Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON The He*.? York Custom House Invemttfcgatioii. YrtmMim Graatrd foltector Smyth? to Exa vt.m, Wttamra Betorc the rommittee. TJfE MMMIRNMENT QUESTION. Passage ti Hp? House of a Resolution 4o Adjourn on Thursday. Canon of Che Republican Members of Congress. Ir^ttnttJoni for a JteoJcganixatkm of the Tart?. ?K. *C. AC. WssmvOrt* M?rcli 25, TW7 VifMa/ Yark Cm?m How* luvcetigMiitsai - Coderior Hwrtbe Be?*n?h to Br llrtrd -Befibre (be OWMMklM MS Kxnmlor W'l ?MMo-Thc Dowmil Ont?r?4 by the Home. Collbtlor Smytbf is sM) bare, aad continues to oca py ?tbe attention or Ceufreus and tha gentle pubHc. To- lay 'tbe-Hcose heard frem'him tbroejh the foltamng"!r.ter to Hpcaker Colfsi Sin?In tha important mat* r now pending 1c that ' hontrabie bod* awererbicb yet preside, involving as it does my private and my official character, I reopee,: ully request that by weut- proper order or resolution tf the Bo use I maybe permitted to appear wKh cooc sel to Kxluce and eaannne witnesses before the OomnA'Aee on blic Kxpendm.iei;, charge-! with the continuation of lnveaiigatiugtthv Nr* York Custom House, and alleged misdeoru aoaee in>tbe ad mini it ration ol the efflc/ I now hold as Collector of Cuetome at this port; and to that end I respectfully reqosst that this memormi ? may be laid 1 balore the taoute. With ret peel, yours, die. H. A. &M~i'THE. Thie letter, uaTcneoted- by Congressmen, elicited an axpreesioa m 'favnr of far play crediufMe bo" h to their eanae of justice aad of Cbair appreciation -of the office seeking game an foot, tsrre points In whtah seem to be the removal-dMIr. Hmyfhe by fair moans-or foul. When Mr. Randall mured that tbe prayer of the petitioner to appear before tbe Committee an Xapenditares, with witnesses and counsel, be granted, though the motion was supported by tbainfluential weeds -of Bingham aad others, therewras only enough of the-original leaven of unjust haste -left toot-tain a vote Of thirty-Ova against eighty In favor of tha motion. Messrs. Sutler. Scbenck, Garfietd, Wilson and other prominent-republicans voted for the motion, though tbe point was-wtrongly made by Messrs. Oovede and '"Williams, of Pennsylvania, thai tbe privilege'proposed v as la vlotattonof usage and prece dent. Tbe --eat parte investigation aad Inevitable public pillorying'therefrom begin to strike -member* as at varij aace with1 tbe original bill of rigbto. Tbednveetlgetton of Mr. Smythbtowsse was eonUewefl by tha NmeUlog Committee le day. Senator James R. Du shall,-of Tfteoanein, appeared'before tbe Hurtbordiu. kfddhn,' sod commenced Mm meet alteram pactum. heeath'bf *be-proceeding* OsMnlur Smytbe, baeiag lata a rsesgntooe of his claim to I accusers, wasipresent, bat Ml Mi tteetittle an ia Tiidlmtw '4K ilMMctflf tad Mr-fimythe wlU ast It dmnu lataaay fsssbti i er-controversy with'the Commutes or with any-sf Mowassgben without tbe presence sad aid Of eseassi Be fee Is qnite cooldeat-ltiat be can ovUsam, tbe testimony whleb baribees published la tbe report MthdCtammittoe, aad tbe store particularly all tost ritotw to Ike female members ef'the President's ftanily. He wMipesbakly employ two eminent mem here tf tbe bar,--one-In this city aad aae da Mew York, to eoa doctbta defense. He will produce wltoesaea to centaa dlet-ibo silsgad testimony which has been pubHsbad. Ma to'Msmpcakn and confident, aad has every appear aace af being innocent of the carious charges eshtafc have>hasn alleged against him. -<Bs will not return to Maw Work-aatU on or after to-aaarrow afternoon. Mepablleaa ('auras-Committee Appointed 4c Arrears a Political Prsgrsaar. Iheunut tarings, not load, bet deep, which bar* 'beer ksasd to'dey aad to-night about the Capitol aad the be teb areindtcali- e of a coming rioisn In tbe elemcnte of the doarioantparty. They aru apparently blaming oeeh other far what all eeem to be oenseicue Is a crista to the htoef ttaelr party. Tbey are afraid to adjourn aad go home aatU December next, and vet tbey seem sntlufiad that of the country 'ully appreciates tbe entire esant of candor and fair dealing in the r-ita tbey are enacting. Thsy are aorelv pesplexed at the develop mente in the South, and would fain make tbe people bqjjevu that tbe advice of Generals Hampton and Long street tottet that- which the Southern leaders or -the people are likely to adopt. They would much prefer, tor party-pcrp?ee?, tha: ibe scenes of tbe Mempbta and Mew Oriaaaa trageiliee should ba .re enacted In other parte cf the South. Tbe joint caucus ?f the t-enutr end House rupublieans met at tbe Capitol this evening, not to discuss either adjournment or impeachment, as waa supposed, but le take into - consideration tbe part v organisation, both Mortb and -Uouth. whh a view to ihe?fnf1 aanvaes and sent af tbe moriuneyj therefor.' Mr. made chairman, aad feeer*. Hayes, gfi Merry,. of Michigan, - secretaries. A at one His seek fists was ap pstatod, usMk,-power to appoint a eub-aoaimlttee af ten polities! programme, Jake charge at i, perform the work belongtog to party ex ecu Ma ties uistsn of aa-audllng charae tbe remarks made -by tbe speak ess wars meanly of .? suggestive character an to tbe ptaa . of operations sad management of details. Senator i Brake, of Mtasoeri, raised the questiesi of .tLe adjourn ment at Cengrees,-when Senator Wilson, wbo called tbe , asnooa, stated that it was intended that that matter .Should not be discussed, and it-jnas accordingly,dropped. Jt le pretty oartsto that tbe Senate wlU not consent to , tbe.rceolulion rotative to adjearnoseal adopted in tbe House, sad that Is,pet sorb as open qoseUuu that ae aft prediction oon.aow be mads, upon )L It la thought tf SNtoy that both . bouses wig continue in .semtaa itnri-g the whole -of this aad next weak. As jjggtsbsarins Oslo's that la tbe .event of tbe too bouses being unable te agree upon s-fiay of ?adjournment the fkaridsat may earrciae hta coaatite IClonal prstogative of adjourning Congress "to snob.time umbo shad think prefer," which time might be ayear fica next fcTeoetnbet, aa there la nc legal or ?oastata I dtoaal limit te astietgaltonof an early adJoaramcat a cgeeclatnsuoe has bass pistol'd si tbey late Department siiit^or mall log the Sptale togeUieTTor Executive bust asm. MtStral teaah P. Blair Nominated aa Mtah. trr te Austria. The trmidiat baa aomlaated to the S-nsts Geoern! Tmmkd be Minirisr to Austria Tbe t^oislaaa Appolntmeusa II is etatod Uo-mght that General Rerrna will get tha Masabalebtp sad Gaoeral Kteedmaa 'he Collee torubip ?f Interne. Revenue of Louisiana be retariee Stanton, MoCellocb, Randall sad Brouniag and Attorney General Stoaberry ass understood to recommend both these geStfoaaen, so that In all panhabtlny tbe "easts will not object Rteadmsa, tbey say, will be confirmed in eider to get a betberemas obstacle out of tbe way. Tbe fiasrtsriMrier's Drpariswent. Ike aasae of Breuai ffiffinr General, Rufne Saitoe was tea day mat to tbe Senate lor tbe vaaaat maturity lathe Qssartermsslor's ftsparieissK. srraelunsd by the esjeeiiua at J'revut (otonri Users, of that depastmeat, by the ktolt A e ttoti ef Ibe he ante ea ffitrsllre Appoint, meals. The <ta*sto. is exernlivs session to day, roaflrmad tha nomlneliow of Benjamin Blmpeoa a* Icdiaa Agent tor Oregon, aatf .rejected tbom of W.lliam (I. Taylor, as Poet mas'or or Oog ord, New Hampshire, and John & Rert as Collector at Isitersal Revanus, Ninth district of Kea tochy. Court Drssses af Our Urpreerniatlvea la PsrrlgR i onntrlee. The dlenasrion ol the fenab* rseolution regulating lbs uniform of oar reprmnaUtlrae pt foreign courts brought aat a speech from Mr. Beaks that so aaii sastamsd that j gen Demon "a reputation u u accomplish?