Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1867, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1867 Page 9
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CONNECTICUT PCLITCS. ous pew nvft cqi tts.-p Tbo Connecticut iwi ami Kf fecte In iVilttlce?The IV.??llr |v.? n ifl I Rlaue Abuut Xici-Valc un S;tt!ri cul fotu jt dice. New Hwut, Hush 19, 1HG7. All i* oot yet on *.L Potomac af tii-i cs-npago In Connecticut, and the Cniun gener*'*. not eje-ptwv II** toy, are hauuted by fir&ago villous of worm all; uud woolly horses. A renie* infl ation pr ivai * iu ilie camp, and lb<! teeth of political captains, who nav.? ne**er yet Io.?t a battle, are hcjlntilri-; l? clatter a slm;n a *110 and to rattle like lUo.-.e of Uerry UtU in u t queer l>*!la1 of Words worth. In vu n councils of war are railed; in vatn beg these beletguerc 5 captain* of roitib'ican Sena tora for gufceor; In vx u evary device of (Pratogy to evoked and put la action. A m!U<nua in the form of a Yankee showman has b?cn hanged about the r^ck of the republican party, and It is likely to be cut In o the sea Tbere are two question-, lotvinq out the q;o-tlon of Barnum, wbi h are likely to Itarn soma considerable ef fect on lbe Connecticut campaign. The ?ue rests with the workiugiuen, the other with the Ken ana. Uoth parties are making herculean efforts to win to them the Yemen vote. On the ono hand is ranged the ancient Hibernian prestige of tbo dem -cracy, and on the other glgautto efforts are being ma le to demonstrate to tho Fenian population that the republican party Is one of universal free lorn It to very likaly that tho Fenian votes "'ill be mostly eaet with the democracy?though tin fertilltr or argu ment and political device brougutto bear hv the republi can landers will bo likely to ga'n some port of the Fenian vote. Meantime, the I'enlaus aru petted and pooilod ad Tba advocates of tho eight hour sy*'*m, on tho o'her hand, having been sou re I in some do-oo hv toe failure of the Logisin'.uie to enact their thoory In'o a law. are endeavoring to compel ono party or tho other emphati cally to endorse tho plans ami ihooriea of labor which they propose. Tho democracy Is dtotinctK pi to the passage of a law In favor of tho w -rklngm-n, anl will probably carry with >1 that part of the vote which is eon trolled by the Workingm?n'.? Union?unless pledges aqually emphatic should bo givon by H.vvioy?in which -case tba vote would, in the majority, fall 10 the republi can candidate. This, therefore, Is sn I "ie -'. hicli can bo controlled; and should Hawlev he distlnei in Its toe, one demoorat r gun of toe campaign .mnid be nptked, and a largo nui<-.'<-r if artiilervm-n put eor? wombat There to on-- ohi<-ciion to thK however Th? greater part of U10 moneved supnnrt noon which Hawlev depends to carry on the campaign, to drawn from the -large manufactories in the Fasten) half of tli ? etuto; and should the candidate iiiage plchres to wrk-nemon for the purpose of securing vn??*. the campaign w >uld be apt to lag lor want of tho pecun ary support which is largely extern-led from t!ie p..-'gets of >!.? capitalists Thus the republican < nndirtato Is in n dilemma, which, however, will probably he arranged bofnr- e|>ctmn. Neither of theso difficulties, however, could he auffl dent to shako the Union pm poet of s-icc -s. worn it not that the nomination <>f Barnum in the HrHtfcport d's tiict has mnMnaily rtani'vine.1 ihe en--rt.'ios of Hi" lotrtv and fallen like a paruij - ;poa its t-ffors bup. rliumsn eff-'rta have bo-ui msi'.o to ??-urc f-xalcr* f oolit ? ,d AW; but the odor of Bam urn tin* b'-cn too r ik, -md Senators and Comic- men have persi-' -n'lv recrotted that they were otherwise enen :ed, or hat bu?lo?"is was preaalng, ?r that tlielr s -vices were demanded oNo where. Tho latest joko of this sort is the Ulno s 01 Fenater Nye, who wa ? Tinc-ively ann-ciaced for this evouiDg, but has been suddenly thouyn mry c riven lenlly stricken with indUpocrlnn. " Sic run -rick Nye" to the toriorn motto; and thus pass I" ft t all 0:1 whom the engineer* of th? campntirn have dep?r.d -d to foist Barnum into Congress, without th- company or Professor l.ootti la, the astronomer of Ywl?. who I* tor ought to be) with tbo showman S nm"--?<l. The on ? ha* ? facility for manufactunng mermaids, and the 01 her for predicting meteors? though, I'ke tne she-d igs of Jotin of Nivttlles, the more the prof -swr predicts m leers the more the meteors refute to come. Bot one ol the j.rcai ica-otu- w hich lop off the Fenisn rapport from the I'nion pBr!y ,s the "n. .u oati >n of Barnum. During his term in the Coacc ion; l.outola tura la 1866 tho showman Indulged m tlnna of the Irsh popui I'mn. declarlti,; that a negro "With woolly head (or woolly horse), w .? in e-..-rv respect superior to a native borr. !r'?hmnn Th ? c savlnvs are now telling aga<n*t him with fearful force in Mm c m ats, wad aot against huo only, but again*l t'10 Union party, to which he lia< fixod himself iiko a barnacle; andthnre ll SO Hawlev himself I* said |p nave admitted?no ihopaof saving it, nnlo** tho obn.>xlou* can I date cm be Indnced to vacate his candidacy Mora of Uaruum's 1 in regard to tlie Irish element of our population 1 you on my arrival at Hurt.ord, where I can Mara an opportunity to consult 1110 records, though what ha* been acnt is well outhcut.catod. Iliat Barnum laths sworn anomy of the Irish there can bo no doubt, JllpW frits bis own utterances, and tins is tho main ?Sanaa which will oparato in debarring from the republi oan party tbo votes of Irishmen ibiough-mi tho state. And yet thw ltiueraut showman buries hi* head in tba ?and of eartldoates from women, and, ilka a certain bird mt tba daaeft, seems to fancy that his preposterous naroara to not a risible object of derision to the boat of tola nnienaia. Or aasnpslyn poems and songs Barnum has, of course, tba aahent than s, aud wails 01 every order of 1 merit are floating hare and there, eoroo bavlog > to music and become tbe permanent property glee club*. I transmit herewith a mo.-ceau of t this sort, which might he sharper, but makes ?p in MM for what it wants in wit rni WOOLLT HoatS. There's ilarrum. who thinks, As he nod* and iie w.nks, -Of lection he s quite ceruin; Bat tbu shuwman has no -now, And the dav he " run' will rue, dffhea >ve let down the curhua. Fcr the woolly horse Is dead? Po-lll-l ^l-lydend? We hareTiiin trapped seourely 1 We'll *trlp bis wool To keep him cool. On 'IccUon day most surely. With hi* hesd full or kmks As that of bu sphinx, I1-' thinks he's sure h> win It; fl-it spite of all his trlcas, W e'w got hini .:i ? Hi? With uis loot exactly In it l or the woolly horse Is dead, Fo-ht-i-c. ldy dead, Ac. , We'B give hi-n a ssuee 1 That will hceo bis w >? ily horse ^ From going oif l:i a unkr To tbe lowu of Washington, For which Barnum did r to. With all his b off and banter. For tbe wooiiv horse is dead, Fo l.i-l. -sl-ly dead, A% Ah, Barnum. F. T., .Now. why oan ( you ses That with ?lly our inuas and Joking, For the sUowinau there's no shuw, And up .