Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1867 Page 7
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THE COURT*. * ?wt * amiit m?,? M ? V?? IMiiiiIim ifet Or4(r aritk *?. ? chief Judge Davtee, oedema tau. /?. CUr* ?. /mm Jbeafta and Jk -Ibe following dacisiaa la tea wall kamt terod flafcy by thin oourt; dhe gaoarat torn of the New Talk I >M* Wtelemlm ?,1?H etomi etfua for a new trial. Ika | te<*s are atatod to the opinion of thl* court. Haary A. Co?tar tea aim a, ML Karaaa aad Jt A. sai r vztz sn-""Tr* re granted for ika of^inin J?d ' b7 ? Jury After the trial of aaefe iseuee by the jurv * brought ea the aaaaa namllr for a hear log aad trial at especial ta^KU fcTobraiy JSST I The ttKftnf?'t.^d,D'? ?f tbe' Jnry: 5235 ferSSS Mla bu report, aa4 the qoertaa of the ptoatlfTt ooou ariLA.*rasvs1 ;gvgr ary?tas.Eg?? t tMMaM^T*-- -Ijt'agjf ; a la aay previses order ?flboilag I -?--~- r?"n7; iTTkir^, J1 * "* %>"<? * ??tew a S? S2it Ifotektt Tail,UK T.a,Mfc bwMiMai upon Urn ar?mes> tot* a ooatrajy dacltloa bad baaa 2^- ^ I ?"??**?? tfhi!f<UT'u T ?*?? ' ?-? MaJ uKrUaMUak a where a mmloi fur a oaw t^,. daoS" ? tW awSaaceof tee order of February "1% taZ IVy*" ?? the part of the defoaSii fo^nTwuS w *????? row*, which denial waa ?rak I.Vba I ?2T "** tioMrai Term of September SB I " So 'y.,1 #j5jtH*<a, an tee Slat day"of February, ISM. and I ? 'S "" n*w ?>efwu the oowtUll Sat de? I Than bad been a previous trial of oanaia qaorttena ? det?rjnln?*lcm of which it wee suZcaed ?Id aid the court 1a aacortaintog tba marita of too oaaa , _ *? ?*? *rW ?taelf should coma on. UmMaMtoTS I TJ?"*S q"**ion" ""'touted to tha jury and ',uWW?2 Pr^tlca tbWqoS: liuaamtfht embrace Uie mania of tba case aaneiulir ZrtiZ 2*?2 My P0"100 of "? fucu a pro! weeding ia not a trial of tha action bat an examination of r^rr^3'"'" ?ssru.s; * ? ?g?d i?l?^aa4af taa former pramios to Chancery g'S&ijn.T sassss aHrx wtohtoUto aaanlt H^?^ant^d o^toe"ihto*of th??u? * aut b trial I to haatow upon it Joat tbat dagraa of atien dioa to which It 'a aatitled. It may rely upon it as satis fkcaary akd ookcluaiva. It may accept it to part, reject te? atear parto It may discard it antirSy. (liSmg ?? *!**' \ _.4?3L. 0wuJe* "? Lord, 1 Oaektek.) An award of iaaoaa ia a matter ??f practice, and may be granted or refuted to ilia diacretion of tha court. The icrantinr of a now teSrwSinumX eratioa of tba Cbaauailor, sad not tba subject at an ?d Ei. iLE kr"alt, r ri?hi ^ ithSo*,ph errorm might have Inlsrrenad to raaohtog it. Bach la khaaautod practice also in regard to verdict* upon Man "?#T2, Forrest v* fon T ""r^Vr ?ww aaa tw?MU MP VVnUOil UDOO HHUlf ? -8qp-' co<1* aTa? T?yw?* V* Forrest, 25 .. **1'."?* "? "hoi# tabjact ia olaborataiy dia 2a W1^***,LlUso ^PP Fullerton, StiL J.' - ' ** P*?<. alv a 430 The ?rdar to totraductory aad not the aabjact of an appeal "?tedlttonal authority from oaiag oownoctad wlih an order of the special term, do * Mw **??' oortalu laauaa framed hkd auttied to tha man nor I have maatkmad. CtoaaoArkwaal aad Submitted. A rntUm aaa made far leave to raarguo tea case of "Maa va Kiag, which invoivao tea quest!oa of tba 'Ifftetiur of Backet rtvor, a stream rteteg m BamUtaa ia*y aad Bowing northward oao hundred and fifty atleo aad emptying law Um St Lawrence. Submitted. Otaaotoa sa Jukm MraMcram.?Tba motloa aiada^aMibis case to dteaiaa tea appeal waa denied, with ?? ^ Ijr.,JT7rfhUmml Lift to""?* Ommmw m- tk*.Bm*rd. V ^P*rmKr, o> yew Ttrk.-TbU causa '* teT<>r * tba Board to the aourt below. *nd that jadffmat waa affirmed to tba Coast of Appaato The aaatlaa tor leave to reargue waa m ^TFg'f> ?Argoad tor raapoadent. ftoMteea tot faaplc.-Nn t aa tha pralaned calaedar, area aatonuiad without argumaat. ' Ommtt AhtU and dneCtor, KapomdenU, a Peter Fan 4Mdm el oL, AppeUamU ?Argued aad aubmltted Tkomum Robert, Kopmdenl aa. ?ifium Shod. dan/.?Subaaittod on brtef. ' Fratmw at. King.? Argued and submitted. COMMON HEM. McchMln' Mea-PrMeeliica Aftlut ik* New Ywrk ThMtre. Before Hon. 3. & Boeworth, Referee. A. AW. Ohmpm en Almmnitr T. Miwmrt rt el ?Thia ncttra woo UNnliN for the foreclosure of s mechanics' lira again* the New York theatre for materials far ntibad in duing up the bulldimg, * the |aqo?* of H. D. Davia, who had an agreement la writing with Stewart, slated November 80, 1888. By the tenaa of that agree Client and la eaartdefwrtonof than* of ?T88 paid by liavla to Stowert, the ilafaadaal waa to laaae to Dark the boildlng known aa She (late) Ohnrch af the Meortak, on Broadway .tor Mm tana of two waafca,eadlag De cember 34 ,18M, poaeaaaton to be given on the 8d of Dece mber, with jiaflaalaa to Make aaeh oH?toma aa should not depredate the value of the building, aaeh adap tations being only each aa weald aMke M a Or* claaa theatre. At the ead of that parted Davla waa to ear* reader poaaoaaioo of the bwtldtog. with all laipaweaiiala ead alteratloaa witheat any nharge whatever, bat waa to have the prirMega of releasing the pnnrtw at the wame rate, biweekly, ap to the 1* of May tolloerin* payment la he made M advance, AS the