Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,175. ~ NEW YORK, FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1867.-TRIPLB SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. 80HAL. k IjADT. ORPHAN, 17 THAHa OF AOS, OH TUB A *%>>*? ruspeowMlUy, superior MmiUoii, and mM to ?e beautiful, la reduced by the drcumMaaon to invoke the belpof e-wealthy pereon, who would tend her, for e few MMtba, e eoeiparattveW email amount of money. If there ? a baueioient lady able to do emdh a generous action, the dan be aseumd of obliging a young lady, and to have re tmojd the eaato, with etornal gratitude. Addreot J. T. P., A NY INFORMATION OF MICHAEL PURCBLL. SON A of the late Jir. Thomas Purcetl, Broad street, Limerick. ?Sand, w81 be thankfaUy received by P. 0. Maloue, in ? street, Brooklyn, N T. ER ADOPTION OB BOARD?A FINK HEALTHY Boy, 17 daye old. For particulars eddreea or call at 43 ruey street. EFORMATION WANTED-OF MARTIN FLANAGAN, or bis brother Patrick. When last beard of wae In Co bus. Ind. Any information will be thaukfully received by Mary Flanagan. Castle Garden, New York. INFORMATION IS WASTED-RESPECTING CONRAD Werdmuller, born 30 Apnl, 1822, son of William Ward ?sBsr, paasmentler of Enrich, Swltieriand-. last heard Of n Now York. WW. Any Information respecting the man srtB bo thankfully received by L. P. DB LUZE,Swim Con sul et New York, No. 23 John street Now Yqrs, April 4, 1867. TP MRS. McCRlTB, RECENTLY HOC8RKERPBR AT A Donsgans Hotel, Montreal, will call at the ollloe of Dr. Bad way, 07 Maiden lane, she will hear of something to her advantage. rMRB, MAROARBT GOLDEN, FORMBBLT MAO rath, and Mrs. Ann Maekey, sisters of John Magrstb, late of No. 8 Royal Canal terrace, Dublin, deceased, will oaoamanlcate with Edward A. Ennls, Solicitor, 97 Capel sine lit Dublin, Ireland, they will hear of something to their advantage T L. 8.-YOUR FATHER HAS A LETTER FOR YOU, ?F ? aad wishes you to go South. Call at his piece of bust Mae without delay. TXAJOU J. M. BRANDON (OF TEXAS), WILL PLEASE IU call at Deraarest, Ball A Co., 57 Reads street, and ro eatve news of tmportanoe to Ulm. MBS. LEONARD, BOX 412 BROOKLYN POST OPFICE, wishes the present address of Cordelia J. Loomls, widow of George M. Loomla. Any one knowing It will hear sense news by prompt communication. PARTIES HOLDING CLAIMS AGAINST NELSON A Brown, of Oceola, Florida, may hear of something to their advantage by addressing box 2,49b Post oOice. ffIHE LADY WHO, WEDNESDAY EVENING. ABOUT 8 A o'clock, rode up In a Sixth avenue car and got out at Thirty-eighth street, will confer a favor by sending her ad dress to B. 8., station A WILL THE LADY, LOOKING OUT OF AMERICAN Exchange Bank window yesterday, send a line to sen Unman on the curb. C. ALBERT, box 6,196 Post office. WILL THE LADY THAT FLIRTED HANDKERCHIEF and bowed to gentleman in private box San Francisco Minstrels. Wednesday evening, afterwards got Into Cort modi street stage, please grant Interview or communicate with gentleman that dropped card In stage? Address "Struck," Herald office. WILL THB YOUNO LADY, WITH LIGHT 8ACQUE. who sat In the front left hand corner of a Third avenue ear on Wednesday evening, end who noticed the gentleman apposite, who got out at Fifty-third street at half-past ten o'doek, oblige by sending her address to F. L. B., Herald office 7 OOTH STREET, THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD. WED AlU ne.-iday, 1 o'clock.?When can I see you amtin?con "BARNUM." SPECIAL. NOTICES. T A MEETING OP MASTER CARPENTERS HELD Wednesday evening, April 8, and resolutions were uaanl A et the Everett House, on Wednesday evening, April S, H87, the following preamble and resolutions were uneni ?oualy adopted:? Whereas, the Journe< men carpenters of the city of New York ere now receiving (3 60 per day, end have demanded a* the 1st day of April; 1*7, $4 per day ; and wberena the ?MM amount of carpenter work doing in the city of New Turk will net wareeat an increase of wagea. Inasmuch as a Mge majority or the shops are new doing comparatively a easel amount of -work, end the prospects for the owning Mason era sot encouraging; therefore. Besetved, That the master mgpenteve and builders, he Easing that any Increase sf wages at Us present time would be Impracticable, Impolitic and detrimental, not only to OUT ?Merssts, bet te the Interests of the men employed ? - M It would delay or poatpone ii effiennt sf (be work new oontempUted, bqgtaeas, thereby eaealag a loss of tune to weeld reduce the amount at thcr wage* wages far below what 55^Ke5tndh)f the jouraeymen aerpcaters in relation to awv, STEPHEN DAYMOND. K. DOIIW. W- a S6BBB. JOHN^WNEY. gbloSSBACbRNWALL, DAYIflIA GRAHAM. fcrifc^MUORE W.P^ABTBRBROOK, 2UwB?J?RD^ p fisher. ? TkkKMAN a. k. fountain, & JovSra$' , ' W.VaC^EDN EY, ? cSJSmkV E. OBIDLEY, _ t oiiBFRr ORKOOBY A LUV8TER, XSSabaJi. ^2?hu*nt?a^ ifuoEN i Skdney, hennkssy a gibbon, Tno.HBNNK8SY. MK SffifHBW tin?"*' KEYMBRAA VAN HOUTEN, yFJi* asMSKsasu '/no. nbS&reaC. K?isrS8 ueexgH A SMItTI T>. McLKOD. S^^hehnky: jar nkakh W. ji. o^oonnor, I J- oCONNOR, 1. PUUMdBY' 2 V ROOKRflt ilu' BOffiA HAVILAH SBUffH. S-flSSSR-iia EVSSMiSSSi. n fSffiBfraffiKin. *SK\KSfAw. WW^MOBTRAND JOHN P- VOORHBBS. JOHN 0. WK8SEL8, ritl|BURjfk CO.. _ JOHN B.?WHEELIth, '"VoUNC 1 STOLLEY, JOHN WI1KKLER, Jr., NGS, Jr., D. S. YOUNGS. ALL PBB80NH ARE FORBID TRUSTING ANY PER sen oe our soeeunt without aprinted order signed by M of the dim. PIULBIN A QU1N, And STEPHEN PtlfLBlN. 