Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD., ' - ' *" ' i WHOLE NO. 1U71. NEW YORK, MONDAY. APRIL I, 1867. J J ^ PRICE FOUR UENfA Frederick ?writr and tbll nb row i can address ? teller to you immediately. J. W. C. ATTtE? 1LVKR.?DON'T KNOW WHERE TO FIND Tun. Writ* me at a tattoo O. O. A H r FORMATION WANTED-OF A I'till ST SCHKBIBER, of .-nit Quernbelm. Prussia. The name left Washington. D. C.. In ISM. When laal beard front wan boarding wlln Mr. Friedman. 61 Weal atreel. New York. Any person who can glee Info maUon of hie whereabouts will be liberally reward ed by addreeaing Henry Schretber. care of F. Detke, Ml Wee atreel. New York. IF THE HEIRS OF 8TUART ELDER, FORMERLY OF tbla city, will announce their address in Ibe Personals of lbs Herald, they may hear of something lo their adrautage. Ik bate steklman ib in the city i would Hke to know when and where I can see her. LEMCEL J. STANDKFER, room 35 Merchant*' Hotel. hJlBWART ELDER, BUFFALO, N. Y.. IS AN HEIR OF O Stewart Elder, deceased, formerly of New York ?My. rC.-THK LAST RECEIVED. TELL MB WHAT number you sent. Letter with 90 to B. P. A LLACBMS. ?CORAL EARDROPS. SATURDAY night.?Will the lady who notloed gent who ran his Auger over the programme, please address Faith, station D. stating where an Interview may be had. ILL TH E L\DY, DRESSED IN DEEP MOURN I NO. who rode In the car from Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, was no the wav to t iiy nail, on Friday, March 21*. between the hours of ten and eleven A. M., please addreee Mr. Smith,' ?0 Klvtngiun street, hew Yorkt SPECIAL NOTICES. German lii-dfrkranz, SI and Ti EAST FOURTH 8TRBFT. ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SHAREHOLDERS, MONDAY EVENING, April 1, at H o'clock. Buslne** before the mooting;? Report of the Secretary. Election of a Board of Trustees and of a Treasurer. By order, J. K. POOOENBUBO, Secretary. I REFUSE TO PAY ALL DEBTS CONTRACTED IN my name from this date. HENRY B. PIKE. New Yots, March ?, 1S67. SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, FEB. M.?NOTICE.? The undersigned beg to notify their friends and the Cibllc generally that they are not and never have been tereated In or connected with the houae of Heln, Rockeli A Co., corner of Jacob and Frankfort streets, New York city. This notice Is published not with a view of dlm-reduingor In any manner Injuring the houae of Hem Xoekel A Co., but simply to correct misconception. HEIN A BRAY. Joan Brat. <15 Battery street Special notice.-all persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the estate of the late Timothy Conner without the written order of OEOKOE V. MKRKLBE, I ALFRED B. SANDS, ) Subscriptions to the southern famine be lief commission. Amount previously acknowl- Collected st Church of Re edited $86,687 0 deemer, N. T $37 SO T. I* A C. CJ. Small.. .280 110 Home of Prayer, New K. H right, for others.. .326 66 ark. N.J SO 00 A. M. Rosa 25 00 H. P. Spanldiug 100 00 Mary J. Whiting' 6 IM N. Carpenter 25 00 Union Meeting, Elml- H. M. Scheffelin, Yon ra, N. Y 220 00 kers 100 00 E. R. Ware A Co. 100 00 T. W. Ludlow 1UU UO J.Howell.Manon.Mlcta 2 00 Cyrus Cleveland 60 00 M. Armstrong A Sons, James C. Bell 60 00 through Mrs. E. Al- Cash 10 00 len 290 00 Cash 2 60 W. H. Kerr 10 00 P. Marksvllle 6 00 W. K. Lancley 30 00 Collected at Scbeneets E.8. Po.ter 10 00 dy, N. Y 717 OB T. 11. Blackweil 10 U0 Broailalton (N. Y.i Bap U. C. llotchklss A Son. 60 00 tint rhurch.. 68 86 Collected at ML. Morris. 8. II. Y.|Annonck, N.Y. 3 00 111 100 00 A Mite. 100 Collected al Kulgelield. P. U. Wakeley, Ureen Ohio 8 00 vlUe, N.Y 1 00 Pint Congregational _ Dr. A. A. I.iegenfuas, Church,Caoaudalgua.101 Or Beech Mount. Pa.... S 00 M. i-.. Churcb. South E. R. Crane, Pittsburg 10 0J Hammond 16 75 Collected at Homer, t Joun i urbes 2 66 Mich 8 00 Presbyterian churcb. Baptist churcb. East Colo Spring, N. J 35 00 Pbartmlla 2 60 M. A. Vvuliam*. Pa 6 00 Sunday school. Dexter, B.C. Wllloughb). Bio- N Y. 3 60 datrvilte. h. j $00 St. Paul's churcb, Paw J. P. Haxselt. Barre, tucket 53 57 Mass 5 00 Jos. H. Marshall, Per Mrs. K. V. Dey 25 0J ry, N. Y 6 00 Presbyterian church, Mi*. J. 11. Marshall.... 2 00 Ellsabethport, N. J.. 45 15 Collected al sudbury.. 31 04 Trinity church Wood- Troy relief fund 108) 00 bridge, N.J 15 00 E. lirldley 10 00 St. John's Protewtsnt Rei'ued Dutch church. Episcopal church, Lalayetle, N.J 4110 Passaic, N. J 75 60 Collectad at New Haiti A Pr.end 5 00 more 10 00 Mount Ion church, Scolchtowu. N. P., Pert CkeeDu- 4 30 ohurob 35 00 H. B. C , Newiiuig. 6 00 Trinity church, South Baptist church. Marl- sciluate 60 mi* Harbor 35 37 P. K. church, Uullford, Tapi >sn. Dr. R., cungro- Conn 36 50 gabua 75 86 Third Congregauoaal Seiman aud French church. Uullford, MapUaichurch, N. Y. 9 14 Conn., 35 00 Meroer street church.. 33 00 Emmsnasl Episcopal Presbyterian church, church, Brooklyn....110 0 hhrewshury 38 00 Grace church, Jersey OaBeettoo Third liulla- CUy 154 44 nan church <5 75 Grace cbureh, Ureen St. Jamas' church. Port villa. N. J 3106 Edward 6 4$ E. Bright, for others.. 114 SO J. I. Heard, Uoshan... 1$ Ml St. Lucav <). L. church 38 UO SAJoho a enureh,Wars- R T. Mulford 50 00 house. Point 38 55 U. W. tl $ 00 First Baptist churcb, C. Malre A Co 60 00 Mdbekea.M. J 40 0$ St Andrew's ohuroh, ?hurchol Nativity.... 135 00 Harlem $8 51 church, Washington town. n. Y 53 76 ?debts 1$ 9$ First Baptist church, Thomas Thrasher A Co., (ireat rails 31 65 N.' Y. 100 00 Liberty street Presby Auutyniotn 76 00 terlau church, Troy, Mrs. C. M. Hitchcock. 50 00 N.Y 100 Hssn-r R. Stone 60 00 Baptist cbureh. Hunt's d. K. Koubins 20 00 Hollow 10 00 Ssisimi Lvaogelist Me- St Philip's Eplsoupal thodiat church 120 00 church, Newark, N. Christ chureh, Bloom- J., collection 6 62 Seld. M. J $7 10 Baptist church, De Presbyterian church, posit N. V 18 00 Caldwell. N. J 131 23 T. Klehardaon, West X. R 100 Newark, N. Y 100 Plrst Presbyterian A Priend, West New church. I Uflon 0 00 ark, N. Y I 00 CnBeniloa at Jewett BUxsbeth Johnson, N. Y 118 5$ West Newark. N. Y., 60 Pint Presbyterian Trinity church, Pots Church, Hohotsn 86 86 dam, N. Y 48 50 Presbyteiisa church, South Dartmouth 10 W Johnstown. N. V 0 05 Plrst h. D. church. CtU^Uum at Bast Jersey City 200 00 Urecawiah and vlstn* Collection, Westflcld, Uy 176 00 N.J lilt) 00 Presbyterian Cbureh. Mrs. V. L. Bunion 25 00 CaLklU 81 4$ Dr. Fmter 7 00 M. jTc77 6 0 O. P. M 2 00 SkJnhn'sehttrch.falem 40 Ik Praadinon'sAld Society. Plrst Congregational UoadUla 10 SO church. N. Y 250 0 Stanton street Baptist Plrst Baptist church, church 64 0 Hsrlem 107 34 Baptist congregation. Second K. D. church, ~ (Jrseagort. L. 1 V 14 Heckenaack. 0 0 Bar. C. C. fhorne >0 8t. Ann's Episcopal Baptist church, Madi- church, RorrlssnU . 0 0 Tbn. N.Y.._. 117 75 Mrs. Ann B. P. Seeood CongrsMtiaaal Smith 80 00 ehnreh, Be'heL Me.. 0 0 Captain Labrbnsh .... 