Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NC. 11.164 NEW YORK, MONDAY. MARCH 25, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENl'i per?okal. BLACK CROUK, SATURDAY ? SAME CARS SAME ferry, same slags. s?m* ibrui.e Will ran meet ate on New York -ode ?l ile same fei r>, at 1 oVh ? k P. M . Tue. Any. Panned the house several tune*. Or address Crook Black, Itorala office. New Turk. 1FC. T. BRMjamtn, WHO STOPPED AT YHF SOUTH eru Hotel the n.ghi-ef the ISth Instant, w>b eeod bia ad dress w W. M. B-. W fciwt Fourth slme*. few Y'ork, be wtil bear of something tell* advantage INFORMATION W*NTED-OF THE WflhRKABOl T8 of Mwin Mtebendnrler. from Aculenroda. Ueriusax. ? eefkjB in the Flei entb New York Tutor.teen. Address Alfred Vfnbendarfiv, Lisoou FaBn. Me. ? ? 1BDERK*ANI."_1F CHaS. c. MJ Arton Bali be w.ll ere S>>ie . "WILL BE AT THE Bf%. MACKA4,LATE OFOHATHAM STREET, DUBLIN. HI ie reqweewd to tend >.s ad.ireea to Juuies, bar 100 Mwnld on,oo. N? l. 0 W. W P.?GRANT INTERVIEW; NAME TIME sndplaee. AddreM as relocated. BLUSH. fAOBWH-BE SURE AND COME OVER THE FIRST XV fad day at ten jireti -ely. at a : nanus putce. B. O.K. tvo C.-BAVE RBCETYED VO LETTE*. PLEASE 1 adtfrtes 147 Grand street. 1 A P. WBA BBS, GRaHAM, OFVLKTELABD, CtlMfHI ?**? with her friend In Okmnbtua street I ?W??WEWr STA?E-Ur-8ATTmD A? A ?TE*K00H^ AW Afterwards odpaiaLaga. Will you sen write mm i REOHGE H , M?aM office. SPECIAL. NOTIUSS. ACARDU-AT THE BBT EBT DISASTROUS FlRR, IN which the Sontheri. Hotel was ?? toualy damaped, the ?t?f police and lire Mreinen were promptly on fhe spot, end ?sede exertion* ttint were almost tuperhurosn to revue property from ?he Humes and protect ft. Tue proprietors of ibst hotel, fueling deeply aeudble of their ?>l,ligations to these laitklulerfrdic servants, beg leave (o return ?o them "their moat prvwesndly grateful aekaowhdgeiaents. To the seraamts or the hotel, bot*i male aud female, who 'Yiehaved wRfc an atgnai zeal and devotion to our interest, - and those of ?vr guests. we feel ft to be a duty tc express nur sincere Hbarikl ulnars; aud to those propriotura of hotels or Una city and Brooklyn, and private citizens who so promptly, generously and delicate, y tendered to our families the hospitalities of their houses, -ve retura our appreciative recognition'm their liberal courtesy. BVH?CE A KaRTIN, Proprietors Southern Hotel. Bast liiroB association.?meeting this (mon day! "vetting at hotel, corner of Fourth avenue and Eighty-wwautli street; property men are positively invited. ALEX TWAIN, Secretary. GUTTCNBERC TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS.?NOTICE la hereby given that the Collector of Union township will be at lttejoweiy, oorner Broome street, bawcvuent, on Thnra day ant Friday, '28th and 29th instant. to receive taxes lor 18Bb anfc tnaesaraeni lor improvement of Ferry road in the town?f<Uutteaberg. .YIaTTHIaS KLEIN, Collector. IO.'BF O. K?THE MEMBERS OE' EMPIRE LODGE . No 84, l.-0:of O. F nia hei-ebv reguoated to attend the funeral r.f our late brother. Jaime* Resser. this day < Monk:.v, March 251, at one o'clock, from ma late residence X. IV 'Mercer street. By order, JAMES RADLIER, Secretary. JERSEY'CITT, MARCH 25 1S67.-NOTICE TO BOSS ??masons and plasterers and whom ft may eoneem, that the ?reasons* laborer* of Jersey city wlil demand an advance ef S.'ty cents a dav above the nreaent rate, making $X per ; on ftifd After Monday, April the 1st. By order of vie Aooooiattoa. W EW YCRK, MARCH 34, 1867 -WE THE UNDER signed, passengers on board the Pacific Mall Steamship Company"* steamer Rising Star, from Aspfnwall to Nen "Vork, beWydcslrous of making known the very tatisf?et?ry ?ltd hlghiv creditable maimer in winch, in our estimation, Abe said- ship has been managed and condncted on said wuyage. throucb so terrible a pale, and brought safely to this worl'br Utptaiu Fiirber and the officer* under his command, wake pleasure in ezpre*?li,g our heartiest thanks to the above mnmedfentlemeil tor theur manly and praiseworthy conduct 4a the management of the!" * "? ? ? their vessel, as well as in their un. lugv nd kind attentions on the voyage. Express!eg our ana entire confidence in the Rising Rtar as a staunch ?ad aeaworthv vessel, and In her captain and officers as sea man and gentlemen, we sign ?Samuel K. Dollard, W, E.'L. Veryuaon. M.-D.: Charles Browne, E. Marvin. Edwin James MesMtt, J. B. Bswditch, Sinclair Stewart, W. E. Streett. R. Cooney, John K. Allen, O. F. Rylance, J. R. McFariia. syi ?aster Knight, William Farth, Russian Doctor Marks (Taney, & T. Hwary. Geo. C. Flln^ R. J. Allison, 8. Otis, R. H. Vanoe, nwrr, unw, %/. riiuk *1. ??. auuwni o. i/mb, ?. o. ? auuo. m Mullen, H. Welle, R. many. A. B."Price, J. GaUUrdy, Fred'k. Seller, B. M. Whitney.Joslah<). Baker, Mtt glinlufstsevn, Mrs. Kbaehkte, Mrs. 8. B. Goddaed, Mm. Frtek. BmRh, Mrs. Luce. Baa FyaooteoMaeasrs atease"aaor. im iw, m mmunaxc h*u, 1U I1 f?mAEmHI?5l?I1,2 "AJ? OFF BARNKOAT, MARCH I ?? i. Captain W. O. Purber, commanding.?Dear I ? un**T*J?n5d- l*???ngers from Au.traita and S^^^VL9*0 J0,?*d Youl.?h|D at AniinwaH, en mule 22L?tZj[?irki ""i00* '"?** ???""" thanEnf too for the ?greatauentlon and courtesy we have received white on hoard front yourself and uftcers, and eipreaelng aur adml ??on" in hare navigated pour ah Ip -djmlBg the late two da>a? severe gate, which tended to iaeptre coofideuee in thoae who otherwlae would have been much alarmed. We shall feel obliged If you will kindly ueoept the accompanying puree of aovemlgoa for the par obese Of some email eouvenir of our abort but agreeable ncqualntnncc. We remain, air, vary raapectfully youra, jjfr Cbarjaa CMfford, Kt., James C. Oraaaie. AgneoOramie. Frederick Row, E. 8. Row, Hugh Diason, C. Dlimn, Rieh'd Ooidaborough, Thomaa Kay. Thomas Landale, CL r. I-an -Rale, Du Pre Thornton, Jamea Wllliamsou. Alfred'Clem -wntaeo. SAR FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, FEB. te.-ROTICK^ The nnderalgned baa to notify their frlenda and the public generally that they are not and never have been Interested in or connected with the house ?f Heln. l Rockell A Co., corner of Jacob and Prankfort streets. New York dir. Thla notior la publiahed not with *' view of ?Rtacreditlna or in any maunet injuring the houao of Heiu Rocket, A Co., but aimply to correct misconception. HEIR A BRAY. Jone Bany/tld Battery atreet. fflOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO SOUTHERN FAMINE 'A Relief Coinmlaaten. Previously acknowledged 176,171 S7 Reeeipta to dale 8 .VT6 13 IWal.., $86.6*7 60 JAS. M. BROWN. Trea-irer, S9 Wall atreet. jUWT AMD POUND. L??T-A OOLp WaTCU in grand BTRERTON Saturday. The Under will be llberallv rewarded by tearing It at 317 Orand atreet. In the store. (T OUT?ON_SATURDAY? ABOUT TWO O'CLOCK, IP A AJ Fifth avenue stege, or between Twemy.third atrevs and Fifth Avenue Hotel, a Lady's Portmonnaie, containing about 9lg n gold tooth pick, photograph, Ac. A mutable reward ?will he paid by tearing It at tbo office of PlfUt Aveauo Hotel. LOBT-ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 10, ON going from Sixteenth street and Se^ntb avenue to Muventainth street and Eighth avenue, a* off collar single ?atone diamond Pin. The finder will receive a satin factory -andptberal reward by returning It to o?ner. WM. D. DIJBOir, UP Eighth avenue. LOSTcOR STOLEN?SATURDAY, SUPPOBKD AT PA vamte ferry, a Diamond Put. single atone. Whaaver dany h?w It will aalw atemrte apnea latton la worth ~ mteaMa New Yarirrost aOw, C*TRAYRD?Olf SAVORDAY afi AFTERNOON, A SMALL 0TRAYBD?ON SATURDAY, PROM IP WEST FORTY ? fourth.street. A aoach dog, half blaek baud, hair while ape- Any person returning him to the above primlm wlU get a tiborai reward. RRWARDS. ? *J5 SUNDAY. MARCH M. A RED dPtP Newfoundland Dog The above reward will be pnld ? aeuwlng htm to P. fliSTBK, 13 Rooeevalt atreet. REWARD?LOST, A YOUNG BLOODHOUND. ?'I -from Mu 71 Fourth avenue, on Sunday morning. arhUe round the nock ead Up of lalE aura cut mon"* M. SPEBKIEN. ?"I A "REWARD -LOST, ON SUNDAY, IN TRNTH Vl" street, near Ptrut avenue, e Nlaek ead Tea Slut: una me as to the name of Minnie. It la the pet or a gek child. *he above reward will be paid, with thaaka of the owner. Mre. PLUMMRR, 16S East TanU atreet ?1 K KBWARD-FOR THE RETURN OPALAROR wlw hteeh Newfoundland Dag, while ? pot on hla brmst; who atmpad from oarner of Sixth avenue and Sixteenth idtiuat, on Saturday amniag: had on a braas collar, with the ?2K!?f ??