Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1867 Page 2
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RITtlATIOlTH W IXTED-VEKI \LK*. t lad* witriu like ro travel with a fami. ly g ' tig 1> Europe; would i?i?- i In taking care uf < i.Hiren. iv?:t on tin-1 ?i!y anil 111.1k" I rr-eli .???tinnil* use nil, it." Ii??i of reference* givsu. lunutre at Til heat 4th at. for one week. A GERMAN ZaADT, WHO OAK SPEAK Kl'.i N?'ll, a V de-ore* a Situation an housekeeper. Ad drem h. P., liWtiou F, lor ihrco day*. A YOUNG LADT, W1IO 8PRAK* FRENCH AM) Engi. h. nc< (-turned to travel, wi.iiat to env.ige wltti a tsnuly going to Europe aa t: mpuiuou or 111 id. Addre-* 262 itb av. i WOM kX WANTS D TtKE IX WASHING ANO .'V ironing, or to go out wii*htn:; or scrubbing < ill at 25 Railroad ?> . in the rear building, tirat Hour, .lei <ey City. A COM PI TEXT NIRBR WUHEB A S.TUATiOX: thoroughly understands the care of ch I fen. would aaaist In chamberwork or do plain tewing; no objection to city or country for the summer month"; bent of city roier enee* 1 an lie seen for two day" at 164 East 2.11 si. t SITUATION WANTED?BY \ HI SPKCTABLE GIRL, J\ to do chamberwork and plain acwuut or general houae. work. Call at No. 9 5th at., in 'he rear, A S1TI ATIOX WAXTED-BY A YOUNG OIKL, AS J\ waltrena or to d" ight ctiamlier wo It, or 10 take care of children; good cliy relet mice. Call at 204 7 lb nv., between 21ld and 24lh sla. A SITUATION waxttd-by A RESPECTABLE I1IRI,, aa cook; la a good washer and iroiier; can rook all kinda of |ioii!iry; lis* gool city reterenve. Call at 33J West 26th al . loom No. 6, ?irood (I .or. a SITIIATIOM WANTED?AH COOK, BY A MOST it rv*|/eotabl* Engli-h woman; haa a daughter 14 years old that she would like to with ber, can do plain rng or unnd children . has no objection to a private b"irdlug houae; understands all klndaoi cookl.ig, boning and lard ing; or would act as hous- keeper or take eutire charge of a hints* f 11 the tuiuiner. Call 1S7 West 12lh at., helwceu 5th and 6th ara. A RESPECTABLE PROI ESTANT FIRST-RATE LAVS . drc ran do dining and all kind* of family washing; at ber Oao home, 40 hast 22.1 atieeL A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISH Ed A SITUATION aa000k. waaher and troner. thiol reference Call at 21 Col<1on place, South Bi"gen oppos't* Library Hall. A BKSPBOTABLR GI1U-, 15 YEARS OLD. IS DR? 2V airouaof learning dre? making; Is ? u?at ?'iver; w il ing to serve eighteen month- and board Willi the l.mdy. Address Apprentice, Station G. A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A Nltua'ion aa wet nurse; can be tern, with her baby, at 135 Wd4 13th st. A LADY. A RAPID WRITER AND OOOD READER, J\ desires a fdtiiatb n us copyist or bookkeeper, or 11 some lnerary or other odice, wu. re sue could Is- prohtably employed Address X V. Z., station C A RESPECTABLE C.IRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and w.iilreaa. or to do ch uabefwork or sea lug go. >d city reference. Call for two day a at 26) West 31st sL A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation to cook, wash and iron in a private .amily; is a good baker, and can give best afrit references. Call for two il iy*? at .'til .'tJ sr., corner of 29 th ?L, 111 ibe crockery store A YOUNG GERMAN OIKL WISHES A SIT! ATIOX Ui take ear? of walking children and assist in chain be 1 work. CaU at 241 7th av., lop Uaor, over the butcher's shop. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS PLAIN cook In a private family; is a foo.l w isher uud iroiier; would have 110 objection to do general housework, lis- good city reference. ( an bo sera lor two day , at 2ll Last 18th ?1. near 1st av. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES TO GO OUT BY THE day , understands dressmaking ladles' and ehildren'a underclothing and operating on Wheeler .v Wilson's ma chine. Call at 145 .11 av., between loth and Uith ala YOUNG LADY fSWISs, DESIRES A SITUATION as I idy'a mild, nurse or eomjisti.on. to go to Europe. ? 'aliforma or India; speaks French, English or German: la a good huirdmsser anil dressmaker; run give r >od refer euiws Call lor this wees at .diss K..Ulnar's, hairdresser, 122l? 3d ai . between 14'di and 15ih sta. A SITUATION WANTED AS COOK* SHE IS A OOOD cook and a aire washer and lio.ivr; the best o. ci:y refeieuce given from her last place. Call at 112 Weal 16th st., third 11.air. front room, lor two d IT*. A Hill 1TI0N WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS sesiiistrr** and to do ohatnbervvork or to lake cure of a baby, has le-eu living six years lu her last place. CaU at 4W tjiti av.. in the rear. A A SITUATION WANTED?1J LA FIRST CLASS MEAT and pastry cook; ntide rsi a nn* jrllles, soups and gune; no objeetiiKi to a U rat class oo.-rdmg house; liert of . ity ref erence a. < all for two days at No. 9 6th st.. 111 the rear. A DRESSMAKER WILL GO OUT BY THE DAY IN families, or would cut and lit 111 an establishment. Ad dress Dieesiuaker, station D. iui three days. AX AMERICAN WOMAN W\NT8 A SITUATION AS nur.-e; u qualified in take charge ot an Inlaui from lik birth; willing m do sewing. Call tor one week at her pres ent plane. MkiCtb av. AN ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO llie housework uf a small family. is a good plain conk, eioellsnt washer and irnner; fis? th" best ot city releience. Apply at 240 KIDabelli st.. near Houston. No applicants out of towu need apply. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISUE* A 8ITI*. at inn as cook lu a private family, uo ubjcctiou tii go JrIB!iX?X?*si&1 si given. 131 East JCM *1, second flour, bark mm. A respectable Colored woman wishes to doatime line washing and Ironing ?t her own bouae; alao boiiaeclflautng. Call at 11 Mluatu at. Fluting of ail kinds. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A GIRL, AS NURSE and seamstress: can take entire eti.,rge nf an infant ?r growing children; or would do ehamiwr-rork; ik willing end obliging, and can give thn m*r be*t ?f city reference. Coll ot 137 Went iSth ?L, between sui and llth are. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITI A HON AS CHAM al. herinaid; will take care of children and aew; beat of refetwooe. Can he seeu al 99 Kast 2Uh at. A number of wet xuksk* want situations (tan heaeen at Mr*. HANSEN'S Nurses' .Ag-ncy, No A ?h at , near Bower jr. ArOliXU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS ?nr*e, to go to California willt a family; la willing to make herself useful, has good city ivftreiwea Apply at 912 Eaat 19th *L, between 2.1 and 3d ava. A YOUNG W(JS|AN. A COMPETENT OPERATOR ON Wheeler and Wllaon'* machine. would I ke to make engagement* with ladle* f ir lliair spring work l>y the day or week: cute and flta for ladn-* and children. Call at 1,414 Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED--BY A Yot NO OIRL, AS flntl rlaaa waitress. no objertinn to do sunt li .hi rli.uu berwork iu a private family; t>??! of city refereuoe from her la*t place. Call et LSI Weal add ?l. a RESPECT ABLE YOUNG tllRf. WISHES A NITUA A ation in a private t.unily a* itaiuvtna; an operate on Gnwer A B .k'-r ? m u-hlne, or \\ heeler A VYilanu'a; would aeaiat In obamberwork. or take rate of g-uwu eblldreu. The beat of City refereuro rati be hud by culling at 1(13 Wnat Add at , between 7th and Bth ar?. AKKsPI'TABLK WiiMAN i1 V N tti iiMMhDATE four renllemen with warning, at 111 Wi-| ?t The beat of city reference, ("all In baaeuieui. C. OOlt.MAN. ARESPKt TABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A S.ri'A lion a* rbambarmaid and laundress. t all at 06 Went 41*1 al.. Iielweeu gtti and 9lh a?a. A A SITUATION WANTED?TO DO COOKING Oil GEN era! houaework. by a >01911, cap-sole uul. la neat, re aftecltnll aud economical and an eirell n> waan. r and 1 rone 1. beet reletettues gireu; city or Ououlry. Call at 121 Allaalir M.. Broov.y| A YOUNG LADY WISHES a