Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. T~ TT "S~~ WHOLE NO. 11,174. NEW YORK. THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1867.?TR1PLB SHEET. PRICK FOUR CENTS. JPEK80N _ a MY ISuOKMMTlDN OK KATRICK S?"S2itlAJl \ who liv-l >t HiUyruadan. county D.olin. will ba * rev i?M bv bl* ..?u- . Curoorau, who w ??u* at Ur. Jneepfc Co** ? '*, WeaiaeiA, X. J. LL lyniKd FOR THB TWO F*fc*OH L can t>o *t!are&M<i ut in Kale Jollle, lUuua A, Spring mi. ________ a DOrTIOM._A NEW B tRN INFANT W BR ADOKT flL ?d >*? to * foodl hoflM. 4 Mi ?* ? ? 6 Ataliy BEAUTIFUL FEMALE BABY, 11 MOMTM OLD, for adoption. Mother will rrtMUlak f/ f" *IK>I> of a good t?o. le lor her child. Addieaa E. A. I., riR aDOPTION-a FINB. M4TW fiint, one week old. Keier fu ? particular* to Dr gwtV?r, 3RJ Kant Thirty fourth .treel ___ CH?R ADOrTION-A RESPECT ABIJJ LITTLE ORF'LAN H abl vert enuring eompiny for a lonely re.pectable Uy Sr{ufTwhntSSSno cbjldrin. .he wiU have muan. of karown in pwe hei a fu.t _e. edncatu n. Nou. out r i aeiail- port..-* need reply Addreea Orphan, .tailun A, fprtng -trent. X. Y. ?l COM" AND THAT ALL DO MF/RE UNMASK 1 a nun hall. Addre?a Ok, atatioa i>. _ tMMMiTIIlS WANTED OF THE PRESENT \ 4n-.u ?l Alet under U?ul or Augualu* 2"VcUltn , mtwrwl ( umpeiiy I, Filth regiment New . a .S? *Uhfc? U>9?. some mem e. ul the coinp* j th mm num. New Jersey p*p*?fa pteu*e copy. . WIH iWATloM WANTED OK THE WH,11 UStf~y received ' >' liunor Flanagan. Laatlo Oa.den, New Yu*k. ?" I ?5?Sfe2g Etfy ? 2^'" Tlrca Patrick. O'Acul, ASi Eaat I ally-sac ad * eel, N. Y. ? WTHV iadyin THE corridor OF the aca B5fr?* the aoquirntaiioc Of the ahOlA f|?W.1 Bible, bend *+* ik*m ?? mho K PTE HARVEY, (MAIDEN NAME KATE * arryh'nboiihl read iMh, .he will pleaae addreaa to W. 0. ; J iak u'aahlnffkin street. I a \* a i?f apvt COLORS, FORMERLY MAD Jtn ' md 2" Anu V.'.key..i'ter. of John MngrutH. it ot '.No. S K.'Val t no' terrace, jf^'VlCed gs"8Sr&."?S'uS.A^?^w"u'?S dv intago. J'-nrryi. tu'rur 1 ? ????v ? ? %, ey No. 1(36 Washington "treet. ?rw -Hid SHOI'LD MEETTHEEYKOF W.M. H. SQI IIIK8, I 'crtner'.jT ^p^Yorit^^he^etlT li?ar'*^i'oatli"?B lo hf"ad WMMtK* bT calUn^ hH wife a. the inrmahmg Soori above French'a Hotel, or ad.lre^itig .Mn. W in. hitn, No. 907 y 16 ireet, Pbiuuielpulw ., , .? Iw^ntm lornierly with S. Draper A Co. Addreaa C. B. hox LM9 I'oat oii'ivd. . viMioiw I.AT'll.Y IN PHILADELFIIl.A. IN THfear! hof heir, to Mef irdv esUte, will W. & Y aril coun- lior at law. ^71 Hi on I ?' Nl M ' [J II I THl" I AI>Y WITH VERY KASCIN VTINli F1A1R. 17 ILL Till. .Ul l ? it'? j , omnibus, n- i r \lchJ*.Vlo'l'^L t^Jd"*duy mon*tI<, about 11 o'clock, d'reaa George Belden, letter O Hernld oiUcef rairren ?AM DtERXCAN WIDOW LADY WI8HS8 ^LwL:taii7MW? ???:,! he. Inquire for Mrs Laro e. ?.o \S o.tdUt a y, NI'TCCYAL YQTHBo MirifAN INBTTTOTE -TnE MONTHLY MEETINO ^"for Apra JlU lif henl th.a . fh-.r;d ,y) evening. *M* ?'dock . at ita rooms In u WALKS, Rec. Sec. Y^ln r.n r* Krlve him. tr ? recommenced in WILKhb SPIRIT OF i'llli TIMES to dnv. TTM'P THE FDORBOLDiER.?THE WHtb DF A DISL la*?aw? Fifth street, third iloor, trout house. ____? ^fASONlC N^ICe7-THK hrolher. Ooorge Xhornell. B>j^|rs D.ESTEERE. W. M. Nt L. Smith, Beerelary. ? i MINNIE tiOODiMN. ^JOnCH TO BOSS meluVngofHtheMo" JN my concern.-At a re^ ? unanimmtaly IsMthm Ary S??S ?? ffi 2frt^*u rec*,Te STw per day on and Monday 'i'roaident. OMXM-iti* McAcuw* Cti?y8f Becretary. . ?Mil. of PROPERTY BELOW FORTEENTII |DNERB O .ware that the proponed extenalon of ' ?treet.?Ar y . . . .. r_H.a i. ,0 be done ut a co-t to nrch .treet for rallroud | po^ ^ ni?eti?g of property S^Mrx^o* th- aub^AsdUb* M Jo.rW,Ho. ^hP.M^IiTi^r^U^tion are earne.tiy ia*lted to attend. ? ? T" . irtIfc.rt oF THF. BROOKLYN AUXILIARY HE u_tuf a??oci?tton present their reepeota to Southern Relief Aatmcuii ^ warme.t thankx Mr. Yan An^"??n,f^uVT ^ot only In furniabing gratui far hte tnuiiitteent llberuiity, no. . Cono?rt, out alao .goualy ell the neoea?MT/^? through the colurnna of hi. for the pnbtoefty.hejaee to nia a ta(,greaimeaanre Wtdely ctreufaled paper, ?*?"?? ^ M MieM not ?dkelbule their^ttirerfng fellow country. ???T mnder divine guidance, lead ??MHP, but Will ?i?o w^T " ^? ? form. By order, ?n a Union r-.toreA In **S B"rn,,, Mr*, s. It. Chit Mm. J"hn Oroeuwoad, ^ . ? Wrn. Burtlett, Mm. S^ld^gar. ?10 COn??' Bmoaim, kmhD 18". ^J2S27'2S?ny 3" ffiSS" memliere of .Commit ?hartwter a? tn^ b^rouRht JwTo^ ,te?m enginee. Said Invention. Will ?smbtac'? ? gauge*, wuter gauge*, ?att-lncrutrtnloraj.*Ae?F '.pnaratua, A'. m*v appear in per.on lutfore the <'ommt**loD. fJ,.Te m?^ ^ wptalntng their Inveotlon.-, but no ex ^Tn.. . wi?bo allowed under any By order ni Soeretary ot the Tifiwury. WaatuPBTO*. D. C., March 18, IMT. T-.i'tirMHN UNDERWRITERS AND SHIUBFILD *1 ?tl rr.iue.led to call .it the Merchant. Exchange ere hW re<i . ?tr?,fkt mid exunfiine an IM? m.I Now. lumma. Wand* "ne etnei. ana ^ Lament or Mi: TAYLOR, of the Amertcnii iloyd*. and SflL It H. KO.UfV- of h ..ton, WiiK, April 9. IW? ? Ul<\ C.tKli?S. ~r, ? RIVO A If AUG R \NI> J ^ *M#wtm#rnt of CfiTret#, OWeloth?, M itt, Mattinir, ViJoh:;m^..* V^aOT'. 75; faoenla, 1 ? ? ?? V i...i.iixa_WK THE UNDERSIGNED. 4 vRf'.ue taken*he'houie s-il banal Mreet. Iwtween Mercer \I have takeniim n<>.iw> ? enllre ,loCk or our own lm 0?"<1? nnd Km'.roiderte* at greatly re ::^ea .04 utUl ntorc ?, at ^'^"hECHT A CO. "i-""T^rri HAS NOW OPENED HIS NEW S? JLjt. JSk rf Engllah Brunael., Three Ply and anprr . acrtog at^h fvf and neweat de.lgn* ever lm rt!*i t irpi- ,, oi t which he la determined to *ell po.t-.i m O t'uj '2 ""?k Ollcloiha. nil width*. Window at oou.nadT low Th? Hlock of parlor. Bedroom **V>^.^^5f^itnr?T u*?urpa**e<i for ouanUty, qn.lity or S aZdin We.t Thirty llftii ?treet. one door Ctof llgVtii avenue^ J ARE A MoCRKERY. 471 Broadway, kert opr n a larfT* nd select assortment of Kl'RINU I UlAKK, H ANUURH, BAGl Ks, CIRCULARS AND JACKETS, IN SILK AND CLOTH, INCLUDING ALL THE latkat lesions m style and trimming. CTRA1T OOCDS -Wli OKKER 1,000 CASKS PALM ?J leal Ht'J ?ud Hoi 'U. Price fruit $1 78 to $?. BILPUKNSON A CO., 218 Canal ?treet ?po f AH 1 LIES VISITING THE PARIS EXPOSITION. CASHMERES AND LACES. COMPAONIK UEH INDUS, AO KUR RICHELIEU. 80 ? ra. VMRUE DRLIMLB, the proprietor*, reject fully daair* i? Infenn ll>? American ladle* who rt*lt the French aapltal that Ik') will And at thalr establishment (he lar?n?t And nabeal assortment of CASHMERES AND LACES 1*1 'i IF. WORLD. at ttrlae* that will auitain erery and any eoaapartaoa. The rabriuiie* of the copiiwinr, placed a* ?key at* la ??r LAC4I DISTRICT OT CHANCE AND ? FL.