laaaaa la the ?ctloa wera retorted to Mr. 3. A Doe wot M to hear, try K dispose of the wara The following eatra* from opinion refer* directly to the aattleaarat"Thla wane, If 1 aadorrtaait it, preoaata the naked qaeattaa .whether a laaaea, with the privilege af toakmg altera* **iooe * hie own eo* and ezpaoaa. with a view to the tovtter adaptailen of the prsmloM to the baataoM tor -whioh they ware ranted, la the ageat af the laaaar In ta making aaeh alterations, an that a lira tor the i K therefor era be Impoaed open the Manor's la a premlaaa thus dtapoaed of. If say view of the etatute ibis question must be answered la the negative. In this view the conipiaini#abeald bo d lew lea ad wan coats to the defendant Stewart." IK Onetwaay tor the plaintiff; Hilton h Rice tor defendant. ' CHIT CAlfMM-TM DAT. Ceart of Appeals. 18 People, ea ret., Ac., 24. Irving Baak va Weth Broadway National Bank, eraid. va. iohn T. Holfman, 25. WIIHama vs. Shelley. Mayor, Ac. 27. Maverick vs. Eighth lit*. People, ex ret.. Bank Avenon Railroad Co. of New York, va Rt< li'd 29. Alioraey General, eg B. Connolly, Comptroller. rob, Marcel I us, va Res IS 4. People, ex rel., Bank formed I hitch Churcb. or Now York, va The 30. Hudier va lioldeu. Hoard of Hupervteora 30 ft. Charles C. Hunraa 1 People, ex ret., Na- et at. vs. Tfie Ureal ilttaal Bank of tbe Rep ib- Western Insurance Co. He, va Joha t. Hofbuaa, S2. Williams vs tlnrrh. Mayor, he At Onernaey va tinernaev. ti Rhae va Parley. 10. Paoplo, Ac., va 'Jarui* MA McCroesan va Thorn. ncr, treasurer, he. nMAMOIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ftoii,XMklMP. 11 til ?every MMto ?iml Hi appar?tat ?y af U? I ^ia? a town ipn. Am i af a batter foaling. Meantime goM la doO, bat ramarkaMy ataady, which ia of grant baaaflt to tka rag*. Ur MM MMmM TWa, however, la i"?????* by Iba MM af tba money market, legitime) not baiag aMa to obtain discount* axcapt at ii ratoa. whereby tba laduatry of tba ooaatry I ?d Ma aatlra eommaatty aaMra ? vary trifling aaaaaat af bailaim waa -in m at ha Ian atotook opaa baaid. Erie aald at 6SX. |m*. Michigan Beotbara, TT; North weaton >(U3); roct Wajraa, MX; Quicksilver, a. At tba Inl ragalar baart Now Tarfc Coaiml olaaad ^ war thaa at tba oocraapoodlag tiam yiitaibay, a lialbira X. Nerthwoatorn paaMtiai X, iMaM *"1* W K MM, CTaralaa X, I Oeatoo, X? ?eatotoVninn Telegraph J | At Urn em* i'MiM min beard Mow ???*** i > **?*?; mmmmm w*l*iir?MMMl | Talk OaaM cMaaC XI Ml T * Tll, ""_ ** At Ma gaartir peat Mi I taal aaM *t l?X} **?, MX;' Heading, MIX; 1 ,T?X; Clevalaadaad Ptttobavg, V?X ? ?Xi MX; M. preferred, MX ? X; ? MX; MMfaa^NXi MM IMA MIX A |?); M eater* tJatoa Telegraph, til At It* sttcoa tba marbil waadnHbwt I tottowtog quotationsNow Yark Central, 1MX a MIX; I Eila, MX a X; MaMaa. MIX ? X; I wa, MX m x; nuaota OMM 11?; Otovakad and 1 MX ? M; Northwarteta, MX aJK; Mj |MXaX; MekUaaAMX ax; rort Vayaa, MX a I X; Paotflo Mall, w al?; Weataca Ualaa |?Xa?X ? M Mown by the ctartag gaatoliaaa wbleb laff MM, it ix I a. MIX a M?;ln I tmaatl^ 1M1 MIX * X; MM, MTX a X; MM. 1M a X; aowlMI'a lOTXxX; taa-fbrttaatTX* X- Bag lietervd beads ar* * a Hloww. Saraa tbmtax Mat MtlM Ml a X; aaaMA MIX a X; MM, MIX a X. lie. I _ ^ laalHngalM M; CeaaoUdatod Gregory ?ol* le'., I at $M II. Mvydoawaa Me. leww, aaOtof a? flM; lto.,aaUtogto MM At the aaaw 1 aaa weak, wttb Ma azoa|tloa af I Mirer, wblab alaaal to. bigbar tbaa at tba.flrat beard, MMg at M M OaaaoMatod Biagaij waa Me. levar, ItoUtag at M 10; Corydoa Ma, ealling at |4; Qaartx |Hill Ma, aellingat $8. floM la dall bat airy at all- The npnMag i _ atoa ware tba aama-lMX, which aaa alaa tba blgbeat I atat toaohad daring thp My. Tba iaqrwt aMa war# tada at 1MX, exhibiting a vanattoa af ealy Xporcvnt lin tba aatlra tranaactlaaa fbr tba day. Borrow lac rataa |vai*ed aa follow* t-A-M 1A3, 144, flat, 1 aad 6 par ant. Nothing waa charged far carrying gold. Tba foreign exchange maiket waa native ami Arm. Banker*' bit la oa England, aUty daya were quoted ml the oloaaat 1M a X; three daya, 109X a M?X; commer etal blUa, IN a 1MX; franca nzty daya 11# a 6.1TX; throe daya l-MX * 6.16X The prion of flve-tweattee baa Improved X ?n London. The following warn the quotation* for American aeeurl ttea and eonaola on the London Stock Exchange at noon Mar. SI. Mar. 23. Mar. 33. Mar. 37. MlT. St. U. S.5-20'e... 74X 74X 74X 74X 71 Erie 39X MX MX MX M III Central.. 78X 78X 78X 71X 7IX Comola II 31 fl oix I1X The Impartatioaa of dry gooda at tbia port fbr M* weak ending March 31 compare aa follow* with tboaa of thf prtttiytiig mk ?Man* 31?, ,?March M OmtumpUom. Phot. Value. Pkqt. Value. ^01*0101.* of wool. 781 >349,777 378 $158,336 ?facturea of cotton 1,058 858.378 347 64,660 Manufacture, of ailk.. 387 887,801 1M 138,901 Manufactures of flax.. 1,147 273,138 140 137,074 Miscellaneous. 