Newspaper of The New York Herald, 25 Mart 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 25 Mart 1867 Page 3
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HAtlHWlrAyiii i^hiim ^ 4 iminoi wamthd-bt a rbbfbotablb AjrWj^ewrU* rau, M wot IU? Apply ailf A mm UKflPECTABLB TOUNO GIRL W18HRB A SfTU-l ^^Lftlon fan Print* family a* mmwIim; can ofaitul owwneclarA Wflpon't machine and la willing u> mU hsr ? I ?If generally useful Addrambox3MHcealdoHteo. | A^m MEAT, COMPETENT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION I to Ao hoasework- la a good oeok and i laundress baa I food city reference. Call at SIM Waat Washington plane, I ?t rear house, second Boor, tbetwo day. I A^m NUMBER OP NELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN ? firla want situations at Mrs. Lewe a German Institute, HBltnlon at., near tho Bowery. A^m OOOD CHANCE FOB A EAST TO BE CARED for by a respectable woman at her own house, who lost her own baby at time of birth?a few day* age; shun* dan* of milk , fee no object. Call immediately at MS East U't at., near 3d ar.. top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO OIRL, AS -/? chambermaid and waitreea, or wo aid be willing to as sist with the washing and ironing; good referenee if re quired; understands ner business perfectly. Can be seen on Monday and Tueaday from 10 to d at 387 Bast 17th St., near TOUNO LADY WHO 8PBAKS FRENCH AND English, accustomed to trarel, wishes to engage with a A _ family going to Europe, as companion or maid. Apply Toes day and Wednesday at3M6thayT A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED LADT. WHO HAS been almost 26 years In this country, and who is able to do all kinds of One needlework end lace mending; can cat and fit ladies' and children's garments; la willing to superintend and assist in faintly sewing; wishes a suitable situation In a private family; wages no object; a good borne wanted. Can be seen at 77 East 4th at., between Bowery and 3d nr. _ FRENCH OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO GO to Europe with a family, to take care of c hildren or at i maid or companion; best reference given. Address .assethav. A TOUNO WOMAN. AGED ABOUT 30, WISHES A situation as saleswoman in a bakery or confectionery More; li-s had several years' experience. Address Margaret. Hind, box 170. Rahway, N. J. Will call Immediately any where in New York or Brooklyn for an interview. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WIDOW WISHES AN engagement as stewardess on one of the a team* Kips go ing to England. Address L. G.,841 Henry St., Btooklyn. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES TO HAKE engagements with ladies for their spring work by the day or week. Call at 84 Bust 28th it., second floor. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES TO WORK out by the day; cgn give every satisfaction in cutting and ladies' dresser. Call at 45 West lath at. A YOUNG AMERICAN OIRL WOULD LIKE A 8IT0 atlon to mind children. Apply at 101H 9th av. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook; Is a good washer and ironcr and excellent baiter; or would go as Laundress; beat of city reference. Call at ii)3 7th av., near Bd at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do ebamberwork and sewing or would go as waitress. Beat of city reference. Can be seen at 143 East 29th at., third floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do ehambcrwork and waiting, or waiting and plain sew ing. Best of city reference. Call for two days at hi West 20th it, front basement. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS waitress. Good c ty reference- Call at 115 Weat 32th *t ARESPECTAHLE WOMAN WANTS a SITUATION AS ftr*t rale cook' is a good baker; willing to assist at wash - a and ironing. Good rel'ureuoe. Call at 176 West lbih sL, ween 7th and lilb avs. AYOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A PLACE AS INFANT'S nurse; is capable of taking entire charge. Has excel lent city reference. Inquire for two days at 17 East Forty Brat street, her present omploycr's. A LADY, LIVING VERY NEAR THE CITY. WISHES to engage as nurse for an Infant, and seamstress; a young Protestant woman; references must be satisfactory In every respect; wages $12. Call last week In March. l>e tweeni^urscfll and 3, at employment office, 3d av., A YOUNG GIRL WI8HE8 A SITUATION AS CHAN bermaid and waitress, or as chambermaid and to do wnabtng and ironing. Can be seen for two days at 17 East 4Htt st., ner present place, ' & YOUNG. Gist WISHES A SITUATION AS J3KAM jHl stress, in a respectable family. Can be seen at SG9 X Madison st., on Monday, after 10 A. M. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD vA cook and baker; willing to do washing and ironing. In n private family. Good reference. Call at 1$ 11th it, near Mm 4 COLORED WOMAN WANTS TO BNOAQE A FEW A families' toe fluting, washing and lronlnv. Call for twe days at 107 West 38d at. Inquire In the candy store. A SITUATION WANTED BT A RESPECTABLE JX. woman to do general housework or chamberwork in a private family; baa good city referenee. Call for two days at 17V East 13th sL, lop floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE woman at first class cook: Is a good baker of bread and pastry; best ef city rcftrcnos given. Gall at 69 West 20th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl ns cook and laundress; understands all kinds of tog and poultry; has the best of cttv referenee. Call at ?I Bain 83d st., second floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE vonng girl, to mind children and do plain sewing, or iberwork. Can bo toon for two days at 364 Wwl 26th at. A8ITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT AND T1DT girl, to do general housework In a email private family; Wro years' reference from ber but plaee. Apply at 311 Eaat BIB it., between are- B and C. A'SITE ATI ON WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, ae chambermaid and seamstress; un deretimla hsfrdrewdus; hae no objections tojdo waiting in a email private family; bat the best or city reference. Call at SBiStb av., near Ibtb at., m the store. A| SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, an first rlasa laundress and to assist with chamber work: has good city reference. Can be seen for twu days at M West 16ib sL, near 8th sr. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WIL son's sewing machine, of over ten years' experience, wishes one or two more families to woik for by the day, week or mouth; underxtanda cutting and making all kinds of ladies' and children's linen; ean furnish best city refer ence. Address Mrs. 8. L., 120 East 40th at. will lie attended to immediately. Terms?Ladles having machines, $3 per day; furnishing machine, 80 cents extra. ARBSPEOTABLB YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, WHO speaks Qetman, Preneh and English, wishes to obtain a place to take care of children In a respectable American family. Appir at 41 East Houston st., basement. Jews seed not apply. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8IT uation as cook; Is a good baker and thoroughly under stands the business; understands French cooking; no ob jection to do the coarse washing. Call at 161 East S2d St., Mrond floor, room 10. Best city reference. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU, stton as cook; no objection to asslstwith the washing aad ironing; best city reference from last place. Call at 3< West 46th St..rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL A8 A chambermaid and waitress or would assist with wash ing; ean do fluting; best of inference. Call at 333 Eaat list st, in the grocery. 4 TO UNO WOMAM WIBHES A SITUATION A8 GOOD A eeok; le an excellent wn.her and lroner; best of city refersnoe. Call at >4 West 30th at. beiwssn 6th and 7th svs. A TOUNO WOMAN WHO MA8 A WHEELER A Wil son machine wiehe* to go out by the daycr week, to epnrate. Can be awn at 336 9th ay., between Wth and Slst ?to., seoODd floor. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 CHAM bermald; baa no objection to go in the o-mntry. Has the best of eity references. Can be sect) lor two days at 133 W?tMdst. . 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHB8 A 8ITU J\. ation as cook, washer and lroner. In a private family; to a good baker, and has good city reference. Can be seen far two days at MB, corner Bib at and 3d ay., in the crockery A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8 ITU A Uon aa chambermaid and waitress, or to <le chamber work and saaist in washing and Ironing or sawing: can do aR kinds of French embroidery. Has beat of city reference. Pan bo aeon at 103 West HKh sL, near 6th av.. sccoad Boor. 4 NUMBER OF WET BURSB8 WANT SITUATIONS. /k at Mrs. HANSEN'S Nurse's Agency. No. 6 6th at., near mmtrj. A MIDDLE AGED GERMAN LADY OF RERI'RCTA bllltjr And great experience (widow* without cli ?llren), wtobes occupation as housekeeper for a gentleman or a lospsctabls private family; canaotbe axceiled In muiaglug any branch of housekeeping; the highest elty rOrsnce given. Address .173 3d av., near 36th st. over the iatkery, I rat floor. 4 SITUATION WANTED?IIY A RESPECTABLE J\ young girl, as cfaamberrmld and ws'tress. Can be seen at ber last employer's. 33 West Washington place, on Mon day, between the boars of 10 A. M. and 3 P. V. A SITUATION WANTED-BY V RESPECTABLE Wo man, as first class cook In a privets lamily; has no ob jortion to go a small distance In the country: best of city reference can be given. Call at 166 West 87th ?t. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOTNG OIRL, Aft chnmhermind and waitresst^ax the best dly reference. Call at OSS 2d av . between 14th anil 33th ate., in the store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PER son. to mind children ind do nUIn sewing. or would do ehambcrwork and mind a babr; the nest of city referencs from ber last plaro. where she baa Uved for over four years. Call ai 113 West 13th sL, In the rear, for two days. A mm PROTESTANT GIRL?LATELY LANDED, WANTS a sltnsilnn aa laundress In a private family. Call at or addreea 231 West Ititb si. In the tear, for two days. AM TOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and to take care of children; haa the best otty reference. Call at No. 1 316 Broadway, corner of 4 ith at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO OIRL, AS nurse; Is w illing to do light chnraberwork; Is rery kiiffl and obliging; good city reference. 84 West 40th at. a COMPETENT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A waitress In a first class family; good reference given. Inquire at 93 West IHth at, between flth and 7th svs. COOK WHO THOROUGHLY UNDERSTANDS 1IF.R bualness wishes employment In a private family or boarding bouse; wages moderate; good city reference. Ap ply at 34tl 16th st., between 6th and 7th svs. COOE S SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY COM peteni person; Is a good baker, and will assist withi the washing If required; has the best of dtv referenee. Csl at 133 3th St., Clinton place, near 6th av., lu the store, for two ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU tton as chambermaid ind laundress; n? objection to ?j m nhort dltitavwe in th? country; rtfertnee. Oatl it SS7 iftth ?t, IHh _ ARESPRCTABL* OIRL WISHES A A? cook and to assist with the washing ami ironing, has the best city referenee. Csa he <ett for twe dayg at w we?' BUB IR rm, AH RKirKCTAllJ TOUXO WOMAN WISHES A SITU ^Bllita h K5K5lHi ?? "? ?' ffgyApply *> 18> BastIk iC A IBIPROTABU WOMAN WISHES TO HATE THE ?A >uklu?rfawUlMAtSw*nrMtdMoeot |?Mlr Se defi beetaity refer?ce. Call ?l 499 Bast 191k m. 4 SITUATION WANTED?NT A RESPECTABLE young girl, u nurse; will take entire charge of ? babr. Muilu with chambarwurk: haa the best of refers?* Call for two days at 9SI Beat IStb si., MwUt at., eecoad ?oor. AH RESPECTABLE UIKI. wishes a situation in a private family a? good plain cook, wather and ironer; ia a good baker. baa eight years' reference from bar last plana. Uall at 335 9fe*t?that. AH RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANT8 A 9ITUA-I | tlan aa chambermaid and plain aaa mat real. Can bp aeen for two days at SIS Weat 17th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid; ta willing to aaai?t with fine naahiuit and iroulng; best city refemnce. Call for two liar a at 342 East 13th el., near lat sr., aacoud Hoar. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ia a amall private family; la a good plain cook, washer and Ironar. Call at CM 3d ay. RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WIDOW WONAM l wishes to go out to work by the dev. or would take In thing. Call at Ml 23d at., between 7ib and 8th are.. In the rear. A YOUNO WONAN WISHES A SITUATION WITH A private family, aa obambormaid and waitress, or aa chambermaid and laundress; is willing and obliging; tire year* city reference from her last place. Can be aeen at ltd Eaat 22d at. A OBHMAN GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO AC A company a family going to Europe, a* nurae; sneaks German and English fluently. Address for three days R. K? In care of A. Krtdeberr, No. 1 av. A, between let and Hone ton eta. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT. nation; L? a good plain cook; would mailt Willi the waabing and ironing; ia a good bread and biscuit maker; the best of city inference. Call at 337 West 25th at, near 2th ar. A SITUATION WANTRD-RY A COMPETENT PER. son. as chambermaid and waitress or waitiug alone; has good city reference. Can be seen at 3418th ay., between 21st and 33d ate. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ation aa plain cook, washer and Ironer in a private family; la a good baker, and haa good city reference. Call. for two daya at 108 IVeat 19th ht., between lith and 7th ava., aenond floor. A SUPERIOR LAUNDRESS DESIRES FAMILY AND gentlemen's waabing; all kinds of fine washing and fluting done; boat of reference given. Call at or address 161 W eat Uiith at., between 7th and 8th ar.i.. third floor. A COMPETENT SERVANT WISHES A SITUATION to do kitchen work or general housework; baa no ob jection to idly or country; la a good plain oook and an eicek lent washer and Ironer; bus good city reference. Can be gem for two days at '92 East 11th at., near av. B. A YOUNO AMERICAN* GIRL DESIRES TO GO OUT dressmaking In private families, or as seamstress by the dav or month. Call at or address 164 West 30th St., be iwten Tihj.pd 8th ava. . - v.? . * RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITU aiion lo do i hamberwork and waiting: has no objec tions to go to die country for the summer. Ilea the bast of city reference from her last place. Call at 91 West 19lh at., between fltli and 7th ar*., in the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG (7IRL WISHES A SITUA turn to do general housework, In aamall private family. Haa good city reference. Can be aeen for two days at 135 Leroy si. A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS 4 SITUA tiou as waitress, in a private family: would have no ob jections to go in the country for toe summer. Best of reter ?hH. ? ? ? ? ? ? enee. Call atSl West 12th n.. between 6th and 6th are, top floor. A FRENCH LADY WISHES TO FIND A SITUATION in a family composed of two persons; the understands cooking and ironing. Call for two daya at 88 Bayard at., third floor. A SITUATION WANTED BT A YOUNO OIRL TO DO light housework or vhamberwork mid take care of children; has good city reference. Call or address 80 Charlton at., near Hudson. A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE i\ girl aa chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and toaaaistln the washing, or wonld take ogre of children; good city i efere nee. Call at 338 West 32d at., between 7th and 8th a vi. * ^ SITUATION WASTED PTRSTCLASS CHAM; bermaid; <au do up ail kind* of ImIIm' fineries and fluting; will co to the country with a family: boat city refer ence. Call at 411 2d ?v., newt 24th ?