* orator u iq command tba earnest attention of the whole How.', elicit a r?o?ral round of applause from tbe galtorwo ud corry Ita resolution through without OB attempt oo the port of the opponents of the measure to glw O dissent ihg Tote. It waa the nu-oaaafal oflort of o roprcsaataliva American to <?lottos to on appropriate garb American riq>reseBtativ?e. The iMpearkerat Uattiloa, The impeachment question ?r, agate raggvstad to-day by the presentation of two peiutoua by General Butler for the Impeachment of tho TreaidoeL Senator Wlbaa'a laterprototlea of Ike Ite rs natron ieo An. Jobs M. toaskotn, of Texas, aMrvsrcd the following letter to Senator Wilton:? Wawww&to*, March 21,1WT. Sm?-tio my return how re ro Texoa many question will be asked aa to the oacoent of tho dicfranctiieemeet art forth in the rocooatroctlee law pasted 2<1 March, and aflei ward, amendad by the supple mental art Don tha lew, as it now wads. diadretK-hlae the rauk aed Ale ot the soldier* and cilixens in I tie houthern ritsrtw who had ?twr taken an oath to support tha cunatMetion of tha United Plates, or ta ik only applicable to that class 01 I>er0ous who bad prevaoiiohf taken tbataafth and efter wnmk engaged in tbe rebellion ? Your interpretation of the law, us unden-i.wid here, will do nawcti In quieting speculations on the uub'rct. end give meuy the oppor tunity of aiding by ai lTrage to quiet the cotritry I have the honor to be, sir very respectfully, your obe dient servant, J JOHN M. WAMtOM, of Texas. To which Sanabnr V'dsou replied ae follows:? I. M. His* at, Hup My Dv.ak .Sib--Ib reply to your question ''Does tho law, ae it now exlMa, disfranchise tne rank and Ale of the soldiers wtoo haih never taken ae wnth en support tho constitution * the United mates V I have to eajr that it does sot di-Awncht-e them. Tbe aoniiitattooal amend ment dtsqiiaft Ac* from holding olfho canal* pereone who havo taken ho oath to aupport theH'nfted States, and then engn^d to tbe rebel I loo, -or gore ted and comfort to IL Tho class of persons aire disfranchised, and all other perrons are entitled to vela. Tbcae parsons are meniiourt' iu tho constitutional amendment, so that all perm ins will hoow who are dtaaualfllad wad <VJ-t ran corned. Yours, truly, HRNKY WILSON. Jtoiiirsuion In fke Nsstb. The retolutien of Reproaewtatiro Dr nnelly of Itlnoo oola, picWr tr-day, urging that tbe rdjel states place In their oenstlttu ions provuoowa eetabltnblng a system of 'tee school* adequate for all the children of these States, was bused on the great leek of public reduce ten in Yie -rebel blab's, h 1M0, while tbe North expended nearly |6,000,000 to rwpport of free schools, the rebel stales expended only $600,000 In North Canrhna; cut of one hundred and toveaty-nlne thousand penoonrwbo will vote tfcfs year* ever one hundred rtiou aatKl are enable to read And wftta. This resolution Is intended to reach the saano ot?jc -t which was stood at by bees!or Kumner In We proposed amendment to tbe Supplementary Reeonetiwctton Mil, and which vwu toat in the Senate by a tie vote of 20 ta 20. There tea-large aed rabidly increasing party In tho Senate who will 'he utmiHtog to vote for tbe admission of any rebel State that does not provide for tbe education of tta people. Bettitatlea in Uad ttawtb?Letter from (fenwfnl Mansard. 'New that the chaittabte and generous throughout the Nr.nhern acetion of our country are becoming Uttereoted to doing something for the relief of the wUaapnad suf fer .ng in tho Southern States, the following ietMr from "Major General Howard to the Chairman of the' Com ovttea on Distribution In Philadelphia, Pa., will doubt less prove interesting:? Ht'RKAP Karoo*SB, F*t**nmw am> Abandov** UAWtd. 1 WasiiiMorox, March M, TVSt | I* J oh* W*u?, Esq., Chairman Committee on Distribu bu t ion:? Dkak mr?Your letter of March 22 is Joet received. In whicn you quote e paragraph from tbe Imguirtr, as fol lows? ? 'General Howard s department hasqmte adequate uteans to relieve ell tha distrust op to DeoeWkernext"? sud you aak aa to thereliablltty of this report Ike remark may be eubetentieily correct, bat it referred No the pro posed eppropriei lea of $1,000,000 for distribution la the South to prevent -want nod starvation, it OlgdlOed just this: Uist u the. appropriation el reedy made Uboeld be extended to meat.the destitution reported, instead of giving an eddttienel sum, that apprapstetson 1 deemed adequate far. the contemplated purpose tkefweeb this time sad Bamaaber neat You uaderemadl I presume, that all appropriations aTe for tha Aecai ywer. Mm te from July. MM,reo July, MM; aa tkm if a-wee my adln appropriation-tier food between this and nvatPB a camber I aban bavsmtkiua left Mr the a ay I a ma Per tke aped, the mtikeaa nH otaar Indigent psapla 'Hreke asvsral do aot prepam ta go beyead the preawUewtof extreme enflhriag fwrni mant of food. You ask, "Shall any addltleoal arid <ka given by voluntary oontributtonf" I wlU eiaeply give yea tbe state oT tbe cms end here yea ta judge far you naff. I win give yen en example of one apuatr In Alabama, aad able la a fair sample of aaveam ia that Mate and ta Georgia My In formation oomt from n gentleman of'high standing, tboroagoly aod cootlnuonsly loyal, sent to ma by tbe people of Wseeanty, fully seller aad by'freest ale Stan ley, Thomas mad others aa a reliable nana.' He mye:? '?There aee upwards of three tbooeand >people la my oouaty aloae vabo are to day abeelamly dependaat en others for food. Tbe small farmers ere-ftcing up their seed to these people tor bread. Tbe aufTaxiiig la greet and on tbe I serrate, and I do not eoe hew our people ran get seed toyut ia tbe next crop. The.great majority have alwavt'beea truly loyal to tbe government of the United States." Now, I have oevev said much If any thing with regard to tbe principle ?f government char ity; but one tbiug is certain: wnere there to-neb a want of food thorn wd! necessarily bs groat soaroiiy of other things which the government does aot propose to fur nish. I dn|hope that your different associations will send their own agents through that -sertion of the country where -the crops have tailed, or correspond wit b p opto on tbe ground, so as to ascsrtauL facta. My own reports and a atetnenta bare been baaed upon tha tvpons 1 haw received from inspecting officers, agents, Governors of htotct and citizens whohlavo written to me ?r conversed with me with regard to the destitution. Still I shall :e*l trdter satisfied If your aeHocwt'ons make their own laapiict.ons. or enough to base yocr Judgment npon. Very rcapv-jtlully your*, O. U. HOWARD. Major General. l.awleaaaeaa In North Cniellaa. The following, ia published in aernral North Carolina paper*:? It appears that, a lawless set of "'Red ? $1: Ings" In Wilkes county have taken it into tbeir heads, because the >iat< bos beentplaced under martial law, that there fore there is no law t ? punish crime, aad tUa' thr vicioua and lawless can have their own way aa<l appsnpTiate the proper'y of their.neightiora to their own use with im punity.and commit-other outrages as well, kaat week a land of ten or twelve of tbeae outlaws, beaded by a desperado .woo aaya he bails from Mary lend, with any .number of aJwaas, aad ail bat himself ottixaar. ot Wilkes count*, made .a raid tiroogh s portion of that county, takmg.horaws nutos, wutohes, brandy nmlaabor property, and smupaUhw by .inrca good cttiaeaa Wham i hay bapaaaed to meat ta gw with them. Tbay mala man aad bte atoter ia the road w'ffh a taam, took tbe .smimals and than bang Iba-.