Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1867 Page 2
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free er by Mil upa* r.mtpi efetaaapod dlreetod ea A ?long utn fob salb-of a store on *b ?soy? MICE THESE STOBY HIOH STOOP MOWN STONE . (robI. marble hall ?1 ell model* Improvements, tot A to Wty-aeoond street, Sret Emm ?M of Eighth in I Ptln|lu,M Loot at It. A SPLKNI'ID FIRST CLASS HEATT E SO WIN STONE JL Mouse (four story bHMNt udMkwUar) for sale or to lit. immediate poaaaaslon; M Knt Sixtieth street. but Iioctoo avenue, north aide. Inquire m IE* prtmtan. at N. MAt WN MaOILL. Ah HANDSOME THREE STORY ABE BASEMENT | bif h stoop Doom lor solo ia lUtb (treat ooroer of Lexington iieuuo, with all modern impr.iveraents; French ^toEMEiWlltlO I. Price SV.OW. Mrtod Si.OOt. Ap> FKTTRhTOH. *M Third arenue ply to WILLIAM AH*?PKRIOB THREE STORY BROWN STONE HIOH Moop Houm la Thirty-sixth (treat, aaar Fourth evenuo, faM (tie, lor ante, vtth or without furniture. A bargain. 0. 0. OBEKLU 7? Cedar aueet. A| LAROB BRICE HOUSE FOB BALE-THREE at tj, full orllar. on Saooad avenue, noar Eighty-arc and atrrai. frontaga lilt walla 11 laohaa; modern Improve raonu, 19,900if bought latmodlately. Apply to Mr. NBAFliS. Ml Baal Eighty-aeoond street, near Second area as. m. Hoaaa for sal?; all Improrrruaau; ISO Eaat Fortlath atreat; Sisoo. For parmlu apply to KDMCXD H. MAR TIN K. 1,171 Broadway. AH MEW THERE STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN ? atone Houm, corner of Ftfty-nlnth street and Second ?avenue. Na l.llLf or $19,909; In aide llouee. No. 1,111 Second anwp. for $Ulto; term* to suit; poaaaaaton May I. Ia-| quire of MOCAHILL Z CO.. ?71 Third arenue, or of WET J MORE A BROWNE, No. 1 Pino atreat. I ASSr ABASE FOE BALE-ON FOBTT SBoBTVS'StrsFS HANDSOME FOES STORY BfOH STOOP BROWN atone Mourn to rout, unfurnished, MttotiltW, on R|,teo, Aloe ou Thirty -fourth ?/StTEEEEOS. a BELLA NT. No. I Ftoo (treat Am ?HOUSES, FURNISHED AND UNFUBNISHED. ^?e atty and sou a try. prices Sm to $1,M? par aenust. TUXSS; 00.. An Bl.BOASTLT, TASfBFVLLT AMO COMr LATHI.T I ^^Uj^MUMtoalMTUil^toMrM^MwRrR tar, to reat tor oaa year; a mndarata rant will be lahao frame Irat olaaa and reapaaMEla ^ CO., Na S Twenty-third atreat Fifth Araaoa BataL A LL THE rOLLOWlNO HOUSES ABB FOB SALE Booty this day. If not sold wlU be rented to proaaut Mas. Maid 144 Boat Thlrty-iaaand atreat?'Three San MD stoop brown atono Houaaa; 90x41 by half Mock; eU ImprsrsmanU; lowest prtoa for both only ?*,?0. laolndlag ? BonuUful Houm and Lot on Twonty-fhnrth atreat, be tana ScTenth and Eighth areauaa?Three story high atocp ^m^BHMI with Mlonaion; nil lmprorsmaaia; only What Twelfth atreat saw Fifth a reus Four story to ha mm eat hrewn atone Houm; EuttxMt, In good nod nit imgroramauls; prtoa |1|.M ?Three _ story high stoop brtok; all MMEE or would iMS^H real it for H. (TaSR, UP Grand atreat near Broadway, A NICE SMALL THRBB STORY BBOWM STONE A NICK TWO STORY AND ATTIC FRANK HOUSE, .A to Sixteenth street, $SMS?$9,009 mortgage; thraaatory Earns to Weal Twenty-ninth street.'!* (SO. noma line looated IMS to Harlem for sola. ft. C. THOHNAL, Broadway, near Forty-eighth street. FOUR STORY BROWN KTONR HOUSE, ISxdDxUO, In Thirty second street between Klghttt #n.1 Nimb ave Willi all the modem improvements; elegantly fur. I throughout, forsa:e; with Furniture, $l5,0UU; with out AtAom Possession Immediately. L. DKYo, aw Eighth arenue. J^ FINE HOUSE FOR HALF.?OX WEST TWENTY as walnut; good' snooellar; alt modern conveniences eeonnd street; a three story high stoop, 12 feet wide. ?t> in good order; hall painted in imitation of ?; ail way up I bourn built by one of the rery boat builders in New York; -mr? location not far from Seventh aretiua. Price $21,1)00. JAS. K. KDWAKDS, 177 West Twenty-third street. A NICE HOUSE, IN GOOD ORDER, WITH ALL A modern improvements, three stories, high atoop. This to a Sun neighborhood, 14S Fifty-third street, between Broadway and Khrhth avenue. Those wanting a house can bur It cheap. third atreet and Seventh avenue?A four etnrv high 33.3ifi0; vlthk libra*? extension 15 tect; lot *19; ABOUT PERFECT BOUSE FOR SALE. NEAR TWENTY thin ttftOPi _ marbled hall*, beautifully pannelled. The houae haa re oeutly been completely repaired throughout, frescoed. gilded And Improved; carpeted newly with Wilton and velvet ear pet*. Mar laundry, patent lee house, Ac.; a flue black wal nut bonk oaaa built lu library; expensive mirror* and uer nwea In erery appropriate room; two bath room*, three water oloeeta Price UAUOO. Seen from IS 11114, by permit only. JAS. R. EDWARDS, 3T Weal Twenty-third et Brown stone house for sale?in twenty aeeoud atreet. near Ninth arenue. four atorv English bacement, wide, modern. In good order; possession; prior g Is,000 B. H. TAYLOR, Noa. band 1U line street. Business property for sale ? leoxiis, north eaat corner of Watts, near Oaoal street, splendid Iocs Ron for a hotel and restaurant; 86x80 on Washington street, Mar Canal, 60x10# on Llapeuard, near Chureh; dftxSO on Watte atreet, together with a nnmberof corners and smaller fronts; all very desirable Investments at peasant figure*. Apply to JAMBS PRICE. NX) Hudson streeA CENTRAL PARK BOULBYARD?WATRR RIOBT. For aula, separately or together, three Lots south aide M-third street. 9W feet eaat of Tenth avenue. Also ota corner ef Twelfth avenue and 107th street, with or without the water right In Hudson river belonging thereto. Apply to OTTO EBNgfTlM Cunal atreet. CENTRAL PARK.-FOR SALE, ON FIFTH AYINUE. A full front, with eight lota dlreutlv In the rear on lUld sheet From these lots you commaud a splendid view ef the Park and upper lake, and are directly opposite one of the principal entrances. Apply to B. H. LUDLoW 6 CO., No. V I'iae street. (1HOICB LOTS FOR SALE-TWO ON FIFTT-SECOND t street two ou Fifty-third attest, near Eighth avenue, four ea Fifty-seventh street, four on Fifty-eighth street, ?at Breed way. Apply to 8. Y TL'TTLK, fa Eighth av. DESIRABLE OF TOWN LOTS.?KIVI LOTS, U1ST street, between Eighth and Ninth aranuaa: level ground; a; only $1,000 required down, balance on A. 8. NKWBMKRT, MB Broadway. EIOHTH AVKNl'B LOTS.?SOME OF THE BENT IA ITS an the Eighth avenua above the Central Park, soluble for Immediate Improvement. Apply at the oILce of JOHN MoOLAVE. 