Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK. HERALD. \ WHOLE NO. 11,173. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, I867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PKSfSONAl*. ^i fxv ' * ~ x - ! LPH?NSO.-I A If READY, THURSDAY EVEN'NQ, L April the 4th, to DM my debt*. CARRIE. . NNIR?MEET MB AT THE PL ACS AND TIME L named In your uote, on Thursday or Ssturdajr^^ L BEAUTIFUL BOY AND OIBL, WITH DARK BYES, In bo Adopted out at 741 Greenwich strcot. l LL LETTERS FOR THE TWO FRENCH LADIES L aaibe addreaaed to Miss Kate Jollte, station A, Spring F1^ ... STEAMER HERMANN; SATURDAY, BL gCK Crook. WU1 you aend address to A. Saviar; Bro uUynt FBBDRRICK.?WRITE AND TELL MB HOT/ i CAN addreaa a letter to you Immediately. j. w. C. F?' R ADOPTION-TWO PINE INFANTS APPLY AT Ut Char lea street. TV FORMATION WANTED?OP AUDIT RT BOHRK1BER, A Of Slift Quernbelm. Prussia. The aar,s left Washington. g. A. In lttl. When last heard from w*? boarding with Mr. Fllgfitaan, 01 Weet street. New York, any person who can rtna Info mation of his whereabouts v ,-m be liberally reward, ed hpaddreaslii^Henry Schreiber, Cjs of Y. Delke, SS Wee rr THE LADY IN THE CO RRIDOR OP THE AOA L demy, at the Matinee. Mar ch SO. with grey pencilled , dreaaed In long trail bW c dig, with oral opera glass, i the acquaintance of V,? short gentlemaa with red aha will pieaae ad/^eas Collyer, station O, Bible TP MR. HUOHBR (Yj. HEWER, WHO FORMERLY 1 wetted at varutthi/ ,g carriages la New York, will ad team 8. W. H., liarald. office. he will oblige an eld acquaint. ?an. who desires to '?( him. TT*HAT bxquif.ite, dark eyed lady who war X waiting to sea IOr. B. on Monday afternoon at the City Mnafltsl will send her address to the ?'Judge," Herald offlce, gte wM merer re/gut It MARTHA K. OR MRS. MAN YON.?JOHN AT Sternberg street ferry II o'eloek Thursday. Addreaa MS Zj5? ?THE WIDOW, SO WELL KNOWN, WHO. eorner of Houston and SnUfcraa streeu, received becrther the waloh, chain and likeness, la re eturn the letters. M. B. "UTHO PLAYS THE LAOOAROt" ARIOH BALL TP Add Addreaa Ox, station D. m m i IL IT A RBQULAR MEETING OF THE ADAMS EX JL preaa Company's Employes' Assoelatlon, held Monday wsshg, April 1,1807. the following preamble and resolu Mniwin BOinlmoutlT idooMd:? Whereas It has plsaasd the Almighty to remove from ear ?Mg, while yetm the prime of manhood, our late friend mad Secretary, William 8. Uawley: and. whereas, we feel It ^?tept upon on to express in thin manner our sorrow at therefore, bd II That la the tenth of our late companion, Wli tem 8. Hawley, we lose a faithful friend and hia family a kind and effeetlanata son and husband, and that we tender Ma widow and mother eur sincere sympathy In thin hour ?Mmaavement. And. farther, be It ^^^?ved, That copies of Ute foregoing preamble and re*o property engrossed and signed by the otUcere of this AaaoalntMn, be presented to Ms widow and mother, and MM* they be pnhBahed In the New York Herald. 1 THOMAS J. RILEY, President, A Phial, Secretary. fYOAL CUTTING MACHINERY?THE COLLIERY PRO. VJ prletore ef Booth Lancashire end Cheshire, England, being anxious to e noon rage the development of oual cutting by machlnery, have determined to oiler three prizes, namely, BBW, ?000 and ?100, for the first, second and third best ma thias respectively, which. In the opinion of the oommittee appointed for that purpose, afaall be most suluble to the re ggteasnenta- of the trade, and the invenior of which .hull earn ply with the regulations laid down by the oommittee. A sen* ef the regulations, end ftfrther particulars, will be fur* Mined on application to the undersigned All competitors Based furnish the machines intended for trial In Lane shire am Inter than the let November. 1S87. MASKELL WM. PEACE. Ite. II, MIT. Wigs", Law Clerk to the Assoelatlon. TXJRAM WOODRUPP8 CHAPTERS ON THE TROT XI TING HOE8B, and How to Train and Drive him are WILKES' SPIRIT OP THE TIMES to PERSONS ARB FORBID O truetlng any one en aooount of the eetate of that late fteMhj Costner without the written order of ' GKOKUE P. MBRKLE8, > ALFRED B. BANDS? } Kx80U ??* , NRW TOU LADIES' SOUTHERN RELIEF AS eeeUUtm kag to acknowledge tta following dona , KaUoag, Falrhavon, Conn - <30 ; Marnier,? Brooklyn, L. I Hi . f. H. Myers, Hempstead, L. 1 1 i Mra. M.Y. Murphy 90 9m^dieii R. &. Deoli _ ayetto S. Fester 3u j. H.: ? ?Tof the South l . Edward Coaler 9) 00 (ft IM aoo am ....... a oo . amort Ponniman 15 ?U pWdBama 10 00 13 W i In St. Luke's Church, Clermont, Colum > oenaty, New York* 17 00 .T. i? m , W. H. Wiener 6 00 ' L. Tenag B no Freeman 10 00 , B 00 eabyterlaa church. Dr. arehlbald Z B10 Bean Steers. WOO JUtoVjr. Dlaunlek, Honeadale. S 00 fin. Ta B. Dodge.I100 m ?Mil. Dorr WOO dm Wary Oelstoa ^ 00 ffifiaoBiii of Church of TraaaHguration, O. R. Meaghten. rector..... BO 70 Wna. C. Balaton. of California, through Mrs. Lean, toaald. $000, sold at MU per oent. .. <79 W jmliya Auxiliary Society LOCO 00 Etaeeeile of mnrtml aad theatrical entertainment 1MM Ybtol ... .... <5,054 U6 Emeant pierloualy acknowledged SR.W do EMalreeetpte to dale ..u..ii...,..<a.7?l B ARTHUR LEART, Ireaeurer. Www Tom, April 1, 1807. ? irn REGULAR WEEKLY MEETING OF THE DRY J. Goods Clerks' Early Closing Association will take place -i eyetilng, April 1,1007. at t o'clock, at Early Bowery II. B. COWLE8, President. , Recording Secretary. A wooes tiaras' sa mds (Wednesday )eye?i Blrteg HaU. IB Bows Jeans BTUsnr, Root LOUT (k>D FOUND. OCT?OR SUNDAY, MARCH SI. A MARTEN FUR " tin going down Fourth avenue, through Twenty to church earner of Twenty- ninth street and <S reward for returning It to 418 Fourth E ^^?-ON MONDAY BYENINO LAST. AT HARTZ' ^^??tortolameat, a Lady's Mink Fur Collar. The finder KWMo. leastog tt at 1W East Eighteenth street. v OWT?A GOLD RING. WITH IMITATION SAPPHIRE. Jj eetto wtda, plain aad Sat shaaRt not of much value ex M to Ike owner. A suitable reward will be paid to tta t5ta. hy MERRILL, FITCH A ALLEN. W John atreot. BLACK V OST?ON TUESDAY, APRIL t, A Id aad toa Slut, with white mark on the^^^^H^^ft and arhtto collar. A liberal reward will ta given for Ita re- I | las to BIM Broadway. | V 00?ONE PACKAGE OF MONET, <1B4E MARKED Xi "Leea, Arnold A'Co., SB Broadway, NewTork, from KMaasa." Any eee rntamlng the same to Anderson's Bspeens,BOmtlnadtstreet, wtllbeUbemliy rewarded. Lnn-i GOLD MALTESE CROSS, INITIALS T. M. C. I. ea tta arms, owner's name on bank. A suitable warned will be paid far lu return to Ttaaaaa C. Hugh an. B7 ftBEtogtoa eweatT V OR IN BBOORLYN?STRAYED FROM NO. B JO Mj pslsmie street, on Taisday, April S, a ssaall Black and (Ea Dag, wapped cars: tad aa red aad white laattar collar; Wttobtod to tta name of "Tommy." Any one returning htm Malta ataea anmbar, or to F. B. Day.W Chambers abeet, sOto mdtobty rewarded. HKWAHPt. NAMD.