Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,172. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, APRJL 2, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS A PERSONAL. U RIGHT. EXPECT TO MBET YOU. , LL, ALL. ALL SAVE ONE ASION BALL. AD L drru Ox, tUUOl D. ALICE WOULD LIES TO SEE UNCLE JGR. 8HE A can ei plain her oonduct to hi* satisfaction same place 6 Thirty nr-t itreet YTROOK LYN, HERALD PERSONALS -SHALL BE IJ happy to ??? yea si one o'clock, s?mo ferry Hue York tide. If stormy or detained, nest day, umt ttseud place. ULLEN DAVIS, LATE OK 40 F.ULBRBRY STREET, ?J widow of John Dana, Fourth rv-gtment N. T. pleaae anil far ber bounty at Union Cia'ua Agency, IS Cham ben ' ' " back roots. So. I. ?1?XCCSE ME. BE I All IS A HURRT.'h?is THE _ LI. author of the above Willing to receive a eommuiilea from the person the r?.mark was made to. Veritas. *"1C. rBST STEAMER HERMANN; SATURDAY, BLACK Crook. Will yea '.end address to A. HavwrfBrooklyr? rEDERICK.?WRITE AND TELL ME UOW I CAN add ret* a letter to you Immediately. J. W. C. ijtirrn I KulL AVENUE STAGE, SATURDAY AFTERNOON. ja, EuRoti ferry to Stewart's store. Young lady, blonde, velvet haaque, blue veil In har band; recognised the gen - t who sat oppoeua, light overoehh Addreaa Harry irtoe, atation D, Bible House. Aahburtoa, CKNRV LAW WILL PLEASE CALI. ATTHR OFFICE or Hlatrhford, Seward A Griasrold.S Nassau street, er id Mi address to these through the Phet odios. Efornation wanted?of jahbs wilson, who left Monalereran. county Ktldare, Ireland, In April, MB Two years aj^e he was Jo St. Louts. Mo. Any tafor. 3Si . of lilm wim he thankrully received by hla alitor at 36 Bedford street. New York city. M lieouri papers copy. FFORMATION WANTED.?IF JOHN LONG OR MRS. Long, who resided last April on the corner of Twelfth ahreet and Third aseuue, will leave their address with Mr Adams, IMS Br sad way, they will hear of something to their ?MAKV RE ILLY. PASSENGER BY THE STEAMER Palmyra, wtll call at 69 Broadway er at Castle Garden will find ber aon-ln-law, John Kellly F MRS. KATE SLATER, FORMERLY OP TWELFTH street, wtll send her address to J. W., hoi 8,641 Poet she will oblige an old friend. IF KATE 8TEELMAN IS IN THE CITY 1 WOULD L Mke to know when and where I can see her. LHMUKL J. RTANDBKKR, room M Merchants' Hotel. YT THIS SHOULD MEETTTIE EYE OF JOHN SANDY. 1 who left his lodgings In London. ' ngland on the I7lh of jaeeary last, be la ear eslly reauested to communicate with Washington Murr.y. 17 Broad street, New Yerk, where he wdl raeeive information from home. rTHB LADY IN THE CORRIDOR OF THE ACA demy, at the Matinee. March 30. with gray pencilled , dressed in long trail black silk, with ovel opera gists, ~~i the acquaintance of tke short gentleman with red ?ha will pleaae address Collyer, station D, Bible FRANK P. FITZGERALD WILL CALL AT 66 AND 66 Seheraterhorn street, Broeklye, he will oblige. DAVID DALY. "JENNIE.?YOUR8 RECEIVED. WILL MEET YOU AT tl the appointed place on Thursday, at 3 o'clock. Write tl ute appointed place on Thursday, at 3 o'clock, write am where I met you and If you lost anything that day. K. Igai, station U, ntxth avenue. LU.nCH. 1/ E. V.-nAVK JUST RETURNED. TOE "R. R. C." JO.. having left where oaa 1 see you. Address J. K., lie (aM office. Cksonal.?Margaret, why dont you come tu Cortlandt street, between 13)* and 1 o clock. Com e lay er Wednesday. A8SENGBRS WHO WERE SAVED FROM THE wre-:k of the steamship General Lyon in 1865 are re led hi communicate their addrasaea to Blutchford, ward A Grlawold, 39 Nassau street. New York. ?nested ?award ?|X> M. H.-THK WIDOW, SO WELL KhOWlt, WHO. 1 en tbe corner of Houston and Sullivan streets, received from tbe subscriber the wsloh, chain and likeness. Is re 1 to return the letters. M. B. EE TOUCH WITH THR ARM, BUND IY, WIL Uamaberg. Discretion says ae more. Address H. T., ild etDee Wild- fl , FORMERLYOrSEVENTEBNTn BTRBET, __ recognised Monday In Well street, pleaae send addreis geMd Acquaintance, box No. lid Herald odloe. ? SPECIAL BOTH B?. T THE ANNUAL ELECTION OK OPriOERU OF THE Mf-leUeo -iaeiabia held on Muiul .? avaalng, April 1. tins following offlenrs were lumen f ? >w? enuiilng -Thomas R. Knox (re-electedi. President; Coriieliu* Vice President; Tboa. HarrihHl. Treasurer; Wo. 1'. " ir (re-elected). Secret,ry. WM. P. McCOSKEK, Secretary. ?yer:?Tl VM, Vic nnfsktr ^TIW TORE .TYPOGRAPHICAL_ ONION NO. 6.? Change of P aoe oi Meeting. ?The regular tmnntbly meeting of the Union will be bold this (I'uesday) evening, at ? aAstock. at the Tenth Ward Hotel, enener of Broome and Fmsvth atroeta. R. McKBCHNIB, Preeldenl. R. 8. Smith, Keeordtng Secretary. NBW YORK CITY AND COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS' Protective Society?A regular menGtly meeting of the gheve society will be held at Iheir rooms. Masonic llail. Third tmuth .treat, near Fourth aveuue. this (Tuesday) evening, SI o'clock. Let none of Its members rail to at end. WILLIAM P. KINO, President. Ajmaaw Ofrsu, Reeerdtng Secretary. gH meeting will be held at the Library on Tuesday even* April 3. al 8 o'clock. A paper by lease J. Greenwood, |e?|., on "The Moutauk Indiana, ' will be read at this BW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY.?A STATED OTIC P. TO BOSS MASONS AND ALL WHOM IT may conoam.? At a regular weekly meeting of the Uive Masons' B. P. H. of New York it wee unan.mooilv .||>a Mums' P i4? l eSelyrd that every mimber of this seelety shall receive ?.Wprndnymtn?mrA^Ui^^ OHnun Milium. Corresponding gecrrtery. Sievnen. ?M. RUSHTON, SUCCESSOR TO MRS. IV s. Chambers, has removed the U 8. Juvenile Cletblng VohHehment from 606 Broadway to 1,1431 Broadway ab we Yw*as?-sixth street, e-mrly oppemlieue St James Hotel, where she has now ready n very ehotm stock ef Clothing aad 1 low prVrea. OFBCIAL MA80M0 NOTICK.?THR MEMBERS OF O Star ef Bethlehem Ledge No. 333. F. aad A. M.. are SomhT requested is attend n special communication, at their Ledge rooms, oeraer of Court and Jontlemon streets, this day (Tuesday), the 3d lest, at 1 o'eiock precisely, for the ?uriieir of paying Ike leal tribute of rtmci to wkij weetky brother, Robert R. Klory. Jr. The mewt ? ?tweewood > odge No. M9 end members of sieser Ledges are ? ?