Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1867, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1867 Page 6
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HOllSNMIOflNll, *CH TO MtT. a a to rent. fob SmtNBss "purpose's the A. Storo OB Brood?? la the new Herald building. tba MM Stl-TltUa locattnw In th? ell*; dimension. ?1*411 IM *uru?hej at pre?ent alSoe of Herald. -TO Mm, FROM 1ST or MAT. THB MORS ON Herald building. the moot eltotbla ^^?Soena purposes la the ally; dlmsnatoaefi by bfortH" furotshnd at Hyrald oHnn. A -TO UK SsrlS 41 S5EJi,"S.2ttS Sgf.Sir'St _ro lkt-phom tar or mat, top rtooR or . boose !? Hasans twn, imirtf Aoa street, suit I far llcht business purposes. Apply at Ut Harold adtaa. A3 ?FOR RBWT, PORTIONS OP THB BUILDING WIN of roMoo aad Boom atresia. bow aaooptad by taTork Herald. Apply at HeraldaAea. ATM FOURTH AFBNUH, CITT AHf OOUNTRT A Hooaaa to Int?Sen STANLEY DAT*! Bdal Batata Ctr anion, whleh son be had free ar moiled upon renew* of ?M?P' OH PART. WTTT^R R TOMMfUBO HOURS NSAR FIFTH AVKHCB TO-' A led far one art woyears. Termt toorwpnnslblapnrg, HM per month. Address boa h.dT7 Foal afltoa. AT A MODBRATS RBMT?A COST THBEB BTOBY JA Haoaa, nioa roams; four aaw housekeeping Floors, SIS te?H Smooth; all central Inqolra at ltd rhWnreuue. 4J % or nbatlt mmsnm rooms, first with baaaaaaot kitchen, nfTlUod for 1 taliraoaUy; Ingw^ffiSB ts^aamall fatally; tarma low. Apisy(AUS Woat Thirty A STORB.AWP BABBMNNTTO LET?SOU HBAST.HOR* A oar 'fJSWffiot'?0S!S,5SE&W<?rl ROOMY HOUSE ON BROADWAY TO LST-FOS ?MMMMHHUi CHEV Apply ta EUORNB *8, SI CEDAR STREET.? A DESIRABLE MM|^M LET-IN H6TH halwaao Fifth aadOlitk oraouaa; carriage 5F" w A FURNISHED fOOTAID BKDBOOM?ADJOIN. oaoi Rafaraoaaa required. A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL HOUSES AMD PARTS BOUSB8 TO LBT IN NSW TORS, NROOKLTN, VILLIAMSRURO AMD JERSEY CITT, FULLT RS HORTHO III THE 8UNDAT NEWS. BVBRT SUNDAY ?OBNINd, UNTIL MAT L PRICE FIVE CENTS. A "25".*? L*T and furniture for sale **? guMalnlnd M rooms; the buatoaaa la eaUbiiabed tw< sooiwwllh o three raara* lease, whteh business pay. lstt fcaomanth; all inotUrp UoproremanU la tba house. CaSoi SI Mast TaiaSdltt street pernor of Fourth arenas. JM FAET OF A HOUSE TO LBT-AT SO KANT THIH Hapnl ?o a email family, rent** from tba M mm .treat, sow on TRlrty-flrW street, ana on Thlrty-.uU la lit; aR paod locality; rant SM UMOOper month. A. SEHOBANTisi Wall street. Aff fWn,M FOUR STORT HOUSB IN CLINTON PI.ACE TO l.furniahad; aontalaa eighteen rooms. Address Drtia 1M Math arena#. A STORE TO LBT?ON THQoBBST BIDS OF THB AHowyiT, ml table for amy business. Apply at M A FOB QMS JBAB FROM MAT V&W. AT HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM To LET?rN A ??????????ItAlM, LT FURNISHED ROOM TO LI \ 1 SARTMBRTS TO LBT?TWO OM SECOND AND TWC toaTOalMamllj^Ren^jO^appt^ IT US' WEST FOUNTBBNTH STRBFT-AN ELR Pnrmtahed huuae to 1st (Including sthrer and ?? * "*ely Jf deal red. *11 R WEST F0RTIET1 A jtw Rooma ood twa la oranlf family efodolta rant, *3mKrtj? aaarHg FORTIETH STREET?FIRST FLOOR, ?aAdamdmbaaeiMat; gas nod water; to a ?$81 par month. sfofci?f VffCL Kent TO AN ??tore In the beat local Ion on ?i '' i T) ROADWAY STORK TO LET?M4, NBAR SPRINO gsanuwEaa^grgSiM trom\ MILLIARD BOOM, NBAR STOCK EXCHANOR, TO LET AJ or taaae: a brilliant opportunity. Apply to 11. C. DEX TER, No. t ifruod street. COUNTRT HBAT TO LET?GLEN COTB. L I., PEEA aantly situated one quarter of a mile from steamboat Saafe, with stabling. Ac.: |I50 per month. MILLS A VAN WYOK, M Broadwoy. /AGUNTRY BRAT TO LET?BEAUTIFULLY HITtT \J aisd on Llotd'a Harbor (unfurnished), directly opposite residence of Alexander H. atrreni. M. (>., with 'tabling, As. MILLS A VAN WVfK, <t Broadway. /VI1ANCK FOR BUSINESS MBN?TO RRNT, FOR ONE V or Sr* years. the Store*. Dwelling*, large Hall and ItaaemrnU, 71H and 7*1 Broadway, opposite New York Hotel. Apply at box office Broadway, to H. Kellr, Iran U A. M. f\LUB HOUSE?A LADT H AVI NO AN ELEOANTLT \J furnlehed manalOn.