-LOST, ON APRIL 1, A POODLE TOO; ?ware to astme of MHty. Whoever returns him to I street will rsoetve tta above reward. jaJVJSTii ?i Ttadadnr wUl realise the atom re tomrtog It at M Bam Fifty-Bflh streeu Kaase 'PM?? REWARD PAID AND NO QUKSTIONS ASK ED. Tta person wto ptakad op a tody '? sable VletoMne. r the tsw'tral Park betwsee_tta Wvcnth avenue en Warn and the marbto arehway. o* Sunday, Marsh *1, will Martin tta stave resraid ea ramralag tta sama to BGrent Sanaa it met. ?TR REWARD OFFERBD POR THE RETUNN OP ? (9 Stleertehee from a hoaoa la Thtrty alghth s'reot pjthe ovenlag^f A prll 1^ aad ao queeUoas naked: Addreas EBLIOIODI MOTICBE. ?|WHI LENTEN LBCrrURRS OF 0. JOHN'S CHAPEL, M. Yarleh stroet, near Canal, will ta given ovary Wed evenlag during taut at 7W o'clock Wednesday, tta Itev. Dr. Mowland, of the Church of the Holy win lecture, JEBW rVMLICATItHYS. ?PRAT ON CATA RRH, NY HR N RT A. DANIELS. M. D~, JU Surgaoa, So. t Union equare. Balled on reeoipt of rod stomp. EE INTERNAL BETE NUB REGULATIONS, WITH LANAYIOMS, INSTRUCTIONS aad RAMP DUTIES, as amended hy OONGRRmm, Marsh % 1817. see NEW yEDITION WELLS' EVERT MAN MIS OWN LAWYER BED BUSINESS FORM BOOK, m pages. Price <8 COAL. WOOD. StC. ~ ANOV L?<d 78 FOR BUST QUALITY RED OR WHITE sak': warranted ROW Ita.; delivered throughout city fret; gMOemtloaa by poatreoaire prompretteotioD H. O. DRXTKR, No. ? Bread street. /VOpE,jM PER CHALDRON, DELIVERED?VESSELS V tohlm' a quantity from deck, fifteenth street snd E?. t gtser, at toducod rates. Apply to J. SMITH, Fifteenth ?hilt and awn oo P. ? 7 ?Oh'.lto'INB BRD ASH ASD LOCUST MOUNTAIN W fa Ceei <d> slaes, delivered at <^>er ton of 1.0W Ike. | JtaSatoegd. v __ /HON. TIIEDFORD, Twenty spyfnth stfeet agd Ninth avenue, THKJTBf. WILL BE BOLD AT AUCTION, OS SATURDAY. THE ri;h ?'j*t, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, at FBRGU. SON S y.n Kranciaoo Stables. 83 Weal Forty-sixth atraet, betweei' siitb and Seventh avenues, the following articles*? One b*,-own Hamhletouian Cult, 6 yon re old. can trot In 8 a), one peir black Horses, aired by Columbus, can trot to j ?tl*.utes together; one sun dowu Wagon, nearly new; one If .if spring Wagon, nearly new: one set double Harness; 'one set single Harness; one Portland Cutter: Blankets, Robes. Whips. Ac AU the above property wlQ be sold to the highest bidder. __ . __________ FIUB lBkOC AND TAjTDOG f 0R 8ALB-THF, prettiest and gam est In New Ysrtu. weigh* pounds only. Also four of the largest and 8 nest JbcrUn Wood hounds in America, three males and one female, weighing front 100 to 100 pounds. They are well trained sad very superior watchers. Can be seen al/g77 Bowery. All kinds op dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVEY'8,240 Canal street, near Churchsiroet. Medicines for all diseases. P repared Pood fer mocking birds. Buck Spanish fowls por sals.?the best lot of pure white faced thoroughbreds that has or will be offered for sale this season Address tt. L. H., box LAW Post oflloo. or apply atfftt W est Seven tea nth street. rR SALE?POINTERS. SETTERS: SOME EXTRA well broken, warranted to natal, bank, retrieve and extra good nose; ten Newfoundland Pupa, uro Mastiff Pupa, St. Bernard Pup*. Rat Dogs of all breeds, Watch Dopa of all breeds. H. GARDNER, X? William street, near New Chambers. New York. POR 8ALE-A PAIR OF IMPORTED WHITE BOLL Terrier Dags, Newfoundland Dogs. ItaBan Ureyhounda, wbMe Esquimaux Dogs, small Black and Tan and Scotch Terriers, good ratters. JOHN OKA?, 11 Roosevelt street on the Dog, $11 Doga trained, bearded. Ac. Medicine for Olldiseeeee. CV)R SALE-A PINE NEWFOUNDLAND DOO, EIGHT r months old; weight one hundred pounds. No. 618 Sixth avenue. ANTED TO PURCHASE-* KEEL YACHT OB Clipper Schooner of about MO tons. THOS. S. WINS LOW. 114 Wall street. w HOBsEh. CAHBIAGE8. *c. A HANDSOME PAIR OP BLACK HORSBS, 16* hands, ? and 8 years old; can trot dnaa to S mlnntaa to pole; warranted sound and without lault. Will positively be eold. separately or together, tor half their value, at AR MOUR'S, No. ffseventh avenue. A LARGE AS80RTMBNT OP PI NB HARE ESS. Bridles, Sheets, Blsakets. Act, at 353 Pearl street, be tween Fill ton and John streets, N.Y., manufacturer and Importer of Saddlery and Kersey. A LARGE STOCK OF CARRIAGES. PONY PH AH*, tons. Doctors' Phaetons, t >p and no top Baggies. Rock sway*, 1 Park Phaeton. 1 very das Cabriolet, 1 Skeleton Wagon. 1 Coupe, 3 Depot Wagons; also a large stock of Harness; will be auld cheap. 109 Liberty street. Advertiser wants to purchase or Ex change for a very handsome coupe horse a pair of good sized Pooies. Address A. Dovslue, studio 81$ Fifth svenue, describing poniessnd stating price. A -COACHES, ROCK AW AYS, PHAETONS. DRPOT, . road and top express Wagons. Skeletons, pony Phae ton, double and singlo Harness; will bo sold very low. New single Harness. $10. 27 Wooaler street. A STABLE TO RENT-ON WEST THIRTY-SIXTH street, near l.exln.ton avenue. Inquire of D. O. BRAD LEY. 30 Broad street, room 42. A LIGHT, 8TYLISH SHIFTING TOP COAL BOX ft Wagon for mile, cheap, with pole and shafts complete; made by liusenbury and Van Duanr. Can be seen ra lla l street, second stable from Greene avenue, Brooklyn. Take Dekalb avenue cars, at Fulton Alight city made hockaway. with pole and shaft*, for $90: 3 Road Wagons, I single anat, $100 eaeh; I Light Coupe. g.VX); I Hack ''nssli. $J09;tl .Strong top Buggy, $100 At IlOVfc.Y'8 ahtbls, gevaatoeuth street, near First avenue. I HANDSOME DARK EAT HOW FOR L WSS Be Iden's, 81 West Twenty-fourth HORSE, LIGHT BOTCHEE'S CAB* Af?IRAK SX. neaa, nearly new; hort* wJJ???Sy& ^hi^*Z?feu-' oricc *?26. or aoid Mpar?u>. At HOVBV a slankn. a?*?n broth Htr^ot, near Kirai ?vrou?. ^ y. : 1 SALR?A!* KLBUANT * m any haiwie v aw A "SRW^ SJSnwst Awatt sBg.-aaflrir'aar . ?>??, ar-aw sw.^KSSJS?ai day. Sea attoDott head. . _ A LOT Or HORSES WIU. BMMOLP A_T A 1.JW end 1.AU1 Broadway, jparipertyfl^alijo^thl; day. ?t 11 e*elewi.-A end (SValjoTtSM* an irol In ,.. ir-wn In a* to? nMnmnr rtgnnanjfc iM?iSv.&f?3ss&fssjzszr' end kind In tu harneae; suitable for a ^7,* Alio Warm. UtriMA iW|A Blanket*, Robe*, Whip, WIU he ?eld separately or together. Cma be eeee ?t 88 Her street. i T 47 CEDAR?CARRIAGES AMD I^.