-toll rlrt-r you must row, >s spits of nil your croaking? Kui the wooliy librae It dead. Fo ltt-l eal-ly'dead, Ao. The Wbat-Is-tt, ' And that whole kit, Ksy vote for him. and darn 'em. Hut oa the goose we 'II be bound That the Yankee Is uol sound Who'll arai vote for llaruuin. For 'he woolly horse Is dead, Fo-lit-l-eal-ly dead, Ae. Th* Abort to only a specimen of the verslfled lampoons ?alto every air. irom "Yankee Doodle'' to -'Dixie," which bare found tbolr way luto print, and act with all tbo potency of more sol id campaign documoala. By thn way, notwithstanding the Intensity ofihn po litical canvass, New Haven, usually so Maid, ttapid and prof mm rial, hat fallen ioto the habit of having literary ?enanUoM. The Inst, though not tbo least, has been nvoknd by a natirtcal poem which ban found its way into print, and m from the pen of somebody who st^u* him ?elf "Qnlvedo," with about of further Latin epithets, which from a cursory look at tbe book I am nnable to remember. Tbe author Is obvtoualy a dsuisen of the aim City. Judging from his knowledge of New Haven, and hence the spectacled professors, from profneeor of theology to prefeeeor of rhetoric, shake end tremble and manliest symptoms approximating to thoao of agus. One avers that tbe poo in to a concoction of damnab.e doggerel; another to of the lmpreealon that It ought to have been written In barotc measure; Professor Northrop ?Ms (or ought to be) eonvinoed that the thing baa uo polit ical *ig mil canoe, and Profewor Loomis is qdtto positive that the poem to neither n meteor nor a oemat, In which, i no doubt, the Professor in tor the Orel time, correct. A sensation tbe poem baa mado, however, and Me whole corps of Yale hare been engaged for several days In in quiring Into the as nee cnwrimia ef the audacious produc tion, not having, at latest accounts, settled anything an regard to lie ongln, though Darwin "On the Origin of Ppec.os" be* been gravely consulted and quoted. The fact It. sinoe tbe days of Fsrolral, who starved on Webster's Dictionary, New Havea baa not been blest with a poet, either satirical or otberwUe; and now that ? one has made his debut the Yankees are puzzled, and insist that tbe poem Is a comet or a meteor, tbougb Pro fessor 1 oomis has officially swore to tbe contrary. Home few strokes of apoplexv will happen, of course, for the v>em makee tbe shadow of the Devil converse with Professor I,oomis, end Professor Loomis convsrae with he shadow of the Devil?tbe Professor fulling to ont 1'vil the Devil la slam,, ratlitr from leek of wit than root lark of intention, fbne the Professor to mads to *ay ?-Ills Inaoleaee Is swilled. I must declare" I Ha Id this l'rofes?nr gravely to the other 1; "J never hasrd tbe Hue from thief or liar, And will not brook It far an instant further. The pugilistic rs?c*|! Look rou here, Yon huse-born curmudgeon of s huse hom mother D'vc think we'll Uke your Insolence thus ersmmcrt"' "You will," tepllsd Asroodeus, "when you're demnen ' To make a professor gabble In this wav, Ilka the gib I oer!3I1 of s flan woman, is, to be sure, undivnifled; bot, m erthrlew, the poem, as a satirical performance, to ?erf flavor ind cipit?!, und bus Id il a lingo of tho old epigrammatic sarcasm of Hudlbraa The ?!i?ighlng has been excellent here for several daya, though a f<iv noons of sunshine neb m we have had to < jay will bo liksly to thaw away most of the heavy body ?>f snow that feMon Saturday and Sunday lost Mean 1 -Imc bell* are Jingling merrily in ell directions, end tbe :-eaux and belles ot New ILuven are jubilant. A ft m KiAurn Fomxiwki).?The Troy papers my tbe rourhs of that city were encouraged by tho recent riota In New York to plot an attack upon their own poll e. One ol their number, "Tim Casey," and two others went out threatening to "smash any d?d policeman who >' eftuuld open his mouth." An attempt being made by a e'ngiu oflieer to arrest ths ecoundrel the cry of 'Tally" was given, and other rowdies came np and auooaeded la barting bin merely before bole arrived* A*D COMMERCIAL. Two* tu 2, M-ircb 21?6 P. M. I' I as b" ~n a au'T day *Ho? in utu stock market. IV* huacml tendency hl be*r? H, Mil lu r se ?;n*4 lc bu but iMila oilbrt ma le by t)<- b ills to traraat the gradual but sure relrpMds.W yncer. The cireil ie ottri-<in d wvb ?b?cLa, ?u i uothiu; but the prevailing ?Me of money alyai the ?f? ?ou :Uioo 10 be carr e l. Tbeiu we* an increasing d :uaod to-<lay tor caii loan % but the money ma.~L.ul le ca-y at 0 a 7 p?r eeut. Die con nu are das', aud choice bill* at 1 per eenL (?old was qu in active, and there was a free burrowing demand, with a fractional improvement la prices. Gov urnmc-M stocks are firm, bo. quiet. Al the ten o'clock open board the market was dull and drooping. New York Centra) sold at 105 a 105 X; Erto, MX; Bonding, 101X lb 3>i Michigan Southern. 75X a X; Cleveland anil Plttfibarg, 82; Clev -lnn l an l Toledo, 118X; Rock Island, 0fir; a 97X; Northwestern, 35JJ a X; da preferred MX a 65; Fort Wtvne. 96 X ? Xl l"arlflc Kail, 112X ? 123; Western Union Telegraph, 41X At the first revular board there was a decline, with the exception of Atlantic and Pacific Mail and Can'on Com pany, from the prices current at the c irro*pondlng time yesterday. New York Centre! closed X lower, Er.e IX. Rendtng X, Michigan Southern 1X. Cleveland and Pitts burg X, Rock Island X. Northwestern Xi do preferred X. Port Wayne %, Ohio and Mississippi oertUlcelcs X . Western Union Telegraph X- Pacific Mail was l.X high er, Canton At the one o'clock open board there was a further decline, New York Central selllog at 105X; Erie, 67 X a X; Reading, 101X; Michigan bathers, 74 a 74X; Cleveland and Pit'sburg. 81X a %: Rock Island, 96X; Northwestern, 35X (b. 8); do. preferred, 641;; .Fort Wayne, 00X; Atlantic Mall, 83; Wastern Union Tele empti. 41 a 41 X At the half-past two regular board prices Improved for New York Central (that stock closing X higher than at the first regular board), Reading X? Rock Island Xt Fort Wuvne X nod Canton X- Erie was X lower, Michi gan Southern X, Cleveland and Pittsburg It,', North western do. preferred X, Ohio and Mississippi cer tified! and Western Union Telegraph X At the quarter past three open board the market was firm, with qnlie an improvement in prices. Now Yor Cen'ral sold at 105X a 106; Erie, CSX; Reading, 101X (b. 3); M.en gnn Southorn, 75X a X; Cleveland and P'tt'b irg, T9.X a X; Rock Island, 96*,!; Fort Wayne, 9BX; Northwestern, 35 W; do. preferred, 64 X At five o'clock, however, the market was heavy at the following quotations:?Now York Central, 105 X ? X; Erie, 57X a X; Reading, 101X a Xj Michigan Southern, 74 X a JJt Illinois Central, I'C a 116; Clove land and Pittsburg. 77X a 78; R ick Island, 96X ? ; Fort Wayne, 96X a ;??; Noithwestern, 33X a ; do. preferred, 64 X ? H '? Pacific Mail, 121 a 124X ; Atlantie Mail, 82 a 84; Western Union Tele "aph, 41 a 41X; Ohio and Ms Istippl certificates, 26X a X; Manrosa pre ferred, 22 a 22 X Gold was firmer. The lowest pr:<? touched was 134X. It sold a-- high as 134 Xi and closed, at four o'clock, at 134X. Borrowing rated ranged from 1-32 to 3-32 per cent per day in favor of the lender. Foreign exchange was dull, but fli nt, in dtnsequesce of there being but few bills in the market. Bankers' bill.? on England, sixty dny?, were quoted at the close at lO^X a 109; three days, 109 X & X; commercial bills, 107X a 105 X; francs, sixty days, 6.22.X a 5.17Xthree days, 6 17' ,' a 5.14X At the first mining board Columbian Gold and Silver cloeod 10c, higher than at the same time yesterday, selling at $3; Quartz Hill 10c., selling at $3 75. Con solida' ~d Gregory Gold was $1 35 lower, selling at $11 05. Alameda Silver remained steady at $7 40. At the second beard Alameda Silver closed 10c. higher than at the first board, selling at $7 60; Consolidated Gregory Gold 6c , selling at $11 10; Corydou 10c., K. lling at $3 70. 'Quartz QUI was 20c lower, selling at (3 55 American securities and consols were quoted as fol lows, according to the cable telegrams, on the Loudon Stock E?cbango at tlio noted dates:? Mar 11 M ir. 16. Mar. 20. Mar. 21 United States 6-20's .74X 74X 74X 74X Frio 40 X 39 X 40 X 39 X Illinois Central 78 7sj4 T^x 7fi.X Consols 91 91 91 91 llie receipts for customs, and the receipts, payments and balances at the Sub-Treasury in this city for the weak have been as follows:? t'ttKom Itou%e, , znuKiTtanrry. , Jtcciptr Btuiptt. Ra vmmU. Hn'nnee/. March IS... .?177.000 f7.U7.S43 $7,162,781 fill,056,328 March 19.... 