Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1867 Page 1
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XUAJaH Jbi THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,167. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1867-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. 4L. "v->?~^fVWW?W?-VVW^-^-^W ijtei^i!".l."A'u?''w 1 1.11 i ^w?iiirtrwiT A. ?u drop*. *Mlg* geat ? II ?R y^-4Woat 4? immnr to took pilot.^ rvt!ffssjfiss?&sssustt's^ HMOI 'VkNMmMKWl* HMTark-H iHftJS^^SwwsS fnwum mmmm*m patrmje and brido *-?* Sort*.. Wb.nlaal heard from Ue former was to New I Mia** *ad Ik* lauer in Hoe tea. Information will be Sirfe*ru**ff 1rTLitmm *?,*0,,\ g^^jas^k^'jsu'ws | ok Mum connbc. I iN HWa they will ale*** I I k?i m lleiali Iihen Mew Terk. California I WTRIlIMOr STUART ELDER, FORMERLY OP X? thtacity, wflnuMM* theiraedreaaia the Peraeoel* ef M BeiaM, kfcey may beer *f eoaaethlng to their oAreoUpe. ? VBR ELDERLY GENTLEMAN WHO ADVERTISED JK Ib Seaday'* Herald far * permanent home wMh * ari HhfMif, *e*r Delmooleo'a, cao give aaUafaetery refer wmteeukm hie ehele* el: voema by eddreeelagA., EC R ADKINS WILL REPORT RIMSBLP III MEDI- I eii?i?^sr?ts2riaroiaa?Si ?& BlaDT O L. M. IS STILL IN THE CITY ^.gmwaSMm again leL., bos MS Herald TATnrtULOST YOOR ADD1 ?r ** B. Ib S., Mel lee O. , SEED ANOTHER *iUre3M?V^*l&<v,> psssil EXES. M ? ? T B ? ? ? l.-urms TOR TOO AT B MeAe* 0. I hewer them *e directed. tkf T. D.?NEW ORLEANS, 1MB. WALL STRBBV MM *?^ &p*^BmhisihmhIhbhhhbhmissJ SCRAMTON, OP NEW BED- I lefl * toofthiet utlraik of clothing I ^^^HBlS 01lr*jr etreet, 4*ee not call f*r thee* I ctld to pcy as- I ^^??BLPHIA IN JANUARY; JERSEY CITY PER- I wee obliged te ge oa. Addrcee Aloe- I llll ll THE TOPNO MAN WHO OR. I ? quantity of Rereaee Stamp* flam * atattoaer I ^^^?SHiitreet la admoalehed to re tarn them.** once, ele* I ^^^Bbeertwt*! ee he la well haow. I OP IU X-MEBT ME AT WARREN'S DK- I B taellte PdMee Agency, M Broadway, on J^ndayneit I W^B R ?. R.-LBT NO MFFICCLTIE8 PREVENT B? year immadlati return. FATHER TV ILL-?ALL WELL. LETTERS PROM P. RECEIVED. I W f l?U yesterday to Utah Bene*. Bnnnta* aU ri^hv I IPSC14 Rwmou, ?' tfKtm?wttcnKi?a?. wonoB to plumbbrb?tme plum raits op raw X* Tor* in hare by 10UM that the plumbers of Boston nrb "OB a strike," and that they win ha expected to gird ua ? **wtda heath" aad "Ihir play.* 2 _ JOHN LIMB HAN. President, lb P. Bmxpr, Oarruspoadlng Secretary. NOTICE?TO BOSS MASONS AND BOSS PLASTER XT era, aad to whoaa tt may ooaaora, that the laborer* of HesHy of Bow York will demaod BS par day on and of tar thelaiof Mat; aad we laborer* do demand of thaboaaaa ?a pap aa oa the job where we werk oa every Saturday or aeeead Saturday betweea 4 aad I o'eloak. By order or the libBiiare* Oaten. PAT. REYNOLDS. 7 JAMES SIMMERS. Prealdente. ( DENIS D. SULLIVAN. ) Walvbs Snm, 1 Jim OiiuiiM, > Maarrn Goods, ) GAD FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, PEE N.-NOTICE.? O The aaderiltBed bap to aetlfy their frtaade and tha ?ehUc generally that they are act aad never have been fcteieeted tn or eoenectod with the hottae of Heln. Xoohell A Cot, corner of Jacob iM Frankfort lire eta. New tingor la aay manner injuring the bonae of Heln A Co., but ilmply to correct mlaooooeptlon. koohell A Co.. ooraor of Jacob and Frankfort itrt fork city. This notiee la pnbhabed not with e view ? 1 tr |a|| ?pi r HE I N A BRAT. Jeex Brat, ?M Battery sties! rB OWNERS OP FURNITURE ON STORAGE IN NO. 7 Sixth avenae are hereby notified to make arrange naala to have the aame removed on or before the let of Hay, aad thoae of them who have net aettied their billa for Ho mat twelve month* or over ere tuqueeted to do ao by the "??**1* *#w is aocounti KUNSK. ?ISO INVENTORS AND OTHERS. the authority of the Secretary of the Tree* the city of New York, at the office of the .,_etor of Steamboats, M Plae atreet, oa the la April proslma. for taa purpose of etamia the merits of aeaa 1 area bona of a Ufa saving FHIpourtifcBEi iwUl embraaa . wsysrwi H-raMPl. kMBlM butaeea m iT MS PROPERTY OLBEE. HiieUat the following articles, via.:? Jvea, Ototh. M Pieeee Satis et. Money, nimvonoR. , to teach tab ???? k, Bhd Latin, !nsssawss3S:",,? ? BOWEET, PRIVATE OR SEPARATE INSTRUO iM.r*. ""a Srtoles. Me classes. TlSwNBBND'S Buaftfeas H Deara. betweea Prlaee end Hoaetoa streets. I IB?WRITING TWENTY LESSONS; ARITHMB l tie and Writing or Bookkeeping leesona unlimited. $10 r quarter. PAJNB'S Buelneaa Colleges (established 1840). Beaeri aad M Pulton street, Brooklyn. No cla*see. YOUNG MAD. FULLY QUALIFIED, WILL OIYE tertroetloa to ladle* or gentlemen la penmaaahlp or it the residence of the puplL Highest E P., elation D. ' GRADU teraturn or ^^raioi ThOOKKBEPINO. WRITING, ARITHMETIC, AC.? Jj Meama. DOLBEAR BOB Broadway, qualify gentlemen amtlmlly for head bookkeeper*. They