SITUATION?AS CHAM berm*i-l and waitress, In a privi e 1.1m ly; t? witling to assist ua the waabiug aud ironing. n?? g->od nty relereuiw. Can be eeen for two dayi at 4119 Weal JAtu at., between 9th and 10th am RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A 8IT-1 ua'lon a* wet nur*e, with a fresh hreaal of milk. Can MMH lor two daya al No. 462 We-l XU at. ARESPECTABLE GIRL?LATEI.Y LANDED, WISHES a aitualion in a prlrate family a* plain cook and to aa atet with the wa-hlng and ironing; al*o a g.rl to lake care of children and make herself generally u*eiul. neither have obiertlona to the country for ilte aummer C -ll at No. IS4 Kaat Od *t.. between id aud ltd av* . over the grocery atore . A?B~COMl'rrKNT WOMAN DESIKK8 A SITU A HON AS giMtd plain cmik: no nbje itlou in assist in washing and Ironing, beat of elty rcfereu e. Call tor iwn daya at 142 41*t el., near Thiidar. COMPETENT DKK"ssMAKER WISHES TO RUCK a lew more engagements with * utr prlrate ramiite*, by the day or week. understand* the business thoroughly; sewing msrhsne* al*o Call at or addrwea 3-0 Itleerker et. h ~a C'uM PF.TKNT PERSON IT A NTS V SITUATION as A nurse and plain aewer, or won d d.. ehamherworll and ?lad children; ha* ui.niy yeat* el|wrleiiie In tlmcnreol children. and can lttin I a baby front it* birth; be?t of elty refeienee from Iter ln*? place where alir h ? lived over flour tear- 1 all for two day* at lii >teai l*li.-*l., Iveteeeu 0th and 7th ny<. Amm~ LAf?Y DESIRES Tit PI NV SITUATIONS PO.l HER cook and chambermaid. Can reeuaintriid hem aa fully eotni?Mat. Apply on Monday at AM Union at. Brooklyn. RrHPI CTABLE PROTESTANT <.IRL WANTS A Mtnstlon ** chambermaid and to do sewing. or to take care of rhtldren aod do sewidg. Call for two daya at 32i We*t 39th ?t. AREsPKCTABLB WOMAN WISHES TO GET T1IH wa*'-'ngof a few gentlemen ami ladroa. la an e Tcclleut w**her and inner. Call at 190 ilsl-L, between let aud id am. In the rear A RESPECTABLE TtiUNG GIRL WI -HilS A SITUA. lion, to mind ohildien and* heraeli generally uae. '"L C*" be seen tor two diy* at 400 tRh ar., In lb" rear. SITUATION WANTED?HY A YOUNG GIRL. TO take esre of a child *ud make her-eif generally use Is willing end tta* g-K.u reference from her 1 u'T.a *l J *'? 0r*t door, back room, between nd sth ar*. ful; _ laal place. 7th and sth am A RESPECTABLE GIRL WASH A SITUATION TO do general hooaework In a .m ill pm, * f,Iui|y; la-at of city reference. Call el 113 Mo: -u rear ? -id door. A PROFESSIONAL COOK OF soi'r-* MEATS poultry, game In ail etylea. paeiry cr, un., it,ue'? tor Ureterrt- of rer.oua klnda. Noue need cab :>ui pnvap. t ,m. Ilea, can be aeen at *7? 7th ar., b>p floor, iron 1 room'two days ' AN EXPERIENCED WdMA* WISHES A SITUATION an n tint rate cook; le an eicellenl haker o: bread att-1 pastry a ha* nn objection to go a ahnn dKbioec in'hn coun try. FloO'l City relrr iv-e. I *'l a; ? - 1. .1 A YOUNG WOMAN WAHfR A SI aTION AS COOK, n ? <her and imnr. Good dry refrrenie. t an be aean f.?r two daya, If not engaged, .1 fJ<g West W ashlnguin piece, first 0o?r. ___ A young w? man wants a situation as cook IB a ir?41 la?s family; la jerfeeCy rat .'.|e, Rett city relrreugn. Carl of two Say at 891 W?. Bfck et. A YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHIL dr. * nurae, or w uld d?t no alalri work, good city leiwauce. Call at 319 Wgrt 3&U1 SITVATIOKM WiHTED-PRWUEfl. 4 NUMBER <>! Wt;x REftMMENDED GERMAN A . r - " tuition l' Mi Lowe's German Institute, 17 Stuuton *1 ? n. u ir i.. Howerv. ^ 4 UEt-PKCTAHLB 441 Kl. WISHES A SITUATION AS j\ nrfi class cult, ha> no nbje. iou to agist with Wis ?.4 ihio.'. b*? the boat of city refc ? uee. Can be seen at Sid West 11Mb -t. * RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIP.L WISHES A StTUA fi Hon aa chambermaid and to d ?tine wa<hlng; thoroughly understands her business; the very best of oily retereuce. t'.nl ?t Hid Weal 191 It m.. fourth Uoor. 4 srriArioN wanted-bt an kxpkbirhcbd f\ seamstress; can cut mid tit Indies' dresses and do all kinds of family sewing: Ima the la at ol c!tv retrreuce. Call at the candy alore -IA*'6th av., ufai 19th "at. A RESPECTABLE WOM \N WISHES A SITUATION as rook atol r.'at cliumbermi'.l and waitress; best city reference from last place. 275 18lb *t? between 9th ana 10th avs. V RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN WISHES A situation ns nurse and to make herself gener.illv use ful; laaein lul nurse; moderate wages. Apply at 513 2d nr., uearSlth ?t., trat lloiir, irout. A RESPECTABLE yoitho woman WISHES TO trat el with a Ismtlv to Culilornut; will make herself willing and nnllgtag. Call at 874 dtu av., top lloor, between 49th and 50th ala. \ RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8IT U'ltlon us rook. washer and irotier: would like to go to the country; five years' reference. Call at 419 West 32d at., between 9th and totU avs. 4 SEAMSTRESS WANTS K.MPLOYMKNT BY THE f Y day or week; is a (.mod plain sewer; run make chil dren's clothes; will engage by the mouth, and make herself generally useful if required. Apply at 91 Greenwich av., top floor. A LADY WISHES TO GO TO EUROPE. AS TRAVEL -Y iiik roini anion or governess, who speaks the French, German and English languages. Address Madame It., sta tion C. 12th st. A FRENCH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS LADY'8 J\. maid. Can l e seen for two days at 52 V\ est 16th ?L \ RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A situation as wet nuiae. Call for two days at 74 Wash ington ?t. A SITUATION W AN I EH?BY t RESPECTABLE -'v girl, as waitress, or to tnkr care of cblldreu. Can be seen at her liutl place. 161 West 17th st. AN EXPERIENCED CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT re-s. who Is also a good sewer, wishes a situation In a private futility; a good home more desirable than high '.ages. Call for two day.- at 15.1 West 25:h St., between bib ami 7th avs. 4 MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aV us infant's nurse or to Walton nn Invalid; no objec tions to travel; good elly references. Can he seta for two days at 418 b.u.-l lllh st., betweeu 1st av. an I av. A. 4 N EXPERIENCED PERSON WISHES A SITUATION il a* nurae; has acted in that capai ity tor the last 12 years, and is Hilly rompelaiit to bike the etiiire charge ol an tu faut trout its birth; hits the icrv best of city reference. Can l>e seen for tw o (lays at 220 2d a v., corner ?td st., lit the fancy store. 4 SITUATION WAMKD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO ft do general housework; Is a good w a .her and muter; would prcier a private familv. Can be seen at 260 East 14tn st. 4 RESPECTABLE FRENCH GIRL WISHES TO GO ft out hy the day; understands all kinds of t imily sewing on Wheeler A Wilsons machine; best of city reference. Call at or address 849 East Kith st., near 1st av. A FRENCH LADY WISHES TO ACCOMPANY A FAM ity going to Europe as a lady's companion, governess or housekeeper. An.; best of city reference. Apply at 125 1th at., between 12th arid Kith sla. AS NURSE.?AN ELDERLY WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlou; is qualified to lake rare of a bnby from its birth; hag ha l experience bull In r.timer and tins country; no ob jection to the country. Call at 76n 2d a v. A SITUATION WANTED?TO COOK, WASH AND Iron, by u scotch Protestant: understands meats ami pastry; no objection tu a short distance In the country; good reference given Call at 22* 13th at., between 1st av. ana av. A. top lloor front room, 4 WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL /l private family in this city; Is a good plain cook and excellent washer and .roner; nns good city retcrcuce. Call at 11 6th at., near Bowery. A SEAMSTRESS WISHES EMPLOYMENT BY THE werk or day: tindsnsuiiids cutting and fitting and oatt bring her o-.vti machine if required. Call at her luat em ployer's 120 West 26;it at. RESPECTABLE GIKI, WANTS A SITUATION AS child's nurse and to make heractl' generally useful. Can be seen for two days at 324 Sleecker si., tup lloor, beck room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woumn. to lake carc ol children and do plain sewing. Good rrierenoe if required. Call for two days at 150 Weet 18th st. place, lir?l lloor. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and wattrees; no objection to going a short distance in the rouutry (or the summer; beat of uity reference. Call at 315 East 54th st., betweeu 1st and 2d ave., top Uoor. A seamstress would like a raw bnoaoe menu by ihe day or weak; con nut ladies' and ml?*r Urea.ea, and is a good trimmer. Call at 367 Went 3ath ?u, third tloor, trout room. uAu SITUATION WANTBD-BY AN AMERICAN WO a good baker of brand nig. Iiai gieal elt> reference from be, "iial*J?,0C and Irun 130 We?t 33d at., first tloor. back r>oum. An intelligent girl, it tears op age, wants a situation In a private family; would be willing in make herself gem rally useful, or would like to learn milltnery or dressmaking; beat of reference given. Address B. u. 11.. station It. RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress, t.'all at her present em ployer's, as West 49th at., between hth and titti avs. A A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN WISHES A situation sscliamherinald and waitress; host city rei erence given, fan be seen for two days at 344 East 9th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITI'A lion as waitress snd to assist with thn waihlng and ironing or bouse work in a sntal! private family; best city reference, fall for one dar at 361 West 14th at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOM AN WANTS A place aa llrat elaaa uoolt, in rity or country; no objec tion to a boarding bouse or hotel: good rrfereuce. Call for two days at 99 \ an darn si. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A FIRST CLASH COOK; understands the business iu all ll? bran-he.. The best oi city reference given. Call at 36 East I'-'tb St., near Unirerstty place. A RESPECTABLE tllKL WISHES A SITUATION AS laundress, or to do general housework In ? small prt. vale latmly. Good city reierence given. Call lor two days at 4U4 hast 16th nt. V GOOD DRESSMAKER.?WORK BY THE DAY; UN .\ dersunds lilting, cutilug Mid operating. Can be seen at 134 Uhh St., between 3d sud 4lh at.. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNG WOMAN, A8 chambermaid and wallre.s; has no objections to s pri vate hoarding house. Call at 3a East 13th at., near Uniter slty place. A SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITUATION IN A PKI IV vale lainily, or would go out by the day or week; tin ders. anils finishing off Indie..' dresses and all kinds of la tndy-ewlng; al-o operating on Wheeler A Wllsou s aewtng mar blue; lias good city reierence. fau be seen a: Sib bin av., aeeoui house Irum 4tkb at., llrst tloor. front room. A TOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A8 WAL tress or chambermaid; baa the best of city reference. Can be seen at 1W East 11th at, between avs. A and II A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A situation as chambermaid and to ilo plain sewing In a Bivsle laoiliy. fan be seen tor two days at til 37th St , tween 7th and 8th avs., hrsl floor, froul room. Best city reference. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook, washer and Inuier. Best reference from her last piaee. Inquire at 310 West 39th at., between 7th and nth avs.. In the rear. A situation wanted?by a respectable girl, aa nurse and io do plain sewing. Beat rity reference from her last place. Can be eeen at AO. 3 Gay el., corner of Waverley place. A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITUATION as ladles' maid, understands cutting und fitting ladies' and children s and hair dress lug. Apply at 381 bib av., in he store. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOD cook and linker in a private famt ly; Will at wash. Ing and Ironing. Good city raferenoe. Call for two days at 1911th - St.. near 3d av. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT TOCNO woman, as n all re., or ohainbermaid sud se.m.lre.s ; has the beat of city reference. Can be seen at 16.1 Bast 46U> st. King hell No. 4. ATOU.NO WOMAN OP RESPECT ABILITY" WISHES a alMstlo* as chambermaid and to help with the fine wa.hiiig, or to do chsmbci work alone; will be found fully ompeieut ; satisfactory reiereucee. Can be *eeti for two days at 3*1r.litaheth et. No objection to tne country. ATOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS mine and ? or as chambermaid and wait rcas; has the best of city reference, fall at 333 West 37th st. ^ RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO HATE THE _ washing 01 ladles and gentlemen st her own home, mi leretanda rrencli liming; good city reference. Call si lM 7th St., between aWMues h and C, top floor, bacfc 4 SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE A girl, as chambermaid; baa no ob.ertinu to a abort dis tance .n the country. Call at 141 Boat JNth it,, betwecii 3d ami fid avs. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WHO THOROUGHLY understands cutting and Uttlng and operating on Wheeler A Wilson's in.clime, would go out Mr the week or montu in private fainillea. Can bu seen at 74 3d av., b?. tween lllb and 13. n ste. A SITUATION WANTKD-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work In a am ill private family, Apply at 31 Suffolk M., near Grand, second floor, back. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN DISHES THE WISHING ?of ladles, gentlemen or families at herpiwn home; un derstand. UreiKh fluting. Call at 139 West 37th at., Iu the rear, room No. t. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO GO OUT AT dan' work, washing, ire.ilng or hnu e cleaning. A.iply at No. 3 York St., Sn oud flour, back room. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE - girl,to rook and ..sslst in tho washing ami Ironing; good city reference. Irum her last pia ?. Cell at itNTth av. A CoMPSTRNT chambermaid and waitress ttuallMi mi iorstand. be. bu-lueea thorungb Vo'r^v-'** M"' ig; beit cay let'WV iJt tfreqntfWA c, floor. or two day* at -.1 1st sr., between ig.h and Mb sts.. thr u A SITUATION wanted?BT A TOURO WOMAN. AS coo., washer .lut mi e-. In s ?m i I f 'mdv; Is nf|mg ?ni wpi|in|, hMR th? bwnt (?, i fly 11 <Vn?nct* 1 r>tu h*r I tmployor. c.U at Uft w?. t9xb ?i, old Mt>. 77. f SITUATIONS W WTKIJ?FU.H4I.KS. \rou.xo woman wishes a situation as >l( or Uuutlrvjb, Willi re. irence. Apply ut 2U6 Last VmrtOTAKJ TOO NO OIBL WISHES \ sitI'a atton n? chamhermud and ir uoiin-?> ur waiter; Im# ?i:"r >, ?r? city reference. Cau be seen lor Iwo days at At W .'-.I 44111 at. 4 COMPETENT DKE8SM4KBB WII.I. OO OCT if j.'\. lliu day or lake work hi Uer own bouse. Call at lb# Blh *v ? between 1Mb uuil lbtli iU. \RJ'.SPF.OTAHLK YoUNO AMERICAN C1IRL WANTS ? altu itijn to t ike rare of children mid do light work. O 1 lor two days at 111 Weal 17lh ?t, near 7th It*. / UI VMBEIIM.4ID.-A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 4J situation aa a competent waitress; would assist in cbamberivnrk; tin* flr?t class rrltrenoe. Cab be seen for two days at 81 3d ur., oyer the shuu store. /NOOK.? A SITUATION WANTED, IN A PRIVATE 4 2 family; on* who understand* her business thoroughly; no ohjectiniia to the country; beat city rclerenre. Call for t? day* ul No. 9 6th at., near Rower), on I II 'or r'-.,r. /nook ?SITUATION WANTED, BY A RB8PE0EABLE 4J woman, who understand* English and French coking. Good oily reference. Call for two day* at Ills Wert 24th at., upper part of house. /NOOK?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISIIF.R A 3ITU 4 J ation a* first claaa cook; understands coking in all It* bruuehea; ban Ural claaa reference. ?Can be seen ui 64 Went 18th at. Housekeeper.