|ln a Oral ?Ims location, near the i theatre, would like to moot with a party of gentle man requiring each ahoeae Tor a cluh. Addreaa D. ?. O., Here id offiea. YRAOTORY TO LET?THE GLASSHOUSE, HUNTER'S J Point, Newtown ereek, Baal rtrer, with water front and Seah. Apply to 8. B. 8CHIRFPRLIN, 17d William Mreet. IxplRST AND SECOND LOFTS TO LET?ATM MKKCRR ^ ?treet^enUe^Appl^^ATLO^KOTHERS^7 K^hrnished house to rbnt?a threh story ^^Bown atone medium elaed Houae in Twenty-third street, ^Bttad furnished to an uneicep- I Neeeanhor, ai t Hem*. lies aid party i small family of adulUi, from lei May to 1st ERN1BHRD ROOMS to LET, WITHOUT BOARD; with pclrlleg* of light henselae ping If desired; a far id ban Room at gt par week.f Apply st 1M Warrrley fhta HOUSE TO LET-A POUR STORY .kawwo Mono high stoop Hoaae in Twalflh streat, near flh arena#; raatSMieper annem. Addreaa R, boa M*S Yerh Pom office. *}V)UR FURNISHKD OR UNPURNISHRD ROOMS? JC ParMehed, Including pea, MO a month; oafnralahed, mm; gaatleman and wife or small family; la preaisas Pho WQgraph Gallery 081 Broadway. ERVRKISHBD HOUSE TOE RE P hrewn MM House No. 110 Baat ?lap illy famished, a* ffdd par moo HOUSB TOR JRENT-POUR STORY - Thirty-fourth street; ith. Inquire on promt E(>URNISHRD HOUSE TO LRT IN SOUTH BERGEN, F Nn. 1 WaatooM imp. Pallaada arsons. Address Sea MSj Past affiaa, *r apply la Ola P. PERKINS, 49 Day EitCRjrlaHHS HOOSB.?POUR STORY JT Heme la Thirty-third atreet. near Plfl pMe ordar; if looma; other Inw la need HIGH STOOP fth arenas; com >; Other Ha ease la good location Robert t. meecs. Coder street ffUBNINHED HOUSE TO LRT?TEE HALT OP A P hoaaufal SaMdanea. fur el* bed, soaMsMm of partem, with two ream* a* amend Sear, til ah on. bath raaan. aHaata and sarriala'rsam The awwar eeeupylag the other half. TFS baas* loth foot aq?Fa. with latwPt grenad, t*Mt and ? ?da treaa; loomed ta Ninth street, South Srookym, near ?tw new Peak. laqMra at IS Oadar atreet, New York. TO LMT.-RBNT SM PER ?SMMRSIaaMfrom Hay 1. HeeooJ Xi.'iS PITTED UP STORE TO LRT?OR UANItSONRLY pjHWWHRPVPmPW H?E? r" LTiJ?, ~ jgOUWH UfWATRN IBLAH D To LRT. FURNIRHRD r-K-?? fofVS ^lUt',^7 ART Of A TINE MOUSE TO LET TO I e*n family ; 7 unfurnished Rooms, Bloom MRRXS, SI Coder Mmot. I OUSK AMD STABLR K) LET-ON KIOIITT-POURTH L street, weat of Nlerenlh arson* opposite lb# ahuroh ?sa_?? swYJjp? IlOUSRS TO LET-ON KIOHTM. NINTH. THIR 1 tee nth, fourteenth. SarMteeath. Twentjr-drM. Thirty e< com; Parte-drill fifty fourth tad Fifty Rrth otieeta, fur n is had and uofurnlohe-l lit here near chy. RICE A ANDRE* >, IIM Brna<lWhf._ IMPORTANT TO MILLINERS OR LACK WORNEtN? ?OPIM. MUM. ^ fO UT. PART or TUB HOUSB ? WHITB STOKKf TO For buHneaa. or Loom lor aala; lot flfl loot bv I and one piece of Oroand to the rear 0fl feet hp 36 fool. Look hksr.?to let, ok will shll, tub fur mlure. with o two va*ra> Lmm, 0f a Krat oleoe heard I Li Lofle of 140 Chamhero ateest, reeeloj Unwfk to IReade tlreeL ttxlfid feet. Apr It to DIXOB, OLARhfl a HaLLBTtTIw Chambers tlroti. T OPTS t akob Lorn to Apri^te^Almi KB??S^mTw&o'So^^^^^^I on m ciuioni btbbbt.-to lit, m T OFTB TO LBT-POB MABUPACTUBIBB FUB tf rue hit, iniht e> M> A BMW FACTOBY L>TI.?B}ffJgBgg,*l R.? .mc. gSyjy&gS RHBRT $l;Wk-tt* THIRTY-flB0OBV BTBBBT, WB8T ?? of Breadwa*. te lot, only to pattt phwhulag the fta "^TEXM FOWBB *0 LET .?A BUMRBE OP WBLL lo^^A^rStC^SfflS SCHWARTZ, Swleat Fifty "1 STtt-AStJSP power; InwInaoHmae; ? CTBAM powbb?witb well lkohtbd booh, g^^^TTyrtajaggsa SMrrxu rows, ADD boom to lbt-hob e, a I 41 and WO rem e. and ho. to Wooster atroot Peases Talon Immediately. Apply to A. BRADY, W Oreeao Hint. SMTEAM POWBB TO LET.?PIBET FLOOR ABO ?I Loft, wtth ahaftlag; poimetoa immediate!*; wall gat" ^?svJsv?^^'Srmm 8MORNS TO LBT?UUDBBBBATH NATIONAL OU T. I, Ceraw HimkaniMaat BRk etroet, Harleea. La. [quire of Q. H. YOLLKBft. at the offioa of the haU.^^^^J SMTORK TO LET?FOUR BTORIBtf, IK A OOOD LOCA- I ?I Uon for the aalo of flour, tworlalona or cheeee; rest rgOOK. AddreM hoe M7fl I HI nffi"i SbwroRK TO LBT, VlXTURKS FOR BALK.-RTOR^fla^ | 75, and two etorle* a bore the etore. Rent $8,000. Fix- I luree coat originally $5,000, for $1.600. at tlfl Bowery. I SHTORB FLOOR, fll GREENWICH STREET, WITH ?I S to race collar, to let, by W. J. RBHHANB A CO, 605 Birth avenue; excellent location for n liquor anloon or n I butcher. Landlord will ha on the preetlni from 10 to S O'clock. I CECOND FLOOR OF A HOUSE TO LET?FIVE ROOMS; I PmT ftffg r?'rass,%&r ^ T? l4?5rT50 xa?o?_mpts, n by 40 fb?t, with X or without staam power, centrally locates, near Jtreh4? I amy. Apply, to JOHN jf/WoQUlRgT HflflBroaderay. rno lbt?ab om&E on brqadway, suitable rH LBT-TBB rfPKK PANT OP TUB 801LDIN0 OP ^?the New York Dlapenaary, corner Centre and White eueou, cullabta far light manufacturing purpoaaa. Apply ?t the^lyqnpry, er to D. GOLDEN MURRAY, Troaouter, let-all the dwblliho of a first clam ^?bulktlog. aultable for a boa I ding houae, at 01 Fulton ?IrMt: nlao the Store and Dwelling, or etore alone. IS Ful ton atroot. Brooklyn. Apply to C. SYBOBB, $1 Fulton treat, or D. BEDALL. fl? Omahowy otroot, Brooklyn. r^m LET-OB BTATBN ISLAND, A PLAIN BUT COM ? fortabljr furnlahed Houae, In a flrat rlaaa location, near boding; haute contain* 17 fully furnished rooms, haaldoe kitchen, IhUPdry, atore lYVRJa aultnblo foe a large private family; to be i Mf6f f orll ffiwuhe qn reasonable Wrau. | Address Mra. Jennet, Herald office. ? I rpO LET.