*?4 m Jw^Bug A L Poor end Doctor'? rhaetoae; floe top end 00 top ?u? RnStawey-, dagger., Depot . fr'tSVS7jA prices. for e few deys longer. JOHN M. Turin, J a. -DAY HORSE. ? TEARS OLD, IN FROM THE COC!^ 15 try, fit for any uee: price low, moat be eold. At a. m M 'A WB vVeat Twenty-seventh jrtretA m^ssjsuffsaSs cawjaar BUttsrwwswca?' New Yore. C?^-n"^v^VA,%0,2>?5; 215 Weat riiteentb street, in the rear. _ pHEAP HOME. AHDHAOTW;^"^" I j for croccry or aipmi baiiowt Any P*r"vu ? $200 eat) at 18S WTooetsr etreet. from 10 to It ,rty seventh street. near Broadway. a, Ac. The eemw w eeow w -- *e?iSie"or0two weeks o/b. Mu NT AO OIL marble r^tTvia^iak etreet,between Teeth and^lerewth enues. wnoR BALE?PAIR OF COUPE HOMES. VERT ? to^PwUD SMlTH^S KaJ? Twee, ye lath etreet fjlOB SALE?A HOME. "sETy w|TEABB^O T hand* huh, aoond and Mnd, teMahja raw mmr yrlea gX^A Can be eeea at 7? Per Wrest. F!ii*a=?a'!K?KL"4a ass^'sw: at enJ Here nth avenue. fjHJR HALE-LONO LEABE ASP firfyMS Jll^A JLi'TSSmSS ?.??? a??n ??. ? ? JkTOWfSJR ?? Eael Thfrty. eernnd etreet. ? JjtOB SALE?OWBSR OOl*9^!?JKm?P ^n^Ong'of 1* the raoet Perk Oelite le the cMTjJrenrtetteg or a enan of Blaok HaTwk BeHM. beautiful ???* '**. .L*l K5RS3C ?S avenue, or addraee P., bo? 1*17 Poet office. |7H)R SALE-A K*OWH MAM. BUIHT l^ARW OLD. f eoeod ead kind, over 1? hande high, eultabl# for haa?p wort Inquire at tU Waet (tuteanth etreet. . For salp.?a dapple orat horse, ?i? T*f** old, l?heads hlgk, rnrretyltalt. wenld eult men. irncer or hutebr.r; priee $1W. Apply at HO tarlck etreet, feed ?tore. tfOR HAI.B-A SORREL CANADIA* POWfi Jj* t? J* V k.ndekl?h,S Teertold,htndlneHber eln|l? or douWe herneee. Apply for two dsya to Mre. MOOJIET, tu test f tghtoooth street, store. ?OR SALE-A HORSE AMD rUR.TITURB SPRINO Cart and llarneee; a,I In good o der. Inquire at tw? Ird avenue; oerevr ef Korty-eSrond Street. F HOK?M, CA*MAOK?, *C. "jC'OR SALE?AT A BARGAIN, A SPLENDID PaIR (IP 'I; Carriage Uorsea, about 17 hamd* high, of rlqh brown color, aed perfectly go a tie, with or wltuout Hiraett and Carriage. all In perfect order. To ha mob before I o'clock, or after 5 o'clock P. M., at NOBBld' stable, 118 Eighth atracl near Sixth avenue. Fob sale?dark bat handsome horse, m* hakds; stylLb, good la tingle or double harue*s rltliig ?even years. Alto oataBtlon top Chariot, with ahaftt. by Lawrence; In geod running order; with Harness and Hlankx. Apply thit week atCogsweU'e stables, Lexington avenue, corner ef Thirty third afreet. fjM?R 8AUB?A P UR OF BAT CARRIAOK HORSES, ' well matched,!6 and 7 year* old. klod aod aouod. too l ttyle aud action. I4I? taande high. Can ba aeen till sold, at Bl'TT'S Stables, corner of Bayard and Elizabeth streets, near Bowery Theatre. L'OR SALE?A SORREL HORSE, SIX TEARS OLD, r M handa high, warranted to pace In 3:?; alaoa Road Wagon and Harneac Apply at 3d Gold atreet, Brooklyn. rlR 8ALE?THE FINEST HORSE ON THIS ISLAND; young, eound end handsome, for leex than bla ralne. To be aeen ait ('handler's stable In Tweulielh street, between Slith and Seventh avenues. For sale-a orat messenger stallion, eight years old, very superior at ask getter, IB hands and 1 inch high, well made and a faat trotter, well broke In tingle end double harneaa. and very gentle will be sold cheap, ee the owner has no further use for him. Apuly at IDS Chat ham square. For sale?as first class horses, just from the country; flt for carts, trucks, express or any busi ness : warranted sound and kind. Inquire at Ml Canal street, corner of Washington. ?'OR SALE-A BLACK MARE. WARRANTED SOUND and kind in tingle or double her nets: a good roadster; top Wagon, city male, at good as new; also family llockaw y. tingle and doubie Harness, with Lap Robes ana Blankets. To be sold together or separate. Innulre from 9 to 4 of HENRY MoCORMIOK, 17g Chatham street. rR SALE-STYLISH SORREL HORSE, 6 TRARS. 16 hands, $274; Gray Mare, I4ly 9 years, $116; Sorrel Mare. 8 rears, with foil. $124; all aouad and kind. Old No. 144 Wast Twenty-ninth street. IjlOR 8ALE-VBRV CHEAP. A NEW TWO WHEEL Gig, made by one of the best mekera: also a splendid set of new Harness to match. The whole will be sold lor the low sum of $276. Apply at stable In Tweotj-niuih street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. FOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS FURNITURE CART.? Apply at 226 West Twenty-seventh street, in the black smith shop. rH SALE CHBAP-A FIRST CLASS SHIFTING TOP road Wagon and single Harneaa. luqutre for Mr. Cook, at Seymour's ?tables, corner of Sixth avenue and Forty-third street, between 9 and 10 A. M. IpOR SALE CHEAP?FIVE LOW PRICED WORK Horses. two matched teams of Mares, valuable for farming; must be sold for want ol use. Apply at ids Fear! street. FpOR SALE VERT CHEAP?A FOUR WHEEL DOO Cart, with pole and shafts. In perfect running order; Wood Hro., makers. Inquire at private stable. Eighty-sev enth street, west of Third avenue, or 199 Centre atreeu Hoksf.s for sale.-a pair of remarkably handsome blaek Horses, Mack Hawks, 6 and 7 years old. 16 hands high, gentle end line travellers; an elegant Coupe, made last veer by Brewster of Broome street; two seated light Phaeton, by Wood Brothers; two sets Double Harness, ltobe*, Ac ; the private establishment of a gentle mm going abroad. Apply at No. 12 Carroll place, between Court and Clinton streets, Brooklyn. aORHKS ?FOR 8ALe7"ll) SOUND YOUNG HORSES, suitable for carts, trucks or auy kind of work. Can be aeen at No. 17 Leroy street, between B eecker and Bed ford. ONE SECOND HANDED COUPE AND HARNESS for sale, at 98 West Forty-sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*. STABLE TO LET.?PART OF PRIVATE STABLE ON Sixteenth street, near Beventh avenue. Addiesa box 1,149 Post ofllce. flO LET-PART OF A NEW STABLE, ROC FOR A three horses and two carriages-, coachman's boon, gas. water and water closet, with a flue yard. Apply at Ne. 89 Spruce street. mO LKT?BRICK STABLE NO. 17 THIRD 8TRBBT. A between Bowery aod ileneed avenue. Apply to A. B. HUTCHIMOH, $? John sSreet. WANTED?A ,? BRETT, FHaWTON, SIX BEAT. AND curests Coach, eaeead band aad in good order. Ad dress, with full particulars, pries and where to be aeen, beg Ml Herald ofllcr. WANTED? ACCOMMODATION FOR ONE HORSE Tv ted two email earrtsgvs, and a room fnr eooohra ,n, to a private stable near MadUou avenue In Thlrty-nfaelh. Fortieth er Forty-first streets Add re-a, with location aud terms, B.. box 119 Poet ofios. New Turk. ' ANTED?A GOOD STRONG HORSE, IN EXCHANGE for new Furniture; also a man to drive a cart. Apply at 101 Bowery, between 8 and 11 oY.locg. Wj WANTBD-A HOR8K 16 HAHN SCANT, LIGHT built, long ffiUtod, long toll, to match another, able to show 6 minutes, Sound and kind double ead single. Ad dress, with full description and price, bos 1.166 Post olios. _ YTOCNO HAMILTON GELDING FOR 8ALk-0>N Viflj-flrst street, between Third and Lex ngtou avenues. (Jill n ?BLACK HORSE. 