-a youno widow i.adt (Israelite) of edueatlon nnd refinement, desires a poal tlon In a genteel family to superintend the housekeeping and be a comiianlon to the lad*; can Instruct children on the piano, ur would lake the entire charge of a first claaa house during the absence of the family; for capacity and character the highest references cau be given. Address C. O. T? station D. HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION WANTED?BT AN American woman, in a hotel or private family; under stands her buaine**. and is not ufraid of work. Apply for two day* at 151 East 82U at., room 16. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A widow lady, for a widower'* family or a parly of gen tlemen. or a* companion to an invalid ran furnish good re ference*. Address Housekeeper, staliou 0. Nurse?situation wanted, by a woman, WHO ha* acted In that capacity for many year- is a good ?ewer; can do chnmberwork or tine washing; has good re ference. Can he seen for two day* at 54" Gib av. Nurse.?a situation wanted by a rbxpect able Proie-tant woman a* nurne; will take 'nil charge of u ha by from It* birth <>r growing children; no objection to travelling: I* never *e.i sick. (tool rcferen:e. Call lor two days at 145 West 27th *t.. old number 89. fURSE.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A UoMPE. U.4 tent Invalid nurse; euu lake i-uHn-fiiirgti of uu in valid lady; can litrnlah ttin hiilie-t city refrrenoe. Apply at Ilk) 23th st., between 6th and 7ib av*., fourti floor. room 7. SALESWOMAN'S SITUATION WANT ED?BY thoroughly competent saleswoman. in t clo-ik, c iraet or fancy atom; i* u-ed to Broadway trade; -est of city refer ence. Call at 35 Bond *U SITUATION WANTED?AS CH AM1E KM AID OR waitress; good reference. Call ai 145 fca?t Jl*t *t, sec ond floor. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPB7TABLK WOMAN todoeooklng washing and Ironing: ginl reference, fall at 303 Weat 2l*t st., front basement for I'o days. SITUATION WANTED?B4 A BBSfSOTABLB C.IRL O as chambermaid, and to do fine washng; cm do French fluting; beat of city reference. Call at 59A'e?t 12th *t SITUATION WANTED?BY A RljOB LADY MII?. dl ? aged, a* housekeeper; U agoodcook; will furnish the be-t leference. Addreas Mme. II. I.. Ilernld ollh.e. SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSE. BY A KKSPKCT able young woman; good refereni*. Call at 923 Weet 16th *t., from 10 A. M. to3 P. M., third tior. front mum. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESECTABLE GIRL O to do plain cooking, washing and ironing In a -mall {irlvatc family; good rcforence* If replied. Call at 115 Meet 5tli at., front basement. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RLSIEOTABLE YOUNO P. firl as chain her maid and waitress. Apply at 459 West 32d sa, between 9th and 10th avs., laween II A. at. aud 4 P.M. Beat of reference. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWt RESPECTABLE girls, who wish to lire together: on-a* plain cook, wn-th | crund Irnnrr: the - ther aa chambermld and would he will Kig to assist down *1 ur*; ran give the best reference, (Ml for two days at 844 East With ha SITUATION WANTED-BY A 'OUNO GIRL.- AS chambermaid and to do plain aewng or chambermaid and waitress, or assist with the care f children; on objec tion to the country; good eity referenr from her Lsl place. Rail at 34534)1 si., lielwoen 1st and 2>Uv. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RSPEOTABLE OIRL. c in a Hinall private family, to Uo ge eral housework or plain cooklug. washing and Ironlns; eat of city reiernnce. Can be seen for two days at 609 Wast 9tb sA, near 10th a*. L'ATION WANTED?BY A KWPECTABLE YOUNG Irl, *s chambermaid and wait***, ot weuld do fine washing and ironing. Bast eity refaenre. Call at 347 3M street between 1st and 3d avs., for ko days. SITUATION WANTED?BY A ELECTABLE.YOUNG girl, to cook and aasist with wotting and Ironing: loan client rook; or would go a* lautlrcaa. Boat city rcfer excellent cook; or would go aa laurtreaa. . enen. Call at 217 9th ar., near 44th a, In tha crockery atore, fur two daya. ITUATION WANTED?BY A R? PECT AB LB WO MA N. a? ohambnnrvaM and lle?t clIj reference. Call at her prff<wnt employer**. it ~ ~n.TiX.HY TWO RESPECTABLE S' w - - ??" |\r,.i n..* \nua O glria; one aa drat claaa and to autat la the waeh. log, the other aa chambermaid and wallreiw The best of cite reference can be girea. Call at Sit West 31?l at. be tween (Kb an 1 9th avo. SITUATION WANTED-A8 COOK. AND T9 AHHI8T AT washing if required: good city rr fere no. Call at 317 Went 99th at., between 8th and 9th are. Situation wanted?by two yocnj women. One aa seamstrrsa; underatanda all kbdn of family eewlng, and can out and lit: haa no oSjcotbn to *?at?i,at chamberwork. The other aa chambermaid a andwaltree*; haa no objerilon to assist 111 washing and Ironing. Bwh wlah to be in one liouae. Ootid elty reference. Call Or two ilaya at 129 West 90th at., between 9th and 7th ara, mrond Hour. SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. AS chambermaid and waltreaa; la willing In make heraelf generally useful; baa Are years' reference from laat place. Call at 442 9th ay., between 39th and 27th , ata.. In *ae furni ture a to re. SITUATION WAXTKD-BT AN ENGLISH (TMHC, IN a restaurant or boarding house: thoroughly nidei,lands her hualncaa. Call ut 85 East lid *t. (new .Sol 141), near 3d avenue, for two daya. SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK: THOBOUOKLY underatanda hrunch and Kngllah qprdtlng in a hotel or private boarding liouae: good city referenoe. Call at XI r.aat Iltb at. between lat and 2d ara TWO OIRL-t. WHO HAVE LIVED TOGETHER FOR the laat 12 month*, wish situ itlon* one ea r iot, washer and Imner. the other aa chain1*,* maul and waltreaa, and la u llllttg to lit the Hue washing ind Ironing. Hot city reference fall ?tAU9 7th a\., between 41at and ?2d at*. Wlah 10 go together. rpwo respectable youno women wish siita. 1 tlona; one to do general hnttiework, the other to do chamberwork and watting, or utirae and **h;,mberwurk : no objection* to go a abort ?balance In the country; be-t etiy rclcreuec. Apply at 129 Kaat 22d at., IwHweeti Id and 11 ara, tup flour, heck room. rpWO RESPECTABLE YOVNU WOMEN WISH Sin A X tlona; one aa rook or euok and laundra*-; the other aa chambermaid or waitrn-.a; belli an: thoroughly experienced; revpeclalile city references can be given. Call at 191 Weat ISih >1. Will be found iruatw, rthy. WASHING WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Wo. man: the washing of a prtr >te family, or ladles' waah ing; la a competent hand at all kinds of line washing and fluting; can give good reference. Call on or address Mrs. M.. 94 West ykh at. w A?HINO WANTED-BY A WOMAN; THE WASH Ing of a family or a few gentlemen; la a good waaher and Imner; reference given. Call at or addreae 489 West 99<h at., between Ptti and lnth art.. In I i the rear. WAMTBD-THE WASHING OF A FEW LADIES AND gentlemen, hr a competent laundreaa. who thoroughly understands her business; Cue fluting neatly done: can gtra th? beat of references, fall or send a note to Laundreaa, 898'- * ? I West 25th at., between sth and 9th ara. IITBT NURSE.? A YOUNO. HBALTHT WOMAN YY wishes a atlnadon a< wet ntirae. Inquire of F. C. Klrby or J. K. Coatigan. ofllce of Superintendent of the Poor, room IS, County Court liouae, Brooklya. TSf ANTED?BY A WIDOW LADY, A SITUATION AS YY housekeeper in a good family, or M take charge of a house during the summer, or aa travaUlag companion loa lady. References exchanged. Addraaa L J. N., M4 I*tale at.. New Haren, Coun. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BABY to wet nurse at her own house; loot her own baby hi lie blrtb; an Infant preferred. Term* Will be moderate. Apply Immediately, on account of the quantity ot milk, at 192 East Slat at., near 3d ar., top floor. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND to aaoiat In the washing and ironing. Can be seen at her present employer's lor two days, 2} west 49th at. TV ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE YY young woman, as llrat class waltreaa; no objection lo do a little chamberwork. Heat city reference from ber last K<e. Call at DO West 27Ui au, between 7Ut and 8th ays., t floor, for two daya WANTED-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS AND TO gamut In chamber work: also by a young America a girl, to do hght work aa<l take cars of children. Prefers a abort distance In the country, (food rnlerence. Can bo aoen at 178 or 311 East 81th at, basement YtTANTBD-A SITUATION AH SEAMSTRESS AND TO YY do chamberwork. ran work on Wheeler A W litem's machine, la wlllliigto leave theclty. Apply at 151 Kaat SJd at, room for two daya. WANTRD-A SITUATION IT A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa nurse or chambermaid, tlaa the heat city reference from her laat place, can lie seen for two daya at WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE LAUNDRESS AND Drat rate ahlrl polisher and flitter, who offers lo work as low aa 11 28 per duien, gentlemen's preferred. Call at or address 593 2<1 er. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A CONFETKNT TOUNO English girl, n* chambermaid and waltreaa; no objec tion to go in the country. Call at 187 Smith at, top floor, Brooklyn.

WANTBD-BT A FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS AND drreamaker. work by the day or month; can do aA kinds of work ou th* w .ecler A Wilson machine. Cafl at 137 Ea?t 40th at., near 91 a v. WANTED?A SITUATION, RY A TO UNO WOMAN, TT ua-eam?tres?; h i* no ODje* t' i to ink- care ok one child; ban, city refer* iicj girou. Call at AA) West 17th at.. between ;bh *nd 9th ara WANTKD-A mtniTtON, BY A RBSPKOTABLtS "OU'tg gift *.; i'dr'amsid and aeaiit'T'taa; no.lor rtind* dr. aaouklng i> >0,' ? ail kinds of Sne ??? log an* ?:xi'"0tJory: goo,. reference c*ti bo wen for two tlh-a at l'-t 4tu ??., be.ween 11th ?ul 13lh ata.. In the fsacy rt7AN~''V-NY A TIDY, SMA'T YOUNO GIRL. A tV ,|t. Moi* a,- 'ham'c-maid ;hd wnUfcaa; hna the beat, .a e-uitec, u.'.?tt*l7 Rgat go,h at, uce. ?'. ? j, y BITl'ATIOJri WAITED-FKMAI.E*. IITANTKP?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO. 11 iii-u, us hum; c?u d" plain anwmg; has iij objection to the country, ha- the beet or city refercuoe. CaJ ul 01 West 2ftih at U7ANTBD?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE I* young w > mo. as chainb-rtnlid an 1 waitress in a sui.ll family, i 'an he acta f <>r two days at 333 East 13th at., be tween lot una 21 urs > top floor. 117ANTKI)?A SITUATION. BY A VERY REBPBCTA TV i-l<: girl, as chambermaid and waitress; hasnoobjeo tiou to go a eoorl dntar.ce In the country with a family for the summer. Cal. j27 33 av.. between 37th and 3*?h ate. lias the beat of city relerence from her last place. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, m? and chambermaid or ehambei m ild and laun dress; has ci v reference; a O rutau family preferred. Call at IK) il'eil 33th at. for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework in a private family, goo i ellj reference. L'uu I* aeeu for iwodayaat 351 West 15th st., between 6th and 7th ava., haaement door. 117ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG UIKL, IN A TV reapeetable arnall private family. baa a good recom mendation from the country. Call lor two days at Mr*. Loftis'. 513 Pearl at.. In the real. 117ANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE, BY A M young woman w.ih a fresh breast of milk; baby* month old. Call at 22 Broome at., tirai floor, WANTED?A SITUATION. BY \ YoUNtl WOMAN, as seamstress; can m ke 1 id.e,' and children's dresses and do all kkida of family sewing: no objection to do light ciinmlo'rwork or to go a short distance iu the country. Good relerence. Call at 4W 6th av., between 2flib and 3dtb ste., room No. 6. 1I7ANTKD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TV girL as waitress; has no obyeetlon to the country; his the liest of city reference from ner lust plaoe. Call at 81 West 23th st. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION IN a -mail private family, a* cook and to assist in wash ing and ironing; has the fiest of reference from her last place. Call lor iwo days at 5b7 ltd av., second floor, front room. 117 ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. SITUA II Hons lo travel with a family to Europe; would have no objection- to take cure of children and are. never seasick Call at 55 3d av., near 11th st., for two days. UrANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A situation lo do chamberwork and assist iu ihe vva-hing and ironing. Host of reference giveu. Gall for two days at 265 Meat Houston st. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECT VBLE WOMAN. SOME vv gcntlemeu's or ladies' washing; can do il up in the neatest manner possible. Iluting done If required. Call for two days at 23d 7th av.. in the store. L' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A V siluutlon as laundress or chambermaid; has ihe best of citv references. Can be seen at ner prcseut sliuutluu on -Monday, at 15 West 36.1) St. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT OIRI,. A SITUATION as chumhcrmnld and waliress; has good city reference. Call al 176 Easi 34th at., top floor. U7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WASHING and ironing; understands fluting. No. ISP East 11th at. Call in the a,ore. w Ur ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE voting w oman, in a pnvat" family, us cook and to assist in washing and ironin . Best city cefrreuces. Call ?( is West 13th it. for two diys. PIT AN TED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISH I S TV to travel with a lady to Europe, as lady's maid or child's nurse; can rut and lit ladies' dresses. Can be seen until engaged, at h?r present employer's, lib hast 34th st. lias the lies! of eity ret'-rence. UrANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG woman, as infant's nurse ar.d se unstress; ean operate on Whecier A Vinson's sewing niaclinie, or act as lady's maid. Can be seen for two days, at 43d Hudson st UJ ANTr.D?BY A KK6PKC TABLE WOM \N. A SITU A tion to do eh imbervvo-k and assist IU tlie wa-hlng and trolling: can show the best city relerence. Call for two days hi 471 2d av.. one stairs luck room. ANTED ?BY A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS. THE washing of gentlemen or ladies or Ihe washing of a private family, has the best of city relerence. Can be seen at 153 iHtWk ?t.. lourtb floor. M'ANTED-A SITUATION AN CHAMBERMAID AND TV to assist al washing: nnobinetlon to go a short dis tune- iu the cmnnry. Call al H27 West 26th ft WANTED?A SITUATION, AS FIRST CLASS OH AM TV bci-maid and seamstress, or as waitress, unexception able references given from last employer. Call for one day at 1U4 West 24lh at. w \I7ANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TV nurse; no objection to travel through the uumu Call at 122 llenry M. WTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV voting girt, av chambermaid or to take care of eltil dren: best of reference given Inquire al 35.' West 30th at., near 6th av., f ourth than. back room. WANTRD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS nurse and seamstress. or chambermaid and seamstress; has no ejection in the country. Can be aeon for two daya at 315 Eaat 31st St., near 2d av. VVANTED?A SITUATION. BV A UESPEOTABLB TT young woman, >? sesinattesa Kiel chambermaid or waitress In a private family; lias good city references Ap ply ml 130 Weai 24tb at.. corner 7th. sr. \1T A NTE D?A SITU ATI ON', BY A RESPECTABLE M voting woman, an uurae and aeamatresa; lias no ol> lection to the country; good reference. Call at Ml Weal Mill St.. cucuer Stir a*. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 01RL, A situation to do light chamberwork and take rare of Bowing children and do plain sewing, (load city refei etxae can be given. Call for two daya at 183 Weat 4Uthat., top Boer. AKTHD-BT A RESPECTABLE ENGLISHWOMAN, to do general housework, or plain sewing and chatn herwork. Call at I7tf West ,13d at. deference given. WANTED-BY a SMABT DIKE, a SITl'ATION TO ukr care of children and do light chamberwork: no objection to go a ah.wt distance in the ou.ury. Two yeare' city reference. Call at UP 6th av., In the oaaemenL w ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as Ar?t class waitress Best city relerenoe w. N<> objection to tbeemintrv for tbe summer. Can be seen for two days at 437 Weat Canal street. 1*' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Willi AN. A PEW Vr getiilrrncna or ladles' washing; can do tinting If ro qnlrcd. Call at 13d West 27th at., front house, room 11 f ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN (1IRL. a alt nation as nurse, or wnul.l like to travel with a family going Sooth. Call for three days at 133 Attorney at., IB the' (rout basement. XIrANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL-A SITl'A TT tliin as cook, or would assist with the washing: has the best of city references. Apply at 2u3 East 23.1 at. tup Boor, front. YY \.VTAirrED-Br A COMPETENT PERSON, A SITUA T V u?n as chambermaid aud waitress or 'chambermaid and si'amstress. (ten be seen at her present employer's. 70 \\ rai Slat It, new number 112 11T ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA vT tinn a-, rook; is willing to assist in waahinglf required; unexceptionable reference given. Can be seen tor laro day* at 34H heat 19th st, first floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A HlTTA Uon aa good plain rook, washer and Ironer; good city reference. Cell el 272t, 7th ev. IV' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A Tv aiiuetlon to do ehamberwork and welting la a respect, able private family, hne no objection to go In the country during the summer; best of citv reference oan be given. Apply ?( M 7th ev., between 16th end 17th eta WANTED-BY A Sl'l'ERlDR COOK. WITH EXCEL lent city lefercnee. s situation iu the rl ty or country; understand* all kinds of meats, poultry, baking and pastry. Call st Its (new No. 3171 Ea?t 21st an yyANTED?BT A COMPETENT WAITRESS AND parlormaid, with excellent city, - llo? In the city or country; takes charge of the slhrer end dining room. Call at MM tuew No. 3i7) Kant 21st at Ylf ANTED?SITUATIONS FOB A PIRBT CLASS COOK. ?Y who understands her bualnsse well; also aa expert waitress end chambermaid. Call at their present place, MB Wtnthrop place, near Clinton place. WANTED-A SITUATION AB WET NURSE, IN A private family, by n respectable married woman. Oeod reference. Call at 67 Pike sL WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS. KM ploymcnt to go eat by the week or month; can do all kinds of family sewing, drcaamaklnc. Ac.: has a machine of her own; best ol references Call at 3D Bast IMth at, be tween 1st an d M eve, 117ANTED? A SITUATION AS COMPANION IN A TV family going to Europe; would take charge of children; alao keep their clothes in order; references exchanged. Ad ply to B. W. Walla, M Beekman at, up stair*. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY aa aeamitreoa: can operate on W heeler A Wilson's taa chlne; Is willing to xselst In chamberwork. Call at LM East 46th at, between 2d end 3d era MBLP W AFTK D-F K M A L EH. A YOUNG GIRL, FROM M TO 16 YEARS OF AOB, who will be willing to make herself generally useful In a smell family, oan And a situation at 67 South Id sL, WU> I lama burg A GOOD OIRL WANTED?TO DO THE HOU8BWORK of a xmall American family. Apply, wlih reference, e? ? nt door of MS Broome sc. near Varlek. An apprrnticr TO THE DRESSMAKING taught cutting and operating on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. M Spring at. A NY LADY DESIRING A PAYING BUSINESS OR J\. pleasant pastime Occupation should learn Photograph Coloring. Instructions thorough and rapid! For particulars call onMiaa Bead. 746 Broadway. COOK WANTED.?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND Iron; must understand her basinets and come well re commended from her test piece. Apply, from ? to IS this morning, el Iff Weat 26th st. General housework.?wanted, in a private | family, a ccmpctrnt girl; those hating good referet m may apply, between ? and II o'clock, at 461 West Fid at. T AUNDRESS A SMALL FAMILY Ju Also a nuree Wsteke cart of two little alris 6 and 6 yeoi old. Apply at 11 West 27th st. NMl'RSR WAN YED?1V.0TE8TANT, WITH GOOD CITT references. Apply at 32 LastHSd at., from j from 9 lo II A. M. TV ANTED?A WELL RECOMMENDED OIRL. AS V V waitrosa and chsuibernmld, to go a short dtatanoe In the gen uiry. CaW at 71 Broadway, room 71. TITAN '.ED?A OIRL FOR GENERAL MOUSRWORK TT in a small family; mint under 'and w \shln* end Iron Ir t an j have g > -d civ rei-ireneo. Apply at SOT Beet 10th at, Oppovjte Tompkins square VIJ ANTED?TWO riR -T CLASS PROTESTANT GtRLH; * T one ss *oo<l co >k and to aasi-t In washing, toe nthex "/??pier .lalJand waitress. Apply at AM Weat 14th st. XI7ANTF.D?A FEW first CLASS TRIMMERS. TV i n. se onlr i > make iud trim need acb.T la Mis* i um.iiin*3.(6 Ca&xl at. 1IKL.P WANTED-PEMUES. WANTKD?A FfRST CL 488 FEMALK~CLOAK gut ter and designer; also operators on Whoi-hr A Wll aon'a machines, accu-tomed to *1'"" tucking and ?hlrt fronts at Lord A Tiy lor's, Urand and f'brysue st*. Wanted?ladies tauoiit photograph paint ing horeeUlu, Ivorytype, historical, lander, pa, flgur-s, fli.wem, was Uuwers, drawing. Hoy a taught also. Faiul logs tor sale. Apply at Ilia 6th a*. iy ANTED?A COMPETENT0 >OK FOR A BOARDING vv house. None other* need apply. Call on Monday at 52 Vartck at WANTKD?A OIKL TO TAKE CARE OF A CHILD, do cbamherwork and sew. Apply at 4.' Eaat 29th at., between 9 aud 12. WANTKD?TO GO TO ORANGE. N J.. ABOUT If miles front New York, two Protectant women; one to cook, wash and iron, the other aa nurse and seamstress. Apply at 29 Chamber* at., up stairs, for two day*. WANTED-TWO SMART YOCNO GIRLS TO WAIT ON table* In n restaurant: those who uiiderattnd the naa of cheeks. Apply to J. McLAUGHLIN, 14 East ah, near Grand *t. TTTANTED-A GOOD. WILLING GIRL WHO CAN TT wash and Iron to do housework in n pi tin family; good reference required. Call at 15 Wall it., (bird floor. TITANTED?A GERMAN GIRL. IN AN AMERICAN TV fanulr. one who Is a good plain oook. wash* rand Ironer. Call at 51 West 2.'th *t.. two door* west of li.h ay. T17ANTED-A NEAT, TIDY TO UNO WOMAN. TO DO vT general hone work In a small family. Call at 513 6th ar? between 30th and Slit *ts. ryANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; ** one who understands her bonne**, wage* $10. Applr at 81 Weat l.Tih ?t. fy ANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE BOARDING * * houae. a thoroughly competent waitress; also a strong, active girl as laundress and to assist in general housework. Apply at 3l> East 14th at., basement door, after 9 A. M. TyANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK vi in a small familv. Must route well reroutmeuded. Call for two days at 129 West 12th st. iyANTED?TWO GIRLS. ONE FOR HOUSEWORK: TV must lie a good washer and Ironer; til" other as nurse and seamstress; both must be recommended. Apply at 334 East anh at. ty ANTED?A GOOD, STEADY WOMAN FOR GENE TS ral boils work; must be a good washer and irouer. Applr at 917 6th nv.. In the store. IV ANTED?A GOOD COOK TO ASSIST IN THE yy Wusli'tig and ironing of n private family; also a waitress and chambermaid. Apply, with city references, at 16 West 27th at., between 10 and 12 o'clook. SITUATION8 WAITEDwNALKS. A MIDDLE AGED MAN. OF HTR1CT INTEGRITY and considerable experience In business, desires em