Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1867 Page 5
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EUROPE. Wf THE CABLE TO MARCH 29. The Canadian Railroad Lou Guaran ^ , toed Jb Parliament. HilMtrlaillaKrtr to ko Crowid Atag of HARM MSASTERS^^^^^ffl it. !.. OtORSM AM EM CAN CONFEOIRAtlON. I Tfce (?aa4iM tt?OMra?4 Ito*"' CIM?'P"* M J"' Ixj?oir. Man** INT. ? fet* H'o.aorCtoam/^WiJlat^tVtopcopoaWw of to torment >o gUmmttoo tUC?frt IHIllMlto? | ?J v ' . .-- riS *1. V- i J >/?J4 i. %-7~~ ? ? -I UUCE.^^I Lonxni, Mwk ?, 1MV. ? iti? MM^beed that Kin* Gaorgo of Ctfoaot if toto to - tHC^r'i tlM of Qua Victoria. HUNQAIY. to <Mm Oaraatiao of Khaa Fraaela -Oar.' P*?tb. M raktt, 1MT. ? flft mMMrn if Itoaola Joac*. flaa ?am of Qiaala aa Stag of Haagarr will tab* piaca aft lM *9*14 to Mr MX*, ? fWMCMl AM* CMIMIBCUi. I Unitad Staioa flra-twenUaa ofan at Tt, MatoM 10, Ototo Oaatral aharaa T?X- Caaaala runaway JWK. Loitaoa, Ma?b? Irabaf, Ooaaola doaafltaatdX for mufi 11 *? Mloatac rataa:? -OaMad Outaftntoalr boada ...t? M>aola UatM taiaa boada at Frankfort ooeaad at Vl%. mi M? 34*. nuwron, March 33-Eveoiuf. United Statasbondi dosed at 73*. Pabm, Mmh 29-Bveaing. American bonds quoted * MX. Ttre UtiwhI Crtl* Mark?. Liranrooc, March 23?Nooa. Tko market ope? quiet and steady, with a probable day's arts of T.300 bales. Prices unchanged. Middling ?aphade 83*, middling Orleans 13*. Ike Brokors' Circular reports that the imports et oot the pabt week amount to 204,000 bales, and thO stoekea hand floots up 044,000 hates, being 20*00 baleo above the estimate. The oottou market has been quiet throughout the dep. Truuaeotioae were light, bqt prices are unchanged, the ?tee of >be day amounted to 7,000 balsa. The following ?are the. authorized closing qu |. quotationsMiddling up J 13*d.; middling Orleans, 13*d. kdrtc?from Ifk?haatav are (MarcffjB) unfavorable. Tha market for goads ami par-Is depressed and ec hlWtse declining tendency In prtoee. livsnwet BreadotaWb Market* LrrsnnpeL, March 23?Moth. V The market k ?let at 13a 3d. par eenul for Western red whcgt and 11a 0d. for California whlto. Com ua ?c?agod at 3? Od. per quarter fbr mlail Western. Barter 4a M. Oats 3a 3d. ? LivsneooL, March 20?Evening. Ti_ i si ir,' ?iacarter. Oarm to-day do diked Od. ^or quarter, and dosed at Mt *SikJ&%, Weatore ftour-Wertaa gNaoto? -TwhSOtr-Bo. 1 Milwaukee red 3d., aad whdo L Barley?Amartcaa, 4a 44. and Amartcaa, da 3d. M (Jrerpesl ProvMoms Market. Hv sarooL, Maseh 23 IH g?l, aad articles sis generally without Perk, 7*. id. per bbl; beef, 126a. par _ yer ewt.; shsne, 00a par cwt.; kid. Mi porcwv Lrrwroet, March 30-tvsaicg the prevwtoa market m qakt and sieady. Pork Prtme Baelirs mesa, 77a *4. par 203 Iba Beef?Eatre prims mass, Uia par 304 lba American lard, 63s. par <Wt Liverpool Prodwoe Market. IrmarooL, March 20?Noon. Wilmington rock has deeHesd 3d. slnoe lart tupevt, a? k now quoted at la 04. per cwt. The Oner Moods haveadvaaosd nanaMewkty, sad are quoted at Mg par cwt Spirits turpsaU? has ?dined Od., aad k mMORs per cwt Sptrtk petrokam is steady ot fig., bet standard white has declined Id., the ruling figure being sow la Od. par gallon. Tallow is quiet at' 44a 8U. Ashes 34s. for pbta. CKtrsmed 64a per cwt. , Ltvxnrooa, March 20?Evening. Aahoa?Pot* 84a par cwt; splrlk mrpsnilos, 37a per a Reel a?Common, ?a Od., ?d ? lia perewt r?Qdeia jtemUnl white, la OA., and sptrtte lid. par gallon. Tattow?Amartcaa. 4*a Od. Llnsssd oil, ?33 par ink; cake*. *10 per ton. Whale oil, ?41 par 362 Iron, 32k par Ma for Bootcb pigs, mind ne~ Jjoyvox, March 23?Heoa. Iron, B2a for Sootch pig. Linseed oil, ?30 par too. T T in 1 ovkee. ?10 per ton. Calcutta hnoaod, toil, ?41 per ton. MARINE INTEUICENCE. Qrwrmnv*. March 20,1807. Tha steamship Tho Queen, from Mew York March 13, put m here to-day en route to Llvrpoo). IxvuKfiMUr, March 20, 1807. The steamship Move Scotlan, from Portland March 10, arrived here to-day, and subsequently proceeded to Liverpool Fautom, Eng.. March 20.1S37. The steam hip Fulton, Captain Tuwnaend, from Mew York March 10, arrived hare to-day, and after landing miOaard paaewogem proceeded to Havre. LmritrooL, March 20.1807. Tha ship Frederick, Captain Farmers, from Mew York February 10, waa abandoned at sea In a sinking oondt tioa. The crew were saved, and hare arrived at an Kagtkh port Qrmomroww, Marrh 20, 1807. The ship I. R Reel?r. Cardiff, for Mew Pork, aad C. Jones, Liverpool, far Philadelphia, have arrived here Moras la tho Black ?