Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.162. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. MARCH 23, 1867 PRICE FOUR CENTS. PKRMI\U.. * NY INFORMATION OK ESRA ALEXANDER HAjKlB A will be thankfully rece.ted by bin brother, > oh u T. dance, Dover, Mom* county, N J. Broadway theatre-Wednesday niojit. Orchestra chair*. Blue bonnet; brown dPui; white Paisley ehawL If consist nt and agreeable, w dl the lad* grant the gentleman who admired her an intervr.;w 1 Audi ess Bailor, Herald office. F ?NOTE CAME TOO LATE. WHITE.. u?OR ADOPTION?A LOVELY FEMALE 1NKANT, 4 C month* old. Address G. G., station d. Heirs op bbbxebek maxwell can get pob. ?e-s.on of title deed* to property ir, Texas on apoilciitiou to HENRY D. CORDOVA A CO., U Broadway. Henry d. homer, who wais acquainted with Lteutaoant Randol|ih, of the 1'nueU Slates Navy, oan ?btain papers or value by calnog ig.i UEKliY D. CORDOVA A fa, 43 Broadway. INFORMATION WANTED-f?K THE WHEREABOUTS of Edwin Webendorfer. from Zruleiirod*, Germany. He served m the Eleventh Nev York volunteers. Addr?s* Alfred Webendorfer, Lisbon //alls, .Me. IN PORK ATION WANTED-OF GEORGE BUKN6 OF Forkh ll, I ??eland, wfc? ca me to America i4 years *g?: or Mi* two sisters, Aane and Clithanne. Burns wss a volunteer in the war. Address Brldgf t Burns. PiUalMd, Mass. JOHN D OHAMBKRUVIN.?IF THE HEIRS OF JOHN D. Chamkerlahi WJl communicate wtth me they will hear of something to tfheir advantage. It ia believed thai Jeba D. Chamberlain was In Texas in 1KS4. E. R. 8PttAGUK, 51 Pawl street. Baltimore. TKRSEY CITY BOAT, THURSDAY AFTERNOON.?THE V rrntWn in oppoette with round hat and blue overceat would like verv iuimM to know what waa written on the pa per taken from small travelling bag. Address Larry <3., Herald office TTATE CURTriS.-COME HOME IMMEDIATELY. JV Me'her and aster Anna both dead, and lather very low. Your s'ster ALICE, Ohio. Y BOY.?RE TURN TO YOCR MC8IC LESSONS ON Tuesdays and Friday*. TU AS. ED. M TWENTY-SEVEN. WILL BE CAREFUL. WILL CHARLIE MERRIAN, DETECTIVE, SEND his address where he ran be seen Monday to J. P. 11., Herald Office, on business of importance f -ariNTKR GARDEN-THURSDAY EVENING.?WILL vv the lady with white bat, auburn hair. grant an inter view to the tall gentleman who sat near her, and whom she kindly noticed. 'Address Cotao, station D. Q 4 Til STREET ?OUT OF TOWN THURSDAY. NOTE jU't not received until Friday. Make another appoint ?sent any time after Sunday, and oblige Weed. Box 311 Herald olllce. B SI'KI IAI, NOTICES, LL PERSONS ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED NOT TO I trust anybody borrowing anvthing on mv account. PHILIP KITZUKIMKR, 548 Pearl street. OAT.MKN, ATTENTION. All boatmen are Invited to attend the meeting to be held en Saturday evening, -kl mat., at 8 o'clock. at the Shakspeain Hotel, corner of William and New Chambers streets. By erder of MICHAEL QUIGLEY, Chairman. EnwARD Gluts, Secretary. HEADQUARTERS FORT COLUMBUS, NEW YORK Harbor, March 30, 1857.?We, the undersigned officers of the United States army, desire to commend to the travel ling public Jackson's Railroad and Steamboat Baggage Kx Sress Company, office No. 244 West Twenty-ninih street, as onest and faithful deliverers of packages, baggage and merchandise. H. D. W. ALLEN, Brevet Brigadier General U. 8. Army. 8. G. J. D. CA.Ml', Surgeon U. 8. Army. Newtown.?to the taxable inhabitants of the town of Newtown.?Tax for the above town ean bo paid at the office of G. G. ANDREWS. No. 9 Chamber* street, on Saturday. 23d, and Saturday, 30th of March, from lOA.Jjf. to 4 P. M. M . DELAHUNTY. Collector. OFFICE OF THE AMERICAN JOCKEY CLUB. NO. 4< Exchange place. New York. March 4,186< Particular attention la requested by the members, of the American Jockey Club to the following resolution, passed by the club at a recent meeting:? Resolved, That the Secretary notify the different membei a that the medals now In their poesession must be forthwith ??turned to him for llie purpose of authentication. As the medals are strictly personal, they cannot be trans ferred. Without the name being engraved upon them, and without M change of ribbon, they will not be rerogni/ed a* genuine by the gatekeepers el' the approaching races in May and Jane. Their prompt compliance will oblige their obedient aerv ant. JOHN B. IRVING. Secretary A. J. C. PARIS EXPOSITION,?PERSONS DESIROUS OF having business connected with the Pari* Exposition properly attended to by a competent aad reliable partv.'fa miliar with the European languages, would do well to ad dress immediately Exposition, box 9,541) Post office. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, FRB. 24 ? NOTICE.? The undersigned beg to notify Ibetr friends end the public generally that tney are net and nover have been interested in or connected with the honse of Helu, Roekell A Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets, New York city. This notion is published not with a view of discrediting or in any manner injuring the house of Hem Roekel A Co., but simply to correct misconception. IIE1N A BRAY. Jo? But, 416 Buttery street rro INVENTORS AND OTHERS. A Notice is hereby given that the members of s Coram is lien, acting under the authority of the Secretary of the Trea sury, will meet in the city of New York, at the office oi the Supervising inspector of Steamboats, 23 Pine street, on the second Monday In April proximo, lor the purpose of examin ing and testing the merit* of such inventions of a life saving character as may be brought before them. Said invention* will embrace boiler* of steam engines, niili ln' i ustator*. safety valves, steam gauge*, water guuges. Steering apparatus, lifchcais, with detaching apparatus, Ac. Inventors may appear in person before the Commission, for the purpose of explaining their inventions; out no ex penses will be allowed under anv circumstances. H. McCULLOCH, Secretary of the Trea-iiry. WA?OWW, D. U, March I", 1887. Trial op breech-loading fire arms-thk Board of Examiners for the Slate have ncarlv closed their session. The last arm examined ean one ol the iliree improved "Thunderbolts.'' ordered by the French, hngl sh and Helgliim government*, having been just tinishe.l ..ud submitted hv Messrs. Howard Brothers Of this city. Itwa* flred off hsnit at a target, making slvtaen round* iu one minute, placing five balls hi the rug. The balls penetrated Jonrteen Inrhes in pine. In the tnal for rapidity one hun dred round* were lired m four minute* and Bfty seconds, the npera'nr holding the piece in hi* hind* without aiil of rest and taking the cartridges from the floor. RELIUKM N IOTKE*. A*T ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHI RCH-RRT. A. .lovph H. Prlee, D. R.. rector, nlll hold d.vine service evvry Sunday, at 10>? A. >1. and 7].. I* M , in ibe Freaeti Cburrh du St. Esprit, on Twentv ??-ond itreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenues to-morrow owning. The third of the ooumo of sermons to young men will be delivered by the rector All ire Invited to attend. All saints- cncRcu?corner op henry and Ncammel MreeO. The -lector. Rev. Samuel J. Cor ?elite, will repeat, by request, hie sermon on ''ltitualtvm." On Sunday tnorning, March 94. la the evening he will preaoh Nte ftral of a rounie or Vermont to the youn? Serve** to commence at 10J. A. M. and 7)4 P. M. The public arc in vited. ^ CHURCH OP THE REFORMATION?FREE SKATS.? Proleatant Kplnrojml aervicei In Pirtietb -treat between Second and Third avenuei. In the building hitherto oeeupled a the Reformed Proleatant Dutch church every Sunday, be nnmg March 24. Rector, Kev. Ahbett Brown: hourao'f ?er dee, quarter to II A. M . and 4 P. M. Sunday acbooLaiS)* ?'clock P. M CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN ?< ItlTRCH, FIPTTETII street, between Eighth avenue and Broadway.? Prea< ti tan by the pastor, Rev. Jamea A Duim, lo-inorrow, at H", ATM. and 7), P. M. Sabbath aohoal at 9 P. M. A rordtal Invitation extended to all. GHAPKL or THE HOLY SAVIOUR, LATE I" \ Ilawkr charge.?Etev. Uenrrr P. Seymour wi ? ?a Sunday morning In Hie large Chapel of the I'n >? . XJIJK-KLSIOJt PRATING BAND. XI. v., B ILL SPEND Jil the Sabbath, March 94, lHB:, at thei'rnlral 1'aik M. K, Iranian, corns'of Third avenue and Seventieth m reel All vendees of thla notice are reapeetfulty arud cordially iu Had to be present. PRKM' H t'HVRCII DC ST. KsPRIT, REV. DR. VER. rtr. reel*.?Divine eervlce in Krrneh, Suuday almr , Bonn, Sunday achool at 2 Notice-ret dr muhlbnbreu vtll preach a aerrxon on the subject of thn "Midnight Mlaeton," the Ch'trvh of Hie Jnrarnattan, Madl "in avenue corn -r of Thirty.fifth street, on Stitiday evening, at balf-puvt *c\en ?'clock All thoughtful pcr-oi . Who feel nn Interest In this truly Cbriatiiin work and deal-e to iiatexi te ? pUIn elate meat of larU in relation to it are Invited te attend by the Committee of 'he MIAilgltt MNulon. REV. DR. PRtlKt, RECTOR OF ST. STEPHEN'S Er,?'o|?il rfcurok, fartll deliver the thiiM of the eotn ve of eermona to oirnu aici in tiie ohuicli en Twenty.-.e.-oud Mreot. twoweon Eifib and sltth avenues, l*-tnorrotr Sun day i evening, at I', o'rlieJc. Servo a in the moroiug at Hi', ? dork. _ 0 s S.NDVV, TltR PROPHET, WILL PREACH IN JO. 'lie C'u'rerally. Washington ?q?* re, on Soadajr, al Si P. M ; sraterree subiot', "The Greet Trumpet and Gathering ?of Israel." Laiuh, t2.rU,. IS. 13 OT ANN'S FREE v'HURCW, EIOIITEKNTII STREET, near Fifth j-ieuue. TbiMfniW Res. II. II. MuereMwIll grracll W ik'i A. 1! |||< Rev. f?t. UaUa id't al 7', A. M., 3 and 7 '?? I' .M ; th> fi man Herro-e for d???i' mutca Heat WSdnrtdar, at .U , Her. F 0, Ewer p h.1 nreaoli. (t;TH ASGl'M - SUNDAY HOME ?RI.V, ?R DEEMS D of Nnrth Ciiru io.i, u !U pr??< I in the ' illnpel or the Faivei x'l . WA-diingten aqttare. to-morrow omening, at lit', ?'slock xhta'a ce. NUWiferv cnrdlglty Invited 3PIIK RT. REV. JtlBllOi' POTTER WILL ADUCVISTRR L .Sin on Sunday meriting, te the Otr.iirt. "f St. ol.o the K?|Si-l. LuiligKieavenue, oi..ei fhirty rtftp ft reel, A Rev lb I >-t,'L>Suangeraftu nl-lied with seats. f|tl IE IIKV DR. ALSX4NDKB II TIN" TON WI1-L ? irPa .li t<> ir.uitoh offiiin*. #'#? rWlCuurcli *?' ?bo I'dempuon K..M rn'OV*"*" "--el oi.pihte the Ac am 4M^t ?'f t?f liir mornmi; ? "V'^EYILLE EPISCOPAL i II1'HrH, BtOIITY 1 fourth alreet. near liHtith Biil nrn pynwgi' will .ire.o.ii m 'iie tnorning. ai-d Siefben H. Tjing, , In the evrnlng. V THE I.Kt TI If K NR*M?W. 1 mp'.ntamp i.ei ti ri s daily?r<? WcNrLEMRN I only el I.Te New Voik Museum of AO iioiny, HIM Mroifl. Wav F ieve rrxh,. lo .ittend liie?e lerllirec may m 'Site a a?'P? by i?. ????ding u-u cent. Address Secretary uf New ^??P V ,e<wn Anaiepiv. 619 Broadwat. SPORTINO. All kinds ok dogs and birds kor sale at B. DOVEY'8, SJO Cansd ntmnk near Church street Medicine* lor 41 disease. Prepared Food lor mocking bird*. _ 11 RAN CIS BUTLER, NO8 FECK SLIP, H 18 ALL THE 1? chi.?oe?? breeds of Dog". Buller's Infslllble Mange Cur* and Flea Exterminator. 78 cents. Butler ? new work on tli* Do*, $2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine for ?II dneeene. For sale?an elegant schooner yaoht. n feet long on decs, lHW Icet beam, 6 feet depth of bold; ???Us and . iggmg now and of (be very boat quality, cabin haiidsornelvTumished mod the vessel tilled out complete. In every respect. Address C. F. Clotbier, boi 2,873 Font oltce, Philadelphia. IIOKSES, OjMlAGIU. ?C. A TWO WHEEL DOG CART FOR SALE VERY Jx. low; city make, and in very tine order, a* it bus been run only a abort time. Apply at K. M STIVER'S, 117 East Tlilrty-nrst street. A BEAUTIFUL BAY PONY FOR SALE-TRAINED to the saddle; will be eokl reasonably, ua 'he owner is going to Enrol*, \|?ply at stable corner of 1 wenlv-aiitb street and S1vtli avenue. A T?7CEDAR sTKEKT.?CVKKIAUKK AND HARNESS. aV. A large stock oi good work for sale, vary low, to make room fer spring stock: ?ue second band Ceujie Itockuway, one light Express Wagon, several Buggies, below cost. JOHN M. TUFTS, Jn. AnOONI) HAND DDI-RLE TRUCK FOB SALE iu good order. Apply at 111 Warreu street. ATTENTION?WANTED-ANY GENTLEMAN HAVING * very handsome young promising Mare, sound in every respect, lfl'g bauds high. and able to beat three minutes to Wagon, and good under saddle, may address witli full partic ulars a ud price. W, U., box 1.U8I Pott otlice. No l'aucy price given A REGISTER OF HOUSES AND CARRIAGES. AT A private sale, is kept by MINER A SOMERVILLE, at 07 Nstsau street. All persons wishing to buy, sell or ex change Horses or Carnage*, should have iheir property, or I the articles desired registered as above. AUCTION SALEs AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Umou square every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 37 Nassau street evoiy Wednesday and Satur day* See auctlou head. A KINK ASSORTMENT OF CARRIAGES, HARNESS Whilu". Saddles. Ae.. at TAYLOR'S Carriage aud Har ness Warerooras. M Cedar aireet. A SQUARE FRONT COUPE, MADE BY BREWSTER a-'L A Co.. of Broome street, bill little used and In elegant eondiiion, for sale at the ehureh building, corner of Grand and Crosby streets, A SPLENDID COUPE HORSE FOR SALE.?SIX years old, 16 hands 2 inches high, warranted sound. Apply al private stable rear of 28 Washington square or to K. BALDWIN, 72 Broadway. A FINE TOP BOX WAGON, MADE BY BREWSTER A Co., of Broouin atreet, and used but a few times; in perfect condition; $-HJO. At the church buildiug, cor ner Grand aud Crosby streets. A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND VEHICLES, CON sisunc ol Top Wagons, Phaetons, Coupea, Hreits. six seat Kouk.iway, Ac., in good order, for sale at the church building, corner of Grand and Crosby streets. A GREAT BARGAIN.?$628 WILL BUY A HAND J\ some and stylish sorrel Saddle and Driving Horse, five years old. 16l4 bauds; sound and kind; a handsome Top Wagon, a very tine Harness. Blanket. Kobe aud Whip, at 1.33H Bio.eiw.iy, near Forty-Hirst street; about half lie value,' as the owner must leave town. A GOOD BAY HORSE. 18\' HANDS HIGH; CLOSE built, suitable for busiuest or carriage; price $280. 27 Wooster street CCARRIAGES?FOR SALE, 30 DAMAGED, SEVERAL J second band Carriages, 31)0 new Carnages, all styles; 1.000 sets Harness. Cash advanced on carriages left for sale. CALVIN WITTY'S Carriage Ware rooms, 638 Broadway, near Bleecker atreet. IrioR sale-a beautiful ^air or coupe Hoiaea, 7 and 8 years old; rich dark bay. about 1h'f hands high. Can be aeeu at 128 West 32d street. Will be sold reasonable. Fok SALE?CARTMANS BUSINESS down town. together with Humes Carts, Truck* and everything ne cessary 10 da * Urge business. The busiuesa 11 of man/ year*' standing. ana will be sold cheap, aa the owner ft filng to the country. Also to let or leaae, the Stable occu pied ur the undersigned, at a fair rate. For terms or other information call at 112 Bank atreet In the morning, or at 18 South William atreet. GEO. JKFKERS. For sale?a fine large coupe or victoria llorae, dark brown, 16! ? hands high, eight rear* old, ferfect in every respect. Apply to JAMES, at 134 West birteenth atreet. near Fifth avenue. OR SALE?ONE BLACK JACK MULE, 15 HANDS _ high, 7 years old: warranted in all respect* without fault, will be sold cheap, at 271 East Twelfth street, be tween avenues A aud B. P~ OR SALE-AYOUNgTbaY HORSE.' SUITABLE FOB a butcher nr grtsvi. Apply, to H. M. CLARK A CO., 45 and 47 Bridge street, in the Irou yard. Also a light Top Wagon. Fori sale-for want of use. a powerful black Horse, 6 year* old; snitable for carmen and others. Inquire of E. H. QUI\N. Long 1 stand Pi North Seventh, near Fifth street, Williamsburg, L. L F L-W HOI srj u Tv>Ain i'itl| smtAyic it oihers. Inquire of E. II. Ql.'l\N. Long I stand Pottery, " evenlb, near Fifth street, WIUiamaDU J^OR SALE?A PLATr?RM SPRING TRUCK, WITH pole and shafts, at MARLOW A CANFIELD'9, corner of Frauklin atreet aud Gocnpolnt avenue, Greenpoint. For sale-a glass hearse, in chid ordeb. Will he eold cheap. Apply to W. II. KENNEDY, 496 Pearl st reet. IDOIt SALE-TWO CHEAP HORSES. INQUIRE AT ? Kit WARD H. SENIOR'S, 79 and 81 Carmine street. Fior sale?livery STABLE. WITH THESE YEAR8' leam-, capable <if stabling .10 or more horse-, aud hous ing ir> wagons; situated In a good neighborhood, at 98 Mer cer atreet. between Spring and Prim e; immediate possession II required. It is also suitable for other purposes, being 115 feet deep by 25 feet front. IjH)R SALE?HANDSOME BAY HORSE. 