44 Pine street. Factory property for salr-nrar chatham aqware, eoudtsdug of a alt story brick Building, baae msm auh sellar, ctatalnlug Shafting. Belting, puteat steam Ftsrstn, and heuted throughout with ttssm; alts of build 1 front, 47.8 rear, it rest deep: alee a one stonr brtch , ttu roof, adjoin tag. containing Engine, tare Betters. room in basement, H11 front, ei.7 deep, and a 6enr awry book Building la rear of enslaeWldIngTk8 front, 37 data whole front en Fell street 7X7. Terms easy. Noa. 90. ? end St PeU street, Nsw York. TTOR SALS?A TWO STORY, BASEMENT AND AJTIC A* frame Dsrettleg- w'*h all the Improvement*, situated on Be real/-eighth street, near Medlaon avenue. Apply to THOS. fBARhONri.m Third arenue. VOB BALI?CORNER HOUSE AND LOT ON FIFTH V avenue. Hurray Hill, together with Carpet*. Oaa Fig kurea and Mirror*. The lot I* of extra atsc and the location ?usurpnseod by say on tb* arenue. For perucnlara and tar ma at sale apply to 8. EMBBKSON, 431 Eighth avenue. fjtOR RALE?LB ABB OF NIX LOTH 36x109 FEET, ON J1 Eighth avenoe, hetwacn Foity fifth and Forty-sixth street*. Tor a term of H years. Apply to A. P. SMITH A BMP., No. Mi Eighth avenue. PR HALE?A FIR8T CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN stona Houae. In Forty-seventh atreet, between Fifth and sixth arenuaa; lu flue order; house end location meet desirable In all leapecta. Addreaa L>, bog 4.349 Post ofll e. rS SALE-TWO FIRST CLASS FOUB STORY BROWN stone front Houses on Sixtieth street, northwest cor ner of Lexington avenue, No*. 88 and 88. Apply to OEO. J. HAM 11.TUN, OU the premises IftOR SALE?A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT 1 brick House, 11 feet wide. In flue order, on Twenty eighth atreet, near Broadway; $19,000; half tub. EDMUND H. MAKTINB, 1.173 VOI SALE?THIRD AVENUE PROFKRTY, CORNER A1 of Thirty-first street, bouse about 48 feet deep; one of the beet business local loo a in the city. Apply to WM. C. MIOOINS, 411 Third arenas. R SALE-FIRST CLASS (NEARLY NEW) FOUR story high Mom brown atone Houae and L it, la Thirty ntnlh street, east of Sixth avenue; SH66le?t, splendid"/ built! and finished with watuwt daors and stair*. Fries, with ele- I ?sat furniture, gMslQO; unfurnished. $IU,U09. Term* to auk- STAN LET DAT. lltFourih avenun. VO* BALE?BBYBRAL PIECES OF PEOFBETY ON Sw?a5Trt!!sss?'Kan; TPOJI SALE-FURNISHED OE UNFURNISHED, A ? -/sir ?UwT hifti mumn brown stwi? front Hmnieftixl Ml xpom SALB-FI SNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. FOUR ?. tirttwii atone front House and Lot on pOf .^'^TT VIRTH STREET A " thruaaiory high atcy brown atoue front Bouse. ? ilifl y1**.'"Wtg'jWL*J>*kg.*psy^'y docovuted and JAS. ft. EPWA^S, tfflSreet^wenty.ihlrd street. E^HE SALE-ON WEST TWENTT THIRD 8TRFET A three storr high ateo# brown stone front Bouse, neur ?lib avenue, furnished or unfurnished. It u In most jmrfact and elegant condition, fresobed throughout and very beautifully and expensively furatehed from too to bottom natghborbood first class; will be said at a moderate price; terra* easy; seen by permit from 13 till 1 4Ah. R. EDWARDS, Ti? West Twenty.third street. FHon SULK A SMALL BROWN STONE HO ?? oft ? Thirty Bfth street near Third avenue; mo.lsrn Irnnyma. meats; 1st of May. Apply to 8. CAKDWRLL, 494 Third avenue. _______ VOI SALB-A NUBREE OF FIEST CLASS KKH|. a den res, on the principal avenuee and street*. wither wMho.u furaltnre. Apply to ALLEN $ SSOWN. W Broad I ff^w- "** * "<*>m mum. ami> m a* mewis ?? >f r?_* ?L ?4 u / >Cu4i JTrT; ^^teTiSrA^ ____ rM^jrguuss.???a #i WM. M BaYNoI, Ne. 6 Pta/USt F?? "ALB-IB LBXINQTON ATBMUB, a BBAVTf. fe^aBK?F? ^ssggt F?i ffiKrA ynw house wit* ? low fi.muLT?!' if Bro^dwajr corner ut 141st street; well lSdS^^lES1, P1'" of ???<? ?*r?er * i?l!T?.?S? fcydwy (aboet r WU), with stable. The ?* F?.?_ SALE?A BIBBT ci.aAB FURNISHED RE8I ? Timymwl street, near Lexington are* ?un, el a lew parte* Apply u> JOHN BoOLAVB, 44 Pine et. FOB HALE?POUK UP THB CHEAPEST TENEMENT i ?J*ew * "rk city, corner of Eleventh avenue Pine etreef Apply to JOHN McCLAVK, ?4 rIK HAI.K?THRKB STORY BKIGK HOUSE NO. V Oreon vici, areeue; la rented for two rears from Mot L APWy betw.-e. -i and IS o'clock, In the oOlee at 127 Clialoa Eighth Ml; a t)4. FOB 8ALR-THRRK STORY HI OH 8 TO OP BROWN - ?J?"*on Plfty-second street, near Third avenue, ?'?OOP, others, on Forty ninth, Piftleth, Plfty 11 rat streets and Beoead avsaue, from f11000 to RIS.ouu. WM. 8. JENNINuS. Ill Bmtdwtr, Trinity Building, f FOR RALK-AN RNOLI8H BASBMBNT HOUSE. BUR. n shed eo as plate, ML h> Knot Twenty, ninth street ?ear fifth arenw; n A ret el ass loeatlon Aoolr to V u LUDLOW A GO.. Me. j Ptneeseaec^ ' ^ ^ T1|BBB 8TORT HIOH epM^diSSrhhSSffiffl mm"rttXk ?"?WMi M *. rVlRBLAXP. m Broadway. * 1 nSWrr bioh sibop iprtjgfs atB di MBAD. M4 Eighth a vsw wa. *>??&%js'kse:, M,Ma8' 111 SMIn., USSf P?rtelAH^eI.Thr*K *TPBr ??Q*g BTOBB HIOH F?t ? "Q?8?. ON THE SOUTH 8IDB OB -? tpty Bret street. between Third and Fourth ave V"- Fries 88,000. Inquire at 071 Third annua. to the tore, earner of ttlrty-eeoond street ???????. ? the F?ft^i?r(a ^5** T?WTr-BIOHTH 8TRBBT, A nmrtoer hteh etooo tmn stone, freseeed an.! In ? Prion, lnotadlng Pier I Twenty, third i thtrtt pirst street. A ^?lenSTlr^? ^ '? P*rf*t order; wells i- i'.-yy rwnwa, piombinc *0 nnir; mv attcii rtoM i? heeler attached for warming the upeer pert ef the house.neighborhood unexceptionable. Price |U,0hi "? * BD WARDS, TP W*t Tweely-thlnLstrST T^OR BALE?ON WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, A ?%hb3RS^M? Pri2 bunt; JAS- B EDWARDS, an Weal Twenty-third street. For sale?on ninth street, nbar kipth ate* IMP r,,t,r ?wry. English basement. M feet 4 inches w"te. with hallway on iwrlor floor: all modern nlnnims and Ucooraled In oil throughout It has been recent!, ?nin^dLtfif.j* * Tu"2[ e,2llBt W"1 ""nplte family house, la splendid order. Prim $10,000. Sean by permit 7 ^ ^ JAB. K. EDWARDS, >77 West Twenty-third et. IfOB SALE-ON LBXINOTON AVENUE. REAR ?* Twentv-ttinUt street, e Orel class four story htrh atooo ? -IT? ?tonfl front. In perfect order, frescoedAn PrSie In and carpets Ihrm^t W.001 'Thi neighborhood Mil surroundings ore uneioeptloniible. J AS. R. EDH AKDH. >77 West Twenty-third at TJIOR SALE CHKAP?A POUR RTORT BROWN STONE m ooo 1 nw Bro*dws7,inwT:!f vKSI ' ' K. H. MINE, 061 Sixth avonue. For sale oheap?valuaiile property so Lust Hroadway, runnlne tkrn...h "J:* stores on .. Pike street. u ? *a.L,UAIIuB PROPERTY SO """'"y-ruuoiaj through to Division street Division street. Inquire of HENRY HUME 25 K?fem ^IIR,AP-A AT COTTAIIR IN HAR r... a ??'h street near Third aveuue; 5 rooms* lot 16 wn.m N^'?M.r"u' 1" \?? f*" Ap,.iv to James y Hall place, room No. 1, or HOtU street belweon Third and Fourth avr*nue?i. ' F OR 5JUJ CHEAP?a THREE aSTORY HIGH STOOP brick Houim, in Tenth ?ir^?tt, near Fifth avpnue Po?? ^iion. Applj to DYE * CUBTlSS. 