Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1867 Page 1
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E--$i an _ I PfcKJtfl flpNB MMNW ?f A S* '"' | -KJWUc IMPHI '.*f A*!**??"* 4M| "K" "?T"""??""* > .? -? I' ?>? *>? W ? v ? ? * ? * ?_ ? S WyjMJjJJr* '* ? j" '?? HERALDJ WHOLE NO. 11469. NEW YORK, SA1UKDAY, MARCH 30, 1867, PRICK FOUR CENTS. -- - - . i I i?i I 3 .. =? fall". O, Utt WWM, aUMag vhm an hhniiw ii a unn fob too ^gsssss TV> wot bjiow turn mm. Washington mu, YROROPR.-A GBMTLKMAN OP THB HIGHEST U-l | MU MMMIHr, *feM I yeare of age, of superior edaeal Man, and said tote ef pretiaaeaalag manners and appear ?ra, having, until roomily, occupied public poalltona of (Mi am linpai tseuii, m desirous of mellii with some Wealthy perase or pgraons who would be disposed to engage I ?I nvilmaaeaeewlnry or cnespagnon dm voyage. The ad-I uertleer la eanurrteii and, from previous residence, family gnmgnmmmMmmiloii, can oo in maud the entree ?ope. The moat uaeaeeptionabic ^^^^^^^^^^^?Adoreaa Arthur barker Wallace. mean allies and official position lite tie beetaaeMrJn Europe. aMareuroawiQ betfvco Adda Waahinaton, ft 0. V ?. THONPSOH?LETTER FOB TOO PBOM . sjp? agPltldi. fed aldra tto Jmratt. I ?M| AVKNDB 8TAG??YKRTBRDAY AFTERNOON. I tHeory Sehrelber, care of P. UeUe, MWaat I INFORMATION W ANTED?OP DR. HENRY W. STAB. JL loa or Wm. D. D. Burnie. When laat heard of the/ ?Mil Applmate Oroek, Jackaon county, Oregon Terrl WSf. Their aSatad paronta net having heard alnee 1MB of Mem, would fuel grateful to any peraon forward log particu lar! to the proprietor of the Moroing Chronicle, Qnebee, C^|THK HBIM Of STUART ELDER, ^?tblaetty, OTlaaUKMineetheir aadreee in ^?Herald. they may beer of aomethlng to FORMERLY aadreee fa the Personals of > Herald, thmy may hedr of aasuathlng to their advantage. FU THB ELBKRLY GENTLEMAN WHO ADTERTISBD ^Hln Sunday's Herald for a permanent home with a pri vats family, nam Dslmouieo'a, can give satisfactory refer eneoa, he aan hare Ma ehetce of rooms by addrSesiug Am PH KaTK BT8ELMAN II IB TBS CITY I WOULD ??like to know when and where 1 oan aee her. ? lBMUKL J. STAN DEFER, roomSBMerchants' Hotel. OK IB Wednesday night, abbots o'clock, out or the tipper hall Of the Si. Nicholas llotel. will bring book and paper that U ?ontained to 110 WeatPUIeenth street, near Sixtb avenue. will be- asked nor said further. Reward of gS LOST JfW W*. ROT, OP BRIE, PENNSYI.VANIA. HAS 'JL any gonle lately, be will beer of them by writing to B. mMHnn a, New York. fMallon a, N t?. ? -- UMT LfcWlH. LATEI.Y A PASSENGER IK TBE | at?-.tner IV IRItin Pcnn. fr,.cn london to New Ynsk, will BWlul his address to Friend, Herald office. Mew York, he will ??or jcmcthios; te his advanttge. ^HaTB-I WILI. CONQUER. MEET MR TO-NIGHT AT ^^HlOeMoidE, at the foot of the emblem, symbolized by ?~ ACT NEAR BROOKLYN POST OFFICE: BAD ART ?l lat'e catalogue and baudkcrohlcf. Prey do appoint an ^fcjvrvtew wlthKgbert, Herald office. LHkzZT ROBERTS.?THERE IS A LETTER FOR YOU ?yjwptotiPB A? RpHpgrtrect. f frtcii.?'i Hi. Lady who made an engagement Jkj fo meet a gentleman in one hour at the ehttrch will yinaa aeadber ddjdraas to CHARLES FREEMAN, box SIS HUDSON. OR SCOTT. LATE OF 186 w ??%"? ? -?*?ci*m ? ?MM, "*>?? ????? ^I^mTs a lsttbh for too at RTAHOK T.i?'l,?nVWHO FOUND HSR POOKETBOOK 2S55E3? Sss " box MO Htr?'.doflW. JL^yff'uSb.Morrwto**. Botmom county. Ohio. w1"^ AH IeSSSS^^^HS# gJtT^gggK?.|WUl obuce him br ?MrM?n? B. w. _notb bsceivbo at a*, write again. jlFKUAli KOTtCEs. . Ii?w tws. jwagg-MiAgBaJ^ ? Umwm ?uJ %W roue's will i?- trnu^cted. 1m??.1ocA. V??F ""^i^oi-AKL QI-IG1.KY, Otarrmu. I ' EoWAMti'M.Se"*11"'- ? t1 SHPJfflSS , .iSSS^SsSsestisst^sr n^as?.1^;1' DMT,BSsmc?" Kit Vou, JCarc* A *'? 1 J1 VL^lkMDen' offlc?. No- ?_ Trinity !>!??. I rll 1. WW?? ?? Tjj?jiftSgy^. 1 iritTof ^^JflubSS??do,demllJd'o?1 the bo?e? )Mof *M; ?Hw*h"~II!.r^ork on rrerr Saturday or wd SHg*rA^RETKOLOs! JABB^ffjE --?gsgEf? aaay- ?? ' 235*UW#? '""Jgss ^.SHaSSSfesrffiasi?-' l^g2SSfH^SSS?Sf?2S K riti, ThH ???? in ,k. w-...? of Hsli BRAtI &SiLrtwc522siwoi ft" ?,th* ??L^n^KWlwUW Of IIMB ?-n?li-?. I 1 Vjgss^'^,35gS*?U. P. c., ?** M, "k? *2m f?- *bo<reTc?h? r*n bA MM ?n*,^'^5'"' Inn, ^ Kfi A?V?Bv?T Dn?'*- Mlirt R ?"? An.mrrjra^ggg'aa Medicinae tor all dlMMM. fiff?n4 VM tor ? Mil AT M street. Am rRor8LLBR steam YACHT FOR SALB-4S* ? MtofcUIMte jEw. TBBINOTON. Washington Itr?i, Jersey City. _ E IOHT BATTBRT BOATS BOB lALB CHEAP.?AP ? ply at 114 Oremwtoh street. litRANCIB BUTLER, NO!PECK 8LIP, BAR ALL THE I f cbnloest breeds of Dogs- Batter'a Infallible Bangs oisre and Flea Bitormlnglog. 15 eeols. Batter's new work on the Dan, $E Dejps MM, bOajdsd, Ac. Medicine for ?ti J-M)^8AL^^g^SU)?PTACH^RRrtTLESfl^I^ longs to the Brooklyn Tsebt Ctab and Is well known by Wbd; Hew generally; about IS loan well built and welt ound; priee SI,MO. Apply to ). JONES. 144 Bolton street, TTIOR BALE?NEWFOUNDLAND DOOR, HAMDROMB F Ksqalmaox Dogs, Black and Tan, Scotch and Bkye Ter riers, Italian Greyhound*, one four pound Blank and Tan. JOHN OKAY, II Rooaerelt street, near Chatham street. mOMBM. CAJMIUGIM, AC. ? ^ iT CHESMUT^HOROtWUBKED RADDti MtiRE V0R 1?? frfnt rnffy ?"