Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,165. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. FKEIOTAL. QHARD01TB-WU.L BB IB TOW* OB THCR8DAT. /^OHriDENTIAIa-WITH WBITB HAT: NOT* BB V aMteM*. ItMpAoa pad hour to-day r peraoa who . ? UboroUy rs i* km Schrotbor, mm of t. Seiko. II CL. ioJBH. Whoa loot heard frooo wu bearding with . ViMteuB MBnMw York. Any perao* ' foraaUoa of"hls whereabouts will bo ubandlj Wi A Vow To fP ABT OF ni ITIWABTB OB ITS ABTB, OOWKBC tflllMBBH. TF THB HBIBB OF STUART1 BUWB. POHHBBLY OP 1 announce it,sir nddroesln the rereouela of MO BerelA thoy may hoar of oooaclhlng to their advantage. I %fB. Hiuwnt HBIDSIBCK IB REQUESTED TO iSrtrtMat.** **** * U *" Aakalnok A ^?" 148 ?"* 150 rilXUPt FABTTWITB WHOM I LB FT A BUBDLB <ol pair of pants, last Saturday i to Johnnie, box 19 Herold otteo. L CB ABO DR. W?D?-D, i.C, W W. father!* mmLjroTiciBi. ^?WTWS5!(J ?**Sr*?f* i. ****>7 i uka( tiw*" Tee Cotopouy for &V"ttL? hj km doable truck end norec*. which th?7 gewer M? u oreteitouely for Mr oelebraUon on SL l^t And for other fororo whlen wo bore reeetrea Sm omo eetebliehmeiit heretofore; end we oMnot ?BSSEffiFirFS!5-i m OMkwkiktkiT. nUffKXBEBOIA\F.SAWn AHSRMjfRNTB.?MOTION r toiereby gtreB tb.u the foUoctor of 0nlon townehlp Will 1 J1' E! .?4 iiimmtnt, M Tburo ?o taseo for rood in the OoDoctor. BRIBT CTTT, MARCH ? 1M7.-NOTICE TO BOSS booobo and nlaetererm, end whom itmey concern, thet o nnir hhcHiro Of Timr City wtU doniond on odvenoe ftflycente a day Above the otoooot rote, mnktn? $8 per y!hoendeftnaTkondey, April the let. By coder of the lAAomtloe. ___ ? oiiomllj 1*"* wo ore not end neoor hore been maooMed with the houoo of Helii. er of Jooob ood Fmntfort etroota. New mr Of JMBD BN .fMWMW* IIS nottoe Is puUishsd not. w*th a ytew of in sw manusr injuring th? fcouw cf Hiin MtXply to correct ?mow OWNERS OF FURNITUNB ON 8TORAQB IN NO. E2?Ir? sjrsausr*-wmw "Ttif tton of thorn who here not oetUod thmr Mile for S&m&^menthTormm leauootod to do oo by the EtdtSdw the ooodo wiUbeooid to moot the aooounU too ftouov moo AIMam ROiltH. TKsSono, Meieh.*. 1W. aS?SS3^aSv,'J5 nd rooolutlom wpropooioc .ke r-ndOd,rA"Htoteo Oourt HI s s? jnumiM? BoVAaN, Meyer, Ch ' ?j^ruesi& w m_M UVAlO -i 0OLD MUiCIUt WITB A L*5.5Uf?wi?^t^kiS^k^*g iMS?ON SATURDAY LUT, IN -OOINO FBOM fSEffiSRSStatf r&jrJKS UN AIll>R feSSiawrl neaiissgn raaor,! MWT1ITNT. WONOBNFPL PISCOTB RT-TKNTa NX ,r J 1 S^d3y%i5S: TBBTB" IN TBRBR TO FITS HOURS.? I oota, SA >10. |1A SS? Beautiful (Mm Soto, to Ucst the chute ood iocton youthful ?doth owtrooMd wtthoet holnMgSHlMS ?a.!-.rssrc?. with nil row ore in SgSmVmMti a^Mh air eel ASSOCIATION ORIGIN AT jpssa. StaVuooA The poet, yreeoct ood future foretold. orsKsras."..0 ssMHMSt'Sfit etaa ?^g.'sgtcoay k3^2V?7*XSX^'*M" " xsagWHH? "" "" J FIRB AWT*. tttntobical RN0NATINA.~^?NT? wantsi> in saw ftll, FAINTING.?Tfl? ADVRRTI1HN ?rOKTIIft. ail ?HtW fNpnrid rood CHOKJj^TO^OO^OBhALI^O^^XTRA Bloodhounds, IUM males ud one fa old, the Ld In into oily. wnfcha ttiw pounds. Cm bo re^? OBZAT.^AT. ggm*6ter ss^^iaa.^ BtOR SAAB-BOO* ITALIAN QRETHOCJf? " puroaSwr. the handsomest in the country. m ?U. it(u*MWoKBBeSodt, two aighfrm rtrw. JtO^AU^JWr^KD^N^DCKl?^^NDBOI? TJtOR SALB?AX KLROAXT 8CHOOXRR YAOHT. 7? C feet loaf en deck, lift Hit hand Philadelphia. < fiet depth of hold; and MB now and of the very bow quallty.anble somelyVwEilahed and the resael dt lid oat complete In ir rcspeeh AddraaaC. If. CJothier, box XW Font nttoe, FHOH SALB-AT XO. ? OHAXBEA8 BTRRF.T, AX A 1 I 1 Brceeh Loader, twee Mo. 10; capital dock shooter. MO. CtOR SALE?A PAIR 4>T LABOR. HANPSOMR HKW r foutidb.nd Don, oroesed with the St. Menard; white Esquimaux'Dagt, Black and Tana and botAen Setters. D. POSTER. It Roosevelt street HORIBS, CAHBIAWM. RC*. ATTBNTIOH 18 ESPECIALLY ClLUD TO TBK I ?&? ' ?t their Bore* Auction Mart, Oaten square. Be* Auction r * ANAQMFIChNY Tit All OF CABMAOB HOR8BB AT section, thle day, for aooount of whom It I * MWM.. ?t M ,'do^. M How, Au?Uo. Hot. 0"** H"* See Auction head. AT MINBR * SOMBKYILLB'S^BOMB ^9?* A. Mart Veieeeanare. For aeeeaaAaf whoaa U may oeo ocrn.tocloteeuteCu^ Ar ? o-CLOCC twovery ?oe laaiif nimw Wagoui, Ave ?sto ta^elapnt single and double Harness, tsrixisst ~ ? StaU avenue. A NUMBER OF SECOND BAND JVEHICI^S, CON aiatioa of Toe Wagoaa, Pheetona, Coupes, Brotta. eta A S^JWiSWPMLMMJS nor Grand and Orebby atresia. 01UPB?SOUND Church buildlnf. A second hand two NOBSHC aad in good order; price 9*0; at the corner of Oaand sad Orooby Mania. a acs a ?FOB SALB, THAKB KM* **1XTL? DggM; &j^?is7uazrJar- "* ATJLcy^'gsi!sfyaf"r.fS?