-naa tat limb uatil bn waa.. asurly dead, whan dhey cat him dawa and carried hlede tbeir camp a prteewar. During the mgbi be wrtcbud. Lto opportunity and made bar arcane, and, coHeoting seme doeea riGseaa. attackad he d cape redoes in their namp. capturing half Adauen. tbe otVn making thaw aeoape. Pour of thaaa have hr-n admitted to bad. amd three. Including the loader, are .coofln."l ia tbe jail a* Wiikeehoro Tbe, Prsered* mi CssaKwred art CaaAsraitl Freperty. Tbe je'at resolutlaa oiigtuting in and psmart by the House or Jtoproooalnttooa diroetlng that oartaln money* now tn tho bands of .tha Doited States froaanror, aa apacial agnat of tha Teaasury -Department, bo eaaroyad by warrant Into the Called States Treasury, saaa ra pnrted wtgoat amendmoel to tha Senate to-day, con M tared aa.ja Commttteaof the Whole, and party anad to tho trat Monday la Daoamher aaxC This aaonay aaoornla to. eoma thirty tn Aftv millions, lactodtog tho prooaeda of oaiaa of the mgitarod cottoo, tobacco, Ac., much .it whieh wan said ia New-fork ander Ihedtrc tioa ?f the iaSs Simeon Draper. Tec nearer Spinner baa directed tbe bullion that .mat captuned at tbe. damtoe of tha late rebel govaramant to be weighed, stamped and seat to tha ATnitad States Mint at Philataiphto.wharo each Mack will bo aoaayod sep arately aad afterwards coined, tbe value of tbe beUJea to bo deport tod to tho credit of toe United Stales la gwld. Tbe block* ore mratly Oat end oblong in shape, aad weigh from two to six pounds aach. They are formed ' el silver and gold, which had been melted down to- , gether. Tblecnaaey will remain tn the Treasury until | disposed of by act of Congress, ataco General Spinner has declined *e return til to tho Richmond mid New Or- 1 leans bank* on tbe order tbey presented, bocauso they twere enable to give rwh security aa would be to him aatlsfactory. John U. Hurratt. John II. Jnrratt. since ton incarcerattoa IB the county jail, has been allowed ev? rv privilege whieb could tend to moke his situation more comfortable and which la not inoorapatibto with Aba regulations of the JatL Hit covmhmJ have bad frequent lutcrviawa with him, as have also bia hrother aad alar, but no ops elao baa know allowed in have aay Intaaannrao with blm. MM frtoads to Prlnoo Ueorga aounty havn bean atlowad ta mnd Mm books, food, ha, subject in aa naamtoaMou by ibo Jatt site tola MM couusel are mwAdeat of Ihotv aMJIty to Hour him of Vfre charge of complicity In tho plot to nsMarieate Mr. Lincoln, and will tiaae tbolr defence upon tbe ground of bis iouoeoaco of that particular charge Tuey base their raao fully prepared, and Ibo trial I* only delayed l>y the nietm Attorney, who la aa yet unprepared. M will probably take place by ibo mid dle of April. Statae ml Geaarnl Seafl, A special order of lb* War Department, dated 2M last, provide* that the joint resolution of Congrcaa re lating to ibo statue of Goasrol Heott bo referred to o oommiaateu, ronototlng of Rravot bojor flonoral C. fkbfiAr, Inspector Itohorai, BrgTH MMM* Qcwfnd i, K, Bubm. Surgmb fliiwl; Pw?b iilg?<Br Cwnl C. H. Torapkiam, Quartermaster's Department ; Brevet Brigadier General N, Mecbler, Cerpe of Beginc-va, and Brevet Lieu tenant Colonel L. J. Tread well, Ordnance Department, whose duty it shall ton fret, to determine the peeper location for the staton; srcead, to examine and select the plans to be sulmKted by the aitu* derlg ? naied by the resolution, and to prepare a owe tract with opacifications, and to arrange the terms; third, to take any othnr steps end to make such ruggesUews sn they may deem proper lor the execution of the Jetot resolu tion. The Isrsar Tax nd Gevrnuusst Kreplayes. The following miss for the deduction ef toe ret eons tax from the salaries ef government employes was pub- | Halted to-day by Hob. J. K. Bi uadhaafl, He. ond Comp troller of tbe Treaainy:? To conform to the est of March 2, 1999. and to correct errors in the pswetteo of some disbursaxg oBoora iu de ducing tax on salartee of parsons employed by the day, and to produce uniformity m this reward by all, tbe fal lowing ruiee haw, upon oonHuiUUou witb the Onnimis sloasr ol Internal Revenue, been adopted and will govern In the revuaon ?l disbursing odtcers accounts In all cases arising after the 1st day of Mnrcb, -1*07When persons are employed by the day, lbs salary tax should be with betd from the excess of $3 99 far sacb < alendar day (twenty-four hours) employed. For example:?A. has b?*sn employed but one calendar-day In any given mouth. He may have worked twenty hours in that calendar day. and tbos bwve earned two government days' pay; vet the amount of $3 30 Is rxafnpt,-sud uo more. B ha> been employed twenty calendar days in any given mouth. It ie tnmmtertal bow much he has earned, the amount of twenty times 93 20 (OBt) is exempt, and na mora. O has been employed tli rty-ots calendar days in anp given month. In bis -cam 900 90 is exempt. 4>. bv working overtime, tnulres forty days' government Liue daring ' no calendar month. He U nevcrthelees esorupt from tax on S3 90 ouly for each calendar day employed. When persons are employed by the month the amount ef gflB 33 per moadb will be held exempt frees tax. This circular la luiewded to supersede that ttsuott from this Office on the same subject on the 4tb day of Itaaam her,'I?fl6. Receipts front lutrrnni Revenue. T-e Internal Revenue receipts lost week sine voted to -over two millienr of dollars, making a grant! total for the preeenl fiscal year, up to Saturday, of nearly two brndred and sloven millions of dollars. Despite the nn ?urially small reoelptsfor some lime pest in thts breech of tbe public revenue tbe year's aggregate. es shown on ?the 30th of June next, will undoubtedly equal the sail I "mates made lest-JMy for the year upon wftv-b the'new ' tax bill of that month was passed. Register sf Wills. Colonel Jam. iR OHelme, formerly of the T'iirty-aeventh regiment N?r<T?ft Volunteers, and fbr a long time ITo vost Maixhel Of this District, hen bnan appointed Register of Wills by Preatitoat Johnson and oenflrnred by the S? ate. Caiewet'O'Betrae ems Prove* Marshal hers at dk time of tbnwmEmutation of PrasMont Uncoln, and nan* tributod n gssd dsal tsar sards the mature of the eouep<m tors. Mis -appointment gives ghnefal satisfaction, 'al though Smarter Nyt bin given ?sdiscof a bill to abolish the position ef .T0XTISTH ongUOH. IIMI. 1M iisnmsw ran rax rtenrawur norm runwoan. Mr. Gbwxxn, (rap.) of Mtcfa.,fgwaaated the jdint rnoo luilsnetf the Legislature ?f Mtah%aa in flavor ef Com gieseHnhi aid for the speedy construction of toe North ern Pacific Railroad and on other subject* lhey were t dsreil to be printed. rat tMuurmi' qrxanoa. P Mr."Wiieo*, (rep.) ef Usee., moved that tbeSecretary be ordered to request the bonne to-retura the resolution far adjournment withe view torn reeenatderstion of the vote by which R passed toe tome. Mr. miaou ex plained tbat be wished, tr-poembls, to fix a dW7 between ?? on Wtoch ? Congress might he 'smry. -fbe motion wws agreed to. gam iigKu. tor. Cnaimttn, (rep.)of Mien., from the Committee en Oeaimarea, rnuCi sto awssdlaMan smberUmgfee head of tbefRngineerterpetoomploydve civil eoAeeers la the week ef Survey lag end tanptowtog the KerthwesMht rhrers and barbers, fhs ire toe thai Was adapted. imwoWal ton*ran uiMsm et tub rxovwucas or ran warramr huts wxTuta Mr. Ntb, (rep ) ef Nevada, presented thewssmerial of took, rand Conned of tba Vnion League ef Maryland asking that the prevtstonedf the Military Reeonstruction hill'bs extended to Marytoady which was referred to tbd Jant clary Committee. additiovxl sxxanriBXS' rv m rxranv wvricx. Mr. Simux, (rep.) of Ohio, from tbe' FmanoeCoqs arittee, reported a Mil antbswxing tbe employment of edfe'-lonal examiners In the Patent Office, not exceeding towr of each class, or twelve in alL A aeotion of the Moose bill creating tbe-offiewof Hollcltor of Patents, and a 'third section hscrceaing the examlnerecf patents, wove recommended 'by the' Moanoe Cotner.Uee to be strteken out. After debate, to which 'Messrs. Wlltey, Sherman, Potoeroy. Edmunds ond .