*toanth atreet. Mo qeaeltooa will be anfced. IWHTRLCTIOW. AT * LESSONS; ARITHMBfflC Pol ton streak. Brooklyn. Day and-evening. li A i streak Brooklyn. Dny end-evening. PARISIAN LADY DESIRB8 TO OIYR LF.BBONfl.IN lhe Prenah Language and CoorarmUoa. private, from _ ? M. to ? P. M. II eel dance 91 Thompson atreet, near Mprtng, first law. AT ISO BOWERY, PRIVATE OR SBFARATB IN8TRUC 1km, day and evening, to Bookkeaptag, Writing, Ailth ?mtln, Spelling Grammar, Correspondence, Ac. Apart mania for ladies. N# daman. TOWNBBND'S Ru.tnem College, 210 Bowery, between Prinoa end Houston atreeta. -DOQKKBiriNO. WRITING, ARITHMETIC, AC.? X> Maaara. DOLBEAR. 60S Broadway, qualify gentlemen uraelimAr for head haoAheepars. They teach arithmetic by (be moet rwpld and aoaurata method*, and gnarantae to re move atuSnaaa, cramping or lmmbit--m~^ ?? huelnma j?nm*n. jtRPNCH, SPANISH. ENGLISH AND OERMAN CAN ha J*a<tied quickly at DOLBEAR'S Academy, 609 F! ?read _ ray. by a new conversational method, without text hooka PrlvAe leaaoaa glran by Baropean pro feasors at the WnHince or AaUdamy. VRRNCH IN SIKTT LESSONS. S? A MONTH, DAY F Ham dm OoovermUsm. Neither grammar nor " Ham 17 M regulMd. PROP. JOBBPH J. ORIBRRB, He. 1 iraiemi plane, Tsnth atr* /YOYRBHBSH.-G4I PRE QUARTBR-AH RXPRRI UT eared Bnglisi lady will undertake the astir* Bngtlah edaoatlan, wfth muate and Prenck. ef one more family, or pupils, at her ram dan ie; highest refarane*. Addram Alpha, atoaton B, .Eighth arcane. "PRACTICAL PBMNCH CONVERSATION, TRANBLA 1 Men, Ac,, taught by e wall educated, competent lady fram Pari*. aV her room* and at pupil'* residence I.eaanua prrate, la ehifts, If desired Terms moderate. Por parttau-a lam addram I 1 MIIa M. P., Herald oSlce. OPANISH LAi'OUAGB.-PNOP. A. DE TOENOg l) Climii far Ia4*e* at hi* re-ldencr, SIS Fourth aventte, with his NEW OoiMBIMMD METHOD, publiahed by D. Applatoa A Co. "\JLTi/nTHD?PRITATM PUPILS IN THE CLASSICS ?? and Rngliah atndiae; elm thorn whom aerly edjmttoe |(tobaee nagTeetad. Addrdpe SI apply to Hart art. ?S Weal ?MNRMBSHyifc H THE TVVIV* Notice tt> owner* and trainers or trotting horawi Having l-awd the Faehioa Trotting Course I lake plea*\rv iu announcing ik.a lis a few days) I will ad M a hat of literal Kurwi <? be tootled for dur.n* the writes i __ . _ spring and ?umsuer months. JOHN SIMMONS. SPORTING, A LADY WHO !K GOING Y*> EUROPE WIHHB8 TO A sail bT r.inr Canary B>rdi. Erst class singers. Call at oij Wdst-Mghteoelh street, rearWivlh avenue, second Boor. A LL KINDS OF DOG* AND BIRDS FOR SALE AT A B. DOVEY S, .VSJ Canal street near Church street. Medicines tor all dieeexes. Prepared Food far mocking herds. E IGHT BATTER* BOATS FOR SaLB CHEAP.?AP ply st lit Greenwich street. Francis butler, MIPBOK slip, has all the clioiceit breads of l>ogi Butler's Infallible Wang# Cure uud Flea Kitcnnnab r. 75 cents. Butler's new work on the Doe. f'A Dogs trained, boarded, Ac Medicate for at diseases. fjlOR SALE?TOUR ITALIAN GREYHOUND TITS, pure white, the hwndtmmeet in the country, floe months old. Inquireatttt INvlslou street, two fligbts up MOR BALE?A TAIR OF LARGE. HANDNOWE NRW r foundltrnd Dugs, crossed with the St. Bernard; white Esquimaux Dogs, Black and Tans r.nd boi'kon Setters. 0. FOSTER, 13 Roosevelt s'rtet. FOR SAJ-E?NEWFOUNDLAND DOGS, HANDSOME BsewFm sux Doge. Black and Tan. Scotch and Pkye Ter rlera; kalian Greyhounds, one fear pound Slack and Tan. JOHN GfCAT, H Roosevelt street, no r Charbam street. For sale?pointers, setters; warranted to pehit. back and retrieve; just Imported; pure English Mastiff; also pure English Bull Do*. 14 lbs. weight; extra Rat Bwi of all breeds; Watch Dogt df all breeds. H. GARDafcR, 354 William street, N. V. near New Chambers street. TjtorR salh?an Elegant schooner yaout. n r fhei long en d*ck, lfc.S, :eet beam, b feet Urptb of bold; sails and rigging new and of the very host qua lite; cabin handsomely furnished and the vessel filed cut eomptste in eeenr respefct. Address C. K Clothier, box 'J.87C Post oUiue, PhUr.delphio HOHHEH, A" AM RI AGES. AC. A SQUARE FRONT COUPE, WYADE BY BREWSTER A Co. of Broome street, but little used and in elegant condition, for sale at the church building, ccrnerof Giaud and Crosby streets. A FINE TOP BOX WAGON. MADE BY BRKWSTRL A C? , of Broome street, and used but a few timet; Hi perfect csuditinn; price $400. Ad the churth budding, ow ner Grand and Crosby streets. A NUMBER OF SECONDHAND VEHICLES, Con sisting of Tfrp Wagons, Flute toss, Coupes, Breits. 1U seat Kockatvay, Ac., in good order, for sale st the church building, corner of Grand and Crosby streets. SECOND HAND CO AT H,VICTORIA. WBBTOffHS i tcr. Coupe, Rocks way and Wagons; also 500 Carnages; Harness 30 pec cent less than Broadway stores. HAM'S, 10 East Fourth street, corner Broadwwy. A IA ~ SECOND HAND SI* SEATED ROCK AWAY IN A complete order; trior $1115; At the chureb building cor ner Grand and Crosby streets. A SECOND HAND TWO HORSE C lUPE?SOUND and in good order; prirv $400. at the Church buddtog, corner of Grand and Crosby streets. ?A SPLENDID BLACK HORSE FOR SALE, IS* A hands high, for carriage or saddle use, can trotln 3>g, and Is voting, sound and kind in every particular. Cam be seen at. San Frhnclaco StsWes, Forty-sixth street, west -of Sixth avenue. \A REGISTER OF HORSES tAND CARRIAGES. AT A private sale, Is kept by MINER A SOMBRVILIB, st 37 Nsssaq.>treet. All persous wishing to buy, sell or ex change H orses or Carriages, should have i heir property, or the armies desired registered as above. AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION WART, Union square every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 37 Nassau street-'emery Wednesday end Satur 4M, See auction head. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES. Buggies and Harness, selling off twenty par cant less than New York prices, at factory, Ma 104 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. AH BARGAIN IN HARNESS.?A FEW SETS OF FIRST ? elans Coach sold this week at a bargain:' also a second band Tap Buggy. Brewster A Co 'l mstk 54 Marion ?Ueel. Alas gosoTreproof Safe, Am OOOD CHANCK?TWO BAY MARES, SOUND ? and kind. MR end seven years old; fast travellers;I pony buIR; fit lor all klMa of business; to be oaM separate or together; prioe $140 eanh. Inquire ?l IBfi iMRMnM nor Twelfth street, CLOSE MATCHED TEAM OF LOW PRICED young brown Mares; very handsome, and valuable to a farmer. Also two other valuable farm Mareai very cheap, for want of nse. 408 Pearl ???. A: A FIRST CLASS CITY MADE. M0 LB. FULL spriiig road Wagon, otsne body; only used a few times; also t stylish, perfect black Mare, IB hands high, 7 years old; will be sold at a bargain to pay expenses; also a Hack Coach, In good running order; price $100. -At IDS Weet Twenty-eighth street, rear. 4 LARGE GRAY MARE, 10 HANDS HIGH. FIFE A years old this spring: good traveller; -mice carriage horse. Call at saloon 110 Chatham square. FOR SALE-TWO VALUABLE BLIND H9RSES; ALSO one powerful truck Horse, over 1.700; also some floe farm Horses; one Mare with foal. 80 Mew Chambers et rR 8AI>E? A GLASS HEARSE. IN GOOD ORDER. Will b? Mid cheep. Apply to W. H. KENNEDY, 490 Pearl street. For salr-w first class horses, just from (lie country; fit for carta, trucks, express or an* bu?l nam; warranted Round and kind. Inquire at Ml Canal street, coi ner of W.,ehioglou. For sale? lono lease of a first class Livery Stable; accommodation for 7$ Kuraes. Inquire atMS Sixth avenue. IFOR SaLK-A platform truck, with pole aud shafts. at MAKLOW'A CANFIKLD'M, corner of Frankliu street and Greenpolnt avenue, Wreenpoint For sale-a oood work horse and set op caruH'<rue?s;also. a nice business or family Hove, bay, loiig tall, eight years old. fllfteen and a hrlf hands high. Price $150 Inquire at ISO Last Forty-second street, near Third avenue, on Monday morning. IjlOB SALE.?A FAST AND HANDSOME PACINO BAT ' Pony, with new butcher Cart and Harness; also a supe rior gray Horse, sixteen hands high, with Wagon and Har ness, unliable for express or grooer. The above are all of the very beat quality. Inquire at SOT Third avenue, provision ?tore. FOR HALE-TWO CHKAP EXPRESS WAOON8.-IN quira In West Tenth street, two doors we?l of Hudson.* For sale-a* elegant new top waoon, never been used; Drioe $400; also light Trotting Wagon, In good order; price $200. Apply SX Livery stable 128 West Thirty-second street. For sale?two horses, pokt *uult. a*d ore wag]* lions Truck, -with werk. Can-he ssu until aotd, atMnilk street. poj 171 OS SALS?UOFIT AND HRAVT EXPRESS WAOONH. r Alas (rat class new Hussies constantly on hand. Ap ply at M Wast Twenty ninth bettsesn Sixth and Seventh avenues. rS SALE?A BROW* TROTTINO IMiRHn SEVEN years old: Mane and kind, without fault or Dhwyiah: one snow a rails In three minutes. with much promise, la ply to M. WOOD, $$ Fultoa street.- Brooklyn. 2JIOS 8ALE-A TWO HORSE TRUCK, SUITABLE FOR r floor and feed btalnses; three-quarter size. No. M West Twenty-eighth street, between Sixth end Seventh eve. For sale-* horses just from the counter, from 6 to fl yetreqld. ead from It teM heads high; psdess from *7$ In MS III Wooster (treat. |R SALE-IS SUPERIOR WORK HOBS KB FROM _ the country; among them are four trsak tannic and several single borsea and Ave heavy blind horeea, from $ to 8 yeare old; warranted sound and kind. $ Laurens street IFOR SALE-TWO HORSEH.-ONB ? traHS, 1$ F hands; woud suit coupe, would make good l?i|. horse; would >Ut express wani. The other, gray Mar* with coit; la 10 reeve; will foal (he 10th May; both war ranted sound ant kind. Call for two daya liquor More, eer. 16th street areata v. _______ KXCHANOB? made _ _ I hand Rookawaya and lark Phaetons; two second hand Coupon, la good enter; cm second hand Coupe Rockawag. twenty fire seta of new and second hand single Harne*e; Coupe Harrises, with Fgach saddle. Also one very Ave brown Saddle llorse, kiM la ell hareeos; one fast trotting brown Mare, six years ean trot In S i* and warranted sound; 1$ hands high, vey handsome, aed a good pole mare; one saddle Pony for ahoy, at the Wavoriey Ssle and Kxchange sublet. 1X BroidwnT, corner Thirty ninth street. Alee llorsea, ffsy-ni aid Harness bought for oash or sold on commiaston. Plepo sail and examine, all persona wishing o buy or sell. G. W. JKMKINM, EOR 8AJLB A1 BAROAIKS. OR WILL RXCHANt A large aaattment of new and aeoond baud city r id Wagons, wth and without tops; new and second I IFOR SALE OR IXCHANQR?A SECOND HAND DOC F tor's Wsgon. and also a two aaat sLIfllog top Wagon. Apply at 53 Marl mistreat. up stairs. GOVERNMENT PEOPERTT AT PRIVATE HALE.? 10,1X10 ?et? nswund seeond hand Harness, Saddles, Cut I are. Bridles, Haltrta. wages end hsrae Covers, Paullat, Awnlnga. Bed TlckaUrsle Bses, Tents, Tsnl Htock, Blaa Aetf, Ac., very low. Plata MeClellnn Saddles, officers', Me Clellan and artlUop Meddles, now ArtlUerV Bridles with plated blU. Awniiya and Wagon Covers nude to order: Wedge, Wall aad Hrapttal Tenia. PITKIN A CO., No. I Pgr* jiaeo, Mew Vtw, and Wt North Prest sheet, PMUdei OMR PART TROWING MAES. NIX TEAKS OLD, OA* tret e mile le SI0, warren** sound ead kind. Apply at 188 Waahtngtow etmet, Brooklyu. Two bbcond Bard itnirm?one made bt Brewster A Co., of Broome street, and In perfect order, for tale cheap, at the church boUdiog, corner of Crosby and Grand streets. ^ amx -BAr.NOW^M ? ??** built? JfcuO, gocivil Hocvs. II*. round km A nk* driver, $7*1 mw Ugh* Darihro*' ?* h* ??kt ltd Wen Twenty ninth slreaL ~ ??iic'^iiT*7~~~ itfxrtixms .tftgr.*gdg p^^^snsa^tfwB dry eoom. AT. STEWART * CO. ? wIM open on Monday March 95. A large aaeortiaenl of Gmtlvmeu's Furnishing floods, including READY Jf AOK tiiilKTW, COLLARS, AC.. BROADWAY ASP TENTH STREET. Bargains i bargain. ' i in NEW AND FASHIONABLE BILKS, SHAWLS and ORE88 boom, Just received from auction, ALSO, A large aaeortment af HOCSKKUBPING GOODS. Jnst received, at greatly reduced prion. Bleached and Unbleached Mutlms, all widths and quall Uas. Shirting and SheetlngLtnen*, all widths and <ynalitte<i. White and Colored Marseilles Counterpane*, all widths aad qualities. Lure and Muslin'Cortalne, naw styles. Bleached and half Pleached Table itaniaska. new Sty lea Hucka, Towels Napkins and Crashca, nil ins Flannels, white and colored, all widths and ?itialuie*. ALSO. White and eoluwd Marseilles and Piques, all "prices, ears cheep. ALSO, Eprlag Cloak tape and Oaeaimere* veto viwiee style* W. K l'EYTON, I7J t nd rt Bowery, weerr Houston street STHANTILLY AND LLAMA POINTPS. J IB ILL PR A GRANT, 7tO Broadway, will offer on lend.t?, YBth instant: Chaetllly Puiiite* _ $90 and upward* Llama do IB do. sjrOe^arffc variety of goods juai reootved per stescner Villa *T O. F A R UK I L. -C A R P ETC ? t U ST RECEIVED, 109 II. pie,oh Englirh Rru??el?Csrpet and 4(0 rollssuperior Retting, -nightly ib< mi, ?",d oa the voyage of Imw isuon. W ill lie artirt at a greai bargain this week 287, 289 and 371 , twlrty-flflh 11 reel, one dooreeBi Eighth avenue. INDIA SH AWL4,?1! AVF. RETURNED FROM EUROPE with spring selection. whqff, u now open for inspection J. RUSSELL, IBS Wooster stieei near Amity. N. B ?Will move u> 32 Rest Twentieth street, on May 1. ?DAYS. ?1 AT PETIT ST. THOMAS. BUR DU BAC, 27, 29 SI 33 35, RUE DE L'UNIVKRBITE, 2S, (Near the Exhibition Palace.? This house established upward* of fifty years, ?I* uniyeraally known arm famed As one of the first estaM.?hmonui in Paris, 'In which thorough confidence may be placed. In its immense premiers _ Which all foreigners ?h> ilrt visit ' Will De found the moat complete assortment of Flf.KSL FIRST NOVELTIES, ?STl.UVLS, WOOLLENS, LACE. LINGERIE, EKADY-MADE ARTICLES FOR LADIES, ?FURS. COTTON AND THREAD STUFFS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, 'B1H BON S. TRIMMINGS, - CARTON. ARTM'LES OF FURNITURE. ENGLISH ASSISTANT*. FIXED TRICE. Quilts, quilts. 