6 0 Congregational church, Christ ehercb, Waaler Booth Hsdley Pstl... 0 0 ley B I.. ,..0 0 OoHectlon al Trimly Chnauaa church. Bush elegsT. ,77. 10 ? wick. L. I U 0 Madison avsaea Bap- E. C. Qswdlo A Co.... .20 0 Ust church .....30 0 L.L , 18 0 SL Matthew's P. K. W. Cksmberlala M8 0 ah arch, Jersey City. .01 0 W. B 4 0 0. Joha's chureh, Presbytarlaa ehnreh, Msasford. .04 0 Havsretrsw 1$ 0 B. D. ehnreh. PIshkUL. 0 U B. W. Corliss loo 0 W. # 2 0 Mrs. L. Uutchktae.'..,. f $8 Pseels 0 Southernp- O. W. Reynolds 10 tan. N. J 170 0 Jas. Unmu 05 0 Member of St Lake'* St. rept'e oh arch, Rah aburoh. YpatlaaU.... 80 wav, N. J ..0 0 B. D. cbureb, Lodl, Plrst Presbyteries II Y 0 0 ehnreh. Collamore .. 0 0 Christ church, Borden- _ 5A Thomas aberch, lawn. N.J 010 Than ton 0 0 Bar. J. Selmer, Cler- Cenect on at Oram moat 118 wish station 16 00 BE Lake's charah. Ma- BaptIM church, Meotaa 0 M lochia.. 0 0 AMtyaaM 0 0 Carinas s. la cbureh. Collection at Ailtaaa, B.Y.. ? ? Yt 80 B. D ehurah. Harlem.. 0 15 Bap list church. TTe Twaaty-Arst street R. marshurf 0 0 D. cmiros, M. Y 10 0 Oram church, Newark. BE Aartrew'c church. M J 0 0 LembertvUle, N. J... 16 0 Cotlectioa at Weet Or*. H. Van Dorse 0 0 ton. N. Y. 71 ilty church. South- Prashyterlsn ehnreh. U_ . part, Conn 0 0 Wast WUtaa 12 0 Osllection st Clavsrack. Prasbytarisa church. B. Y .......100 Btoonwbam, Pa. 00 Tttaliy church, Prtaca- Christ chureh, Hudson. lee. N.J .....00 B.Y 34 0 Baptist church. Peril- Ofaaa charah, N. Y... .03 0 ton. N. Y 17 0 Oallaettoa at Venum... 9 0 Christ chureh Newark. 4# h Pant's church, Fat Baptist cbareb, Frews- _ _ srsoa 0 0 bury. N. Y 60 Alansea Morehouse.... 10 no BE Joha's church, Ca- J. C. Baldwin 05 0" heea, K Y 0 0 Chnrch of Atonement .01 71 BL John's church. Ells- Baptist church, Town abath 30 CO era, N. V 13 0 W7a. Bnrdsfleld...... 00 Petsr Voorbis. Nyaah, J ehurah, Rlv- N. Y .7777 0 0 lews 0 0 C. D East on Onondaga I 0 CMeeae of Waaaalc, N. Reuben Olbson loo f..... 31 SO M.Arthur f M ?of HE John the R. I), church, Mllwaa ellst. Slock port 44 0 kee 19 0 Baptist cMarch. Lot CI. ('lark 75 0 Nor wish.7777 87 0 C. W. U 10 BE Peal's chureh. Cam- Caagragatinnsl chureh, 0a 777 10 0 Seward, 111. 110 0. Mary's pariah. Bur- Pint Prenbrt'n chureh. hacton, nTTi 0 0 Hudson I. T........110 14 B. P. D. chureh, Ksls- Plrst Preabyt'n eh u Ash, msinn Mich ITS 14 Mnrrutown 0 15 0.Paul'*church,Hrook- Cromwell Ml-stnn. Mid geM 0 0 dletown, t oon 0 0 Plrst Pmsbrt'D cbureh. Oaacrecstlonsl Hodety. Florida N.Y....... 0 0 Rich mend. Mam 0 0 H. M. bhaffer.Dunkirk, St. ThonisV cbareb, N.Y 14 0 Trsnlon. Mich........ 10 I'otlectMn St Hsrtwlrh CeugregaUoual Society, ? oiiccnon a> IMnncy Plains. 41 0 - v- -g i. *? ?2 George Adlsrd 0 l? A Priend, Long Branch 1 0 Bits'. 0 Chureh of Redeemer, Presbyterian church, Vcnjas. Ohio. ? ? .t. 15 on Cora. P?- - >0 Pr*'tY.t n pJ,ureh' ^ _ Grace chureh, topeka. . _ ? EaowlewVllla....... 0 0 Kansas 13 0 Trashy tens* cbureh. o h.Tt...:...^ ^ i *?? t. Miil.?u ?0 1.^ ? $10,40 SI fVIHR NBWYORE LADtPr 80UTHIRN BEUEPA880 Arangh"ta7*V? ^oBowlaA IShhNlBS:? ?avid M. Smith \ at ^ Tatal reactpts to lEA**7 Treasurer. SPECIAL NOTICES. r If MANY SOCIETY. OB COLUMBIAN ORDER ? Brothers? A regular meeting of the In-ii utloo will be belt! iu the Coutu'U Cbaiiibur of the Ureal Wi?* im on Mon day weeing, 1st inst., at half an hour after the tailing of the aun. Oenerat and punctual attendance te requested, as the oom mittee wUl report on the tale of Tammany Hall, and the purchaee of land on which to erect a new hall. Brorderof JOHN T. HUFFMAN, Wiijioe Shall. Secretary. Urand Sachem. Mauhatlan. Heaeon of Bloaaoma, Fourth Moon. Year of Dtacnrenr 374th, or Independence 90th, and of the Institu tion the 77th. The regular monthly meeting of the new York Liquor llealcr* Society will be held at the Mrlro rlilan Room a, 160 lleeter street, on Tuesday eveutug, April nt 7X o'clock. By oriier. JOHN H. TIRTJEN, Vice President. Johh Mucbsht, Recording Secretary. The members or sylvan grove lodge, no. 276 K. A. M., are hereby summoned to appear at their rooms. Hall, corner Centre and Grand streets, on Monday, April 1, 1867. at 12 o'clock M., for the purpose of attending tbe funeral of their late brother, L B. Sherwood. By order of WESLEY B. CHURCH. M. r ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.?THE MrMBEKS of the Longshoremen's Union are willing to work for soy man. and do work for event man that pay* the going rate of wages <40 cents per hour); hut wil! not work for any stevedore* that employ outsiders. There are stevedores that do not want to pay their men the going rate of wages, and represent I* the merchant.- <: New York that the Longshore men are demanding higher wages than umial this we dally deny notwithstanding all reports to ihe contrary. RODGER MURK. 1'resident. Jaunt C. Kmc. Secretary of the Convention. TTNITED 8TATES WATCH COMPANY?CORRECTION. U The atalemeul published in several of the daily papers lu this city, Newark aud Jersey City, that we would ho obliged to lake down and remove our laetory. at W est End, Bergen. N. J., la without the least foundation, no jar or In convenience havitig ever been experienced from passing trains. p. A. GILES, President. Bergs*. N. J., March 90.1867. _ THE TURF. THE MANAGER OF TUB UNION HALF MILE TRACK, Seventy-second street and Bioomin-tdale road, wishes to let the members aud those that may become members know that the track is in excellent order for working on. JAMES FIN LAY, Manager. SPORTING. All kinds or dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVEY'S, 360 Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. FOR SALE-THE SLOOP YACHT RESTLESS; be longs to the Brooklyn Yacht Club and ia well known bv yachtmen generally; about 18 tons, well built and well found; price 61,260. Apply 10 J. JONES. 144 Fulton street, New York. |i?OK SALE?BLACK AND TANS, BETWEEN 4 AND 9 I? lbs.; Puppies of same stock, the handsomest In Ame rica. One pair of handsome Newfoundland Dogs, thoroogn ly trained to fetch and carry; A No. 1 watch. _ DANIEL FOSTER, 19 Roosevelt street. For sale-a pair op imported white bull Terrier Dogs, Newfoundland Dogs. Italian Gray hounds, white Esquimaux Dogs, small Black and Tan and Saotch Terriers, good ratters. JOHN PRAY. 11 Roosevelt street. IjiRANCIB BUTLER, N08PBCK KLIP, HAH ALL THE 1 choicest breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exlcrmiuator. 75 cents. Butler's new work on tbe Dog, $3. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine for all diseases. WANTED?A DOG FOB TUB COUNTRY, AT A reasonable price. Apply with the animal, at 146 llicks street, Brooklyn, this evening, between 6 and 8 o'clock. HORSE*. CARRIAGES. AC. A VICTORIA FOR BALE?NEARLY NEW; CAN BE seen at 132 West Thirty-seventh street; also a new and first eiass Stable in Thirty sixth street, a little west of Sev enth avenue. A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAOE8 AT private sale Is kept by MINER A SOMERV1LLB. at 37 Nassau street. All persons wishing to buy, sell or ex change Horses or Carrisges should have their property or tbe articles desired registered ss shore. AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout Ihe tear, and at 37 Nassau street, every Wednesday and Batur day. See auction bead. A SIX SEAT WESTCHESTER, CABRIOLET, COACH, Coupe Rockawar, Buggv. Dog Cart and Depot Wagon. Also 600 new Carriages and Harness. 