Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1867 Page 2
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riT* IUBA.L tlTAT? VOR iss aswsr ?Tirss1?ssrii A flR^T CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STnvt rVnbetween Fifth and sixth ANiK8521*.Wm ,YEAEe>' I-BASR FOR 8 ALE?OR A fii?8fT II0^.**8 , HO'SB ,'OE EALBi-FTVB 8TO. ire* a aiir i .? ?. 50h waiU' * '?et ?Inches wide; y^b wat?r, batb. water closets, cbandoUara, ontnpleie; on ?mafik'*IUi? ,,ab?: B,fb|T ?eoond street. Inquire of Mr. WaArii. Mi Baal Blghry *etoud street, near Second nr. A ,HAJ[DBUMBd,Y FURNISHED FIRST CLASS HOT8K *** or for ?fc.l*. Fourtrecth atreet; four story blah stoop brow n stouWfroaL (n perfect order. Apply from II A Y, * 1? *?? ?* ?? ?? niton street, room No. 10. Rent SWO per month to a first c1a?u? tcuant. A HOUSE FOR' SALE-NEAR FIFTH AVKKUK ON Ihirty-etghlb street, four slory, price $36-tK)0, also one on Thirty-fourth street, four story brown stone front and V!^.h." .e'Ki!'t '"ceSod! price $26,1X0. For permits spplv to JOHN FhTfRKKIH, Real Estate Broker, 416 Tbtrit uteiiue. -FIRST CLASS THREE STORT BROWN STONE llou?e MOiflll, will ?1I improvements, for sale, very low and immediate'poe*rtii?n: also others, i OAS. E. MILLS, US, Agent, 40 West Thtrtietn street. AT 7M THIRL AVENUE.?FOR SALE, TItKEB AND lour story high etoop aod English imseiaeni brick and brown alone Houses, from $7 (WO to $.16,<IU0. N B?My ofltre open trom 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. J AMES HOWE. A -IT WILL PAY THOSE SEEKING AN INVERT -fl. tnenl In Real Estate or a comfortable home, to Just call al 768 Third avenue, before IT A. M. or alter * P. M. ? see my litis and cat reliable information aa to value, Iocs-' tlon. Ac., Ac., of Real Estate. JAMES HOWE A^m ?SPLENDID INDUCEMENTS IN BROADWAY H. bowery, Grand, Greene, Kroome and oiber principal streets; alsofiUU houses in ?ew York and Brooklyn for aide. eleh?"??- ? w WYCKOFF A JONES, M "liam A reel, M. T.. and 84fi Fulton street, Brooklyn. A CORNER HOUSE ANI? LOT FOR SALE?ON THE southwest corner of Lexington avenue and Sixtieth street: splendid new four story brown stone mansion, which ha# born the centre of attraction for beauty. Poeltivelr nauat be sold. Those desirtus te Dureham a iarn> utHAtl* Mrm^aia resided FKTTRKTUH A CO.. humbug. A CHEAP HOUSB?THREE STORT, HIGH STOOP, cs .sr~* bbewss .fa* TilREE gTORY'ETOH HTOOF BROWN STONB AH ?TO*t HIGH STOOP BROWN ... erder* t|t,oSS *???> located, 31.6x30x76, In " nlfiSu BROS A BBLLAMT, No. S Fine street. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE BROWN 8TONE MAN ?. In PourteenU etreet to lac furnished or unfur nished. for buslneae pwrpoeoa; rentjli,U80 per rear. KUI(i 4 CO ? No. ? Twenty-third street. Fifth Arenue HoiaL A ?*UQ. COMMODIOUS THRBB STORY HIGH 8TWOF ?m !iru"Si i* "*** Lexlugtuu arenue. Si. ,?f. *? W.1*? one 9 Thirty-ulnth street lor $16,000 one in Thirtieth street for $18,600. Others at equallr lew prices. Apply to URMY A COPLAND. 410 Fourth as. A THREE 8TORY AND BASEMENT HIGH STOOP ? brick House forsele?In East Twentieth street; will be sold rery cheap to those applying this week; also two leBi weal side Third avenue. GEORGE KKJUt. owner. J17 East Thirtieth street. A SMALL HOUSE OF SIX OR EIGHT ROOMS, OR jfX. two lower Floors, in a crotral location. Address, stat ?_to terms and location, for three days, M. D. B.. slatlou U A FINK FOUR STORY HIGH 8TOOP BROWN STONE i '."" -f ea|e?For $16,01X1; all Improrcment*; 31 by on; lot US' feet: location high and healthy; below Fiftieth atreet; hot and cold water always throughout house posses sion. Address H., station G. A FIRST CLASH FOUR 8TORT BROWN STONE House, elaborate from and sloop, with Iwnemeni uid aub-oellsr. for sale, on Sixtieth street, north side, near Lex ington avenue. No. 88. Immediate possession. Apply lo JOHN glass, on premises. A FINK FOUR STORY HIGH 8TOOP BROWN STONE House for sale ou Lexington avenue, near Tv. enty ninth street; 21 feet wide, 60 feet deep, In line order; modern conveniences; Drat claas neighborhood. Price, Including caroets, oilcloths and gas fixtures, $67,000, it purchased withlu a week. The purior carpels are Wllioo. been by JAB. R. EDWARDS. 677 West Twenty-third street. BUSINRH8 PROPERTY FOR SALE.? 100X115 NORTH east corner of Watts, noar Canal street; splondid loea tloo for a hotel or restaurant; 86x80 on Washington street, near ( seal; 60x100 on Lispenard. near Ohurch; d6x80 on Watts street, together with s number of earners and smaller V0*** ? all very desirable Investments at preaent figures. Apply to JAMR8 PRICE, SOU Hudson street. r?R HALF-TWO FIRST CLAPS FOUR 8TORY BROWN ?tone front Houses on Sixtieth atreet. northwest car 's mum, Not. a and 86. Apply to GEO. , on the premises. m ri tone front i nor of l-eilngtoa J. Hamilton, o Fur sale-thb first clash four story brown atone front House nod full Lot, IP Bast Tweuty-flfih ?went, bclweoo Madlaon and Fourth avenues: a rery desir St&wS*sar!wA poaaoaaloo. Apply to 2. 9^ ' *?- * p,ne ?Wret- or to MhlltRITr TRIMBLE, 83 John aunot. IjIOK SALE-THB VBRY SUPERIOR NEW FOUR i ?*?rr brown atone Honse 86 Weat Forty-nlnth street, 66x61 lot half the Mock: poesession ImmedDtnlv; price BS6,0U0. Inquire of the owner, JOHN C. SAKEs, 84 West Forty-ninth atreet For sale-the new four story b'rown stone House and Lot No. 86 West Thirty-ninth street, be tween !? Utb And rtizifi AlAhnrfttwiw tinUh*w< with .Is ,71 , sT . "" a aan xj-II? (lb 11 nir?ri, WJ* I Mith and Sixth avenues; elaborately finished wlih roosweod doors. Ac. Inquire of W. FANNING, S7 West Thirty.ninth street. _ _ E?B 8ALB-TWO STORY. BASEMENT AND ATTIC hrtck House, 647 West Fourth street, one door from Van pUco; bouse 66.6x60, lot 76.6, In good order. Inquire on the premises. Can he seen from 10 to A H IOB SALE?HOUSE 30 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, high stoop, 60 feet. Apply to E. J. THORN E, 66 Wall YPOR RALE?FOUR NEW THREE STORT AND BASE J7 mem brown atone front Buildings on seventy-eighth ?Mreet, near Madison avenue; a splendid location; bain In ?best manner, partor storiae aU flatahod with walnut. WeoUatalowprKw.jmeaaytenna. Apply to G- FOUN '*16 or T. McLRLLAND, on the premises. FO? "ALB-AT A BARGAIN, A YBRT FINE FOUR ?_ "toryb??h stoop brown stone House and Lot, eontain tamoU modem eoovenlopors and la due order; elm aSxjii.S, bloek. ou Twenty moond street, between Eighth and Ninth arena as; good bioeh and worth silenuou. Price ?n.80a Knot be sol A KJLFATRICK, Bull's Head Bank BnSdlafs. BOB SALE?HOUSE AND LOT, ?U WEST THIRTY sixth street; M1MM; house three story sod basement ***? J? /i?' '???Pi oourooieoUv arranged for two families. glOB -ALE-SIX LOIS, BBTWBBM THB BODLBTARD ?nd Thuth are our Apply InW. I. Gibson's eoalee JP aad Emmr ffOR SALE?THRBB STORT BRICK HOUSE NO. V r Greenwich avenue: la rented for two year* from May l Apty^ywmc 6 and U o'clock, tn the oOoe at U7 CUoton F?t rerbtu RALE?A THREE STORY AND BASBMBNT hfWh House, with large rooms in ex ten Rob; suitable MUtbrdb or buatnam purpomn Address Jasper, box 116 CB BALE-ON THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR llSli th?? high etoop brick Houao, ri6iW.?, ?16J?: ehoap. WM. 8. JhNMNGB, 1U a roadway. Trinity Bulldlnc basement CH RALE?OH LEXINGTON ATENUB, CORNER OF Forty-eteth street, ? Bret else* four stery high etoop n stone House: Is well buUt and finished lh hard wood. WM. 8. JERNINGA 111 Broadway, Trinity Build LV>? BALE?