-Hml m ? ?HuVLb, Master. r. t. MeOtmm. Seeretmry rR RKOULAll MONTHLY MRKTINO OF TUB NRW York Liquor Pj>hn Boolety will ba held ml Ike Metru pallia o Rooms, ISO Hester itiM, on Tnaadsy craning, April CatTKw'etoak. By order. JOHN M. TIETJKM, Ytoo PriHioi Imp Mnwiff, ImiRiii Bocraiary. INVENTOR! AMD OYHkRS. Netu* la hafaOi gtren itel Ike wawhnia of a Commie. Dae acting under the aolhnrlls of Iks Seamier? ef Ute Tree awry, will mm la ike city at Raw York. aA the ofltoe at tha Mesa, Si fine street, an Ota . for the purpoae of aiamin lag and testing i?? mertta at each tares twma of a life soring Ramur oa May ha hraagkl before thorn. hM inrepi aaa will ass areas boilers of ataaaa aaptaoa. g? loarnatainM ssfatr roiaaa, atoa* gaogaa, water geugas. Hiring spporstna, Mmbaato, with detaching spperstna. An. iBiaotoes may appear la parson before ike Cora missis u, Hike purpoea of eg plaining lliak Inventions; butaooa aoaaes w.ltl bo aUewod awdar nay atiaamaismm. ?gr order of H. McCCLXOOH, Bams lory of ia Tioaaorp. Waamwmmm, P. O, Roaek IA, HT. nMRMBBM OR TUB IGNATIUB FLYNN IDA lasers ore rsepoct fatly larM to altaad a OMetlag aA sile*oS?T "I'r"" M>^m TooeAey erealn^ AprO^ SnrAlOoraaaB WyCa? '?? orders tho CeaamMiei. fNABMIONB FOR RPRfNO AMD BUMMER. K Weaken opoa ot rotasl am tVBSDAY. APRIL ?, A LA ROB AMP ATTkACTIYB STOCK OF MRag aU tha lata at MaaMaohl Daetgos. Materials and Trtnsaainga, Imported dtoeelfrom tho I aaAta aad Pons Martin aoAelaoef oa> owe aiaaaYastare, A FULL ASBORTMBRTO?cS^OI PARIB DRNOHBOF I Breekfaot Bohoa and Robee So Choahre, LaZas' Skirts. WeMle, CoeaoaCeeers, Coraeu aad ?ester ? annate, coMdrwa a Droama. Claaka. SsW: to which attention la LORD * TAYLOR, B i ttt Broadway, oorner Oread street m 10 < GRRAT BARGAIN*-WR, THR CNDRRRIONSD, bora taken Ike kouse 5ns Canal ?.reel, between Mercer aad Broadway. wke"e we oBar eotlrr stock of o?r own im portation of Laos Hoods sod Embroideries at greatly re. JSSSWst 1 CO. OPENING OF HPRINO AMD RUMMER MANTLES. MIMSM. GRKOO. ^ ^ win span on WednVTkitTM EST OFdPKINO AND SUMMI K MaNTI iNTLER, USTKD ' BLKOANT IMPORTED AND CARRIAU ALEINtl~RUiTV IN BILM AND W OKAYED GOODS, ... yu LADIES' B RE A K P AAT* k A CQI ES. SO. Mlaa O rails attention to bar dressmaking daportl hfc-fc sks la psapoiwd to earrj en in all lu branches. Orders eiet'Uled ot shortest notice. IARIR AH PAOE. It RCB V1YIKNNE. ~ R of the oaurt yard on the left, Oral Seer. Mpmdaltr for Alike Manilas, HALTKM NODVKALTRO. U1LL1NERV. |j?OB AALB-ON A COO I'NT OF DEATH, A FIRST JP Mass Millinery Business, oatokHakOd rerorst rears with ? apian did rook at Freoab OouRa aad tho boot class of sea tomars la Ike city. A Una opportunity for o begin ear; arary ? thing ready for the spring trade; loeeiioa naeurpaaood. In. jMra at M Weal Fourth Croat, How Tort. M-kPBNINO OF THR BFRINO BEARO* OF BQNMBTN VP end Dressmaking at Madame M HARRIIF, No. T Nre qanih^yrotl, near Broadway, Now Jark. oa THE TUHF. WILL BE BOLD AT AUCTION. O* SATURDAY. THE 6th talk, ut FERGUSON'S tWa Franclsoo Stable., 83 Weat Forty-tilth street. between Sixth end 8e?eulh avenues, the following articles ? One brown Ramble Ionian Colt, 6 Euri old. cna trot lu 6.60; one pair black liorses, tired by olumbug. can trot in 3 miauto* together; one iuu down Wagon, nearly new; one balf spring Wagon, nearly new; one ?et double Harness; one aet tingle Harnett, one Port land Cutter; Blanket.*, Rob's. Whips. Ac. All the above property will be sold to the highest bidder. The manager op the union half mile track, Beventy-aecond street and Bloomtu^dalo road, wishes to let the members and those tbat may become members know that the track la he excellent order for workteg ?u. JAMES KIN LAY, Manager. SPORTING. FINE BLACK AND TAN DOG FOR 8ALE-TIIE prettiest and rumeat In New York: weighs 3* pounds Also four tf the largest and finest Siberian Blood hounds In Amertoa, three males and one female, wrlghlng from 160 to 160 pounds. Tbey are well trained and very superior watchers Can be teen a*877 Bowery, ALL KINDS OP DOOR AND BISDR FOR RALE AT B. DOVEY'S, 390 Canal street, near Church street. Medicine# far all diseases. Prepared Food for mocklug birds. ? OR BALE?ONE SPLENDID YACHT, SEVERAL Steamboats and Propellers, eight Bcbooneta. from IOO to tons. Stooge aod^'mnaljloats^of *11 sizes and pnoea. PRICE A GOODWIN, M Nassau street, 1 r>R 8ALF?A PAIR OF IMPORTED WHITE BULL Terrier Doga, Newfoundland Doge. Italian Greyhounds, white Esquimaux Dogs, small Black and Tan and Hootch Terriers, good ratters. JOHN OKAY, U Roosevelt street L'RANCIS BUTLER, NOSPECK HUP, HAM ALL THE P choicest breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Plea Exterminator. 76 ceuls. Butler's nsw work on the Don, 83. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine for all diseases. Yacht por sale.?a firht clash yacht of aboutUtons register: dimensions 33x14 feet Price $1 240. Por particular! address H. C. H., box A TBI Post offlce. HORSES. CARRIAGES. AC. A -FOR THIH DAT-AT VANDEWATER'B AUCTION. . IN Liberty street, at 13 M-A beautiful trotting Mare, sired by Ethan Allen, out of trotting mare Bay Alice; is a blood bay. 16 feet 1 inch blah, five years old, and lor beauty and sty le cannot be excelled; she Is perfectly gentle and kind; "very honest trotter, either single or double: is war "'ttd and sound, without spot or blemish, ranted pert cully kind ,uu wuuu, and to beat 2:5o any day In condition. This mare promLes hi be A No I trotter In time, as she la pure gatted and yeiy honest, and improving rapidly. She la the property of a mau going abroad, and will be sold without re private gentleman serve. large double truck for bale?in good . order. Apply at 121 Warran street J^ HANDSOME LEATHER TOP ROAD WAGON, WITH Pole and Shafts, made by one of the best city makers, can be seen at Van Ranat's stable, 271 Canal street A8PLENDID BLACK HORSE. 7 TEARS OLD, 16 bands 1 inch high; trots In 3:30; warranted sound. Price S660. Inquire for Deny st Cross man's stable, 163 East Thirty-second street, from 1 to 4 o'clock this day. AV JAOOER TKOTTINQ WAGON. LATEST STYLE and well made, will be sold cheap. ^Stable* on Amity street, near MacdougaL A HANDSOME PAIR 4?P BLACK HORSES, 15* bands, 7 and 8 years old; oan trot close to 3 minutes to Kle; warranted sound and without ImalL Will positively sold, separately or together, for hau tbelr value, at AR MOUR'S, No. I eleventh avenue. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FINE HARNESS. Bridles, Sheets, Blankets. Ac., at 368 Pearl street, be tween Pulton and John streets, N. Y., manufacturer and importer of Saddlery and Kersey. IT13 O'CLOCK THIS DAY-UNION SQUARE-BY A MINER A SOMBRVILLK, 1 wo very fine Carrugn Teams, a Park Phaeton, top and no top Wagons, Depot Wagon, Koekaway. Ao. jude Particulars under auction. A T HORSE AUCTION MART, 63 EAST FOURTEENTH A street. Union squaro, at 12 o'clock this day?Splendid blood bay Horse, an elegant Carriage Team, nil warranted sound; a Koekaway, Park Phaeton, Ae. Particulars under auction bead. . T MINER A SOMKRVILLS'H HORSE MART, L Fourteenth street. Union square, this day. At 13 o'clock. Very Bne Team, B.sek Hawk stock, young sound, kind and ?- ?" ?ik; Riakavr? true; eeversl other Horses, good ttoefe; Rockawaya, Park Phaeton. Road Wagons Jte. I'arUcuUis. auction head. A LARGE STOCK OF CARRIAGES, PONY PHAR 'tons. Doctors' Phaetons. lop and no top Buggies, Rock awaya, 1 Park Phaeton. I very fine Cab iolet,T Skeleton Wagon. 1 Coupe, 3 Depot Wngons; also a large stock of Uarocse; will be sold cheap. 106 Liberty street. A HAT BLINII HUH~i* VOR Hi Lt-4 VHN OLD, Wi hnna, nigh, warranted sound ana xtnd in single or double harness! suitable for curt, wagon or troek: genus in every respect. Apply st 293 Front street, comer of Mont gomery. till sold. A?EIGHT HORSES FOR SALE?FIT FOR ANY . hind of busiuess To be seen at 364 Gold street, near My rtle avenue. Brooklyn. A KINK SORREL HORSE, TWO HAY HORSES, ONE black Horse, Just from the country, for sale cheap, at 23 Woosier street. A a RAT MARE, IS* R AMDS, $50; SORREL HORSE. 16V_ hands. $70; b?v Horse, U handj, $00. All good workers. 