*1ft jaera^r"1 4 Fob balk-at a baobi_pice, a_olaSp pannmu Ihd Coach, but little used, Parher A Breewter make, one C nyrinfKeaa Wasoa. To bi men at atebto. corner of FUth areaueand FortyTourth atreet until add. B bale-twenty rihdT class hoad, coach TaSSa^wsr v?mr SON, 144 Bast Twenty-fourth street E B SALB-A LABOR -ONE HOR8B TRUCK. INCOM plots running order. Apply to WH. YATKti, pier lb IPOK HALB-FIVE PAIRS tbby fine holm, m P to |gu hards high, wall brefcan. Alao several single do., ehaaa. Apply to OEOROB CAULFIBLD, beaamont ro mSto, CMy nal, Fark, or at ateblee. Blghtythlrd atreet aad Blgkih awaaa BALE-A* IKON ?SAT HORSE. Id HANDS rA. ,j tti. - eeee Udt HlWlnr'l OF rs BALE-A* IRON DRAT HOR8H. ? HAnun high, tre years old this spring; an eisellsnt ..octor a or family home. Warraotsd la every particular. Apply at UBDBBHILL A FLEET'S livery .table. Lafayette place. rB SALB-A COMFLKTB TURNOUT; A HAMBLB ton lau Colt and a Duannbsrry A Vanduay shifting lop trhee-oea tor Wagou. aa gasd as new; wd be told cheap. lequiA of C. FiDOEON, H Bast Houston staest fOOK HALE?10 FIRST CLASS HOR8B8, JUST FRO* Ks5B?sswstMR?.wtta osiwer of Wsahlnglaw. rR 8 ALB?LI YBRY STABLE. WITH Til* KB YEARS' lease, capable of atobUug ? or aatws berete.aed^ bone tee m ?imni aMaatad la a good neighborhood, at W Jtor 2? Meetbelwrea Spring and Prtnos; tmmadtals poaayaton It taa?e*S*bU fler ether pwpe^ ketag IM fSstAssp by Ufeet front tlOR SALE?FOUR HOMBE ONB BOCKAWAY IN & J.^ag.3 kind to ride and dnve for ?? ?-'-nd, net *e bs ?uipsa?nd, a ffivamaBlgfTSB&.'Bggg tra to?aa. *ii*???*?* ?"*? mo* ? ALB?POUR OHHAP HORSES; OOOD WORE riOR 8 A LB-A LOT OF HORSES. AHONO THINIIS Es??dwa?B ?arena. 8> New Caaaebeve atreet. . K?nu??S^Sii^ 2SS ?X?S 5?rRRSk ?? H rSSRH! Fifth and btath avenues. mOB SALE?A PAIR OF DARK ?*iLJIOle?ite2 f iss-'sar 'JNSf jswaffSLlwss Iealagton end Third aveoeea. IjlOB SALB-A BEAUTIFUL FAIR OP WATCHED BAT J? Korean, Id hands high, ? yeere eld; vralW'ted yv^ end hied.Apply et IM Pourtb atreet near siith avenue. K_ B BALB OH BAP?A SMALL BOBBBL HOBSBjJUK tnde high,4 yeereeM; stylish drtenr; wyrjated aou"? Can he seen for a fwtr days, before ? o"stock A-U tm* after CH>B SALB OHBAP-A OOOD WOBB^ HQW* AND f ant of Cart Hantaan, eegaralaly ar lapatbar. etU4 East Forty-aeaeed street, near Third avenue. LIOR SALE CHBAP-ONB BBW TOP WAOON, TBBBB Ear4 1 Aadty ptaSU. TT0IWB, BABNBM ABB WAOON FOB BALB.-41 [X gpvtsg street TW'cSsuraarisasv-.?? Iquabb. HANDS Fi mm 02^?B48P?JB?-a RSJJ 2!ja52?i-ia ?3Kar?? ??r ?lr??i CUUUAOKS. *C. P&ITATK STALE TO LET-IN TWENTY FOURTII i street, betsmen Fifth urf Sixth miuN. Applj ?t 49 Wast Twenty-third street, before 10 A. M., or after 5 P. M. SAOBmos.-onnrLBVAirs private turnout. Gray Mara of very One stock. sound, Wad. raven years '? ? - * light Harness. Broadway. otB; trots la J N and square; Box Wuoi and U Tin whole will be astd at a Tory low TEraro. 1QHN A. LKNNbN, 400 rpo RENT?A STABLE IK TWRNTY-8KVKNTH 1 street. Appty to Campbell * oalway, ?m Fourth a venae. - Bftn BAY HORSE, lWj HANDS, PONY BCII.T; JpCKl aorrtl Home, lHi aound, kind, BIB: new light Kar nes*. |BB. Old No. 144 Waal Tweaty-niutn street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. $1,000 aeulnrs sddn AH WILL BUY A CRAM OP MORGAN BAY U\J Mates, ail years old. warranted. Per par addraaa J. V. Armatreag, station B. ORYJBOODS. PULLY AND LLAMA POINTER l.KR A GRANT, 1UB Broadway, wfll offer en Mth Instant: PAntea ... BWand upwards. do 16 do. Mda^nran variety of ?'?*? juot raoc" ed par steasser Yille PLATKd iadrli Peaotl*. r MILLINERS AND OOt'NTRY STORK KEEPERS. A* ORAND STRKKT CHEAP STORE yaw will sad Un largest stock of STRAW, silk, ... . MILLINERY OOODR la this etty, ehraper are belieae then elsewhere, oecause we hate ae fancy Broadway rant to pay. Wegiae no wo buyl Oonseouently our-customers have net to pay other people'a bad debts upon ikeir pnrahasea. We cut lengths of nullin ?ary foods, silks, ribbons, Ar., Ac., cheaper than dawn town jobbers sell whole plecon Call STRAW. RIMBOB8 AND PLOWERS CP STAIRS. ' Mark the address: ED WAR O RIDLEY, 109, Ml. and BUM Grand street, IB, OR and 7B AUen street, flfth block eset fl-ora the Bewery. rpo >4 Ml I JEW Y18ITIN0 THE PARIS EXPOSITION UA8HMBBB8 AMD LACKS. OOMPAONIK DBS CEDES, M ROB R1CHELIBC. 80 Messrs. VWRDB DELI8LK, the proprietors, raepeetftilW desire to inform the Amartean ladles who vhdt the French capital thsttbey will And at their establishment the largest and richest assortment of CASHMERES AND LACKS IN THE WORLD, at prices that ariU sustain every and any compeslson. The rabrique* of the oompanr, wUoed as they are In every LACbThuTRICT OF TkANCK AND BELGIUM, and In all of the SI1AWL DISTRICTS OP INDIA, enable them to sell at the price of MANUFACTUR ERS INSTEAD OK MERCHANTS, as well as t? produce designs exclusively their own. EngBsh Is currently spoken I ill Um* establishment. N. BT-Tiraproprictara pay no commissions le any parties bringing ?natom to the hoose. MUUNBRT. Madamb Barkis wiu open at no. 7 brrvoort ?*aee. Tenth street, en Bandar, March 18. her first Im portation* of arplng Bonnet*, a* also the Intent styles of wnnUa^for which branch she solicits the patronage I If ADAMS HKLOYKR WILL OPES HER SPRING AND Jn eummer Stria* at her MHUnery Room*. 