Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1867 Page 3
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l7' life i ITY nRAli ESTATE COR NAT. HI. WTION OF BUYERS AND SELLERS 18 CALLED iu? Business Circular, which I correct, publish tad distribute gratuitously upon | ersoual applica ?u.ii upon receipt of euuiped directed envelope, nt an hccurtti description of Cltv iid Country for Sale or to Rent, end forme a valuable guide to or and purchaser to m , vxtl price. It would be le through the "fourth e?tate" to deerribe au the offered through tua, witu juat.ce to the respective n Ihe one hand, or satisfac'ion to buyer" on the !Ut the amount of information which essentially unueceaaarv x? isie of time or trouble; 1 (obmit it onttdetire b> tlio public for reliability Inasmuch aa It to ally revised wrlth great care weekly throughout t* Jt aiiey business ayaiem keeping pace with the >re. changes of an active market. The present re mrna r.h as to command lor real property, bo'h in t'^ig ,.lly r ? inurbsu ready sale, aa there n no class of luvest paying a proportionate rate of Intereat w auch a security. Parties wanting bouses for rytends end ; the role of a broker are requested to k.eep ontaide ot e The custom of division observed I or the Introduc. purehasera by regularly established brokers of rapute i Of attendance 10 A. If. to 4 1', M. STANLEY DAT, No. 310 Fourth avenue. IF.W THREE STORY HIGH BTOOP BKOWN ?tone House, comer of Flftr-ntnth street and Second No. 1,121, for tl.V.'um. Inside House, No. 1.115 Second $12..'XX); terms to unit; possesion May 1. In Vc?' Villi.L A CO.. 671 Third avenue, or of WET ; A BROWNE, No. 9 Phie street. ?4 YEARS' LEASE FOR SALE?ON FORTY Hehth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. South 15x100. just *?d of eentie of block. Apply to E. 11. , ftif Broadway. IAHMOIB TWO STORY AND BASEMENT COT lagc for sale. Apply on the premises, 112th street, muse from Fourth avenue $5.3(X>. TRICTLY FIRST CLASS |IIOUSE IN TWENTY a-t-nd street, near Eighth avenue, for sale; size 25x ft: also 22 first class Tenement Houses: prices from 61.MMJU. Apply hi VV11,1.1 AM FKTTRETCH, 4Sf avenue. I'll HTORT BROWN STONE HOUSE. ON 33D 8T. . smaller one on We?t .'itth Hreet. Llish ba.-cmcnt Housa, on :15th street. for sals. fO. A. PETERSEN, Architect, No. 6>4 Pine street. HIRD AVENUE FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT >ck House for snlo, at a sacritice: size 20x50x100; price : mortgage 86,060; this house Is worth $20,000. Ap W1LLIAM FETTRKTCU, 434 Third avenue. ELEGANT FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN tone House for sale, immediate possession, on Fifty. , street, near Fifth avenue, finished in black walnut tril wood throughout; no deception. Parties desiring use a fine property may apply to S. EMBKRSOX, ghth avenue. OOD IN VESTMENT?THIRD AVENUE. ?A FIVE Dry Philadelphia brick, with store and basement: improvements. Ranl?8.500: prire $35.(XX1. Terms At McCAllILL A OO.'S Real Estate Exchange, 671 avenue, between Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth streets, ~. F. McCAHILL A SMYTH'S. 454 Sixth avenue, i Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth streets, UR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE O.N TWF.N .Second street, near Seventh aveuue, $11 000: one on first street, near Reoond avenue, $1H,5U); a line three brick on Eighteenth street, near Fourth avenue. V a splendid four siory, with furniture, on Forty-third near Stxth avenue. $45,060; a four story hruwn stone, eighth street, near Sixth avenue, $25 0HI; a three storv stone, with four lots, on avenue A and 121st street, on very easy terms. 8. EMBERSON, 421 Eighth avenue. ROE BRICK HOUSE FOR SALE-THREE ry, full cellar on Second avenue, near Eighty sec ei. frontage 25 6 walls l^luehea: modem improve $2,500if bought immediately. Apply to Mr. NEAFlfi, Eighty-second street, near Socouil avenue. YEARS' LEASE FOR SALE?ON PROPERTY ,ea?t corner of Washington and King streets. For itars Inquire at 13 Aun street, between 12 and 8 for one week. FOR SALE-ON WEST FOliTY-FIFI'11 STREET, ?tween Fifth and Sixth avenues, a three storv hiffh ^?*rlc.k browu stone trimmings, furnished; size 20x401 $30,060. KING A CO.. No. 9 Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. E s-JnN FETTRKTCH. REAL ESTATE BROKER, 118 Third enue. will publish a new list every two P. riles withu.g to pur h ae or htre should examine out de ay. Has now several cheup Houses, both and tenement, for sale. JMBF.R OF LOTS IN ALL PARTS OF THE CITY rude. Call Immediately rnd examine my 1 st. Iiuve ome splendid Lots on t ilth avenue, m ar the Paik. lo JOHN FETTRKTCH, 4H Third avenue. NE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BitrcK HOUSE >r sale, on Tblriy-four'h street, 23x32x1X1, In fine (30 IIUI). POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY No. 3 Pine s'reil. NJDSOME THREE STORV HIGH STOOP BROWN House for sale, on Tiarty-n nth stieet. 21.6x50x75, enter; $I8,i**l. ernrv lmpw*veniei?t. P( Ti hK BROS. A bEi.l.A.UY, No. A Piuo street. JRNER flOUSE AN,') LOT FOR SALE-ON THE uthvvest corner ol Lexington avenue and olxbeth splendid new four sbiry hmwn bine mansion, wh eh en the centre of attraction for tieinty. Positive;/ " > Mold. Those desiring to uuranusn u large strictly a residence may sav $15,i-XI I -,- applying to .1 v ?t lis diTCIl A CO., 217 East Thli tie. i street. This is no 1GNIFCENT FOUR STORY BROWN BTONF. at House, on Sixtieth sl"ret. No 78; 21x50: lot tub' purchased $I0,IXH) below nresetii cost price if lor Immediately to JAMES FETTMETOli A CO., 817 .-Uetu street. BEE STORY HIGH STOOP IlOL'lE FOR _f, In Forty-eighth street, 20x45, lot l'H); price $14,UU0, eon Twentieth treei, 211x5', lot 110; high sui-ip. In lor, price 413350; will lxiut lor alumst $2,009. a!m? itory brow A turns front llonsd, in Em-i 1 hirtleih near Third a venue, price $9,000. Apply to J AMt .S ETCH A CO., 217 East Thirtieth street. f)OD OPPORTUNITY POR PKRhONH DESIRING Invent tu I bird nvvuUM Properly.?For sale, on cor hlily-hrst nuvrt, two IToosos mid l.ou; nn Di rty atreel iwo; >u Thiriy.fou Hi &troel one: on Forty reel on'!; ?n Forty -eventh etm-ji ouo; nn rorty-miuh tell 10 tnalde HontFs. ..No six I ?? on Ilip wealiddu venue Apply to JAM rid Kb. flit ..lull A CO.. its/ lli lietu street. SEAT BARGAIN POR ?ll.W) CAbH?THE KINK ?nnrrty, con-Ntlng of twenty highly Improred ttill li Itlo teel. with elegant residence. ornate house, reou, euumtcJ on Second avenue, corner ot Second Ml. Vermin, N. Y., fortv-flvu minute, from cltv. immediately to JOHN ti. RANKIN, Re.I tnm Ml. Vernon. N. V. IRE I'. ETOItY 1IIOH STOOP BRoWN STONE Aement, nil tne improvement*; No. 4J8 West Potty, i tree I. $13,000. Trim* liberal. 11IOS. SCANLAN, 7A4 Eighth avenue. STORY AND ATTIC FRAME IIOUSK. NO. TO ? Sixteenth streot; let D&cSOk Prtce $4,300. Will 1,000 on mortgage. TIluS. 9r ANLAN, 7M Eighth avenue. JRIKICK-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE; he Improvement*; No :Sd Wail Kortv-dfth street; nrgoud repair and title aocnl. $v,ui>.>. terms lib rtl. THUS. nCAnL.tN, 7e4 i.igh'h avenue. p.r -T' i" 1 f ip BOUSE?no. |U WEST TWEN1Y-SRCOND et fuur *UKf basement brown atone front; all the n< \ 1 elite for $2,000; pr'ce $17,0JC; terms liberal. TOOs. SCAMu.VN, itil Eighth uV nur. . ,ir SALE, THE FOLLOWING BROWN STONE gou*'< ?8 In Wevt Thirty arc md street. 3 in Wrat hndrreet, 1 in VVeat Thlrty-lourth air. el, 1 in Wrat htli atreet L. DKYt). 3w3 Eighth avenue JtS-i PROPERTY FOR SALE.-100X115. NORTH it corner of Wntw, near Canal * treat, splendid loca [, hold and reataurant; Shvdt) on Washington strai t, [oil WslUO on Llspeasrd, near Chneek; (BkHO on Nate | 'hw with a number of corners and smtvller I Hi very desirable Investments at present tiguiea. fl,JA*B8 PRICE. 3W lludaon atroet J ItlL PARK BOULEVARD-WATER RIGHT. .?]!, separately or together, three Lota aonth aide I jtld atri al. 300 feet east of Tenth avenue. Atao I - oomer of Twelfth avenue and With atreet, with at the water right In Hudeon river belonging thereto. VOTTO ERNST. 141 Canal atreet. Rial park.