Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Mart 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Mart 1867 Page 1
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I THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE~NO. 11,168. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR Ctms" rasaoRik RION BALK.?THE LADY WHO SO CEREMONI L ouslv removed the rose hud from a gam Ionian's ooM at .trkiTi ball will please return it, and no questions asked, ? , nation D. 1)11 h BO AD WAT STAGE TO WALL STREET FKRRT, ON Tuesday 9Mb lnit Lady in Mack. Plena* aaad ad ma u> thr gentleman wbum you thanked. Addreaa P. A. , boi ag Herald offloo. ROOKLYN.?WILL THE LADT WITH AUBURN hair, who met a nnriemao on comer of Clinton aud TJROOf D hair lUrrlaor. t a Ban'l mamaor. streets, Brooklyn, Haturday morning, confer a faror tfr aeudlng bar addreaa to Harry HL Chirr, Herald ADOPTION?A NEW BORN MALB INPANT. Apply to Bra. VTorceater, MB Char lea street. J* AND STREET CAR, WEDNESDAY KVBNINQ ? Lady w! o received the card addreaa Charlie, box 233 F?*a H BNRY MTBBS?LATE OP COMPANY P. 'SCOTT'S WO." Call on A. M. Palmer, 132 Broadway, room A W: MW OP STUART ELDER-ADDRESS B. J. WHIT ney, Ml Eaat Warren street, Brooklyn, or 8. E. W., William atroet, N. T? caro Aah A Buckbee. TEPOKMaTION WANTED?OP OATH BRINE POX: A supposed to be Urtng with e family of the name of Rankle. la Stolen Inland. Addreaa Bridget Walah. 41 Cathe rine street. New York. __ TEPORMATION W A NTBD?OP PATRICK SCULLY, A from (iortoan, Queeua county, Ireland: when last heard mm, waa In New Jersey. Any Itiforwtatlou of his where phoots will be thankiully received by hla slater. Kate Scully, ?B Wert Twenty-third street, between Eighth and Ninth CTI1B HEIRS OP STUART ELDER, FORMERLY OP Mtia city, will announce their aodreas in Ibe Personals of Herald, they may hear of something to their advantage. FTHE ELDERLY GENTLEMAN WHO ADVERTISED m Bunday'a Herald for a nermaneot home with a prl eate family, near Dolmonioo'a, can give satisfactory refer agea^lw oau have hla choice af rooms by addressing A., ?P THIS SHOULD MEET THR EYE OP JOHN BANDY. A. who left hta lodgings in London. England, on the ifith of January last, be la earnestly roaueated to oommunloate with Washington Marray, 17 Broad street, New York, where ho ?ffl reoelve Information from homo. WM. McGBB, LATELY OP SUGO. WOULD CALL at 17 Washington street, be will see J. J. for a few days. r rw. JACK?BOO . ESQ., FORMERLY OP BNA-, wonid say address, ho Will see an acquaintance. Good antra from friends seen there lately. 17 Washington street Notice.?ip albbr scranton, op new bed ford, Conn., who loft a tool cheat and trnnk of clothing With R. Caradlne, MS Oliver street, doaa not call for them within one month from date, they will be sold to pay ek gtaaia ?New York, March 36. 1387. TTETTERBITY PLACE OAR-PROM OANAL BTREET Ej np to Forty Brat street, then up In Sixth avenue. The Unman would be delighted to form the acquaintance of My who nouoad him. Please addreaa M. N ^ station A, ?mdlrman malady wl Spring atre street. ILL. ?ALL WELL. BUSINESS GOOD. B K nothing now to offer to-day. P?n and K. J. C. W. WHULL THE LADY THAT THE CAB STOPPED POR I In Greenwich arenas, on Tuesday last, and then re f?asd to ride, have the klndnaaa to sand bar name, slating If ? mnatteg oan ho had, to G. P., bax It station a. gPECIAL KOTICKS. gHOOCB-TO BOSS MASONS AND BOSS PLASTER ? era, and to whom it may concern, that the laborers of ^?afty of New York will demand $3 per day on and after ?let at May; and we laborers do demand of the bosses i mo let or Maii and wo laborers no domana or ins noises to pay ?? on urn job where we work on every Saturday ar onaG^atgrta^ftRwej^^^rtflMMoe^Bj^rd^rf'tte lishirirr' Union. PAT. REYNOLDS, ??Bonn, acTstlUUs, I B8 SUMMERS, } Presidents. N1SD. SULLIVAN, J V8TICB IS HEBKBT GIVEN TO ALL PERSONS jH having left baggage at the South Aaaorioao Hotel, that M oaSealM for aim before April 19, it will ha sold to pay A. LIGIKR. VWTICB.-TBB COLLECTORS' AND APPRAISERS' JA Deparlmenla af the PubUe Store wilt remove to the now public stores, No. lw Greenwich street and No. 94 Trtn mr-maes, an Monday, AprO I. Entranea to the Appraisers' mssnuncracD.c*UToNnA, m. sorter The undersigned beg Is notify their friends sad the ?iMMMohm^m are nat and never have been with the house of and Frankfort all seta. Haw ^^?nh notice la published not with a view of ^^^^Hrerla any manner injuring the honae of Bain * ?rasTwut. JE?Brjo,?Battery atroet. QPSOIAL NOTICE.-ALL PERSONS ABE FORBID D trusting any one an asoonnt of the estate of the lots Baothy Oonaar without the written order af GEORGE P. MBRKLER, j ? , ALFRED & SANDS, W TOM LADIES' BOUTHKBN BBLtKP AS an >n toedhooirtodge the fallowing deneBene-. through Hoik J. T." Hotmail.'6 M L Clement's church, through Bev. Mm. .......7.77. SffM C. Bhf HanAor MM penvrea da 8ud. "L." *00 I Auxiliary Society ljn 00 E&eeeeeeee ss D. Bertol,Trumnbui MM M > rasetpte f dot*. ....(07.004 SB ARTHUR LB ART. Tnhuw. m 'Yenn. March M 18S7. MOGT OWICR TOTIC1.~~ T OFFICE *(mCX-THR MAILS FOR ORB AT MUM aid the Continent, via Southiunpton And Ham Mr Hammond' for lnlud. rto Qumm ? City of Washington, and for Franca, via [and Havre, par steamer (inkling Sur, will elooo at this 01 10 M A. M. on Uelurday, March M. and at the up oEaes nofollowe:?Stations A and B, AM A. M.: 8ta C and D. *41 A. M.: ntatioaa B and F, 7 JO A. M.; m O, 7M A.M. JAMBS K8LLY, Postmaster. MMT AhP IfOVMD. I LOST?MARKED "F. O. BOX NO. l.Ml" WILL the Ander aond hla aildtaaa. with or wlthoat tha hey a, ' box, far a roward r OUT?NO. 4.M2, A DIAMOND BUTTON, WITH EM "1 la aaatra. The Under will bo liberally rewarded I Mat plaao room# 74S Broadway, op atoiro. OCT?(MO TO (110 IN GREENBACKS, AT OR NBAR Academy of Muate, on Sfth toot. Han eat nr eonarten i Anders will receive a satiable reward upon delivering ...MBOM atieet, Brooklyn. Diaboneat finders will neap their roward hereafter. Needy Bndera can keep it, aa charged toeharlty. LBGP-IN RIDING FROM THB FULTON FBKRT TO jMo ooneref Ninth avenue and Fourteenth atreet, or in Ninth avenue to Twenty-Arst street. on Thum SB, about 7 A. M.. a lad lea' Fooketbook The aB^bnajgaj^ it to 21S Waal Tweaty-firat a treat will be T GBT-THR GENTLEMAN WHO PICKED Up A JLi owmll parcel, en tha S7th. near the eorner of Thlrty.sixth Mreet and Sixth avenue, containing Network. Thimble, Scla dWk Haadkorahlof marked M. C., will confer a groat fkvor it Be owner by returning II to No. SB East Twenty-third el OCT?ON WBDNEBDAT ETUNING, IN OM NEAR the Al l inny of MnoU n Fink Coral Bracelet. The r w?t be rewarded ea leaving It at Na. 7? Woet Forty W GGT?ON Jj the Am fkder wM t tdrd otraoi ?CP-ON WEDNBBDAT MORNING. BT A LADT. ON M [ out of a Twenty-third atreet etage, a roll of an iba The finder will oonfar a favor by ~ rap, oooond Boor. KAT?FROM ANTE-ROOM OF CRESCENT LODGE, He. ? Union aqaara, a fine Adalaida Chinchilla Ovar mada by Ruaaal. Broadway. Any peraon returning It H. Wright BM Broadway, will bo aolUbiy rewarded. I n EBWARD -LOST, ON TUBBDAT SITH. A LA V dy'a reddish Boeeia leather Pocketbook, containlag a money, a gold lookot and other email articles. Tha r by leaving It at tha Braavon Houaa. Fifth avenue, raaatvo tha above roward and no questions naked. ? REWARD.?LOST IN THB TRAIN FROM BOS- I J ton via Springfield (clasping oar), oa Wednesday . a gentleman's Diamond Pin and Scarf, for which the r wSl pay the above reward, at Bnahanaa ( LyalPa, (Or REWARD.?LOST, AT THB ARION BALL, A 9ZO Fotat Lacc Haadkeruhief, with Gold Holder at bttwZ&trrttzs**9 ^ GC/l REWARD.?LOST, OB WBDMBBDAT, MARCH ?OW It, fram 17B Lexington avenue, nana colored Italian flmphouad; answers to the name of Mae. Whoever will K him tel. COFFER,ffl Bleacher Ureal (upstain), bo MImII P. M? will rocotvo the above reward. PBTWITHT. MONT WONDERFUL DI8COTBRT--TEETH BX A traded without Ma (tee years) by benumbing appll nation (narrottxatian). Laughing gas fresh dally. Baantlfol ^MAT TILLERS. 