135 Norfolk street. A?ATTENTION IF CALLED TO THE SALE OF . valuable Horace, to be aohl lb la day, by auction, at Ma 100 Liberty street, at 111 o'clock. JUH> L. V AMUR WATER, Auctioneer. Advertiser wants to purchahk or ex. change for a very handsome coupe horse a pair of good sized I'onles. Address A. Doralue, atodio US Fifth avenue, describing pontes and aiating prioc. A TEAM OF VERT LOW PRICED SORREL MARES, fit for farm work, will be sold to-day for leaa than half their value. Apply at MS Pearl at reel. -COACHES. ROCKAWATB, PHAETONS, DEPOT, road and top riarena Wagons. Skeletons, pony Phae ton, double and single Harness; wfll be sold very low. Rew single Harness. SIR 17 Wuoster street. ANY PERSON HAVING A GOOD HORSE AND WAGON and willing to let a responsible gentleman have tae use ?f same for expense ,f keeptag, amy addreaa M. H. J., boa 5,171 Poet office. BAKER'S WA'fOl FOR SALE?ALL MEW; WMfeJ made >ud $rat utility. Impure at ISO West EigbtoHR4 Cl'TTBK.?THE MOST STTLISII AND NOBBY OCT. ter In the eity waatad Immediately; none but those proving the tu selves a ash need aMswer. A rare opportunity for u>e right man. Addreaa far three day* Parlor, station if. Mew Yorta. IfOR 8ALE-A VERY FINB PAIR OF DARK OKAY r carriage Horaea, well matched, loag tatla. M hands hfgh, ? veers "hi, sound and very stylish. Also six saat Phaeton, Harneaa. Ar. The owner la Sana to leave town, and thla preaenta a rata opportunity to buy a baedaooo establish men l. Inqtim lor two weeks of R. MONTAGUE, mat lilt yard, Warn Twenty fifth streak, hatwaau Taath aad Rlevaath avenues. FHOR 3AU-A PAIR OF BAY CARRIAGE HORSES; ? Hue style and actum, sound and kind. 1*H hands high; also Uottpe aid Park Phaatoa. aad douhla Harneaa, BUn also Uoape aid Park Phaeton, and douhla Harneaa, BUu CIO* SALSvPACR OF OOCPB HORSES, VERY P euMah. abut U* hands high; ma be aeeaafi Ma IS feet Thirty iitid strest; eotor dark bay, Mag tatla. I Z2&E&WMWR Aaaitv street. fly to BPWAw SMITH, fifi Ram Tweaty-utatB mraafi, r^HR SALE^MRRORM. $78; ALM OMS ROCK A. ^?wav. In 0* order; also one light Top Wagon, nearly pew^opsael < Uln^to 1JVOR SALDBTHAN ALLRM MIRE. SEVEN YEARS I! old, aouadnd kind la single or doe bio harneaa; can tram MM^mw|mwukaal <training; baa base need by M atoaa to thraa lautaa witaaMA training; baa baan uaad by a lady to a sada far thraa yaarw aad will trot or malar If | alidad; aha Ms Bios as a plolura sod Is Utt bends high; Elm avaaua ?likli ihiuim Flftoautb ausataad I Brook ly a. F^BR 8AIBA FIRST CLASS TRCCK MORSE AMD ?Haraen, ogle or deohto. Apply at SI Fultaa street, Mha store. X ClOR HALr-A HORIR RSYRM YEARS OLD. 1$ r hands hi. sound and Mad, suitable far Mmvy work; price $375. at be maa at J Day street. f?^w2lstrut* a'sra I COUFK MADB BY WOOD BROS.. I > by Bra water A Ca of Broome street, M t PRim by Brewster * Baldwin, ail la perfect Prje stable m Wast Darty-fourth street. rHR SR-A VERY STYLISH PHAETON; BEEN ? used [a few times, in perfect order, bright as new; made to of by .I. <\ Parker A Co.; coat $l,MD0 Also a clo?e tainl.arnaga la good order. Apply at private stable ^HMRMlrty.third street, between Madison end Fourth I I?PONY, WAGON AND HARNESS; TEE i uld ault a doctor grocer or butcher; la sound, ? nd, and a fast traveller; ownar will a< il law. ? lea n her, Baarlme bearding gtabia, fit SDth ne tret avenue. FB?R Sl-ONE BRIOHT BAY HORSE, FITS YEARS ? old. nd and kind la Memo or double barn tea, and U IS hands high. weighs 1 MO poinds; la lettar [^OR LIGHT COUP*, WITH POLE AND Yp. giijik,-- - msmpm\xes& ^Kly JCanal Jraat near Roadway. PHOR lE-A YEEY WEB BROWN HORSR. YOUNG, | |pfaa kind. Ifi hsadq vary .lyli.h, good traveller, good fa'or coups harm; a great pat; he la perfect In es?ry w BROWN, at the new stable, Ailanlfearenue. near aa$**t corner Larltoa araaua. Braokiya. I corner carltea avsaua, Braokiya. HORSKS, CAKBUOBS, AC. rB SALE?36 FIRST GLASS HORSES. JUST HON th* country; fit for carta, trucks, Oxpiess or any busi ness; warranted antind and kind. I squire at Mt Canal street, corner of Washington. Fob hale?stylish sokrf.l horse, is bands, 4 years, sound kind, 9*75; brown Mara, 14)4, lo yeari. sound, kind, can trot a mile In Hid, $|U). old number 144 West Twenty ninth street. rK SALE?TWO OOACHKS, ONE SET DOUBLE Harness. two bay Uoraea. also one Mack Hone; can tret 2 50 In barneaa. Al>|<ly at WHITE'S livery .table, 85 We*i Thirty eighth street. F>OR SALE?AN ELEGANT BRKTT, NEARLY NEW. made by BrewaUr A Co., of Broome street; to be sold on aoeount of owner going to Kurope. Apply at private sta ble 122 Baat Thtrty-aeoaud street. from 9?. to IS A. If. For sale-bob want or use. a handsome Bareneba Carriage, Made to order io the beat manner; only uaod o few umee; will be aeld far below its value. Alto a eery handsome thoroughbred saddle Horse, dark bay, about UH bauds high; wlQge In single and double harness; very spirited and sound as a dollar. Will trade either the above lor a Utarenoe or two seated Coupe. To be seen at private stable 1.388 Broadway, between Thirty -seventh and Thirty-eighth atreeu. rB SALE?A SPLENDID BROWN HOBSR, 15)4 hands high, warranted sound and kind, and ean trot in 8:f0. The owner having no time to drive liiiu will kU cheap. To be seen at 44 Pitt street, or inquire at 107 Pearl street. lltOB SALE-THIRTY HOR8B8, JUST PROM THE r counti y, Irora 5 to 8 years, suitable for all kinds of wort. Prions from $50 to $gU. No. 6 Lanrena street. CHJR 8ALE-FOR WANT OP USB.SA PAIR OP BLACK 17 Pontes, 14)4 hand high, uaed to the saddle and donhle and etngle harness; atx and seven years old. Apply at 68 Liberty street, room No. 4. hpOR SALE?A SORREL HORSE, SIX YEARS OLD, 14 hands high, warranted to pace In 2:411; also a Road Wagon and Harness. Apply at 842 Gold atreet, Brooklyn. For sale?a close pannelled rockaway. Coach, very little used. Inquire In the rear of 84 Lafayette place. For sale-a pine pair or black mares, utt* hands high, long tails, good style, and nice drivers; perfectly gentle and Kind In every respect; a lady can drive them, will be aold very kiw. If applied for soon, at 490 Washington street. CVJR 8ALE?THE FINEST HORSE ON THIS ISLAND ; C young, sound and handnome, for lea* than hit value. To be seen at Ohandler's stable in Twentieth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues R SALE-A BARGAIN?A BROWN TROTTING Horse, 15 hands high, 7 years old old, soond and kind; F? can trot inside of three minutes, and very promising. Ainu a new stylish three-quarter seal road wagon. Apply " store 84 Fulton street, Brooklyn. F? CK)R 8ALE?TWO GOOD WORK HORSES; AL80 TWO i* Canadian Ponies; sound and kind, six years old, 11)4 1? 14 hands high. 48 Seventh avenue, near Ftlleenih street. For sale cheap-handsome bay horse. 