-for sale, gn fifth avenue, fuli front, with eight lota directly In the rear on lUSd From those lota you commaud a ap:endld view of k and upper lake, and are directly opposite one of nclpal entrances. Apply to K. 11. LUDLOW BOO., lne street. ICR LOTS FOR SALE?TWO ON FIFTY-SECOND Vet. tiro on Fifty-third atreet, near Eighth avenue, ffgaT kTll AVENUE LOW.?ROME or THE BEST LOTS 1 the Eighth avanoe above the Central Park. auliaMe inrdiate improvement. Apply at tee office of JOHN | VE. 44 Pine street. MtYENLlE PROPERTY, WEST SIDE, FOR splendid new four story hrown atone Stove, ,SS front, Dwelling drat nUss. Apply en the .urth b'oiae above Fifty-second street. Thta la a ?'e to purchase a Aral claaa a tore, either for pre ' gammrut. oa the west snle of Eighth arenaa. -THREE LOTS, 79*101) FEE T, SIX FEET lEr jade, north aide of Fifty-aerolite atreet. be 'r, and Eleventh avenue*; Fifty seventh street li . paved with Belgian mvement. Terms eaay. ttc owner. 1.IS7 Broartwny. or 38) Bowery^ IgALBON FIFTH AVENUE (MIRRAY HILL)? Lat-rlaas four story brown stone House, comer lot of t ; the I'M-atlmi un urpiisssHl by any on the avenue. 7 with oarpeta. gas Uiitires. and mirror*. I'arilou l terma with S. b,MUK Rsi?N, Hit Eighth avenue. IsaLR-ONE or TfIR BERT HOnsF.H IN TOR hdMiine Lrown stone row In the moat plesatnl part d avenue, on high gruuud. between Fifty-eighth and th atrceta, convenient to fou-railroad* anil four ? ?jrn < enTsl l'ark. Price $I4,IM> Trimreaty. In the owner <H Sixth street New York. LF?TWO FIRST CLASS POt RwtTDKY BROWN' ? front Hnnsea on Sixtieth atroet, northwest cor tiiigtoii avenue, Noa. US and M, Apply to GEO. ,TON, on tbe premises. ,F.-AN ENGLISH BASRMRNT HOUSR, FUR. complete. 2t)itM. in East Twemy-uliitU atreet, tvrnue; a 9rst class Lsiailon. Apply to E. II. A CO., No. 8 I'lne alraet. LK-A BARGAIN?FOURTEEN LOTS, ON f ^.(liberty elde of Htxtleth ah. embracing the aotith tier OI Fourth aveitiie and .'-Ixtieth aireel. running j along the latter atreet to the row of brown atone (on the corner of Islington avettne. Thla la a aplen periy for tnvcatment or improvement, the nalyfihor ilna (list class. Apple between ? and III o'clock, la e. 1S7 Clinton place tBlgbth atreet). . .. ^itiR-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH ? louae on Thirty-fonrth stteeh between Broadway .th avenue; alxe UxdOxlOO. Prtoe $<0. HX). KINO k CO., No. DTwentv third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. | V, LB?A HEW BRICK FACTORY, FTTH brtek suble one glory, three lots of ground; '8 horse power, boiler 40 horse power, shaft le Noe. and RE Weal Forty seventh w river. Terms easy. Immediate possession t oa the prate Hoe. y&.K a 4 J ha mi' ? . YBRY dandsomr four story I 1 4 basement brtek Dwelling, froscoed and In per wllh the k qrniMHt Aeeiv P? the omalgia, 144 - -thud strait. ?TT.?'itAL BSTATR FOR SALE. F?? ^ -FIREGLASS', NEARLY NEWl JTOOB ninth ..1^. * ' h-.wn .tone Uouan and Lot, In 1 hirty. at. 5? ? ? del M It avenue 20*55 I eel; splrndld V built ,'t ltd with <r ilnut doora and stairs. Pmlea, with fie IU _u. *... f l L.d ??III IMill Tarnn a Ia Diathilm ?ndT Mfit fit* W niD111 UUIK. ."I ? " ? ? ? ' .uiture, $35,i?iU; unfurnished. $$0 000, Terms to >uit- STANLEY UAV. SHI F ourih avenue. _ MALE?THE BROWN STONE ENGLISH BABE tnent Heuae z:t Weat 1 hlrtyaecond street, In complete ,/der. wltli nr witheut Furniture. Apolyon th? premises, between the hours of 11 and 12 A. M. and 2 and 4 P. M.. price, unfurnished, S17,Ut?. JIoRSaLE? aTTarok first class house contain. itig 21 rooma. complete, with all modern improvements; the Furniture sold it desired. Inquire on the premises, ? East hlevrntli street, between Second and Third Avenues. For bale-lot ani> building on east side of Union auttare, 25x3*1; do- do., 2.1*100; alao corner l,ot and Building weat ?ul? of do., SBxltO; two first class bn.wn alone on ureal Jones street, 2l'x!?9li eaeh. Apply to T. A F. FOWLEK, Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. F*OP. BALE?A GENTEEL FOUR STORY ENGLISH banement Flou-e in We*t Twenty-fifth atreel; all modern improvements: price, if -old soon, Mil OtW, no le-a. F. K. lt< iltKELL, M Broadway, room 29. For sale-a tiirkk story high stoop modern built brick llou.r .,nd four Lota ot Ground, ooruer of Eights-eighth -treet and avenue A. House has all modern improvements; price $15 000. F. F. BOltKKLL, 64 Broadway, room 29. FpOP. SALE?AN ELEGANT FULL SIZED ENGLISH ' naaement llouae, in Twenty third street, near Fltth ave nue, in erfert or uer throughout. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine i-treet. For sali:-the brown stone four story banement Ilou*e&5 West Thirty-eighth street, between Fifth Msth avenues, in perf-ct order, handsomely deco rated and completely and expensively turnlshed; prtoo, with Kurmture, $3o.u00. Apply to bl-'GKNK CHKVaLLIER, 81 Cedar street. For sale-the valuable property no. 84 Franklin street, a few doors weat of Broadway. For terms. Ac., apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pino at. For bale-thh handsome three story brown ?'oue House in Perry street, now being finished, the 4th huuae west of Fourth street, Ypply between 9 and 12 o'clock In the ollioe, 127 Clinton place. Eighth street. For sale?on west twentieth street, a very pretty three story ltlfh stoop linuse, all modem improvements and in good order Price, with ca* Fixtures, Pier GUa* and Cornices, Mitutcl Mirrors. Oilcloths and Shades, $15,000. To la- s.-en bv permit only from 12 till ?. JAS. it. EDWARDS, 277 Weat Twenty-third street. flOR S.sLE AT A GREAT BARGAIN?TWO FOUR story and basement Houses; rent for $1 900; price $14 OflOeach, w-ltli all modern Improvements; alsoone brown ?tone on lhlrty-tltpd street. $lti,000; one brictun Thirty-first street, $14,500; one on Lexington avenue. $22,000; four on Fiftieth street, $l7,U0Oeaeb. Apply to JOHN FK'TTRKTCH, 419 Third avenue. FfOR BALE AT A SACRIFICE?A THREE STORY AND basement blah stoop House, with all the modern im provooie.i:*, in Fifty-third street, Lexington avenue: price $14,500, rent $20UU; must be sold. Apply at 43t Third avenue, or on the premises, 123 East Klfty-tulril street. For sale cheap?a three story ii. s. house. 25x55; built to let In floors; gas and water; In West Thlrty-tirat street. R. II. 11 INF., Ml Sixth avenue. FiUIR SALE CHEAP?HOUSE ON WEST FORTY ninth street, no -r Fifth avenue, three story high a'.oop brown atone F'rench roof; possession lmmc 1 ateiy; price $22,UW). KING k CO.. No. 9 Twenty-third street Fifth Avenue Hotel. IflOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?12 LOTS ON SEVENTY 1 fifth street, 15(1 feet west of Third avenue. Also 29 Lota on Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. Inquire of owner. J. B. COTTB. 133 Rowery. li?OR SALE OR TO LET?A NEW THREE STORY r high Ktonp brown stone llonse and Lot on Sixtieth street, between Third unit Lexington avenues. Price $17 U00; reut $1,80U. KILPATUIOK, Bull's Head Bank Budding* IhOK SA1.K OR TO LET?THOSE NEW BROWN stone Houses on weal side ot Lexington avenue, beiiveen Fortieth and Forty-first streets. Apply to S. K1LPATU1CK, Bull's Head Bank Buildings. H OUSES FOR SALE BY W. R. TODD A CO., No. 778 Sixth avenue, near Fortv-fourth street. 2d ttv . between 49th and 50th sts., 4 story b. a $22 000 Eaat 51st St., 3 story h. a. b. a lli.OOO K ist 55th si., 3 story h. s. brick 12.5110 Ea-t 89th at., 2 story h. s. brick 7,000 and many other Houses, variously located. Houses fob bale?by a. journbav, no. spine street,?Weat 22>1 at., 4 story b. a, h. s $22 UU W est 23d st.. 4 story K. b. b. a 19 GO W est 45tli at,. 4 siory h. a. b. a 2.1.1 *O Weat 42d St., 4 story It. a. b. s 37,5 SI and many other Houses variously located. Houses for sale for investments, in the most dea irable localities In the rity. Apply hi KING A CO., No. 9 Tweety-third street, Fifth Avenue llotel. HOUSE FOR SALE?IN LEXINGTON AVENUE, near Fifty-fourth street; a three story brown atone, with all modern improvement*: thoroughly overhauled last fal , p uut.-d and frescoed; parlor furniture and gae fixtures included in the aile. Inquire of the owner. No. 5 Ce-.lar street, or to FAL1UEE A cuUGllLLN. 