-AN QFPTCB, WITH FIXTURES AND a1 A Safe in good Condition for tale. Inquire at 90 Mercer i X May 1). the spbndld Fin* Arte Gallery, 035 Broadway. Tertns moderate. Apply to L., K Walker street. from S to 6 F. M. r LET?LOWER PART OP A PLEASANT HOUSE, with Improvement*; 304 Weet Twenty-fourth street. $730. Apply at the house or of S. R. MANN, No. 8 Green wleh avenue. r LET?IN SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN PORTY nlnth end Fiftieth streets. No. 873, brown atone front, hy the 1st of April, First Floor, consisting of six rooms, ?ewly pointed; water end ges. Inquire In toe store. rIJJT-ON UNION SQUARE. A SUIT OP THREE elegantly furnished Rooms, suitable for two gentlemen, et SB Kest Fourteenth street. References will be exchanged. Inquire up stairs. r LET-PROM MAT L THE OLD ESTABLISHED coal yard, 811, 820 and 831 Greenwich street, with ofllce. sheda. scales, Ac., complete. Apply to JAMES C. HOE A CO., 10 Liberty place. r LET-ON STATE N ISLAND. NEAR STAPLE TON Landing, a three story double House, with all the mod ern Improvements. * " ~ " the premises, or so era improvements. Apply to OEOKGR WIDMAYKU, ToHN SaTTIO, 300 Broadway. r LET-IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST CLASS PUR. ntshed House, with aboet two aeree of ground, wtthm IIMRHi 30 minutes of Pulton or Wall street ferry. Rent $300 yont^Fo^^tteuLr^ddrm^N^^^o^T^tewi V55 rM LET-TITR THIRD FLOOR OP HOUSR NO. Madlaoa street E LET-PART OP SECOND LOPT, SUITABLE FOR t eomsaleslon or light fancy bnsiuwss, at 38 Reade street doers west of Broadway. LET-TWO STORES ON THE NORTHe.ART COR nsr_sX_ Sixth arena and Twenty-seventh street; a MUWER|lHMR||EEWWdEli^Bbqir3. H onor, 37 Weet Twenty seventh street; suitable for a bo^H tug house; fee letting la furnished rooms or for prlH families. Also three floors on With avenue,jm, fwdui $36 per month. Ap^ly^tn Mr*. K.ILLOKAN, 40 tfoat TwentvM IO LET-FOUR FLOORS, TOOKTHER. GOOD LIGHT and low rout Inquire of KBRB E MORGAN, 161 ntre street fTM) LBT?TWO STORT AND ATTIC DWELLING 1 House No. ? Amity street for two years; rent $1,7$$ Per permit apply to J. B. IRELAND, 113 Nassau street. TO LKT?IB BROOKLTN, TWO STORT, BASEMKNt A and counter-celLr brtck Houses, nine rooms In tn# order, No. IB Partition street between Oonover and Porriu streets; water la thd heuae: rent $38$ TERRY A BERRIaN.M Broadway. lUomWk HPO LBT-WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. A NEAT lret Floor, of fw I Sixth avenue, 1 1 first Floor, of four room*. with ass and watsr. Inquire ?SMMMRRHRRHMurThlrtleth street. r LBT?AT BERGEN POINT, N. J., A PINE OLD Ptaee, with two good Hi us as. ft i aeroo of Ground e large Dock. Thla property le alius ted OR the Kills, delight fully Iocs tod, directly ou the water's edje, with amate and beautifully shaded grounds and abundnaeo of various kinds af fruit. Frequent and rapid ooiwnxu.lcattsu by bea^^H railroad. It may be reeled or loosed altogether or dt^^H to suit convenience. Apply to leased altogether or divided DAVID LIS DMA T, on the e^?LET-PROM MAT L FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. I tret and second rioers. Ms 130 .set eaeh, with two at 51 Division street, and #4 East Breadwsy. ^?tadSdOO Apply at FANNING'8, BR Bowery. Rente E LET-PROM HAT 1. POUR GOOD ROOMS ON THE oeeond floor of M Division street, In peed seder. Rent Apply et FANNINO'B, Ml Bowery. rpO LBT?PROM MAY 1, POUR OOOD ROOMS. ON THE A Bret floor or houso M Division street. In go>>d order; only Mrs famines le the house. Rent $4$S Apply at PAN BINO'B, MB Bowery. rro LBT?STORE m rowrrt, prom mat I. rent 1 SUM; also Dwelling Part ef seme henna, for bnstsMH purposes; alee the Hones sad 8tore lal Eatt HsuS street, Mtr Broadway. Rent $AM$, TO LET?THE BTOWB, BASEMENT AND 8VB-CR fr iar of 30 Barclay street; first etnas stand for a crockery or hardware hows* Apply teWM. C. WALKER, Ml Bread. fm mo LET-A TOREK STORY BRICK UWRLLINO, ON 1 Tntrd evvaoa, baiwven MM and l?M street*; haa gas and water; rent M Inquire ef the owner, 133 Bast Thirty third street, eorner I/Stlagton avenue. rH LPT TO SMALL AMBKICAN FAMILIES, POUR Rooms oa third floor, with Immediate possession. Alan, three Rooms ee oeeond. and two aa third door, tor let et Hey. Apply an the premteea, MB l|H|iimnmjm|^^H Weil Heneb n street. r LBT?NEAR BROADWAY, ELROANTLY PUR. alshed Psrlor sad Bedroom, on first fioor. Alva, third sfiory front Rooms, targe and eouft. 1M Ninth street. TO LRT?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THB PAR lor floor and (two Basrunnte, with modern improve, meals, la house 07 South Second street, Williamsburg. In quire oa the premises. fftO LET-TWO FLOORS. MUSK AND SPLENDID ORU , ???T. et M and M Barter street, ?