1M Grand rtraal naar Brand way. A" hfAT TILLERS. 1M Grand atreai, naar Braadway. d> A nr GF TBBT8" IB THEBB TO FITB HOURS. A. Splendid seta. fid, $10. $15, $20. Beautiful Gum Seta with Plumpers la All out tha cheeks aad restore youthful ee. Teeth ealraeted without pala with nitrous Na a ha res for extraeUng when teeth are tu TAN FLECK'S, 17$ Bialh arenas. Matlsfastloo _ UTIPUL CONTINUOUS OHM SBT8 OF TBBTII on rub bar base, with Plumpers ta All ont tha face, (A to BatneHngwllhou pain with laughing gaa. lABGraad tm jftOLVON DBNTAL ASSOCIATION ORIOINATBD THE hba ?? H. " """?B?ggstww.w. vlMme^ Teeth nOcd with gouT(1. All WOfg SPORTING* All kin dm or doos and birdh nor sals at B DOPEY*, IN Canal stroet, ??r Ckurdi street. Medldnan far all touai. Prepared rood for moeklng SK AriOflLLIR BTBAM TACHT FOR BALK-AS* fort kmc. U foal boom. . H. W. TBRINuroN, XSB Washington street, Jersey City. E IOHT BATTRRT BOATS FOB BALI CHKAP.-Ar ^aiUI Pro?lab stroet. jjiRANCIS BUTLKR.NO8 PBOK BLIP, HAS ALLTHE _ obotoaal broods of Dog*. Butler * Infallible Manga Cure and Plea Exterminator. <S oeot*. Butler's new wurfc on the Dog, (S. Dog* trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine for all (' FOB SALS?NEWFOUNDLAND DOUS, HANDSOME Esquimaux Dor*. Black and Tan, Scoicli and Skys Ter rier*; Italian Grayhounda, one four pound Blaok and Tan. JOHM OltAT, 11 kooaernll street, aaar Chatham atreoi. E)B SALS?* PAIR Or LA ROB, HANDSOMB. NEW. foundlsnd Dogx. crossed with tha St. Bernard; white ulmaux Doga, Black uud Tana and broken Setter*. D. Poster, IS Rooeorelt street. HORSES. CAHRIAOES. AC. ACHF.SXUT THOROUGHBRED SADDLE MARE FOR aale cheap; In foal by a Black Uawk. Address D., bos S.S79 Post odloo. A HANDSOME DARE BAY HORSE POR SALE? Warranted perfectlriouud, long heavy tail; gentle; a good trarollar. Price >300. Inquire fur John Carroll, at selden'a, M Wool Twenty-fourth street. Attention is called to the sale op a mao nlfloent Coupe, family or aentlrinnn's road Horse, lsa jet black, IC lHgn, 3 year* old. with great xtyle andactiou, with amiable qualities for any gentleman, Ix penectly sound and kind, a good saddler, net afraid of a looomotlre aud can trot a 5:10 gult with style and safety; the property of a prt rate geut euian going abroad and soid without reserve, this " r, at VANUEWaTKR'S Auction, 10# Llberi day, at VA N DEW AT EN'S Auction, 10> Liberty street, at IS H, and warranted in erery respect. A SECOND HAND TOP B0OOY MODE BT BREWS fer A Baldwin, In flne order, ttvlish and strong, for aale cheap to day at the marble shop, f orty-flrststreet, between Broadway aud Seventh avenue. ?A. Coup??ONE OP TUB FINEST aeenufoIUe'a*'lllbe,0ld for'le^/Yha'n'h' youne' """"d and SSf&t ISJ-aSS^'AIa?a2&S A POUR WHEEL doo cart, yiotoria, pour seat and six seat Kucltan-ay. Coaches. Buggies. Ac.; alao .VW new Carriage* and Harness, 20 per cent le*? than Broadway stores. HAM':?. 10 East Fourth street, corner Broadway. A TEAM OF HANDSOME FONY BUILT HOR8ES. seven and eight years old: sound and kind In all har ness; will be sold separate or together; alao Canadian posy, At for doctor or butcher. Apply at MO Greenwich street. A PRIVATE TEAM OP ROAD OR CARRIAOE A Horses; well matched, young. sound and fast; also one % seat, 1110 lb.; and one double seat open Wagon; Harness, ltobes, Ac : sold low, separately or together. Call A SORREL HORSE FOR HALE?? YEARS OLD, 16 hands blah, suitable for ooupe or carriage; warranted sound and kind In all respects. Apply at 144 avenue A. A SPLENDID PRI'SH MILCH COW POR SALE? Milks 20 quarts rich milk per day Would exchange for a cow of less value. Call at 153 East Twenty-fifth street. A LARGE STOCK OF CARRIAGES AND HARNRSS Flrat class work, that must be sold; lightest four seat platform Phaeton In the city; several fine top and no top Buggies, Depot and Express Wagons, Rockaway*. Ac., at de cided bargains. Some second band and some slightly dam aged, below coat. At TUFT'S Carriage Repository, 47 Cedar street, two doors weal of William. A GOOD CARRIAOE. OOUPE OR ROAD TEAN, .TURT from the country; Morgan stock, hays dye ?? ? long manes and tails, I ftl, hands blj^v^eod^ saddle ?">' ?>? tar raaled sound and ITnd; prioe fiOOuT Also pis.' Oned Wagon, basicity make, nearly new. 271 Canal >?' ''' ear Broadway. T HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION SQUARE.?THTR day. at 10 o'otoek, Horses, Kookaways, tap and no ton road Wagons. Harness, Ao, at auctloa by MINER A SOME KVILLB. Mee awatlon bead. A GOOD CHANCE.?TWO HORSES, SEVEN AND eight years old, sound, kind, free drivers, fit for all kinds ?f work. Musflie said. Price fiWeaeh. Alao doubia Har nesa Inquire at 212 svanua B. Iitwiaa Twalfth sad Thir teenth streets, wheelwright shop A| CLOSE PANEL COACH, TRIMMED WITH BLUE. ? and a team of Horses, Harness, Baboo, Blankets and Whip, all for Bfe*. Apply at iMGi-and street. Williams- i barf. Amiiiiiiiiiiiii is eapbciallt ioallrd to the ^| sxls of Horaos sad Carriages. al We'otook, this day. by ?lER A SOMERV1LLE, al Homo Auction Mart, Union [square. The catalogue includes a floe Hambleionian Colt, Pair of apleifdid Can-tag* Humes and aa elegant Clarenoe " ha B. LB built ts order by John B. Lawrsnce, ef this city. A TEAM OP IHOB8BS, BOUND AND KIND, WELL mated, win I it, Brooklyn. , will be sold tar ?HO. T? be seen si 2M Gold PRIVATE STABLE TO LOT?CONTAINING SEVEN stall*, with apartments for oeaebman. and large cat all la splendid ooodltiou. in Tblnecntb street. Mar Fifth arsaua. Apply toG. P. YOL'MGM AN, 48U Broad 1RRRWOTBR WAGON FOB RALE.?A PULL ELLIPTIC D npi lug, ao top Wagon, in Ant rate order, as good aa lew, made by Brow Mar A C*., of Brosans street, tor tale cheap. Apply at 87 Wast Thirty-first street, baforo 12 o'clock. FYARRIAGEB.?GREATkREDUCTION IN TRIORS 80 \J damaged, several eeeoad band, M new Carriages, all tataa; LOW sate Harness. Caihiati^tataBMBOT styles; LOW sets Haraeaa. Cash advanced on Carriages. at CaL-Vin WITTV8 Carriage Warerooms, IN Broadway, aaar