Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1867 Page 1
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-i '-in *.'/ / M' / 12 J] THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.163. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS. raMMAL. B LACK EYB8-BAYS WBITTEN TOO THROUGH tha Pool offige. BRRA. "DULLY ?GET LETTERS OH HOBDAY. AND BB AT X) toBes at two o'eloek LB afternoon, rain or thine DITTO. F* IEND JULIA ? MEET MB AT N MONDAY j. r. rTHB BOY WHO FOUND AN BKMINB FOB COL Hr la Fi'tee nth ?te*tv near Dr. Powell's office. wiB re *nra ItaB West Fourteenth street, he will be suitably n> waidoii IIF THEBB 18 A BENBYOLENT GENTLEMAN IN THE ? etty of New York whose to&rt would permit htm ta aarfonn a private ehantsMe set to a lose widow hind tier children, bv lending her a comparatively small sum of money, she wishing to retnrn It again, being permitted tkM, wotsd ha please address *>r three days, MRS. II. COURTNEY. Herald office. rTHE LADY WITH THE BED AND BLACK striped dreos and the loig rutin who left an Eighth a Te stae car atthf corner ef Canal street and Yfe?t Broadway, yesterday about balf.past four, sad recosnltml the gentle man uhe left in it, wilfadflress K. F. M., Herald office, she Wilf-oonfer a favor, Hie adverttser leaves town for a few days, Wednesday. HO ptaase writs at once. TNTORMaTION WASTED-OH THP. WHEREABOUTS A of Edwin Webenderfer. from Zenc _ ? Zesicnrnda, GernasTty. He sercea In the Klevrrt th New York volunteers. Address Alfred Webeadorfcr, Lisbon Falle, Me. INFORMATION WANTED?OF NICHOLAS OULLTGAM, who came to this country about four rears ago from Aides, rountv Lonth, Ireland Any lnformailon of Mm Will be thankfully receired by his wife, Mary Culligaa, at No. ITO West Thirl.y flrst sti es A TAS4ET D. ALEXANDER-LETTER RECEIVED. ?| Will wait however ft* you uAtil 8 o'eloek. MRS. ROSA HUDSON. LATE OF M6 WEST FOUB teenth street, is requested te call at the law office of Sanndsrs A Odkemith. tS Chambers street. QPBRA.-dLYMPIC THEATRE. WILL THE "LADY _ in deep mourning that ?noticcii the gentleman many times with opera glasses and handkerchief seed address to CsSlton, station A,"Spring street. "DORTCHESTER.?WILL MEET YOU AT 100, TUESDAY, JT atSP.*. Rosa-white me where you can befound. GEORGE. The lady in black that left the little boy and girl r.n the" n ferryboat and took Fifth avenne -stage Saturday afternoon, will please address Hobart. Herald office. The elderly lady from beaufort, n. c.. who left her Gold Spectacles at Dr. Rcxl liner's office, 078 Rnadwxy, while undergoing treatment for her eyes, on Monday last, cam bare the lame on application. The lady in white dress and white crown In the hair who was at the Llederkramt masquerade ball will oblige the gentleman who aat opposite to her in ihe refreshment room and who met her again-at the door by addressing L., box UK! Herald office. Third -atrnub car to twenty-eighth street. S P. *. Lady thrown against gentleman, wnhse seat ?he took. If agreeable to her, wonW like to make her ao spaalntanre. Flense address B. F. James. Herald office. r o BEAUTIFUL FEMALE INFANTS FOR ADOP ttec. 711 Gredwich street. WILL MRS. W?*KS, LATE OF NO. 110, PLEASE to send her own or the address of MUs E**a to Albert, station G. Svl ftf)0 ^ERREN^^OiEI^B^INl^lYSTERL . ously disnppeared on Friday night, the 1st of March-,"Wben last seen ne was on Hamilton avenue, and reason existing for the belief that be has been foully dealt with,-the sum of $300 will be given for the discovery of his body If dead, or his whereabouts if alive, and If he has died froar violence. gbOO additional will be paid for information wMeh wOl lead to the detection and -conviction of the perpetrators of the act Such reward will be paid at'-60O Columbia street, Brooklyn. ^^?bpecial notices. I'LL'PERSONS ARB HEREBY NOTIFIED NOT TO L irust anybody borrowing anything on my aceount. PHILIP RITZHE1MER, MS Pearl street. MTAiaRAY MBN. ATTENTIOM.-A 'PUBLIC MEEWWtJ YT -of tha Gatway Yonng Men's Association will be Md ?oorRuday March 24, at a o'eloek'P. M.. at 0et?tl!c Hall, <8 Bast Broadway. All Galway awn are invited to attend. By -order. MICHAEL SWEENY. President. WlffiOnim, Secretary. iBJOTWaL?THK MMMBBBR 'OF THE OPERA WYE AN Brieklavsrs' Protective and Bensdt Union wHl attend She ftmeral of oar tale brother member, James KeiUr, from Bis late restdenas, 311 Lndknr street, on Sunday, March *4. at T o'clock P. M. By order, P. W. BRAZILL, President R-tcBAnn Mathews, Secretary, SBARI8 . EXPOSITION.?PBBBON8 DESIROUS OF X basing bmnosss connected -with the Paris Exposition property attended to by a competent and reliable party, fa miliar with the European languages, would do well to ad MgHiiHIMiExposition, bex2,M0Post offiee. SHAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, FEB. 84?NOTICE? H The undersigned to to notify their friends and the are not and never have been Tnteresftd in or connected with the house of Hein, Roekell A Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets. New York eity. This notice is published not with a view of discrediting or la any manner in jnriog the house of Hoia Boekel A Co., but simply to oorroet misconception. HEIN A BRAY. Jon Brat, 418 Battery street dJTONBCUTTERS, ATTENTION.?LB8T ANY MEMBER O of our association may be entrapped by tha advertiae aasat which appealed In some of the dally papers, stating that stonscuttsis were wanted in Bast Thirty-seventh street, we proclaim said shop a scab shop. Official. THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE LATE Ninth regiment, Hnwkins' Zouaves, are respectfully invited to join Company E.. of the First regiment Hawkins' Zouaves, N. Y. 8. N. <>., in the funeral escort of our late comrade in arms. Peter Kleine, formerly of Comnany K., at their Armory, corner of Broadway and Fourth street, thia,(SundNy) noon, at 12 o'elsck. ('.apisIn KOCKEKT, Commander Company E. T. Staplmoh. Orderly Sergeant. The members or my?tic tie lodge. no. m. F. and A. N.. arc hereby summoned to attend a special ?communication, to be held at their lodge mon?. corner of Broome and Ciot-by ?ireeta,.on Sunday. March 24. 11*57. at o'clock A. N . for the purpose of attending the funeral ?f the late brother Amor J. Williamson. By order. WILLIAM BAltR, Malter. Bnrmtna Bwiw. Secretary The new vork ladier' southern relief AMoetalton la organired for receiving and distributing aeantrlbntiona in aid of these suffering people. Donations of Money, fo?d and clothing are urgently solicited. Second flnaAoiothtng will be acceptable. The funds oollected will Be distributed through the medium o( the clergy of different denominations In the destitute neighborhoods. The depot far receiving dry goods, clothing, Ac., Ii at No. id .Bond street, which will be open daily from 9 o'clock A. M. to 8 o'clock P.M. The depot for flour, pork, corn, or any-kind of provisions, Is at the store of Harris, Gaines A Ool, No. Ifl Whitehall street, and at the store of March. Fidoo A Co., No. >1 Water street Donations received by ArthurLeary. Treasurer, No Ik William street. GENERAL COMMITTER Oobmn an rseesstsd to meat M avenue, between rtftjr-nmtk day (Bundnv March M, Mr. at m&s&zzsz::- \ ^?aAMtixDMAN or roNsiDBsable bxpbri eoee In Usance and the management of estates, would ^nttastOoe of soch cker?er or aa cssbier. yencr.I or eorraepondent; Clark, Hsislll ufllisi ? dlinSMNW SATING! BANK, AOUTOWER^BKNKR M./ ?f Bowery and Canal street. ?