_ __ Inquire ee the premises. Immediate pesseelen If ra E LET-FOB A PAOTORT, OR WILL BE PITTED UP ?t^r>sa.ttJTv5a ts espsjs;? sjcTSsrariJSjrjJs"' *?" ** DO I.KT-A Til RES BTOiiY niGH RT'lOP FURNIfellE Hon*#* In Foi-wfh ??ire#t nwir Uproad A)** I mux Seewtd arseJ, C. EaILST. ? fifth gte$M TO liST. ROOMS AND ONE Uawir>tJ l*arfc; do Tjsaa?. ?m&oq riMifi M< taSnb^i mi mi2? ??mm j2 T?l^EE STORY. UltiH STOOP HOV8K: ETS JS&Jx T^i?^Ai?.^T WTTMI or 1UBHUT, MMIV ^^jggggaa^rgsss^ ipasagg gffiS5?L ????.7kW **? MMjy wad boLar will hw I raaNBaM?j^gT I TlT^^!L^'?f'.1"0?? AMP 8ABKMBNT OP ^ ?*?-?srtizgss Xmr&RK sgs?* T^noT^Sr^/WS^JSM*8"10*- * MDn?' WtrljgLT^*:*-*1?' jerarenoee regained. Mich, from tSto I?i2ief^ ketweee Hudaon and Oreen I L> -TP BRAPT1 POLLY k'tcl^^SfSSwSSSffit22i?^i!2ii? win. from lb* *"**?. "?"? m-antea' watt I A. MAXTgtCNp^VSr ' " ***" *? *TOl? I ?S ?*(>ADWOT and 1M I buraea. and eight lota haa ImSa*.**3 r"u'??, ,4able l? Ihre I rem 81JUU. ak two Lio^J?.h "d ?"?? 'n erde. *? K ^l^iVV^S^V. ^o^aL "T,ou*- IB,1U'? ? T?^ffi|i)'jgfigjagu?.'??.i?ar. .a I T? P?uR MTORT AXIJ babe. ?wSFSSflS^MKa I T? <iK5'?iS?2fIi E?!f,<^ -.ijSw. npo LBT?A I teenth at and vmfurnB r?rf.?ATI*T.ft7,ltW1<t*1 *u HOUSE ON MANS. ?tS!2S.'!!5!?L?^V*.0^?i. aercral furnwbed 8 8BOWM,?BrMdtrap. ?*M?ry. Ayply to aZjUEM '*"*>? la^waHMVaritt atreet..' ttrat Soar. ? TQLKT-IK rlPTY-flKVEliTH MRBKT, NEXT BMOK rr^end*hutmaai *i7^' ""T* ,ld*' Secood Floor of two ?gr*dl!wtT%m *""? r?0m,i ?**? W?^r. ?V. r,k8J"lTy_? STORY BRICK COTTAGE. II ROOMS. 133 fcna, Twenty-eighth atraat. between Third and a.-o ?'??. avenue#; flower garden la front. Rent $? per month ADAMB,j? Broadway' JK> LET-ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR. FOH BI SI >w..? ? ?? a, s-.?jp TflfihEi^2LB^mART H0.UrtE ur> KA8T ^kty. flflb atraat, aU rooma,gaa and iratei. Ho,ae?Hon tprtl 1. AUAiib A < ?>., lirojulway. T?.dh8TOR E*. Wiril HASEME.VT.V^rS ERS ? "JI?h^enTiT qUlre ?' B'")Ka\V iRtOTh T<> Hudson o n, h. j ki\f conw fromTliere^paaa the &3E wiUl"^ "Zt'X 'a" Piy to H. PATTBKKO, <5 SrnadwaT. K(m*U AP T?HoiSd'7j,0?MpJ5i:Aj2L. nmhed Hooim *n hutcn {fii^ f?ttiliih?d and] tin far* bKAY.Nrr^lIa w^T HUBd- ''wmita of rjjouit. E1.KT?rUBNUHRO RKSIUENCKri ON THf hj iI SWSflK.W *" ?S1.a,4c"m T?.i5=W?aU'SSiis ffl2SSKil??A> arwajga- -j^Aswriis-' iDii fT" ?f<Mdw?y and Tblruath Lane rlJST?TIKK PROOF BRICK STABLER .HI KAKf Thirty.second Mmu three stalls, moss tvr t?o car riages. ana, water, Ac. HAOOBKTT A PHELPK, U l*lne Irnet. rm hm? PART OF A FURMI8IIBO HOU.?R.~ttSSK??. slon Immediately. Apply at WeatJoriy.thi^ nueet. rBBg l.ET?FURMI8HKD, W1TU IMMEDIATE rts.IEK ?ton, two separata Kloors, comfortably furnftfd. con taining three rooms each, Id a genteel col'i^c, ?tr~ Wmt Fifty-third ? tree I, between Sixth sad ttevtuth even tie. rH LET?LOWER PART OF MOUSE OONTilRlRtl two parlors, extension and basements. Frit $u a BODlh, 111 rtullivan street near Frtuoe street. r|B LET?117 WE8T THIRTT FOURTH BTHKhi-F 17R. nlsiisd Kncins to let, with i oard, te a gantleiUii and ?Ih, er siofle gsmlimis. Me Boeing in Map. Hmuw mqairod. j ELKT?A BACK PARLOR OR TUB THIRD X.UOK. famished er unfurnished; |eod for buaints. W dwaj. ) rljrr-COTTAOB houhe and uahdki, ij roea, Westchester county. eoarealent te Ibeettius bustnooe lathe city, three minutes' walk from ,.:r,*d A pel Rent BeOO per pear. Apply te GUAR. HlJllek, Union street, twlroee, or NBd Third seoauo. LST-A CIOAR 8TAM0, 1R A FIRST CLAS BAR. rro XjRT?a cioar stanb, ib 1 meat. Apply at 71* Broadway r| LET?A FIRR FOUR STORT ARB RA8MBRT high stoop brown stone Moose, pleasantly lolled op tow a; psssi ulsa 18th April: mat lew te a dadlmti parly, paying oee year's rent In adraaen. AAdress A., " m gU LRT?HARDBOMB DWMLURO BOC8R AThxiD tide, ea Long Island Bell mad: near depot; sltrame ; sU minutes te Himtoi's Point; M mtaiitMe City !aTZtSfcrJGZ? Am*??*oSXk?Z rpo LET-FOB RBU010U8 PURPOBB8, FU BUR. r| LRT?TOOKTHBR OR 8RPARATRLT; ROAD way; a beautiful second Floor, for aay hgbt Is!ansa purposes, sad elan n front Basement, suitable for pay si. elan. IsqsUO at 818 Broadway. rLBT-FORHIRHBD. THRRR ROOM8. COR A r IN O or kitehen, parlor and hadmeat for heaashmpM; pea sant situs lion. Aim fumtaaed Roosm la other Uouns. Bb West TweBtb stmei. fTIO LRT?#UR518 H ED. WITIIOUT hOARD AT ? A Cast Tweaty.aiath sweet, near Letlngtou iuus, a Fleer of Ma rooms, for housekeeping. Me arartngi Ray. rLBT?THR UPPER PART OP HOUnk I well adapted for a deaust, shsieernphsi . _ any ether business; epteaiM whClmD eutsauoa, be ueeii rtsd into a Mors at a d.gbt aipsess. B u, mo LBT-A UAJRT PARK, Ml ACRRK. NK? Mill. JL WmB> Coon., 88 mUss from Mew York; buildl* *,m piste sad la good order, lea good leuaat a long im ? id ena I Co. 's, *U ui order is a good leuaat a long ipe and issalsa glrsn. Appiy te J. t?. hEEut WU Peart street. r? LRT, WITH IMMKIIMTK POxSEShlOl TBI whole upper portion of the premises 011 Br is.iV, fnr business pnrpssss. Apply between hair.pant !Wt{ and two, at 81 Bond street. rpo LRT. PURRWHED-TO A SMALL FAMfLli'lIB 1 newly Paralsbed Mouse He I Kaet rbtrty foitrttiieet. I*i? rami rent Apply te C. O. Ml TCHKL ra Broadway, TO LET FURRIFMEO-A VERT DKSIRARLH lege, el Fl?hllll, en ths lludaon. aithm a mile, _ railroad. Apply KJ WILLIAM L. HuYi). Mo. 7 etalo i iei lege, at Kl?hklU^_on tbelludeog^nilhtn ? mile n th . "firr. Ivr Mi mvummi mumbi mb . Id itm aiasA MreekAf* or. the mouses, KooMi tq w. :