Bleeckar street. ^m LWR SALB-THTS DAY. AT YANDEWATER'8 AUC r tion, 100 Liberty street, at 12 M., a beautiful brown trot-| ting Mare, tirad by Major Winfleld be by Hambletonlanl dam; a thoroughbred, Is 1A1 high, 6 years old/handsome and stylish, without trlek or fault: eaa beat 1 AO any day; tingle or double; la a perfect gentleman's road boras and ts warranted kind and sound In every particular. Fob bale-parr phaeton, in splendid run sing order; pries 9*60- Apply ts WILLIAM RVANB, Tarry town, N. I. r^HlR SALE-RIGHT HORSES. JUST IN FROM THE ^?country; among thorn is a black Team 17 bands, five and , six year* old. one team of gray Jfiares, seven and eight years ^ears old, suita ble for trucks, carts and family use; those nones are war ranted in every respect: also one Close Panel Coach , in per fect order; all to be sold cheap. Call at at 144 and I4fi ave nue A. F? R SALB-A BLACK HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, stout and quick and warranted la every respect but In single harness; also twopow*rful_ Trnck_Horses. 17 cwt. ocb; i * ' ?* also two fine blind Horses. 10 New Chambers stroet. For sale?a saddle font; can be used in carriage: for tale cheap; sold for want of use. Inquire at Wait's stable. In Fourth avenua, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth atresia. For halb-a yaluablb fair or horses, hands hick. 7 years old: also a Tory nine roach Ba rouche. Haines*, Doc Cart, Ac.. Ac. Address H., box 6,004 New York FmI offioe, or Inquire at stable fit Bast Fortieth street. FHOR SALK-A FOUR WHEEL ENGLISH DOO CART, ? pole and ?haft*. In perfect order; hnlK by Brew?ter. Price HO?. Apply at lfifi Wen Thlrty-esventh aHoet FHOR SALE?A PAIR OP HORSES; ORB BLACK I entire, ationt 13:3 in kewkt, Ike other If hands high, brawn color: both with long tails, perfectly sound and kind, ?nd could be drtrra by a lady; hare been driven together I br a private gentleman; can trot la three minutes together, would make a splendid pair for a private gentleman; win be sold separate or together; the horses will be sold cheap, considering speed aud quality. The horses WlB be shown and driven si any tlms by calling at WE P.. C. WOOBji llrsry stable. 68 and 70 South Sixth street, WflMs?burg. ? M IjtOR HALE-A FAST AND HANDSOME FACING BAT ?* Ponv with new butcher t'art and Harness; also a supe rior gray Uorse. sixteen bands high, with Wagon and Har ness suitable for express or grocer. The above are all of Iks very beat quality. Iaqatre at m Third avenue, provision F2 Hbr sale?a vert fine pair or DARK oray H carriage Horses, well matched, long tails, If hands high, f years old, sound and vary stylish. Also six seat Phaeton, Harness, Be. The owner Is soon to leave town, and this presents a rare opportunity to buy a handsome establish ment. Inquire for two weeks of B. MONTAGUE, marble yard. Wast Twenty-fifth street, between Tenth and Eleventh nveanes. SALE-A HANDSOME sorrel hobsb, comtno ^?f yeara old. If hands high, sound and kind; stylish driver. Also a light Wagon and Harness, together oreepa. retety, at Iff WeST Fourth street, in the Maoumith shop, In ? mall OR SALE-A SET OF LIGHT DOU<LE HARNESS! I But Uttlo uaad. Apply to WTLLIAM M. GILES, Iff |h avenue, corner Thirteenth street. SIR HALE-ORB BLACK JACK RULE: If HANDS high, seven yeare old; also one Mack Haras. IS hands i, nine years; with Dart and Harness, sold on aeeoual of ness; at ?H Baal fwetfth street, between svenues A and R. /* CR SALE?SPAN MIT LBS, TH1RTSRN BANDS; TOF CI AALB-A HOMB. WACOM AMD HABMIHA iheap; all In perfect working order. Inquire at No. fflf _ Fifty-first street, er ff Liberty street. TjH>R SALB-A FINE FAIR OP BAT HORSES; TOUNO r and stylish, sound and kind; warranted; 131 heads high; san trot in IN together; wiB he seld eh sap. Apply at 71 Breadway, room to. Fob balb?a brown mabb, uu bands hioh, six years old; sen trot eioee to three minutes; drives pleasantly; wtU be sold much nndor her value, owner hav ing no no* tor bar. Apply at Seymour's atabU. eorner For ly third street and Sixth avenue. C. COOK. gOR SALB-A UGHT COnPB, IN COMFLBTE 01 P dar, with shaBa and pels. Onll at Br. NICHOLS', Twelfth street, earner of UatvnrxMy plana IjlOR 8 A LB?If FIRST CLANS HORSES, JUST FROM Mf tbeeonntry, fit tor carta, trucks, express or any boeb ness; warranted pound and sen ad. Inquire at Ml Canal JA, comer ef Washington gOB SALB-A BROWN MOESK, MX TEARS OLD; r -thloh eel; suitable fsr ? groosry er buslnsss wsgon; the property ef n farmer. No. 14 Frlaoe street, MyrtleeTeaue, BrooWyp. r> MALM AT A ?AMAH-On 10111, COAL AAti Ojl|-^Cv7 InAL 44 DH ROR8KS, CARRIAGES, *C. riR SALE CHKaP?A CARRIAGE, BUT LITTLE uaed; Brewster's make; suitable for oity or country. One Mt double Herne-a. Alio a Boad lb*.; good as new. To be aeeu until sold, oornor kerty-fourth (treat and Fifth muut. 1MR BALE CHEAP FOB CASH-FIRST CLASS LTOHT P double and single Harness, new. Inquire at 100 Usual street. Four horsrb. three double trcoka hak neaa, Stable, Stable Tooli Fixtures and Work for sole low. Address Henry, box 111) Herald office. Government property at private sale. 10.0W) sets new snd second band Harness, Saddles, Col lars, Bridles, I)niters, Wagon and Horse Carers. Paulina, Awnings, Bed Ticks, Grain Bags, Tents, Tent btook, Wan. kits. dr . rnry low. OUlcers' Mm'lelUn Baddlee (new), from 918 to 910; plsted Bit BrtJies, (J, Artillery Baddies, good as nrw, with Bridie. *11 PITKIN A CO., XJ0 North Front street, Philadelphia, Pa., snd No. 5 Park place, New York. HOK9K.?I HAVE A PINE FIVE YEAR OLD TROT ter, with Hareraa, light Wagon. Ac., all complete, which 1 will allow any gentleman to use for t'leaauio driv ing. provided he will stable him st his own expense In tba vicinity of West Thirtieth to Thirty-fifth streets between Fifth snd Eighth avenues. Apply to or address J. C., No. 17 Walker street JUST ARRIVED AT THE BULL'S HEAD DBOVSKS' stable, at llu.lson City, N. J., one mile Irom ferry, on lloboken .avenue, HI Horses; 6 closely matched teams. 12 pair suitable for farm, coaoh or express, 16 railroaders, from 9<& to $130; lite balance nice single horses. OMNIBUS FOR SALE?A FIRST RATE OMNIBUS, In complete order; will be sold cheap. Address box 2,70b Poet office. PRIVATE STABLE TO LET?IN TWKNTY-FOURTH street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Apply at# West Twenty-third street, before 10 A. M., or after 5 P. M. r LET-PART OF PRIVATE RTABLE 88 WEBT Twenty.elghtn street; four stalls, with carriage room. Impure of K. fi. VAN SCUaICK, 88 Broad street rLET-A NEW FIRE PROOF STABLE, IS FIFTIETH street, between Sixth anil Seventh avenues: it has all the modern Improvements, with four stalls and room for about four carriages, rent 966 per month. Apply ou the premises. rpO LET?A STABLE WITH FIVE STALLS ON NINTH 1 street; will he let for a private stable only. Apply at 68 8t Mark's plate. WIMPS, WHIPS, WHIPS.?GEO. P. OVKRIN A CO., No. 8 East Houston street, Whip ami Lash Manufac turers, now offer for sale a fine assortment of all hinds of Whips and Lashes, including fine Malacca, Holly and Gut Whips Ac. WANTED?SET OP MEDIUM LIGHT DOUBLE HAB nesa, custom made and but little uaed. Address Har ness. box 2,361 Post office. TTTANTED?A LIGHT SHIFTING TOP ROAD WAGON, TV good eMr make, but Iltlln used, and In good order; also good single Harness. Address box 6,148 Post offioe. ?QC WILL BUY A TEAM OF YOUNG SORREL Mares, good for fsrm use. One has lost her coll. the other in perfectly sound. Also s heavv built young More, fit for truck or express. 