-uaaner participated, tbe second end third sections were stricken out, and Sts bill was thee passed. tub rsorxxrw ov-oxwrasD reorxarr, arc. Mr. 8biiuia> reported from the Committee ?u Finance tbe 'louse Joint reeolxtioo providing that It hereas there la bow hi tbe hands of the Treat-rer of the Cni'.eil States. *? special event of tbe Treaaury Department, several millions of dollars, the prxeseds of propest7 captured during the rebellion. which mere? Is under the control of the secretary of the Treasury, it now stands, may be divp sed of fa settling claims preferred by thrsliecsd former owners of said raptured property without lie sanction of I' lrrtress: and whereas it is considered proper that such rUtri' should not be settled sod paid without first receiving theepproval of t'otigrees . therefore. Se It resolved, Ac.. That all money? thus held by .he Treas urer of tbe Cnltrd Metes shall at once be cover? by war in the Vn'ted tttates Treasury, only to be d/awn out by acihurlty of law. <On motion of Mr. Brsmssp the mint resolution was postioned until tbe ft ret Monday ia December a< xt. sas sulk or vtwxLS so rniKMH.v smtouncwTtt Mr Cn.tM>L<R moved that the senate take np the bill to al!ow American citizens to set: vessels ef war to frieauly belligerents. Mr srxxan, (repjef Mass.. bopetl it would,rot be taken np. Hr. Chavdlbb speke at some leng'b in fhvwrof the bill, euying, in tbe oourne ol his remarks, that J.e was wtHiSi. to let tbe Alabama '.elms pact for tbe pr'-aenl. He would be content to take land on the northern fron tier lor them. Great Britain, he said, bad rented to com mand tbe respect of the eivibaed world Tbe mil he now prevented was purei/commercial in its character, and there ought to be no ehgecUea to It t ea thin bill, mid be, and Crest Britain will be begging In six months for portoiaeioa to pay the Alabama claims Ho did not want the besretary of State to have anything to do with these claims. Hie MeCradhna Smelling Committee wee as much ae he (Mr. -wward) era? equal to Mr. Momow. (rep.) ef lad., said thhr to.ll pupnsd to gtatotodoto e law tbe wety. principle wtt b formed -the basis wfrtoe Alahame claims. To paae Meow would*o to stoMIfy the Amencan people beferevth# was*. At woe Id pat it into too power ef the pettiestnation ef the world laaike war opoe toe camaaerce of the giaaset scraaiADATiaw or rraaone ewosmao vwr rt.Aije>. Pending, toe cowdderailoa of this subjeot Mr. Wneow asked andobtaloed uoanimeue enneent to report a J?dat rasoiutwn loauthortae the Commending General of (too army to permit iradera to remain at certain poets Car the accommodation of persona croamng lbs plains. The taolutien .was passed. laaotis wosbaxxT Assenanow Mr. Covmuw, (rep.) of CaL. inirodr- ed a Mil to ??O'W porste theiumoin Monument Aseeeiation ef toe Dlatrtet of ColumMa, wiich was rafcreed to tbe Committoe oe the Disiriet of.Golumbia. XTMRIS TACITIC MIUU1A I Mr. Comsaastnuoduced a resolution calling npoa the -Brcrelary of the .Interior for informal>oo as to tot causa 1 of suspenaiem of work on the latrm Rnaflr Railroad, end what further legislation ia necasary to secure toe aprrdy mmplrllon ef toe Pacific Railroad from Omaha wset ward, which was adopted. aamw ran ran earra. ?Mr. CAKxaon, (rep ) of Pa, insroduead a reeotoUon directing the -distribution of fMLfiOO worth of aceda among toe people of the rebel Stolen Tee present consideration was obgected to by Mr. fna rxMMix, (rep.) of Me., and it goes ever. ran wahuwotoii sowirreAn. Mr. LAHxnoii Introduced a Mil to eharter too WasD Ingtoa Homestead, which wee referred eo toejOommiune on the District of CaitnnbtA rat nxntAM. . . Mr. Monxnx, (rap.) of Mo., mtrodnoed s resolution, which pas agrewl tu, direoting the Committee an Indies A flairs to laqoire Into and report upon toe expediency i of remoxiag too ladtaaa naar ia tho Mates to toe Indian Fsrritory. rmoiuno unwixTVBx I Mr. Ntx mtrodnoed a bill to emend the erg*010 w* ?* Colorado Territory by providing that toe esse ton.' ef its Legislature shall be bfnaial, and that the anembers of said Legislators shall receive pe par day. tmmediaie.conaideratioa was asked, but objection waa __ _ rxi irxrorsivwwjvT m?. re-SET^. u " - ? ??^?f_fe?tosner ike M - dag evwtang- _ .. iandlsto e dlssuastaa on tola aafctoet toe Beaato wewt into Eaecailre seaalea aad aooa adtorwaede adJeuraeA BOVIZ OV UPiaBXNTAHTia WiaaisuTon. Maseb 9fi, 1M7. anxa axb tmtoummm israonccsn a an sas siinap. After the raedtag ef the Jonraal the feWAsnn procved ed as toe boslaeas In order to the morning hour of Mon day to the call ef Stoles for bills for referenda I'nder the call hills were tatoodaced aad referred as follows:? By Mr. PotAro, (rap.) of Tt? Providing for too Juris diction of the Courts ef toe I totted (Mates la eortofn cams Befsrred to toe Judiciary Committee. By Mr. Hoovaa, (rep.) of Mesa.? Heraing that, la toe reofe*a'*hM*a ?' ,h* rebel Hi ales nnder rusting laws it may become aeraaary for toe legwtoUve fleneritotol ef ton govern uicni to be la aeeaioa bet ore the figgl Man , day Is ItoWfW. t9 tdaalddgaad arefida for fist eaw ?rtoo, ud enacting that Congress shall Monday m lb* months of May, June, Stptember, Wooember and December 1M7, unless Ibo presiding offioers of the two Houses shall by joint pro clamation, I* he waned by then ten days before either of aueh da tea, declare tbal tbere is no occasion foe the meeting of Coignes on that day, and in rase of su-'h proclamations dawn to the monih of November, the neti session stuB-coaimen- e on the tir-t Monday in De < ? mber next. It was referred to the < ouimittee of th' Wbote on tfcS Mate of the Urnon, By Mr. BcMjB^rep | of Ms*n -To provide for the relief of the Orphan Asylum and orphans of Cburlestou, P. c. Referred to the Judiciary Coin nut lee. Mr. Lawwohm, (rep ) of Ohio, uitri.ducod a bill to re organise the Judiciary, which was referred to iha Ju diciary Committee. ttr bill abolishes the ? Ireutt Courts of the T tailed Mites, and creates Courts of Appeals. The District Courtnsre la take the jurisdiction now exorcised by the Circuits, aad the Courts of Appeals sre to be held by one JudgO ef the ftupnuae Court and br District Judges, with appiNats|ariadleiion from the Idatret Courts and original Jurisdiction In admiralty ess * Also a bill to provide a temporary goverumenl for the Territory of Lincoln. Referred to the Committeo on Territories Also a bill to give construe linn to the acts of June 20, ISM, and March 8, ISM, and to limit the pay of officers' ser vant*. Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Also a bill to repeal the act authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury So retire $4,000 000 from emulation monthly. Referred to the Committee of the Whole. By Mr. KoirirMOw, (rep ) of Ohio?Providing for the Decernsrv surveys for e ship canal around the Falls of the Ohio river. Referred to the Committee ou Com merce. By Mr. Riwn, (dem.) of fod - To authorize and re quire the administration of oaths in certain ca^e*, and to punch perjury In connection therewith. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. By Mr. Niiijwk, (dew i of Ind. ? Concernieg property of marrtod women in tlie District of Columbia. Referred lo theConimtiiee on the Diatnct or Columbia. Bv Mr lNiiKU-oii.. (rep.) of 111.?To conhtroet a ship canal from the Mtssirrtppt river to I-ake Michigan Re lerred is the t ommtltee on Roeda and I annis Also lo