*. Lowoo*, Marrh 23,1807. A despatch from Odessa reports a terrible storm la tho *8feok Sm, in which Mvoral ?*??!? wtr? wrtckfd, with ?xn?lM?riifn HNVICTIM Of THE HAWQM MM MMUI, Htitrma, March 20,1337. The rose of Chirlet I* Tuller. late tollar of the Mart* ford Bank, charged with abstracting 120,000 IW gown* nasal booda, Bo property of Ixipal Wlloo*, of thk city, la August last, waa given to U&Jwry ^1%,'"L ^ ?.?1 ...i 1U half aa haw thay i edited a verdl ct ot ^-fauoa sopo^o ?t ?to the Supremo Court, a? law, aadM "*y*.8k placed under >00,000-ode to Jg* when he trill reoeivebkeeaunoe unto*la now wai^a ...mdtet ?f I?. M'T JBVwWIJOIgpljJ ,gated couilderable surprise. Many ihought tha jury w?uld diaagrae. ? RA1LR0A0 PAYMASTER 38ME0 OF $20,000. 1/irsvrrtta, Mareh 20, 18*7. A party of burvlars In the paymlrter of the Jeff-rsonvllln . 1 .1 Jsftara'dihlle. this morning, and rtok ^ tainiag 140,030 and eomo records and memwanauma. T-u ? night wn&man was bound and qaggef and gohua u.s robbery waa balng p?Tp?trated. No arreaia BROOKLYN JNTELUGSSCk Tmoi'ulc a m Fiu Dei-a*t*i:nt.?Th? Mr* Com*' ?mm recently adoptee a rule prooibU ?? the Are com pUM running their apparatus 4o*? grade, end fmr liculariy oa the railroad track*. The Cemwtwhweie, lo teat the manner ia artuoh the oampenlae obey the bm date*, cawed two several alarm* to be aoooded, taking deaee that the mgtrtartoua referred to were aatinty ignored. Yeaterday morning, pomuaat te order* front i the Caaaaalaalaaarl. the totlowiag oofapaniea war* tees Hly auapeaded and their apparatuses locked up:? porarMy suspended aad their apyaratuaes locked upg? Engine companies Won I, 8, 8, ?, Id. IT aad 19, Hoee commute* Mo*. 1, % i, #. % 1 and I, aad Book and Ladder companies Noe I aBd 1 The firemen lea radaitatiaw ahteaa ika OawMlwuwara with lriftllltoi ? w WW]^F waaw wamaa w aurs^^w^^m of the city ordisaocee la directing the beU ringer, Oeerie Kin*, to give the alarm*, ho* of which were falsa. and Chief Engineer John Cunningham en thin charge procured warrant* front JuaUec BulkUy for th* arreetof Cotnmimieaere Foil* Campbell, Bordott Striker, Waiter Barry, Jr , and A. a Thorn, to answer the ndig- I nation of the fireman. The warranto were served toat evening and their axaminattm will probably take plow A Dumtssftm Caw.?Coroner Lynch held an inquest I yesterday touching the ease of a woman named EHaa SHtb A4am*, who jiied o? Thursday night of apopfcewr. ?aypwrs ihat dotted, wjm eqeldqg Jfc' a wruic|ed hovai in Court atoeet, near Hamtltoa Court (treet, near BAmtHoa avaaamHB* Brooklyn, retired on the night in question" while ondeH kTs&is^ ? isftwiJss %fC. tp we mMUeof the nigK.the.lif1 having ha* J ?indrenedbythe cries of the Bttle eae, oaUedtoher rataraed, qgr did agate attoSgSdtal BOthtTi Mfcdl bOMtf NUMMM9 tft WWB' I from the bed aad' liehtod a oaadta, She ww thw tor rtged. on discovering that her mother aad only parent, whoa* she ?upptned to be sleeping so soundly, ww la the eoM ma'braes of death. Yoaag w the girt wan, ah* am*d*BWWto*ariwr awa dMiinatog mtaa vufo. taqntot Umadwaf awr ^^? Thew fecto having appearedat the iaqneat by the ^^?r, the Jury twain I t verdict *T death Mm apoplexy. Deeeeead ww a widow, ahaat tHty-tn ymn ? of aget aad foraama Ume pctvtow tehar death hail bean addicted te latemyeraaee. Theeraheaa were do-1 h vered over to the Saperiabeodeat of the Pear, whs I win provide a hotae for thaw at theto*^^^^H ^^^^^^^^^?-Thowiaweof thagnli | ^^^^^^^?KUhftlCaadwa, Iwated BBM piaoa (toxth ward), ww reperted jaUwday ottha^H oftheUnitedStatoe Dtobriet Attorney, ThamtaawMj amde oa the greand of Mae ewtrtee hmriag been mada oa tha books; the* the drm had dletiBed a great deal more spirito than th* quantity of grata entered ea th* hooka A very largo quantity of wfclakay toned la th# eittern, together with aM the wpnmaaai* ht, gf the NSW JXSNXY XOTXLLIGEUCK. Javaoy City. Mat?FalWeal otrolw Mh forthestraote that i* tabs decided oa Twoday week. BepahWw ???g- were heM ia several wards on Thainday arnalng fog tht iltotiw <f dtiegatoa Tha Democratic City Executive Committee MM a myotiag also, aad raaolvad to oali th* ptlmmj maetlnga on Two-, day Beit. Primary meattoge for the alutlaa of data rates ware held ia the Ftfet, Biota! and Third ward* of wrung up among tha metjow. Tba aid