3.W0 RANCHBSTBR, ALLLENDALE. LANCASTER. HONEY COMB ANY) COLORED ALH 4MBIIA QUILTS. A splendid assortment of WHITE AND COLORED MARSEILLES QUILTS, In ererv site and quslltr. Also WHTTE FRENCH QUILTS, in assorted atsee. An immense stock. Many bought at the recent auction sales at much less than manu fadorers' and and importers' prices. BLANNET8. A full assortment In every size and quality at Tery lew price* FANCY GERMAN BED COVKRLB1YL WRING REDS. MATTRESSES, PURE CURLED HAIR. MOSS. STRAW, SEA GRAM. HUSK MATTRESSES. BOLSTERS, PILLOWS. AO. FRATUER8, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TABLE AND ETA NO COVRRH. 18 4 EXTRA HEAVY HUGUENOT SHEETING, 90c. 114 EXTRA HEAVY HUOOBEOT SHEETING, ?6e. BARNSLBY 'LINEN SHEETING. PILLOWCASE, MNRN AND COTTON. 9-t SHIRTING Ms all the popular make* LOOM, BLEACHED AND BARNfiLEY TARLB DAMASK. RAPE INS, DO Y UBS, RC. TOWELS, BUOK TOWELLING. CRASH, Sc., Ifc, 14*. 13* per yard. IRON BEDBTRADS. CRIES, CRADLES, BAT AND UMBRELLA STANDS. SETTEES, GARDEN CHAIRS, VASES, ?noaa and riA.NO STOOLS. Parttaelar attention flyen to the manufacturing of IRON BfcDBTEADo FOR PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. The special attention of buyera for hotels, boarding beuaea and public Institutions Is larltod to our large aad well as sorted sleek aad price* All goods warranted as reprw imttri iWM. GARDNER 944 Canal street, Now York. n h. iuot. XV. BPRIMO TRADE. MOW OPENING. 1.000 CASKS STRAW GOODS, LATEST SPRING STYLES AND SHAPES. 2,50U NEW STYLES PARASOLS. A full aaeortment of belt quality Ribbons, Vel?(t Ribbons, Velvets, Dress Trimmings In ell the latest novelties, Buttons, Notions, French Flower* Ac., AT POPULAR PRICES. DBfiCHAMP'S BEbT QUALITY FRENCH KID GLOVES, -EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. AT POPULAR PRICES. ?HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, LINENS, WHITE GOODS, FLANNELS. HOSIERY AND O LOVES, LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, OENTS' FURNISHING GGODS, Ac, AT POPULAR PRICKS. Ns. OB Fourteenth street, between Fifth end Sixth svs. Nos XW sD't 206 Sluh avenue. Fourteenth street end .Sixth svenne. TO MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STORK KEEPERS. AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE yon will And the Isrgest stock of STRAW, SILK, MILLINERY GOODS In thlsettv. cheaper we believe than elsewhere, Because we hsve no fsnry Broadway rent to pay. We give no notes but pev ca.h for everything we buy I SELL KOR Cash I I Consequently our customers hsve not to pey other people's bed debts upon Iheir purchases. Ws cut lengths of milltn. ery goods, silks, ribbons, Ac., Ac., chesper than down town jobber* sell whole pieces. Cell. STRAW. RIBBONS AND KLOWERS UP BTAIRB. Mark the address: EDWARD RIDLET. 3U9, 811. and 311 to Grand street, ad, IW, antl.70 Allen street, fifth block east from the Bowery. families visiting the pa rib exposition. CASHMERES AND LACES. COMPAOMIK DEB IN DEN. ?> HOB RICHELIEU. IB ? lir 1 ~T fiuptatof*. reepectfttily desire ta iofnrm the-Aaeerieaa tadfao wha vMt the From* capital that they vM And at thatr *?amstsaant the laiwsst and rtehaat tiiintminl of CASHMERES AND LACKS IN TRM WORLD, at prices that wtll sustain aeary and ny i?iiiagtsan. The fabrlqua* of the company, jheal aa lh? are Ineverv LACK iblrtTRIOTJDF>RAlftiEAND BELGIUM, and (a all of tha SHAWL DISTRICTS OF INDIA, enable them to eell at the price of MANUFACTUR ERS INSTEAD OF MERCHANTS, aa well ae to produce designs earlesteely their awn. English Is currently-spoken Id tb? establishment. N. B.?The proprietors pay so commissions to sny parties bringing ewatom to tha house. rjto MILLINERY. ACARD^I H. OWENS. SUCCESSOR TO WILLIAM Hallady, No. I Catharine stseet. corner of Dsriripn street will open on Monday morning, s full lino af mllnu ery goods selected from the French, English, and home markets. City and eonntry buyers are invited la roll. EMPREHR CHIP BONNET EMPORIUM, MB BROAD wsy ? Blegest Hprlaf Bonnets, of the latest Paris style* made under the superintendence of MADAMB BERTHS, formes(iy of 17 Great Jones street. MADAMB HARRIS WILT. OPEN AT NO. 7 HKEVOORT place. Tenth street, on Monday, March IB. her Aret ton portsiloos af Hrplng Bonnets, as also the latest stylee of Dressmaking, for which branch aba soliclta the patfuaage totercs ? ? MllRK AL. ''-HnoEDER'R MUSICAL INSTITUTE. 71 Ml Kldrldae street, near Grand-New anil adr-ond hand Brat etas* 7 octave Ptanos; wiU be aold obasp, on aooaanl of re moval. ATOUNO LADY WILL GIVE LESSONR ON THE Piano at fid per quarter. In sdaanoe, at bar own #r pupils' res-denees; thorough Instruction will be guaranteed. Best reference given. Apply at 6*0 Sixth avenue, near For Uelh street. -|10 PKR QUARTER?PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS .by competent gentlemen teachers, at 137 West Eleventh etreet corner Sixth avenue. Planiaia for partiew Office bourn from 9 till 2. OtNTLMM AN WILL OIVK INSTRUCTION ON THE Phno at pupil's residence for tig per quarter. Best of refewnce given. Addrem, with residence, Teacher, box 111 Ilfrald ofliw. AW?T COMPETENT TO G1VB THOROUGH Insthictlnn on the piano, In fancy work and making wax flown, desire* to obtain pupUa. Address H., Herald A. A LESBONB IN BINQINO-BY AN ITALIAN OENTLE raan, Uorougfcly eoraMteal and of eiperlenee ia teach mg Yaea) Mtafe and the Plana, rofoaaaeoe given. Address rV O., bo* 170 Herald office. ? runic RNIBHBD FOB PARTIES, WEDDINGS, da, at moderns* prime. F. BLUMBS mssta JEW Ntmc?'THR MAID OF KILKENNY," 8dC : "BvofTbue," B0r.; "Home to Night," Me.; "Sw* i Emerald l?|that I Love so Well," 80*; 'Remember Thee' Yea," We., fOh, Rrln, My Country," 90r.; "TsshUag Glee." -Be Publlaed at DALY 8 musle store. SI? Oramf .tmlc Pent, post f>e, to any part on receipt of prico. Catalogues free on apptrallnn. CILTER RREATH?CflOIf'E COLLEf TION OF BONGS. M arranged with plane accompaniment, about $20 tarth of Mo*k; prteefWO; In musfln binding. $& FREDERICS fcniMR, M Bowery COAL. WOOD, dkC. r10AL-BW8 FOR MM LBS. WltMHT, RHD OM WMIT1 s,sssaur mrASCTtL. SMTIZKNg* BATINOS BANK. SOUTHWEST CORNER J . of >nw?r??iid Canal alrraL iX FEB CENT INTfclltST PAID OB ALL BUMS FROM FIVE TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. INTEREST COMMENCES APRIL L ThCNCAN. SHRBMA.N A CO., BANKERS, CORNER FINE AND NASSAU 8TEBT8. NEW YORK, Dane circular *?<?? and Latter* of Credit for traveller*, available la all AM principal cities of fke world. Mercantile credit* for use ta Europe, China, Ac Also make tranafera of money to OaRfarnia and Oregon by telegraph, Interest