15'a HANDS. 6 1 years old, |s long build, long tail: one of tho most stylish coupe horses In the city; tspernctly sound and kind; the owner has used him for two year* as n family hoise. Can be seen at Truesdell's stable*, corner Broadway and Fnrty-t hlrd street. For 8 A LB?8b SUPERIOR WORK HORHE8, JUST from the ??onutry. Among them are four track teams; also set oral tine single Horses and tire heavy Wind Horses, from 5 to 8 years old. Warrauted sound and kind. No. 5 Laurens street. I TOR SALE-IB FINE LARGE HORSES Jl'ST FROM 1 the country. suitable for carta, trucks or any kind of work and warranted sound and kind. 211 Wooster atreet. IAOR SALE CHEAP?A GOOD COUPE BOCKAWAY, r with pole and -hafts, in gotid order, the owner hating no use tor it. Inquire at Tatteraa l's, Sixth avenue, corner Fortieth street. Cv l it KKN.MKNT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE.? X 1U..KIU sets new ami second hand Harness. Saddles, Col lars, Hiidl*s Halters, wignn and hoiee Covers, I'aullns, Awnings. Bed Ticks, Grain Hags, Tents. Tent Stock, Ulan keis. Ac., very low. Plain Mcclellan Saddle*, olD-wra'. Mc Cl-llsu and artillery Saddles, new Artillery Bridles with Cluted bits. Anuitir* and Wagon Covers made to order; eilge. Wall and Hospital Tenia. PITKIN' A CO., No. 5 Park place, Hew f ork, and 238 North Krout street, l'niladai plila, Pa. ALT OF A STABLE TO LKT-FOR THREE HORSES aud carriages at 14 East Thirty-nln th atreet. PRIVATE STABLE (ABOVE GBOCND) AT 108 West Eighteenth street to rent from May 1. Price $509. Apply at No. tki Front atreet. THE GENTLEMEN WHO WISHED TO SEE THE team from Long Island, advertised in Thursday's and Saturday's < March 7th and 8th) Herald, can do so by calling at the stables, cornet Fifth atenue and Forty-fourth street; beth are trained te the saddle, after Baucher's method. W. T. HALHET. rO SECOND HAND HRKTTS?ONE KABB BY Brewster A Co.. of Broome street, and In perfect order. For sale cheap, at the church bufldlng, corner of Crosby and Grand streets. H ANTED?A STABLE, WITH SEVEN OB ElOHT stalls. Apply la AUSTIN KIMBALL. 87 Day atreet. w (bO./r. WILL BUY A GOOD FARM TEAM OF brown Manes; seven years old; very hsmrisome; two okter good farm Mares cheap; must be sold; nil wat - r*tiled true and gentle. 488 Pearl street. MIMICAL. A YOUNG LADY WILL UIVH LESSONS ON THE Piano at gut per quarter, In advance, at her awn er uppns' residence-, thorough Instruction will be guaranteed. Best rel***u<M given. Apply at 6HU Sixth avenue, near f or tieth street A FIRST CLASS TENOR IH OPEN FOR AW ENGAGE inent <*!i or hefure May f. In Hr-wklyn or New York; wonkt be re-ooiisihir for a or art* t atari r. Ad Ires* Tuner, Nix 280 It ? ! oBIt*. A SOPRANO SINGER WIS91ES A SITUATION IN A oBMT. Address M T., ?la von D. A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE Pluon at i'? nil's residence b r $10 per quarter. Best oi r?ferest r given. Address, with re.tderce, Teacher, hoi 112 II- raid MIA AN ORGANIST OP TWELVE YEARS' PtPERIENUR. .1 who -an brings good Quartet Choir. * either part of it. la ope- inr so engagement, Episecpal service preferred. Add ev? F. W I... Hordll oflfee. 1 FIRST CLASS ORGANIST IS OPEN TO AN EN g- -entent from May I. Organ and .alar. must be giHi-l Highest references Address lu*?nson, fieral.l ofllce. Basso singers (Volunteers) wantev?-for Ibe chotr of the Church Of the fluty Apostle,, a small salary vrl.l tie given tegular alien lams. Amir to Oh". O. IW kWiHiU IV* BlOtadwav. vr j. gianwetti. professor for tiif. l.\nt JXl. twt years In tiic Musical Conservatory, now_gl singing I- as m* at hit residence 8S Tkird arcane, tef.'"' Motwrai* SKA ER WRK VTH?CHOICE COLLECTION OF SONOfU Ititcls and i'rtns. airanged with piano ai-eorripaiiuncni, about $.N wot lit of Music; price $26d; in muslin binding, lit FREDERICK BLI'MM, 208 Bowery. rrill K. TBI R, TRUE.?EUSIOaL INSTRUCTION FROM J the most accompllihed profeseera In the country?very best and verv cheapest. 242 We?t I wenty slslh street, be* jwcen ,enth and r.tgh'h avenues. 'ft,IE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC J 81 MADISON AVKNl K. Lefydns, private or hi elan.. NKWNPAPKH4. IpoR sii.i, herald. January i i.?r.i. t<i date < | on'ei in >r? reavtmgMr Box ;t "flti f'ost oBict. at auction. A OHiAN H. MUI.LKtt, AUCTIONKKR. A WKST HOUSTON, NEAR BROADWAY. AT AUCTION. ADRIAN H. MILLER, P. R. WILKIN'S A Ct\ will sell at ancllou, on WEDNESDAY, M ARCH J7, At ISO rlock, at the exchange salesroom, 111 Broadway. Y.t'KsT HOUSTON STREKT-lta two three ilory high ?'nop brick lJoueeaand the Lota on the aouth aide 01 thi* ?Street, being 47feel front and only UWfeel weatof itioadway. . Tliie pro pert* w ill now rent for about $6,000 per annum, and I with small alteration* ran command more. A very peculiar Bullion males It alao the key of an lmport-iut building on roadway. The sate will be positive and terms liberal. AI.BKRT It. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. ALBERT H. N1COL.AY will aell at auction, on Wed. nesday. March '.7, at 13)a o'clock, at the Exchange aalearooin, 111 Broadway < lor account of whom it may ooncernl, 3,600 ahnrea Ruoaell Kile Oo. (held a* collateral.) Auction sales op household furniture. IIENUY H. LEEDS A MINER will givethelr pe. aonal attention, a* usual tor the past twenty years, to ealea of llonnehold Kuriiiture at the residences uf pat ilea removing or breaking up )iou*nl.eepniK, on the most favorable term*. Wilt also hold regular weekly miles at their ?i>aelnua and convenient salesrooms, 93 Liberty street, a few doors weat or Hrnndwuv. STORAGE of Furniture in our lofts ran be had on favor able terms. Adrian h. mixi.rr, auctioneer. MURRAY HILL LOTS. ADRIAN H. MULLKR.?P.'R. M M.KINS A Ca will sell at auethin, on Tuesday. March AS, at 12 o'clock, at the Ex change Salesroom. HI Broadway. PARR OR FOURTH AVENUE?1$ Lots, lytng In one parcel, situated on the westerly side of Fourth aventte, northerly side of Thirty-ninth street, and southerly aide ot Fortieth street. Park avenue is 140 feet wide, and one of the moat beautiful avenue* in the city. A UCTION SALE?K. ROTH, AUCTIONEER. A AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOR HOUSEKEEPERS, HOTEL KEEPERS AND THE TRADE. LARGE SALE OP ELEGANT IIOU8X IIOLD F0RNI TURK, this dav {Saturday. March 331, afternoon, al 1)4 o'clock pre cisely. ai lltf West Eighth street, near .Sixth avenue, con. s,-ting of three beautiful rosewood and black walnut Parlor Suits, covered in Trench satin, brocalel and reps; Turkish Easy Chairs and Lounges to match: losewood Centre and Pier Tables; Etagerev, Corner and Bonk Standi; twenty-one day bronze Clock; rich China and Parian Va-esi parlor orna ments; elegati' brocatallaad lac- Curtains; a fine collection of Oil Paintings: Engraving!, large Mirrors aud Chandeliers; MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, STOOL AND COVER, COST $ilS0, an elegant instrument, with round corner*, beautifully carved legs and case, all modern improvements, overetrung bavs, full Iron plate, Trench action, lull .cren octave; rose wood sod mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waabstands, Solan, Chair*, Mirrors, Clocks, Tablet. Bed Lounges, Spring ... fable. and llalr, Blankets, Tallies, Extension vilass. China and Silver Ware. Tabic Cutlery, Ac. Sale posi tive. required. N. B.?Reliable men la attendance to cart, pack and ship goods for purchasers at reasouable charges. UCTION NOTICE. I LARUE 8PECIAL SALE OF DAMAGED DRY AOOD^ sired from Ihe late fin- on the premises or MESSRS. 