20 per cent less than Broadway stores. HAM'S, 10 East Fourth street, corner Broadway. A BAY. BLIND HOR8B POB MALE-BIGHT YEARS old Ilk hands high, warranted sound and kind in single or double harness, suitable for cart, wagon or truck, erotic in everv respect. Apply at 996 Front street, comer of Montgomery, till sold. 4 SECOND HAND CITY MADE TOP BUGGY, IN perfect order, for sale at n low price, at the marble shop. Forty-Oral street, between Broadway and Sevsnth A DARK CHE8TKUT HORSE FOR SALE-IS HAXD8 S lticket high, perfectly ? Apply at stable, rwr of IB Waahingtnn aqua re, orto E. BALDWIN. 72 Broadway. A SMALL BAT MARE FOR SAi,K?AN ELEGANT ?addle horee for lady or seat; goes fine in any harnaaa; to aound. Mod and geatla. Inquire at lb* Iron raf'lag feo lory. SCO Went ?tra?. W. It. TAN TASSEL ACQ. A GENTLEMAN WILL DISPOSE OF HIS COUPE Horse, one of Ike ftaaat la Ike ofty, aid year* old. bay, with hlaok points, lone toll, great atyle and action; perfectly aound and kind, Singh or dnubla. and fnlly warranted In ererr particular. Prix* SUM). Apply at private ?table SB Weat Thirteenth atreei. A STABLE TO RENT-ON WEST THTKTT-HIXTH street. near Lexington avenue. Inquire of D. O. BRAD LEY. 3U Broad utraet, room 43 A VERY PINE PAIR OP MATCHED BAT HORSES, IB A- band* h ih, Ave yeara old; perfectly aound, stylish and Taat travellers. Price $1,000. Can trot eloaa to 3). minuter. Address box 4,287 Poet office, wl'.h name, Ac. A GOOD CHANCE-A SORP.'iL MARE, 7YEARS OLD, round and kind, etyllah driver, fit for butcher grocery or express. and aold cheap; $138, and Bay Uorae, $86. In quire at 118 avenue B, corner Twelfth etreet. grocery. Carriage Wareroome, 80 Cedar atraet. BL'OOY.-A BEAUTIFUL new bhiptino top Buggy, Naw York make, aold at a bar (tain, at McMA HON'S stable. SO Monroe etreet. CIOL'PB HORSE 18* HANDS; TRUCK HORSE IS; MASS t I6,H; all etvltoh; 8 yeara rack; badness or expreas Wagon; Horeea all warranted, all cheap. >44 Fourth atraet. Deer Cbertes. tfOR SALE?A VERY PINE PAIR OP DARK OEAT A carriage Horeea, well matched, long talto. 16 hande high, ? yeara old, aound end vary etylieh. Aleo all aeat Phaeton, Haraeea, Ac. The owner to aeon to Move town, and this presents a rare opportunity to buy a handsome establish meni. Inquire for two weeks of R. MONTAGUE. marble yard. Weat Twenty-fifth alreet, between Tenth and Eleventh even use. PR SALE?A DARK BAY MARE; M HANDS HIOH; Ave yeara old; gentle end kind. Abo e shifting ton Buggy and two aoto or Harneaa Apply at ButU' statuf air oar Bayard and EUgefrUj gtpqgg. U*OB SALE-POUR HOMES AND TWO COACHES, r all but Utile need. Apply hem 7 le IS e' $1 Weat Thirty-seventh ell eat. BOSSES; atoo Oeupe and Park Ptmetoa. end dw&a HarBi^B^B sau?three pairs op piNR matched ^^?eeh Beveaa, fo? r flee d agta Horeea Item 14* to M hands Ugh. Apply le ORBYKLIMO A ESS1TT, *0 Weat fhrtv-Srm toweol thor Aalk-paie op ooupe horses, very r etvltoh. about UK hand. high , can be. seen at No. IB Waal Thirty-second etreet; ootov dark key, long talto. ? ? C^mn SALE?JUST IN PROM ROCHESTER, MEW . yaara oB. the Boast actios Heraa la the city. AllI the abnvn era warranted eennd and kind, le all harness, and net te be Morse, gentle, kind and well broken, etx yaara old, WPPnt, 14 bands and I leek high. Atoo a beautiful light Baahet wagon, la good order, and Carriage*. Harneaa, end row plate Stable Furniture. Only sold because the owner gnea to Europe To be eeea at private ilahta No. 4 West Twenty-seventh etreet. any time aetll eetd. rHR K4I.R -A RTA8 MARE. 18* HANDS HIGH, ? nmr yeare old. aound and kind; ceo trot clove to three minutes, and of graai eednranee. Prise, $?0. Inquire 448 Radeon rR SALE?A DAPPLI BRAT IIOR8B, S YEARS old, U kendo htgh. very bandaomo; would unit express man, grocer or butoasr. Prior $190. Apply el 140 vartek street, feed store FOR SALE?26 FIRST CLAM HORHF.S. JUST FROM the oonntry. St for eerie, trunks, espreaa or any buat nees; warranted sound and sound. Inquire at 841 Canal vt.. corner of Washington. rR SALE?A DOUBLE AND SINOLB TRUCK, WITH Horeea end Harneaa, together with the work of e flria; or will take e partner. Apply at JAB. MoOBATH'S lAquor Store, corner of arenue B end Tenth street, any fame after S o'clock P. M. CR SALE-SECOND HAND. I HEAVY BUILT doctor's Phwtna. $S8, 1 Coupe, aulUMe for hacking, i 1 limn rkinv- r" 1 top Express Wagon tlitue uaad), $g" ISAAC MIX. JR.. A SON, 944 Broadway. rR RALE?A LIOHT SET OP DOUBLE HARNESS, nearly new, Dnaoombe'a make, el f. NOBLE'S, No. 4 Amity atreei Foe sale-five valuable bund horses, suitable fur dirt carta or any budeessj also, some pow erful track and cart horeea. Apply at 99 Hew Chambers (jiOR SALE CHEAP?A SECOND HAND DOCTOR'S r Wanen. two twe sealed shifting lop Warns, tare BvetU and four Coaches, all In geod aaaditlon. Apply at 48 Murton ?Meet, up ataltn. FiOR RALE-ONE SECOND HAND CLOSE COACH, IN good order; aleo tv St IW Seventh avenue I order; aleo two aeennd hand Baienehge. Ieqalre F'OR SALE f'HRAP-A VICTORIA, IN OOOD ORDER, with ?haft* and pels; Lawrence maker, taeatoe ?* " , m lis Tw?tlMk etregb HORSftCS, CAKRIAOB*. 4tC. FOB 8ALK-$876 WILL BUY HOUSE 16 HANDS high, good worker, sound. Truck tod llarucM. work ing ror w Furniture Store, making from 130 to $60 per we*k;a~urad and transferred to party ouylng 1' will ing to work. Apply to J. W. CAMritKLL, 333 Uudaon ?tract, from 1 till A For sale?threb horses and onk matched Tacm. t?o aecomt hand Coaches. two Barouches, a lot So of Mid 6*"' Kob<"' ?????*?. at 16 ioturcua street. F0?,-H^Kr"Al"?.!,OI<B BAT HORSE, PROMPT, stylish driver. suit coupe; a flue family borae, or ri preaa wagon; drives me? under aaddlo, six 16 hand*; warranted aound and kind. Call at Llnuur store, Fifteenth street and avenue C. E'OR SA1.E?ONE NEW, SPLENDID LIGHT EXPRESS ?venu?T,0,>' Armou,"? earriage factory. No. 8 seventh TTORSES _p<)R HALE, 10 SOl'ND YOl'NQ HORSES, j?. * iVw !?'. CurU' ,r?oka or any kind of work. Can baaoen at No. 17 Leroy street, between B eecker and Bed N^E^r?XiP?i?8S W1AG,<)!* roB SALE CHEAP.?WILL ioul/?,!!?.. hhttdaomaly and strongly built; I? HMeudid bu?tneaa wagon fo- a store. Call on Franklm ?U EKEST, 373 Greenwich street, near 0NfL8KiC01fM HANGED coupe and harness and 8eTentl".venu,^''?t between 8,xth STAB??? TO LKT. OJf SEVENTEENTH STREET, kj north Hide, west of Sixth avenue, with three or four alalia. Apply to JOHN J. TOWN8BND, 16 Nasaau atreet. Tandem, wheeler or coupe horse for .. a k' W*i bands, 1 year* old, aonnd and kind; of . * xer7 auperlor traveller. At the Vet ond P Lexington aveu e, corner of Thirty-sec fTBUCK FOR RALE?A FURNITURE TRUCK, A8 furnutire store?W' ehe4^' Apply at 460 Sixth aronue, in the VyiLL BE SOLD CHEAP?FOR WANT OF USE. TWO ' * Horses, fit for any bualneaa; also a very low prtoed farm tdamofjroong Mares, valuable to a farmer. toS Peart at. WHlP8'o WHIF8.