987 Broadway. Tuesday and Wednesday, March Hfith and 37th. A liberal dleooaatjo merchants. VfADAME BUHLMBYKK, SUCCESSOR TO MADAME iU Pei rero, will aehihtt, on Wednesday. Mmch 17. 1887, ttprlng end Summer Millinery, at No. 9 Great J one* street. Cjty Bti ihififl Ml MlsiUlC QPRIKG 14ILL1NRRY MBS. DAVIDSON, XU 38 UNI O vsreily pises, will open on Thursday next, March 38. Phris spring and summer Millinery, of entirely new and fiylngah design* of her ewa importation. RBNCB LADY TO TAKB CHARGE t*ry establishment M? a large oniqpatent pnreoa may finds J *" " 1 tt., between ^?j ThJa house has the advantage over others of bihcis ^Hpreahntty to the European and California sieamahip H. Has a good bar attaehed. Chll on Or address ROHT. ??MP, Barepaha Hotel, earner of Hudaea and Lalght 1 PARTNER WAIFTMg)?WITH TDK THOUSAND jy dollars, la a ptaaoamt erodtahia manafaMaitag hual aeaadn which there la no risk. ISAAC A. BIOOS. If Nassau street. X|i IXTfiUH 18 A SOOCES8PUL CITY JOURNAL, eetabl abed six years, will be sold to the l ight kind of h man at a fair price; the tnrrpsm of baeiimW readervOt not eMM that the labor of maaagement should be dtrMed. None not those to earnest may apply for further particulars to PutiMthrr, box MB Herald odfoe. BHlSSOLUTfON.-TOE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO ?? fore existing under the firm of Curkery A McPnrtland taenia day dtsscired by mntaal consent. T. T. CORKERY. _ STEPHEN MoPARTLAND. ThehiMnee will-he eomlased at the same plaoo by T. T. Oerhery. I Nww Yoaa. Marsh M. *M. ImmiCtABfh?PARTNER WANTED IN ONE OF THE ? best located office* la the city, to take the place ef an ^?i byetetaa who will lone* the city April 1: a splendid ekanse far a young phyeleiaa; $400 required. Call en Dr. Patterson, IS Ninth street, irom 10 A. M. to 4 P. M.,sa deors west of Broadway, one week. THHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO PORE EXISTING ? between na, under the firm u^MMNHMM^M Moss, la dissolved trew title X between os, under the firm name of Hamilton!*! Powles, IMIMiBMaiH C. C. HAMILTON. HENRY POWLES. Panne sawId, 1S87. CHaS. MOSS. WANTED?A PARTNER IN THE REAL ESTATE business; an* with a capital ef $1.1811 to $1,900. None hut a business man wanted. Address for on* week Real Batate. boa 800 Herald eMea. YETANTBD?A* PARTNER, WITH PRO IT $1,100 TO TV $8,000, to Ineroaao the busiasea of a profitable light leather m-nulactaring business, established oeer a year; rid references given and expected. Addroao for two days, bon 180 iieralaedtoe. ' -PARTNER WANTED?IN ? SURE AND fOW, safe huatneaa. Apply at MoLHAM'S, 871 Broad way dl AAA -WANTED, A RELIABLE PARTNER. TO JLUUu, extend a wall established bumetest profits large sad i seres sing. Oall and examlns for two days st 11 Pnaoe street, near Bearery. deed chance. Reference re quired. ? '-I AAA -PARTNER WANTED; EO BONUS EE* fO.UW. quired; manufatdnring monopoly; orders overrun: $08)808 annual profitsguaranteed. rorlak; capital MShmmmte I. DAVfd, 843 West Thirteenth at. RU81AIKS8 OPPORTUNITIES. A mm MAN PVLLT COMPETENT TO TAKE CHARGE I W a large manufacturing business wen Id Mhe to Uke aalntmeet In aach; can furnish corns capital; is a oompa tent maahiaeet. Address J. H. W? has 1*7 Herald office. Ah good, honest grnuinrand growing busi | nam for sale fer $400, really worthy ef examination. Address W. $.. bos UfiO Post office, stating where can be seen, he. AH BARGAIN.?LEAflE. 8TOC1 AND PIXTI RE8 FOR ? sale of the old establishes parasol and fancy goods stere, $81 Broadway, near seventeenth street, west side; lease m aasdwnta root. Apply as above. AMN ESTABLISHED HOUSE ATA SOUTHERN PORT, doing a shipping sad s good commission business, ^?i foreign and domestic, desires to open n bouse also In this city. Any gentleman wishing to commence business, having at hi* command $80,800 to $90000. will find this a good opportunity; or nay gentleman dealrona of placing n sen In business. Reference* ef the highest respectability E*?n. Address Alexander, box 8.004 Poet oEee. TIU8INBN8 OPPORTUNITT ?AN ACTIVE MAN, WITH D EMsr $4,000 la eash, will be treated with by a re.pou ?Me and waBieelabllshii concern, which la about to open ? m Eruadway. ep stairs. C^HR SALE OR PARTNER WANTED -POR. HOUSE ?ml sign and anient roofing business; plenty to do. ^Bhe eriTP. wchffiohl. Ht Fifth street, WiHUmebnrg. rim PROPRIETORS OP THE TOBACCO FACTORY J 88 Oortlaadt street, retiring from business. will dispose of their Factory at n menace; fromjt 0U0 I* $10,IM0 can be mad* ever* year m the bnainees. Wlli be sold for $1,980 ?ask; worth three Umee the amount. mo capita lists.?wanted, prom $$.000 to $10,000 X a# an InveetmenL with a view to extension of a profit*. ble publishing se sWlshment and newspaper In the city of fitisuns: foj^particulars to QUINN A CHAll, i WILL PURCHASE AN INTEREST IE AN BS* ?Ziuu tabllshed business which la clean, light and pro* iy?.*" "" *?" "??