wg^^^H element is ooaeidered lea fer behind me Idant ef^^l conservative aohool which saw ito heyday in the dolphin Convention, and pot feaawd ia ihh dHH Robert Gilchrist w * ohamptan, wWww defeated. , t Ooaounaoa or ?B Tbial or Juaiiua Hobolby.?'The, fctal ec Mar N. Hoartay, ok Jwwy OMR, whs *w im peeehad for toalfeimai/ ia aOoot ww otoMMfod *..] Tburaday, whan (ha defeadaat ww found guilty oa the irit charge and sentenced to deposition from oOee. Bo wwwqgutnd * the other obargaa pabakaw. - ' ? Anlawjrr on m Bofodb Axo tbeax KuusoAn.?Aa tha eight o'clock train .Thxn MOwark ww crawlagotha meadow* aaar the Bergaa tunnel the eagloe broke dowa. | Traiw ware delayedTar aver an the aeddent. Berg**,/ ? **kk?, m ' IvooaroRAtfc* with Immwt forr.?A bill hw babn In-1 trodaced in the Aaaembiy to extend tha territorial Umlts g( Jeraey CMy to ioclada the township of Bergen. STATIN tSLAW MTILLHENCE. Limi m or Bsrnisonn?Am' 0U> Chpucb Bvuv.? ^[ilww o'clock ymmUy morning the roof of 8k. church, is the village of Richmond, | 4ifoefin4 to bo on flxo. Tito fimten ?n |UMi l#v ?Ml M|Wi """ ?" ? TwW BnOVo ^?aittea wuamakfcg aflmla the lower M of tho ?Mb oft Mm time, ?4 ft to supposed that Uio I ?win flow to tho root, and Mm tho Are. St Arfdrsw'a oh arch woo owe of tho oldest in tho United States. It woo ehortorod and boilt la ITU by Queen hah. Tho present presiding aHiiejinan to tho Bfv- Dr. Kingston Goddard Tho ehtrehwus insured for fld.000oadtho omen fov$$00, to tho Richmond Oonnty for fl?,Mdaadtto onaa for $M0. ft the Btchmoad Oonrtr Mntaoi Iooaiow 1 OompeuT- tho total lose to ohoot $10,000. Tho ohly thing* (trod from tho Are wore o few rate* whloh war* la tit* vwftry room. A dotaohmoaft of pohc* wo* OMt by Oopuia Botbrook from ataplslin, under 00mmead of Sergeant Gay. UM MUM MTEtUEWE. Bn&n or to Ota Biiimi or Fwaw. Cboriao C Loamaoe, an aid resident of flnohiag oad at < that town, died aft hia rootdeaao, Block Stamp, on Tuesday eroatag last. The decerned woo seventy-eight year* of af* and hold many offices of traat in tho town, tad hh Iooo will bo oeroroiy twit. Railboao flora?It a stated that the Soot Now Took tad Timatra Bono Railroad Company are about dlepoo PH of their road to the Brooklyn City Railroad Company, ?so It Will be ballad with doHgta* by tho noldoato oa the root* and at tho tormina*. Oaten Laaomrr.?freak Lawrence, a gentleman of potai, waa brought before Justice Wlllete, of Flnfeillg, *a Taeoday loot aad ooaamittod for tfloL hh oflkaoo batogUiatof stealing fllU from a maaof tha nam* of NEW OMRTEIFfIT UNITED STATES NOTES IN BIC8UTWN. Tho aity aad tha oonatry ato getting fhirly flooded with counterfeit United Statee bank notes, and tho adroit raacais who rental* so much la making gad ?ending imitattm* aad alterations of national bank bills are evidently reaping rtoh harveeta Inyastlgatioa ?hows that for half a generation there has' not been 00 much "queer," as tho dealers coll it, afloat as at tho present time. Careful, observant people can ordinarily detect it, bat tha poor and the laboring classes, who handle little money, and ar* so easily deceived, are vic timized largely, end suffer In proportion. Within the last forty-eight hours mm than forty persons In all aoris of box id sos have had tha bill "shoved" oa them. It is of the denomination of flva dollars, an imitation of that of the People's National Bank, Jackson, Michigan. It is a roughly executed wood engraving, badly done as compared witb the original, and yat well calculated to dcoeive in its general appearance. But It la easily de tected by evea 0 casual inspection when attention to called to It. The signatures of both president and cashier hre printed, While in all genuine frills these names are Invariably written. The letters "t" and "*" lb the title "Pres't" in (he original are sepeiaied hp an apos trophe ; In the counterfeit they ere joined, with no apos trophe. In tho counterfeit the nest Agere of the two re almo males, sitting, on the lewer right, is almost invisible; In the genuine it la very clear and distinct. The book of the bU! Is atm mose btmgiingly made than the front. The green Is palo end poor, aad in the true bill no loiters along thof top touch on the green border, while In toe spurious the words or* portly printed on the green entirely ?cross. The ptetar* plate is too large for the green border. There ere several minor differences, b*t