**'* "***? SWHlflK bo* l of VllUam. Am La4g* ASSORTMENT OF PAMTtY CAWH1AOBS. I Boggles and Harness, seBtog off twenty per than Raw York prices, at factory. Ho. 1U Msa^^l Ah tictoria FOR 8ALK-KBARLY NEW; can re seen at 1S2 West Thirty-seventh street; also a new ami B?nt etnae Hlshle ta Thirty sixth street, a Uttta west of Ser AH PRIVATE STABLE TO LBT-CONTANINO SEVEN H alalia, a large carnage boime. with apartmants tor ooarhjnan, ail in epieodld ooodktoo, In Thirteenth street, nesr Ki t lb avenue; water end gas throughout. Apply to 0. F. YOUNUMAy, 49U M rood way. A TRUCK FOR SALE?AT BOYD'S. TWENTY-THIBD street and first avenue. Can bo used either single or doable. A SECOND HAND BBKW8TBR A BALDWIN leather top Bugey, in line ? order, strong and substan tial and stylish, for aula very cheap if taken away to-day. Inquire at inarhlu shop, Forty-Oral street, between Broad way and Sevanth avenue. ^S^MA^^TO^BA^^rOUNG^OUtn^ANP kind, single or double; a few hones taken to Board, at Club Stable, &) West Twenty-eighth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenuea. a^" Uoreca; can uot1^'^areeI,AI|? ?* ?Jso Road Wagon and 'ca?2L togsther; "tKwtar '?t?^re.doo^v.C^ttffi^JrUht.; T THE OLD BROOKLYN MARKET?THIS DAY, L BY MINER A HOMkRVILLE, ^ mt if o'clock, Twenty Horfs*. one Victoria, ona fins Coupe Rockaway, I two large and Brat class double Express Wagons, several Rocksw.iys, top and no top Buggies. M.-ree sue, on bead. ^ VERY LOW PRICED TEAM OP YOUNG MARES, aa valuable to a fanner, must be sold to-day for any priee: also two ilones, a; for truck or express business, cheap. MB Pearl street. AH YERY STYLISH GRAY HORSE, 15%' HANDS HIGH one black ooupe Horse, very cheap; Coaches, Rocka w?ya, Phaetons, Wagons of all kinds, Harness and Pony Phaeton. V Wooster street "DUGOIKS, PHAETONS, KOCKAWAY8, DEPOT WAQ JLJ ions, Victorias, Pony Phaatoss, Harness, Saddles, Bri dles, Blankets, Ac., at manufacturer's prices, at TAYLOR'S Carriage Wareroouis, 69 Cedar street. tCOQY.-A BEAUTIFUL NEW SHIFTING W?P 3 Baggy. New York make, sold at a bargain, at McMA ?ON'S stable, 60 Mouroe street. EHXPKESH WAGON-WILL CARRY l.bTO WEIGHT. ? for sale cheap: perfectly new. and handsomely and strongly built; would Biaka a splendid busiaao wagon for a store. T. EVEREST, 573 Greenwich at, near Franklin. Fob sale-park phaeton, in splendid run ntng order; priee $5U0l Apply to WILLIAM EVANS, Tarry town, N. 1. FOR 8ALE-A PAIR OF HORSES: ORE BLACK entire, about 15.3 In height, the other 16 hands high, brown color; both with long talis, perfectly sound and kind, and could be driven by a lady: have been driven together by a private gentleman; can trot In three minutes together: a splendid pair for a private gentlemaa; wtB ^^^^?irste or together; the horeea wiU to mM sheep, considering eseel anff qt^y^J^JjreyriDbe^g^ Mrery etable, 711 aa by calling nt GEO. C. WOODS' South Siath street, Williamsburg. 1POR SALE-A VERY FINE PAIR OF DARK GRAY r carriage Horses, wall matched, long tolls, IS bands high, 6 years old, sound and very stylish. Also six seat Phaeton, Harness, Ac. The owner Is soun to leave tow a, and this presents a rare opportunity to buy a handsome establish inent. Inquire tor two weeks of B. MONTAGUE, marble yard. West Twenty fifth street, between Tenth and Elevsntk avenues. POR SALE-SPAN MULES, THIRTEEN- HANDS; TOP spring Wagon: medium size MT.oar's Safe; Platform Scale#. Address Ernest, Herald ofiice. FOR SALE?a DARN BAY MARK; IB HANDS HIGH; Ove years old; ueutte ami bind. Also a shifting top Buggy sad two sets of Harness. Apply at Butts' stable, cor ner Bayard and Elizabeth streets. I?OR SAUK-TI1KEE EXPRESS WAGONS AND FIVE L seta Express Harness. Inquire of J AS. DobOIIKKY, Mansion Monies. Forty-second street and Seventh avenue. JpOR SALE-BAY MABE, 6 YEARS OLD. 15 HANDS. ^ sound and gautle; can tro; lnsida oi three minutes; city made Harness and Wagon, been used about one month; sold for want of use; price f?!0; a bargain. Apply at lMWeat Fortlelh street. FOR SALE-FOUR HORSES AND TWO COACHES, ? all but little used. Apply from 7 to 13 a'olook,at 91 West hlrty-seventh street. FH)R SALE-A FOUR SEATED PHAETON. IN VERT ? good order, sod ona set of single Harness. Apply at LOWKY'8 stable. M Wast fifteenth street. Ff ICR SALE-A TEAM OF LIGHT BAT MARES, ? AMD _ 7 years old, 14 hands high, warranted sound and kind lu all harness; also a Park Phaeton and Set of Double Harness, Marly new. All can be seen at JOHN UAINOR'S stable, Heveatieth street, near Third avenue, until sold. OOR SALE-SUE PAIRS Of PINK MATCHED ROAD r sad Couch Horses. eight line single florae*, from lSJtf to 16V hand* high. To be seen at the National ? labia*, cor ner Thirty-seventh street and Seranth avenue tr?OR SALE?TEN HOUSES, JUST FROM THE COCN ' try, irou firs to eight year* old; price* from 976 to 9960; warranted aound and kind. No. > Laurens street. m SALE?THIRTT-rTTB HORSES. JUST FRO* the eoentry: Bee to eight yean old; gwtd for all kind* of work; wand and kind; price $78 to $280. 311 W ouster CtOR RALE-SIX HORSES, PROM 14 TO Id HAND* r high, fit for any use; among them a fa*t trotting Hare; to bo e3d ehcop. Apply at MWost Party- third street, nsar Ninth aveoua. rR SALE?A DAPPLE ORAT HORSE, 18 HANDS higs, < years old; would stilt expressman, botcher or pater. PrtesgUO. Apply at 140 Tartofc street, feed store. SALE?$100?TOQETHKB OR SEPARATELY? \ sound and kind; 11$ Bast Tweaty seranth street, near third avenue. PIT POR ANT UKD OP or coupe or deetor*s P^HR SALE?$100?TOOETilER OR 81 ^?i-air of t.rowo Meree. ISU Usud* high. I feet travellers. One single light Hawses. 1 WOE SALE?FIVE HORSES. PIT POR J; wort and aiaoiig them a Bos family or Horse. Inquire at 808 Eighth avenue, befi I ng or after 5 in lbs evening. rR BALE-TOP ADD NO TOP WAOONS, NEW AND seooml hand: on# 8 awl Wagon, one8saat Roekaway, and on# 0 meat Phaeton, at L4US Broadway, near Thirty ninth street J. T. SMITH. L'OR BALE CHEAP POR CASH?FIRST CLASS LIOHT r double and stogto Hare ess, new. Inqmire at 100 Caaal street flUNDEX. WHEELER OR COUPE HORSE POR L sale?Black, 10M bands, 7 years aid, aeuad aad kind; of grest endurance, ana a very superlur traveller. Atthetet ertnary College. 