authorise the pavement or Pennsylvania avenue and Fifteenth street, west, with the Nicholson pavement. Referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. Alec to provide for ihe-erection of a building in Peoria. III., for the accommodation or i'ost Office and Internal Iter, ooue Ottlce. Referred to tho I'ost Oflco Committee. By Mr. Pile, (rep.) of Mo.?To establWh a National Hn rro ? of Insurance. Referred to the Judiciary Committee. By Mr. Fbhkv, (rep.) of Mich.?Various joint rosdu tirvir or the Michigan legislature, as follows:?Fer an act to secure the epeedy construction of the Northern Fie Qe. Railroad; onil ng attention to the national im p,>rtaneo of fortifying the i.luuil of Mackinaw; l?r the construction of a raihoad front Meuoraouee to Houghton; lor pensious to surt Ivors of tho wcr of ltil'J *u.l the widows of those who are dead from April 1, 1-StA; for an effective protective land on copper, iron, lumber, salt, flax and coal By Mr. Vp-mr, (rep ) of Mich ?A joint revolution or the 'Michigan legislature for au up-propratiou in inprov e the barluc of the mouth of South Block river Refer red to the Committee on Commerce By Mr. tkwwikLD, (rep.) of Pa.?To authorise the Sec retary of the (Treasury to pres-wtbo rules and regulations for the registry of certain vessels built for use on the Western and 'Nurlhwestern tal es on paymen* of internal revenue tax wo materials used in construction Referred to the Committee on flWMM By Mr. Wasniiranx (rep) r,f Wis.?Te authorize the South Minnesota Railroad Company to construct and maintain abridge across the Mississippi river and estab lish it a post Referred to the I'ost Office Com mittee. By Mr. Pswtkr, (rep | ef Wis.?A memorial of the I Wisconsin I.egislalure for a branch extension of the military road between Tort Howard, Wia., and Fort Welkins,-Mich. Referred to the Coraniiltce on Public ; lauds. i By Jdf. Hopkins, (rep.| of Wis.?A .memorial of the li Wtaoonsin Legislature Bi reference te a ship canal to Icoeueot tl.c Mississippi fiver with the waters of Cake t.Mcbigas Referred to lite Committee on Commerce. By Mr I'eaHas. (r?p (of Me ?Authorizing the Wash ingtou (Temperance Society to issue certificates of stock without revenue stamps. Referred te the Committed of .-Wayi! an-J Means. By Mr. Be ex. nun, delegate from Dakota?A bill grant ing kutds to aid in the construction ef certain railroads In Btahcta Territory. Referred in Mio Committee on PublicJ anda All-the States and Territories having been called for MU? for reference, the remainder of the morning bonr vw occupied la calling the Bute* for resolutions and bills for action. Cade; the call resolutions and bills WSte tetrodured and disposed of as follows:? ntocamn or cowfiutxtbd reormrrx. By Mr. Kraurr, (ray) of Ohio?A joint resolution fo ?georga WathbumgS,83b 37 for bis share or the pre ?of a seizure of property in NgahviHe, Tenneesee, miheConfliransn act, which was passed, ns novaa si si iwu <i ByMflr. I,*w*?i?c?, of Obfcf?A resolution to caaiM anotraet for the Hooan fostaarant and roootve new bids. Agreed la mtmntr m bslatmw to cusn Mr) Leer?ret also sntlbdaeed a resolution directing IfcwOemiDliiee en ? latere to sea swain whether a ( lalms B istion ef the Mar Departroent la in aaaaion and k claims wttiront authority of law, which was too ?tmu or. nervAiu. My Mr. Amujrr, (rep.) of Ohio?An act to change the of Ibo capital of Mnnmi Territory, which ?*" rev or Oa?TWm oihu By Mr. Oxsviblo, (vop ) or Ohio?Allowing tho com mittee clerks who weno in office at the close of last ses sion pay for the present sees ion. Mr. Wiiii, (rap.) of M. Y., having risen to debate tho roseloUoa, it went owes under Uteruloo. axothbb sOJOCRmwrr kwolution. Mr. Scusxcx, (rep.)of'Ohio,.Introduced a concurrent ?eeolution that each bouse of OOngreas shall adjourn the peasant session at twelve o'clock oo Thursday Dext, the 28th of March, to reeembleagaiMeo ths first Wednesday of May. first Wednesday of Jane, first Wednesday of September and Brat Wednesday of November next, noire the ^'resident of tbe senate aad Speaker of the House shall,, by joint proclamation, tea days before either of those dates, declare Mat there Is oo occasion for the meeting of i ongrem at ouch time Tho resolution was adopted?yeaattS, nays 81. tub saw vokk cwaroM aocss iwvmtiuatiov. Tbe Scbakbs presented, a letter from Henry A. Smyths, Or.lleotcr of the port ?f New York, requesting to be allowed lo appear by counsel before tbe Committee on iV'ilic Kipendltures in the Investigation into hrt official eondeci. and to produce witnesses in his own defence. Mr. .Ra-daix. (drm.|of Fa, offered a resolution lo gsaat Mr. Srayine'p request A pretty lenrthy dtecumion took ptare on the rerolu tiea, Mewrs. Randall, UIngham. Boyer. Banks, Pruyn and Rklrldge susiaiuing it, sod Mosrrs. Tarns worth, Covede/ Williams of Fa.,oud Woodbridgc opposing it. Finally the rules were suspended sad the resolution was ottered and adopted by a vote of yeas SO, nays 36. Mr. Hrutt-an, chairman of the committee, stated pre viously lliai he had oe abjection to it, but desired the action of the Hoosa In the course of the diseuasion Mr. Fnrre, idem ) of N. Y., reterred to a letter received by him from Hiram Baraey. o -Collector at tbe port of New York, complain ing ef same remarks made-by Mr. I'ruyn on this sub ject eomo days nnce, and stated that the construction pni rpon. bis remarks by Mr Barney were not warranted by what be said or by ins pohiished report* thereof. Mr. .TXTms, (tep ( of Pa., tn the course eg the di-cus sioo, expressed bis dtssppoietmeat that the committee had net, so directed by the Mouse some dayc since, pro seated articles of Impeachmoot, agalast Mr. Bmytho, or aa eaorlpotiyy report. m st'f ri.KuxsTART aauworsrcnou mtT Mr. Wuoop, trap.) ef lowu, effesed a resolution direct ing the-Clerk of tho House lo prsoaot lo the Becretory of Plate She Supplementary Heeemfooctton MU passed last Saturday over xke Frsai dsn Fo-rata. The remlntlon wan adopted. Daoorokhoawi son twm nan in or tub mii wssi i. Mr. fout inoodt cod a JointreaotoUon aothoru^ag tbe Secretwy of War to bwtld two dredge boats for nee at the mouth of tbe.Misatsalppt river. Passed nnaokoa mousy is tub baw swrtamnrr Mr. Iiegan, (rep.Vof III.. lOtreduceOa concurrent reso lution dMsauog that all aareuoM of mousy not eaUptatad for or asked,by the Navy Department lor ths flseoi ysar ending Juae ttO, IttttF, and now under- the control of the Navy DapartmM^ oa conveyed into tho Treasury of, the f'nited Bin tee, .ana thereby taken from the control ofithe \Nayy Department Mr. Bboiwa (dam) -of N. Y , aoked fer aa expiaaa AiOB. Mr. Looanamtod that tbe Bocretarr of -the Navy hag atked m Ms last report to Congress to do this veiy thing, statihg that be bad under bw control unexpended " " to tie i I M balances lo tie amoeat of maety-sight millions of del Jars, aetnmnlatsd from tbe sal# of different snidea, ami elgtttsen mUttoae appropriated in lbs last Naval Aw ro prist ion Mil, making aa aggregate of gX17.M4,00*. being about a hundred mill ions more than was required by Abe department Thle resolution was simply to have tbe .money conveyed into the Treasury Dopartment. After ooMldoniis dlarumfon the joint roeeieiion wm sdoptci ? iswi lira imm Mr. Twowsa, (rep.j ef Md...presented the memertsl of tbe members of the Oanetm Assembly of Maryland, ask ing immediate coaalt nation by Congress ef the eon diiioo of public affakss ia tkel diets; also reset mien* of tbe (traad Union Lenguoof Maryland. Ordered -to be prfeled- ^ uasats osoffiwunrv rurn. On motam of Mr. ttiavfoss tho Beoato Appropriation bill to supply dsflclcacteem the conlingsat fond of ibo Senate wm lakon from IMBpeakor's table. Mr. ft tavern moved aa amendment, attdmg appropriations for tbe salaries ef tbe Commissioner of Rdnestioo and his clerks, $0,400, md for furnltu* amd atotiensry of hw office, Jd.OOO. Agreed to. Mr. !