these Will he * safeguard if observed. ^^Mol operati^^^^M ? the plan of operation in getting counterfeits in circu lation should be onderttood in order to save the pobllci Let it be known, then, that this Mil on the Michigan Jackson Bank to not the one that Is Intended to be I shoved. But It is another bill on another bank proba bly In a totally different section of country, that will I he extensively printed from this same plate with only the name changed. Flint comes the "flyer," end when that to "started," detected, exposed aad | everybody to looking for It, nil of e sudden ont eomeo the "mete," end before any one suspects 1 It the mischief to dona end vicfTmi uselessly moon by tbodnadh 80 In this torn, "Look ont for the second billI" Distrust all "Avee," and keep close to the Beak I Not# Repotger, for the rogues are about and watching eyer^Hfiwsoaflpo^ei^^^^rar^nftwo^ji^ nod the hen* they, Would do may be materially Inter fered with. There I* etoe to circulation a dangerous counterfeit "taw" oar fee "fetor CHy National Bank of Rochester, N. Y." It to well executed, but fee signatures of tho officers in this, as in too Other, am engraved, Instead of bong written, no tbay am in ibo genuine bilk. The bod Mil to half en in oh longer Item the good owe Cere will The "fifties." compound interest notes, are also imi tated very aeoceeafnuy. Although thpy have "a -oraichy appearance." Thorn ore certain characteristics of coun terfeits that enable as expert to detect them at a glaeee It Is the uninitiated that generally suffer, and those who oaa least afford it get swindled. But everybody should know, now that thev never see saythtng but paper money, enough to be suspicious. The paper of genuine bills Is always eston nice, and counterfeits never It is invariably tbn rula that spurious bills are printed on cosrsc anil Inferior paper, totally lacking the finish of hank note paper Then the lak is gooeraMy poor, and the green sod rod colors ere nover 00 clear, floe and decided as the genuine article. UE ??? MH?M tneCE?MK< OF m liGHJIIHL fmypnf pf Fine. tral Rattroad. H ?BBSfifaHiri t l (Kf ?v A Important Amendments to $ke Health tmm *i'. lM laiPMPPWa Q'PMP'to'PldPHPiP iy The RUfara tti? Caaal fuJiB 1 w BMHhbui MpMaTyHHHHHPHI la the iMaUr thie moraPpIMi lUeamMM* WM .a-*- -? atakart^MMte iM- Him^ ? ?ka ?aauk |^m| *-? ? WHMMK WDnOMHi HN MMi OTB? W DX - from Up* P Um Um em k wfp aad Phi of p exaapt<ta ortaM PM* Pit a* IWIWIP of tbifMil Pmm tbtmrtth ttfulwpi IP M to wplito M?if wberata Mpilitoyp^iHkUtMMpalH of ?ttoar ooMtot Of danger P Ml pttPk wpfap ?PIP OrmdlagOamtolii. TM Bpadtac Oop ^^^^^JltoWtlPUPlP CAU. Ma A MMUIR RMS (MlMlM. tM DaaMoratle HUP OMPP PrMI 1.1 **H for a ItoP OmraUw, P Pi aappoaad of two< ?? IP M of April, P P largo P tk* OoaotttoMPaol OoavoaUoa, fM bill P Piumi tM Central papod iMdikt) by ? tip of algbp <p? P thirty wthtH* Haarip tka wh??A Awthm mmAmi waa ammmamA P IP iUupilii. Mr. Tootogtore appoaed H te ? two Up toppUw PpwiPhetoP pemt ? Mghe* IP* of woy ?Cr throagh fMght By tt* operation of U? M vm Unnl ftp* flw CMbpIMii of Um ft* Pa IMP raadlap and Mnoo P IP ?I >??*??. TM ?oppNdtoP ndto nan Um eCUMPa PaU nUroada of tMyaorWoa ragnlrttog drapaph PIM tri?mlPtoP Of fpptoi. m PIPlP au * LAW. TM flovtomr Mgtotod tM CoqatltaUoaal Onrntta ThnbUI p eoaapel Um Sowed HuiPro P raaeve tMir |aHM**P tM Worth to Um iMt rlrer wae effectually | op Mid to tophi by Mr. M. G. Muphy and was voPd It MpttotoPd P to mm Bttto plan of popart? the auto PUP obMM* Um ralne of Pair ptol ootap. amiawaa to nnp I The Pm* gentleman reported from tM CbmaltP* on Military Aflkira * bill P edtbdrtee tM Mperrleon of the ooanttee of tM State to pep 10 the eoldMro of 1M1 and jwt hnaaMra praportPnaP P Pe aiaonnta paid P HP | and IBS*. no mt. ramok's bat Mr. Tin 11 Me latrodaoed a bill P prwraat Um parade | or prooaeatoa of nnanlMclaad atpod bodlea to tM ciUoa Kw York aad Brooklyn. Ml matothj ?? ftirfrf lldai una to lake IntMoaeedf IM i ml in il olooUon to the Bghtbdl*. OW YOILK LBOOLATUBB. Aliart, Maroh ?, 1867. tha charter of iba Cayuga ite Braaca nd Rhlos Antharlstac the Tmmmay Society to take Ml boM ?laeorpentlag tha Maw Tack aad Laag Wand Bridga Company. For the drainage of oertaln low laato la Kria oounty. Tha Du tehees couaty Kxotee MIL i eoaatjr ] la Amending tha aot laoarparaUnf tha Tiaatiia of tha. Farocbial Toad af tha Dtocoaa of Saw York. RalaUvo to tb? aaaaal alactloa of tha Laqg Istead Historical BocWy. # Amending tha charter ot tha Tonkara Water Workc Company. Amending tha chatter of tha CUArn Bgrlaji Watar Cara Otapaaj. Balatlra ta Aaooamm and thotnteootloa to Waot Troy. Enabling tha Naurt aad Baitala Iiaa aad Caaaaat Company to bold real aetata. [ Authorising the Durango Silver Klaing Company ta 'S&SjMsaSi*- *? ig the official aeteaf tha ~ ' Oaaflnatagb ma af Ma county.