-IUM, and In all of the SIIAWL DISTRICTS OK INDIA, anahie them to aell at the price of MANL'PAOTI'R *SF (NsTKAD OK MKKOIIANTS, aa well u to projiioo deetfn* exclusivity their own. English le currently apokcn ?a I bo eata'SI- h merit. N. H. ?flte I ->>|ir etor* pay no coramlstioo* to any parte** bringing cuthim to 'ha boune. ^ _ MlIaLlNKHV* I -.,It V , . _ON ACCOUNT or DEATH, A KIRST r clan Millinery Hustoess, established serer*! rear*, with a ?i leicll I ?:oc* of French (lo d? and the beat class of e.ta ?outer* In ibe city. A (In* opportunity for a beginner; ercry thng re dr for in* ?i r nf trade: location unsurpassed . In quite at l? West Comb street, New York. \1 Mr" HAETLI Y M H'TOND opening or PARIR i?i Itonnei* i to toer feenda and "iisfiitTiei* personally known to ho:) will take place in TuviratUy, tue 4th ol Ap .1, at IkiJ Intil way. OPENINo fiK Till' Si'RTNrt SEAS' N OK BJNNBTS aid Dre. risking at MadamfM. HARRIS', No. 7 Bre. yonri p. ,c? ( r.'uth atrvotj, MAT Broad wty, Now Y< rk. on FbnrsdaT. Aurll A, 18d7. the nHP. ? ?? . . aii n?h'nrLf-fiilth lUtft, ?2?*i~!S5JsaaSW?t^5Sc b One one __ nunuMa half one ?prtni W?f?i " il.rT.nrr-"- " BWnkata, lb* Mcheet wider. SPOUTING* ?7~r?M~Of'"0OO8 AND BIRDS FOB SALE AT la. imVRY's. ISO Canal street, .ear Church street, dictoee f?* eR '*? tur \ted.ciue* birds-M SPLENDID TACHT8 FOB SACK, 8B\ERAL E-""'""'"' ?nsaWSWEP " IO JMM3 wu?. AA U ?? .IeuaI NiAinsi V Su?u street. M>n2S aus* .? ..itpi..n.KTierm usUir 76 ceuts. Butler's new work UThe l^^ D^ t^ ZM Ac. Medicine for all dteeoses. - ? iniiR SVLK?TWO BKEB' II LOADING OUS8; 12 jrfegi* T^gsa.tar HOKsKs t ARH1AOlML 4 nv> RTISF.R WANTS TO FUR0UA8B OR A, ^s.i'alr'rMr &s irws. avenue, describing ponies and RUtlng price. ^ ? 47 ORDAR-CABRIAOIH AND HARNESS, I AKK. A Pony and !?r'? Phaeton., fine top and no top. Bu^ Workaways dagger., Depot Wa*mj. frVuV?5?j? prices, tor a few J-ty* longer. JOHN M. rcr ie. _ A I AR(iP ASSORTMENT OF FINE HARNESS. A Bridles' Sheets, Blankets, Ac., at aslPearl V?"1' j tween Fulton and John street*. N.T., manufacturer importer of Saddlery and Kersey. . A FEW HANDSOME CANADIAN ??J1f??l1,{.V ?u! A had*. 4 to ft vears. wsrrsntcd aound and ,?er, bin for sndd e nr light bu.ine**; will be aold cheap. S at ltB Varick street, near Vandam. A N ASSORTMENT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, DEPOT A^WJSKSajr-S5"61?? York prices. 10 Serine street, Brooklyn, t BARoTiN.-ONE TOP BlQilY M^KaB*JdrfuTk A sier ACo.. $210; a brat claim safe, $L&. a gnou ? lUrness. $60; One. light, sintle Harness, $60. M Merlon at. a unnsKS EXCHANGED FOR DRY GOODS OR &:sz ^Trth'.t^C between Leslngton aud Third avenues^ a r a pop STOCfC OF CARRIAOBS, PONY FHAE A tone UM "c?aK*f Y'kett WSR. 1 CofpT.'TiKiR .1? -Uiri .lock of Haines*; will be sold cheap. WW Libeft.i 'treei. . T <tf \OLF SEATED DUBOIS WAGON AND SINGLE A llai neS. mad. by Dunscoinb. both in good order, for sale at e tabic 37b Bowery. ^ WAgo^ Cornn*!' McC^uiw^ SaiWIei^ ^wsswaSSST a T MINER * SOMERVILLE'S "HORSE AUCTION A M?$rt Union souare. to-morrow, Friday, April 5,11 seat Roekatv iv*. Ac., Ac- . Particular. In to-morrow * liertilrt. . naWWSTPK?SIX SKAT PHAETON. TWO SECOND A hanrt Voacbe , one Coupe Kookaway, an of top and no ton Wagon*, Kcckawaya. D.|HitJft a* u?.. Hoc Kii: ,YlP sato FIGHT HOUSES, SUITABLE FOR A. auyVud of*business; will bg \o?be frosU Much Cu\v and Calf; will miU A) quart* a day. arttiii at2S4 Gold street, Br ;*>Hyn. * u a ut*$iv t STVLISH. PERFECT BLACK MARL, \ . ; > .?MoV^|Lan,"'h!/.. wiltbe aoli eailedtorthia day, at 266 West Twenty-eiguth street, ba WVmn Ninth a lid Teuth avenue*. a &'F<*riKU TP AM OF B VY MARES, 16 HAND8; ALSO tenm of non-el 4<M I emil ?treet. s.Aur.AlNC -SVLLINO OFF, 68 "POP AND NO TOP H tt ^ l)og V;^u. Ho^kawai, Uve Coupes, oue ^iffiwa^f-aGt Phjeton. ^t*Ld"do^ta H^ar ^J'm^-ekS^ a^ Uoupe, with French c^^n'TuhC^ue'r'of tWrtY nlinil Htret. j . p,l*a i.r.f..<m, ?***?? n"- "?-? 216 West F.ttneath street, in the war. ? t.ssATttws-tPa': tsajss'jstis avenue MTIOB SALE-PAIR OF COUPE HORSES. Ek&Lsa,rtaanaaa.*'" avenue. nnR SALF? OWNER GOING TO EUROPE. ONE OF F?4t? Vlo^:Ul^.utlfal '?L? and'DbS2! w'*m?* ^?d, eight ii1^g,>Uil,the"^trridth''Pa^k by gr>od judgee ooneldered the beet m in .? _ r-trriiige. Coupe, sleigh, llarnent, Ro??e?, he. Can De ***m at private stalue. back of 1 \W,VpMce"<' * avenue, or address F., box 4.W7 Post olHce^ TNOK SALE?BTYLI8H SORREL ^ .R8E. 1$ 1^?!o* T year-, $276; grar Mate 16'. hand*. ? years. ?l?. sor rtl Mare. In foal. $126; all sound and kind. U4 West Twsnty-nlnih straei. ?-fin SALE?AN ELEGANT BRETT, NEARLY NEW, made bv Brewiter A Co., of Broome etreet; to be Hold on account of owner Soin? to o^^'iVa M ble 122 Kant Thirty-ieooaa etreet. from S>g to la A. .1. T7,oR SALE?A PAIR OF HANDSOME BAY HORSES, L aveirsotd' stylish, medluut rlie; go?d roadsteiaj x ? rears o?a. Sj^-CL>A,lt 10U8KY. llH street. For balk?a matched team or oray horses, j??t from tha country, 7 vcar? old; suitable for a truck, or hw. r worn. Inquire at the olllce 62 Tenth avenue. Will be sold cheap us the owner Is going to leave the city. f?IOR SALF.-A BAY HOUSE l&X HANDS, SIX YEARS 1 old, soluble for a coupe, hm i.u{ a line appearance md great (a?wcr and endurance; nave run In ? coupe roekaway for the real year; wul so 10 double or single harness. May be seen in Brooklyn at the ilrst private atahle on Untnd ave nue, north of Fulton, west side, all this week, from lu to 12 and IroniS to 6 o'clock. INOit SALE?A VERY HANDSOME DARK HAY COUPE 1 llor-r 16* hands, 7 yean old, quiet to ride, or drive In single or double harness; m ist he sold the owner having no tlet to ride, or drive In I the owner baring no lorhltn. Also handsome Harness. Apply at table in fcighty-*<r.. nth street, between Third and Fourth avenues. SAI.E?A HANDSOME OPEN BUUOY COAL l*?*. good as now. Mine- a Steven-' make, will be sold cheap Apply at L? idbetter's stables. 601) seventh areuue, near Forty? n fib , i street. For rale?kink carriage. made by wood Bros.. lined wl-.h maroon sstin, to be seen at stable. Wnosier rrrt opposite Washington square. Apply at <00 Wuahlngteu street. FjMlR SALE?A PAIR OF BAY HORSES. ? AND 7 1 vears old, l< hand*, sonnil, kind an l-t.vllsh. Barouche, neatly new; llarneaa, Robes, Livery, Ac. Apply at 106 Broadway, room No. 1. fTOR SALE-AM OPEN BAROUCHE, BUILT BY JOHN K. Lawrence A Co.; but little used and In god order. Apply at private stable si Weat Thirty-seventh strvt. JfOB SALE?A BECATIFUL BAY TEAM, 16* HANDS, _ rtylisb and free drivers; valuable for a farmer. Also one S years old; horse little sore lorward; $126, worth RAW If aoiiud. Also three valuable blind Horses and three pow. erfnl truck Horses. Apply at $U New Chambers street. For rale?a second hand lumber waoon. in good order. Inquire at IV (now number) East Nine teenth street. F?? IK SALE?A PAIR OF FINE BLACK MULES, THE _ best la the State, 6 years old, is hands high, well m.tohed and broken, and weigh over . ,00 pounds. Apply at WM. McROBKKTS' stable, IV Eaat Twenty-fourth St. JpOR SALE-ONE PAIR OF FINE DAPPLED URAT carriage Horses, l.V^ lands high, l ing tails, and kind tn single aud double Barnes : also fur sal# the handsomest bay Mare In the Slate. 