^M^MFlNTRRfeflT PAID ON ALL BI'Mfl FROM lOl'RAND DOLLARS. MBNCES APRIL 1. EDO a RALE?FIRST MORTOAOE OITT RAILROAD r Raaen PanCant Bands, at a liberal discount; also Ton Fur Coat Dividend Paying City Rail rood Mucks, at a great batjatn. Apply to EE. JACOBS, No. 1 Now street, earner VBNTCCET BONDS WANTED-WK WISH TO PtT* Jk. Asm a number of Kentucky Internal Improvement Bands LEWIS, DANIEL A OO.. U Naaaau street. ONBT TO^LOAN ON BOND AND. MORTGAGE. M W. A. NICHOLS. counsellor at law. Id Wall street. DITTBBOBO, FORT WATNE AND CHICAGO RAIL. JT way die., Offloe ef the Becvetary. Pittsburg. Pa., March m, UW ?Dividend No. lfl-lhe Board of Elreetoro of tblo company hare daoisred the regular uuarterty dividend of twu and am half il*) V*r <*?t, free of government Ut on the stock, parable en and arter M onday, 18th April, 1887, at the afllce ofWIaslow. Lanier A Co., 37 and fP Pine street, la thaae reuMwud at New York, and at the oWoa of the treaa ?rer to those registered at Plttabugg. The transfer hooka will rlooe on the 30th day ef March, 1887. at 2 P. M? and reopen the 18th day of A*rU. 1887. >. M. HUTCHINSON. Beeretary. UNION DIME BAVINOB BANK, Noa 3Wsod an Canal street, rernerof 1.sight. HI J PER CENT INTEBEUT ou $8 to fllHWB. free of tag. Money deposited stow tear- interest from April L ABSKTB $8,118,434 36. FOR BALE?ON year, with la* #1 CCA -FIRBT MORTOAOE 1 Beoeklvn properly due In Mfuot. Address Mar gtge, Herald oBlee. at) o/in and upwards to loan on bc mortgage ou citv property. W1C"ARI) AMEBMAN, BdO Btkth $'} 71111 TO LOAN-ON IMPBOVKD REAL Kfl ij.lUU late In this oitv in any sum. W. II WOOD, 88 Wall street^ ? JiWWtfUl TO LOAN-ON NEW TORK CITY f ?ZUU.lMJU BreaWpa and Maw Jamey ?????<** kenond mortgages bought /apply to CMABLEE F. OIL i .Ran. I HI B read way room No, a t ? .in - A/Ul -TO LOAN OE BOND AND MORT |#Zi 0,UUU. pp. la one or mora some, "?.real I estate In the oily or AraoW" .IOHN F. COBBSy, ? Wall * aseet, roaua No. 12 MKWNPAPBRN. pilK NATIONAL FRF.EM ARON?THE MAHONW OB 11 A.N OK THE DM ITf.ll AT A f KB. 'I IK NATIONAL FREKM A80N?rBSCKO KVKRT m illlfaCSl?AV. FOR haLK AT ? B-tBBAU BlRhET, ?Bl? BY ILL NEWSDEALERS ?'HE on ANI>* MASTER'S LETTER TO THE NATIONAL i KB IBM AA IN ON OIF I KN I KKFRISKS WI I.I.,BK 1 HLIHIIKD n.'IB WEEK FOR BALE AT 38 NA8BAU ji ANU ?T newsdealers. IDE NATIONAL FBBFMAROM IB THE BABOJOC . MEDIUM or t?IR WORLD FOR BALE AT ? lABBAli hTRBBT. ANl> NT ALL NEWBDKALBRB. TUB TVWLW. ^OSJSSB^n^taXSn tnton pleasure la announcing that <j? a Ibw tarsT I wUI ad enrtine a list of liberal Purses * >? ?tt* spring and iiaMr months. JOHN SIMMONS. SPORTING. H^JRAM^^KRTAINBF.BT AND OOMPUMBNT IA ary YMMaonial will be tendered to Mr. tiasnuel Coll ver, the Champion of the Light Weights of America, at Gothic Uell, Aaama street, near Concord. Brooklyn, on Wed evening. March 27. CoOjrer and Mite Nunaa will up." nesrtay i "wtea u All rinds ok imkm and birds for salb at B. COVEY'S, MB Canal street, near Chnrcb street Medicines for all iHwsm. Prepared Feud for mocking birds. E HHiT BATTERY BOATS TOR 8ALE CHEAP.-AP ply at 114 Greenwich street. Francis hi tler, no3peck slit, has all tbb cholce.-t breeds of Dogs. Bailer's Infallible Mangi: Cure and Flea Exterminator. 79 cents. Butler's new wo?* on the Dog, $2. Doge trained, kneaded, Ac. Medicine Out sll diseases. fOR SALE?AN ELEGANT SCHOONER YAOHT, 73 feet long on deck, 18)4 reet beam, 6 feet depth of hold: tails and rigging new and of the very beat quality: cabin handsomely furnished and the reaeel lined nut complete in every respect Address C. F. Cleft.ler. box 3,879 Poet eHlce, Philadelphia. HORSES, CARRIAGES. ?C. A BEAUTIFUL BAY PONY TOR 8ALE?HtAINIT. D to the-Middle; will be aoldreasonably, as the owner is going to Bnrcpe. Apply at ateble corner of Twenty-sixth street and Sixth avenue TINS ASSORTMENT 'OF CARRIAGES. HARNESS Whip*. Saddles, Ac., at TAYLOR'S Carriage and Har e Warerooma, 98 Cedar street. ^ 8qpABE_FRONT COrPE, MADE BY BREWSTER ?o Alt., of Broome street, but little used and In elegant condition, for sale at the church building, cwrner df Grand and Crosby streets. SPLENDID COUPE HORSE FOR SALE.?SIX years old, 1# hands 2 Inches high, warranted sound. Apply at private stable rear of 28 Wa-ihrag'ou square or to R. BALDWIN, 72 Broadway. A FINE TOP BOY WAGON. MADE BY BREWSTER A Co., of Broome ?street, sua used but a few t trass; in psrfect condition; prrre $400. At the church building, cor ner Grand and Crosby streets. A NUMBER OF SECOND HAND VEHICLES, CON JJL siauns of Top -Wagons, Phaetons. Coupes, Breita. six ?nitat Kockaway, Ac . ln good order, for sale at the church building, corner of Grand and Crosby streets. ?A GREAT BARGAIN.-$826 WILL BUY A HAND A some and stylish sorrel Saddle and Driving Horse, flee I ears old. HDi hands; sound and kind; a handsome Top IT M U ... D1.wl.a4 Uaka InJ UThln .4 Wagon, a very fine Harness, Blanket, Kobe And Whtpj at l.aS? Broadway, near l-'orty first street. about half its v as the owner must, leave town. A SECOND HAND CO AC H.VICTORI A, WESTCHES ter. Coupe, Rockaway and Wagons; alao 900 Carriages; Harness 20 per-esnt less than Broadway stores. HAM'S. 10 East Fourth street, corner Broadway. A PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?OTA1LL8 FOR FOUR horses and carriage room, with all modern Improve ments, at 336 West Twenty-first street. Apply at 382 Hod son street. A SECOND 'HAND SIX SEATED ROCKAWAY IN complete-order; once $979; at the chureh building cor nerGrand and Croeby streets. A SECOND HAND TWO HORSE COUPE-SOUND and in good order; price $400; aARthe Church building, corner of Grand and Crosby streets. A SPLENDID BLACK HORSE FOR SALE, 12U A hands high, for carriage or saddle use, can trot In 8)4, end Is young, sound and kind In-every particular. Can be seen at SanTranclsco Stables, Potty-sixth street, west of Sixth avenue. AM REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT ? private sale, la kept by MUTER A SOMBHVILLE, at 37 Nassau street. All persons wishing to buy, soil or ex change Horses or Carriages, should have ihelr property, or the articles desired registered as above. M AUCTION SALES AT MOBrtE AUCTION MART, "Union square, urssy Tooodny god Friday throughout Um year, and at 37 Nassau street asrery Wednesday and Satar-1 ' day. Bee auction head, 1 GOOD CAJtT HORSE, IS HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS A. old, will be sold for SMB. To bd*seen at 294 Gold street, Brooklyn. ingrojrKMa^oLD^BY stdo; rich and large wllhnr. piIR^UOO^BHIC^S^BL^j^j^y|O^IUN m 93 East Thirty-second street; three stalls, room for two carriages. To he rented to Nov. 1. 