508 Sixth ^M* F^OB SALE OR TO LET?THE TOUR STORY MAR. bla front House No. 5 Howsrrl ?trcc* on raaenn?i.i. term* Apply to 8. R. .IACOBS.n" lNTw'.t?eeT^n*b1'' 8ALK OR TO LLASE-A FIRRT CLASS IRON Shop-,n ^ ^ ^ATERLOW k CO., ? Nssssti street JJOVUM FOR SALE?BY ROBERT H. GOFP 77 ttssr?*s HOUSES KOR (SALE?B.Y A. JOCRNKaY, NO. ? Pin* street. West 23d ?t.. 4 store h. s. b. ? $23,?w Weil 23d St., 4 story B. b. b. ? 19,?? Weal 43d it., 4 story h. A b. ? 57.500 Watt 46th it.. 4 itory h. i. b. 1 36,000 And many other Houses variously located. H Ot'SR AND STABLE 198 EAST THIRTY-NirTH atreel for ?*!* low. Addreai W. IX A., 414 Water it. JUST OUT-MY PRINTED LIST ON DWELLINGS, Tenement. Store Property and City Lota. We deetre to call attention lo our large list of unimproved property. 8. KILPATRIOK. Ball's Head Bank Build In (a. Lots por salk ?terms easy; desirable lo cation for a factory or distillery; three Lota norlb aide of Piny-seventh street, between Tenth and Eleventh ave nues; WilW each: 8 leal below the gradA Apply to JOHN McCAPNBRTT A CO.. n> Bowery. Murray hill, near ninth atrnub?nirst riaas four story high stoop brown atom House, In su perior order, for sale or eirhange for residence and farm convenient to etty; Yonkera or Orange preferred. W. P. SEYMOUR, m Broadway. QN* ON THE BRUT LOCATED AND PINeXt PIN _ I shed Hoa?as on Murray Hill will be sold much undsr 1U value. Nor full particulars address W. D? 414 Water street, or Herald o4h-e. ON EAST 44TH NT 5 STORY H. S. BROWN 3...$l2,0n0 On 90th at., near 6th av.. S story brown atone.... 16.1*10 On Ea*? 5ttb at.. 3 stery b. a brick. 21x49x100 11001 Bet OWN K A McLKAN. Ml Third avenua PEREMPTORY.?I WILL SKLL A REALLY OOOD three story high stoop nadurrellar Philadelphia brick front House and lot, brown stone basement and trimmings. oonulnlui; all modern Improvement*, on Thirty-eighth sue; atse. 51*90x71.6 Thta bona# atreet, near Second ar?nu*; cowld out l>e hulli lor $10 ?W: price M.7M. Terms made to suit. KILPATRICK, Bun's Head Bank Building*. SPLENDID INYE8TMENT?ON EAST T1IIBTT-NINTH street, a four suirv and basement first elnsa double Teue ment.'ln splendid order, grod location, onlv J16..V0, ou East Thtrty-srvenUi atreeS, a live story MMt Tenement, $16us 10; on F.aat Nineteenth street, a lira slnry double Tenement, *14.900: no East Twenty-second afreet, a 8ve story doubla eminent, $11,900. BROWNE A McLKAN, 981 Third avenue. VERY LITTLE MONEY REQUIRED. ?SPLENDID House In I'.aet Fourteenth atreet. four atorv brown atone; first class in every re*poet. Apply to A. ?. NEW BERRY. HM IIroadway. WM. H. WEST, BROKER IN REAL RHTATE. S7 Ve&ev street. New York. aoMclta the patronage of pav Uea bal ling [aopertv for aale or to let. city or country. and assure* prompt and faithful attention thereto. N. B.?Pro. pertv put exulualvelv In at hands will be advantageously adv rtn -1 wlthottt extra eharge lo owners. Refers to Alex ander W. Bradford, Esq.; Henry Oogatll, John RandalL 1QTH STREET, BETWEEN 1RVINU PLACE AND At? third avenue $15,030 RM at, between *th and 9th avs mjjtf Lexington av.. between N*lh and 29th its 17,000 Laxiaxtoo av.. between 33d and 34tb at* $P.0U0 30th at., between 7lh and 8th avs ti Wtb St., betweed 21 and 3d avs 18.0U0 70* St., between 4tU aad Madison av*. *. SMOO Must be seen to b* at precis ted Applv to BIUItLoW A BERNARD, 14 Ptua street. Q7TH NTRBKT, BETWEEN NINTH AND SIXTH ATE O I noes.?A first das* four story high stoop brown stone furnished Houae, in perfee' order, fer sale. Would let to a strlrtly private family. Rent $AJ0Q for one year; lea* rate fer *4x month*. Possession May 1, or sooner. Address box 4,890 Poet otto*. ?NOR BALR. A NEW BRICK HOUSE, three atorv ami cellar, on 143d atreet; alio SU.OOOHNMHIVMHap three frame Homes. 84,000 Inqalreof A. H. Do REM IS. and Madlsea avenue. corner ef Nortv -eeond street and Madison avenue. ?nAn will purchase btore an water ,UUU street; $S*9 eaah will pur-itaee brick House alg Lot 8$ l"rmnt fori street. If aold imme.Ma'oly. CHARLES EMM ON B, No. S Reektnau atreet. room No. $. $7 500 Wb!t llA TWRKK 'HO? BTOOf _ , ?n*ey with aU modern improvements; well located up town. Noes-salon May L 8. P. lRBLAMD, 301 Broadway. $8 000 ^OR-TW01 8?Cs?8 ON ?*.I UN IN the Twentieth ward, near Klgbth avenue. Win pay 16 to 30 per cent. Alaoaeverul other (louses, Coun try neat* and harm* Apply lo 111 OS WAFNNKT, Auc tioneer, 398 Eighth avenue. BROOKLYN REAL KSTATK NORN ALE, A RARE CHANUE ONNBRKD.?NOR SALE. IN Brooklyn, on the southeast Corner of Carlton ?nd Wll loughby avenue*. one of the elegant block of brown stons frmt "os?se?, three stories basement end cellar; hones 31 8x 41 feet, lot 100; all modern Improvements Convenient lo I,. Jil 'nrt Myrtle avenue ear rentes lo Nulton ferry. Price ti rSojCtB NaQA*"""1 Atplr on the prcmiaoa uai ? stats warn iua. 2SKij?5SK* i M Pine street. ?EgSd5r3 swas-ft CLAM HKJH tag the oouairy. Pomiufia Majr I If ?? SAUL-FOUR STORY ??own STONE FRONT P. Hj?"i Mil*. Ma NUifoit ilnei, Brooklyn; just 6")?hed for owner and Mrv occupied; worth SRMXR. Frioe fit,00*. Apply 10 J. H. HAYKhsT?5r'ner Porttaads'ed*FuU t ?. A HICJK.NBOTHAM, tf " F 'OR SALE?TITO FIRST CLASS COTTAOE8, ON Oread arenas, between Gate* and Greene avenues. Brooklyn. All Improremaala complex*. Inquire oo the promisee of JOHN MA01LLIUAN. Frloa $4,800. EIOR 8ALR-A VERT SUPERIOR COTTAOB HOUSE. V JftxflO, three rooms deep; also a Stable, 10lift two foil Loto, 80*100. with Furniture If dealrsd. Terau easy. Apply ?o U?e owner, on the promisee, US South Ninth street, oor oer Fifth. Williamsburg. F? R BALK?ON WARREN STREET, NEAR CARLTON arcane, wtthla one block of three lioes of ears, aad M Coot from Prosper* Park, two S story brick Meases, drat CH>R bale-in Brooklyn. a three stort brick r Hottse ahd Lot, bonee at#, tot MB feet deep, with oak ? %ri4V& &ss?-dB!sri .'-atot^toSrTIa Moorho dkteeA1 Prim BBJfRk,' aUwoRiS1. RET. fEMI.-R Fatten, eftmet^froehlya. 1T. N. to see U. ? MATH* fjfOE HALE-A VERT 0KSIR I r Bard avenue, States Mead. I in&&%(wKufl"K.Ti *?**?- ?**>?*" brick" store, on iSS?* EpOB RALE?IN BROOKLYN. A NBW FIRST CLA8 B R BALR?IN BROOKLYN, A NRAT TWO STORY ?.? House mm ' " ' Mmm V ?