who co-ntnit'erl h i t.. Tomtw for e, im>nrti m* The rmo" 7 wi,r. td, h 7 bo ' hut " uV fl" rac#1**"l t-to tuktU frjiii a 00... nut -liJ not Rlvo hi; na-rio. Passrvr, a Fa,-;, X?Kt:x?August noffman, a IJorman, foriy four roam of a^a, IivIqr corner of Thirty-to irth atre-l and KiShtn av-nia, was ye.terby t-0 by0r9 J i t co Dovriin-j on tlij char e of dofrmdiug AitHph 1,k of Nl) 447 Tl'lrd uvea no, by means of n fn'so loken. On the iflth lust the prisoner called upon Mr. Sp^Tl n h\7> Wb" ll> to * ehrelt on the filth National Hint, of tlu3 t tv. I,,r i ?.,> -u.r ^^?o^V,X%mU bV i:r he that Of Mr Schwnrz. an I rdj'.^dt Wil du ti> h?au ?\Z* ? -?-n C ohurX Bollev'"f '''a ChfCA to b ? Lao ulne. ami nvr-scntathm. of II .fTinri true In avoir particular. Mr. Wllteu advaneed the rn,r,!r(>i a-ne-mt r 0 $ .1 f.?iro o Mr. ^hwirlx b#in^ a t >r- tv T 10 ? v . timony siiowlnar a rlc tr r m-- a^alu- t the a^ousod ho w u couinntted for trial in deft.,it of $1,000 ball ' Liam-FtvcRSED Fe>tai.Bj._Dotortlye F irh-y yesterday arreated Ann Wilioo. alias " and 0 '"?nlon, professional pickpockets, whom U - can bt In Omnd street, In the act of auompting to pirk the EiZZ?.?*? hiy- Kt"'? A:,n w;? ??J "'vor I ? -Coie^r '? 1?? 1 U> > i.aOd .. ,i . * ! by Wniicinj bucicwrtnli and to tn withdraw attention from her con < imt >-but thev V'd 1?C^ n p'c'!ril)" Rirplnnderbefo^ u'tectlve 1 frJoZZXlZ,c?^ Violating toe Lorraor Laws-William L Simmons John I. Burr and Jacob Bausch were yeshvrdav brought bolero Justice Powllnu, on the complaint of So-00 :T1S, ?r Ka 1C1 Christopheratreot. HocUr.o the dc enalants with having, on tne 19th instant, en inrsed r??7 fo.r th? PWP"" of onabHn? JurnbHu'e of Vo 176 ItrotadWfae, to-ell and ve id I ,t oryn >'H u ?' !,?n I'oJ itpjm1 the drawing of lotierie-i,, t|,? ftate ,.r K nc''-r It h further ch , ,bnf l(m ,n' f ' *f "e" ?? ?"?"t bi'-lciaj poifees 1 'to Pfisonrs tn $500 bail each to appear for iria? T-ii- Bii.r- Check Swtsw,KB. ?Charios do Viellsrs, the 'heck awi.idler, an account of wiio-ae exploits was rmb lishod in }- -t-rday's IlEHAt.n, was brought before J a,. -Ice Dowlmg and two complainU lodgo l atfu.m him. Ho obtained a set of harness f,-o,n A! Oema-egi n,i| & Co., r,1 rteade street, Rlvintr m payment u bogus check aifi %???? arani anc-u in couil tho :iu<; a I wii< u, . 1 " <? Broad a ay and Knh7a'ct7,v ^ ^-^exu r |b. "a ho gave Wm tuo ^ ,?d ar"'7e,i? v ir " pU'" '? w,u,uur ho Wia, | ur. u ? 1 uud rc. nK o ? * ^ preionJeJ tliiit so utf K'huI r ii ? iiad oh am d on wor.h'-a- chonks wrr.: ?.?; taa. iif-dwoy, but U^ui 77?,' it'St ,^0JJCa to nic.?o an Altn I'taoLAar?John D. Wtllinmson, nfUS West .cnth street, appeared before Jcstto# Do i p,. at tl,# ?ec end ltistrict Police Cour>. yosicrtay. and entered a < ?m. plami against Hugh J. terms, charging w;tu having the utu'iuriL^ T,er?d lh" |,rem'*cj ???" mentioned n, SSi ,xj "--"y : a r???asuhA nstision of the burglary; but he a? idonv dlse-n^arvi *? hot saou again uuul tba LaJala i uit, WUcll * was lakea i:,'oc.aat.Kly aud afcaijuod c.u tho * s s l^Tj^v-.rnA z&k milled an default'0/^3,OJOuAih " r M' lUUJ" Ottau.vBT Oustrua-Jalins Bssoibanm, an employ* at No. 455 Br adway, ma in a ch.arge before ;U7M ? J*?' " "? Su<-' nd District Police Court, yes tcrduv, against Abrara Cn or and ifasitllob Be-k in wh ch ho stated that four pieces or sik, vnlood at fpw were stolen from tho store of his employers on STonday last, under circumstances which led blni to andpsct the rT""'"1- r"'"r ???? W w.rc on k ? t 10 |>u.iin, g.avt i.i ? 1:111) psnltlnu*. an 1 wttbvit* r ason, had rt -uovrd n pare ot gm-s whacb',a . li.,?n,! in some days p.ov.oua v,'u,ao .1, , moving on iond ay tho iiartleuc- nt,a- ? -''17 ^ went to the sld??aP: I,-mn V"?kJ, ' ? wUh ,ap *!?ro luring tho afteraioon hV siTfc^f 7' h'. JU'! -our where me pane of s-a? haT i- ... hwn tms Od. I'he .d'arTrs w*rat lice HU 77, Ti T tectlre Olyain "ms enntoiled by K- ii,a f . . ' plovers and heat once set about *n rmg th^s-. u pane removers. He socccoded l"a !p K boa far Beck ha, u.anag-d ke p oSf of t7o\vAV I u.r-r was committed fj ? examination an t it u i' ? ' V" probable mat Bock will sh irt y he :u 'uTardy k '"S"* ALLfGEO LAK.ssy IRoM run Bnrtis and J. hn Edeall were arraigned boforo 1)o1?? yesterday chasged by 6 unuel U Lake, of Vo. 61 Morton kfreot, with tho theft of a quanta/ of an noy r.nd a wa>rb valued in all*- $10A The parties jvero ai-un-i.t,? a -ri! two *i\Tu?bJo and Lake, who w is fo nea bat' n- i?? be awoko ? found that hi? nrekotb - '. , R.y^ \Z?:Z T ?her e itma ?Bo7?,U. mi iemJ ^ lwrsami,t-d.?r.garf to M.-ch-tr^ p^ffS'an yteLATKwrrrtm Exna :LA?.-Jaiius JfidfHb, of V0. J-u a Ian y dro.-i, a, t'd k' Oral, of Nx 8d* W? t Th,?jM|i0lh slreot, ?, roa.ra g.tol bsfcms j autco do-lge r.,?7,n*w;sV^^wrl^vV7;?; :r4!V .Eic"? '????? i mini?I.. ? ? Iv np .q fit#r 1 ic ... tut, a ul t.r.i v.-as cn irge I w.t 1 otvin ? lin ior to ? b?v unoarfeurt mi y trs ot ru>e, whereby the iIiteeTa. ?? amo ia OMca-eai. luey wer-i 1...1.1 .1 1,11 rlKI fsuo bail ouch. lut,ywr"r' "am held t<. answer ia OuNsnaat- t.) Dnnutia?P? rick IL Kaoman. liquor dealer, corner of Be ond avouu,, and Twunty-eavMih ?troei, wa., turn ;u ,d at to - ft, ,rtu I).,trie. Police Court on \V rdnc.dny lost, cjarg.M aj abov , on u?n c ,u.p a nt 0. Ed ,a.