teach arithmetic by araetteelly for head bookkeeper*. They Hnrtortrr~" pave euTi haelaeee penmen. rapid end aecurate method*, and guarantee to re i eUTneaa, cramping or trembling, and make elegant TTOOKEBBPING, J) Penmanship AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commec-iel InitUuie, 7BB Broadway. BrtsMtaked HMk Private inatrucUoe. EDEENCH OE DEAWIDO LBSSON8?TAUGHT IN A r short lime, would be given by a sompetent, well edu cated lady from Paris; compensation, Board; la a good flbatilr. Bert rvferenoe* given aad required. Address Mile. It P., bo* 11 Herald ofiloe. *jM)R A ROOM IN A FAMILY HOUSE A OAILT W Preach lemon wiU be green by a well known profeesor from Parle. Address Boy, 170 Herald offloe. TbEAtmCAL FRENCH CONVERSATION, TRANSLA Jl boa, Ac., taught by a wall educated, eomneteot ladv nam Pans at bar reemeand *t pupil'* resident* K!!lS.dSir*"m.?3i"?a,,u* 1 CPANISN lanovxob.-peop. a. db tormos? SiWtcMS MfiRTBBSifnTS: ' a young er middle mad woman leather far tie chtldiW, five la York. Tvrme must be raaeoi ?such ef eehool education. Address W^raANTED-A TOUNO LADY AS GOVERNESS FOR ? two chlMrea; one havtag some knowledge ef German aad ao objeatlaa te travelling preferred. Address M. A. M . THE UEcVtlRK SKA ROW. TM PORTA NT ' LECTURES DAILY?TO GENTLEMEN S&JRS ti.'yj;,"?? HRissrsT^.r.'s ef New T ROW RE?AT IETINO HALL NT OEOROB TRAN ArRorEixxfc st*a? yacht, roa sals-asm 1T0R 8AIJ5?NEWrOO*OJLA3fD DOGS, F faqnlWMWi De?*. Bl?*k m#V Imw | 5SSr'Siai,0.TRS&,^'^"^!!'?-* Es BIRMOXX Ud Sky* Ter l ikwet, MAX CteMbaa ?r**t itios liUMn; mom schoomss taoht, is C f**i lons*K d*ck, MM tMk b**m, S fort d*#th *f bold; 1 ? " ? HOKSES, CARBIAOBS. *C._ n MM. A I*I|| MMrtant ?r 1M elMi irortil wry low prices. Several Concert Baggie* suited to Southern MIUI, MMH JOHN M. TUTT8, Ja. Ah oood sboond HAND ooACH. PBIOB 8606. ALTO one for $11*1. Brewster Pheeton. Roektwiii, tof, rood, depot and skeleton Wagons; pour PhMton; a largo assort ment of HarnoM; alee three Bow* 37 Wooeter street. >7 Naaaan street All persons wishing to hay. Ml Or ex change Horaea or Csjilagcsi shoo Id hare their properly, or the artielea desired rngtsterai aa above. AUCTION UUf it BOMB sssj^sk^ AHT n UUBTT 8TBBBT, A LAMB ASSORTMENT ? of Carriages aud Hanoi* aew stir lea. joat from fac tory. Also one moat hand fall top Phaeton, and tan top ?PHm oao aaeoad hi at fall top Phaatoa, and tan top Boggle*, aad two Depot Wagons An wo?k warranted. At M. MOOMYB'S A LA HOB STOCK OP 0ABRIAGE8, ROCKAWAYS, A Pony Phaetons, Doctors' Phaetons, Dspwt Wagons, Coupes, 1 Wobara kprtng wagon. 1 hipross Wagou, Ijee oad hand Tea Buggy, now tap and aa top Wagons; aSsa Iflue lot double and stn*|e< Haraesa. Will bo add cheap, to Ltoamon for. spring sleek. At UN Liberty street A 8BCOND HAND TOP BUOOY POR RALE?AT THE A marble chop, Porty-trst street, between Broadway and Baveath avenue, la feed eider, made hp B re water A j^CHBRNUT^HOROUOHBRE^ADDL^IARIMJOH sale eheap; In feel by mBtaeh Hawk. Address D., box 3,879 Peet oflloe. A HPLEMDID BLACK HORSE POB SALE, 15K A beads high, for carriage or saddle aaa; sen trot In $& nnd la young, sound and kind to every particular. Can bo seen at SanTrandseo H tables, Porty-dxtk street. Went of Sixth aoonne. ^to A STOUT WORK HOBS! WANTED?MUST BE SOLD | th. J-J **""?* [a BATBOR8SFOR8ALB-M14 HAJHJW HIGH,Never j [A. years old, close built 16)4 hundred weight sosnd and A and JL A PAIR OP BLACK HOKSES, 18 HAN DR. SOUND AMD A hind, jest from M fflsrifiisygftf8 trot in three sad a half. Call I W.A.0AETB1 ,TBK, 68 Cortleadt street near Greenwich. ^?never been used; a saorifloe; must be sold to-day. Caa be aeon at stable. Amity street near Maadnngal. CMARRIAGES.?CHEAT REDUCTION IN PRICBS.-V ? damaged, several aeeend hand, 800 new Carriages, all styles; l.UUU sets Harness. Caaa advanced on Carriages, at CALVIN WITTY*# Carriage Wars rooms, (H Broadway, near Bleeeker street ?j-IOR BALB?TWENTY PI RUT CLASS ROAD, COACH ^^umI speed Horse*, from Clyde, Wayne county, N. T.,' not to be rxoeiled by any other dealer in New York city, and ? good, sufficient guarantee given to thosewho purchase, lall and examine for yourselves. W. H. SAUNDERS A Call and examine for yiur^^B HON, 144 Eaat Twonty-fourtb street. OR SALE?A COMPLETE TURNOUT; A HAMBLE ? Ionian Colt and a Dusenberry A Vanduaer shifting top trbee-quu' ter Wagon, aa good as new; will be sold cheap. Inquire of C. PlDuEON, 74 East Houston i street ETOR SALE-CLUB STABLE; OOOD LOCATION. A L ten years' Lease, togetner with Futures. Aecommo- I datlon for ?$ horses. Apply to DTB A CUBTI8S, 888 Sixth avenue. FOR 8ALB?ONE SQUARE BOX SHIFTING TOP Buggy, equal to new, used but a few times; price $40(1; ilso one ouen front shifting top Wagon In talr order: price OCO. At JOHN a PARhhR A CO.'S carriage manufac ory, 88 East Twenty-fifth street _ ning order; price $JUU. Apply to WILLIAM EVANS, Tarrytown, N. 1. POB 8ALB?A BAV HORSE. 