356 300,377 8,148 84,216 Totol-V- A740 81,648,318 MT9 >101,405 Withdrawn. Manufactures of wool. 767 >310,3M 412 >183,303 Manufacture, of cotton 990 867,071 781 2S7 268 Manufacture, of silk.. 161 304,901 334 330,123 Maaufactaroa of flax.. 672 168,810 614 141,921 Miscellaneous 347 41,781 .3 31,302 Total..... v ASsT >1,032,911 *017 >832,087 Manufactures of wool. 093 >43M7I TOO 1271,104 Manuracturm of cotton 631 192,230 341 116.404 Manufactures of allk.. 208 199,931 M 83.007 Manufactaiaaof flax.. 2.8M 188,802 733 ISA716 Miscellaneous 220 2<061 103 Sim *"M1 4,843 MM,801 1,364 $411^667 Tba raoaipto for coatoma cad tba reealpta paym^u aad balaa^aa at tba SeH-Treaaaiy ta tbta city fbr tba weak have beta aa fobows *??? >3,lit,864 >110,784,480 ^ *?? ?? 4M,00I 2,333,1M ^SM,8M 110,780,268 137.... 603.040 3,419,3M 1,017,643 118,111,003 i 38.... aaOjOO* a188,808 6,31*,9W 100.900.849 ? 304,000 6,303,768 A 7^973 100.041,641 imji at is Bvjm nan FHtav. Nud M-1MW A. M. ?sr ?* itts&sa??sag ?000 08 raiffo.*. ? 10? WO do..." MS 10UU08 do ..... 10|J< not do 100 s* A" * St '1 SOW USCaHArog, ?? 10*7 BOO do.......... aW Kg 'SOOW XT:. .7V .. ?W$ lWTot, Waba.l. 4 VMt sol Mono rWad.SQ.e.' lOP. 000 Boodlng RR 1011 WOUOUors^WiiM'OlKNjZ on do..... Mil MOWU.SO't&JOe'OA.Bd.lOTC HO do olOlOll 10000 U 8 t'a lOOO, rag.. W!% 10011 Mich 8 4 N lnd . cMjl 40W do W WO do ? ? BWW 0 8 Mid oou. H 1W do f.-dTT Tr'j n, 7.90) moll 1WV 12W do o MS ?1 io..._. MBk SB nor., Col 4Cln BR 1W ~W? Tona Pa, now ?)J W CMomo 4 NW. .MU MT, IpS^bft to . M 1W do l'lH ^^^Bt A Wo lot m oi W MfO OhteARock inland ? 4 Clo Ul on 01 WW do JU ,,, ||| MM "do7." ar adoruu, nwiciii rr a'cSSiSM.?;,#" So-fcaiSa? MohoOooonlook.... m MO ?wrtonWotorPowor. stgoT^btSoVci^ " W_ do ?1X Rlrtoia 900 QoKAoUror Mg Oo 9? 100 do 100 Canton Oomoaa*.. WW 100MM Control RA. 100 Pacifle M'l MCo,. 1J?C 100 MU4?tr*ul RR pc W do IH I Tot. Wnfc 4 Wmnorr M0 do..... fm M0 BootonWotor Powor wo do ik 9M do MO do 1*2 M0 do Half-paw* Two o'clock P. N. BSW/fSMmt Sg SOWf r if, 7.90, lot oor. 109 Moftoodtoa KK..... .. 101 tJ Mg do M nor lMfc 3W Pitta. r?H 4CW |U? f& MOW Mleeou'rli'i ...** MM IW Mkk M4X lad Rlt 7?j< MM O Iktiin oor... MO ?7W sjf do'.'. V.'.V...W NO alio Amorlcoo Cool. OP, ta do no Boarnn Watoi Powor Jg MB do ?&'. 1W do.....^..tW *\ top Vitro 4 Pttto RR... TMf M Poeldo Moll S4 Oo.. IS8 iMUMcd ?W pt?r.... eft? in do isnf *? Okie 4 iu r ??, aiMfaia? |BjWW!! ** M0 da... ... W* 190 Stl 4 8( Pool pref.. ' M COMMERCIAI, KgPOUT. P*i?*v, Mnroh M?? P. *? Cowo*.?Thore woo loot ocllrlly la tbo market, n*d o alight decline wo* conceded, coomqneut npoii th? onfovor able advicee from UKorpooi por cable. The market do*rd dull, with 0 downword tendency. H*lp?. i^tw botrn *1 quote:? r,Jamt. fhrM. M * .V.O d- T. Ordinary M U ?i 37,'i l."W middling JH pU -.ft n Middling. :*? 9MB? ".I 31 ? j Qood middling W .? M H KiorK ano OMII ? Ki>rol|l% B "tV hbla. Unnr, 47Bdo O'xj I.Wlhag* rxrn n?r?l, 97 do. wheal, I' d?. wrn and i.?0 do. n,il?. The Hour marknt won irrrguUr. hnl IB ihe mailt ?tesdjr, with n modoroW demand. Theie wer.- mune *?te? ?t a maleil il ledii.'tlnn. but ? h"y weie :h* re*nlt of n piewire, ? e.i .itoroed ou ?fitoriou of Um morldt. CiptlW of urki ? kjhinll tor 'On ?MM OaMfarata) i sawv^StSsea^KK ts^^KaajsS^&Jv^ sta^M^HsT?'...rrrrs..-, ISBfcv?=?=jBK WBBteiriEEzAwM ^?t) iSSM totakeholdat tkni m-sM&mMSm for Otto, ^SHwki to., 49 a 41 M?*itr, ?it thirty days, ? nlMtoiM Iton wasUinula ae to too ?mmt for bonded, ?M prices ? ?11 aSfc^3?lbs^!?i!H?el^?W>Jha. aoiSredtoTO^^ 300 bale* pnllod at 33 V. a Ifc for No. I laaitra. SS.WWlba. Texas at 23e.,a 33c. ;?000 lbs. OaHfornis, In Iota, at tte. a 96e. Of focaign the sales war* 290 hulas Capa at S7c. a VU.: I 900 do. Meatlxa. part reported at Be.; 40 do. Australian. M0 do. common Loire Bias and 110 do. Doaakoi on priests terms. A sale of 1,000 bales of the latter was rumored. M MARRIAGES VND DEATHS. married. ? Bmm-BiMn.?At Bit Ridge, L. I., on ThttredayT] March IS, by ttie Rev. Dr. Mhnolog, N. L. Majthx Bux-d 5mrr to Lamx C., daughter of Hon. Tennis a. Bergen I Comet?Xraa.?On Wntmdiy, Mnreb 17, by th? Hot, I Dr. K roomer, Saxcxl Con, Into of Sen Krone loco, COL, I to Matilda, eldest daughter of Minn? A. King, of this I oltt. I Ann riMufco (CoL) papers pi we copy. I Fieri?Poor.?On Thursday. Mnreb 28, by the Rot. I H. A. Gordo, Gua W. Fun, of Newtown, L. L, to Annul a, daughter of J. H. foot, Esq., of Jersey City, N. J. I tail?Witxox.?At New Brunswick, on Monday, Do-1 comber IT, 1801, by the Kit. Richard Thorn, pastor of George street Methodist church, Mr. Charlss R. Tail to | Miss Camis L. Wnaox, both of that city. Died. Baku.?On Friday, March 30, Obauotti ions Bas SB, youngest daughter of John and Mary Ana Baker, aged ? months aad 22 days. This lovely bed, so young, OS Mr, Called beam by early doom, Just cam# to show bow sweat a lower In Paradise stall bloom. The Mends and acquaintances of the fhmily, also the officers, poet officers aad sssmberi of Vailed Brothers Ledxo, No. 1, sro respectfully tevtted to attend the fune ral. from the reeidenco of her parents, 0*3 Madison street, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. DobHa and Liverpool papers ptoses oopy. Bmeor?On Friday, lurch 28, of scarlet fever, Panax ??HsMOfkd daughter of Gilbert aad Aleaa Bishop, Eft ??i year