-d bud Thai I, of 4 )| tiro mwtch stiwot An amiuanon batng haai la the c*w, the following averred tacts appeared In evidence On ^U, Zt r?? WoodA. a carman, called ?t .,jr. bad-mili , H#c# of bue|. new, and. pre-, nting an order eta,-I , ed ,n a ?.al0l| # T,dope, purporting to b9 -l:n. 1 hl. ,.w. Vogrit " 0b. m' ale', n sii of ihe v' hT of ?7. "YoiTaV'thl''lrr?' f?r-;r^r sir; aov I'u v t i . j "' ,>n .eat?store, iu jer w en t,r'"v/ lc 1 hs far toe f.rry w.ien nn was nic* i.r ?b , bad e-'K-ivd him in .fsrrv n.? 7 ?rr,: h,sT^bnK!!?r;77:7 "u- -^5^ ^InTidKa^ :r*,T",u ^ ^,v7rr|01O^he,7',a', ' , ? w ? r iingl) he I K 1 mn n <1 Odd tn ao-wer tua Th wa*'"1*" dtU#Ja ?*?*?. lor tue oi Hat OtFEfc.E Of JIPSE CJ.WlIT. TO TBR BPITHK OF Til! IP.HA1P. P'llJCi I otrtT. h'ni RTII Um'RtCt, 1 hew Yuri, Marcd 21, 1S07. } The comments of thie morn ng's li-.ttxi-rj on tho eharg?e of Mr. Snp'.rlut cdm. K> m ly ag*m*t Joulce Uiunolly, ?'? a moment whin h 5 la buwe 1 to the Just by doitistlc affliction (he bsltie th.s day oigtge I in con siiininyto the gtvre the rcmii 10 0 ai aini .?' Idolized da ghtwfl, 1 deem it my duly, 'n hi* helm I ami in tne na no of Impartial Je*tice, to a?< a an-p-milon ?f pub io opin'nu on the nuertlooa at 'nnie, and Hint ? !>? r.v ? way no' ho prejudged on the er pir't a'.i omenta thai hive been published, fully cent dint, fr m my .n* n knowledge of the feet*, and from the nil -la! roc .rd< Jo my |>oe? m> ?ln?, that the J'ldge'i vindication will be clear, con clumre and triumphant JOHN D. UNDON, Police .Tuatice'e Clerk. STATE* BUM IITELLlfctft JE. Tr? MrraoDT Krt?r?>r*t C arsaascn at Tormw ?inn.?The Methodist E, is, o| al tVnlerenoe of Nenerk held their eorond eeaaion tv et tit I'anl'r church, Tnuenvi, e, Siatmi Ulead, A mi'moncry aormnti waa pveehed by the Rr?. W. Tuni-'iii, e 11 iteo' 1 clt t M, I 1 -(w? ,or? during the eveniu< were me Here. J. '? Uuribut, a. Pamee and J. Ham ? THE WILUSMSrURfl MUf.CER. C-ir?ncr'? Jit^ivet?Y .Uhm ?r <untwl?tlvr T'-liim ny-fti# Clue t? the Mankrrr-AtU joui- >i>cut mi the ii.qecat Until 'i'.iit Alter* uoun, iViv Cornier Smith and ? J'iry met at Firemen's Hall, Foitrb rtrept, E. T).', yr*t r ay aflornuu, and took a vaile y 01 testimony on t'te murder of John F! xpat rtrk, who fell h* the hand of an unknown as n.i-MMu iu the sheets of iltlftmsburg on tfonday nl.'ht last, Tb*young man. Jo.:u Jiu*-pLy, arreted ou si.* pxion of Laving a kaoxidgo uf Uio murder, was prifeut a; she inqui^i, jLa test mony was Ultra:? TH *JM ..NY Ol- I K.MS SUORT. Penis Short, d~!>osi I?i rosido at 167 Fifth 8'reet;was not acquainted with deceased; nw limi at tho corner of Crand and Taird air-jets about, niao o'clock on Monday night; there woro il persona with hira; one of thfinwaea tall ru*n with dark hair; another, a shorter and a younger man, i>aid ho would the head o:f deueaaed, think Michael Hughes win of Hits

party; deee.i*od and the yont.j mm wont up Grand s'r'i'; tho latter hnked tri' i two girls ahvir Fif'h and (irui d rtreors; the man who was quarrelling de feased was about flvo foot live laches In height, with thin faoe* had on a Scotch p'aid cap; thin'; I could re eocmse him; don't think any of the men I s*e now link I ,.e ivm; the rnn I ?pmk of appeared to '.vnnt to yet deeea* -d awe-' ir"m the party 1 saw at 'third etrcot; d wa-?d sin xerod when I ?iw h ;a; don't know w eth r tie drunk "r not; the young man an-l de eo-,-<d parte* cor. pa ay at the corr.T of Grind and Fourth streets, end shook hands as thev part'd: did not see d?c?ii od again tintII I tw him rt".ad a* the s-'atfon hou e; think Uioyouog man who was quarrelling deya.-ud was iulorir ited. TBSTIhost or jerrs wtrvtr. John Weaver, sworn, deposed?I at H7 Fifth stre i; saw deceased nnti! arier he wis murder d; sow htm at ti e undertaker's; when ! rim" \ > Greed near Third, on Monday evrn'n;,' ni: o o'clock, laaw su.netuonquarrelling; a short your?m i With R-iteb rap said lie would kick t'.o heal oil da .-a.-ed; tni? young man was of li it b.ild. with aiuO'lli luc" and light hair: thore wag itr.otucr n t?i er mail, with da If hair curled j yju ties lurtlu r up (it iou street a little lac/- caon it Won ti > a.iy oi' ti.o p ir.iea p.-wjui as tlioce I sr.w ia i;rand Ctrret; the nirn ! a I do to a; reared to bo Into* :iw,j- J saw the deceased and the tall man together, after the .vou'lg inuii ha.i ion, wild two girls, near Fourth street; a t'in part.os p.ism* t mo 1 uoard tho young ;nuu say they ha l been over to New York drinking; there tvero a num ber oi per-'ins on the street at the time; I saw another mini wuli the parties at 1 turd street, wnom 1 took to bo I ; ? f.'ulsc'j ird, . ni he w?s not with thcin on luaother block j i thought I he*-,i tne ynnn, fellow fav, *'ff you go down that way you'll got (bat damned head off;" h a"<1 deceased oay, "Wo have been oitu w Jn'c-y York and have be n drmkitig to^etlier;*'?aw no attempt to light k, the conier f tiriuu and Hiiro strueis. STIM'INY (if OWB.N K'lYLA.V. Owen TJoylan. >tv.>rn, deposed?I r.-eide in North First, b' tweon Fowth ntid Fhttt s-reehs; sa-.v d'-ceaae-t nt t!ic nhilioU htic.,,?, and rcooguiked iiira as the in in I bad s en tin tifuad street prcvijuny; ce ?as quarrelling with anntlii r m.iu; t' ere was a |iartr <if four inon uu tiio str.