rpo LBT FOHN18HBD?ON BKM8BN STREET, BROOK 1 In lour won brown >Uo< front Dwolllng, Mar near; street, farntabed elegantly, with Billiard Kama, to.; boam handsomely Bpltoxfcc. with ESmSSI ? ?tnaat tar a Int atom residence. Thla baaaa and furai- i ? cawasa jvh??i hi.'SSU.TKHS.'ffi??1 TYmEfSBSssaB i Im/tltM BOB UIJ-4 MfUM MMW I IJLiSg' TiMDiSgw'toJS* Ir^^^^wvrfflsssr-al fcasssBsgaMB rial?* 1 rfio runt-ny o. it sbaJIan, mpiw* mm. Jl TflwiOl ttiVUT itV fcfMlb' *? Beat Poiirttstreet aaar SeeoM arontULfourstorybrisk. Gr* merry Past/toer atorybrt*. RttflM, thifclil 'Hjtaatw^bxl rf bmoaaam mt rpOKBtfCvVBRMIIKD, OH TWRHTt-THIRD ETBBBT, -I an Knicttab b.xaant House, aaar Mbtttoa atoarat le^qtswjaar* J**>~yvtse| t jjesaa, rgg^au'gajS ^iaa gg^gggai' SSEHSSgMW? ? ? ? ?"?*'?. OPm?my m?asm no.? | i|W >ompurtewj^^HHH Eras1 %L2r5? LIBM, Mf Btoadway. ? rrwo HKHt fcrnmhbd booms, ?RirTs^^^l 1 tor boosekeopiac; alaa oa* iWe, to M, at ll^^H street; vary genteel nelghborkoed. HamMbMto^^^^M w *snsmM story, of a A rat class brow a lava neighborhood.^^* r^ytab.lltjr Mto^^^H TRTATKR FRONT-TO LEASE, RULEHKAD8 AID tt Vacant Lota. Iilrto Mtobtoaatb. Hmatoaath and Aim PtorylM leal QUI to |E. D. A J. IT. BROOCIfAN, r Boatb street. ?^complete ust or all hoosbb ARB farts HHOUSES TO LBT IN NEW TORE, BROOKLYN, WILLIAMSBURG AND JERSEY CITY. FULLY RE FORTKD IH TUB SUStoAT HEWS, BYBBY ffOORAY j MORNINO, UNTIL MAT L FRfCE PITS OMBRE & HorsKs. Room, ?cM WAirnp. a SMALL FAMILY or ADULTS WISH TO OBTAIN A A Floor of (Arm or tour maa, an furnished. ruitabia tor bouxekaeplae. Tarms miutbo moderate. Down town loca tion preferred. Add rem C. C., boa IM HaraM atooa. 4 OF.NTKKL FAMILY OF THREE BAYING FTBM1 A tura for a throe atory boom would llkau moat a party who will take ?Luw, Ulre ih? faraltarc inlaoid tba fam ily. Address Furniture, box 109 Herald otoea. HHo USE WANTED.-A SMALL FIRST CLASS FAMILY | want a medium ?f*ed lloure. In goad order and mad local too. Address, with full particular*, P. F. 0., Btiam office. m Wiatm wanted?in maiden lame. JOUh U or Heekman vlresi*. with privHega of abow asm IB front. Addrees Wo. H. Darby A Co.. Id Water street, Brooklyn. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED?CONSISTING OF 8 or t rooms, fur a family of I hduMr; second or third doors. Address tl. W. M., box Mt Herald TYTAHTED-A FIRST CLAWS THREE STORY BODHB TT In Nrw York, wilh all modern improvements and la a good location. Unit.not to exceed $1,000 a year. Addreee l>0X 1HS IlrrnM OMb WANTED.?A LADY AND IIER DAUGHTER W?B to lilre Fart of a (lonae In a central wetphborhtiod; rent not n> exceed $700; tli" west ride of Uie?cKy preferred, ' lietwern fourteenth and Fiftieth streets. Add as as H. B. J., Station I'.. TITANTF.D-HT A GENTLEMAN AMD VT.TFB,\SMALL TT modem House, rood neighborhood; T-efWtten Twenty third and Fortr--orrntJi streets and Lexiaurton and Beeemh avoanoa. Rent not over $1..TW; tr desirable will pay all la advance. Address V. D-, Station G, Hlath avenue. V4/AS\i:n-i(coM^ kir a mental officb-IB a TT piAale bouse; oeutrel looattea. Addreee Daalist, eta ANTKD-A ROOM AND BEDROOM IR A PRI vabfatnikv, between Kenrieenih and Tweuty-eighth ?ireeu mid With end Eighth mooM, for a email ftullf. Terms bihi be modem tc. A ail re? Henry, box IM UenM office. WANTED?KOR ONE OR TWO TKAM, A WELL. I furnished Hotter. in the vtciulir of Tilth avenue, for ? family of Ave adulia of the ft ret ree pacta bill If. AMreee tff Broadway, ofljoe No. 9. 