16X HANDS HIGH, suitable for any heavy work; warranted sonnd and kind. Pnee $126. Apply for two days at 181 Stanton street In the store. FMOR SALE-A BAY STUD PONY. 80UND KIND ? and gentle; also a art of single Harness. Apply to B. BEGAN, a West Forty-fourth stroot until sold. ETOR SALE-A TEAM OF BOKSSS, TOGETHER OR r separate, U hands high. To be seen untU sold at IB1 Waal Twenty-sixth street. ? . . ; t" She is I ^SALE-A PINK CHESTNUT MARB, 8 TEARS old ISM hands; or will bo exchanged for n work horse. She to ktod and sound j old HamMetootaa stock; ona show Row Tosfc. | C^mn RALE?FOUR HORSBS; TWO. LOW PRICED, Also one Bock* way. to *oed order; also ens light top ?ka. nearly new; ato? oao aprialdlng Cart Inquire at $48 Wool TweMy-atxth street, aaar Btgbth avenwe. rruiR hale-bight horses, just in from the I r country; among them is a black Team 17 heads, five sad six years oid; ona team ?f gray Mares, asewa and eight years aid, 14 bands; four bay Hoto^flve aSdstx Tears eld, suita ble for tracks, carte and family Me; these agrees are war ranted la every me tot; alao one Close Faael Coach , to per ^Mdtr; all fact order; all to be sold eheap. Call at at 14* aad M are rM I BARK BAY TEAM OF ROAD HOR8E8, ?l$W hands high. 4* aad 8 yaara old, vary atylish and gen. Us: wl>l be sold low; warranted sound, Ac. Apply at 81 Maiden lane. <a More For sale?a bay horse, is handh high, hi* years old, warranted sound and kind, St for n coupe, express or truck. Inquire at llM Seventh avenue, la the shoe shop, for two days. TTOR SALE?M BLACK HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, f stout aad qalek and warra n tod Ins very respect but_la single harness; alao two powerful Truck Horses. 17 ewt each; alao two flee blind Horses 80 New Chambers street, f OR RALE?FIFTEEN HOMES, JUBT PROM THE country, from f to 8 year* eld, from 14 to 18 hands high j prices, from $86 to $3Mk No. 6 Laurent street I TOR BALE-TWENTY HORSES, JUST FROM THE ' country, from 6 to 8 yesrs old. from 14 to 18 hand* high; prices from $7t to $*?. $11 Woostcr street. r)R SALE?A RADDLE PONY; CAN BE USED IN carriage; for sale cheap; sold for want of use. Inquire at Watt's stablo, In Fourth avenue, between Twenty-seventh and l'wanty-eigbth sweets. jjTOR SALE-ONE HANDSOME GRAY HORSE, 18 _ hands high, sis years old, sound and kind, suitable either fer a coach or wagon; la a good driver, both In single or double harness. Apply at 68 Ninth avenue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, at the wagon shop. Also, at the same place, one Light Wagon and Harness aad one Roekaway. TOR BALE-ONE BROWN HORSE. 18* HANDS 1 high, sound aad kind; $100. Also one business Gig; ?. Apply at ISt CUnton place, Eighth street ETOR RALE?It FIRST CLASH HOMES, JUST FROM _ theooantry. fit for carta, trucks, sxprees or any bast nets; warranted sound and sound. Inquire at Ml Canal at., corner of Washington. lit OR RALE-FOUR LARGE HOR8KF. SUITABLE F< JP carter track; they are from 6 to 9 yearn eld: i&* to hands high; also one good coach and harness. Inquire m Wast Fourth etreet JjTOR RALE CHEAP-A BHIFTIMG TOMIOAD WAGON _ and single Harness. Applv to Mr. COOK, between B and ? A. if Sxymour's aiables^oorner of BlXU avaMpO fitOR BALB OHRAF, FOR WANT OP UBB-A_BROWN r. Mara. lfiklwaAa. sou ad nnd klhd; fast travaUev: pad ?odtiTimw lrr IT II, hill 1 Hhorbr i;or sale?a Canadian horse, it* ? hand* high, win be sold eheap,Ihe ownsr having no use for him. Call and sea him, at the brick oorner, of Blxiy him, fifth air??t and Tenth *wenn<?.| mo LET?A STABLE WITH PI YE STALLS OM NINTH 1 strest. will be let for a private stable only. Apply at jr. f?iww?, rasas tra n 88 8L Mark s place. mo LET-part of private STABLE 88 WEST mo LET-STALLS for trrbb horbbb and room X for oae wagsn, at 187 Elm I treat Apply to JOIM^ _ oaa wagsn, at 187 Elm xtract Apply to JOHN C. JOHNSON *UO..M Howard street YX7ANTRD TO FrRCHABB?A CLARENCE COUPE, JkK fcatoli5^8%** eNW Ailslam 4HMMHI AHMBi ? wMm>WiiMMa|MlKy?M<??d aonnd; bnaeld. a?r^SsS Thirty-eighth atreel HOT QOOOft. /"1ARPKT8.-D. KELLT * CO. HAVR V u4 lun etook of Royal Velvet.* (In away new impmj nt Jsgnggcra ner of Tweaty-Mth ?UM R5 ?MRHRHI timet and iiiidt H. SJ?S;rM'!Ura.?ll! K^*rs^?^sra# x ?iw cralna, Tie. to $1JMr vnrd. 1300(000 worth of Ptrier, Bed room and Office Furniture, manufactured on the pteeHtee and warranted to the buyer. Quick antes and aaaall proflta flamymo!to^5!l5a^m ^rty-?fth a treat, eaat of Eighth avenue. P-UUB-AU PAGE, M RUB Y1TIRHHB. A Bottom ef the court yard on the nastyx.aS^ JtOUVEAUIES. Mpeatatty for Pllka. Mantle a. QHAWL-A VKRT barb shawl at a orbat sac. 0 rifle*. Apply at m Washington street, corner of Janet I rpo FAMILIES YlglTINO THE PARIS REPOSITION. CASHMERE^ amp lacks. I OOMPAQHUt PBS MOBS, It BOB RICHELIEU. M J tolra inform capital thai they and richest any comparison. BLMtsrr.mEKKKKM INDIA, enable Hum In Mil ?! I In mini ef BBS INSTEAD OF MERCHANT^ m well M ?