-OEO. P. OVERIN A C6., No. 8 Ea*t Houston atreet, whip and laah manufV Tun!* a Jor aale a fine aaaortmmt of all kirila or Whip# and Lashea, including fine Malacca. IIoily md Out Whips, wholesale and retail. Youno Hamilton gelding for ball?ow?i broth^to Shin Timber. Owner going to Europe. Aw Ci ? t?! MERRKLL'8 livery stable, 167 and 169 Eag Fifty.first atreet, between Third and Lexington avenues. $19^ ?BAT mare, 7 tears old: warrants*. wi # j ?onndand kind: 16 handa; stylish driver; suit :?iSfoI^<55toroVrooer- Canadian Fony; full warranted; $100. 297 Seventh avenue. ' A1 DRY GOUD6. LT KINZEY'S POPULAR TRADE OPENING FOR 8PK1NQ TRADE AT OUR NEW STORE REMOVAL TO on *o;<day. 646 BROADWAY. EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. nS??Fi!5?o,IJ&RED 8BT8' "-V Or.. BET. LI/JKN EMBROIDERED SETS CLUNY LACE, 88c. L*ROB ASSORTMENT LACE COLLARS, 20c. to $8. i.N DA>|DS, 10c. to $4 60. LS^i^8 N LEDLE WORK EDGINGS. 222 EJS?i2 NEBDLEWORK INSERTION*. 6* PIECES NEEDLEWORK FLOUNCING8. HKW STYLES IN RrFFLTXOR ASSORTMENT LACES AND EDGINGS. ASSORTMENT TRIMMING LACEs. NEW STYLES LACE VAIIA. ttwww ?..? .. .?-JlFNT8'jLINEJ' shirt BOSOMS. LINKN TAPE TRIMMINGS, ALL WIDTHS, 76c. piece. 5,EAL.I,B.iriJ??CBOrHKT edgings, ukc. up. PINE LOT REAL CLUNY LACE COLLARS. CHEAP 3.000 EXTRA PINE UN EN COLLARS, 6c. }'52? 5XrRA TUCKED LINEN COLLARS. 7c. 1<X*> PAIRS NEW HTYLKS LINEN CUFFS. MJ0 LACE PAPER COLLARS, NEW PATTERNS, 8r? AUCTION LOT HEMSTITCHED aANDAKRCRnSI^*" AUCTION LOT LADIES' TAPE BORDERS. 10c **" AUCTION LOT NEEDLEWORK HANDKERCHIEFS. AUOTJON LOT FINE LACE HANDKERCHIKF8,*We.nP 1"?* LINEN HFMT81TCH, lie ?ADLTION Lot GENTS' LINEN HANDKBRCIIIRPS, He, AUCTION LOT GENTS' LINEN HEMMED DO.. 28c? PULL ASSORTMENT FINE RICH EMBROIDERED AND LACE HANDKERCHIEFS! GENT'S HANDKERCHIEFS, EVERY STYLE LADIES' PINE LINEN HEMSTITCH AT 5k QUAUTT' POPULAR TRADE. POPULAR PRICES, REMOVAL FROM " OLD 8 OUR ON THE A TO OUR STORE, BROADWAY. T^C| ? MEW OPENINO AUCTION LOTS; PINE PLAID AND STRIPE MUSLIMS. 38c. SPLENDID LOT WHITE MtKNUIAvb AT 60s, * fPUBwpm lot Fatqynainsook muslin/ PINK LOT MEW PATTERNS IN BRILLIANTS.' AUCTION LOT JACONETSaad SWISS MUSLINS. LOT HEAVY ALL LINBN TOWKIdA OMR Lt? HEAVY FRINGED TOWKLK, 18c. LOT PINE DAMASK TOWELS, 4(0. w? FINE TOWKLN and NAPKINS/ MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. RIBBONS IN EVERY VARIETY AND COLOR. AUCTION LOTS OP RIBBONS CHEAP. VELVET RIBBONS, BLACK A'ID COLORS. ?ATIMS AND SONNET SILKS. STRAW Jk\?*{?' 'LOWEM' TRIMMINGS. AND HATS, EVERY SHAPE. BEAD AND BUGLE TRIMMINGS, IN AMEER, BLACK AND WHITR, IN PBINGK8. GIMPS AND BRAIDS. AUCTION LOT BRAD OIMPS, Or. A PIECE. HOSIERY DRPARTMBIT, LARGE ASSORTMENT OP LADIES', OBNT8' AND MISSES'HpSIBRY. LADIES' PULL REGULAR MAKE, 40e. LADIES' HOPE IN EVERY QUALITY. CHEAP. GENTS' PULL REGULAR HALF HOSE, 46b. GLOVES. AUCTION LOT SPRING OLOTE8. 10c. PAIR. AUCTION LOT SPRING GLOVK8. 36c. PAIR. AUCTION LOT KlD FINISH OLOVES. 31k to 60s. AUCTION LOTS KID GLOVES, Sfe. to Tie. _ FANCY GOODS DEPARTMENT. REST NEEDLES, 4c. PAPER. GENUINE CLARK'S SOU YARD SPOOL COTTON, fc. PINS, 4c. PAPER. EXTRA PINK HAIR NETS. 8w HOOKS AND RYES, 3c. CARP. BATIN, JET, SrLK, CROCHET. fftrKLAXmf ** BUGLi ANb BEAb BUTTON^ * AUCTION LOT DRESS BUTTONS, WORTH We., at Se. AUCTION LOT DRESS BUTTONS, WORTH Jo^./tlfKe. PULL ASSORTMENT OP BRUBHks, COMBs/ tlGtlifH, TAPES, SILKS, TWISTS AND PANvY ARTICLE*! AUCTION LOTS EVERY DAY. OOODS AT WHOLESALE, CHEAP. MILUNERS SUPPLIED WITH dUtUfMOTHS AT LESS THAN JOBBERS' PRICES. MM. KINZKY. SECOND DOOR ABOVE RLEtLCKKR HT&BRT. mBOilKI I BAROAIBSM Kiw AND rASHIONABLB SILKS. - * BRAWLS Ul DRBMOOOM. Jnet iwM from auction. ALSO, A UrauMrtont of ?OU8KCEEP1NO GOODS. Jii? mbfd, M (really reduced prlaaa. Bleached aad Unbleached Muahaa, all wtdthe ail qrnll UflSa Shirt lag aad Sheeting Linrna, all wldthi aad qaaMUaa. White aad OaleradBaraaUlea Coaatarpaaaa, aB wtdtha and aualKlee. Lace aad Muatia Onrtaiaa, new atylec. Blaaehad aad half bleached TaUa Daaaaka, aaw atylea Uneka, Towala. Baaktai aad Craahaa, all qaalktaa Flaaaeta, while aad colored, all wldtha aad anettrtea ALSO. White aad ealorad MaraaiUaa and Mqaaa, all prima, eery ALSO, PBTToS! *71 aad rt Bowery, aaar lloaataa atraai DUIKKT1 _ MATTRBSSBS. JD BLARNEYS?AI aB aaaatlm? la eenry mm ? BROTRBRB WILL OFFBB OB MONDAY, il,aa taMaeaae ate* ef Blaaahedaad Brawa Man ?Una B par eaat laaa Una whaiaaala prteaa S?TK.'?3i AttUWrnK ?nli for aaan*a aad boys' wear at laaa lhaa la partara prlaaa. 1,00* fln? Preneh Batanaral Skirts, designs aad patterns entirely new. Ptaa blank aad whlta and Maah aad E?r Skirting it auparlor tnalKj. Ska wis-Bracks. Bilk, Woel aad Stoha Shawls. BtaskSDks-riiie Blask Silk.ealy """" ?? dBT Sth as., hatwaaa Wd aad Sttk areata. CUSHIONS POK BPRINO ABD SUMMER. A Wa ah all span at reuil oa TU USD AT, APRILS, A LABOB AND ATTRAOflVB STOCK OP FASHIONABLE CLOASd. SACQURA, ... . . Basques, circulars, TalnjJ, die, Including all the Uteri aaraitlea la Deelgna. Balartala aad TrtwaGaga. Imported direct fraaa the Leadoe aad Parte , aad alee ef our owa maanfaetura, A FULL ARSOBTMENTOP CHOTCB PARTS DBBOBB OP Ladlaa' Breakfast Robes aad Rabaa da Ohnmbre, J-adiea' Bklrta, Waists, Caraat Oorara, Coraeta aad Under Oanaata, Children a Dnaaii. CTaaka, haaquee, Slouaea, Under Clothing, Rata, Cane, corner Grand street GSfAT BAROAJBS.-WB, TBI UNDERSIGNED, bare taken the houea SOB Canal street, between Mercer and Brand war, where wa offer an lira etock ef aor own la Caorotderten at (really re I wholesale. A8HBR HECirr A CO. aad Brand war, where wa offer emir portatloa at Laaa Oaoda and Kai> dueed | Dan, aad aUU a ore aa at wk JBDIA SHAWLS. GEO. A. HRARB. win offer far sale oa THB La SB BROADWAY, f 'w ale oa aad after Monday, AmS I. l*W, tub laror*t assortment op RRAL INDIA CAMKL HAIR SHAWLS IN THIS COUNTRY, preelone la re??oT?^to IN THIS COUNTRY. AT RRDUCED PRICKS, Bpi a? UNION SOUABB OB BAY LI ^ I)H Y UOOUI. India' camelm it aim shawls A'.b scakfs.