199 Broadway, No. 7 West Fourth street, and No. 3 Astor Home, Barclay street. A N AGREEABLE SURPRISE.?a. ONSLOW, ESQ, A fbr many years general toremau of the Erie Hallway gaape at Jersey City, was on Wednesday evening the reel pi* out Of a splendid testiseonlal from the employees of the eempaey aa e token of their respect and esteem for blm at a mesbeelf, a gM"aaaaa and a tree friend on his retire esont from the above position which he se long ably and Im perttelly 61M. The presentation took place In the presence fteUtbe seen by P. H. Leverty, one of the employees, In a few well eheaea remarks, which were appropriately re " 1 to by the recipient, who had no Intimation whatever wee about to take place. Tae testimonial was a _ chronometer watch and chain, rurntshed by Henry Altblswsr?value about $600. VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE DISTBIRC Xl lion of premiums is postponed from April A 1867. to May 66 MIL KENNEDY A CO., 968 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington; D. C. VTOTICE ?ALL BANKS AND THE PUBLIC ARB IN cautlspsd anstnat paying ar neeoilsting e certtUed cheek ier 9880 drawn by Thomas J. Griffiths to my order en the ?gesM National Beak of Jersey City. The same having been lest, but not endorsed hy me. SARAH LIFTCH1LD. Homoiv Cm. N. J~Aprll 4, 1887. SWNER8 OF PROPERTY BELOW FOETBRNTH 1 street.?Are you aware that the proposed extension of ??rob street for railroad purposes la to be dona at e cost to yea at three millions of dollars' A meeting of property annua, te eeuelder this subject, will be held et Fewer*- He ld. 17aad 19 Park row. on Wednesdav next, 10th last., at o'clock 1'. M. All interested In opposition ere esroeetly invited to aittnd. FECIAL NOTICE.? ALL PERSONS ARK FORBID tr-isllng any one on account of lbs estate of the late illiy I'onaer without the written order of GEORGE F MKKKLEE, i ALFRED B. SANDS. } F.traetoce. The new tork ladies- southern rrlibf as eecutloa beg to acknowledge the foUowiag coatrlbu Ottlsene of Merysvlllc. California, remitted by Reek of California through Messrs. Lees A Waller, BAN, geld, et 1689. 9888 76 A Friend of the Bsetb I 76 Fncnd of the South 30 00 lye Auullery Society 2.846 00 X A Fna ?rook Amennt acknowledged yesterday 43,781 66 Total reeslple to dale. 947,318 16 ARTHUR LEART, Tree/urer. Hew Y<>ss April 4, 18(7. J8ILLISKK1. e 1NMPRBSH CHIP BONNET EMPORIUM, AM 829 BROADWAY. Rmercm chip Is the most elsgsnt materiel end makes the moot becoming bonnet. MME. BERTHF. euperletends the styles, wbleh ere Parisian. FS YR RALE?ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH, A'FIRST _ Mess Millinery Bualnaae, established several years, with n splendid stock of French Go >da end the best clans ef cue loinara In the city. A Una opportunttv for e beginner; every thing reedy for the spring trade; location unsurpassed. In quire et 36 West Fourth street. New York. MADAMR LACY RESPECTFULLYAINFORMS THB ladies of New Tork that she has just received a large neeortment of Freneh Ronnets and Materials of her own lm parte lion, which she offers et very low prices. Ladles will go well te eell at the opening. No. 129 ninth avenue, near Jtlath sweat. SUM IVAN. 1,199 BROADWAY, . Hetweea Twenty eighth end Twenty-ninth streets, i te annouece thai she has npaned. on Thursday. April 4, I , a large and fashionable assortment of Basques end GWks In silk and doib, made In the latest styles fer spring M Mesmer wear. , ^elkleg snd Travelllog Suits ready made nag mad* te ?Mlnr. ),M9 Broadway, q. Mi JHB WBHIIlL Bb SOLD AT AUCTION, ON SATURDAY. THE 4th tost, at 3 o'clock 1a the Afternoon, At FERGU SON'S Sad Francisco Stables, 83 Want Forty-sixth street, between Sixth end Seventh Avenues, the followla* articles:? One brown Hambletonian Colt, 5 years old, can trot in 2 40;| ^Tplir black Horses, aired by Columbus, can trot in i minutes 11father: one snn down Wagon, nearly new; one half spring Wagon, nearly new; one set double Harness; one set single Harness; one Portland Cutter; Blankets, Kobes. Whigs, Be. All the shore property will be sold to SPORTING. All kinds op dogs and birds por sale at B. DO VET'S, 160 Canal street, near Church street Medicines for all diseases Prepared Pood for mucking birds r)R 8aI.E?A PAIR op imported WHITE BULL Terrier Dogs, Newfoundland Dogs Italian ore/hounds white Esquimaux Dogs small black und Tan and Scotch Terriers good ratters JOHN GRAY. 11 Roosevelt street CiRAXCIS BUTLER, NO 8 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THE J? choicest breeds of Dogs. Butler'aJnfaUiWe Mange Cure and Plea Exterminator, 76 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog, $8. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine for all t~~~ ? T7H)R BALE?TWO BREECH-LOADING GUNS; 13 J? gangs, 38 Inch barrels, esses, Ac , complete: $175 our rency each. J. PBNTZ, 157 Sooth street Foe sAii;?a small black and tan dog, at are East Houston street FOB SALE CHEAP?AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET, an A No. 1 Breechloader, bore No. 10; capital duck shooter. JUST IMPORTED.?A LABOB ASSORTMENT OP Canaries, amPother German singing Birds, of the first quality; also, two largest Lions, at C. BRAN DEB, 193 William atreet HORSES, CAKRIAOgg. dtC. \T MINER A SOMF.RVILLE'S HORSE AUCTION Mart, Union square, this day, at 12 o'clock, some very fine stock. A HANDSOME TURNOUT, the property of a gentleman leaving for Europe. Two elegant city built top Buggies. A SPLENDID CARRIAGE TEAM. A VERY PINE TROTTING STALLION, Ac. Bee auction. A BLACK TROTTING PONY, 14X HANDS HIGH, warranted perfectly eound and kind; a child or lady can drive him; has trotted in 2:42: will show better tban three minutee now; will be sold at the low price of $150. To be seen at 256 West Twenty-eighth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, rear. AT 47 CEDAR?CARBIAGES AND HARNESS, PARK, Pony and Doctor's Phaetons; fine top and no top Bog gles, Rockaways, J aggers, Depot Wagons. Ac., at very low prices, for a few days longer. JOHN M. TUPTS, Jr. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP PINE HARNESS, Bridles, Sheets, Blankets. Ac., at 233 Pearl street, be tween Pulton and John streets, N.Y., manufacturer and importer of Saddlery and Kersey. AN ASSORTMENT OP FAMILY CARRIAGRS, DEPOT and Buggy Wagons; also 100 second hand Carriages and Wagons, or all styles, selling 20 per cent less than New York prices. 10 Nevins street, Brooklyn. A? HORSES EXCHANGED FOR DRT GOODS OB . Groceries.?2 fine, well bred Mares, 6 and 6 years old. can trot In 3 minutes together; warranted sound and kind. Can be eeen at C. S. Chamberlain's stables, on Twenty fourth street, between Lexington and Third avenues. A-JUST ARRIVED PROM THE COUNTRY, 11 GOOD ? young Horses, suitable for all purposes; prices from SlUOto $300; also five low priced Horses. 126 Norfolk street. A GOOD CHANCE.?ONE MARH, 7 YBARS OLD; free driver, sound and kind. One pony built Mare; free driver; fit for butcher, grocer or express. Must be sold. Price $86 eaeh. One cheap Horse ($00); fit for the country. Inquire at 110 avenue B, between Twelfth end Thirteenth streets, wheelwright shop. A GENTLEMAN HAVING A PINE PAIR OP MATCHED bay Mares, 9 and 10 years old, sound and kind and fast travellers, well salted for light driving. Iron Duke stock, half sisters. wHI sell nomas, Harness, Light Wagon. As.,at moderate figures. Adams W., box Tl28 Post offlSSTwrY. A NUMBER OP PINE BUSINESS WAGONS VOW -Tk ready, sueh as grocers', bakers', plumbers', bhtchers*, milk dejpot and express, light or heavy; aim some light fur niture Trucks. All articles got here warranted as represent ed. Her* you can got a ^ood^rticl^and now welting. f Plfty-thlrd street, near Broadway. A-FIFTEEN SECOND HAND COACHES. BRBTT8 . and Phaetons cheep; our large slock of aew Carnages At greatly reduced prices. MOTT A CO., eoraer Fourth and Morcer (tree la Am LAROB STOCK OP CARRIAGES, PONY PHAE ? tons. Doctors' Rhaelona. top and m> top Buggtea Rock aways, 1 Park Phaeton. 1 very 8m Cabriolet, 1 Skeleton JL" agon, 1 Coepe, 8 Depot Wagons; also a Urge stock of ssaruem; wlU ho sold ebeap. lOOLlberty street. A BREWSTER.?SIX SEAT PHAETON. TWO SECOND A. head Cone bee, one Coupe Bocks way, mi aaaortlaswt. Of lap and no top Wagons, Rookawaya, Depot Wagons. Doc tor and Pony Phaetons, Express Wagons, Ac.. Single and Bouhls Hani see, at nil prtees, tor idle at 37 Woosier street. A STABLE TO BUTT?ON WEST THIRTY-SIXTH > Inquire of D. O. BRAD ?ATTENTION IS CALLBD TO OUB SALE THIS .. day, at No. 100 IAberty street, at It o'clock, of superior Trotting and Road Horses, fully warranted. See advertise ment under auetfna head. Particulars at sale. JOHN L. VANDEWATER, Auctioneer. A STYLISH COUPE HORSE AND COUPE FOB SALE, the owner going to Europe. The horse is 17 hands high, a good stepper. May be seen nt the stable No. 94 West Eighteenth atreet A SECOND HAND WESTCHESTER, COACH CABRIO let, Phaeton, fonr wheel Dog Cart Also 500 new Car rie gee and Harness, U per cent lest than Broadway stores. HAMS, 10 East Fourth street, corner of Broadway. Attention if called to auction sale of a splendid black coupe Horse, 14 hands high. 8 years old, with gi*at style and action; suitable for coach, coupe ur road horse: can travel 12miles an hour; not afraid of loco motive, and Is perfectly sound and kind; will be sold thia day at 10U Liberty street at 11 M.. by J. L. VANDEWATER. A ?POR SALE THIS DAY, AT 11M.,BY VANDEWATER, .'X. 100 Liberty street, a vey superior bred Trotting Mare, Is a beautiful brown, 15)4 hands high, very rangy and sty lish, with beautiful form and gait; was sired by Jupiter out of Hambletonian mare; la seven years old this spring; la a complete gentleman's road?ter. and can beat 2:50, either single or ckiuble; la a splendid pole mare : thU mare is war ranted sound and klntf without fault or trick, and to trot aa represented, and will be mid without raserve to the hlgbeat bidder. A GENTLEMAN HAVING NO USE FOR HIS ROAD Tram will tell for $9U0; are worth (2,000; eon trot It throe luliintoa, anil are without fault Call at No. 4 Jeffer ton Market, from 8to 12, or at Armour'*, No. 8 Seventh a*. AN ELEGANT CLOSE PANEL COACH FOR SALE Llned with rriinion satin, and tn fine order; tultabli for prtvste u*e only. Apply tooth aide of Thirtieth atreet flnl private alable euat ot Third avenue, between SW and It A. M; Will be told low. lor want of uaa. POWERFUL TEAM OP BAY MaKKS. M HANDS seven years old. very handsome; a little aore forward price low. Two other rood Farm Uoraea and a vary ton priced young Mare. 4C8 Pearl atreet. > A Advertiser has i.rasbd the eagle club Stable*, Thirtieth street, near Sixth avenue, exclusive. Iv lor Boarding horse*, sublet a base ground, well venti lated; careful attendanre; good Board. Please give as a call. HIKA.H AMBROSE, Superintendent. A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH.-S TOP WAGONS X Kockawaya, I extension lop Park Phaeton, 1 Sulky all uew. Will be aold aeparaia or together, at Aaler Houat aublea. M Park atreat. A SPLENDID FRESH MILCH COW POR SALE, DOR. ham?Mllka tweatv quarta of milk a day; alao maiea ten pound* of butter a week, at 1SS Eaat Twenty-fifth * treat Attention is especially called to the sale at Hone Auction Mart, Uuieu square, thla day, at 11 o'clock. SOME VERY PINE STOCK. Beo Auction head. J^ -THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY OP top, and open road Wagon*. Rockawaya, dagger*, twc Wagon*, pony and doctor*' Pbaton*? 