17* Iwilngten aranas, oornar of Thirty-sec rTIRUCE POR BALK,?A STRONG TWO HORSE L Truck for ante ehsap. Iaqeire of OEO. AC K RAM AN A SON, 075 Hudson street mo LET?A STABLE WITH PITS STALLS ON h street; WlD be let for a private stable only. 48M. Nark's plane. NINTH Apply at fpo LET?STABLE ANDLOTMI THOMSON STREET, 1 near Btoaskar. Inquire of T. J. GIBBONS, 109 Bleecker TV HIPS, WHIPS. WHIPS.?GEO. n No. 8 Rest Houston street Whip tutors, now offar for sal# a Baa sasort WHIPS.?OEO. P. OTERIN A CO., " and Lash Hauufao turara, now offar for sale a Sao Mwrtmsat of all kinds of Whip* sod Jtoahea, iDeluding fine Mataooa, Hotly aad Gat TV ANTED?A SPRING SEAT ENGLISH SADDLR ANN eon a NONTH?POCR HORH WoRSEH AND WAG fStoKrtw d'inbie NEW ILLUSTRATED WREELT. A "THE PEN AND PENCIL," Every purehaesv of Number I will bo prmsand with a ~ Stt'IRfUi?!??.. Inn in greenbacks! or ooa of the smaller awards, varying from $1,808 to $1 each. Per full part inula* a. maansr of distribution and ob ject see Bret number of the p?Sor. Pries 10 eenta, with ticket Wow NOId hyoewejIeiSj^ewr^bemurmaitod. Suet paid. f. R. WAWLWT WVO , PfSmmOrt, II and 28 AOS street N, T.. Sews Co. Wholesale Agent* Here ta what one of the Lrge-t newsdeilere in ihe city of Bo?io.i write* >?, unsollelieil'.?'T. M. Dawley A Co-Tour "Pan anp Pencil," with ticket, is a big lln.ig 14 will tovt lottootae the newspaper trade. Chaa. Tucker. parm.-D. kelly * co. hati openkda new 1/ u4 toff* stock of Eoystl Yelvot, Brussels. Tapestry InMMk, Three-ply *nd Ingrain Oarpel* t?r lb*spring trad* (to many m* dastens) ?t agrest reduction ea f irmer prices; also a ehotee assortment of Oilcloth. from 1 toil yards wide; Hat*. MMUng. Wladow Shades. Bogs, Drugf*ta, *c Oer tier of Tweety-fifth street and Hi lib avenee. >. uglish Bran roll at fl id; all wool Ingralai ad 74*-; Threa-plys from |175. 11 BOULEVARD ('Ppo?'to MANTLES, ndwcH' NTT TIHS INDIA AND FRENCH C ACHE MIRER, PANOY TUISUBB, KDDINli OLTKfm LYONNAfSB baa they wlH find at wareroonn fur the Immediate cutting out (M making Uof Ureases lu the lint style of fashion and moat elegant fat- I The rOMPAltNM-.LvJTNNTff^irroSSn^^TSrTH American ladto* that tbanr wlH find at tbitopmtahlt<<hmi tit V BRADY MADE - AND PO MEASURE. Bine* Ma foundation tne COMPAGNIB LYoNNAISE baa not reused to occupy Itself particularly In iharotoquoaof article* of teat* and of anjrorior Mutiny: tot^Htobm ^?apmv to unrivalled in Part* and aajajta MHAKK YOUR CLOTHING.?STENCIL PLATES AND ? Rand Stamp* for marking toothing with Indelible Ink, for ana*at 17181*th avenue; aim IH-rfVlT Peuetto and Pay. eee'elmteUMe Ink. F^BMM BILKS, MANTLES, FANCY GOODS.?A0X ^?Vllleede Pfnae*. 61 rue VGteniae, and KM rue KMnlto. ?ear ihe Koutorarda and Ute Bourne; the largeit emndHnat In Pari*. Prle** started in plain flgnr**. Knglnh apsim*. Pro**** madam meaauro in Mheero. FAMILIES VISITING THE FARM EXPOSITION. CASHMERES AND LACES. COMPAGNIK DE8 1NDEH, 80 RGB RICHBLIBU. 80 Mem re. VERDE DE LISLE, the proprietors, wmotfuHy desire to inform th* Amerioan Udtes who visit tha Krenoti eapltal that they will flnd at their eMabhahmeut the large at and rleheat assortment of CASHMERES AMD LACES IN THE WORLD, at price* that will auatain every and any comparison. The fabricuei of th* company, ptoeed nr. they are in every LACK DISTRICT OP PRANCE,ABD BELGIUM, and In all of the HHaWL DISTRICTS OP INDIA, enable them to mil at the price of MANUFACTUR ERS INSTEAD OF MERCHANTS, a* well a* to produce design a exclusively their own. English 1* *urr*nlly apofcan In the establishment. , N. B?The propria*** pay no commission* to any parties bring ing custom to the house. WPAJ<TNRR8HlP8. A LYONS MANUFACTURER HAVISO A SMALL A ?tlh factory in this city, wishes a partner with $1400 or $2,0001 to increaa* his production; ready sate* with rood pro fit*. Addrem or ceil on A. Uromter, 105 East fortieth street, near Third avenue. A LIGHT MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, POUR A jean astabMshed. paying $80 daily to every man. and now increasing beyond my personal energies to auporTts*; I want n substantial, competent partner to take entire chary* ol the office and finance* and to *ueb a one, willing to iovsat from $1*8 to $1,0001 will gnarenioe tt>e above loeome. Curl o*itmeeeker* without money or brains who nag my Ume ut? leedy wiU be bandied without mittens, but earneet parties my address Pht!9*qgh*rt ttetlooC. AH PERSON WHO IS A PRACTICAL SADDLER, AND who has bed a long experience In the business, willing to work, with a capital uf $800, wishes to enter Into partner ship with ? reliable man who Is already established In lb* trade In New Yerk. Good reference given and required. Address for one week W. ttmyth, 187 Bridge at., Brooklyn^ dealers in men'e furnishtngjoods,jR 170 Broadway. J.' THOa. rft. BLACK WELL PHARTNKR WANTED?ONB-HALF INTEREST IN A | first class Hotel ean be procured for $5,000 cash, with a ten years' lease. To any reapectabl* party with this amount a rare opportunity la offered, end will bear investigation. Addreaa or call oa C. W. J., from 13 until 8 P. M., Brooklyn Mouse, Hamilton avenne, Brooklyn. PHARTNER WANTED?$1,200?IN A WELL EdTAB ^?liahed saloon: long team. Good epportunity for as aetive man. Apply to J. M.MOOPT A CO.?