4 Wj 11TANTED?BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF' TV adnltx, without ehti.Ijen, Ike Meaner mafaaHr going abroad for a your, where naodoaiw of thehoaaeaad furniture a ill be received ae compensation. The heel re faience* given, lor particular* addnm W. H.. boa S.W Poet office. W4XTBO?SWOND FLiMIR, WITH OAR AMD BaTH, (or email family: innet lie in good neighbor hoed, be> twoen Twentieth and Thirtieth stream, near Eighth avenue; nut $4M>. Address C. 213 Bowery. Y1TANTED?A SHOW WINDOW IM BROADWAY, BB V? twenu t'lly Hall ami Ftiiirteenth alreet; weat aide pre - ferrcd. Allures* A. 11. ? bov 3fM8 Poet office, N. T. AMTRD-AN CNKl'RNtSHKD ROOM AND BRD room enunecUng, on aeoond or third floor; private fasnilv preferred; In a respectable looatluu, below Twenty - thin' atri-e'. Addreaa, rtat'ug prtoe, Re., W. W., Herald efltea. Immediate poeseaoioa. \lf ANTKD f<l HIKE?FROM 1ST OF MAY, A NICK YY I * or three ?tory House, furalahed or partly ae, in a aH neighborhood, or the Lower Part of a alee house, with ten and basement, for a amall famfly; nochlldrea. Rant w pawl three onsiv months in advnnoe and good (ecurlty given. A tdrva* bot 1.700 Poe: eUea, atatiag teriaa, tsmilon. ha W ANTKD TO RENT?A COBMODIOUR HOl'IK, IM A good location, la Now York or Brooklyn. With full particulars, boa 4H Poet office, R. Y. WANTED TO RRNT?A FRO MT PARLOR, BOITABLB fee the Hlhoery beetnw?, by a ?ret etnas diaimi i h 11, who hae a largo custom; will fttralah Board and asiknam MrcRuhwd. CaliaHfl wee> Foortb drool. TITANTBD TO RRNT?IN TUB SUBURBS OF MMW ;LT?a.ri!Kr 5T?^iar,2rai- ? ?AlTI*t> TO BKWT-FOS A PA1TATA PAMII.T. A foot peak at Billiard Table far on# year, for whleb a il prloe will ha paid. Add reaa Henry It Clair, Herald Wanted to rkntimmbdiatelt-a small, but completely rurniehed Cottage, or part of a Hoaee la the country, within oee hour's ride ef Wall etroet; teriaa yurti^nod.W>e Addreaa, stating monthly real Mr. RKWARpg. ~ AC BMW ADD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, MTTI INST. A Jli) black aad tan Dag; had en when leet e red collar, With amall bell attached: Any eae bringing Mm to Wm. French, if Renwlck alreet, will receive the above reward. RBWARD.-LOHT, on KIOHTIf AVENUE, BR. Ml.) tereen Thirtieth and Thirty third streota, oa Friday at lei noon, a black leoe Wit. The Under will please leave It at KM weat Thirty-fourth a treat, and receive the above ?ewnid.. ATA RHWARD ?LOST f.ABT THl'BNDAt, IM A MliVf Klfth avenue stage, an AmethyM sleeve Button, With initial D, made of race diamonds, in centre The finder wtRMbetve the above reward by leaving It at Uetmonloo'e, llflTi avenue. . R.tir rkwakd.-lost, at tub ariom bahl, a (ZiJ Point J uvea Handkerchief, with Gold Holder at U'-bed. Tlie Under will receive the above re weed by leaving It el 7* West Thirty-flrat (treat. rt-n R.1WARD.?LORT, ON THURSDAY AFTER ?T?.|tr n .on, on going from Houston etroet, corner of lUoadway, to Thompson.street, a Diamond Drop Karrlag. er r reward will be paid by returning it to Bra B. Vt artag, lap Th"ti peon etreet. NR^ARD -HTOLBN, OM TUB MIGHT OF M>?)U HTimlay March *, from 171 Weet Twenty.eaventh ?treat, eevreal shh dreeeea aad other wearing apparel, rim at? ve reward will Se paid for the return of the rami, and ao -lu- ii iiK ..shed, by calling oa or addressing Lawoon ?roe., -30 Hn.a. nay. CM1TKIVO. T Af?U? AMD .1 >T..fMRNOAN OBrA.NTHE IT Id most Value ?. , ? r ,rtnit v fipsrel furniture, *** ^LedmealUed^ _ , _ a tog^pi VTATIONAL BTK AM NAVIGATION COMPAN1. ITUIIIU WKKK*1L Y' ZttHVriW*001* VAUiNO AT UOKBNBTOWN. taaeepler to Itrik rtuer u feBowa:? _ . _ ....... cutUM ?%???*?? "vsti* Mm y?#? toYyifMl? Qa??Mtawa ** w?mm?Um|nI ? MjkMf IItooaiTa?y. I *?* M___ ?Ewfntato ZJTmShwSmm applyat *? ?>??'*? ?a?5r w ?mr ?? " ?WrAPT. Maaapm ARLiPiaioT un to huol IS^xSSe ? rjri^;;;::::^S/:::::SWf: s? ? j * uVi? . *a. y. -fc-JSBHWIfel 1-4 lk? *|tM**i?ffl lM**?t"ft.- ac: ss^ara^'iBsrsB^ |f?|p&&SF???? iS ? I '* S25wjf5n(nr^R?6??4 iiimMIitt- to Mttodlra jljQy^tojriLLIAMS A GUION. to li?Mfl> ?* to TO LIVERPOOL AMD arm; ?" otSoL ItoWWuwA" rim ?S216to; ae?ond?ebta,?to. towml* at* fmtoiit, to Broadway. mat mambdbg aMRbican packbt compamta W8??SSW?yV'*'""" "*? taktag paaeeagert ftr F"*"!. Bkirt, PhIIibM" ?ad ^rrtmbta^lto; oecead cobta, >7?; ill?nlM?iPP g:i ^""r"0^ miT AMBIUCAMMMMTOBIIOIUIIDAMD Alio"sfl?R*!B. VAajltae. frterdy. M*"* *? 1 btaRAGO.. ,12...... HAJmtogMtoMyy Bnujwirri.. ,..a|J fCLTON iJC to?0 I DJlio star IaBaW..... ? qtokiiito;*..BatidgCyJ axails noouTH S^siiaii^:::::::"::::;:;;" I teR^iassSSm. r~ .^....^ ^k^nKtoKTof lading, havtag the value ni?iiiif? ?kt j??aasM3SJ!-R?i. ?<>* Leriafmattaa apply ta . . . ill ""??""""????* V7,co>.?oo. ?St7%V I In DnrOPC. I. A. WOTTBM, hilt, Okiwwl Ayl mHB NORTH GERMAN IXOTD'B STKAMBHIP KBW Lmm: Hobokeo, Q)) APRIL ^ BREHBM, nA*P&t>TMA*PTOM. SOCTHAHPTOM AMD BREMEN at the following rate#, payable IB gold or tta equtvakat to irtency: Fer too I February..t February to March f February U February. J7 March ?# "areh. *..11 March ? March ?? etch.... ? March g April i 10 March ? April II .? March 17 April... .