and Id deyn ?t he friends aad reletirse of the family, and those of bar uncle, E. C P. Bishop, an raupeothilly Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, 74 Madison street, OrooapaUl, on Sunday aflaraean, at two o'clock. Blah ?At Nordalk, Ohio, on Wedauadny, March 10, Joua Blah, formerly of Warwlek, Onafu county, in the Ms year of bar age. ? Boomer?On Thursday. March 28, Carolh* Arc.ittta, ???M child of Stephen G, aad Caroline Begert, aged year, 2 months am The relatives aad I Meade of the family are regpiotfslly funeral, from the rwridaoce of the parents, 817 Clinton street, Brooklyn, this jgnturday) I afternoon, at thru fotock, without further notion I Bocntm. -At Baltimore, MIL. ah T&uradty, March 28. I I Mauoaubu, relict of Abraham Besrum, in the 81st year I I FunmJ* aemcaa by the Bar. E & Porter, at tbe I I chapel ot Christ church, en Broadway, near Bedford I I avenue, Brooklyn, R D., this (Saturday) afternoon, at I I two o'clock, no relatives aad Irioada of tha family an I I invited without further notice. I I Bjumaax.?The funeral services of Wiuuam Brcvsw, I I Infant son of Edward W. and Mary J. Rrunaan, will take I I place at tba residence sf his grand father, on Bedtofd I I aveaue, near Myrtle avenue, Earn Brooklyn, on Monday I I afternoon, at ona o'clock. I Frtends and acquaintances of th# family are invited to attend, without farther notice The remffiM will be taken to Bristol R. I. Da a rue ?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, March ST, of pneumonia, Mr. Onai* B. Dear**, seed at yearn Tbe funeral will take place this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from bia lata residence, 04 Henry street, corner of Clark, Brooklyn. Roiatlru and friends arc larltod to attend, without more special notion Providence (R. T.) paper* wilt please copy. Ualt ax.?On Thursday morning, March 28, Jonx Gal. vax, M. D.. In the 8M year of hie aga The relatlvm and Mends of tbs family, and them of hie father-la-law, Mr. Jobs Osllaghen, em respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late rewdw, 203 East Broadway, this (Saturday] morning, at half past nine o'clock. Tha remains will be taken to St Mary's I church, where a solemn mam of requiem will be ogbred I I for the repem of hta m il, and from theom to Chlvary I I Cemetery tor Interment I I Grxnant?On Thursday. March S3, Gamtm Gowmkm, I I beloved husband or Bernbardlae Uondrum, aged 40 I I years, S months and 3 days I I Tha relatives and Mends of the fhmily, also the mem. I I ben of Mosaic Lodge, No. 411, F. and A M.. thn lode- I I pendent Bntcher Gourd, Captain L. Viark, Troep D, I I Third regiment cavalry, Captain Winner, and tbe rfeveaty- I I sixth Society, are respectfully invited to attend tha I I funeral, on Sunday afternooa, at balf-psat on?> o'clock, I I from at. John's German Lutheran church, No 81 t hrin- I I topber street Tha remains will be taken to Greenwood I I for interment. I I MreaW Lenox, 418, T. axt> A. M.?Member* are hereby I I Sam ironed to attend nspecal cemmearntlon, on Ann- I I day, 31st iaalant, at one o'clock, m rooms, Odd hollows' I I Hall, fM tba purpose of interring with suitable bonore I I tbe rstnnins of MP Into worthy hrotctr, George <. in- I I drum. Hj order. ALuXZO NKHOt-ON, Mi??"r I I Hrath.?On Friday merging, March Jit, Jvax Huts, I I Xtfott m ymtn. I I The relatives and tr.emls of the family ere reapectiiil'y | I inv.tcd to nMeud tbe luiirral, irom kit late reedance, I I ?11 Ulcccker street, ibi? i-'e: -iday l aftvruoon, at onu I O'fcKJ'.i. I Hoi ory.?fin Tf*diirn,iny pvpnif>ir, March 2f? KeMunn I . ttaatxwpitb Mou**, only eon ah Jwiio ? <t i - ? ? | I RoiilOfL bgod 22 >c.u'j, 11 uiiin.UA a-iu i."> >U\ *. I i'lie Ir end id lite family ami, loo i mnl> r - ol the Fifrti W'wvy RFtlmry and HSAihft'zeuaYea*minvited j to Aiu-iid the lui ijy.d liotu Jfi" '*<'? Ti -blend', N*l "00 : 'Ninth avenue, ihlr ir'nturrtHTt ntWnouu, m. leu o'clock. ? tin' rsBmtai wot be takes to C>| i*m Mills Cettmtrry tor 11Tit i irieiiL I Kr miiio.?t)a rhurwlNv ninrnlnc MaMi 20, RkvjaXiv ?Kkliouu, R**d 40 yrnm, a (r.urtHR end 84 d*y?, of Bohr inli- Inflammation of the livi r. I The rciaitVfS nnd Iriond-. n( the fhmily are re-pcrifullv ? iartied to soon the funeral (rum his lad* residence, tar* a'alaok. Am* to* furtUPV MoBoUaxa-Oa Thursday, March tt, at aiavua ?'?took as^r^AsAs;?s?: Tha iiMIwi ?M IMMiir >to >Hr w rwiiH>ng|r favttod to totond too Amoral, from hm tatotadeooo, owner Court and Oootro atresia, Brooklyn oa Sunday iflWDOtd, pMi two o'clock. ?U.-CMUDM HoKnu, wife of John Ma , , la too IM yaar of dor oyo. Th* Mm* ad (ofuiiUMw of iho Matty an n apoetfally invited to attoad to* faaonl, a Baaday after Mmiil tohaUjpato aa o'siook. ftnm har lata watdaaoh OmSmSSXriSgi l too fftnaral, Aro? < H~ha* a'otoak. ?, ~ Motor?Baddaaly, a Tkureday, March tfjUtoA Bora, total m af Joha Twadwvoort, to ihoMto ydar ?Tharago. ' '? ? _ ? ~ graadaoa, J. T. Macula Ma US Fourth total, Wll namaburg, a Maday altornoon, at two o'clock. Boto Utm and Maada to too dually an rmpsstfuUy larltod to ailwd wtotai farther atotoa. (FMttu.?On Thumday, Mardh 30, Momma, widow of ? tyr? ?too relatives and frlaoda of th* tally an veansctMly Invito* to altond too ftmanl, (Ma bar Ma tatodanoo, Ma 9M Wat Forty-third torsto, to tlw ehareh of too Maly Cram, Fortr-aaoond atroat, and thoaa to Oalvury Oaaaotory, tow (Saturday) mortoag, to la a'oiook. Patau?Oa Thursday, Manh a, to toe resldsaca of | bar parents, STS Atlantic atrsst, Brooklyn. toyuaraf bar afu [wffl'takapiaooa 8uadey> afleraoon to owl will ha taka to Onawoad tor ia