16 hands high, long tall, kind M single and douhla harness. and a ,eriert saddle hnr-r for a lady ar gentleman; all warranted sound; they ire I he property ol a gentleman who has no fvrtber use'f-.r them. Inquire at I'KIXOTTO'S Livery Blable, next the depot. EHubeth, N.J. J^OR SALE?A HORSE, SPRING CART, HARNESS * dud Wort If rt'idirvd; must l>* soW today. Apply at Mr. Halsdy'a fded dtore. Record avenue aud Twenty lourth street. DEO. llALL. POR SALE-THREE SECOND HAND COACHES IN good running order: also one open Coarh. Apply at t'J Kig uh avenue, vetween Jhlrteecth and l-'ourtddflth streets. L,OR SALE?A PAIll or DARK HAY HOUSES, 16 1 _ '! Inohee high, long tails very atvlieh. Inquua at T. DAAlKS stable, Id, East Twenty third street. I/VIR SALE?A PAIR OF CARRIAGE IIOR-/:*, DAP pie gray and bay, 16 hand* ugh, atyl ?h, without fault an<l sound In every respect, to he sold, e? tlie owner has mora hurts; I Ian nee,It. intra of eoaelunan at private a table 12D West Fifteenth street. LIU it bAi.r.?1' asusomp. Ba EOfOH K CAURTAOK. Jl mad? to order, I .tost stfee; also heni'tfnl Ihn tubs fibred rati llo tlurie, dat k b .yr. -pirltcd.sound, last and dooibtii tin. | gle ?nd double hirness- cheap for Want of use, .App'r at private stable t.J$6 Broadway, I lORBlta, ClAUAGM. *C. L'OR HalK-dNK ELEGANT TOP WAGON, NEVER 1 been used; Also light iroulng Wagon sad top Warm, la ped srdsr. Apply at *0. bis 19*1 WaatThlriy second street. FOR SALE?A HPIANHD BROWN HOBS , IS IIAN OH high, warranted seund and kind and can trot in 3 S(l; tne owner bavins no time to drive ban will sell cbann. Can be saw at 44 PRf street, or fkene II W 1 at ISJ Peart street. FOR BALK?A PAIR op well MATCHED car. rtage or road Mares, eery stylish, 16)4 hands high, of a Might bay oolor: at present at worb on a farm adjacent to the eitv. Per partMOiars Inquire of O. A. BILLS, 178 Green wich street _ _ poR BALE?A 8BCONr? HAND HACK COACH IN 1 good running order; has inst been done up: will be sold cheap for cash; also one let of good Truck Harness. Auolv at 211 Delanoey street 1 L*OB HALE?A HORRKL HGRSE, SIX YEARS OLD. 18 bands hlgb, warranted to pace In 2:?; also a Uoail Wagon and Harncs Apply at Hi Gold ?lreet, Brooklyn. CH)R SALE?THE FINEST IIORSE OS THIS ISLAND r young, aonnd and handsome, fop less tlian his vslae. To be seen at Chandler's stable lu Tweutieth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. F'ok sAi.h?a blai'k mare, warrantedsound and kind in single or double harness; a ?Mod roadster top Wugon, city made as t-.-od at new: also family 5.,n5,s ???<* Harness. with Lap Pobesaud Blanket*. To he so hi together or separate I twin 1 r4, fr.,m > to 4 of HKNBY MoC.mglCK, 178 cCKm -trod; RVa?.i?AL1m" "i LIGHT BA,V,?*fARB- ls ql*LENDID i i m r' w,lh % 'otoria, one of Woods A Brother's Islet stvle Wagons; terms reasonable. Apply at P m's L'Vory Stable, Tweoty-second street, three doors elow icoond otioeL M?rlln ?*lf; or ttl West Twenty ?E?1? K.B poll SALE?A SPLENDID PAIR OP DARK. IRON , troy Horses, with Buggy and Harness complete; these horses were raised hy the Hon. Mr. Wolsey, of Astoria, L. I Inquire of P. LANK. ft) Vesey street. ' ' L'ChR BaLB?STYLISH SORREL HOUSE, 15)4 HANDS, one 'eC:,D "???" 3;l0l? "?*"ud and kind; ZlAiwi'aSJ:on'Wa*0"1 ??6- Mu"*?IJ F^fh^onoer25 ?F K8T horses. just from L the country; fit >r carta, trucks, exprees or any biisl* ?SSL "? rr*n'od so. 1 nd and kind. Inquire at Ml Caual street, corner of Washington. ro""AI^-uA hohbb and FimNrruwi spring ,nd Harness: all In good order. Inquire nt 808 Third avenue; corner of Forty-second street. POR SALE-ONE PAIR OF NICE BROW* MORGAN r Horses. Mfc hai^vsry styhsh; two nloo single one nice conpo Heme; om pair of Trotting norms. ve warranted aannil and bhl Horses; 1 lie above w_ J AS. M. ssr" ?r "wun"iion" EE. 1 and MWest Twantyfourth st _ p?R SAL?-ONl LABOR BLACK BORNE, TWO 7 ,ba?H*sy*, oue sorrel Horse. All to *e sold cheap A ptdvat 22 Wooeter street F?H SALE CHEAP?A MM COCKE ROCK A WAY. with pole and shafts, in food order. Inquire at Tatter **11'.*, Sixth avenue, corner or Portfclh streeL FWOR SALE CHEAP?a EOCKAWAY COCPB, A3 J "QW. bwKt t|r WboK A Brother; slac a Ught Express Wugon. Inquire at 183 (new number) East Nine leentii Mreei. Fob sale ciieap-a splendid new uoht coal box body light top Road Wagon, eity make; latest style Inquire at > ItAsERV, corner of Kende and Hudson streets. 0 GOVERNMENT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE 8ALE. T 10.010 sets new and second hsivi Unmet", Huddles, Col. tars, Bridles, Hk.Iters, Wagon -nj Horse Covers, Paullus, An nines, ltcd licks. Grain Bugs Tent*, Taut stock, BLu ?*t?, At*., r*rf low. BlVfrom $18 to $90; plated Bit Bridles, $3; Artillery Saddles, good an new, with Bridle, flsi. PITKIN A (-O VW North Front atreet, Philadelphia, Pa., and No. 6* Tark placo. New \ork. H ORhEs-FOR RALE. 10 SOUND YOUNG HORSES, AJ. suitable for e<.rts. trucks or any kind of work. Csu be seen at No. I. Leroy street, between Bleerker and Bed Harness at a saprificb-twenty sets of Doublo Harness, suitable for farm use, at $10 per set; also a light set cheap. ' KUB1NBON, 298 Pearl street, near Beekman. H0*' OB8E8 AND TRUCKS CHEAP-SOLD POR WANT ? *PP'r *? R- U. DE LANG, 188 Jane street. TRON STABLE PITTINOS, VENTILATING 8TALL 1 Partitions, Grooved Posu. Hay Racks, Mangers, Ae also new pattern Cribs, comblulng Hayrack, Manner, with ' Tusnbltni Water Pol, and Halter, with weight A,r; Fittings Tor cow stables. or send far circular. .IANKB, KIRTLAND A CO , Corner Readr and Centre streets. JUST ARRIVED PROM LIVINGSTON COUNTY?PIP . V^P ,*'er7 fin? Horses; targe, flue matched pairs and matched fast trotters and single fast trotters. One bay, 18 handa. can trot in M. One blurk. U?4, can trot in 46' and *?"*/? ?