* Ptoe street. PHARTNER WANTED?WITH $10,$80 CASH. TO JOIN ? tb* advertiser with like amount ready caab, to purchase an established business, very profitable; fine Broadway lo cation. Address P., bos 188 Herald office. fQ (U1A ?A BUSINESS MAN WANTED, TO TABS JPO.UUU. hair interest to one of the best lumber es tablishment* In Pennsylvania, of 2.030 acres ot oek. yellow and white nine timber, mills, dwelling, Ac,; must tnk* full charge, anil meat mesa business, or need not spphv. Title* indisputable and dear. Address Business. Herald office; this week. HUM1JSK88 OPPORTDNlTtK*. A BUSINESS MAN HATING $10,000 OR $12,000 WOULD like to invost it to a *o?d, "afe business; references Sven and inquired; answer by stotlug business and where terview can be bad. Address T. M., box MS Herald offloe. Business opportunity.?$muo will buy Lease, Stork and Fixture! of a Ladies' Fancy Onoda Business, of ttre yea,a' - Landid*. latw at moderate root. Apply on the premiaea, 801 Broadway, near Seventeenth itreet, n ext aide. Sanefactory reaaona for selling. FOR 8ALB.?a practical miller, for a long time employed In tbe treat Haxail A Crenshaw flour mtlle, at Richmond, control* a valuable water power In the rlcheet grain growing region of Virginia. He deetrea to eflect an arraugemeot with partxea who will fnrnlah mean* to re build tbe mill and grind flour for the New York or Booth rpo I ct American market. The tnveaiment will yield large dirl denda to any one having a few thouaand dollar* to put Into tt Addreaa HaBKIBOM A WESSON, 30 Naeeau etreet. TTtOB SALE?A STOVE, TIN AND JOBBING BUSINESS, V in a large and pleaaaat manufacturing village of ROM Inhabitant*, la Meeaoohuaotto; good, clean atoek. One store, low rent and no bonus for looso or good will; good roeeoae for selllog. This la a rare opportunity for a good business. Addreaa g. A. F., box t,Mt Poet offio*. PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OP THBIB BUSI Met, or baring capital to Invest, or wishing to procure Bneie ahnuld call at the Budnesa Agency, <07 Broadway. Inar wanted with a few hundred dollars. r BLACKSMITHS AND WHEBLWRIOHT8.?A GOOD _ cbanee for an active. Indus trio u? man, to eatobllah him self In bueineea, to a village near this city. Addreaa W. N.t Sot 690 Peat office. Rake upportunitt.-any young man wishing to learn the dental profession, and have an Interest In the bualneaa, may hear of a good opening by addrsaalng for quo woeh, D. D. S.. box All* root office. rpo STOCKBROKERS.? A CAPITALIST WISHES TO 1 communicate with a yooa* member of the Stock Ex change wbv is now iu o good house and who would like to form a permanent connection with him Is the atoek booh a***. Addreaa O. N. M.. Herald office. <?7 C_1 An -A RARE CHANCE TO MAKE MONHT. ?D 4 O llfu. Far eale, tbe Plato* and Copyright of a popular publication and adrertlnlng medium. Apply Ot 11 Vandewater ? treat, fourth floor, of M. BEYER. AOn/k ?PARTNER WANTED.?<800 WILL PUR. fOUU, ehaeo half the Stook, Fixtures, Tools, and Inter est In fba gold and stiver electro plating shop M Duane street. Previous knowledge of the bnsinsoa not aofvsesry. AO CnA -WANTED, A GOOD BUSINESS MAN VA.UVV ? with the above, cash or merchandlce, to join the advertiser In opedthg an auction house on Broadway. Apply to J. A. McHILLKN, 66U Broadway, basement, Altn -A legitimate indoor business. JpO.UUU. aatabllahed over a year; does $NM?0; hall profit; no agency, patent medicine or other humbug, beta now and bona Ada operation at which a fortune caa be mad*. Neee but thoea having the money and moaning business need addrme Gaienovfe, Herakl adhsa 1WHTOPCTIOW. A T *0 BOWERY, PRIVATE OR SEPARATE IN9TRUC A tion, day aad evening. In Bookkeeping, Writing, Aitth motle, .spelling. U ram mar. Oorreapnndence, dr. Apart ment* for lames. No daces*. TOWNhBND'd Bneinam OoUego, MS Bowery, between Prince aad Houston streets. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS RE vtdent governess, to toaeh email ehlldren English and music; either In tbedtyor oountry; satisfactory refo rear* given. Address 9. L.. Herald office. AT SJ?-WRITING.*) LESSONS; ARITHMETIC AND Writing, or Bookkeeping, lesson* unlimited, $10 per quarter. Pa INK'S Boalnees Colleges, 61 Bowery, and M8 Paltnn etreet, Brooklyn. Pay and evening. ALADT TEACHER. Of MANY YEARS' EXPERI enco, desires an engagement as governs* Addreaa Mrs. Clement, station A. Spring at BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, ARITHMETIC, dC. Meevre. DOLBKAR. 6M Bnmdway. qualify gentlemen practically for head bookkeeper*. They teach arithmetic by the most rapid and aeon rata method*, and guarantee to re mure 11160*00, oramping or trembling, and malm elegant hualaeea penmen. gOOKKEEriN^ANSHIP At GOLDSMITH'S CommerohU^U-tltWtol' Inldwar Established MHO; Pftvale Inetractieo. ?? Families going to buroph can secure, in return for a free peas age, too eorvleom a* MPs compan ionorehitdrda'*$o*J*n?m ef aa experlenoed tody. Addreaa European, tier aid oMee Pharrnts WISIIINO to give their oriumum ? the benefit of country air, end at the eato* time to haw them under instruction, caa hear ef a home every way de ?etraBle nod to ha obtained nu awdermte tevma by address tag M. R.. HevuM odlre. Bafeieaosa oxebaaded. PHR1VATE TUTOR.?OR ARB AYR Of TALE, KXPRRt | eased In leaching; highest testimonial*, would no* ob Jeet to going Into the eouatryto summer Deference ~ t?r. ('newell, firm of Caswell d Hark, Flftb A venae Hotel. Ad dreaa Tom her, CM Rest Thtrtp-ereond etreet. fpRAVBLLtNO TUTOK.