<6 WE8T FIFTT-SBCOND STREET, FOUR A? otarr high stoop; several three story high stoop Houses row ready Apply at 6*4 Kagt Blxty-aaoood ? I street. ?ALB?ON WE8J TWELFTH NTRBET, NEAR lh avoouo. a baodeome four story brown atone it Ha ? - . - -i Jouae.; Id fine order. fiSu.UUi n. jfeMNINOS, HI Broadway, Trinity Building, base CB BALE?TWO HANDSOME HIOB 8TGGF brown stone Ho usee, on Lexington nronue. noar Fifty ?troot. Thsee houses should have the attention of buyers, hmng^firet etam la overy rwpecl^aad wlll be sold at JENNINGS, I 111 Brendway, Trinity Building, ba seme at rl HALE?glXMR?A VERT NBAT THRBB HTORY brown etoao high etoop Houea, In Ban* Fifty eaoond ewith aU tha lmprinremenio, and In perfert order; n ill rear end poR* neighborhood. Fooeeemon I" " I ?.in RINGg. in Bread way, Trinity Butldingn, basomeat ?evaral other hauMR 1 I n 8ALE?A "imT NICE THBXB RTOBT HIGH MMht Houea, with all modem hnprovemonta, In BMd order, with aae lilsrix m Ninth wnrd; poeoeeeton 1st flay af May. Apply to W H QBAT7t> Wouetar otreoA am In ante ?ALB-AT HARLEM, A THREE 8T0EY PHIL A 'phis hrtoh and high brown stoaa atoep House, with it and oouawr eSIur. With ? Remnant and counter eelur, with molarn improvements pad In opieadid oeder- with stable attaehad. Alao a similar \ Sr.ritsi.'Ti .. 1J10R RALE?IN WEST FOR' FORTT-dBCOND STREET, "" brown stone Houao. Im mediate possession. $37.MC aT?o four story brown stone, if-rr-iTtii-sr 'oc? i jeox S?LB?? TBBBR .-TORT^RlV -A?RBRT T7H>B BALE?THB NEATEST THBKB STORY AND J? basement brick House en Loxlngtou avenue, frescoed and finished complete with all Improvements. Must be Mid this week. Apply to J OR. McOUIRB, lit Naamn (treat. TjlOB NALB?NORTHBART CORNER OF F1FT1BTH atreet and KtglAh areoue, four^iloi^ briok, with store i agents MR. BMWWt BHH niRWMH ?veua'j) hod bUUarda; would make a toe hotel. Apply to the owner, GREEN it* w?at etreet No SNOB HALE?ON WEST TWENTIETH STREET. A VBRY ' neat three story high stoop House, with Pier Olase and oanlcea. two Mantel Mirrors, Oas Fixtures, Ollclotba sot ' aa V'SedWAEDS, 677 Want Twenty-third street. T710B RALE?TUB VALUABLE FROrERTY NO. M x Franklin street, a few doors wool of Hmadway Foi terms Ac., apply to E. H. LUDLOW A GO., No. I Ploe at. CfTT HEAL ESTATE FOE Slf ? rK 8AU-A CORNER PROPKRTT, ON FOURTH ?street, ?n> of Sixth avenue. 110x141, well located for Immediate improvement*. Vat particulars apply to ALLEN A BROWN, 06 Broadway. T.10H SAIJ9?TH KKE LOTS. NORTH HIDE FORTY J; second atreet, between fifth end Medleon avenue*. Aleo three Lou weet eld* of Hedteou avenue. opposite D*. Tyng'? church; private ?i*l>!*? can be erected on eM the above lot* by aetlmg beck IS feet from the fro*!. Apply w CHAC MCKY HARMAKP. Mo. 100 Broadway rK BALK?FIVE BKIOH HOUSES, TWO HTORT bear men t end cellar, wiUtwoLoto. on Ninth atreet: all modern iinprorameuU. price ?8.000; from 91,0*0 to 91000 cash, alio two two ctorv and AUTO Ft ???I. with brick baee Dt aad cellar; all modern 1MB | above. Apply at me owes . Brooklyn. lenni the tame aa above. Apply at the otto* of DaNI Co., corner of Ninth atreet end Fifth avaaue. P F| OB 8AI.K-A FIRST CLAB8 HOUBR, OPPOSITE Columbia College, eh Fortyaiatk atreet. Apply to HOMEH MOKQAnTNo. Irineatcpai. ^ R SALE?AT A ORB AT BARGAIN FOR INTR8T _ uient, four full Lota, on Madiaoa avenna and Ninety nl^ 'ttret. flue grade and no reck. If sold thla week price U?0* r mi 95,301). 92,9110 on M. BOYD. m Broadway. Fob balk?two neat bbice hocseh, three atortea, French roof, thoroughly well built, on 104th 'treat, between Third and Fourth avenue*. Inquire on the premies*. Aleo one frame House. IjSOB BALK?ON WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. A foor story high eu?op House, Philadelphia brick front, 99 feet wide, K> feet deep, in flue order, Prior $au,000, or tiruuurn JtSS. 000. JAB. K. EDWARDS, 977 Weet Twenty-third street. with furniture 923. 000 ' bTedi TOOR SALE?A THREE STORY I1IOH STOOP BROWN " etenr, In Bast Fiftieth utreet, fourth honor seat of >nd avenue, on the South ?lde, nearly opposite the Beefc i HU1 M. E. oburch. Thla is our of (he bee) location* up town. Apply on the premiers or to the owner. 8. MONT GOMERY. 19S Ravi Fifty-third street. Price 910.0*0, one half eu mortgage. FtR BALE?STORE PROPKRTT SOUTHWKsr COR uer of avenue C and Second street, one of the beet busi ness corners ou tbr avenue lot 18x56; price 93,600. Apply toJ. ATTKIDUk. 3*1 East Fourth street (old number Wl), or to D M. SEAMAN, 14 Flue atreet. For sale-a first class brown stone front hub stoop Home, with all modern Improvemente, In flne order, with possession. Inquire on the premise*. 243 Weet Fiftieth atreet. between Eighth and Ninth avenues. For salb-thrbe story and basement brown stone House, on Ftfty-eoeond street, near Broadway; price 919.2*0; terms easy; splendid surrounding*. Permit* from B. O. TUoKNAL. LIMA Broadway, between Forty eighth end Forty-ninth street*. For balb in wbst twenty-second strrbt Four I lory high stoop brown stone Honee, with or with out Furniture; delightful location; 911,500. Permit* of A. JOCJ RN KA Y, No. ? Pine street. 'OR SALE?FIRST CLABS THREE STORY ATTIC j* end basement brick House. 14 Waveriey place; aleo four two ttory and aUi* briok House* end Lot*. 21, 23. X end XT Hubert street, earner of Greenwich; also four Tour story briok House* end Lot*. OOfl, AW. 504 end Ml* Greenwich street. Inquire at HARPMAM A OSBORN's.iia* Grand et. FOB SALE?A PLOT OF OBOCND, 100 FEET SQUARE, en Imuren* street, below Spring. Apply to ISAAC R. TATE, tlf Broadway. UH1R SALB OR TO LET?PRETTY HIOH STOOP F brown atone House. 391 East Flftr-flfth street; IS rooms, high ground; Arst elaa* end delightful neighborhood; rent 91.40U; price ilXUOU. Other Houees in rarioua peris of the olty: same of the best paying tenement property. HU BERT 9 PATflSON. 678 Broadway, between Bond and Great Jones street*. Fob sale oh to lkt-onb ok the houses in that handsome brown e'.oue, to the niml ple:uiaut part of Second uremic, No. 1,11*, between Flfty-cljhth and Fifty, ninth slm is; house 21x45. Price $18,5W; reut $1,006. In quire of the owner, 84 Sixth atreet. EIOR SALE OR TO LET-TUK SUBSTANTIAL NEW ? brick Factory and Stable. No. 832, 834 and G96 Went Kor'-T-aer-nth atreet Factory one, three and live stories In height, ateiuu engine 18 horse power. boiler 40 horae power, abutting, Ac., three lot* of ground: terma easy; immediate possession. Inquire upon the premises. L"?OR SALE OB TO LET?A THKRR STORY HOUSE A' with English haaement and attic, 23x114, furniahnd, ga*. buth tube and water to third "tore. Apply at IS) West Fourth street, near Washington square. Harlem property.?four cottage houses (three two story front and one three atory reur), ea.-h cuntabling six rooms, pantry, bath, clothes rooms and base, rnent cellar; Cruton and gas throughout; marble mantels In trout bouses; all cntirek- new; title indisputable: limneili ?;??nagged: Pricefor ftI'? $10,OX) can rrinain on bond and ziiorlgiurv; bal anoe cash; or will sell separate. Apply to the ownerTln rear house, 112th street, uorth side, between Third and Fourth avenues. IK BOLD THIS WEEK $7,0U0 WILL PURCHASE TWO ? k aiu' }4i\h t litshth arenue, ready ror building; splendid location; level ground, no rock. S6uU only required down; rest on mortgage. A. S. NEWBERRY. 1S2 Broadway. Lexington avenue, corner of fifty-sev enth atreet (10J foot street I, two Lota, 50x108 feet, for chaap. JOSEPH McllUlHK, IWWaaaau street. ON WEST FORTY FIRST STHEKT-FOUR STORY h. a. Iwown stone, and four story brick on rear; good order, good location; all $18,1210 On East SJtb at., three atory h. a. brick, In good order,' io'dOO On East 4lat at., three atory brown stone h. a. bargain 13.180 BROWN A McLean, asi Third avenue. Real estate for sale-situated on west Broadway; 8Uxl*. Inquire of HALLOCK A PITTS, 27 Laurent street. The property fob sale or lease-so and 37 Worth street. New York. Inquire of ASA HOYT, No. 88, room No. A WASniNOTON STREET.?FOR SALE, VALUABLE . 1 "V'r'.r. corner of Washington nn,l Liberty atrccta *PP'F to MULLEK, WILKINS A CO.. No. 7 Pine street. FZTH AVKNCFi LOTS FOR SALE?TITO VERY DE8I ? / rsble liOUoa Fifth avenue, eouth of .Sixty .aixth utreet fronting Central Park; also two Lot* on wv*t aide of Fifth W?Lk/ns'A'cof. Zrr'W.ZT APP* ?? Ml:L":R .^00 -7?'? 8T?1Y ATnc AWD basement jPtf.yW. Houses In East Seventh street, ten rooms la each; good neighborhood. Term* ??u*y. WATBRLOW & CO,, 89 Kiiiau Atreet. 