*ll?tlhe oorner of I'rloce aud Crosby streets. Inquire for Mr. LEWI8. Livery stable lease, for three years, rent vary low. three Carriage# and two taams of Horses torsatrxhsan, tbsowner desiring to leave the business; tbs ly ?fH*d? WOU mak* M uc*Ucl11 sales stable. Ap DARK PHAETON FOR SALE?SHIFTING TOP. BUILT ?t by Rrewrtsr A Co., and used but twe months. Jfplj at stable 490 Sixth avenue. STABLE TO LET.?PART OF PRIVATE STABLE OK Sixteenth street, user Seventh avenue. Addresa box 1,140 Post oflice. TRU?i HORSE?16k HANDS, $275; ONE 16 HANDS. $966; Mare, 15>L $176; all warranted; Itghrbustness or Kxprea* Wagon, $135; sold for want of use. Apply at64 Charlo street. r LET?STABLE AND CAR RIAOS HOUSE. IN quire of JONAS, It Laurens street, up stairs. TO LET?A STABLE, STALLS FOR 1$ HORSES, NO. '296 East Twenty-third street. W. S. OAVRY, 275 Mulberry street. VICTORIA POR BALM?LAWRENCE, MAKER; PLAT form springs: pole and shafts. Is complete order; will be sold cbeap. Inquire at 81 Cedar street, room No. & WANKED?A BKETT, PHARTON, BIX SEAT. AND curtain Coach, second hand and In goqa order. Ad* drees, with full particulars, prtoe and where t^be seeo, box 19U Herald oOlce. TXTANTBD?ACCOMMODATION FOR ONE HORSE Tf and two small rarrlages, and a room for oosrbmsn. In " in a private stable Bear Madison avenue in Thirty-ninth. Fortieth or Forty-Hrst streets. Addresa "" ' terms, B.. box 119 Post oflice. New York. WANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND TOP BUGGY, ? all seal. Address, with lowest casta pries. Cash, sta tion D. WASTED?A FISE STYLISH PONY. ABOUT M TV hand- high and well broken to harness. Address L., box 3.51(1 Post otllce, Saw York. WASTED TO HIM?A LIGHT COUPE (WITHOUT homo or harness;, for thirty lay*. Address box 5,105 | Saw York Post udlce. TIT ANTED?TQ PURCHASE. A PAIR OK CLOSE TT matched carriage Home*, not Ira* than 16 hand* high ; mint be sound, kind and atyllvb. Address A. VV. L, lie raid other. TIT ANTED.?ANY PERSON OWNING A GOOD HORSE TT ,.n<l Wagon, aad willing to let a responsible gentleman have the nir of t ime for expense of keeping, may address M H. J., box 5.471 Poet oflloe. YOl Ml sHA.M1LT ?N OKLOIHO TO? SALIC?OWN brother to Ship Tlmiier. Owner going to Europe. Ap ply at L. W MLKIIKLL'S Lrery stable. 167 and li? East Fifty-first street, between Third and Lexington avenues. dbl I/A ?BLACK HORSE, 15V RANDS; CAN TROT 'P11U. in tliree minutes; sorrel Mire, $.*0; both sound, kind and stjciisb drivers. Must he -old this day. 337 Sev enth avenue. ?0"n ?SPLENDID Top HITGGT. BERT MAKER, VkoW and Harness, both good as new; splendid llnck $190. used once; 140 lb. Trotting Wagon, by Smith, 443 Seventh avenue. 'i I M K.I.. A \ ??.??! '?*. A LIBERAL PRICE WILL RE SAID FOR ONE OR twelve or Mrs. Adams' wood crimper*, on delivery to Uourand, 4511 Broadwav. ALADT WISHES to MEET WITH A GENTLEMAN srt'h moats who wonld assist her In keeping a respect able boarding bouse, and take a mortgage on wbat property has for security Addr--? Mrs. Travis, etetton D. DIYORCE.-AN EXPERIENCED INDIANA LAWYER will lie In the city one week from April 15, an 1 will ronsult With parties desiring te apply to the courts of In dtana far divoire. Address Indians Counsellor, Herald oSlce. war. sod I LTOK RHEUMATISM USE FRENCH REMEDY: A r sure cere. $1 per bottle. Prluelpal Dapot, C. SEI DELL. 64 sixth avenue. Sl'HLFEJI.DER. DEALER IN NEW AND SECOND ? hand Hooks. 4041* Canal street, near Varlck. New York. Libraries bought, end a collection of Classical, Mathematical. Historical, French. German, .Spanish, ittlian a*d standard -Novels always on hand. OTORAGE?STORAGE FOR PROVISIONS, PORK, CUT k ' meats, lard, Mr , ar In general con be ob talseil In three story aad cellar -brick building corner Amity and Columbia streets, Brooklyn. Best cellar in eily; 10U by 135 feet. Cartage frem dock free. J. 3. HATE. corner Congress and Columbia alreeta, Brooklyn. SCALER.-87 PARK ROW.?8CALES ?PECULIAR AD-, vantages for selling the hetl moniifaouired Scales In Iho country, at the lowest prices. Agensy of Joues' Hcaiea Works, Blngbamion, V Y. YVANYEP?ONE TO TWELVE OF MRS. ADAMS' TT Wood Crlt.1--r?, for wbich a liberal price will be paid on delivery to OOLRAUD, ?Bl Broadway. "11 rATKR TANKS.?WANTED A GOOD SECOND TT hand Iran Iani, 15 feet by 11, an I 4 feet deep Also two round weMan T ink*. 11 foct sc: n-s the b?w<"ii. outs dn, Mid one ? fe d 4 inches across the liottmj. Address Bran ford Lock Works, 340 Pearl street. New York. ANTED Til nrt-A COPPER STILL (IE AJTOHTRIO gallous cap><$ty. Address K. M., Hon I artie-' ?WEST'S HOTEL AND FAMILY MKNGL' R, , ? _ , pnuing s ?iiitiful grl-.-e on dot,ic? In a hntel wilt save U ? Ivor of xxx wooieu. $?<>?. 4 and K) Liberty piece, New kerb. w SCO. VIKAUitJkMu Citizen** savin on sank. Southwell corner of Bowery end Oaaol i Ms par aenl interest, fix* tram UK Soma from ||<? $6,'<? received. , Mbuey deported on or beiore AgndawtB bear talimt from Apt H FOR 8ALH ' O TY EATLKOAD STOCKS AND PONDS . I* ALL TUB UUUT CLASH UOMBaJIIES: .. AL8Q0TIIBK kBCCBITIBS. Faying large ft rides da, at lew rat A tar Investments, by a lb Rat h, KKxjlat. _ leek Brafcar and A*oUuestr, # Flea street, If. t. T NTKREBT ONCtW HTt>Ok8_THK IN rBKBoT OB 1 the Blocks and Hondo of ?be slty and canal? of Haw York, due and payable Map I. L8S7, will be paid on that day by Peter B. Sweeuy, Chamberlain of U>e city, at (be Bread war Ban^ The Transfer Booka will be aioaaS Thursday, April A ad 3 ? clock P. M. K. B. lioWkol.LY, Comptroller. DsraanuuiT or PwAnen, OoarraoLLaaPa Omca, New York. Mar-h SO. 1847. VTATIONaL B.V.NkTokImIR RhPt'HLIO, * a* PiiiLaDH'.rniA. March IS, 1887. III acrordasaa with the prurMun* ni the National Our- ' rcncy act au<l the unities of association of title bink. It ha- been determined to liu-r u*e the caudal atoek of hU bank to oaa million dollara ($1,600,nut)). bubaertpuona from * luck holders for Ike sixes allotted to theui Is the proposed tscreaeo will be payable on (be 3d day of May next, una will he r.-ivtred at anytime prior h> thai dale. A number of shares will remain to be mid, applications (or which will he from par on e dextrous of henrimlng stockholder*. By oetlcr ol the Board of t'irectors. ? JOSEPH P. MCMl'ORn, Caahter. Oi ricz ?it mi. ia:;>5r5~kivkr~railroad com PAN*. aTO West Thirtieth timet. New YoKk, April 1. 1887. To the Stockholder# of the iludwa Klver Railroad ( etn |?inv .? Tukr nofca that the Board of Director* of thle Company, at u meeting h Id thle day, parsed the following preamble aed resolution*:? Whereas: trW S'ockholdcre nf the Company, at a meeting of ?uon Stock hold era calle I by the Dlree'or* of the Company In tlie in .nrtrr . e 'tured by law, aim MM at the of ihe ,company on thr :Lth ilar ot March last, did. With the concur rence or more tn.ui wmthlrda In a nnual of all u* atouk holder*, authori ie and Mine.lea the li,cream of the capital et.K-a o. the company to tho amount of thirteen million., tune hundred i.iid tblriy-hoven thousand and lonr hundred doth,re. Therefore, Resolved, That the capital stock of tho company be, and thr same i? hereby Immsm d to the am, tint of thirteen inil lions, u nn hundred and thirly-eereu thousand and four hun dred dollar*. i'.esolre 1, That the slock transfer books of this company be elo "it on the 10 h day of April, instant, and iluit the persons or parlies In whose name stock shall bo standing on that day, shall severally, on or before u e loth ? ol April, lastant,