-et at tho time; oau't .dentil} anyone pru-ent as of thai pany, tho tiuio I saw tlicea-'J alive was In G uid Ktivi't, betwoen Fourth and Fifth; that won about nine o clock on the night or the murder. TRSTISI >.NY Of liry- y HtOlW. Henry Il iga:., owvru. deposed?1 reside at the corner o. ' 1 ... liboii and .Mi.'.red streeUi; rm acquainted with docca ad, and liaye been for Ave yi ir<; kept liis com latuy it good ,'eal; on kionday morning went to the house iv. ,w he l.vod to go u .th hi.a to Ghurley Mhields', in ..'uoklyn; it was alaut half-past sevi* whoa 1 win, there; decca-ed, Charley .Shields and myself wen out togerb?r; wc took a dr'nc; wo parted whti u. ' cased at the curn r of took and Morrcll sir uts; 1 did nut so Mr. Ft tn pat tick again that day ; 1 d.d hoi know tie was murd re a unt.l next day; I heard that funrtiu Brady, J"iin Fori, I* tor Ford and John Smith went to .\ w- lork wiili deceased; John Ford told me about noon on Iuegday turn Uo want to Ni vv York wllli de ea-od, and ( .1,1 moot his in rder: Jo.m Ford i- or taircomplexion, vsvutb (i must a and flvo fret seven iooh^a iu lui. lit. h.a oro nor lo as liko hitu; ouoof tlieni works ai W :i.i rppowaik and tiio oilier at iVatornury'a; nevor Jw ird "f'tlrc< u.v i having irauhle with any one bui a Mr, H tirv E.-cman; ho told n.o be had b'mi] n.lzed; deceot d v.a uot a 'inhkmg n. :u; 1 don't know of his bavin* tn > .ey about huu oil Hottday; Ford ra.d he vvao ovoi li.e ferrv with dce.fs'.'.l and I i--t him in Now York; deceased wum acquatutvd ?itli|?,iti,o per otis in New York. ^ _ ttsHWI ck NiCiIMJW LCOtUM. -fchMas H .gh'>s. sworn, cepo .-d?I u: ido in Wast arm no, H. nter s rotnt; am r, bo., titan bv occupa.toii* i. r< us d"jk iiaod <ci on > of tho Uuntur's Runt 1 Try. I>?a,a; i inain VVliitaaisbarg at six o oiock on ilenuav ei eotug aaJ wont home iu tho car-; I look tea at my s ei'^ut Greenpofnt, that cveumg; I did not know <re casod; uia noilicarof me mnrder until the police ruau ci...c kyr uio; this ivus ou Tuesday luoraing auoat six o clock; I had not heard o;' tho murder previous tu that dnie. [This witne.13 had l?.>eii arrested hy the police ou ausplciou nt'd was di-cbsr;: d by tho ( oroner ] . IKnTIUONY o? ?. oaok u. FTU,W. C urge II. times, sworn, deposed?1 reside In fickford street, near Norman avenue, Oreeupoint; am brot!;er-m law o, .Nicholas Hurhos, tho previous witness; be wa? at iu* bo.: ,e u.lwoqn six una eoven o'clock; he left my bcu- ? vii h bis brother Nor man, whucuuio iu ail rwaids ? he ha I tea with us; 1 ilrst learoru of dhe m r cr inroiuh lue iiaiiers; when he lett my house lie old u i? *'ay a..cieho warning; i nnvor saiv ,ic .'used; Norman li .,;!ic.t is tail aod sl.m; N.cholas told mo ne was in New York and saw the pro-ess .on; ho did not tod rao ho wosi going to WiJnam;burg; 1 tiling he sunt he had seen the l.giil iu Now \ uj*k and thai n poiiovuian was killed ? he iflt my hous ? aihnit -oven o'clock; he did not say in! bad been at his sister's in Williamsburg. TKSrwn.1T VV 101'M 1 Rl ..MRS. Norman Hughes, uworu, dep.jsod?I live in Greenpolnt, between Norman and Mo^oroie avouu, s, ia Mxth s rc, t 1 was not acquainted wltb deceased; don't think I ever saw him; 1 work corner of I w eaty-Or-t street and cooud a.o-ao, New Y'oik; 1 worked till tutni cir lour o'i .ock; I then wt'Ut to First av.iuue to teo the soldier.; 1 then went ever to Grccnj otnt; Ibiardwlili :uv slsLer, llrs biiloi; i got borne at a quarter pa t six o'.'lock; when 1 got Home uiy- uiot ier, eteier and biotbcr-in-iaw ana br-dh r Nlcnolas ?; hi the bouse and took tea with me xny bro.hcr hud a pisce, and mid tuo lie bad borrowed it cf a carpenter; uo tula me no had not seen the pro Ct'.siou; -McCo.or said no h ard seui'ilbiiig about a tlgul* I camo back to Williasisb rg and went mKdwaids' opera House; 1 had no g,r!s me; when I g..t to tbo coiuer oi uruud and Eirsi a,re-is It w.uabout tun minutes to eign; o'clock; 1 did uot eeo uoylKdy tout I was ao q .uintad with, i met two gins; 1 do not ku' W them; I u ?l not s|s?sk tothctn; 1 i?:no out of Edward's Ooera House warn it was oat; 1 did not near anvth ng of the murder until my sutler t-il l toe at hui, |^at eleven o'cii '-k; Bh-' aaked mu wi.cther was wuii me; when i got ttonie ui? siht'T asked me w here I wat; I told'her ft.,,! she itieu tcid uio that Nuik was o. "-led; I next saw Nick u.i uojiv; *us no. on omn i streot with no- I k-nv two -.Iris that live In Wiiliamatuirg; wui^ si up C *D(l to i- i:tb Str^-t; I swetr po-ttively that it w%w o.i ktouda- night 1..-U no S.a:er t'd uio my biota -r .van arrested: 1 ea* r.liir la t nigbt; 1 left Mr. S.dea witn my bruiber five r-rrfen minutes to seven o'clock- left bun on me corner of C nio i aveono and N'oole am-et nouoxt* was trith tne ;u (.rund sitt','t; bar! 1*0 conV'rsa lion v.itli any cue in Grand tret thai night; I tuu)c my brother w.w to my aister'a, because ho tola tne so tne last aigni be was to my a.ator'a; when 1 went boo.o ho was :iut tticro, but iu ...iuio Ume aiter; he told lie tie bad borr wed the pintle to pinci otr a ,")'j:ii hoard for hm boarding tntatreas; Said he was at iny ai-ur'a on idou-iay night; uobtKly baa tola me what t ? .ray; I did not sco any one a> u,e opera bouse that. I knew at that time; the flist I heard of tho murder va? after 1 came from the opera houee; my sister ( uie Nichols* was aires od; del not see any t .v ou Mo:.1 ly night; 1 had a blue coal ou tn a bight; I wore ? green plaid e:m on Mondar ?tight and turlped pans; i went' lo the Opera lion o in ruy won. us clo'-Uas; fiat was tne Urat li ,u | t ad bo-ni to Fdwards'Ojiera Houee since Raver .elt most <'enerslly a??