^....M \ .fto In poW. Pa***gOES&,foHfi A CO., to Broad MreeL . S term ft- from Per freight ";TKAM TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AND QUBEN9 ?Cit _ IBM O TOWN TWICE A WEEK. ?aaaa?o $S0 currency to Liverpool *r Queenatimo. reoaid tlcketa from LtTorpool or Queeuatown at tho low. *"ii raft* payable la any part of Great Britain aad Ireland. Apply to TAPBCOTT BROTHERS A OO., to South at reel or No* r ~ London and new tore steamship dink. Parangs to Iwodon or Brest. file (71 uunrmer, Exouroiun tkkata at ?i?u? rataa, available tar u ATA 1. ANT A, Captain Plnkbaaa. (Ma Now York. March 30 BVIXONA, Capuln Dlioa. Horn Naw York, April IK CIXLA, Cental u GlnadrtL from Haw York. April ?7. WMTPEKN. Captala-BeU ~ lia.Rellisge, from Now Yark Map U. Tneataaaai nrruah Irua steamship ATA LA NT A will la ptor NaTs North river. far Loadaa, oalMag al Brest, 1 nviiH riTwr* iw March 30, at 12 M. rthor aotter all the otaaamro of thla Una will aall >tll*aat to Iaa4 paaaeagsra. Ttefceta sold through bp iaB la 1 aria at Mper emllMi utaa tegular rate*. Freight wth ha taken and through bfflaaf lading riven la ?nam, Antwerp, Rotterdam. Aaaatordlm aad Dunkirk. For naoaags agedy to BOR1. N. CLARK.? Broadway. Ear height apply al M Sooth sweet. HOWL AND * AS PIN WALL, Reduction or passage rates. From New Tork to Franca direct, STEAMSHIP GREAT EASTERN,. SIR JAMES ANDERSON. COMMANDER, having hraa thoroughly refitted with lagariil rafaraam to thia Mrriir. will leave Naw York April Id Mar* Jnly fi, bwiyrlrrt. roa APRIL tRIP, |g, (IfiO glM, ancording to otic and location of room Return Ueketa at a reduction of $30 until Auguti For Dill Information and passage apply to WELLS, PARUO KCO.,ft Broadway. N. Y. Far freight, to WM. T. COLEMAN A CO.. 117 Front r * F.TL'RN T1CR1TS TO PARI8 AND BAOE. FIRST CLASS, 03M GOLD. STB AM TO LIYERFOOL. CALLINO AT QUBBNBTOWN. Tha Inmaa Una. Bailing ?eml-waskly, mrrylng A Cnltod jHHf CITY OF WASNINOFON. data reap. Marsh M. CITY OP MANCHESTER. Wadnaadap, April I. CITY OF PARIS,. haturday.^rllR ROINBITRO, Wadneaday, A Aad each OP ANTWERP, Saturday. April 1R h wimaadlag Saturday aad welanday, at nana. from pier ? North rtvs^ OF FAS8AOB ?nature avaav unnuir. To Laadaa lid To Loodoo ..^g Paaaaga 'by' tha' Wt'da mSy a ?teaSS, A Payable la Unitsd PaaaaMswStojtiaMtad toloarre^aahnrg, , their friends. Par farther informal tea BRAT REDUCTION OF RATES. STEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIYERFOOL, Calling at Loo deeds rry to land pr G Tha fawrltr passenger otaamrra of tha ? J AN I'll OR LINE SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. BLUMlIA.Cwra.gbar ?u. itatnidnp. March M 1 HERNIA, Munro, mil* Saturday, April R NITKD KiNODOM, Mnlth, raliaSaturday, April I . From pier Si North river. e EATFH OF PABSAiJe, PAYABLE IN CTTRN' To Llv. rgol, t.laagow and Deny?Cabtas,(U' pSfW cerUllcatea from thoao porta, (M. > Pnwenger. also forwarded to Hamburg, H . ? .. Be., at titt low rate*. AVro, Antwerp, Far fanner information apply at tha o FRANCIS NACDONALD No. d Bowl' pOR CHINA. VIA CAI'R OF OfLv, / ~?~ I1 cldo Mail SteaniMbipt nmpea- Z; Captain W. O. Furher, will a*i' Aeamar COSTA RJCA foot of Canal aueat. *t 1 00a t*"T *L??!? ,rl**T and rtangt'O. touching at ^ *'*iday, April I, for Japan rttluR, ftinn?:x?rr and llo> <?*? ??? toent, Cam Town, Hsu bar or dtiit uMa pasae >4 Koog. Aad taking a hmMad nam ? Wall hires t, AtV*. Api ?ya? the Onmpnay'R ataan. CO .^1, i%"WllB r/TBANIHlPS. N<mT" xltEitiCAN firea usiiip company' ' _ VtPpSITION LIN* TO CALIFORNIA, Will +1}* NICARAGUA VfVERT TWENTY DAYR *W ?trh the dast class oteamahtpa , w^htlAtK) HE CI'RA, Capt. Smith. March in PAN FRANCISCO, CaaA>ahm, Aonl Ek pW? North river, Hot af Wanes timet, at noon, Zf neaeengerr and freight, at very low raise. Oaaaaetlng be 1*arise ? eat. It r Itoe ataamahlpa MoHI.P TAILOR, Captaia Blethen, and AMERICA, CaptMn Wareman. for tort'e- In formal let opiv la tbe North American Btoataahipt eNMwa). wv 1f ?r;nn. Fre.i.l?n?, ^ rtASfltlSl PMAC1P1C MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY B 7 UKOI'LH limb to California. CARRYING UNITED STATfe* MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD! ?teenier. Inn pier 43 Narih river, foot J emI >ir?I, ec IS o'clock, uoou, *? oil?? wm will COMBflllmON. 4^?*3^faAmVr5KTTT?ri^ I Will UiiUU^a&AaAliMhikiBi^^^H B. A. Hurl* jsgairxrA sSSErw vesaiaaraiaftjr ^M?LUia WXKKLV. iWg>Ti"Z^, ijuTT "*o? s?? ipMnnyn at Key Weak urday, March 90, dropping paaaeuger* at Key Week ITAR ira *OB raw ORLSANB.-THK raw 32SS^^?