Making appropriations tor tha aapport aad aaoa of the ranala for tha aaaotag year. Irasafif the aat authorizing oartaia towns ta taka atook la tha Cttca, Chenango aad tfusqeehaana Railroad. for tha completion of tha nuflalshort baataaaa la tha offloa of tha Surrogate of Orange ooanty. Authorizing the Tmrellers' Inaonoce Company to effect Insurance upon the Uvea of Individual* To provide for the security and payment of certain In debted eeaa of the town of Onondaga. To oztoad tha Jartadietloa of ihePohoe J net ice of Too* kern Authorising the city of Oewago to borrow money to pay the floating debt. Incorporating tha village of College Point. Amending the charter or Poughkeepete. Changing the name of the Bludenta' Aid Aaooclation of New York. For the relief of the stockholders aad credited of Dutchess County Bank. Incorporating the Merchanta' Mutual Petroleum Secu rity Company. For the drainage of the low laade ia FTuahing, Quaaaa oounty. Authorising tha laying of streets and crosswalks la West Farms Authorising Uw formation of corporations to eecuTO paraoaagae and other property for the print ding elders ef the Methodtet Kpteoopal Church. Asaeodtag tha charter of tha Now York College of1 DentHiry. Authorising the National Travollen' Insurance Cam pany to oflhet iasuiuaoos upon the Ursa of individuate. Relative ta the Commwatoasti of SaUmatoa aad Iteimmiala ia Now York. tub mnr caral. Mr. Wstoorr called an the resolution giving the coo mat of the State to the Catted mates to build tbd Niagara Ship canal, aad It was adoptsd by yoai IT, aays T. ?JfLABOUm OF LOOM OR TRR ARD RUB Mr. Oiaaqa movod that tha Canal Committee ha In structed to report a Mil tor tha nnaatin linn of the flva ' wks on the Cbamplaln canal not yat enlarged. Carried. Mr. Aniaaws called up lha reaalattea inrtrccting tha Canal Committee to report a Mil to provide for the en largement of owe tier of looks oa the Mo Canal, aad It "an an to looted# fluo locks oa the Cham plain canal. The Mils ware subsequently reported. Adjourned tin haV-paal seven o'cl evening. ? ? o'clock OR Monday Pi to authorise hat tnanraaoas upon the Uvea af MdlvMnaM: ta aamad tha Charter of the Mam York Pioriflaat Fund Society. To amoad ton charter of Ooddao. To incorporate the Associate Prom of the State af Nate York. To Authorise the Common Council of Uttea to borrow money for the erection of school houses. Aealntt reducing the capital stock of the Adriatic In surance Compmtv. To nmend the insurance laws. To nmond the charter of the Brooklyn Ltfls Insurance Company. ? Rclatkre ta the aao of certain heats sad vimslo la the Metropoiiiae Police District To amend the Oeptud Police aot. Relative to the office of Rooordoc Chombeifaia sad Ait,m>*r of1Wr Toeloee a portion ? Mmekt S*** ?? * *a*Ma?WJ . *".'" Wtamlttea on Public Ezpendttares will h? '" yy- room in the ChpfSVet un *cioc? I M. to-morrow mornlnr. If *?*&.\5i"S2/l =?r^???5& (n Pabllo Ezmqom. I _ - ? - ??J Ezpoaoot. Ths next ?oraiag, which was ths day btlbrs veetor. day, I appealed before the committee and Mated to.thorn Ysrtjtto SOTSd b^reE^T, ?? in Nsw ?wn propoaitioa did not aaotn to be aiSftaswms - a ? -1? ^ ruom in iDe inernoon I mm tn ttetias that Hr. Hultmrd wished 11S..S Hones? Repreeentetivoa. I lauao SsIS Aooordiaal/lreetinlevl''*!' ??*** fiSyfw ?" MW oommitioe, ir I Wished, on ^?c??llf?ly (yestordsy), I w..0 oommitwo at tea o'clock in the morning, m *>* the committer that I vent before the nte*aa?aeiml thbijcw with the clear understaSto^UWrnrmti iS. 2! !?Sf7-Mt!,'.>>? - I eras leayina 'jMUlHI n JTStt? * of M" IteluMaB .ay pryooltloo to haeyS^Lty^T!y?^1D0* TifSerileTlll i |TTr IT** " l?