#B "toPR b?to Putnam area nee:plenty of fruit: a good weU on the pro ? tea ?; take em at Reeeeroi! (treat W for Raet New York; get out at Monroe street. Prise SASOE Apply fc!nV?l.B p* "***? **?"' " fM,k Itovisnlh tpOK BALR?A FIRST CLASS THRRB STORY AND r basement brisk Hsaee, with aR the modern Impvtwee ?? ? bMS?lA BMMi Inquire en taeprMataes. ET5 F OR 8ALB.-A OKNTLRNAN WITH A SMALL FAM. r^. Ur S" P"*" 'or MOOS a atyllah and comfortaMs Csttage House, *tx48, with modern improvements. in one of the most derirable end healthy eHuatlone la Brooklyn, equal in wapcatabmty to any in Now York, without thong! penes; twenty minutes from WaR straet and Fulton for raJsrrjwjrsLr "c GH>B BALE IN BROOKLYN?A THERE STORY AND . **?*??? br,?^ House, high stoop, brown stone trim mings, 11 rooms, all the modern conveniences, aud put la thorough order last raring; within >1 minutes or ferry by FftRS: fSX. ZStm*?" * F?! ? MLB IX BROOKLTM-A TBRXB OTOBT RIOH ? . ,*to?P brick House, having all modern Improvements end le flrei oiassorder. only flro minutes' walk from Well street farro Prloe glieOD, half ooeh. House can he aeon jsuIDn suitC aiooiyh T Ptooe, near Jora a jK)R SALE CHEAP?STORE AND LOT SOUTHWEST r- *"^008 Lafayette streets. Brooklyn. Apply to E. K. ADAMS. 11T Broadway, third door. $500 0NLT.RKMU.^BBDD0.,r,' AND A FURTHER yvvv sum by lnstnlmeats far n qonronleat roomy App* $800 CASH AND SUBS ON MORTOtOH WILL I -..t Cai. e oewiy built Duma House, filled in with brick, with largo astern in yard; healthy location; first rate neighborhood; terms easy; within S9fi feet of Wyrde avenue hone ears, between Tompkins aad Tbroop avenues. Brooklyn: lot 3x100 feet; boose *0x34 feet, 10 rooms, nigh stoop; will be rented from 1st of May far |tH If net sold. Apply at WoleoU'a Instant Pain Analbilator offlee, 170 Chat ham square, N. Y., on K. L. WOLCOTT. owner. $9 n(\l\ -FOR BALE AT A SACRIFICE, A NEW ?>0?OUU.Hou..e, 8 rooms, g lole: beet location in the city of Brooklyn. Inquire of B. PETTIT, Dekalb avenue, near Broadway. Q.A -f??H SALE. IN BROOKLYN, A NEAT IPT.UVJU. three story ilouteyrlth aU modern Improve ments; loeaUon unsurpassed. Apply to H. T. WAKKMAN, 41 Chambers street. * 9 (\(W\ CASH, gfi.000 IN FIVE TEARS. ^Aw.UUu. end $3.(W III other property, personal or real will buy e strictly modern throe story high sloop mar ble front House, In the bent pert of Bmoklvn. Immediate possession. Owner. K. T. HUSH, 14* Broadway. COUNTRY HEAL ESTATE FOR 8 A LB. A COUNTRY HOME, FROM gl.UDO TO S10O,(?. SEE STANLEY DAY'S Reel Estate Clro^*which can" Bed at 31* Fourth eveoue. or mailed upon receipt of stamp. A LL WANTINO FARMS.?OOOD ROIL, MILD CLI male. M mUes south of Phlladolphle. Price only gjt Per aero Also unproved Karma. Hundred* are settling. Information sent free. Address a K. LaNDIS, Viuetaod, litw Jersey. Armor wo acres-well located in the Slate of Michigan, for sale or exchange for properly in or near the city. Address C. D., box 100 Herald ofllre. 4 T HIGHLAND VILLAGE, NEWrALTZ LANDING, ?L?f2T),tt* ,U* -5 handsome improved Property, with in acres, for $11,500; gd.OUO can remain. Would make * ..?p'"",!1:1 bf*r-'?E h0"to. X"d la the oheapeat property within ISO miles of New larkclty. Poeeeaaiou immediately. STANLEY DAY, 31* Fourth avenue. FARM OF 43 ACRES, 1ft MILES ON LONO ISLAND. 10 scree white oek wood, beUaoa good loam noil, new twe story House, new Raru and good outbuildings on* mtle from atabon. throe miles from great South bay. will b* aotd caeap. Apply at SIB Fulton strnet. In the basement. ? *ALB-TO CLOSE AN BmTATH. CON. Attaining fig acres; buildings ell new; half mila from Hatom Tuakahoe, A*- ELRflANT COTTAOK, NINE ROOMS, AND stable, spieadld grounds, convenient to depot, at Me. Inch in, N. J. Price'cheap If sold Immediately. CAMPBELL. KELLY A CO., Nu Broadway. A Ri^B 11?* A FARM OF M from Drakes villa station, on the M. A * E-.E- The farm is la a high state of cultivation; *ppl"?, toeerlee, grspet, Ac.; house, barn aad sheds nearly aew; together with two large lumber sheds end 800 feet of dock on ths Mnrrts cansf affnMIn<* a <*.c.i ?i,_ ? _ _ . rathoMorrieronar, affording a good opportunity for one to go In the lumber aad ooal trade. For partionlera address George McCain. Suckaauony Plain., MoErUnmei'. s " T RLBABKTH -A NEW FIRST CLAM tK STORY 1 Houae, la beat neighborhood; lot IBbtlBB; will b* told law. Apply to W. B. JOHNSON. T8 Duaao etreet. Tt SUMMITNEW JER8ET?FINE BUM. A denoe, 7 acree; prloa $5,000; Farm of 38 acre*, $4,058; U acres, MJOO, Boa Residence, ? 10,010 IB mlnutne from depot. PARSUNBB WARD. 7$ Cedar atraat. A VALUABLE RESIDENCE IN TIIB THRIVING village of Plalnfleld formle; IB acre* with mndnrn houae, 11 rooma; frutl la abundance: part tcularlr valuable for building alia*. Particular! with A A RUN SERGEANT, SI Wall atraat. A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY SEAT OF U ACRES, ON the K irtUn, lam modern maaalon. In fine condition; tenement hooae, wTtb B rooma: abandant outbuilding*; ererjr variety of all kind* of fruit In nbnndanoa; aplaudld newa of tba rierr and city. Only $15,1104. J. a. FERGUSON A CU? ? Maaenu atraat, roam ?1 A PINK LAROF. HOUSB, WITH HALF AN ACRR IN garden, sublo, fruit and abade: 40 minutet from City Hall; furnlahedl complete; $1.BOO or lea* to an unaiccptiona Ne tenant PKEKMA.N A CO., IIS Broadway. A BARGAIN.-A FINK FRUIT FARM OF BO ACRES of aplendld land, well slocked with all kinda of frntt In great variety, good bouse, nlna rwnu; abundant out bmldtng*. only $4.duo J. 8. FRROUHON $ CO., SO Naamu * tract, room M. Adksirablr house, furnished, with oah den well clocked with fruit, carriage houae, Be., oon eeolent to good nehoolt and eliumhea, and only one hour from City Hal, by horee car*, having the advantage of being near the city and tba country pore air. located In n genteel neighborhood, will be rented to n gentael family; rent taken In Hoard. The only reaaon for renting le thai the owner la compelled to be abmiR ao*i of the time. Thte la a rare ehanoe to a party whe will take good oare of the place for obtaining a desirable place for a vary amall real. Addreae A. B., Herald o?ee. for four days A FAB* FOB N ALE?WITfflN AN HOUR AND A half of Corllandt street. New York oily, beautifully located, ten minute*' walk from railroad depot, Spring Val ley, Bock and ounty N. Y. The Nyaok turnpike rnna through the centre of tba farm. It eould be divided In trre parte, giving a flpa frentage for each. Finn large outballd lag*, eomforuhla houae, px<d cider mill, throe orehnrd*, apple*, pear*, nberriea. Be., aioalloat toll, wall watered, re markablv healthy: fifty-three acme, five acrea timber; prloa gfi,UM,eaah. Apply to B. B. NOYXS. A Dunne atmet. up etatra. from S to IS o'clock A. M. A YALUABI.B FAR* OF SSO A ORBS, FRONT! NO ON Ike great South, 45 mllee from New York. Price $HUMR Inquire of 4 L. SAUNDERS, ? Bowery. A WALL FARM OF ACBBS-OOOD HOUSE AND "*"w" AM I1** IO.BUB FOR SAI.R?OF H>i ACRES OF LAND, large Hcuee, modern 'uiprornmeata, with floe shade