Ilava returned from Europe wuli my spring aaaortnienl, which is una far sale. J. HI'ssrlL, th Wooainr street. I will niwn to ? Enat Twentieth etreet, near Bancroft Houar, lit of May. Mark tour clothinu.-htencil plates and Hand simps for m irking clothing wt'h Indelible Ink. for aalc at D. McCAKTIE'S Music and Mat ouanr Store. ITS Suth avenue. A good . "*nrwieut of Hreneh Note I'apere and Knvelopea cheap. ,\ a and Initlala a lamped on no.o paper and envelopca wiilmiu charge. OPENING OP SPRING AND BUMMER MANTLED. MISS M. GREGG, 19 FIPTII AVENUE, will open on Wednesday. April 3, 1W, AN Kl.hUANT ASSORTMENT OF SPRING AND SI U.MKK MaNTLF.B, WALKING SUITS IN SILK AND WORSTED GOODS. ELEGANT IMPORTED DINNER AND CARRIAGE DR1 8*KS, LADIES' BRKA iFAST SACQl'ES. AC. Mian 0. oalla attention to her dressmaking department, which abe ia prepared to carry no in all Ita tranche a. Ordera executed at aborteat notice. OPENING OF PARIS NOVELTIES. ON MONDAY. Al-itll, I, weahall open our SPRING IMPORTATION of Rich Partaian novelties, consisting of Dreae and Clean Trimming*, Fringe*, Millinery Trimming*, Flow era Feather*. Lace*. Lingerie. CoilTufae ami Fancy Goods, Selected from the heat Bstabllahmenia iu I'aria. GOLDEN A CO., Importera, 13 Clinton place. Eighth street. tKueoeaaur* to A. Mallet.) Quilts i quiltsi 2,?0 M ANCnESThR. AI.LENDAI.E, LANCASTER, HONEY COMB AND COLORED ALIIAMHKA QUILTd. A apleitdhl asaortmeut of WHITE AND COLORED MARSEILLES QUILTS, In every alae and quaUtv: a Do WHITE FRENCH QUILTS AND fancy oekmaN bed coverlets In assorted sixes: an immense stock; many bought at tha recent auction aalea at much leaa than manufacturer*' pnd Importera* prioes. See advertlaetnent headed Blanket.*, Maitreaaea and Sheat WILLIAM OAKftNER 144 Canal atraet, N. Y. T) H. MACY.' IV. SPRING TRADE. NOW OPENING, LOW CASES STRAW GOODS, LATEST SPRING STYLES AND SHAPES. KAOO NEW STYLES PARASOLS. A full naaortmenl of be*t quality Ribbon*, Velvet Ribbons, Velvets, Ureal Trimming* io all the lateat novelties, Button*, Notion*, French Flowera, Ac., AT POPULAR PRICE8. DESCHAMP'S BEST QUALITY FRENCH KID GLOVES, ?EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. AT POPULAR PRICES. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, LINENS. WHITE GOODS, FLANNELS, HOSIERY AND GLOVEs, LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, Ac., AT POPULAR PRICKS. ! No. W Fourteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth ava. Noa AM and and s.xth averua. Fourteenth atreet and Sixth avenue. RH. MACY, . NOW OPENING 1,000 DOZEN LADIES'. GENTS' AND CHILDEEN'S DE8CIIAMP'S PARIS KID GLOVES, ALL 8ELRCTBD HPR1.NO COLORS. Everyjjalr trammed. Fnuiteentn atreet, between Fifth and Sixth ava. | MM and MM Sixth avenue. Fourteenth atreet and Sixth avenne. SHEETING. IRON FURNITURE. 10-4 EXTRA HEAVY HUGUENOT 8HBETINO. floe. per yard. |l-4 EXTRA HEAVY HUGUENOT SHEETING, H SHIRTING In all of tha popular makea. '* ' BARNSLKY LINEN SHBBT1NG. PILLOW CASE LiNKN AND COTTON. .00M BLEACHED and BARNSLKY TABLE DAMASK, NAPKINS, DOYLIES, AC. TOWKLH AND TOWELLING. CRASH, Sc., 19c., 14a, 17c. per yard. 01EKTS and PILLOW CASKS on hand and made to IRON FURNITURE. IRON BEDSTEADS. CRIBS. CRIDLES. HAT and UMBRELLA STANDS. SETTERS. GARDEN CHaIRS. VASES, STOKE and PIANO STOOLS. Particular attention given to th" manufacture of . IRON BEDSTEADS FOR PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS, he apacial attention of buyer* for hotels, boarding hours* put 's luatUottooa Is Invited to our Urge and wall tod stack and prices. . gosda wnrrautad aa represented. WM. GARDNER. 244 Canal atreet. Haw York. FAMILIES VISITING THE PARIS EXPOSITION. CASHMERES AND LACES. COMPAONIK DBS INDEs, m RUB RICHELIEU. 80 IN THE urioee that will suatain every and any cnwpartaon. Tha bbriauw of lUe company, placed aa the. art In evary LACK DISTRICT OF FBANOBAND BELGIUM, and In all of thu SHAWL DISTRICTS OF INDIA, enable them to aeU at the price of MANUFACTUR ERS INSTEAD OF MKKCIIANTMraa well aa to prodnoe design* txclosively their own. Ragliah la currently spoken la the aatabllehmeaC N. B.?The proprietor* pay no commission* to any partlaa bringing auatom to the houae. mo MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STOREKEEPERS. 1 AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STOKE yon will find the largest atook of Straw. Silk and Millinery Uooda m thla city, cheaper, we believe, (ban elsewhere; be came we hare no fancy Broadway rent to pay. Wa aire no notes, bat pay caah for everything we bay. HELL FOB CASH. roniequently onr customer* have not to pay other people's bad debt' upon their purchase*. We eut length* of Millinery Good*. Rllk*. Ribbon*. Ac., cheaper tb*n down town jobber* veil ? nd- piece*. Call. STRAW. RIBBONS AND FLOWERS CP STAIRS. Mark the address, EDWARD RIDLEY. No*. SUV, U1 and 811*^ Grand street, and No*. H. 4B and 70 AUen street, fifth Mock east from the Bowery. ?IliUNEHV. Empress chip bonnbt emporium, o? broad way.?Elegant Spring Bonnet*, of the latent Paria siyles, made under the superintendence of Madnma Bert be, formerly of 17 Ureal Jones r 0PENINO OF STRAW HATH, AT. UOLDEN A OO.. Importers, IS Clinton place (Eighth street), (Snceeeeera to A. Mallet), (Snoceeeora to A. Mallet), aday. J . ' ?l?n? first hottaee in Europe. will open an Monday. April 1. several cases of Straw Hat*, Ac., received per ?termer Palmyra, and select ad from the ?? n En"?" LO?T AMD FOUND. LOHT-ON WEDNEHDAY LAST. IN BROADWAT, Bh lew Fultoa street, a Package of Legal Document*. Tha finder, oa returnlag the tame to A. P. MAN, M Wall ? tract, will receive $S reward. Lost.?if the lady who picked up white Krmiaa Cellar, aa Friday evening, at tha Olympic theatre, will return it to W King street, she will receive e liberal reward sad the thanks of owner. T OST-IN HARLEM. A SMALL YRLLOW SCOTCH I a Terrier Biteb rup, with cropped ears The finder wiU belihe rally rewarded by returning the nm to U71A street, ?ret bouse west of Third avenue, south side. LOST?ON TUB fiSTK INST., A BLACK AND TAN Slut Dog, no hair under the neck and is very timid j nay one delivering the shore dog at lOfi Bast Twenty-third street, near Third aweaae, tap floor, win be liberally re warded. LOflT-ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY LAST, ONR Horse BWaket, gray eater, trimmed with Mae sod marked wtth letter P. Tha Snder will recorra f 10 by leaving the same at Lowdea'a, humans maker, 7* Bieeeker street. Lost-on burday, mabch si. neably opposite M Ntuyvnaant street, e Silver Watch, with abaia. Tha flader will ha mwaidnd If brought to osrner, at <S Btayre eaat street. STRAYED FROM S7< AMD *78 BOWRRY, A LARGE Has Newfoundland Dog, with plain Innthar collar end fif WILL BR PAID TO THR FINDER OF A STEER. <Pt) age Ticket of Alp New Yerk, bound far Saa Fraaclace on AprOI. at 11 o'clock. Of aa use to aay oaa but tha awn sr. it haying heea stopped. Owner's name. Edward Regno, No. *? The shove reward will he paid oa tearing It at the ?hipping eEaa, font of Canal nut, on Monday. ?LOBY, SATURDAY EIGHT, AT THE PAY1L | MM. ? road way aad Fourth street, a pearl Oporn The finder trio reeetve the above reward by leaving II at the ofiJce of tha Besotvnr of Taiee. M Chambers etrset. S5. Glean. SI A REWARD WILL BE PAID FOE THE ARREST ?Pl"/ or Information of on Italian hep. jitbont IS yaart of age irlnllo player), who ran away from tha subenrihar on Urn lSth Inek Had en gray ooat and vtolnt oloth cap, light hairad and thick Ufa, Banted Preseason, aad