503,000 2.277.742 2,357,914 111,578,156 March 20.... 842 000 3,224.543 2 .'0)1,829 112.409,CO k arch 21.... 251,000 4,407,539 1,637,330 109,548,600 The Hartford and New Ha ran Railroad Company baa declared a quarterly dividend ol $3 per share, free of government tax, payable April 1. The Boston Bank etatements for the past throg weeks compare as follows:? V-ir. ft 4. March 11. March 18. Loans f95.050.727 $93,424,958 f93.156.4S8 Spcrle 950,S87 695,768 SdS,6'?4 Legal tender notes 15,988,103 lfl.000,052 16 270.979 Deposits 87,318,573 37,366,880 36,751 753 Cuculation (nat'l). 24,675.767 24,793,758 24,500,533 Circulation (Stale). 301,437 300,113 29-.',528 Respecting the certified check3 difficulty in Boston the Adutrtimr says:? We under.natidltbat the vote passed at a recent meet ing of the associated baulcs, "recommending as an act of comity that all checks drawn by the president or cashier of any bank In Boston, on his own bank, and endorsed by the teller, be received by Boston Banks," has not been evented to by moro than ten or a dozen of the banks, and the previous arrmgemcnt, which was en tared Into by thirty of the bonks, who voted to authorize their president, cashier or nssl--tant cashier to issue nnd certify checks as good on their respective banks, hold ing them-,-ires liable for all such acts of issue or certifi cation, still remain* In force. The following is a statement of the liabilities and aaoeU of the Canadian banks for the past two months, as compiled from the official returns:? LUIILITTS8. Jam nary. f bnufy. Circulation $10,126,473 f 10,0 j.:. '.58 Balauces due 3,101.679 1,938,706 Non-interest deposits 13,738,246 12,551.326 Interest deposiu 12,863,471 13,251,779 sniiit Specie and notes $8,787,184 $7,316,700 Landed property 1,513,519 1,514,480 Government securities 6,37.1,911 6,199. J IS Bills of other bsnks 1.516.721 1.574.954 Balauces 6,599,398 3,890.474 Discounts 44,460,876 46.799,706 Other debts 2,381,921 2,322,503 The condition of the Rhode I;land banks, according to the returns made to the State Auditor on March 4, was as follows;? Capital $3,218,460 Circulation $202,680 Loans 4,211,406 Deposits 1,100,349 Specie 13,701 The loilowlng la an exhibit of the business transacted at the United States Sub-Treasury, Chicago, for ths week ending March 16, 1867:? Receipts $148,093 Dabursomenu 6,?i76 Cash on band (of which la com (270,600) 567.803 Cash on hand laet week 426 188 A direct all-rail Ium between Chicago and Leavenworth la projected. A Chicago paper anys re specting It :? The object la view la the construction of a railroad from Leavenworth east to intersect the Ha nntbal and ?. Joseph Railroad at Chmeroa, a distance of tlfty miles. At present there is no direct railroad between Chicago and Leavenworth over which freight can be transported without breaking bulk. Freight shipped from one point to the ether mutt go via St Joseph and Weston, at each of which places transhipment it Dec cess ry, while be tween the latter town and Leavenworth it ta conveyed by boats Tbe Platte City and Fort Dee Motnea Railroad Company la about to commence the construction of a railroad that will obviate these disadvantages and aflhrd n direct and an unbroken line of rail between Leavenworth and Chicago The distance from Cameron to St Joseph la thirty-seven miles; from tbe latter city to Weston, tbirty-Ove miles, end from that point to Leavenworth seven miles, making a total 6t seventy-nine miles over the present route from Cameron to Leavenworth. By the construc tion of the contemplated road twenty-nine miles ef dis tance will b* saved between Cameron and Leavenworth, besides making a direct all rail lino between Chicago and the commercial capital of Kansas. Tbe Platte City and Des Moines Railroad will run through the counties of PlaUe, Clay and Clinton, Missouri. The city of Leaven worth has subscribed $300,000 and PlaUe county $200,000 to the enterprise, making $600,000 in all. The bonds bavs already been placed In the bands of the company. Simultaneously with the building of the railroad a sub slant.a! bridge wilt be erected over the Missouri river si Leavenworth, so that the connections may be perfect. A short line railroad Is also to be built between CIm dnnati and Loatsvtlla A Journal published Id ths formar city states that work will be commenced on the Cincinnati end of the line next week. Thifc now road will be tbe property of the Frankfort and Louisville Railroad Company. Tha route Is as follows:? the new rosd will branch off from the Louisville sod Frankfort road at Ingrange twenty-five miles this side of Louisville, thence through Camphelleburg down Mill creek to the Kentucky fiVefc acroee thst and thenoe up along tbe north bnnk of Fs?ln creek, Uienoe up Ten Mile creek to Verona, and thence through 6porta and Walton, nnd down Hank Lick rroek, and theme to for tacton?poking ibrougb oidkem, Henry, Carroll, Gal lanfi, Boone and Kenton counties?eighty mllee of the new road There will be a treat deal of heavy grading on tbte road, an it Includes live tunnels and many deep cuts. Four ol these tunnels are between Iagrnnge end ?erona, and the tiflh Is between Verona and Covington. ?u Mamohla fort contains lha following roan actios Ilia connection t-U.-eiMi t!ie Mcnydiis er(! Little lock mj l the g' i I; m roil* the gesotm'ina for W'lich is taid la I avo be*} c included ye-.onlay : ? TtiMalter tin" r-q? fr-m !. '.i? R-rtC. Ar's.. to Kill*"* (*? 1 ri>et|C" Na't^i'rn Tcxa* in Kl I'aao. an (he J' c. IfMvlr. A* some "m* Hinee ann-iuurcd. lU? Lutin Rnc.k aii'i Kurt 8mtlb Rq-tr ?i will c?-u|H"abl ill ' ilia M-mob *004 Liii'l Rack flail." ?-t Amusement* h-vn also ke'*a per'octrl to obi?>In money and Iron fir ihe completion cf the l.lttle Rock F.*l!ro>d General Format I" |i' shins lb? work tiiegugh no b.s ??" HOB ? Ul ' grruteei rapid,ly. H? lias about Uu ratio* of tin- mad rmm Pi Frmct* rtv*r to thn t.aineu'lt? raids' for the track, and that portion of tin) rn.vl tin." been co cied lb ' very wot si ami uio-t ditllruU to work. A Mobile journal Mrs, reapictiug lb? New Orleans, Mob Ik and Chattanooga Railroad .? We ar? gratified to iearn that th' lint of many dlfflctll. tie* In MC'iriDv ih? right of way and location a'no; the entire route of this road l.ia been success'ully overcome. A lew darn since the contract was clo ed fir th r nr cbaae of the WU1* Valley Railroad, e I ne of e.Rhtr-f ur mile*, having its pree 'U' tcrmiuus at Gadsden, and form Ine a ni-co'sarr Irak In the direct and ere at trunk mad from Mobile to Chattanooga. Thin road trill h? put in ham! at once for r- conmrucUon, ard It la design d to c imidete it bv the first of July, 1868. lh's fur hits? avoids a iliiBculty interposed by lb? Governor of Cei-gli, n refusing right o." way through a small com r of the Geor ia territory to Chattanooga All the legislative, and titular difficulties being now conquered It is t ie purpose of the company to g i vigorously on with i tlv- work, and next vrook ground will b<t broken on tbe [ Now Orleans conuection. SALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCH4N6E. Tlinradnv. dlarrk SI?10:30 A. M. 91*19 r RR?? 1871 ree... Iflfl innah* Atlantio iiss Co 83 ?iOW LT S?*?c?n MM.. I.'l 81) do 2d call 'J tone I SH',. 1SH' ree... 1 s"; SO) Boilon Water I'wr. 2M4 ?xVO S 6'?S 20 ISfiScuu 1 103 do :"j\ >vmi t' 1 f.'t 5 '."0 ou'64 In", 10 do. ... sX' rs 5100-C S S-ro'l'fis lil-m |H Pacfflr M S3 Co... 1"*'; 31 0 rs b'? 5-20 rcq'flja llffl,' ?5 do 124 !Sm In? Il-lO 1st re. 11W SO N T A- N Purer. RK I'D BMW do it! at). lUStg |(tnHudson River BR.. 13ft 4000 \Y -it te bit leou MK SKIN Y Centra! .'tit.... V5'( etrOTonn 6*ane?r ?