tterwf ?Maw Firaua, wlfa of Nw lata Osama W. Plttmaa, acudMyaaru Fuaoral will laka toaoa a Sua day afternoon, to ona o'clock, (ton tha Pint Matoodito Episcopal church, SaaritoeoM torato, Bra^T P, priaad. or tha TSit JStWaS.lSoIS, Rosaar <*mm.anettv. ?T pariah Mavaa, county Month, Inland, acad M years. I His Iritoda and acquaintance* and thoaa of toa 1* aatty, an reepeelfUHy unhtod to ahead too Amoral, from I hM lata riridsaci, Third aoanua aad Fifty-atnto at root, aw Sunday afternoon, to two o'clock. Rama.?Ttw ramafas of too lato Cuntm & B.aooof WlDlato aad ChriaUaa Radda who died at Kawalkohmon. BmI Praia, In Jaty Mat, baring arrived la tow eito, toa fhaaaal trill lake plaoa ao Sunday, Maaah SI, to half.paat on* stack, from St. Matthow'a church, Walker street, o'clock. Iron at. Matthow'a ehareh, walkor atnat, I near Broadtny. Thofriandaaf to* dacaaaad and of toa hnily an mapatofhtty tnritod to attend RanxT.?On Thursday, Maroh St, aftor a loaf and ao ?ore Ulnea^MLuwaasr, youagoat iaafhlaa af toa hua ^ntaMaodaaadaoquaiataaam anraapootfUJIyfarttod to attend too Amoral, from toa naUanoi of hor mother, Ma 111 Bast Twaaty-elghth strotoTthla (Saturday) aftor aooa, to half pari ona o'clock. houn-On Saturday, Maroh IS, Fount P., aaa af John J. and Oathartaa Sic lot, deceased, agad IS yoara. 11 months aad SS days. ?Theweiatives and frlonda of the frtally an larltod to attoad to* funeral. from tha Twoaty-toanh atreto M. E. ohurch, boot Ninth avenue, on KoadAy afteraoon, to one o'clock. Surra.?Oa Ihoraday, Maroh M) ftoaow Bvtm, agad SSysara and 30 day n The mlaUrea and frleada an rsapoctfuHy Invito* to totok^^^^m|^M^^^u ^8l^t Slag l^toodjrt Episcopal church, this (Saturday) morning, to half-past aloren o'clock. . Snuntao?On Thundoy, Manh 21, after a protracted akkneaa, which aha bore with Chriauan fortitude. Maur. tha beloved wlfa of John Summer*, of too pariah or Tin turn, county Wexford, Inland, In tha 30th year af har aga Her ralaUvaa and friend* are respectfully requested to attend too funeral, on Sunday a flora oo a, at one o'clock, from her lato reaidonce, 83 Meadow street, Ho bokeo, N. J., theuce to Bk Mary's Roman Cctbolic church, and thence to Calvary Cemetery. ? Tavum.?In Brooklyn, ao Thsroday, March 28, Hi I ran* Howans, wife of aaorgo-Corrlngton Taylor, and eldest daughter of Charles R. Marvin. Friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral services, an Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from tha residence of hor father. Ma 8 Schormorhorn street. . U.vdsmiu.?On Friday morning, Maroh SS, after a abort lilaeas, Ortaaar cewamnL, of Oroonborg, West chester county, la the Mth year of his aga The relatives and friends of toe family, also of hla sea, Monmouth H., of tola city, ate respectfully invited to at tend the Amend, from hM lato raaMoace, on Sundav af ternoon, at oaa o'clock. Faaaral service at Greenrilla church, to two o'clock. Cars leave Forty-second street on Sunday at alas A. M. Chtriagaa will ha In waiting at | Bmrsdala depoi. MasaiIc muotv (III ) papers pleaee^ oY Ti* Ihu?At Devgoa Paint, N. X, oa Thnraday, March SI, after a severe Miasm, Lvma A., wlfa of I mac Tan Dyko, agad 30 years aad S months. Th* relatives aad Meads of toa tally, also tha members of Acacia Lodge, Na 327, F. end A. M-, sad to* members of Warroa Lodge, Na 263, L O. of A F., are invited to attend to* fuaoral, from Na 81 Greenwich avenue, oa Sunday aftoraoon, to one o'clock. Wkiubt. ?Ob Friday, March SO, Caxaua Waioar, af Minsdale, Maaa, In tha 64th year of his age. SHIPPING NEWS. iUijiM m n> nu^Tin mt. so* ansa ? IT I MM aisan +... morn 3 89 ?OH ACTS ? S I ViTH ??? 4 11 NIT IF KW m IAKN 29. W7. Cliaril. BMmahl^CMy of Washington (Br), itostall, Ltoerpoot? Bieamshlp CNp of Limerick (Br). PhiBlpa, Llrerpool?J O liMMklp Erli (Br), CutMng, llwrtw Hallo?I Btnun Mavt^tioa Co. Steamship Bawmoato (In), Eh lata, Hamburg? Kaa h?mt It o. Steamship Oaldlog Star, Van lion, Hina-Xtw Tork and Hsvra Steamship CO. >1?1111 Morro cast to, Adams, Havaaa?Qnrrlaoo A ? ?taamablp John Olbsoo, Fuller. Washington, DC?Smith A Brown. ?hip Has*, Fmatboa-W T OAmu A Co. ?hip I'nderwrltar. Bairn son, Liverpool?C Car.iw. Bark Speedwell, Fallen, Gibraltar?P Baton A Co. _ Bark?WiatUua (Ital), Balto, Ca4Hi_A t Agree!