000 ?,LL Bl!y A NEAT THREE 8TORT AND 1/1/1/ basement high stoop brick Huuse In East Six ty-seoond street, ItixiitixlOU. his all modern improvements; house Is new, Immediate possession; has a complete set or Ci Hiturps; $4,Sun may remain on bond and mortgage? USPS adjoining sold yesterday for $8,500 at auction not aa good as this This la the cheapen house In New York. T. J. McEVlLY, 868 ThlrtUvenue. near FTfty-MUh at fcQ ^00 "THREE 8TOBY BRICK HOUSE, SEVENTH xPO.t4vl/. street. Bast of avenue If, or to rent at $1.258. Apply to O. W. SIMMONS. JR., 98 Broadway! 3xQ 000 FOR A VERY WHAT THREE STORY HIOH sPU.yUU stoop brown atonb House; also one partly furnished for $11,000; modern improvements: hood order. S. F. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. 3x1 ^ 000 -WK8T ELEVENTH STREET.-THREE vlO.Uim. atory brick lllouse. In perfect order, lately painted throughout; all the modem Improvements 2Ux4oilOO. BOBEBT MACLAT. 77 Cedar street $15 f)00 J'sH. BtTT A *** three stort . hl"h ?tow brown atone front House, in Forty-eighth etreet. near Rlghth avenue, nearly eomplete. ROBERT H. OOFF. 77 Cedar atreet 351 O OOO wlw? BUT THE FIRST CLASR THESE xfclD.lfUy atory high atoop brown atone Hone# No 172 JLM and afmr'i?1'* Ap|'1' on ^ t lb 11 3190 000t?ot. ?.f,E dollar less-fob s Slf* twy,t'!mr "??T ?nd haaement Houses. 1A7 end 108 Bast Thirty-third street, near Lexington avenue; eentain all modern improvement#, and are In very good eru dition ; mortgage, 813,500. These houses are worth the price naked. If not sold this week will be rented fer $1,888 each KILFATBICK, Bull'* Head Bank Buildings. BROOKLYN REAL K4TATR FOR BAL.R, A -FOR SALE? HOUSE AND LOT NO? 9 WENT , BALTIC .STREET, BROOKLYN. WITH OR WITH OUT FURNITURE. ON VKRT REASON ABLE TERMS. A HOUSE FOB SALE OR TO LET?WITH OR WITH onl furniture. One garden, stable, fruli, Ac., in Brook lyn. half hour'e nde from ferry. Apply to O. NOBLE, cor ner Broadway and^Oatea avenues, or 13 Barclay street, N. Y. A BARK CHANCE OFFERED.?FOR SALE. IN Brooklyn. on th# aoutheMt cornrr of Carlton and Wll loughbv avtau#*, on* of the Hrgant block of brown atone frfcnt Ilouaea. thre* atortoa bnAcmcot and collar; houee 21.dv 46 feet, lot I DO; nil modern improvement* Convenient to DeKalb and Mmif aveouo enr route* to Fulton ferry. Price toTllO^AS FAOAN *?d APP>T 00 ?*???? BrSINRSS PROPERTY FOR SALE?AT A BAROAIN . S ?2?WlSva r9T7 fo,lr "u,rF hr?w? etone Htore end Building, 26 feet wWc. mnin betiding 60 feet deep, with w UP. ?!> in Ore* raw order; will runt $3,508. price $28,088, JAS. B. EDWARDS. 277 Weet Twenty-third etreet. ?DROOkLYN.-A THRRS STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE 4? * ??*. completely furnished, to Weahlagloa aveuoe. WRh large garden attached. J. cTbAILEY. Xew Tork. or 94 Conn street, Brooklyn. Brooklyn and williamsburo real estate.? * lerf* vuriely for sole at reeeonabie prtoee. Callmnd examine my Hat. A^R WAONER, 288 Broadway. FjR 'ALE?FURNISHED, 20 CIIKF.YER PLACE, h. a. h. a. all conveniences; In perfect 'm ?!p lil7l^!R?^ea0?r.,7 B'w r*n ^ rro?n ? to S r. M. PrieetlAini. $5,bll on mortguge. Owner leav ing tlto country. Possession May 1. For salr-two rtRsr class cottaors, on P,?"1 ?**noe, between Dates and Ureene avenues. Brooklyn. AH Improvements eomplete Inquire on the premises of JOHN MAOILUOAN. Price $4,858. IT0* "ALB?A IIOVTIB AND FIVE LOT* OF OROUND, r on Uuinoey street, rauulng through to Hickory street between Noetrsnd tad Marry avenue#. ^ JACOB BHaBP. 96 Pine etreet. New York. |j10R THHH" RRASONABLE. HOURB "...???.?! ??? ?"'?^ Brooklyn: flue condition; F<Mgta4 view. 14 rooms Reference oa said premises. Prise CIOR BALE?IN BROOKLYN. THRBS NTORY~BRICK r Honab; good altuation, modern Improvements $6 MM. Also House,fwltb 7 lota, harm, Re., at Rlhabeth. to let PR OBOOT. 142 Fulton street, N. T Tirom 6 to 4 FjlOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN. NO. 81 ADAMS 8TRRRT 1 two Hon see, one front and one roar, with stable and c scb bonae. three every brick basement and anb-eellar In line order, will be sold cheap; Is near Catharina and Fulton ferries. For particulars apply to the owner, OEOROR MUTTIBO, 80 Brach street, New Yerk. No agents. r R BALR-TN BROOKLYN. A BEAUTIFUL TERIR etnry Dwelling, with two Lois adjoining, three minutes' wau of South Seventh atreet ferry, aU $I1.IW BROWNB A McLEAN. m Third arenas. IT0& 8^R V.HRAP-FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE S ,J ,1, JVl? 'i.0"**! ?!! modern ImprovemenU; houae rtt merni iHhS^monL Nd|!phl Hllftl. Inquire el 2M 'ALE OR TO LRT-A SEW THBRR STORY end FTenoh atlls brick Dwelling. wtU all the medera * ,"V'r"'m BOCA Dwsllleg. with all the modern BROOKLYN UAL ESTATE fOE IALE. r?l I HOR 8ALK IN BROOKLYN-NINETEENTH WAKD Bix Ant claas, new brtek House*, on Clymer street, near Bedford avtnue. all modem improvement*. ootapleU. The I hniisao tn built of the beet material* and all daae by day'* ?ark In lb* beat manner Apply on i be pan ml tea, at JaMEB ?cTHOg. GIBBONS. Pri3? nodarata and tares* aaay. BALE. OB LEASE FOR A TERM OV TEARS? ?Suitable for shipyard. bonded warehouse* or eilenalre manufacturing, a eery rsluable deep water frant on Ea?t nvor, opppalu Fourteenth street. New Teak. Dimension*? m feat rtrer front, MO feet on *ide ?nweU and M feat on Waahlngtaw at rat- W. P. hKVMOUB. 171 Broadway. IJWB BALE OR RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE DWKLL f mg oa Pit a ton street. Brooklyn, between Haralson and Mwraw; baa nil th# modern improvaaenta, billiard room, butler'a pantry, batb, water cloaets, Ad; twelve rooms, and Is tn narfaot order throughout. Ad dram bos MH Peat'odlce, Maw York. 1J1UBNI8HBD HOU8B FOE SALE BY BROOKLTN?A r neat and convenient three story frame House, filled la with brick, with basement and cellar, alt naiad m a plaa*aal neighborhood, about tifteea minute*' walk from the fen tea, ?nine twelve rooms, abundaaoe of closets, also ana, water, bathroom and furnace. Was furnished completely i talma wtwr. WIIIIWHI auu iuiuavo. " ?? iiaauwuvt* w?yicwij new last October and la perfect order. Possession glean May 1. Address S. R, box 4,713 New York Feat offioa. ru RENT PAYERS.?FOR SALE. FIVE NEW TWO ^Hstory House., price $1.SOU, from $300to $60$cash; bet lsnre payable from $25 to $50 every three months until pnld; also two brick Stores; price $4,000; two DweUioga for $3,600; three Houses, near the park for $3,000. Terms nearly the same as shore. Apply at the offioa. Fifth arcane, corner t, Rrool" of Eighteenth street, Brooklyn. WATER FRONT ON EAST RIVER FOB BALE OR lease.?The Block of Ground, foot of Oak street, Brooklyn, formerly occupied for shipyard, with Bulkheads complete Water draft enough for largest reasel*. Apply on the premise* to E. F. WILLIAMS. Oil BROOKLYN HOUSES FOR SALE?ON RAYMOND, Da Kalb, Adeiphl, Cnrlton and ctcrmont avenues; prices low. THOS. WELWOOD, 149 Broadway. A (\i\ -FOB SALE IN BROOKLYN, K. D., A wl.Tt'U, three story high stoop House on a prominent corner. J. C. BAILEY, 10 Fifth street. Mew York, or M Court street, Brooklyn. WILL BUY HOUSE AND LOT. WITH sgll. i UU brick basement, pis/zs front; $600cash, bal ance iiiffive years. Apply to or address M. maLVaTORE, Eightantb street and .Seventh avenue, Brooklyn. $3 000 CA8H' R 00?..?000 TRADK A.ND f*-000 mortgage, will buy a alrietly modern three story high stoop marble front House in the beet part of Brooklyn; Immediate possession. K. T. BUSH, 14$ Broadway. $4 500 KOK A *EW HOWaR IK-.BROOKLYN, wxtwv on Greene avenue, near Marry areaua; house two story, frame, with high basement, filled In with uwuan sW" s*vi/i A ? BRIU) nun tsi^sa imnuuiriit, Iiainis sag wsaaa brick to the peaks marble mantels, as* pipes, range, bath, the best materials and by day'* work. HEM* Ae.( bulk ofthe best male rial* and by day'* work. Sl.Ow | down, $3.000,three years on mortgage balance payable $135 quarterly. Apply la J. DAVENPORT, corner of Oxford atreet and Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. or to E. N. MILES, ! Cedar street. New York, from 13 to 1 P. M. SO 500 basement House 66 Hoy't street, Brooklyn; gas, water elosat: good order; will let said house. $936. CHARLES EMMONS, No. 6 Beekman St., room No. 8. $7 000 basement Philadelphia bnck House, all im-l proreraenta; half eaih; half a mils from Prospect Park, wall built, good order, near FnUon avenue. Apply to WM. IIAN.NAM, 140 Water street. New York, tneludes Oilcloths. Window Shades, Carpel and Oss Fixture*. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR BALK. All wanting farms.-good soil, mild cli mate. 34 mile* south of Philadelphia. Price only $21 Cr acre. Alio improved Farms. Hundred* are tattling, formation sent free. Address C. K. LANDIS, Yineland, Mew Jersey. AT TRKMONT.?FOR SALE. Tn? VALUABLE PRO perty. consi-tlng of the entire froobon Morris street, between Washington and Madison avenues; will be sold to gether or in usual*; u splendid location for any business. Apply t?> JOHN BUSMNG, 14 Pine street. At fordham?for sale, a very fine large rrsldence, with *11 modern Improvement*, carriage house, hot house and all iiecuaaary outbuilding*, six acres of land, fruit ami tirade tree,, niiiiin three miuutes of the horse or steam ears. Apply to Joll.N BUaSINU, 14 Pine street A FARM.?ONE OK THE FINEST FARMS IN WEST cheater county. 3^ miles from Rye, New Iiaren Rail road; good hou?c, barn, Ac.; 197 acres: plenty of fruit; well watered, overlooking the Sound; price $33,u03. Apply to D. C. HaYILaND. 196 t'hatham square. A SPLENDID FARM FOR SALE-2'i MILES FftOM Mornsloivn depot, N. J. Apply to W. H. S-, No. 8 Lafayette place, New York. At fouduam-a very neat, well built house, modern improvement*, nine room*, handsomely lo cated. near depot, for *ale low. Apply to D1TU11ETT, No. 3 Mew Chamber* street, up stair*. A T YONKERS.-FOK SALE OB TO LET. A HOUSE XX- on Locust Hill avenue, eight minutes' walk from depot; cuulaimt 15 rooms; is in perfect order, lot 52x230, with car riage house and hennery; good vegiVable garden and abuudauce of chigoe fruit tree* sad ||rtpe vine* tn full boar ing: possession any time. If not wild by April 10 will be rented for from three to five year* for $1,400; price $12,000. Apply to GEO. W. FRANCIS, MsiS stget. Vonkors,X. Y. At amenia union, dutch ess county, a large convenient Duelling, In good repair with two and a quarter acres of Land, shirked with exeeUnt grafted fruit. Add re** Mrs. Wax Y. Chamberlain, on tha premises, or Hiram Merrtu. 4$ Third avenue. A SUBURBAN RESIDRMCB. SITUATED AT FLUS4I ing. L. I., consist tug of 11 acres, on t? rqsd leading t* College Point, bvcrlosklug the bay and PlUades, 45 min utes'r(dp from the etty by mil or ntearabnt; hourly com munleilloii; the house very commodious, deplete with all it> tinprnvcruents of a first elan ctty realilnce, slid suited for either summer or winter. A large bsni. wrrtsge. lodge and lee house (fllledi. together with other nntulldiug*. __ In complete ord-J; the lawn tsstefullv laid out ,n fine large foreet tree* aud evergreens; fruit III great variety ?n| shun danee; lurutiure, tf destrea. Inquire nt tus tilobi Fire In surance Ciimpunv, corner of On-enwli h and 1'iiltn* sticcts. 8MALL, DESIRABLE PLACE OS LONI ISLAND, ... near this city; rich land; good house snd tarn. Terms rjsonnhle. Apply to A. J. ULEECKKU, S(N A CO., 77 cdar street. A A GOOD OPPOBTUNITY TO GET A N XX Farm, 3d acres, one hour from city, qiyenleot to depot. WIU trade for Improved property in vi York HENRY TAPPER A CO.. 3. K LITTLE iky of New )ne street. L BARGAIN AT ROCKAWAY.-COTTAfc. EIGHT riMime, two minute* of depot; $3,01X1. All other good rgalns. from S3.0JU to glU.tXXI. One hour fro city. HENRY TAPPKN A CO.. * ine street. a SPLENDID COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALBlN WEST CX cheater couuty, linely located on main ivimb Mount r'ernon to White Plains; surrounded by tlriclass resl Iriirrs; large modern buildings, abundance I fruit and iluide, magnificent aceuery, ami one of the ml desirable ocatlona In the country. S. IRELAND, SOtyoad way. A GOOD BRICK HOUSE, TWBLVE RflklS. TWO O. acres of Hand; fruit and shade trees, on rh ground. >n the river bank, north of Terrytown: rery Asp and on easy terms. 8. EMBER.SOW. 131 Eig^arenue. FARM FOR 8ALR-IN ONEIDA COUNT.N. Y? ST aere< of good land, with two good house^d barns. Termi Price $1,100. Terms easy. For particulars sty to O. SMITH, SO East Twelfth street A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 63 V ACRES; OOObuiLD lugs, with Stock. Crops and Farming UieBs, near Utlea,irrT. l'rioa $1,800. For particulars lnqufcf WH. FITZSIMUNH, 1? Third arenus. Am splendid farm at sprino valley. *cres. ? great rariety of all kinds of choice frail, tn-Apie or- | charda, pesrs, plums, ehevrtes, peaches, grapea audit mall fruit; good bouse, 11 rooma; new nuthulidlogs; odaewMd J. 8. FBNUUSOM A Oft, ? Nassau at reel, i A T BLOOM FIELD, IK MILES FROM CITT, FlhMOB ern Residence, 12 rooma; neat outbuildings;] sera garden, fruit, shade, Ac., cheap; others convenient eilr. lino to $80,000. W. F. riBTMOPB, IT! Brafry. ' COTTAGE FOUR MILKS FROM FERRT or to let; seven iopens, barn; six fruits, flowers, shrubbery ;_hi^ht^ground. N. DODGE, S Best Twentieth A FINE COUNTRY SEAT AT YONKER8 Cottage, Si by 37, U rooms; floe barn and ise; groat quantitleo of fruit and berries; ground. Prioe $4,800. Terms easy. F. XEGLIO, U Centre AT NEW BRUNSWICK?A SPLENDID FARM ? flO acres, splendid soil; good new house; ? rooms; thnd cellar: good outbulldiags; abundance of frutt; fir neighborhood ; one-half mile of depot. J. 8. FERGUSON A Co., 3? Nassau street, A -FOR SALE-GOOD FARM HOUSE; OCTH^. A. ings and SO acres land; four hours from this view of the ocean. LEONARD A RUSSELL, 1.191 Broad '1 ? LARGE NUMBER OF RESIDENCES IN NKtVV and vicinity, $3,000 to $30,000; one 18)4 acres, friW abundance, $13,000; others la different loos litis a. all p? 30 to $0 minutes from city. J. W. JoRALEMON, <3t Broadway, second flo A VERY DB8IRABLB COTTAGB FOR 8ALB-< Imngten, on lbs Hudson, with one acre sf nine U plenty of Trait, shrubbery end shade trees: cottage hi comely papered aod painted, 13 rooms, sarriage hauaa i stabla, fine view of the river. S. KMBKRSON, in BlghU avenue)! NICE GOTHIC BRICK COTTAGB-7 BOOMS, ? sides basement; French and bay windsws, black el ant doors: corner lot, 74U00; fruit and shrubbery la grfl variety; located within 10 minutes' walk of two depots I Newark. Price, which U very cheap, $4,180; could b.j it for the above price. S. KMBKRSON, 431 Elghth^^JJ i avenue! BHANKS OF THB HUDSON RIVER.?FOR RALK i ? Glanwood, Yonkaro, aoveral Lots of Land, very eligtta as cottage sites; only V minutes from Thirtieth street, ail near the station. Abo 18 acres at Hastings; splendid lod tioa: charalag view for asilaa np aad down the river. Aid Farm of 10 eerss, lees than 40 miles from New York, wfl good bouse, for $A??; $8,001 cash. Apply to JAMB] PRICE, 300 Hndaon street. 0HOUNTBY RESIDBNCB AND FARM AT A SAi'Rl ? See (owner was oosspelted to leeve the country t.-ftrty three aersa, wall cultivated; new. large buildings; rhnii "ST thirty miles on Long Wnni ^^t, $t,7M?, tsi required, $1,710; buildings aso worth $7,00$. The chtsgsal No. 4 New Chambers aya^ COUNTRY BEAT AT NTACK FOR 8ALB OR TO I*. , jfcSSK Ttttri&SgauW; T7+ NJK ciys^aKaSS^ la nd county and New Jersey, M ell prises la Btf owtBty and ft. J. ^ QtNOLKWOOD.?COUNTRY RESIDBNCB FOR SAl i Hplendtd looatlon, $aod house. ?,wgmR lsrja bet rult, stream, pond. do. If not sold Will be 1st. Inquir . Hi LL. 301 Hudson street. YDARMS, HOUSES AND LOTS AND COUNTRY RKl T dense* "long Central Railroad, of New Jersey, for s$ *7 ".Add. CODINGTON, 3S0 Bmedwsy, room a. Farms in PUTCHB8S county for salb?one <1 M scree, good hones aad barna?Mfta, KM; one of acres, house, thrao bams, two mlldjfcm Hudson river ad depot, $4,500 A. BE RGB A NT, St Wall street. RM FOB 8ALB-AT RTB, ONE HOUr'aND ?l "SHHSfi'S MM HVMl HUM MHft AWMUP Vt VI ? MM COL'irTKT REAL ?STATU fOR SAUK. F OB BALK?A CHANCE SF.LDOM OFFERED?A &M Country Reaideuoe near keyport. M. J., of IOC of excellent loud under e hifh eUte of culUreliou; two orchard* of ohoioe fruit; a large. well built Gottoa house, ?late roof, wllb IB rooms marble mauteU.Ac.. ha? a hue. riew and healthy location; outbuilding*; gimd well of waler, da. This place U lulled for a fashionable country baarding houa* or a gentleman ? realdeuoe. w ui d*