<., second floor. aafJanftfr*"1 "-e&sss: crts,1: An active touno woman dbwrkr a situa tiou as first class laundress; will assist In chamber work; lias four rears'city reference; will no to the country with a family. Call at 4ll 2d sr.. near 24th sk, second floor. al har employer's^ ?Kh et!T?!I?8d a^'*" * A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young woman, as cook and to assist with the washing; has good reference from her last place. Call at 242 Sd nr., near 23d sk. In the crockery store. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young girl, 17 years of age, to mtnd a baby or do light chamnerwork; city reference. Call at 888 West tilth st. ASs Nl'RRE.?AN ELDERLY WOMAN BAB LIVED fft I Eastland for many years as nnrse; thoroughly under-1 stands the care of a baby from ita birth or mowing ? hildren: can make herself generally uaeful If required, Addreee A. C.. 172 East 31st sC corner 2d ay. jy SITUATION WANTED-BY _ A RESPECTABLE _ . young girl, as chambermaid and waitress; has the beet of city reference. Inquire at 326 'Vest 42d St., between 8vh snd 9th sv?., first floor. t SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A. young woman, as laundress: has good city reference from Iter last pln?.c. Call at 43fi West 26th St. A SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND A waitress or as chambermaid and 11 assist in washing snd Ironing; can take the entire uharge ol children. Call for two days at 139 East ?M St., between 2d arid 3d are. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion as chambermaid and waitress or to take care, of eblldreik and do plain sewing; Is willing to assist in any other work; gold etiy reference. Call at 342 We*', iflth si , between 8th snd 9th avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA tion to do chamberwork and assist at washing and ironiug; good reference from last place for two year" Call for two days at 32 West 44th st.. heiween 51 h and 6th avs , first fioor. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN wishes a situation as wet nnrse; hss a fresh bressi of milk. Call at Lf>7 West 27th St.. between 6ih and 7tb ays, (ront house, room No. It. A A SITUATION A8 i'Ham 22.1b!M: [* w,,il"* travel TX'lZ? *nd lo take care0"f CaJffai0. country; <?|tT refermi?^7 ?r f" * ?hurt 'lis. all for two days st &4g 2d av^SO?,^ from ?=r la.t place. A A BIWATIOM A^OOK St ?Ud:W'*3SrsaiA'suka^ I* av., third floor, hack room. E"?t "th sk, qear A RESPECTABLE OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION IN a small private family; 1* a good cook, washer and lroner; best cUv reference. Call at 40 2M ak, between 4th end Madison ays. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as servant to a lady, at home or to trarel; Is strong and healthy; not liable le sea sickness; has a good knowledge of housework; hss good refe enco. Call on or address C. 0., 306 East 24lh st., near 2d ay. A FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION IN A private family: understand# soups, pastry end made dishes lo European style; la a good baker; has good refer ence; no objection to eity or country. Address H. B., 206 Bast ?4th *k. near 2d sr., up etalw. XOOK AND WAITRESS.?APAMILY BREAKING UP housekeeping desire to find situation* for two faithful girlsTu whom the" feela peivonallnleresk Both.can bo seen from 9 to II o'cloak only at 170 6th ay., c , corner 23d sk WAAMILIKS 8UITBD IMMEDIATELY WITH CAPABLE r servants, at Carpenter'* larp emntorment oflee, (es tablished 15 year*) IMIltksk. c<*ner of 6th ay. HOUSEKEEPER'* POSITION WANTED-BY AN American woman, In a hotel or private family; or would take ebaren ?f linen or storeroom: thoroughly esperi encell In the atvlwe capeeity. CaU for two day. at IS fast !Ud ?k, room 14. INFANT'S KURSK.?AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT woman Of eiperience wants a situation to lake charge of a chTld OTsmall tbildren. Call at room 43 Clarendon Hotel, 4th av. i MISS MELVIN GOBS OCT BT THE DAY OR WEEK with hrr own wwini nicblM, WhwUir St Wilson 11 doe* all kind* of family sewiug. also cutttng and fitting. Call at or addre.t Ski West 26th ak, New York. Monthly nurse.-wanted, by an rxpe rlencod lady, a few more engagemrnbe**"? J*?* ence; or to attend an invalid. Call at or address Mrs. Dick eon. 116 Allen *t, nesr Delancoy. ?ARls EX POSITION.?A GERM AN WOMAN, A RESI ? dent of Pari, for seven yyar*. de.lrea a attnaUon an In terpreter and guide to a party or family abmit travelling; has travelled In Swltaerland, F.i'^snd and France; Js not sea rick. Call on or addrese E. tt., 212 Hudson sk, Hobo ken, N. J., all the week. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIKL, O to do general housework; l? a geod plain cook and gnod washer and lroner . good lefercnce. Call at 901 Esri 31 ?t at SITUATION WANTED-BT A REBPBCTABLB Wo man. a* nurse and chambermaid, or to do plain (earing and willing to mate herself useful In any way; no objection to go a short dl.tanee In the country. Has good reference. Call el DM 2d av., between SOth end 21st at*. SITUATIONS WANTED BT TWO TOUNO WOMEN, one as cook snd to aaelst In the washing and Ironing; the other a* chambermaid and seam .trees; would assist In the oar* of children; no objection to the cwtjtryj rlty reference given. Cell rat two days at 186 w est 12th ak, between rilh and Vtn avs. (SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIR.fJ O t" do general housework In a private faanly; beotel-7 reference, Call for two day. at 21 Charles sk SITUATION WANTED-BT A PIR?T ^SSCOOK; O underrisnda her business thoroughly In si/It. branches. Best rlty ief*r*tirei>. Call for two days ?t W91*tav., be twoen 14tb and ISth la. Situations wanted by two young women, nw? a* Art! elim? eook. *od the ether *?****** and lroner; no ohj?iett?tm to the wastry; rerere?ee. fan )m ween for two day* at ftft 7th ??.? eeTtttr Wth it. SMTUAtlON WANTED-BT A BKSPKCTABM1 YOUNG | woman; is a first rale cook; would asalat with washing snd Ironing; best city reference; no ohiectl"" to go a abort dl.tanee in the country. Cfll ot 1M IVtk Ik, bglwepp Bth m BTk. 9tmi ?HV. tarn I*m> . r\ v> 1 ?? SITU ATIOIT ? WAIfTED?raMALBS. QITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBBBM AID ASD P. wUmi MS assist la washing and ironing: goon Oily tlfkWM. Call afar U ay., third Soar. QITUATION WASTED?BT A RESPECTABLB PROT O teatanl wnmi; la a Aral daaa cook, and audaralaada cooking la all ita branches: hat a trat data reference. Cm bo aata tor two day* at lit lat sr., between 13th and 1Kb SITUATION WASTED?BY A GOOD PL A I* COOK. 4 J waahcr and ironar. or will aaalat a* chambermaid; food city reference. Call at US Bant 34th at..firtl floor. _ fTlWO TBBT RESPECTABLE GIRLS WAST S1TUA L tlona, one to eook. wash and Iron; the other to do ehaiMbarworfc and waiting, or ehamborwork and plain aaw tng. In aamallpnaato tamtly; good dt> reference Call for two daya at MS Want Mth at. rO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS WISH SITU A tlona; ona as oaok. washer and Irouer. (ha other t? ile np stairs work, in aamall private fsmllr. Beat oily refer enoa. Call at 673 fid sr., between Slat and itld sis. TIT ANTE D?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO VV do plain eooktag and washing and ironing, or will do ral bouaework in a small family; good city leforenre. bo soon for two days nt ltd 3d nr., near lbth at., second TITASTBD?BY TWO OBLIGING AND COMPETENT TV young women, sisters, to do the work of a small pri rale fatally, or one would go as laundress and (he other ns chambermaid and waitress; would prefer to go h short d ts tanoe in the country. Call for two daya at 344 Ea?t 33d at., near lat a?.. brat door, back room. TXTAKTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG AMERl VV can woman, a situation as wet nurse: good reference. Cull at 4S4 7tli nr., corner of 30th at., second floor, back room. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT GIRL. A 8ITUA tlon ns seamstress and to assist In rhsmherwork. Call aliO Weal 33d si., where good reference will be found. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A RE Ye rpectabie woman; good oitr reference: will go a abort distance in the country; Maicu fslanj preferred. Call for two days ai 183 6tli ue.. In the rear. TtTANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY English woman: fa a good plain cook. and Honor; has no objection to dogenrvul housework ill a small prlTste family. Can be seen for two days at 3d 8th ar. TIT ANTE D?RY A RF?PECTABT E PROTESTANT YT young woman, a situation as mux! oook; ts willing 10 assist In the washing; has no objection to a small private boarding bouse; has the beat of ettv references, (an be seen for two days at 4263d sr., between Slsl and 33d sts.. in the millinery store. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT 4 RLE young girl, as waitress or cbambermntd ami waitress; good city reference given. Can be seen for two dues at 133 West 13th at, near 7th ar. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, SOBER, STEADY woman, washing at her own house or to go out ny the day to wash or do house cleaning; best olty reference. Call ell the week at 308 West 45th St., between 9th and 10th h?h. TIT ANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN, A Tf situation sa laundress; does French fluting; thorough, ly understands her business; no objection to rhambarwork ; best city reference frmn last place. Call at 308 East 9th ?t., second floor, back room. WANTBD-BY A LADY, A SITUATION AS BOOK, keeper; g iod reference given. Address A. B. 11, station G. "11TANTED-BY A SUPERIOR 8EAM8TRESS, AN EN tt gagement to do plain and fancy needle work: also to cut and or ladies1 and children's garments, at home or at employer's residence three days In each week. Call at or address 119 5th. at., fourth floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK IN A HOTEL OR VV large boarding house, by a woman that fully under stands plain pastry and meat cooking In all IU liraiich"s: would prefer to go a short dlstanoe In the country. Cull at 40 Pitt tt. south door. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRTBD LADY, who lost her own child at ita birth, an infant to wet nurse at her own residence: plenty of milk and perfectly health v. Csll on oraddreaa Mrs. Reynolds, A) Jones St., near Bleeckcr, west of flth ar. WASHING WANTED-BY AN EXCELLENT LAU.V dress, who does (luting and all kinds of finery, lace curtains, equal to new; also family washing carefully done oti reasonable terms. Call on Mrs. Cain, 339 West 28th at., first floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, A BITUA tion aa lady's maid and seamstress or to travel with a family. Can be aeen any time for a week at 371 Blocker at WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. A SITUATION ascuok; good reference. Apply nt Hi West 27th at., roost 10. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO YY man, a situation as children's nurse: none but parties of the highest respectability need apply at 31 Gouvernewr at., comer of Henry. fYTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO YY man, e eltnatfon as nurse; can cut and III children'a dresses; can give good referenoe (two year*and four months) from her last place. Can be aeen for two dnya nt 333 Went 35th at., between 8th and9th av*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY glrl, to do chnmherwnrk and plain sewing or ehamber work and fine washing: good city reference. Call at 36 East ltlh at., near Broadway. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa ehaMbermaid and waitress or to do gen eral housework in a small family. Can be seen at 387 west 38<! *L, between 9th and 10th avs. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV girt, aa chambermaid and waHres* or to cook, waah and iron in a small family. Call at 127 East 38th st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE girl, as chamberm*id sod to uilit to waihln; end ironing. Apply lit 1,296 3d av., near 8lat *1., over dry good* ?tore, for two day*. ?fTTAHTED?BT A RKSPFCTAFI.E WOMAN. THE TT washing am! Ironing of A tew gentlemen; understand* her bnstnea* thoroughly. Appljr to Catherine Kennev, It'j Baxter *t. WANTED?A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS AND TO do liglit chamherwork: can operate on Wheeler nn?l W llkon * machine; I* willing to go In the country. Apply for two day* at 131 F.**t 32d at., room IS. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOU NO OIKI.. TO do general housework with a amnll private famllv; eltv relcrenie given, Call for two day* on Mr*. Dairy. 72 11th av., In the rear. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE OIRI.S. KITUA tions, one a* fir*t claa* cook, the other a* first cla>? latindreM or chambermaid; wi*h ?ituatkin* in the ??m houae; have the he?t rliy refcrem-o lroin Inat place. Cull at 3!G6Ui av.. between 21th and 26lli ?tr. WAXTED-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS IN \ private family hy a voting girt who fully understand* washing in all it* branches. Can he aeon fv two day* at the retiiUenee of her pre*ent employer, 2M Weat 2l*t ?t., from 10 to 2. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YT girl a* rook. wavher and Iron** in a private famllv; the beat reeommendailon from her laat place. Arplv at 320 Eaat 11th *t. WANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMAN A SITUATION AS chambermaid ami to do hue washing; underaland* fluting: or chambermaid and to do plain <ewlnc: can nperute on Wheeler A Wllano a machine; good refeience. Call at M Weat IStli *t. TXTANTF-D?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE " voting girl, a* chamhermaal or to take care of chil dren; beat reference given. Call at or addreaa C. J. Shre han corner of 67th ?t. and Ulb av. Wanted?by a respectable widow lady, to goont by ihe day a* ream*trc*a In a (expectable family. Can do all kind* of sewing and braiding and chil dren's clothing. Call at HI Fifth atreet, tceond floor. WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN A situation a* llrat elaaa cook in a (mall private family: nnderttandaall klnda of good ranking; ba? the beat of city reference from her last employer*. Apply for two davt at 74 Weat 20th St., near Cth av.. In the rear. TITAN TED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TV yonng girL a* cook, washer sod Ironer; good reference rom her last place. Can be seen for two days at 208 West ffllh St.. near 7th av. WANTF.D-A SITUATION BY A RRSPP-t table young woman, as cook: witling to sasiat with thSUraab ng and ironing. Call at 183 Mulborry st. jop jloor. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH LADY, YY who Is aeenstomod to travel, a aliuation as lady's mold or child's nurse; also by a young girl, as lady * maid and sonmstrosa, to trovol with a family to Europe^ Beat of elty refsreooo eon be given. Call for two days at Sffl 2d av., up gtalrs. sotrancs in XVI si. ___ UTANTED?BY A FIRST CL'ASS LAUNDRESS. SOME YT gentlemen's wonhlng nt bar own home; will do tbem up in tba boot manner, or taba _ladle* washing and fluting. Good city reference. Call at 181 Yt est 20th si., flrsl floor, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and waitress or chamber maid and nurse; good elty reference from lost place. Can bo aaan at 1? West 33d at, front house. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to do general housework; best city refer ence. Can be seen at her proem eui ploysr's, 401 fitk av. W??ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A 8ITUA tlon as chambermaid and seamstress or to do house work In a small private family; Is willing to make herself usefnl in any way required. Call at Mrs. W hyte a, 87811 est 17th St.. near 9tb av. WANTBD-BY A BUPF.RIOR NURSE, WITH EXCEL lent elty references, a situation In the pity or country; would take charge of an Infant from lis birth; sews neatly; wagM 810. Call at 191 (new No. .117) East 21st at. WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, WITH EX rellent city reference, a situation in the city or country; understand* all kinds of baking, psrtry, sonp* and fancy dlahe*. Call at or address 192 new No. 217* East 21 st at WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SIT I uation In a respectable family as chambermaid nr waitress, or to do housework In a *mall prlvaio family; ha* the best cltr reference. Call at or addles* lor two days 237 West 1Mb at. WANTED BT A TOUNO OIRL-A SITUATION TO DO general housework In a small private family. Can give lho best of reference. Call at ."SO We?t 32d st for three days. YlTABHtNO.?WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE WO TT man, the washing of four nr more gentlemen: is a flrsl rate washer and Ironer; city rtrereuce. Coll si 72 lllh av., in the rear. WASHING WANTBD-BY A COLORED LAUNDRESS, ot her own homo. Inquire at 197 West 33d si Good reference given. Inquire In the store. WAHMINO WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, who understands all kind* of famllv washing, and can do fluting. Gentlemen's washing > *irf*11 r done, t all for one weak ot ITS West Slot ok, top floor, back room, be tween 7th end Sth ova. _____ WASHING AND IRONING WANTBD-RT A RESPECT TT eblo woman, ot her own house, or to go out hytheday.

Good etly reffrsnoe. Cell at 1?7 S8d at, between 7ib and 8ih ?dotty __ i., In the grocery store. NU set iNMUWi ET NURSE.?WANTBD, A SITUATION, BY A RE ?peetable wtdbw who has lost her own baby; has good reference Apply ot 17 Ludlow at, soer Canal, in the mo w H1LP WiKTCD-VMALES. A DRESSMAKER WANTED?TO 00 TO KENTUCKY: A ?>? who aadaraUada rutting uPtilloi, ami arbo ujuld lake an lira charga or lha buatnaaa; good raferaaca roqalred. Call fraaa ? ta T P. M., at room 49. Preaoatt Houaa. for four dajs. ^ AWT LADT DESIRING A PATINO MTRIKRM OR pleasant paitim* occupation, ahnuld laara pboiagrapk ootoriua. iaai ruction thorough ami rapid. Tor particular* call on Mil# Read. 746 Broadway. fflfc A MIDDLE AQED WOMAN WANTED?IW A SMALL. JV qnlel family. in d > genaral housework; mu?t ba wall recommended and alrb Uf hones:. aooa others need op Inqnlrn at ST Pulton t.. up ataua. from 3 ta 6 o'clock French nurse wantbd-a tot-no woman, ca pab'.e of taking rata of a child of eighteen naoatha. and who i? a good eeamstress. Reference required. A pal/to HI 7th nr.. bet wee u IJih and 16th at*. Good milliners and trimmers wanted Steadv work, and v ages no object, at K. DRl'CKER'S, X'.i Division at. T ADIE8 WANTED-FOR TEACHING. COPTING AND U otlinr business, and as correarondenta in each Stale and town. All mutnallv interested address, with stamp, lue Ladies' Union, US Broadway. Wanted?a frotestant cook; one who can bring good referenoe*. Call, bei weeu 9 and 11 o'clock, at No. 8 West 29th St. for two days. rjrranted?in a small family, a good cook TV who can waeh and irou. None but Protestant*, with good citr references, need call. Applv at 218 West 95th si., beiwesn 7th and 8tk are., between 1(1 and S o'clock. ANTED?A COOK; MUST HAVE GOOD REFER once. Apply nt 41 Oroya sL w WANTED-A GOOD COOK AND LAUNDRESS IN A amall family. Apply, wtlhgood references, at 241 Waat 54th at., between 9 A. M. and 1 P. M. \ir ANTED?t NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS: O * T preferred that can operate on a Wheeler A Wilson nu WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE FOR A young child, and a laundress who understands fluting. Apply at 16 West :(3.1 it., from 11 to 1. WANTED?A WOMAN FOR FAMILY SEWING: MUST understand dressmaking. Call ?l. 191 West 42d St., between Broadway aud 6th av. City reference required. WANTED?LADIES TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPH PA1NT ing, Ivorvtypr. I'm-sefvne. Historical Land scape. Flower*; alio W ax Flowers, Drawing. Bora taught sepa rately. Eveiylhing furnished. Palming* for sale. Apply at 165 Sixth avenue. flfANTED?TWO PROTESTANT WOMEN; ONE AS Tr rook and laundress ami one a* < Itanrbermaid and waller. 497 West '.'1stat., between 9th aud 10th avs. WANTED-A TO UNO GIRL, 18 OR 20 YEARS OLD. to atioml store and do light house work, good city re ference. Apply at 761 6th av. WANTED?A PERSON WHO THOROUGHLY UN dci the nuking up of laee and illusion good*; none but those who nre competent uoed apply at George Richmond'*, 788 Broadway. TgTAMTHD?A GERMAN GIRL. TO TAKE CAKE OK TT a baby and make herself centrally useful. Apply at 728 Greenwich at., N. Y., between 11 A. M. and 3 P. M. ONE . lUo chine. Apply at 19) Lexington av., after 9o'clock. TXTANTED?A FIRST CLASS WAITRESS, TO GO TO II Staiea Island; none but those fully competent nurd nnplv. T1 c best riiy ri fcrcni-e* re.iulred. Call at 59 West 29th at, from I until3. on Monday, 3&lh. WANTED?A GIRT,. AS GOOD COOK, WASHER AND inner, will n; to do the whole of the geucnl house, work for a small private fimilv. good reference required. Apply at 11 West 46th si., from 9 to 12 o'clock. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN. AS IN fnnt's nurse and plain sewer: one willing to travel to Europe; best of city rel'crcucee required. Apply at 70 AT ? *1 4iM street, between II and S o'clock. flf ANTED?TWO STEADY GERMANOIRI.S: ONE TO TT rook, wash and Iron; tho others* ehanilierriiaid and ?o make herself generally useful. Apply before 2 o'clock ut 566 Fifth nr., corner of 49th *L WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND 1RONER: must hate citv reference. Call frotn 10 A. M. to J P. M. at 16 AVest 39th st. WANTED?A FTRST CLASS TRIMMER. TO TRIM ON dresses; only a jierfect one need apply. BSEastl t'.u si. (Union square), upstairs. WANTED-TWO GIRLS;- ONE TO COOK, WASH AND iron: and the other as chambermaid end waitroset Ihey must fully understand their business and have the.brst city recommendations; wage* respectively $12 and $H> Ap ply bet ween 11 and 1 o'clock at 160 East 43th it , near Lex ington, av. "XITANTED?LADIES TO 'SELL THE MOW USEFUL TT article In the market. $6 to $8 per day made easily. Call at 491 Broadway, room No. 6. WANTED?A noon OOOK AND TO ASSIST IV THE washing. City reference required. Call at 44 West 32d it., bat wee 11 the bourn of 10 auu 12. WANTED?A QIRL AS WAITRESS AND PLAIN sewer; ctty reference required. Apply between 1U and 11 o'clock at 44 West md at. WANTED?A NI'RSE AND 8EAMKTRESR; REST OK city rerrrence requ red. Apply between 9 and 12 o'clock at 18 28th at. TIT ANTED?A TIBY. RESPECTABLE GIRL TO TAKE Vr care of an Infant and do plain newing. Apply im mediately at ihe railroad office, 2S9 Broadway, Comer Park place. References required. WANTED?A FIRST Ct.ASR COOK, WASHER AND lrouer: also, a chambermaid; aialers preferred. Ap ply at 44 Kail Sjlli at.. New York. WANTED-AN ACCOMPLISHED I.ADT'S MAID. French preferred. Apply for two day a before oee o'clock, at room 25, Brevoori Honae. WANTED?A OOOD COOK. WASHER AND IHOXER TV for a email family: nur?' hare good references. Call at 122 Leilngion sr., Ic-rore 12 V. SITUATION* WAVTED?IIALE*. A CAPABLE VOl'NO MAN OP 21 TEARS SEEKS employment; a good aalaaman and fignrer, c-vperirn-ed In gr?,"eijr. produce, fruit*, shipping provisi >na, Ac.