beuntlilcd to subsoilt>? at the oiliee of ihe company. No 270 West Tnl, tleth street, in the city vf New York, for an c|ual amount of additional etnek. That tun price ot the additional stuck skall be fifty dollars per share, parable as follows:? fifteen dollars per share at thr time of subscribing. ' Fhrc dollars per share on the ISth day of May next. five dollara per share on the 16th day of June next. Ive dollara per share on the 16th day of July tint. tvo dollars per slure on the iith day of August next. Ftye dollara per share on the 16th day of September next, t Ten dollars per share on the l.Uh day of Oetober next. That ob the loth day nf October next, all instalments being paid, full pnM stock .hall he issued. Resolved, That whe.e parties d<-?tre for their own conven ience to anticipate payments thetr money for any number ot Instalments W1H be received hut no Interest will in any rase be alio wad, nor will the stock be issued until the 16th day of October nsxt. Resolved, That stockholder* falling to subscribe on or be tas tie 16th day of April, In.-Unt, ornegecLng to pay tln-lr Inslalm -nis *? they severally become ,lue, will lose : to Uig additional st.ick, and will be deemed to have oned their subscription-,. lived. That the subscriptions may be made to the addl 1 stouk elkliei In person or by attorney. A scrip receipt wtU be given fur tho payment* made, and this receipt must be.Bttaer.ied At this ufike on 'lie payment of any of the sub rertnent instalments, In order to h- re them cntcied upon it, ana h<' surreud- rcd to bo eunoelled on the issue of the addi tional stock. Resolved, That where parties desire to receive fnll stock oa the 13th day of April, instant, they may do so by paying lifly.four dollar. i?*r share at the time of making their sub scriptions. My order of the Board, C. 0. CLARKE, Treasurer. OFFICE OF CAMERON COAL COMPANY, 71 HLOAAL way.?Coupous on Cameron bonds, due April JA, will be paid at the o'lioc of the compauv. r*. i>. HOMEB3, Treasurer. Quarterly repof.t or THE NATIONAL BANK OK THE KRJ'UB.MtL KinnnsLruia, Apr! I, 1867. RESOURCES Loansand Dfseotlnt*:? Commercial paper.. $."61.VU 14 Demand loans VJM 09 $481,782 14 Banking house and fixtures .' 77,.*14 83 Current expenses and taxes 23,481 fig Premiums 26,'177 53 Revenue stamps . I 1,010 32 line from National Hanks 242.313 26 Due from slher b. nkx lu.tMS 02 United stales hood* dei>o*itrd with Treasurer of the United States to .ecurc circuls.iok 100.800 00 United .-.tales bonds on hand 800 00 National haMt notes 24,876 00 3,911 13 221,823 00 national oans notes... o uu Fractional currency ?.....3,912 13 l^.'al tender note* .J$1<I,NH ?0 Compound Interest aetee ? Uu.out) 00 T?" KiUtiH Capital mock, paid In .77 $800,000 00 Ulrsnfatlng notes outstanding.... J...- ' Indlndual deposits I. $818,240 94 Atao 8& k* a it n .. Lsnbs Due to National banks 188,188 70 D ue to other banks and banker -..1,217 78 . ? 781.296 37 Profits 46,177 48 Total $1,884,002 88 I, JObKKU P. Mt'MfOHD, thshler of thn NATIONAL BANK OP THE REPUBLIC. ?f Philadelphia, do solemnly ?wear that the above statement Is true to the beet of my knowledge and belied _ JOSEPH P. MI7MFOKD, Caehler. RUM, ON KBIT YORK * te at 7 per eonL aunoey court.) fQ ?/W| TO LOAN-IN Ofc BUM, Ol .OUU elty real aetata, flit mortgage J. WO LIS BITTER BAND, l^all (Jai $175,000 estate In this elty or llrooklj fAlikf 0 fill LOAN-IN BOND AND MORT cover more sums, on real JO&N P.foSfS'E, 81 IFall street, room 1$. ?r,(VA HAA TO LOAN N NEW TORK, BROOK ?ov/U,UUU lyn and Jsey real estate. Beeond Mortgages bought. Travellers' isuranee Company. C. E. W1LLI8U Pine Street, basement. A LOAN OWCKS. ' T T7-M0NEY LIBBRALl ADVANCED ON DlA i! HON Da, WATCHES. JjVELRY,* AC., OR THE HANK BOUGHT AT TUB lOHEST RAfKK; ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS IL'OIIT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES. JEWELRY. AC., .77 BLEKCKKR S PRKET SECOND FLOOR, THREE JOBS WEST OF BROAD WAY. ____________ AT S6J PEARL STREET, fiTWEEN NEW BOWERY and Franklin *4 mrc, BNER M CO. advance lib. eratly at reasonable term* on valuable property, Watches, Jewelry. Diamonds, Ac., or pdtaae. At uyman's, sas broaAay. corner of bond street, will bo paid t!i.J?he?t price for Diamonds, Witches and Silverware, or 4 advance on the above arti cles. , Advances made on amonds, watches, sil vcrware, Fur*, hue Fdture, Camels' Hair Shawlr, Ac., or bogfht for coh, Tts moderate. J. S. COHEN, 733 Broadway, nearly oppo. Astor place. ADVANCES MADE ONtTCHES, DIAMONDS, JEW eiry. Dry Ci ods antPrsonal Property of every de scription. J. A. JACKSON1 Grand street, two doors west ef Broadway. AT No *411 BROADWi CORNER OF BLKECKBR street, up stairs, the f< I value will be pild for Dls. moods. Witches, Jeweia, .-Aware, Ac.; or liberal advance* made 011 consignments, fconds. Watches. Ac., lor taio cheap. A. IIOMUMaN, Ber. removed Irom No. ?M Nas sau street. j AhT 907 BROADWAY. Ur TWENTIETH STREET, Koim 4. Ibe highest**" are paid for Diamonds, Watch. . Jewelry or mo hdysncwd ; also Pawnbrokere tickets bought. MAilKd, Diamond Broker. IB QOft BROaOWAYjARTHIBTY NINTH STREET. M. SPIRO p,.he highest price for Ladles' and (lent'emeu's Cast Oil ClUg. Carpets, Ac. I.idtes waited on by Mr*. Hplru, NKAla A GENTLEMAN WlOIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE piano at pupils' <A0ea for $l'l fair quarter; best of reference* given. Adtfc with residence, Teacher, box Hi Herald oBlce. A^rn NUCHAS'> [IK^S AN ENGAGEMENT IN A Cslholic church J??Ry: I* a good reader and well aci isinted with the best of rarercnee given. A,I dress Soprano, 67ft Or"1'1 street. /NITTAR. PlANO/'LIN, SINGING -UJ WEST \T Twenty-sixth ?t-'>etween Seventh and Eighth ave nues. Private les?'>n?all or eenU for Circular. Gentle men and lady teach J>rm? $10. M^Bl'SIC TEACHRWANTED. by A LADY. WHO has had seven'* experience In tesehlng, a situa tion In a school to teXBe i'lano and Melodeoo; Is thor oughly competent. W hBd superior advantages; or a* governess in s wlrfsOlly, to Instruct in the English branches. Music, a.