1 business Gig. 1 boa, I two aeat Hrawater Phaton, S Bxprmn Wagona, I Sulkeys, AO aet of Harness, single and double, new and second baud, or all kinds from SUloSIM; Blanket*, Robes, Whip*, Ac.; 1 hrowtf'Mere, 1 bay trotting Horse, I black |Mare, 1 sorrel Hone, at.FAMES JENKINS", 1.401 Broad way, near Korty-flrat atreat. CARRIAGES FOR SALE.?ONE HANDSOME COl'PE Kockaway. with dtvtalon front, pole and shaft*, only ?*ed about one month; one *ix seat Rockaway. Alio Barouche* and Brett*, Dog Chrt*, top and no top Ru^gy Wagon*, and two neat Box W?gon?. Alao one light Mn ate great sacrifice, aa the owner 1* going to Europe ' to M. CURLRY. 31 East Twelfth street. CART FOR SALE?SUITABLE FOR FURNITURE, tdann* or mirrors, In perfe.d order: will be aold cheap. Inquire at MS (new number) West Thirtieth atreet. OUF1 WANTED?SUITABLE POR ONE HORSE with circular front ami but little u*cd. Address CP B , Herald office, for two week*. ^ C< F'Oll SALE-A VERY FINE FAIR OF DARK GRAY carriage Morse*, wellraatrhed. long tall*. IS band* high, ? years old, sound and vary stylish. Alan six seat Phaeton, Harness, Ar. The owner is soon to leave town, and thl* presents a rare opportunity to buy a handsome essabhsh ment. Inquire lor iwo week* of B. MONTAGUE marble yard. West Twenty-fifth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenue*. FOR SALE-OWNER GOING TO EUROPE, ONE OF tl,a."J"** '??gait Park outfits la the eity, consisting of Iff** or Blsak Hawk Heroes, beautiful manr* and lolls, Wl.h good cpeed, eight year* old, kind In every re*pert, and by good J udg*s considered tha be*t In tbe cftv, wltli Park . HT' J'el*h. Harness, Robes, Ae. dan be seen at private ataSle. back of 16 Washington square, near fifth avtnu? or address F? hex 4,MI Po*t office. F?* SALE-AN OPEN BAROUCHE, BUILT BY JOHN ? ?^J5rr*no? UMd and In food order. Apply at prWau mbte 81 Wmt Tfelrty-aevtoth utr^Vt. jag rjwma ai *w??43^Bt.?rtS!VEin!U5Bfta<F' FOR* "."At"'" or w?s,dam? osat Jciry* bay Mars to tbe Bute, 16 I.'i hand* high, long tali, kind In single and doable haraess, and a perfect saddle horse for a latly or gentleman; all warranted sound; they are the property ?i a gentleman who haa ao further uao fer them Inquire at PKllOPTO'R Livery Rtable, next the depot, Rltraheth, N. J. FOR BALE^A V ALU ABLE PAIE OP o\rRIa<.B Horse*, IfiM hand* high: Ooaeh and Barouche in brat IM> If<M*P? MIjf*1* ?"fiitlNi Cart, Robes, Bias &3tew?32S to MA- M. and ? MI f. *. ??*? - ?EWfWfc CJUBUACW, *C. carriage horses, dap. -1.. *?d ^y.?? toad* hlfh, itjli.b, without fault 8??SHQ53Mtes? T81, uu "0 ?'^ock ^ *? sale?a Pair op well matched car. U*rt*' *"7 ?t"Uh- 16* h*nd?hUh, ^? uri^bt bayoolor. at preaeot at work on alarm adjISent to ?wh?rW[?r P*rtJcuUr* in,?ulr* uf O. A. BILLS. l#a?Je? F?b?y Ho? hf?8?*15 TUBNOITT, VIZ;?A tho17 Way f?r w?"^'runV?.t^eJ:be*M thajropcrtj o f apan tlaman gone to Europe. For further SSS.fehSSr10 JH.OS w? RHODES, IS; aid WjESS th^ a^tTifiu,,, *ltK>Te turnout la well worthy tbe Attention of aoy^entleman wanting ?uch aa the abore. FOR SALE?14 HORSES, ALL BIO, HEAVY TRUCK boraee. end one teem of uroe beys: would inake a niM carriage teaiu. Inquire at .saTffLhiLiinn nl<" ( 1^9? HALE?THREE SECOND-HAND COACHES ANft I. fiB5?".?o'ar5a? zsx&J&r? and Twenty-aecond aire"? corner s*Tenth ??euue bssss wsl, '-^??sus F"!L?f5?HORSE, $86; ONE ROCKAWAY IN SlnalS narneaa' ibuMi riSP B"?*?!, ne?rlv new; one aet T^;tet^^aEri?g wre!aue.* Br'dle- " *? F0fbafttL?n~Lii'I05T COl'PE- WITH POLE AND UnlTendty^iaoo^yTwelfth ?21 " WcN,cbo"' ^b1-. FIOR SALE-THE FINEST HORSE ON THIS IS! i?7. fefiaSS?Msia-ra^S IpOR 8ALE-A HORSE AND FURNITURE spriva 'cm and Harrier*; all in Cood orter Inauire at m? third arenue; corner of Forty-second iuwV q ?t 60$ I^OR HALE?QUE large BLACK HORSE, TWO Applet teg'Hone- a" t?be',oid ?b'"p F?an!i^i^~?'WO ???D CANADIAN PONIES, SOUND rxureu Will iw'**w,?n<1 ??rne*?, suitable for a grooer or near Fifteenth afreet? c p' Apply at 68 Seventh*^., F(I6)/han1SrhiehI2ehiTE hM.OP' DARK BaV HORSES, -T.ia f**na? ?'gn? flight and nine yeara old fast triv#?iw? fiflOOL lfnrn.H^rr,Ufie^r "Pi ? ?nandind ki S vice SLOW. Inquire at 11 Wyckoff atreet, near Court, BrooUyaT ^"*->11 HALE-?A VERY FINE PAIR OF BROWN HORNFS jOLSTSSSUlSSSS SSS uitg ?IKiS?'.!!?"1-* cheap, together wfth a "?- --? * SftUFvi ' wlu h? Private liable Id TilIrty-Sbgid C*i1 ?* ?nitiw arenue, atarna^M, door fTom Lex I7H)R SALE_A pine r about IMi hands hla ?tyliah; alaoCarriage al address 87 RlUaon atreet, IjiOR BALR-a WBLL y Hto, at as Brooklyn, E. D. atreet * ?#0O?4 ar"u* ??<! T?entr &b <??o. Hall. *i ,F0Sd"a^dc^TOL^^EtVE!f nv* fMt Apply to WM,^IL^E^?jhi^ rTra F0Ho^Lttar^,J^irid8^ * ORGAN 7 handsome ^52S?*?a AND FAMILIES, furnaaaeq. andalao with !$?? n w- - ??" mj dc ?fJe jsjasuTis; ,?i? SSS!S.r.;B atreet, corner 0/ Waahln*too. rsenlre at 641 Canal j XfOR pale-for wart or use. a good horsv ?*J?CM mSSiSSi and Tenth atreet. ?ror?iy .tore, corner arenue C P?? SALE?A COACH, IN GOOD ORDER- iIHI i J Barouche, at O'Connor . .Uble.,? Wm "i'm.nfh ^ F??? SAL? AT A SACRinCE?A DARK SORRKr style end action, elciit jeara old. warranted .-ercry reapect; would suit a fami'y or nhv.irlin ffftiiff a?,^lr "*Tln< t?WB- App7 "ClOR 9ALE CHEAP?TWO SECOND HAND roACHPS FOR SAI^ CHE4P?A GOOD COUPE ROCKAWAY l a's "d "harU-,n 1?^ ?rder inquire u nutm ~i a. Siith arenue. oo rner of Fortieth atreet ?cior sale cheap-a gentleman's compi ftp warranUNl'aeundMdkKd*:?y^Tjr Horses and trucks cheap?soi n ma ?. of uae. Apply u, R. C. DK LANG? M$ J^afr^* TUST ARRIVED PROM UV1NOSTON COITNTT w>? handa. can trot In 60. One black, 16W ean trot lo ^T:^f ???t?afcrA-?j8sasx ,rs;s for sale cheap, the owner dealrhaa to learw ik?jII,!i?Lr 7f* iy^t ***? *" Me^',nl ***?'