&& - pier: C?tff GARRISON,Freeldent, Mo. > BywMag Cepgfc. TjtOR raw ORLEANS DIRECT. F The new and flretelaee ateaaaWp OEOBOB MOM WELL, Capi. B. B. YaiU, will lea re pier Mo. P North river* en Saturday, Manb 00, at 8 e'rJoek P. M. Portretabt oc mil, harlag unaurpaaaed mmnmp "***'. %? A CROMWELL A CO.,?a??mH TbetlXNERAL GRANT will follow en April A r^BE NEW ORLEANS?BLACK. STAR LINE.?THH ^??taameOlp PC NO SB LEV, Capt J, B. Held roth* will ISSpo pier 10North rtrer. an sMihSZv, March OR at BE. M. Nor freight or pa mom karlag haadaaeae accommadadien* Ka," A SnTSEt S^rgSt? Ens; The favorite tidewbeol (leam.bipt SAN SALVADOR. Mekereon. Murday. MmrchML ? SAN JACINTO, Atklna. Saturday. Coanacilug at Savannah with Florida .teamen aad by rail No. Bowling Oraaa, New York. ? lit OR BAVANNAH. OA.. r.YKKY THUMB pA JL-rTSM F Atlantic Coaat Mall Btaamahlp OotonfldMp i BARNRB, Oaptaia MwtN, aaBr 1 L1Y1MOSTON, Ckptaia j ^^?or p^urai |fp|y |d ?xNONTM, FOX A CO.. AgrtAa. M Liberty ateaat R^ndnndtofS? ilialh ***???* ^ g.lUWM,A. I Chartoatoa with ataamer MctaToR Mr iha Plan dap aria. I \ Knfchtr^lvc&upto^ror mlUuf. ARTHUR LEAKY, 7J WMIeni Cbaa. Coil ice, awaah le?ow receiving freight at pier Ne. I North river .at 11 land ratayitd wldaail forChariaatoa ok Saturday, IkitbHlM Par freight ar pwage apptf.1* ,T A MOROaM A CO., lELBSTDN, A C.?THE PEOPLE'S LIMB f OnAphny. ?The ragular and popular ataaw. T JLStaa pier Ne. Al. North river, furdap Rtoralug at CfcarleMco. ?h llcketa and blUa of lading Ice end tpall | ?MMraiMMriiBifeRikaR^BlEw#HL ? In connection with the South CaroHn&rara LIVINUSTON, POX A CO.. Agnotn. SB Liberty SOUTHERN LINE POIt CHARLESTON.?THE Al' ? lea mi hip Lodooa, Captain Hovay, will raoelea freight at pier 8. Baat river, and tail on Taaaday, April X For freight or paaaage apply to V. ft. SaLLOF.Y A CO., Hi MaMra lane. Reduced rates. " "? " NEW YORK, NORFOLK AND RICHMOND STEAMSHIP LINE. CALLING AT CITY PuINT BOTH WAYS. THE FINK STEAMER WASHINGTON. CHlCUksTI' B. Commander. Tha above rteumer receive* fteight dbily at trfvr-lA Kdetr ?* ? ~~ * IB *7. or aoooar river, nnd will aall on Saturdat, March Jt. at If loaded Thie Line la prepared to rreelre and forward genda, with y all the Southern I leh, by all Ike Southern railroad route a. K8 HAND, 104 Well street fP^ajTil QUT8IDE LINK POB WASHINGTON, D. O. GEORGETOWN AND ALEXANDRIA, VA. RATES KB DOC ED. BXPRKsS link. ETERT SATCRDAT, FINK HTBAMBR VORPuLK, ?ARCS, - The abort la a*w loading at Mr ? tul Una and will aafl on Saturday. March 30, ai 4 K M., or teener I? k**?d. For rratght?r pwun, which wUl be taken at tow ruMa, apply la 'JaMES 11 AN D, MM Wall sXsoJT hSMMHaji1"1 positively mm th? _ NAiLmaviDMSKt^. XpOR LIVERPOOL-OLD BLACK BALL LINE.?THE JP ojlmi ship WM. r. STORER sails Monday. April 1. Tbl* >hip haa superior aocoounodatlons for Cablaaadmbm Caton paaseogers. Apply on board, foot of H teaman street. MO ROCHE BROS. I tomr. 114 and IU South Meat TRAVKLLEKr MJ1DE. _ Hudson river and harlkm railroads ? Tralna Sir Albany and Trey, ooaaoetlac with Northern and Western trains, leave Now York, via Hndian Blvew Railroad. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue, 8 and M A. M., and 3:411, ?;?> and II P. M.; and via Harlem Railroad. Twen ty-niia efreet and fourth avenue, at II A. M. aad ti? P. M. The 6:BI P. M. train via Hudaon River will run en Sundayn. Sleeping ears attached to ? JO aad 11 P. M. traiaa. On d SO P. M. train la eleo attached a sleeping oar etery day is^rua th rough to OgtlenaburR. e'.l ao A. M., aad on "t*? XT MiUertoa aad retarn. OgdenaburK t3mtn Mam?*?* 'mar '* , VANDBRBIiyr, Viae Vacation op tbb hudsom resumed. SayVWadnaadnyaand Pn9apa, and Iha DRAN RICHMOND Tnaadnyn Tharadoya and ?aiurdaym. at ? s'ltssk P. M. 1 OUT AND POVWD. A ?i'LP' SQUARE PIBB TIMBER. MOTCWEB* <** ?ar Paaala^n^the L'yr.'S THURg ?nder will and a reward from the owner. J^OBT?BETWEEN AN? NLBNCKM Hi Ll etraeta, a Mink Ooller Th* Under ?m be rewarded! avtng the aame at M Broadwsy. T OJT?A BLACK AND TAN DOO. CALLED "DICK:'* L Oollar marked O. D. N. ? West Tblrtv-eigbth street." Pteder wtS he nwardsd hy.hrtoglng htm home. LOUT?THUB8DAT, MARCH M, IN A POUBTH AVR aoe ear, a morooeo Satchel conlelalwg about fM In money aad eotne eallalthed work, belonging to a poor wo man. The 8nder will he liberally rewarded by leaving thn aame at MO East Twenty-fourth street. T OST-S10 REWARD?A PINK LOOKIKO SLACK AND JJ Tea Klut, of medium Mac; answers to name of "Dot." The above reward will bo paid on her rntarn to IM West forty seventh street, and no questions asked. Lost-last nioht, lahok mink tippkt, in Ptflh avenue, between Rlgbth and fourteenth turrets, will be eultably rewarded by leaving It al 77 'Hlntem MARBLE MANTELS, W/ARULKI7.KD SLATS MANTELS?SUPERIOR IB ' iu appoaraace, more durable, half the prioe of marble. I I. ?TEwaHT. MS Sixth avenue, between Thiru-dftb aad Thirty-Sixth "Ireeta. MARBI.K MANTKLd.-MO ilANThlJt ON H AND. DP errrv a" I .|itM tr ,? i wl't j>e anM fr "... taalgihusata tine.*! dmiuuiiun, at A. sbasah a saaul W^^w*. lit. Rett iLguteaath sheet, Mar Third araaiu*