9140; also a handsome Pooy, Qt for any use, 9126. 408 Pearl street. d?1 C A?BROWN MARE, SIX YEARS OLD; 91*'. BAY ?jPJLtJvF Mare, seven years old; both 16!? hands: warranted sound and kind every way and no blemishes. $87 Seventh avenue. ?,i nnn ?a livery stable fob sale, in *, Newark, N. J. A fine stock of Horses, w A-t W '/s .lRtTBrK, R. if. A IluU *1'H ft Ol UUlirt, Coaches and Carriages. Inquire opposite the Morris A Es sex Railroad depot, Newark, N. J. UUPAK'INKIUIHiPS. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH 93.0M. IN A WELL established manufacturing business, Call at the fac tory, 848 Pearl street, second floor. A PARTNER WANTED, WITH 86.080, IN A LIGHT, genteel and exceedingly profitable manufacturing busl neaa In which there Is no nsk. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 7" Nassau street. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM 96,000 TO $8,009, In an old established paint bouse down town. A sate Investment. Address Palais, Herald office. A PARTNER WANTED?IN A PROFITABLE LIGHT business, la a good opening to a young man of good sad active habits, Ac.; (none other). About $1,280 can buy half the bnalovsa to such, t For Information inquire of or address Mr. FISHER, 10$ Sixth avenue, second story. C1AFITALIBT8 AND GENTLEMEN DESIROUS OF J having their sons learn the oudneis?Wanted, a part ner with 9IAfl09i in a retail drug store in this city; forty, five per oeht on the investment annually. Address Drugs, station a Dissolution?the copartnership hereto. fore existing under the firm of Tripp, Cisrk A OS., M this day dissolved by mutual consent. s. V. TRIPP, A. CLARE. Nsw Yomx, March 96. 18S7. J. J. BOGART. Dissolution?the firm of chab. Hamilton a Co, to this day dissolved by mutual c unseal. Either narty will algn la liquidation. CHA8. HAMILTON. NbW Yona. March 28, 1IM7. H. B. MAURANE. T>ARTNER WANTED?#1 JOB?IN A WELL BSTAB JTllsf " ? jl ilabod saloon; long lease. Good opportunity for an active man. Apply te J. M. MOODY A CO., 48 Pino street. FMARTNRR WITH A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS wanted in a light and profitable business. This Is a good rhance to gat Into buslooes. Apply at Business Agency, 4F7 Broadway. FHARTNER WANTED WITH 94fl$-FOR HALF INTER ? eat in a oommtaatoo office business dowa town, aeiab-i bllshed many years. Fine opening to make money. Apply MB Broadway, room 4R for two days. WHANTED?IN AN (ESTABLISHED CASH MAKUFAC turlug business, a Partner, active or special, with 98,000 tu $3,000. te extend the tame. Profits satisfactory; goods In demand. Addrees Commercial, box 190 Herald office. WANTKD-A PARTNER, A GOOD LADIES' AND gentlemen's hair dresser, with $100 to $200capital to Start a cultures with a first class Frenchman hairdresser. Address Mr. Pierre, at Mr. Battle's, 79 Greene street. ?*'7 WARREN STREET, MARCH 98. 1887.?THE FIRM Ol ef Foedtek A Mltchetl la this day dissolved by n consent. B. H. FOSDlCl ' mutual B. H. MITCHELL. COPARTNERSHIP?'The undersigned have this day. Marrh 28. 1887. formed a copartnership under the firm of E. H. Foedtek A Co., as jobbers in Yankee notions, and auc oeaaors of Walton's New York Skate Emporium, 67 Warren street. E. II. FOKDICK. % H. N. WKEfl. ' H. H.MITCHELL. A1 -nn ?WANTED A YOUNO MAN WITH Til ijll.uUW. amount. as partner In an established ? aar, feed and hay business Addreaa Morgan. ataUon (i. *1 "AA -A PARTNER DESIRED FOR A PERMA ipl.'Mlw, nont Aral class caah business; capital re K" rd In monthly Instalment*; appotut Interview after o'clock. Adore** Oa*h. box 1.US1 Pom o flics. ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A FIRST CLASS ?000 can be nude bualnoeoL Apply at Agency. IS7 Broadway. ai car ?partner wanted, in a $J.*OUU. travelling buetnea*; $30 000 yearly; the money to be Invented in the buait Business ------- ?Q AAA -A BT8INEU MAN WANKBD, TO TAME ^O.trvfyr. half Interest In one of the beet lumber ee tabltebmenU In Pennsylvania, of I 0U0 acre* et oak. yellow and white pine timber, mill*, dwelling, Ac.; most lake foil charge, and mual mean bualneaa, or need net ape It Tttlee IndiepatnMe and elear. Addreaa Bacloeaa. Herald oOfee, thla week. $20 000 ~WANTBD> A *PBC1A1' OB activb Join an eetahllahi York. Addreaa. girtng name and reetdence, E. B. J. 8., , partner, with thle amount of money, to iedlroi>( Join an eetaMlabed Importing aad commission bona* In new York. Addreaa. girtng name at * "* ? - . _ Mouth KUth street, Jeraey City. BIISINBH OPPORTl SITIKS. Am good practical tinnee, having bomb capital at hla dlspoeal. will hear of something te hi* advantage by addressing box 2,343 Poat odkee, or John D. De*or, La Orange, Indiana. BUSINESS MAN RAYING $10,000 OR $HM* WOULD . like to Invent It la a good, safe boalneea; refer*acee given aad required; anawer by staling bustore* and where latsrview can be had. Addreaa T. M.. box U> Herald omen LABOB FACTORY BUILDINO, WITH STEAM , power, An, for eale, to let or weald take an Intereat in bualneaa; located In New Jeraey, near depot. PKTTIT A PRAXES, 171 Broadway, room No. X A (IKNTLBMAN WITH $8,800 TO $>,000 WISHES TO A. IneeaTln a aafe and Inglllmnte business,and act aa ?lleat partner. Apply at Buafnaea Agency, 407 Broadway. Ahm partt ha vino a few hundrkddollari may hear of n men chance to engage in bwatneen by applying at 8BI Bi anil way, ream No. I. Business opfobtu mity.-$bjno will but ? Leaae, Stenk and Flit urea of n Ladles' Fancy Oooda Bualneaa, of In year*' atandlog. Leaaa at moderate rant. Apply on the premiaen Ml Broadway, near Seventeenth ?Irani, weal aide. Natiafaetory reaaona for falling. fj'OE SALE-THE BEST IRON FOUNDRY IN THIS r LUMBER MERCHANTS.-A PERSON Of LONG asperlenc# In tba lumbar trade In thla city, and who can command acme dly and ahtpfrtng trade, wishes to connoat with noma good houaa already aatahUahad in Naw York, AJbny or Ttny. Addraan IF. D., Ml Greenwich atreet, t&OOOrt&SEVF.SZX, prodt; no agency, potent medicine or other humbug, hut ? new and bona dde operation at whtah a fortune ran be made. $10,000 neat Addreaa Commlaaioa Merchant, Herald offloe. SBOn JOtMIR-A BPLBNDID CHANCE FOR LAMP 94U dentate or any one out of b*utawa.-Abbott'a pat Kerosene Lamp Kitlogu taker only needs te he seen te . Itete, oouaty and town righu for sale. Addreaa Laanp Jnguiaher, or apply at CraotTa Hotel, *8 Chatham atreet, where sample of goods may ha been. W1BM. LHUOBI, dbC. J?CEUBBRATED BURTI )X.1NDIA, PALE AN? rimwcuL. Atlantic savings bank, CHATHAM SOLA KB, NEW YORK. Moo fir deposited ou or before April 1 will draw Interest from that date. Sli per oenl Interest allowed on sums from 85 to $5,008. HARRISON HALL, President. Joseph p. Coonm, Secretary. USTW. aALDWlW ? CO~ 72 BROADWAY, Issue Bills of Exchange on London, Perls, Germany, Swlt xerUnd. Rome, Florence and Leghorn. Also Inters or Intro duction to Messrs. Lherbette, kaoe A Co., Perls. BULL'S BEAD BANK THIRTY FOURTH DIVIDEND. New York. Merck 38, 1M7 This bank ha* declared Its usual quarterly dividend of four (4) per cent out of Hie earnings of the last thro.' months, tree oi all tares, payable on end after the 1st of April uext.