}? rudiment* of French. Address K. M .box I una gpleid, Maaa. Re far* noes given and required MLPTO?FUBNcf D ENGLISH, BY A LADY WHO ? haa finished ?nR'" beat uias.ert In London, England: sefsf E, E|" three years' sefe* "on* very mederats. Addicts Delta, slatioa E. Ef avenue. SOPRANO WASW-'',>R A CATHOLIC CHURCH IN this city; rau sf"1,01*" ?nJ * r?d reader; salary liberal. Apply tolOKDO.V 7lfl Broadway. WANTED?BAsWf? T.F^OR' J01} Ji SUARTET in an Kplse/freh. Address box 1.739 Host olBee. n rr-R qt'Ar-(,riTAK' StNOINO AND PIANO JpLU laitrucll?ri'* genllmnse te.ioher- private lesson*. Please X" Professor. M.I Broadway, Dttson's new mtisle store; c'??* oity reference. " ?v i-: tK i r\ DKALP.RhI'^QHAYINGtCAND OT IKKH.-TWO nioit tutfiito** American iMnilftCtp**, to l*t told In qnantiilPt t/> an unprecntontly low prion: Iwga pr?.fitn CiU uti or addreM Publiifenr, oflice of 1 * '! { riVj AHATKiffrVK,Nf3 AffTS.-IN COMPLIANCE .1 with ihn m.'t * number of ante* aura tlm < lit Puut In#* 1 tielj on f i4t JB^ckm%n H- ?r?t, vfhle.'i war i fis t or kitt y nod# ti?e Trtbuiie of Murob It, a? wall in ftiior iljr m bive bean remove I to |!>*n mor* . >MtrU location No! Won Hall (\\ im ??? m m ?- in ^t? ir ?* i, ~ > h**r? 11 tud Ar? onfensd for at rfn??rlualj J)lj llfHtTAtnAt'iH. TT-NflLf-'lJ V *Bif FOR DIN t ill Bni-tlsh?' ibvaterriew; -Ingh-ii Hnr?ts, iism->, H acrn M (J ' nrrifi ? VHn;cr for anin? i?k> l utein atirte, n?ar jobn. 4XU(IIBn?TS. Broadway thkatrk. Comer ef jiraiu *?y and Brootuo alreet. ??.. _*! IJ*4' ? CRM fri. THIS IVBMNll, IH kino tub wkkk |]B> 8ATURDAY AUBKNOOn" TM moat popular comedienne in America. RIBS MAUUiB MirCticXU N>?R' by Uw tajeulad young .ictor U*. Jaa. W. CoUior, la her beautiful cication of KANi MOM, Aporoooatloa la wbWteb.^ ackaowlodgoA - Saturday. Aor|] A MR*T MITCIIKIX BATIK BB. AMD ONLY KAN-CHUM MAI'lNtK. ' Sooio eeourod tnm b to ?. all day to adeauoa. W^HOOD'S THBaTRB, H IM Broadway, oppoalto 1 ThU ereuiug tUe talentea *rtim 8L MkhoUe Hotel. I evening tbo talented arltaie, HKK AMD MRS. K. M. BATK* BART L?YS^5l!? eeueational play of To oonelude with Kobeou'e mxclaity, JOHN WOfi'S. John Woppe Br. Stuart Robeoa MATIN li A SATURDAY pl!U(AN STADT THBAThk, 45 AND 47 BOW RY. TbU (Thurxdav) evening. April 4, wl 11 bo prevented - ?isr~ Beethoven ? Grand Open, FlDLLiO. Mm. JOHANNHEN u Le more (Fldelto Mine. Kiifl.'-H a a. Murcelliu Mr. UIMVi.K at Elo eau Mr. FORMES ao. Plxurr Mr. WKINLICII aa K-oc Mr 44ROSCIIP.L a*.. Jaqtlin H ART/ H TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, WW Bi'.OAUW vY. Tlcaeia, 60c.: Keaorved lent*. 51. for aile at tin: Hall LAST WEEK BUT TWO. TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVENTH PERFORMANCE Imtr.euse e.ft1 by THE VVuNDKOUS U . VO, Or, tb? iraala ol the Nutcteeniti Century. THE BASKET TRICK, With other Saw Wondure, Mir.iclOii ,nd Illa.-louA Every Evening at 4, 8atu > 'ay at 2. Ctuck?nu.;'s Piano m ino-d at?scerneea. W?.uini-daj, Juvouile higui, chlldr'D h-ll price. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. jnb HKoaOMaY. T1I8 TROUBLE OOMMENCBI AT 8 O'l LOCK. THE CUE ME DE LA ORfcMS OF MIN ?TR. LSY. BIKCII, WAR BOLD, BERNARD AN I BACItl'S. SAN IRANi'i.M '<? Ml.NSTllLLS. wlioec uooea bga never been equated by any similar orgnuUution In tin wnriu. Nrw hiiiI Cheerful Hurlesquea avrry week. Troa ' 1 gflf IT 4 bla at the Me.ropolltau Hotel. Itni.abona of Actor*. Log Uah < iprrH with Gentian Act rut. Nam y Fat. shuuta o laughter at tli# Shadow Pantomime aad taa acreamlng Hlael Cook aud African Km lot Troupe. Grand March of the Splrl lluahera of the Ainiixou. Kelly and lbovs minstrels, -? bhoadway FIRST APPEARANCE or MR. WM. S. RPDWuRTH. THE ONLY LEON. NuRMA . THE ONLY LEON A (ilorloua Pro- O M Icl Poo Parle Fran frainme. Traveller's R calae. Ma See rial*, first time. O M immr. The Two Dan Yaukee Iuuwea. Wr. NORMA dy Nlga. 80th nlglil r.DWIN KELLY'S O M of The combined Darling Dora, and R burlesque of 11 luck the great POI.E-1-O O M Crook A Cendrlllon THE ONLY LEON. NORMA THE ONLY LEON w ONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURB?'T IE WASH INGTON TWINS," born alive, having two beada, foul arms, and but one body ami oue pair of logs; also tin: bead and i i|;lu aim of Probst, the murderer of the Dee ring fami ly; together with '.be in.tpniiiveni coileviion of nbiiMU la Physio ogr, Anatoinv. Pathology and Natural iriatdfjri all of which are illueiraiei! d;itly by Lecture* and Micoacoptc Viewa, nt the New V' rk Museum of Auniomy. 51b Brood way. Open from a A. M. to lb 1'. M. SONUS OF SCuTLAXD. SIT Nl.illTS IN SCOTLAND, SIX NIGHT* IN SOOi'LAND, AT IRVING HALL. . IRVING I'ALL. MR. D. : I.NN DY. MR. D. KENNEDY, 7TIE CELEBRATED SOOTTi.sH VOCAI.IRT, THE CELEBRATED BOOTTl -H VOCALIST, will give SIX of hia highly interesting eiueriuliiui.uu, com ou FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 5. Tickets SO cent*; reserved seal* All cents extra. For sale at Hecr ,? Schiriner a, 701 Broadway; ticket office 112 I.roadway, and Irving Hall. OTEINWAY ROOMS. O CHAMBER MUSIC. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL A FOURTH AND LABT SOIRK. OF CHAMBER MU.-IC. PROGRAMME. Sonata?Piano and Vlolmeello, A Op, s# Beethoven. OiLirtet? string, 11 Dai No# M ox art. Trio-Piano No. 1 D minor OpfiK Sciinn.ann. By William Maaon, Theo. Thomas, J. Mo ruthal, U. Mulxka, F. Berguer. JTE1NWAY HALL. CARL WOLFROHN'X GRAND CONCERT, NEXT SATURDAY EVENING, AT 8 O'CLOCK, when lie will he axalated by SEVERAL EMINENT OPERATIC ARTISTS. TllK LIKDKKKRANA SOCIETY AMU THOMAS' ORAM) OCHKSTRA. Tick eta. 81; for twin at Stalnwar 11.11, Agency, No. 11! Broadvruv, mid at tho principal mualc stores. Ke-urred a*.-, check*. Ml en. extra, may be had at box oCh-e Stein way Hall First maggie mitoikll matinee, and ONLY KANCHON MATINKK, SATURDAY, APRIL 6. AT 1* O'CLOCK, AT THK BROADWAY THEATRE. M R. D. KENNBDY. THK CKLKHRATKO SCOTTISH ?oealUt, at Irrtag Hall, on Thursday earning. April 4. WALLER'S OPRllA HOUSE, NEWARK.?THIS EVEN Ing and dnring the week. MR. AND MRS. BARNEY WILLIAMS. Theatre ticket office. Ream-red neat* for all llrat claaa thaatreat concert*, ball* Ac., can always ba obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. Noa. 118 and 114 Broadway. ONLY FANCHVN MATINEE. AT lid O'CLOCK. FIRST M AGO IE MITCHELL MATTNKE. at 1U o'clock, SATURDAY. APHIL ?. 1S87. AT THE BROADWAY THEATRE. LOFT AND FOUND. Lost?a white poodle dog-, had light brown ear*, and was clipped like a lloo. A suitable reward at 11 Kn alran Via aatnawii.a kliat In KK Dike at ?