722 third avenue. I HATE FOB SALE. FOR $12,500, AS GOOD A THREE stury high sloop House on west side of Second avenue, near rilty-tulrd street, as any man can build; is In complete order throughout: a private --table -tan he hud If desired. KILPATIllCK. Bull's Head Bank buildings. I DESIRE TO CALL PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO it tlr en story high i-toop hrnwn stone House nnd Lot on K?it iM?of HMnMivmol! MMuck on the avenue; lie two-u Fiftieth and Fifty first streets; all modern conven iences: heater in basement and roar parlor; honeetn thovrry best order; size 2Ux43x8U; puce, including all toe uarpets and o.K', nearly navy, shades, chandeliers and gas fixtures, only $I8.UU0; terms reasonable; possesaloo before May If re quired, must be seen to he appreciated. KILPATRIOK, Hull's Head Bank buildings. ? U8T OUT?MY PRINTED LIST OP DWELLINGS, ?J Tenement, Store Property and City Lot*. We desire to rail attention to our Urge list of unimprored property. S. KILPATRIOK, Bull's Head Bank Building*. Lots for balk.?tub entire block bounded bv Fifth and Madison avenues. Forty-seventh and For ty-eighth streets, iu parcels to suit purchasers, and ou easy term*. 13 Lota on Madison avenue, 74th and 75th street. 6 Lots on Madison aveuue, corner of flfllh street. 2 Lots on Madison avenue, corner of 46lh *irael. 8 Lots ou Lexington avenue, between 4-1 and 4M streets. 8 Lots on Lexington avenue, between 43d and 44lh streets. 17 Lots on Teinh avenue and 70th street. 15 Luis on Second avenue, between 75th and 7fith streets. 8 Iiois on Third avenue, beiween 77th and7Sth streets. Ill l?i* on 78th street, between .'id and 4th avenues. If Lou ou 77th street, between 3<l snd 4tn avenue*. S Lota on 77th street, between 3d and Hd avenues. 3 Iciia on 86th street, between Madt-uu and 5th avenues. Besides others on all the avenues snd streets above Forty aacood street. W. H. WOOD, 05 Wall street. IOT.S FOR SALE.?BUILD I NO LOTS. 8EVF.NTY J first, seventy second and Seventy-fourth streets snd First and Second avenues, near Jonea' Wood, ou reasona ble terms. Apply to M. S. MYfcltS, 408 Broadway OT81-DO YOU WANT LOTS? WE OFFER LOTS _j on seoond and Third avenuea. eaat and wo*t aides. In cluding choice corner Lota; also Lots on Twenty oeveath. Twenty-eighth, Forty-third and heventv-fourth and other street*. BROWN A McLEAN, 531 Third avenue. N E. 1J3D, 3 STORY H. S. DWF.LLINO. $8,000; ON lat av? near 118th at, ? story brick. $7,500; on B. 65th Lc 0 at., a3ftory high atoou brown atone, rplendid erdar, good location, flXUU; on K. 60th St.. s splendid brown stone dwelling. $10.(hM; on 4th ay, near 00th at,, three autrv brick, good ordc , $8.bOJ; on 2d av. 'near loth at., s beautiful brown atone, $16,360. BROWN A McLEAN, 681 'Third nvenoe. NB OF THE BEST LOCATED AND FINEST FIN Ished Houses on Mnrrmy HIU will be sold much under Ita value. For full particulate address W. D., 416 Water street, or Herald oBU-e. S~~PLENDID LOT8?ON SUMMIT HILL, 106TH STREET, between Ninth and Tenth avenoea, for sale; the beat located lota for Immediate building on the Island. Apply to W. JENNIMOS DEMUREST, 478 Broadway. WILL PURCHASE STOKE 380 WATER ,1/UU street; $5,280 cash wiP purchase brtok Houaa and Lot 86 Frankfort street, II sold Immediately. CHARLES BMMONM, No. 6Beekman street, room Now A AQ CAft WILL BUY A CORNER HOUSE_AND JpO.DUU Lot In the TMrteenMi ward; Hou*e In Seven ty-fourth street. $7,600; brown stone In 138th street, $7,000; one In Malberry street, near Chatham, $6,600; Ore story la Madison street, $11,000; Uouee m Twenty-seventh street, $8,6011, Uf eaeh. Store to latl n East Broadway. FAYTBN, 96 Dlvlalon street. tin nnn-W00 TO REMAIN FOR 10 YEARS; S1U.UUU the mom desirable House and Lot In Celuia Ma street. 86x100; will pay 14 percent., 8 feet 8 in. chee alley adjoining, built over and flagged; one brisk manu factory and wooden shop In rear 16 feet wide. Inquire of OTTo D. COOP, 74 Columbia street, corner of Rlvington street from 11 to 1 o'elook. tionn/i-* TIIRBB STORY HIGH STOOP 9 I A,VvU, brlek House, with Extension two stories, house 20x50: lot 10x110; 133 East Twelfth street This house contains all the modern Improvements, patent heater, speak ing tunes, dumb waiter, As. It must be seen to be appre ciated. Apply within three days. BROOKL.YW REAL K8TATK FUR SALE. A M -a loughby avenues, one of the elegant block of brown stone front Hmiene, three stories basement snd cellar; house 2t.6i 46 feet, lot 100; all modern Improvements. Convenient to DeKiUb snd Mvrtie avenue oar routes to Fulton ferry. Price IoVhoiIas FAttAN und mort**8e- Apply on the premises A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT HOl'SR, IN Brooklyn, elegsntlr finished, with all modern Improve ments; location vorv desirable, ounvonlent and near to fer ries, for sale at $9,10U. Apply lu the cigar autre 178 hro'tdwny. A BARGAIN?BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON CLINTON atreet Kreoktvit; gas. water; convenient to eare and ferry. $6,1*#, half eaeh, b. 0, KNIGHT, 208 Broadway,room B. AN 108 THRF.K STORY BRICK HOUSE, WITH th ee full lots of ground, for sale. In IIresnpoint, four bludka fnun ferry; price $8,280. Inquire of BKIXaB, 77$ av anue. BY TYLER A COOK, NO. d BANDS STREET, Brooklyn. S. be mertmrn *i, 8 s. b. and a c. brick $7,500 F'C'h' *( d ? b and* e brick f.itid WyrkulT St., 61. b. >nd a. s brtok 7.(*k> Gates BT. lit b. and a a brisk. AUtkl Gold an, 2M and b. I rains, filled In $800 Neman *t., 4 s. and o crick. 8,791 Carlton sr.. 81 b. an I a. a frame, filled In 5,2011 Yanderbiltav., tH *? *n l '?? frame, tilled in V2U0 RARE CHANCR OFFERED.?FOR RALE, IN Brooklyn. ou the southeast corner of Carlton and Wll HR SALE?FURNISHED, ? CIIEEVER PLACE, rooktyn 3 story h. a b. a; all eon sentences; In perfect -epelr; furniture slegnnt nearly new. Can ha seen from 1 ?1 P. M. FrloefiroNfi. tA-'? ?n mortgan*. Owner leno ng Mmoountry. Fo?aealt* MapL tiTOB SALE.?A GENTLEMAN WITH A SMALL FAM X/ 11? r?n purthan* md eoiDfnrtKbtl Cottage House, 16x1$. W th modern unprovementa. In one of the most desirable and healthy situations te Broeklyn. equal In respeotaMlltr to any In. New York, without the ex pense; twenty minutes from Wall street and rnlton fer ries. References must be ?atlofndtnry. Addrooa B.f ko* LF70 New York r?M oMB - ??KNELT** EHTtTK FOR MJMU fOR 8ALE.-FOUR STORY BKOW.l STOKE FRONT Unu*e,?xS6xluo No. 42 Oxford -treet, Hrooklv n; jtf.1 flnf*h?-ct for ownir and Barer occupl-d; worth $25 UOJ. Price $16,000. Apply U) J. u. UArK.1l, earner Portland and FuL ton srs.. Brooklyn, or 8. B. HlOKNBOi'H AM, 45 Exchange pla ??, K. Y. F jpOH SALE?TWO 1IRST CLASS COTTAGES, ON _ Oraud avenue, between Gates and Greene avenue*. Brooklyn. All Improvement* complete. Inquire on the procaine* of JOHN MAGILUGAN. Price $4.800. FV)R SALE?ON WARREN STREET, NEAR CARLTON avenue, within on# block of three ltnei of car*. and -?*> feet from Prospect Park, two 5 Story brick Houses, tir*t olaa*; an improvements: houses 20x10. Iota 20x131. Apply to TIIo.VIAS CONNELLY, ou the premises. ' FV)R sale? aoebikakle hkick HOUSE. ON 00*. berLnd street. Brooklyn; all the modern iinprovemenU; price $7,(11). onlv $1?| .-ash; netghhnrhood good. \Y1!. C ALLENL) IK A SON,Pine street.^ FOP. KALE?IN CLINTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN, tbo substantial frame Houae on went aide of avenue, sec mil houae north of Lafayette, > feet by 116 feet: coutaina Li roam* and under oellar, with plsiaat both front ami rear. 1 hta very desirable rest dunce is handj aom. lv elevaw.l and In the mint heauUfiU part of the ave nue. The lots are 17 feet 5 mchea by *0feet, with the aatffu width of front on Vanderbitt avenue, which I* the main en trance to I'roapect l'ark, and only ten minutes'walk from It The ht.naa may Ih> aeeu from 11 to 1 and 4 to 5 P. M. For term* apply to II. DICKINSON, 63 Beoktnau street, New York. For bale?thb three stoky hioh stoop brick House (built to live In, not to sell) No. 471 Fnettle street, Brooklyn: or will exchange lor a smaller house; price $8,000. Inquire of S. N. Parmadee, 62 Broadway. N. Y. iitOR SALE AT A GREAT BARGAIN?THRRR STOKY 1 brick Houae, 84 feet frout by 50, located in Second place, Brooklyn. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 77 Nassail street. For sale in Brooklyn?a three story brick House and Lot; house 21x40. lot I0U feet deep, with sub cellar; hot and cold water to sc.-ond story: bath, water closet gas, gas fixtures, stationary washtubs. heater, vestibule doors; in Monroe street. Price $6,500. Apply after 1 P. M. P> see it. NATHAN T. BEERS. 