^??H (Me^s exclusively their owl English U currently spoken *. B.?The proprietors pay to commissions to any parties bringing wsmafc Urn bant, mo MILLINERS and COUNTRY.ATORK KBBPBRS. 1 AT GRAND STREBf CBBAF STORE yon win And Uto largaat a lock ar STRAW, SILK. MILLINERY GOODS in thla city, cheaper we believe than dsewhese, bet-nose we have no fancy Broadway mm to pay. We give to Mice hut pay ceah for everything wa buy I BELL FOR Cash 11 I Consequently ear enatomara hare net to pay other snail's haddeato nun their purebaass. We cut length* of tntilln "~p",b" -* STRAW, RIBBONS AND FLOWERS CP STAIRS. a Mark tte address- I EDWARD RIDLEY, 80S, ML and SUM Grand street, I W, W, and TO Allan atraat, fifth Mock eaetfrom the Bowary I nu XKHU&T. A CARD.?WILL OPEN A SECOND IMPORTATION A of Parla Mltttoair an Thnraday. the Mth tost NaraNtaa In Draaa Cane and Headdresses. Mrs. O. LEVINS A Bra. J. H. QOBSQM,At University plaos, cocaat.ol. KlseaaihaA VTADAMB SBOOR, H7 BROADWAY, PF SB AIRS, BE JEL specUullv aaeonaoae her mooed opening on Thursday, Wtk instant, at Spring and Suauur Milllaary af the latent tmportetton. Alao thaae af bar own mnnnfartnra. VfMK. SBLOVRR HAS JUST OFBNBD A SELECT iU assortment uf Spring and Summer Bonaala at her mil* Vinery room*, 837 Broadway. Liberal dtacouat to merchants. MllUaera wanted. 8HPBtNG MILLINERY.?MR8. DAVIDSON, NO. ? U*l watty plane, will open on Thnraday nail, March 28. Pane spring and aummer MUUaerr, of entirely uw and distingue dealgna of her own ftnportatton. ^^^?(WPARTSBRIMII PR HHHn WANTED-IN A BAKBR^^^^^H ^?toanaatobHahad ? yonra. Addreac 8. V. T.. Herald AH PARTNER WANTBD?IN A GOOD MAN! FACTOR. | Ing business; good reference! required. Call and In. reatlgnta at No. 0 Cannon streaA between 9 A. M. and d P,Mi AH PARTNER WANTED?WITH SS.OOO. IN A LIGHT and exceedingly profitable manufacturing buetneaa. In which there la no risk. ISAAC A. BIGGS, T7 Nassau atreet. Am partner wasted-to take as is n jlght manufacturing bualnea*, extensively adrer tlied and doing a fair caah trade. Capital $360. Call at 313 Hudson atreet AH special partser. with prom sso.ooe TO fiso.ono, oan be admitted In a wholesale house to thla dty. If references are satisfactory. For particulars apply to BIRD8ALL A BISOOOD, Counacllora at Law, SB Broad way. Saw York. AH YOUNG MAS. ENOAGED IN A WHOLESALE ? bouse, who can get goods to partially stock a store, would like to join n lady who has bualnea* fairly started in thla city or vicinity, who would he willing to devote bar whole time to increasing It. Addroaa Umbrella. Herald office. Hating whew and where an Interview may be had. I rpo LUMBER MERCHANTS.?A PERSON OF LONO 1 experience In the lumbar trade In thla Mty. and whe eaa command soma city and shipping trade. wtAas to cement with some good house already' established M Jaw Tort Albany ar fiat. Address Cor thru days, H F. D., Ml | Greenwich Wrest, New York. ? YITANTSD?IN AH (ESTABLISHED CARH BANUFAC &BgaffBMgfeg I an WARREN STBEBT, MARCH 98. BW.-THB FIRM Ol or Foidtek * Mitohail It ibla day diaaotrad ta mntfial eaWaenL g- H COPARTNERSHIP.-The unde reign ad Sara this day. March JB, 1M7. formed a copartnership under Urn firm *1 AAA ?WANTED, A RELIABLE PARTNER. TO SI.UUU. extend a wall established business. Profits Urge and increasing. Call anfiexamlne, for two days, at 11 Prince street, near Bowary. Good ehanoe. Reference re quired. go AAA ?A PARTY HATINO THIS AMOUNT DK IU, aires a partner with an equal amount to en ter Into the rectlfylbg bualneae: one that understands the business preferred. Address J. R., > Warren atreet. store. <W P AAA -WASTED, A PERSON WITH THIS wOiUUU, amount In cash to join the edvertlaer In n first ciase manufacturing business now In sueoriaful opera- i I tlon; sueh amount ran oe used to great advantage; it wtljd | bear ttrlet investigation. Addreee X. T. M., Herald office. J -WANTED-A SPECIAL OR AS AOTIVe] H. Feadkk A Co., as johtore In Yarikne notmoa, and sue sr'*'"'"" ^ TrRtSfir* tjo^^ue^*mnunWj*^%^sn^W j^est ^adv^Uags^^wtlM Sen AAA -^wasted Special oHHfflfP JUU.UUUi partner with this amount of money, by an active member of the New York Stock Exchange, who I Is doiag a very handsome and safe buatneaa, whleh can be greatly Increased by additional eapltaL A satisfactory auto pf the business can be ahown to any good party de Inn urns interested in tba Refer siring a first claaa opportunity to beeoma In teres stock commission business. Address, firing addreee, Broker, hot AM Sew York Post oft encas given. MIST ASP FOUND. FOrkD-A POOEBTBOOK, COST A IS ISO MONRY. The owner can receira the same by nailing at it War. ran atreet, up stairs. IOBT?NO. Am