?old at a bargain If applied for at one*. Indira of L. KKLLN8R, ?i William .out |jH)R SALE?-A FARM OF 42 ACRES. IN SPRING YAL J tor, N.J.i SB acre* Farm D*ar Hackenaack. N.J.; M ?orarani on Long ItUnd. and many ? mailer Farma U New Jersey and Leng Island. Inquire of L KaLLAEK, New Jersey and 91 William atreet GH)I BALE?A OOCNTHT RESIDENCE ON 8TATEN f 1 eland, about ltd mile, from New Dorp elation, end 4to ? ?ul** iroru the duferenl landing*: houee about J5x4u. with made re improvements, graeuhoaee, e table, Icehouse, about 22 aoiua of land, wall ataeged with fruit treeaiana via nr. lUniUnn ?urllnilirl, h.?lthv Price >16.0(XX of which *> acrua of land, wall slocked with fruit trees iniio flaw, attuaUon particularly healthy. Price $16,90ft of which the Uffer part cam remain on mortgaga. Inquire or Aaj U UFFEK, 17 South Wililem street. UH>B RALE?A HOUSE AND LOT IN KEYPORT. N.J.; JP IM hour* from Now York by steamboat; houee nearly new, beautifully situated In n healthy locality; It Is well calculated for a summer residence or boarding bouse Ap ply to Captain T. V. ARROW8MITH, steamer Multeawan, foot of Barclay street, from IB A. M. to 3 P. M. FIOR SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH A large double house, with It rooms, anil ell necessary outbuildings, with IS aares. one hour from New V rk and flee minutes from depot, and well fruited. For full parttcu* lars apply to JAMBS H. HUNTER, Warehouse lie part meut, Custom House, from 10 to S o'clook. Fob bale?a most superior and attractive Country Seat of about M acre#, situated on the Souud. two miles from Harlem Bridge; the mansion is large, in brsl rate order, with all the modern improvements mid con* venlrnces of the best cite residences; the stable and carriage house are large and In good order. Inquire of A. C. 1'UIL LON, ISO Kullun atrect, room No. A For sale-a farm or s? acrrs in west rhestarnounty; good house; new outbuildings: plentv of fruit. Also one of to acres. Address W. M, Barnes, 198 East Forty-ulntli street. F Oft 8ALK-A LA It OR THREE BTOKY MANSION, containing 49 rooms, at Mount Ktaco, near depot; live acres, abuiidanoe of fruit and shade; completely furnished; suitable for eehuol or large boarding house. S. IRELAND, an Broadway. FOR 8ALE-AT LONG BRANOH, N. J? A NINE ROOM Cottage, near the sea shore. For particulars inquire at 1W Wast Forty-second street, N. Y. F? >R 6AI-E?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT. COM* nlstlng of about Kbacroa ef the bast land, eitenalva orchard, vegetable garden, grape vines, Ac.: dwelling house has all modern Improvements; cottage, stable and outhouses all In guod order; situated within ten minutes of the En* << <' fi ww Railway depot, lu lbs pleasant town of Owega, N, Y. be sold very cheap if applied for at once. Apply te JOHN B. HAUDY, OS South gtreet, N. T. For salk-at kbyfort, n. j? \\i hours from New York, a modern built Collage, containing a rooms, barn, one acre of garden, shrubbery sad fruit, la complete order; pries Terms eaay. Address Cottage, M Yeeay street, New York. FOR RALE?A SPLENDID RESIDENCE, WITH TEN scree of ground. In Plain teld. New Jersey; also Houses, Lots nod Farms along the Central Railroad, at prtcaa from $1,900 up; Lou near Prospect park. Brooklyn; Western Land in exchange for farm In New Jersey, by 8. A. A A. CODING TON. 240 Broadway, room 22. FI OR SALE?A NICE FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED country Residence, containing 9 rooms and atUe; good cellar, barn, stable. Ac.; shed for oarriago and chicken t and shade trees; order; situated oa house; 1>4 seres of ground; Plenty of fruit and shade trees; garden fenced separately; all la the beat order; situated oa Shall road, Newtown, Ore minutes from Flushing and Long Island Railroad. FOR HALE-THREE OOTII1C VILLA COTTAGES. 11 rooms; high ground; fouralty loU; slate roof; at Mor riaania. Inquire at 87 Bowery. FOR SALK-AT IKVINOTON. A FINE COUNTRY Reaidrncr, with 22 acrei of good Laud, handsomely laid out, having a quantity of superior and choice fruit-trees and shrti'jtiery; line outbuildings; river and laud views of great beauty. Tills Is one of the few places of Its class for sale lu this choice Ideation. Paruoulara with 8. BMBEKHON, 421 Eighth avenue. For sale-on central railroad of new Jersey, ut Orauford Dwelling, 0 rooms and cellar, 10 seres of land, outbuildings and fruit in abundauoe; ten min ute* from d*|k>t, E. J. ANN IN, W Fultou street. FOR SALE?AT NVAOK, 1? LOTS OF LAND, To gether with steamboat pisr and liulkheud adjoining Smith's duck. Inquire of Oaptslu JOHN F. fALLMAN, oflice foot of uesbrosaes street, or ALBERT VAN WIN RLE, 2U9 West street. LVIR SALE?AT ELIZABETH, N. J., A NEW STYLISH 1? French slate roof House, IS rooms, gas, marble man tels. dr.. line garden and fruit, near depot; first class neigh borhood. Apply at 292 M ashlngtoa street. New York. [slOR SALL?FINE FARM OF 240 ACRES. WITH v . X river front, at Riverside, Ulster county, nearly opposite Poiigkkeepsir, about three hours from New York; house dni-.y located, lovely views up the river for 20 miles; farm house, carnage house, barn and all other usual outbuild ings; two orchards small fruit and garden; railroad pro jected and surveyed through lower part of property. For further particulars apply to J AM hi PRICE, Mi Hudson atreet. F OR SALB-A BEAUTIFUL OOUNTRV RESIDENCE. with 42 acres or ground, Dear Elisabeth, N. J ; grounds ut, wail shaded and slocked with choice beautifully laid out, Hi fruit; a large, cool tollable furnished house, with good at* Mcs, barn, carriage house. Icehouse, Ac.; alas a neat Cot tnvs, araai map vainagn uuuav, ivcuuubc( t?v-> | ?? tea as asvoss vw?* tage on the premises. Prioe $18,900. Apply 10 J. II. MOK tsgn oi ROW, 190 Broadway. FDR HALE?AT MOTT HAVEN. A MEAT TWO STORY and attic French roof House, with stable on lot; la ac cessible by steam and horse cars. Will be sold low. Apply to ANTHONY L. A CO., No. 8<* Pine atreet. YTIOR SALE?A COTTAGE OF FIVE ROOMS AND LOT, P 16. it 100. in U2lii street, between Third and Fourth ace r"0,'KApply on tUe premises, to ALFRED IjlOK SALE?A HANDSOME RESIDENCE AT STKAT . ford, Conn., consisting of Frame Mansion, Ailed in Willi brick, 30 by 4U feel, with flvo Acres of l?od. BLLLCKEB, II IDE A LUWERKH. Nos, 4 and ? Pi?? street. 17IOR HALE?A GENTEEL HOUSE AT TREMONT f Westchester county, one hour from City Hall, tire into ute? from depot; very pleasant; abundance of cboloe fruit Apply to 11 EN It Y A. BROWN, 11 West Fourth street, city. For salk-a substantial and elegantly finished House, with eight building Lots, In Westches ter county, UjuUes Irom, City Uall; access easy aiul {^ quent. Price $D,0tX). For particulars apply to ALKA ANDEIt, St. S3 and 89 Centre street. CEO. For sale-orange, n. j? 11 miles from new York, Due Residence, with sis acres of Land; house con, tattling 13 rooms; carriage house and stable; Immediate poe aeasloa; terms easy. Also, near above, a Farm of 3D acres, with small Cottage. B. F. SMALL. 23 South street. r> SALE?A FIRST CLASS DAIRY FARM OF 110 acres at Mount Klsoe; large new house; sufficient out buildings; well fenced; One order. 8. F. IRELAND, 111 Broadway. FOR 8ALK?SATBROOK, CONN.. A HANDSOME House, containing 21 rooms, with U acres ef Ostd Land; well stocked with fruit; frequent communication with the city by steamboat and railroad. The house Is fully for m/bed. BLEKCKER, HYDE A LOWRRBB. Nos. 4 and ? Pins street. tfOR SALE.?ONE MILE FROM THE CITY OF NEW JD London. Conn., near (he Pequot House, with floe views of New London, the harbor and Long lalaad Sound; the house has 18 rooam, with bathroom, futnuea, Ae.. barn, stable and other outbuildings, 44 acres of land, mootir In a high state of cultivation; will be sold furnished or unfurnished. Apply to HOMER MOROAM. No. t Pins street. For sale cheap-a country place at oys ter Bay. L I., oonUinlng 80 acres, with dwelling, barn, stable, Ac. The house has eight rooms. POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street. For balk at bloomfikld, n. j.