-A GRADUATE OF HARVARD, 1 experienced m teaehtoffi wiehm to go abroad as tutor wiiha famtty ee m eharqe dt yeong fMhtMiea; bert flty reference. address Harvard, station D. w ANTRI)-BT A TOUNG FRENCH GENTLEMAN, recently arrived agnod teacher of the English tau k Addreaa with torma J. G. M bos l.USfi Poet offiea JBhaNK. ' ^?aMHQIARE, NEW TORN. ^^Heu ?? before April ) will draw tateroal ^?^KSSMSSS MRftKu ". COOPW. Secretary. AUCTIONBRR. will m1 at MMiton, o$ h^jUMlMhr. April A toagfio'etoek. at the Exchange Mlca (far account of whom It mar concern), 3jWp Rfcree Russell me Company (held aa collateral). TbVLIJJ* HKAD BANK THIRTY FOURTH DIVIDEND. I) NawTork. March ?, 1M7. Tbla bank has declared hi uaual qnajtarty dividend ot four (4) par cant ant of U>a ?? o w. W1LLBTT, Caahlar. ^^^EnR' RAVINGS' RANK, HOUTHWB8T CORNER nf Bewery and Canal *t root 81X PER m INTEREST rAll> ON ALL SUMS FROM i? RITE THOUSAND DoI.LaRN OOMMRMORH AMID 1. RAILROAD STOCKS Atfe BONDS FIRST CLASS COMPARIRB: ALRO OTUBR feBODBtTIRS, law rataa for Investments, by ? AI.BRHT Ht NICODaVV er and Auctioneer, 43 Pine street, N. T, if?QR HA LB-DRY NOCK,. EABT RROAftWA# Alftl P iCraudNtietKPoiTb -and Seventh Avenue anpllmj.iway ^M|t ,|, ?i a lo* ,?1He. Apply to P. R. JACOBS, No. . j^inaiBg^.; Nl?iB h'oftT ~ ? r ? ' "r~ jfca WBOTl ?a gatfl?ah. Paris, Isaus andtxakO^itteni of Credit, receive letters for Amerl ciQi irnvcilitHKlit Kuror>e. Agents fortoe tines of steamer* betwaan Havre and New Nart^ ^ OFFICE OP CAMERON COAf. COMPANY, 71 BROAD way.?Cannon* an Cameron bond*, duo April 16, will W* paid at tb? omm af the company. FT 0. tiOMBRH, Traaaurer. pBNNPYLVANIA STATE LOAN. PROPOSALS FOB A LOAN An act to<,*ai*a)aan for u* redemption af the overdue howta of tin Commonwealth. Wheeaea wilonde of tho Commonwealth and certain eer

t .Urates ?f Indebted urn amounting to $23 000,UUUt bare been averdne and oo?ld far some time paat; And whereaa It? deeirabk that the mm should be paid and withdrawn front the market; therefore. Kkctmmi A Be It enacted by tbq Senate and Houae af Re . pvsf cutatl v eg of the Onmmon wealth of Pennsylvania in Gen eral Areemhly mat, aud U u hereby enacted by the authority of the same. That the Governor. Auditor General and State Treasurer be, and ard hereby authertxed aud empowered to bortow on thgTelth af the Commonwealth. la sues amount* ?M with ant nettle foot leas thou forty day*), a* they ' may dean mdht expedient for the interest or the state, twen ' ty-tbree mill ten elf douses, and issue certificate* of loan or 1 Mm art he CoSiaaonWealth tar the same, hearing interest *t* rnta ant,?mi aMllaati per centum par annum, payable semi-annually, an the l*t of February and 1st of August, in the C.ty of Philadelphia. which certificate* of loan or bond* ?hall not be aukjaai to any taxation whatever for Stat* municipal or laeal iwpakaa. and aball be payable a* fol low*, nametf;?Pivw Ultttoos of dollar* payable at any time after five year* mpd wfihm ten year*; eight millions of dollar* payable at aw Mae after ten yean aad within flf tee-i year*, and ten sWBdNeefdolMniai any time after fif teen yearr and within twenty-flve year*, and (ball ba signed by the Governor nod SUta Treasurer, and onunterslfDed by the Auditor General, spa registered in Ihn book* of the Auditor General, and to be truuaferablu on the boo kg of the Commonwealtb at Inn Farmer*' and Mechanics' National Bank of rbiladatohtoi Bm drateadn of ih* whole of which loan, including Meantime, he., reeeired on the tane. tball aaKteSKAfS"" " Fsc, A The bfda "or the <ald loan shall be opened In tbe WUena-nriM LfiffiMlOr. Auditor General and .State Treas urer. and awarded to the hhrboat bidder: Provided, That no eeriiticatr hereby asthmined to ba ietuadahnU be negotiated for le** than It* par Value. ? Sac- A The bond* of tho State and certificate* of indebted ness, now over fine, jshall be raoolvnMo in pavmont of the ?aidloan, undereuehNfufiltoea nathe Governor, Auditor General and Htato Treasurer may prescribe; and every bid der tor the loan now authorised to be Issued ahull state In hi* bid whether tbe anton la payable In enib or in the bonds or certificates of indebtedne?a of the Commonwealth. Sac. A That all tnmteea, executor*, administrators, guar dlans, agent*. treasurer*, committer* or other persona lurtd- J tngin aldueladpaapaoRy bonds or eeitificuta* of indebted, now of the htauLto money*, at* heiwby authoHied to bid for the loan hope by antborUad to bo lmuod. and to aurren dar too buuda or oantoautea of loan hold by thorn at the Utoe of making *uch hid. aud to reoatv* lbs bonds aulhorixod to be 1 siucd bv Otiiaci. ? Kao. n. Any person or poraeua etandtng tn the Oduoiary capacity stated la the fourth met ton of this act who may desire to invest money la tbtof hand* for tho benefit of too trust may, without an order of oouri, tercet toe na: in th* bond* atfthortoed to be '**uod by tbia act, at a rata of pew mtnm not exceafiteg twi u? par oaniuu. ? tine. U. That fvpto Pfhl sDcr in* passage of tbia rt aU tn* bond* *f iht* CoMMBwralA *),*fi la tba order of their MisiortVV.w "" Hnr. 7. That ah loans of fbl* CotnmonwaaKh not yet duo shall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation I after toe interest due February first, oue thousand eight hundred and xlxty-aeven shall have been paid. i Set. A That all existing laws, or portions thereof, incon sistent herewith, are hereby repealed. JOHN P. GLASS. Speaker of the House of Representative*. la W. HAI.L, Speaker of the Senate. Approved the second day of February, one timii*asd eight hundred and sixty seven. JOHN W. UKAKY In sci-orfianee with the provisions of the above acpof As sembly sealed proposals will be received at the olDe* of ibe State Treasurer, la the City ol Harrtsburg, Pennsylvania, until 13 o'clock M. of the l*t day <>f April, A. D.. 1SS7, m be endorsed a* follows:?'