> iato wuu Mr IVnfn.-it'-r; ho is V rnert man; bo wars e little coot and blue cap; did not see luut vn Monday; bo works in .lie sauic shop with ma. ? ramaosY or wn ojl'.x. William Cole.-', swore, do,*d?1 -ive at Burner's Potut: work ?u the ferr.-; ili.mor's Point ferry; uii tho b->*t Huntington; ?m a lircman; hare worked iv.r0 later- year.-*; on . onilav I wkb to work; wool to work ?? looive O'clock and yd hoiua at lis o'clock; Nicholas li ighei va' jn tlie morning tour; 1 Inrt the ?U|i m six ?n<1 got home k quarter to rex en o'clock; arter 1 a;e sup per i wot out to toe grocery stor-. and stayed about live minutes; wont lioineaud d-d not no out araiu; Mr. iitgti-M c-trao to my ho una altoul a quarter o- bight o'cock; II would ' tako a ra-in about twenty miuntc* to go from my bouse to Unyerolc avenue; bo staved from twenty lo twonty-rivo i. inmsti ho lef; my tioero about a quarter-past eght o'clock; I understand it is not ovsr two b oaks frout whure 1 live to whore Hughe live?; h?' i-? lu tho habit of Ui-o me boti-e: he did no! leli mo where he hi I b 'en ; did not letl in# he bad been to Mew York; the next m-iruiug 1 beaid tbat Hughes wis auos-e.i tut tite mur der; th frrry nutter r.-.n of tue merder in the papers; ou ntwedwv night 1 had n conversation with fiu.hOs; ?trie toiny house aod I we* iu l-ed ? I got up n-ni n. '.i<t him why be wee nriettc.l lor tan murder, whoa ho tuid me ?orr.e one bed a spit a a'nst him; I don't know whether he was arrodr i on Monthly n-yht; honed of u about half p ut eight o'rtook luemlnjr morning; never In-trJ any one apeak bud of Mr Hughei; heard of hi? go lb.g heat once, did not lieur who It war don" Uj am acquainted wnh ids broihrr; di I not Me hint on Won day, Mr liuchoa did nut toil on Monday ulubi win ro lie had been d-.iiic the uay; dhl out say tvbi-re bo had come from; 1 did not ?ee Mr Hughes un londay ni. bt after ten ml nil" re past night o'clock; ho did not tell me whore be wan go ng. fTa n*omr o? 1AMRS jonxsnw. uxou iworn depo id?I icitdeat Hunter'e? Pimit, ' uruvi of Fifth street and Went avenue; am ac quainted wliti Mr Hugher, bo hoard* wi n ino. and lias do iu so fur tho la ' dm ur s-x monibs; 1 wax borne on Monday nrht; col home about a pi t si* or seven o' a qmr'-r |ui?t nine o'clo X Hughes went to his hsil ? t looked at Hie clock; he left f- r work the next niornln.; ho put up at en o'clo a, I did not no Ice Llin brihving home anything the night before; I saw him w lion he ramu la; 1 wound uptheclock at it pnst nine o'clock unit ipi-ke to lluphe> at n.o Um?; dou't know whe'her tho policeman was at mf house the same night; Hughes' l)?-.liimin tx about throe feet from mm*; he muiii get up and go u -t wiiln.ut my knowing It; cannot My whether It w.inld take a men three qnartersof en hour to cine from my houswto dreed s're*t; It might take m" an hour lo w ilk d -In; could rl le dowa much qiprker; I nest saw Mr. Ildkbes when he cams Dark with the policeman; had no coii vwrsntl n ?i!li him: want lo bed about ten o'clo- ; ho (H-iche'l OWIId n-1 r-m? oir ri tho house wliheut nir knowing I'; ho srd 1 -i?i e-l a r oep'e o .am i ft oerd-; H-iihss itid no' lurvo ? plans In tits baud whon he onus in; I M not see the ptin.cee.oo; Mr. iin.-ho* old ooi say aiiytuiag lo me aheot the r>fnci*>ion; to (1m host of a?y mor'alge it wa? a quaMP* past ?l*ht o'uloelc when he ram > n, ho il.'l Dot loll m i?h iiaJ hoonioN w York that al'*-i>o'ro; UiO iiXot 1 htaru ol u.* oiurdof m ..a u uau the iuLomsm ruin"; I tji< uni foil of tin) mm. e I Lot ov u ug ua t? bbeh ncjtatntc'l wtth n'jh"^ olive bo even lo c ,* h<vioo: be .-cem.-t to bo a sober man; ho keeps pi*t y goou tto , i a John wetwK or, *u*o. John tV'bor, re it:. J. .? vl.?. ij young mau who was f)oirroblr, vrit't Jo n?<t hod a llt'ht cnit on; Tfo-man Huftte; ramnb *) (h? \ noit man that woo quarreli bo with ?!?'eased, he i<au on an? similar u> thai of 3t?>r. ina-i liugne , b / I t L. ua.r wai 1 gltli r: Usui man more it esj ,r in?f en- flhe'e ha*, nod Ma I rill! whlj. hers; || . it., aa U i he* loot- IWe the third man: I n?n!?t Uli oailiit- i! Uo ltaxl a n;;i,l rt> it on; bii c<hi,i> oxion, uv ustache, &<%, r< eta'/." the ipnu 1 taw; kiuiyi^ Uoiu> not loo* like aujr of tb-' men 1 Raw. PRX IR PI HT Kh 'tUm Dennis Short, ioca lied, ?. oi:?'I'll# yo-uig man I saw qnarr 1 in? with > ,v J ?u about flco f- ot -ix or savi n Inches in height; Woman H'-rvp re*.?mNet 'he mi veiy wueh; I am not sura bo that 18 the ni ,n. but thin1; bo is; too men woroaca^ii uilar iu.V,rmiu a; Ithougut al the lime that fitciiol i Ho i es was too o'.tiur tusn. nobody tins been to see tne in toil mo bow to . vo niv le unony; tha other man 1 speak of wad taller and laivr thou Murphy, The terimony oc jseveril other person*, but nothln'? now w is ettobe i end the inquest was ad journea unl.l to-morrow afternoon. BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Born Bfr(;t,ary.?A bold burglary wns perpetrated In the Extern district of Brooklyn nt :tn early hour yester day morning, and cawo near ending