-a fink new two ilnrf House. built in modern style, containing IS Urn rooms, home located la a good part of the Tillage, within flee minutei'a walk of the ehurches, and ten minutes' walk to the depot. Frequent trams to New York for accom modation of parties doing dailj business In this city. Apply to E. G. WARD, 48 and SO Duanc street. Price $11,000. FM OR SALE ON 8TATEN ISLAND, IN NEW BRIGHTON? A Urn and recently built Mansion, with modern Im provements, gas, Ac., Urge and beautiful lawns, grapery, greenhouse, garden, fruit trees. An; stable and lodge, Ooe of the most desirable places In the vicinity of Near York. Per TTIOR SALE OB EXCHANGE-A HANDSOME RE8I r dance, on the east bank of the Undson, lty hour's ride from the city; Xl acres, Urgs and convenient house and ont bmldingat quarter of a atTe river front For particulars Inquire at Empire Sewing Machine Company, 4lS Brood way. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR OfTY PROPERTY, or to rent, nn elegnnt stone Mnnalon, with 27 acres of land attached. The house Is sltustad on an elevation com mending a line and extensive view; of which land 14 aerea era laid out tn ornamental grounds, frull and vegetable gar dens; distance fTom WtUUmsbrtdge depot, N.T. end llarTem Railroad about one and three-quarter {1%) miles. If not sold or exchanged by the 8th of April the property will be let to a responsible tenant. Apply to Ja8. CONNER'S SONS, earner Centre end Reede streets. TDOR BALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROFRRYY r Urge House, helf en acre of ground, pUaaanlly situ eted; fruit, shrubbery. Inquire on the premises, Madison arenas, between Tenth end Eleventh streets, or at Tremont depot. Tremont, Westchester county, N. Y. rH>R SALH OR EXCHANGE FOR CITT PROVBRTT ?ai elegant KMidenet >1 Peekatlll, on tho Hudaon, com. mending a flno rlrw of tha rirar and mountain*; houaa b?a all the modern ImproTeraenta; about St aarea; tollable out building* Plctura of houaa at DKKHIi Usun A BART l.KTT 3. :? Hwtmtn ?ir?ot ft ALB. EXCHAJfOK OR LRAflB-A BBAITIFUL untry Karidance, bataaaa Paaaalc and Pateraoa, N. araa of food land. For forthar particular* lnqnlro >R^H ? country I 38 Mrw (HH I 187 With areuu* >R HALE LOW-A VERT DESIRABLE FARM OF 47 aeraa, naar Nanuel, Rockland county, N. Y. There I a houaa on the place containing nine rootna; alao barn, labia, Ac.; plenty of fratLgrod fence* and fine location. ror portico I ara apply to FOTfBR BROS. * BELLAMY, No. rR HALR OR TO LBT-AT SARATOGA. A NICE two alory Hon**, nine rooms, In Ana order. Urge lot ind pleasant location; price $3,000, part cash, balance on Irae; rent $800 par Mason or year. Also n splandld Farm if 1M scree, aeren mi lea from the above, worth $? 000, will >e aold for $H,O0O If applied for Immediately. Apply t0 MA IOR CAMRON, Commercial Hotel, Saratoga 8pnngs triOR SALE OR TO LET FOR A TERM OF FfVR P .year#?A country place. In Telham, Westchester ccunty; itnated on East Chester Bay, In view of Li ng Mend Sound. |ie house Is furnished and commodious Address box 418 foatoflW* For sale or to let-a large first class House end Ground*, situated m East Chester, West heeler county. N. Y.. ? minutes' rid* from city by New laven or Harlem Railroad, house partially furnished. Ad ress Country, eta ion G, New Turk. LVOR SA1.B OR TO LRT-ON LINB of NEW HAVRN p Railroad, 31 miles from this city, a very desirable imintry Residence and Eeras; large house, here and oar hence, In perfect order: Aaa view, attendance of eholea it lead of (be beet quality, about AD acres; two mll?a OOCTTKT MAI HT1T1 FOR SALS. E)S 8ALB OB TO LET^A FURNISHED HOUSE IS Cliftoo, HUUa Island; a Urge House, with twu seres ol d, stable and outhouses, la perfeot order, situated 01 Pennsylvania avenue, within life mluutea* walk from land ing; nan be etthar bought on liberal terms or rented for i term of Tears to a good tenant. Apply to OTTO AN L?K h aK, it "ark plane. FOB RALE OR TO LET?LARGE, ELEGANT COUNTRY Mansion, 46 tnlnutes from city, Erie road; stands bigs on river bank; beautiful shade trees lawns and ererythins desirable about a first elass mansion; two lakes stocked with fish; lira atlnutaa from depot. Apply to J. 8. KING, Passate bridge. , 1?OR BALE OB TO LET?AT ORANOB. N. J.. AN A elegant Mansion, completely furnished, containing II rooms, besides bath room and laundry; 8 acrea of land, well stocked with frail trees of all kinds; stabling aoeommoda. Hon for 4 horses and 0 carriages. Rent $3W per mouth; Apply to JImksW. Fob 8alb ob TO lbt?unfurnished, the resi daaoe of the late Judge Kent, at Plshktll on Hudson for full particular* apply to W. I. CLAKK, 212 Heart street. SALE OR TO LBT?IN THE TILLAGK OH NY brick House, with stable; lot 90x106. ROSS, 86 Front streef. JTOB SALE OR TO LBT? a aok, aahrre story brick I Apply to theODORR Ross For sale or to let?fully furnished, a handsome Cottage on Franklin avenue, near Eighth street, Momsanla, lot 30 by 148; location rary high and healthy; one block from cars. Price for Cottage, Lot aud Furniture $4,000. Kent $60 per month. KILPATBIOK, Bull's Head Bank Buildings. Fine farm op thirty-one acres, five of wood, 88 miles ou Long Island; new building* Owner at 111 Broadway, from 11 till 2 o'clock, LOT8 FOB SALE?AT PORDHAM. ON THE BRONX river and Union avenue; five plcjts of ground, in and about forty city lota, and two Lots on Hoffman and Itangs bridge road, to clove an estate. Apply to C. DEVER. 109 Peart street Near fort lp,e ion the Hudson*. tonkers, Astoria, Hateraon. New Brighton. Barren Point Mount Vernon, turuUhed and unfurnished Houses, for sale or to lei. MEEK8, 81 Cedar street. <*() ??f\n ?FOR SALB, HOUSE AND LOT IN HUD UUH. son City, oa Bergen wood avenue; high loca tion and splendid scenery all around. Apply at 84 Walker street. New York oily. <*'-* BT A NKAT COTTAOE. WITH ?PO.GUU stable, on Pallsada avenue, tea mlnutea' walk from Hoboken terry. This property la offered at a bergala. ROBERT MACLAY, 77 Cedar street ?A AAA ?FARM?70 ACRB8 GOOD LAND AND VT.UUU. buildings, naar the elty; de. 68 acres good land and buildings, 13 miles. Residences and Farms all prices. WELLING. 12 Chambers street fcfr AAA CASH ONLY. FOR A SPLBNDID MODBRN ??J.UUU built Mansion and lUOscrae of eho|oest Land in Monmouth county, N. J.. lt< hours from thlc city; finan cial difficulties compel the owner to this great sacrifice. FRED. A. PETERSEN. No. Pine street. frZ OAA ?POR SALB. AT NBWAKC. THREE MIN utesfrom depot, brick Cottage, seven rooms; painted walls, French windows, marble mantels, walnut doore; gas and water; earner plot; 76xtu0; garden of ftsilt; evergreens, gagging walks. Ac. WM. H. WB8T. 0T Yssey street. Oft ^AA r<>B A BBAUTIFUL COUNTRY RE81 BOstWIvl denoe, having a fine view of the Sound, la Fairfield county. Conn., oomplelelv furnished, with 8 acres; house modern with large earrlage bouse. Apply to BLEEKHB A DENtSON* No. ?K Plan street. dfcft ni\l\ -304 ACRES, 86 UNDER CULTIVATION, vO.GUv, balance good wood; good dwelling and out buildings; I horses. 4 cows, 8 hetfers. all the poultry and farming utensils, plenty nf hay, straw, Ac. Would exchange for Brooklyn or Williamsburg property. Apply to C. u. SACHS A CO., 384 Broome street. '>0 HOft ?10 TO >0.000 ACRES FINE TIMBER AND ii'/.U'/U. agricultural Lands la Georgia, will be traded for a good Dwelllug In this city or environs. For particulars address box 6.69U Host office. REAL ESTATE WAITBD. House and grounds at jersey citt, iiak lu111. Mull llavun or Fordham wanted In exchange for cash and mining hoods. Interest payable in gold. Address R. Fetors, box 4,612 Host office. Tenement property wanted?to buy or lease. The highest market value given. Apply to R. U, GIBBONS A CO.. 446 Broouin street. tXTANTED?A HOUSE AND FROM HALF TO ONE Ii aore of Cround, situated within 39 miles from New York oily, tor from $2,51X1 to $3,500. Address C. N. D., Herald office. FOR S4L.K. Adruo stork for sale-tub old f.stab. lLhed store &3S Hudson street, corner of Charles. Good opening for an acurebusiness man. Will be sold los for cash. A REAL CHANOE.