VSS Vdo "ii1 ?* btowia f*om depot. 5?J^. *1*ikWvTl? Fine street, or HARRIOTT, *AIL A CU., at Plalnfleld, IT. J., eg,,* opposite the depot. CTOUNTBT RE "in P. NUB FOR BALK?8HORT DIB J tannu on Long Island; *6 acrea, part w>od, pari highly cultivated; large orukaid; splendid building*, neatly new: will be enld. with or without stock, very cheap; paif each, psrt on bond and mortgage. Apply to W*. lit EM HUT. Eighth avenu*. FWiOR SALE?HOUSE AND T//T AT MOUNT VERNON: hnuee lUiBI, airen mums; lot fKlal 10. Inquire nn nrem ? ? It ggfi or Of B IOWLAND, ?1 Broadway, N. Y. i/ov. -t \ i,f. -IN .fPRsET riTT, A TURKS STORY r and haaement hrtck Houae and lot, with all the modern Improvement*. I'm* fB.tiai. Alan Tour full Lou facing on North Seventh street Price of houae and Iota, RIB,OBR IB thj^mmUM, Re. g otUTi Terrace. of Bit;HARD oovirrmy SjMRun nwua m W mm. *?"??? HKtDMUKIt, n <:*4kr < ?laWU f?r AftTfiUI aae 'MHVVi W g i5sS' TI^Iwmb farm ob m? AC mm. wira U?OB BALK |< rtmhw SETtlS mKards.MUII IW and yy;'raUread pro teartsssSSart i?3art.fcn?-= nni ?"? i* MOOT TBRNON, K. T? TWO MW; Fuw walk from d?poV? * Land, wall atockad with 1m fruit AWN/ ?? "? r SLEIGHT. 0. tt. Iipnw C*W'M *T***W*7, "* T IfOR BALM?TO CLOSE AS I I m^a cld ^ ^"?Ste^nS. will plane 4 feat wide and 44 teel loafr the wn?y driw bT an enctne of 40 herae power, all In ooroplete oraei\ ssjtssks sxrss a op'portunlty seldom offered, Ml will be I the Ooud wai Of SfhSrtSg S5S?5iw3?1w2^ M** * 1 J IpOB a ALB?AT ^ ^ _ I water, apeakla* tnbeei, An M ?neat of aajde, pearohajvy aa?B f^B^iss^RSffSSSSU ITtQB BALM?AT HASTING*. OM TM MUM OT TBB | fl"?v^.sa?^arjir^ rronall let jgg^jjS MM imv ???????? ? . m j.c aIm otAm, fruUfl* A?. Ww fW?-. above, two etory and edUe Nouh* with ?b?ro """kBtgSr kTSfeft. Ultf atabla.ekJnbbofT.on^^^Aa Ftvemlaeto ofWH. OILOHKBBT, on the pramlaea. ? "^yd bnddtna. I piaoa, Brooklyn. or h^T a.f.VaS^* wTS deelraMe awl genteel rowdeoce, and weU 'worth Mwatton tlon of a party doing bualaeeata Hew Tort city. Addrooe oc eall on JpSn k. PtU or t J. Week*,118 *ead afreet. Hew Ydrh eltyTor T. C. Chandler, Newark. N. J. 1 Huotioxtoo Dtr. ra? improTfnwuw ?'??? "?/ 3rE?sro& rD'ANi'k^rc^i^'i ix>ra Vaaaau etreet. ra SALE?AT HUNTINGTON. L. I- OPPOdlMTaB above, a dnaPrabla new Cottage. ffronna and one-third acre of land. More land can be had IT wanted. Apply te DANIELS, ORoBIBK A COR, at Naaaau a treat. For balb-a country residence on statsm Uland. about \% inlloa from New Dorp eta?o?-*J? 6 mile* Iron, the dttfirent landings; bouse shout dBtdPl fg modern improvement*, greenhouse, iUhla., leehoem. about T! acre* of l.n.l, well stocked with frul tree*, fine ocean ree of land, well atocked with fruit troea; nne ocean view, altuatlon partlcularlr healthy. Frtca B18.0U0, of which the larger part can rem tin on mortgage. Inquire of L. | HUKFEU, 17 South William alreel. FOR SALE-KURNISUED COUNTRY SKAT (8 ACRES), at Lake Mohegan; 14 mllea from New York bj H. R. R. R ? hnraea, carrtagea, billiard labia and .Yacht. View* and particulars of tha owner, K. B. LA WHENCE, 47* Broadway. F~ OR 8ALE?A MOST COMPLETE AND CONVENIENT I new Hou?e. ettber furnl*hed or unfurnished: .hree *torr high aloop baaement and aub-cellar. all modern Im provement*; thirty ave minute* from Oltv Hall: hot "d cold witer all over, two water closet*, tine furnace; delight ful neighborhood. Addreee for two weeka J. M. K., box 5.8M Poit offloe. FOR RALE?AT BLOOMKIBLD, N. J., WITHIN ONE bour'a ride of New York, a Hou*e containing 16 rooma, with one aore of ?^?nd ?^h^rA*s\U ^BMcUy atra*. ^...8ALB-A .8yERTANT.AL *?K ?W1*Q, I ISOR 8ALR-A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK MUUsVinw, r with frame building attached, containing engine, boiler, shafting. Ac ; chemical apperatua. Ac., euliable ror a dbemt cml mniiufaeiory or other Kl| poi 8.1114.. 'W* 'f WWB h | ?table and ten lot* of ground, on part of whleh It1Mi buUt, all ?Itualed on Kerry etreet at the Junction o' N*wark aTemie. I llobokeo, N. J., about five mluutea' walk from tho ferry. Apply to ALBERT 8PEYBBR, tt Naaaau atrart, N. Y. J For salk-a nice cottauk m ooop order, in the village of Isllp. L. I.: half acre. Price BMW. | quire of i. L SAUNDERS, ? Bowery. rpOR SALE IN VOERIRANIA-A NEAT TWO STORY r attic and bi*emenl llouaa. furniahed and treaooed, with all Improvement*; about 8 citr loU of f)round laid out la ' garden, Ac., kand?oi?e Stable, ooe (.arrtage Hou*e. all klnda I of fruit, within eight minute*' walk of .team and horse rail roads; the Knrnttiire and Chandellora can be had If doalred. I and poueseiuu Immediately. For terms apply to *. DOl'OHTY, 7? Naaaeu street. rR SALE <>N STATEN ISLAND, IN NEW BRIOHTON? A large and recently built Manalon, with mod era Im provements *>* Aa lar^. eBd. beaettful lawn^grapeq. greenhouse, garden, fruit treea.Be.: *|hbleimnd' of the m??t desirable places lu the vicinity of New Yerk. Per other particulars and permits apply at 45 Broedway. TDOR 8ALB LOW AND ON BARY TERMS?A FARM r of 88 acres at EngU?htosrn. M?mmouth ronnir^N _J:, | ooe-ctghth of a mile from railroad. Good buddings. WOOD, >8 Baet Nlaetaeath street. N.^T. For sale or bxchanoe-a 2SS2!!ufSiiff Peaksklll; Brat ctaaa brick house and barn. all the mod era Improvement*; healthy; convenient te oars and boats, fine river view. Apply at 68 Watts etreet. For ralb or kxchanqk for crrr An elegant Realdanca at K^kaklH. oo tha Hudem rom mwnriinw a mitfriiflci'nt rtew (if th<i rtw ?m1 iIigTiihU'l'*. House baa aU the madern ooevenlenaaa, suitable outbuild. DSRHIcioiON A BABTLKTT, B Beekman ?treat. Fm OR SALE OR r. in HA NO E?A FARM OF ABOUT ?