In a bloody fraredy. It serins that at about two o'clock In tho morning Mr. David Wright, re ading at 07 Wilson street, wa3 arm., eil from a sound slumber by liio noise of eirango footstep in hi* bedroom, and on rising up In" his bod he saw a stranger In the middlo cf tho room looking wist:ally a' hiro. Without eayiug a word ilr. Wright seized a re volver which he alwnvs kopt under his pillow and di* charged a shot at th" Intruder; but It missed Its mark. Tli .??eemedTo a'.urw tho ond lie hurried out to an adjoh.:uu room, 1.Plowed by Mr. Wright In Ids night clot-.,.", *lth r'ptbl in huntl. On reaching the room to which the bu'glar escap I Mr. Wrght was tired al. as lie thinks, by a e ti! dora'c of tiie burvlar whom be lirst rn ronntercd. Tills si?ot ai-o struck wide of the tii i t. A promiscuous lire was then kept tip or. both a <Ica, the burglars re rutting and Mr. , Wright pursuing; bui the shooting was miserable on b-uh rides and only Injured the house. Tho burglar* fluiidy reached the etnirs end e-enped, leaving Mr Wright in possession of his house and life, but minus |71 ivhie,i they found in a pocket-book in bis bedroom. Tub report of fiparnn b.-oegtit to Mr Wright's res. dunce roundsman Iloadb-y e.titi olldoer* Travis. < alatmii and Lultinvillo, cf the t'orty-tl tit pre inct, ami on lieui Informed ot what happened ttwy made immediate reared for tho burglars, but .ailed to eomn up <n ihetn. An io vcttlgatioa of tho i onuses showed that the burglars b >d pa k'-d up a largo buod.eof woarloi: npparol. but aoati I'oned it when they were so vigor ,ust, miacked by Mr. Wr ght rimro was a box of valuable Jewelry within reach of the thieve , *b u thoy fntiod to police it. Mr Wright's pi ick m-'-'t M conceded; but ho deserves very little cred t a< a mark-wan. QtlU> Mu'.dkr. ?On Tue. day afternoon the dead body of a infant v. as found by somo boys in a vacant lot in South Second street, between Ninth and Tenth, Brooklyn, El 1)., nnd by direction of a citizen whom they informed of the fact, tho remains wero takon bv the boys to the cstabiishmeut of tho undertaker employed bv tho coroner, In Union avenue, near Grand atieet. At first | 'it wa ' thuiighl to bo a still-burn; ah,indices] by some un fortunate mother to cap use or prulabl" ex|H>,"re, and was put abide to await tne orders of torum r rfmllh, who whs noilhi'd in the evening. Yesioi ay a mar minute oxam.nation was made, when i'. was found Unit tho Infant had been norn alhe, and that its throat lia.i been inhumanly cut Ihe body, when luuud, was King in a store nan, in a nude ;-'.un, and appears to be thu' of a Jemale of recent b.rth. It could not have brea m .re than a few hours old when It was so atrociously in t dorcd. Hkavt tUKKT op I.iqrrnt ? Mr. Emile Goulard, n Fr uch gentleman, rcdldlng at No. 34 Pr r'.deDt street, was robbed of $3.0C0 worth of wines and liquors, as alleged by J >hn Wood, a carpenter, Thomas ii, a porter, and Lad * is Nelson, u printer. M. Goulard had ratirod from bu.-uiu. . about seventeen years ago, uudjhac tho I qj.-r stored in Ills collar Be ng about to leave t r Fram e be wm anxious to get rid of hi3 liqiras, l.ut wuen bo ca.MO to look fur he lound th< y hud dis apji ared. An investigation couvlticcd liitn that Wood II 'gnoa rid Nel-ou h J taken the wines and liquor* at di lerenl tune" :rbm Ids celiar, and lie the ret: pen caosec their arrest. Thoy .were lucked up to await esamina lion. csruocs Acctdknt.? JanusMonahan, residing in Wood haven, L. L, led from a wagon, at tue corner of kyrtW and Mar^oy avenues, yesterday morning and lractur d his skull. Ho was taken to the City iloepital, and Ills recovery Is eun.-ldcreil doubtful. Tim Fumsral op Jtimcn Waiml?The funeral of Michael Welsh, Justice of the Peace for the First di*. trlct, took place, Irom his late residence. No. 9 W.vckuir street, yretcrday afternoon, and was largely attondnd. Ills r mm lit. were Interred In the Calvary Cemetery, at Fiatbush. CHA2LE- R OF COMMERCE. Resumption of Npeolo I'tiymi-nte?The Fiuri Laws-I'lers rind Wliiirves, Am*. A special meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was hold ye tcrday attcrnoon, at one o'clock. BBSrMJTlON op spkcik payukntb Mr. F. A. offered the following preambl * and resolution, which were, without discussion, laid on the table for futuie con-lderntlon:? Whereas the establishment. maintenance and universal recng-uunn ot a universal standard mid meaiuiy of Tub e h ive long h?en drew I essential to ihe growth iii'.t devei"- - nient ol iiniuetry and tne sum end so udf.i?t pru-pe l?y of trsdeund commerce; and wher-as, our luiiioual departure from siuih suu.iaid wa. only dtaleil an] eactisou bv the eitzenoles and lm-eratlve neec-untie* of agganucand most c?>s ly sm"~lo tor the pres. rv.ition of our n a Integra,: and wber. .s.;. ,wor.u lau-rvsu aro now s nvir.g to j.-rpe . iiate the qualiiind n lion .1 in-olvencr thus recognise I and 1 ?g.tll/ed tor i -so .? line innrrted with any ai-iuel or alleged Inability oi ihe gAVeriiBiaOl to resume specie pay - ruvut; th< r,;' I ,'solved T >.it In the deMlwnttd judgment nf this Cham - her It I? tho clear, Imperative dictate of ti lai.n intercit and nal'.oo.J hiu.or last thefi .leral I'mi.urr s uill. at toe e irlies poaftlol* day, rmume the uajruo ut in cilia, or ua equivalent, of nil Its ig.'