allowed on deposit*. IFOR 8A 1.15?FIRST MORTGAGE CITY RAILROAD r Seven Par Cent Bond*. at a liberal discount; aim Ten Per OulliWiitand Pay Inn Ciur Railroad Storks, at ? v.ral bar**in. Apply to S. tt. JACOBS, No. 1 New street, corner of *h1L P R.NNSYLVANIA ST AW LOAN FROPOBALS COR A LOAN OF $18.000 009. An act to eroat* a loan for Hie redemption or the overdue bonds of the Commonwealth. Whereas <he bonds of the Common wealth and reitnin car tlf ates or iudrd>teds''Ha. amounting to $?1.(00,01X1, have been overdue and uiwtd lor mum time p?-i; Avul whereas It i* des.iab.'e that the same should be paid and wuhdrawu iroat the raurket; therefore, SritiON 1. It enacted bv the Senate and Mourn of Re presentatives of the (Vi;nuioi>tve?Hh or Pennsylvania in lieu ? A??onb!v u?e?. and It I* hereby enacted by the authority -Of the same. That me Governor, \uiiilor General and State Treasurer be, nod tire liereby authorized and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Common veal Hi. in suet, amounts and with such nonce (ant less than forty d.iys), as ihey may deem most expedient for the interest or the Stato, twen ty -three million* of dollars. and issue certificate# of loan or bonds oft he iVramonw-eatth for the same, hearing Interest at a rale r.ot exceeding six per centum per annum, pavable sent annusDy.-On the 1st of February and 1st of Angus', In the city ?if I'ndadelphta: which eeutiieates ef marl or honda shall not he subject to any taxaLlon whatever for Si,an. municipal or local purposes. and ahull be payable aa fol lows, namely?Five millions of dollars payable at any ture after live yea's Bud within ten years; eight. millions of dollars payable at any time after ton years and within ilf. teen 'ears, and ten mi'llons of dollar* at anv tline after fif teen years ,i*>d within iweirv-flve vara, and shall be by the Osmwr and Mate TMiMnror. ?ud flotuiterslgneil by the Andi'o. 'General. and registered in the Pooka of ih'e A udltorCetveral. and to be transferable on the book* of the Con,II oDwudth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Sank of I'lnladetphit; the proceeds of tha whole of which loan, including luemiutn-, Ac., received on the same, shall be applied to Die payment, nf the bonds and certificate* of indebtedness of the Communwea'th. Km. 2. Tee bids fr,r tbe said loan shall be opened In the presences,f the Governor, Auditor General and Slut" Treas urer. and .awarded to the hiebeat bidder: Provided, That no ?v-.'tlf>cate<berct>v authorised to he Issued shati be negotiated for less than tta nar value. Src. A The bond* oi the Slate nod oerl I Pontes of indebted nere. now over due. aball be receivable in pnvment of the said loan, under such regulations as the Governer, Auuitor General and State Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid der lot Hie loan uow authorized to be issued shall stiite in h * bid wiiether tlie aiuie le payable In cash or In ihe bonds or certificate* ol indebtedness of tlie Commonwealth, Pre. A That all trustees, executor*, administrators, guar. mns hoi dlana, agent*. Measurers, flommltlees or oiher persons hold lug in a fiduciary capacity bonds or certiticatea of Indebted. ne*a of the Stale, or moneys, are hereby MthoriMd to rut for the loan hereby ..uihorl/ed to he issued, and to surren der the bonds or certificate* of loan held by them at itie tune of mak ug such bid. and to receive the bonds authorized to betasued Df th'aact str.?. Any person or persona standing In the fidu-iaryr capacity stated in the fourth seeiien of this act who may desire-to invest meney in their hands for the bene ft', of the trust may. without an ordei of court, IkNN too tup In the bondsAiilhorized to be Issued by this act, at a rate Of pre mium not exceeding twenty per centum. Sac. <1 That from and attar the pas tags of th!* aet *11 the bonds of Hit* Commonwealth shall be patdufT In the ortier of their maturity. sac. 7. That all loan* of this Common wealth not yet due shall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after tha interact due February tint, one thousand eight hundred snd sixty-seven shell have been paid. That ad existing Uw*. or portion* thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the H?ne?of Representative*. L. W. HALL, Speaker of tlie Senate. ^^iwe^h^een^^a^^^djriuirjjOO^homMume igjtt hundred and sixty MM. JOHN W. GEARY.. ? In accordance with the provision* of the above aet of As ?emhly sealed proposals will fee vaealred apt he office of the Mate Treasurer, In the City of finrrtaburg, Pennsylvania, until IS ifrtoek If. of Ute In day of April, A. D.. 1M7, to be mdoratdas follow#.?" Proposal* for Pounaylranls State Loaa, Treasury Department, Harrlsburg, Pa. Untied Stale* of Amman" Bid* will be received far PRBXUM, rehnhurawble la Ave ysare wof parable in tea jreare; $ti;W0,U0* retmhursabl* in lea y?ar* and payable Iw-wrtreeyea-a gad tll,QKUlUi. reim bursable I* ITfteen year* and parable In twenty-tfv* years, the ret* of interest to be either Ave or six per oanL per an num, which mini be explicitly stated In the bid;and the bid* most advantageous to the State will be aocepted. No bid for lata than par will he considered. The bonds will be Isaeee in sum* of $9U and Nell higher sums as desired by the leaner*, to be free from State, local and municipal The ever doe bends of the Ooasmonwealth of Pennsylva nia will be received at per In pennent of this loan; but bid der* mutt Mat* whether they Intend to pay ta cash or In the overdue ij*r* aforesaid. No distinction will bo made between bidder* paying In cash or overdue loan*. JOHN W. GEARY, Governovof Pennsylvania. JOON r. HARTRANFT, Auditor General. W. H. KEM RLE, Mate Treasurer. N.' 8.? Mo newspaper publishing the above unless sutho need, irtli r?. wive par. WANTED?FROM $800 TO $1010, WITH GOOD KBOU rlty; wlil pay ten per ceaL Address C. C. Palmer, 37S Fourth avenue. AHA TO LOAN?ON IMPROVBD REAL E8 $?S7 .HUU Ut. In UK mlj.* Wll, ^ <t>m nnn -wasted, aok.nti.eman with Tins $50,001). .mount to purchase at. I"''?1'Vrf?.e and honorable nntrrprise; nvm.y cent within twelve montli - and luterc.t In enterprise perma Mat; I^altlvely facia; no rirt. Gentlemen can addrer. Capitalist, boi fc* Philadelphia Po?t o(Iice._ _ <fAAA TO LOAN?OS SF.W YOP.K 'irV. $200,000 Brooklyn .?d *ew Jer?y real eauw. Heeond nioiigages bought. Apply ?? CHARLES MAN. 11? Broadway. Wt S*. W . Al?we ami ?TO L0AIt ?>S MKB AND *'>RT $275,000. gag-. in one 'rIt'^r' T'S'kV uv" estate In thta city er Brooklyn. JOHN F. COS KK1. W Wall street, room No. 18. (OPARTNKnilllM. , .<1F.NT1.EMAN WHO IIAK NKVF.itM. TIAM JUL A ? prtlenoa In the banking business www a pnrtner with t rartuil io wub iih a eommUawii bonae in ?i ^ITi-nd government securt.lea: references rirhengrd. Ad.ltevs with real nanse N. A.. Herald offlce^ A P ARTNER WASTED?WITH FROM JAOOO TO $14,000, A In in old established paint bouse down IV??Vnt. hie investment, factory ?m> tie pcemiaea. Address 1 eint, lleraid odlcow . partner wantep-witii stop.. A tare a staple ar?*K ""'?1 2^JI22s Tjdertin. sale for cash: prodts lecgr, ne risk. Address A. Martin, bos ? Herald offlea, __ ' A? evti. PARTS BR. WITS BROS |SJS TO I . ,11,1m.s In a stil??- bsose is this inmfar'euces aro aatssfactory Per particulars apply to rHuisaLI. A BISOOOD, Counsellors at Law, S3* Broad way, Nw* lor a. a ujatvvr WANTED-?WITH tt,OBOi IN A LIGHT, A geaeaol ard aseeadtasty prolltable manufacturing busi *?"' "hk"h ""iha'aC A. ",r*e,:_ TAlBSOLrtlOS.-THB tlOPARTNE^IUF HERKm II fore minting under the firm of t.erksry a mci aruana It this day dissolved by muUisl evmsanc ^rrt h'tephen McPARTLAND. The busts*** will be continued at the same place by T. T. C<Naw5Toss:_Mareb M. 1B47. ____l PARTNFK WANTED?ONE WHO OAS 1NVB8T $3,500 cast, rapiuiln a sreH established wholea.le man.tfa^ Ini iln hsslnsas. with a good retail trade 1? ?"<> hon"e furabshtng so-da Local*. desirable. Address J. O.. bos IIS Herald em*. asted-a partner, with, to *aWFac turn Reaebon whlakey. Addresa ror one mart Bourbon, Herald olDee. __ ANTED?A LAtDT OF GOOD TASTF.. BETWEEN twenty and tblrljt yoars of ag*. with $080 capital, a* muni Mrinur in Um budocN of Dr?