*. Umm III Mil 'I Mataniaa?Brett Ren A Rrtg SIBrtg H Houston, Wench, Matanaas?R P Bunk A Co. ? ?ri 8 B Crosby, NeuviUs?BrettSon A Co. Hrig Kate (Br), foyer, fit Johns, MP?MB Urceoa A Cur Brig In 1Mb (Br), Meirlde, Haltfai, MR?D B DeWotf A CoT SchrC E Warn. Smith. It Klttn?B J WeaDerw A Co. Rehr Me I lie, Collum, Ualveetoa?Diaper A Baattle. Hchr Hough toi Rehr A Mellle. Collum, Ualveetoa?Draper A BnaMto. CL Baylia, Vrooman, Karnaodfaa- A J Bently A Co. F.llen Perkins, Perkins. Wilmington. MC-MIUer A T Cohr., Brewer, City Point. Vn?C 1 Ptoretm. Rehr K 8 Feekar. Sbarman, Philadelphia? B P Sherman. M? Roger*. Kllaatmthpormm???? Hohr Feiru, Roger*. Eliaabethport?Rnew A Btehnrdaan.H | Sohr Leadar, Bolbrook, Boaton rla Klliabethport?H W r*JUger, Thompson, Boaton?J ? Ingrnbam Mr KHen Louisa, On. Hartford?(I tCRacket!. 2chr 8 It Tbofa, Bmlth, Maw Unm-Rnekott A Tay Sloop Mary Gray, Tooker, UaoaaclUa?If G Johnaoa r J Thai pi steamer J Thompaon, Moore. Ballla Anlred. r Harriot I ana, Paunoo, Harana March IS, ami V f (tanner Harriet tana. Pannes, Harana March IS. aifl Cbarlaatoa 25tb. Maroh to, Cape Henry boartaa WHW, ? milea distant, apoka brig Mystic, Baiter, from Indiaool* for Maw Tork, who reported baring on board the crew of the brig Leonard Berry, Capt Steel, hence for Bonaadn. which ?mm>?l?K^ la ? einklng r,,edition on (he 3d J they had abandonee la a sinking condition on the ad mat, the MyoMo beta* abort of water, her aaptam desired that the crow of the L Mho takes on board, which was dawn, aad ware brought to this port. (Bee Disasters > i ^?s steamer Pelican, J H Clark onsnmaadiBB. Char tool on crow w, March 25, with powder, to Quartermaster. ?HHBgMH ulToch, Merryiaan, C H aieeaaer Hugh McCulToch, Merryman, Cbarlwatoa 3Sth Steaamhlp Lao, Dearborn, SaraBBah Maroh 34. with mdar BPfBOMHii|i in', i/TMrwrn, cumnnan nnrvB aw, wimb ?wr and pease agar*, to Murray, Ferris A Co. 2SU last, at S PM. 23 mile* MK of xy bee, passed eieaioshlp Han Jaololo. hence for Savannah; SRb, 1 PM, *1 tulles 8W of Firing Paa, aienm ablp P.uterpe, henco for Galveston, 2Slh. < PM. IM mtlaa > of Hntteraa, bark W B Anderson, of Buokeport, bound M. Reports strona northerly galea <be entire pa Mare; alee a lightship at naehnr eg Pert Royal?probably the Frying Pan hartag brobta ...drift. Steamship Washington, Chlehtator, Washington aad Alat antlrla, with tndae ami pa cenger*. to Jaa lland. Ship sapphire 'Of Boatooi, IIaudi. _ ... ^ ? Calcutta Deo ?. Bands Head 12th. with mdee. to master. I'.aecd Cape or Good tlar ?Tth la last, wttli Head lilh with nxlae. to maater. rail < ape Hope Pab I, st Helena 12th, and ornaaed the h.oiutn Ion 44 2k Ha* been on the meet at nee the flat h y M and Nfc (pilfff ?PlH sa.l*. At ,.k BniHlerbiof Harwich), WlMtea, Amof Dec 10, with to Pabbi-l A Chauncrr. Passed Ao.llet DM S*l. liaua of 1 llefie Feb I, and emeeedtbe Ktu?'o> JTiK In Ion 9t tP. Ipsa to Pabhil A Clianncer. Passed Ad lie* Doc 5W. t.'ai e of Mood llepe Feb I, and emeeedtbe Ktti?'o> JTth In Ion 94 40 Haa heaa f Sara north of Mmteraa, with heavy MB galea; lest and sptM sella Ac. r.nrk tinman (Hi',, ?? , MetrptSH, 44 dare with rallnmd l ull Ac, to U Cur,aid. Had a suct-ccoou ?l gale* 1 nan s ui SW ,ind N W; stove uoaw sad ItiflAaia*, ?It J tu.ned away main Ml ? Berk Kraok. I.???1a, Palermo, Tf d.ayb, with fNH, t,t Simp ? (Ml A Clep! . had Vri > heavy N K Orul B t? ea tin- lost fort a ght. BiigSaiun* (ef Barbados), Hput. Ps a, 81 days, with rub'sii. li,ifr, .v . 'u f. h .tins tu n a i ". fta* u# .<? w? | Head on tM'1 -l?'.. iihd km tun* 1 off, nilt all mule *nd alflvo I ? ner e. sk<, atfti -.e?*?l t<*elM| m n't? r trurita. Was aUt FraaA M me AlWil? il?cr; d<iiis?ixl HuMw kn,| el <m; Mated I*, at Jo (i hp, ,,, ,g?, .i,,v nv,? i? .,?* llavia, be.iad Ng ho il< e, 1.1 ion ... g.., .pons o.ig tonuties,. Inmi I'.n o H? , Is, V o ?*. BHt '.v ' ,r, Cwdts r. ,,i ami froi.i Bcroiuda,# d?y?, with md-t. i? M< Cm! * frith. r shf .1 W B eitawr (ul New Hsvenf, ?(, VOy, Met",tut. Go dsiA wild frwto, rasa, Ae, to .1 * blwoil A CP. Maich 9/, oir 4'.?! ?? Ilea, i, pa-MMbt a umnitlty of wrc, and smtl, barrels to' lieu. Ac. .-i )ir Tigris (Br l. Lock Hart Para, 28 dnya, Willi rubber aad aula, to UHHe Voir k Co. Iln.l v, ty hfevv weather norm i ?t UaiWuaa, loot luiaiouuMtot- hbboom, mUU, Ao. Maun l-w8SEfflK3^ au^smsyvais" ? *^~-~' Bnunnr KnuuA fM Ctoritw forUi? aefety rfwlrteh fwn W? M Norfolk yuterdayaaernla? abort efenaL Sg^es?!?*^ . Heir* HuiauaTa, from No* Tart for Rio Janelr^etroefc apainat tbo piloo of the Mateo lalaad Nomm. Ml ? from akora, ead *u hauled Wo tko Baeta. mo] ?iik. ilomii YiTn?II "* *? now ripaMa#. tao Sam Oiimi (Br). frem Mbtaema fur ? Mabt Dat. lumbar Mm, ii?ihIJWi OkMtoj ton. wot aehora op Sandy Point, Uhaoapaako Bay, gt ?* the STlh leak 6^Tf^rsiX"iSrK^'' Nobkm.*. Maroh IT-Tho Prelate flower, from Baltimore for Newtora, pot bock leaky. ' PureerP has mi Ik oftM ?eft ' PumtPD lloeum, of ilowtlf Loe. from iMiMit, boa our Ikuki tar Ikron. to norUoo them for tto whaling biuluin, ualar oommoud rsiLADSLruir^vSTjM^T^^e Ll^u^ wont adrift In tto lalu atorm, aad too noi elnoa been heard Mr Ooorgio. B^I^^Kbttrrpori, ru at Barbs Aoo Monk * with K bbU oIL SptkfKi 4k& BteamaMp Man Prom Philadelphia for ??? f?? *?? Tork fr?rHhan w^E^SK<sr*ro!ai!j8.wff s-sssu 3?^viar-hs^?fS5^?