.Uoas payable >u deataud or troiu tune to t:u..' fill ing due. "?mt un GRVKRAI Wtl,'IAW K. STR^ffl. Mr. Coufai. i ll. rj-i a s iries uf resolutiuus e ilog sing lb? clis-iifer of tho late Wi Htm K Siron;, and condol ing with Ins family upon tho lo ts they have eusta ncd m b.-> death. Mr. Conki.LV) rrcor.(led the. resolutions in a brlrf ?P'??"h, in which lie r-lerr d In > atlm.<tnstlc terms to Hie I' ltriotie c rv res of Gsneritl strong in the snupreen n of the rebellion, ilia resolut.ons wero uaacmwasiy adoptod. TP* r PUT LAW". The committee appointed to < onaidor thte subject pre sented a mum< rial to bo ami uu to the Legiamturo S approved by .he li.uiibcr. A ier rev.ewing tbo injnrl effects of tho usury I <ws <?t is?.; up n the oommerct ot the rtty, ilie memurial citr*ea as l .liows:? Your uiouioralwts would respectfully suggest that the repent r?r our C-iury Isw of 1?37, merely retaining tbo present le. al rale of seven per rent per 'annum to gov oin, wuen no other rate has been agreed upon, would enahlo u < to secure the same Ocx.billty and nal'iral ea ? which, In n wlf adjusting manner, corrects or greahy nniumee all the lluanciil ilistiiihincs in England. We siiouid had that the legliiinate oporatioa ol t .o law now eought for by your iiicniorlai 1-f* would be sciii.'tliuig like thl*-?As any Mnugencr or extra demand for m<ney began to show lussk, Uiu b.inaa, when so jermiite I by the lauk ng Ira i nf the federal govutnment, could grad ial'.v raise iue rnto ef interest as they do In England, and then, us tiiouey began to increase in cost, borrower* would lessen tlieir demands, takiug no Kuril Hum their prifuut ticeda ?i .solut lv retidercd n-'cpswrv. Spec ilntorg ?ould gra dually p* sire a check Binks couid bua economize their means without rowtitialiy decrtaaiii^ their earn ings, an J would nave money enough for all who eb-i'i luiwiy needed it Active compe ition among lenders w ould at the same time aoi n bnnz nnwn the rate of Ititerest to a moderate acaie. Hunk* and tutnxers, no longer on* aved hy "c.rcuiio.ia dov.cei and re, ervstlors," would enj y the proud con eiouHiicss that they wete at I sal doing tuialuves s.ricdy according ,o law. Tho mnmorlal, ?f t r considerable discussion, was unan Imonsly adopted. pnma axo wthrvc*. The Committee on IV re ami Mirvoi prexente<l a ee'-ond rcjiort, gh iug en acS'-uBt of ? further "cliem lor "leenng perma nt whnrv a which they heit ex amineil, and ag that throu uhsne* be O'-nsirui In orucr to thorongi ly tost tue Di'".is ol the pint! The repurt ear laid upi u the I ili'd to io elvo the (briber cnnstdentlnn of tiie Chamber etn future wetlnp Mr. OroYKK oilerwd the follow mi rruiiuiioim. wi i -n weru iiuuiiiinously edop'eil, an: a copy ot wh.oh was ordired to be lorwardfd io the .Sl-ite l.e^i lal-? re:? Itesolvsd, That tin Hi p;d lie I pm lf ui of the plurs and wb irvea uf the hsrboro: thec.ivu xp*v Yoi-k r"ii<f?r* <h> .u ln.uii-qiiiiia u> the want' oi coininvrca. p.ejim.uui lu ii,< pii' llc henlth, and lajuniias L) the flutL. u iul r!?i? ui me chr Resolved. That thr?e evi i sijn i d he promrtlr removed 1, appioprate le-l. etl.m shd. In ihe ju i ;m-nior this tier, ilie c. at on uf v < mmi.eiiHi witu ?uii*bl. powers wuu'd I* tue b?"t in. ins of Mvunng iue uvslreu rofor>i.. Tbo Chamber then a.Ij . .rnod. THE EXCISE LAW. Trlnl ?f I.lqnor Dunh rw for Violation of the I.iiss, nt i.xclse ili'nilqiiftrtera. The Boaid of F.xcisc lield a very lengthy session yosl r day?Irom ten A. .d, to f?ur P M ? at which the eases of Dtt?ei'-en persons accused by police nlfl.era of vioiniod the Kxcuo law in soma other partii Mar were disposed of. The following ere the rami * and places of business ot the persons complained of whose licenses wire not re voked Henry Oiwee'Ine. ?.3A Panel street ; Edward Kuburtul, 63 HavaiM e!ra"l; Charles K. Hsmillon, 43 I'eck flip; Cl.arhw #1 tf, 67 navsrd etr?"i; James Hngli"?, 31 Amity sir <M . I aul MMl'ien, 191 Itee'er stree'; Ffwrtertrk Jmks, liromue street; Jotm tiaeon, 376 Fotinb nr. ie{ ff le-m lh tfie., I en FranG ft eireol ? Hai-iM ' as. . n, 11 Jaiss' grrtt Th Mlr wing are the nauie* of .l.o.e pe.f'Ls whose Itcensee were raroxed:?Kraas Rih'cr'ch, 11 nayarl street; Andrew Kopf, 110th ttrrrt, ti'i i>"u fw i til fourth ivww, Elclw i .'77 b * Ion -troei; Nathaniel ft Huriie,2J3. 'ithot'evt^ ivia*-.* trick. ftivin,-te stro-t; John 20IX I'tlrd arose-. <<mia Bt Mh. 186 E?*TB> :rtl? Henrw Hiine-i, 1| noil 20 hi.tvuril tr---i. '' ?l)i tflb S loliU'd, ;;^3 Or. uuvvich sire lit, Tue r.? e F. : W.ila tern, ?> v-ii.v ii i th *irvei, corner o' -Vcond av.'-' i , w..s laid <-ver?o* u ero miv-?nd othqrs tijo cuuua -i ,?or '!>? ace-i? -d r ? t b'tug pre; out?Waiter* nut -oeratc .- U' k'-.rv wtieih?r its Fid or had not a fl-*t e?n ?Ae .?vf** lic-a*e, <>r whether, if he ba1 u second, ha h i* < r has not tne rc':t In erl'ty tho privileges allowed lu hOidem of a Ursl c.**s iiccn**. T it BOAtn or IKITH. The }'"*"7 nf Tlenlth met yesteresv aftmi'Mtt Fnt. owing to the leu^'.tiy "iwiuti hi inn Fvi.uc i.< rd, hid but a abort Fining, Ths 3ppartnteodent% repurt. wti. It -tai-it that ten hundred and seventy-one tenement houses and one hundred iud twelve private house." hid lieeu exam nod during the p.i*' week, thirty-one of the hrrmer and ?even of tt.e la"- r pro lug to have i .