* aUtMMOi whir i to it it no ted SMT by the stdof V ?,t BMMS wbch 1 ooald herein any oowe of ??? ?SSssu? insrs teiS ? ?H bknry a. skytbk. REX"! THE CAittUM i CKWECTWT. Noawios, Marob 18, W67 GeneraiWilliam H. Gibson, of Ohio, addrsmad a largo Mooting o republicans la Brood Boll tirtn evening. kitweht mum. ? TBS BDfTOa or TBI BSBALD. Mawacao, March 38, 1867. f clip th following from yesterday's Triton*? Mr. Kngah says bo la la lavoraf sight boars an a lagal dag's worl The worktagmaa of Coaasclient ask too pertinent uertioa, "Why don't yon make it so tn yonr Motorira? As Mr. Oaaloy ia (a teror of a loaamption of sped#' payments would Ilka to oak him the "pertinent qaee Hon," ' Wy don't yon make It m tn yonr establish 7W THE TOM. Mobile Karoo-Fifth Day. Moans, March 38, 1867. The Mapolla couroo waa rather hoary ysatefday from the raia ottho prortoaa aflrninnn; bat the day be lag One the adndance waa large, and the racing highly ox otting. T? first exeat waa for Mm Battle Hoaao stake, 2Hhich brotht to the port William Cottroll's Ally, Jennie ? Finely id Canada PhO raao waa mile bests. Jennie C. woo tadtly, making a short rubber In 1 :?H? 1:40*. The abol waa followed by a race at mile beats, best throe In Ire, for a puna , the only contestants won 9um? wail rack son and Sarvh X. tha forator won la ; three atrajht heats OMTVMT. Ilea. >?org? Read Riddle, at Delaware. Beaatar'iddle, wheee death la Wartilagtoo y eater day fcaaasnartta thta morning's Maasto, waa bora ia | BsWoasriePel., In 1617.' Be wee edaeaiod at Delaware | College, wMe he studied engineering. He afterwards I enfbged Ithe eagioeortng proftaaioo, sad wss for years I employed!a locating aad constructing railroads aad I nankin III snnsylvtaia, Dataware, Maryland aad Vlr I gala, thert ef which waa the gnat work at Harper's I Ferry, darwaids he started lorn waa admitted to the . I bar in MA end waa appelated Deputy Attorney General I for Ms oe??onu?ty. whlrb pnettton be b?ld 'intil I WO, I wbea he to rtistad a MbprasenUtire from Delaware to I tbe Tbirtrteaad Congress. aad re-elected to the Thirty ?third Ooaeas, serring oa the Ooomttttee en Roeda hod ?Canals, M was ohatrman of the Cemsnlttee on Bagrsr ? ings, nndao of {special committee on the Penman ?gnene antlea. la 1840 he wm appointed by the Oof leTmir "f ? ft ate a commissioner on the pert of Dels Hn ;< re loWace tbe celebrated "Mason and IN ton'a line," Httie repoof which waa printed by the 1-esl.Jalsrae of H 1 ennsyloia. Deitwan end Maryland in 1*08. He waa Halso t digate to the several detn , rath netlonsl (ton H fentlon-f i *44. 1141 *? i lsr.fl In 1M4 he was eleetod It feusidn fongress from Delaware for the term end- I lis In ?, serving on the Committee* en tbe District of Hthdiimh Man nurture*, i*r tale Und Claims aad I ? Priattni In polit < s ha waa cisaatd among the old tine I H demerit. I IYI CONFUMATIONt. ummi rung bi? Mi?ti if m^|' ^ I^Ti^ wimTW it lupsp ,ftw,uw. Jtgj ' I factory, which oovorsd four lota on Sixth B g(||itf' iif * 0?WtBI ftf Bff OB# fM*i?>? OTMilwii to It* two buildings ad- I niM, ut Mr erooMd to tbe row or brown atoms I HHipi oo Ot northwoot corner. Several powerful I being 4nOwoi< led an the Oral floor on Riooory otoro, and ad. f a bnwheretore, kept by a German. Adjoining, on ^Maeventh otroot ?u a marble yard alao owned by Toikaalnc^ TIM liaw extended lo ll* prt ^^?mcor J. Rafel, No. 109-Wool Forty-seventh ^^^^^Mjweo fortunately oavod by tbo untiring efforts I No. f6$,oocupled by Ranbea Rowley, owner of (be JbnMteg; Ko. 108, occupied tad owsm by J. HI Bar* I naan, ahd the eoraer building. I No ML occupied by Mr. J. Fbillpa woe eocaMerabiy I damaged ay both In and water; m fact, the upper por I Uoaa of tao'bntldlng* and the roof wore deotmyed. The I building on the aoatheeoteornerof Fortv-oeveoth atreet I and Sixth aveaoe woo occupied on the Oral floor by Mr. I Bowraakon aa a butcher atom, and adjoining, on Sixth I avenue, by Waldqck It Oa aa a oonfectionery store. The 1 I upper portion was oocupiod by Mr. Bowrooken aa a I dwelling. The entire upper portion of thia building waa | I destroyed. The Ore alao oommantcHod to the I I bulldloge Ron 74, 76 and 78 Wert I seventh atreet, tbe roofs of wblcb weH I troyed. No. 70 waa ooc spied by Joseph L. k WmI I aa a dwelling, alao owner of tbe building; bis loss la I about HWC Insured la tbe North American, Homo; I Coatlaoatal and:Philadelphia companies Tbe Are ex I tended down Sixth avenue on tbe east aide to Nos 894, 833 and 820. Tba two Brat named wemtoUlly destroyed I and the latter oonalderably damaged. EL Mailer occupied tbe first ? floor of Na 823 as a boot and shoo atom, and tbe upper portion I Nmauaod aaadweinngbyaavanijhmMlas. Tbo