A DIAMOND BUTTON, WITH BM J a raid In centre. The fieder will be liberally rewarded by leering It at piano rooms 748 Brnedwey. up etsdre. T OBT-ON GRAND BTRBBT, NEAR ELISABETH AA street, filOO, rolled In tlaeue paper. The luekr finder will pay HUnaalf and raoetve thanks for returning the bal ansa to the furnishing atom Mfi Grand streak Lost-IB bhookltn. o* rundat, a rbtthb dog, orange and white. Ample reward on d ail very to T. M. Morgan, hlfi Clinton street. _ tHB B^KOFCGM mtea. The finder win with the par'oi toller LTtfT A iA? with lace. The finder will be earnestly thanked in reetofin It to* Prince street. A suitable reward will he given. T OST-ON TURenaw Fur ? bgg"'^??"I*'h "?eie'Vi'dSEjSSt! ^71L>ooardetra^',r"1 N en lt?retn^*'^,^'^|* s=!i With avenu

is VTOLRN-FROM S WEST THIRTY THIRD PTNEBr, A Ma> fiilixii J?w?i '*iu UX!:'' h>44es to SB M>**gT nags iay Rag. a ((^^ - . ' ' 1 ' ' V * " - ? fer UlLfOiD STOCKS AND BOMS' ldo? aompeniae: also ether wwna, SMIfMB iSttSSSi-S/E MMONET TP MAN AT SEVEN TIB CENT, 1 f- -|??? an first class prvpcriyla star ?V*? Sty-third street, FlfD Area?0 luaHoui. /vrrics or oavbsomMIBHHPHH l*yJ8SM<Sr?^a^WaMB^^H^HE^^HBS CAMERON COAL COMPANY, T1 BROAD. ??^amania %Mai|iSUaEfe lHaalaa at I PENNSYLVANIA STATU MAE. ndlMAU TOD# LOAN ON (SMiMi Aa act (a coaate a Baa $|r fro lodampBsa of the evordao ^Htiazc? uikM the market; therefora. enacted by the Senate and House af Ba. I Da Commea wealth af Pennsylvania la Do. ??????mat, and U. la hereby aaaetad by the authority dOUam. and taana earttfloetoa Of loan so ^^?????DiiaBa'baanN MrtoriM par ?onusd, payable tauMia^Ma^MMa Ma at any 1 million* or ton yam*; djR all _ ? Ma a*d wttMa flf ar time after 8f . and ahall ha signed and anuntentanad hr a the bookaof the ? on the booh a of the Mae ha idee' Natonal tha whale of whioh an Ow aaaaa. ahall and aarttfloalea af ahall ba opened Jo tha an oral and Htata Trnaa. Mddar: Pea elded. That no ? band a hah ba nogoMalod ff!?asm?rSS; tRrna aa DeOaeerner, Auditor r piRocribe; and every bid to be leaned Shall state In hie in eaah or to tbo bonda Do Common wealth. t administrators, gusr I or other paraona bold. ___... ' bonda or certificates of Indebted. spa or tbo Blatk or maaays, are bomb/ autborited to bid MFtbe Dan haroby authorized to bo Maustf, and to aarran* dar thobondodriarUfleateaof loan bald by them at Iba Uma er mahtagaueh bid. aadto raoahea (he bonds authorised to Lbolaanednr thisaot (SSSSi?'* "TlStSVSS?1 artth thoproVUtana of the abort act of Aa Bpuab wOl ba toeelrad at tbo oOoa of tbo To tba City of Harrieburg, Pennsylvania, of the 1st day of April, X. IX. Ml. to bo _ am:?'? Proposals far ftpurinal* State Laaa/Tresuury Department. HarrUbuig, Pa.. United States Bids will bo received for $h.WLwn, relmburaahle in tea yaara and payable In tan years; $8,1100,000 reimbursable hi ten yoara and payable In fifteen yearn, aad $lt),uoo,ouo, retm buraabte In flfieon yaara and parable D twenty-live years, the rata of Inter*at u> be either five or Mi per cent nor an ansa, which muatbe explicitly stated In tha bid; and the bids moat advantageous to the State wilt be no-opted. Na bid tor leas than par will be considered. The bond* will be ImueO In sums of $M and atirh higher anm* as dratred by Do loanara, la hto'fm from Mats, local and municipal taxes. The over due bonda of Do Commonwealth of Pan n?y I ra nis will bo received at par In payment of Die loan; but bid ders must -tale whether they Intend to pay in oaah or In Do overdue loana eforeeaid. No dlatlnotion will bo made between Mddors paying In eaah or overdue loana JOHN W. OKART, Hovernor of Pennsylvania. JOHN P. HARTRANFT, Auditor General. W. H. KEMBLK, State Treasurer. N. B.?No newspaper publishing Do nbove, unless autho. r|xed, will reeolre pay. SILVER MINE, COM8TOCK LEDOE, NEVADA. FOR sale: adjoining developed property, near mllla; 300 to 1.000 feat. Address K., box AOS Post office. . TO CAPITALISTS.-WANTED, *10.000; A SOl'NO. business operator requires tha abora amount, for which ample real estate security will be given. A permanent and vary desirable position, with liberal salary, fan ba controlled by party advancing tbla amonnt. which la required In Instal. menu. None but bona fide parties need inquire at room D, T1 Broadway, N. Y. YY7 ANTED?$12,000 ON PCRCHAHE MONET MORT. If gaga on four story brica house: first class location, near Fifth aronno. WaTEKLOW A CO.. S? Nassau at WANTED?NEW YORK CITY < PER CENT 8TOCKR and Bonds; Manhattan, Metropolitan and New York One Light Company's Stock, by ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Mock Broker and Auctioneer, 48 Pino street, N. Y. *1 enn WANTED-FOR ONE YEAR, BY A RB d>l.t)l'U apectahle party; unexceptionable eltv refe rence^ and vary aatlafaetory ooourRy. AMdraoo O. R.f box <tK AAA CAPITAL WANTED?IN A BC8INB8B tJ>?).UUU Dat will bear Investigation. aMhor asaotlvo or yalsl pytper. Address CaRjtal. Herald office. |$50.0(?