-en in % con lit too detrinvnial to h-.tlth", war read and ordered oa fl!e. A r- oiulfon d vfar-'r^ i it hereafter In th" ci Ic of hennh ontin.inr-M the r lA-o ' cnntagioua dlsensn,' 'as tied mi -e- i on irreteeti urthi' bei't-i node, I* to ho con trite I n i:.c udlut cioler.i. ve!io?v fever, small ; ox. enlp or typhus, uphold and ecu-let levrra ana measles, wag adopiod. Tlio Hoard thou adjourned. KEX1CUIB9X3S. The f'nntrnrt RMwi-i-n flic United States, Enreiirae nml West Virginia l.nrtd and ill I ti ins (lenpanr and the Uovaramcnt of Mexico'. to ms v.niTO't of the herald. Some time nf'er this contraet had been made, and n'ter rtr if" to the nmonnt of .ffl,0o0,000 had h on drawn ?on the company and pcrcptcd, certain representatives of Mer co, fur r-asons set f irth in mv reply to the card of th" .Mexican Legation, r.nd for private reasons of their n des red lo avoi I tlie rospoa IblllMes of tho Mexican .ernmcnt under the contract. This desire having been formed, the cff. ris retorted to to accomplish it, briefly elated, were as follows:? 1. I he cut: ci .v-nro. unee-d a forgery. Tbl* falling, 2. An ii>--mi t i : iu di in .ml mi pos-c elon surreptitious, v uf I'.. .-it-ru'a eerie .to,aiid tlio contract. Tin- ?!?o f ill inv. ;l It on .announced bv Uw? Mexican Ideation that I had <tolen t ecu ;? , ur "for nly l. '.en It from the annlrdf of i Mev eun ei (? n Th < ileo'f.i niy. 4. it t. now iiinuini'-ej l>y lue Mexicr.u Legation, through the |.:tp-rn of the i.' .i n?t.. ;!i.,? flcni-ral ? 'arvajal, with V Uin ? ? ?>???.? - til ? ineRtalew of la- .ii.i iniil .-.ii i.m.. l'.ii'-u iiud ua the a^uot of thn ?-puh: nt v - :!c i. h i 1 rx ? i '?! Ins power* In making It. This last dndi-e ia on n pnr -*ilh llioep that have pm? ?ed d it. In tnu very coinincriceinent of the contract ilie ponersof Cntvijal, the nyentof'be .Mexican gov ?riitneut., me "pocitic t. The ii iwi-rnu in'hortty under ?| i o t" i ir ii i . viih tlile company uo and sell ??'iO.flCiA ???>! d h.'ti t - 11 h is i.i ue to ttmn ?cii n coiHiKo.l Hiul coujlrmcd by tlio ynerumoat of vieXM-o Mown to Ji.nui^r, 1^67. hv Its recognition of :: c couirrct witn i.uiicc <t Co.. made with them by Car n i'oi the i--uo (??-.<1 sal*- of $30,000,006 under tho v:,i order-; h< :I ?? a cmtaucc, ime and ne.otiatiOOB of ?in . cited drai'ts of thm cumpany, and in various' ? iiher ways. In c" i in- ? n, tt Is placed hcyond ron'rovcrsy thai (icncral Cr.rv nl r-us, Vy the eiipr -nieordei-aof the Mexl an giiverii-iu nt, o N^vemlier 3 nil 12, 1S?'4. given full n 1 -r anJ antlnri'y '-to arbitrate aud ne ponnie he v ay and tneaoe to?Id aud so-lain the Mext? an povi-mment to conlrict a loin of such amount aa he in. : t, t! i.'k rcpnlrcd for such purpose, and to give .m;-le g larnnto i.s to m-coutplish the wishes of the Moxl go\ crtitriuiif " For Ihla end ho was invested by bis .; ? ernmi-ris. wi 'i the most unple and romjriete author* iiy, hy tho oniers Ite'ore tnctnioned of bis government, in i s., it-ce -.vbc cof he mude tint contrm-t with this d-inipiiiy, I'-iini v inch his v.-ovornmetit lias alr ady re.ij ? d :ic i -ind lav lug benefit?, and which contract Is de-:ineii to p -ten the repuii io of Mexico upon n firm uid 1. th ,r f unda: i>n, and enable her to declare llnxioo a free and mde cm i-ih n-.unn. DANIEL WOOrWOUSR, President, kc. CONTRACTION. * ? TO Tiir FPtTOR <iK TUB TIER A I.S. ??n. In l is lcficr to tho Secretary of tho Treasaiy, in yo u- i-suo of this day, takes upnu hiup-elf a great deal o nuthor ty wiien he says without re*erve, "Tel all regard it (contraction) as seriously threatening ths prosperity of the country." ? Presuioptioa frequently is the secret of th# suecans of - reif.maae men"?it somstitries is the only capital thnjr Ability, mfluencn and oven braint may be dealed them, and vet they riao to alhueuce on the investment ? f tilth espi al id presumption; but ons thing is certain t ) follow the con.-wj nf all provimptuous men, and thai t ng can he clearly illustrn.ed by tho story of ths ru'invrey who, after adorning himself, climbed a poia. Now, 1 dony tnoat oinpha'lcally that all or that a ma|oa* !>y of the g?nd people of this country regard tho oss> trnctioo, light as It has been, oa seriously affecting th# : - os, eruy uf the country. On tbo contrary, as I tingly acknnw'edged by H. C., this eontmotlos 1 a death W?>w lo'prowing desire, the passionate lava of pen anon? a di>cajo which was Hading its way lats every class of busiue-M, not confining itaoif to ths OoM or the iioek Ex hango. but showing itself everywhere. A cm-ck upon tins i.a-and will continue to lower tha price* of ?? .tj-i ihu ui-ct -ATicr ol life. And will this he the ui .ms of PcrloUHly aflcctlng the prosperity of lbs coustrjrr II. . rays, "So tar aa tho currency In depreciated in ?elu", it neeess tatca an advance In prices, but In na ot er w;ty ?-in it be-a d to a fleet va,uea,'' That values |# n be n ted m :-nv other wav than in as advance or reilnc'ioii nl pric -- I mn at a 1 s* to conceive. The Ml pn po Hum or tne Kt-monce covert the gronad I bars t ikeu, and is as trnng an argument aa I should have de nned the goni Ionian to have ua .