**? EQ/1A -a YOUNO MAN OP ENTERPRISE, WHO IB fGV/U, ranlly desirous of maklng money, eas learn of such a chance by sailing on Mr. FOWLER. S7 Park row, tTaOj^jraaa.N&bsgu&x |? WTLl-IAKPE, DC. A FIRST class billiard table tor salb. For sale, a lhree-u uater Table, with all the appurte [earner union square and fifteenth street. 4 ROSEWOOD BILLIARD TABLE, SIX FOCRBI, ?L^A^Tthr^kf^X^^efp^)t and trilUsa stream. MILLIARDS.-WILLIAM n. GRIFFITH'S COMB1NA 1? ties Cushions for Billiard Tables are superior te say ef foe hoinbag patent cushloueclaimed by other maker* Cell and examine at hie extensive factory, lap Fatten street. V^^lUS^USiViSSSVii Thirty-first street. __ IJIGR SALP OR TO rent?A BILLIARD TABLE: F everything helc<? .ng .hereto complete. Apply *1171 P; law ate**, ee*e. i I .*??*. VlIAHCIAb TLANTIC RAVINGS BANK. CHATHAM SOUAKS, NEW TORE. [oney deposited on of before April 1 will draw Interest front tb&t dale, tlx per cent mterert allowed on (lime from BS to $a,ouo. Harbison haixT Prudent. JoaxrH p. Coomb. Secretary. To?tik. ?n.DWW t&bwx ImuO Bill* of Exchange on London, t'arln, Germany, SwH aerland. Roaie, Florence aud Leghorn. AUo letters of Intro* duetto? to Meears. Lherbeite, Kane A Co., Parle. fTirHENS' SAYINGS BANC, SOUTHWEST CORNER \J of Bowery and Canal street. SIX PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON ALL RUMS PROM FIVE TO HVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. INTEREST COMMENCES APRIL L ICR MARIPOSA COMPANY, NO. 34 WALL street?April Coupon* for Internet on Marlpuaa rnort bond* will be paid In gold on presentation, on and after 1. MARK BKUMAQINE, President. O'l fftl plK N8YLYANIA STATE LOAN. rB0rO8ALB FOR A LOAN OF $25,000,000. As *ct to create a loan for the redemption of the overdue ^he^utbe^oW^ rommonw.Alth and certain cor ,to^o"in<kt^ne?.i. amounting to $23.WU,?W>, have boon "ASSfraK&'t^'M'? >r<? preMutotlvc* of tho Commonwealth of 'JJ-orl'S inTT "inbly met, and It la bore by oracled by the Authority oftheaame That the tlerornor. Auditor Geueral *nd8tate $Us2iire"beTand ?? hereby authorized end ????>*?"?* kLitrtnw Ait the faith of the Comatonwealth, in eucn wnonnti iXTar.?i .ot?? (not lem then feet; d.ysh,oij they mth jr?m most expedient for the interest or jhe> BtAte?, 2i,r?a;;?x*,i',,rass a s ???? manlneal er local purpose*. end *hnU be )>ayable as fnl 1o*h, nnmelv t?Klve millions of dollars t*T*ble_ a? any time after live year* And within ten year*; el?;nt m,''?n"A dXre uAjaWeVtany time after ten year* And within ftf teen yearn, an<l ton million* of dollar, at any time after fif teen years and within iwenty.ttro years, And shall be signed by the Governor and Slate Treasurer, and , the Auditor (lenerol *tn?l rejiitored In th? books of tnn i Auditor General. and to b# transferable on tho hooka of the 1 Omut<? nweallh at the Farmer*' and Mechanic' National , Bash ?f Philadelphia, the proceed a of tha wholeofwhlch loan, including premium*. Ac., received on _the aarne. ahall 1 be applied to the payment of the bonds and certificates of indebtedueaa of the Commonwea'th. ln tha evr o The bida ft# the aeld loftB inall oe openea in mo I sritoence of the Governor, Auditor Genernl and StAte Treaa SST awarded to the hhrhe-t b dder: PridedJhat no eertihcate hereby authorised to be issued shall be negotiated f*tyf*?ndacf*tbc"9*?te end rertirieatea of Indebted nc*. now over due. ahall be receivable iupavmeul o:f the ?aid hian, under auch regulations aa the Geverner, Au'Mjjr General and State Treaanrer may pre.acrlbo; and cyery bld der Tot the loan now authorised to b* issued ahull state In bia bid whether the aame is p iyahle In cash or to the bonda or dotllfibnton of Indebtedness of the Common[WOwlth. Pre. 4. That all trustee a esocutora. administrators, guar dtaas, agents, ireaaurere, committees or other P?,?*"'"i gjdd ln? in a fiduciary capacity bonds or ceruficatoa of indebted, aess of the State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid fnrthe loan hereby authorized to be l?ued, and waurrcn dor the bonds or cerltflcaleo of loan held by tbem at the time of making such hid, aod to receive the bonds authorized to *^5*"0*1 Anyhpcisou or perwona standing to the fiduciary etoaGtv suiwYto the fourth section of this act who may AAgire to lswd money In tbsir hands for tho benefit of tho trtiai mav without an order of court, tnveet tho mdoq In the