^-,'<!" Porrtn Fata. AaixaaaAW, March lS-81d bark Haiti? E Taplar, Tap ley, SS3? Churchill; J F Peareon. Lewta; C A Littlefleld, NichoU, and Tu Webb Batoe, for do do; K P Harriman Harrlman, and '.T M Churchill, Butehlneoo, for Boaioa, do; bri* Chflliaawal lah, Fuller, for do <hx . ? , . . ^ Bikacoa, Haroh IX?In port tohr Mary, for NYort X dayr, Bwturoa. Maroh 14?Bid bark Thoo Whttuoy. KeUoy, ?hi J burt^SM isfh?thlp SI rem^oodwt^l'^^ded^hl^ Cadis, Maroh 11?Arr ship Suorny (Rue), Nordberg. How TCAiMmA?. March 15-J?*g? echrLlikte I- Taplay. Jouea, f#Ciwrc*Go? Maroh 14-In port hark Cbaatleleer, MoLeu "S?i?U aetoa J-Ba, IJfart; 1Wh. /lent. Tmnat rRri MdlAtCl. d? for Bt JOOOit WF. vlfl SIM* WDrt LTi^i .taSat Ba'tlmou; M. Lm. Cotton, Richmond. Va:01"dlal?\JNYock. Ijtirpool, March ll^?Arr ataainahip H#lrati^ lawnpioo, HTerl'M, chip Oeo McCloflan, Mltotolt, do. Laonoiu?7 March ?-iWd brig Ooo Barelook (Br), Walaoa, ^ATAimA*, Mamh IB?In port bripa laaao Carror. Mate; Ortolan, Ely: Mountain Ragle. Sherman: aohr Jamee O Do nnT ud A Mlddletown, Hawaa all Idg for Baltimore VALrAUAieo, Feb 1??(Join* In, oblp Qnintero, Manning. from Caldera. . ? AMerkaa Porta. BOSTON, March X8?Below achr R B Twledao. from Capo hark Ada Carter. Kenney, Haraaa: achre Marietta TUton, FriUtnger. FhlladalpMa^abot, Bacon, Now Tort. Alao eld eteemer Olympui. TST^alker, New Tort , thine Lorantor (Br), Lane, Melbourne, K lac trio a par*, L^San Kmndaco; brl|^llu Dodloy. 'Conmto ?ehrt J T Wearer. Woaraa, Oolroaton: Ada H Wlawell. Peel Jng. Nawbarn, NO; Dtek WUllama Ooraoo, Richmond. Bid ^^ALTndOR^Marc'h aB^Arr achre DarldO Flnyd. Ryder, HYork; Kmellaa MeLaae. Sloepor, do: A S E Kabena Pendor, Portamauth, NH. Cld hart llaaley, S?ow*B^toi(?d ^V^^?a^",LiJMrLcrrt? riit mcSbi artra AdSlI Bird, MaW a northern port; 3sSEK&ai"i?v wsL^sstsa, afigBSS5K2fe.ys? ^HOL^HoiJrS-roh W. P M?Arr rtra Aaoorloan Radio, Shaw. Hawcartlo, Drt for 1>0? Btoahothportfw_Ppwg,JfW; ^Roatoart, MaTfor Harfolk: P L rfhlto^ fcoh. Boa ton ttrk>> B.dbrttoTCSif3C?bS5^S! Li li^TWVi??F. Know. Ma?B h H?rr5 E^rwSrfe sa? wSaSS?1W.?KS? tawman. howlmwrtfor 3hi ?^nfc* h.^A ter m ^rrwkW ?E?SS FreTma ILu'-n K Hlckoraan, Addle '.Tattoo. Jaooh Klaaato, i|L(rf . I Amotion. OviflMli TuOinti Hlf, WlilW. ^fcKSoNVILt-K, March IS?Arr brtd Suela J Btrout ?trout NTurk: aehr L P Pharo. Oelltne. 4a. MOlill-K March B?Old tteamehip Oobao, Whitburn, wkw OHLEaSs, March *Vfn^ Ryder. HYork; Alimmbra, (Br). Tlvitnaa, Urerpool, eblp Wromlna, Mobile; barka Hareralnk, Matenau; ElUa Ann Marla(Ilr),P*hot, Rio Juelro. erhr DaniMwaoai, Doan. Khifeton. Ja. Rclow ahipa Daron.hlre. ("War, from Lie i^StTVonentmn. Upton from do;fnjoo^ller fn-m do. ri'l etcam-hip. .Mlaaourt. Hndaon, HYork; Aihland, do; St Lonla, (?Uwua, iwe*oa: ahfe Rita ? Thayer. Thotnfr wn. Hat rwV^rlsBrBotort Peel, t^tor. Ilerapa; ertre YmhelHu ( Mei* Moatorola, Sacua; Lon?OroohoM. Orock ultrcib6!*March IS?Arr achr Parawoa, Shnte. NYork. Old brig ?>em (Brj. CampbeU, Klngatbo, JmT'mkrCUra MeU rt?frh-Aff,mhm,ArR C Ward. Rdwarda, H her. Hull. Boeioa; Louie A Swllt, Howes d?. /? Sound, not In for repalra, with aaUa aplli- Sid brlf Uom. " ^IrtT BrTurtlRP, March IS-Arr achra Jr' Sprtnoer. NTork, Tieilant, Nlckarion, >. PlilLABMLPIflA, March ??Arr ^*rttaagta.Ha ker, Boau.n ; bride A II Curtla. Marrlinaa. Matanmo; Maa^ Haft, lloaioni achra Daniel Pteraaa. PI?"Ui_Sombr ro, I) A K Rod/ Kelly. Iloatoa. Sarah t lark, P* -1* -' Yllaye </iie-n. 1 lllotaon, do; 8 T Wluea, "?*??' ''"I'. ir?i: S^Sf^^Ssi Sf hh.^*^ ^. HnntV^Tsilem. lUU.Jluney HawktaTP? ? V'a.tla; Mar, land, Urtef. Salam. 0 1 Stiokaey. Math-. DoL March JJ." adeWlmt r?r Mafrdllle*, and brifantlne Dararooawa, oo ror (Inrti want to ?ea ihla mornlnd .. ? fur Havana S? Syftg R? m'ShinVk^to VoncVrw(liM^^ebiS.".ndem\o"'tnd Tto ^tTuTl'Av'.Tlt', 37 " trr e-dwa H K Clart. Clark. Hor t ,l! ^ lt Vr e*U !i..u-ui n-e: * L V.tam-. Mo*ora.m, and {"l* .1'! ' , I'ulUdrlahla; Maraaalto, Maaito, a'l L ?.;'ri Il-rn* dn >"* NTurk! <? W Klmbull, HaU. i b'ri? ). w H >eUU. htayfc* vdlii?II8BM *SB| tor | I ^i^i'wrr'i'K "'lTS? 8t? Arf aetir B'tlow, HI mbr hpurt. Pi (iVIlihM'K. M.rch IM- trr vt?amer 0?rte*. Ilenry. 1 MiirtPtuA- lirk UMcn of loot* (0fki LocfchifU ArttroWMlti; 1 acVire I 0 Knnyoo, .Mail ia. PbtbulelpMa; Joaaph I" Hoaa. I hoi Kittabdtbport: I?wl<o*!ck Hiii. Ely. NTork. Hid brtu I Mal i , w So, We-hlmrn, New Orleana, ?-hra (Icorge I r- -s"k" I do; aMmMSM bffWSSfc 8?Hi WsinBBk .Qa? TVIMir, Buuad Brook, Coot of. Mil B 2Sw? Otbba, KVork I iBuoioci hottcibb. a nt-w introduction on "TmM tnUid to Dm PlanArta," Argua HaB. m Broadway aaar Houtoa ottaah ^ Chkhtrai. prkshttkkian church, nrriKTB ? timet, between Bn?4mr and Eighth wtmm. PitkB Inn to-morrow by the Motor, Ron. Jamee It. Duo, kt MW A. M. HBd 7H r. M. Sabbath achool At I P. B. A ir*M toriuUoa extended to all. PHVIOIOPTHB BferOBMATION, PIWBWtlBBB* \J botwoen Sooond and Third aranaao; fmnaU; Pry treunt Epiecooal. Berrieaa at V% ?*<*?* A- *? and 4 P. M. wunday epSol at ?M P*. Rector, Rot Abbott ^^HriAN CHURCH. TWAMTYJtXQHIH Broad*ii;.