<*,' I no do *15 rvj moo N C fl*? ex con.... S" 7oeEr*.enR S*?; ln,m HPS'* new. . .. 49 inn do ?10 W, ?DO Virginia 8'? 00 y? do 10?n do cdctil 67 n<0 do R> . 10W i Missouri ti'B Oil pal do *10 f. WO do psv an do fjs', ll?w? do hw Reading nit I , 14 ;,ri do 9H 4(10 do 1011. ll*'*) do 'I5<i 'AD do.. -Hi 101 B"?RI ?> ion SiDMIoh SAN Ind.aSO 7V( I no 4'oaneetlcut ?e ... 101 2U00 do 76-,' ROW Ohio A Miasoorfa 3BV 2W) Clev & I'ltta KR t i '.' 'two Oh! ART 1ft ,1, h 101 POO do 21 nil HP. 10000 Pii? KtW.?C latm 101 Ul Clev. Col A Cln Kit 100 6(P0 CANW con eonr b hi IWOCUic A >W Rlt. WW r.v; low Chie A SWlni... HS ton do ?30 SDO Clev? A Tot "Kb* 107 I0>) do K.V. 7'OOC A HI A Kliltra *>'i 30? do ?m> &i>; 61D do ta> SO do T n Dn ClevATollIUP* rib 17 STO Chic A N W prcf.... Oft 70 *h? Merehanta Hank 118 lunt) do .'ft', 20Oe?;in Bnnk 103 ion do n30 Aft 2>' MeimiMititan Hank 124 PI do Aft 100 Canton C'O ... 4d 30.1 do etk! i'4': I 1"0 do 46V 470 Chic * itock I?1 Ult 9" 11't Wilke? Co 3>i!v ? J0 do 9f?,' 20 Weatn Union Tal Co 4114 10} do 21 call ** ?w do 4lJf ine do is do 4iv aw ritu, ft wa <'h ltd snv 4t0 do 3d cell 41', ?' do #7 li" do a," 4iw SOCIn. lbtm AtUyltK S'1.' !<*? do rd) 41 aChic, Eur&Q'y IIP. 133 ion Mari|>o.'a Mining Co HTdJ Hntf.pnat Two e'Clnrk P. .11. Sicoto C S r*. 1HH1, con 1'T'k 2fl0 ?hs M'.ch S A S 1 KK 74 V do 74 do 747; .. do 2d call 76 i 01'?-d-.6--.Mc'65,,, li KIT 100 do 7", ROO' do KP'if 4im do ,10 76 Stum 1 P S ,6'e. W-40 eo.|. S7V <M do 75' ; 6-rw f'r No 7ti :n. S.! ?e I06'i ihlW Clevo A I'.'.t- RK.. *1 6? HI- ii.'ornlo 7'a I'-T, 400 do 8i'.' 1- *?'Virginia6"a, rcc.. XI 26.I ? 81',' jnnooohlo AMleirei lf "6st rnt do #??; W*? riha Mn'ton Vf H.b8B SSW '"no do fi'I I on do 76V TOO Chicago A N W KR. K*i Canton Companv... 46'i 301 do 86V ton do 46V I mi do ids 1 86V 2"0 N Y Central Kit.... li?V 100 Chicago A N \V rt-of 6PI 4?H) Erie KR 6. V Hi" Chicago A R I UK.. "7 700 do bSO ft-"' 200 PiC?, Kt W A Ch e.. !6V 200 do IT'l lo t Mil A >4t Pnul pref.. 6.6 1I? do 2d call M'J 1W Man A Si Jo pref... 63 !4fi do 6HV 8011 I'n-nn Tel Co. 41 fth) Rowling RK 101V 141 i'aufic Mail SS Co.. 134 UW Micil S A .1 I Kit.. 74* Sinn? U s ?*?, li'I, enn IT'S, n't 11 son .111: 6's .6 'J" c. -rt'!. iu?t 10 0 ;(/.? 'I v. fi a ft 20 c, tt1. 10: V :??*) ? }? r S C'a, ?.*) c, '65. 1(177,' I'P COM.1TRKCIAI, REPORT. Tnctstiir, March 21?6 P. M. Ashbs.?Receipt* 9 package*. There waa no particular change in the market to-iUy. 8alea of pot wci? uiudo at $8 37* a $8.6'i. Hwcaiwrurrs.? Receipt* 1.9W bble. floor. 2-ftwi bag, corn meal, 89 600 biuhets wheat, 1,130 do. corn, and 1.010 do. oata The market for Slate and Weatern flour to-day wa* un changed in every reapoct. The demand wm limited, but holders were very firm, and apparently awaiting an In crenaed inquiry to put tip prtcea. Indeed many llmita were, already *0 far above the view, of buyer* that trade win greatly Impeded, and many lota were tLua virtually with drawn from the market Some amall lota were v.ld at a trilling advance, aay 6c. a 10c.. but there waa 110 general Im prnvemi-nt The market waa generally nailed quiet but firm. The Bale? comi rlac 7.00' bbl?.. at the appended quotation*. Holders of California Bour were firmer In tlieir viewa. Sale* were Made at J14 75 a 816. lu bag-. There la none here In bt-I,.. but the nett atramer (due Saturdey' la expected to brinti n large amount. Kor S.-utl-ern Hour the inquiry wai meliorate, hut the ad vanced pretcualona of aellera interfered with bueinew <0 such an client that the antes only reached 900 bids. Itye floor waa again firmer, with sale* of 650 tibia, at from $7 6fl a $8 SR aecordtng to finality. Corn mm I waa neglected, and in the absence of buatneea prior, were nominal. We quote:? snperfine and Western. 99 29 a $10 40 Kxtn State 10 75 a 11 49 Cil ice Slate II 60 a 12 90 Common to medium extra Western 10 70 a II 76 Kxtrji round hoop phio II 93 a 12 25 Western trade brands. ; U 80 a 13 15 Common Southern 10 90 a If 9? Fancv and eitra do 12 45 a 19 "9 Rvc flour (superfine) 7 60 a fl 19 Corn ineal, Jersev ft 2d a A 29 Com meal. KranAywine 5 40 a 5 66 ?The market for wheat remained without not-worthy change ITnMer* were very firm, firm -r !f anything thau ye,t,-rd*y a* there waa rather ie?re iuqu'ry. Tin >lr.-.? eoi; linued to he reairleted by the at'feme vleivs of holJera h".*1 I ever, and -be S7gregulc aales were moderate. A l.-rgc trade could liavc, been done at aome concession fmm current quo QulfyrnU wheat wa* bel l w!lb flrmncs- at $3 10 * 1 flfi 1* a'ihou! jfl'e*. The transacilona cmer-ve JP.TO bnaiicla. lnrlndlllg No 2 Vllwank?e at $2 42* a $2 IH, I and some very choice No. 9 Mllw .ukee it 82 66 I Tlie corn market waa very firm at the opcnlnj. hut 1 became dull and unsettled, and piieea declined to Ji 17 a frvrdo Pat, were til but lt-nlted demand, end pr'ee, l ha<( a d'-c'iii ng lendnncy Wo note sales of yo.uOu h'i,.fi?U, at 63c a 96t,c. lor Western, and Ttlr. a 7le. for Stale. Kv? wm very steady butqilet at jwrrloua i>r.c.>a. with lurttur an'e* of ,1,fO} bn?Uel* t'anad* West, dtiiy nald. at SI 30. ind 1.(12) do. W'stcrnst $1 83. Pail'rwaa firmer and to Ta'.r drm.ind. Die a.t'c* comprite 90.00M btiibets at 91 VI for Canada tYeft. dutr na(d.'nnd (' 2? for iwo rowed Stat". Mall was neglected and nomlu?l. CoryiK.?wn li?ar l of no sale* of Kio beyoed tbocere poited |n our In.t. -The market, U ,w?vc". neled r'ty fir .1. t'OTWis.?L'nd?r continued unfavorable foreign sdvcea tbe market ruled heavy, and a further dec n, fully ' Ttertb. wa? grfntil. the riark"! .-losing dull nod ! The, however. w.i? rather morn active; the *ftl"a ttiic.mlog up 2,660 hair,. We qtmlr _ Ppi,Hd. noriia. JfiV 'ta. K.O i-T. Ordinary .SI 14-27 27 Low middling 25 2H* 79 ? Middling...Tr. ?? *>', 9' 82 Uootl middling 82 32! , 98 94 fn:a*lt w ere heavy and a shade easier. The engac-* nicnt* wero ?To FAverpool. 600 bbls prtroleum tilbt. a a*. .80, i.? f latlea notion at 1I-.87U. a Vd.. to tuna oil cako at 9ou. nnd per atc.imcr, 19.00U bushel# corn at 4'id., I I'M bale, v-ot ton at *d., uiid 1.90U Ikirrs cheese, 35*. To Bremen. 5X1 bhla rttslti a'2*. 6d , '100 bale* notten at '.'t, and 50 noa eedar wmd at 17a. 9d To Hntwerp. 1 OOP b?la rosin at 3a , 91X1 iihda. tobacco at 96*.. dD tmia weirbt good* at 20s., M dik moa'uremenl do. at 95,., and frotn Phllsdelpbis. ik?r0 nb's. 1 ?uiilsum on prlrate tnrina. tbe charters were;?A ririt-h ablp front I'hlfitdclpbU to frvn ci., !< ikjo I bl-. petruieum at la. per 42 gallona, and on goremment arennna shtp Prom Philadelphia to La Pm tf.ower California , coal. $19 76 por ton. crmrr Bags reauteed dull and nommal at 91c. a 23c. tti'isr C.mitii was qtuet and we heard of so sales. We qnoie. 00 the spot. lUVr . gold in bond, audht arrive 11c 1.0. Ilore wero moderately dealt lu. Hale, 90 baits at 90r a 70e. for lew crop American. Haun?All klnrta we-edull and pr:"ta were noeiiBaL We quota Manila lie., gold. MoLaaaas?Tbv market remained steady, tbeagh we heard of nu aaleeof Imporiancv. Natal Htoiim ? Of spirits turpentine, beyond a sale of IQB bbia, at 7*hp*. Part New York l-Ma., we heard of no'.U log. though the market rn'ed quite Arm. with holder* gene rally demanding 7*. a kfu. Kualn?The acan-tty of freight room restricted Irsnsaeiums The only sale of moment we heard of wa* 1(0 fibta. common at 94 2fl. Tar w*a neglectail. Qua.? Kngllah cciittnund quiet. Rale* of .1,Of"gallon* Una Uen at We., gold. Jobbing lot* commanded $1 30 a |1 01 1 trade ?p*im was dull at |3 ar, at which price the last ml? wm effected. Other klad* remained dull at previous quota U?rHoTt?ioi?l.?ReerlBl*, 79$ bbla pork, 906 do beef. l.MJ) packages rut meals. 