ployment; wouid loan employer $1,1)1)1) on good security; salary nominal. Address for three days J. B. II., Herald office* An englishman who has been a resident of the I nlted Mate* for the past $5 years, being about to return home, wishes to procure a situation In the employ of an Ain- nran firm doing business in England. Address Quinrv, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES A SITUATION AS CLERK or n-sistaiit bookkeeper; best city references. Address Harry, Herald office. AN ENGLISHMAN HAVING A THOROUGH KNOWL. edge of the tea trade and general giocery business, de. sires a position lit a fi st class house as salesmtn, or would ttknihe management of a good r-lall establishment- beg references or security. Address Frank A., Herald office. A MARRIED MtN, WITH His WIPE. WISHES A situation on a farm, or any place In the country where he ran make a respectable living; thev have no objection to work at any olace. ?he is a tirst rate washer a id Ironer and a perfect worker Call at 15 Rose street, in I he store. SITUATION WANTED?RT A YOUNG MAN. IN THE rapacity of bartender; al-o understands the bottling of ale. oortcr "and liquors; under lands the Steve thoroughly: good city reference given.! on or address John blur, ale vaults, corner 24lh st., 4th av. \JLJ ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN. IN vv an agricultural warehouse; is well posted in the seed and implement department, having been employed in that line for some years In the West. Best cltv and other refer ences given. Address N. T. II.. Herald office. WANTED-BY A SMART STEADY YOUNG MAN. A situation as porter In a store or to drive a horse and cirt; wares moderate ; reference given if required. Address fur four days David L. Cotter, care of Mrs. Campbell, No. 2 Rose st.. New York. _____ ANTED-BY A IOUNG MAN. HAVING HAD FIF teen years' experience, a situation in a hardware store; has also a good knowledge of bookkeeping and la iwrfectly eumpatenL Address for four day* Patrick Uyau, 310 Hicks St.. Brooklyn. w 11TANTED?A SITUATION. HV a PROTESTANT MAN, v> to go In the countrv; understands farm- ng and the care ?f horses; aged twenty all: best reference Tor hones y and sobriety. Address John Elder. 66 Mangin st. WANTED?BV A COLORED MAN, A SITUATION AS waiter, either in a family or aa a valat; witling and used to travelling; best or reference. Call on or address J. Bow ers, No. 8 Morton sL WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. l? years of age. in a wuole*als?lore. Inquire far J. H. Taylor, 548 Greenwich St. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS. Amarrird man wants a situation as par tner ana gardner; iindrrstvnds Ma business; will make Maaaelt useful; good reference. Addrvs* P. L.? boa 110 ^ferald oittee. YOUN.fMAN, LATELY ARRIVED IN THIS CO UK try wiahea a altuatlon ?a ooacbmao and groom;. good reference from laat employer. Addreaa J* J.. box 3j3 Herald office. A marrird man. with no incumbrance, wtabea a alluatloa aa coachman; aaa break and main to harness or raildlc. or would lake charge of a gentleman's re I wince; will be highly recommended. C. M., T.lltttBroad way, i Dloe atablna. An English protectant young man wajytiTa altuatlon aa coachm in and groom. In town or country; baa good reference*; thoroughly understand* hit business. Addreaa K. Starling, Iu3 liast S5th at. A' TOCNO M AN WANTS A SITUATION AS A coachman and groom In a private family; can produce good referencea; baa no objections to gmngto the aountrr. Can be aeeu for two daya at M Carll at., Brooklyn. Amarrird man, with no children, wants a altuatlon aa coachman. baa hod aeveu years' ex. perinee 111 Hit* city; I* a good, careful driver, and underatanda the c?re of houses ihornughl?; the beat 01' ciit referencea Oau be had from Ma laat employer. Address- S li_ box 00 llerald office, for two daya. Situation wanted.?a first class and expe rtenced coachman (Rngllahtla desirous of obtain lug a good altn it on; ha* the beat of reference; cau alaowatlat gable. Addreaa A. (1? Herald office. WANTRD-A DARK COLORED COACHMAN, MUST apeak aotne Krcncli. b> go to hnrnjie with. a ainall family; be*; reference* rc;ulrel. Apply atM Ueekman at., to the atore. Ill ANTED?BT AN ENGLISHMAN, A SITUATION AS " eoachman. one who underiUmt* hi* buslne.a and can eomc well recommended. Addrr** W. U. S.. 7S Bleecker ah, harnea* stora. New York. IIr ANTUD?A SITUATION. AS COAOIIM AN. BY A YY young man who thoroughly understands hi* business end I* well ae malnlfd with city; baa the beet of both ellr and oountry reference. Addreaa Tboe. ti. Stott, 815 Eaat IMS. UTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT MAR YY tied man, aa gardener or coac.hmac; good reference from laat place. Addreaa J. U. L., boa Ull Herald office, for two dava. D CLV.KK8 AND SALKJOIRI. RY GOODS SALESMAN WANTED, WHO CAN SPKAK the LnglUb aad German langttagiia. for a first rlaaa houiie In a thriving clly la Pennaylvanla; good, pushing mm who have had rx parte nee In the city of New York will t>a lib erally remunerated. Apply on Wedaeeday next, from 13 till t o'clock, at Mr. Gay nor*, 759 Broadway. ?"MERCHANTS.?AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN, travelling for a Irat elaaa city Arm through Pennsylva nia and the Northwestern S?eM? calling upon the dry guoda trade, l* deairou* of taking a rommtaaian fiom a good house, where sample* would not be bulky; la extensively acquainted and has a goad trade. Addreaa A B_ box 314 llerald office. W' ifaM rxNTBD?A FIRST CL VSS SALESMAN. IN A RE Ull carpet store. Addreaa boa 2,041 I'oat office, Philadelphia. Wanted?two first class salesmen in a Silk goods jobbing houae, who can influence New Turk, Ohio or Western trade. Apply to A. W. A J. ?. K etc ham, A3 Walker at. WANTKD-A CHEAP JOHN SALESMAN; ONB WHO underatanda hand eelllnffi Addreaa. stating last em pi oyer*. C. H? Herald office. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED DRY OOODS SALES man. N me but men of ability eeed apply at 37P Pnl - too nr., Brooklyn. HELP WANTBD-MALBS. a ?1?COLLECTORS, 4 CLERKS. I PORTERS. 3 BAR A? loader* and young mew who write a fair h el AM Broadway, room 10. A LL YOUNG MRN SEEKING EMPLOYMENT SHOULD j\ sail at or addreaa, with stamp. 113 Broadway, mom 19. Baubiiabed under the patronape of merchant*; help fur ?labed gratia. , GENTS WANTRD-TO SELL FIVE OP THE MOST i naeful articles now offered for family us*. al*o (rav elling men to sell, from a*raphe*, all over the United States IIS Falton it., room No. A Agents wanted rvrrywherb?mfrritts Eu reka Scarf and Tie Holder* noil readily; profll* large. State agencte* fee sale. Call from 13 to 3 and after 7 in the evening or addreaa JAMES C. MKRKITT, liffl Weal Tweuty ninth Greek Agents wanted-to sell an article wanted In every bouae. bole), store, office. Ac. Clly or reua try. Call on or addreaa C. M. BROWN, 74 Bleeoker ak. New York. A BOY WANTBD-BY A DOCTOR. IXQUIHB AT 440 A Weatffidak An energetic man. op biainesstact and genteel addreaa, M wanted, u> take charge ut the out door hnilneaa of an eatnhlished aatl very popular dally ad vertising medium. Apply at the office of Brigg*' Dally Pro gramme, No. * Front ak, Brooklyn, after 9 aTTF. WANTED?A BOY ABOUT UPTBEN YHAES OLD. active and intelligent. Addreaa Watson, Herald office, WANTRD-A WAITER IN A FIRST CLASS REST AC rant; one who thoroughly under*teada hie buainaaa. laouhc corner Atlantic and Clinton at*., Brooklyn. WANTKD?OANVaSsBRS TO SKLtjOtTR RELIGIOUS and Petri,>U- l'tcier** and P tniSy BlMee; refer eneearequired. Apt ly >o l.yon A Read. 377 Hudson ak UrANTED?A Y< v LtN AS ASSISTANT BAH. lends iodic ,i*cif useful. Apply, with good refers CB t,, r* sty. at SI Coentles ,hv \?f A.NTF.U.? ? " A YOUNG MAN, WITH AR'UT >> $?.vi, to . . , jetting u >* i* that will *r?. d, good VM?e fur two. Addreaa New York*,', uereid nlgee. financial,. AMLBKRT H. NICOLAY. AUCTIONEER. ? | Al BERT K. NICOLAY will sell ?t m ilt, Wednesdty, April S, At !?)