1887. HAUGERTY A PHELPS, II Pine street. TJtOR BALE-A GLASS HEARSE, IN GOOD ORDER. T Will be sold cheap. Apply to W. H. KENNEDY, 4M Pearl street. For sale-long lease or a first olass Livery Stable; accommodation for 7$ hones. Inquire at 988 Sixth avenue. F OR 8 ALE-TWO NEW CONCORD EXPRESS Wagons. Apply atUfo. 6 Rector street. For halk-a very stylish abdallah and Webster Stallion, chestnut color, with white mane and tall. 16 hands high, thoroughly broken In single or double harneaa, and for one eo young and untrained gives every In dication n' -peed: la particularly suited for a coupe. Can be seen at 128 Weot Thirty-second street. lOB SALE?A PULL SIZED DOUBLE TRUCK, WITH Horses and ilarneaa. Apply at 37 Water street. FOR SALB?DARK BAY HANDSOME HORSE, FULL mane and tall, 16)4 hands, stylish, good Id single or double harneaa, rising 7 years: also extension lop Chariot, with shaft by Lawrence, In good running order, with Har ness end Kersey Blanket. Apply tnls week at COGSWELL'S stables, Lexington avenue, corner of Thirty-thlnl St., N. V. For sale-a platform spring truck, with pole end shaft*, at MAKLOW * CANFIKLD'S. corner of Franklin street end Greenpolnt avenue, Greenpolnt. For sale-handsome bat horre. ux hands. ? years old; l? long build, long tell; one of the nut stjlleh coupe taorees In the city; Is perectly nound end kind; I the owner hue u?ed lilm for two a family home, i Can be seen at Trueedell'* stablee. corner Broadway and I Forty-third ?treet. For balb-a good work horse and set of rart IIiimeed; alio, a nice business or famllv Home, bay, long tail, eight year* old. gifteen and a half hand* high. Price (ISO Inquire at 130 East Forty-nee >nd street, near Third avenue, on Monday morning. For sale.-A fast an d h ands7)mkpacino bat Pony, with new butcher Cart and Harness; also, a supe rlor gray Horse, sixteen hand* high, with Wagon and Har ness, suitable for expreia or grocer. The above are all of the very best quality. Inquire at 987 Third avenue, provision ?tore. For sale-a handsome dark brown mare, Inst turned six years old, adaptsd lor saddle or carriage; Is kind sad gentle. Apply at Heymoer's stable, earner ef Forty-third street end Sixth avenue. rR SALE-A FIRST CLAD? COACH. IM SPUUIDID condition. Can he eeen for three dsja Ahs ns?e?nl new shifting top Bsjgiss, end ssimsl wooed hwtd. M the Appty^tBS"eadCT Bowery. * SfOKObT"MOOIUL*" /OHN L. VAKMWATKR. AUCnONKMR, 180 LIBERTY ?J street, wiS eell Wedneedae, at * n'elook. at Patten's stables, eorner Forty-fonrth street end Fifth avenue, en perlor line of rand and trotting llorses. These aalee in he held regular each week at the eesne hour. STABLE TO LET?218 WEST HOUSTON STREET. Apply te W. B. JARVIS, ?M Cswal street. STABLES AND SMOKE HOUSE TO LET AT ISO MOTT street; also two Floors far nsanufsctariog purposes, from May L Inquire on the | ' ? TABLES TO LET-NO. M WEST FORTY^ FOURTH I street SI.Mi; No ? West Ferty-feurth street. $1,290; _ o. 1 Washington alley, eorner of University place $780; part of a Stable la Fiftieth st.. SM*. JOHN KAVANAOH, northeast Conner of Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. r LET-ON* HALF OF FRIFATE STABLE U WEST Eighteenth aMmt Inquire at II Nassau street. fJYWO SECOND HAND BRMTTS?ONE MADE BT JL Brewster * Co., of Brodme street, end In perfect order. For sale eheap, at the church building, corner of Crosby and Osand streets. ANTE D-jToOOD^SI NO LKTRUC Ca NDH A RNKBS for wbnlsoalo grocery business. Address T. 0. L, H crald office, slating fewest price. WANTED-A PONT CARRIAGE, 8BCOND HAND; must be In heat oonditlon end of goad make, btete terms. Ac. Address D. R., box 3,913 Post eOee, N. T. WOBURN SPRING WAOON WANTED?SINGLE SEAT, box Body and of Brewster A Co-'s make. Address E. F. M., Herald oheo. Aonn -a uonr % jagokr trotting waoon, VAUIF. n perfect beauty, built to order and never used. Any one willing to pay the' prloe for n really tiral claae article ran call Monday between 10 end 12, at the stable, Amity street, near MaedengsL INDTRIICTIOII, A TEACHER OF GERMAN, FRKNcnT'KNflT.ISH, One pianist (young gentleman), wishes te accompany e famllv to Europe as companion. Interpreter er tutor, ad dress Farewell, box IS Herald office. B?t8T SHORTHAND?STANDARD PHONOGRAPHY - ? Soon learned In New York Phonographic Academy, M4 llrnsilw.iy. or. without a tee. her, from tland-Bonk of stand ard Phanegraphy, $2 R) postpaid. All about Phonography, Puma. Ac., In The Visiter t IS pages) and Circular. 18c. Ad dress A. J. GRAHAM. Ml Broadway, N. T. * B-^'Hauralfi. nflr~i " practical 8y fnrhead henhhespora. The? ?wrh JfitT by the meet rapid and accurate methods, and guarantee m ra move stiffness, cramping or trembling, and make elegant Ii'RKNCH, SPANISH, ENGLISH AND GERMAN CAN I1 be learned quickly at DOLRKAR'S Aeedemy, AM Broadway by a new ran versa tiuon I method without text books Private lessens given by Knropenn prufeseors st the residence or Academy. IADIKS OF NEGLECTED EDUCATION. WISHINO J to Improve thcmeelvca in writing, English. French, music, grammar, msy receive private lessons at 87 Eleventh etreet, between Fifth and Sixth avanuea. . ERACTICAL FRENCH CONVERSATION, TRANSI.A ilon, Ac , taught by a well educated, competent lady M Pens, et her rooms and at pupil's residence. Lessons private, In classes, If desired Terms moderate. For partlen I >>s addtesg Hlle. M. * ^Herald office. SPANISH La NUUAGE.?PROF. A DB TORNOR O Cleeses for la diet at hie residence, IBS Fourth svenne. With hie NEW CCNB1NBD METHOD, published by D. Apple ton A ?;# A ORRAY CROWD OF CD8TOMER8 J\ And famense Lota of Cheap Oood*. YRRME NDOU8 EXCITEMENT OVER MUSLINS. UMH PRICKS CRUSHED AND ... THE Bit; PROMT SYSTEM KXfOSKD. Wa throw ?m the doors to alt Mil retail a irst rate jard I wide Maalin for 12He. a paid. Ban last received wcahtfl oeu * to-iiorrow MBBBno' treehyatut but he food aa can bo Bfo twee jnst raeolrad another lot of the Mine goods and now at Ute same price. . tronhreta bought la any other a4ore for Sto. v , ^ Ikranger* who hare not bought any of them bad better do ao M once, aa our supply la nearly asinootod. You can save fully 10c. a yard. ALSO BIG LOTS BETTER MUSLINS at the following prices FWE AMD HBAYT.lfo. nt*. SXYKA QUALITY, Mo. ; FORMER PRICE Wa. AL.-H), FROM AUCTION, 9U.0U0 YARDS LONG CLOTH MOTLIN8, EQUAL TO WAM8CTTA8. FOR OMLTSSo. A TARD. Tbeae laat muslin* are eold everywhere for Wa. GRRAT SLAUGHTERING OP ALPACAS. Auction Alpacas Mc.. other* charge 10c. Better quality 87?c-, worth haf. We. VERY FINE ALPACAS 50c These SOc. Alpacas were sold laet week aa He. We have them black and *01 color*. BEST 4-4 WA1IUUTTA9, SOc. IMMENSE LOTS TABLE LINENS. CRASH S3. FLANNELS. BLANKETS, CAS3IMKRK8, CLOTHS, PRINTS, DELAINES. SHAWLS, HOSIERY, SHEETINGS. Ac.. FROM AUCTION, AT ANY PRICF. YOU WISH. REMEMBER FOSTERS FOR MUSLINS; FOSTER'S TOR ALPACAS; FOSTER'S?-ORDRESS GOODS; FOSTER'S FOR CHEAT AUCTION ODlODK. Customer* can go to clfter of our stove* for the above (node. FOSTER MtoTHKlts. 147 Eighth ?*.. near Eighteenth at. and F09TE* BROTHERS. *73 Blee.