37 Fulton street. Brooklyn. VALUABLE PROPERTY, FOR SALE CHEAP.?A House and Store, Including two Lots, $4,2(11; also three Lots and House, including corner Lot, half block from Grand street, $4,5U0. Inquire at 446 Uraud atreel, Williams burg, L. I. $*X Qfin ?VGR bale IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST O.OUU. class three story high stoop sub.cellar brown stone House. $11.mi); $.'i **< 0 down; balance on morigagu; one of the most thorough built and complete houses In the city; clean, quiet, healthy and good neighborhood; ask an examination to nut who want a good h-me; all modern Im provements, without any exception; seven to fifteen minutes to all the ferries. For further particulars Inquire at 345 Dc graw street. Possession immediately. OJ Qfin ?FOB SALE. TEN BRICK HOUSES, TWO VT.Uvlu, ii'.ry and basement, on Myrtle avenue, near Marcy avenue. R ooklvn. Applv to JOHN CLARKE, cor ner of Walworth a treat and Myrtle avenue. Term* easy. nnn-A BARGAIN.?FOR sale, one of the xJVj.lM JVJ best built Houses In South Brooklyn, aitiuited on Fourth avenue, between Twentv-first ami Twenty-second streets, oonunniiig eight rooms besides attic, with brick basement: "us tbrouelioiit and in perfect order, with line new English Brussels Carpets, ami within one block of three lines of cars. Inquire of W. ADA.M8, 108 John street. New York. <27 nnn WILL BUY A THREE STORY HIGH ?P I ,'luv; stoop brick House, in a good location, Brook lyn, with modem mi, rovements and terms ea.;y. SMITH A Bl'SIl, 149 Broadway, room No, A <27 ~nn ?NO* SALE IN BROOKLYN. A THREE ?P I ?? lUu, sb ry high stoop brick House, with basement and sub.cellar, containing all modern Improvement*; gas, water hath water closet, stationary tuba, marble inantnls, Ac ; ho't'-c djx4ti feet, lot 20x60 feet; convenient to DcKalb and Myrtle avenue ears. Apply to owner ou premiaea, 150 Ryersou street, between Myrtle and DeKalb avenues. COUNTRY RKAI* ESTATE FOR KALE. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE IN SOUTH BERGEN, end Stable.?Splendid grounds; convenient to horse cars; 2i> minutes from Cortlandt Street I'crrv; possession May 1. Price $I3,(1*i. Apply to A. F. BURLEW, 120 Newark avenue. Jersey City. A FIRST CLASS FARM FOR SALE.?IMMEDIATE possession; eontatning 218 acres, all good land, well watered, an abundance of chor-e fruit; good buildings; six miles from Newburg, ou the turnpike to Montgomery. 8. KMBEKsON, 421 Klqhth avenue. AN ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ONE HOUR from city, near "depot, in New Jersey; fine msnsion, ground* handsomely laid out, abundance ot trult and shade, for sale at a great bargain. S. IRELAND, $M Broadway. A COTTAGE FOR KALE?AT PASSAIC, N. J.; JUST bnfit: 10 rooms; well and stable on premise*; 40 min utes from city via Erie Ksilroad; 3 minutes from depot. In quire of JAK. S. R1DHELL, on promises. A COUNTRY SKAT. 28 MILES FROM THIS CITT, BY J\. New Haven Railroad or Bound steamers, containing 10 acres, wnh nice buHdlnipi, choice fruits, fine shade, good neighborhood, convenient to churches and perfectly healthy; price $!' 5041; term* easy. Apply at 139 Llcvcntb street, cor ner of Sixth avenue. * u wanting farms.?noon soil, mild cm J\ male 34 mile* Month of Philadelphia. Price only *24 fer acre. Also improved Karma. Hundreds are settling, nrnrmathn sent free. Address C. K. LaNDIS, Vineland, New Jersey. A T ELIZABETH, N. J.. FORTY FIVE MINUTES Y from city for sale, un attractive, well hulli, modern Mouse; nlnero ims and bathroom; go?. range, Ac.; fine gar den; price $7,lKlll. Easy tnrma, Apply to LAYKKTY. 95 Llhu iv street, New York.or No. 4 Morrinavenue, Elizabeth, N. A FINK COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NF.AR THE CITY, at Woodstoek. Morrlsanu; two story house. burn, fruits, shrubbery, evergreens; benutlfnl location: one ncre It. garden; lurniKoer) or milurnlrlied; For particular-ap ply to <1. W. DITOHKTT, No. 3 New Chambers street, up alalia. A MODEL FARM FOB SALE?LK.S8 THAN THREE miles from railroad depot, at Rah way. N. J.; g<<od dwelling. outbuilding* and f?ue*a In perfect order; 12) acres of land. 3D of which are beavllv timbered.; price $20.DUO; a largo portion of tbu purahaea money can rem tin . II. L. KTiPFIENF, Room IS, southwest corner Broadway and Fulton at., N. V. A SPLENDID FRUIT FARM AT NEW BRUNSWICK? All Hue land; (rent variety of all kinds ot choice fruit I apple orchard o! "JKI tree-, pears, plums, cherries, peaches, grapes and all small fruit; good House, nine rooms, fair Out Buildings, only *4,500. jTm, FEROoVO N k CO., 30 Nassau street, room 24. AT NEW BRUNSWICK?a first class residence, 1 arge c uiimo>iious House, with all the modern Improve menu, in complete order, 17 tine rooms; nice Carriage llouse and stable; abundance of all klada of frail; It) lute of ground; only $10,039. J. S. FERGUSON k CO., 39 Nassau street, room 34. At plain field?acres of excellent land. with g'lod buildings and lino fruit: uoe mile from the station. Apply to it. F. HARRIOTT, U Pine street. A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? 3) acres, nea-ly new house, abundance luie fruit, shrub bery Ac.: less than ten minutes' walk from Railroad station at Plain Held. Apply Pi Mr. K. F. HARRIOTT. 14 Pine ..HARK - street, or Messrs. HARRIOTT. VAIL A CO., Plaintteld. An elegant cottage and stable?splendid gr 'iind-, convenient P> depot a; Meiuchiri, N. J., price eery cheap; mint be sold Immediately. CAMPBELL. KELLY A CO.. 201 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY BRAT NEAR RNGLE wood, thirty-three acres, elegant bulbing*. $17,000; Mghty-seven aires In Rockland county, good buildings, $*i*?t: Farms of all sizes and prices In oil parts of New Jersey, Orange, Rockland and Westchester counties. W H MEI.ICK, 421 Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE FOR 8ALE.?BIX ROOMS; barn: frnits: two and a half acres of Land, at the de pot, Nanurt, Rockland county: price only $1,8*1; Farms and Country Seats all prices, for sale"or eichange for city or Brooklyn property. W. H. MEL1CK, 431 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS WATER POWER IN NEW JERSEY. Seventy home power; all hundred acres of Land; vea. wis drawing aix feet of water can oorae up to the dock; price $9.DUO; more land If wanted. W. H. MELICK. 421 Broadway. A NICE FARM FOR HALB.?IT CONTAINS BB i forty-throe and forty Ave acres ; horses, cows. efalckona, turkeys, guineas, bans, wsgona, harness, sled. * ' mMa, " ? is. burrows, all form utensils, which Is loo tedious to ?m ; the house contains seven rooms; buildings nearly new; will be sold at $4,900. Any Information wanted can be had at 7? Cortland! street, New York, room 0, for three Say*. AN BLHOANT RESIDENCE AT NEW BUENSWICK. N. J.?A Farm and Country Seat en Rarttaa river, 100 acre* fruit, shade, Ac.; also Farm* of 17$, 90,10, 24, cheap, and In good order. ' EDWARD 0. TAIL, WARREN HARDENBERQH, 49 WaU street. AYERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY SEAT AT OTSTBR Bay. Long Island, containing twenty acre* with house, bare Jala hi* Ac. Price very low, oe It must be sold. POTTER BKO-t. A BELLAMY. No. I Pine street. A SACRIFICE.?FOUR LOTS, NOS. 00, 40. 41 AND 42. Tillage of Nyack. Da paw avenue, Prospect street. 01,WO for all; $000 can remain. THUS. RCANLAN, 704 Eighth areen* A m FARM FOR SALB-IN ONEIDA COUBTY, N. Y., 07 iV seres of good lend, with two good houses and barn*. Price 01,100. terms easy. Fur particulars apply to O. SMITH, 322 Kast Twelfth street Y SFAUTIFUL FARM of io<? acres, in remhes, . J. Hood building* with stock, erops sod farming tools, l'rloeSLUR Terms easy. Apply to WM. KIT*. BIMONH, 19 Third avenu* COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOR SALR-ON THE hunks of the Hudson, at almost every station oa the line of the Hudson River Railroad, between this city and Albany. Ter.a* price* Ac., with 0. EMBEKBON, 421 Eighth avenue. C1ARMANSVILLE PROPERTY FOR BALE-IN PLOTS J of of Igtil lots each. beautifully located; overlooking alt " ~ .For further la* 1,270 Broadway. the surrounding country. For further information apply to J. ROMAlNK lWTWN, ? ? * 'r' CHEAP FARMS AND COUNTRY RESIDENCES IN Ne houses. V-/' New Jersey and Long Island for tale and exchange for tea. F. PLATA U, No. 4 New Chambers street. flHEAP DAIRY FARMS FOR RALE ON LONG