dans not apeak hardly any English Tha above reward will bo paid far bringing "IB ne boy to It Laurana street, or eendlM Information bo may ho found. ANOBLO SBNCBRINGO. the whore Sin REWARD-LOOT, OE SATURDAY MORNING, JpIU In Month Srweklyn, a small Mash and laa terrier Dog; aaewars te tha name of Trip; hag an * leather collar, fastened wtth a psittesfc. Return la Clinton street, west ?ids, aeoond door from Fourth place. MU( IL .E YStHJ*. A GREAT REDUCTION IN THR PN1CN^r^O<)T8. A Rhoee nod i ranks, until the lot of May. at ROBERT IRWIN'H cheap store, K? Bowery, aoraor of Bond street. Moiled stock lea* thee half price. A -DARLING'S FEVER AND AOUE CURB RBVRR , fails. Tan flrat dose arraata tha dimes. $] par N't tie. Maid by all lrugglsU. W'i rlieali depot, Na. Ifib Wil. Item street. New Tort. ilUTLBRY.?A SMALL RUT YERT SBLECT AMORT J meat of Pocket Cutlery just Imparted. Oaa ha man at I Oold street first floor. STORA0K.?BTORAGE FOR PROVISIONS, PORK. CUT meat*, lard. Ac, or merchandise la jenoral can ha ob Utnod la threa story aad cellar brick bulUNag enraer Amity aad Columbia atraeta. Brooklyn. Bert cellar in *My; MS by l? feat. Cartage from dock rnia, J J. BA fK. enrner roegree* and Columbia street*, Nronhlye VP.rsOMKS' R l.RCTRO-CH RMl CAL BATHS, IIS Pnurth avenue, personally *uper)niendail by tha Inven tor. celebrated for the aura of rbeemeiuwa. meiall'C and rhrenle disease* and all maladle* peculiar Is ladle* N. N ? Will remove on 1*1 May lo ho*. ? and ? baai Kl**mth street, ?at dour from raurth avaaaa. ^AMinEUBJrrii^ BROADWAY THEATRE^ Corner of Broadway and Bmom street. H names* Maa^rr W. A. Moore ADMISSION ..".... aUCRNI'S FIRST WKKK OF A 1.1 MITKti RNMAOBMRNT ONLY of (be Boat < ootedienne in Amerwa, MISS MAGGIE MITCHELL, who wlU pernoiut* her beautiful oreattou of Fanciion, aupported by the fast rising y..uiig srtor, MK. J AS U < ill.I,IKK On MONIIAY EVKNINO, April I, 1867. AND DUMNIi THE WLI.K, FANCUOM. Fanchon, the Cricket MUa M VGOll'. MITCHELL A personation in which *bc i? ualve.rtallj ackliowledned s* WITHOUT A RIVAL. 8nturdny, April A. HKST MITCHELL M ATINBE end ONLY FANCHON MaTINRK. Sent* secured from 8 to 6 o cluck. Ml day* iu advance. WOOD'S THEATRE, U4 Broadway, nppnrit* At. Nicholas Hotel. TILL FURTHER NOTICE, OSCAR, THE HALF BLOOD, H in which MB. AND MRS. F. M. BATES, ?upported l>y an ENTIRE COMPANY Or BROADWAY FAVORITES. MATINEE SATURDAY ONLY. German rtadt theatre, as and 47 bowery. Tina t MONDAY I evening. April 1, will be prevented DEB LUMUENM AMMLEK VuN 1'AKIS (The Ragpicker of Pari* I. Mr. BOGUMIL DAWISON as Father Jean, the Ragpicker. ARTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, MM BROADWAY. Tickets, 80c.; Reaerveil eeaU. SI. for aala at the Hall. LAST WEEK BUT TWO. TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTH PERFORMANCE. ImuieiiM sensation rauaed by TIIK WONDROU8 HEAD. Or, the Oracle of liie Nineteenth Century. THE BASKET TRICK, With other New Wonders, Miracle* and Illusions. Every Evening at 8, Saturday at 2. Chlckenng'* Piano la need at theae Bceanrea. Wednesday, Juvenile Nlglit, children half price. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 586 BROADWAY. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT 8 O'CLOCK. THE CKKME DK LA CREME OF MIN STRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoee success has never been equalled by any aiiuiiar organlcation in the world. New and Cheerful Burlesque* every week. Trou ble at the Metropolitan Hotel. Jmuationa ol Actor*. Eng liah Opera with German Accent. Nancy Fat. Shouta of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime end the screaming Black Cook and Af riean Ballet Troupe. Grand March of the Spirit Hashers of the Amaaon. RELLY AND LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. FIRST APPEARANCE OF MR. WM. 8. HUDWORTH. THE ONLY LEON. NORMA THE ONLY LEON. A Glorious Pro- O M Id fon Parle Fran B.mme. Traveller's H calae. Nel*e Hey ala, first time. O M rnour. The Two Dan Yankee Lasses. Mr. NORMA dy Nigs. 80th night EDWIN KELLY'S O M of the combined Darling Dora, and R burlesque of Black the great POLR-1-O O M Crook A Cendrilion. THB ONLY LEON. NORMA THE ONLY LEON. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. At Bryants' Mechanic-*' Hall, 472 Broadway. LAST WKKK OF FEMALE CLERKS. LAST WEEK OF FEMALE CLERKS. LAST WEEK OF FKMALF CLERKS. FIRST WEEK OF THE JUVENILE CLOU DANCER, MAST. BTEVIB. Champion. MAST. SIT-iVlK. MAST. STEVIE. Champion. MAST. BTEVIK. FARANTA, TilE BONELESS MAN. FARANTA, TUB BONELESS MAN. GREAT PRIZE FIGHT EVERY NIGHT. GREAT PRIZE FIGHT EVERY NIGHT. The festival or the trinity choirs, nbw YORK, A. D. 1887. HANDEL'S ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH will be performed In ST. JOHN'S CHAPEL, VAKIOK STREET (uearCanal), ON THURSDAY EVENING, April 25. under the immediate aunploea of T11E RECTOR, CLEKOY AND CORPORATION OF TRINITY PARISH. Full Oreheetra and Chorus of about 3(10 performers. The whole under the direction of the Organist* of the Parish. Members of church choirs In New York and the vicinity, and all ladies and gentlemen lamlllar with the cboruaes in the Measisb, are respectfully invited to lend their aid in thta performance. The chorus rehearsals will take place on the eveninga of Tuesday, the 2d and 8th, and on Thursday, the 18th of April, at 8 o'clock precisely. A full Rehearsal, with Orchestra and Chorus, on Wednea day afternoon, April 24, at 4 o'clock. On the morning of the same day, it being _ THE FEAST OF ST. MARK. THE EVANGELIST, There will be A FULL CHORAL SERVICE AT TRINITY CHURCH, At 11 o'clock, by tne UNITED CHOIRS OF TRINITY PARISH, Sermon by the Rev. the Rector of the Parish. Tickets for the Oratorio, SI. To be had of the Sextons or the Parish, at tho church** of Trinity and St. Paul's, and at the chapel* of Bt. John and Trinity. Also, at Messrs. Ap plet, in A Co. a. 443 Itinadway; Pott A Amery's, No. ? bible tioiiw. Cooper Institute; the Church Bookstore. 782 Broad way ; F. W. Christern'a, 883 Broadway, and or Sheldon A Co.,. Broadway. Reserved Pew?, suitable for lain!Ilea, may be obtained of Mr. Andrew Cramt sexton of St. John's, Variek ?tract, at the clergy office, in the rear of the building, from I to4 o'clock dally; price $1(1 and nawards. No tickets, bow. ?