1.117 bbla. and It? keg* laid, and 120 dressed hogs. There waa more actlvliy in ine pork m*rrei, and prtaea advanced materially. The demand waa in part ?t-eoulauva, only a moderate proportion of the sale* har'ng been to supply teaata ot the regular trada. Th* sale* were It,900 bbla. at |23 89 iJ9 (0 for new taeaa, $73 ajjfl 10 for old da., flfl 60 a $19 ? for prime, sad tin 10 a $92 for prime mean Pnr Beef there waa a mederate demand at full prteee. Bales 80(1 bbla. at $17 60 a 9? for new eitra mess, and 919 60 a 918 10 for new plain do. Haef hams ware steady and hrmnt $97 a $41. U! bacon talaa were effected of m> betes at llj^c for abort ribbed, t?4 IOHc. for Cnetberiaed out. The demand for cut meats waa modemUlv active aad prices were irm aalea WO pack agea at MB. alike, for haiaa, aad fl.Vc. a ?*?. for than - dns. The lard markat remained heavy, though a fair demand prevailed, the sales footing up MO bbla at 1214c- a 1414c. for mom. BuMer waa nnobanged al flOc. a IV. for ?tote, and 10u. a 90c. far Waelarn Uhaese waa dnll and beaw at 13c. at 1?K?- for oommom dairy to choice faetory nnoijrtm.?TUeetptg^l.BN bbla. A moderate demand i m MM I,*M Oblf. A no prevailed for erode at pricea Indicating no material change. ?"t warn l.flDfl bbla. In ptMit7^ " ? f he aaloa reaerlM wore l.flOO bbls. tn^nlk. 4? a 47 gravity, at lie.,aad trifling lot* al llMc.; 400 bbla, M a 4fl gruritr. *i I2?gc., barrel* returned, aad M? do., aaata arariw. at 13c.. dnlTrrred to barrel*, the market uloetag at lie. In bulk, and Iflr In barrel* for 40 a <7 gravity. Bonded ruled a shade firmer, with a mod*rate demand, tha niltil closing a lead; at 17a n T7k?. galea 1 MB bbla, standard white at l?e. a 97'4c ?th* Utter rrtoe foe a lot free along aide: alto 600 bbla. da for tha Bret lea days In April at 28HO. In Philadelphia the aale* were 1,000 bill, atiindard white for Mav, 1,000 dn. do. for June, 1.0U0 do. do. for July, l.ntM do. dn. for August, 1,001 do. do. for Hepiera ber, all at 20c., buyer*' option; also 600 bbls. do., for .'una at flflai OUOdo. do., for July, at ??., aadSOfldo. da., far Au gust. at 29e., buyer*' option. Pbtbolbcb Banaaia?hale*flOn bbla refined at 92 16. Rim wa* quiet at 10c. a 10)ga for Carolina, with amall transaction*. him,**.?There wae but little activity in tha market far raw, whleh waa wareelv *? firm. Fair to good reflnad Cuba waa quoted at 10a. a 10 V- Tha sales were 430 hbds. at 10' te. a 10\c, f0r Cuba muscorad<s 12Vc. for (Tuba efariflrd und IIV ? H V f0T ,,#rl0 1'"? <dwBt bo*aa al latgc. a II Va. It t.ncd waa dull at 19c a 16!<[c. fur standard hards. Harni.?IMlcmta lieaeed rrmnlred dull at formar prie?*. riover waa unchanged at 19*4e. a lilac., with small aa-ea Ttnvlhy ruled (lull but firm al 6.4 75 a 9i Ptvaniga.?We only heard or aalea of 31.000 lb*, at MVa a I'.'He. Tam.ow waa lea* active, though enchanted In value. Hale*, f\000 po'indi at Uc. a 11 '?c.

, w aiiuv,?Hcccit ti, iw bbU. TM BMtrkgt waa dolL Wn !y leard of aalea of 130 bb'?. tVeatem, to bond, at S2e. * 33c TELEGRAPHIC IMKII REPORTS. PlHumrilM. March 21 1867. C .lion dull; up as jjc. ? lorn urui ?. ih a In? . mm- lP?>o . , | . W'W urm aaap AvDu IVneavieia , red p. ,0; ; 25 Kyr, li.'i ? ru ?u,; ?ne g. >* m... i i a?'.vt? >.^la *'??? 1 ' at ? w n ?V#v? ,-ile. o| routlNtbknd .1 75o. a ?1. Ui'occika uuil;..c 4 lii'.m ?r, March JI, IT. Co'tru au'ot and rttadc witiMh ; upland*. 91a. O??.??? Ki i ttr.M alio a Uj.,c. <.?r uir t? ..a.-o igue . bufar? ?toM * tier at an," for **ir to g.od rMi'if Pnitr ftrai. ,\(H.UWl?U!M Slip".. .!?. VIU -D a JlO 16; <JU ntrt, it, J) a $.1 .a >?? ?? 'all - l;.,e, *1 t i2'? a $11 !??. Clover need Arm at Stf 80 W h?ii ? -rn t , era finetui "id: u.. ru,> . tod. ' arn <1 i.t viU leeiirud 3.J. a 3a. on wtiitc and 20. ?u yellow; OOotitumpBsvi; ID, jaNow, 41 1 a 61 11. Hots ij" j.i 'a. Hsu, j.| a'1 \t iliMy IIhMS D.jt Mr.* > P'nk,$33 75 a ?.< du k iilhiuiilwa|yk} Cumberland, looee, M*{r. L-.r l, 13c. a i:",4c. Oaw*. i. March 21?1 P. M. Flour ac'lve, maiketbetter. t aeyi 3. i.^. a $ia 26 for No. l ii" .np $13 73 lor rid winter, ait' >.,11 ,>r whit#; $18 60 for do > '.e <-*ira. Rye dou-, (7. ftuct* . . t (tour hfady al i". Wheat firm; aides i'ti bualieu No. x CU.< go awing at $140 a $2 43, and 1,880 buebela No. I m Israukco duo at $. 0. i on dull and uactungod; sale* v i'.'i uahsls No. I li.di.ina ?t $1 U a ?1 Id. l)ati quiet and anehanprt. bar ley, rye ml pen* nominal. Short* *rliin(av)g| a (15; up kiu?a at JDS a $30. "lid middlings at $36 pet tea. Ua!r> id In* ^ut^-flour L1 Bnslon K0u : t" New . tirk 70c., and to Al ?uy and Schenectady 60c. Weather mild. v,',u 1 ?ajth Boat. CmcimuTi, Marrli M, 1887. I'lonr nnohsnged; there l? a nn-it'tu h iar dqtnnud fur bightl griidoB at U?t iiuo.atiom. Wheal unchan(?4, hut the in .lkrt :s Cim. t'oru laiu good demait I al 73c. a 74c for No 1 at the rlerator, 84c. a 8.60. In aacha <'nU s'^-aJy at 83". '? 54c. Rye Ann at 51 U) for Oanadt; demnnd aood. Barley ilrm. aprtn : 51 ?' a $1 SO for primo 'o ohoiee; Muter $1 5a a fi 60. Cotton Dull and nomli'.tl; nptanda -7.1 Jc. Whlakey .1 i.'c. in bond. Meaa porlt beld ?t 533. but nuibtiig waa dan.*. Bulk firmer: aaktog htpc. a 10k.a lor ehoulucra and aides; 8c. a lUc. were off*Ml. salea of I t'.DOO lbs. tvere mole at thore i itet, and 8".tati Iba. ?dec al lO'^e. Bacon firm; the demand oquala Iho ftipply; s ilea at 9\f. a 11)40., ari l l'.'^e. .or fliooldera. aidea and clear aid' a. Card unehang'd at 13c. for di?, uod l3Vo. iar country, llai.n?l ie. a 13},'' lor plain and 18c. a 15},e. for sui,".r cured. Clover toed. $8 76 a . d. tlrao'liy, $3 90 a $3; Oak. S3 35 a $3 31. Sugar s'e*dy nnd unchauac I. Coffee firm at He. a 39c. (lol l li. tier, mating at 3414 buying and 36 selling. Exchange tlrm. Muney strooge. at b a 12. Mirwacewr. March 31. 1SH7. Flour dull. Wheal unsrtgiei; No. 1 S3 "7 percental. No. 2, 65 a $1 87. O.-iU weak at $1 63 for No. 2. Corn SI 31 for No. 1, $1 Ci lor No. 2. itucoipts. 8UU bbls. Hour. 8.6UU centals wlieit, 10,'H.O contala oats. Saipmcuu, 2,WAi btils. flour, 3,000 centals wl. at. Cuicauo, March 21. 1667. Flour active, nnd hnM-rs firm, with no quotable c'lauge. Bed tvlntci extras sold at 312 .'5; sprt: g cxti-aa, (10 7u a $11 7.3. tvfci'it? No. 2 rwHng opened dull at y-stord iv'? flguroi. but advanced 2c. a 3c at thaolo <?. Hal-a ?? $2 11; No. 1 very quint at $2 ?!". t orn active, but declined >40. a lc. Sah-s at Cn *r. a Pic. lor No. I; ?0'- n ,"2c. lor N >. A cloatug at V}4'-. a v.! ? for Mo. 1. and 7UV-'. a 71e. tor No. 2 Oats active, out li.'. lined )iC. ' fad. M utter. No. 8 sn'd a' I to a 45 V., closing ni flt'jC. a 4l'7c. ltyn firm but quirt. So, J, $i 26 a (1 2,; No. frr It receipts, VjC Barley oua'er. but nuii'ttlad; 14." 0 aold .1 7oc. a 7t'a for No. 2. nnd 68c. a 62c. lor r Joe led. Proriaion.i firmer, but the demand i* llmnod. W-'as pork aold at $.2 ?6a(22 60. Meas beef, (35.66 a (17. short il'i aides, lti'^o. loose. 11 .ma, In tlcrces, 3:1. Country kettle lard. 12c.; prime oily alram do., 126^'. litre hogs mod el ..I !v active, but declined Sc. a 10c.; . ,!ea rrtiue from $8 31 a $7 KJ. C rossed bogs are tu coou d niau I for shipetng; sales at 89 25 1 (14. llwceipts?2,6U0 bbla. Hour, a i*M cenutli unfit, 16.6 oi do. corn, 3 IMI do. oats. 4,DO) lines. Ship, meuta?7,DC0 ub'.s. flour, I.COU. autaU wheat, I.90Udo. coru. WESTCHESTER INTflLIGEHCE. Ai.lrckp ArmfPTKt) Asaapi.t ,7itu a Kxirtt-A few daya elnrn n tferman carpenter, nameil Anyuste, wan arroated b" au oQlcer of tho Th rty- )ecoud aub-preclncf Metropoli tan Follow, Tremont, on a cbargo of having attcmptcl an a fault tr'tb a knlf" on a nun catned John Grimes, of Molrosa. 