Island, aear oHFl p0,p4P0*ylth |fiy$e Stock and erop, 0SIMN; 206 seres, eivellenl stock, macbTnery and Implc moots. $iu,??. Terms very easy. F. FLATAU, N* 4 New Chambers street. (TOUNTRY RESIDENCE ON LONO ISLAND roR J sale. Fine modern house; three acres of grnued. well ahndrst: one hour frem the city. Apply at 74 Kast Twenty, third street. FARM OF FIFTY ACRES; BUILDINGS GOOD; fruit la abundance; sis acres wood; balance In a high state of cultivation; twenty-two mil** from city, one ratio from depot, KELLY k CO., 201 Breed way. NOB SALB?HUDSON CITY PROPERTY. UONVENI 1 etit, eottaga with garden: $3,609; near horse ears to ?r*ey Hit and Hoimk cn ferried. Address Thomas Aldrldgo, oat ofllos. Hudson CHp, N. J. IOR SALE?IN THE *11.LAOS OF ASTORIA, TIVR minutes' walk from steamboat landing or ferry, a first as ltesl lence, situated on high ground and commanding a ? view of Hell Gate and East river; house in perfect or. '; gas. .tierand other new improvements; gv ind IfiO* ; all oi fruit trees; stabl<\ hennery, Re. .gouire of DILLOl, -fBYFNS k WHITE. N* 4 South William vet COUNTRY KRAIi KWATB TOR SALK. F>R BALE?AT WHITE PLAINS. WKSTCU KSTK R county, Mouse. Barn and inuo hum of Lund, with fruit and shade trees. Price moderate. W. H. WOOD. 64 Wall street. |iH>R SALE? AT TRKMONT, A NEAT t'UTTAliE. CON " mining five rooms; lot 87 by 100. Apply to J. L. G RAT AL AP, IAS tirand street. IDOR S A LE?COTTAGE HOUSES ON BERGEN V Heights; one Collage House and Garden. $2,164. one $3.#W; one $4,0UU; convenient to ferries and horse oars; terms easy. THOMAS ALDKIDGK. l'ost otllc-e, Hudson City, N. J. I/O It SALE?BERGEN HKHillTS PROPERTY; A r splendid brtclt House, with all the modern Improve ments, on the brow of Bergen Hill; view of the Hay, Nar. rows, Stalen Jalaud, Lou.; Island, Ac.; ten minutes to ferry by horse cars. THOMAS ALDKIDGK, Pout office Hudson City. N. J. For sale?a magnificent country beat, (routing on the hound, 24 miles from the city; aplen dld iniprovciuents. fruit and shade, bathing _u i half lug, near depot and boat landing h. IRELAND, SOI Broadway. For sale-a very neat country skat, in Wesicncster county; good nuildmga, abuudaucu of fruit and shade, desirable location, for <6 UNI. S. F. IRELAND, '-T11 Broadway. IDOR SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE ON 8TATKN Island, about 1J7 miles from New llorp station, and 4 to 6 miles trom the 0111 .-rent landings; house about 34x4d; with modern improvements, greenhouse, stable. Icehouse, alunit XI $cre* of land, well stocked with fruit trees; line ocean view, situation particularly healthy. Price $!6,0U0, of which the larger part can rem tin on mortgage. Inquire of L. HI PEEK, 17 .-south William street. ?OR SALE? FURNISHED COUNTRY SEAT (6 ACRES), A' at Like Mohegan; 46 utile* from New York by H. R. It. B.: horses, carnages, bill Mid table and yacht, views and particulars of the owner, E. Z. LAWRENCE,470 Broadway. J DOR SALE-A PLK \S ANT AND CONVENIENT HOUSE In Astoria, accessible liy steamboat from Pock (lip in 34 minutes; bv railroad and terry; siluation elevated and healthy, with a view of the river; a front on Rnnsen street of lift reet, depth to Wooisey slre-t 2H4 feet au l 1 IS feet on the latter: house 40 feist square, two stury and easement, with cuopla and piazzas front and rear, and 14 rooms: also stable for carriage sad horses; on the place are berry bear ing ahrubs snd cvergreenr, with abundance of fruit. For terms, Ac., apply to UUSi'AVUS BAYLIES, 340 Broadway, from 1 to 3 P. M. For bale?fine farm of 240 acres, with river Iront, at Riverside, Ulster couuly. nearly opposite Poiighkcapelr, about three hours fiotn New York; house Uneiy located; lovely viowa up the rtvi .- for 20 miles; faim bouse, carriage house, barn and all other usual outbuild ings; two orchards, small fruit and gar Jen; rn'lroud pro jected ami surveyed through lower part of property. For further particulars apply to JAMES PRICE, 2UU Hudson street. For sale?a house and two acres of land, with plenty ofl ruli. three minutes' walk from Mount Klsco depot, llarlcm Raltroa 1, Westchester county. Apply to SMITH A DUNNING, 66 South street FOR SALE?AT PEKKSKILI, IMMEDIATE POSSES sion, line brick Dwelling, 16 rooms; contain* all city conveniences, tine yard with fruits, stable. Ac. ; one acre of ground: only three minute* from ileimt: fine river view; must b* sold pi close estate. Impure of U. III LI., J r? near the prembiei. or of 8. KMBKItSuN, 421 Eighth avenue. I DOR SAI.E?A SUBSTANTIAL ISRiCK BUILDING, with frame building .H itched, containing engine, boiler, shafting. Ac.; chemical apparaiu-. Ac , sultuole for a chemi cal manufactory or other factory purposes, together with s stable and tell lots of ground, on part of which It Is built all situated on Kerry street at the junetlon of Newark avenue, llobokcu, N. J., about tlrn minutes' walk from the furry. Apply to ALBERT SPEYEltS, 22 Nassau street, N. Y. IDOR BALE?IE ORANGE, N. A BEAUTIFUL LOT, r of four acres, on Harrison -treat; old house, well of water. Aim's to HUl'Ktt K; L A SMITH, Orange, or to P. W. WILliEY. 71 Broadway, N. Y., room 71. FOR SALE?A FARM OF SIXTY-FIVE ACRES. IN Westchester county, 2S miles from this city, one mile from railroad depo,; or will exchange for city pr?|Kirtv or merchandise. Address Harrison box 6,0.7 Post office, N. Y. I DOR BALE?AT PORT RICHMOND. STATES ISLAND, a neat Cotiage House and Lot In good order; house contains eight roams; lot la 60vll6 feet, with fruit trees, grapevines, Ac. l'lic -$1.010: part ran remain. Inquire of I). If. GIBBON, on the premises, or of I), s BlIAR-if, cor ner of Eleventh MUM and Twenty second streets, N. Y. Ill IR sale?A FARM, AT WEST FIELD. NEW JERSEY. I9'v mile* from New York, on the Central Railroad. 35 >4 acres, w|th Stock, Crops and Farming 1,'tenstls. For par tlcuhirs call* on or address. W. HOItEi.Tr- 217 Adums street, Brooklvn. FfOlt SALE?HOUSE AND FIVE ACRES OF LAND IN St tmford, Conn.. ou Richmond lllll, % of a mils from New Haven de|sil; commands hue view ul the bound and surrounding country; line shade and fruit tree* ; would ex change for a house In .Sew York or Hrovklyn. Call at 313 Easi fifty third street FIOR SALE?AT PL.VINFIED, N. J . THERE MINUTES walk from station, a earner House and Lot; house rearly new and baa lurnace and range; the lot contain* }i aere with variety of Irulta; priceBH.UII0. A. C. tlllODMAN, 26 Beekman atreet. FOU HALE?AT HASTINGS, ON HUDSON, A CM ALL Plane. containing nt>oii: two acre- of (too, I land, with cotton e. well ahedctl with lun ?t trot!*; excellent water aud plenty or chnire 11 tilt. Kor porucitlar* at &.U Atlantic mrci-i, Brooklyn. (Ml WALK-A THREE ETORY HIGH WOOF BROWN r atone (rout House. with nil tnod-rti impro.-einent*. first clai-s luruLurn If desired. audi a? Mantel mji.i Pie. iil.ia*e*, A*min?ter Carpel* anil Sluttish i "Uclotit ., Ac. House Imuui tllully miulm! nntl in ix-rled. order- only live iniinlien' walk from either terry. Inquire ou promote*. Hi Grand street, enrueruf W'arirn, JkTnny fiilv, N. J , from 10 A. M. to if P. M. FH)R StLE?A NEW TWO KTORY fit UTAH!'., SEVEN rooms, at New Brighton Stolon island. $11600; part tan remain. Aridre*a \. t'o er, A-Ur.ia, Long Inland, or rail at "land 141 r'ulion inarknl. 17IOR SALl ?AT It ICKKXSACK, HALF AIT FIOUK BY rail, two beautiful Villa Site*. o*"rlia>kiiig iiat'kcuiiHCk river, afx ?n?i e n:h, together or eeparntnly. Apply to the Mh 11 It. 161 Foray Hi at rent, Near fork. ipOB SALE AT NEWARK, v. .1.?A VERY rable three atory and ha*cm.'nt I'hlladelp'iU b-lrk ouae. 14 flniatiad room*, high ceilings. hath room, hot and Cold water, water rloaet, *J>u.ikliig to Ilea and g.i*. moderii atyle and llnlah. In Ural .-ate order aud rep.tir. Lot J4xll& Situated In a pieaaant part of the city and g. od nelghbor fc'Mat, a few mil.lite*' walk Irom v'eotre street demit A very desirable and genteel residence, and we|| worth the atten tion of a party doing taurine** in New York eky. A ltd re aa or oall on Johu R. I'ilt or K. J. \\ t et.*. 116 nroad street. New York dtv. or T. C. fihandler, Newark. W F'OR sale at the wont?within ptvp. minctro' walk of the rmtlm td. a neat two atory Irame House andL <>t luOxr*). local.-n h'-ullby and corn dent of acceaa; ground wellatneked with iro.t. I'rleo $V*<d. Apply to K. Ti. LUnEOW A fit).. No. 1 Pine ntreet. F'or sale rill. ?' :? ?a hands MK LITTLE HOVER and aix Iota of Ground, at .Pluahinc. llou?e tOaiaioa U rooma. ga* and water, . ?rra ?? (i .utv and *tah.e. All In complete order. WM. CAL1.KNDI-.R A SDN, 80 Pino at. triOK SALE CIIKAI'?AT WILLIAMS HRIDOE, WB8T 1 cheater county, a men fiollagc, with over one acre of ground, with Iruit treea, Ac., po**> ta.on immedtaiely. In quire or Dr. UiLbM. Druggist, coiner ol Sit to avenue anil Thirteenth alreet JftOR SALE IN JERSEY CITY?A CORNER HRICK 1 llouae. 