? Ap Ride for tour health and pleasure in Oral eUn luuin, Phaeton* and Trotting Wagons. Ton will Sad tbean at R. M. STIVERS' maau factory, Noa. M to 103 (new number* 144 to 1M) Eaat Thirty Brut ?ireet OTABLE TO LET.-PART OF PRIVATE STABLE-ON 0 Sixteenth atreet, near Seventh Avenue. Addreaa box LMS Peat office. STABLE TO LET-IN REAR OP NO. 23 WEPT TWEN ty-eeoond atreet, flrat claea. with apartment* for coach ?mil Apply at the bank corner of Waeerley place and Sixth avenue. rro doctors and othbrs.-por sale, an eno 1 liah Shifting Top Phaeton, with folding aeat for servant, ahafta aad pole*, built to order; never uaed; there ia not the Ska in thia city. Call at beldon a livery etable. SS Weet Twenty.fourth atreet. rrO CARMEN -POUR TRUCES AND TWO PAIRS OP a Horace; aleo one Road Wagon, one aet of Road Haroeaa, covered trimming*, will be sold separately or together. Ap ply for three daya to M. S. HEWlff! 334 WeetTenth at. fltO LET?A PRIVATE STABLE, WITH TEN 8TALLS. A MP Raat Thirty atitb atreet, between Second and Third avenues. Apply to J. B. MA RRECBLLA, MS Third av. WHIPS. WHIPS, WHIPS -OBO. P. OVKRIN A CO , No. 8 Eaat Houaton "treat, whip and lanti manufac turers, offer lor aale a hue aaeortment at all ktnda of Whip* and Lathe*, including Doe Malacca, Holly and Out Whip*, wboleaale and retail. T1TANTED?A LIOHT THREE QUARTER SEAT Vv square boxlioa<l Wagon, liratclaea maker, and In A 1 order. Addrer* Wagon, hoi 9X4 Poat office WAJNTKD-BLAOE OR DARK BAT BOR8B, about 18 banda. good roadeier. Addreae, atating price, Ac , box 2,866 Poat office. Wanted-a match team, dapple orat Horae*. 5 to 6 year* old. 163i hand* liigh, none built andatyllah. must he free from any blemish; also a good Olaaa Mearae for aale. Apply to W. H. KENNEDY, 486 Pearl atreet WANTED-A 8TTLI8II SADDLE HORSE, PROM MM to 18 baoda, one thai will go in harness preferred; mu?t be a troller, grntle and abaw fair "peed. Addreaa, giving priee and description, W. H. M., box (,471 Poat oRce. WANTED?ACCOMMODATION POR ONE HCIRSR and two email '-arriagee, and a room for eoarbman. In n private viable near Madleon avaonn In Tbirty-nintb, fortieth or forty flrat atrveta. Addreaa, with location aad term", Bboi IIP Poat office. New York. TITANTED.-ANY PERSON OWN1NO A OOOD HORSE TV and Wagon, and willing to lata responsible gentleman have the ueeof same for expenae of keeping may addreea M. H. J., box 6.471 I'fat office. rANTED TO HIRR-A LK1HT COUPE (WITHOUT home or barneaa), for tblny daya Addreaa box 6,10.7 Raw Tork Poat offloe. "ITOUNO HAMILTON OBLDINO POR SALR-OWN WJ I brother 1? Hbip Timber. Owner Mag to Europe- Ap ply el L. W. MERRKLL'S livery e&hle, Iff! and MP Beet fifty flrit "treat, between Third and P#xingtnn avenue*. SIOC-BUCR HORSE, 18* HARDS, STYLISH IIau. driver trote in three minute*, aortal Kane, ft for farm or any uae, $70; both aound and kimL Br7 Sev enth avenue Ana WEST TWRNTY HROORD STKRP.T - KLR44ANT WiMrkR*) In Mte or single, wdhov with R '^WL'aVmM^iP^I fauottou, OB Mon day, April 8, at 11>? o'clock, at the T--k--g? Salesroom, 111 (Tor aeoount of whan It nay ooeeern), Intcraatlonal Screw NallCo. (hyp'd), >100 aacll. A DStill, BALDWIN A CO., A n BROabWAT, Issue Bills cf Exchange on London, Psris, Germany, Swlt Romc, Florence and Leghorn. Also letters or ialro >o Messrs; Lhcrtctte, Anna A Co.. Perls. ' , , sertand. dnctlon l|T ? ' gAN KINO JAT COOKS A CO., 'I No. X) Win Brunt. Ootner of Naacaa street, New Tort We hay and Mil at the moat liberal current price*, and keep on hand *M1 supply of GOVBBNKKNT BONDS OF ALL IB8UE3, SBVBN-TBIRTIES, an* COMPOUND INTEREST NOTES, and execute ordeM for pniehae* and aale of STOfcKS, BONDS AND GOLD. We have added ke-our office largo room* for the accommoda tion of the publidlhnaand for Investment in and exchange* of Government Securities, end the convenience of our Stock and Gold customer*. Seren-tbirtie* converted into Plve-twentle* at govern ment rate*. JAY COOKE A CO. CITIZENS' SAYINGS BANK. Southwest corner of Rowery and Canal street Stl per cent interest, free from uu. Sums from $5 to $6,600 received. Money deposited on or be lore April 10 will bear lnteraat from April 1. J^UNCAN, 8HBSMAN A CO., BANKERS, CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS. NEW YORK, Issue Circular Notes and Letters of Credit for travellers, available in all tne principal cities of the world. Mercantile creditc for use in Europe, Chins, Ac. Also make transfers

of money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposit*. For sale CITY RAILROAD STOCKS AND BONDS IN ALL TUB FIR8T CLASS COMPANIES; ALSO OTHER SECURITIES, Paying large dividends, at lew rates for investment*, by ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Stock Broker and Auctioneer, 43 Pine street, N. Y. .Resolved, That the stock transfer beaks of this company be losad on taelOlh day or April, instant, and that tbe persons r parties in wbose name slock shall ho standing on that day, OFPICE OP THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD COM PANY. 370 West Thirtieth street, New Yoeic, April 1, 1867. To the Stockholders of the Hudson River Railroad Com pany :? Take notice that the Board of Directors of this Company, ? at a meeting held this day, passed the following preamble and resolutions;? Whereas the Stockholders of the Company, at a meeting ol' such Stockholder* called by tbs Directors of the Company in the manner required by law, and bald at the office of the company on the Wth dsv of March last, did, wHb the concur rence ot mora than two-thirds in amount of all its stock holders. authorise and ssnctlou the increase of the capital stock of the company to the amount of thirteen millions, nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand and four hundred dollars. Tbflroforc* Resolved, That the capita! stock of the company be, and the same is hereby increased to the amount of thirteen mil lions, nine hundred and mirty-aevso thousand and four hun dred dollars. 