14 hands, 4 year* old, sound and kind; can trot In 2:49, and Is |ierfoct In every respect: lie Is a good pole bone anil Patchen stock; raised in Monmouth county. A good chance for any one wanting each ahorse. Also Wagon Harness; u uai be sold by Wednesday. Apply at 88 Wooater street. JAMES COATS. R SALE CHEAP-LIGHT WAGONS, NEW AND second hand! top and no top. P. THUS, 87 Grand street, Williamsburg. IilOR BALE FOR WANT OP USE?MIX HORSES AND ' three Trucks. Apply at 144 Jane street. ? Government property at private sale. lO.OtD aeU new and second hand Hartieaa, Saddles, Col lar*, Bridles, Halters, Wagon and Horse Covers, Paulina, Awnings, Bed Ticks, Grain Bags, Tents, Tent Stock, Blan kets, Ac., very low. 0Ulcers' Meridian Saddles (new), from 914 to $80; plated Bit Brknes, $3; Artillery Saddles, good as new, with Bridle. 914. PITKIN k CO., 339 North Front street, Philadelphia, Pa., and No. 4 Park place. New York. Horses.?for sale, io sound young horses, suitable for carts, trucks or any kind of work. Can be seen at No. 17 Leroy street, between Bieecker and Bed. ford. _ Horses for bale.-a pair op remarkably handsome black Homes, Black Hawks, 8 and 7 vears old. 14 hands high, gentle and One travellers; an elegant Coupe, made laat year by Brewster of Broome street; two eeatcd light Phaeton, by Wood Brotiiero, two seta Double Harness, Robes, Ac.; the private establishment of a gentle man going abroad^ Apply at No. 12 Carroll place, between Court ana Clinton streets, Brooklyn. ONE SECOND HANDED COI'PR AND HARNESS for sale, at M West korty-alxth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. "DARK PHAETON FOR SALE?SHIFTING TOP; BUILT X by Brewster A Co., mod In use but two mouth*. Apply at (table <90 Sixth avenue. QTABLE TO LET-IN RBAR OP ?7 WEST TWENTY. eigbih *txe?t. Inquire mi premise* or of ROBERT T. WRXKS, MTledar atreet. Kent tttu per imhiq, Tandem, wuef.ler or coupe hornk for male?Black, ltfM band*, 7 yean old. ?ouod and kind: of great eudurnucc, and a very kuperior traveller. At the Vet erinary College, 179 Lexington avenue, corner of Thirty-sec ond (trret. Truck for salk-a furniture truck, as good as new, cheap. Apply at 46U sixth avenue, in Uie furniture (tore. ritO LET-PART OP A NEW STABLE, ROOM POR 1 three horse* end two carriages; coaeh man's room, gu*. water and water closet, with a One yard. Apply at No. 35 Spruce ?treat. WHIPS- WHIPS, WHIPS.?GEO. P. OVBRIN A CO., No. 5 East Houston street, whip and lamb manufac turers, offer tor sale a Sua assortment of all kind* or Wbtpe and Lashes, Including dne Malacca, Holly and Out Whips, wboleaala and retail WANTED?A TWO OR FOUR WHEELED DOCTOR'S Wagon, in good order; any doctor about selling out Horse, Wagon, Harness, Ac., send address to Drug store, northwest corner avenue A and Sixteenth street. WANTED-A BRETT, PHAETON, 8IX HEAT. AND ourtala Coach, second hand and In good order. Ad dress. with full pmMiCulars, price and where to be *eeo, box 19U Herald office. Tr-ANTED?ACCOMMODATION POR ONE HORSE " and two small carriage#, and a room for oonebman, In a private stable a ear Madlaou avenue Id Thirty-ninth. Fortieth or Forty-flr*t streets. Address, with location and terms, B.. box 119 I'ost nflloc, New York. YOtTNQ HAMILTON GELDING FOR SALE-OWN brother to Ship Timber. Owner going to Europe. Ap ply at L. W. MEKRKLL'H livery stable, 1C7 and Iff) East Fifty-ftret street, between Third and Leiingtoti avenue*. *1 -ft -BROWN MARE, SIX YEARS OLD, 15* Vitiv, hands; aan trot in S1,; warranted sound and kind. Canadian pooy, 14 hands, flOO; full warrantee. 397 Hovanth avenue. MUSICAL*. ? LADY WILL GIVB~~ INSTRUCTION ON TUB Piano aad Singing at pupils' residence for glff per quar ter. Bast of reference given. Address, with reatdsoce, Teacher, box l? Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED ORGANIST OP THI8 CITY A Assures a position In New York or vicinity. Address for three days, Handel. Herald office. Lamb* and gentlkmrn?musical inhtruc Uoe. Cell at 943 West Twootv-slxlb street, between Seventh aad Eighth avenue*. Lessons private. Circulars ready. Gentleman end lady teacher*. Terms fid. MUSIC TEACHER?WANTED. BY A LADY. WHO has had seven years experience In teaching, a situa tion In a schuul to teach the Piano and Melodeon; Is thor oughly competent, having bad superior advantages; or as governess In a private faintly, to Inmlrurt In the English branch** Music, aad the rudiments of Prenoa. Address E. M.. box 1.085 SprlugMd, Mas* Referenoas given aad required. ihrtruction. AHT m BOWERY - PRIVATE (lit HKPAKATK IN ? structlon, day and evenly. In Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic. Spelling, Grammar, Correspondence, A". Apmrt maate for ladles. No I TOWNSBNOW Business Colloge, MB Bo wary, between Prince end Houston street*. M PARISIAN LADY PKBIRB8 TO GIVE LESSONS IN HPMMMMMMMMMMMRMMHMi privet*,' U A I. atP. H. M Thompson street, flrat fioor_^^H A French mn.l '"oiivei-sallon All !#??..n* ornate, from a? M air M. ta Thonsnaon street But floor. ? PINO, WRITINO, ARITHMETIC, JR. ^^^^^^RaBn^W^lremmer^^nl^^Badlngrfi is room* PAINR'8 Bualness Colleges. H ?NMMPHMPHW Fulton street, Br-mklys, have enjoyed a I large osaatry as well an city patronage for M year* A ?THOROUGH INHTRt'CTRRHfl. REBIDINd IN BROOK I ? lyn. distrwe to reeelv* Into bar family two or more young ladles of neglected education. This la * rare oppur | tuaity for e thorough atudy and cultivation of mind. Ad dress Mr one weak Mrs. Strang, Brooklyn Poet office. "DBOKKRBPIXO, WRITING. ARITHMETIC. Be., FOR .D business. Messrs. DOLBBAR, d? Broadway, teach bookkeeping practically, jtad arithmetic by the most rapid ?Mrem^mMMMta^Mrsnsvs stiffnass, oramp nookkeeping practleally, aad arlthmi aad accurate methods They also re ing or trembling, aad make elegant I DOOKKXEPING. D PENMANSHIP AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, POUPPMITH'B Com men tal Institute, 789 Broadway. Established Mia. Private Inatruotloa. 1*1 BENCH, SPANISH, KNOLISH, ha, IN THREE f menlha at DoLBRaR'H Academy, t09 Broadway, wopl MS el liully by Buruasan professors, on a now sonvsr saiionaimothod. Books not rrqulrsd,|nor tedious lessons given. Lessens dlM si ?* - ? - Annie tor nertlrnlars ^^^m method. Books not required. In or tedious lesson! Lessens glvaa at residence. Apply far particulars I MHADAHf RBICHARD'S EDUCATIONAL INBTITO* ? lion, London, Rhelnpfal* Germany. Great advan tags* offsrsd for musta and languages. Terms SO guinea* C? annum. Prospectuses and fllsttegulahed German, Bag ?h and Freeeh rsfossasss given by Sr. Hooka lmaon, poet drawer At, HprtngAah^ llllnSat ^ ? near ran*. in nonnsoUon with the London Collage or I International Education Soeleto (limited) -Sponlal study French end other madera Manages, natural sstonce* It hematics, Haariis, ead ell the other hntnohsa ef a libs ml Icatlec, harmouttlng with lb* Wants ead spirit at the age. I prospectuses apply to tba Head Master, Mr. F. Barrste. ? to tba Secretary, at the society's offioe, No. M Old Bond est. w. WHANTED-A SITUATION AS OOYRRNR88, BY A M| young jady of edeoaUon end rednoment. who la also MMMMMMMM^HH^H^Hboti's ma Hay, winind7W*^tf'u?mwto*'h^!"l iFheXJ "iVu eAine of bof own. Address ail the wank Mtsa Brooklyn Post PAJCIPB At ADIMIEI. BROOKES' "DABCIJia AOADBNY, Ml BROOME street. All the Fashionable Dances In one eoureaof SXL."'ilS.rlr5SS-"""? " FINANCIAL. ALBERT II. NICOLAY. AUCTIONEER. ALHhKr II. NICULA Y will will ?t auction odWhIiim d*y. April X ai 12>i o'clock, at lbs Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, (for account of whom It may concern), 1*0 share* International brew Nail Cuuinaiy $100 each A UBT1N, BALDWIN A CO.. A 72 BBOaDWAY. Issue RUla of Exchange ou 1?ndon, Pari*, Ocmiauy, Pwit ?ciland. Kouie, Florence and Leghorn. Also letter* of Intro* duction to Messrs. Lberbette, kane A Co., Pari*. J^ LADY. ORPHAN...,17 YEARS OF AOL, OF THE highest respi" lability, sdpeflor education. and said 10 be beauiilel, is reduced by Ilia uronmstaners to Invoke the help of a wealthy perron, who would lend her. for a few mouth*, a comparatively small amount of money. If there "ent lady able to do such a la a benevolent lady able to do auch a generous action, she