ffnls ^ihTrm be issued by this act, at a rato of pre i? TtSStifeilixKPl. or ^r?d aU .h. bonds of this CauomonweaUh shall be paid off in the order ,(?,ir, "rErin leane of this CommowervwOth not yet due stiff be (Mil frem stale, mmdelpsl or tooal toxstlon after ibs Inwrrat duo February fiijt. #?? thousaud elgtot hundred and sixty- n shall have f lncon. Sec. tJ That ail ousting la wo, or oortlono Ihoroof, lncon ?totem herewith, are hereby f OIiAHS. ' speaker of the Heuao of Ropjw?sntaUveo. L> W. uAhl* Hpt-aher of the Approved the weeond day of Febrmmr. 1 provlateue2>S2 ? & I ain>hiT Mtoted sMMMaii will ho reeeived at tho odice of tho ^ SlaP' Tr**Ji ir?vta^tos Cllv of Uarrisburg, fl*?to^ b? upul ? eVteek id. of toc lsi A.y of April,JLjD..JMJ. to be asstt-iffsfsnt hk: s? ?ni ever doc bends of the JfcS toa will le -ecctoed st par to pavinent of thi; toeoi wtftjbid dors ?m?t state whether they Intend to p*y la oaoo * m xmm SMrdw loaim at.o-c^aid. --- w No distin?,ti'?f? wtfi rO msdo ootwoou moueiw psy?? ^ t$eh or ovtiAue iosns. JtM,s W. OFJtRIL. _ % J l" A RT^Ati IT, Auditor GcdataL W. H. KRMBLK, Stoic Treasurer. K B.?No newspaper publishing the above unless autbe. Hied, wUl receive pay. WANTED?$1 2W ON GOOW SECURITY FOR *iNR y?rTbu 1US or 1SU0 will bo Jrtven. Apply te or ad d,?m l^nodcp cam of J. iHlomer. gfl fcartlrisC ?7HO WANTED ON NOIfP AND. MORrGAGB^F ? I UU for twn years or more, $1SS bonus Will bs given. Tho money wonted to finish the At?" nood not answer. Address G. B. A., Herald 4>uios. *ti linn WANTED-TOR A TBBM OF ON Sb.UUU first morlgairo ow msl estate w?ib I) ree times this smonnt; principals only need auower. Address far three days Loan, Herald ofiles. _ ann A/inWLO AN-ON IMPROVED i.KaL B8 $37,000 4ote to tktosKy.Hto acA f\m\ -WANTED. A OENTLBM AVWirH THIS $50 000. amount te purchase an lmstc and honorable enterprise: money refunded vmh ?U-r cent within twelve months and loterdst In enterprise penno nent; positively facts; no risk. Uenllemee eau addre. s CapitalUt* bos M6 Fnlledelphla rest eCodi . fiiOAfl AAA TO tiOAN?ON NKW TONE CITT, $ 200.000 Brooklyn and Now tow Second rrvnrlgsgee bought Apply to CHARLES T. GIL MAN. US Broadway, room No- 8. . ir.w - nrwv ?T<> loan on bond and mobt 1^2)2^ fSb5.T?&T?,v'av,?."i street room No. 11 AO/tA AAA TO LOAN ON NEW TOBK, NNOOl SoOO.vUU lyn and Jermy rsai estate. Second ? nrtsnsos bout lit Travellers' Inauranos Company. Mortgagee bought ^ piM ftrMt ^ ~ LOAN OFFICKB. AT SndT^A^tt'&'y&BL?**! oi TUB um BOUOHf AT TH? HIGHEST RaVer ALkO PAWWBKOBF.RH' TICKETS BOt.'OIIT FOR WATCHES. JEWELBT. Ae., s?TT BleoWwr rtessA spsAswm AT M! BROADWAT. CORNER ?r, . street up stairs, the ujtoort vuksd wBI *a paid fofW*; IhTp. A- HON Id MAW, Broker, removed from Sfi Nssoau UNO, AC. ?jtevTglte^S?|,rL,?. WATCHES. JEWELS, FLATE, PBARL8, AC., w OPTICAr. INSTRDMBNTrf. AC.. A^ N. B.-DIAMGNUS. WATCHES. AO., FOR BALB. "Tg '~V * TIClfltTH BOUGHT FOR DIAEONU8. fc-rH BROADWAT. ROOM NO. 4. CORNER OF TWELFTH BTKEET. a T HYMAN'B. ?B8 BROADWAT, CORRBR OfBOND A BtPAgt will be ?aid tha highest price for Diamonds, ?tt^Kid SUvSwSJ^ o^lll AdfanS on Ike Above artt ales. ? - - a T am PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWBRT Jewelry, Diamonds, toe., or purchase A DTANCE8 MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. ML A vorware. Furs, fine Furniture, Csssels Hair Shawls, f?, Wiht for cash. Tsrm. -odersto. J. 8. COHEN. % Broadway, nearly opposite Astev place. wivnor>IRR'fl TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIA PAI?"d* "ohSt Jsw.?lTm War^fillks CloUlu,, t Xtoothe same bought or advanees asade an thorn, of MS Grand street, neer Mulberry. ^ ~ZX' PTINI ELfiANKOtlN T^great mduction in the price OF BOOTS. A. Shoes andTrunkauntll the 1st of May, at BOBBRT IRWIN'S cheap store, W0 Bowery, eoraer ef Bond street gotied stoek less than half prlee. . B?SISi JSWwSi ?^S\JL^SSSFbJeti ihibookstore! J. sTwoOLF, tk SUth avsnue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first street ss-k^r-rSET"-~T faoe neck, Ae.. leaving aa evoa, natural nrfaoe without ^SK.arsKK.ssi'i'. t? jki'sw e names, resideneeu. Aa, of petienta eured. Ofltoo hours, > 11. M to I. S to > evening. LITTLE'S BARDWARB, OVTMRT, SS-s?a sfAorr?',?tsrtssa qiff and Oold atteete. sort ef Iroadway. ?rrr.t%r^??rtSlwa?aK? one week. HiANTBD-TWO CAST IRON KBTTLIS; MM TO BE ^boutTferfAMto^fi fWitopihito-M N IB |N4 bougtoeu. Addresslgp l.Wfi Ffift ofiifR BMP *???, _ 1NII8KMCNTI. BROADWAY TUBATRB. ADMISSION 50 CENTS, t'oruer of Broadway and Broouaa juyl- unoRK Bualneaa Mtnutr Wl._l *WM TUESDAY EVENING, March SL IWV MOST POSITIVELY THB LAST *naUt BUT FOUR OF THM WORLD RKNOWBD COMEDIANS AND OKIOI HAL IMPERSONATORS OK IRISH ARD YANKEE L1FB. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Who an Mill crowding the theatre to overflowing. Bor,0'More ? Mr. WILLIAMS With Song and jig by 12 of the character* heatodbf ot Our Jemima (with Yankee Song and T.ukea ^ WILLIiUgg KVENihG. march 39. oyaTIon NicHi. JOIOT faWkwkll benefit or MONDAY, Box offl^nWf^WACrM&iS.0 Mcurad six toy. in Ad ?ancc. ROOD'S THEATRE,Bicbola. HotoL EVERY EVENING. Wonderfnl M^TRS. who WW 'p^VrT'the u!o^''blood" *kSstIhKbCOMPANY OF B5,V*?*AXM?^VOWTE8' MATINEES ON SATURDAY ONLY. German stadt theatre, m and-m bowbrt. THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING. MARCH * Auber'e Grand opera, DIE STUMME VON FORT1CI (MASANIELLO^ ^ Mad. Rottor ? Prtnoeaa Klolw Mr. Groachel a. Alphoiiao Mr. Formes /I'.