18* HANDS, 6 YEARS OLD, ?PllV. sound and kind; can trot in three minutes; very stylish. Canadian Pony 6100. ?l< Hereuth avenue. " HPgK'AL, ~ A?610 PER QUARTER. PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS. . Each pupil taught separately, bv competent gentlemen teachers. xl7 West Eleventh street, corner of Sixth avenue. Office hours, 10 till 6. AT 176 SIXTH AVENUE-MUSIC TEACHERS Li berally dealt with. All the popular mimic and in struction Books constantly on hand, and new uiusio aa soon as published. AYOUNU GERMAN, FIRST CLASS PIANO TRACHKR, wishes instruction la English language in exchange lor Instruction on Plana Address Henry, ?? Hudson street. A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE IRSTEUCTION ON THE piano, at pupils' residence, for 610 per <|narter. Best ol reference given. Address, with residence. Teacher, boa Bsno, at pupils' residence, for 610 per <|narter. Best reoee gilv lit Herald o6taa. A FINE OLD VIOLIN, FROM THE "QUERN'S OPE. ra." London, for sale very cheap. For particulars ap ply to JOHNSON, 66 Pino street, room No. 7. A STRICTLY FIRST CLASH TENOR, WITH UNEX ceptionalile voice and qualiflcatloos, now occupying a leading position In an uptown church. Is open to engage, ment from 1st of Mav. Those willing to pay a libeaal salary may address H., box 8,661 Post oflios. A LADY. JUST ARRIVED FROM ENGLAND, BEGS to Inform the ladies of New York that she has made arrangements tor giving lessons In Hinging at the residences of her pupils. She has studied under the beet ma?lrra In Europe, and ran give satisfactory references. Terms 66 Per lesson frr six leaaona; M per lesson for twelve lessons. Ad dress M. J. T? station D Poet office. New Vork For sale cheap-a small lot of first class Brass Instruments. Apply to Mr. DANIEL, 116 Blecckrr street uiuc teacher.?wanted, by a lade, who has had seven years experience la teaching, a situs, tloe la a school to teach the Piano and Mclodeon: Is thor oughly competent, having had superior advantages; or as gov era sea tt a private family, to to struct in the English iimuhn Music, sad the rwttmeale of Kreuoh. Address K. M., box 1066 6|gIngfleW, Mass References given and required. S.RIGIMAL AMATI AND STAINER VIOLINS, WAR ' ranted aa genuine, for sale at a reasonable price at RULTS A VuN KAMfcKK'S Music Store, 668 Fulton street, oppcetm City Hall, Brooklyn. ORGANIST AND ALTO SINOER WAETED?FOR A quartet eholr, In an up town church Salaries, $600 sack. Address E. D. C? box *,066 Pual offica. WANTED?TWO ACCOMPLISHED VOCALISTS, SO prano and contralto, to slog la om of the loading up town churches Please address box MM Post office, with name and add rem, slating terms nilTHUCTIOT. T 660 BO WERT?PRIVATE OS SEPARATE IN ? stmctlnn, day and evening. In Bookkeeping, Writing, an Bowery- between Prince and Houston stasia. ? a FRENCH LADT WANTS A SITUATION AH GOV. KV erupts la a private family. Befhraaeeo gives. Address Jim. M. 8., Poet offioa. * Pa YOUNO MAN, HIGHLY QUALIFIED, WILL GIVE A Instruction to ladles or gentlemen In penmanship or any English branch, at Jhn rasldenee of the ptspIL Real raforanoos. Addraaa 6. Clattou D. ? T 61 a, WeAiNO. 16 LK80M6; BOOKKEEPING, A Arithmetic, WrIUag, Algebra, Latin, 666. Prafeaaor VANCLBVR. the great Calculater, who obaliengaa e-mpe UUon aa to rapid calculations, is giving Instructions at t'alne s Buatnese Colleges, 66 Bowery and W Fulton stract. Brook y? T ADIEU OF NBOLRCTED EDUCATION WHO WISH nJ to improve themselves In English Branches. Writing, Grammar. French and Mule, may receive private lessons at | 67 Wert Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. T6ARI8. ?INSTITUTION-INTERNATIONALB, CHATOU. A near Parts, In ooeneetlon with the Ixindon College of the later national Education Society <limited Bpaaiai| slody of French and other modern languages, natural sciences, mathematics, slsslns, and nil the other brsnshn* of a liberal edttoatleo, harmonising with the wanU and spirit ad the sgr. For prospectuses spptr to the Head Master, Mr. P. Barrere; or to the Secretary, at the society'* office, No. SI Old Bond street, W. PMRIV ATE PUPILS WANTED IN THE CLASSICS AND English Indies by a raeaol student of Harvard t'nlver sltv. Vmine men preparing for college, and tfeme whose early education has been neglected, .can rnceir<Nnatraetlo? at modsrata terms bf allying to MABVAEII, 16 Wert Eighteenth street. RHMrsTdBNT GOVERNESS.?A LADT WHO HAS HAD | long experience In teaching music, French and the Eng lish branches, and can furnish satisfactory reference to that affect, wishes an engagement In n school or family. Addraaa 8. 8.B., Boyd's ax proas M Fulton street, New York. ___ ~ MILLINBHT. P^BR SALE?ON ACCOUNT OT DEATH. A FIRST ^?claaa Millinery Business, established severs! years with s xplendld stnek of French On -da and tha bast class of cue fnmers in the city. A 6na opoortanity for n beginner; every thing ready for the spring trade; Inntllon unsurpassed. la qnlra at 88 Wei Fourth street. New Tort. MHI-I-B. R. CORDIKR. lit NINTn STREET. WILL ? open on Thursday, April A a full assortment of Freneh Bun nets and reund Hate. PBNINO OF THE SPRING SEASON OF BONNRTM _ at d lire-emeklng at Madame M. HARRIS', No. 7 Bra. voort place iTenih sJeet;. near Broadway, New York, on Thursday, April A 1867. , 0 ?KT OUOD8. At gband street cheap murk. RIBBONS, Rich round ed;?u lionust Ribbon 13c., Ale., So., 37c., 44c., Mo. and 76c. par yard, everv oolor. Prom aucllou, half price, lines of fancy and rich Dro eaded Hlbbuus, 10c., Me., 30c., 36c. and 31c. per yard. EDWARD RIDLEY, SOB, 311 and 811)4 Grand a tract, 66. wf and 70 Allen street, fifth block cast Irom the Bowery. A T GRAN!) STREET CHEAP STOKE. a A NEW SPRING BONNET MA IE RIALS. Silks, Satiua and Velvets In endWe variety. EDWARD RIDLEY. SUB. 811 and 811)4 Grand atreet, 66. 6* and 70 Allan aireet. fifth block from tfre Bowery. A T GRAND STREET CHEAP STARE. A NEW SPRING FEATHERS 4Vd PLOWERS. Largeat atock In thu uiu to aclect from. EDWARD RIDLEY. SOB, Sll and 311)4 Grand atreet, 66. 