8. B. CHITTENDEN A CO., THIS DAY, SATURDAY, MARCH 33. At 10 o'clock. This sale will contain A I.AROE ASSORTMENT OP MER CHANDISE, all of which is more or leaa damaged by Ore and wuter. The particular attention of aU buyers of thie claas of goods is particularly Invited. Catalogues and goods now ready. WILLIAM TOPPING A CO, Auctioneers, 133 Church street. A P. CONWAY A CO., AUCTIONEERS. . MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, Rosewood Pianoforte, Drawing Room Furniture, Oil Paintings and many rare and costly Works of Art. o On this day (Haturdavi, at the five gtnry brown stone bone* 44 Weat Sixteenth atreet, between Fifth and Htxlh avenue*, ?ale commencing at 11 o'clock, superb seta Drawing Room Furniture, eovered French hrocatel of tho richest description; Etageres, Secretary Bookcase. 300 volumes choice Books, Velvet, Brussels Carpets. Pier, Mantel Mirrors, Lace Cur. tains, artistic Bronze Statuary, Oil Paintings by eminent ar lists, Sevres and Dresden China Vaaes and Ornaments. Encoignures. Cabinets. Bole de Rose, Chandeliers, Bronze Clock, Turkish Easy Chairs rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte, a superb Instrument;.Music Stand, 8tool and Cover, rosewood and walnut Bureaus. Wardrobe, Bedateads, Commodes, Hair. Spring MaUresses, China, Toilet Sets, Extension Table, Buffet, elegant seta t'blna, Glass, Silver Warn and Table Cutlery. BY nRNRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. IMPORTANT HALE OF FIRST CLASS AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PAINT* I NOB, being the entire private collection* of George H. LemlsL Esq.. of New York city, and Alei. White. Esq., of Chicago, conaiatlng of specimens cf the moat important worka of the following modern masters:? The American aehool la represented by D. Huntington, W. r. Richards. A B. Durand, L. R. Mignot, F. E. Church, A. D. 8 hat tuck, Baatman Johneon, R. M. Stalag. S. R. Gilford, A. F. BdhSra, ^ln' '? Colman, *? Hart, Oeo. H. Hall, Paul Weber, A. F. Tail, De Haas, M. B. KltteU, The French School by the fellowine artists:? H. Merle, Edward Frere, FeuveJet, riaeaaa, She. ' fi&SS F. Wlllem*. Traver HMeon, H. Baron, Ftchel, Couple Cain, Lambinet, A. Jmirdan, Brillouln, Glrardet, C 1 rayon. Gulllemin. The Flemish and Duaaeidorf Schools are repreaented by Hellbiitb, Professor Hlldebrandt, .Toaepb Lies, Veraclmur, Meyer Von Bremen, Preyer, Carl Ilubner, Verhoc-khoven, Booer. L. Robbe, Boetcher, L. De Benl, B. C. Koek Koek, F. E Meyerheim, Hantman, ileseelschapp, Dleflenbs'-b, Van Schcnuel, Hiddeman, Celiach, Proleiaor .liidaon, Pillcn*. Profeaaor Grund. Moealinpar. Wilh otheraof tba American, French, Flemish and Engliah School* To be aoid by HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER, at their galleries, 81. and 819 Broadway At half-past seven o'clock, on the evenings of Wedneaday, March 27, and Thursday, March ?. They will be on exhibition on and after Friday, 22d Inat.. from 8X A. M. until 10 P. M? to days of sale. By henry n. leedr a miner iauctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE of the ESTIdE STOCK OF THE MATRON DORER, 42 Eaat Fourteenth street. 1'nion a'piare, consisting of ALL THE ELEGANT Fnt.MTURE, SILVER. 8ILVF.R and GOLD PLATE, LINEN. PORCELAIN AND GLASSWARE. DRAPERIES. BRONZES, .MIRRORS, CHANDELIERS, CARPERS, AC., AC. Alao THE ENTIRE EXTENSIVE AND MOST VALUABLE STOCK OF WINES AND LIUI'ORS, imported expressly for this houee. of the moat rare and choice description. Also PRESERVES, FRI ITS AND STORES. To b* sold without reserve, ON THE PREMISES. ON TUESDAY, 19TH. WEDNES DAY, ?TH. THURSDAY. 11 ST, FRIDAY, BD, and SATURDAY. BD DP MARCH. At 10* o'clock ttrh day. The Wine and Liquor sale will take place on Friday and Salurday. 220 and 23 I. with a separate catalogue. BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. HENRY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. The sale of the Furniture, Ac , In the Malson Doree, No. A3 East Fourteenth street, will be continued On Monday, March 36, at lujs o'clock, at the above place. Also at 13 o'clock, The.Horses, Wagons, Harness and everything belonging to By miner a somerville, this day, at salbs ROOM, 87 NASSAU STREET, AT 18 O'CLOCK. ONE TOP ROAD WAGON, built to order, in Brat rata condition. ONE NO TOF ROAD WAGON, nearly now ood In good onkf. Fifteen seta or Harness, Lap Robes, Afghans, Ac., Ac. By miner a somerville. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION *T tflNBR A SOMERVILLE, TUESDAY, MARCH M. AT HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION SQUARE, (Lane A McMahon's Stable*.) Regular Hotie Sales at our Auction Mart Union Place Stable*, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year. BY J. SCOTT, JR. - *? PKNMA. ACADEMY OF THE MNE ARTS A RARE AND HIGHLY IMPORTANT OuLLECllON OF PAINT! NUB. The entire collection of original Paintings belonging to Messrs. Bailey A Co., of Philadelphia, Including their recant Impor.stlons of works executed lor them by lending artists Of pUFselaorf, Berlin und other capital* of Karope, to be fT .???.lb* erasing* of Wednesday, the 27th. and Thursday, tha88th of March, at Tjg o'clock aach evening. Now open for examination. r Benj. f. the all, ai'iitionisrr, I-Ste salesinan with E. H. Ludlow A Co. *??& U/mI,HwK.,,OI;U FURNITURE. MIRRORS, CARPETS, CHINA, GLASS, BOORS, AC., AC. Bv THRALL A BROS., this day (Saturday), at W'f o i lock, at Uielr aaJe?room, ?2 Liberty street, near Nas amu fllroftt, i?*??*.'"?- -?Rosewood, walnut and mahogany Suits, tnaible (op Table*, flnc J'late Minors, walnut and mahogany French Bodslesds. Dressing end other Bureau*. Enamelled Suiia, One Washsinnds. Ilu?k y-'.l-'j^-r_V;r>t?*L.H"i'ty and Pillow,*, <>ak and waln.H Extension Tables. Wardrobes, Lounges and Ea?v Chairs, large lot Krustel* and Ingrain Car|cms, Eienrh cfilna Cut anT Bohemian Ola..*,, ifilvor Pl.'led wVra," Ac.. A?* Alw' about IM vuluiue* ilooka, vis. -Hooll'a Work* Bcntt's Com rucutarir*, Henry Clav Monument, Audubon, GoldHUiith, Homer and riiimeruiia illustrated worka. ? v? ?? , Caialosue* early on moriilng of sale N. B.?Special attention Risen to sale* at private re*l deuces or at our salesroom. ? BYLANDT a WALDEON, AUCTIONEERS htr HRriAlT way. will eell by ruction this day (isatuMnyi at II o'clo-k, Cr?t i las* Cablnrf Kurnllnre, fir <h*r?fjr, Par' lor*. Lllrarle*. Itlnlag and Reception Room* Ac all made for city retail trade. K ?**""? ?e , an made CORPORATION SALE OF BEAL ESTATE AT AUC vy tlon.?I ublic notice la hereby given that the ('ommi*. , ni er? of 'he Airiaing Fund will offer for .tale at public *uc , n. on Monday. 28.1 vprll. 1817. at noon, at theFR,cb2?e S.ik'?room, in the city or New York, savaral meeM or wl? of improved and unimproved Heal K.ialo, Manslng k.. .lie ikAJOf. Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of Ifaw York. Ilea, n,'' on of rror?rty, together with the term. and eoo illlioiiatit *alv. may be had upon application at thla onice where wlk h* furnished, on end altar April IR maps of the property to , Warranted,'*"'1* will bo given I i *1) purchase! hiimamii b. connolly, comptroller Davestotrv op Fiasktip. Coorraoi.i.aa s Orrn a, t y March II, INT. ) 8AL.HB AT AUCTION. FOHTY-EIQ1ITH AUCTION sal*. TA'trt TON'S SCR ANTON COAL,

ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1867. Nkw Yohk, March 16, 1867. The Deltwate, Lackawanna and Western Hadroad Com* pany will sell by lltMit JOHN 11. DRAPER A CO.. Auc. tioueers. at the company's salesroom 26 Exchange place, cnrnei of Wilium afreet. New York, uu Wednesday, .March 67. Inat? at 18 o'clock, nrxm. 76,000 TONS of FRESH MINER COAL. from the Lackawanna regions, of the usual sizes, deliverable at their depot Klizabethport, New Jersey, during the month of tpril, 1*67. TERMS:?FIFTY CENTS TON, payable lu current fun da, on the day of sale, and the balauce within ten days thereafter at the office of the cuutp.iny. JOHN BRIsRIN, President. G McKNIGHT SELLS TIMS r>\Y, AT 10 O'CLOCK. ? at 39S Broome an e.-t, 501) gallon* of Whisker, all th? Kixture* t'onneily belonging to the large (tore SB Bnwery, Chair*. Table". Bar and Pictures; all tins Fixtures, Cig ir*. and also a large lot of Crockery and Glassware. To be sold lit lots, without reeerye. Henry d. miner, auctioneer.?salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the l'ost office. MINER A SOME lit 1I.LK will sell at aiiotlon, Tuesday and Weduestlay, March 3t> and 67, at their salesroom 37 Nassau street, large and important sale of statuary, car. RARA MARBLE FIGURES AND GROUPS. VASES, FLORENTINE MOSAIC TABLES, Aft, Ac., comprising , lie finest and most artistic collection ever offered at auction iti this country, recently Imported by the well known house of F. Zannoni A Co., of Florence, detailed advertisement of which will appear In Sunday's paper*. Will be on exhibition Monday morning, 65th lust H ENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER.?8ALB8ROOM 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. New York. ON MONDAY, MARCH 65. AT 10 O'CLOCK. THE ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE in houee 312 WASHINGTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN, BY MINER A SOMERV1LLE. ALSO THE IIORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, Ac., belonging to the same estate. H ENRY B. HERTS JR., AUCTIONEER. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ON MONDAY. MARCH 65. AT 103,' O'CLOCK, NO. M GREENWICH AVENUE, AT _ Comprising rosewood and mahogany Purler ?nd Chamber Suits, Brussels Carpets, Bed*. Bedding, .Mirrors. Painting*, Ornaments, Chiua. Glass and Plated ware, Kitchen Uten sils, Ac., Ac. ? HMORC.ENROTII, a CO., AUCTIONEERS ?HENRY . FKLTMAN sells, Monday, March 25, by catalogues, entire Furniture and Bedding contained in three four story houses, with valuable lease. Particulars Monday. JBOOART, AUCTIONEER.?THIS DAY, AT lO'-j ? o'clock, at the auction rooms. No. 1 North William street, corner of Frankfort, Household Furniture, Ac.,con sisting of nut botany S-ds*,-Lounges. Bureaus, Waahstands, mahogany Bed-leads, Beds and Bedding. Carpets, Oilcloth*, oak Office Chairs. Crockery and Glass Ware, Kitchen Furni ture, Ac.; also, at 16 o'clock, on account of whom It may con oern. two buxe- Watches, Pistols. Jewelry, Watch Springs, lot Kettles, Machinery, mahogany Boards, Ac., Ac. JBOGART. AUCTIONEER.?THIS DAY, MARCH . 63, at lit.. o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North William street, mortgage sale; the effects of a Billiard Saloon, consisting of two marble bed BilUanl Tables. 22 Chairs, 2 Stores, black walnut Tables, Clock, Refrigerator, Beer Pumpe and Pipe, Gas Futures, Bar Counter, Clock, Glassware, Ac. JullN U. H1LL1ER, Attorney lor Mort gagee. JOHN L. YANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER, NO. luO Liberty street?Special attention paid to sale* of House hold Furniture. as usual, at private residences, or other wise. Every satisfaction guaranteed. J. L. Va.NDEWATKR, 100 Liberty etreet. M DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL ON SAT ? urday, March 28, at 10)6 o'clock, at salesroom 79 Nas sau street, a superior us-orlmeut ol t)rat class Household Furniture, conslsiiug of Parlor Suits, In brocatcl and reps; walnut and rosewood Chamber Suits, rosewood and walnut Wardrobes, French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Turkish l.oungcs and Chairs, oak and walnut marble top Bullet*. Extension PlUar and Claw Table*. Spring and Hair Mat tresses, Curtaius, Cornices, Paintings, Ac., making a large assortment, to i* peremptorily sold, rain or thine. TTNITED STATES OK COLOMBIA. PUBLIC AUCTION 8 ALE OK VACANT GOVERNMENT LANDS. Tiirajtmr DiPArraixT. i Bogota. January 8, lOtii. I In accordance with the privilege reserved to the Executive by article It) of the Convention for the establishment of the Panama Railroad, regarding the uuoccupied lands to be set off for the Government, it has been determined to sell the said lands at Public Auction; consequently parlies wishing to purchase the name are hire by Invited to forward their bids, enclosed In a sealed envelope, and addressed to this Department, before the tirst day of July next, at noon. The said lands are divided Into three tracts, designated respectively by the numbers X, 4 and 8; and each tnsct Is subdivided Into two lots, one being situated on each side of the line of railroad. Their superficial area Is as lollows .? The first lot of tract No. 2 contains about ? 8.775 acres The seoond lot of tract No. 2 contalni about 3,716 acres The drat lot of tract No. 4 contains about 10 ?1? ,cnw The second lot of tract No. 4 contains about ?,t*B aorea The tirsi lot of tract No. ? contains about 4,675 acres The second let of tract NX>. 6 contains about 1.053 acres TMaL about 33,182acres the situation of the lands Is as follows, ti? The flrsi lot of tract No. 2, among other vacant lands lies between the tracts numbered 1 and 3, adjudged to the Rail road company, and the Mlradoree and t'alle Bruja lands; the aecond lot, among other vacant lands, lies between the tracts numbered 1 and 3, belonging to the company, aad the Man Jose de Bells Vista lands. ,, . ,. The IIret lot of tract No. 4. among other vacant lands, Ilea between the tracts numbersd 3 and 3, adjudged to the com E, and tfce PaleaqiitUo, Alto Colorado, and Ahorea. La and Bullco Soldado lands; the second lot. among other It lands, lira between the tracts numbered 3 and 5, belonging to the company, and tba Aborca, Lagarto aud Bullco Soldado, Barm Colorado, Paleoquillo aud I rijol Grande lauds . _ ,, . ? The llrsi lot of tract No. 6, among other vacant lands Ilea between tract No. 5. adjudged to the company, and the Ta bernilla and Can" Quebrado, and llaroacoas and Nan Pablo lands- the second lot. amove other vacant lands, lie-between tract No. 5, belonging to the company, aud the Juan Grande lands. . The Mud lands ere appraised at the minim um rate or $4 '"jtids'inay be made either for Ibe three tracts toge'her or lor cacu one separately, or for each of the lota into which tbev are subdivided. No bid of a leaser amount thanihe appraised minimum value will be entertained No bid will be con?idered unless accompanied by a receipt showing that ten pe.r cent of the appraised minimum value of the part of the tract hid for has been deposited In the gen era) Ttuasury of the Union. Pavment of the amounts of the highest bids accepted must he made in cash or ui notes of ihe new l.sun within the term of four months from the date of tatd acceptance. If at the e .plr.ulon of this time, the .mount* above re ferr'eil to shall not have been paid, the said highest bidders shall forfeit the aunts deposited, and the lands shall revert to the nation. . .... Ibe said amounts include the ten per cent deposited in ad '"Aildepoxtu made by bidders whose bids are not accepted will be immediately returned to them. The cost of drawing up documents and other expenses in cidental to the highest bids accepted shall be borue by the bighe st bidders. . The highest bide offered shall not be considered as definitively accepted until approved by tbeexecutive author! " The auction aala shall commence at the time above desig nated?when verbal bids will also be received?and termi uate at three o cloeg P. M. of the same day. The executive authorities will subsequently con-lder the offers received, and adjudge the hinds to aucb of the highest bidders aa tuay be deemed most suitable. The sale shall !