*rav?Mi also movog n aobstitote for the second ?action, making it the dot* of (ho nonrotary of Stale, oo recnivinf oetiae of the dsstgnaUon by the Clerk of the House of nowspaperr sslosted for the publlcaUoa of the ?h and trenttes of the Uaited fttatea, te farnlsh promptly authentic copiesi thereof,|^jrl<l"< that 11 *haH bo Mwfol to puhboh thorn, In ihmo ccwspepora la LouiaUuw. Mr. Hnoons rimmttnl that that would bring (fee Hmtm h cf A# Its clovfc lata omaflM with loolhhdi of foe repuh Mr. Bonn uninlig thm that wm what the ma Jorlty dssnmd. raey dmtmt te get op a RtUe hot Mktod. tUtogbter.l Ths hi* waspamil TOO MOW VOOB CVOWftB BSVM mrmilWATTOW AOS IB. Mr. Rummon, (dam. I Win ashed leave In offer a reaafeUendwecttugihOghmmltieoea Public Kzpsodl lures lo furnish lo ftoghtor* Patterson, of Tennessee, a certified copy Of the INMmouy given by David A Hull before the mmmilteo M Ho invosllgaKon of tho Now York Custom House fmodu Mr. Hruorao Obj cted, sisttug that the Benate h?d al ready a copy of the testimony. The Room I bee proceeded in the considers'Ion of tba _ . !ttgRM)dera'lon of tho b-Miboss on tho ^Utaif i table, ifo dlspoood thereof as foHowg mo MI'ismsiPII AST) utssomr ssipors. Tho ftoaatd bill dec tar tag tho bridges over tho Mlsoourt rlvor, at lb. (her I so. Me ; over the Mgsmlppi river, near the CHf of lAmfoiean, Mo , and over the Missouri' nvor, asor Lmvonworih, Is isms, legal structures and Mr. Jam. mm)$4 Mm. ?*r*d gg ?141 ag that for the bridge at feevenworth authority ?hall tint be obtained Iron Iba States of Missouri and Kaohai, Mr. Hn max, (dem.) of In4-, moved to ipfer the l"ll and smendtueui to ihai ouiiu.twe oa Commerce. Agreed to -vea? 58. oay? 86. Ooeav mtras or impioh-tic ao**? The -mats joint reaulutiou prohibiting pertains la the uimit service of tbe I oiled Slate* from wearing uu i.irros not previously authorized by Oetigress was taken up. Mr. hi hkx< a remarked that aa foagreaa had never an thoriaed aay uu foi ra tar tba diplomatic cirw, tbe reao lotion meant tbat American represeatBUvea abroad ahoutd appear only in citizen's dross. What wax citt sea's drees? dome gentlemen tain it wgaa hta k otut and a white cravat, and parhapa white g I uvea tbe oh jaction waa that aoroad Barrenta drw in precisely tbat style. He related bow be had presented in the Brsziltau court an American consul who insisted on appearing lu cttiaen'a drear; bow iba chambarlain mistook htm for a flunkey; and how tba cbnsui waa anxious to get home again, Buying that be fait ttke a fool, thai Ue noticed tba Empress and maide of honor laughing at bim; and thai, no matter what Mr. Marcy'a order might be. be never would go to court agiun, making * booby of himself by looking different from other people Mr. m-aldixg, (rep) of Ohio, asked Mr. bob inch wlmt he blmaeir wore. Mr. BcnuNOC replied that be wore the ordinary court costume, which was ordinarily a blue ooat with an em broidered wruatb around tbe lappei* and culls He did bo because he was unwilling to appear lingular, and tor tba ?ame reason thai be would not present himself at a party at heme in his shirt aleevua J'eruous who h?d tilled military or naval positions at borne were tsnsideied j en rrgit it may wore the uniform to wbub they h id boon emitted as otliyert, but be supposed this resolutiou would change even that Mr. Bay.Ku, (rep.) of Mam., Mid it would not. Mr. Bonsxra rout In ued to argue against tbe joint reso lution, saying that in attempting to make our#et\?* uot ridiculous we were only exposing ourselves tobeuig made ridiculous, and that nun-conioriuiiy to ilia psacpe of lha court to which they were accredited Impaired i ha use. mines* of our reprobeotatlves He would like to hear lha views on thai subject, of lha gentluuiau from Berlin, (laughter?manning lir. Jndd. I Mr. Jvm>, (rep) of III., said lie would not like to be considered tim repvemuiattva from Berlin, because that might impose oo kiin the .. of speaking Herman, and his knowledge of German was sol sufficient to make a gr-st speech in that language. He fhvoreo the passage of liie joint resolution, though he believed iluit Ameri can reprCMentattveH should have a uniform, sim ple in used, piwacnlied by (JVngresa or the Htate Depart ment It Congress should pass this resolution then all objection to iitptomais appearing in plain cloches would be removed, ivocause then it would oe understood lliai il wa'- by d rectisn of tho nation, and not lha will of tim represents! t vs. Mr. Covcim, (rep ) of fPa., moved, as an amendfoeut, to add the lodowiug proviso:? Provided.-that diplomatic Agents shall not be psimlf.ed to weai'any amirt dreas exnept such ?? snail be prescribed and tbe iwUerns dravtu by l>? chief ui or of the natioa, who la now presiding over its d-silulea. This amendment was greeted with laugh tor. The Scuakkr ruled yprompily that the amendment was ?ot hi order, and it ?u rciuiued to Mr. bovode. Mr. JJcmi, (dem.) -of Mo., suggested as an amendment that the uniform shall conalst of a c-mk'sl hat, looped op with an American eagle; swallow tailed coal, with stars wed stripes on the tail; butternut pantaloons, clo-<e lilting yellow stockings, with gaiter* <> 'o Krankiiu; buckskin vent, one side black and one side white, he, (Laughter.) Tbe amendment was ruled out of order. Br. Brutv suggested as a suballtnte that (he Secretary ?f State be authorized la prescribe eucD uniform as be may-deem proper Mr. Barks refused lo let the amendment be offered. The discuss too was further continued by Messrs. Brooks, Banks and Nicholson. Mr. Ba .ks referred to the prediction mnde by Turgot, ar I icl, Uiat tbe day would come when America would play the rule which" Carthage played in ancient times, ami said that the t'nited stales would soon not only establish an American policy In tb? matter of dress, but also in international affairs and continental policy, and tliat American diplomats would -be recognized as the representatives or a government which controlled the American continent from tbe Atlantic to the Pncitic. finally the House seconded tbe previous question and parsed tbn mint resolution. KPUCATION IX TBI FOtTTWXRX XTATM. Mr. Don molt, (rep.) of Minn., offerod tba following resolution, which was adopted: ? Whereas religion, morality and knowledge are, In thelsn gusge of Jefferson, necessary tu good gorermoeni and tbe happiness of mankind, therefore eeiioots and tbe means of puelic education should be forever established: and wbcreas. irons various causes, tbe Internets ef popular education bare been so greatly neeieoted )n tbe States lately ?to rebellion tbat nearly one-bail of tbe voting population Ibereia are at Ibe present time unable to read and writs; and whereas such a stale of things cannot tony continue ?wltb safety to the nation or to tbe best I sis rests, tbe proa neiSty and the happiness of Ibe people ef those states; 'therefore Meantvwd, Tbat this House express ita. earnest dnsire tbat Ue popple of tbe Mates lately lit rebellion will, in reor gwaUlug the asms la aacordaneo with tba esiashig taws for that purpose, tnaeri in their res pact Ire Stale-constitutions a provision requiring Iba Lecfadatere lo ostsbissB and main tain a system of nun schools which shall afford adequate opportunity for public education to nil the children of the vowie laxd ix anwrox harbos ?oa wilitajb* rm rosea Tho beast* Mil to authorise iba entry and occupation ?of?. portion of the public land m Boston harbor tor military purposes waa taken from the Speaker's labia, and explained briefly by Mr. Hooran, who sent up" to be reed letters from the Secretory of War and General Humphreys, Chief Engineer of Ibe War Department, recommending It Pending its consideration, tbe Bouse nt ball-past fout ?o'clock adjourned. CANADA. ?CarMker Xjwterisia Warlike M?T?a?a(i Nr. Derby'a Keport the