86x6*11W1. three stories, baaetnent and at lie, three monia deep tnmugb ut, with luiproriunenta, location dealntble. A 1st other property. DAVID W. STUNK. 161 Hendereon alreet. Jersey City. FOB SALE ON STATKN ISLAND, IN NEW BRIGHTON? A large and recently built Mansion, with nurdem Im provement*, ga*. At' , large ,nd beatiUful lawna. grapery, greenhouse, garden, fruit trees. Ae.; stable and lodge. tine of the moat desintb:* place* In the vicinity of New York. For other particulars and permits apply at ?6 llroadway. y?0R SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY- | r A handsome Leeldenoe oa the east bank okahe Hudson i liver; 88 aorea of land, hoalthy location; Ijf "bom'* rl.le from tho city. Far particular* inquire at the Empire Sew ing Machine Compeny'a. did Brnadwiy. For rale or exchange fob city property. or to rent, an elegant alone Mansion. with 17 aeree of land attached. The honae la situated on an elevation com manding a fine and extcnaire view; of which land 14 acree are laid out In ornamental grounds, fruit and vegetable gar dens; distance from WiMamabfldge depot, N.T. and Harlem Railroad about one and three-quarter (IKi tnllea. If not ?old nr exchanged by the 8th of \ prll the property will be let to a responsible tenant. Apply to J AM. CORNER'S MOBS, oorner Centre and Iteade streets. E rR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOE BROOKLYN PRO. party?A Farm at 4V acre*, XO miles on Long Island; also nice oountry Remdeneoii, one hour from the city. HENRY TAPPBN A CO., 87 Pine street. yOR SALE OR WILL EXCBANOB?A FARE OF 8$ f acres, la New Jersey, finely located; small house, good outbuilding*. eonrenicnt to depute; good view of StaMn Island and Mound, one hour from city. HENRY TAFPBN i CO.. 0 Pine Mmt_ TTiOR BALE OR TO LBT-AT RDORWATRR, W. J., OW P tho worn bank of the Hudson, ton miituiaa' walk from Pleasant Valley, a large House and Lot, With 180 feet water front For further particulate apply to T. O. MOSHBR, 141 Fulton at , or at 'JTD West Fourth at., or on the premises. yOR RALB AND TO LET?SEVERAL DESIRABLE J moderate prlood Hutimo and Lota, with aU the modern Improvements, beautifully situated In Westchester county, twenty minutes' drive from Centra! Park, on high around. Tnnma rary eoay. WE. CaLLENDER A ROW, ll Pine at. Mir OR TO RI.NT?THE LARGE ELROANT _ brown atone House (NiMiMO) on a handsome park, No. 8 Van Vorat square *< York street). Jersey city, within twenty mlnutee of Wall cumm- Prtaa $ItUW0. Terras easy. Rant jl,duo. FOR SALE OR TO RENT-PLEASANT RESIDENCE on Cmtan river, 68 miles from New York, on Harlem Railroad, constating of 18 acres ralnable land; Rood voting mvhard; Urge house with store attached, ? good repair; well calculated far boaiders: price 17,8011. Payment* eaay. Inquire of WE. SMITH, 181fitratham square. yOR SALE OR TKADR-KOR CITY PROPRRTY, OE JP vicinity, n Farm of |H6acres, la Fulton county, State of New York. Inquire at Id Kaat Eighteenth -tenet. )NE OR MORE YKARH.?NEW DOUBLE THREE atory Honao, marble hall, drat floor freeeood, welle waited, all tK. mitHarn ImnrnvEiiiRtiiA' fDldQ OB (bfl ?MSSSfi? CAL8 IN PARTITION?BY ORDER OF THE SUPREME O Oourt, of valuable Prentlaea at Maapeth. In Newtown, Q'11-ena ooti-tlv. f^tng Island, being the property formerly belonging to Mdward Godfrey,.deceased, cuutntuiui twenty. Ore seres, morn or lea*. weR t da pled for private residence or for maaofaoturlnf purj oaea being aeccmlbie hy water or railroad. Will bexofl it auction on Haturdiy, April ?. 18BT, on the preml-e?. For further particulars apply to B. GOD FRF ; A SONS. SB Spruce street. Thome who want to prRCHAHE noon farms, llcwaea or Lota. >< "til pay them to call and -ao ours at Round Brook. N. J. W* will guarantee to mil the cheapest Fartpv. Ilnnae* and !*>I* along the Central itatlroed. Mob) by UKOHHK W. UOA'JLAND and WILLIAM W.TEE1EH. Call and see anon. WEAVER A MOORE. BLOOMF1RLD, M. J? HATE far sale at a bargain, Are minutes' walk from depot, in a choice location, a House, N moms, flflxtu feet, In perfect order, la acre; an abundance and *mict) of fruit aud Shade, eaay terms. fc'* nnn R*NT; FORTT FfYE ACREN, ?v>,tH/U. BPirt* all rteh land; Iw> story Houee sue Farm Hulidlnga. nearly new; 2fl miles from New Turk lid fKu'SS.SWoiLCr COt'NTKY RK %t< EST %TK FOR ULR. ??> Hfifl ?* residence with nine rooms. 0?J." "Mr. b.?ru, fruit, 4c.,'!+ acrra, #4 mliu* from New York, uue mils fmm cb'oof Terms tinny BORLAND a DKl'RV, 14 Chamber* street a?/4 PU\(\ -FARM, FORTY.kite ACRES: ooon buildings, i u-mv ')f fruit, Ac.; do. 5J aeres, goo I laud autl buit.lii.a-, (hole* fruit Zi oiliwtD Jersey, 48,".,1. WELLING, IX Chambers street. HKAl. K..1TATK WAM'Kil. HOUSE WANTED?WITH ONE OR TWO LOTS OF It round, situate between Dekalb ?n,i (niton avenue-, Brooklyn, price uot to exceed $ 1U,IXI0. Address Collage, bog 5,02 C Foal oilier, New York. I WANT TO BUT A THREE STORY noUKE AND l.ol in til's city, wuh improvement*. at from $b.li00 to |10,000. AJdies* K S., box l.lntl Fost Mlice. Tenement property wanted?to buy or lea*e. The highest market value gtvoo. Apply to R. 11, GIBBONS A CO., 416 Broome street. WM. 11. WEST. BROKER IN REM. RSTATE. 57 Vecey street. New York, solicit* tire pilruuagc of par tier boldltg property far sale or to let. city or country. ..nd assure* prompt and faithful attention thereto. N. 11.?I'm. pet ty put exclusively in my hand* will be advertised without extra ( borne to owner? Refer* to Alexander W. Bradford, kaq. lleury Cogmll. John RanaalL WANTED TO PURCHASE?A MODERN BUILT House, In a good location, with from two to four acres, within one hour'* ride by mil iroui city. Any person having a desirable situation run iiml a caah customer by addressing, staling terms. A. B? care of Thomas A Holmes, 194 Front at. FUR SALE. FINE BLACK WALNUT LIQUOR BAR, 18 long, for sale, nt ?10 llraud street. A DRUG STORE FOR SALE?THE OLD KIT .B. ltshed store 533 Hudson street, corner of Charli a. Good o|>enltig for an acttvu business man. Will be sold low for A BAKE chance. SELDOM OFFERED.?A FIRST J\ olaas Wholesale Clothing Business of eight years* sisnding. with an exrelleut run of customers. Parties de siring lo retire Item business shout July next offer to -ell their plane of business, located in the best part of Brood way; the lineal and largest lofla In the city, on n lease and comparatively -mall rent, for further particulars address 11. H? box 104 llcrald ofli-?. A FIFTEEN YEARS' LEASE FOR SALK-OF VALU aide properly! splendid business location; rent free of one house for one year. Terms easy. Apply at MITCH ELL'S Store Agency, 77 Codar street. GOOD CHANCE.?AN OLD "ESTABLISHED Rutchcr'a Shop of 7 years' snouting, earn lie had cheap, the owner having to leave Hie city on Important business. Apply toU. DlHiFKK, No. 11 Marion street, front 9 A. M. to 12 M. -FOR KALE, k GOOD CARTING BUHIpESS. COR. ? iter Liquor Stoma. Restaurant*. Hotels, Bakeries, Confectionery, Cigar Stores. Broadway Oyster Saloons, Country Produce Shoes. Moat Markets, Fish Markets, Ex press Business, Milk Routes, Coal Yards, Soda Water Mitnu factories, Brooklyn Dining and Oyster Saloons, splendid Bil liard baloons. Howling Saloons. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. a FIRST CLASH GROCERY FOR SALE?ON EIOHTn avenue, delr.g a splendid business; lease running till May 1. 1W8, at $900 per year; Mock, Fixtures and everything pertaining to the place; It is a large store, titled up for a packing House, with a brick building ou rear of lot for a smoke house; price $3 500. JAMES R. EDWARDS. 877 West Twenty-third street. A BARB CHANCE ?A REMUNERATIVE BUSINESS for sale for miking piper bags. The business Is of twelve years' -.binding. Apply at No. 3 Clinton Hall. A-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF (IKNTS' FURNISH , In/ Store lor sale. Store to let. Keut rlieap. Stork light. Suitable fur lancy goods or other business. No. 321) Grand street. A RETAIL SHOE STORE FOR SALE?ESTABLISHED oyer ten years; one of ihn largest ami most successful of establishment* In the city. Sales last year over 8"5,UU0. Can lie Increased. In any person who understands the business this is an opportunity seldom nlfered. For particu lars apply personally to ROBERT IR'iVIN, it!