? Proposal* for Pannaylvania State Loan, Treasury Department, Uarriskurg, Pa., united Stats* of America'' Bid* will be received for fiS.OOtUWl. reimbursable In five yeats mud payable In t*u year*: tb.unu.nOo reimbursable in ten years sad payable in fifteen yea-s, and file,000,1X10. relm bnrsable In fifteen ynars and payable In twenty-five year*, the rate of Interest to be either five or six per cent, per an num, which must be explicitly stated In the bid:and the bids most advantageous to the Stale will be aoi epled. No bid for less than per will be considered. The bond* wilt be Issued in Kiims of gfiO snd such higher sums a* deslrcl by the loanera, to bo free from Su.ta, local and municipal taxes. The over duo bends nf the Commonwealth of Pennsylva nia will be received si par tn payment of this loan; but bid ders must state whether they Intend to pay in cash or in toe overduo loan* aforesaid. No distinction will bo made between bidders paying in aash or overdue loans. JOHN W. GEARY, Governor uf Pennsylvania. JOHN P. HARTRAXPT, Auditor OanarnL W. H. KEMBLE, State Treasurer. N. B No newspaper publishing too above, unless autho rised. will iseetvs pay. "PROFITABLE INVEKTM SNT.?FOR 8ALB. A FSB X Shares of Stock In a working Pest Company, Si a los Scum. Inquireof PARDEE A BENEDICT; ?V Pine at. fpO CAPlTAMST^^<i^A^^f^?|TERKfi^^ raloahle patent, connected with mining ma chinery; thoroughly tasted and proved a sneeesa; capital batng roqutredfa ja^ggg^|^|g|a| BHHPHHalraiwe It. extra inducements will be offered. Addreas, for mterviotv. A. B.. bos ISDT Post office. UNION DIME BAVINOS BANE, Boa. Hd and M Canal street. corner of lolgkt. SIX FRR CENT Ifi TERKHT oa $6 to fSOSS. free of tel. "subs wattsc T WASTED? v' NEW TORE OXTY SIX PER LENT 8TOCES AMD BONDS; Manhattan, ne^or^a^o^Dcompanv^tock, METROPOLITAN, ALBERT H. NICOLAT, Stock Broker and Auctioneer, 48 Tine street, N. T. bos nnn wasted?for two oe these SlO.UUU years, at seven per seat; Brat sdnrtgnfe Jren on brtoh property worthtSB^lS. Noo_. but prlatgS need apply la GEO. H. MUNROK. Not Md Broadway. $225,000 S^-?i ^""?"?arJTarskT.e TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT Wall street. roam IE TO LOAN ON NEW TONE, BROOK. BPAA AAA TO LOAN ON NEW TONE, B ?.)UU.UUU lya and Jersey real aetata. Mortgagee bought travellers' Insuraaoo Oempany. C. B. WILLIS, SI Plaa street, baaei LOAN OFFICB*. gg^ON DI^. RAfBR OB M *pumf ?ERttTRB I ATS* PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWBBT IA and Fraakttn aqtiara, LKDRRRR A CO advance llb lerally at reaeonaMa terms on all valuable property, Watchea, Jewelry. Dlomoud-, A- . or purchase. DTANCEB MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES. Stir verware, Fura, fine Furniture, Caatela' Hair It has ^??IMMMiHrtDlM J- A OOHB v, -twtt for caab. Teraia mode rata. J. A OOHKN, I Broadway, needy opposite Astor plane. __ A Br NO. <? NROADWAT, CORN BR OF BLBBCBBB ? street, op stair*. the utmost value win be paid for Dte moods, Watchea, Jewels. SUverwara, Ac.; or liberal advanroa ^JSbsseS &s% iLSarttSi/sjs , DVA.rBM M.KK OH WATCIUM, DIAMOMDR, JHW SJS: nteiOt. SnS&SSff&fSSA of BroadWay. ___________ . No. T NO. # TWENTY THIRD FTRBWT FIFTH AVENUE A T NO. ? 1WSR1 l-TUIIWJ pTaoe A Hotel?The hlgbeet price paid for Ae? or sgfims mads oa the tame. PAWNBROKERS' TICERTR BOUGHT OF D1AMOBDB, f Watches sod Jewelry, fluos. Pistole, Muataal end ether instrument*, Silks, Toots, Clothing, Be.. Ac., at 1? Bowery. IPAWNBHOKBER' TICKBTg BOTTOflT OF DIAMONDS. X Watches, Jewelry, gllka, Clothing. Ac.. er the gncda bought; aim see ear advanced en the mmi. IN) Bowery, near Grand, up etalre. THE LRK.TU RJB NBA SO*. TMPORTANT LBCTPRES DAILY-TO MNTfiBMBN -** 7nr* ?????5 <>P Anatomy, Git Hrned wav. fhoae iiaahlo to attend tbeve lactu es may receive % eopy he fuVWsciting ten cent* Address Set rcUay of Now York Museum of Anatomy, SIS Broad*ay. \j ei? Train, ntt Mondiy, April I. littli at eight gVlgek P M . fnr the banofll of the i.sote?" Soutwra irettel A?wrta RCTCHR-AT IRVlNil HaLL. PV c.RtmoF FRAV l eta Train, on Nond ty, Aprt . for the hruellt of the ladle o. The lecture willivnj. in dex. oicapt pelt Use Tteketa St ?>_j leelore *H^<j!kilfMw^iii>liitiii tov i of UM J AjrovKauBirrs. tj roadway theatre. D Corner of Brwul.,, tBMMH admission to cent*. TWO PERFORMANCES OP ^^^^^?wVbmixiant engagementor LAST VERY TUB UKKAT AHTliaV MR. ARC MR*. HAKNKY WILLIAMS. _ SATURDAY. MARCH MO, 1867 _ ? TWO PERFORM ANCE8 THIS DAT. I LAfjT WILLIAMS MATINEE AT 11*. LJBT VlLUAUA SIOUT AX 7%r GREAT BILLS ON Born (?<?':AHIOH8. MATINEE AT Ifc. I EVENING AT 7V. Inkod Am It Wm, I Fstry Circle. Rough Dlamood. I Patience ?ud PwMwtoM. J The Irish Tutor. Song and Dance. Mirth and Merriment. MONDAY. APRIL 1. Oral appearance of the charming MISS MA<.GIB MITCHELL, ts her great character of FaNCHON. Seat* secured from ? to 8, aD dajra in advance. WOOD'S THEATRE. 514 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. TILL r I'RTliBR NOTICE, OSCAR. THE HALF BLOOD. In which MR. AND MRS. P. M. BATES, supported by an ENTIRE COMPANY OF BROADWAY FAVORITES. ! MATINEE TQ.DAY, SATURDAY. f-.RftMA* STADT THEATRE. 