-d, had be bees argnlng <>n lie o.Lor eld ? o( lb J qneatite. Thia Inflation of pmw mu t coa-c, and I cannot conceive of a better Urn# t* M-giu 1: than-ue prvesnt. I know it la unpleasant for huae -.vliueh fortirje. are piling up higher mm higher by me a ? twin not of a rediindaut currency to make up their niind* that ih - n d max in ot "the grot ver good rev ths greater ntim rr" ix the one that should guide them; but 11 ihc-o time* the g>od ?f the whole people must be studied, not our iueividual good. 11 C.'a argument Is weekly bnlH can be readily yen by Ins statement that the huainess of the whol* c i in'ry has been pnralyzed and demoralized in oooa^ i-i?nte ot tlio Ferret-try of th? Treasury calling in Ire nnlliutra ot leg tl lenders snd two millions of componodh Why, 'he bald s in Hid city of !C"w York could reduce their iegi'l tenders is one wsek the sbovo amount and yet urn per cptibiy stlcct the money market?and tbey bars Oolin It, jiiit enough. 1 was only tempted to notice this artfols of 11. e iu order to chow tne unmeuso auioonl of ?tva'.'"e tVat wxa being constantly presented by quack nnaitcWs. K. Gi**U? EWGDATIM AM THE SOUTHERN STATES. A Ttrooklyn correspondent comments on the necessity of dln>ctlM Gentian Immigration toward the Sooth as Mns th" liott mean* of briuglng about a re< onatructios of th* lately In rebellion. Hmy*.? remarks upon (toman emigration mrtwt ?*? flung jwwrftmt In r-latlon to'Rio Southorn Steic*. It iw well know a D. a'l who have observed Ilia progress of this country ? tint wiioe Germans have rettied lucre ham beat | rtMjieiTil a r culture nui] tictuufaciurea, that I hay have ^ themselves to l?? an Induitriou*, hard work hit people, ait. ndlort to their torn husinc.'* and looking only to tu. ir own improvement aad the development or the re out - s of the co miry launcdiatoty aur n> ndirg Hi m. They are oar moet (toady and rtiterprl -log p.oncers, and wherever In .?? it oth, ? uudy labor is to bo employed, of all fnrctrtier* they are foremost. Hence, the ?siuihcra tytmtoa, bcltffhn some re?pocta but little better than un d- velopr I Territories, thev ere the people for Its pettier mem. foe people t?y whom Industry, well directed, rdaton uior become rivals if not superiors of tow ar-at Woai?tt.o plan, tu brief, which I suggest h. lot > rth rn cap! lull t?, one or more, buy op, s*y ten tliou ?r.od ?r mty thou and acres of Ian.I la Nortn Omiiaa, Vi'H uia or any oluim eoutnern elate, divide lbts into tariaa of on hundred, two Ujodred or more acres, ami a '.I to theao Gorman emigrants, to aoch aa hav# not nnt| i?* meats, a credit, with mortgag" to 0*. given Tim so tie men t once liegua wouot rapidly .nona-a, mil tli natural fertility of tb?e lands wo eld lii! aim i4l man o Inns under the careful culture of the munly German. N arly th.? whole of Virgins* and N .rth Caroi i..t U well adapted to ouch settlement. Id taut, lucre nai tM>eii mr many team in North Carolina a largo aud II.rlv tig tollWiuewl Of Moravian*. They ahoW tliii ij I of 'ho German* iu selecting Uio hurt laud of 'La mJtto regt n fur .heir settlement, and many of the ? ? thy fan llae or the valley* of the Yadkin and" Calo* hd true i Iho it to vim hij .y mi one aido or the oilier. Their .anus ice 'Ire n a d host cultivated. I riatro the- system, whil ? h?tug a source of profit U th? parly >r perils* op"rating it, Would at the Mine i| n# o ? the qirckest and surest means of aocomptirti ;ng in it unci desired eud-the reconstruct on of it..) ou It It would bo a ro* merit km. All who, d*? snsii si wi ll ibe present or jir.wpeaUve etatc of uhatra, cl..?- to *nl at imr rains, mignt tin so, and. if not d * i? e?i to s< f, they in Ik it he *nppo*ed tol?e contented, or ho Il'l eh do the isinWfi nee*. I tie grant fault of tie S nth. ..tidoteof the ac ompenim nta of the pecu.lar tltut ?, ha? always boon me large bodies of lund tie .1 h? one individual. I km* of parties wi.oswtt i ii ihoweatld and sruts thirty ti.oartad acres or land. If operated upon r.gliily they woo d gladly Mil. again, tne accurity of the ma; ofacciring In."!* : of ibi? country d mnoda some menus uf rvvivitwng I e tn si.d perpeinstlnf tne snppiy of acton, the pimt whroh I have ?iigge?)cd is the one. Cotton can Im urn duo d pwdfably by whi e labor on any upland and op in nv c.i tn lowland larms Mere c >tt n wuf bo | ro flyr | by (in d eg up tits tsrmr than hy theoht -ytem he. kui't the leu.i ml. be boil v cultivated end inauur il. iu' n, too, the product of wo?l might he \?d:> in cr. s?- ! by tbp impor atlon of ?> Tinatis Into fho n o.,n. iaiu< and wptanus >? Virginia, North Carolina, roeth taropite, tloo.gia. An. aiun, Arkan- ia nn.l 'i ro -^'r. , b" soil ut th* ii mountain*, too, ia peculiarly *<Upted to henip,, Aid. 1 ha.c hastily thrown these ideas together ra'her rc-r ges |ye: hut niy r .an, if luoacd into, will bo . .iMte "no. _____ IL^ A Mrrcgt llorsa ?Tno Danrllis (Va) /???. >r rava a lady ul ihat low., was sitting in her chairmrv big rig a pla nilve air lo lull to sleep her iniaut child, vj," : tu< re appea-e i . pin tu* floor a mouse, which she fed .xgna of cr. at delight at liie mneto. Tne little oreatur d mc d and ?H oped, rolled upon its back, and w .on ap pr,.ao\e.l nc do Bo aftbrt to et apo. It was en y -ap. mr-'d iihdor a St.,all toy h ck i. and upon tr? removal of the backet a few Bunntr* afterwarda, it ?a* dead. i'J deith si* n.i doubt the eO at of be aoiln, wliioh tue little fellvw ee.-iued lo entov so n aiiseiy