*) Buwerv. a N OLD ESTABLISHED HOTEL FOR SALE.?NEAR .1 depot ami stembnat landing; completely furnished; dally receipts 8100. Leases and Fixtures or large Dry domls. Grocery, Liquor, Fancy, Butter, Cheese, Hal and Cap Stores, ail located on west aide of Eighth avenue. L. DEVI), MsO Eighth avenue. A OX OVER AND BAKER SEWING MACHINE, IN J\. good order, for rale ehtuap, at 140 West Eighteenth unlet, second lloor, rear house. BARGAIN to a GILDER.?FOR SALE?THE STOCK of looking glass, pictures and lixtures, with lease. Ap ply m s lull avenue. RUG (.TORE FOR SALE AND CLERK WANTED. Apply to Dr. ltKANDNKK. ty > Centre street. Drug store for half.?an old established whole-ale house in el IT; hkcwLe retail Stores at various prices. EDWARDS A CO.. 54 D Dry goods store r >u hale.-fixtukbh at half cont.itml the '?took, at onu-lhird less iliait cost. Address or <101 011 U. W. Heath. o3 Hc*<h street. I3GR SALE?A UROI UOR sue, HI7B ABOUT 1 thxfio Inside. Inquire ?t the ofllue of the Unit; Island Inauriiucnt.'omtmny, eortter of K11I1011 anil trout streets, Btnnklyii. I>. I. 1 FOR SALB-W1TH STOCK. LEASE AND FIXTUBBS, all ol I eak.lillKhe.1 Piano anil Mtisx Business. Willi Pianos which are rented. Purchasers wg] ;>l?n?o loure their address under rhlffreu A. IS. 1'., Herald nth e. TAOK SALE V P AI \ T. OIL, AND V.VItNISIl MOKE r uptown: established msny wars Cash rnqlllred about $4.U0U. Chuiioc for {n autical |Minter. Add'ess Willi num.) and address, box 16d Heiald utiles-. FHJR sale-THR GOOD WILL. STOCK AND Fix tures of an oid established Trunk and Fucking Hoi Mmiulactory. Apply on the premise*. 13d iSroetiu street. JfOR SALE?A COMPLETE GRAIN IGsl'J I.I.KIIY; J hollers of 40 horse power each, mill-, engine anil ei ? rr thlng in perfect working ord?r; also a reclining estahllah merit adjoining; locution liest in this city: lung less# on bulldinu anil low rent. Address A J., Distillery, etc thin A i'osl oOioe, New York. FilOR PALE?SODA WATER APPARATUS; SBC UNO hand, different mukcrs. A largo another fof -ale. -RU and 43H First sreoue corner Twenty-a xtlt street. tjlOR SALE?A FIRST Ol.AHS RUE All AND CAKE " Bakery, liest lueatiun 00 Sixth * venue; long lesse and cheap rent.'a good place lor conleciionert. partlei and ice cream; will sell on account ot tw, hu?*,,c?*< ? Apply to Mr KAMIKH, corner of Seventeenth atteet and Slvtli av. fjioR SALE?A FIRST CLAHS DISTILLERY. IN GOOD F workingorder. Apply to BUCWLLY A lU'ltah, laj Broadway, or Nn. I Montgomery street, .' 1 lly For salk-a stock of stapLK dry goods, in Bros .way, and Lease of Store. Inuuiro of H. K. MER RILL, No. 8 Ast ,r House, In store. For sale?bi tter stoke, rctciier shop, fix tores, and 1 wo yaara learns. 38 Charte* street comer of Raverley place. l/OK BALE-A BL'TTKR AND COL'NTRY PRODUCE F Stand, recelpu over $jflO i>er week. 1IW Thompson kt |7V)R SALE-A LIQUOR <5TOKF., CORNER OF ITOYT F and Batler streets. South hr-.-oklyu; a h,nc lease will be given. Apply at 4W Pearl street, New York. FaORHALK?THE LEASE AND FIXTURES or VN OI.D ' established corner Liquor Store, in Hudson street, with license, doing good business, will be * >ld at a low price as tbn owner has to go Weal. Apply at 343 Hudson street, L^OR SALE?NEW SIO INCH WIOKERSLY GRIND. F stone, hung with set screws. A. DIETS, W Oreenwl-h street. TDOR SALE?TilR LKASF AND FIXTURES. WITH OR .F without Stock, of one of the he-t corner Lhinnr* In Eighth avenue. Apply to JOSEPH MoGUiKE, 118 Nan TjTOR BALB?A WHEELER A WtLHON'H SEWING F Machine. Dearly new, with all the modern improve ments. Apply at 14 East Twenty.righth street, frotn t to S O'clock. EIOR SALE?THE CANAL BOATS CLINTON AND F Myrtle, four years old; capacity 'J4B ton or 8.000 burhels each; Incomplete order aau satiable for any tiade; price $1,100 each. Apply to W. M. KICK* CO., mTMaldrn fane. rR SALE?RESTAURANT OR CIOAR STAND NO. 8 (Homo Market, corner of Spring and West streets. Apply to CHAS. GRAHAM. Ml Broome street. IftOR HALE-HULL OP A SCHOONER; CARRIES F about iw tona whole cargo, oa dark, in about US foot water; fa very strong; aaiufce for any kind ol heavy freight Price $808. Can he seen at Haven's lumber yard, foot of Twenty-eighth street. B. K. B BALE?CROCKERY, OIL AND LaMP STORE. 011 Grand street near Cllnloo. F? T7IOR BALB-A FIRST CLASH BARROOM AND RKS r taurant with all modern tmprovemanu and ei call ant hualoeaa and a long lease of the beat lunation in Broadway will be sold >0 a rains ?table business man. Inquire at 1S0 Pearl street, third Boor, from 10 to S o'clock. rK SALE.?A FIRST CLASS GROCERY STORK, DO log n good business; other business the reason for ?ailing Apply at 1,0 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. fJtOR SALE?BTOCE AND FIXTURES OF A FANCY F and Dry Goods Store si mated la Gowunna, L. I., doing a rat andpnrfttable business. In an improving lunation. Will ?old cheap. Satisfactory reasons given lor selling out Apply to M. W. MIDGRLKT. SB Pitnoe street N. Y. ClOR BALE-ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH, A FIRST r class Millinery Business, asfabllahed several vnara with a splendid etock of French G<v>d? and Ilia best class of eua turners in the city. A Due opourlunlty lor a beginner. every thing ready for the spring trade, location unsurpassed. In quire el 06 West Fourth street, New York. EMIR HALB-AN IN It MXNUFACfoRYrWlTH HTOCK r on bend; a recipe for making the ink, with general In structions how to carry oa the business will be given. Ad ly at 18 tiismt street IDOR SALE?BARBER, WTO MAKRK SHOP; THREE F chair*; Ave years established: $Ml Rent $36 per MM; Grand street, not far from Broadway. Inquire of PAUL D KM HOT. 01 Bfaecier street. L'OR BALR CHEAP?PAPER HANG1NGR, (H.IOHTLT r 'is/n <ged in the manufacture. Apply at the factory, lit Bast I litietb street, near Third avenue. rR HALE CHRAP?THR LKAHR AND FIXTURB8 'new, of shoe store IM First aranne, suitable for nothing, bat ?r crockery business. Possession imme diately A Bret rale investment. L10R SALE. OR WILL BE LBT-LRANK, FIXTURES F ef the whole er part of the splendid Restanrsni comer of Brosdwav end Hprlng street, under the HI Nicholas hole!; In good order; wtllbe sold cheep, rent low. Apply ?" liMRB PROOF RAFKB.-THREB LAKGB RXNKBBH' r and jewelers', and alt small and ?afas fur sals cheap, at I0? Maiden fane, near Pearl street._ TTARDWARE, riWYRB, HOUSE b5!K II Tin business for sale at a aacrigm; must be sold by the l.HN: asnsfartery reason* will he madstoewi?- Hlore Mbt im Br-d*"'Wa'^iIkW HoYKL FOB BALR.?TMR LB ABB AND FtXTURBR ofahmt"^ nseised 1 Mnmg Rooin^newl, far | nlthpd, At'gly M Weill's Motel. 00 Warree atreeu M wm sale. TEA-IE STOCK ANI> rixrilKKH OK A FIRST C*LA-tg J worsted < id fancy Moo for sale, establish' I D y*?r IiniuiiB uu premises, *<'j llrou laray. i:at m Aita et?with stock and fixtures, now doing; a .nod p*ying bustm-a*. Reason lor sr.dug ihit owner i rung io the onuotry. lirpiire at 336 Bleeoier street, tuird door, over the eboe 4 to re. STEAMBOAT PERRY FOR >-ALR-sftE IS A SIDE wliarl pasm-uyer li..?t. of light dr night mid Taut, about 100 fret Ion* and 38 fwl Ix.ini; in good order for immediate u?a. would Lie exelhinged for real r-uile. Address Dulamsutr Iron Worke, foot of M eat Thirteenth street. SLOOP FOR SALE?SLOOP PASS BT. 21 TONH * SI.; draw*4'y fei t wa er loaded; Ik well found and in good running order. fan lie ne-n every Tuesday an I Wed m .dav, at the foot of I'lk" htreeu linpiire ou board. To physicians. - \ it wti: ciiancr to ?iixom a permanent ollloa business that In now psvtu;: Sibil per week. In offered to u liberal unprejudiced obysirian. ball on Doctor, room No. 1 Muaaum Hotel, Peterson, N. J. VALUABLE PATENT FOR SALE?APPLY AT 117 v Na??au street, room 13. J II. G RAY', Patentee. ?i| (JKA WILL BUY TMK stock AND WIXTBKB* ?- I .1 f? )' I of the apiendid paving Grocery Sioie No. Wl Graham avenue, Williamsburg; doing n raah iiadcol S?UI per week; alore well stocked. Kent of atore, wun two back rooma Sl? per month. AC Iuqul ra CI l(\(i _Foa N tl.E, A FINE TOBACCO I tury, doing a large raah business. lu(| of CUaKLEs REUSE, a?2 Pearl street, K. Y. MACIHNKKY. T/nginks, boilers. lathes, drop, power and Pi Lever Presses Shafting, Pulleys and Hangers, gas Utter*1 and blacksmiths'Tools, Machinery of nil k<mis, lor aale by SMITH A CLARK, 27(5 Pearl street. FR INK LIN BOILER Works, FOOT OF MORGAN atreai. Jersey City, la the apot where llrat el.u- Rollers can be bought. New Boilers ov all kind* eon-'tuutly on hand. L^OR SALE-A 28 HORSE POWER STEAM KNHVB. P C orlios' make with tubular Holler Siealil Putnu. llealer. Pipe* uud I'ouiieeiiou, all In complete order; to l>? delivered bv the 1st Id May next. May be seen In operation daily In the basement. Ii2 Duane alreet. To be sold ?l-o the Sieaut Uolstlu; Machine and the shafting in the building R. HOE A CO., diaudili Gold street. FXOK SALE-A SMALL STRAM ENGINE AND ilOILKR, now running in good order. Apply at No. 71) NYeat thirty. tb'rd Ktreei. For sale?s of uorooits quarter medium Pre-ses, 1 lloe'aCird Press. I Taylnrend 1 Ansilu Em bossing Pres., 1 lbs*1* Single <'yunder Press, I No. 2 Pump, nearly new, 1 New Lathe, four feet sheura, with treadle. W. B. ROW LAN I). 