1 .Rest closed ?baSiteverally. on or before the 16th day sf A~prU. instant! be entitled to subecribe at the office of the company. No 370 West Thirtieth street. In the city of New Task, for an equal amount of additional mock. Thai the price of the additional stock shall ha flfty dollars per share, payable a* follows:? fifteen dollars per share st the time ef subscribing. Fire dollars per share en the Mth day ofmay nest. Five dollars per Share on the 16th day el June next. I Plre dollars per share on the 16th day of Jtsly next. Five dollars per share on the litb day of August next. Five dollars per share on the 16th day of Septemb^ nest. Ten dollars per chare on the 16th day of Oetober nest. That on the 16th day of Oetober nest, ?U taatalaieats being paid, full paid atockahaU be issue! . Resolved, That whdre parties drill* for their own oonveg lance to anticipate payments their money for any number or Instalments will be received but no lotetut will in arty ease be allowed, nor will tbe stock be Issued mid the 16th day ef October next. Resolved, Thnt stockholder* falling to subscribe on or be fore tbe 1Mb day of April, Instant, or neglecting lo pay their several Instalments as they severally become due, wUl lose all right to the additional stock, ami will be deemed ip have abandoned their subscriptions. Resolved, That the subscriptions may be made to the addi tiooal stock cither in person or by attorney. A scrip rsceipt will be given for the payments made, and thia receipt moat be presented at this office on ike payment of any of tho ?ul> Sneot Instalments, In order to have them entered npoe it* I fee snrrendered to be canoelled on the lssna of the addt tal stock. Resolved, That where parties desire to receive fun stock on tbe lath day of April, instant, they may dd so fey paying ""?four dollars per share at the time of maklog their sub By order of tbe Beard, C. 0. CLARKE, Treasurer. OFFICE OF CAMERON COAL COMPANY, 71 BROAD way.?Coupons on Cameron bonds, due April 16, will be paid at the office of the company. fT 6. 80MERS, Treasurer. SOUTHERN BANK NOTB8, BONDS AND COUPONS ? Past due coupons of any of the Honlbern States. Bonds, Stock* and Hank notes .ought and sold by EDWIN Q. BELL, 86 Broadwsy. RAO WANTED?FOB ONE YEAR, ON PF.R ?PA.tJuv sons! property worth fnlly three times as much ; bonus $101) and one per cant per month, or lt? per nent tf the money can be returned by weekly insUlmenta,of >60. The best ohrefsrenee riven. Address tor sue month, Eugene Trueiaen, Herald office <*1 A AAA WANTED?A BOND FOR TH(d >piU,UvU amount, secured by first mortgage upon city property, well worth 6*1.0 f> will be sold st a liberal dis count. None but principals need apply at HENRY BISCHOFF'M office, U Bowery. *17" nnn TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT 'PlltJ.UUU gage. In ooc or mora sums, on real estate In this city or Brooklyn. JOHN F. CUNREY. ? Wall street, room IK a inn Ann 70 loan on new yorc, brook ??TvU,U"U lyn and Jersey real estate. Second Mortgagee bought. Travellers' Insurance Company. C. B. WILLIS. 31 Pine street, basement. DRY GOODS. (MARRETS.?WK ARB OFFERING A LARGE AND Li choice assortment ef Carpels, Oilcloths. Mats, Matting. Window Shades, Ac , at reduced prises, at our new store, corner of Twenty-fifth street and Sixth avenue. Bngllsh Brussels st gl 60, Three- ptys at $1 76; all wool Ingrains at 76 cents. D. KELLY A CO. Great baroainr?wk, the undersigned. have takan tbe house SOB Canal street, between Mercer sad Broadway, when we eflfer entire stock of our own im portation of Lore floods and Embroideries st greatly re duced prices, and still more so at wholesale. AHHBR MECHT A CO. AH PETIT ST. TITOMAS, (Near the Kihfbttlon Paleee!) Thiahonae established tmtrii of fifty yean, la ufilre really known and famed Ae one of the Bret OalabHohmeato In Parte. In which thorough eenfldenee may be placed. In Ha immeoae preaaleea. Which all forelgnere thoald *lelt,^^^^H WU1 be found the meet eoeaptete nR?TB?OVKLTIBS, IOOLLKN8, LACTAM ^^^mNOERIE. HRKADV MADE ARTICLES POR LADK8, .JBIfe. COTTOR AND THREAD 8TUITS, RIBBONS, TRIMMINGS CARPETS, ARTICLES OP FURNITURE. ENGLISH ASSISTANTS. FIXED PRICE mo FAMILIES VISITING TUB PARIS EXPOSITION. CASMMERKH AND LACES. COMPAONIK DBS 1NDEH, SO RUB RICH K LIB C. 80 Meaera. VERDE DRL18LB, the proprietor", reapeetfullv dee Ire to Inform the Amcrtnan ladle* who rlalt the Krone* oapltal that they will And at their oeiaMiahmaat the lament and pcheet amortment of CASHMERES AND LACKS IN THE WORLD, at nrtcee that will aaataln erery and BELGIUM, and In all of the SRAWL DISTRICTS OP INDIA, enable ihnm to eel I at then!** of MANUPACTUR BRS INSTEAD OP MRRCHANTSTaa wail an to prodnee deelgna eicln.lrrly their own. BagRah la enrtentlp apekea In the eaiabliahment. N. M.?The propteten pay ae eommlieteeate nay parUee hnngln* enetom im the houee. ? i n nnnTl!* i41* r?R sale-bt the ore at lU.UUU American Ten Company, n and 31 Veeay street. _ W8R ANTS mo amatri rs op pina arts.