*?r?ini flt?w#r?. fuwnjl wre alhs! Ac , 1 n tnla Hum. Cafl on or aldreea Mm. B. C. D.. did Broome *treeb ______ rtTikTI'D?A PARTNER IN THE SMALL FRUIT W bullosas. o. Iding Island, WHhjl.OOO Of mm eapl tsi It will pay. Addreaa L. B.. hot 103 llaruld olliee. -PABrNEB WASTED; no bones re #?>.""'1 quired; manufacturing monopoly; "rders ? ~~ Mist K 1.1.ASP,tlt >. rijrinj B'oOKH MBRARIBR. PIANOS. FAINTINOS, E.N. sr.vinrV A.- hough! for caeh; book, hound neatly at the bookatore. J. M. WOOLF, MJ3 Hlstb avenue, between Thirtieth and TblrtydlrM street. ("TomTand kilter or ant qhalitt, bi llion I Hwevs'tnts. Soraps or act article wnUlnlng gold or silver bought a( market price In the Dental Refinery, .18 Euwery, tip stairt. T ONDON TATLOBINO ESTABLISHMENT, _____ Li No 106 HTKAND (opfiusile Eider Uall). LONDON. Meaars HAMILTON A KIMPION give the best goods. In the latest Anglo-American fashion, at fair prices, and can ?ive reieren.e i te gentlemen In New York, Boston, St. Lenta, fw^d.TdUbnr/Vinclnaatl, T?mneme% Ration, Newport, Rhode laUnd. aan other parts of the Statea. Ithoee tmann, y- gfRA>DfXoNIH)S. ?RK^VbD~FLOWBRN-A N?W FATTNT?rtatn r aadcnnntj Rigbta for sals, aad iastracimn glvoa. Mrs P T. VI NINO win preservs f^aeral wreaths and flots *^01 every sbrtety Specimens at A7T Broadway. Ordsrs received at U3 Broome street. _______________ rno~WH1TB SHIRT MAN0FACTPBERS.-A OOSf'ERN I bavins an abundance of capacity for domg any amoual of laiindry w!wg to the flnest style, will Uke J. l.iuodry U? dogaa or more WblU sbtrU. Address bet A MB Post olliee. w ANTED?A BOX IN THE POST OFFICE. ADDRESS K. (*., < aresd J. M. Burnet, M William street. XnTED?TWO SECOND HAND COPPER VATS OR Kettles, from 100 to XV gallnne each, and ? wooden Tanks, frem Ml io JW ..lions each. Addresa, stating price, MMN PsrteWrt ? man -wssrs motrl asd family manolrb. $Olr. potting a beaullfnl glnas #a elotbea In a hotel wtll aavs the labor *C *>? wossea. Nsa. 4 asd 1# Liberty ?AM Fsw l?b ? AMVREXBm. Broadway theatkr. admission ao certs. Corner of Braid**; *nd Broome slroei. LAST WEEK, moot positively of the engagement of the wortdreaowned comedian* and original delineator* of Jrl __ Irl*h and tank.** Ufa, MR. AND MRS. BARNKY WILLIAM*, who hava realised the most marked suooesa, Croat*r than ever experienced |B previous engagements In any part of the world. STANDING ROOM ONLY *1 8 o'clock ts of such usiutl occurrence that It may be considered certain ou tba LAST NIGHTS OT THEIR TOO BRIEF TERM. Therefore patrons would consult their comfort by securing places In advance. A CARNIVAL wekk ok fun. MONDAY AND TUESDAY. MARCH 28 AND 31. Lover's oelebreted Drams, played In twe acts, of ROKY O'MOBE. Rorr O'More MR WILLIAMS f.f.bT ,l0r,he et,*rMleRRS<lWriLUAM8 To conclude with the roaring Karce of TANKKK COL'RTSlflP. OUR JEMIMA (Yaukee .song and Yankee Reel), MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. March 37 and 38. IRELAND AS IT WAS, ROUGH DIAMOND, IRISH TTGER. FRIDAY EVENING. March 29-OVATION NIGHT. JOINT RV RE WELL BENEFIT OF MR AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. SATURDAY. MATINEE. AND EVENING. LAST APPEARANCES OP THESE GREAT ARTISTS. Notice.--The Mau?g"ioent has sincere gratification In an nouncing an engagement with tha greatly popular come dienne, MISS MAGGIE MITCHELL. who, supported hy Mr J. W. Collier, trill anpear on ^ ( MONDAY APRIL 1 In herwoaderfttl creation of FANCHON. Box olRce open from 8 to 6 o'clock. Seal* may be secured nig days in adranre. WOOD'S THEATRE, 614 Broadwav. noposite St. Nlrbolaa Hotel. ?I 111S EVENING, Engagement of the talenied artiat*. MR. AND MRS. P. M. BATES, who will appear in the new sensational piny of OSCAR. THE HALF BLOOD, supported 1>T na EMI KM 'COMPANY OF BROADWAY FAVORITES. MATINEES ON SATURDAYS ONLY. German stadt theatre, 45 and 47 bowf.ry. Tins (MoiuUy) evening, March 26. will be presented i for the liencfil of Mr. ROGUMIL DAWISON, DER LU WPENSAM MLER VON PARIB ('Ihe Rag Picker of I'nrts). Mi. BOGUMIL DAWISON ax FATHER IRAN. HARIZ'S TEMPLE OK MYST15RY. LAST WEEU BUT FOUR. Tickets, 00 cenla. Reserved -eats. $1. For sale at the llall. CHANGE of programme. Will he reproduced, by request. THE WONDROUS LIVING HEAD, Ott TTIE OR'CLE OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. PROTEUS, PROTEUS, PKUTEC8, with other Miracles, inel'tiling L'BSCAMOTEUR, and his 14 Pal "v Singing Bird." will he continued, EVERY EVENING AT H. SATURDAY AT 3 P. M. NOTICU.?Tuesday, i'bursday and Saturday, the real Indian Basket Trick. Clncxcring Piano ts u?ed at Ihese seances. Wednesday, Juvenl e Night. Children half price. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Bryants' Mechanic's Hall. 472 Broadway, near Grand *?. GRAND REVIVAL OF THE FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS, FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLRSK.L FARANTA, TirE GREAT CONTORTION'ST. rARAVTA. THE GREAT CONTORTIONIST. CHARLEY WHITE'S BLACK CHCMIST. CHARLEY WHITE'S BLACK CHEMIST. THE OPPONENTS. BROADWAY BOY8. NEW BAL LET, AO. CAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, t~ 6R5 Broadway. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTER TO 8. THE GREBE DP LA CltEME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD. BERNARD AND BACKUS. RAN FKaNCIKCO MINSTRELS, whose success has never been equalled hi any similar organisation in the world, 'till ? ? New and cheerful burlesques terary week. The dramatic re hearsal Happiest Couple Out. Gambrlnus Opera. Shouts ot laughter at the Shadow Pan torn line, and the screaming BDek conk and African Ral'ei Troupe. Grand March of the Spirit liarherx of the Amnion. 17-ELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. 731 BROADWAY. A. Prolonged immt of LAUGHTER NIGHTLY. BRILLIANT PRO041AMME Tills WEEK?ALL NEW. NORMA L NORMA L NORMA OM K OM R OM RR O RR O RK MOM MO M M AMRON AM It ON AXRON mm THE 0MD1BS. CT. STEINWAY IIALU? GRAND CONCERT FOR TmE Benefit of little FLORENCE REYNOLDS Monday aye ding. March 15. 1H57. Tk- following artists hay# kindly volunteered:?Mis* Netle Sterling, Contralto; Signer. RemC Baritone: Mr. J. A. Dsn-son. Pianist; Mr. S. P. Warren, OigsnHt. Mr. J. P. Morgan, Organist. Tickets $1. A FIRST CLASS ACTOR RECEIVES PRIVATE pupils and instruct* them thoroughly in leading roles of the dram*. Address Manager, station t. N. Y, PI A KOFOKTEN. A A magnificent rosewood pianoforte for salo?made to order; city maker; used an month*; coat ?000, for $:**); al?o Parlor Suits, Etsgers* Bookcase, Paint ing*, Chamber and Dining Furniture. China. (Una*. (liver w*r?, Table fnUeiy, a sacrifice. Inqnlre at 44 Wft Sixteen IU street. between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. LL STYLUS OF PIANOS TO LET-AT LOW RATLS, and for sale on Instalments. LYNOIl A OOMIEN. W1 and 933 llroadway, corner Tweuty-Brst street. \ SPLENDID SEVEN OCT WE KOSKWOOD PIANO forte; firet > l??? nuke; elegant a'yle of c**?: modern Improvement*: tine stool, cover, Ac., for ?alo immediately; price (iM>. Applv at iVi fweimeth street, near Third sr. A MAGNIFICENT 8BYB* flOTAYF. RORBWOOD P' anoforte, at a ?rest bat gain: full Iron 'rame; over strung ho**; rich and oowerlul lone; warranted. Call at 194 (>raod street, netir MotL FAMILY. LEAVING THE CITY, WILL 8KLL THEIR Fiat oiorte lor half value; carved rosewood, seven no. tave, all the latest itonroveiaent* and nearly new. Apply ..I 1167 K?