building I I Na 834 was ooonpled on the Aral floor ass tailoring estab lishment, end tbe upper port by tups fomMius. wbo lost osraa arUrto they hrtL It was near twelve o'clock when the flroqaon auecoeded In arresting the progress of the I flames, and to Engineers Sbunacy, Bates and Rhodes is I great credit due. I The walls of the factory fell in abost half-part eleven, I wtu a tremendous crash, burying beneath tbe rains [ atoam engine No. 2fl. I The following is the low and insurance aa far as oooid I Among tbe buildings that bad a narrow escape waa tba I residence of Ban Bryant, located on Forty-seventh street. I A large number or tile occupants of the buildings la tbe I vicinity, all of wblcb an first claw brawn atone fronts; I removed a lam portion of tbetr furniture. | A member of one of the engine companies ww badly I injured by a log falling on blm. I to* rouowtxo ? ran now an twrmanoa:? ^kWW^mMm MlMat about $84,000 on gTnbou tW 00? ^^^Bbo partly losured. I The four story building No. 826 Sixth avenue, south I saw ooraor of Forty-eavaolh street, woe oocupiod en the I flrrt floor by Joeopb Bowraaon, as a huu-ber shop, and a I dwelling in the upper part by Mr Bowraaon. The top I story sod roof la burnt out, and the lower floors I ooonderxbly damaged by wator. The damage done tod I the boildlag la eetlmatod at about $4,000; Insured. Mr. I Bowraaon's km amounts to about $4,000: no inwraaea. I No. 090 Sixth aveaua, occupied by Mr. welduck?fhacy I bakery, and a dwelling over the aura. Damage done to I stock about $4,000, and to fbrattura about $3,000; said I to be Insured. Tbe damagedeae to the balldlng is about I $6,000: Insured. I No. 894 Sixth avenue?dm floor n tailoring establish-1 meat, by John fohniedor. Stock damaged about $2,660; I the dwrtllog over tbe store was damaged about $3,000; ? said to bo Insured. I Na 822 Sixth a venae?a boot and shoo store kept by I John MuHer; stock damagad by wator about $1,600; In- ? eared. The upper port of the dwelling was damaged I about $2,000; sold to bo insured. I On the other aide of tbe avenue, Na H n fbur story I houw was burned out- Tbe upper atorten wera ocauptod I aa dwellings and tbe basement w n ptamMng shop by I J. Brady. Tba bnlMhag ww damaged about $2,600, and I the tenants' property woo considerably damaged, probe-1 My to tboamountofl $3,000; portly want. I On Fovty-oavontb street the dwellings oppcaMa the I factory?Now 101,106,10$ and 107?were considerably I scorched, but were kept from iurtber damage by an I effective stream from a auomar. Ma 10$, adjoining the I factory, owned and aanftad by Mr. Bapheet, waa I damagad in the roof, probably to the extent oi a boot I $1,000; Insured. I On the comer of Forty-seven lb street, directly endev I tbe factory, S.|H. Leonard A Oa kept a grocery atora The I whole of the eontsots of tbe store woreidartroysd; the I low estimated at shout $12,000; inawed for oaJy $6,000 I In the Klreaeen'o luawanw Company. I There appeared to bo a great aooretty ot water; bat I tbe flmman worked bravely and with a drtormte alien to I provont the fire from spreading. I Ik# actual cause of tbo flro Is ot praoOat nnknowa. I Tbt* factory hu for some time part been a terror to the I mhabitants in tba immediate vicinity, aotowo atrtad I there was not a night cap* but what they anticipated to I be baraed out before morning. They dootoro thor will I Oppose tbo eroWlon of onochor factory in that location. I fa ?tiw ferret, Tbe alum of (Ira at a quarter to two o'clock yaaterday morning originated from 111 Braeaaa at root, in tbo cigar and oaedy afore owned by Lonta Wight. Tbo flames vara aoon exiiDgulahad by tha firemen. Damage to tbo atoak and flxtnros and to tmeaabold furniture about |MO; laaarad for HJAOl Mfc Wight and bia family vara away at a ball whan tbo Are broke out The building la owned by John Brady; It la damaged about $300, and la Inanrod for $2,000 la tbe Stuyveeaat bmranee Company. In WaiMaiia Mraai. About ona o'clock yesterday morning a lira wag die I severed fn tba ataaaa planing mill of Welia A Bontacon, Bo. 871 Washington* Street, corner of Clarkann street Tlie flamaa warn quickly extinguished. Damaga trifling Supposed to Bart origin*tad from ataam boiler. Flra In last Nineteenth fe rent?Twenty.ene Heme* Daraed la Dtalb-LaN Abwnt IQIiMI. A lira waa dtaoorarad at flva o'clock, oa Friday mom lag In tbe frame atablaa Koa. 14 aad Id Raat Nineteenth street, near Broadway, owned by I* White aad occupied by him aa a llrary table. Tba flamaa apread with such rapidity that only oao coach waa takaa ant uninjured, ?id all tha horaaa, twenty-sine la aumbar, ware boned to death. Mr. White owned elayan of thorn rained at $4,#00, be also baa loetflre eoaobot, worth $4,0OT, aad bamaaa aad .alalgba worth ?