can be assured of obliging a young lady, and to have re turned the same, with eternal gratitude. Address J. T. P., station O. CITIZENS' SAYINGS BANK. Southwest corner of Bowery and Canal street 811 per cent interest-free from tax. Bums from %?> to $9,000 received. Money deposited on or before AprtliO will bear Interest from April 1. . , i 101'PON NOTICE VOVTDJfS ON TUB BONDS OF \ . the I'nion Hotel property, Saratoga, due April 1, 189*. will be paid at the Ocean National Bank, New York city, ou and after the above date. 1.BLAND BROTHERS, Saratoga Springs. /^lOVPONS WANTED,?FART DDE COUPONS OF THE States of Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina Virginia and Memphis city bought by RAGLAND, WKIT1I A CO., 14 New street, under Gold Exchange. Fob sale C.TY RUI.ROAD STOCKS AND BONDS IN ALL TUB FIRST CLASS COMPANIES; ALSO OTHER SECURITIES, Paying large dividends, at lew rates for Investments, by ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Stock Broker and Auctioneer, 43 Vine street, N. Y. OFFICE OF CAMERON COAL COMPANY, 71 BROAD wht.?Coupons on Cameron bonds, due April IS, will be paid at the oltice of the eompauv. . F? D. SOBERS, Treasurer. <$jt) fjQQ WANTED.?WILL PAY A VERY LIBERAL bonus and give ample security (c hattel mort gage I and notes payable monthly to return capital In a year. For Interview address L. O., box 16B Herald office. $'*) 000 1N <:aSH ANI> samk amount IN WEST eru lands will lie riven for a good mortgage or tieslruble merchandise. O. RKKD US Broadway, room 111. $100 000 J"rANTE0-"0!, VALUABLE profbk ... In business part of city: inonev wanted to Improve by building. Address 8. K. J., box ajMi) Post office. $175 000 ? LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT . . gage. In one or more sums, ou real estate in this city or Brooklyn. JOHN F. CON KEY, 0 Wall street, room 11 ai r.nn nnn TO loan on new york, brook. woUU.UUU lyn and Jersey real estate. Second Mortgages bought, travellers' Insurance Company. C. K. WlLclb, 31 Viue street, basement. COPAKTNEUM1 PH. AYOHNO MERCHANT (GERMAN) WITH $9000 wishes to Join a mercantile firm: flour or mmmlsalun business preferred. Address box 147 Herald offioe, for six data. A PARTNER WANTED, WITH $8110, IN A CA8II maiurfacturing bushioss; article staple; utuek returns: large profits, no risk whatever. Address C. Moore, box 104 Herald office. ? A PARTNER WANTED?WITH $3,'WI, IN A WELL established manufacturing business in which there is no risk. Call at the factory, H48 Pearl street, second floor. DISSOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HKRETO fore exiatmg between the undersigned under the lirm of M. Hrorl A Co . Is this day dissolved by mutual consent. M. Hrod Is alsne authorised to sign tha Arm's name In liqui dation. M. HROD. Nkw Tons. April I, IW. H. WASHERMAN. M. Brod will continue the Havana and Doinestie Leaf To bacco busiAcas under hia own nomost the old stand, No. 31$ Pearl street. DISSOLUTION OF OOPART5<tRSHIP?NOTICE IS hereby given that the trm bsretofore existing under aud bv the name and style of Dean A Tanner. In lb* city of " " lIMi "* New York. ba-> this day been dissolved by limitation of tune. Ail nlaimv against said Arm to be Mat to George D Dean. 74 Weststreer. New York. GfORGB ?>. DBA*. Arm 3, 1897. GfORGB H. TANWKB. N OTICE.?MR. D. W.8. BKKHfiN RBCOMKrt A PAET. ner in our kousa from a&U after thi* date. MifTr BHOTIIBR8 A 00. N*w York, March 30. 1807. Partner wanted-tO t4kb the new yoke Agency h?d to join the advertiser in pieparng and st-tpping a Maple from MfWr Orleans. with a capital of #fi(*Vl; profits highly remunerative,^namplenhe Mien and an interview had by addrvming P., box 4.830 Poet ofPcav ARr.NRR WANTl-ab-'irr' A ,?KI# -HuX*L_TWO minutes' walk of City Hall. An experienced man pre ferred. A.1<1 man J. 8. B., llerald office. PARTNER WANTED?IN A SALOON, TO INCREASE the boslneaa: location good; longlea-u.; capital required, #1,200; rare opportunity. J. M. MuODY A CO., 48 Pine ?t. -pARTNRR WANTED?WITH #1,600 CAPITAL. IN AN I established newapaper. Address G. B., box #17 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED.?AN INDU8TRIOC8 MAN. wishing to Invent #900. and have a iteady, easy, honor able, pey-nf employment, may call and examine. 24 Dnane street, top Ooor. WANTED?A YOHNO MAN WITH #800 TO #M? TO art an treasurer and flnanclal manager In a travelling exhibition: also a party with #400. Apply at Business Agency. 497 liroadw ,v. ?? , r. ,, ... | ? T1TAMTED-A PARTNER. WITH A CAPITAL PROM TV ten to fifteen hundred dollar*,*, to engage In a nier ehant tailoring hiiamra* doing a good uaah trade at present. tddreaa K. K. D?Herald ~ I do all my own eutling. Address K. K. D.t Herald office, for two day*. AlAA TO #?? TO INVERT, A8 SPECIAL PARTNER. I ?PltJU manufacturing buslnear. Address R. 8. W., box | Ull Herald officii. SHOO ~l'ARTNKK WANTKU. If AN OLD EST A B liahed office business; pays #39 per day; good opportunity for any active man J. M. MOODY A CO., 48 Pine street. $600 -A PARTNER WANTED. IN A CASH PAY log bun nasi; must be a good paufnan. Call at 37 Park row, room 23. $000 ~WA!,TKn, A HKMABLR PARTNER TO. EX lend a well established business; pmflts largo and Increasing. Call and examine for two days at II Prince street, near flowery, beeem-iiL Cloud chance. Reference required. $1 000 ~ EARK OPPORTUNITY. ? PARTNER wanted, to join the advertiser, who la now lilting up a Restaurant end Bar; splendid location, two doors from Broadway. Rooms to let that will more than pay the rent. Apply at 8# Mlacckar street. $5 000 ~A *"'ENT PARTNER WANTED: TUB _ . best opportunity ever offered to a party hav ing the above capital to lovest to make a large fortune in a abort time and no nek Address Fortune, Herald office. $1,200. bu? interest sad extend a well eatahlt.hed cash manufacturing buslnaea paying large profile. Apply at - - - Chatham *q tiara. Agents need factory, 10 Doyor street, near < not apply. $10 000 TO ?lsn"a~!m,K*T ?