? o'clock, at the Exchange r room. 111 B-u >u?ay (f?r account of whom It mat concern) SjdOO It.irri kuaaeli Kile Company (held a* collateral A LBEltT If. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. A ALBERT II. NICOLAY ? ill ?.-U at auction .wVrpN (lay. April *. at Ula o'clock, al Ilia Kschaugr Salcaew 111 Broadway. (lor account of whom It may concern), 10) shares International Screw Nail Company $100 ^TLANTIC SAVING* BANK. CHATHAM SQL'ARE, NEW YORK. Money depotucd on u? be:ore April 1 will draw inter from that (late. Sii per centintereat allowed on auou from $6 to Jo.uau. HARRISON HALL, Preeidswt Joiirn P. Coom, Secretary. A LBKRT UATK.S, JR., ?aV Banker and Broker, 1*7 Broadway, N. Y. J^A.NKISG house JAY CO( >KA A CO., No. 30 Wall SrHiutT. Corner of Naaaau atrcei. New York. We buy and aell at the most liberal current keep on hand a full aupply of " GOVERNMENT BONUS OF ALL IS8VE3, BE VEN-Tfl I It TIES, ^ AND COMPOUND IMPREST NOTES, and execute orders for purchase and aale of STOCKS, BONDS AND GOLD. We have added to our office large rooms for the tlon of the public demand for investment In,and of Government Securities, ami the convenience of and Gold customers. Seven-thlrtlre converted into Five-twenties ? m ;nt rates. JAY COOKE A / NOrPON NOTICE.?COUPONS ON THE BONI " the Union lloi-l property, Saratoga, due April will be paid at the Ocean National ll..nk, New York c and after the above date. LELA.N1> BROTHERS, Saratoga Sp TQDSCAN, SHERMAN A CO.. BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS. NEW Issue Circular Notes and Letters of Credit for tra* available In all tne principal cities of the world. I credits for use in Kiirnpo. China, Ac. Also make of money to California and Oregon by telegraph, allowed on deposits. pOR SALE C TY RAILROAD STOCKS AND BONDS IN ALL THE URST CLASS COMPANIES; ALSO OTHERSKCURr Paying large dividends, at law rates for Investments, I ALBERT II. NICOLAY Stock Broker and Auctioneer, 43 Pine street, INTEREST ON CITY STOCKS.?THE 1NTKRB* the Stocks and Honda of the ritv and county < York, due and payable May 1. will be paid on tk l.y Peter B Sweeny, Chamberlain of the city, at the 1 wiiy Rank. the Transfer Books will be closed Thursday, o'clock P. M. R. B CONNOLLY, Coruptl or Fiuamoe, Cokpteoi.lek's Orrid Yob*. March 30 1867. <s? /f nnn TO loan-at seven per oef first mortgage on Improved city f worth double the amount No commissions. Pr only address W. II. H., hex 3,901 Post office. $23,000 TO LOAV-?* estate in this city In any sum. W. II. WOOD, 66 Wall | $175 000 70 LOAN?o:f BOND AND gage. In one or more sums, ?state In (Alt city or Brooklyn. JOHN F. CON KEY, 63 Walt street, I $'*>10 000 70 toA'*()st "AL ESTATE York, Brooklynsod New Jersey,| to suit; second mortgages bought. CHAR. F. OILMAN. 113 Broadway, rooe LOAN OFFICES. Advances made on-watches, diamoni airy, Dry Goods end Personal Property of ( acripUou. J. A. JACKSON. Ill Grand street, two ( of Broadway. NO. 648 BROADWAY, CORNER OF Bl atreet. uo stairs, the utmost value will be l monds. Watches, Jewels, Silverware, Ac.; or liberal | made on consignments. Diamonds, Watches. Ac., cheap. A. HONIGM AN, Broker, removed from Na 1 aau street. ^? T 841 BROADWAY.?I PAY THE HIGHEST I l for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Be., or ad ISAACS, Diamond Bl Uppeelte Wallack's I ^T m PEARL BTRERT,JBBTWBBNJNKW NO* and Krankliu square. EISNER A CO. orally at reasonable terms on all valuable property, Wa Jewelry. Diamonds, Ac., or purchase. T *17 BROADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH NTS Room A the highest prioM n paid for Hatches Jewelry or money adraj^od^; also Pawn tickets bought. MAM*. Diamond 1 AT NYHAN'S. SS8 BROADWAY, CORNER OF street, will ho paid' the hlg heel Wine for 1>U Welches Mm! .Nllverwarn, or will advanbe on the r cle?. \ PAWNBROKER'S TICKETS BOUOI watrhaa. atlki. clothing, Ac., or the u money advanced. Private oQlee 198 Bo* rooms No*. 1 and 2, up stairs. HUI'BU. A HOTEL, WITH FORTY ROOMS, BARNS Livery Stable attached, for eale. the proprietor rt from business; the beat butlneaa stand In the coisitrj. quire oi Olio. GOULD. Mount Vernon. Bremen (oermany>.-thp undersigned sportfully recommends hie drat elate liolel da l'Ewl to the American public. C. A. 8CHULZE, Pr-?' NEPTUNE HOUSE. NRW ROCHBLLE.?THII wlllopeu the 1st of June. Parties wiahlpij arrangements may apply to W. L. Flab. Clllfor 1.J42 Broadway. W. J. FISH TKAVELLEKS' QUIDE. Fr>ORT LEE. OLD LANDINO?THE HTEA1 ' HtTLsK. Captain O. W. AunetL will make M trip* from toot or Ubristanber ?'nil at 10}j A. , M dally, sumlaye at 111 A. M. and 5 F. M. Hudson river and hablem railroI I rains for Albany and Troy, connecting with N? and Western trains, leave New York, via Hudson Railroad. I hlmeth atraet and Tenth avenue, 8 and M , uud 3:t&, 6:20 and U I'. M.; and via Harlem Railroad, iv-sixtn street aud fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. and til The 0*1 I' M. trsln via Hudaou River will run ou 1" Sleeping care altaobed to #!*> and 11 F. M. trs ? :.K) F. M. train le also attached a sleeping car ey excepting Saturdays, Which la run through to C na It.. W. and O. llailroad, without change. _ Sunday train on Hudeou Rloer Road, New York to Pj kee|>aie and return, leaving New York at 8:30 A. M., r" Harlem Road. Sot ty-eeeond street to Millertou and - leavlug New York ut# A. M. WM. H. VANDBRBILT. Vleo Fr COAL. WOOD. AC. COAL.?BEST RED ASH, LEHIGH AND . Mountain Coal, Crash mined, clean, dry and ?l free from slate, awaened and delivered at $7 per l 2,000 lbs. THOMAS STORKS, corner Thirty aeeond street and Tenth av? Branch ofiea 374 Fourth aveun* -GF.NUINE RED ASH AND LOCUST MOUNT! ?PI. Coal, all Maae, delivered at 87 per ton of nut me K TllOtL THKDEOBD. Twenty-seventh streot and Ninth arena*] THE TR A ORB. AOOOD FIIOTOGRATHKR, OF LONG EXFERII wants a situation, Miy or country. Address I Gallery, 2M Bowery. A BTOITT BOY. AOF.D IT. WANTS TO LEAl A plunibln*. machinist or carpenter trade. I1. K., V Daehroeaea at. COMP08ITORS WANTED.?EIGHT GOOD ?* thirdsr? can have steady employment on good w, t applying this morning at IP Ann at , third floor. Mill, sm<-uth and saw file suiters wani imfna.iutaly at Uin Auburn File Works. Good w man can dial steady work at the hyheet price* H. O. THORfKTOS, Alburn, N.1 Marble cutters wan run?good manti (liter and sellers can ft ? st?uly Jul .and goodwa* at A. Klaber'e Marble Wotka, TIM I suit IStli it., N. T. Machinist.?wanted. hy a boy, aoed sixte who has ?arred two years, a *11081*10 under inaf tlon; tern year*- rooonimendatmr, from last employer. A' to Kodrney. .V> Eilleead av., Jersey CIST. f|K) SILVERSMITHS.?WANTED. A GOOD GEN? A pWte worker; also a first class spoon maker. A< George Shartc. 414 I'rune *L. Philadelphia. T) SHOE CUTTERS.?B/ANTEn, AT 2? PARK, ?oversI tret rale ladles^ shoo cutters. mo MERCHANT TAIIAlRS.-A FIRST CLASS CU, A wants a situation; ran give good references. A. B. Cutter. Ilrr-.ld of I.e. YXTOOD TURNER.?AN EXPERIENCED WOOD' vT ar (Germ..tit w sshes a permanent situation, in ( country. Address Turner, llorald oClre. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PRACTICAL ES ear; understands stiwniplpe fitting and the er of machinery; no objection to the country. Ad J. Mutton, till Id ,av. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY AN BNGINBIft; objection to the country: can gire the beet of roc mendatlons. /' Ad'.r??> M. D., llernldoOlce. F* 'A F5HC^~AJ> VIB RT I HEM KMT UNE UAMB PARISIRNNE DE-IRE ACCOM, 'dee fsmllle en Europe, eosnmc riarr" de rnir iouvarniinte; ellefourn'rr. leemoll:eur>s irruminaM n'tvire,.ear n Madame K, 14 i.ast toema run. UNE .7EUNE FILLE FIUNCAISR DEMAND! c|a> e d-ins tine bonne fstnip , pour prendre on de deiti en ants, el salt tree bleu cotldre; prut ? BMlileuree reference* B'ulreaeer a Mi 7em? at.