- rtowo HARTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. SO# BROADWAY. LAST WEEK BUT FOUR TH ANOK OF PROGRAMME nwin. will be reproduced. THE WONDROUS LIVING HEAD. Ou. Fns Omaoui or thk N'n*t*kn? Ckirrcar. Monday, Wednesday and Friday?:PROTEUS. Tuesday, Thursday and SaiurdaY-THK BASKET TKJG*. L'R-CAMOTEUR. and hla "Fairy Slnginc Bird," with other miru-les, Kxory erontng at 8. Saturday at I Tickets SO centa; reserved seats SI- For ?n1" lh* h*"' Clilckerl ox pin no la used st these smsm#. Wednesday, jurtnlta night. Ohlidren half pru-g. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Second week of the RICIIINGS ENGLISH OFBRA COMPANY. THIS (Tneadar) EVENING?The perfornu?noo wDI eon aiat of BiUfe'a ever popular romantic opera, tee js?* ?rss'^lSoi??f sr Frito?^mttitR.!fTMr.AW. CASTLE-FRA PTWOLO. GUANO OPERATIC MATINEE ON SATURDAY. In preparation?CROWN DIAMONDS* ^.N FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. ^ ?ro(ulw,y THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTCR TO R THK CllEME DE LA CRF.ME OF MINOTRELBJL BIRCH, WAMBOLD. BERNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoa* success ha* never been equalled by any almilar organlratlon In the wertd. New and cheerful burlesques every week. The *r?matte re hearaal Happteat Couple Out Oambrinua Opera. ShouU of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime, and the w.reamitg Black Cook and African Ballei Troupe. Grand March of tho Spirit 11 a. hem of the Amaxon. Kerry A LEON'S MIN8TKEL9. 721 BROADWAY. Prolonged eereama of JLAUilHTBR NIUHTI'V. brilliant programme this week-all new NORMA L NORMA L NORMA RR O RK O ? * AM RON * ^MR.N AMRON CY. THE DKU1P8. vpSfrp C|MeBRVK^A rKFW^LECLERKf vv?a{'r CI FRKK FEMALE CLERK J. Emma '5 CLERKS FEMALE CLERK#. fakanta tiik great contortionist. FARANTA, THB GREAT CONTORTIONIST. CliAHLKY WlilTE'S black chf.mist. CHARLEY WHITE'S BLACK CIIEMIST THB OFPONBN18. BROADWAY BOYS. NEW BAL JEKOMB HOPKINS.?8TEINWAY HALL. Mr. SNOW annenneeo thysixth and laal Coneort of this eminent aMM. forlbe O^hTOu V tto SnWl J^nd, , Theradav tWeniiuc this week,assisted by Mtos\ tola Hjn -i-..? Meaera. Arthur Mxtthiaon end t-eulfnld. Profeasor Froblaher (eloo.ttlonUt), end *?!""'i*je ?itot?2ST* Santats. Tickets, Weenie; told only by Boer ? Hehlrmoi, I Broadway MUSICAL. A YOUNG LADY WILL GIVE LESSON8 ON THE Piaao at Bit) per quarter. In advauoe. at her own or mtllita' aesiAeuoea; thorough tnetrnettee will be guaranteed. fiHStretcrenee given. Apply at too Staih arena#, eoar For tieth street. L_ A _?K> PER QUARTER?FRIVATE PIANO LESSONS A. by competent gentlemen leather a, at 137 street, rorner Sixth avenue. Ptanlau for parties. office houra from 9 till 2. ? FIRST CLASS TENOR IS OPEN FOR BNQAGS A. tent. AddreooT. B., box 107 Herald oflkee. CONTRALTO AND SOPRANO, QUITE COMPETENT, dealt* ao engagemeat la e Proteelant qoertstte obolr, either together or aaparole. Addreaa Contralto, station P, 8d or. A PUPIL OP MISS BRAINERD DESIRES A POBJ A Don aa aoprane In the eholr of a 4* rot e? tan I eh arch. Addreeo Mlae Maria Bralnord. 2M Baat Youth street. AT THB NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OP MC8IC, ? MADISON AVKNUB. TERMS $10 PER QUARTER. LADY, RBS1DINO IN YORKVILLB, WOULD LIKE to obtain a few more puptla for the 1,?n"f?rW' el,^b*r at her own reatdrnoe or that of tho numb; particular atten tion paid lo beglnnera. Apply at 87 Kaat Elghly.reventh street, for one woek. Terma moderate. FTW SIXTH AVENCTB?MUSIC TEACIIER8 LIBER ally dealt With. AU the Popular Mnelc conatenOy on hahd. A H| octave Piano, city make and good tone, for aale cheap. CvfTlTAR PIANO. VIOLIN, SINGING.?9? WEST X T>' enty-alxth atreel, between Seventh and Eighth are ewea. Private laaaoua. Cell or aeed for circular. Piano and Organ for aale cheep. I.THW MUSIC.?"TT1E MAID OP i S| "Ever Thue," 30<'.; ?'Homo to Nigbk" 35e.; Swe l merald Iale that I Lore ao Well," 30^; 'Remember Thee? Yea," 20c.; "Oh, Erin. My Country." JOe.; Tlc^ Puhliahed at DAJ.Y'S muatc store, <19 Grand street. Sent, po?t free, to any pert on receipt of price. Catalogues free oh application. rg SOPRANO OP ONE OP THE LEADING ebusehea In Brooklyn la open tor an engagement either la New Tork or Brooklyn. Andreas for three toys J. B. Cooley, U Melton lane, room Na 5. war ANTED ? TENOR SINGER, FOR CATHOLIC W ehureh le WlUleaaaBm*. Apply for two toy# at 32 lontfc U ak, Williamsburg, between) end t P. M. IE ITRUCTIOS . ^ a YOUNG LADY COMPETENT TO TEACH THE A higher English breacliae, Preach, OermeuMd Latin, drTlrevan ettaaaement an governaaa or companion to a lady. Brfc^JiSa^SSSSd. A$^rt4Urmb.vanha. Oolleaa.MO Bowwy. between Prtnoa and Houston gtroett. A FRENCH LADY. AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER. A having two boars dleengsged. wlshoe to Hod twy pupU for French or atosle. Lorooaa at puptl a residence. Addreaa Franoa, Herald office. Tt ?