*. ArTivK partner wanted in an old sale bit shod piano manufactory; large profits and a constant demand; whole sale and retail. Addicts L. X. 8., station D. BUIIRBRI UPPORTU NITIBB. ALTON8 MANUFACTURER HAVING A SMALL ?Ilk factory In this city, wtahoa a partner with #15,000 or #J0.nni. to Increase lita production: ready sales wKh good proot*. Address or call on A. OromMr, I0B East Fortieth street, near Third arenas. A NY MAN WHO CAM LAY OUT OP THE D88 OP A #1.0U0 to #2,000 for a few month* oan secure an Interest that will inaura a fortune. A earn thing, now In full opera tion In New York. No anonymous oommuotoeiloas will ho noticed. Address N. M. 8., Herald offioe. A PAPER COLLAR MANtTPACTORY POR SALE AT n bargain.?Machinery first class anil In complete run ning order Popular trade mark |and cheap rent; terms easy. Address box 171 Herald office. AMU INTEREST IN A FIRST CLASH SIXTH AVKNlK ? Drug Store. A good investment for either a silent pert aer or an active first clam Oerman druggist. Inquire of O. W. STRICKLAND. *40 Broadway, baeemaal A RARE CHANCE IS OFFERED TO PCRCHABK A first dam eaah manufacturing buainta*. reliable and profitable. Apply to J. M. MOC"-- - VAN BPRKN, at the ware room table. Apply to 3. M. MOODY, 48 Pine attest: oc of M. MfmMIMBgfiSMBMMMH*1 Pulton street. Brooklyn. Am gentleman wishes to inykbt prom #a,ooo ? to #6 000 in a safe and legitimate huatnea. and-act as silent partner. Apply at Bualneas Agency, 407 Broadway. Am YOCNO MAN WIT* CAPITAL WISHES TO TAKR ? an Interest In aa eatabllahed watch and watch material I importing bneiaaea; wfil invest from fififiOOto #8,400 In the business, nod la buainm*. and is ajTMUoal man la lha bualneas. Address AMNT HBNTLBMAN WIBHING HIM BOM TO LKARN ? tbe Dental prnfanalon. may bear of a good epport unity by addreMing D. D. H.. box >,413 Poet oMoe. CAPITALISTS ?PARTIES WITH #4,004 TO #100,001), ^?wanted, to lnve?t ia a mfe and profitable buemeea; will realise about 10 per cent la a short tlma, All money Invested will he secured by city real mute worth double the amount ?MUM4M*filM*PNMk*dHMM*Mrita Invested. Add rasa hot fifi Brooklyn Peel edtaa. N. *.?No personal attention required. *1 nnn *? ?*vmt in >om* oood cash bubi $1,UUU aoea. Address Leonard P.. Herald ofiUs. $1 500 Onr-half nf a valuable Patent for sale, now KKKSai! ?"" #50.000 J2&" VMSffi promV anifSeJi'ree #in,?n'^^OMaaab' ainem: will give an interest to lha right party or sacurHy for the money and a salary; bust ones eriabfi.bed finggmaagmmm will bow I aveatlgailoa. Add rem H., bog 172 five years nad WATCH*#, I1WUIT, WAT( MKNOUH0HRFilVlhH AND AMERICAN f v Bi'vidtwrn. *WIM AlfU A MDHlVAn. ri sa n?mffilrin Amencim'evsra. hunting saeeaj#*, #Aa#46 The abovs Watches wsrraatad oat year . - J(?HN COX. m Bowsry, Agent far sad of Boargalg nad itaonmfi Watefiea. _ AMI MKMKXTS. Broadway thkatrb. Comer ol Bre>t*?Mi Broome i ADMISSION St CENTS. THIS EVKNIKG, DURING THK WEEK AND SATURDAY APIKKNOON.f Tbe mo?t popular comedienne In A me rice. MI Us MAGGiR MITCHELL, Supported by the ta entM young actor Mr. Jgs. W. Collier. . In her beautiful cm aUuu of FAMcliON, A personation in which .he it universally acknowledged A* without a rival. Saturday. Apm i. KiKsr Mitchell m uinee, AND ONLY FANCIluN MATINEE. Heal* secured from 8 to 6. eu day. to advam-a. C1EK.MAN STADT THEATRE. 46 AND 47 BOWERY, r Til IN (TUESDAY) O.VEN1NG, APRIL 2, Meyerbeer'. Grand opera, ROBERT, THE DEVIL. Med. Rotter a. lie bell. Med. Beuer seeitg a* .Alii* Mr. Htminer a. Robert Mr. Weiulich a. Bertram Mr. Uroecbel e. . Kalmbaut ARTZ'S TKMI'LE OK MYBTF.RY. 808 BROADWAY. Tickets, utKv ; Reserved Me In, $1. for late el the Hall. LAST WEEK Bl'T TWO. TWO HUNDRED AND NINTH PERFORMANCE. Immense aeniatloii cauied by THE WONDROUS HEAD, Or, tbe Oracle ol the Nineteenth Century. THE BASKET TRICK* With other New Wonders. Mlraole* and Illusions. Every Evening ut 8, Saturday et 2. Chickenug'i. Piano u used at lln'ae bceances. Wednesday, Juvenile Night, children half price. RELLY AND LEON'S MINSTRELS, 730 BROADWAY. K1RNT APPEARANCE OK MR. WM. 8. HUDWuRTH. THE ONLY LEON. NORMA THE ONLY LEON. A Glorious Pro. o M let Pou Paris Fran eratnme. Traveller's R calee. Nelse Bey Trials, Aral time. O M mour. The Two Dan Yenkee Lasses. .Mr. NORMA dy Nig*. BOth night nDWIN KELLY'S O M of the combined Darting Dure, and R burlesque of Black the great POLE-1-O O M i rook A Eeudrtlion. THE ONLY LEON. NORMA THE ONLY LEON. H CTHARLBY WHITE'S TROUPE. J At Bryants' Mechanic.' Ilall, 472 Broadway. LAST WEEK t'F FEMALE CLERKS. LAST WBP.K OK FEMALE CLERKS. LAST WEEK OK FEMALE CLERKS. FIRST WEEK OP THE JUVENILE CLOO DANCER. MAST. STEVIK. Champion. MAST. NIKVIK. MAST. NTKVIB. Champion. MAST. STLVIE. FAMANTA, THE BONELESS MAN. FARaNTA, THE BONELESS MAN. GREAT PRIZE K1UIIT EVERY NIGHT. OKKAT PRIZE FIOIIT EVERY Mi OUT. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. SKI BROADWAY. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT 8 O'CLOCK. THE CREME DE LA CKKME OF MIN STRELSY. KIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD AND BACKUS. HAN PKaNCIHCO MINSTRELS, whoae suedes* ba? never born equalled by any similar organisation In the world. New ami Cheerful liurieaqiiea every week. Trou ble at the Metropolitan Hotel imitation* of Actora. Eng lish opera wlih German Accent. Neixy Fat. Sbouta of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the screaming Black Cook and Arricau Ballet Troupe. Urand March of the Spirit ileshera of the Amaxon. STEIN WAY HALL. TUESDAY EVENING. April 1 MR. OSCAR PFEIPFER'S GRAND CONCERT, on which occasion he will be sweated by Signora OIUDITTA ALTIERI, Prima Donna Soprano Assolula, IQNAT8 POLLACK, Baritone, Ill DOLl'll IIENNIO, Vio loncello; WILLIAM GROSHCURTH. Acrompunisl. Ticket* of admission, $1. Can be obtained at the ticket office ol the hall, Beer A Scblnncr's, Scbubcrtb'a, and all tbe principal music stores. Stein way hall. MRS. PROKSKR'S 81IAKSPEKKAN AND POETICAL READING, MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 8, 1867, on which occasion Mr J. A. Dawson, pianist, will appear. Tickets BOr.; reserved seats $1. Doors open at half-past seven. Commence at eight, precisely. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE-' THE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive, having two heads, four anus, and but one body and onn pair or legs; also the head nml nglit arm of Probst, the murderer of the Peering fami ly; together with the magnificent collection of objects in Physiology, Anatomy, Pathology and Natural iilht-u-y, all of which are Illustrated dally by Lectures and Micnsoopic Views, at the New York Museum of Anatomy. 