Pliberin, Ac. Ottawa, C. W., March 26, lMf. Important despatchm have been recently received with reference to the movements of the British troops and gunboats, bnt the fleets ere withheld from publica tion for the present. the discount upon United States Invoices for the week was 25. per cent. The Montreal Gaarttr states that Mr. Derby, the United States Commissioner on Fisheries, pirated one-third of bin report to Congreaa from a book published by that *>*Sght thousand tons of rails have been ordered from England to repair the Grand Trunk Railway track. VIRGINIA. SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE OF THE HERALO. Battc Inatracts l.rirral HcUofle|it-He la Dadlr Maubbed- What Hberwan Would Dw? llwwwlcwtt? the Monroes and the .miliary. Ri< uhomi, March 22,1807. Whan General 8c bo Held bad laaaad his'General Order No. 1 assuming the command of this district be was sailed upon by that erratic individual, John Minor Botta, who waa then la Uus city, and who, la a lengthy tirade lipf ill pirltfll, diRM ntf me dlfhi iu| la view* with hhnaalt, aadortaok lalantrnet that sfltssr In Ihaaoutaa ho la Ma unasked for advise Batla never ease aOerded an eppnstanity to be told, or fare moment thought, ha was Intending upon an ofleer who,.because of his etotnty to administer Jus tine and effectwaly eaferco the law, waa appelated here. The General linseed calmly to the ravtagaf this egotisti cal, Incoaaiatent political agtiaior, eyeing him attentive ly all the time, but without even vouchsafing him a reply, not even a nod. When mat person had ex hausted himself, he suddenly fouad his presence wee not at all acceptable; be oemmen< ad to foel decidedly uncomfortable; aaw bo had overstepped bis mark by a long shot, aad taking bis leave, sneek'd out like a badly snubbed man, wbieh Botta waa After he bed gone the General, whs waa guietly smoking acinar, turned to one of his oBners present and remarked, "If Sher man was here that man would nave been sent to prison " This la Hated en goed authority, aad Is an evidence that General 8-hofleld wienda to discharge his duty faithfully aad Impartially, without aay regard whatever to politi cians of any order. Bolls la known here by tbo soubri quet of "Gobanna'a groom," from the fact that be used to make e habit of boasting of a stud borne he once .swned by that name. He Is eminently qualified for the occupation of a groom, aad ware be to turn hia attention wcclustvely to horses his patriotism would be tiie better appreciated. ?be press here hsvw all turned thslr attention lo tbo assess!ly of eecaring the negro rote, and are urgent in their demands that tha most Influential cilizeue in tbe Htate who are respected by tbe negroes as well as the white* should lake the matter In hand. With this view preparations are now being made for an active canvass the coming summer, whsa no doubt tbe darkies will be waM harangued This prospect has bad It* affect on th* polliicai larson Hiionlcnti bora, who ta his paper of to day warns hi* sabie eub crlhers aa follows ? '?Let ewsry man set his face as a flint against the In trigues and wire-working of ralMa, who bavr ralutnni ated tnem without measure or stint They will talk with yon. eat with yon, drink with yoe, aad, If need be, sleep with won to get your votes, aad swsar you are the best bedfellows In the world. Be not deceived, God w not mocked, aOil whatsoever yon sow that also will you rasp. If you rote with aecesh, when tbe voitng m over aad tha anorak get the power, you may look out for aeeeah fruit Tb whipping peal, the tall, the penuen Ittaff, the chain gang, high re Die and low prtcea and vagrar t lawn Mover, never vote a Ith rebels " This seeoad sdltiew of Drewnlcw In this case forgets ?Hillary rule Is ? prams hare new, and that such insti tutions as whipping asata, ebaie gangs, fee., hsvs been prohibiten by s sprtal order. He bos an Men also that the miitary authority bare will he eiereleed fbr his isspecial hwMdt, sad says ke will "seek redress for the elan dure of rebel newspapers at the bar of ? mMitary reuvt," while these Is rearrety a doubt that be himself ?ABisaeef the Bet who wttt wMM|hh wB be ooe ef the Bet who wttt require ii the part ef IbemHMerr PERSONAL INTELLMfRCE. Lleutenaet General Sherman has expressed bis desire sod Intention, If be ean obtain leave of the President and General Grant, le go en Captain Duncan's excursion to tbo Holy load, which le to mil la June next. CM F. It RmMek, of FssnryWaste; Gen. R R Reno, ef the Untied festea Armv; Gen. W. t Hillyer, ef Mew York; Col N Vlall. ef Rhode blend, and W. T. Holmes of Hi howls, am utoppieg M the Metropolitan Hotel Judge A. J. Parker, of Albany, Is Mopping at the Bre voert House. FiAh Arenas Mm***' " * ?*? B&OOKLYH INTELLIGENCE. Siw Tacit.?Mfwnf. t, k R. Fuillon ire buildii| ,o their yard at the fool of Bridge Brooklyn, a very pretty yacht, which will io nil probability i* iwuly for launching In tbe beginning of May. She will bare a keel Isugtb ot 113 fed!, anil a deck let-giu ol iu> feci, over all about 152 feel long; her b-am will bt- -?yt fori, depth of bold 11 feet, and her burl ben about ??? loud Although fat present in a very unliuini.rd *ta e the new vr.-.-ol prr-outs a very elegant mod' I sue t* very sharp. aa>i hor water liuea are pretty uu?l more thau usually easy. Her bowsprit i* being tan ed o n with ih-- hull; and .-he bas no full spot amulehips, b r line* curiiuii grace!ullv fratu stem lo item ahe i* a *o remurkuhly > oaii aft. As far as appeaiaboe will war rant mdjuieui, there uu lie little doubt that thia uew Ca 'bl w II h atiioug Ibe lu-'.eo tliat have been recently it ilt iu i in* my. Tb* Oorry 1st *w W ?n.Tm*n Trofklr.?The dittlroltle* bclwteu tbe Coney I siaud Kaiiroud Company and the drtv.TT and conductor* of tlia* route rrcte brought to a'ton ou Sit .ritay. Tlie road ban been in exist* ence tor about fit e year*, aud although it wax one of the liest patronized iu the city of Brooklyn during sum mer tini". it was a matter of much surprise lo iti ? slock hobleia that it nev.-r paid exiienie-h Tlie posvers ve?t<-<t iu the s tier ut"Odeut ol Uiu load wero nearly auprutue, and although it va* bel'e.ed by tbe coinpnuy that inane ot tlie conductor* and driven) were not ac'.iug ? nnscieu tlolialy wilti ih* corpora..on, allll the company could not obtain the'r dieunssal. Matters were in this slate alien the present incumbent wa" clocled President of the road. He rosoived to active the problem and, if possible, a.'Wiium wheie the leakages of the roal were. He soon d tented ccnaiu aialpnt-:!io?- on tbe u.irt ot sotno ot 'l.e ?mpaiyi* of the r-mil. autl some were diamine d. In February la-d lite superintendent rc-d^ued ills jtositien, and Vir. J I kic'i elected as his euocoauor Prom thai tune to the present there uat ix*u a great deal ol trouble and J * loutoOt lb' old conductors and drivers.,* hi ji was brought to a culminating point when required, to ai?n eeontmt pledging the in moves to act Uitliliiliv and nmestly. an i iu|sirl *U cases ef dis hoiii'.