>e attended by the Attorney General of the nation, who shah be -",?^V.KjnP MORaLEH, Secretary. MACHIKKKY. A TEN KOOT RI BBING BED. AND KtiRTT HORSE tubular Boiler, aheap. JOHN McLAKEN. 84 llarallo street ______ A KINK, LAROK HAND LATHE KOR BALK-POWER or root. Slide rest and several ebnclts; easily altered Into a elide lathe. J. O. WIIITGOMB. 36 Thirteenth atreel, two doer* west of Broadway. F~K>iThAL1S?A * HORHK POWER STEAM ENGINE, Corllea' make with tubular Holler Ste.un Pump, Heater. Pines and connection, all In complete order; to ha delivered br the let of May next. May be eeen in operation dally In the naeement. 62Diiane street. To be sold alto the Steam Hoisting Machine and the Shafttag In the building * R. HOK A OG? 18 aad 31 Gold street For hale-a small steam engine and Ron.BR. now ninnlng In good order. Apply at 78 West Thirty bird street. ? IAOK HALE-ONE 15-HORSK HORIZONTAL ENGINE J and Boiler. In complete order. Price fl,8U0. Inquire of GEO. W WICKS, No. 4 Liberty place. FTir KAIJ^AM HOP.SE STEAM ENGINE, COR lis'make. In fine order; can be used high or low pres sure, suitable lor boat or factory. 1) G. SIMMONS, 6S0 West street. OR BALE-SO STEAM ENGINES AMD BOltBM OK all sixes; 1? Tanka of all *!*???; will be sold ehesp. an sixes. D o K,MS|0?giW, Wm| rtreet LTQR SALK-A LARGE BIBE DIMPFEL BLOWER, F suitable lor foundry or steamboat Apply to H. W. GREENE IS Spiuoe street rivOR SALE?AN UPRIGHT TURI LAR BOILER; SUIT F able fern(Ifleen horse steam engine; In good working order. Inquire "I llOWNK A CO.. 148 Broadway. IXiKTABLK AND STATIONERY STEAM ENGINES I AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The bet and most complete In use. t in ulnr kpiit oil Hnulii'iitioii. WOOD A M ANN SI CAM ENOINE CfiVPANT, Plica, N. Y.. and 88 Maiden lane. New York. 11'ANTKD-*> INCH SURFACE PLANER, DOUBLE YY set feet Roller.; also Tenoning and a loot Msrtlce Ma chine. Address Ssshmaker, station h. _____ lirANTED-A STEAM HOISTING ENGINE AND VT Holler, shoot twelve horse, -itiite lowest cash price. Address L. W. w7, bes J 624 Pest otllce. nr ANTED?A* embossing MAI WINE; ONE to do YY light work by meam. Apply U> But KWKoL, SCOTT A CO., ft Dunne street, N. T. THE BALL. NBASOk. AHGUKRADB AND BALL COSTtJMES.-A LARGE and entirely new aaear>men4 of gorgeous and historical Costumes, all tk* latest etyles, especially lm ported for the present season. Can he ebia?n?d on reasona ble term? at Ll Third avenue, be wean Fourteenth and ID L tenth streets. Alse Caelum"* mailt to order. PIKGNIA Vme A SSI Aft late eosturaer of Histoid dmmntieeovn pany and Grau'a Italian opera. BILLIARD*. AC. l.iOR KAl.B-ONF. BILLIARD, Pit HI an COMBINA f -ton I ush ae, fab sue. wilk Belle and t una, at 38 Weal ItiiV'iH "Meet A.MUtfKMKlVTS. Broadway theatre.?admission ?? okntb. Corner o( Uru>it?>jr uiJ Bmuhh1 itreet. Last appearance* but wveu of the world renowned come dlaus and original delineators of I nab aud Yankee llfe,| MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, Who WiU give TWO PERFORMANCES this SATURDAY, MARCH IS MATINEE. Opens at 12;o. begins at IW: over at 4 o clock P. M. ALL HALLOW EVE, atcn LATEST PROM SRW YORK. Mr. and Mrs. BARNEY WILLIAMS appearing in both piece*. EVENINlT. Opens at 7, begins at 7JK o'clock. - - *sm THE ORE AT BENEFIT BILL. BORN* TO OUOD LUCK. YANKEE COURTSHIP IRISH LION. TIIRER PIECES-MR. BARNEY WILLIAMS introducing tbe sung* of "Pal MailoT*' and "RUeu Asthore.'' MRS. BtRNKY WILLIAMS Introducing Yanlw Song and Yankee Reel. Ensuing wees most positively last of the*e great artists TllRr.E ENTIRE CHANGES Of ENTERTAINMENT. IfOOD'S THEATRE. POPI LAR PRICES. w 514 Broadway, opposite SL Nicliolna Hotel. Admission, with ?oats, 28 cent*', 50 oeuU and 76 cunts. Tbe great moral drama of I NOLK TOM'S CABIN, wllb a full cast of characters, Til IS WEEK ONLY. ? Every evening, WEDNESDAY aud SATURDAY' MATI NEE, at 1 o'clock tot families. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN has been wltnesse I l>y c.rending ibirty millions of persons, and still continues in the zenith of its poptt arity. WOOD'S THEATRE, 614 Broailtvay. opposite St. Nb'holns Hotel. MONDAY EVENING. MARCH 25. 1*67, El ret appearance in New York of the t limited artists, MR. AND MRS. P. M. BATES, supported by a company of sterling ahllltv, when will be produced Mr J. Scboulierg's entirely original and sensation al play, entitled OSCAR, THE HALE BLOOD. Germ an* start theatre, 45 and 47 bowep.y. THIS (SATURDAY 1 EVENING, MARCH 23. MIL BOUUMIL DAW I SON AS MEPISTOPHELES, in Goethe's six act Tragedy, FAUST. HARTZ TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, HM BROADWAY. EVERY EVENING AT B: SATURDAY AT 2 LAST rEW WEEKS OK THE PRESENT SEASON. LAST WEEK OF THE FLOATING HEAD. LAS 1 WEEK OK THE GROWTH OK FLOWERS. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. FIRST TIME OF THE FAMOUS AUTOMATON L'Esc t motel it, and his FAIRY SINGING BIRD. Tickets 80c.; Reserved Seats $1. For sale * 1 the Hall. ChiCteriti- K Piano is used at these s?aii'-es. WEDNESDAY, JUVENILE NIGHT?Children half price. JAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 8K5 Broadway. TnE trouble commences at quarter to a E OF MI THE CREME DK I,A CRF.MF, OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose snoeess has never been equalled by any similar organl/aiioti In the world. New and cheei Itil bitrluaipies every week. The Two Bnr nntns of Connecticut, our Family soclshle, Gambrinus Opera. Shouts ol laughter at the shadow Pantomime, mid the screaming Hlark Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Grand March of the Spirit Haahera of the Amazon [J* KLLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, 7'J0 BROADWAY. Sixtieth night of the PATTl Stop That Laughing unapproachable bur- A only T I nele Sim-person, lesque scenes of T I.EON T MlsaSusie Brown; the Black Crook. _T crcatusa great A _ The Tnplc CIo^. M ACRE III I furore In the P Mr. OAWDti MACBETH ! ' I Ardttll Waltzes, I Mr. liLAMIS MACBETH : N and appears in N The Witches. CINDKRLEO.V. P the magnificent S MADAGASCAR DARLING Dm: \, A Emprcsa I BALLET TROUPE EDITOR'S ITEMS. R Dtaas. R DEMON DANCE, PATH l.N I" I A ENDING AGONY. SI RAI? CI IIA RLE Y \W! . s TROUPE, 4?.' BROADWAY*. J Till: GUI. I MATINEE THIS DAY at 2)4. THE GR! v : .0 ATI NEE THIS DAY at 2'4. THE GlthAl MATINEE THIS DAY st 2>L THE UREA I' MATINEE THIS DAY at 2H Psntotnime. SCHOOLBOY'S FROLIC. Pantomime. Pautominie. SCHOOLBOY'S FROLIC. Pantomime. White's. STREETS OF NEW YOP.K. White's. White's. STREETS OP NEW YORK. White s. LAST TIME OF THE GREAT BALDWIN. STEINWAY HALL-SATURDAY. SYMPHONY SOIREE. THEODORE THOMAS' FIFTH AND LAST SYMPHONY SOIREE, On SATURDAY EVENING, March B, at 8, when the follwing works will he