~r. will he STEIN WAT HALI* TUESDAY KVKNINO, April A MR. OSCAR PPRIFFRB'H GRAND OONCERT, o* whk h ouvaetoa be wilt be aeetoted by Signore UIUDITTa ALTlKRI, Prima Donne Soprano AMoluia, ION ATT POLLACK. Baritone; RUDOLPH IIKXXIG, Vio. louc?Uo; WILLIAM OKOHHCI^HTH. Aocnmuitniitt. fiokeu of miaflon, $1. Can he obtained af the ticket office of Iho mui^toreL hirmSr,flk 8chub#rtil ^ *u* Ali ^ priieipal WON??WCL~w?AK op nature-' the wash 1NOTON TWINS, born alive, having two bead a, four anna, and but one body and one pair of legs; ?i" the bead and right arui of Pmbat, tba murderer of the Doming fam It; together with tho rusffnifir-eol collentloo of ubjeoto I Phyaio.ogy, Anatomy. Pelhofogy and Natural History; aU of wbii-b are Illuetrated dally by Lectnrea and Mlcoacoplu Vlewa, at the New York Muvnim of Anatomy. SIS Broad way. Open from ? A. M. to 10 P. M. IRVINU HALL. LECTURE OEORUE FRANCIS TRAIN. In aid of the New York ladles' Southern Relief Association, MON DAY EVENI>(}, April J, ?t * o'clock. Tickets, oO cents. s ^ON>.8 OF SCOTLAND. SIX MOIITS IN SCOTLAND. SIX NIGHTS IN SCOTLAND. AT IRVING HAUL, AT IRVINO HA I.I, MR. D. KENNEDY, MR. D. KENNEDY. THE CELEBRATED SCOTTISH VOCALIST. THE CKI.KHKATKl) SCOTTISH VOCALIST, Will glee all Of hla highly Internum* Kntertainmenta com utancmg on KRIDAY EVENING. APRIL S. Ticketa Ml cents. Reaerred Saala Ml .cots extra. 0s X EXHIBITION. CONSTANT MATER'S LAST PAINT NO, " THE CONVALESCENT,'? at M5 Broadway. Admlaalon IB centa. ALLER'S OPERA HOUSE. NEWARK.?Tills EVEN md during the week, MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Wi Theatre franoais.-French theatre to let. for erenluga and matinees. for opera*, ilrsmaa, eonuerta, lectnrea. At. Apply to Moot. DKXVKT, odtce of French MUSICAL. A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE piano at pmpila' residence for flu |>er uusrter; beat of relemneea gl?en. Address, with real deuce, Teacher, boi IIS Herald ofBce. A?BN PER QUARTER. PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS. V *aob pupil tanilii aeparately, by competent gentleman teaebera. 1X7 Weal Eleventh street, corner of Sixth avenue. OMee boura, 10 till ?. AT 178 SIXTH AVENUE-MUSIC TEACHERS Li berally dealt wltb. All tbe popular innate and la a traction Hooka constantly on baad, and now mnalc as coon WW tsssltlftwHwrl Church music.-absiktamt soprano, con traits, tenor aed baaa, baring s good knowledge of muale, eon Join o Bret rlaae Catholic church choir, where W ?!!'??? !???"!J*0*1 ovlobratod sun, reaper rots, Me. Apply at 114 XStb at. near M ar. TJLTANTBD?TWO ACCOMPLISHED VOCALISTS. SO TT arane aad contralto, to atog In oae of tbe loading ap Iowa suurohes. Pleaaa addrraa box X.N8 Pool ofllco. with saiaa and address, stating term a UAMCIMU ACADRMIR*. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY, Ml BROOME street. AN the FaablonaMo Oaacaa In one eour-e of lessons. Sotrae every Wednesday evening. Brookes' Book oa Mudora Daadng. Pries |l PROPUBAM. CROTON AQUEDUCT DEPARTMENT.?TO CON tractor a. Be pa rata sealed prapnaali. each endorsed with the lltie at (be wort le which it relates, the name of bidder and data of oWrlag. will be raeelved at tbls ofltoe until II o'clock A. M. of Friday, April IX MET, for the coa etraetloo of tbe foliowlog pavements and aeware. to wit ? Stone block pavements In Hadaea street, from Canal Mreot to Ninth arena#: Twelfth street, from Fourth to Fifth avenue, fiftieth street, from Third to Fourth aveauo: Sev enty third, from lulrd to Fifth avenue. Pert avenoe. from Thirty eighth Is Forty-third street; Eighty.fourth street, from Third to Fourth evaaue; Fourteenth street, from Uni versity place to Ntnto avenue, Thlrty-elgbth streak from Lexington to Fourth avenue, and Church street, from ' ham bars U< Canal street Also aro-awalka aeroaa Waal ?treat at Christopher ? treat, and aawers la (specinmiten ft SlrtieiK Hixty Brat aad Mxty-aerand atreata, betweea Fourth aad Fifth aveanas; (meet Beat Ion 10) Heventy-aavanth atraet, be tvaen Eighth aad Ninth avenues; (spcrlrtention II) iwond avenue, betwaan Fortylircl and Forty-flfih afreets, J spool! rattan II) Fifty third etreet. between Fourth end Fifth svo snm; (apsotdanHon U> Righty-flftl.. Ri(litv siith and Kighty sevoaUi street*. betw,-en Fourth and Fifth avenues: (sped Beatles IB) Houston afreet, between Thompson aad Laurens striata; Commerce atreel, betweea Barrow aad Bedford atresia; Cornelia street, between Bloecker and fourth atreata; Leroy street, between 8k Luke's place and ?Id ford etreet; Hudson and Greenwich atresia, between eat Tenth and Hammond street*, mid Bleeeker street, between Hammond and B*nk streets; fspecification IS) Cherry street, betweea Montgomery and J elf arson streets, and Clinton street bet wean Cherry sad Madison atraeta; (specification Ml between Eighty-ninth and Ninety Bfth streets and Second and Fourth avenues; (spsMBuaUos 17) Dovantv fifth and Heraoty-alilh atraeta, between Third and fourth avea sea, aad in Fourth avenue, (spaclBemton Id I Flfiy-eereaih street, hot ween East river and Third a ve nue aad in arsons A and Fitly-eighth street, and (apeefB ratton IB) betweea IIBth and 111 at atresia, and betwaaa eve nue A and Fourth avenue. The pis ns for above works can he seen and apaclAealtoas aad forma for bids obtained on ajmllcalion at this nfbee. THOMAS STEI'H ENS. ? t'ltNon RoRr.Rf L. HARRAUH, J Aeuednct A. W. CRAVEN, J Hoard. Oxwtca Csotos Aatruoor Dar n Rarob 0. U*. N ANlitEniBNTS; ?V YOKE THEATRE num.. . ...LEWIS BAKER A MARE SMITH JLANlK DEANS. EVERY NiailT, Received with the JEANIE deans, J E A.N IE DEANS. EVERT NIOIIT, EVERY NIOHT, MOST t NKOUNDED ENTHUSIASM, 0 MOST UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM, MOST I WltOl'NDED ENTHUHIABM. Mi?* ROSE EYTINUE 111 l,er beautiful p-i eonutmn of 'ho heroine, and \le??r?. M \RE SdlTil, LEWIS BAKER And Use KXCEL1K.VI COMPANY lu the ca.L Seal# mar be aecured a week in ad\?uce. Theatre mamoais. comedy. TUHoDAY EVENlNfl, April 2, at 8 o'clock, LB SUI'PlICE D'UN IIiiM >IK. c.nnedy in tlirao acta. L-'S DEUX SOU KDS. omerlv in one acC Ticket oJTloe at H. Dardu nnUe* 678 Broadway. Theatre fkaNcais. THURSDAY EVKNINO. Apnl ?, 1887, at 8 o'clock, LL'CKKOE BO KOI A, piece In Bfe acn, by Victor llu(0. Madame l.AitMKr f.ucrene Borgia. Ikkei oOlcea?Beer A ^cbirmer'e, 701 Broadway, Maooy A Ilerwig'n, IU and 116 Broadway. iLYMPIC THEATRE. Third week of the eminently auceeaiful uit'iuNOH English opera company, cnmnieiKUng Monday ereiutig, April I, with the (ir*l per* lorinaii' e by this oompany of Auber'a charming roniauiie opera, the CROWN DIAMONDS. CROWN DIAMONDS. CKOWN DIAMONDS. CAMPBF.EL. CA8TLB, "sKUUIN, WYHE, PP.AKEB, ARNOLD. CAROLINE RICH IN OS, Mr*. SEGUIN, Mme. BOUDINOl and Mia* BURNETT. I lie opera to be linely preeenled with appropriate -ee-iery, propeiuen, Ac., aud masuifl -cntly coatuoied with dre*?"? ?uanuiaciured in aud Imported from Parle ut ,;reat*. GRAND OPERATIC MATINEE ON SATURDAY NEXT Tony pastoR'B opera house. aoi bowery. First nlgbla of an entirely new aeaeatlonal local drama, Tllf, RIVER RATS HE N W YORK. , TllE RIVER HATS (??' NEW YOKE. Splendid effects, grand tableaux, glonou* comic keener. The wonderfulgymuast, Mr. DAVE HAWLKY. New Ballet, LE GARDE DE LA KLINE. New Extravaganza, THE CALICO PaKTY. TONY PAstOR and hi* talented uud veraalile troupe In a MAGNIFICENT VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT. MATINEES en WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS. 3% o'clock. Griffin and christy'8 minstrbls.-fifth Avenue Opera Houm, No*. 