-JlStSM^MKma Imate and hoaoraMe enterpnae; money refunded with B par osht wit Bin twelve months end Interest In enterprise sent; positively feels; no risk. OouUomen eon i CsgltoH* foxM PhiladelphiaPeateflto*. BQOr: nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND MONT, f aZO.UUU gage, in one or more sums, so Real Estate in Die city or Brookl/a. _ JOHN P CONRKT, DWall ? $310 York, Brooklyn and New Jersey, la da CHAR ?uma to suit; second mortgages bought. 1 P. OILMAN JUS Broadway, room A liOAfS OFFICES. AT 77?MONKT LIBERALLY advanced on DIA MONDS, WATCHES. JEWELRT AC,, OR THE SAME BOCOHT AT THE HIOHR8T RATES; ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOCOHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JRWKLRT, AC. AT 77 BLEBCKEILSTREKT. SECOND FLOOR, THkF.E DOORS WEST OF BROAD WAT AT HYMAN'H. 868 BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND ?treat, will be paid the highest price for Diamond*. Watchea and Silverware, or will sdvanoe oa tbe above arti cle* T MB PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWEBV and Franklin square, LEDERK.R A CO.. advance lib erally at reasonable term* on all valuable property, Watches, Jewelry. Diamond*, Ac., or purchase. Advances made on diamonds, watches, sil rerware. Fur*, Una Furniture, Camel*' Hair Shawl*, Ac., or bought for eaih. Term* moderate. J. 8. COHEN. 736 Broadway, nearly oppealto Aator place. ?no. sta sroadwat7corner oFblkKCKER ?tract, up etalra, tbe utmeat value will be peid for Dia mond*, Watche*, Jewel*,.Silverware, Ac.; or liberal edvaneee made on consignment*. Diamond*, Watche*. Ac., for *ale rheap. A. HONIUMAN, Broker, removed from No. M Nee t ?17.?money liberally advanced on dia monda, Watche*, Jewelry, Silver Ware, line Furniture, Piano*. Ac.. Ac.. or the mm bought for oaah. N. B.?Pawn A] PlUin, ?C.i AMVv, MI lav BMIIIQ imu|llt I Mi CMU. JV . IV,-?g ma II broken' ticket* bought for Diamond*. Ac. At 817 Breed way, room No. A Advances made on watches, diamonds, jkw elry, Dry Oood* and Personal Property of a very do arrtniion. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Oread (treat, two door*weet ef Broadway. At NO. ? twenty-third street, fifth avenue Hotel, the highest prices paid for * ? - Ac., or advanom made on the same. ?PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUOHT OF DIAMONDS, jHjhS^Jihriiry, Sift*, t * fi w?, ?i messy near 'Jrand, up stain X Watche*, Jewelry, RUka, Clothing. Ae? ry^thogeeda bought; eleo i ^ar i J rand, jlWK TICKETlB r. ? BROOME STREET PURCHASED AT 417 I RRNTAl-ajUfSPB. TTY MAILLARD. ?? BROADWAY, Oood b?&? HiTOo A. M. For fall week 98 BQ Per week, eaoest Fun** 8 M - - Beet teUe d'hote atiKPM. for fell week 77. M Per week, swept Sondes. ? 00 Breakfast end dinner. For Dili week If ?D Per week, etcept Sunday; 1? SB PBTEB'S AMBRICAM RESTAURANT, raaaae* esa raises*. PARIS. FIIOTOLIRAFtllC ART.' ppD rnoR \phnr?.-any fbrson h ayino V oood vifiSTs-rarcus: **' ? ^flttl Mitvt aM P^lMraiiL h ?i?&rf% HUXUW ? ?SaSribrSSrt l frt ^?. ,?T. ,^i8?ImT WUIImm lernay WIIHama iBf ?BBS'??&'*. N T Willi ami la her wonderful araaitanof to 4 ? dock," iti day* la adveneo. w*"' ??ftHfrM!rS?.,t""k,,"M~t Won Haifa! oaooooo W theUtaatsd artist* *"?' ?^^rS^!a?i^sffir'-',?", *"? ?KfSSin-Sjjjj.1 jwjgflBflLH V0RITB8. H"**- r?affssibaT^* change or r? wtu be raprsducad. TUB WONDROUS LIVING HI ^?K. Tea Oucu or m Muniwio CMwiw. PMv, Wednesday and Friday?P BOTE US. ?? I Tuesday, Thursday and Mamrday?THB BASKET I1IOI. ? L'B-CAMOTEUR, Oe. I Menday, ur roufL DROUSUTOIfl and bH ' Fei^ singln^tlPd^sl^lhM ^^^^^^Ivory availing at 8. Saturday at 1. Ttckota M aaata; raoorrad aaato $1. for aalo at Ifca b*B. Chickerlng plauo la used at these aeaneaa. Wadnaaday, jarenilc night. Children half price. /lIURLBY WHITE'S TROUPE. V jgyanu' Mechanic's HalL 471 Broadway, near Creed at. IVMKNSE SUCCESS OF THE FKMA1JI CLERKS. LliS ^^?SaruSwhSw slaciRhrh^^^^H TUB OPPONENTS. MAfDWAT BOYS. NBW. BAL LETT AC. AS FEARCISCO MINSTRELS, TH BIRCH, WAMSOLD. BERNARD AND BACK DIKVn, WAJRV1/UA/. 0BI BAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, . Coupta out. Onmbriaee Opera. Shouta a Shadow Pantomime, aad the of laughter at the Shadow Baalomime, aad the screaming I Black Cook aad African Ballet Troupe. Oread Hatch of the Bptiit Haahars of the Araasoa. , . KHCLI.Y AND IRON'S XUI8TRBLS, 7? BROADWAY. o"o "uncHI The only LEON. R B The Diamond Rln Bra NORMA, MLB TroufT The Print*ae ABA of the Druids BOH the ua received with R N R combined burlesque* roar* of laughter O O Black Crook aad and repeated encore*. N OuodrUton aad Detnoaa S^^ORAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCENT TO WILLI AM ROBERTSON, T aedar of the Eli ^^?JteSE'lrefKES. Safes ,j? ^ _ oadar the patronaao of the affleer* aad members erf the ragi The following diittngutshad artlaia have kindly rol iofkins.