-FOR SALE. THK LEASE AND Fixtures of a corner Liquor Store, doinv a large busi ness. at present located in one of the best business avenue; in this eitjr. Inquire at 4*7 First arenue. FIRST CLASS BAKERY, WITH LEASE, WILL BE sold cheap if called tor thts week, at 1,197 Hroa-lway. N BLKOANT SODA WATER APPARATliB, NICHOLS L patent, for sale. JOHN W. 8HEODEN, SO Bowery, corner Fourth at. A RARE onANCB.?TnE OOOD WILL AND STOCK of a trucking buaiaeaa will be aold low: the whole 01 part. LANI&STKR, 87 Broad street. A SPLENDID FRUIT AMD SAMPLE ROOM FOR ?ale; Restaurants. Corner Liquor Stores Oyster Sa loons, Cigar Stoiea, established Laundry Business, Groce ries. Bakeries, Country Produce Stands, Soap Manufactory, Furnishing Goods Store. Meat Markets, Coffee Saloons. MITCHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street. A FIRST CLA8H LIQUJtt STORK. SITUATED I the Seventh ward; tine stock end fixture*; or woul answer for rectifying purpose*; will be sold chop for ra* as the owner leave* for K11 rope. Apply to WILLIAM A1 HOT J', 170 Chatham square. A DISTILLERY FOR HALE-IN THE SEVENT collection distrlst, New York, in perfect working orde Will he sold cheap for cash. Address for four day* 1). J box 164 Herald oOlee. An eleoant boarding house for hale?a Cornwall, Hudson river. 21$ story house, 30x75, thirt; seven room*, barn and carriage house, fruit, garden en shade trees, 1)4 acre Laud or more; photograph of housi possession at once; line fishing pond; terms easy; pnt ft,500 Steamboat and railroad. P. ZEULIO, 12 Centre street. A CHANCE HELDOM MET WITH.?A SPLENDID!/ fitted up Liquor Store in the Seventeenth ward fo sale, with a lease of five years of the building, which Is five story brick house. Also a Liquor Store in the Fourt ward, with nine years' lease. For particulars apply I WILLIAM ABBO'rr, Auctioneer. 170 Chatham square. AF1RNT CLAHfi, WELL STOCKED AND WE 1.1 fittsd up Corner Oroeery, doing an excellent buainesi Will require about $3,300, one half of which may remain, I required. BROWN A HOLDEN, 1,228 Broadway. B AKBRY.-ANO. 1 FIRST CLASS BAKERY FOR SALE now doing a good business, with everything complete reasons for a " " - ? - Herald oOee. good reasons for sailing. Address for two daya Baker, bo UU " ? Bakery for half,.?first glass bakery, witi two yeera' I .ease from May I, baking forty barrels pe week; good counter trade, and one of the best locations H theoity. Inquire at 113 Broad street, eornar of Front, o ?I w*. "" ~ WEEKS. DOUGLASS A CO. Best photograph gallery in williams burg for sale?llandtomely furnished, good lease, low rent; old establishment and doing a fair business. Othei business the only cause of sale. 331 Grand street, Williams burg. Distillery for sai.e.-nkw distillery, is beat condition, with (wo large Boilers, Engine and Mil Stones, together with large outhouses and six Lot*, in Fifty fifth street and Tenth avenue For sale at a moderata prlra only toeash buyer. No agents. Can be seen from 10 A. M. to $ P. M. Distillery for sale.-copper works and tuba In complete runalng order. Apply at 386 Eighth aveaaie. Fancy ooons store for sale?at 711 myrtle avenue, fourth store above HklUman street, Brooklyn. Reason for selling, continued iUnes* In the family. Apply a*above. MRS. KING. C1?Jb SALF.?TI1K ENTIRE FIXTURES OF A CROCK V err and Olsts Store. Inquire at 486 Eighth avenue, be tween Thirty &ftb and Thirty-sixth streets. PU OR SALE-A DISTILLERY, ATA BARGAIN; fS.fOUl complete Copper Still, with all apparatus; 16 horse steam holier. Can to removed or worked on the premise*. 223 Cherry street. For salf.-a five years' lease of a store in Broadway, near Forty-second street. Apply at 721 shtk avenue. For sale?soda water bottling machine one generator, Iwe twenty gallon Fountains, all com plete 4ft Wast street. For sale?a liquor store in jersey city, with Lease of whole building; store rent flee Apply lo W. A. TYLER, IB Weal street. New Yoflt. F?B - 8ALR-THB OYSTER AND LIQUOR SALOON *16 Rroadwhv. Inuutre on the premises. rK SAM!?THE LEASE OF HOUSE AND LIQUOR Store In Wed street, fronting the Now Orleans, Phils itolphio and Boston line* of steamships. For Information Inquire of MARTIN COONET, 71 WeeTetre*. N, Y. For sale-with eight years- lrasr, tiie Store, Stock and FHttufW of * wholesale and retail Liquor store, on the oorner of Jay end Wntor streets, Brook lyn. Apply on the premises, to WE McNAMAKA. No agsota need apply. FOR SALE?IN ONE or THE BEST THOROUGH face streets In centre of Ike city, a comfortable, email Hotel. wlUi a food sized Imrroom, large cellar* and horse ?table*; an etcellenl i^e^for a wholesale llqnor busiifts* and dletlllery; long lease iand very cheap rent. Inquire ui TIVY, H Nassau street. TJtOB SALE.?A OROCF.RY STORE FOR SALE IN _T the Ninth ward, Including Stock, Fliturea and (food Willi also Horse and Wagon, inquire at ?3 I'erry street, In tho milk store. JpOE SALE.-MF.AT MARKET. WITH A TWO YEARS' Filter**, for sale. Splendid location. In quire of K D. LAWRBNOK, l.SIM B no*. I way. TAOn SALE?IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE OWNKR JP baring to leave the city, e first clesa Electro-Plating Shop, In full work. In the beet part of the city. For further particulars address A. B., Herald office Fob sale?a lono sstabmstikd business in the best part of Broadway, west side. A large aud profitable business has been done In Ladles' and Children's Furnishing Hoods, wholesale and retail. The Leaae of the whole ?ouse, Stock, Flituree of store and Good Will will be eold at a reasonable price for caah. The only reason for eelllna Is the owner's fortune being made. For particulars address J. O., bol 1,110 New Yerk Post office. TpOR SALE-A LARGE IRON SAFE, WITH FAULT JU Inside, and combination lock, will be dtep >?ed ..( at half tta value. Apply at MO Broedwey, corner Fourth street. baeewenl. aMil/K A HOTEL, DOING A GOOD BI SINRRS, distance from New York; Stock and Furniture ^^?Ib IN ??? *. r w^siH^n, IM roori *mt. FOR IAL1. _ IDOB .SALE?A FIRST CLASH BAR ROOM. WITH F? Jf lures; iu? i?o year. 1 rotn let Mar. exoalleat hse nea? lie at ion; reasonable price. Call at 68 Carmine Hrw (DOR SALE-COSE TASK AND EVAPORATOR. HOW 1 inn Machine. Shafting. Brae. Beams. Scales and Weigh! St Co in 1'ljiea, Ac. Apply at 6(JU Waaliiugtou street. For sale-distillery is complete rumsui order, constating of a copper still, capacity 600 gallon doubter heater, worm tub and fermenting tuba all ooaaM Applv to JOHN CUNNINGHAM, corner of Canton Arm and Myrtle avenue. Brooklyn. EOR RALB-A MILK ROUTE OP FIBBT CLAM <? to men inquire of ISAAC B. CARYL, Ma ? Bs hjy-toiad street. For rale?a pirst class cash grocery stobi lease four years yet to run; or would sell the Leaae f any other business. Apply on the premises. Iff Fulta avenue. Brooklyn. For sale?a pirst class bakery, on a ood avenue (a corner I, doing now from 16 to 46 bbls. p week, with two ycara of nlow lease unexpired. A poly I WEEKS. DOt GLASS A CO., ilk Broad street, between A. M. end 4 P. M. OR RALE.-HULL OK A SCHOONER. SUITABt for a barge; very strong; carries about 186 tons in abw H< . it-.' water; whole cargo on deck; price $600. Can I seen at Havens' lumber yard, foot Twenty-eighth atrae East 'river. OK SALE-A FIRST CLASS HAIR 8TOR8. APPl at 284 Grand street. P" OR SALE-A GOOD CORNER. GROCERY STOH Inquire In the coal yard, 186 Korty-llrst street, nn Ninth avenue. FOB SALE-A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN THIS ?T1 doing a good business; will be sold cheap, for cash on^ The publisher la going into other business la the rem Agents need noi apply. Address Weekly, Herald office. Fob sale?a liquor store, on eighth avbmhi in good location, cheap rent, three years learn. ?#f to JENNINGS A son. 899 Eighth avenue. FOR SALE?PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. DOING lively bualnoee, from $? to $1* a week, which can I trebled. Apply et 349 Panel street nog SALE?LIQUOR STORE IN BROOKLYN. WIT b Stock and Leaaa of building for two yearn. TbU to chance seldom offered. Inquire la the atorafrom I to 11 M. this day, corner or Yan Brunt and Delevan streets. Fob sale?at a baroain. if applibd f? soon, tome Steam Heating Colla of different sites. M. H. BUNDY. 