60 and 70 AUen street. J^T GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. NEW SPRING STYLES IN LACES. Cluny, Guipure, Velenciennea. Hru-sela, English and Prrnch Blonds, Thread Laces and Edging*. Alan bargains in Lace Veils, cheap lot ol black Crape Yells, Mliliiueiy, Laces, Illusions and llusllns very cheap, EDWARD RIDLEY, SOB, Sll and 311)4 Grand street, 66, OS and 7u Allen street, fifth block east from the Bowery. AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE NEW SPRING DRESS TRIMMINGS. Endless, variety of Gimps, both plain and braided; fringes, Inseitin Ac., Act; unusually cheap Buttons and Orna ments for drosses and cloaks very cheap. The largest, ohespest and moat oomptrte lines of silk vel vet Rfbboua for trimmings yet exhibited, every width, at gold prices; also full linn of our celebrated brand of black silk Ribbons, Velvets, gold prices; also black Ribbon Vel vets, white edge, at half European cost, this week's pur chase. Tbia department will repay examination. EDWARD RIDLEY, 80S, 311 and 811)4 Grand street, 66, 68 end 76 Alien street, fifth block east from the Bowery. GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. AMERICAN NOTION DEPARTMENT. From auci ion and private sale, silk Sunshades. Parasols

and l'mbreUas,ex emdve variety, from >1 each end upwards. White and colored Corsets at . 0c.. at 76c.. at SI sua $1 66. We have lines of tluer Corsets worthy or inspection. This department crowded with novelties of all kinds of fancy Goods cheap. EDWARD RIDLEY, Utfl, 811 and 811)4 Grand street, 66 66 and 76 Allen street, fifth block eaet from the Bowery. AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. NEW BPKINO HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Popular makes in ladies'and children's llose under regu lar market prices. New styles In Lisle Tbread Gloves. Ladlrs'Kid Ulovea at 41c.. 76c. and $1 per pair. Our own im|K>rtatlon and best; every pair warrauted, $1 46 nor pair. EDWARD RIDLEY, 80B, 811 and 811)4 Grand street; 66, 68. and 76 Allen street; fifth bluck eaet Irom the Bowery. AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. About 10b styles of I-luen Collars, Cuffs, Sleeves and Bets, very much under reeular prices. EMBROIDERIES FROM AUCTION. Bargains in Linen Handkerchiefs, 18c. 18c., 30c. and 26c. each. Pine hemstitch Handkerchiefs, SOc., 25c.. 81c. and 88c. per pair, lluudreds of lace Handkerchiefs, 31c., 44c., B6c? 76c. and SI each. Grass Linen Handkerchiefs, 16c., 26c., 26c. and Sic. each and upwards, from auction. Bargains in plain Jaconet, Mull and Swiss Muslins. EDWARD RIDLEY 869, 311 and 811)4 Grand street; 66, 68 and 70 Allen'sireet; fifth block east from the Bowery. AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE, NEW SPRING STRAW BONNETS AND JOCKEYS. Room No. 1 contains Infanta' Children's and Misses' HATS and JOCKEYS. Room No. 3?Ladies' JOCKEYS. Room No. S?Ladles' and Misses' BONNETS. MEW SPRING SHAPES. Irene, Josephine, Princess, Dsgmar, Boulevard. Avenue, Empress, Standard, Kision, M. Stuart, Vesta, Graceful, veui! Umi, Promenade, Carlotta, Paris Turban, Loudon, Park, Son tag. Rainbow. Star, Eureka, Koaetta Ao.. Ac. WM have these and other styles In every description of pMu and fancy Braids, stlitabia for infants, children, klaaaa and ladles, in both BONNETS AND JOCKEYS. Our pneea, an usual, will be lower tbaa any h ouae In this * EDWARD RIDLEY, S*ttL?ll)4 Grand, fid. 68 and 7U Alleo streets, fifth block east from tbe Bowerr. A HrvAD OP ALL WITH CII] A GREAT <DBOWUS Al both S.TILL URtAtbR ATI UAI CHEAP GOO08. 0 8lores ALL LAST WBKK. KACTtONS THIS WEEK. SPLENDID GOODS from limt week's auction sules. CUSTOMERS Socking from ell pert* alter them. We wifl open os Monday. 1 0U0 cartons of rich Puns Silk Ores* i rlBuniqapof every imaginable style, sll fine good*, si from 6c. to (TV) s yard: leas than J* rout to manufacture. LOOP rleces different Kind ol wot Goods, Just reoelved. Sheeting, Manila. t auton flannel. Wool flannel, Ac. Large tot slik brings*, about hair regular price*. Black sad Colored Velvets, all widths, at low prices. Splendid line Embroidered Edging* and Inserting*. (Wi yds. Beaded Lace, ror fancy dresses; Tfic. yd.; worth IS. 1.000 pain fine Prench Corset*, $1 26 pair; worth t'i. roll lineor owe celebrated ft 26 French Kid Glove* . Fall line ladies'. gent's and children's Hosiery. Gloves, Ac. 7,100pairs 1*?*?' regular English Hose* Me. pair; worth 78c. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. KwUha the-"aagirtAeent assortment on our Ant floor, wo have a tight sua spacious haaeiuenl, u-ed as a Housekeeping and Domestic Department where customers can find almost everything In this line, nt the lowest prices Lrge lot wet Dnce Goods, selling very low. SOU yds wet Bird's Eye Diaper, Us. fine good*. l.Ouiyda. .Nottingham Curtain Lace, 3.,, 1*., as., <*. Kpicndld assortment Dotted and figured Mwiss Muslin. 1 n every depsrtment. Goods under regular pnoes R< >.N AI.DHir.N A MKARKK, corner Hiilh avenue and lttb at and 1?6 Mb nr., between 19th and Aflh at*. A GRAND OPENING at van VILLE OE PARIS, 175 HROaDWaF. ON TIIIKSDAY, APRIL 4, Elegant style of in pouted cloaks. New design* more beautiful than aver before offend in UKOM Ii'LION, DRAB D'PRANCE. riUsMAER D'SOIB. THE HENRIBTTA H ACQ UK. This beautiful garment made expressly for as in Psrlk, will be exhibited, with a large and varied stock of OIK OWN M ANI.'KAC IP UK, to which we invite the special altention of TUB LADIES, and our patrons generally. C. J. OPPENHK1M BROS., 476 Broadway. A VOICE TO THB LADIES.?THE LADIES ARE RES pecifuUy solicited to call on MADAME BKG8.SK, at I SB Hiilh avenue, and examine the only correct system in this country of Pitting Ladies' Dresses by measurement. This si t can be acquired In one hour by any lady, when she can fit her own or the dreesea of others with ease and confi dence. Cost of learning, 96. Astounding bargains. ISO piece* black ? 'olorado cloths ? new fabric, S yard* wide; t* per dress. worth $14. 60 piece* Balmoral Ci apes, $9 per dress, worth 99. 20U places Silver and Iron Gray Materials for travelling, from 9* to 91S per dress. Moat beautiful goods. Call and wet. W. JACKSON, Importer, No. Ml Broadway, Upposlte Tiffany A Co. Bargains i bargains! i IN new and fashionable SILKS. SHAWLS and DRESS GOODS, Just reoelved from auction. ALSO, A large assortment of HOUSEKEEPING GOoDS, Just received, at greatly reduced prices. Bleached and I'd bleached Muattaa, all widths and quail Uti. Shirting and Sheeting Linens,Mil widths and qualities. White and Oolered Marseilles Counterpanes, all widths ?i?i qualities. Lace and Mas!la Curtains, new styles. Bleached and half bleached Table Damasks, new styles. 