> W?WRTTINO TWENTY LESSONS; aEITHMK mt qnartM\ b Bowarv and M9 Fnlton street, Brooklyn. No olaraee YOUNG MAN. FULLY QUALIFIED, WILL OIVE vasrs^^M^?s?rsSK r*7tmncsa Addriaa E. F., statloe D. gOOKKBBFING^^^ AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, B??si?EML0.iu? be prMtlaOlT for hood boobkMpm. . So most rapid and a?nrata method., and guarantat doti ?iiffntMe enaplaf W biailiifi G" OVERNEB8.?#49 PER QUARTER-AN BXTBSr aoced Kartlsh lady win undertake the entire Bngliah education, with musio and Franeh. of one autre family, ar pupils. al^Mr residence; highest refsronoA Address Alpha, ataMoa E. RMbU avannn. Applalan BOa. VX7ANTRD?A LADT OF It, TOINSTRUtJ A GATHO ?JMTAtI *AET? . M A1 LLARpTjB?^B ^0 AD WAT. Good Smak fasti ?m'%PTSSTTl?A. M. W WWiW ? l I?? ?. rZ p i pS IJ For fttH wo* ??? - H? ' Par wtofe, sssapi 11 ? AeIt A ?D E AFl OUIin. rtaVh "will~be paid FOR bounty and alt. ^?arjy.T'.-ifi^Ssissssus'' N' AMVunrnm wm. BW TORE THEATRE. Managers Lnrli Baker and Hark Smith TOEHDAT. March 36, DEBUT OF MISH FLORENCE NOBLE, who wiB appear aa MRS. HALLER, in KoUabue's fsvorlie play of THE STRANGER, assisted by heun Mark Smith, Lewis Bakar ami their EXCELLENT COMPANY. YHB STRANGER Mr. D'ORSAY OOOBH J Ilia ?r?t appearance.) uesday), March *7, will ba produced, after several wee ha of careful preparation, Bouuicauii a celebrated drama, JBANiB DBANB. when Hlaa ROSE BYTIMOR will make her re-entree ia this establishment in the title role of the drama. The play will bo produced with ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY. COS TCMKN, ORIGINAL MUSIC and aa UNPRECEDENTED CAST OP CHARACTERS. Theatre fkancais^-comedy, Tucaday Evening, March 38, 1867. at 8 o'ctook. I.A STATION CHAMPBAUDET. Comedy In three acts, by MM. Labtche and Mare Michel. Ticketoflice .it-DardouvAle's, 678 Broadway. Tony pastor's opera hocre. joi bowery. ao entirely new historical drama, entitled TilE SCOTTISH HERO. OB THE CLAN McALPINE. New aeenery, appointment*, dr., and a grant eaat Re-eugageui?nt for positively aix night* only of Mr. SAM Col. YER and hia sons, Masters DAN and EDDIE. A new Ballet. DIANA AND AGTiSON. TONY PASTOR IN NEW LOCAL LYRICS. MATIN KE8 on Wednesday and Saturday, at 8^ o'clock. /^BIFFIN A CHRISTY'S IX MINSTREL8. FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE. Noh. 2 and 4 West Twenty-fourth street. ?. W. H. artflln Manager. THE FAMILY RESORT. The entire company will appear lo the great bnrle?vie THE BLACK CROOK. Hnnkee Dooree. Hop l.igh< (.no. Bond Robbery, Four lor on Heads. Beautiful Singing and Dancing. Doors open at 7; to oommenr- atH o'clock. HOOLBY'S OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. THB CONTRABANDIST, the BLACK MAN of AGAR, Shakespeare's Seven Ages, Scenes at Sherman's. Nneto be Shaken, Gasnvnlgger, (ieor ;e the Charmer. Sn ip Suds. The Oar Galopade, The Knee Dance, Paddy's Don't (.'are. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY. AT 'U4 O'CLOCK. BUNYAN TABLEAUX.?LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty magntilcent soenes.lllluitratlng Bun yun's Pilgrim's Piograss." Union Hall, Broadway and Twenty-third street. Open every night at 7: eonunun-ing at 8. Admission 50 cents; children 2o eeuu. Maimer Wed nesday and Saturday, at 8 o'clock. ROBT. J. OReKNWOOD, Manager and Propria-or. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE-' THE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive, hevmg two heads, four arms, and but one body and one pair of legs; also the head and right arm of Probst, the murderer of the Deering fami ly; together with the magnifloeut collection of objectaln Physiology, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are Illustrated dally by Lectures and Mimacopie Views, at the New York Museum of Anatomy. 618 Broad way. Opan from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. ON EXHIBITION. FRBB. The beautiful Col eotkm of Pictures by Modern Mas ters are now on exhibition free at the LEEDS ART GAL LERIES, 817 and 810 Broadway, and will continue so tin the 27th and 88th lust. Newark.?waller s opera house. THE LADY DON performances. To-night (Tuesday), Peggy Green and Kenilworth Abion society. _ _ ? The Annual Grand Masquerade and Fancy Dress Bail will come off. In lis usual splendor and Joviality, on Wednes day, March 27, at the Academy of Music. The Ball will open at 9 o'clock with the grand masquerade procession, In which the fooleries of the year 1886 will paas review before his Highness, Prince Carnival. N umerous carnlvalistic per fornmncea and drolleries at intervals during the nigh'. Three grand Orchestras 'of 140 performers), under the leadership of Carl vnsciiutx, J. Ris'xel and J. N. Schmidt. Costumer, C. Buuhheistei, who will also have a splendid assortment of costumes and fancy dresses for hire during the bull. Supper, by Mf H. Wllke, wfll be served a la carte from M o'clock to tbe close of the ball. No person admitted to the '>oor before the opening proeee sion has moved off. Up to 12 ?> dock masks only wtll be allowed on the floor. Tickets, admitting one gentleman and lady, at $10 each; also extra Indies'ticket-. it $8 each: aen only be bad from the members of the society, of which we E. Krolpfelffer. 