466 Broome at. near Broadway. Fob iale-im jebset citt the kntirefwiu turn, good will. Ac, of a Boarding Hons#, hneta twenty-eve hoarders. la first class locattonTl'ing estaWlahoi rent rsaaonnble. Inquire At Telegraph OfBoe, Produce ? change. Whitehall aireet. - Fob salk-a restaurant, oyster house am Ladles* Dining Room attached, with ale vaults. Bun ?eaa established, substantial reasons for selling;.. Om Investment for a eash customer or n partner. 198 Bleetoa street, near Wposter atrael. rR SALE?THE LEASE AMD FURMITUBK Off . Boarding House, full at boarders; low renL to raoem Apply between 8 and 6 at 15 Charlton street. Agents am those without need not apply. For sale-the old and well establish? Liquor Store Mo. lfc Eighth avenue, with Stock en Fixtures. Apply on the premises. For sale-country produce and buttm Store; reoelpta ever $800 per week. 106 Thompes street. FOR SALE-THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND LEASED! the old established Dry Goods Store 4# Catherine strew | corner of Madison; stock, eicost, about $7,000; lease thrw years from May I: piate class front, extending aroundt Madison street Has been i to for the nan thirty years. Apply to GRAHAM & AITKIN, No. ?WI ! street, room No. 2. I DOR SALE?76 WIIEEI.ER A WILSON SEWING MA 1 chine Tables. Apply at 36 and d< For sale oheap-a meat and fish market well at led up, with gallons fixtures. Good reason give for selling. Apply at 266 West Thirty-rifth street, one dee from. Eighth avenue. YDOlt SALF. CIIE AP?A DISTILLERY A? FIXTURM r nil in perfect running order; cost $6,1)00, and will B sold at a bargain, if applied for at once. Apply to WM HERSEE. 80 Washington street. Hobokeu, New Jersey. FOR SALE CHEAP?STORK FIXTURES, COUNTERS Drawees,, Shelving, Ac. K. II. HINE. 581 Sixth avenue. IOR SALE OR TO LET-ONE OK TIIE BEST P.RSTAI1 jl runts on Broadway; cheap; lone; lease. Apply aitfe corner of Broome street anil Broad way. F TDOR SALE OR TO I.ET?AN ESTABLISHED BIL r liard. Lunch. Sample and Lager Beer Saloon. w? located in Fulton street. Apply at 253 ? est lorty-r??1 street. F ,30R SALE, OR WILL BE LET-LF.ASE. V IXTPRM i' of the whole or part of the splendid Restaurant eorau of Broadwav and Spring street. Under the tU NieheUj hotel: lu good order; wiU be eold very cheep; rent tow. Ag ply on the precunei. Fixtures for salk-at a sacrifice; qlaw Caaea. Shelvea, Drawers, Countera, Gas Fixtures, BM be sold thin week, at MT Sixth avenue. Great baroain-elegant cigar store amp Sample Room. Immediate poi session given, amto atock. leaae and PIxturea for sale. Thla la a rara opport* nlty far Investment. 866 Broadway. ri ROCKRY-STORE, FIXTURES AMD HORSR AIM VT Wagon for sale.?Doing a first elaas cash trade; aatto factory reasons given for selling out; rent low. ApP'TLfl the premises, tor three days, between the hours of 9 and U A. M. or from 2 to 6 P. M.. at 943 Firvi avenue, corner Fif teenth atreei, to U. BR1RS A CO. OTKL FOR SALE.?THE LEASE AND FIXTURE! . . of a drat class Hotel and Dining Rooms; newly tm ntabed. Apply at Welll'a Hotel, 68 Warren street. ^ H H OTEL FOR SALE?ONE OP THE LARGEST AMI best furnished Ho:cl? In Chicago: 860 sleeping - . t _ I . ?V* _, Innii laaaA' ? and doing .1 good buiineiM. Term?1 ?nay; long lean?; pi osoiil Dronrleior noiiur to Kurop?. For further partlruIan apply II ?r addies' Major THORP/Howard Hotel. New \orlt city. JEWELRY STORE FOR SALE.?FROM $4,000 TO $M? will buy the whole or pari of Stock and " old established Jewelry Store; good looatlon, food store sag three rooms upstairs; rent ? }?*? li 2^ionTt son for nulling. Addreii for three dayi P. M# M.$ station 0, New York. _ LeasiTfor Iale-the UNEXPIRED TOR* Off six years from May 1 of ten Iota of Ground bounded hg Broome and Tompkins streets, to close nn estate. Apply ? C. DKVER, 109 Peartalreet^ CTc.AM TUGBOAT. BIDE WHEEL, LIGHT DRAUGHT, 0 190 feet long, for ssle cheap, or would soil P?f* to is go* party and set her running, or would exchange for New Iwt citv DrupprtT. Apply, when the boat li??, at Ht?pn?H RiXerts' boat building shop, fool of 114ih street and Hnrtom river, or at 868 South atreei. SAILBOAT FOkTa LE-27 MET LONG AND III ^ good order, with good suit of snjla, boat ??'f old; luao a Rowboat, ft feet long, with onra "d emailm*. the whole to be sold nt a bargain. Apply at 946 Third eireus, bascsnent. ___? SAFE, DESKS. LETTER PRESS AND CHAIRS FOM aaia.?Inquire of J. P- PBOB8T, 16 Brand atraot mHIRD AVENUE DRY GOODS f^^E. WITH Pl^ 1 tores and two years'Lease for aale^l^lon aultoWn for almost any bualneaA, ,nd ^ Rent $35 p?r montti. No. 486 Third treaw. iiaT STORE. STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR SALR? lMul."of KK HARD JBFFER8,oorner of Poarl u4 John atreets, Brooklyn. xrALUABLE PATE NT RIGHT FOR 8ALE-FORBNQ. V land and Franc?; n??d* but b? ae?n to b? apprrctaieii now haTlnc an Imiiieoa? aalo In this country. A larg? flw tuMm*y bereallred In either place by en active bueioem Zprdv st the Sherman Skirt and Corset Company. 268, 289 and 200 Broadway. AoTifkA -DRUG STORE FOR SALE.-GOOD L0 SZ.UUU. cation; one hour and a quarter from Mem York; doing a good buaineaa; three years' leaae, at a tow rent Address Druggist, Herald oBoe. fcr flftn WORTH OF FIRST CLASS SHELVING IbO.UUU for sale; alio Countera, Platform Scale, km Apply et 74 Warren street E MACHINERY. A ?SIX AND TWO HORSE ENGINES, A FORTT ii. five Tabular Boiler, Lathes, Drop and Powaa Presses, Blacksmith aud Oas Fitters' Tools, for sale be SMITH A CLARK, 316 FeaH street. New York. _ NGINES AMD BOILERS OF ALL SIZES-HEW Shafting, 10W cents per lb.; Hangers, Pulleys. Belting. Ac.; Tanks, Ciushers. Screw .Tacks, two Tankv 5iT feet ? cents; and otli?rgMaehlnerrtln proportion, at DAVIS' Ma ehliiery Varti, 12U to IB Hudson street, naar Jersey City All|, Jersey city. . n L'OR SALE?A 25 HORSE FOWBtt STEAM ENGINE, I' <?>r1le?' make, with tubular Roller. Steam 1'nmp. 11 eaten Pipe. ?n?l connection, all In oomplete order; to bo delivered by the 1st of Mar next. May be seen In operation daily la the lineament, tii Dunne street. To bo sold alan the HteMW Qvisilag Machine and the Shafting In the building. R. HOE A CO., D and SI Gold street fjtoR RALE?A FIFTEF.H HORSE HORIZONTAL KM. r glee and Boiler, In complete order. OEOROE W. WIOKS. Ho. 4 Liberty piano. IjtOR SALE-TWO SMALL STEAM ENGINES AND r Boiler, Lathes. Drlllf. hhatllng. Pulley* and a lot of Ma chinists' Tools (J. n. BRADY, 7? Rutgers slip. IjTOR SALE?THE LAROEST STOCK ON HAND m ?T ths I nited Slates of Steam Engines. Boilers, Tanktk Filings. Shafting, Piping. Belting. Ac. Apply to P. OASS1DY, manufaeturer and dealer In allKlnds or machinery, Noa. 4 to It Bridge street, Brooklyn, near Naw Chambers at ret* rK SALE -STATIONARY AND PORTABLE STEAD Engines of lb-horse power; one Looomotiro Bolter. D> hnraa power; one Lathe; Planer, Punch, Shears. Drilling Machine, aa Atmoapherk' Forgm Hammer and various other Iron workers' Toole. Also a 300 ton Hydraulic Prcaa and Pnmpo and ion Boiler Flues, second hand, In. by 9H ft. For sale low at the Continental Works, Greenpolnl fOR SALE-A SMALL STB AM BNOINB AND BOILBD now running In good order. Apply at No. !u Weal Thirty third street. For sale cheap-one ?s horse tpbulad Boiler, one I# horoo upright Boiler, one Wrought Shaft, turned, to feet long, S Inches diameter; four Oil Cans, with Measures, Drip Pans, Ac.; two square Sails, In order; two Ships Tanks At FOGG'S iron ysrd, titi Hudson street, Jer sey City. Portable and stationary steam enginbb and boilers and circular saw mills. The ben and moet complete In u?e. Circular arm on application. WOOD A MANN STEAM BEGINS COMPANY. Piles, N. Y., end SB Maiden lane, New YorR. SJTEAM ENGINES, BOILERS AV1> MACHINERY OW 1 all kinds; new and second hand Propeller Engines, hnfung, Pulleys ami Bolting. W1LLAKD A MILL WARD, *H Water street. OOjUn WOOD, ?v < . . J SOKE, SI PBR CHALDRON, DELITBRRD. ? YKSUB LB taking a quantity from dork, littern'h street and East er, at red nor I raits. Apply Kj J, ttMlTU. FiftgetGl