0. W. WILLBTT, Cashier. CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. SOUTHWEST CORNER J of Howerv and Canal street. SIX FEB CENT INT!- RKsiT PAID ON ALL SUMS FROM FIVE TO FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. INTEREST COMMENCES APRIL L (AorPONS WASTED.?PART DUB COUPONS OP THE > State- of Tennessee, Georgia, North Caroline Virginia and Mem; hi* city bought bv RAOLAND, WE1TU * CO., 14 New alieet, under o old bA' Uauge. ~ DNCAN, SHERMAN A CO.. Dl BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS. NEW YORK, Ieaue Circular Note* and Lettera of Credit for travellers, available la ell the principal cltlce of the world. Mercantile credits for use In Europe, China Ac. Also make transfer* ?f money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposits. FAOK BALE ~ CITY RAILROAD STOCKS AND BONDS in all the Brat class companies; also other securities, paying large dlvtdenda at low rates for Investment*, by AL BERT H. NICOLAY, Stock Broker and Auotioueer, 48 Pine street. N. Y. OFFICE OF CAMERON COAL COMPANY, 71 BROAD wa>.?Coupons on Cameron bonds, due April 16. will be paid at the office of the company. T\ D. HOMERS, Treasurer. OFFICE M A RTPOSA COMPANY, NO. !H WALL street.?April Coupon* for lntero?t on Mariposa mort gage bonds will tie paid In goldAin presentation, on and after A pi 11 L MARK BRUM AGIN E, President. PENNSYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOR A LOAN OF >23.000.000. An act to create a loan for tha redumption of the overdue bond* of the Commonwealth. Whereaa the bond* of the Commonwealth and certain cer tificate* of indebtedness, amounting to $23 0UU,UU0, bare been overdue and uo.ild for some time past; And whereas it u desirable that the aarae should be paid and withdrawn Horn the market; therefore, Skctioh 1. Be It euacted by the Senate and House Of Re presentatives ol the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Gen eral Assembly met, and It la hereby enacted by the authority of the same. That the Governor, Auditor General and Statu Treasurer be, and are* hereby authorised and empowered to borrow on the faith of the Commonwealth. In sucn amount* and with *uch notice (not le?* than forty days), a* they may deem moat expedient for the tntereator the state, twen ty-three million* or dollar* and issue rer*iHc*tes of loan or bonds oG he Commonwealth for the same, hearing Interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, on the 1st of February and 1st of August, in the city of Philadelphia; which certificate* of loan or bonds shall not be subject to any taxation whatever for State, municipal or local purpose*, and shall be payable as fol Iowa, namely;?Five millions of dollar* payable at any time after Bve years and wltbtu ten years; eight million* or dollars payable at any time alter ten years and within fif teen years, and ten million* of dollars at any time after fif teen years and within twenty-five years, and shall be signed Slhe Governor and State Treasurer, and uountersigned by ! Auditor General, and registered in the books of the Auditor General, and to be transferable on the books of the Commonwealth at the Farmers' and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia: the proceeds of tha whela of which loan. Including nremiuma. Ac., received on the same, shall be applied to toe payment of the bonds and certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. bxe.l The bids for the said loan shall be opened In the presence of the Governor, Auditor General and State Treas urer. anil awarded to the highest bidder: Provided, That no certificate hereby authorised to be Issued shall b? negotiated for less than its per value. Ran. 3. The bond* of the-.State anil eevtlfieates of Indebted ? nexa, now over dne. shall b* receivable In payment of the Mid loan, under tuch regulations as the Gevemer, Andttor General and Btotn Treasurer tnajr prescribe; and every bid der rot the loan now authorised to be Issued shall state to his bid wbefher the same is psyable hi cash or In the bonds or certificates of Indebtedness of the Commonwealth. Hie. 4. That all trnatnee executors, administrators, guar dians, agent*, treasurers, committees or other pereonwhold Ing In a fiduciary capacity be ltd* or certificate* of indebted, neas of the fttate. ar moneys, are hereby authorised to bM for the loan hereby authorized to be issued, and to surren der the bond* oawrtifiistte* of loan held by them-at the ume of mating *urh bid, and to receive the bonds authorised to be leaned tor Uus mot. Bsc. a Any ner*on or persona standing In the fiduciary capacity stated In the fourth section or this act who may desire to invest money In their hands for the benefit of the trust may. without an order of court, Invest the some lu the bond* authorised to be issued by thia act, at a rale of pre mium not exceeding twenty par senium. , ?at li. That f rum and after the passage ef this net ell the bonds of-this Commonwealth aball be paid off in the order of their maturity. Bsc. 7. That all loans of thia Commonwealth not yet dne shall lie exempt from State., municipal or local taxation after the interest due February fimt. one thousand eight hundred and sixty seven shall have been paid. Hac. a That ail existing lawn, or portions thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repealed. _ JOHN F. OLA SR. Speaker ef the House of Representatives. L*. HALL, Speaker of the Senate. Approved the second day of February, one taonaand eight hundred and atsiy seven. JOHN W. GEAHY. In accordance with the provisions of the above sot of As sembly seal ml proposals will be received at the office of the Stale Treasurer. In the City of Harrlaburg, Pennsylvania, until IS o'clock M. of the 1st day of April, A. i?. 1887, to be endorsed a* follow*:?" Proposals for Pennsvlvenla state Loan, Treasury Department, Harrlaburg, Fa. United states Bids will be received for 85.0UMX10. reimbursable Id five years and payable In ten years; $h,otsi,?on reimbursable In ten yean and payable in fifteen yea**, and 810,000.000, reim. buraahle in fifteen years and pavahle In Isrenty-fire years, the rate of interest to be either five or six per cent per an num, whieli must be explicitly utaled'ln the bid: and the bids most advantageous to the State will be accepted. No bid for leas than par will be considered. The bonds will be Issued in sums ef $00 and sorh higher inrnx as desired by the ioauera, to be free from Htate, local and manuupui The ever due bonds of the Commen wealth of Pennsylva nia will be received at pur lu payment of lb la loan; but bid ders must state whether they Intend to pay In oaah or in the overdue loans aforesaid. No distinction will bo mad* between bidders paying in sash er overdue loans JOHN W. GEARY, Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN F. HARTRANFT, Auditor OencraL W. H. KEMBLE. State Treasurer. N. B N* newapeper publishing the above, unless autho rised. will reeeiv* pay. w ANTED?NEW YOKE CITY 4 PER CENT HTOCNS end Bnnds; Manhattan. Metropolitan Mid New York Oil Light Company's Htoek, by ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Block Broker And Auctioneer, u Pins street. N. Y. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A LOAN OP ?8U0 FOR M deve on personal property, 7 per cent, enda bonne of $76 wtU'be given; good security. Addie-a bo* MM Post office. ??,HA WANTED?NOR ONE YEAR, BY A RE (t/Uv spe-tnble party; neeioeptlonabft city refe rences^ end very satisfactory security. Address O. R., bos *nn Ann wanted on bond and mortgage. ?u5UAddreis or call on, between 2 and 3 P. M., B. Ltll'.VSBi RY, 161 llrnadway, room No. 3. nnn wantkd-por two or three ? jSsJ.UUU years, et raven per oent; Brat mortgage given on briok property worth ffiMO.irM). None but principles need applr to 0E6. H. MUNBOE. No. 1WBroadway. ? OA* AAll TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT CAAtl.UOl' gage, In one or more sums, on Real ?stats In ibis elty or Brooklyn. JOHN P GUN KEY,? Wall street, room IX. York. Brooklyn and Now Joracr, tn room A i to salt; second mortgagee bought. CHAR P. OILMAN, 113 Broedway. RC/M) AAA TO LOAN ON NEW YORK, BROOK JpOUU.UUU lyn and Jersey real estate. Second Mortgages bonght. Traveller*' Insurance Company. C. B. WILi.IH, St Pise street, basement. LOAN OPPK'ES. A T 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED on DIA A MOND8. WATCHER. JEWELRY. AC;. OR THE ?AXE BOC&HT AT THE HKTHBBl' RAfER; ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETR BOUGHT POR DIAMONDS, WATCHER, JEWELRY, AC., AT 77 BLBECKKK8TKKET. RBCONDPLOOK. THREE DOORS WENT OP BROAD WAT. A T HYMAN'S. m BEOADWAY, CORNER OP BOND A street, will be paid the blgheet price for Diamonds. Welches end silverware, sr will advance en the above arti cles. AmSf SI2 BROADWAY BRIDGE, KNOX BUILDING. ? DIAMONDS. WATCH BR, pAkcioUR HTONBS, AC THIS OLD RNTABLIHHKI) OPKICR PAYB THE UTMOST VALUE POR DIAMOND JBWBLRY, WATCHES. .IB WE LB. PLATE. PKARLR. AO., OPTICAL INSTRUMENT!*, AC.. AO. E. B.-DIAMONDS. WATCHES, AO., POR RALE. OFFICE HOURS PROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. n. RARRINOER, XM Broadway, room Ke^ ATM PEARL BTREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY J\ and Franklin square, LBDBRHR A CO.. advance lib erally at reasonable terms oe all valnable property, Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Ac . or pnrnhaee. A DYANCBS MADE OM DIAMONDS, WATCHES STL ^.STSB.Mr Ksrsa?;r',J"5:'o5te 7X6 Broadway, eearty oppesHe As tor pleoo. _____ Amn NO. MX BROADWAY, CORNER Of BLEKCEKR ? Street, op stairs, the utmost vahin win be paid for Dia monds, Watches, .lesrels, Rllverwam, Ac.; orllheral advaa. e? made on cenrifamejita Diamonds, Watches. Ac., for sale ebeap. A. HOBIUMAM, Broker, removed tram Ne. 04 Nas mo street. AmmnVANCKH madr ON watches, DIAMONDS, JRW | elvy, Dry Goods and Personal Property of every da "ptkrn J. L JACKSON, At Orand etresA twe deoraweet if Broadway I TMt BROADWAY.?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES is?-~* dear &-S.SSSS; - Opposite Wallace's theatre. Awr nr.-money liberally advanced qn dia th* (KM ^?jSSrv^ svr sskwwwv ^^Jtl7 Brand way, reem A over Leeds Art OaUery. IAWNBROKBRS' T1CKETB BOUGHT OP DIAMONDS, AMUSEMENTS. Broadway theatre, Corner of Bruadway and Broome .treats. Buslneaa Manager * WM. A. MOORE. Admission ft ft* Cents. JOINT BENEFIT AND LAKT APPEARANCE BUT ONE OP MK. AND MK.V HAKN1.Y WILLIAMS. ENTHUSIASM UN ABATED AND STILL CROWDED BO 08 VS. FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH ?. THE PAlltY CIRCLE. Con O'Carolen.. . Mr. B?rney Williams. Molexhee Mrs. Barney Williams. PATIENCE AND PMRSBYRRAIfCts. Patience Pspperpud. Mrs. Barney WlUlamr. TIIK 1 Kir II Tl'TOB. Dr. 0'To.ile Mr. R irnev Williams. SATURDAY ATlk-LAST WILLIAMS MtTlNKK. IKUI.AND A8 IT WaS-KOUOH DIAMOND. Monday, April I, First Night of the charming comedienne, MISS MaQOIK Mitchell, In her wonderful creation of FANOHON Seats secured frotn 8 to 8 o'clock, stv days in sdrance. HAKTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. ft? BROADWAY. LAST WEEK HUT FOUR. CHaNOK OF PROGRAMME wMl be reproduced. THE WONDKoUS LIVING HEAD; On. Tim Ohacui ?r mw Nuntrsswrn Ckimntr. Monday, Wednesday and Friday?PKOTBl'8. Toe-day, Thursday and Saturday?THH BASKET TRICK. L'E-CAMOTEUR, and his ''Fsiry Ninglm; Bird," Willi other miracles, l.rery evening at 8. Saturday at A Tickets 50 cents; reserved .eats $1. Por8tale at the ball. Chickerfiis piano Is used at theae seances. Wedueaday, Juvenile night. Children half price. German btadt theatre?m> and 47 bowery. Tbla (Frtd ?r1 evening, March 29, mkYrkbbh U S GRAND opera, DIE HUOENOTTKN iTHE HUGUENOTS*. Madauie.Rottrr...-. as Murgareibe de Valole Madame'Bauer Seelig a* Valentino Madame Frlderlcl as Urboln (pare of the Queen) Mr. Illmmer ' Raoulde Mangts Mr. Welnllch is Marocl Mr. Formes a? Nevers Mr. Chandon as Saint Brla Mr. tlrnsobel aa Cose OAK FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, i. 5R5 Broedwsy. TIIK TROUBLE COMMENCES AT QUARTER TO 8. THE CREMK DM LA CKKMK OF MINSTRELSY. B1RCII, WAMHOLD. BERNARD AND BACK US. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose SUCQesa baa never been equalled by soy similar nrrsnlrstlon in the world. New end cheerful burlesques erery week. The dramatic re hearsal Happiest Couple Out. Gambriuua Opens. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime, and the screaming Black Cook snd African'Ballet Troupe. Oraud March of the Spirit Hashers of the Amason. Kelly a leon'H minstrels, tm Broadway. NORMA. The bnlllant success of the new NORMA. NORMA. hurleiHiue is attested by crowded, NORMA. L fashionable and enthusiastic L K aiidlencer. Mrs. Rosa Norma and E O the Druids provoke screams of O N laughter. Uncle Simper-son and N NORMA Mr. Edwin Kelly's charming bat NORMA. NORMA lads. The Diamond ltlns. NORMA. 8eveniy-fi/lh night of the unequalled Black Crook burlesque. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Bryants' Mechanic's Hall. 472 Broadway, near Grand St IMMENSE SUCCESS OF THE FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FEMALE CLERKS. FARANTA, TI1E ORBAT CONTORTIONIST. FARANTA. THE GREAT CONTORTIONIST. CH Alt LEY WHITE'S BLACK OlEMIST. CHARLEY WHITE'S BLACK CHEMIST. THE OPPONENTS. BROADWAY BOYS. NBW BAL LET, AC. STEINWAY HALL. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT TO WILLIAM ROBERTSON, Leader of the Eighth Regiment Band, on FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH ?. 1887. under the patronage of the oflicers and members of the regi ment. The following distinguished artiste hare kindly vol unteered their nervines:? Mrs. MARIE ABBOT, Soprano. Mr. GBOKGK SIMPSON, Teoor. Mr. GEO. W. MORGAN, Soto Organist. Mr. RD. HOFFMAN, the popular Pianist and Componer. Mr. HBRK SMIDTH, Solo Clarionet Mr. J. ERNEST PERKING, 1 Mr. J. M. ABBOTT j conductors. The Band, In the new regimental uniform, will perform several popular pieces. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert ooiuenenuee at I o'clock. STEINWAY HALL. THIRTY-K1RST GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT, MARCH SI. AT 8 O'CLOCK. L. F. Harriaon Director Second appearance of the favorite Prima Donna, M'l.LF. PAULINE CAM18SA. Mr. G. W. MORGAN, Organist Mr. fi. W. COLBY, Pianist Mr. TBEO. THOMAS. Conductor, and hie FULL ORCHESTRA. Tickets to oentA Reserved Seats #0 rents extra. STEINWAY HALL. TUESDAY EVENING, April i, MR. OSCAR PHRTFFER'S GRAND CONCERT, on which occasion he will be assisted by SIGNORA OIUDITTA AI.TIF.KI (PrimaDo?afcsstsii Amstudsl,' - ? ION ATS POLLlCErdhMttoka. ROSOLFH HBNNIG, VUiloneello. WILLIAM UKOBSCURTHvAeoompaaiat. Tteketa of admtnaton, one dollar; can ha detained at the Ticket ofllce of the Hall, Beer A Kchlrmer'a, Behubarth'a and all the pr ncipal Mualc Stores. STEINWAY HALL. _ PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NBW YORK. PUBLIC REHEARSAL NO. IE. on Saturday. March 80. at three o'clock P. M. Admission SO cento. Tteketa for aala at the usual pisses. L. HPIEIl, Secretary. B ROADWAY THEATRE. SATURDAY, MARCH 80, LAST GRAND MATINKK AT >U, OF MR. AND MRS. HARNEY WILLIAMS. NEWARK.-WALLER'8 OPERA HOUSE?BENEFIT of LADY DON. To-night, Friday, DON CaESAR DK BAZAN and ALADDIN. IN8TKUCTION. _ A YOUNG LADY COMPETENT TO TEACH THE higher En|li<b brioobn, French, German inl I>atln, desire* an engagement w or companion to a lad/. References exchanged. Apply at 41ft Fifth avenue. AT 200 BOWERY, PRIVATE OR SEPARATE IN8TRPC Uou, day and evening, 10 Buukkeeplng,.Writing, Anth motlc. Spelling. tirmmm-ir. CorrcapmidWiee, Ac. Apart ment* for Male*. So dense*. TOWNNKND'H Bualncaa College, 200 Bo wary, bet worn I'r toco and llouaton atroeta. AtlF.NTI.EMAN, FROM NORTH OERMANY, ORADC ate of thn University of Berlin, arlahra to alee Lessons In (be Ancient or Modem Language a, lliatory. Literature or Fhvslcs. Be-1 references. Address Re*. U. Raegener, 101 Seventh street. A WELL EDUCATED LADY, OP OOOD FAMILY, wishes to give leaanna In the t ngjl-h branehea, French and music In New York or neighborhood; baat reference# given; lerma moderate. Addreaa F. T., Herald office. A LADY TEACHER WILL OIVR LESSONS IN PEN manabip. or the English branches, at the residence of the pupil. Apply at Goldsmith's Academy, 7M Bruadway. AYOUNO LADY DERI RES a POSITION AS UOVKR neas, teaching the English bianchea and tnoaic; or would aet aa housekeeper In a family uf undoubted respecta bility, taking entire charga or children's clothing. Addreaa M. M. M.. Herald offlee. ATOONQ LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS RE aidant governess. to teach email children Kngllah anibptuaic; either in the city or country; aauafactory refe rence given Addreaa S. L.. Herald office. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, ARITHMETIC, AC.? Meaara. DOLBKAR HUH lliuadway. qualify gentlemen practically fur head bookkeeper!. They teach arithmetic liy the most rapid and accurate methods, and guarantee to re move stiffness, cramping or trembling, and make elegant business penmen. PARENTS WISHING TO GIVE THEIR CHILDREN thn benefit of country air, and at the same time U> have them under Instruction, ran hear af a home ever* way de sirable and to he obtained on moderate terms by a dd raising M. It., Herald office. References exchanged. PRACTICAL FRENCH CONVERSATION. TRANSLA tion, Ac., taught by a wall educated, competent lady from I'aria, at her rooms and at pupil's residence. Leaeons pr.vate, In Hansen, If desired. Terms moderate. For particu lars addreaa Mile. M. P., Herald office. SPANISH LANGUAGE.?FROF. A. DE TORNOS.? Cleaaaa for ladies at hla residence, MB Fourth avenua, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, published bp D. Appletan A Co. Young obntlemrk who wish to have their education finished In Germmny will And n homo and kind treatment In a respectable family In Hamburg Eng. Ilah and French are ajiokeu In the house. For particulars ad dress L. J., box 4,700 Post l)RT OOODffi. ("VaRPETS.-*D. KELLY A OO. HAY* OPENED A NEW J and large stock of Royal Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Three-ply aad Ingrain C srpata for the spring trade (In many new deafgne) at a great reduction on former prices, also a clioloe amnrtinent of Oilcloth, from 1 to 0 yards wide; Male, Matting, Window Shade*, Ruga, Druggets, Ac. Car rier of Twenty-fifth street and Slith avenue. English Brus sels at $1 M; all wool Ingralno at Tto.; Thrseplys from $1 7ft. yoR SALE -NINETY-TWO YARDS TAPESTRY TEL f rot Carpet, beautiful pattern. Utile used, r use wood sofa, handsome, vary low price 461 Broadway. HO. PARRRLL HAS JUST RECEIVED PROM ? auction a choice selection nf English, Brussels, Three ^v and ingrain Carpcta; English Brussels, f l Ml per yard; iree.plyTfI 74: Lowell Supers. flftO; heavy all wool la grains, 7#c. to |1 per yard. worth of Parlor, Bad room and Offine Furniture, manufactured an the premises and warranted to the bnyar. Quick sales aad small profits 1* my motto 147, 2(4 and *1 Thirty nub street, one door ooot of Eighth avtwa ___________ Mark tour clothing.-stencil plates and Heed * lamps for marking clothing with Indelible ink, for ante at 174 Htxth even us, also Indelible Pa noils aad Pay aon's Indelible Ink. rglO FAM1LUW Y1 SITING THE PARIS EXPOSITION. CASHMBEBH AND LACES. COMPAQNIE PES INDBS, 44 RUE RIcHBUBU. ? Meaara. YBBDR DE LISLE, the proprietors, re ?p set fully dsalrn to larorm lbs Americas ladies who vMt the Proas* capital that they win (ad at tbwlr ??rtablishmMt the Imm jETisrr. ta lks establishmsnt I?in^ywgtioters pay ao commissions ta aa* vntw tore 111V rL ZZSE'iviivx- ?*'**-***?-* 'JttUxl trcCEJS. CfKVAT PL DOUR JEAKNIE DEi.Vf "* JKAJtNIK DRANK INANWIK DRAMA Induces the wouwi t?* u fur renreeenUlion w. _ UNTIL PUHTHLR NOTICE. ? lea Roe<- Kytlngr In !ur hewuli nl MlwMliM ?/ the He. ndue, with Messrs. Mark Hmitli, leno Dakar and Uiair ft eel It ut company In the cast. TIIKATRH FRANC AIH. COMEDY. SATURDAY KVKNINO. MsrehSO. 1*7. at 8 o'cl.