-hteinwat mall. SaagoaMM rtqi^Moagr^^jm^^^a^e^CaiMtaMLfrof ||VM|e?H|kR ?HWSPBSPSPEffENB lata. Ticket#, SOeeata; Mid oaly by Boar A Sehlrmat, pianlan Tick TBI Broadway. a cabemy or music. GRAND CONCERT ? An oF Tin SOUTHERN RELIEF FUND, bkdbb tub Acrrtcna or thb MERCANTILB LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, *w taa OFBRA TROUPE, mcLumm MISS CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG, MISS A. M. HAUCK, MME. NATALI TESTA, 8Hi NOR BARAOLI, 8IQNOK MARRA, SIGNOR ANTONUCCI, 8IGSOR ALBANd *R JEROME HOPKINn, ,he 0**?W Harpist MR. TRASTOUR, SIGNOR TORRIANI, ORAND ORCHESTRA1 (Tk' tiIK ITALIAN npvm v, .- SATURDAY EVEJUNG, MARCH hi ^yONDHRFUL FREAK OFNATKRK?"THE WASH* ^^INOTON TWINS,'' barn alive, having two haada, four arma, and but one body aad one pair of Map; alee the head aad right arm of Probst, Uio murderer of the Deortng fami ly; together with the magnificent collection of object* la Physiology, Aaatemv. Pathology and Natural Htatory; att of which are niuairated dally by Lectarae and Mloosoopto Views, at the New York Muieom of Anatomy, fit* Broad way. Open from II A. M. to 10, P. M. THIE WONDER OF THB NINETEENTH CENTURY, ? MASTER 8TP.VIE. THE CHAMPION CLOG DANCER, MASTER STEYIE, VHS CHAMPION CLOG DANCER, Jt^SiJii^^nL^tprKA^Sc^KER IHEA' Rm caTRR TICKET OFFICE. ^ , . Boeerved aeatn for all firat claaa theatres, concert*, - Ac., can always be obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, . Noe. 119 and lid Broadway. <J?gj SXJYBBB. ARTY WlfH flAOO CAN PURCHASE A TWO third Interact la a manufacturing business, by Which soar eaa ha cleared la tea day* Addraaa for mtor TdT, aereidodiea. GOOD PRACTICAL TINNER. HAVING SOME capital at his disposal, will hear of something to hte .?lags by addraaalug be* US Pott office, or John D. ?r.y Orange, Indiana. I INTEREST OF 11.080 CAN BE OBTAINED Vif A perfectly safe operation. producing a targe profit ta a I time; na rtak. Money fully aaeated. Addraaa boa Post office. ... ... .' , J^UHINRAS PFPOBTUN1TT.?AH ACTTVE MAN. WITH ftPSS,9tt or S4.U00 in cash, will be treated with by a raspon albla and welBastabllshod concern, which la about to ojiea a breach of the business (Mpeelaliy)_ In a neighboring rjtj. Great Inducements will be offered. Inquire or Mr. WHITE, SB Broadway, up stair*. ABTNER WANTED?WITH $1000; OR WOULD SELL, a good oath buslneaa For particular* apply at 71$ Sixth anno. Babe chance for a man to invkbt from woo to $1,000 In an established entertainment ?Large Cflta Association* firat claaa Security given. Addraaa ?a. Herald oBce. rpHl PROPRIETORS Ot THB TOBACCO FACTORY 1 # Onrttandt atraet, ratlnng from buslneaa. wEl dlapnae ofbtheir Fartory at a aaeriffoe; fromJAUOO to $10.t?a> ran be mad* every year in the business Will be sold fur $1,300 euah; worth three time* tha amount. "RANTED?A GENTLEMAN WITH SOME MEANS TO .. go Into the whotaaaleillquor buslneaa. The undersigned has got a first claaa trade. Addraaa W. W., Herald office. YirAXTRD-A BUSINESS MAN. WHO CAN FUR YY malt $8,000 or $$.<**?, aa ? general or allenl partner, In an establlahed manufacturing huafaeas In aucrasarul operation. P.ttra capital hdng desirable on account or Increase la boat. neaa. The right kind ot party having rapltal will be afforded every opportunity of lnrestij.itIon and liberally traatid with. Onaioeptlonal references given and aipected. Ad draaa Factory. Herald ofBee. rao/trt -an ENEROETir YOUNO MAN. WHO IS SJUU, de,irons of alanine In huslncw ror^himself, can bear of a favorable opportnnltv by calling on Mr FOW LER, 17 Part row. room U HA -A YOUNO MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT, WHO UU# can furnish unquestionable references *nd '? tg to work, oan have a half Interest lr> * my $*,<*? a year. Address Huao. boi 10 Herald ofilee. AAA ?ANT PARTY WHO CAN FURNISH THB "29-J^jssrflamMsaaa ooo.-infsr ?*fggj ... ./ ? ia the maairfaotura of BowriMa and taL to eaiaa* (a the maairfaotura arf BouriMa and SI^SrrfSiSwAi^i ?sa ^?WTmb?M.-WANTED. CAPITALISTS TO 7WW in vast either of thee# amounts In n marble in Vermont. Thla la a sura thing, and will h* shown IKBbefore larasilng- FaoU ran ha had and fnl IJuTT^ applytaf to WALLBB A BRUSH. * Cham v - . .:h ^^a puhilshod w^,^^h*mmo^b3Th^he "nodi Ol ?-A*- ? nt ftl thrae months He can ,?a aMount to defrav the aipona re a one-third Interest, hr ? nonnt of his Inrestmsnl ... nGrs rhsra" -rfetl e?rwoi!li "vs. ?*? ,!u ? h* WIS inaeeU at Us aartsMa^ linn M Uta unOs-.a?lrg ? BMW wmmWKm W|. erfulij BugmSted^Uepeey in Urn mm. Q1WIC Til FAT RE. ? RICH I NOR* RKOldEH OT&BA TBOPFB. n he 2l2wi&r5hLr^? women* V?l 19F Iwft DPS! %raB(S vlU MflA0tte ?wl???TP grand romantic opera, en-Pled MAItlTANA, with Kwm t'taiptaU and ''?te M MkW Rl<klM% Naculii, A' ., 1A the cut. __ THOaV-BuiiWK <rf Mr. W. ttAiruum BIATOIA UllANU OFWUATW MAYIHRB on haturday. 