-in oompliancr 1. with the wtahea of n a?her of omaioera the OkPatnt iag* lately on Mhtbttton ad 08 Bookman etreet, wkfim were farerably noiieed in the Tribwne of March J7, ae wen ea in other ettr papere. hare been remored to the more central location No 1 CI la tea Hall (Wnndermann'e muelr etore), Aetor place, who re the pietnma ean he eeen, and are etem for nle at reeeoneWe prleae. d RicinsioNi. )RT lbk, old landing' fpORT LEK.OLD LANDING -THBJTRAMROATT. *. JP HULSB, Captain 0 W Annett, will make her regular tripe from the foA of Christopher street. at I4M A. M. and ? KW. dni%, Bnedayo at W A M seder. M .1 Ma a4erda a feed opgareeemnyMJe????*? la engage heart erhfre beneee AMUBJUMMMTS. T> ROADWAY THEATRE. 11 Corner of Broadway and Broome I ADMISSION 00 CENTS, THIS EVENING, DURING TUB WEBB AND SATURDAY APTKRNOON,| The moat popular comet!.isnut ill America, MISS MAOOIE MITCHELL, Supported By the talenCed^youn^ actor Mr. J as. W. Colliar, In bar beautiful craatloa of KANCHON, A personation tn which aha la universally acknowledged as WITHOUT A RIVAL. 8ajurday^Wl^TntSTMITCHBLL3UTy<BB, AND tiNI.Y FANCIION MATlNKl Seats secured from 8 to 8, six days In advance. w OOD'S THEATRE. BEN KNIT OF MRS. F. M. BATES. EAST LYNNB. LADY ISABEL ) una a, u niTSn MADAME VINE 1 ***? r' "' "Arns After which the petite Comedy of PERFECTION, In whleh Mr. JOHN M. ABBOTT will aaanma his admirable personation (Aral time in New York) of Charles Paragon. BAST LYNNE MATINEK SATURDAY. /GERMAN STADT THEATRE?15 AND <7 BOWEBY. VJ This (Friday) evening, April A FIRST APPEARANCE IN , .AMERICA of the most celebrated OEKMAN COMEDIAN. MR. THEODORE L'ARRONOE. in DRR VATKR DBR DKBUTANTIN (The Father of the Debntante), and as HERMAN LEVY in PARIS IN POMMERN. HARTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, MM BROADWAY. Tickets, 50c ; Reserved scats, $1, for sale at tbe Hall LAST WEEK BUT TWO. TWO HUNDRBD AND TWELFTH PERFORMANCE. Immense sensation caused by THE WONDROUS HEAD, Or, the Oracle of the Nineteenth Century. THE BASKET TRICK, With other New Wonders, Mlraoles snd Illusions Every Evening ut 8, Satu rday at A Chiekertng's Piano la used at these Hoeances. Wednesday, Juvenile Night, children half pnoe. Tony pastor's opera house. aoi bowery. Crowded houses to witness the greatest local drama of the age, THE RIVER BATS OF NEW YORK, TUB RIVER RATS OP NEW YORK, received with peal upon peal of applause. The new grand ballet, with this matchless ballst troupe, LB OABDB DE LA REINK. Tony Pastor's songs, and the entire troupe tn a magnlfl oent Variety KntcrtuiumenL MATINEE EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATUBDAY. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 486 BROADWAY. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT 8 O'CLOCK. THE CREME DE LA CREME OK MIN STRELSY. BIRCH,' WAMBOLD. BERNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose success has never been equalled by any similar organisation In the id Cheerful at the Shadow PanuSOi Nanc7 Fat. Shouts' ? Kelly and leon's minstrels, tjo broadway. FIRST APPEARANCE of MR. WM. S. BUD WORTH. THE ONLY LEON. NOKMa THE ONLY LEON. A Glorious Pro- O M Icl l'ou Parle Fran gramme. Traveller's R caise. Nelne Hey Trials, first time. O M mour. The Two Dan Yankee Lasses. Mr. NORMA dy Nigs. 80lh night " " 'Mm ?' ? EDWIN KELLY'S O M of the combined Darling Dora, and R burlesque of Black the great I'OLE-I-O O M Crook A Cendrillon. THE ONLY LEON. NORMA TUB ONLY LEON. IB VINO JIALL. SONOS OF SCOTLAND. Resppeurcnnn of Mr. D. KENNEDY, the celebrated Scottish I o ist, I RIDAY EVENING, April 6 1867. The Rons- oi Scotland hare a great historle value?tbey are truly titu history of the people. We eeem to sit down beside the slmpls peasant, and from his own lips learn the story of his Hte. To the peasantry of Bent Is nd we are Distal) in deb's country'a sonBS, and, moat of all, to the peasant )<i .'.'Hin. Robert ? Mr. KEN hi E<> _ nfaces each song with a fsw remarks intended t? m>,in. ? .nv ill Acuity or obscurity arising from peculiarities of .be u! looal language or allusions to looal customs. Miss KEN NE DY will preside at the Pianoforte, end eeeh evening play a flu lion of Scottish Reels PROGRAMME, YE BANKS AND BRAES O' BONNIE DOOM. COME UNDER MY PLAID IE. APTON WATBM. SCOTLAND YET MYBOYTAHMIE. JOHN OVUMLIB. ITAK' YRK Al'l.D ALGAE ABOOT YE.^^" EOCHABKR NO MORE. ANNIE'S TKY8TB. TAM ULEN SCOTS WHA auld lano syne. Doors open at 7JU; to begin at 8 o'clock. Tickets, M cents. Reserved seats, ** esats extra. Fee rnie at Beer * ScMrmer's. 7? Broadway; Bnihnan Ticket o&ee. US Broadway; end Irving Hall. TRYING HALL, SATURDAY EVENING. APRIL A? 1 Oread Vocal and Inatramental Concert, In whtSagnor Maazottat, the renowned and favorite tenor, and M/Albano, the neUtbtiateo harpist, from the Acadamy of Music, will sp pesr, m oonjunction with Miss lna Harvey, a very promis ing young debutante, and_the distinguished artists, 8 Ignore HsoiL Paohcchi and A. BartII, for the benefit of Professor Augusta Mem tt, who will deliver on the ocoaslnn a lecture eh the moot Interesting subject of "Itallsn Opersu*' Trek lets. $l.can now be obiaineo st Beer A Nchirmer's musk store, 7et Broadway, and at Messrs. Thompsou Brothers', 1.107 Broadway. BKEINWAY HALL.?THIRTY-SECOND SUNDAY OON ? cert, Sunday evening, April 7. at 8 o'clock. (. r HARRISON. Director. The following artSsts will assist In a new programme. MLLBL PAUL1NM CAN IBS A, Prima Dssia MR. ARTHUR MATfHISON. Tenor^^H MB. HUGO BUH8MEYBB. Pianist. ?mnmmmnMUAOAMm^M MB. GBO. W. MORGAN, Organist. MR. G. W. DOLBY. Aoeompantsi. MB. THBO. THOMAS, Conductor. Snd hi* FULL ORCHESTRA. Ttoksts Wf rtimfs ' Reserved seats M cents extra. 