- aim a thorough shipping, ritoeiyiii" an I freight eierk, yery beat icfrrcn' e?. Address John. Herald ofln-e. \ COLORED MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS waller In a private m- public house- uneteeplionabln reierencea given fiom la?t employer*. Call for thr--e dnya at 21 h Weak 16th au An i xmmxoro writrr wiimn t situation aa clerk. < nnvilt <>r aavi-nanl liqokkeeper. lir.a hilcly ar rived from the old country. Address a In hundwrliiiig, bo* 222 llernld oftu-c. A young man, 21. speaks German and English, wauta a situation; ia a good penman, and not partlenlar about the anlary to < eminence with; reference riven Address Fiaiiklin, station II. \man and with want a sm ation as pibst rlasa rook and waller. The wife i? i-apnhle of d-ilng any kind of conking, French or Kngl'ah. or would take charge of u house for a family. Apply a*. No. 4 Weat'dlat at. CITUATION WANTED?4S ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER O lor would be willing to vrve III any capacity wherein he ronld make himself naefnl), i>y a yenng man fully com petent. Nitisfartoiy references given. AddressAeiustaiil, llcrald office. WANTED -> SITUATION AS VAI.KT: would PRE. fer to travel; knows well the <-ontinent of Europe. References ^Ivri.. Addrgae T. B , <81 Myrtle avenue, three doors from Naetrand, Brooklyn. WAVTBD-BY A COMPETENT YOU NO MAN. THE EN tire charge of a farm, being wail qualified for the same, or aa coachman, haying a thoiooglt knowledge ol horses, or aa porter. Beat city rrfoierrea. Address J. L., station U. riftCIIME'l ADD UARDKYEKS. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young man. aa coachman, who thoroughly underaiands hlabnaineaaln allots branches; beet reference given. Apply for two daya at MP Pearl at AYOCMO MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRT vata family aa roac-htnan; rati produce good reference; has no objection to going to the enuniry. Can be teen at 99 Carl I at. Biooklyu. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COACHMAN, BY A SIN. gle man; lias good i-lly reference. Call at the private stable, II Weat 27th al A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE colored man. aa coachman; can give beat of elty refer* enre. Call at or addrete 147 Kast 32d at, near Leilngton sr., third floor, front. Coachman.?a young englishman wishes a alt nation aa Coachman, or take card of a road team: naa bad experience: good references. Call on Walter. 79 Bleeck er at, in the harness store. situation WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND OAR O dener, by a married man without family, ha under, etands hla business and has worked in good places; hat th e heat of reference. Can be seen fer two day* at 140 East Sbtli at., between 2d and 3d ara SITUATION A8 GARDENER WANTED-OOOD REE erenoegiven. AddreasJ. K., bo* 310 Herald ofllce. WANTED-A SITUATION Al COACIIMAN AND " groom. In the city or country. Reference lor fire years from hie but employer. Inquire for three daye'atCi East 14th at. WANTED-BY A SCOTCHMAN, A SI Net LB PROTEST, ant man. a all nation aa coachman and groom; under stands hla business: willing and obliging and has drat class reference, city or country. Address if. B., Herald office. WANTED- SITU Al ION S BY A YOI'NO MAN AND wife; the man aa coachman and groom or gnrdener. Ac.; thewlfe aa capable cook, washer and Ironer, or aa general ser vant; both are fully rap.ihle, reliable and neat, and very will ing, and can be highly recommended. Apply al 121 Atlantic al., Brooklyn. WANTED?AS COACIIMAN AND GARDENER TO GO to Orange, N. J., a col ued man who nan come well recommended. Address, with leferoucea, box 4U2 New York Post ofll'ie. CI.BRKS AM) haLRHMRK. AUKS I'EOI MILK VOl NO MAN OF EXPERIENCE and education, who ran glee ftrit class city and other references, wishes a all nation aa bookkeaper, assistant book keeper, entry clerk or In any clerical capacity In a mercan II" house. 'Address W. O,, fferald office. A SPLENDID OPENING FOR ANY ONE, MALE OR female, wishing the most pleasant, light and profitable business Apply at Bartleti'a Reversible .sewing Manhlne Depot, Hfl9 Broadway. A YOUNG MAN WHO WRITES A FAIR It AND WANTS a situation In aotne wholesale house aa general rlerk or salesman; good reference from last employ era. Addresa J. J. R., box 28 Herald office. MEN'B PURNHtniNG GOODS SALESMAN WANTED? By an Importing house. With one that can influence a l4r*t 12^5 * favorable arrangement will bM made. Addreaa box 3,997 Poet offleo. PAPER HANGING.?SALESMAN WANTED. ON LIRE ral terma Only those perfectly acquainted with ike elty and eunntry trade need addreea. Peel office box 4.MA WANTED-an EX PR RI RNCBD~TRAVELLER FOR the ladies' trimming line to go Weet; on commission only; one travelling with some other corresponding goods preferred. Apply to J? Howard at. ( LBBKI ADO MLIIMllr. fANTED?A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER W^HA.NTED-A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OK ? raslilsr in a banking house, by a gentleman thorough!/ acquainted in ersry branch or exchange, gold and stock* bull nana, and who tpoaka aararai lengnigM Boat nfir ?noes glren. Addiet? F L., Harald i WAKTED-A SITUATION AS DRUG CLERK. WITH "" a *nw to learning tho business, by a graduate of medical deportment, Bowdoia Collego. class Id; haa had ona yaar'a experience iu civil practice, and two years' ae Assistant Surgeon, IT. H. A; Mtuatiea with opportunities for preacribing in iha oitlco preferred: testimonials of charactar if required Addieu K. E. 0iU, Assistant Eur goon. U. S. A., Brnuawick, tioorgta. WANTED-aN ACTIVE OUTDOOR SALESMAN FOR the city and to make oecaeional tripa to country, to tail on communion or salary and commission: inuat be wall acquainted with ahirl buyers Addreea. stating torme, 8. Harald o4k?. f ANTED?IN A TEA AND SUGAR STORE. AN EX pertenoed dark; German preferred: muet liaeeeity re fare 11 co front former ompiover. Apply from 9 to 10 o'clock tkia morning to D. Hoff, No. :fci New Canal it. HELP MI ANTED?BALKS. A GENTS WANTED-TO CANVASS STEEL BN XX. grnrlngs, uattoual nod religious pioturee. Anp!) to Lyon A McOuineas, 486 lid *v., for four dnye. N. B. ?To good men liberal Induoemente will bo given. A LL VOUNO MBN WISHING EMPLOYMENT SHOULD XI call at U18 Broadway, room 19. corner Pultun m Ke tabliahed uuder Ibtt patronage of merchants. Information free. L YOUNG MAN. HAVING ?*?. UNDERSTANDING the liquor business, end williug lo leave the city, can cure a very deairable situation by addressing Henry, Her i oflice. A FOOTMAN WANTED?ALSO, AN BXPBBIEKCED waltertnan who speaks French. Apply at employment office, 138 Eleventh st.. corner Sixth nr. A -TWENTY FMtST CLASS ADVKBTI8IRQ AGENTS wanted Immediately. A new and novel mode of ad vertising. None need apply bat experienced men JOOST A SCnOiiLEY. 171 Broadway, room No. 7. Agents wanted-in every county through natthe Union io sell a new invention wanted every where, coats35 cents; county and Stale rivbte for sale. S1IALER A CO., S) Clifl etreot. GENTS WANTED?TO SELL PICTURES. NEW AND L attractive; wi.l sell easily both in city end country. tIASKIKS A CO,. .16 Beekraau street. ALL DESIRING IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT CALL this day at 61 Broadtvuy, room HI. bookkeepers, sales men, rlerke, waiters, porters, farmers, gardeners, bartend er*. coaehinen. At est Broadway, room 10. wanted this dak, 6 clerks, 4 copyists and S porters, immediate employ ment ihis day. Bartender wanted?a young man between 16 and 17 years old to attend bar; unexceptionable references required. Apply after 10 o'clock at 633 Hudson street. Directory oanvassers.-one hundred first rate canvassers wanted, for Gopslll's Newark City Hi rcolorv: practical band* preferred. Apply at No. 1 Exchange ' tiding, Jcrer- " ? pla?-r,'First National Bank, building, Jersey City, top floor, on Monday, from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. rilO CANVASSERS.?A NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS 1 canvuasers me wanted for the "Mercantile Agency United Slates Directory." A liberal remuneration will >>e afforded for first etuss men. Address W. Dowman, 62 Greene St., New York, Applicants can be seen only afte.r 2 P. M. WANT7.D?A RESPECTABLE LAD, WITH GOOD reference, lo make himself useful In a barroom; one who ha? liven In the business. Apply, before ten o'clock, at No. ?J Vt illinm vt. YYTAWTED?A STOUT BuY Or. 