43 Pine street; Em. 8atmr. 4AExchange place; E. seliultee 63 Cedar tuw- Ok Gunther. 103 Wi Ilia no ?A. Kiickel. 34 t hu virort. J. stadermann, 293 Broad r. Candidas, 46 Kleecxc street; Geo. Hanft,0V> Hroed L Spangenbcr?-. 888 Bnridwaj i Geo. stObfc, 41 Eighth street. For boxes apply to Messrs. E. KroQpfeUnr, tormn street, and Hanlt Broe. dff Bfoailwag. ? ? THE EW-OTITB COMMITTER. AN ACCOUNT 8ICKN&8H?A TICKET FOR MALE V to the Ariou Faoey l?e?s Ball, at Aeidemy of Music, Wednesday, 17th Inst. Artdrcm Z. X., box 148 Herald ofUce RION BALL.?A TICKET FOR THE ABION HALL for sale. Address T. H W.. box 174 Herald nlBce. A ACADEMY OK SCHIC.?ANY flfOCKHOLDBR# 51 wishing to dl*l*MW0f V or 4*sliarea wf stock at a fair price wilt And a purchaser by addressing M. H., box 8.843 Post ottlee. N. T. Theatre ticket office. Reserved seat- for all Hrst rises thsatree, concerto, balls, Ac., can always be obi.,inert at tbe Tiir.ATBr: tickki office, Nos. Ill and U4 Btuadway. WANTBD?BIX GOOD MINSTREL PERFORMERS. Inquire of Frank Campbell, at the oOoeof tbe Uirard Bouse, between 10 and 11 A. M. _ PIA.VOKORTEI, ALLSTTLK8 OF PLAN OH TO LBT-AT.LOW RATES, end for sale on instalments. LYNCH BOOMIKN. 331 and 833 Broadway, corner Twenty-flrai street. a magnificent ahroktmbnt or thb kinrbt J\. and cheapest new aud secbud hand Pianos In tke dty, for tale sod to rent, at WM. CANDIDUS' Ware rooms. No. 46 BMeeker street. AT THB GREATEST BARGAIN?TWO HllPRRB 7 octave Piano*, rich carved rosewood cases, four round corners; elegant .-nrved legs: overstruugbase; full Iron plain and esqutsite rich tone, full warrantee for Ave years: most eelebraled city makers, are new and extra magnlBoaat; wOl be sold for $876 rash Apply at 690 Sixth avenue, near For tieth street, from 7 A. M. All 7 P. M. A. L. BATTKKSOM. A BARGAIN.?SPLl-NDID SEi HN OCTAVE CABVB9 ;\ rosewood Piano: cost $476, price, If eold ihls week, $360, at 741 Broadway, opposite A-tor uLoe. X. P. B. CCRTIS8. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAYE ROSEWOOD PIANO, forte for -a le; mad- order, city maker; ooet $000. for $806. Also Parlor Suits. Ktagerea. Bookcase, Paintings, Brontes, Chamber and Dining Furniture, China, Glass and Stiver Ware, at aaacrlAce. Inquire at 41 Wast Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. A LABOR LOT OF PIANOS TO BE BOLD AT A great reduction, on so >unt of removal. Ptanoe le rent or eold on instalments. 143 Kast Twenty.third attest, near Third aveu un. A RARE. CHANCE-ROSEWOOD 7 OCTAVE FLANO fortc. Iron frame, modern Improvements, 818$; mag nificent rosewood, 7 ootove menu rung bam, for half price. Also twenty first '?'*?- second hand Pianofortes. very tow. Assortment new rianoforte*, less than wholesale prieaa. to fourth areu ic. opimstto"loopcrlustItnto. X LADY WILL SELL A HANDSOME FIB8T CLASH j\. rtwewood 7 ectaie 1'iaiiiV-ite, overstrung base. eeetteA lege: celebrated maker*; nearly new; original price BW; for lesa than half. Apply at to Third H Fob halm?a magnificent nkw seven octave Parisian npright Piano, ef Powerful tone and superior workmanship, lor half its value. Apply at 71 Eld ridge street, near Urn ad. VTBW AND SECOND HAND PIANOS FOB SALE AND IN to let, at Fifly drst Slrec. nrth huuaa east of Eighth avenue, north side; also at rorner ef Forty-fourth afreet and Eighth avenue, open Say and evening. _ L A7 BENJAMIN. EIAHO FOB SALE-ROhRWOOD, OVBRSTRUN0 base, seven octave Call at W Fnlion avenue Brook* A? AI?K??!?*. DANCING ACADEMY. Ml BROOKS 8T. ? All tha fanhlonnble Diam in una ooonw of kaaoaa. HOIREK KYKItY WEDNESDAY EVENING BROOKS'S HOOK ON MODERN DANCING JUST PUBLISHSD. PRICE $1. THB LK( TI1BB IBABOB. ID FOB IRELAND A lactam will bo dellrered. cedar MM acaptoea of Fenian Brotherhood, b? JOUN 9 AT AGS, Rao., at Cooper laatltule an Wedneaday aranlM. March 17, at Son S?b)ect:-"TllBO?OfS5 WOLFE TONE, and tba CAUSE OF IRELAND." Tiekata may bo bad at Iha Central Ofllea. ftvw ?1MbMl af tba Brolberhoed, orattha door tlia araalna of U>a lactam. IBM PORTA NT LKCTCRR8 DAILY?TO UENTLBMrK | only,at tba Now York MnaaaM af Anatomy, CIS Broadh war. Thoao unahla M attand thaao lactnraa mar raoatva a T BCTCRB?AT IRVING HALL BY OROROR FRAN. Jj rla Train, on Monday, April 1. 1997 at atafct o'etoek P. I BBKMbKI of Ga Ladioa' Baatkara HatiaT MHB M., for tba bonoSt^^^^B I Hon. The lecture Say, except politico. Tlakata ?pBGGBHMUa Ladioa' Beatbarn RailaT ? tiiHii ^^^^^jyJBajakrn^ataapatatowMMpioa af taa ~ JTOTJIALLeieA^Wri VTR. TATLOE NO. I BLBRGKBB BTRKBT, M^basqurradr and ball oootumss-a lanob ? and omireir now aaanrtmaat af aaraaaoa and Materltal Ooi.umm <H,mprta.n? all the latent' at?!ETa!?oi."y ** gssM&g&asB pany and GranM HaMaa opera. ______ SHETKOUR'g COSTUKI DEPOT, IMCAjtAfrfTRBET. ? oaar Bowery Tha want alabarata Rao* a* Tbaatrtaal olhar naad epptr. CIOAM AYD T) AO LET'S DBTBOrr PW1 CgTTOBAOOO, J ?' STBAPH BROTHERS B.00:1_Af?ta. i mU9%