-ty among employm which might come under their uett e to the i ompuny. With the exception of an irre/iiktrity in tae runuitig of the trips on Saturday and .Sunday no lucvnvcuieuoe has been ex peneocod, aa enough men have already present <1 themselves for the positions of ditvers and < ouduotom. from the slat"? tnenl of the superiulendi'tit It is estimated that under the past miitiageuieul tbo company was mulcted ui of at Ipa-l $lt!.lKM) per aunutii, aud ihti injury done to the rstliug and working stock of the coinpuuy was immense. Nearly sufficient men have been obtained to all the places of those w ho left. kl.tij'ioi's Miamiicr.?William Dolan, a young maa whose bump of doelruutivenoas would seem to he fully developed, was arreetod yesterday on the ahore charge lor break ne the yrindowa of the slore of William Cook, ou Kultou avenue, (in being taken into custody, Doiau made a charge of assault aud buttery against Cook, w no be alleges, struck bun on tbe arui with a club. Both partiu? were bold for examination beforo Jusli e Corn wall. A Covnogmc rtt'gRAToa. ?A rather font ire looking youth, named Miepben Gregory, was taken before Just ce Corn troll yesterday morniug to answer tbe charge of obtaining money from divers iierwnns under false pre Ptm Sieplmn baa been mi*sing from this vicinity for some lime past, until yesterday morning, when Mr. F. A Williams espied him walking lei-urely through Fulton street, and imtnedtately caused his unset. Mr. Williams nas a little soore to settle with tbe ac waed. He was couiunitcd for examination. Isi anticidk ? Au inquest was held by Coreoer Lyacb yesterday as te the circum-Umcas an end log tbe destruc tion of tbe lire of the new born infant of a young woman named Bella Lillls. The girl la accused of hav ing (brown her child into the sink of a roundhouse in tbe tear of tbe residence of a Mrs Green, -u Nevtne I at rest, ncsr President, where It waa subsequently found. J'he unfortunate girl, who Is but seventeen years of age. wus arreaied at tbe time uf tlie occurrence, about three weeks ago. Set erai wlineaaes were examined, and tbe case was adjourned nntll to-day. Dkath fit Poieo*.?While laboring under a temporary aberratiou of miml, a woman named Ann Oorgan look a does of Paris green on Friday last, from tbe streets of which she died tbe same evening. 8be was la aa ad vanced stage of pregoaney and waa being conveyed to the Connty Hospital from bar abode la Doremus street, E. I>_ when she gave birtb to a dead Infant and died shortly after reaching the buapllal. Coroner taaHto held an inquest on the body, and a verdict in accordance with the facts was rendered. Roaaeav or Lcqpo*.?Brrtett Ladolf waa arrested yesterday afternoon by tbe poMoe of the Fbrty-tbardi preclnet, on a charge of being concerned la iebbing Emlle Gonial rd of f>,0M worth of Froocb broody. Tbe complainant resides at If President street, and ha# tbe liquor stored la bie cellar, tbe aoeeead wen teetoed np to await examination. Tan Lave II ii.liawbuso Mrspea.?Two persona named Murray Epbralm and John Letnx, the latter aometlmee known aa Johnny Lindsay, have boon arrested, at the Instance of Coroner Smith, on I aspic ton of being impli cated In tbe murder of John Fltspatnck. They ere bold to await the action of the Coroner's Jury, which will re assemble this evening. The evidence of the prison ere' complicity la tbe murder, although clrcumetaatwil, la said to be strong. Lelnx, alias Lindsay, is twsaiy-Ouo years of ago, a native or the Halted States, e olgarmofcer by occupation sod a resident of Williamsburg. Kphraim is thirty yean of age, also a native uf ibe United States, a cigarmaker by occupation and a resident of Williams burg. The pt1-oD?r? wore arreted by officer Andrew Glider*leevo, of the Forty-dfth precinct Epbralm ex hibit* much anilely about his arrest, and miitoualy In quires aa to the evidence agaln-u him. It Is understood that he has uitfposed of the suit of clothes which bo worw on tbe evening of the murder and changed bis personal appearance by shaving off his wbtsksrs. He Is a genteel tookleg young tnae. with lustrous black eyes, aad sports a mustache and Imperial. BtRCLASS loMMirrx* tot Trial.?The two colored men, Thompson aud Jonos, whoso arrest by the F^ty seventh pre< met police on charges of breaking into the stable of John Wiard, ol Greenpoiet, and steal,og there from m set of harness on Hunday morning, as reported In yesterday's Hki.alo. wore arraigned before Just.ce Dm ley yesterday. Mr. Wlsrd testified thai his si able was broken Into and rob bod of a set of harness about three o'clock on Sunday morning; and officer Marshall toRillied to arresting the prisoners at tbe Grrenpoiot ferry shortly afierwnrde with the barneis in their pus *ei*ioe. On this evidence they were committed lo the County Jail lo await the action of the Grand Jury. On their voluntary examination* tbo pr.sonera made the fol lowing statement*:?(harle* Jones-"I ara twenty-four year* of age, am a native of Hartford, CI . reside at JIT Third aveaue, New York, and am by occupation a cook. ' Henry Tbornpion?"I am twenty three yearn M age, a native of PnufUkeepste, N. Y., reside at 50 Thompson street, New York, aad em by occupation a wniivr " ? Fatal Aoaomrro* Board Mmr.?-Joeeb Leaner, ago# eighteen, a native of Prussia, fall down the bold of tbo efclp Johanna WUbaraA, at pier 40 East noer, yeses* day, ead died eoon after from tnjoriee rene is# Geeweae Wildey was aolAflod to bold an tnqnaet. HEW JERSEY IHTELL1GKHCE Jcratr I'llT. Fun i* Svrranv Stiuil? A In broke oot, at eleeew o'clock on Sunday night, In a frame building, at iba roar of 145 Steuben Ureal, a manufactory of laoa nets for lad Ira' watarfalla The materials lo ibr building being highly combustible, aa well a* the clock, I bo effort* of tba flretuen were aitonded wlih only par Hal success, and a loaa of $4,000 was incurred, partly in sured, with about $400 loan on the building. Habokra. A Mrrrnuora ramt?a mm so Commucv to Dm ruTt Wire's Claims. ?Mr*. Mary Jane 8mllh waa dis charged yea orday on a writ of babcaa corpus rroaa the County Jail, wbiibrr cbe bad bean committed by Justice Pope, of Hobokeo. for allayed drunkenness on Iba 16th In*. At (be time of lidr arreet her buabaad was labor ing under a drorakal affection, from wblob ha died on Hie 18th Inst. He waa engaged la the psrfame buaineaa In Now York, anil was worth, It la said, $100,000. Ma c bla death it has trauapirad that bia will was dated on too ram- day bis wire waa arrested, yd what la rather sus picions, a roan named Rrett, wbiForo^'ircd Mrs Smith's arrest, la named aa one of tba CTeenioFt Mm Smith aiiegea that she la lb* victim of a conspiracy, and that her arreet ear procurtl by llr-tt for Uia purpose of r*. mnvlag her during the last hones of her husband to rsit the ends of parties with whom ha waa la concert When brought to lbs Jail she bad on bar paraao aboat $1,600 ? worth of diamonds and jewelry, which are now In the pufMeselnn of the taller. She Is tbool forty years of sga. Ibe writ for her discharge was procured by Albert 8. Clarke, of Jersey Ciry, on lbs ground of illegality in tba proceedings. EFFECTS OF THE LATE STOHi iTSf SOUTH. Fortssss Morrob, March 23, 1867. The bad weather haa completely prostrated business in Norfolk and Portsmouth. Information received at Norfolk states thai the rivers In K astern North Carolina are greatly awollen by tba im mense quantity of water which has fallea w tb a tba peat twenty days Tba Roanoke Hear baa overflowed its banks for many milan, and great ^prehensions at Ml that ssnrh property may be swept away. Tba Meberrtis Hrer already floods It* banks, aad many of tba cthaeas fear a cataatropha similar te that af iba ytar 164$ when all of tba bridges of this stream ware swept away by tna The stormy weather eoatinnea nnaheUd. On the coast a thick fog prevail*, sad veeeeln are unable lo came In the capes for a harbor. The wind to-day blown strong from the nortb northeast, and it M raining heht THE UHI0* PACIFIC RAILROAD. St. l/crm, March 2ft, 1867 Thad?ma-et? the bridge and trestle work, Ac., on >1^ t'ninn Pacific Railway, Rasters divlstoo, by tba lata flood, haa been repaired, and trains are now running ibroecb Ttis new bridge over Solomon fork, thirty ?even miles west of Fort Riley, waa comploled an lha 2SU instant, and a locomotive" now reaches to a point four huodrad aad Ofiy-flve miles west of Si Iwete. Tba Mavk tg bang bud at Ik* raw ol ?M stdfl ?** flop*