# ? erro*. out mile and a half from depot. Bllxabcth. Now Jersey , beat farm In tha country, and a groat ?peculation for cutting into small pit reel*. _ tfarty/tralnii a day to Khxa bdltk Apply to BURROWS Jl WILLIAMS, 13 Broad ?trf U rR SALE OB TO LRT-A COTTAGE OF NINE Iroom*; with ?Ubl# adjoining: proisanUy situated at Dobb* Kerr/ oa the Hudson, a short d ?unce from tha de pot Address D. MeClwce. Pobba' Kerry. N. V _ For sale or to lkt-at south bbrukn, n. J-, I on the corner of Bergen avenue and N?wark pUnk road a first <-U*i llonM and *ev*n Lots of tiround, be*utl> fully situated and ta aoaplcU order. Inquire on the pre rR RALR. OR TO LEt-AN KLhOkNT COUNTRY beat, at Queens, L. I . 12 rnilet from city; SO aorc*; * modern House, with all tha roi>dern oily improvement; green house, carriagehonse. barns, l<-ebou*e. Ac.; over l.o"n hearing fruit irose. Urge shade tree*, lawn, Ac. Apply ; > CH tRl.KS CON PIT, corner of Atlnnttc and Clintun, Brooklyn, or to A. O. FIN PLAY. 74 Leonard street ,N. Y. 1*0R SALE OR TO LET-ORAND COUNTRY NAN ' alon near city: beautiful ground*; private lakaa etocked with fl?h: sps -loua barn* and every other lequiaite. Apply to J. 8. XING, Kaaaalc bridge. New Jersey. rR SALE OR TO LE1V-AT LDOEWATER, N. J., ON the weM bnnk of the Hudson, ten minutes' walk from rieamnt Valley, a large House and Lot with 110 feet water front. For further psrlkulara apply to T. O. MORHKR, 141 Fulton at. or at N70 Weal Fourth at. or on the premises. Far rockaway.-kor sale, united rtatks Hotel, directly on the beech; a flrat class new Hotel, with furniture end outbuildings; S>g scree. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. S Fine atreet ?ORDHAM.-FOR RALR, COUNTRY RBSIDENCK.TEN rooma; stationary tabs, bath, water, Ac; lot 1401*0 t Terms to suit Possession Immediately. J. A. BACDONALD, No. 8 Bast Nineteenth street. TTOURB, LOT AND FURNITURB FOR 8ALB IN J1 Jersey Ulty.?The two atory and high beaement brick House, 271 South Fourth atreet, all In thorough rvpalr. Inside and out, with modern Improvements; fnjnilura ell new Last Ma/; coat over |1 0*; price 47. M0; M.D0O boud a ad *"h_V AVtk^Tms.'ae II ^ If tfTifll Washing toe ?*ro*t. N. T. Bona* BtaSA Lot R>fAL _ J JEW BRItillTtiN, HEKtlEN POINT, (IMFFORD isTA 4 Uon, Mount Yrrnen, Orange, Astoria Tonkera New on mouth, Peterson. N. J. Fornlahed and nnfurnlahed Bouaca, Flacwa for rah m t. WA ^ ^ ICE EARNS?10 TO 40 A ORBS, GOOD '""OVR. ment., well fruitad wsUrod^'.; 1^ hour by Ceatra^ Jernev Kailroad. IUUI to S7.08O. Alio Resldencee and #w Jersey Railroad. MMI to B1,<X*i. ? FMtra. 1 acre to *m, SAlM * KIGCKLA.NU LARK-FOR BALE OR_TG LKT-FUR ?il*h? ] f >r bIi montba from My L * Hcrta; hoi?*?.n??w, 40iW, eonjMltif twsl^ ro**, kttrtmMtUoM, arlih rung^, hox and ooll witw; rnTJl\i^r n*w. If riui^d a gartl^n will bf? tmKI pon?#titi(iD id taken. Apply to D B > vvl?i Broa ?treci. UARR OPPORTUNITY FOR INI^STNBNT.-THR AT' tcnllon of merchants and capitalists M in Ih. Norfolk (V*.) Journal of a ?*!? to r?e advertisement Hi the Norfolk (Vert Jourruti^ of a amee made by ua (uader ortler of (Uri) tn Nncf'4*. Virgl^ the l.h .lay of A,u1l. 1847, of the wlrahou^'ind's-haTtMcPhJl'a) hew u^ with Europe ball I iM rnMHi WWHIT MAL ?tit! P?TIM ?m?H* Br tiiiSii'S hbck-finr mansion. u aobbs m .sss Jr., M OM akg. . wo farms fob ??lb?ua ?bomacbw. two nUas from Hadtsoa depot. N. J. Fsr further parUeu ire af M. C. aiuirrior,Mrwr,lli?H Tillage, |J TBB WHOLE OB FAST OF (ABOUT) FIFTY AOBBB ef lead for aate, MM hear frest Mew York m IkillM ?r tl? Hew Jersey Centre! Railroad. tea minutes' walk from ?5S*TS2w,Tr53t^i" par aera. Addreaa O. 1.. box l.MJ Feet fpOFBRSONS IB WAHT OP OOMFORTABLB HOMES YTALUABLB PBODUOIMO OIL FEOFKBTY; CASH T or exchange. OaB at SSP ea4 Ml Water street, N. Y. WBAYBB A MOQBJt BLOOM FIR UL M. J., HATH ? for sale a Heaee, Bneat. alter* tsaprevsaseaU; H ; fruit aad shade; Mmksutas fcum d?pM;MSHga laa? :;flBS58E3& HH&J?K.'MSaU Ml Bruema street. j> \1TANTBD?A SMALL HOUSE, WITH BOMB FBBR ?1 MlaiMjlit tliaOH; aet aeee Uaa tee Mer fress ertweef area ad satiable far prtielai weald ebStda a pre frsian. kddisaa B. T. P., BendieMea. fJKTANTBD-A BOOM MMB WBLL LOOATBQ, | TT Mie BMlatt etreet, wwBehetMMB M eaehaaga far a apteadtdbeuaarvMet oa Maa ef Hew II area Bailreel. ApplpleC. M. B LITEM. ? Ftae street. TXTAMTBO IB BUY?A WBLL BUILT THBHB STOBY YV brisk er bvowa eteee Heaee, hanag aB ailire la* proreaeau, attested betweea Tmalf-UIrt aa4 Fiftieth Unm ta* Latlaitoa ltd ilzth irtnim a dirt?. i etas ef heaee aad lot, prtea, tanas aad where situated, B., I bax ATM Feet oMea. _,FOB IALB. _^ A BHOB 8TOBB FOB SALB?WITH OB WITHOUT A Steak. laqaaa ef H. EASSLAM S BBO., MP Sewerp, erS9 Oertlaadl street. A BISTILLBBY FOB SALB-tB OOMFLBTB JX. alas order. Ippty at He. MS Ntath avenue, ooi Fifty-eeeead street. BUW of A it tolas sa BABB CBAHCB.-tS.SW WILL BUT A FIB8T slasa, well steeket aat well Mtl^a Career grocery "^BROWN A HOLDBH, L0> Broadway. Atdpe?e&,m^^saSttet j|* "**"? ""a. FIBST CLASS OBOOBBY STOHB FOB SALB |m ^ wg^| tovfltsoas Umjmmp fof Apply oa Ua premises II* Fnltea arenas! Brooklyn. A MSAT MABBHT. WITH TWO TEAMS1 LBA8B ABO A txtaree alt rdftoptete, bow doing a tae buslneea, for ?ale. Inquire of B. O. LAWBKHOB. US Breed trap: Adrdo stork, a sulliyak strbbt. stoci and Fixtures, far eale; aa exeat tent location for a phy ?letaa. Fries $Sak A MILK DEPOT?B8TABLX8HSD 8EVBM Tl together wtU a Boole. Horse eat Wagon, fc cheap for cash. Apply at sa Hadiaae street WSi AS STAtlOXBRY STOR8 FOB SALS?WITH OB wltbont Stock, ta s loot bualneaa location. Apply at WAIMWBIOUT ACARTKLL'S. W Fulton street. Brooklyn. A BARB CHANCE. SELDOM OFFSBRD.?A FIRST A class wholesale Clothing Bualneaa of eight yearo1 steading, with en excellent run ef customers. Parties de airing to retire fmm business about July next offer to roil their place of business, loos tad in Ua beat part of Broad way: the finest and largest lolls In I ha city oa a leaaa and ?omuaratirrlv small rent. For further particulars addreaa H. H-. box ltd Herald oUtoe. A?FOB SALB, SODA WATKR FOUNTAIN BUSl , noes, Restaurants. Hotels, Corner Liquor -tores, CI. gar Stores, Groceries, BaXeriea, Billiard Saloons. Meat Mar kets Coffee Saloons. Also a good Oyster and Dining Ha loo a la Brooklyn. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar at. A BARGAIN. ?SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A BU8I neas man.?For sale, a Hotel, 17 rooms, completely fur* nlshed. doing a business of $7S per diy: bar fixture* sad neas bed. i _ . stock: long lease: low rent. L. DKYO, XtJ Klghtb ay. ALL KIND8 OF STORES FOR SALE?LOCATED IN the principal business streets of the city: parties wish ing to engage In spring business can succeed in obtaining a ?tme by calling on L. DKYU, Real Estate and 8 tore Agent, SSI Eighth areoue. A GOOD BUSINESS FOB 8AI.E-FAYINO $>95 FEB week eeven months in tha year, and could be made to pay more. Will be sold for $J 0?0 cash. Stock worth $1,000. Apply at SI Kail Eleventh street, from 9 to S P. M. A -FOR SALE CHEAP?FIXTURES OF A SMALL ? try goods store, oa best bu-lnese part of Thlid avenue, west aide store and back rooms to let, rent low. Apply at tW Third aveaue. Drug store for salr.