'TAN?To DO THE It rouvh work in ihe house and lake care of ahorse. Apply at 117 ttli nv. Air*ANTED?A GENTLEMAN OP GOOD ADDRESS ?Y aoquninted with the Spanish language, and preferred If sotnewtril- familiar with the "II nttslne-'. Undoubted reference mjllMli Address Oil Co., Herald office. vv ANTj.G - TWO FIRST CLASS CANVASSERS, FOR an < - medium. Apply ui 40 Nassau St., room No. Si. VV ANTED ? N ASSISTANT BARKEEPER: ONLY those furnish good city refbrenee need apply. at Krenefey II XL} AM'lill-A .'UN WHO 14 AC'Qf'AIN I ED WITH vv (I,,, iviiv i' !e vinegar busvnraa, that can command aopi" ti'M i.' i. a mnnu'uetiry m rhis city, Addreea Tlnejtui, Lit .f i Ylor.iln omdr. TUMI XHIAIMSS. A FIRST GLASS (".ITER OF LONG KXPERI cie o wishes a aitoutd* in AtoM g4ud ta'lorinx estab lishment; licit o' retrrOBun. Address J. W. O., Jltrald oi lier. J^KMALK COMPOSITORS W ANTED.?TEN ON TWELVE _ jirai eln?? female ??onipoaiior* ? ao secure employment in tn entirely new oilier by applying t" Harper A Brother*, 331 Pcjil St.. Fraukliu square, B. Y. 1ILDBRR AND I.KTTKRF.RS ON GLASS.?WANTED, X two good leiterera. Constant work and good pay. Ap y to Hale, 41 Ann at. tAKBLE CUTTERS WANTED.-ONLY GOOD MAll hln hands need apply: to such steady work will be ren. A. KLABRU, Murblc vVorks, 109 r.nst 18th at., ew York. STAMPING MAN FOR EMBROILKRY WANTED?AT 120 4th av., between l'Jtb and I3th ste. Inquire tn slump ing atorr. * CRVBYIKO INSTRUMENT MAKER WANTED?A competent workman, capable of jobbing as well as mak ; new work. Apply at K. w. Wagner A Co.'a. 43 Maiden le, between the hours of 13 and 2 o'clock, until vVelnov -, 27tb intt. rMILL OWNERR.-8ITUATION WANTED BY A young man as miller; good experience: 34 rears of ago; has no objection to go West or South. Address J. I)., ileral 1 office. 1 THERMOMETER MAKER WANTED?A OOOD WORK man In all lis brunches. Apply at K. W. Wacner A I'n 'a, 48 Maiden lane, between the hours of IX and 2. until Wed nesday. 27th Inst. WANTED-A OOOD FORWARDER AXD RULER FOR a first class oil'.ce In the ennnlry. flood wages and steady employ inent. Apply to T. H. SKMnlt, 77 Heekman s:. WANTED?TWO FIRST CLASH MILLW Kit III TS AND psttern makers Inquire of Van Allen, Gttuti A Co., 80 Ann si., rear. Wanted-; nhram:rs SKILLED in rib mint. puhitions ot etching and re-h'ting on ?l?-e|; ?r. .sis preferred; also photographic retonelicurs tvliinie-in'ti. ? vo.e their energies to heliosraphle eiuhiug . 1 l' ibigi-aplim Engraving Company. Xos. 131 u-d 13? West 2'ilIi <\ WANTED-A SITUATION BY AN KXri I'llRIKNCBD nurblelxer, on slate, marb!e or other ni Urnl. Ad dress P. ii. Green, MS West 4ist at. WANTED-TO APPRENTICE IUMSKlP TO TIIK house carpenter trade, an American buy la* ween 17 and 18 years of age: no objection to go to the ??? oner. Call for two days at tlSprlog at Itlt'lL' I). CI NNI .V i ll A M. FRENCH ADVERTISI'1KM ?. TTNE DAME r.AHlMKXNK DENIER MJCOWPjMIEBR L one famlile en Europe, onpime dame de couinegme on gouverniinle; elle fournlra le? ntelPeorcs ret:ouint>i.da;ions. M'adresser a Madame R, 14 Oue-t lliemn rue. THIS BALL r>K \ . Academy of music. SIX I II ANNEAL FANCY DBBsTpUBIM BALL, TH0R8DAYrMAilCII ffl. l?7. Tlie dlree'oraof Die Pnniu Issoclstluii t?-po 'foWv an nounea that the hooka of subscription *111 t*i?:i u eli ? ? ??,?? on Tuesday neat. March 36. Subscriptions <SID; will ee re ceived bv? A. L. HANOER, President. 73 Naaaiu ?tr. et. A. TaNZER. Vice Prealdent, 2fl< Cans I si reel. M. H. ISAACS, Treasurer, 7b Nassau street. (J.IS. LEVY, See'y (with Crofut, Knspp A t o.) 19 Mercer et. MASQUERADE AND HALL COS ft M \ Ls'itiF. and entirely near eesnrtment ol gorgeous end historical Costumes, r,imposing all the latest siyl", espeoially im Cried for Ihe present seaaon. Can be obuln-rt on reasona s terms at 128 Third avenue, lieiwenu Fourteenth ami Fif teenth streets. Also Costumes made to order. PIHDNI A Mme. AHHIATI, late oostumer of Bistort's dratnallc com pany and Uran'e Italian opera. MACII1BKRY. FOB 8ALE?A 98 HOR8K POWCR STEAM KNOIN'C, Cor lies' make, with tnbnlar Boiler S'e.m I'umD. Heater. Pipes and connection, all In complete ord-r; to be delivered by the 1st of May next. Maybe seen in operation flatly In the basement. 83 Duane street. I'o be mid .IsolheMoam Hoisting Machine and the Shafting In the building. B. HOK k CO.. 89 and 31 Cold " set. 1730B RALK?PORTABLE AND STATIONARY EN F gines of 1% horse power; a second hand Port vie Roller, 13 horse power; a Lathe. Planing Machine, Re.lev Punch. Hhanrs and Drill; an Atmospheric Forge an I vail oAnther Iron workers' tools; also lull nnd hand Roller Tubes. Inches by 9 feet, nt the Works, Oreeupoinl, N. Y. Fob rale-a *n iiorsb steam knoine, cob Its' make. In fine order; can be used high or low pres sure; suitable lor boat ?i fa dory. D U. SIMMONS, mo Weal street OB H ALE?W RTF. AM RNOTNES \ Nl) BOILERS OF all sixes; 1UU Tanks of all sites; will b* sold cheap. D. M. SIMMONS, M) West -treei. F IjTOR HALF, ?AN UPRIOltT TUSI LA It H ? I I.Kit: -I IT able lor a fltteen hors" st< itn eng ne. n nisi workng order. Inquire of MOW,nK A CO., I4|? H:oi Iway. lnor rale?AT m PARK STREET (PIT* POINTMl r Steam Engines and Boilers; a gr at Wgi'lu, IB. I." 10, Nl sod 40 horse on h.nd WM MrKEN*lK.__ Lathe for hale, for fowl mt fi?vt sky. eral ehneks and slide-rest, swings I leet by I.I Inches, J. O. WHITCOMB, fid fhlrlsenth sir et, two dome west ol Broadway. Notice to bottlers of winks, ai.i h, ac.-fob sale, a Bottle Washing Machine. ,i psl-ut le-.e- Corking and Bottling Machine, new, Impertrd: a ?<> an American Capsuling Machine. Inipifreof f. C. Kr.KS A , No. ..ns> Pearl street. Portable and stationery steam knoini.a AND BOILEKS AND t IKCLl.AU -AW MILLS. The be t and most complete In nee. Circular sent on application. WOOD A MANN STEAM KNO'NR COMPANY, I ilea, N. Y.. and H8 Maiden lane. New A ork. TIT ANTED?A STP.AM IIOISTINC ENGINE AND TT Boiler, abont twe're horse, stale lowest es-h price. Address I W IV bos 1624 Post o WANTED?AN EMBOSSING MACHINE. ONE TO DO light work by steaui. Apply to ROCKWELL, SCO I V A CO , 90 Duane street, N. Y. WANTBD-A OOOD SECOND 11.VXD ENOINK AND boder, about 13 or 19 horse power : also a psir of ia saver's s< ulea large site and in good order. Address, will price. S. S. A Co., but 1.113 Poet otlioe. W?"" ANIKD-A COIL~ OP HTKA M TlPE, ABOIrT~i? feci, suitable for a 3,080 gallon 1 ink. a P in wtth nee>n roll IA LB. DISTILLERY FOB KALB-IN COMPLETE Hl'N ?lag order ta the Rialh district. Inquire ml M h.gbtk ?M. AHHOB .TOM FOR SALE?WITH OR WITHOUT or 38 litiuSu *A8SLA* * BHO, 1*0 Bowery. A SHOE STORE FOE SALE?ESTABLISHED OTBE lea jein. One of ihe largest *nd mint ?u,:esefui tabliabmauia m the utty: prwent owner retiring from b wet ness. To but person who understands the bonnes* this la bd opportunity aaldoBi ?Farad. For part;. ular? mo ,,i? of ROBERT IRWIN, No 330 Bounty. ooruer Bond street ADRl'O STORE?8TOCE AND FIXTURES NO ?? Sullivan slreut, for a*l?; prtoe $400; bo excellent loca tion for physician. A FIRST CLASH OROCEBT STORE FOR SALE duini b good business; othar business the raason icr aelllug. Apply ou the premises 170 Fulton avenue. Brooklyn. A -FOR RALE?RESTAURANTS. CIUAR STOKER. . Billiard Saloonb. Hotel*, comer Liquor Stores, -ki.tle Kouius, Uroeriea. Confectioneries, Neat Market*. Wasting ton Market Produce stands, Conntrv Produce Store*, P uad way U>?1er Sslooni. Express Business, Coal Yardr. Gentie meu'a Furnishing G,m<ui Store* Dry Hood* Store*. Milk Route, Jersey Oily Liquor Storee, Soda Water Man Ufa- tory and Businesa. MITCHELL'S Store Agenev. 77 Cedar it met. I drvote all my tune to the aale of Slorea, Business )'?*<?