1J ticks Towels Napkins and Crashes, nil quantise Flannels, white end colored, nil widths sad qualities. ALSO. White and intend Marseilles and Piques, all prices, vary cheap. ALSO, Spring Cloaking, and Caaslmeraa, very choles styles. W. K. PBTTON, 172 and 274 Bowery, near Houston street. R SALE?NINBTT TWO TARDB TAPESTRY VEL vet Carpel, IHUe used; rosewood Sofa sad Easy Chair, good as new, eh sap. (91 Broadway. Great bargains.?we. the undersigned, have taken Ike banco 909 Canal street, between Marasr and Broadway, whan wa offer antira steak af our earn las pertation af Lacs Oeods and Embroideries at greatly re -"";asir.*c*T.o0. Lake a mocrkkrt, 471 BROADWAY. 471 BROADWAY, have opaued a splendid naeerteial af aUk and elath Cloaks, consisting of baSqubs, SACQUKN, ? CIRCULARS AND JACKETS, af aaw and elagaat daalgna and materials. OPENING OF SPRING AND NUMMKB MANTLES. MISS M. OREGO, It FIFTH AVENUE, wtU opaa on Wadaaaday, April S, 1MT, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OP SPRING AMD SUMMER MANTLER, WALKING SUITS IN SILK AND WORSTED OOOD8. ELEGANT IMPORTED DINNER AND CARRIAGE DRRSSjUL LADIES' BRRAKPASTSACQUBN, AC. Mlaa O. satis attention to her dressmaking department, wklrh ska Is prepared to nervy an in all Ha Iwanshas. STRAW GOODS.?WK OFFER IJNB OASES PALM Laaf Mala aad MoodR Price from 91 7110 Si. STEPHENSON A CO., Mi Canal street. FAMILIES V1BITINO THB PARIS EXPOSfTlON. CASHMERES AND LACKS. OOMPAONIK DBS INDES, m BUB RICHELIEU. 90 IJIO Messrs. VERDE DEI.IBLR, the proprInters, respectfully desire to Inform the American ladles who visit the Trench capital that (hey WIU And at their establishment the largest and richest aeaartmsnt of CASHMERES AND LACKS IN TMN WORLD, at prtoss that will en (tela every and say comparison the rabrlques of the company, planed as Hfjjji ovary lack District qp prai/i;e and REm*ICM, and la all af the HRtWL DISTRICTS OP INDIA, enable tbam to anil at the pries of MANIJPACTtTR BRS INSTRAO OP MERCHANTS, as wall aa lo prodoee dcalgns stclnalvaly their awn. RofHab la sanaaUy spoken 10 the setaMlshnveet ,_n AMlhHMKNTK. Broadway theatre. Corner of Hro d way and Riuomn street. ADMISSION SO CENTS, Tills EVENING, HI KINO THE WEEK AND SATURDAY AH Eli SOON,| The most popul.r comedienne m America. MISS MAi.U K MITCHELL, Supported by the talented young aci?r Mr. Jaa. W. Collier, , iu her beautiful c cation of FANv HON, A personation In which she in universally acknowledged as WITHOUT A RIVAL. Saturday, April 6. FIRST MITCHELL M ATINEE, AND ONLY FANCllUN MATINEE. Seats secured from 8 to 6, als days In advance. WOOD'S THEATRE, 614 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas lioteL THIS KVENINU, BENEFIT OF MRS. F. M. BATES, When she will appear In the crest sensation play of EAST LYNNC, Supported by MR. f. m. bates, and an entire COMPANY 0"F BROADWAY FAVORITES. German htadt theatre, 46 and 47 bowery. ? This i Wednesday) evening. April 3, last appearance but one of Mr. BOGUMIL 1MWISON, as HANS JUROK, and as OAUK1CK, IN DR. ROBIN. H ARTZ'S TEMPER OK MYSTERY. 8H6 BKOADWAY. Tickets, 60c.; Reserved seats. $1. Inr sale at the HaM. LAST WEEK BUT TWO. TWO HUNDRED AND TENTH PERFORMANCE. Immense sensation caused by THE WONDROUS UK AD, Or, the oracle of the Nineteenth Century. THE BASKET TRICK, With other New Wonders, Miracle* and Illusion* Every Evening at 8, Saturday at 2. Cblckenng'g Piano is used at these Hceancc*. Wednesday, Juvenile Night, children half pnee. CUIAKLKY WHITE'S TROUPE. ) At Bryant*' Mechanics' Hall, 473 Broadway. LAST WEEK OF FEMALE CLERKS. LA.VT WEEK OF FEMALE CLERKS. LAST WEEK OF FEMALE CLERKS. FIRST WEEK OF THE JUVENILE CLOG DANCER. MAST. HTKV1E. Champion. MAST. S IE VIE. MAST. STEV1E. Champion. MAST. STEVIE. kakanta, the boneless man. FARANl'A. THE BONELESS MAN. GREAT.PRIZE FIGHT EVERY NIGHT. GREAT PRIZE FIGHT EVERY MUUf. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 885 BROADWAY. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT 8 O'CLOCK. THE CREME DE LA CREME OF MIN STREL8Y. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose euoeess has never been equalled by any similar organization In the world. New and Cheerful Burlesques every week. Trou ble at the Metropolitan Hotel. Imitations or Actors. Bng llsh opera with German Accent. Nancy Fat. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and me screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Grand March of the Spirit Haabere of the Amason. Kelly and leon's minstrels, tuo broadway. FIRST APPEARANCE OF MR. WM. S. BUDWORTH. THE ONLY LEoN. NORMA THE ONLY LEON. A Glnrlona Pro- O M lei l'ou Parle Fran gramme. Traveller's It raise. Nelse Hey Trials, Drat tluie. o M inuur. The Two Dan Yankee Lavaca. Mr. NORMA dy Nlga. 80th night F.DW1N KELLY'S O M of the combined Darling Dora, and R burlesque of Black I he great POLK-I-O O M Crook A Ceudrillon. THE ONLY LEON. NORMA THE ONLY LEON. gTEINWAY HALL. CARL WOI.FSOHN'S GRAND CONCERT, NEXT SATURDAY EVENING. AT 8 O'CLOCK, wbeu he will lie assisted by SEVERAL EMINENT OPERATIC ARTISTS, THE L1EDKRKKANZ SOCIETY, ASP THOMAS' GRAND ORCHESTRA. Tickets $1. For kale at Steinway Hall, Agency, 112 Broad way. and at the principal music stores. Reserved seat cheeks, 50 cents extra, may be had at Box Ofllce, Steinway II all. IKYING HALL. SONGS OF SCOTLAND. Reappearance of Mr. D. KENNEDY, the oclebrated Honttliih Vora.ixt. FRIDAY KVENINO. April A 1867. The Songs of Scotland hare a great historic value?the* are truly the history of tlie people. Wa seem to ait down lieaide the Minnie peasant, and from his own Hps learn the story of his life. To the peasantry of Scotland we are mainly Indebted tor our country's songs, and, most of all, to the peasant ploughman. Robert Burns. Mr KENNEDY prefaces each song with a few remarks intended to remove any dihrulty or ooeeurtty arising from peculiarities ofWbe national language or allusions to looal customs. Miss KENNEDY will prealde aUM Pianoforte, and each svenlug play a selection of Scottish Keels. PROGRAMME. YE BANKS AND BRAES O' BONNIE DOON. CoMK UNDER MY PLAIDIE. afton WATER. SCOTLAND -?ET. MY BOYTAMMIE. JOHN GKUMLIE. l'AK' YElt AULDALOAK ABOUT YE. LOCUABEK NO MOKE. ANNIE'S TKYSTE. TAM GLEN. SCOTS WIIA HaE. AI'LD LANG SYNE. Doers open at 7!<; to begin at 8 o'clock. Tickets, 60 cents. Reserved seals. 60 cents extra. For aula at Beer A Mchlruier's, 701 Broudway; Rullman Ticket omi-e. 112 Broadway; and Irving Hall. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURE?' THE WASH INGTON TWINM,'' born ah re, having two heads, four arm*, and but one body and one pair of legs; also the head and rigut arm of Probst, tbs murderer of trie Deering fami ly; together with magiilhcAii:. collection of objeets In rbysloogv, Anatomy, Pathology and Natural History; ull ol which are Illustrated dally by tiocturea and Mlooaeopto Views, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, Alii Eroad way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. 0 N EXHIBITION. CONSTANT MAYER'S LAST PAINTING, ??THE CONVALESCENT," at MS Broadway. Admission 34 cents. M R. P. KENNEDY. THE CELKI1 RATED SCOTTISH vocalist, at Irving Hall, on Thursday evening. April 4. WALLER'S OPERA HOUSE, NEWARK.?THIS EVEN log and during the week, MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Theatre ticket office. Reserved seats for nil first class theatres, concerts, balls, Ac, can always he obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. Noa. 113 and 114 Broadway. WALTER LENNOX, COMEDIAN. IN NOW PRE. pared to negotiate with managers for tbe fall and winter season. Address 2,081 Summer street, Pb lladelpbla. (? ari) to managers.?the undersigned re. J spectfully informs managers throughout the United Mutes thnt he Is open to an engigemcnt for tbe rail and winter season of 1817-8 as first old man or auge manager, or Both. Communications addressed to JAMES O. BURNETT, both. Commanicallons addressed to JAMKH O. BURNETT, 3117 East Seventy-eighth street, New York, will receive prompt attention. PI A N O FOMTB *. REDUCTION IN PIANOS.?BARMORE S WARE A rwmK^t^lHeeckr^L^^^jplctiili^Issu^ment^ii^ ranted a ysara; 17 prtio medals; wltnoot exception best piano made; ehaap seoond band ?lis> $i*i Stan A GRAND FRENCH PIANO FOR SALE?OR WOULD eichange for another, by one of tbe boot makers of Parts, wall suited for a ball or large room. Call at G. GBD NKY'S book bindery, Noa. 10and IS Read street, cornor of Kim. for terms. A GOOD ?h OCTAVE PIANO FOR RMS. ? OCTAVE for f 13?, nna for $7* and one for 3*0. Now Piaaoa rery low nn account of removal. Pianos to rent, or sold on instalments at 148 East Twenty-third street, near Third ar. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO, forte, made to order a short Ume ago and folly war ranted. for sals at a gnat bargain, at 1*4 Grand street., near Mott. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOB I\ sale, made to order, city mskrrs, cost MOO, for MOO; Parlor Sans, Ktagerao, Bookcase, Chamber and Dining Fur niture, China. Olaee, Ac., n saenSco. 44 Wast Msteeath street, near Mlilh arenue. AM LADY WILL SACRIFICE A BEAUTIFUL PIANO | forts, a BRIO Instrument, for lees than half IT la ken I Immediately; seven ocuree, celebrated makers, nearly new. rosewood, overstrung bona, carved lags; also Carpels, Re. Apply at JB Third BHAROA1N8.-KUSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, IBOI ? frame, modern Improvements, seven ncuve, oelehrste makers, |1W; handsome reeowuod Piano for to. Glitter ?1? Boston, iron frame, $134. also twenty first rlai seoond hand Pianofortes, very lew .assortment now Piaoc fortes. loSh tban wholesale prices. W Fourth svenuo, oppS site Coonor Institute. I0YWB, IBH ???!! WMWI alto Cooper Institute. BARGAINS?MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE MODERN Piano, used but a short Ume, for 8348. one for >100; naw one at a reduced once. H. HARDMAN, 130 Amity St. (jTOR SALE?IN CONSEQUENCE OP THE LaDY T leaving for Europe, a Pianoforte, aevea octave. Cm ha aeen at Broadway. rR SALE CHEAP?A BBYKN OCTAVE PIANO, WITH carved lags. In good order; reason for selling party about to break up boo so hooping. Apply st 107 Grand street. PIANOFORTE FOR BALE?A VERY HANDSOME rosewood Piano; flril class maker; 7 octave; fine tooo; nearly naw; with 8tool, Re. J. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth street. r LET-ONE OP CHICKBRINU'S BEST PIANO* fortes, at a low pries, to responsible parties. Address for one week Pianoforte, station D. WATERS' PIANOFORTES. Grand. Square and Upright, Mslodeona, Patter. Cbnreh and Cabinet Organs: tbe beet manufactured. To let. end rent applied If jrarchaaed. Monthly iuvtaimenta received. Warorooma 481 Broadway, Naw York. HORACE WATERS * CO. *11 ft WILL BUY A NICE t OCTAVE PIANO. SWEET V I At/ lona, sad In perfect order; the owner hrosklug up housekeeping 87 West Eleventh street, between Fifth sod Slvth avenues. MARBLE MANTEL*, WARBLE MANTELS AT BEDUCED l'*ICKS.-A FINE M aelectlon on band at 8. KLABER S manufactory, 44 First avenue, near Third street, New Yor*. Coll and ex amine, KlRBLEtZED SLATE MANTBLH-SyPKRlOR IN appearance, more durshle, fcolf the pure of marble. STEW A RT. 804 BHlh avenue, betweea Thirty-fifth aid if-alxth streelai Marble mantels.-** mantelm 9? "Ail0' or every style sad quality.wblch will be hold tor tbe next Hilly days at s liberal _8c'biction, at A. KLaBF.R S Mantel Warsmoms, HI* East Eighteenth street, near Third avenue, N. Y. Cut this out. RMTAVRANTa. P BTBR'S AMERICAN RRBTAUEANT. PASSAGE, UEJ^PBIMcis, AMUKlC.HKVrs. kTEW yokk theatre Li. JFA.NIE DEANS, Htuuwi Ll.tys BAKER A MARK SMITH JKANIK DEANS. 1 JKA.SIK DEANS, EVERY NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT, Received with tb? MOST UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM, MOST UNBOUNDED K N T11 ? T -i I \s>I, MUST UNBOUNDED ENTHUSIASM. Mlsa ROSE EYTINGE m her oeautiful personation of lb" Heroine. an.I Messrs. M \RK SMI I'll. LEWIS BAKER -tad their EXCELLENT CoMI'tNY In the rut seal* mav tw secured a week in advance. Theatre francaik. THURSDAY EVr.MNO. April 4. IW, at 8o'clock, LUCRKCB BoltulA, piece In live acta, by Victor 11 ugo. MADAME LARMKT Lucrece lalgw Ticket ofltces Bear A >cblrmer's, 701 Broadway; Macoj A Herwig'a, 112 and 114 Broadway. OLYMI'IO THEATRE. Continued success of the lilt HINDS ENl.LISU OPF.RA COMPANY. THIS EVENING, rejx-t lion of Ihe grcalL successful pro diction of last craning, tnuer'a charming opera, the CROWN DIAMONDS. CAMPBELL, UAM'i.ri, SEOUIN, WYLIP. 