-k-r mrect. N A LMIG-fiTY DOLLAR." A READtOCR PRICES NOW aM> MOVE. 1,750.842 yards splendid Ticking, #e? I6e. and 25c. 8,000.7U0 yard* Calico, Delaine and Merino. 7c., 13'?e. and We. l.OJU.OOO yard* Stripe*, Check* and White Good*. 4e , ibc. and 15c. 37B.0C0 yards othei wet Goods from lc a yard up. Wet Merrimao Calico, 123?c. Wet bVaohed cotton*, beat quality. 1214c. New Fork and Brooklyn gone entity Half a million people carry log aw try the good*. 310 clerks and more wanted. 84 prilce and 7d0 detectives. No lime lo talk about failure* now Expect to buret uext week eurselvee, and carry aww* million. 5.U0H a day. and working day and night. Pins one penny. Sowing Silk one penny. Spool Cotton 4c. and Sc.. beet MO yard*. The *o called cheap atom* doing nothing. These good* kill ihetn dead a* a herring. General Butler steal* a pair of cock-eved spectacles. Heecher, Chittenden and Hoop Sklrts'at 25c. Pant stuff at 1234c. Magnificent lot of Dress Goods not damaged a particle ai lees than half price. The music Is grand and the dance goes on bravely. The dogs of war let loose now. We claim that there is not a more anywhere that can ceein within a mile of us. The speculator* and extortioner! grow pale and take prneeic arid sold and laudanum. These goods must all go this coming weak, eren If we have to gat another house. Must make room. Then gather and borrow every dollar and every penny and move like lightning to the grand cheap stores. ROl'88 A CO., 5M Columbia mreet. Brooklyn, end BOCsS, BELL A T70.. 485 Grand street. New York. NEW DRY GOODS HOU8B. CLARKE A SA UNDER.SON, NO. 605 BROADWAY. en se'Sl^'i ?i'."!? Ladies ??? bonsekeep. ._!!? * v . Jy . 1 we will not begoveraed b* Broaden* ?Trin?.\^" ?? cnV? M'n !???*??* customer, and further that every yard of goods purchased at our store ?U? BROADWAY. ^"VruSSTs's^pSSl bn,TbC ??***"?"?? stvvl inTTiV^1^* ,t0<* <N*>?rls?* the neatest and prettiest ? In all fabrics, grades and qualities In the market. nrSMSF. A SP ECIA LTY, LADIE8' AND GENTS' HANDKERCHIEFS LiiDIBB' SETS. RKIBw'IitCKS'IfOJ EMBRQ1BBJUB8. HOSIERY. TAMEK NOTIONS WW oro "?asm a wmuxtEgUfBSSr* mm Having plenty of eash we buy where floods are rheeneel with two stores we can sell mlanM lota T . . _ AT SMALL FBOrir^ rooms. All Mrt^Sk wo^STbe^wdJld irtih?h!?p?*I! ASoftE'lmSEfeSftft:?*.???&*** - TT t? /*"'? * ""ABt *K>rung, 7pc. a yard, worth 11 A^B1ot'>or lot of. those very cheap fa. Ladles' Linen CoUaA vi8_?aasortmentof rich Dmi Trimmings, alfallw JSS * ?**? RUM pes. Black Alpaca Braid, SI and $l >5 pleee worth S3 IhZZtf "" ?< ?"SS) ?ft *u,l,n?. Linens, Towels, Napkins, Tidies, <l*"red Drapery Muslin. fa per yard. ?Ss PM'yVid L*CC ,#r r"rU,D*' fs., fa <d., to n. - ol RONALDSON a meares, taJhihl. "fnu* ?nd Nineteenth street sad IK Eighth avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth sta. AT MRS. OAYNOIC8 NEW hTORE~ " comtI' cok*eu oetHtelpth STREET. A SfEClALTY Tvl!T?/?fIn2r P*rJ'ei,'*r'y Jfndiea the figure of each lad*. 32*" ! V variety of style, ef Corset, which she imports di rect tor her own trade enable, her to snift THE M tftr DIFFICULT PIGI7RF HKIItT.'*. SKIRTS AlltheUtast Parts fashion* In Walkingsklrte,'At Home i?rm"(if sh'iiili, fsronte Train AtUchment. adapted to HA"22?i,E RtTM, DRESS OYER SKIRT, WITH w ? I"4'?8- FOR "ALLS ANII PARTIKS. W? rm iVi^-APCr*ODn"y this upper store. {?JJ'JA^A Y, corner of Twelfth street, and '* BROADWAY, between Eighth and Ninth street.. A T. STEWART A CO. taet?^wS'lT">C bT*r8ry lsr?e supplies of the . , English and French carpets. Imported rxpreanlr for _. .. THEIR RETAIL TRADE, consisting of Axmluster. Wilton, Velvet, Brnsaebi. M|rff ??* Thpostry Braaaela. Asminster and Ink a Carpefa althereeeatastremely belik*^ ?OADWAT ARB TENTH BTRRHT. A T. STEWART A ca iflL, WKopen,est Maaday, March K, fffW* AMD BILK BACK, BASQUES, Ac., BXTRSXEIJ^KLBOAMT. m*53*?2??E?.\Z! ?1 * with rleh herders eao plain osntres, suluhle far soring wear. BROADWAY and TENTH STREET. AT- 8T*YARTA CO. . win open on Monday, March K. A large assortment of Geatlemee's Famishing Oeeda, READY Mads SHJRTnf COLLARS, AC.. MMOADWAY AND TENTH STREET. Jt T_?77twART a ca ~ ?2k-poputerMOTkor'"**? several addltioas to On Monday, March I2AE8S aOODB BROADWAY AND TENTH BTEBRT J^TFA^0J*BDtJCT,0,, OR 80 PER CSNT FROM OLD and^ld IWr 'Se^T^?*' re""of "n* Rrench Yslvst Tinted PatwJ^fe ^rL?)?,*117.,ol< ?' ?* **"7 ?ne wmth WPWwS'h'3?Jt2; ??^iyJrd "ft ?U0M ysrds ea ^aV Jl*. "TfJL*." jy. ysotF FIae Onld Window Shades Matolg. Ae. ^ naaortntentof stair Carpets. Mais, 275 Hudson street, opposite*Item inlok*street A ^E^.?oTf tfa'uftDS^2 "S^HT AT TH1 week Ti comedown prices^ at LamIK'rT'h*mTom ""1^ atreet-anO yards ftne white Mu.Ma, ll^ ^nts fl neTa"^. L'/sSl^S^' 3a K mnlV;Td bro^n dh^Un-*''.?1^ .'^C10^ M,,Jlln' Siu/l^orva .^Sr^andM Let of all wool (fasalmeres at Eff<iw,ti????' J"*?*** I All linen lluck ToweU at ? .-en,. -^iT ?pr,,V"" ""?*? stock of Ticks, Den.Es, St7l^ V"?* 1'P",t' A ? "?For cheap goods go to Lamherfa AT F. DK PERCEVAL'S, ~ " ~ ft , oNHpN^AT^T^ffT"1'?Artor "'-? P0PLI?TndV0MnS^7s?WB?p;i'1,l72nnc, , p CLOAKS. CAPS. SUPS. WAISTS APRt'lWn i, ' BIBS, RlloES, CORSRfs, BPBMCKIW ^2?" and made to order. reedv made A T F. DB PBRCBVAL'B, ?? R*"*CH LINORRIR forH|7db!r?Si'KK?21l FRENCH LINGRRIB for ladle"?Ji ehdrf~I. of RMBROIDRRKD tokrs "hemiup ??Sh^irJ,ME,11 RN8. TBIMMIBtW. muHTUtlRTN ?KW "A*?'?"AW. INITIALS AND MONOGRAMS KMIlBTTiHaL.v, , ORORR for IIANDK KRCH1 RlOt TARlJSt tAmSS ""W "Lothrb. km h hoi per iks and stamp i"V At madamb vioodroi'X'r, em foiirtu~IZZJ.TT between Twelfth and Thineenth aireei? Ay**T K. Rmhrildery, Lingerie on band or ,o r Mnntqtrams for handkerchiefs, curtain, tabit^id uid JllhM AT MME. K. G. EDWARDS', gpg FOITrtr av^mcd ? between Twenty.second and Twenty third strAn^uri^ ~rd avenue, near Twelfth street Hlamnni .^a e 7)i ^Inen'andIlb^'clMhm,,0In0f,r*,,," ,0r kandke^hief?. tah7e made or to Srter * "" L,n'? read* SpringBncgties Travelling Smie made ismTier ^ M.oS.lSSK'iJf "????>???. _ PK f COOPI. ntOAtlL " U ^ BRODIB'fi. HO CANAL STREET. A splendid Mock of spring And tunmor Cloaks, Lace*, Ac. comprising Cloth Cloak*, a On* assortment. Spring Cteali M? and fashionable -of the various fab ric* no* worn. Silk MidUii, li |i*rjl Tarie'f. Lace Mantles, a large and splendid selection, of the latest hapurlatio Guipure Lace* Cloak Trimmings, An. The vhido of this mafuiitoent stock has just been laid in With every advantage or ready cash, and la now offered at prioes that defy oonpetttton. Wholesale aad retail /"tdRrETS.?D. KELLY A CO. RATK OPENED A NEW U end largo stock of Royal Velvet. Brusaela. Tspealry Ei usee la. Three-ply and Iagr.Un Carpets for the spring trade (to ntvny new deafens) at a great reduction on former pri es; al*> a choice assortment of Oilcloth, from 1 to 6 yards wide; M#ta. Matting. Window-'hade*. Rugs, Druggets, Ac. Cot aor ef Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue. English Brua. sals from gl 80; all wool Tngralns from 75e.; Three ply* from >1 78. UTRKNCH DRESS AND MANTILLA TRIMMINGS.? r WR INVITE THE ATTENTION OF MANTILLA AND DRESS MANUFACTURER* TO OCR SPRING IMPORTATION OF RICH TKIMMIN SUITABLE FOR FIRST CLASS TRADE GOLDEN A CO.. IMPORTERS. lit CLINTON PLACE, . HUOCBSSORfi TO A. M Af.I.P.T. O. PARRKLL HAf NOW OPENED HI.M LARGE wholesale msniifai-turlng Furniture Waroioorus to the retail trade. worth of nest quality and medium Parlor. Badroesn andOfflre Furniture. Carpet department? S2M.000 worth of English EmsAOls. Oiree ply and superior