1' appears that while rcturninsf from work in tlits evening, Au uate vvn (ttddrnlv altnelcod bF a largo doand waa admit.Is erioe a sotnnl thrashing to U wb n Crimea made bis u|ip. uran c. Tha latter, being a dltci pio of the renowned Jlr. Uargh, interfere 1 on be half of the ani.nal. At this AuTtiFte became enriyr!, tittered n fenT'"'!l imi>r.'ca'i"n. win,.pad out a largo knifoatid mado a rush for Grime.", who, not exaci y udunrlng the aspect of aligirs, mkM on a run, followed by hie mfur ate?l as wilaut, the ra. e continuing topi upwards of a mil", from Kairnu.unt to Tr.jrnont. On reaeblng the lattt placo G: imex entered h.s cempla nt al the police nation bouse, and caused, as alroady elated, the arrest of Augueie The Intr r was auVs:queuUy liberated, there belug no witness to corroborate the charge pro!erred against him. SALES OF REAL ESTATE. 1 By A. J. P!<-<rvrr, Son Co. T?-t *?.? VJonte aud lot 113. b"tweeli Duine and Jav ate.. 21.3x44.9 $31000 Caroline st?Hot: ee .ad lots No*. 7 mil 0,88.3x35.11. 32.000 41st st.?31? id, i. SK w loth ar? 83x98.9, each 1,835 !>? ,V.?1 tot e w , V' u. T7 h ?t . 25 ,-9l 1,(100 1284 5 Iota n a., 811 ?. 8th rv. . 85* 100 % each H?'4) llOtb at ?4 iota n. ?. 220 5th iv., 25*}< block, each., 1.750 3 lota adjoin :ig Kik hlook mch J.785 137th ri._1 lot w. a . 3Xi w. 7lh a.., "6\99 1 iot adiolulcg. UTuWl 1 IN) I lot edjoming. 2'r ;to 1 !p4) t31at at.?1 lot s. ?>.. 988 r. 7th nr., 27x90 1.110 1 lot ad joining. lovfC 1,138 I lot adjoining. 25x09. 1,120 eenoai.TN. Van Brunt at?1 lot a. a., 60 s. Waicott at.. 25x100 MO MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. nnrrlcd. ChiitrmiKX?I.i!*K i.?On Wednesday, Ma-rh 20. at tho Uiurcli at the Mullah. Ithlnefoeck, N. V., by the Rev. a. F. O'.instcad, Eowabo C. CwTTKvnav. of Chit, tenden's Hollow, ."loekport, Columbia county, to Katb Q , daughter of Charle-iT. Leake. Esq , of this city. Euk'i-Hit? On Thursday', March 21, by tbo Rev. Mr. Latent, Htrotnrt Fhrai-, of New York, to Mies Pafuxb Ma?, of Ltiooges France. F'xrr?'Tacit..*.?On Thursday, March 14, at the West Fresbyiorian church, hy the Rer. Tliorosx J. Ha-tings. D. ft, Eawra Foot to Haxtah E., daughter of Colonel marie* B. Tappon. Rktnoi.o*? Siltrr. ?On Wednesday. March 20. by the Rev. A. Clc'horr, Mr Rw UP C to Miss Auras Sii-vkk, daughter of the idle David Silver. Vleit. Aokma?Or Wednesday March 20, Mrs. Mart A. A'>?xa, after a long and painful illness, aged 62 years nud 3 months. The r Intivcs and friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, on -noda" afternoon. at two o'clock, from the M-uhn vg? Episcopal church, City Iaiaud. Albany and Bufalo papers p'eaee copy. Annsaj ?On Thursday morning, March 21. at four o'clock, of coiig"-uion of the brain Wrfj-im, youngest ?-n ?f Maria aud Richard Ahr-nt, aged4 years, 8 months and 20 days. The funeral will take piece thi? (Friday) afternoon, at balf-pvt one o'clock, (Km >'o .V> Veatry street. Asravurv.?On Thursday, Mnrrn 21, Etna* Asrrwnr, the beloved wife of Henry A prnlon, aged 46 year*. The Mf.ii '' of the family are incited to attend the funeyal, od t"atiirdiv aftOmion at balf-pAtt twoo'-'lock, frcm her iato residence, 40 Br'sldeut street, Souib Brook3f n. Ban*.' r.? On Wednesday, March 20, IltxrtT Baanra, in the 70*h ftar of bu a,:e. Fnuoral ?ervicee will take on Saturday after noon, ai two o'clock, at the Hoist laa Church, Staten Irian 1 Bartox. ?At ihc residence cf hit brothT-In-law, 120th rtreet and Hri idway, caused by the upaettiugoi a aleieh, Jame- IUstov, a native r*f the county of Fermanagh, Ireland, in th? 3<*ith year of hi- aj?. The runoiai will take place this (Kr.dav) afternoon, ?4 four o'clock, at St. Michael's church, 100ih rtreet and Brhadway. BnsrmcU. ?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday. March 20, MaW K , univ daughter <>f William O. and .lane A. Bret te'l. aged 111 years and 11 mouths. Tb" funeral will take place, this (Friday! afternoon, nt two o'clock, from tho rerldonoe or her parents, corner of flatbuab nvenu* and pneii <? street. The friends and relatives are ro<re>.tfniiy Invited to attend. Brows ?On Wedn-, March 20, I'h i.ip R. Brxws, in tbc (JC'h year of Ins ape. a native of Providence, R. I., and tor twenty.three year* a keeper In the peniten tiary, Blackwoll's Island. N. Y. i ite relatlven and friends of the dtcenred are respect, folly invited to attend tbo funeral, on Paturdsy efor n>x-n at one o'clock prcc.sely. from the r su.encc of bis grandson-in-law. Andrew.!. Barrel, 16 Norfolk Street, Provided ? (P.. 1.) papers pleas* ropy. Bk >wk-< *.?In Brooklvn, K. ft, cn Wedn'sday esming. Marc-h 20, WiUJB II. .inly child of .Jan es M. ami Carrie M. Browneon, aged 2 yearn and 6 months. ib>- friend* and acquaintance;) of the family are reipectfuliv invited to attond the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, in Cljrmor air eel, near Leo avenue. Cakrtil.? Suddenly, on Wednesday, March 20, Jons R'amoli, nat ie of county bligo, Ireland, aged 44 yea-*. The friend* and relative* of tbo fhintly are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from bis late residence, corner of Cook and Morrell street?, to Bt Mary's church, corner of lAonatd and Retnsen streets, Brooklyn, F. ft, this (Friday i mowing, at nine o'clock, where a solemn requiem tiish nun will be offerd up for tho repose of hi* soul; and Pom thence, immediately alter maw?to Calvary Cemetery, for iatermyal. tax rim.? At Pelham, Westctiester eonnty. on Wednos dev. March 90. Wtu.ia* Bat, son of Alesr. J. and His*, betb M. Center, aged 1 year and 8 month*. tkiian.?In this city, on Wednesday morning March 20, Colonel Nathamsi. Unas. The family anu friends are invited to attond the 'one ral services, at the tlbttrch of tbo Traa?tignratton. Twen ty nlth street, between Madiwm and Fifth arenuso, this day (Friday) at twelye o'cltx k. Pa via. ?Suddenly, on fourth day (Wedoe-wlav), March 20, pAvin H. Da< is, lorinerly of I'bliadoipbia, n tho 66th y ar of hto age. Relatives and friend* are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from Instate residence, 21B Went Eighteenth street, this sixth day -Friday i afternoon, at one o'clock, without further notice. Interment at Friend* Cemetery, Brooklyn, L I. P*a.v*. ?On Wedneoday, March 90, CaniAPm, bo loved wife of William Deans, a native of BaDyadema, Muttons coanty, Ireland, m the 36tb yaar of b?r age Friends and acquaintance* of the famtlv are respect foilv invited to attend the fuaoral, from her late reel donee. No. B Seventh a*., this fFridar) morning at tea o clock, to 81 Joseph e church, bisth avenue, where a miIcmu requiem mass will bo said for the repo-4 of her son I; and Irom thence to Calvary Cemetery lor inter ment. | han Francisco (Cabferaia) paper* pleas* copy. Hauavki*.?On Thursday, March 81, Mr. Alakbt Hau stkis, of Brid.-eport, '.one , aged 49 yearn. Funeral to Bridgeport this (Friday) afternoon at thro* O'clock. Bridgeport Fsrrner picas* copy. Haimv- In Brooklyn, Joksvii II a sit v, son of the lata fTugh Barlin, n rod 20 month* Funeral tbis (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, front lid sands street, to 'klrsrr Cometonr. Ilovt ?At Nest Mooheue, hi Wedue*dsy, March so, Thus. Prik*, soa of Mclancthoo and Francos H. Hoy t, agsd 1 year, 4 months and 29 days. The friends of tba familv are invited to attoad the Uus fFirtayl at ha'f past one o'clock, fr>m the p''HifunrA of rueioa- 9 Or*' a. N'AY.-n-< nr,*tti wiay, Ma'cU JO, Hnsr, E "I , a* d at En ?r*i !'.t? Friday) if to moon, at ono o'clock, from bir 1*1* m*4d*ae* M >! 