3 and 6 Weat Twenty.fourth street. 0. W. H. ORIFFIN Manager THE FAMILY RESORT. ? evening during the week will be pretenied lit* peetacular Burli.-a.jue, BLACK ('ROOK, pronounced by the prran and the public to be the MOST LAUGHABLE BURLESQUE ever written. Reminiscence* of Dixie. Othello, Stop Jig, Palace of new Drop*. Trouble at the Ball, Ginger Blue, Mad MoOibUgaa "^^OEOROE CHRISTY EVERY NIGHT. Doora open at 7. Commence* at 8. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY at half-past 1 o'clock. H OOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. DKCHALUMKAU, THE UNFORTUNATE. Streets of Brooklyn, Weary Traveller*. Brooklyn Belle, The Races, Talent Appreciated. Kill or Cure, The Artful Dodger, Pboebeanna Brown, Medley Clog Dance, Eksencc of Old Vlrglnny, Ac. Matinee every Saturday, at 2 J, o'clock. MR. GEOKOB SIMPSON'S ANNUAL CONCERT WILL take plaee on Thursday evenlug, April 6, at Irving Hall, an*luted by the following artl*t?: Mia* Lizzie M. Gate*. Miu Nettie Sterling, Mr. J. R. Thorns*, Mr. Jules Lumbard. Mr. Henry Mnllenhnner, and Mr. Kennedy, the celchr* cd Hcottiah vocaliit. Conductor, Mr. Geo. W. Colby. Tickets nna dollar, for tale at the door. Concert to commence at eight o'clock, praeuely. DADDY'S THE BOY."?NEW COMIC BONO, WITH I dance. (Sc.; Paddy'* the Boy. variation*, for the piano, 10c.; for violin, l#c. Silver Trumpet March, 35c. FREDERICK BLUM K, MS Bowery. NSW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY-WILL RE bearae the Oratorio of ELIJAH on Monday and Wed nejM^y eveuluga, at their rooia* corner Union *<iuure and "JULIANA, PHBBIANA CONSTANTIN A BROWN'? el new eomis song, with dance, 36c.; variation- Tor Piano, 10b.; "Meat Me in the Lane." 38c.: violin. Uc. each. FREDERICK BLUME, 206 Bowery. Theatre ticket office. Reserved seat* for all flrst claaa theatre*, ooncerU, ball*, Ac., can always be obtained at the THBATMB TICKET OFFICE. No*. Ill and 116 Broadway. Banjo andoloo dancing, jig and burlesque Dancing taugbt by JOHN BOUaK, 131 East Uouiton streak. Tenia. t> per eonree. Banjoi at all price*. Banjo instructions by henry c. dobson, the old eatablish-d teacher, at tba old established plaee. Ml Broadway. Banjos furnished for practice. Lcaaoa* ?? ^hibh. A CHEAP ROSEWOOD PIANO, FINE FULL TONE, io good ardor; price Ul?, Iron pUte. Flrrt eU*e flAIKM ?OtU CbM(). i J. 01 DDLS, M Amity Meet, near Broadway. AT BATTKRSOM'U STORAGE rooms, no. mo sixth ?venue, nev Fortieth street, are (wo magnificent four rouud ooroered seven octavo rvsean-od llano* for veto; beat aiy maker*: rich tone. all the modern Improvement*: fully warranted; are extremal/ Ana, and meat bo *oee and tried to be appreciated. Will be aold at a bargain, aad niuet be Mid tkla meek. Achickbrimo'h rtaxo to let.?inquire on Mondajr and Tuesday at HI East U7ih street, near Third A LLSTYLM OF PIANOS FOR SALE?ON INSTAJU menu, aad to let at low rata*. LYNCH A GOMIKN, . Ml aad OS Broadway, aornar Twenty-first street. A PIANO FOR fidO?NEARLY SEVEN OCTAVES; ell/ m.iker; rosewood uaae. handsomely flinched. pow erful tone. Must be sold this week on account of removal. Call at fifi West Eleventh street. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THR FINEST and cbaapest uaw and seaond band Pl-iooa for sale and to rent at WM. CAXDIAUF aarrrooms, M Rloecker street. A FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY WILL SELL THEIR Pianoforte for half value; carved rosewood, seven octave: all Wtast improvements and aeariv new. Apply at 357 East Tenth street A REDUCTION IN P1ANOS.-BARMORES WARS room., 348 llleeoker street, splendid assortment, war ranted 9 /ears: 17 prlf medals, wit boot exception best piano made; cheap second hand gino. filCo, AMD MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PUNoFoKrE FUR sale mode order, city maker; cost $800, for goto. Also Parlor, Chamher and I'lolng Fumlluie, China, (Nast, Silver Ware, a sacrifice Inquire at 44 West Rtsteaalh street, between Fifth and Hlith avenues. LADT WILL SELL A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD fnll aeean octave Pianoforte, original pries 9800. far lass than half, If taken Immediately; Mlebratad makers; overstrung bass, carved legs; short uaae used. Apply at W Third street. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte?Made to order a short time ago at a east of for sale at a bargain. Call at 1ft Grand street, aoaa TJARGAIN* -ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, Jj frame, modern Improvements. seoaa octave, a maker*. $1*0; handsome r? we wood Ptanofart*. IRON ?braled Gilbert ???I Boston, iron frame. SUA. Also twMty first second bend Pianofortes vary low. Aassrtment new Piano forte* leas than wbolaaala prtaas. M Fourth avenue, oppo site Cooper Institute. BBAROA INS.?MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE MODERN Piano, used bui a short time, for ARM one for BMA; bow one at a redacod pnao. H. HARDMAN. UA Amity sc PIANOFORTE FOR AALE IMMBDIATELT-A MAG nlfioant rosewood Pianoforte, prtao 9*0. first alaaa make. 7 octave, rwhaet quality of too*, all modern Improve menu, flsa stool aad cover Apply at *14 Twentieth street, near Third arena*, f ram M to 4 o'eloeR. WATERS' PIANOFORTES.-ORAND. SQUARE AND TV Upright; Melodoooa, Parlor. Churcn and Cabinet Or fans-the boat aunnfactured?to W aad rant applied If pars In as d. monthly asulmenis i ?aalrs AWareroomaJCo. M Broadway. M. X. HORACE WATERS IfO^ WANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND GRAND PIANO, forte at a raaaonabla prion fee prompt easb. Addroaa I'oat ofSoa, Now York. INATRVCTMrn. , PiIadt TEACHEX OFMANT TEARS' EX peri A anev, desires ao engagement as govarnaaa Addross Mr*. Clement nation A. Spring st AT Md BOWERT -PRIVATE OR SEPARATE IN (trurlion. da/ aad evening, la Bookkeeping. Wrltlua, Anthmetle. Spelling, 'Irammar menu for ladle*. No rlease* TOWN SEN IPS goaineM (.'ullage, AM Rower/, belwaen Prlaoa and Houston streets. OENTLRMAN, AN ARWITIO ELOCUTIONIST AND a dramatic reader, woald llko to lastniol a few gen tlemen at their residence. Addroaa A.JAMES, Station G. Terras modersU. TA7U.-BOOKKRF.PINO, WRITINO, ARTITI1METIC, ? Algebra. Lalla. $?, Oram mar. Spelling. Reading A3 each. Pxivate rooms. PAIN KB' RnalaoM Colleges. M Bnwarv Wnd Mt Peltoa street. Brooklyn, have enjoyed a large country as wall aa alt/ patronaga, fo /ears. BOORKEEPING, WRITINO. ARITHMETIC. An. FOR business. Messrs DO LB EAR, OOfi Broadway, leach bookkeeping practtaaUy, and arlthmetle bp the moat rapid and aorarata mat hod a They also remove stiffness, cramp ing or trambling, aad make elegant bualnea* penmen. _ TOOOKKEEPINO?PENMANSHIP AND iUAINEBN AF Jj fair*, at OOLIWMITH'A Commercial Invtltula, 7M Broadway KeUbUshed HM. Privals inslrn-tlon. MbStifSftiSd!' s&twkiss w ess y^S^g^mSrtOldenU Apply for partleuUr*. RIgkteenlh street ___ aUBL'RRAN HOME SCHOOL, NEW HAVEN, CONN.. O la the open country. Ear. Dr. Shear* Maataf. RBMRfi begins April M.