performed:? Two Entr'actes to the drama "Koaaniunde" Schubert Concerto for Piano, In K minor. Op. It Chopin First movement. Allegro maestoso. U YON. Mr. KMIL Ot am phony No. 7. A Op. K! Beethoven e First Walpurglsnlght. Op, CO Mendelssohn SOLOISTS? Miss JULIA HOfiTIN, " Mr. W. J. HILL, Mr. MARCO DUHCIINITE, THE CHORAL SOCtETY, MENDELSSOHN UNION, Under the direction of Mr. W. BERG P., AND GRAND ORCHESTRA OP EIGHTY PERFORMER8. e4 tT 'I'll Mi t Ttinit ac Conductor ?? THKO. THOMAS Tickets, $1 60 each. No extra charge for reserved seals. Seats can now he secured at Beer A Schlrmer's music sioee, 701 Broadway; Schubeth A Co.'a music store, 820 Broadway: at Macoy k Herwlg'r, 112 and 114 Broadway, and nt tbe odlce of stelnway Hall. STE1NWAT HALL. WTH GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT, MAK' II 24, L. P. HARRISON, DIRECTOR. Plrat appearance at these concerts of Miss ROSALIE STUART, Soprano. Second appearance of Miss MARIE GILBERT, rtaulsl. First appearance or Signer S. STRINI, Basso. Mr. O. W. MORGAN'. Organist. Mr. M1LLKT, Accompanrisi Mr. G. W COLBY, Accompany 1st. Mr. THEODORE TlltIM 4H. Conductor, aud bis FULL ORCHESTRA. Tickets 6(1 cents Reserved seats 90 cents extra. STKIXWAY ROOMS. SEVKRIM k PEASF.'S GRAND MORNING CONCERT In aid of the New Y'urk Ladle*' Southern Relief Assoi iation, MONDAY, MaKCII 28, at 3 o'clock P. M. Tickets, SI. to be had at the door. STEINWAY IIALL.-GRAND CONCERT FOR THE Benefit of little FLORENCE REYNOLDS. Monday evening. Msrcb 28, 1?4H7 The following artist* have klnd.y volunteered:?Ml*? Nette Sterling, Contralto: Signor Remi, .son, i'ianiai, Mr. S. I Warren, Baritone; Mr. J. A. Dawn Oigaulst. Mr. J. P. Morgan, Organist. Tickets $1. Theatre ticket office. Reeerved seats for *!1 hrsi oln*e tbestres, concerts, balls, Ac , Can always be obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, , Nov. 112 and 114 Broadway. 1 Q BALLET GIRLS WANTED-TO LEAVF. TI1K CITY*. XmJ Apnlv this day to JAMES CONNER A CO , Dramatic Agency, 634 Broadway. PIA\OK??ltTKs. A KINK AMORTWENT OF PIANO PORTM To I.KT mod mold Is umlalmeota, at the manufactory. l.Vi mad lflU Emit Tweuty-flr*t street. L. I'. t'L'M.MINOS. A LL STYLES OK PLANOB TO LET?AT LOW RATES, J\. mnd for mala nn Inslulmrnt*. LYNCH A OOMIKN. SOI and ?3 II road way, corner Twenty-Brat alrerl. Alexander, carhart a xeedhax, prince a Co., and Maaun A Humlm'a Organ* and Melodeona, Hleinway. Dunham and Oordun Pianos, new and old. lor rent ur ?alc f?r raah or on inatalinenta, at low rates by ri. T. GORDON. TUB H road way. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD l'lanulorte foi *ale; m*dc to order, city maker, naed ?la month*, coat 9BUQ, for $9U>>. Alao Parlor Sulta, Paint ing*, Carueti, Bronx**, Mirror*, Chamher and Dining Fur niture, China, Uiaaaand -Mirer Ware. A aacrlflce Inquire at 44 Went Smectilh atteak, between Fifth and Suth art. ALADT WILL SELL a BEAITIPCL ROSEWOOD 7 octave Plannfnrte, Including Stool; original price $.150. for naarl? half, overatrnn* ba?a, carved leg*, nearly new, celebrated maker*. Apply at 21 Third ulieet. Bargains -tan* rosewood 7 octave piano forte, full Iron frame, Dite?t improvement, perfect or der; ro*ewo->d Pianoforte Stodarl A Dunham makeae. $125; assortment new Piano* at manufacturer* price*. 2(1 rWHtk aveuue, oppoeMe Coopor luatlt'lM. Baroajns.-a patent six OCTAVE piano por $100, one for $50, one for $260, aud a new one at a re duced price. 1!M street. H. HARDMAN. ("tlorinq oltsTle or ~sfvkral i irst clash ) *even octave new and *econd hand PI*noa; alao one elrgant arren octave ur* I'arlaian upright Piano, of power ful tone, on account ot removal, at 71 Eld ridge vtreet. INMHRSON'g PIANOS?POR CASH OR ON IN ST A L J menl*. pro-* reduced; one that ha* been u?ed but thiee month*, very low. Puno* to rent. C A. MIJN PER, IBB Broadway. WATERS PI ANOft-ORANDSQI ARE AND CPRIGHT; Parlor, Church. Cabinet and Gem Organ* and Melo deon*. The he?t manufactured; ptdcea reasonable; w*p. ranted tlx year*. To let. and rent allowed If purchased; montlily payment* received for tho name. Second hand Pianoa at harealna; price* from $10 to gT-Vi 0?*h paid for ?ei-ond hand Piano*. Piano* rimed, repaired, boxed aud ?hipped. Warehouse 411 Broadway, N. V. Horace waters k co. INBTRt CTION. T TOWNSEND'H RI'SINBS* COLLEGE, NO. !MU , Bowery, between Prime and Houatoa street*.- Io?truc tion. day and evening, In Bookkeeping Petim*n*ldp. Arith metic, spelling. Grammar, CorrwrpotideMO, Ac Room* for ladle* and private Inatruetlon. No claeaea. A1 AT $$ IF-WRITING, ?i LESSONS; ARITHMETIC and Writing or Knukkeeplng lemon* unlimited, $10 per quarter. PA I NI.'S Hevtnaaa College*. vt2 Bowery, and $1$ Fulton *tree' Brooklyn. Da* ?ud ?venlug. Bookkeeping, writing. ARtTMMSTJC, ac. tor limine**- \I-4mi-. DOLBKAK. Broadway, qualify Sinllemen practically for head txrokkeeper-! They tcai n rilhinctie by the rno*t rapid and accurate me'hod*, and guarantee to remote *tliriic**, cramping or trembling and make elegant hu?lne?* penmen. Bookkeeping, PBNMANSHTP AND Bl'SINBtt APFAIRk, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Inntilute, 73$ Broadway. Established lsei Frlvale ln?iructlon. Spanish language-PRor. a de torno$.~ Classes for ladtee at hie residence. Ms Fourth avenue, with hi* NEW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Applemn A Co. Wantkd-privatf. PUPILS IN THE CLASSICS and Kngllsh atndle*. also those whose early educatioa ha* been neg|e?trd Addireaer apply to Harvard, M Went Righleeaih strati tww?w. NEW YORK THEATRE. _ ? . Managers Lewt* Baker * Mark Smuh. LAST NIGHT OK LADY DON. OKEaT DOt'HLE HI'KLKBQUK BILL. KKMLWORTU. ? OB YE QL'EENE, YE KAKLK AND YE MAIDENNh. AND COLLEEN BAWN, MISS KILY?OTONN0R. LADY DON' ?- VK KAK1.E OK LEICBBTBR a?d .MILKS NA COFPALEBN. Mr. Mark Smith. .Ye gueeu Elizabeth and Mia* hily O'Connor. Mr. Lewis Baker. as W.iyl .no Smith. .lame* I><inii mn. .TrcKtllMii and Kyrle Daley. W. Gomsrsal. . a* ,V?M) and Dauuev Manu. Mr*, Gomersal a* . A in) Kobaart and UarlHH CrrfM Marie Wilkin* as Mm. Cn van. Mik* (?idee Cole, a* .Sir vt alter Raleigh and Ann Cbute. Mm. Y nanism. ....a*..Duke Ol Suaaes. FORMING THE BENT BURLESQUE COMPANY IN \ME KICA. MONDAY, BENEFIT OF MRS. WM. GOMERSAL. NEW YOUK THEATRE. FIRST BENEFIT or MRS. W. COMERS AL. MONDAY, MAUC11 26. 1887. THE LITTLE TREASURE. POOAHONTAB. Hoi sheet now opeu. Theatre francaIs.?comedy. Sa-.ui lay Evuniug. Mnrcli ?1, I8S7, at 8 o'clock. La Supplied d'uu Horn me. comedy in three acta L'amour d un CUapelier, v,?.i N-villi: in our act. Ticket nlll c at II. DArdonrille'a, 878 Broadway. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Coutiuued success of the Rlchlng* gland ENGLISH OPERA. MATINEE MATINEE MATINEE matinee matinee matinee TO-DaY, commencing ui on- o'clock precisely. For per formancn, the celebrated Kngll U comic opera, Till. DOCTOR OK ALCANTARA. Aitiniaaion to Matinee, 7.V. Pi ALL SKATS. No eilra charge for leacrvttd *, ui advance. Thia livening only time lor .tuber's delightful r-rasmlc Opera, FRA DIAVOLO. KKA DIAVOLO. Campbell, Cantle. Segulu, Wylle, Peaks, Arnold, M'aa Rlcmng* and Mia. Seguin. all in ihc cast. Monday next, TIIE HOSE OK CASTILE. rpOXY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE Alt BOWERY 1 OKAND GRAND family family MATINEE. MATINEE, Tills AFTERNOON. AT 2Aj O'CLOCK. The great local drama, laat time but one. THE WORK I NO GIIU.S uF NEW YORK THE WORKING GIRLS OK NEW YORK. Tbe ch.itnplnu eipouent ol the modern arena. Mr. SAM COLYKR, Mr. SAM COLYBE. The entire troupe in a grand olio. SATURDAY NIGHT A OLORIOUS BILL. / i RIFKIN A CHRISTY'S It minstrels. F'lltb Avenue Opera llouae, No*. 