-uk. kA FKUMH OK BONDI. K| laode In foui acta, bv M. M. Michel Muaaon A ile Vllleocuve. ,ery aoou. DeueSl of ^sr*u Bmoltoo I the Utile Georgette). R[ kct uQi<* at II. Dardniivllle a, d'H Broadway. OLYMPIC TIIKATKK. THIS (FRIDAY I KVKNINO, MARCH J?, IW7. ? BENEFIT OF UK W. CANTLK. THE KIGH1NOS KNOLIilI OPF.ItA COMPANY In Auber'a romantic opera, FRA DIAVOLO. PR A DIAVOLO, THIS EVENING. THIS K\P.NINO. castle, camphkll, seouin, peaks, wylie, MRS. ZKLUA HARRISON SKOU1N, MISS CAROLINE BICIIINU8. Grind Chorus end Orchestra. TO MORROW (NATUttO AY), OR AND OPKRA MATINEE, DAUGHTER OP TDK REGIMENT. TICKETS SEVENTY KIVK CENTS. Nu extra charge fur ro.ervtog strata. SATURDAY EVhNlNli? rtlK BOHLMIaN OI RE. which hu* .ichiereil a decided ami marfcml *uecesa. MONO \Y?Kir?t inae In America tin English', THK CROWN 111AMUNDS. Tony pastor's opera house??i bowery. Ntriilly crowded by delighted audiences u> sec THE MR. TONY'S SONUS, ORE AT SAM Looking lor Work, DRAMA, COLYKR, Urnul'r U hitehcad THK THE The new B illet. SCO ITlSII MODERN Diana A Aroenn. HERO, GLADIATOR, VIOIIMS ?r the and hie HARD TIMES. CLAN TWO SON'S, A choice bill MrAf.PIW. DAN ami EDDIE. by the troupe. MATINEES on W ednotday and Saturday, at 8'*j o'clock. Griffin * christy s MINSTRELS. FIFTH AVENUE OPl.RA HOUSE, No*. 2 and 4 Weal Twenty-fourth atrcct. GL W. H. Orlflln Manager. thk family resort. The entire company will In Hie great bnrlecijue THE BLACK CROOK. Hnokee Dooree. IIop Llglt' Loo, Bond Robbery, Fowler on Heads. Beaiiilful Singing and Dancing. Doora open at 7; to commence at S o'clock. BUNYAN TABLEAUX.?LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty magullleenl aniine*.|Blustr.itlng "Bun lap's Pilgrim's Piugresa." Union Hall, Broadway and Twenty-third street Open every night at 7: commencing at 8. Admission AO cents; children 2a cents. Matinee Wed ' and Saturday, at !i o'clock. tOHT. J. URr.EN WOOD. Manager and Proprietor. HOOI.RY'H OPKRA HOUSE, BUOOELYN. THE CONTRABANDIST, the BLACK MAN of AGAR, Shakespeare's Seven Ages. Scones at Sherman's. Not to be ?kakan. Quasvnlggar. Oeorpe the Chemter, Soap Suds. The Oar Oalopade. The Knee llauce. Paddy's Don't Care. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY. AT 1* O'CLOCK. Academy of music. GRAND CONCERT IN AIP OF THK SOUTHERN RELIEF FUND, UN DBS T1IK xrsricss or TH a MERCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. ST TUB OPERA TROUPE, UtOLI'DINO MISS CLARA LOUTRR KELLOGG. MI8S A M. HAUCK, MMK. NAT A LI TESTA. SIGNOR BARAOLT, S1GN0R MARRA. SIGNOR ANTOMUCCT. SIONOB ALRANO, MR. JBROME HOPKINS. MR. TRASTOCB. felGNOR TOBBIANI, AMD TUB GRAND ORCHR8TRA OK THE ITALIAN OFBRA. SATURDAY KVKNINO. MARCH M. PROGKaMMK-PABT I. L Overture?Maasmtelle An bar ORCHESTRA. 1 Romania?Re Ho to Maseltera Vsrdl SIGNOR MABRA. S. Lied Meyerbeer MISS HAUCK. 4. Arta?Louisa Miller Verdi SIONOH BABAOLL X F-? 8. Arto?Linda da Cbaraountx .DoalaaSM MISS KELLOOO. _ 7. Amaaon?Mareh for two Planus ? ? H opklne MR. JEROME HOPKINS snd MR. TRABTOUR. FART II. ? 1. March?Prophet# Meyertadr ORCHESTRA. _ K V i ?mrr -Fawst. - tmnTaI _ ? A ?? ? *" T8loSoR^^ 'AMTONiKjoi'''"4 A Motturne?Don Pmagnnla...., JJoniaolti MISS HAUCK and SIGNOR BAKAOIst. A Piano Solo?The Mern.ald's Rhapsody. MR. JEROME HOPKINS. T. Overture?Snmpn Herotd ORCHESTRA Tickets of admission $1 fu Reaerred saats $A Family Olreto SL TVkels for sala at the Library, Aster piaea, and M Liberty street, at tho Aoademty box oOkea, and at Msssp A Harwtg's. Ill Broadway. AT MR. AND MRS. RARNEY WILLIAM* LAST GRAND MATINEE AT tU WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE?'TKE WARS 1NGTON TWINS.'' born alire, hanag two boa da, four arms, and but one body and one pair of leg*; alee the head end right arm of Probst, the murderer of the Leering fami ly; together with the magnlBeeot ootleotioa of objeolala Pbyslo'ogT, Anatomy. Pathology aad Natural History; aE of which are Illustrated dally by Lac tares aad Mtcoecopto Views, at the New York Mnwmm of Anatomy, SM Broad way. Open from ? A. M. to IB F. M. /NRAND FAREWELL MATINEE AT 1U OF ? ItLlAMR, U MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WI HON SATURDAY. MARCH ? AT THE BROADWAY TH First class theatre site wanted.?ground maul be 7B to 1(10 feet front u4 reer, end 175 in RIO feet deep, end e corner preferred, end located not lower then Union square. end within the easterly end westerly Ueee of fourth end Fifth eveanaa. The owner of any eueh property for eele or lease may addreaa James H. Hast all, bra 1,M7 Poet office. New Tort. rIE WONDER OF THE NINETEENTH CBNTUKT. MASTER RTKVIE, THE CHAMPION OLO# DANCER, MASTER STKVIB, THE CHAMPION CLOU DANCER, WILL APPEAR NEXT WEEK. * BROADWAT THEATRE. All pert lee having bneineee eommun lent lone with the above eeiebl.ehmant will pleeae addreee WM. A. MOORE, Rnetneee " gf. Silence May be ooneiilerrd ne a negative. A FIRST CLAM ACTOR RECEIVER PRIVATE pit pi la and inetrnote them thoroughly In the highest rolea of the drama Aildreea Manager, aiatloa D. Last grand matinrk at i*. op MR. MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS, SATURDAY NEXT. MARCH*), IWf, AT THE BROADWAY THEATRE. Banjo instructions sv iienrt o. dorron, the eld eaUbUafaeti teacher ef eighteen yean ai parlance, who gttaranleea a perfect Snow ledge In enn oouraa ef les sons. ?H Broadway. PIANOPOKTBR. AN ASSORTMENT OP NEW PIANOFORTES TO LET. and eoid on Instalments, at the manufaetonr, IM and 1M Enet Twenty-Brat street L. P. CUMMINOS. Am chrap piano-price siw-did octave, im need order, fine tone: else two 7 octave Planaa aery cheap. J. RIDDLE, ii Awtty street, near Broad tray. AM MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD pianoforte FOB eele?Made to order, etiy maker: aoet ?dBB far $100; used si* months; also Parlor Snlta, Rtagwres, Bookmen. PalnUucs. Brontes. Chamber and Dlalag Seem Fare Iter*. China, uless and BUrar Ware; a aadrtSen. M Wart Sittaanth Street, near Sixth arena#. Am ladt will oivr two touno ladirs the nae of her Plane one or two heura a day far SB a month. Call en or address O. W. I anrtng, SMOrseawtrtTat. AM RARE CHANCE?ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE Ptanoforte, iron frame, modem Imaru foments. $110; inagnUicent rosewood, eerea or tare, orerBtruag baa a. nearly new for hair print; also twenty Bret second hand Pianofortes, very low; aa-ortmerrt of new pianofortes at lam than whole sale prion. SI Fourth avenue, opposite CM off Institute. Am lady will sell a splendid first class rosewood seven oeteve Planefbrte; overstrung heas, nerved legs, nearly new; original ertee (MO; for nearly half, celebrated makers. Apply at M Third street. I TOR SALS?A SEVEN OCTAVE PIAMO, IE EXCEL, lent order, at n raaataahla prion. Apply at US Wert Twelfth etreet. PIANOFORTE FOB RALE?PRICE EBB?A SUPERIOR 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte, Bret etaee make, elegant style ef Instrument; coat $471 but two yearn ago Apply for two days at fit Twentieth street, near Third avenue. WILL EXCHANOS A REW SEVER OCTAVE UP right Chic hart eg Piano, made to order, ar new feral tare and bedding for two diamond*, atonee weighing eel im than IH carats aaeh. Addreaa M. B. C? Herald office. IDBICAL. b?L*j?82riJisi"r&k a*T A FIRST CLASS SOPRANO DRSI^ AN^NOAIiR AsaL,B5S8S?&3* A T lis SIXTH A. rally dealt wll ItikA means mdmaatlw iuhllihul A *?F Sartry