*? and tha loaning of money. A HARK CHANCE.?FOR SALE. TUB LEASE AND Fixtures of the Quean steamship House, iu 43 Weal street, now doing a good business. Apply for two dnye only. AOOOD LEASE. FURN1TURF. AND BUSINESS OP an exceHent Hotel for eale; splendidly fiirniHitod; finely located In the ??entra of buaineaa. with tirat . la** liar and billiard aaloou which p?n largely; alio Broadway hot fit. RoftlNMON, B6 Nassau street. A FEW RINGER SKWINU MACHINES. NO. 2? it nearly new and in perfect order, for aale rlie.ip i' ap plied for at onee ut l.lMf Broadway, near Twenty.*.- lb si A SHOE STORE FOR SALE?WITH Oil WITHOUT Sloek. Inquire of H. KAl'LAN A BRO., ltd Bowery, or 21 Corthindt street. B D ROADWAY DINING ROOM FOR HALE?LEASE, Stock and Fixture* in complete running otdei or would exchange for Real K-iate Apply to J. W. IEROLE .M AN or IILNKY 1'FaKRRR. 437 ?nd4j9 Bntadwav. Drug stoke for sale?on a principal tin rough fare; also a three fourth* interest in u Ural uiass ri.xth avenue store. STlilt'KL IND'S Druggist* Agency. 240 Kroadv.ay arc stork, for sale-first class, address 11., box Ilk), llerahl ..tiled. FOR SALE?T1IE POPULAR PAPER HANGING AND Upholstery KstHbllahmcutuf Charles Franklin, in Poutrb keopsi*. on the liudsou, established some fifteen years? slock cornNting of Pnper Hangings, Window Shades, I no ? Curtains. Cornice*, i.uu numerous other .irilcle*. Fn. fn ther particulars impure o. CilAltLc.S FRANKLIN, 3.' I Mstn street, Pouch, cepslc. N. Y., or of Messr- F ! . WEEKS A CO.. 112 Read* street. New York. FOR RALE?SCHOONER MABEL. 130 TONS BCRDK1 eopnnr fastaned, and It) good order. Applv to MOBSA> * pahker, iso west siroeu LfOR SALE?A DRY GOODS STOKE IN THIRD AVE F uue. between Twenty-third and Tweoty-elcbtk streets; three years' Lease; uhhoutMuck if desired. Address A. It , box IIP llemld ndi a. IjdOR SALE-LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURBS OF A first class family Liquor .store, sltu.ib'd o:i the corner of South Sixth and Seventh street., W Ilh.uiHbnrg. Inquire on ine prcuiLn*, from d to 1!) I*. M.; ul-i .. Farm of till ae i?s, ou the due of .New llatnn Railroad, 30 initrs from New Y.rk. Inquire aa uhove. For sale-a stock or hardware and Fix tures. More now Icing a rod htmutos*. Together wlO) a le:,sc o! premises. Inquire of S. D.CLARK, Iiar.kun strem. uear Ureenpoint avenue, tireenpoint, Brooklyn. FfOR SALE?A LONG ESTABLISHED RETAIL PAINT Store: splendid location for wluilesale trade; a Purine.' wanted, or will sell out. Ad,Ire. Paint Store, llerahl office. For sale?the stock and fixtures of an old established cotinlrv s'ure, uoing a business of gtitt 1)00 a year. For particulars address box 63 Pieraiout, Roeklai.U county. New York. TilOR SALE?PAPER HANGING AND WINDOW r Kltsde Store in (his city, doing a cash trade, good ebanoe fn upholsterers to make money. Address tllbeou, litre Id olbce. L'OR 8ALE?THE DERRICK. WITfl FIXTURES. Lti KKMr A ^ Nor li river. Jn.|UuT of foot ot i*?rry strrpi. STAND, LEASE, STOCK AMI) ,, ?v I" ?"" ? "!? established hoitee* on wfoulnny, w_rat aiilc Inquire utMi Ktfleou elreet F?Khlr\fK.T?NK Vf w',IK HBST MEAT AKD VBMlL lijn ? "'"'j.1'1 Inquire on the preiu fo* rsh vr??ia kvenu<'' ,lel*r'"fl I'lilnr-third kr,d llilrty F'Tu?.*'.'ErA. ,fm.ST ,:l A;s CAKE AND BREAD i.^,1 t-i .Mn7-,V^rs . 'i'1"1 ,,n ?""due; will make a R. ? i 1r*llctl r'm f'^lowTf and l< e . rwun; loiifc ]????? pud cUa?p r??ni. tppiv (o U v.NGKK A CO. ror oer of .*?evpotecntti itirefi uiid s t i hvickh*, l^OH PBY9ICIANa?LARll 1 MFM'CINE CIJB9T AND Tenth'tl^t. P?r*U"l! tUUM! f'"' "?,l"uh0?PM fo-Mtiiu* F"'r SAVE~A RRXI ACH \ v r ; \ C.R-IAT (-MAMCB for a Gorman| four year* r?i?tdiali*.|; Ion . \?a?. low APriyt-WM.c. Drawer*, Shelving. \c. Store* o1R?a ahnlve.l uiid rein B$bth u&n& * U?0Ut- % UU? I^'J.y HAhK-FIXICRKS AM> hMt.SE Of HTORF IN Lhl7LV^r,lH^n''-' ???--^SKiE IIKOWNK A SIcLfc W r-gi Third arer.ue C'OR SALE?A FIR8TCL tM4 llttor Cl) SH"E STORE I II'Irnrl ihstanrr from (li? ,? . ; inl. .n.1,1 .its 1(11 Q ?, o, I cO.Ta! lZrZn'"ll ?* "AW* ??!?forc"h- l,N,,,re ? '-ttr..; in iv^n 'fewenlh ?pOR HAf.f-A FANCY HT.ii-v wRt.f, EStTh LIHHKd r III a good rutin. la...,, d Lo^' nnta In .tamping. Inquire sp, ? ? sleet. F?m lrr L?mA? ,:V' ,N '0,> WOKKmil IP' Ia>t K.idrth ?tree'h J '' WIKNBLBR, a It v 1. t'./ ** A p p I >"fl''r 13d **H li* .''eke, U'aeL " "? L'oR KALE? BUTrElt t.\l? .'.i; STORE. noiNO I kOnd IriMneaa; IIMare-. will, Icae of hurld IOC at very I ,.v rent; t,0,t i.,- ,ih "1"; ?'nrhiUre of C?V."RI.I ;. A CU.. IB ItndCnj HtOR SALE?'THE LEAS' Mlt MTTL'KBS OK THV flmt el?., Mqoor S-o .1,.; . w, ,1 -:'ieV; . d noet Ire allty. hor lanna n,? . ? o? the pj-eMtaea. O AJ'Ti~I"K KT "Kl\ri RES ANr> tJOOD WiUof Kanejr Sp?rn. '.'H urert, N. y. For sal::?a liquor stork ov uohth aveni'e. I > rool location; three veers l.ei?e, r .cap rent la Vine of JfeNNINOH A HdV TJS Kifl.:|i .rrntui! IfOR SALE? AN INK MAXI KACTOUY' RECEIPT eT>R * nuking the Ink. with se,.. dl lot'i-iwd one how to ?.irrr on the boeineaa will he given App'v at HUrnene ?ttveL WK,X KsTASMSIIED STATIONERY nuire^ M .oVn!,e\-^ ^ fur *** ,c" rtiilt SAI K CHEAP?THE I.EASK, STOCK AND PIE. iimeWfittad '.o"oi l.i? T*1 ""fln* corner aalnona. hand Htmiv 1^,'"n .""nJTSS Apply to THOMAS liAri N?i| A lit* t ion r, JSA r.l^.nh nvMiut. F?5k^o? CH?*I*?Till: HANDSOME KlxrCMKS OF shoe Store. Apply at 371 Sleer?e, ?tr*ei. LM)R 8ALK IN BROOKI.W?A CORMKR OYSTER I and Dining Be lm>n: four ? ~i?' ft- t nf itin iirewlaea at very low rent \fuat be aoM a? a Htrriilee. Apple at itB Torlt ?trwl, wmnr li ad .no avenue, Brooklyn, GASFIXTCRES-a LOT OP SECOND HAND CHAS dellera cheap for cob. or.otints 11, KITCHEN A CO.. Ml Sroadway. Hat factory for halk.-leamk and ftxtvrvm of a Hat Factory for e*le. K.trnM.Tino?"" tnanufacturiiM. T rma favo ihle Apjily on the premlao-, corner of IN> ICalb ind Kent, /ennee, Brooktvn or of Dt'crf A NKViS. #SWal! tlreet, New York. ?V?. or or UVCM. MKALMnSK, r FUR .'?ALfr-AT 1JN BROADWAY, wtth all IIn u?? complete. If not aold at p, irate aato will he ?o'd at a'lelinn. March J?, at II o'clock; price $MUU OMKLVIXO AXD C1 H'.NTER.s?KOR SALE A LAROR ^ ,e of Hi -. Shelving and ?orne Counter*. Ant l* imine<liatelr >l M W'arreu atireu ^ * ?I fllWl RAILROAD TIES FOR SALM?NINR PRET ?>.UUU I., length; made for delivery iVNew Yortt ii vhMn.ty, Apply t? ,J. n. BENEDICT A CO., 81 Pineet. rtRMTlRR. CUaVaTd srDerw'aV:' A ^?fHldETE ?,UTI?T IN FCRXI lor B#?ifltjift'si t t. . M inkiiardiN premium Par i'?r wirMnN b#?i m u??. Kiujtorr and mmi*? r?oni, 10?^BjmeUr eaviw oi M.iUi*? T ''ATKV' f |,K,V f BEDS RKQI'IRR ^ V ,,. 11 re**n Llean, durable. Warranted for liZ! or "lr,n?4 Hbout them. Sold everywhere. wrarrroome'il.h Centre atreet. A *At:V.t'C*NT PlANOPrlKI L KOR RALE FOR BZ7S. jJV. 5?f4, ^ beatitiinl par or auit lo Krenrh eatin hrrroatel tor $5WD. coat $3.6; OOO do. for $ IIS); a loo o lot of parlor and bedroom furniture at .< grrat aaoilflce for caob. Inqarre at US W eat l.iglitu etreet, near s.ith avenue. I^OR rt AI. E~VE It yr :Tl K Ai*^T 11K COM PLSTM FURNI. turn of a good hotel. JaquiroatM Kaat Hornion ?. |i*ORXITlJREl" 0ARPRTsr ?i?o'ks~AND I.IRKARIRN 1' boo.(ht lor ra?h. at IM Slath avenue, between NiutR ami Tenth atreera; Ai.dOO vidumao of Hooka for aalo. L LKNITLRK WANTED.?TilK ENTIRE PCRNlTvRB* T I'arr^tv, Mlrron, Piano. China and Ulaaa War* of i house will be porehaaod for caob at the praoetit market Par ilea about breaking up bouaekeoplng may.caM on or adrlreaa for two waeka Humphreys A Malbewa. 7J4 Broadway. HANWioMB BLACK WALNUT FPBN1TORB Fol .ale, oelow coet; everything comideto for hnnaekeon. Ing; Bee rooma, water and g*a. No moving la Mar Ca5 for Ihree .lava at ft Hlith aveooo ^ HOI'BK KEEPERS WILL HE SUPPLIED AND PA J k ''V IT. w'?klI ?r stonlh11 paymento for Carpeta oik rioiha. Bedding. Puroitnre of every rleeerlptlon. Parlor and Heriroom Hulta, do., al BENDALL A BCoTT^ corner !# Canal and Hudeon air. eta. B' c#rn*r ?* ERIVATK BALE OF HoUHRflOLD ri'RXlTURR? 12S*&Mg&m+i'r ^ B#d"~ 8