618 Broad Way. Open from 8 A. M. to W P. M. THE FESTIVAL OF TUB TRINITY CHOIRS, MRW YORK, A. D. 1887. HANDEL'S ORATORIO OP THE MESSIAH wtll be performed in bT. JOHN'S CHAPEL, VARICK NTRRBT (near Canal), ON THURSDAY EVENING, April 88, under the immediate ausiilceeof TI1E RECTOR, CLERGY AND CORPORATION OF TRINITY PARISH. Full Orchestra and Chorus of uhmit 800 performers. The w hole under the dlroction of the organists of lbs Parish. Meml>er? of chureh chairs In New York and the vicinity, and all ladles and gentlemen familiar with the choruses in the Messiah, are respectfully Invited to lend their aid in this performance. The churns reheumats will tike place on the evenings of Tuesday, tlic 2d and 9th. and on Thursday, lbs 1*1 h ol April, at H o'does precisely. A lull Rehearsal, with Orchestra and Chorus, On WuOaus day afternoon, April 24, at 4 u'elocfc. On ibu morning of the suuic day. i< being THE FEAST OF ST. MARK. THE EvANGELIST. Them will lie A FUEL CHORAL 8BRV CK AT TRINITY CtlURCH. At U o'clock, by tne UNITED CHOIRS OF TRINITY PARISU, 8ermon by the Rev. the Reciur of the Pariah. Tickets fur the Oratorio, gi. To lie hud of the Sextons of tile Parish, at tiia* churches ?r Trinity ami St Paul's, and at the chapels of St. .lohn and Trinity. Also, at Messrs aii. plelon A Co.'s. 448 Broadway; Pott A Amcry's. No. & Bible house. Cooper Institute; toe Church Bookstore, 182 Broad way; F. \V. Christcm's, 862 Bro ,dw-uy. and of .wheldon A Co., Broadway. Reserved Pews, suitable for larallls* may be oblalited of .Mr. Andrew Craig, rttilou of St. Joba's, Varlak street, at the clergy office, in the rear ol' the building, from 8 to 4 o'clock daily; prion $K) .Hid upwards. So Dakota, how ever, will be sold at the duurs on the uiglit ot the Oratorio. J. F tOl'NG. D D., Chairman of the Committee of Management. Songs of Scotland. >1X MUHTH IN SCOTLAND. SIX NIGHTS IN SCOTLAND. AT IRVING HALL, AT iKV'lNU HALL. MB. D. KENNEDY, MK. U. KENNEDY, THE CELEBRATED RCOTTIFH VOCALIST, THE CELEBRATED SCOTTISH VOCALIST. Will give *u of his highly interesting Enter tainments com mencing ou KRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 6, Tkkcta SO cents. Kescr ved Hfau fiO cents extra. ON EXHIBITION. CONSTANT MAYER'S LAST PAINTING, ??the convalescent," at IMS Broadway. Admission tt c ant*. Mtallbr'S opera house, Newark.-this even ' inf and during the week, MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. JUST OCT.?THE HUMOROUS BONO, YOU NA09MTY, Na'.ghty Olrla _____ r" "? TRF-MAINir' Broadway, N. T. Theatre ticket okpice Reserved seals for all flrat cl&aa theatre*, concert*, balk, Ac., can always be obtained at tbe THEATRE TICKET OEPfOE, No*. 112 nnd 114 Broadway. The national conservatory op music, S3 MADISON AVENUE. THE SEVENTH ORaND SOIREE will be given to tbe pupil* of the Couaerratory April 2, outu mcuulng at Si to 8. laONT AND POUND. a RAPT OP U STICKS OP TIMBER DRIFTED IXTO A pier *> North river. Owner can receive the mim by paying chargea at llenry Brlnker'a. 874 Weat Waabington Market. II not calked for In one week It will be aoUf lor chargea. FrD LOST?SPANISH MACAW, WITH RED, BLUE, green and yellow feather*. A liberal reward will he given for Ita return to 23 Eaat Fourth aireet. FPOUND?A POCKBTBOOK, WITH A SMALL AMOUNT 1 of money. Owner can receive tbe amine by proving property end paying chargea Inquire at Henry Honker'*, 2U7 Eaat Twenty eiilh street, corner of First avenue, on Wednesday, April 8, between S end 9 o'clock P. M. TAOl'ND?IN WAVKRLBY PLACE. A LADT'S GOLD JT enamelled Breastpin. The owner can have it by prov ? lag property. Call at fc vVaveriey place, between 10 A. M. end 4 P. M. JjtOUND?A SPOTTED COACH DOG, WITH LEATHER ? onller end silver place; name rubbed out. Caa ha eoon at Twenty.eintb police station. IjiOUND?NEAR UNION SQUARE, A LADT'S PENCIL f case, with pen. Addreae J. W. P., cam of Tteknor A Fields, SB Bleeobar street. LOHT-MONDAY MORNINO. ON BROADWAY. BE tween the New York Hotel end the oorner of Twelfth street, e red morocco Poeketbook. with gilt faatantng* end tbe initials of tbe owner oa Urn cbtan. The Bnder will bo suitably rewarded on loavtag tbe above at M West Twenty Brat street T^OST?AN EARRING) OTAL SHAPED, ETRUSCAN Jj geld, carbuncle atone, set with poert The Bnder will bo liberally rewarded by leaving the same at Laagley, Hat terlee, Blackwell A Co., B79 Broadway, or by addressing Mrs. A M. Murphy, MB Bleacher street. New Turk. IOST?ON SUNDAY, MARCH Bl, IN OOINO PROM J Sixth to Fifth avenue, on Thlrtv ninth street, and thence np Fifth avenue to Dr Cbapin'a chnrrh, a lady's Mink Pur Collar. Tbe Under will be suitably rewarded by keying It at Adams' drug store, corner of Huth avenue and Thirty-ninth atreot T OST?(IN THURSDAY LAST, MARCH IB, IN A XJ Broadway stage, e Uold Wab h, Ckae. B. Jacot maun. I fnuluiei. The finder will he very liberally rewarded by leaving tbe seme at 184 Ninth street, corner or hmadway, a room *. ltra. JULIA UADT. I JMOBT ON HUNDAT. BINT DLT., A DARK BROWN I Hi Rotter Dog, with white spot on breast and white on toe* I ?hmd foot; and of toll bam. A reward of $S will be p.nd I to finder oo retaining the dog to 118 Woot Forty-fe?rtb at I EIWARPB. I *K REWARD?LOST, A BLACK AND TAN SLUT I VO oare cropped short, not foil breed, bed I collar with padlock, answer* to the name of Fanny. Who- I ever returns her to I OB Liberty street, wtu leeawo tho eboto I reward. I -nUe Diamond fmtg^II/bmckaneiwei sotting). Car- I vtittcto Rtni Mir itniMii foM Builont. ptlr or mm* I labile Sleeve Buttons, eorel end |Old Heart Fin, Seagate I Scarf Pin. rubber POM* gold I Diamond Plnet single berrerP^^TYL'^2* I ? y I AMimBiUENT*. TEW YOKK THEATRE. M 1U.1B1T- LEWIS BAKER A MARK SMITH JEAN1E DEANS, JEANIE PEAKS EVERY NIUUT, EVERY NIGUT, JEANIE PEANb. EVERY NIGHT, Received with the MOST UNFOUNDED ENTHUSIASM, MOST UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM. >:?8T UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM. Mine ROSE EYTINGK It) bcr beuuUlul iiersonatl.iu of the heroine, mid Messrs. MARK SMITH, l.i.WIS BAKER end Ike EXl'KLi EVI OOMTANY m the cast. Seme may be secuicd e week in advauc*. VTEW YOKK THEATRE. IN Malienor* LEWIS BAKRR A MARK SMITH The success oi Bouctcau It'a groat Pram i of JEANIE DEANS Induces the mauagor* to announce it* perlorinenec for EVERY NIGHT. THE PUBLIC end THE PRESS ere uneulmou* In their ENTHUSIASTIC ENCOMIUMS. "The gentce of Scottish poetry Una been uvoked el the New York theatre. ? ? The managers have done wisely, then-lure, In producing the drat. 1. of Jcanle Denua, 01 the Heart of Mid LotUUn. Bee a more pathetic story then that one ever been told t ? ? l b * drama brings it hack to ua eel tu Uie | ut r gold of Sir Walter .-oott's fer, id eloquence and picturesque description." ? S Y. Tribune. The ? Ktot." the lent MM* in the pl.iy, is the best AlMl ? nd inoet eifcct.vely tuenaged slluaUou if ie kiod thai we have yet encountered un any stage, 'fit lOvoiuenta of Ibe niun and the soldiery are so promptly end o skillfully ef fected, and the battle wages *o fiercely, .at the spectator toels In used of s smart pinching, when the curtain fall* to assure himself that It le but a theatn t dream ? X. Y. World. , New scenery and all tbe other stage a-" - ot-le* which can help ? drama nua b.-eu prepared, and . I I materially in helping the piece to the decided success wlucn It rectired.? N. Y. Dally Times. The menagcinrnt have mounted the pie n well In all re spects. The stage accessories are unex tlonablc.lbe pei. formsnce, too. ts generally extreme!) goott. and the reprc. ?entattou deserved the great success it outlined.?Sunday Sunday THE P?EE LIST IS ENTIRELY tfsPENDBD. Seats may be secured one week in adr P Theatre francaih. comedy. TUESDAY EVENING, April ' - o'clock, LB SUP PL ICE O'UN HOMME. ... o. l\ tn throe act*. LKS DEI'X SOUKDH, eotn me act. Ticket otllee st H. Dardonvllle's, 6.a l< .. nvay. Theatre praNuais. Thursday evening. April t. 1*:. ? s o'clock, LUCKKCE IIOROIA, piece lu Use ,.c >>y Victor Hugo Madame lakmbi ' I.ucrece Borgia. Ticket offices?Beer A Schlrmer'e, 701 Hi adway; Mac-oy A Hi-r w ig's, 112 and 114 Broadway. Theatre francais. THURSDAY KVKNINO, April 4, I at S o'clock. LUCKECE BORGIA, piece in live act Victor Hugo. Madame larmkt i -;oe hokuia. Ticket offices?Beer A Hclilrmer'a. Si 701 Broadway; Maooy A Her wig's, Nos, Ilk and 114 Broadway OLYMPIC THEATRE. Continued success or the RICH I NOS ENGLISH OPKR ' MPANY This evening, repetition of the greatly -essful prodso Hon of last evening, Auber's charm. tu be CROWN D1AM"N ? CROWN DIAMttN 1 CAMPBELL, CASTLE, SEUl'lN, WY1.1E. PKAKES. AUN l> MISS UA. "I iS'B RICH1NGS, and a full east. The opera elegantly with appro prate scenery and proper ilea, and dre .