46 AND <7 BOWERY.. U ThiAiSmuaiw) oeanlnit Martfh~ . MP.. BOG LULL DAWXMON ..... In hia celebrated eharautarof _ ftDOHNA WANA, O^KSTOLZ DUD LIBBB, V Comadp in Ovn aflta, byT><M A ngustlii Mpreto; * wfll tfe iwpro<lS2^^iE W0^SiR^^Ml!lvi*0'aEADi "" ? Currner. _.J8. BASKET TRKK. L'E-iOAMOTEl'R, and hia "Pair* Singing Bird," with other miracles, Every evening at 8.- Saturday at t. TicReta ?cents; reserved snats fl. For sale at the ball. , Chtckerlim piano ia uaed at tbeae seance* Wedneaday, joreulle night. Children half prtoe. TS BLLV A LEON'S MINSTRELS, 738 BROADWAY. IV NORMA The brilliant aucceasof the new NORMA; NORMA. burloeque Is-attested by crowded, NORMA. L faahioaable and enthusiastic L E aiulleoeer. Era. Rosa Norma and K O the Druids provoke screams of O N laughter. Uncle stinpereon and N NORMA. Mr. Edwin Kelly's charming bab NORMA. NORMA, lads. The Diamond King. NORMA. Seventy-fifth night of the unequalled Black Crook burlesqee. 0HARI.KY WHITE'S TROUPE, 473 BROADWAY. GREAT MATINKB OP THE SKASON. GREAT MATIN BE OF TUB SEASON. THIS AFTERNOON AT 3)4. THIS AFTERNOON. THIS AFTERNOON AT 2*. THIS AFTERNOON. L'WW A I It .'l 7IIVJ FEMALE CI/'RKS. PPM CLBUKS. PPM ALB CLERKS AT 3V. ELM ALB CLERKS. FEMALE CLERICS AT 3),. FI.M.vLK ClERKS. FEMALE CLERKS AT 216. FEM VLB CLERKS. MOOT MIKTIIKUL MATINEE OF THE SEASON. SAN PRANtMSOO MINSTRELS, ? 586 Broadway. THE TROUBLE COMMENCRR AT QUARTER TO A. TUB CKEME UK LA CUF.MK OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, W AM BOLD. BERNARD AND BACKUS. BAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose success has never been equalled by any similar organlzullnu in the world. New and cheerful burlesques every week. Tbu dramatic re hen real Happiest Couple Out. Oambrinn* Opera. Sh?uts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime, and the scranming Black Conk and African Ballet Truupe. Grand March of the Spirit Hashers of the Amazon. Stjptvwav ii 4r.ik THIRTY FIRST GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT, MARCH 81. AT 8 O'CLOCK. I,. P. Harrison Director Second appeemneo nf the favnrtte Prima Donna, M'LLE PAULINE CA.NtflSA. Mr. G. W. MOEtIAN, Organist. Mr. Q. W. COLBY, Pianist. Mr. TIIKO. THOMAS. Conductor, and hia PULL ORCHESTRA. Tickets 30 cents. Reserved Seats SO omits extra. ? STBLNWAY HALL. TUESDAY EVENING, Apill 2, MR.OSCAR PPKTFFRR'S ' . GRAND OOMCBRT, on Which occasion lie-will be assisted by SIGNORA qiuntfrv altikri (Prima Donna Sopranb Assoluta), IGNATZ POLLACK, Baritone. RODOI.PH 1IKMNIO.. Violoncello. WILLIAM QROftSCURTH, Accompanist. Tickets uf admission, one dollar; can be obtained at the Ticket ulttoe el' the Hall. Beer A Schirater's, Hchnbcr h'e aad all the pr.nclpai Mast* Stores. STEINWAY HALL. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OP NEW YORK. PUBLIC REHEARSAL NO. 13, on Saturday. March 30 at ihrne o'clock P. M. Admission SO '-ents. Tickets for sale at the usual places. L. BI'IEK, Secretary. mUE FESTIVAL OK TOE TRINITY CHOIRS, NEW 1 YORK. A. D. 1887. HANDEL'S ORATORIO OF TUB MESSIAH will be performed In ST. JOHN'S CHAPEL. VARICK STREET i: ear Canal), ON THURSDAY EVENING, April 23. under the Immediate au?nlnes of THE RECTOR, CLERGY AND CORPORATION OF TRINITY PARISH. Full Orchestra and Chorus of about 805 performers. The whole under the direction of the organists of the Pariah. Membera of church choirs In New York and the rietnlty, and ail ladies and gentlemen familiar with the la the Measiab, are respectfully Invited to lend their aid tn this performance. The churns rehearsals will lake place on the evening* or Tuesday, the 2d and Mth. and on Thursday, the l*th of April, at BoYiook precisely. A full Kebeaisal, with < > robes Ira and Chorus, on Wednns dsv afternoon, Api II 24, at 4 o'clock. On the morniug Of the same day. It being THE FEAST OF ST. MARK, THE EVANGELIST, There will be A FULL CHORAL SERVICE AT TRINITY CHURCH, At 11 o'rlo..k, hy ltie UNITED CHOIRS OP TRINITY PARISH. Sermon bv the Rev. the Rector of the Parish, Ticket- for the Orator.o. SI. To be had nf the Sextons Of the Parish, at 'he churches of Trinity and St. Paul's, and at the chapets of Ht. John and Trinity. Also, at Meter*. Ap pleton k Co '*, 443 Broadway; Pott A Amery's, No. 3 Bible House, CooperInstitute, the Church Book-do. e, 782 Bro id way; P. W. Christeru's. 883 Broadway, and of bbeldon k Co., Broadway. Reservod Paws, suitable for I ami lias, may he obtained of Mr. Andrew Craig, sexton of St. John's, Vartok street, at tba clergy oOce. In the rear of the bunding, from 8 to4 o'clock dally; price $10 and upwards. No ticket*, bow ever, will be sold at the doors on the ai^ht of the Oratorio. J. F. YOUNG. D. D., Chairman of the Commlttao of Arrangements. W^MO.NDEHPUL FREAK OK NATI IIK-' THE WASH IKliTON born alive, having two head*, four &Bd oo4 Mir of Iccm: ilio the hold I ^^^rlghM^^o^Probsl. the murderer of ilie' l)*erlng faml I hr; lofethrr with Uia magnificent collection of objoete Id I Physiology, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are lllualraled dally by Lecture* and MI<oarop?c Views, at the New York Maaeuoi of Anatomy, din Brood way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M (yCA*n*Hil'&l?i&0 AY. * WOOD'S THKATRJS, 614 B Broadway. jKvmo hall. * LECTURE QBORGB FBAMOIS TRAIN, Id aM of Mm New York Ladle*' Southern Relief Association, RON DAY KVKNIMdt, April L at? o'clock. Tickets, 10 ot-nU. 1 RHR9T CLASS THEATRE HITS WANTED.?OROITND ? kraal be 70 to 100 feet front and rear, and 176 to M0 feet dean, and a corner preferred, and located not lower than Union square, and within the Oaaterl* and westerly llnna of Fourth and Fifth arennaa. The owner of any such property for sale or lease may address Fames