-first class family and prescription business: $7,00d cash. (Inquire at STRICKLAND'S Drug Agency, MO Broadway. tj'RCTT STORK. FOR SALB IN BROOKLYN?DOING A C good business; one of the beet elands in the city. AA trass Fruits, tierald offlee. FOR 8ALB-AN ALCOHOL STILL, CAPACITY I 800 gallons, complete, wlU all the attachments. Address A. ?.. box 1US Herald ofllee. T7?OR RALK-AN OLD AND WBLL E8TABLHHSD f Dining and Oyster Saloon, doing a good and thriving business, established for eight years, for sals cheap with all Ue Fixtures: Us owner going in another bnalnevt. Inquire oa Ue premises, between Ue hours of IS sad S o'clock, at 7V Bast Hoasloo street, ooraar Elizabeth. TOOB HALE?A FIRST CLAM HARDWARE, 8TOTE r and House Furnishing Store, established over twelve yean, with two year's lease from May aext. At present doing s splendid business Cause ef selling satisfactorily explained. Apply on premises, dM Third avenue, corner Thirty-fourth etreet RALPH HINDLY. pom SALE.-A LAOEB BEER SALOON, LOCATED IN JT Ml* *f lb* principal etreete of Trenlon, N. J., nod doing ? eery good buetne** for ? number of year*. *>illeble for a hotel, for aele. with or without Brewery, For particular* Mtply >0 ME1BK A scamp, ? Peart atrool. M. tT F)B SALE?FROrELLBR TUG TEMPEST, THREE ? jeer* oM; reed* for buaineaa, now lyin* feet of Deian oay Mreel. GEO. M. CLOTH, foot of Dolanoey atroat. POR SALE-CENTRE MARKET?THE OLD RSTAB f Itahed Butter Stand of A. TURNBULL A CO., Roa M eadlS, the hoot la the Market. J pOR HALE-A LOMO ESTABLISHED BUSINESS IN V the be?t part of Broadway, we*i MB A large and profitable bualoeea baa been done la Ladle*' and Child ren'ej r'urni*lnng Good*, wbolcaale and retail. The I.eaae of ? whota houoe, Stock. Fltture* of atoro and Wood Will will anld at a rape*liable price for oath. The oely reaaan for aelllng la the owner'* fortune being made. For particular* addreea J. Oy bol 1.1 *0 New Tort ro*t Wfflomj POR SALE?SODA WATER APPARATITS: SECOND r hand, different maker*. A large number for *aJa and 4P Plrat areaue eorner Twenty-altth atreet. For sale?a large iron safe, sizr abopt ? *?*#!> ln?tde. Inquire at the oISc* of the l,ong Iriand Iniuranoa company, corner of Fulton and full aireSt*, Brooklyn, L I. po Planoa which are rented. Pur haaere will ptaaea leara their addreea under chtffieeA. O. P., Herald oSoa Fob bale a paint, oil and tarnish store up to we; eetahllehed many year*, ?'a?h required about ft not), Chaaoe for sractloal bpoter. Addieaa, with nam* and addreee, boi Ud Heiald offlce. rH>E BALD-THB STOCK AND FIXTURES AND TWO year*' Leeae *f a three etory hone* and >1010, on beat Ci of Bowery; real fSBO: now occupied a* a leger beer **? n and dwelllag. Appiy at KAXNINU S. t? Bowery. F R SALE?WITH STOCE. LEASE AND FIXTURES, an old eetahllehed Plann and Mur e Bn?iti?a*. with ,iOR SALS?A PINE MIRROR, GLASS 40 XM. WITH coralrea I; ooaaaetlng ooralc* and beae labia; alto pair of eon t* match, eeparate. all la load order. Apply at SSO Fifty-third euroet, where It ran oa eeen. F?" R SALE-STOCE AND FIXTURES OF A SMALL _ Faae* Store; price S2U0: rent Tor Store and two Kooeae, f 14 per month. 7* South Firet atreet, Wllllamaburg. IfOR ULI-Vhl LEASH ~AND FIXTURES OF HAT ? Store, long eetahllehed, with or Without the Block. Ap ply at S7 falghta areeite P?o? aalk?thk htoi k and fixtvres or the im; aZe fret May ?me, comer Twenty eighth atreet. claa* Frill, Wm* end Liquor H tore MS Fourth are the Leaa* of the enure building for four ?" im; awe the Leaa* or the eagre butldtagfor four rear* from May neet. 1 aquire of A. H. MARCV.PM Fourth arm nu*. corner Twenty eighth etreet. c >B SALB-mNKTT TWO YARDS TAFRSTMT TBI* eel Carpet, beautiful pattern, little ueed; reeewoed a, handeom*. rery low prte*L MM Broadway. EB BALB?THE ROOD WILL, DOCK AND FIX tarea of an old eotahliahod Trunk aad Pack la* Baa ?factory. Apply on the premleee, ICS ureeo* atreet. ?OB BALB-A FIRST CLASS BREAD AND GARB Bakery; ben loeatioe oa Slitb aeeau*; I ?p rent, a good pla<* for confectioner*. I cream, will cell on accouat of two buetuaa Mr RANGES corner of seventeenth alroeti XitOR SALE?A COMPLETE ORAIN DISTILLERY; * f boiler* of 4D borne power each. mill*, engiue and ererr thtng ta perfect wnrhtaa order; ateo a rectifying eetebMkii pont adjoining. Incatioa beet In tht* city; long t**ee oa Mlldinr ei.U low rent. Addiaes A. J? Diatillery. nation A Poet offlce. New Turk. SpOR *ALK?THE OLD ESTABLISHED MEAT AND ' Kleh Market No. IP Kael Broadway. Inquire nn the prratiaea. Satisfactory roaeon* tlren for eelMn*. CtOH RALR-TMR STOCK, FIXTURES, lease and JP aond will of the Fancy Good a. Toy* and Baehet Store, lyet U ?Mi. M lanH wt itaitaitans I asn 11 is to a i yuri. -?n r. M tttWIMi m eaeaUeat epasrtaatty totowito saacwga. """"?? "w==i>???T: IHOB SALE CHEAT-THB LEASE ABB X (mi of Shoo Start tM tooth tat, hat or orookorr hash ilH|. i flret rata taeetotaaat U'OB BALK CHEAP?A SMALL WHISKEY STILL If aoapttoo; as parity >W aslleas Jdreee boo Wl HoooU SXLR TV TBS COUNTRY?A WATCH MAKHM . <nd jewelry Store doing a tret rate business: aaa tfl 'h, without the (took, rbqulre to 11 John street, MM Boor. rK PHYSICIANS.?LABOB MKDIOINB OHRST AM capital operating eaao for aato ohoap. at Me. W Hnri Tenth street. TTOTBL FOB BALK?THB LB ABB AND PIXTTKM XX of a Brat toeaa Hotel end lHntog Room*; newly tm> aieaod, Apply at Wolll-a Hotel, MwSrraa street. I OB BOTTSB FOB SALB-PBIOB SIB 1HQOIBB AB MS Fallen areaue, earner of Cumborlaafl street. Inoh lyn. . Pultaa olroot. ty-jsares ?s&j&sgssxjtp s"g2svo rPHOTOGRAPHHBfl.?THB OALLHBT flt SUM g^iftoMtolMtotoM. ota........ man? mO WATCMMAKHBfl.-POB SALB. A FBW XtLHS X (M Mow York, aa ato sriahMhofl Booteaoo; aojwhen -sjsa^-iisa sgvr am?vt XwtO. M Naooaa obrooClfew To*. y??SttJCi2!!*e'0* WPawv " ? EL' A rareohaaoa. tl AAA ?FOB SALB. THB WHOLB OB PAVT ff DT.UUU. a Boslaooo Oibaoo: fooS to ratios | pretoto Ui per coat Oaltea J. M. UOOSt A CO.. Sf PlaaotraoA MISCBX' ffi.NK.rns~ A OBBAT BEDOCTION IV THB PBICB OP A Shaoa ato Trunks. nam the Ito of Me/, at B( IBWIN'H ohoap oton, MB Booroty, tatter ? Banff ftoital ?lock 1mm tk*a pckMe -DARLING'S FBVBB AND AOUH CVBB VBTBM . ratio. The Bret dooo am too the Bimj. Mm belli sold by ell druggists. Whotooato lapit, Bi MSB Batatoeoei. Mow TorlL APACT.