2 and 4 Weal Twenty-fourth a leant. G. W. H. GRIFFIN Manager. Tills IS 1'IIK FAMILY RESORT. In noplacp of ainiiKcinent In New Ynrk do such peats of laughter pour from the merry heart* of the audience. George Christy, Otto Knihauk, J. T. Boyce and K. Hughe* every nlgiit, supported by O. AV. II. OrtfQn, maater of oere inonle*. BUNYAN tableaux.?largest panorama in the world, sixty magnificent scene*. llluatratiug "Bun yan'a Pilgrim'* Pingre**." Union Hall, Pro ad way and Twentv-tblrd street. Open every night at 7: commencing at 8. Admission SO cents; children '2a cent*. Matinee Wed nesday and Saturday, at II o'ciock. ROBT. J. <;RkF.NWOOD, Manager and Pnopr.ctor. HOOLKY'S UPB.XA HOUSE, BROOKLYN.?THE BLACK MAN OF AGAR, THE MILLINERS. Ole Bull >n a Tight PIa"c. The Happy Old Woman. The Unwelcome Yialtor, The Active Boy, rhebeattu.i Briwn, Otheliu; Wake Up. William Henry; Red Hot. By Mulli gan. Hughes, Reed. Hernandez, Collins, (Jueen. I.eavitt, Glenn, Ac. WONDEKF f. FRE AK OF NATURE?' TIIE WASH INGTOlf TWINS," Ixirn alive, having two head*, four arm*, and but one body and one pair of leg*; alao the bead ?nd right arm nl Probst, tlia muruc.rer of the Deerlng faint Iv; together witli the magnificent collection of object* In Phy slologv, Anatomr. Pathology nnd Natural IliKtory; *R of which aie illustrated dally by Lectarea and Mlcoscoplc View*, at the New Y'ork Museum of Anatomy. 6It) Broad way. Open I rum 8 A. M. to 10 1*. M. THE GREAT HISTORICAL PAINTING. REPUBLICAN COURT IN THE DAYS OF LINCOLN. ON EXHIBITION DAY AND EVENING. ART INSTI TUTE (DERBY GALLERT). 626 BROADWAY. QN EXHIBITION. FREE. _ The beautiful Collection of Picture* hv Modern Mat ters are now on eihibllion free at Uie LEEDS ART GAL LERIES, 817 and Hit* Broadway, and will continue ao HH the 27th nnd 28th lust. ARION SOCIETY.-THE ANNUAL GRAND MASOUB rade and Faupv Drear Ball of ttila aocltty will be he'd in its usual splendor on WFiDNBSDAY, MARCH 27, at tbn ACADEMY OF MUdlC. For ticket*, at $10 eaoli, admitting one gentleman and lady, and extra ladies' ticket*, at $3 each, applv at tbe fol lowing ofi'tce*;?E. Krolipfeiffer, ft Pine street: Em. Sauer, 46 Exchange place; J, O. Hundt, 48 Dey street; John Slader manu. 2W2 Broadway, G. llanfi, (W7 Broadway; F. Spnngcn berg, 8SI Broadway. And for Boxes to K. Krolipfeiffer, 42 Fine atreet, nnd ilanft Bros., 807 Broadway. Theatre franoais.-frenoh theatre to ijit, for evening* and matinees, for opera*, dramas, con cert*, lecture*, Ac , Ac Apply to Nona DKIYBT, olllce of French theatre. MI8T AMI FOPBP. F ROUND-A LADY'S UMBRELLA, IN A BROADAVAY stage. The owner can have It by calling at48*nd DO White street, proving property and paying lor this adver tisement. FROUND-LABT WEEK, AT ESSEX MARKET, A Foi ketbook containing a rum of money, wbieh the owner can have by applying at 216 East Broadway and prov ing property. LEFT-IN A FOURTH AVENUE CAR. TUESDAY, March 12. a paper pan-el "Uitninlug account n*n?r?. A rewaid will he paid if returned to J As. H. THOKNK, 174 Canal street. IOST?AT thk LIBDKRKKANZ BALL, ACADEMY or J KVM. ftwfclf evening a Bracelet with ?mantled Mars. A unliable reward given by returning U to B. F. MOORE. 8* jlinii street. IOST?IB ClIAMRPKri STREET, A POCKETBDOK J containing an accommodation ticket on the brut Kail way. Tb- titi'lei will comer a Iwvor by leaving tbe ticket at VI Chamber* street. IOST?AT TUB LIKDKRKRANZ RAM.. A ROI Sl? J coral Button of tueiimni slie. being a portion of a lady's bracelet. As It is of value ut the owner a suitable reward will be paid on Its return to A. G. P. hl'EYEltS, No. V New Htreet. room No. 3. I OUT?ON WEDNESDAY KVENINO, IN OB CONING J out the New York then're, and going down Broadway in the Un-eefcer atravlcara, a lady'* potent lever gold Watch. The tinder will receive a liberal reward by leaving word at the hot oOoe of the theatre where It can be found, and alt expenses panl. IOST?ON TIIR MORNING OK TfIR MST INST.. IN J Plftb avenue, between Twenty-ninth and Thlrtr-ihn d atreeta, u ?.mail Swdch Terrier having aboat the neck a blue leather collar. Sill reward will he paid If returned to it* owngr M Nn. 7 West Twenty atghlS street. IOST-ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20. A GOLD BAR. J ring, bMween lb>o?evelt at reel and Jantaa all|>. a South street. A liberal reward will be paid by leaving it at 4.1 Oak alreel. IOHT-ON THE EVENING OF THE 20TH MARCH, ON J the fourth avenue rare, a Pncketbook. containing a am ill turn of money, with sundry promissory note* a com pllmentury railroad tlckrt, Ac. The finder of the same can retain the money and will be otherwise rewarded by leav ing It at the Manhattan Hotel, Murray street, and no ques tions asked. LOST?AT THE LIKDKRK RANZ BALL. O.N THL'RB dar evening, a large aired enamelled Breastpin, repre senting Madeline and child. A liberal reward will he givea by leturolug It to 47 Weal eleventh Htreet. LOST-ON TIIORSDAY KVKNINO. MARCH 21, BB tween Twentieth street, fifth avenue and Twenty-third street a lady's Mo IT, light colored, a |?artly worn. Kinder will be liberally lewarded by (ending It to V West Eight tenth Htreet. IOST?ON MONDAY EVENING, 1ST If INST., A GOLD J hunting case Watch, ma le by David Taylor, Londen; No. *11. A very liberal reward wUI be pah! for Abe recovery of the same, a? it waa highly prlied hy tbe owner. Ttl? flnder or pos-sssoi mar add ea. F, M. C , hoi 4.101 Peat of fice, confidentially, or return the watch to 133 William street. RKW IIIIIA. : C'lll REWARD.?LOST. AT THE LKIDKRCBANS TJt1.1// |,ail. a Gold Bracelet. The above reward will he pa d on the return of It to E. Ren lay, IN W?ai siiteentk St. <*.1/1 RKWARD?P n IKJtTSOOK LOST, BETWEEN <?*! ' " llndHon River Itailway and Fifth Avenue Hotel con taining Intern addressed to Caflai n Dunn, f I* reward will he given for the papers at the office of the Fifth Aveane Hotel, and no question* asked AO- REWARD.?LOUT. ON MONDAY LAST, A v* ??) le ither Wallet, conulnlag $3U and three notes pay. able t" my order. The above reword will bo paid for Ite re turn ia> A. W. smith, 316 Ninth avenue. AO- REWARD -LOST, ON THl'RSDAY, MARCH 14, ?raw'/ a Black and Tan Dog, answering to the name of Nip, bad on when lost a fancy leather collar/ also had * lump on back and a very am.ul apot on side without an* hair. R. G. SEE. IW6 flndson si , or 304 West Twelfth si. REWARD -LOST, BT A POOR CARMAN, A llariel of Heed Hie above reward will he paid if re tumrd to 3t I 'o, 'land' Htreet, or to hi- residence, 361 W e-l Houetori atreev as he le reepoiiHlhle fer the loss fr\iu\ -TERBBMCR O'NEIL HAVING MYHTB f MMf. terlonely diiappesred on Friday night, the 1st of in h, wh~n last seen he was on Hamilton avenue, and rea son misting for Die belief that he has been foullv dealt with, the eum of Ut) will be given for the discovery of Ms body if dead. dt Ms whereabouts If alive, and If he has died from vtOMM e MI) additional will he paid for information Which will lead to the detention and conviction of the perprtratotw ef the ? 1. Much reward will be paid at 56# Oelumhla street, Brooklyn. raw pi/MLit ATwra IfSSAY ON CATARRH, RV IJKNRV A DANIELS M. D., J Hurgemi, No 2 fnlon square. Mailed on reeetpt of red stamp PICTORtAL DOI'Ibl NO-PROF. A"*8"1*' J,H* Rev. Dra. Chaptn, Sswyar. Osgood, Bellows, JTTnJblot ham, Hedge, Colt/*. R/der, Clarke. Km-rsoa, Jartholo m. w, Ballon and Henworth Alw> ei Ooveroor Blair and Phlln Parsons ol Michigan Woman a Rights. Shaker ( om munltlea and Religion; Aboriginal Legends of NorthlAmw lea fhir Natlossl Army Today; Oa? We Think of Two Tonus el noes I Pope's K*aay on Men, in April number of PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, now reedy. Onlyto cent*, or ta a veer. Newsmen have 11. Address FOWLBR m WELLS *?? Broadway, New Voffe.