-H?rrtow March SI, at SMURI8TIAN CHURCH. TWKNTY-RIOHTH STRRRt I near Broadway ?Serrioe* March 31, at 10M A. M. BOM P. M, Proachlug by Urban 0, Brawer, poator. CMHAPKL or TUB HOLY SAVIOUR II.ATR RBT. | Hawka' charge)?Rot. J.J. Roberta, of North B na. will OdHflMMMh ?? mm tho large shapol of tka UaireraRy. US g^^,j5U5ggg^yiBBgc ^la. aH| ? A ST*lM ? floooloMnt l?f| rf fpl |S r W wif' | C1BBMCH OBUBCH DC ST. ESPRIT,BIT. ?*.? r_rna, Roctor?Ptrtno oerrtao tn Proaoh Nafcy 1PBBB OHCRCB OPTHR RBDEBPTIOM. KAlTPMr* Uriah BooM wfll yriadi. p^abbj^^y stayer BBBBMlBrfMBMlVMMMi in>.. Stthepef tho *00000 of Bala* wfltfNaMS I row areola* Hot Inotnnt. Dtrtaa oorrloo tB o?anoa^ PET. THOMAS 0. XV SptrtluallaU, in I ISM and 7H o'ctmlmJ ItuaUom and R^H sTB aooS erasing avwaa.'sg Soaday, at MM A. M. and fK P. B., hi theoharohoal ty-oooond itnn, boiwooo fW and Sixth aroaaoo. 0> &|S-? to young ffin ClaBBTCAL ASSOCIATION PBATBB I will bo hold at AomaMio churah Monday pubUostro invited. THMFBRANCB LECTURE.?THE TOUWO JMPf ?Vuhor Matthew LA. B. Satiety X* 1?U haaBBmani THHI PASTOR OP MOUMT HOW CHURCH WU m. k?c a "s^RrhSss^SB&sas fore the i udgment. Tmrinittcumi n ? be preached on behalf of Hoary R. 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FOOT OF MOBOAJI r street, Jersey City, la the apat whara drat elaaa Metises aan ba bought. Raw BaHaia of all kloda aaaatially a* band. 1iX)R SALE?A a HORSE POWER STEAM BNOIREU r Carl lea' make, with tabular Boiler. Steam Pump, H seism PI pen aad connection, all In oompiota order; to be aeltrared hy the let of May east. May be area in operation dally tm the basement flJDoenr street To be sold g Hoisting Maoblaa aad the Hhaflltw I* the baUdlag. R. HOE A CO.. M and tl Oold ataaaA 1DOR 8AI.E?A SMALL STEAM KNOINE AND BOTLEE. r now ruanlag In good urdac. Agfty at Ba. 70 Want Thlrtgw third r~ * rs SALE?A U HORSE BOILER, NEARLY NEW. Inquire of A. R. WOOD, SM Pearl ataaaA YTKDR HALF?J OF OORDOJTS QUARTER MEDIUM P Presses, I Hoe's Card Praia. 1 Taylor and 1 Auatlo Raa> rues, 1 lloa't Single Cylinder Preaa, 1 No. B Pa w7l New Lathe, foar feat shears, with treadle. W. 8. ROWLAND, 11 Del tun Ma alrm TTtOR SALE?A TUBULAR CPETOHT BOILER, POR ? aa analne of fifteen borne power, la food order; alaa aa Iron Standing Preaa and a largo iron Tank aad Fats* Pomp. laqnlraof BOWNR A 00..1W Broadway. yort SALE CHEAP?COMPLETE MACHINERY POR r glial and Stmiias mffl, Including Engine and Nat teak Bolt, Kleratocs, Screens. Da Apply a? No.1 Day air a at. JOttEPU Aaylet. yoN SALE CHEAP?O^MPLATE MACRINRItT FOR r serial and floartofmill, Inelndlag Ragtna aad Sotlaa. Bolt, Elevators, Screen*, Ac. AddreaoboiI.8M Poat < ss NBRAL DEPOT FOB ALL KINDS Of MA. ^ner^m^^^^nj^ggmen^Hawmli:*, 1^. Betters, Aa WIXYEMLRDO., dS Baoad way. M. F. G0?ft,&,?s4a2e,?asw?i ?0,u* p0""!? ttz.Fsag-s&jatLmsx The l>e?t and moat onaaplete In aaa. Circular aent ou acptica'.loq. __ WOOD A MANN STEAM EMOIME COMPARER U UCSa N, and H Maiden laaa. Now Tat. nAM BROINBS AND BOILERS?NEW AND BE*, ltd band, propollor Fngtncs. Latboe, Planers, Blowers, no. Palrieo and Soltiiia. Steam Pumpe aad Maohlasrp of all kinds. W1LLAHD A MILL* AND, tit Water street. NtwsPAPintlrcBUsnERs and job pbintbbs. The robsertbers offer for sale I Double Cylinder Printing Machine, with abaft flpoaat Hi JO Inches. _ 1 do. do. with aheet flyers, SS'fl id, 1 single small crbader do. Willi sheet flyers, ? iSS la. I sfaftelsrge cylinder do. with sheet flyers. II iS to. I do. da. with sheet flyers, Nll{i41 in. 1 do. da. with "beat dye is, Bt aflt In. The shore am second hand Praia's, but bars bee a ih? ronxhly repaired, and will do aa good work aa new. Apply to il. HOK A CD., Bfl and ?1 (laid atraot. NEW PURIelCATIOBB. THE " PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL" IS A FIRST class Pictorial Monthly, devoted to Ethnology, Physio logy, Physiognomy, with " Signs of Chamolar, ~ sad ham to rsad tSatn Only t? a year, or 33 ownta a number. Ad drpae FOWLER A WRLI-H, .MB Broadway, Now TagR. A goad medium far select adti rtlaamanU. fHB NRW EDITION. REVISED AND RN LA RUED, OF 1 WBUC EVERY MAM HIS OWN LAWYER, hM? RUHINKfl* FORM NOOK, In addition to information to MRHMMPHHPu mMVHMHMHI orary department of honneaa; HMMpnuMa to erery buat iieee mat aad woman ; oontatno the now Bankrupt laa forma, rlplanatlona and full Instructions, to anabla rupn and creditors to tab# heneot of tbear; with ut leant aaatstanar lAma^ ?H pagi-A Prloa only $t: seal poto paid en rvefpt of prfoa. Agents wanted etrlrywhere, tbay wtU flnd the badaim my imaannintlra. aa there w no wsaR published that will atoal with a mora randy aato Bh? work wanted erery whom by ererrbody-a wort that am agan oaaanciga ta the aathaf, aa ayrimaaast>mlaaa^ wHh a oerUinty af ancaeea and with m'lafaotlosja hlmaajf and patrrma. Addkcea Benj. W Hitchcock. PttMMbar, 18 Ohaaibais atreet. Maw Toft RKSTAIRAIBTN. Rtt i AMUUCAX RK^AI-RANT. PASSt'lE D,i!< PRInCRS, PA Rift. Ail.'11 A>D NAVY I'tiAlJDi, ClA'll WILlV Its paid POR EMC NTT AND ALL / fUm-r .i* hi it the gararumoM. K.hU BKN VOSK, (W \Ve!l atroet. New York, and 193 tor* ?tn'o;, Brooklyn. 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