0 . YFe lowlav m wat'is. Mirrli > Fltm j , w<r? o-vid A Metenum aivl gaughker of the lata Rn!f"r WWkmn aged tn i Mum J month* and 4 .laws. The r?l?iw end fHan'tiof the fain W?re'lf Invited to .t;?p. t th* funeral. this 11* ri?j^v> morning *? eleven n't ' tt-\r fr ,n hi,, r.,a ?,.,u-c of Ami C. Bald win. to E??t Tweutv second ?'r-et. M??t? *?. ??Ob Tuesday, A'nrcti 18. of consumption, RaRim, wile of G org Moore, iti her 21 h y?nr. 11m frteada of the family nr? reat ee'fhhy invi'ed to a>t*nd the, from her in1# residence, 171 Kmt Hivtt, at reel,4 ibis (Friday) alteroooo, at half pa t out o'clock. Moyta*?On Wednesday evemns, March 20, Ttr.rsi Mott.a*, ynnv-.'est dan *h? >r of Tun ithv nud Cathuriue M <.'tan, ?|ti d 1 year, f> month* and 8 (lays. The r"'a'lvo? itld Licud- 4 the it nllv respect fBl'v invl'ed to attend lb" f inerat. thin | Pr day) af'ernoon. at tuo o'clock, from the gtwideno" of her grandmother, Mia. Catherine Hunger, 333 Washington street, corner of IT trr.sna. I'tv -itvsv.?On Tivdnv, MffTh 19. of dropsy, Isaac L. Putt ks :r, aged 63 years and 2 months Tus'rienrts of the lauillv are r soeet fully tnv lad to a'ten.I the f inert) from ht< Ini" widenco. 162 West Tliirtv eighth street, this (Friday) afternom, st one o ' lock. PurMcrrr.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, Mareh 20. Acocstix Ourkpi, fourth and only surviving child of Atf-'ln 0. and Hinls j, Plunkott, The funeral wit! take plare from the residence of hts parents. No 61 I.u.peur street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'cloek. Poo r. ?Ob Thursday, March 21, Sam ckl H. Pool*, ?pec 35 years. The relatives nnd friends of tho family are reppec'fully invited in attend tho funeral on Saturday afternoon, at tl ie ? o'clock, from 7.i-n church, Madisou avenue, cor ner IhtrifMlChth street Po waits.?On Wednesday, March 20, Mart Awn?, tn luut daughter of William und Unto Powers, aged 14 mentliS nnd 20 days. Th'1 friends of the family are resnectftt'Ir'invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, No. 84 Oak street, tbi* (Friday) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock, without turihcr u dice, ."an Francisco (California) pap us pl"ase copy. ttKDuisn.?un Tuurvday,' March 21, uf'.er a long and severe illn"B3, Av.v, (lie beloved wife of Wm. Bedding, a native of the parish of Corah, county Tippcrary, Ireland, in the 50th year of her uge. Tl ' relatives and friends or the family am respectfully inviled in attend the funeral, on Hat lrday atternoon. at one o'clock from her late residenoa, Lawrence street, Manhattan villa. without further notice. May her soul rest in peace, Amon. ItonsBTS.?On Wednesday, March 2d, Wiu.iax 8. R n> rts, aped 26 yearn. His relatives and friend* and tboas of his father, Mar shall O. Roberts, end of hi* father in-law, Augustas I, Brown, are invited to attend tho funeral, from his la'e re-dence, No, 102 Fffth avenue, corner of Forty-third street, on Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock. Burnt.?On Monday, March 18, R. T. Smith, of llobo Vcu, N. J. The relatives and rriend* of the deceased are respect, fully Invited to attend Hie funeral, from bis late re-ii dencc, No. 121 Garden street, this (Friday) morning, at ten o'clock. Sutr i?In Harieo, Conn., on Thursdev. March 21, Cnon'UA.VA. wit* of Stephen 8. Smith, and daughter of Samuel Sands, If. P. The friends mid relatives of the fnmllv are respectfully Invited to at end tho funeral services at Larlen on i-at urdav aficruoon at two o'clock Tiwaiiy.?At Irvinp'on, N Y.. on Thursday, March 21, Howr, infant son of Rexter end Elizabeth Tif^ny. Funeral services will he held at tho reeldfnce of O. B. Twe?dy, Irvinglon, N. Y., this (Fr day) aflernoon, at half-past three o'clock, irnln leaves Thirtieth street, Hudson River Rnilroad, for Irvlngton, at two P. M , and reluming leaves Irvingion at 4:55 P M. Traoy ?On Wedne-day, March 29, Mart EuzARtrrit, the bolovod wife of Henry Tyson, aged 35 years, 9 month" and 20 days. The relatives and friends of tho family are invited to attend 'ho funeral, (run h"r late residence, on iiutlcr street Brooklyn, this (Friday) afternoon, at half-pa -t one o'clock UNPaamv?On Tuesday. March 19. .Tamks W. I's dmibiu., at his residence. No. 13 East Twenty-sec and street, in tlieAHth vear of Ills a-;e. The relative" and frit nds of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from Calvary church, this (Friday) morning, at ton o'clock. Vandkrpii.t.? At Slapleton, 8. I., on Thursday, March 21. Edwaro Vasotati'iLT, ag d 65 years and 6 months Tiie relatives and friend^ of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, froni iho Moravian church, New Dorp, S 1.. on Saturday aitmoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. Wtiva-Al Grange, N. J., on Weduesday. March 20, OgARhorrs E , wife of John B. Weaver, and daughter of E. H St. John, in tho 27th year of her age. The relatives und friends arp Invited to attend the fni< "el frcm her late residence, on Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. Trains le ive the foot o( Barclay street, at half-past eleven A. M . for Oruuge (Brick Church sta tu. n), returning at twenty minutes post three o'clock P. M. | Wim.iamson'.?The memheri of Normal Lodge No. 523 F. aud A. M.. are herebv summoned nnd required to r.ttend a special communication of tho lodge, to tie held a' it* rooms. No. 594 Broadway, in the city of New York, on Handay morning (March 24). at ten o'clock pre ( isvly. for the purpose of attondiug the funeral of'our la'e brother, Amoh j. Wilmam^ov The members of the Masonic fraternity are respectfully Invited to attecd. WILLIAM F. t-OdlKNUAUER, Master. Andiiow Blaks, - ecroiary. SHIPPING NEWS. At MAS AC rOH N*T TORI?TUT* DAT. ftrivRtmca. ? 01 i non? *iirv era 9 43 ICS j*ts ? 14 i hiqh war La morn 9 48 PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH 21. 1867. Cleared. Steamship Ocean Queen, Ilarr!*, Asplnwall?Paclflc Mail f 'e-r-nrhtn Co. SleatnvMp Oen Bame*, Morton, Firaonab?LMngaton, J'oj t Oo. ' w - ??"* - t i- .*? UoJph!fi D(Mif!n??. ValpnrAt o?Taaaa Lowerman. Hark Kmillii f lampa (Ilal i, Saccartno, (Jloucaater, Lug? Bloeornh .t ."tnith. Ku?k Virginia Br). Walah, D,.ne*al-D F Bullejr. Bark Hlruudo (KortUpnie.r. m, Cork or Falunouth for orito'*?Fttweb. Meinci.a,t (Vendt Bark llosea Rich, Fonertr, A ntwerp?W F Schmn.t a S<?n ir i)n. Bark llarreat I!oro?, Berrr, Han na?Buaaell, Collins A Kir it Bria Barmen (Br), Blad crt, f.aguayk a and Porto Cab?llo? Dalle' * Bit* Brlf Firranri fBrt TllUt Rt Tfcamaa-n^t"" * ,, . " " "llrla <l?r), Cor bait, BI .lag* R D*W"1* * Brig Mi rr Olivia Hrlg ?ll!e Antrim. Wa'laoe. Nanvltaa?TO R*I- . Bug Victoria Hi ', Auneraou. Muoiaullla ? ? IJjle*lui A Son ? Brig CUmpiou (Br). J! Donald, St John '? *F~? H Birttei* , _ Br:d Day Spring, Fau'kn-r, St John*, NF?J P Whitney k r'chr Jennie Tyier, Trei'iek, Point a Petre, On, lJ?H A Vatab'.oA Schr |T wises, Tlulae. PMlaJvlphta?Biaar A Han Hi hr ViUaiuQu its, Tilloi on, PL lade;phia?Baker A, us7" ton. BohrC " W-tnen, Adams, Philadelphia?a K Raokett. hicbr ilichtn nd, OnptlL B -ton--w h Brown A c<>. Hchr ileo ti.'uiaa, Chapman. Hartford?II K Ka> kett. H?:hr .leonv l>i;rd, Spatioer, Bi vo-lford?O R Rarkeiu baJir .VelilM UliH inftenl, Bobbie, Stnm.'ord. S hrO C 4i ker, Hobble, gtimhri Hteeni'ir santee, Fbeimari. Bew l.ondott. Arrlrrt). Steams'lp rqualor, F'ln.hfleld, rot-Hand Steamship lYWQCoaiii. Sl.erwuoJ, PTtlaud. Strumehip Ota irua, QOCfrry. Boston. (Hip Honthanaeten. Whftnev. Itondon, 33 daya. with tr.dse andftJ paiwi-orrra, in R K Morgan 4 son Had changs-alie ?? ? * far * weal her throughout; in Ivt4? 30, Ion 49 So, ran Inton held of l-r, w'urh oiler ,>,1 !5U miire south. Marah Id, eiehaii?"d signals wi h ship Uovnawk. bovmi W; 19tb, saw achr MB Miller en Ma-.trteket hat,me ban*?. ? sMp liOnkont. Nnirni. Ho.ii.n, N houra. In balls*!. to BelMn k I ? Wf toad In Oittton'a linn for Snn Franct?i o. I'ark Com i"nro i Br), Hewitt, Iqiituue, 103 daya, with nl. trutr of aoon, to ordet. Hail Lenny N and NK galea the laat In daya. Bark Freihand?' Brem'. Harfeatetnier, Br"men. 34 day", with md?r and 4(i p??