*.! LObT-ON TfKSDAY KYBNINQ, TIIK 3D INST., AT tli* Tabernacle Mlaalon church, Forty eighth street, near Ninth avenna, a lad/'* Mlolt Fur Collar. The Under will bo liberally rewarded by returning it to B. H. Farubatu, 174 Weit Flftloth street. Lout-a small hound;.okay os*the basic, tan tinder hi* body, whit* spot on hi* breast, short tall. Br him to 16 Kaat Twenty-eight street will be liberally rewarded. Lost?on Saturday, march so, at thb flush Ing Railroad depot, Uunter'a Folnt, a Lady * Travel ling Bag, containing a plaid woollen shawl, apron, Ar. The finder will be suitably rewarded by laavlug ft with Cornish A Congdon, 175 Broadway. IOBT?ON SATURDAY HORNING LAHT, IN A J Fourth avenue car, or In going from it to Jeraey City hv Cortlandt atreet ferry, a lad/'# gold limiting en.? Watch The Under will be ?ultaably rewarded b.v leaving it at lit Broadway, North American Fire Inaurmnce Company. LOST.-A SMALL PQRTKMONNAIK, ON MONDAY, containing inemorenda and acrapa, al?o $5 greenback. The Under w'll ohjign bv keeping the money and returning the oilier content*. Atidre** II. W., Heraof olllce. IOBT?ON TUESDAY, FROM It UNIVERSITY PLACE, J a Scotch ierrler; annweia to the name of Fannie. A II >eral reiratd will be paid on returning her to the above number. LOS I ?ON WEDNESDAY. THE HD. PASSING FROM No. BK) i > in avenue, through Twenty-fourth atreet to N.ath avenue, a -tnall Poi tcmonnuhi, con anting a vim o: ii.o.iiiv and ?mne ailver change. The Under will < e rewarded by returning the aatne to Mi*. .Iohn?oii, 7t weet Thirty acrciitli atreet, top door. It belonga to a widow, who lute* her all. ? IOST-A POCKET DIARY OF THIS YEAR. IN CANAL J atreet or Hroadw iy, on Tu eadny afternoon. The Under will receive i auitnble reward. Andrea* E. F. II.. atallou G h>.wahi)s. $r REWARD.?LOST, ON TIIK 1ST OF APRIL, A i) Draft, drawn in Davnuport. Aimtralla, on London, in amount The aborn reward will be paid If tbedralt la returned to Mariano Shoner. 151 Ludlow atreet. ?ft REWARD WILL BK RAID FOR THE RRTI'RN v)m of aa'ale colored Hound, lo?t April 2. Call at 167 East h road w<y. <5lin REWARD?LOST. BETWEEN CORTLANDT Ol' I airrel and Broadway, and No, HO Naaauu alreet, tlila 3d day of April, a Maaonlc . carf I'ln. aot in i'<um diamond* and rublea. wltii Square and Comp^aa and letter )>. Tbu finder will receive the above reward by leaving it with D. <). MoKelver, No. 66 Naaaaa ?treat. ?in reward-lost, on forenoon or wed ip LO nee lay. Jd inat., a email Sky Terrier Dog, with vary thick and buahy black, and gray hair,and eairira It* tail curled upon Itn back generally. Return to No. 8 Waat Forty Ileal atreet. I ? tin REWARD.?LOST. BINCR MONDAY, APRIL I V I " a I'oeketbook, cnnulnlng a cbeok lor $26 and aome valuable pa pert that are of no uea to auy one eacept H. 11. Black. 49 tmeby atreet. tOC REWARD? LOST OR STOLEN, IN BOSTON, Vai'J lat luet.. Arteea bill*, drawn by the American Board of Cotamlaeionrr^ior Foreign Mlealona on Bating Biother* A Co., of London, amounting to 13 798. and eald bale being without andoraement are of no value to the holder. The above reward will he paid for their return to 8. O. A O. C. Ward, 98 Bute atreet, Boaion, or 96 Wall atreet, N. Y. POST OK PICK SOTK K. pwsT orpioa NOtttfB. ~ ?w The martt for Ike United Kingdom and the Continent, via KnuUiatnpUm and Bremen, tier afamer NEW YORK, Will cloae at thlk olllce pt| ThuiydgJ, AjtfU 1 \t anil at the up town offfroa as followe: -.sUllona A andg, 8 06 A. M.; atalloua 0 and D,7:45 A. M.; lUtloha K and F, *.30 A. M.i ataliOii O, 7.85 A. M. JAMES KELLY, P. M. TIIK LKlTtHK NEAAtlV. IMPORTANT LI.OTIRES DAILY?Tl> (IBVTLKMS* 1 only, at tue New Y<vk Mu?euin of tanlomy, 616 Bru l wav. n.oae unable Ut attend tlieae Ir.iuira 'nay r?reivea ?npy by for warding leu acute. Add mat Heeraiary of New v- ' K MUI W 01 A HaU - ,i . I'll UK BY UKV. E II. < || AI'IV, D. I> THIS I J Thurndiv) evening, at 8 o'clock, at < Mitral Method ml rh i" i, in -e>ent? ivenuo, near >Vurteenth atreet. ficketa 5(1 cent*. Subj4V-4,'l he boil of Honor 11 tlLARH \.\.'jt? TOB ?<?:<>. "i>(i nnn,!I oR *i* r,? ^ ? A nwu. ilWU.UUU ? u:. ( .. I luttue. inet?f? O. ? . IKSAgeni Now Yvi k C'gar Man'ltatliu. iog <;>Mbpaa4 Pt h vrren an eet. Nf AMUMEHEfTI. JEW YORK THEATRE. ~ "r lflW Lb WIS BAKER A MARK .SMITH JEAN IE UEARh. - JEANIB DBAN8, EVERY EIOIIT. ,*A" EVERY EIGHT, llaoeh e?l with Did HOST UNBOUNDED BNTI1UBIASIC, MOST UNI Dl NDKD BETH 1781 ASM, H? 'NT UNBOUNDED BETH081 ASM. Mite ROSE EYTINUB III her beautiful nereouaUoa *# IM llvruiiw, and kf,.?n, M VKK SMITH. LEWIS SAKBB Attl their bXCKLI SET COMPANY la the OMi Seals Mutt be keen red a week in sdtanoe. IKRatre francals. THURSDAY EVENING, April 4, Ml. sABnN LUCHKGR BOKGlA, piece m lice acta, bt Viator I Tom. Madame lakmet.:. Tlocrbcb borgia . Ticket offices -Harr A Neblruter'a, 701 Broadway; Beeog A llerwi.'a, 112 and lid Broadway. THKATKB FRANCA18?FOURTEENTH STREET ARB Mxlh .valuta Saturday next, ' prll 8, 1887, Benefit of FAN FAN BEXOITON Obe Utile George tie). MaM'SKLLK KA1T 8KB DENTS, cainedy. !u one art, with whi. Lbs MARIS MB FONT TOOJOORS HIRE, comedy, la two acta. ? baet oflica at Usrdon villa'*, F>8 Broadway. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Continued looceaaOf the ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. TIII8 EVENING, repetition af the yreatlveikaeasfal prM dnotion of laet evening, tuber's charming opera, the ?LROWN DIAMONDS. OAMHBLLIajI'AsTbE, -EGUlN, WYLa*. i'Eakks. ARNOLD, MIsS CAROLINE Kit'III NUB, . . , MR--. akoDIML and iv fnll east. Tl,a opera elegantly Mean tad with appro* tu-i. te scenery and propertied, and DR..8SK8 MADE U? 1'iiJbd^idY lot* It >0 i'hnn. KitlDAY-HENBPtr OP MIHS KICUINGM, Till BOHEMIAN GIRL. GRAND OP RATIO MATINEE ON SATURDAY. HOULKl'S OPhKA 1IOU8E, BROOKLYN. DE' H VLLMG.U , THE UNFORTUNATE. Streetn of Brooklyn, V,o.ry (nnlfria. Brooklyn Belle. The Hiii 'k. Talent Appreciated Kill or Cure, The ArtfviA Dodger, I'fiooboaun* II. own, Medley clog Dance, HXeeneeon Old Vlripnny, Ao. Matin, e etery Saturday, at -Jo'cloah. GRIFFIN and CHRISTY'S MINKTRKL.L?FIFTH Avenue Opera Houae. No*. S and 4 Meet Twenty.fourth (treat. O. W. H. GRIFFIN Manage* TIIE FAMILY REMJRP. Every evening during Hie wee* wilt bo prtoenled the Grand Spectacular burlcsot*, BI.ACK CROOK, pronounoed by the prm* and tho public lo bd IS* MOsl' LaUUHABI.B BUKLEAQUB erdp written. Rein,niece in-ea of Hint,.. Othello. Stop Jig, Palace of DtY Drojw, Trouble at Uta Ball, Ginger Bluet Mad McOlbllgun O'linilorr, Ac, (.FORGE ClIRIStY EVBRY RIGHT. Door*open at 7. Corameueea at*. MATIN Kb r.V.KY SATURDAY at half paat 2 o clock. BCNYAN TABLEAUX.?LARGEST PANORAMA IM the world. ? BUly magi. Cceut scenes. llluetrailug " Sane yau'e Pilgrim'-, Pwgretex" Union Hall Brd,<tway and Twenty-third dt cel. open every night at 7; eoinroendng si & Adin.vth.ii SO ,-enl'; children 20 oeniA Matinee wed* netday and Saturday. at 3 o'clock. Roll I. J. UKKliNWOw, Manager and Proprietor. Broadw ay theatre.-admission to cf,nts. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 6, AT O'CLOCK. FIRST MAGGIE MTTOIIKL MATINEE. ONLY h ANCHON MATINEE. MR. GF.OIt(.E SIMPSONS ANN UAL CONCERT WILD lake pin- e on Thursday evening. April 4, at Irving Hall, a-msted I y tho following ui lists: Miss Liztle M. Gates, linn Nettie sterling, Mr./. R. lliomis, Mr. Jul** Lombard, Mr. Henry Molleniiuuer, and Mr. Kenue ly, the ,elabrato4 Sottish vocalln. Conductor, Mr. tiro. IV. Colby. Ticket* unw doling, for ( tin at tho duor. Concert to commence at eight o'clock, prcctve.yp Mr. n. krnvedy, tub celebrated hcostisb vocabfct, ut Irving Hull, on Thursday evening, A^LL At THE AGRNCY 2 8 BROADWAY, HOOM 12. WANT* cd ttventr flte lailiee for 1'ic corps de ballet; Aret Claud Broadway theatre. Call from <? \. M. toti P M. M. WARD, Superintendent. W7 ALTER LENNOX, COMEDIAN. 19 NOW PRE. m pari'd to negotiate with man ?ger* for the fall and Winter season. AddfMa 9,(131 KumrtiBr street, Ph lladelphlo. PlAMiKLli'lBi. A HOOD 6)4 OCTAVE PIANO MMt 8140 6 OCTAVB for $125, uiic lor 875 and one for $50. New Ptanoe v. ,y low .hi u count of rein .-al. Pianos lo rent, or eold oa Insiukueute at 143 beet Twenty, third etreet, near Third av. A MAGNIFICENT ASSOIVTM8NT OF THE FINEST .1 and cheapest new and second hand Ptanoe fu the etty, tor ??le and tu rent, at W.M. CAND1DUS' warerooao, 48 Bieecker struel. A FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR PIANOFORTE .1 worth $550, for one half; carved rosewood. 7 aelare overstrung, Iron froute; beat moke, and marly new. st 3ui East Teutk etreet. LADY WILL SACRIFICE A BEAUTIFUL PIANO. . forte. $*00 Instrument, lor lees then half. If token lane mediately; seveu octave*, celebrated looker, nearly new. rosewood, overstrung baas, carved legs, also Carpels, So. Apply ut *i Third street. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOB ?ale?Made order, cuy makers, cost $000, for $*?$( Parlor huiia. bjegerei, Bookeose, ckambor and Dining Pur. niture, Cluua, uiaar, Sc. A aacnbee. 44 Waal SliunalS ?treet. near Sink annua A GOOD 3oHEWOOD PIANOFOHTB, PULL. PIN* tone, Iron pla?| Drier $tuil; ?r?t eloae new PianeforteS very cheap. J. HID0Lb, 18 Amily *U near Broadway. 4 MAGNIFICENT SBVKN OCTAVE RORSWOOD ii Planeforie?.Made to order a short lime ego ut a seat *f $500, for sale at n bargain. Pail al IM tfmod street, need TYARGA^^^tnaK^yorMMANOTOKIIE^HUN TRAM^ I> modern linprov i-ments, 7 txitavaa, $I9U; hanukonte Mireed Uianororte, Gilbert, uiaher. See. ton. Iron frame, $191; el?o M first das* second I ? iig ITenii f.irtee, very low; aeaoruneut new Planefortoe, laaa tken wholesale prraes. 2U Fourth avenue, eppoaito Cooper IMP tuto. Bargains.?MAGNIFIPF.NT i octave moobhw Piano, used hut a al..nt time, for $750 one for SMIl newono auu reduced orlte. II. HARDM.VN, IS) AniHy gt. L'OR SALE?IN CONSESK KNCE OF THE LaDV X1 leaving for Europe, a Pianoforte, seven octave. Can be seen at tvt)* Bro:idwuy. JjlOR bALE?A t.% OCTAVE PIANOFORTE. CITY r maker, in good onlri and very sweet toned, tor $175. Apply at 18 St. Mark'* place. BitOR SAf.K CUBAP?A Sr'.VF.N OOTAYE PIANO, WIfH carved legs, in good order; reason for selling, party about (o break up housekeeping. Apply al MT Grand ?treat. LP. Ci'MMINGB HAS REMOVED HIS PIANOPORTB . Wareroornstu No M I'ii nan s.|iiara opposite nonu. nont. Pianos to let and sold ou luetaimento PIANOFOHTB FOR N A LB?A VERY I1ANDSOMB rosewood I'laoo; flrxt < ia*s maker; 7 octave; line tone; nearly uew; wita Stool, Ac. J. C. BAILfaY, 10 FlfiS street WATERS' PIANOFORTES. Hrand, Square and i.'pr ghl, Melodaons, Parley Chnrelt and Cabinet Organs; the M manufactured. To 1*1, mid rent applied If purchased. Monthly instalment* received. WureroomsMl Broadway, .Vow YorK. IKIKACR WATER* A CO. 5?Ot>.-. -FOR SALE. A NEW PIANO, FOR WAN* of room, atlW Secon I avenue. Apply from 1 tod r. M. 1XMHICTION. AT Mn BOWBRY- PRIVATB OR SEPARATE IN struct! 'ii, day and evening, in Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic. Spelling, Hrntnmsr, Correspondence, Ac. Apnrt menu lor liatr*. No classes. TOWNSBNIrB BWIhee# College, 160 Bowery, between Prince and Houston street*. AYOUNH MAN, 111)1111,Y QUALIFIED, WILI, GIVE instruction to ladle* or gentlemen Ih penmanship or *nr Kt glish branch, at the rcsldonee of the pupil. Heal relerenoes. Address s . \<IES I'LKMAN III.. III. Y <;l AUHKD WOULD OtT| inatructinn to laities ?r gentlemen at their reaideucee In foreign hUMK lllillllllp and the Kaglish branches;> moderate, Address Alttinn.i, Herald uillce. i LADY WISHES A SITUATION IN A FAMILY TO A Inatruet In English, French. Music and Drawing, for ? am.,II salary, the country prelerred. Addreaa lor tbreo daja Mra. Snil'h, lAf Twentieth atreel. A YOUNG LADY DBfttRKH PUPILS FOR INBTRUC II,in in French Munit and tha English branches. Ada dreaa Instruction, or app.y at ISO M eat fourteenth treat A FRI.NCII LADY WANT* A SITUATION AN GOV. ?mess in a private family; reference. Addreaa Bra. .M. 8,. Poalofllce. AN KZPBRXBMCED TEACHER QUALIFIED TO ll*? ?irnct in h'an, , Kn. Iiah, i renr.i, I ..a, i aud Musio, wiaheaa few put he. References given, a hurra# Teacher, or tall at led Last KighleenU) street.? _______ 1JOOK KEEPING, D PENMANSHIP. AS if BUSINESS A FT AIRS, At GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Institute, 7M Broadway. Established IIMO. Private Instruction^ __________ BOARDING scnooi. NEAR THB CI** WANTBI^a rnravooth, ,?cnd olrenlari asd ilalt MnM It m w L., bOI 1,606 I'ost oince. a H. LOWENBRKO. ? No. 7 Stanton street, near Bowery, teacher of French, Hpaniah and Herman. LANOUAOF8 IN THREE MONTHS AT DOLBEAR'B Academy, *W Hrnsilsrsy. ?French, Hpanieb, English, At., taught in slity lessons. Hooka not required. Least,na glren si residence. Also private ItfhtrucUon. day or even ing, in Hook reaping. Writing, Artthmetln, Ac. Open aU summer. a tjaRIH ?INSTITUTION-INTERNATIONALE, CHATOU, J near Paris, In connection with the lymdoo College ef the Intet national Education Society (limited).? Special stud* ot French and other modern langmtgos, natnrnl k lepcei, rlassiun ami all '.he other brannhea of a liberal elocution, harmomclng with the want* and spirit Of the age. For prosp*muses spplr to the Head Master, Mr. P. Barrere; or to the Secretary, at Unj aorlety's ?Hk*e, No. 1M Old Bond ?neet, iV. \\ 1 I r>~A I.ADT TMAChIr, WHO cam OtTB Ufa v > st' uction iq the hpaniah language. Address Santiago, station <1. , m . *}i t A '?tiSH* LESSONS, (1 60; BOOK K KKPING7 /Ct'f Wrlttne, Al 'hlrellc, Hraiomar, I?tin, |A>. Prof. Yn t: ew, the .isit ,;n'c,ilntor, who challenges compe te ? , " V- in-'- ? -to , at I'AINR'B Colleges, tU Bower* end .hv yimoti fi *e Bieeklya. *? "WdlblSO F .'I!nl.ARS?SOiToOL~Lolftl~STANDs in t, t> # vi incirs wtfi !?* fil ed immediately or ?i:,d M detiu ? '< i.i' I'!..iosl0 ABEL V il t fi.oC'K, Danhury,' 30