Ingram Carpets at the choicest and newaat styles; Oilcloths, all widths; Window Hhsde.s, Mattresses, Ac. My motto is "quick sates and small profits." All good* warranted posi tively aa i-eproarnted. 917. 99. til Tblity-llftb street, one door oast or Eighth avenue. 0. FARRBIL.?CARPKTR.?JU8T EEC RIVED, 190 pieoea English Brussels Carpet and 400 roll* superior Matting, slightly damaged on the voyage of Importation. WiU be sold at a great bargain this week. 'JUT, AW and 271 Thirty-fifth street, ona door east Kighth avenue. INDIA BHAWLH.-HAYK RETURNED FROM EUROPE with spring selection, wh'ch is now open for Inspection. J. RUSSELL. 332 Wooater street, near Amity. N. B.?Will move to 82 East Twentieth street, on May 1. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S OCTFITTrNO DEPARTMENT. Elegant novelties In Rail Dress, Moynlng Robes, Under, garments, f'ntat Applique, Heart Dresses, aud Bridal Trous seau I. A. T. STEWART A C<V7 BROAPWAV AND TENTH STREET. H. MACT. NOW OPENING 1,000 doxea LADIES'. CENTS' AN1) CHILDREN'S DEHCHAMP'S PARIS KID GLOVER, all selected spring colors. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. No. 06 Fourteenth street, between Fifth and 8irth avs. KM and KM Sixth avenue. Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. SHAWL.?A VI-RT ELEGANT SHAWL WILL BE Dis posed of for $380. Apply at tt Fifth avenue. H. H R THE DRV GOODS FIRM KNOWN AS CORKERV A McPARTL AND, 367 Eighth avenue, the copartaershio being dissolved by mutual oonaeut, the undersigned, the senior partner, who still can-tee on the business in the same place, begs to tender hla nuraemim customers and the the public generally, hts best regards tor past favors and hopes, by his iinreoiittlDg zeal, to merit a portion of their f ul ure patronage. All the departments are now replete with a choice stork ef foreign and dome<tle Dry Goods, purchased at the late auction sales, whi b will be *oM cheap for cash. I would call special attention to the following:?'Dress Goods from Or. a vsrd up; splendid Alpacas at 2*. Ad , 3a. 8a. 6d. and 4s a vard, a.l shades and rotors: beautiful all wool and domestic Plannels at 2a. fid. per yard and upwards; good blank Silk, at gl 38 per yard: snd a great bargain In yard wide Oroe Grain at 83 W, worth $4 30: yard wide Ene i sh Calicoes, at 3a fid., t'hlntx Figures Sa.: a splendid lot of French Calicoes at DOc. a vard. sold In Broadway at 82Mc. a vard: together with a full assortment of Domestic Calicos, at alt prions, from 13lfc. upwards: Blrdaeve Diaper, at |3 KM per piece aad upwards, with a fnlt line of house Keeping goods; Balmoral Skirts, at gl W, worth 88 80; yard wide bleached Muslin, at 12%e. T. T. CORKERV, Sgf Eighth kvonne. near Twenty-fourth street. N. Ik?The helaass ?T the old stock will be cleared out at haNprisa. ftTHE 14KW PATENT FASHION SKIRT, 1 MANUFACTURED BY VUTgOB FRIEND. . . ta mafia-of oloth, woven ta sash ? mamaer lhat tbe wwtage are neAeixpeaed. Usan be washed without jajery, eartia eo heavier then the ordtuarr skeleton shirt. Per the psem enade It poaaaaaea kaany advantegaa Never before offered, aad ta in every rsspett the most daairabte skirt aver offered. Ee? adk wholesale aad retail by A. T. STEWART A CO., Mew Yerfc. BART HOUSTON STREET.?A LADY JUST AN Ml Jul rived, returning immediately, will sail very ah?a Wim triceaslvely fine Peru lirsesse. .wwwr worn; akso Mae Vila. nMR OhantHly. Call immediately at room No. 11. del'Europe. MHJJTER1. Bonnet frames and rtraw ooods.-m. de LOUT A BROTHER, manufacturersef Bonnet Frame* and Rtraw floods, have removed from I8S Broadway to H7 Howard street, second loft, where Ihejr are ready (e offer to the city and country milliners and jobbers a very large stock of bonnet frames St the lowest prices. INMPRESS t'HIP BONNET EMPORIUM, ?? BROAD 'J way?Elegant Spring Bonnet*. of the latest Paris styles, made under the superintendence of MADAME BERTHE. formesrlyof 17 Great Jones street French millinery trimmings. GOLDEN A CO.. IMPORTERS, 1.1 CLINTON PLACE. (SUCCESSORS TO A. MALLET.) HAVE NOW OPENED THEIR SPRING IM I'OItT ATTON OF RICH ORNAMENTS. FRINGES FLOWERS, FRAMES, AC, TO WHICH THKY INVITE THE ATTEV TION OF THE TRADE. GENIN HAS INTRODDCBD HIS SPRING STTLF. HATS for Ladies. Gentlemen, Mtsaes, Bove end Infant*. GEN IN, No 513 Hr utdway. JUST RECEIVED?PARIS NOVELTIE8 IN FRAMES, FLOWERS. FANCY FFATHF.R8. BONNET ORNAMBNTm. DRK*?S TRIMMINGS. BELTS. NECKLACES AND READS. H. P1NCHGN. Importer. <1 Bleecker street Mrs. cripps has now on exhibition at her old stand, 312 Canal streets full assortment ef the latest novelties In Spring and Summer Bonnets and Round Hats. A liberal discount on Pa terns. Also particular at'eiiUon given to orders. A CARD. Mr*. CRIPPS, of 313 Csnsl street, is now fully prepared to do Dressmaking In all lis branches. Full attention given to style snd design as heretofore, to which she lavites the atteution ef her patrons of 906 Broadway. ADAME DODOAL WILL HAVE HER SPRING Opening this week. Thasa ladle* who complained ef ae? rsesivtag cards for her last opening Will please send their address, so she may send them sards. M MMADAME BE LOVER WILL OPEN HER SPRING Breed. I March SB and 'M. A Hbaral m place. Tenth street, cn Monday. March IS. her first Im portation* of Srplwg Bonnets, as also the latest style* of ? "i aha aotlclto the patroaage Preaamaklag. far which branch aha aotlclta the patronage of her custon VI" RS MULCHINQCK, BIB BROADWAY. HAS NOW ItI prepare.) an elegant sasortment of Spring and Summer Millinery. Wholesale buvers will find It to their advantage to eall before pnrehaatag elsewhere. MISS P. DAVIS WILL OPEN WITH A LARGE As sortment or Spring and Summer Millinery of all the latent styles, on Thursday, March SB. at IV Division street Counlrv milliners will do wall to eall snd mi amine our stock before baying elsewhere, as we boy for eaah and ean aall much cheaper thaa any other honae In the city. Mm p. rallinoh, an canal strrkt. is now prepared to show bar elaganl selections of spring Bon nets and Hats. SPRINO MILLINERY.?MRS. DAVIDSON, NO. SB UNI rersity place, will open on Thursday nasi, March 9. Farts spring and summer Millinery, of entirely new and distingue design* of her own Importation. RKLIGIOOB BOTH ER. Church of the annunciation. iis~wkrt Fourteenth street ? Sunday services 10M A. M., 7M P. Fermon after evening prayer by Iter. Professor Sey mour. ORURCH OF THE RBBURRF.CTION.