1'EAKhn. ARNOLD, MISS CAROLINE KICIIINOfi. MRS. SEGPIX and a full cast. The opera elegantly mounted with appro fnatescenery und proper ties, and DRrBmR MADE tX TtESSLY tor it In Paria. FRIDAY?HE EKir OF MISS R1CUINUB, THE BOHEMIAN GIRL. GRAND OPERATIC MATINEE ON SATURDAY. (T BIFFIN and CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS.?FIFTH J Avenue Opera Uouae, sua. 2 and 4 West T weuly-fourlb street. G. W. II. ORIPFIN Mulinger THE FAMILY RESORT. Every evening during the wee a will be presented the Graud Spectacular Buriesuue, BLACK CROOK, pronuunoed bv the pr aa and the public to be Ihe MUST LAUGHABLE BUUi.ESUUK ever written, lteininlarencea of Dixie. Othello, Stop ,1 If, Palace of Dew Drops. Trouble at the Ball, Gtuger Blue, Mod McGibligan O'Hallory, Ac. GEORGE CliRIcTY EVERY NIGHT. Door* open at 7. Commences al K. MATINEE KVi.RY SATURDAY at half-i>a*t 2 o'ufeck. H00LEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. UECIIALUMEAU, THE UNFORTUNATE. Street* of Brooklyn, Wearv Travellers. Brooklyn Belle. The Race*. Talent Appreciated Kill or Cure, The Artful Dodger, Phoebeunua Brown, Medley Clog Dance, Essence of old Vlrglnny, Ac. Mettehe every Saturday, nt 214 o'clock. Tony pastor s opera house, 201 bowery. GRAND MATINEE, GRAND MATINEE, GRAND matinee, THIS AFTERNOON, AT 2>* O'CLOCK. The great sensational l .cal Drama, called THE KIV R RATS OF N-.W Y 'RK. THE ItlYER RATS OF NEW YOKK. Tony Pastor and the entire Comi any i i the cam. Grand efl'ec.s, splendid Tableaux, glorious Comic Scenes. The Drama preceded by a grand Olio oy IDE GREAT VARIETY TROUPE. Bl'NYAN TABLEAUX?LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty muginltmiit scenes. Illustrating " Bun ? ail's Pilgrim's Progress." Union Hall Broadway and weiny-thlrit street. Open every night at 7; cumracnong at 8. Admission Al cents; ohtltren '15 cents. MaUnee Wed nesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. KOHT. J. GREENWOOD, Manager and Proprietor. MR. GEORGE SIMPSON'S ANNUAL CONCERT W1I.L lake place on Tlittraday evening, April 4, at Irving Hall, assisted by ibe fulluwiug artists: Mlsa Lizzie M, Gates. Miks Nettle Slerllug, Mr. J. R. I homes, Mr. Jules I.umliaid, Mr. Heury Mullenliaiier, and Mr. Kennedy, the celebrated Scottish vocalist. Conductor. Mr. Geo. W. l,olhy. Tickets one dollar, for sale at the door. Concert to commence at eight o'clock, precisely. R. D. KENNEDY, THE CELEBRATED SCOTTISH vocalist, at Irving Hall, on Thursday evening, April 4. SEVENTH REGIMENT N. O. BAND. O Grand Promenade Concert, al Seventh Regiment Ar mory. ou Tuesday evening, April 13. Tickets to be had from Lieutenant Hogart, Mealto's hat a ore, 416 Broadway; Wm. A. I'ond, mu-<ic store, 547 Broadway; Bower Bros., stationers, 296 Broadway; C. S. lira lulls, No. 1 M niton street, or from members ol the regiment. Tickets one dollar. T~ HEATitiTrRANCAIS?FRENCH THEATRE TO LET, lor evenings and matinees, for operas, dramas, oonoarla. lectures, Ac. Apply to Mous. DRIVET, ofilco of Pranch theatre. M FINANCIAL.. Albert h. nioolay,'auctioneer. ALBERT II. NICOLAY will sell at auction on Wednes day, April 8 at 12W o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, (for account of whom It may concern), 100 shares International Screw Nail Company $100 each LBBRf H. NICOLAY. AUCTIONEER. ALBERT H. NICOLAY will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April 8, at 12)* o'clock, at the Ezchange sales room, ill Broad way (for aooonnt of whom I' may concern), 3,600 shares Russell File Company theld as collateral!. A PARTY POSSESSING UNQUESTIONED INFORM A lion of a Wall atreel "corner" about to taka place plaoa wants to meet a gentleman of means who would operate for their mutual UeiieOt. Address Railroad, Herald oflioc. , " X A AN KINO HOUSE or JAY COOK a * CO., No. 30 Win Hraxxr, Corner of Nuau > ireeu Maw Tort. Wo buy and sell at the moat liberal current price*, ana keep on hand a full supply of GOVERNMENT BONDS OP ALL ISSUES, eBVENTrt i RUES, AND COMPOUND IN I I'.RKfiT NOTES, and eieoute order* for purchase and sale of STOCKS, BONDS AND GOLD. We hare added to oar ofBoe tarne room* for the accommoda tion of the public demand for internment la and Mokangas of Government Securities, and tb* convenlenoe of our Stock aad Oold cnatomer*. Seven-thirtle* converted I*to Ptve-tvrentla* at fovera ment rate*. JAT COOKE S CO. CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. southweat corner of Bowery and Canal (treat HI I per cent internal, fire (Wim tax. Sum* from $A to BAJMO racetvd Money deposited on or before April Swill bear Internal from April 1. J-JUNCAN, S H KRM aMACO.' * BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS. NEW TONE, Iuna Circular Ron and Letter* of Credit for lieieBoia. available la all tne principal attics of the world. Mercantile credit# for uae In Europe. China, Be. Abe make tnwafare ef money to California aad Orngoa by tul?rapk. Iataraat allowed on deposits. POR THE NEW GENERAL BANKRUPT LAW, WITH forma, etplanetioa* and foil Inatracttona to bankrupt* and creditor*, nan mw edition WKU.8' EVENT MAN HIB OWN LAWYER AND BUSINESS FORM BOOK. dW PAOE8. PRICE fX 2IZ B?OR SALE r CiTY RAILROAD STOCKS AND BONDS IN ALL THE FIRST CLASR COMPANIES; ALSO OTHER SECURITIES, Paying larna dividend*, at lew rata* for Investment*, by ALBERT H. MIC< M, AT, Stock Broker aad Auctioneer, 43 Pine street, N. T. J^HBRBBTTK, KANE A CO., laaoe an ears tr? Agenh Toil. Ra S Plate do la Sou roe. Paris, laaae and etsh Lettvra of Credit, roeeive letter* far Ameri can* travelling In Enreee. _ . _ ?la far lb* line* of Heeinei* between Havre ead New OPPICE OP CAMERON COAL COMPANY, H 'tOAD way.?Coupon* on Cameron bonds, dee April IB, will ???"?"** ^ T& soNBRS. Trenenrer. TTNION DTMR SAVINOR BANK iilK^Erc^T^TVRVsT^o-"^ S3? Money deposited }^*em from April L VVANTBD-ON BOND AND MORTOAOB. ON VY property In Jaraeywortb IM.8B& I will pay taxes. Address t,. II., Herald oBoe. ?1 nnn -WANTED ON LOAN, BT AN ACTIVE $1,I/UU. buxlnaaa man; large Interest win be raid; mortgage on personal property given ae security. Addrvre Money. b"? ** Herald oBae. ?9 ff;nn wanted.-will pat a tret liberal bonua and give ample aoenrtty (chattel mort gage i and notes payable monthly to return capital lu a year. p,r Intervlew addraaa L. O., box 1W lient.d nfBoe. (t'l UJ1A TO LOAN-IN ONN SUM, ON NBWTORK *)?? .A/VVl rity real e*tate. Ural mnrtg .ge at 1 per cent. J. SOUS BIlThRBAN D, ? Wall tajJaunaay onurtj^ $66,000 la w?rtb over ISOl.tUO. Andreas Herald office. .FIRST CLASS BROOK Brat mortgage Property for three days T. T. M , B1AA AHA WANTBO-ON VALUABLE PROPER ?EIT7U.UUU ty la bnalnem pari of tlty. money wanted to Improve by building. Addreaa 8. K. J., box s,tH3 Poet office. *inn nan -to loan on bond and mort. flUU.UuU. gage *t 7 per cant Interovt on inyn'vrl first cleat New Vork city property. Apply to MoKKIS BROTHERS. No. TjMnoatreat. 417" nnn TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT ?PLlO.'MMJ cage in ooe or more turns, en real estate In this city or Brooklyn. . .. JOHN F. OuNRET, 8 Wall street, room It. turiwi AAA TO LOIN ON NEW TORE. BjOOK; ??)UU.UUU lyn and Jar.ay real estate. Beeeod Moriaaeee bonai't. Tr*vrl.*rs' iDmir nee Company. ' ft B. WILLIS, SI Piae strati.