>,000, on which property he baa as aaaaraaea. The abode alao wore owned by Mr. White. T-osa about $1,000: an iaruraaoa. Tha atbar horaaa ware owned by vert ana part tea as follows<H W. Comatook. two hiuma, cwntaga. bantaae, Ac., worth $2 000, no ipanraaoe; W. H. Perftne, two botaaa, buggy, bamaaa, he., watth |1,M0; laaarad for **? amount in tba Oonunoewealtb * worth $000; no iasnrann, A. W. Cr*Tan, one hone, buggy, he.. woaU? Mil no Ineur anoa. L. Pay. ona barm, boggy, he., worth flOOO. A. Jaaoh, three botaaa, bamaaa, Aa, worth $1,400; In jured fbr $1,000 In tha Woyveaant tnanran re Company. The Oto waa evidently tba work of aa iaaaadtary. Tha ?aMwamMtaam tat arhadadjoining dhMflahlmmm tbaaaat. Tha ahada bad beea partly torn previooa. In Eighth Arraae. Between eleven aad twaive o'clock on Friday morning, A Are broke oat In tha tenement bouaa, 712 Eighth ave nue, owned by Robert farmer, aad before the flamaa were extinguished the building Ml damaged U> the extent of $1,000; Insured for $3,000. in ilia Park (neurones Com pany. llic damage to tho furniture of tho tenants will be about $1,200 Tho renaa of theorem unknown at lane ' >*?* 4?r/>. wiw,w? , Fir* t? Kigbth Aveaaq. Between eleven aad twntrn tfefciek mytardaw fore boon aire caoerrert si Til Eighth MNN, en the fwtAh ?U occupied if ?d tMirniaf In 0 before H ? o?tnlobed tie HM fln wm iMfNed benuiif In Mm Mnpi. mS mni IllM-ftntOkopiovof an i **nmv9 row.~ amo, a inra iinw* "THE SKKLROH UTTU-OUMf* Pqmr?uLnm a Umiwu H*net" ?' Smxo," Ann "Rimoui on a RuiwH i Tonw Wlngto antacrlpUoo, ft; Three *hreoofMr f?; ooftao, fii. Sta?te_^^^^H ooats Mi A Mmilad amM' of ?erted in tie Vout Imin eould not oonUl? v?H orliuw^^ The beat ekelahe^rtrie!^ Dm3feiEAH as well aa grace and The new"'InVlnMe Trail" of le a greet Improrement on the old adapted tonarroy-aored drente.?? . Bradley's Duplet Iklna are Mew York as the hut jr eklrt it bewweto^^^^H Lh-1t'? Book for March. 1M7. pJMs^SSri^Ki^sa*'^ ?|jfBiHwft5Sir5 aSCW Freak lealda Maps sloe for March. I For aale in alb the first claes Mere* la the MM Mm;I had elsewhere. I ? A Iitrie AeaegaeeM ef Fei ehare ^^B^ariSS prices. Betting H. i^1??u2a? W **** 9m^ tof tttla#wrtMwi unp?r>iM?4 m a balr dr?Mtnf. hwotsMikilrdMBH^Ma sT hair dresetog. MM braR draggla* aa* A^CHBVAlSl^Sr^ .&kSSS^5&SSf?s j%^^'??A^32?usrJbSr tot. Faettry P Barclay street araafia ggjsr taaiyg^. .a^ytaa^^T^wJra'iw ?here. f?mjii> ft?rt?g. fttyle ef CMnMl ?l)h Broadway. near Dnane street. eiee't Kms* all 1 H'MMfe?? together with upwarda of Ms styles ta gentle and boelaaoa Bala, at UEMJl'B, MS Broadway. Floreaee^ ^flZfflrci? SB^tfO Ma CHIMES, *? Broadway, Mow Ta < As&Jssa aBw?t'?*afc s Baretoy (tract. ?a ort?c (.Mtlf For a muufi 'aeturer, 118 Khhi a treat. . OWrr ?t Rahrf* HI**#* Premium Scwlif Machine*. Ct Broadway. Mew Fork. i rnw?i?e Prim PnId for OM Be?IU-l OO.OM 00 uunlr mimPtukm, 1 n **wiha rtmat. CO., Canal atrcei SOOTUIM? 8TMITF fee nil <1 *??*** I nnfcle At to the period of e?M(C In ohtfdiwn. it iMMra Uic ohtld from pat*. rureawfnd ootlo, regtilaMa 'he ImwH*. and hr atrip# relief Mil health to Iba ehlM. gtaa* mat (a MM mo*n#r. IhirtpIWwcenl* a bottle. Me -tlra and rail roe " MUM. WINMLOW* SOOTHTMO SVMIIV having the far MmOa of Tnrtta A Park*?" o? lb* cirtatde wrapper. All other* era baa* tmltaUona. tKMKDT. Caad Inwardly. New York agrrtta, Mia* Bama* A O*., Well*, Hebntoold, t'oiMltigton, laAfcUB Don ijloon? and Ml Wnda of Oeld and Wlvar *** W TAYLOR A CO., Banker*, IB Walt ctreet, M. f. all l??id Lkliwy 10 Wall (treat, Mew To**. eJrsUftj; -"?VWlWt" grd Aaalotatlon oa the TRUmpa*? Kito Ahaae* Mf * ws&sssss&ssm ChETlf.T^M .S 5W mpermrtw -a.ltrojBnw - nr.laerael adiMratloe aai**.rArra at rtie h^rlt and nthera Who want io aectir* a heooralng ^ f^'?nahl? IU*. eart be KCXr&#i&<m.S2t3W- i-jtf JSnsmrtagasaftJS'Jricffla 1U.OK S l? Bend alraaL Wheeler A MHfwan'w lw*ehaiiirh Hewlag Ma* rhmr and lailonhole ?anhlao,M Broadway. Weed Brwlna fllnelilne. .. Improved wheal *r drop foot. Beloarogr.W BtOdBwe?