-AT THR Chspel of the Bulger* Institute. Fifth avenue, between \ y t llEpvfl Q| lirP AiiiEur s J iiPatitiiP, r si til Rvrsiiii* ^ win Fortv-flrst and Fqrly second streets, Rey._JCdwsrd O Fla|g D. D., rector, will preach?services at 10V A. M. and r. M Marriage as a means of regeneration. Lecture, by Kev. Chauncey Giles, this' evening, at 7if o'clock, in the Swedenborstan church. Thlr.y.Bflh street, be tween Fourth and Laslngfoh avenues. McCARRON.-THE MONTH'S MIND OF THE LATE venerahie Archdeacon McCarron will take place In BL Mary's church, corner Ridge and Oraad streets, on Tuesday, theflHh last., at II o'clock A. M. Notioe.-rev. dr. will preach a sermon on the subject of the "Midnight Mlsaton," In the Church of the Incarnation, Madison avenue, corner nf Thirty-fifth street, on Bnuday evening, at half.past seven o'clock. All thoughtful person* who feel an internal In this truly Christian work and desire to listen to s plain slate menl Of facta In relation to it are toviMd to attend by the Committee of the Midnight Mission. REV. CHARLES B. SMYTH LRCTURBR THE CT.RROT on -Theatrical Bo|irwtaMmi," to-day. at 3if n'elnek, at Argue Hall. Broadway. BY. E. O. FLAOO. D. V., WILL FRMAt B AT THE chapel of the Rutgers Institute, corner of Fifth ?** smf Forty saceti i street. Bnnday morning, at lOig nek, and ta the evening at Jit e'etoeft. 1GHT RSv7nR. O'CONNOR. B. J? ^?IU, PREACH this tSundae) inonilng. at Itttf o cinch, In Ft Andrew's ceh, corner nf l>n*ne street sod City Hall plac e. 1HK BIGHT RBV. BISHOP POTTER WILL AD mmcslbr the rite of Confirmation, this peeaing. at 7'j oelork, in the t'hurch of Our laird, aoulhwest corner ol F.cghth etenne and Thirty fourth Struct KINK A NUM. EO AMATKI I ' OF FINE ART"-A FAMILY RK rently arrt'fd from F trope, on thelt way to the West. *rs for Mle, at re-ioi-abtu r> ? e*. a pirt c>r the whole or hair small but selc,.t Hath ry of Olt Paintings, hy sneb oele rated artIsh" s* Gerb-cd How. F Mler's. Tee era, Dettner. leg ho u l, lllldchrmndt, MuguM, Ac.. JkC. I be ptetute* are all uaranleed lo he orlglnata and ear can be seen el IM", Wtlliam Use A Bff I Soar uaUl Earth EL . matusiya. ANl'NKMKNTS. "DHOADWA V THEATRE. " ADMISSION ft) CEN rH. U Corner or Broadway and Broome su?et. _ LAST wrkk, moat positively of the engagement or the world-renowned ccmuu and original delineator* of Irish and Yankee Lata, MR. AJTD MRS. HARNEY WILLIAMS, who has* realised tha tna?t marked sucoesa, area tar than e?ar exaerienoad in previous engagement* in any part of tha world. BTANDlNG ROOM ONLY ai ? a'olook ta of anah usual occurrence thai it inny ba considered re nam on tha LAST NIGHTS Of THEIR TOO HKIEF TERM. Therefore patrons would oen-tuli their oomfort by securing plaeee la advance. A CARNIVAL WKMt OF FCV. Monday anu Tuesday. mar?u ? and m. Loe r i celebrated Drama, played la two acta, of aoiim o'mokk. Bwv o-More MR WILLIAMS wlib Song and .lie by M of ihe characters. led by Bory. K abler o .. MRS. WILLIAMS To coaclude with tha ruai loaFarre of YANKEE COURT8H1P. OCR AEMIMA v Yankee song and Yankee Reel !. MRS. BAMNET WILLIAMS. , WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. March 27 and 28, IRELAND AS If WAS, ROCOH DIAMOND, . IRISH TRIER. | FRIDAY EVENING. March JB-OVATION NIGHT. JOINT FAREWELL BENEFIT OF MR. AND MRS. BARNBY WILLTAMS. ' SATURDAY. MATINEE. AND EVENING. Last APPKARANCKS OF THESE GREAT ARTISTS. I Noticx.?The Management hat sincere gratification In ait I nminrlng an engagement with the greatly popular cauia- ? ilienne, MISS MAGGIE MITCnELL. , who, supported by Mr J. W. OolUer, will apiiear an I MONDAY. APRIL I, 1887, la her wonderful rreaiion of FANCHON. Box o/Iiee open front A io 6 o'clock. Seat* may be tenured tlx daya lu artvan-e. WOOD'S THEATRE, VY 514 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Levee end Manager W. O. Rowers. Monday evening, March 25, 18d7, engagement of the tal ented art lata, j ? MR. AND MRS. F. M. BATES, Supported hr an entire eompanv of BROADWAY FAVORITES. Messrs. Stasrt Rolwon, Geo. Be.-ks, A. W. Fenno, Harry Wall, Sol Smith, Jr.; C. J. Frlfe, Pemherion, Campbell. Ac.; Mltaes llattie Tltorne. Sallte Steel, Mrs. Mark Smith. Mra. j Hsrry Wall, Mra. Burroughs, Mrs. Monell, Mra. King, Ac., la the new sensational plar by Jaa S>'h?nberg, Esq., of OKI Alt. THE HALF BLOOD. NEW SCENERY, NEW APPOINTMENTS, NEW MUSIC, by the Chef d'Orchestra, NAPOLEON CILLER. Deors open at 7; to commence at 8 o'clock. G ERMAN S fADT THEATRE, 45 AND 47 ROWE?RY. TO MORROW I MONDAY), March 25, Rencflt of Mr. BOGI7M1L DaWISON, who will apt>oar as FATHER JEAN', In Der Lumpen summer ion Fart* (The Rag Picker of Pariah HARIZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. LAST WEEK BUT FOUR. Tickets, 5( oenla. Reserved SeaU. $1. For aula at the Hall. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME. Will )>e rsproduced. by request. THE WONDROUS LIVING HEAD, oa THE ORACLE OP THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. PROTEUK, PROTKUS, PltO'lEIIS. with oilier Mi,aeloa. (Deluding L'KRCAMOTBrR, and hie "Fairy Ringing Bird." will be continued, KVFRY EVENING AT 8. SATURDAY ATS P. M, NOTICE.?'Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the real Indian Basket Trick. Chiexerlng Piaao la used at theee v-nnoes. Wednesday, Juvenile Night. Children half price. JFELBT A LEON'S MINSTRELS. 7J0 BROADWAY. k. Prolonged acrenma of LAUGHTER NIGHTLY. BRILLIANT PROGRAMME THIS WEEK-ALL NEW. NORMA I. NORMA L NORMA O M E O M B OM RR O RE O RR MO N MO V MO AMRON AMRON AKRON TK AYPI.LER'S TRIALS 70th ulght of tha unapproach able burlesque of CINDKRLEON. SCREAMING LEGA CY. THE DRUIDS. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Brsnuta' Meohautc's Hall. <73 Broadwa; Brvnuta' Meohaulc's Hall. 473 Brm GRAND REVIVAL Or THE FE FEMALE CLERK*. FEMALE CLERKS. ? ft. CLERKS. 'ARANTA, THE GREAT COB ARANTA. THE GREAT OONTO] CHARLEY WHfflUB BLACK C Charley white's black c 1 ? OLKEfg. FEMALE OLllRKR. FARANTA, THE GREAT CONTO PARA ETA. THE GREAT OOF CHARLEY WtlffEI EL AC! Charley whitb's rlao THE OPPONENTS, BROADWAY BOYS. NEW >Air OAK FRANCISCO O H? >rotlw?r. ?SaSaSSI BIRCH, WAMBOLD. BEBNaRD AKD BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO MIN8TUELH, whose aucoam kM M?r I tmn equalled hy ?n itallir orj -*-*Uob la the world. . New andeheeeful hmluaEiins evnry wMt The dramatic HE Couple Out. Osmbrtnn* Opera. Shoula or 1<ig|bl?r at the Shadow Pantomime, and the screaming ikC * ? Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Grand March of the Spirit IIallien of the Amaxon. STEINWAY HALL. BOTH GRAND BUND AT CONCERT, MARCH 34, L. P. HARRISON, DIRECTOR. Pint apnea m noe at theae eoncerta of Wlaa ROSALIE STUART, Soprano. Second apnea . anre of Mlaa MARIE GILBERT. Pianist. PI rat appears one of Hignar fl. STRINI, Raaao. Mr. 0. W. MORGAN. Organist Mr. MILLET, Aeromnaiivlat. Mr. G. W. COLBY, AccompanrUt. Mr. THEODORE THOMAS I'ond trior, and hit POLL ORCHESTRA. Tlrketa 10 eenti Rewrred seats 80 rents extra. STEINWAY rooms. KLVt'.RlNl A PEASE'S GRAND MORNING CONCERT In aid ef the New Yurie Ladles' Southern Relief Association. MONDAY. MARCH 28, at 2 o'clock P. M. Tickets, SI; io lie had at the door. OTF.INWAY HALL.?GRAND CONCERT FOR THE t> Benefit of little FLORENCE REYNOLDS Monday evening. March 28, lhd7. The following artists have kindly volunteered:?Miss Netle Sterling, Contralto; Stanor Rami, Baritone: Mr. J. A. Dawaon, Pianist: Mr. S P. Warren, Oigaiitat: Mr. J. P. Morgan, Organist. Tickets $1. Theatre ticket office. Reserved seals for all first class theatres, concerts, balls, do . can always be obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. Nor. 112 sud 114 Broadway. PIAYOWIRTKH, CHEAP PIANO? FINE, FULL TONE. IN GOOD order; Iron plate; city maker: harp pedal; price $100. J. RIDDLE, 18 Amity street, near Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR ?ale; made order; city maker; used ? months, ooat $000 fur $$00; also Parlor Suite, Ptageres. Bookcase. Paintings, I Of pKB', BIW W MnWW r?UIWs ? WRRI' I rer Ware; a sacrifice. 