*e? made espresely tor it In I'aria. GRAND QPBRATIC MATTNEE <>\ - kTURDAY. r)NT PASTOR'S OPERA HOUsB. JOI BOWERY. First ntgbts of an entirely new sen- ? t.u local drams, THE RIVER RATS OK N ?t VollK. . THE K1VKK RATS OK NEW > OKK. Splendid effects, grand tableaux, gin .un,. unlc scenes. Tbe wonderful gymnast, V' ? v VE HAW DEV. New Kalist, LE OA ' . LA REINi: New KxtrtvannrA. llli. t AHOO I*ABIT Tt>N Y PAiTOK and his talented .,n I - r s He troupe lu a MAGNIFICENT VARIETY ENTER I AI.' duNT. MATINEES on WEDNESDAYS a id I'UKDAYS. I q o'clock. Griffin and christy-b minstrels.?fifth Aranue Opera House, Noe. 1 and -t '.Vest street. G. W. H. GRIFFIN ,. Manager THE FAMILY KE.soiir Every evening during the week wilt be presented Ike Grand Spectacular Burlesque, BLACK CROOK, pronounced by the proas and the pqbttc tp '<* tbe most laughable blkles ^t mer written. Remintsceneea of IMxIe, Othello sleo . Iij. Falaee of Dew Drupe. Trouble at the Ball, Ginger H. to. Mad McCllbltfran O'Hallory, Ac. GEORGE CHRISTY EVERY V1GUT. Doors open at 7. Commences at H. MATINEE EVbKY BaTI MKAY at balf-past 3 o'clock HOOLKV'M OPERA HOUsSTmrT... iH DF.CHALUMEAU. THE l/M' "IT'A'tTE. Streets of Brooklyn, weary Travel . Krooklyn Belle. The Races, Talent Appreciated. Kbl or t ire, Tbu Artful Dodter, I'hocbeauiut Brown, Medley < , nice, Bmseuoe of Old Virg'.iiiiy, Ac. MaUnite every >itui. .. . it 2>i o'. !.<t. MWpiIPiE^MjjaV; ',.sr%yn.t llall, Agklaled by the following ar{Ht M?1?"M. Oktes. Mis*EelUe Sterling, Mr. J. R. Ihoulhu Jules Lumla.i'd, Mr. Henry Motteiiliauer. and Mr. hf .. the celebrated Scottish vocalist. Conductor, Mr. Geo.(< I by. Tnkittisn# dnllitr, for sale at the door. Ooncvit '. muicncc at eight o'clock, precisely. THE NEW UP TOWN THEATRE t Ml OPERA HOWE on Broadway and thirtieth stirry ' oonnectloa with the great NEW YORK MUSEUM wu' p?. i it an early (Lo. Menilier* of the profession of ulent .. ng cngagcnsvits can addtcss J. llau.aid, .Mu??um i rotdway. The scenic plan of tbu stage Is the i- rgest .. tli ? continent JUST OCT.?THE HUMOROUS So>.:. YOU NAUGHTY, Naughty Girls. _ _ O. M. TREMAINE. tM -Toadwnjr, N T. aJTEKEOPTICON WANTED.?ADik "N, WITH PRICK O and particulars, boi 3.9H0 l'ost o". ? TX'A.NTKD-A LADY ORGENTLI. ? V WUTH READY YY mean.-., to act as treasurer for , n class lrnn|>e of si tistcs (bat c.,n -lear >1 i<W per week, t idre-s Mknsger lor sti days, St. Nicholas Hotel. Pi$K'iF<' : A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT f-P THE FINEST i\ ml rbeaperl near au.1 second ban I " uM fur tale and In rent at Wto. '' AND1DUM' *urer<s>ui to .tleeok'r street. ATIEDTTTION IN PIaNOS.-B' ?.MURF,'8 WARE r mms, :I4H Wrecker street, ?(dau i assortment. war. ranted 5 yean: 17 prize medals. witb.iu riepUou boat piano Mila; cheap second haul, $IUO, A AURAND KRfiNCII TIANO FOR W.E-OR WOULD etrhmge ! )T another 17 ?n? of tiir beat maker* of Pull, well suite 1 for a hall 01 large run u. Call at G. (It'll NhY'S book bind-ry, Nos. lOand li lle*d street, earner of Mu?. for terms. ROSEWOOD PIANO TOR SACK a'~SIM - MKARI.T ?even octave; not much used, ban leunrly tinxbeil verv powerful (one, <-i?v maker. To an aotd tots week on acooum of removal. Call at Mb Weet Eleventh viree., A LADY GOING TO BUKOPS Wl.sHSS TO SEI.L A fine Rosewood Cycloid Piano; co?t J700 used a ah urt tliue; aoid at moderate prloe; also Uie Pui ultore. No. 1* Thompson street. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PlANOPORTK FtiR sale.?Made older, city makers, used s i months; root taut), for f'tUU; Parlor, Chamber ant Inning Furniture, Chine Glass, Silver Ware. Table Cutlery. Linen; ? aoertttee. 44 West flillooatk street, near Slitb avenne. GOOD dig-OCTAVE PIANO FOR M40 f OCTAVE for flbo, "ne Tor $7A and one for $40. New very low ou a -eount of removal. Planus to rent, or sold ?* instalment* at 14H I .ant Twenty-dltrd street, near Third at A FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR PIANOFORTE, worfh $440, for one-half; oarvrd rosewood. s?vao ne tare, ovarairnng, iron frame, beat make end nearly new. Apply at .W Ea t Tenth street. BAKOA1N8.-ROREWOOD PIANOFORTE, IRON frame modern improvements, aeven octave, oel?brst~l maker, $180. Haudaome rosewood Pianoforte, flilbert, maker. Boston. Iron frqgne. SUA. Also twenty Oral etaaa second band Pianofortes, very low. Assortment new Piano fortes Iras than wholesale prices. V Fourth avenue, oppo site Cooper Institute. Bargains.?magnificent 7 octave modern Piano, usad but a short time, for $2M one for SUA; new one at a reduced price. H. HARD MA."I, IE) Amity at. (YHRAP SECOND HAND PIANOH.-PRICE $100. $1V. J $214, $300. A good chance U> get a bargain. J. H1DDLK. IM Atnlty street wear Broadwsr. IstOR BALK OIIEAP?A MRVKR OCTAVE PIANO, WITH r carved legs. In good order', reason for telling party about la break np housekeeping. Apply at M7 Grand street. FANOFORTE8.-A GREAT BARGAIN. ELEGANT a-vau octave carved reeewood Piano, coel $474, t' "' aa new, price $MU, at 74$ Broadway, o^jowte^A amr^ o'g 8 IXTATXItir PIANOFORTER-GRAND, 8GUARR AND TV Upright; Melodeona, Parlor. Chureb art OahlnelOr. gana?the best manufactured?to at and rant appoad^If purchase d; monthly inatalmeata raoafrad. WjMWoomOjJJo Si Broadway. N. TT HORACH WATERS A CO RC/in WILL BOV A V A IP ABLE PATENT, OR I KjUU will ercbanfe the asrae far a geed aeeond band . Plana. Addn-aa box 17J Herald ofl.oe ^ ^ I?FFICE?7 " >VARCK8 MADE ON WATCHEg. niAMOBPS, JEW elrr Dry O.mda ?rd lereuual Property af every 1c JUkta. J. X XlCEBON, 111 Grand street, twe doom weal roadway. At""NO. *? BNOADWAT. COMER OF BLBKCkl.H ?mrt, up atairs, the utmost value MB be paid ferbta. moods Wairbaa, .lewala, BMvrrwarvq Re.; or liberal advamae ?ad# oo cooaUnmanla. Diamond*, Watnhoa. Re., for sale A. IIONIGMAN, Broker, removed fram Ne. 3Na. IIU "7 T 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA A BONDS, WATCHB8, JEWELRVT RCu 0W? TIIK bank Hi it'llHT AT TIIB IIIOIIKUT RAfRR; ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICIKTB BOUGHT TOR DIAMONDS WATCHER JEWELRY, AC., AT 77 NLBECKERRTRKKT. 8RCOND FLOOR, THREE DOORS WEST OT BROAD ATM PEARL STREET, BETWEEN NEW BOWKRY J\ and Frenklln aquare. EltiNKR A CO. advunisi Hb erallv st raaaonable termsnc all valnableproperty, Watebr-., Jewelry. Dlamonda, Re., or ptirnhaae. A T HYMRN'g, M BROADWAY, CORNER OF MONO J\ vtreat, will he paid the hl?beM price for Diammida, W a take a aad Silverware, or wOl advaeae aa tha shore arti. elea. A-DIAMOND*. WATCHES, AC., BOUGHT OR MONEY ADVANCED, AT SI7 BROADWAY, ROOM NO. ?. A1 ?dyancks MADR on ? "rvira, Furs, flnnW Ar . or bonght for rath. ? m Broadway, nearly rppeettd