H. Uaekett, boi l.tot Post offce. New York. fflHB RITRR RAW OF NRW YORK. I A STARTLING REVELATION OF CITY LIFR, ON MONDAY NEXT. JKVIBICAIm a LADY, RBNIDINO IN YORRVILLR, WOULD LI KB A to obuin a few mere pupila for tho Pianoforte, either at her ewn reeldanoa or that of the pomk; partienlar atten tion paid to beginners. Apply at 07 East Eighty aataiilh street, for one wash. Tanne aaadarate. TIM SIXTH AVRNUR-sRUBIO TBAOHBR8 LI BR rally dealt with. All the popular Music and Instruct ion Beeka eonstanUy en hand, and new Musts aa soon as published. N RNOLI8H LADY IB DRRIROUS OF (IIYINO IN. atrucUon In mosto and the usual branches of an Eng. _ edueailan for a few hours dally, at the pupil's reside set; glreu. Address J. L, elation H, Yerkrtlle. A OENTLEMAN WILL OIYE INSTRUCTION OR TUB A pUno at pupils' rrsldcace for $M per quarter; host of gfsrenoseglTcs. Address, with wdtnii, Taaaher, has Ml FIRST class basbo drs rbb ar rnoaobrrnt ' New Yet*. Address Basso, A Ax BUT CLASS BASBO Dl a ProtesUnl church In i llrrald oflloe. AM THOROUGH TEACHER OF THE PIANO OIYBS ? leaawik with dally practice; method easy and pro "WWUH iDRvuon wr inn r iRftU Wi ? ma, with dally praottoa; method easy and pro lorms within the roach sf alL No. fit Thirty-third mer of Broadway. ? _? HORISTKR.?WANTED, A POSITION AS CHORISTBR or prsoeotor. Address TL J. Johnston, M Beekman let, fourth door, New York. CHURCHES WIBHINO A FIRST CLAM QUARTETTE |^RW ^y^NAlKIRTT. NAPOPTT CURLS, JERB.V^M, ffifSgZL* l quarter TO ONE. by#, o. IaRRR, R> cento _ ROW Muatn leaned dally Everything pertatolag to the atuaMhusSnese ean ?t Breedwey, New YeriL Soiled Music at Ijge. P*r Wd*- ___ _ CFNULRS WANTED.?THUMB OR POUR BARMOR O and tenors will be afforded eiceltont opportunities fee pmctiee and impmrcmeni in anthem and choral meets. Ih th ?r enable ebidrs nf Hie Church of the Holy Apse ties. est ner Tweutr.cighih street and Ninth avenue. Two or threu re lies r*al- weekly may !>e had If desired Person* af gtod -haunter and fair musical a -ility will apply to ORO. O. KOCK W' >"H, AW Broadway. fritNOTf-' AND BA??-rJ WaNTV.r?-JOR AM BFlfltO I pal choreic entorlee tr>m t**> in S?00 pet annum. Ad drena ilenou, llrraln nlBce. WBANffclt-TWo ACCOM PLiftlMD VOCALISTB, SO. y* pratio an t mtralto. to slug in ooe of the leading up toe it churcu' a l .< a. ? no-Ira.*?? l'< it uStee, with anme and ed treas^ stating urmt JENNIE DRAMS, JIMIB MUMi EVERT NIGHT, " EVERY MIGHT, EVERY NIOMT. MOST UNBOUNDED EMTIMIEIADM. VW ROME KTTINGB, la her lh? Heroine, and Meter*. MARK SMITH, UKWlTilnR end their EXCELLENT COMPANY, in the east Meets mar be secured s week la advance. VJ KWARK -WALLER'S OPERA HOUSE?LA NT AP lv pcaranoa vf LADY OON. To main (Saturday), (ha CHILD OP THE REGIMENT sad PKKUEU8 AND AN DROMEDA. THEATRE FKANCAIS. COMEDY. 1 SATURDAY EVENING, March 90. 1867. at 8 o'clock LA FKKMB DP. llONDl. Kplaoda In four seta, by M. ~ Michel Mutton a de Vllleneuve, very aoou. Beta Paufnn BenoRon (the little Georgette!, ticket ultlce at II Dtrdonvllle't, #78 Broadway. QLYMP1C THEATRE. ^WiAE < Grand "English Opera Metlaoe, coaunentiug el 1 o' cluck. Dears open at U e'eleah. . . DaCgUIKK or THRRBOIMKNT. * whleh has achieved a decided end touted aaeeeeA j Castle, Campbell, Sog.i1n, Peaks, WrUe, Mr*. ArooM t*4 MlbS CAROLINA RICHINDS. MONDAY?Fir* I, lime of CROWN DIAMONDS, wHh MAGNIFICENT CONTVMKfl expressly imported firau VlMHa GRIFFIN a CnRIBTY'S MINSTRELS. FIRTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE, Nee. 1 and 4 West Twenty-fourth street. O. W. H. Ortffln 7 ..Ml THE FAMILY RESORT. The aatlre eompany will appear In tha great THE BLACK CROOIT Haokea Deoree. Hop Ugh' Loo, Bend Babbory. Fowler on Head*. Beautiful Ringing aad Dancing. Doom open ai 7; to eommenoa at 8 o'clock. Bonyan tableaux?largest panorama in the world. Sixty magnificent eoeuaaJUIuatratlng "Rtne yan'i Pilgrim's Progress." Union HalL M road way end Twenty-third street. Open>every night at 7: commencing*! 8. AdmuuMnn AO oenta; children to cents. MuUnce wed uead.iy aud Saturday, at 3 o'clock. KOBT. J. GREENWOOD, Manager and Proprietor. HOOLRY'R OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. * THE CONTRABANDIST, the BLACK MAN ef AGAR, Shakespeare's Seven Agea, Scenes at Sherman's, Not to be Shaken. Oaasynlgger, George the Charmer, Soap Suda. The Oar Galopade. The Knee Dance. Paddy'* Don't Care. MATINKR EVERY SATURDAY/ AT O'CI-QCK. TU ONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE?JM BOWERY. GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, THIS AFTERNOON AT IW O'CLOCK. TH1H AFTERNOON AT & O'CLOCK. Last timer, at 'ernoon and even log, of the mat Drama, THE SCOTTISH HERO. OK THE CI.AN McALPfW. Last times of the champion of the modern arena. MR. SAM CULVER. A choice variety bill by TON Y PASTOR and hi* troupo. On Monday THE RIVER RATS OF NEW YOKE! Academy or music. OKAID CONCEET SOUTHER^ RELIEF FUND, MERCANTILE ?*Br!aRY A8SOCIAIT01I, ?T m? OPERA TROUPE, isclccixc MISS CLARA LOUISF. KELLOdO, MISS A M. IIAUCK, 8,?"?fe,W54vo?ucm. - ?? --ssw^ roRiu^ I. O^M^..^ J. KMunn?IWlo 'VS^TJiAiiu". , , ..weycratm "? MISS HACOK. _ M i 4" ArU-,",,1"M'XkoR BARAOU. 5. r.nU.i.-K-U.^U^-mM^fromLn^ ?" 1 AV^JER^EfHO?1Ns"?7i Mk TRASTOUR. FART II. llAiiArhiff ,. a-n-c^-".^-^ -?: ? 1 R."^??K. testa. ,. Bolaro?Slollan V^rj. KBLi/0(,<;; V" 4. Aria?Sicilian "m AIMNOK ANIOAUHM. 6. Nottiirno?Don Pnifpinl-;.......... ... ..V,. MI88 HAl'CIC n???l XtWROK H.iHAUi.i. ?? "MS^JSKVktSfik* 7. (ww-asiia: ? _ 1 inketa of adralaalon |l W. 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