44 Went Sixteenth street, sear I LL STYLES Of YIAJVOS TO LBT-ATLOW RATER, LYNCH A QOWJEN H A LL STYLES OP A and for ante an I in and MB 1 ? Tit sety-flrst etreet. . cost $889; also a Par tor SoR. for $100; one do. fltr$100, Abo lie Fnrattnre of a parter and fnnr bedrooms, at a bargain. Inquire at IB Weal Eighth street, near Sixth avenoe. T THE ORBATRST BARGAIN-TWO SUPERB 7 octave Pianos, rle.h carted rosewood cases, four round ooreero; elegant carved legs; nrerstrung bass; full Iron plate uialte rich tone; fall Warrantee for Ave i land exquisite rich tone; full warrantee for Ave vsan: moat oelebrated city maksrs; are new and extra magnlAeent: will be sold for $979 eaah. Apply at ?? Sixth avenue. neafcFor. tietb street, from 7 A. M. till 7 P. M. A. L. BATTERRON. rR AALB?A PIANO, WITH COVRR AND STOOL, need only tlx montha; cheap Apply at 41 West Twen ty fourth street. PIANO WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR A GOLD Hunting Watch worth $300. Any one wishing to ex change can call at 873 Hlith avenue, in the store. WATERS' PIANOFORTES. Grand, Square and Upright Melodeoae, Parlor, Cbnrrh and Cabinet Organs; the best manufactured. To let, and rent applied If purchased. Monthly Instalments received. Ware rooms 481 Broadway, New York. HORACE WATERS A OO. THE BALI. HRA80R. CADBMY OP MUSIC. L SIXTH ANNUAL FANCY DRESS PURIM BALL, THURSDATrM/TsCB ?, 1887. The directors Of the Pnrlm Association respectfull? an nounce that the hooka of subscription will posttlrely clone on Tuesday next. March M. Subscriptions ($10) will be re cctved bv? _ A. L. RANGER, President. 7$ Nassau street A. TAN/.KR. Vise President, 387 Canal street. M. S: ISAACS, Treasurer, 78 Nassau street O.IK. LEVY, See'y (with Crofut, KnappA Co l 19Mercer si. COSTUME REPOSITORY.?THE FINEST ASSORT, mentor Costumes, Domtnoe, Masks, Ac., for ths Arioe and Pnrtm Ball* can be had on the most reasonable terms at R. WILLIAMS' Costume Repository, 88 East Thirteenth street, two doors from Broadway. Masquerade and ball costumes, -a large and entirely new assortment of gorgenui and historical ( osiumes, eomprbing nil the latest styles, especially lm. Ported for thenreeent aeaeea. Can he obtained on reasons le terms at 13$ Third avenue, between Fourteenth and Flf. leenth stseets. Also Oeetumea made to order. PTRONI A Mme. ASRIaTI. late costumer ef Hislori s dramaticsowt pany ami Gran'a Italian opera. A< AIIWIE4. B ALLHTMANTRE OUMARS' DANCING a. ADNBY. 94 West Fourth street I-moons erety day for children. ladies and gentlemen. AN dances taught lo eeg quarter tlx dances Tn sis prir. B private leaaons. ROGRK8' DANCING ACADEMY. 381 BROOME ST. All the fashtouable Dan-ss la one oeurse or leaaons. SOIREE EVERY WUDNF.SDAY EVENING BROviNF.'B BOGK ON MODERN DANCINO JtTHT PUBLISHED. PRICE $1. r A. MCPHERSON'S DANCING ACADEMY, 11* *1. Howcry. Open all the year round. classes Tuesday and Friday evenings, also private elassea M umlay ami Thin .day evenings and private leavtne given e> ?ry day to those who wish to learn quickly; all the new dances taught Soiree every Monday evening. Residence 183 Grand street I hla Hall to let for halle, sociables, Ac., on reasonable terms. KRNOVAM, QMITH'S SEED STORK HAS REMOVED TO $01 FUL O on slreel, New York A large and choice assortment ef gaisivn and Acid Seeds oe banA AMCSBMHWTH. .... . N'MW yokk theatre. Manager* Lewis Baker Mar* ShAH MONDAY, March 26, FIRST BBNEKIT OF ^Ris. WB. QOMBMAL. wueu will be plaved the exquisite ceniedf of 1HE LITTLE TREASURE. _ ? nil, by special permi?*ion of JOHN BROUGHAM, Bafl > Uie lamoni burlesque of POT\HOIfTA9< The raats of these pieces will coiopriae the namea *? *'*? II inner nal. Mrs. Marie W Ilk In a, Mr O Mel* IN. Mie- Pa idee rule, Mrs. H. Bland. Mr. H. Bland. Mr- Yetunaoa. *r Mark smith. Mr. T Hwd, Mr. Lewie Baker, Mr Jama# Dunn, Mr. Htm. Goineraal. Ilraera. Chapmen. Newton, Mack, Maamy and the entire COMEDY ANI? BURLESQUE COMPANY. On TUESDAY M-rehlB. MISS FLORENCE NO BLR Will appear at tine aatabllahmeiu In the character of MKH. HALLKU, In Boiiebita'a pity of THE STRANOKR. On WEDNESDAY. March 27, will be produced after aeve ral wrrks of careful preparation, Houcicault a celebrated diama, JRANIE DEANS, when Mtot ROSE EYT1NOE wlU make her re-entrae iw tliu estauli-linieot in tho title role of the drums. Tna x-lay ? I! be produoed with ENTIRELY NEW HORNBUY, MO*. Tl'MJJS, UMIOINAL MUSIC, ami an UNFRBCKDKNTI! D CAST OP CHARACTERS. ? fTHEATRE FBANCA18.?-COMEDY. 1 Tue-dey Evening. March 2* 1887. At 8 o'clock. LA STATION 0HAMP3OUDKT Comedy In three ante by MM. Labiclie and Maw Haiti. Ticket office at Dar.lonvnle'a. <178 Broadway. f\LTMPIC THEATER. V_? Second week of the eminently enooeeeful RICHIKQB ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. Flrat time of Balfn'a beautiful prodiu'tiou, THE ROSE OP CASTILE. HIE ROSE OP CAST1LK. Mesars. CASTLE. CAMPBELL, WYLJE, rKAKEH,. SKGUIN. Miae KICHISG8. Mra. ZBLDA lUKKlhON dEOl'IK and Mad. BOUDINOT. TUESDAY EVENING-BOHEMIAN 01RL. WEDNEBDAY EVENING. LINDA DI CHaMOUNIX. GRAND OPERATIC MATINEE ON SATl'KDAY. In preparation?CROWN DIAMONDS. GRUTIN k CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Fifth Avenue Opera Honee, Nos. Sand 4 Weat Twenty fourth street. 0. W. H. GRIFFIN, Waaagcr. THE FAMILY RESORT. Fifth week of the GREAT BDKLr.HQUE, THB BLACK CROOK. HUNKER DORKE, IIOP 1.1(1 HT LOO, BOND ROBBERY. FOWLER ON HEADS, and a host of com icallttaa. performed by the must aruslle dellnaatora in the world led by the renowned UKOKWE CIlltlSTY. THE GREAT QUARTET IN NEW BALLADS AMD CHORUSES. Doors open at 7. To commence at ^ o'clock. HDOLBY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. THE CONTRABANDIST, the BLACK MAN Of AGAR, Shakespeare's Seven Ages, Scene- at Sherman's. Not to be Nkjakan. Massrntgger, George the Oh-rater, Soap vuds. The Oar (!?'.lopade, The Knee Dauoe, Paddv'H Don't Care, Med ley Clog Dance, Illuminated Tableaux V Ivan la, Who eat. bud oa now, Ac., Ac. ' TIAONV PASTOR'S OPERA HOUBK. 201 BOWERY. 