1b preparation?TUB 0ROWN DIAHOIIiB. OHBRVAX HTADT THEATRE, 4* AMD ?f BOWERY. ? TkuMThuredn;) erertnfc Mercb ? BOOf *TL U FATHER JEAN,TH IB DER M'MPP.IK tTho Reg Picker of Pent). QERMA^rUV^HE^RE^^R^^OWBRT. morrow iPrldeyj March 29, DI1 HCGK&OTTKK f??t. H?*rt^El<OT8 ) Charmer. Bhekrrpeare'a Keren Ages, -Scene* etShrrmw Shaken. Ou,.v nigger, Ueqrge the Cnyamr, B?| rpONT PAETOWS OPi 1 WjgktSTti-ewdmlky ORKAT RH ABA, TWO ^ FTFTH aVHKIK (IRSKA HO I'88, I No*. > and 4 Vfdst Twenty ! rS atafiu 0. W. H. OnBn ,. ??.' THii rii r resort, The entire company * Hi a. jeii'i he grent BnUNVAH TABtitAt'i.-l..UUi?ar PANORAMA 1W ??."asaf; r42r-"wr Harnssx/a F^ta,S*i^raiSsa,'T?.:? sssrR? "*ri*t?S^J.ttflE''f?iW'toD^ '3UM*t**iT*iiimnr. } Dl,^-UHi?^?r^ifes-si3 Bunder School Concert In the ahove r ?? mi line (Tnure. Tlek te^Sc"*' J*arc!' Door* open at #?$. ExerMeee ad t)(. PIA WOPOR'I RI. A^%s'iaas4* HMsttuur W??*W Broadway, WfatrTwcety-toot Hnei Amassortmkvt or new mvoromi To urn ? and aold on laetalmenu, at the manufactory. lit USEaat Twenty-Aral atreat. L. P. CVMBlNilS. AM ELEGANT T?i OCT\.\E ROSEWOOD PIANO, lorte for aala at a great h?rg?iu; superb, v AulaheA wulj font ionnrt cornera: heavy iwh earn-4 mold mm acr pentin. bottom. back holalirl aatan ?- the front: ; k-U curved Y* overairungbaaa. fall Iron nlato: to atMAciqulVlta in JJJJUJ A*.1 c"p mahcraj having ] n'\ rearrauiea for flva ycara; prtoo fWL A leu one . octavo, aaiuc .lev tiptloa, price AS;A. Bath are nan ,ind maguiArcut ami alarm halt price. andtbn graMlcv'barga"*;. lojho found, .hj.ply at HAT 11- KSiiN'M bleragi Rvoma, No, Ml) biath eveaua, near fortieth t treat. AM LaKGB LOT OF riANOS TO Br MOI D AT i gre+L rfeJeouou, on aci:ouiil of ifn or&) Pubm ?Z n??r TtlrA*,"" u~ 1<3 Twrnl^Jhlrd atreat, A Rf22r?EI,fE*T i ?*TKT OCtAT* ICMOroOB vr^as* A cheap J. BIDIlLE, IS Amity . 7j A SAK*i OUANCE?BOSKWOOD tSHVRN OCTAVB ScswSfera riMoforua ??ry low. Aanortmaut new PiMufortat ImS InatHuta?? Pr'C*'' " r<mrU ???aaa, WfoeHf Coop3 A RO8BW0OD FIAJfbPORTS row Sixth avenue. ~ TOATKHS* PIANOFORTE*. 2:?.?i.te.^!Ktu?sasarrtrf' S"3 w.,sai5'4JK?^'aS'?5f ? -="* I horacb waters a CO. f WMlUAMHBrRT.-A FAMILY BREAKING OB Jl; jsrasir, uT^|k" Klrror- *^ulr**l ?ifi?EW3fc mS inrncAJU I har awn rreManoa ar thai of the puatla; particular ?ttaa A T 't" J*1*? AVENI7E?MUSIC TBAOHL'M LIBER. ally dealt with. AH the Popular Muaie eonxtautly on hand. A 6Jt octare Piano, city make and good tone, fa* aala aheap. At thb national conservatory or Musicd ? NAU1SUV tTl-NtJB. ^ TERMS $10 PER QUARTER. A FIRST CLASS TENOR TH OTKM FOR BNOAGB. sent. AiMnu T. 9.. box 107 Herald office. A FIRST Class SOPRANO DESIRE* AN RNOAOK. Bent In a quartette ebolr; ia a thorough artlet. Airplu nation aaa he made m H. Uoldxmltb, Eag., at the mueia1 Fulton eh Brooklyn, uuder the Park Tboatrn. ?tore, H7 J Am bargain. if sold this wkkk-onf. of oeo. A. Priaee A t'o.'* Organe for aala; a bettor Inaniawnt never made. SIR* 'r aold thto weak at Iff* Spring etreet In theater. ' AM TOCNO MAN. IIAV1NO A TMOROUOn KNOWL*. edge of roc.I nt-ialc with g-ssl rotoa, artahea aa engage. merit In an me pnblk- place "f aiaiianinont. Ado r aaa, atatTnw where aa laterrlew may be had. M., atatlon D. AM OEMTLEMAV WILL OIVE INSTRrOTION OR TUB Piano, al pupH'a reald-n- c, for ft0 per aoarter; boat <3 ryferenee alren. Addrea., with raa.danoe, teacher, box llj T ADIBS AND .KNTLBMEN DKdlHlNO FIRST CLASH Jj aualcal In-tru-tion at a fair pnoe, ahould call at 24? Weat Twenty alxth atreet, (wtween Itoeanlh and Kighlh are. Leaaoni private Olr- nlar? read*. ^ 0ROAN-A VRRTNICB PARLOR OROAN FOR SALE," containing three atop,; xmuble for an InaUtuihmg price SI .A Can ha xeen at I0I?H Ht. Mark'a place. ' WANTED-A VO.Lt NTRKR ALTO (A|FAIK RBADKR> nera* elSee *e?|W Brooklyn. Addroa Quarielta% ^TANTHP-A LADT_ IHAWIST, FOB A BOARDINO " hanan. AdMraaa nma, uuoa aquare Poet effiea. 1 flUbWUUM. ' ?lfl bbward.-lost, or tobsdat arm. a l yl" *T't raddieh Hueal. toolbar Poeketbooh, egnAaii ?W ??aby. a (aid loaket aad athar eraali artlelea ?< ?wpbB awroFW wt tOOTt rtWwTu wM Il*r l|Uiiaiiona rMQUi Sn RBWarp -lost on mondat k .?) eoaabiaan'a Meet far < ape. Tb? ?<* I abova rawai d by laavlag ?t at No. ? Kaat AQA REWARD-LO?T. ON TURHDAT BV ?f JU en-1 be Jewry ?H? ft rry baai, going fraro | RSSErs.s.aoa.'S.STs; ass sa-sai ferry ticket rbe dnder will raaatretba above rewaad [ leaving M at th-office of Sonnelt, Dnarnhary A On, MMWo ,treat, newer of Liberty etroev Now York. p. R. vam wagoner a rfl REM tRD-l'?RT, WEONESDAT MORRM St)U between ? an , 7 o'flook, either In the Jevon* IN? depot or on hoard ike < rrtlandt t tragi ferryboat New Tor ha a i.dv aeo'd *-d ?? N?|t. Pm rhale and Kav atlaehedl zxzxzr*""L - ^aLS'rbi'Laar