-.#nre-a, to Otlrirtia k t'o. Ilaa heavy weal' er tre en''-e pa.saga March 9 and 9. In lat 47 !M, Ion 4* #4. B'*? 'hrmlfh large quantltlea of held l"e Bars Wlmlsor Br. C .<-h: ~r, llamlUT, Feb 13. with a due to It M slntnan k iidve. liark Nuevr. Mon<L> t iuU), Furr.ce, Pa-t'llarnare, 70 deya, With indre, to ( hani.Tlain, I'beipa X Co. Brig Airanda Jean 'Bi M ebh, IVrnambuto. >1 deya, in ba.invt. 1p P Ludinan * Co. Brig Btnulene t Kg). I*r1e?t Parihagena. Feb Jtl, with mdse to J K Whi'ney k Co Passed Cape llaiteraa 13th mat. ?ln?e whirh ha* heavy .VM", > and MK w tide, with anew and rain. Itr,g B li.ginar, Oray, Boil an I'rtspe March I. with log word. dr. to R W .rrav, Jr Jpuii Abbott, of, mate, died Is, Inst and waa K.ried at !'. ft att Pr.uce Brig L W Fatrm Br), VcRelly, Pnti. e, ? daya, with mc lasvps. to D H lieWn'f k Co. Brig At It ftnvkre ,Br}, ( aim, Havana, U daya. with auaai. to Boyd k Htaakea. B>.? Anna M Kaightiof Varmonih, Mei, KtuiBt, Carde nas 1)' data, with ?ugat. in Birf, Hon A Co. ? ng Iteaify <Bri igi.nrpe Cardrnaa, 10 daya, With me lasse-, to C I Nr.i ill Mn?. Brig Hiram 1st tot H Iseaate ? 11. Tthhetts. Fagtta, 10 dara, with angar. Ac, to MMIer A Hotaehlon. *tth lnat, lat SB38. lor 73 ??, spoke harh Adelaide C Ii.vla hence, hound >. Bug HonQuiiote ,of Hrtf.,st Me), llaaaall, Memedlr.*, 17 daya. with angar, to master Brig Ina f trtter < Br . Mr Ahnen. Manaat.lilo, 31 days, with mahogany. A' to P I Series t don. Brig Matron Hdlman, IniMan da, Tela*. T daya. with tndae, to 1, N Mcs^rnady A t!o. Split mil* and other dstrace. Brhr J P Augur (of Brookhaeen I, Alum h Klo U rand* via -. ? g||k Mewpprt. R1 (Where she pat ,n to r*p?lr Mil*), 7C day*, hide*. A'', to John Bento. B-tr it F Pecker (of Bottne). Fhortnan, Arroyo, PB. 17 dava, wilh aogar and nwilae?e?, to BnrdoU A P-versdt. h hr .1 W Vauland. Dolcnrd. Maatanillo via Brw Lendoe, With woo.l, to Thayer A Hargect Hot - M 11 Ftorktea, Corderey, Wlimlngton. HP. H*J't MaggioJ Phadwtrk, C.uailwlak. Ka*tporl Behr R Jor.ra, Hnn'lev Machlas Hehr Hatsh B Ham* Wllaon, Bclfa?t for rhllede?rbl a. ftrkr Mary Alice. Perry l.trcolnviilc Bchr.lohn A .ama. Fyeifrnrd B' k.snit. stehr Bardioiae, Holbnssk lloca.and. Bcbr Albion, hpenr. Ko, k!?nd. Bchr Hi dMnmj toy, I.orl, Ko*kland, Bchy Delaware. CrroketV Kocklsll'l Behr B J Lladaey. Crockett, RocklanA Rrbr Adrian Bvarctt, Rocalaed. h" Ur Burolaa, Mam. Roekiand. Bohr Oentlle, Hendarson. Kotktand. F'-hr Union. ATtrill, Kocglund. Bcbr Marv l.ang'lon. Flia. Rockland. F-'hr Anii'lono. Brewn. Rocklaait. F?hr Roth Thomas I id#'. Portland, M*. hear Niger, Hal. <?lo,icea"w. S?hr Win C llu'ctongc U?ou?e?ter. Sehr J C Iinxika B"'g*M, Boatoe for rblladelphlA. hTati r* fchr Allan.le. Oake?,T?li Itlrer. feehr y,'c?vo, Heath, Fail Klref. Brhr Wm II Boweo, .laekaon, Bohr Ledy Fake, Head, ProvVtonoe Bahr Mary II M.flim. J<aM?, Pr .vidanee. Rclir Triton. Freeman. Pt.ivldaaot. Bi hr Al'iniiar, Wiiurd. Proyidence. Bcbr Prnaea, Hn# Bristol. Brhr Adriaaaa. Fasiman, RHetol. Behr K II llohbard. Barlow, Mlddlatown ?CDI ?> 1* ""??"Ml nwiiww. mniiiiwrwn, Behr K B (look. Hb.ovoUa. frr.m wrrrkot tkd Cl Tewler, Bieamer Blimbeth. fewlar. Ahlumoim Brig Cnmaa. ??on? C*rJ<"'?___ Marin* OigMtwi. S-r?w*mr fr?'" ?;*'* f.'r wtla?1ngf>*' Si', l ilt luw Norfolk, ?al<i w "? ,?.? which put lnl0 NO'foU Ikth Init, lu'i a, iu?. binary g,?.*bl?i?ih"?. i'ihci i 7/^ m.'c ,'nV: ?:,d sear 1 lenry Becker. from New tori l? 1'ib ? r?Vo 9. ? *, >",!'? VW 5 ?,p*d'r.i bo.oi.ui hei, but the letter* A R Teould be K<9 left of Uer n*uie. hi r Cna* 1'. llermnn Llvtngaton. at c ' .';?''J lb ff-'Vs v Y?r*. it- me. .be following n.?? J* ' ' ,' Ur . ? i- before niMtl"i? a* V?-TT; X ice . lb law at P I'M, *? mile. N of Cap. ll tu r.- f Nlmbr Rhuil* in 11 Ulhom. water, fell l? ? ii-te , harles ^ :<**?,."? itept O R i.nihsm, front H*IU 'r.b.r.r'or. .UnismW L...1 ?;> Ucl'UurtI M??J2 1 biowmc < 4aI? from KNK and a h a 7 o k* wtno mowing < >i?- * v' *: ..,a n-n us ri?# brlfi drtfltag f- i ?e th#> ,hM*?' * JJf ? .,?, w> render any ollin ave.tu.DOOi manned ahrtb0W<?>?* ' kermi.t.r- tueuille hfe bet*. by wbtoM ir.can-th* officer* and crew were ?*l?ly traun!erred to lb* nmer, H?ig A O Jnwrrt, from Malaga for S*w Vorfc. H"?m .d* .'tb li .t, uncertain if aba would bav? logo ml# UOv Ut> . V? hUV. . _ M Sens *nmmw r?T*R? of New York. a**.,,re on l-cdgc;. ?M d"t,off on l ftlJ :< t .us Co*; bod huen dlacUarged Into sclir Speaker, una warn t wed into New London where -he will dVeb?IT" tfce rw I,, in ter Of carro and betoken on tho marine repair*. Her cargo of ro?l ha* bean ao.d U> parue* I" N?W l.oilcn. . Vicswon 'of Newport. Rt>, Smith. Feb tor Carilenaa. was spok Jsaor*? Key 10 b WI-.1 io-- 01 ?ill*, -toall spar* .^apparently watarlokge*. Sue su In tow of schr Ada, gnlarf into Cardenas. Too Csaio. of and for Hamburg, |>ul luto 8t Thotnaa 7? mat. partly diaiuaated .TflnrellRtH'OMS. Srnn Raoi.e, at New York, lit toii?. new roeasnrenieo^ has W.i purvl. Msod by ^apt Andrew ?QO?hi,lf'!m |L^? If u i*rirt Ktun . and others o t New Hediord. . bo w 111 hoem r.loyt'd tn tbc cowling buntueM under command or lapaam Snow. ?i,iin WismsoTO* Yarn wis, of Wajlflaet. J? Uf p ?lon. h*f be. n p-irrh :.. 'd by Obetl P Hitch ?nd otkei^of Fairhareti. for a whator. she will be commindad oy v*pv Bonj (1 sJiowell. lata Jtialo of brig Herald, of Slpplcan. Pcnn Aid. 1W ton* burthen Kngllf'.i niMs-irrnienl. anda# * ISVI bnrrei* ?upnntly, wae sold at Chu'lnrtortlHlh lnm^ under un order of L' S M,.r-li?l Eppmg, tneeihnr w th ?tl h?r taokr! *iul * Tip* ret. con*;*tlng of Mil*, cables, anchors, Tnr iniure. Ac. far I *rvcnas?At B*th fth ln?t. from the yard ot W A J and other*, eud i* to 1? eoinmanded by Capt W Shea. Whnlemea. R ,rk Martha Wrlghllnpton. Turner, of Nant, wa* at PayU with AJO bbli ?p oil. alt well. Spokrn. &r. Steamer O.usle Tetfalr, ll-wltt. from New York for Sas Fntr'Cisco, out I month* and 17 d*ys, Jan 2t? tot 57 SO o, low 70 'vi?bv ihtp flnbm f!?>od, arrived nt Xew in , t ili ji Oi'oiit, f.-u.u Liverpool for NYork. Murch 10, hit to. ,?Shtp,Ncntune. from NTork for Liverpool. March U, to? C6hipTtarpiwcll. Owen, from Havre for NYork, Maroh 9. Buric a'totoMw. from NYork for Apalaehleola. March* '"itri MienV^es. from Ph.todetphla for NYork. Maroh * 10 AXt. & mile* south of BarneKat Corel tn Pores. Anrovo. PR. Mareh 2-1* P?" bTl2 Ann,e CoUln,' N Hkrvvi'-l".TMarch ft-Arr bark KHaa Cony*e% wv?r'c sii 9ih. hria John l* r< email, Baker, Cuba. C'AirrTTA. March 4?Sid previous, *hlp Keariaff, I * clots'" arch 7-*rr b?rk Plana 'Brem), Slcffener, NYork. ?m '?i Vv ('ha* Poole, Sherman, Ma!a*m. _ CARTHAGBifA. Feb 25?In port brig Sarah E Eeatty (Br). 0V'^srrTaoA'M*ru!lO-Inport brig Mecoato. fAr. br!" P M Tink" . Baro.rd, Ho*f i i. fii*m , ,,ka Feb 14?Arr brig* Soatos, NYork. Sea rnaak PhiUdelPMn: U?th. brig tndu*try, Iiinegs. Bostoa. 23d, *ekr ^ Tr portVehlC brig Robert Mows, for NYork, Id*; aud Ik* Utn t'i <r'I* March 12?Oil *t?*mer Concordia, Sear* (fire* ^"vSr^'Mai^nlid .hip City of Ottow.(Br), BarrOI. ? V^Sita. March 2-In port bark. Volunteer CrCe- Oan lien Orccnto.f; ftchsmyl. HatWt: warram Ordway. Hort; \YRch. Loud: Ironsides. Taptoy; Billow. Vlduttcti, and Arthur. Brigg*. ?"_f?r ? p'-n &SBvork^M^ Nl'c.;r*r l-ai-cr Vnrch 1-1 n port bark Albert Km.?^ for Mlrn<r*ane next daft brig Art;?n, do. AiUndaJe. jnfll Fojam* March 1?In port brn: Koodoo, knd Aiunaue, jnm I ar[? March " Bobarto. for PhUa dRP??mo5: Ariaona, for NYork la Y *'Zlr.o*. 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