1 An entirely drama, entitled THE SCOTTISH IlfaRQ, OR THE CLAN MoALP'NE New ternary, appointments, Ac., and a great cast. He-engagement for poaltlvely alx night- only of Mr. BAMCOLYER and hia soua, Mat ten DAN and EDDIE. A new Ballet. DIANA AND ACTjROJV. TONY PASTOR IN NEW LOCAL LYRICS. MATINEES oa Wednesday and Saturday, at 2t< o'clock. BUNYAN TABLEAUX LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty magnlflcent snenee.JUIti(tratliig "Bun van'? Pilgrim's Pi ogress." Union Half, Broadway and Tweutr-tlilrd itreeL Open every night at 7: commence* at 8. Admission fit) eanta; children 2b oenta. Matinee Wed naaday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. BOBT. J. URi'.KNWGOD, Manager and PropMetdr. tX7ONDRRFUL FREAK OF NATURB-' THE WASH TV INGTOM TWINS,'' horn alive, having two heads, four arms, and but one body and one pair of leg*; also the bead and right arm or Probot, the murderer of the Dealing fami ly; together with tha magnlflcent collection of objaota Ml Fhyalo>>gy, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are llluatrated daily by l.octnraa and Mtcoeaxjpwr Views, et the New Turk Museum of Anatomy Sib Brow* way.- Open from H A. M. to 10 F. M. National haul, harlkm. march ? and w ? Uses. Purdy A CtmaabBuMh, under the nae agrment of George n. One*. H. 8. Farm and Frank B' Couvaraa. Doom open at T; *a eommanee et 8 o'clock. On Exhibition, ram The hnautifnl OoUactlon at Ptotui aa I* Mod?I Mna (era flra now on exhibition free at the LEEDS ART (ML , SlTandSIB Broadway, tadwttl amtttnee ne M? VTRW TORK HARMONIC SOCIETY.-THE ORATORIO XV of Elijah will ha rehearaed thla ? Monday > evening, at the aociety'e rooms, Union square end Fifteenth Mroet. _ _ D. R. JOHNSTON. Financial Secretary. Ira ADIES AND GENTLEMEN DESIRING FIRST ? J rlaaa muHical Instruction at a fair price should call at 912 Weat Twcnty-aixth street, between Seventh and Righlb avennra; leaaona private; clreulari ready. NOW READY?-THB GREAT IRISH DRAHA. BY WH. Kelly, The Ilarp Without the Crown; or, Montcaebel'a Fair Daughter. Managers and agents will please address Win. Kelly. (I Maiden lane, New York, care of Fraocie A LoutreL Aiuon society. The Annual Grind Maaquarade nod Fancy Dress Ball will come ott. in lu usual ?p'?ndor and JovUlltv. on Wednes day. March *7, at the Acndemr of Mimic, the Ball wlB open at 9 o'clock with the grand masquerade pcoccanion, I* which the foolerlca of the .rear IMA will paea review l>efore hie Highness, Prince Carnival. Numerous oamlralietle per formances and drolleries at Interval* during the night. Three grand Orchestra* (of 140 performers), under the teaderibip of Carl Aoaehulz. J, Kietxel and J. N. Schmidt. Coktumer. C. Bitchlielster, who will also have a epIemMd assort rucnt of eoetume* and fancy dreaees for hire during the had. sooner, by Mr. H. Wllke, will be served a la carte freea 10 o'clock to the eloac of the ball. No person admitted to the door before the opening proeea shm hss moved off. Up to 12 o'clock masks only will bo allowed ou the door. Tickets, admitting one gentleman and lady, at $1* each; also citra ladles' tickete at fff each; can only be had Irons the members of the anciety, of which we name;? E. Krolprciff^r. 42 Pine street; Km. Ssurr. 45 Exchange place; E. nebulize. 81 Cedar street (J. ?luuther. 118 William street, A. Koekel.St John sireet. J. s>*d"roison. Ml Hroad wav; w ( a nil Id us, 4b Ulscoki-r street; Geo. ilm ft, 69! Biotul way; V. Spangetioera. SOT Sroadwav; Geo. Sleek, 41 Eighth streev For boxes npp'y to Messrs. R. Krollpfeiffer, 48 Ploo slice, and Hanlt Bros., W7 Rro.tdw iv. THE i.XLCUTIVB COMMITTEE. Academy op misio.?any stockngi.dkkm wishing to dispose of 2 or 4 snare* of stock at a fair price will find a purchaser by addressing M. H , hoi i,<j49 Post office. N. Y. first clans actoit""receives pkTyaib pupils anil Instruct! them thoroughly In leading rolsa of the drama. Address Malinger, station P. N. Y, BANJO INXTURCTION. BY MY CHAMPION METHOD. ?6 s course. $4. Each pupil taught separately a per fect tune a lesson, or no cha"ge. J. ?? BUCK LET, HtWudnou street Banjo and jig dancino.?cloo and iruhi mv Panetagtaught by JOHN HOOAN, 1X1 Bast tieeewm street. Tortus 96 peresurse BanJeg at gB prints. Isu guaranteed. BMP A BlffKAL. tADY, REHDINDIN YORKff to obtain a few mors pupils far Msg at bar own residence or that of the punk; ynrOenlar i lion paid to iwglanen. Apply at ft East Eighty .en sirset, for one week. Terms mede.rate. n AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF FIANO AND Singing ghrss lessons, with dally ptactice; method ? and progressive; special care taken with beginnsra No. Thirty-third street, corner of Broadway, ATBACUER OF THE PIANO WILL OIYE THOROUGH instrnction at M per qunrtar. si U2 old number i2IS new number). West Twenty eighth street, between Ktttslh and Eighth avenues. A COMPETENT TEACHER WILL ?IYK LBSPONB IE thorough cultivation of voice and plane; moat seMafae tery terms. Address Teacher, station 0. AT HENRT BCHBOKDKRH MINICAL INSTITUTE. 71 Kldrldge street, near (Irsurl?New end eeenad head ffrat claee 7 octave Pianos, will b* sold cheap, eo ease sal of re A LADY POXBENXING A PINK YOICB AND CA* saed music well at sight would like n situation ae so prano or contra l to In soma Proteataal choir. Adds em Uff Elm street. New York city. A YOUNG LADY WILL OIVK LRRSONfl ON THE Piano at BIO w quarter. In advance, el her awe or ?is' rssuleiiees; thorough Instruction will he guaraeleett reference given. Appty el GO Xtsth avenue, near For tieth street. * GENTLEMAN WILL OIVB INflTNUCTION ON THE A I'isho at pupil's residence for $lff per quarter. Best of reference aiven. Address, with resideuea, Teacher, boa 112 Herald offiee. A FIRST CLASS ORGANIST IS OPEN TO AN EN g?*ewcnt from May 1. orgua and salary muat km good. Highest reference*. Address Diapason, Itarald olflca. At the national cowberyatort of meeic. n MADISON AV Net. TERMS tiff PER QUARTER. A LADY COMPETENT TO OlVR THOROrOlt ln?iructlon on the plana, la finer work and making wax (lowers, de-lrea to oblate puptla Add.ess B., Heraid office. /CENTRAL NORMAL MUSICAL CONBKRVATOBY, 148 West Twenty-sixth street ?Guitar, piano, rieUA, slnglnk; lesson* private Call ov send for clrrniar. J J, M ATHGN, AgeUL Terms favorable. MCfflC FUftNISIlED FOR PARTIPB, WBDDIN4A*. saris hies, Ac., at moderate prison. F. BLL'BX" eiusie More, SM Bowery. MUSIC fffl PER MONTH FOR IThTRCCTION GJTTil* piano, with privilege of unci Ice. by an sxperleaisd teacher, .it BOB West Twenty tlrth street, uear Klgbthsveese. MUSIC TEACHERS LIBERALLY DEALTW?T?f AT ITS Sixth avenue, between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. All the popular Music constantly on baud sod the new Music as soon a* published. MUSIC FOR PARTIES, ff/l PER kind of insirumcni rnmished. ApplJ ?? *o. ? weal Eleventh sire"!, between fifth snd sixth avenues. _ ____ BKW MUSIC.?"THB MAID OP KILKENNY,' SOP.; "Rvftt- fb*Vv 'How* to Bfte., "Pw# I Emernld Isle that I Love so IV-II," .thv, ' Remember Thee I Yn# " art- ? "Oh. Erin. My Country,' BV*.: "Yschtmg i.lce * The' Published at DALY N music store, 4IS Grand street. Sent post free, to sny part on receipt of price. Catalog of* free on apptfcuMob. ,t UOC|7bLES AND PRIVATE PARflRS SUPPLIED O with first class music at per evening. Apply at No. I WeM Forty-,irstsucct^mer SI,tl,n,ejoc.i8 ^