*l Tenth street. M A'JNiFIOl.NI ASSORTMENT OF THE flXEST and cheapen new and serond hand Pianos In the city, ft>r ?ale ami to rent, at WM. CANDILilS' tVareronms, No. 49 Hleocker street, AT THE GREATEST HAR.iAIN'-TWO HUPBRR 7 octave Piano*, rich carved rosewood case*, four round corners; elegant carved legs; overstrung ha?s; lull Iron pla'e and exqoiste n,h Pete; full warrantee for veatu; ino-t celebrated city makers; are new and extra nvignliireut; will lie sold for (3,'Scssh. Apply at t)MU Sixth avenue near For tieth street, from 7 A. M. till 7 P. M. A. L. BATTKItHOX. A CHEAP PIANO-FINK, FULL TONE. IN GOOD order; iromnlate; cut maker; harp pedal; price $10). J. tUiiDLK, 18 Amity street, near Broadway. A AM MAGNIFICENT PIANOFORTE FOR SALB? FOR tu\ cost $M0; also a Parlor Suit, for (2W; one do. for fldO. Alee the FuralUtre of a parlor and lour bedrooms, at a bargain. Inquire at Ul Warn Klghth street, nuar Ruth BMAK0AINK.-ROHKWO44D J OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, ? foil i roe li-amc, (9M; osa for (199; savwral other first claae im?4 hand Pteaofasges verv cheap. New Piano fortes lean than man ufaetarev** pnees. 99 Fourth avenue, opposite Cenpar Institute. A TURK' PIANOFORTES. Grand, Aqua re and Upright. Metodeon*, Parlor, Church and Cabinet Organ*; the beet manufactured. To let, and rent applied if perch*sod. Monthly instalment* recelred. War*room* 401 Broadway, New York. HORACE WATERS A CO. BC9II9B9S OPPORTU.9ITIB9, A RARE BUSINESS CHANCE.?FOR SALE. PATINO business, stock of Faery Dry tiood*. consisting of Rib bon*, Flower*, La or a, Embroideries, Ac., with Lease of Building for Ave Tears, and Good Will for sal*. Location Broadway, near Fifth avenue, /to agent need apply. Ad dress boi 974 Post office. A BARGAIN?THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND leas* of the old established Parasol and Fancy Uood* Store, 881 Broadway, near Seventeenth street, west side; will be Mild at actual cnel of stock sad fiitures If purchased immediately. Lease at moderate rent. Apply as above. a N ESTABLISHED BOORS AT A SOUTHERN PORT, J\ doing a shipping sad commission business, lioth for eign and domestic, desire* to open a house also in this city. Any gentleman wishing to eminence l>u?lne*?. having si his command MMAII to (9m,imi, will And this a good opportunity; or any gentleman deairon* of placing a son in business. Re. ferenee* of the highest respectability given. Addreoa Alex ander. box U.UB4 Po?t A mm LAVY HA VINO A LARGK AND LUCRATIVE practice is about retiring from business, worgd sell lease of ofllre furi ltme. and good will of business, Ac. Apply lo Dr. Despsrd, ai'JBowerv. opposite Siith street. Agents wsntkd-good, responsible agents to sell the new edition of Wells' "Xvery Man Ills Own Lawyer snd Business Form Book." They will nnd the bus iness very remunerative, as there la no work published that will meet with a more ready sale. It is a work wanted every where and by everybody? a work that an agent caq engage In the sale oi with a certainty of auccess, and with satlsfao tion to himaclf and patron*. For lull particular* address D. W. Ilitcheock. 14 f 'hamper* street, New York. ANEW UOHT-RMTIN TUB WORLD MaDK ICR ?ve rente a giii.on. Niineiploaire. Klsbla for aale for Mreft ' lnt?rD*""n?1 ? ?wn? Company. 1M Llbeily BRT OOODH BTORR.-TITB WELL ESTABLISHED eenlral and dealrahla aland of J. R. BAl'BDEjti, 41 id arenue, corner of Tenth rtraet, feet front, 70 feel deep re?dy for Immediate occupation. Rent * ? ML IVOR HALE-LKA8t~ PtXTCRR*.~AMI> BTOCK IKDR I' atred, of hoot Mil ?hr* hntlneee, In ? floiirlehlng Wert era city; baa done a hiphly encneatful httalaeea for nine yearn; gwat ekbnobj munt be not*. Apply to tbe owner, Ml Broadway. li?OR HA1.R OR PARTNBR WANTKO-POR ITOUSK V bad lie* bad p.ilent renting bueinene; plenty to do. .Inquire of ( P KehmoW IIM Klfla eiroet, WHlfametmrg. ?pRODDCB COMMISSION BRSINBSS POR HALB JL cheap, eatabllaked alt yeara, and doing a Urge trade now. Apply to O. HI PI OB, Till Hroatlway. rPHYBlriA NH.?A FIRHT CLASB FRACTIOB IN the oouotry for able. Addreab Practice. Ilerald ofllee. XVANTED--ONB OR MORR PARTIES TO JOIN THB tt adv?rilaer In an Important Real Katate enterprise, near thlirlty which prom leea Ibtwe end apeedr reanlU. Addrbbb B L. Crane, hot 0,134 New York Poel ofliee. feonfk ~A U**? "A1* ? RNTBRPRIHR CAN ?PO'JU. hearef a good hustneaa by calling on M?. BOW LRR, 87 Tark raw, room fl. fiOft "I *ATrtl AND JBWELRY BUSINRmT, done etclualrely by mail and etpresa, for tale; leng eetabliaked, doe t $40,0011 annually, at half profli affered at ? rare bargain Addreab heutkkaayd, Herald AMrSBMBNTS. N BW TORK THEATRE. ... . . _ Managers Lewis Btkfr ud Mark flu. tk MONDAY. March 24, . FIRST BRNKKIT OF MRS. WM. GOMER8AL, when will ba played the eiquislte eomedr of THE LITTLE TREASURE. _ aod. by special permualou of JOHN BBOOGHAM, E?|., tha famous burlesque of POCAHONTAS. Tha caati of thaae pie. r* will oompriae the name# of Mra. (Jomer*iil. Mra. Marie Wtlktna, Mr. O. Metklff. Miae Seuteo role. Mra H. Kland. Mr. II. Bland. Mra. Teaman*. Mr. Mark .Miuth. Mr. T. Hind, Mr. Lawla Baker, Mr. Jan rm Duuo, Mr. Mlrn. Gomersnl, Meaara. Chapman, Newton, Mack, Mi.nxey and tba entire COMEDY AND BURLESQUE COMPANY. On TUESDAY. M .rob W, MISS FLORENCE NOBLE will appear at thia eatabliabment in tha character of MRS. HALLER, In Kotzebue's play of THE STRANGER. On WEDNESDAY, 27. will be produced, after ente ral weeks of careful preparation, Foucicault ? one timed drama, JEAN IP DRAN8 wlien Mlaa ROSP. EYTINOE will make her re-entiee in thia raUblikhraent In the title role or the drum*, n.e i Uy will i.e produce.! with ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY. C? H TUMEH, ORIGINAL MUSIC, and an UN PRECIS DENTE l> CAST OF CHARACTERS. 1MIEATRB FRANCAIS.?COMEDY. Tuesday Keeni 115, M irch M. i?W7, al S oVloek. LA STATION CMAMI'JsOUDET, Comedy In three acta l>y MM. l-al.iche Ticket older at DtrfHlffira. S78 Broad Broadway. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Second wo*t of the eminently atieceaafnl KtctllNGS ENGLISH OlTS'tA OOMPANT. PI rat time of Hnlfr'n ho toilful pro fiction, ?i HE ROSE UK C vsriLK. THIS ROSE OF CASTILE, Meaara. C \STLK. CAMPBELL, WVLIE, TEAKRW, SKgUIN. Mis* Mr*. ZKLDA IIAKUIS'N KEGUIN. and Mad. Hol'MNoT TUESDAY EVEN I NO?BOHEMIAN OIRL WEDNESDAY EVENING, LINDA Dl CIIAMOllNl*. GRAND OPERATIC MATlNilE ON SATURDAY. In preparation?CROWN DIAMONDS Hoolky'R opera house, Brooklyn. THE CONTRABANDIST, the BLACK MAN of AC./R Sli ikekpeare'x Seven \ge'<, Scene at Sherman'*. Not u. hi Skaken, Uiisayntggor, Genre the Ciiiruier, Soup Sod*. Tbi Oar Oalopade, The Knee Dance. 1'a.ldr'* Don't1 Sara, Met* lev Clog Dance, Illuminated tableaux Vlvonta, Wlioci.n ui*( us now, Ae., A>. qXlNY PASTOR'S OPERA Hi USE. 201 BOWER % J. au entirely drama, entitled THE SCOTTISH Hi ItO, OR THE CLAN McAnFINE. New scenery,appointments, A1'., and a great e?*t. He-engagement for positively -Ix ii.;lit, only ol Mr. SAM COLYElt and ilia sous, Maulers DAN and EDDIE. A new BalW. DI aNA AND Ai'Td'nN. TONY PASTOR IN NEW LOCAL LYIUC - M VTINEES on Wedneaday and Saturday, at Oti odo-k. Griffin a ciiristvs M1NSTRF! S. PtrTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE, No1.1 and 4 Weal Twenty.fourth street. 