10 Columbia ureei. IJIOR S ALE?A GREAT H A R'JAIM-ONE STK AM EN ' glne and l.oromotive Butler; Id horse; ennplete; aa good as new; price SliK). At 66 Park street, l ive Points. OK ALE A FIFTEEN HORSE HORIZONTAL EN gine and Holler, in ooinpleie order. GEORGE W. WICKS. No. 4 Liberty pUue. F L"IOR SALE;?A 16 HORSE BOILER. NEARLY NEW. F Inquire of A. R. WOOD, 'iil Pearl street. (NRNKKAL DEPOT PGR ALL KINDS OF MA T cblnery and Implements. Sawmills, En gines. Rollers, Ac. WINTER A CO., 411 Broadway, N Y. POWKR Looms 13CR0MPTON POWER LOOMS FOR sule, very low. Address Looms boi 627 Post ollioe, N Y. r NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS AND JOB PRINTERS. The subscriber* offer for sale 1 Double Cylinder Printing Machine, with sheet flyers, 31 x60 Inches. 1 do. do. with sheet flyers, 2HJJX4I in. I ulngl small cylinder do. with sheet 23 x33 m. 1 single urge cylinder do. with sheet flyers, 2u tSitln. 1 do. do. with sheet flyers, 2h';x41 in, I do do. with sheet, Hymn, 34 \62 In. The above are second bund Presses, but bare been tho roughly repaired, aud will do as good work as uew. Apply to R. I10E A CO., 22 and 21 Gold street. HUIIBBL KCOMS. Ma WASTED. s SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS WISH TO OBTAIN A j\ Floor of throe or four moms, unfurnished, suitable lor housekeeping Term* must be moderate. Down own loca tion preferred. Address i.C, box l.'id Gerald oilier. AN INK I RNIBUBD BOOM WANTED?IN A GOOD li?lehborhnod. Address, sluing rent, I. W. B., box 3,266 Pont oltii c. \ SMALL THREE STORY HOUSE WANTED?MOT above Thirty-1uiirtli-tr-et and between Broad .vay and Second avenue, lor a small I'.intilv of tlireegiuvvu poreuns; rent about $1,203. Address box 1,642 Post oilier AN I7NFURNISHED HOUSE, ?N THE COUNTRY, Wanted?By a re.ponifMo parly, suitable for summer and winter re-lde;',.nd ol easy aore-s Ui New York; fruit .had- trees A id stabling desired. Addi e.s. losa tion, term , Ae . James i ills, box 4,762 Sew A'ork Post otUoe. A HOUSE IS THE COUNTIIY WANTED?Ot?NT AIN ing nine or ten room*: w'thln 4?1 minute* of the titty Hull, V Y., near depot, on line of railroad in New Jeraejr, Willi about mi aero of (round; tin stylish or funny jriaue re quired: ninat bo oomfortablo and to a lie.ililiy looatloii. Rent troin *:tm I'l ftsi |M>rvnnr, Address, slating full particu lar.*, O. II., Bioohlyn I'oal office. TliiOM WANTED?A LARGE ROOM, WITH DOUBLE It .ltirt single Led, grin, b.itb and lire; between Fourth uiul Twenty ItU oUeet*. convenient to Kroidway. Addrean lit nnro. nliitlin* teriiin, II I' , 'JIW Herald office. WANTED?ROOKS IS ItROOKLYH FOR TWO OR torn gentlemen, In a private famll) , with lull board: "lute lermi. Address U.? hot ' 78 Post office. tl'AV'TED- LOOMS IS llOKoKEN FOR TWO Off 11 fnur gentlemen, in a private tmerloan family with or without F'lai'tl: slut" terms. Address 0., box 878 PnnloWae tr WTKH--EART OK A HOUSE, FOR ~A rlF.LKCT II morning cl?** iif yourg ladles, bet .wn Nltfh and lei. install a venue*, or Irving place and Founernth to Tweuty* m\tli -.treat*' leinlty atnull highest refe.races. Address immediately Mrs. *T. C , JSvereft Hntise. WANTED -BT A SEWI.f"MARRIED COUPLE. THE TV upper bull of a bauan, In gmd neighborhood, be tween Twentieth and Km ty-neooud stroeU, west able. Rent lint In evened A d?iiv?? A. W. M., boi MOT I'oot office, rAKTKO?KOIt A Lit!TIT MANUFACTURING BUgl ne*< (metal i, a am til shop of about Ibtt witter wilhuut ateiim power. I, lev toil between Fourteenth nnd Kui'lielli "ti. ' t". ;ind Third and Ninth a ronuea. Addreaa (I. ii. BOMCII, ?aS Eighth ,i?enne. WASTED RV ONE ADULT. SECOND 'OR THIRD Klmir fur boiivekerptiig. In a private hoti*e only. A4 tire"*, s'altug pries aud full partieulara, T. I. II.. but A#78 I'nat nfllor. \\>ANTED?A COUNTRY REHIDKNi'E KOR THK 11 aiiiiimer, by a private family altuated within IW fntleo of thoaty. the !iou-r mustbaqUlte iirgeand well furnlahed; pb-iisant 'ground*. garden and a good stable required. Ad dreaa. ?uttng ternia. bxatiiou, Ac , C. P. M.. box KniMT I'oat Odiot . WASTED?HV A SMALL AMr.KIGAV FAMILY. PART ol a Home, or one Floor of four or tve rouma; rent not In eTt-Mvl f.'A per month. Addreaa W. II., station 41. WASTED-FY A FAMILY OF ADULTS. A BFOOND Flour niilnruialie I. about lire rooms, In a re 'portable location, tin oi i-eforc the lat of M iy. Nniainanta need reply. Aiblre**.. Willi Ao. Family, Herald oilire. f ANTIC D?TO RENT. COUNTRY PLACE OR PARK J II Hue, with a few aerra of land, within an hour o( therm, 'lortli shore of I. dig Island east of Flnablna ore I-rred, relit moderate. Address W. P. B.t boa Mb I'oat Olliee. w w WrANTED-FOR lIF.KTLF.MAN ASD WIFE. THREE r ? ui loin Iiui.i hed i'" in? ( I and taole linen riceptadj for hou-ekeeping, in n mall, mueutahle family, between Blm-eker and Twentieth streets, went side. Address, stating term*, bor 128 Herald ulaen. Wasted to rknt-a small, comfortari.e llnuae and Oarden. with aoinn fruit, oonrenlent toelte by railroad nr; near cbuielits, sebools, Re. flung i-efereii.-e given Address, giving particulars, I). A. T., Her ald office. K MARBLE MANTKlsN. arbleizbd slate nasi elk?superior is aidstarance, more durabl*, half the price of marble. Bl tVi AKi. ens ninth avenue, between Thtriy-afUi set Tmrty->.1itb -treels. MAKIII.K M A.N rF.LN AT RKDCORD PRICES.?A KISB selection on band at 8. KLABBR'R manufactory, M Flr-dsareune. near Third street, Maw Yerk, Onll and at om loe. C MIT III no, Atui east twelfth strkbt! near broaoway 1.. CASHBEEii pvys die highest Broadway prleee far ladle*' end geni'.eman'* eaat eg Otnthlan. Ladies waited iipee by Mr*. Ouatiherg A -large ORDER FOR SOUTHERN MARKET.??. Hi MORRIS pay* the highest price for Ladles' and Gee tlemen'A (last Off Clothing Oarpeta and Furniture. Per Pacta |t, for Coaia P to yll. Dramas ft to |J0. Please eell at or addreaa m Seventh avenue. Ladles attended te hp Mia, Morrt*. ATTI STION.?I.ADIRS AMD GENTLEMEN CAN RE reive the.full value la caah for Cast Off Clothing, by or calling on EDWARD MILLER, IM Seventh aveane, between nineteenth and 1 wentteth streets. AT TUP. ORIOINAL M. MARKS'. H SIXTH AVENUE, ladle* and gentlemen nan receive 10 per emit owe then by any other dealer In the e.lty lor their Cast-off ( lothIs*, Carpets. FeruSure, Jewelry, Pure, Ae. Mesne he hied enough to call on or addreso the number ee above. Leoiee waited upon by Mrs. Marks, In aa<l out ol the rity. AT 157 STXTfl AVENUE, NEAR TKNTM ?TNNKJL-M. MINT/, will Bay the highest price for Ud'?? a s Cast off rKthlpg, "'arpets. Mr.. ? reusing a note to E. Mlntl. Ladles walled on by Mrs. AMTROLO?irJ A TEST?No I MP' ?H 'T1( '?? 7 -tV.Hgyn^A ' ald"ss A STAKK. from Europe. grw|??s " Clairvoyant known: *_ ,*f urr??r knoirn to fMil 9tS Fourth aremm. MM h4? moid. PMdb-. gentlemen. |l. AiKiib al it'siNEsi clairvoyant mmb ni^ M cor. am ('ooseliatlens from (till ? if Rmii ? eighth street. The peat, present aad future foretold. Madame kohr?medical and bukinbsn clair voysnt, shows the likeness end tells the name of the person ym will marry. Lucky numbers. KJO West Twenty sees nth street. Madame hyron-thr orkatkst business and Mode el spiritualist know a, eausee speedy marriages 110 Fourth avenue. Ladles |l. Madame hope-by palmistry, on all at. fairs of life. IMBtith avenue. Ledlae |l; genu |M. VfADAME WALTERS, DISTINtiUIHHKD OLA1RYOY iu aul Ylart her for everything?sb^knots, bostssaa, theft, nsmea. nirmhera. peed lank. Ml Otaal street. Madame day, tn wbbt rmNTr sixth strut, near Seventh avenue. Clairvoyant. Inch/ numbers la the liar .ns Inttcrtm. Consult hsr for sieryi1. ^ ?JOO SEVENTH AVBNI'K, NRAK TIIIRrv FIRST pOO street.?MmS. RAY, (T*lrroy?nl snd Astrngnmisi, Lucky ne-nberk speedy Msrrlsgds. Ladiek ? MM