-BIOHT POUNDS P. P. OO'S BAST IMA Coffee SL or oaaeouod lie.. New Jersey SopoOo?Bom ark, Ta. whUly, ldSMarkel street, aad W. U. Lao. M Broad atreot: Pelarooa. Joha Byard, K Bala street. Maw Yqrfc oitydooou, Lynch A Co., 41 Yeoay otreot: T. B. Agnew, M0 Oreeawlch atreot Joha Oayaer.IMOraa4oireet.OMD rat depot, IM Chambers atreot. . . JQffi B. BBACHAH. Piapriotor. Books, libbakibs. pianos, paintings, hh. grarlngs, Ac., bought for oaah; books boa ad aeaMpbS the bookstore. J. A WOO CP. MS Slath eroaua, betffoOB Thirtieth aod Thtrty-dret street. SNUTLERY.-A SMALL BUT TBBT SBLBOT . V asaat of Pocket Cutlery Joel Imported. Oaa ho IS Oold street. Brat floor. AT. rtAL DB NAPH riOLDS, INFLUENZA AND DIBOBDBBS V.' OP THB OtIBST AMD THRO AI The PATB PBCroRAL and MI BOP PBoTOrt DB DKLAMoRBNdtR, M Baa Btebeltoa. Porta, era of MP contestable efficacy against these disorders. oertiAod hr til Presideotaand as?bsrta( the Imperial Aoed-tny of MoM cine of Franca. May be pad of Mr. DUOONvMf sad of Mr. OUflLHu, Chemists, Maw Orleans. GUBRLAIN. U RDB DE LA PAIX. PARIS. AMBROSIAL CREAM FOR SIIAVISO. FASHIONABLE PERFUMES for the handkerehtof. RAU LUSI-RALX for the hair. EAU DB COLOGNE (preparation sp-oiale.) it GOLDEN SQUARMb stasia peraoes about to r will always Bad at the GLANDERS CAN BS CURED.?ANY PERSON HAT. ing a horse with glanders will hear of aomethlag fto> uable by address I o< Chemtc. box 1M Herald oUloa. ITALIAN COURIERS' OFPICB, London. England.?Families or rlelt Europe are Informed that they _ above office experienced and intelligent couriers, nnmssriaa the highest testimonials. By addressing a letter la the earn rotary. J. FONDATORI, by the steamer in adrsnoe of tM party leasing America, a oourier will ha despatched to I ihelr arrirsTat Liverpool. For further Information i ' as shore. North Carolina trade.?dotou wish to cub. terete the trade of that fertile eectloa of North Oerato as lying east of the Wilmington aod Weldon Railroad f U you do adreriite lu the MEW BERN DAILY JOURNAL o? COMMERCE?the paper baring much the largest clrsalsllooi in that section of the State. It you wish nay information the senior editor, room M Ma> tloaal Hotel, will take pleasure In glrlng 1L He will (aetata In the city e few diys. Send In your orders. Naw Yoaa, March Id. ItaT. 4 ABU. WOODMAN. TAILOR, n RU DE DA CHACttSiE WAN! J}AKI8?L'OKKIOE INTERNATIONAL. BOB NBtXVB _ Si, Aufiixtln, m. Kvarv Information gratuitously* Apartment* provided. Luggage warehoused. PMARIS KXIIIBITION, 1W7.-JI | 10 rue tlasUgHon*. Acuu of I Embassies, estaullabed thirtv-elght 1807.?JOHN ARTHUR * CO.. ??Rtlu British and tmdM regent idea estaollabcd tblrty-etf bt pin, mdetlebe M ram ?xblbltors, Base bad Kxchanxa, Hoes* bad (Utaio A gems, Cuiamlntna. TraaaM Ageolaaad Wlaa tM'.rt inliirmatloo f rails TMIK DIAPIlRAdM riLTKR-MANUFAC ITRKD BT ? ALEXANDER McKFNBtt, No. 00 Weet Fourth street, la the kind of porous PUter to whieh I alluded la my raoswt report to tbe Crotoa Board. I consider the artlMal aaad stoue whleh constitutes tbe Sltertag medium to be as exaaL lent article for the purpose. The Instrument la aelte dura, ble, and only requires to be reversed occasionally t* taaera Md 17?!l'm?ke si Ti CO., Praotleal numbers aa? Hydraulic Engineer*. Particular attcntloa paid to coanlry residence*. Proas the long experience of tbe Una they ara mspared to execute sad warrant alt werfe la their Una Jnh blag la Plumbing sad Una Pitting dsns aa aaaal. Order* solicited from eut of town trade. A. McKBNSIE * CO..? West Fourth street N. T. rpORKIBH WATER PIPER-TOR BMOKRRB 1 use. A large raHety always ee head at lea pate Meerschaum Pipes made to erder and repaired at shi aetiee. BE BO BROS., ?i Fulteaaireet, K f. TTEEONBr ELBCTRO-CEBMIOAJb BATH* OB V Fourth a venae; personalty saperiiitended by the tavern* ton eeleb rated far the sate Of rbeusnatlue. metal! u> sad chronic diseases, and all maladies pecnllar to ladles. R. B.? I Will remove on let May la >oa. 4 and 0 Mast Bleveath street* one door from Fourth avenue $5 000 KEWAIID*~OOI,,^MB,,1?A1" x*w?R*^ _ Hon regarding _ mem, fraud, ci im. coo. and ever erally paid for by the nete*-?lv? ?, Fulton street, where all dishonesty is sifted for parties Im tarreted DKMTISTRT. MOST WONDKRFl'L DINOOVEBY.?TNHTH AMOBT WONDERFUL DISCOVERT?TKHTH SI trooted WKnout pain <tee yearn) by beanmUng apeM. catiea laarcotluuee). La ugutng gas fresh daily* Beautiful 11" ]igkjF J. J AT TILLERS. US Grand street, near Rasa 0 say. 8EALTIH L CONTINUOUS GUM SETS OF TESTE oft rubber base, with Plumpers to 411 eat the face, ti I* . without pain with laughing0U. 110 Grant CMOLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED THE I anaotheile use of nltrtma aside ^s, administer it ta ^t)|) f^-r- Teeth, teetlfy. the most approved method, do nothing but Extra sad certainly do It without pain; so 10,000 peUeat See their names at the office. It Cooper Insllteta. Hi CRAXBa DENTAL OFFICE. 11 Blbte ? 11 Rlbte House, New York. ?ILLlARPd. *C. A BILLIARD TABLE?MBAEfcTNBW. MMR Si 4 packets, aad one 0 pockets. Bella and Cues; vill i# eld cheap Apply at Fraakferl Heeea, owner of FrtekfaH A -WANTED TO RENT. W? A PRIVATEJPtULT. A. a four Pocket Billiard TaNe, for one year for whleh a liberal price will be paid. Address Henrj hi Herald CM>E SALE OR TO RENT-A BILLIARD TAB LB: f everything clonalag thereto complete. Applet US Frlaee street, eerae* of Tkompeoa. rpo LET?PIRdT CI, ABM HOURWOOD 1 Tables, with everythleg In complete order _ ELLA WBEI TOtT-NO IMPOSITION, NEVER FAitUpMR*. ARK, from Europe, greatest buelaeta amj medical (Jant, Sot ad. STES/rSil mirt^. A PACT.?MISS WELLINGTON TELLB OF ?*8tNE8% A theft, good luck and numbers. SB Bowery, opp.cue Sixth Rtreet. Honrs 9 le 4. Madame boss medical and bieinkm clair. roysat has removed her office to 100 West Then yoysnt has removed her office to 100 West Tyea.y sev enth street, mar Seventh aveatie, where she shiws a like ness of lh* person you will marry and tails his Amc. He Ware of illiterate pretender*, who try le imitate t>. Lusty numbeis. VfADAMR WaLTBRM, DlfTI NtU'ISHBD ClMRVOT ' 1*1 ant. Visit her fur every thing-sickness, bust asm theft, names, numbers, rood Met. Ml Canal atr*u EARS. BERRS TEl.l.S ALL VOU WISH TI KKO#** M .how. thsttgees. Kigkttl MfNm. JklEZ