0. W. II. UiTtlln Manager. THE FAMILY ?O. ORT. The entire company will aptienr in the great burlesque THE BLACK.ROOK, Hnnkee Dooree. Hop l.lgli1 l.?o. Bond Roliliery, Fowler on Heads. Ileaiiiilul singing aud Door* ope' ?i 7; to commenoA ai 8 o'clock. Blrewiwfi IX.?LARGEST PANORAMA IN mngatdceai sbmam.RliugtruUag 'Baa yan's I'd .Tim's Pi ogress." Union Hall, Broadway and Twenty third street Open every night at 7: commencing at S Adra anion SO cents; child'en 2b cents. Matinee Wed nesday and Saturday, at :l o'c'nek. 1'Oitr. J. GK..ENWOOD, Manager and Proprietor. w i/ONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE-'THF. WASH ' 1NGTO.N TWINS," horn alive, having two heads, fo ir arm*, and but one laxly and one imir of legs; all*, llie lo ad and riant ?; in of 1'robki, the murderer of the Deeriuc fami ly; together with the mayuliiaeot eollectlua of object* in Physio nay, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History. all of which ate llluxtri led dally by Lecture* and Micoec. >>io Views, at the New Y..rk Mu-miu> of Austouiy. Cl> Brood way. Open i rom ? A. M. to Ut P. M. National hall, harlkm, march 2# and ?* ? Odea. I'urdy A Converse's MlaajHK under the *un ag"ui Tit of Oeurgo II. Cues, S. S. I'urdy and Frank 8. Converse. Doors opea at 7; to oomineaoe at IFcMt ON EXHIBITION, FREE. The beautiful Collection of Pietaree by Mndefn Mm te. a are nowoa exhibition free at the LEEDS ART HAL LKP.1ES, 8IT and $1:1 Broadway, and will eoaltoae oo LB thn 37th and WtkWt. - \*KWaRK.?fPALflkfl'B OPERA HOUSE.?TM* XkADV il DON perfbrmsnees to-night lMonday). THE CHIt.D OF Till: REGIMENT AND PRETTY HOUSEBREAKER. Amos booiety. The Annual Or.nd Masquerade and Fancy Dreea Ball will mine off. In Ita usual apvndor and JavlaBty. on Wednn* in, March 17. at tlin Academy of Muate. The Ball aHII rni.-n at V o'clock with the erand masquerade proeeenion, In wiin o the loolm i?a of the year 188ft will pnee review before hia Highness, Prince Carnival Nmunrnua carnlvalisttr per formance* nnd drollcrle* at InlrrvaU during the nlgbl. ih-ee fraud orchestra* (of 140 performer* I, under the leidership of Carl Aosclmii. J. Rletxcl and J. N. Hehmi.w. Costumes. C. Bnclihnisler, who will al*n have a epleiniid i a**ertment of costume* and 1'auey dreanea for hire during the hall. Hopper, by Mr. If. Wllko, arlll ba tarred a la carta fraa* 1A O'clfe k 10 the cloar of the hall. No person admitted to the door before the opening prne.-o aiou iiaamoind off. L'p 10 la o'clock maaka only will ha all'iwed on the floor. Tickets, admitting ooe gentlemen and lady, at BIO also extra In dm..' licketa at $3 ewh: can only ba had fr tin* memlvr* of the stelety, of which we name:? K. Krolpfelflcr. 42 I'lne atreel; Km. Hatirr, 40 Exchange jil ice. I'.. Suhiilun /C; Cellar ntrw.". i|. linnlher. HB Wilhura street, A. Ilimkel 84 John airret .1. Hiadermann, 29U Broad war; If. Candidns, 46 Hleecker street; Geo. II nft,C!P Hiowd W.iy. F. H;;aiiRiJiitieri:. UHS Broadway; lien ^tccK, 41 K lentil atreet. For bnxoi apply to 'le**r?. K. Krollpfelffer. 4k rum ' aural, at.d llatilt Uroa., 8H7 Hiiw.lw -v. THE i.XI Ct'TIVR COMMITTEE. Academy hp music.?amy stock km wishing to dltpoaoof J or 4 shares of ?tork at a I ifr j rrn* will liiid a purchaser by addressing M. 17., box >,b49 | rust office, K. Y. Has jo and .? re dam ivi.?ci.oa and iririi jig Dancing taught by JOliS no , AN, 131 Kent iloosion stiert. lerm->i per eourac. Hanjoa at all ptloea. Mats 1 action guaiautre,t. Theatre ticket office. Reserved aeaia for all ttral claaa theatres, conceits, bali*. Ac,, cau nlwaya lie obtair.eil at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, No*. 112 and 114 Hmadtvay. fPHEATRK FRANC A IS.?FRENCH THEATRE TO LET. 1 for oyeninga nr.d matlneea, for operas, drama*, roo rerta, leeiures. Ac., Ac. Apply to Mona. DKIVE1, of 1- rrncb theatre. BIU.IAHDB. AC. HILI IARRN WM. U GRIFFITH OFFERS FOR MAI Jt a aplendid lot of new and wound hand Table*, at greatly redured price*, at hia factory, 1IM Fultan a treat. Billiard tabler-two bxckllkiit % tables for rale. at a bargain. If taken at once. Wall llouaa. Williamsburg. B f?t- A AnE?(IKh, Balletmastbr dTimars' dancinq academy m Weat Fourth atraet. Lessons every day far obiMrea, lad.e- and gentlemen. AU danoaa taught la one quarter; ?lx Uaiicaa In >u private leoanna. ROORE*' DANCINO ACADEMY. Ml BBOOMK AT. All the fhahlonabta Danrea in one course of leeeona. SOIREK EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING BROOKE'S BOOK ON MOD..RN DANCING JUST PUBLISHED. PRICE $1. JH A. MCPHERSON'S DANCING ACADEMY, MS . Howery. Open nil the year round. Classes Tueedny and Friday evening*; alao private elaaaaS Monday and Thuraday evenings and private leaaooa gives every day tn those who wl*b to learn quickly; nil the new danrea taught. Soiree every Monday evening. Raaiilenea 183 Grand atraet 1 hia Hall la let for ball*, aociahlaa, An, on retaonable term*. A LOAN OFFKE8. T 812 BROADWAY BRIDGE, KNOX BCILDINO, DIAMONDS, WATCH Ed. PRECIOUS 8TONB8, BO. TIIIH OLD BHTABLISUr.D OFFICE FATS THE UTMOHT VALUE FOR DIAMOND JBWELRF, WATCHKH, JKWKJ.S, PLATE. PEARLS, AC., OPTICAL INSTROMCNTC, AO.. AC. N. B.-DIAMoNDS. WaTCIIKH, AO., FOR SALE. OFKK'R HOURS FROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. It. RaRRINGEK, 812 Broadway, room No. A AT Ml BROADWAY. CORNER OF BLBRCRKM ?treet. np atalra. the utmost value will be paid for 1)1*. moiid". Watches, Jewels, Hi.verwBi e.Aa. ; or liberal advaacen made on consignment*. Diamond*, Matches, As. for aatn chesn. A. HOMO MAN, Broker, removed from W Nassau ?treat. AmT 817?MONET LIBERALLY ADVANCRD ON DIA ? MoKDH. WITCHES, JEWEI.RV, AC OR THE SAMK BOUGHT FOR GASH. N. B.?I'AWN HROK F.RH1 TICK ETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. AO, at A. H. 8TURTK VANf'8 orfrata office, 817 Broadway, room No. A AT NO. ? TWKNTYTHIRD BTRi.KT, FirnTiTYRNI'B Hotel, the highest prlre psld for Diamond*, Wan-l ee. Ac . or idvanres made on tbo same. ^ aTIIYMAN'3 en BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND J\ "treet, Will pnld the hlRhesl prion (or Dtamoi.oa, Walcbi a and stlrorware, or Will advanca oo lha abnre ?nu rlea AHT MI RROAnWAT.-r PAY Til K HIOIIBHT PRICE* I for Dlamunda, Waubea, Jatvnlrj. Ae.. or advance oa ike oamo. ISAACS, Diamond Broker. _____ Or?If Wattack'* tbeulro. AT Kg PEARC STREET. BKTirHKR IfBW BOWKHT and Praaklln aqnara, LEDKRPR * CO.. adannee "b> ?rally at iwwnliki f rmarm all rainabla property, Watu*o% Jewelry. Diamond*, Jr., or ptii rhaafl A DTARCK8 MADE OH WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEW A a.rr, Dry GoeAa and Penman! rropertj oferery de aerlptmn. J. L JACK HON, 111 tinted Wraet. lara door* ?4 of Btoadway. ADTaNCBB HADE OH DIAMONDS, WATCHEB.EIL. A rerwaro, Font, Una Pnrollnrft, Camela' Hair Hbawlfc Ac., or bought for cakh. Terrna moderate. J. (. COHEN, <36 Broadway, nearly oppoalie Aator placa. AT 77?MONEY LIBERAiXY ADVANCED ON DH A MONO*. WATCHES. JHWIII.RJ. Ac, OB TII8 NAME BOIMHT AT THK HlOMKST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOI/OHT FOR DIAMOND1), WaTCHNH. JKWKLRY. Ac., at 77 Blaaeker atrael. upnUir*. T>AWNBROKER'S TICKET* BOIIuHT FOR DIA r rannda. Walchea, Jewelry, Hilrar Ware, Sllka, Clothing Ac. AIM tha name bought. or adTan?aa autda on them, at 1SB Grand (treet, near Mulberry^ PAWNBROKERS' TICKKTR HOC OUT, OF DIAMONDS, watches, Jewelry, allka Ac or tke goods bought for cask. Abo. moaey adranoad oo ike abaao. Uu Bo wary, *A ?Mr* mb Of? iuoaK