'TB1NWAY MALL. CARL WOLFSOHN'rt GRAND CONCERT, NEXT SATURDAY EVENING, AT 8 O'CLOCK, wbsn be will bn assisted by SEVERAL EMINENT OPERATIC ARTISTS, TUB LIKDEKKRANZ SOCIETY AND THOMAS' GRAND ORCHESTRA. Tickets $1; foraain at Ktelnway Hall Agency, 1U Broad Way, and at the principal music stores. Reserved seat chacka, SO cents extra, may be bed at box office, Ktelnway Hall. STEIN WAY HALL. MRS. PROSSER'S SUAKSPERRAN AND POETICAL BEADING, MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 8, IM7. Oa which occasion Mr. J. A. DAWSON, pianist, will a] Mr. J. A. DAWSON, pianist, will appear. Tickets 40r.; reserved seats $1. Doors open at hslf-paat ?even. Commence at eight precisely. STE1NWAY HAUL. SOUTHERN FAMINE RELIEF COMMISSION. TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL*. MR AND MRS. GEO. VANDEN1IOFF have In the handsomest manner tendered the Commission VOLUNTEER READINGS IN AID OF THE FUND, which will be given on the above evening. THE HON. JOUN T. HUFFMAN. Mayer of New York, will preside and make tbe Introdnc lory remarks. MR. 0. W. MORGAN will perform on the organ prior to the commencement of tbe Reading". Tickets of admission *1; een bo obtained at the tieket office of the llail; Beer A Bchii-mer's, 701 Broadway; the Fifth Avenue. Clarendon. New York and St. Nicbalaa Hotels and Everett House. Reserved Mats $1 SO. obtainable only of Mr. John Bowne, *1 Broadwav, general agent. WOOD'S THEATRE, THIS EVENING. JOHN M. ABBOTT. Esq., the distinguished Organist wMPIs^to^tadijr, CUARLBH PARAGON, in PERFECTION, for Nr. V. M. BATES' Benefit. First maooie Mitchell matinee, and ONLY FANCHOM MATINEK, SATURDAY, APRIL t AT Ilk O'CLOCK, AT TRK BROADWAY THEATRE J OH* M. ABBOTT ESQ , THE DISTINGUISHED Pianist, aa CHARLES PARAGON, in i:m comedietta PERFECTION, at WOOD S THEATRE. evening. WALLER'S OPERA HOUSE, N Inc and during the WMk, MR. AND MM. MARNE' NEWARK.-THIS EVEN L BARNEY WILLIAMS. w OOD*B THBATRR. THIS RYE NINO. Mr. P. M. BATES' B M.N LI IT. MART LYNME and PEIIFKOTION. rim JL 1 rathe ticket otficr prmd mu for Ml ?ret elm theatre*, concerts, balls, Always be obtained at the THEATRE TH'KKT OPTICE. Ron. 1TJ and 114 Broadway 0*. Mr FANOHON MATINEE. AT 1Q O'CLOCK. FIRST MAOOIR MITCHELL MAI lb KB. at IJt .-clock RATI7R0AT. APRIL ti IM7. AT THE BROADWAY THEATRE. MIMICAL. AT 1W SIXTH AVENGE?MITSIA TEACHERS U Jtv bo rally dealt with. All the popular mimic and In' al niuiHwi Bonk. aaxMa olio m L._ J . _l _ _ _ T" "-?/ *"?* *WW r'Pulal RUU III1 atrectten Books conataatly on hand, and naw mua.o aa aooo aa published A MAONIPIOENT SEVEN OCTAVE. ROSEWOOD Planeforte, beat nlty maker, with a'l modern improve ments, for laid al a bargain. Alao, household Furniture. Dealer* need not apply. 233 Weet Thirtieth street, new Heventb avenne. A OKNTLKMEN'S SINOINO CLASS, TOR BEGIN A aera. will be opened nt the National I onaervatnry of Mnalc. 81 Madison avenne, Prldav, April!, at 7 P. M., larau ?10. AK EXPERIENCED BARITONE OPFERS HIS HER vice* to either Catholic or Protestant church; can aa ansae leadership of ehotr. Addr-aa <?., boi 7W p.iat office. A FIRST CLASS ORGANIST IS OPEN FOR ENOAUE A ment from May 1; Catholic or Episcopal church; oen also furnish a go<"1 Quartet Choir. Address or Inqcaira ef vSTir LOUIS HEROti, ft Smacker street. Lessons in sinqing-by an Italian osntle man, thoroughly competent, and of etpfrtouei m taachlag voeal mnaicandthe piano, ieferenreagl?eu. Ad draaa R. P. O., hoi 170 Herald office. ?RFUHIO?FRENCH AND ENGLISH. BY AUW WHO IM. has flnlehed under the beat masters in Untdon. Kngland; trt' refcrenoe; lerma vary moeeraie. Addieas K, Klghlh avaone years' asattta 1 N price Hon'a OTJCE.-PERSONS DESIRING PIANO OR GUITAR Inatrnrtion. of a Aral e|?w ipiutlemanteejther, eta fair i, wRI pleeae addieas Artiste, SU Broadway, Hall * . M?.|.. . Sab:?l?Si OOFRANO WANTED?FOR A CATHOLIC CHURCH IN O thMriiy; must he SrWem-m and A good reader, salary liberal. Applv to Mr. OORDWN, .0? Broadway. UABCINUJIt ADHMIRl. A TOCNO LADY, QUALIFIED TO INSTRUCT IN AdMMMg, at lehee a few priVAte pepila, Addieas Tree hat, AJTO8BIIJBMTS. fcTEW tore theatre " * iiSSf gtfft * ?" ITltT EVERY NIGHT reoolved with the MOST UNBOIMJ(MlM^jrTHCSTA8M. iS&jrsni^ssuMKwRTiB^ii their excellent CuaptMnlSL Al the request of manMBlri have been Induced Jo announee the grand frvffilAjnjaly's celebrated drama Uxatioo of ? GRIFFITH OA0NT, m FOR MONDAY KVENINO, APRIL 8. _8B?U may be secured on* week In advenoe. fPHBATBB FRANCAI8?FOURTEENTH STREET AND 1 sixth ervenue.?Saturday next, April 8, 1817. Benetitof KaNFaN BKNOITON (the little GeorgeiiO). MAM'HELLK FAIT 8KB DKNT8, comedy. In one acL with tone*. , MARIS MB FONT TOCJOUR8 R1RR, eomedv. In two ecu. Ticket otlloc atDardonville's, 678 Broadway. OLYMPIC THEATRE. oH?SVl,ue<1 enthusiastic anceeee of the RICI1INGH ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. TlJSLS2?8N1Kttt ?'R'OaY. APRIL 6. BENEFIT OF THE DIREPTRKHS, . MISS CAROLINE RICH1NQ8, and last representation, moai positively, of Halfe'e famoua production, luti bohemun girl, ... . BOHEMIAN GIRL, x2i rvS?0* " *rpearing in her highly ?ueo?**rul7ole of .' .?"fportrd by the came excellent oast of former representation*. MATINEE TO-MORROW, commencing at 1 o'clock. Doore orien at Ilk. For p?rCm?nce0ethe,,Wll,'OUt Ch*r*? f0rl t?~. DOCTOR OP ALCANTARA. To-morrow evening?CROWN DIAMONDS, last lime. .Monday next?The great Spectacular Opera. THE KNCHaN I'KKaK CHARLEY WHITE S TKOUI'R, 472 BROADWAY LAST WEEK OF THE IKMALE OLKKNBL LAST WEEK OF THE KEMaLH OLKKKb! last week of to,: female clerks LAST WEEK OF THE FEMALE CLERK* HSi SSkS XL iu5 female clerks HSI IXFf'S 0K Tafc female clerks LAST WEEK OF THE FEMALE CLEKKs! LAST WEEK OF TII-. FEMALE CLERK* WEEK OF THE FEMALE CLEKKS, ?T JHiTE's, at ciiarley whiik'R .-eii??KrL-X. WHITE'S. AT C1UKLEY WHITE'S, IT WILL BE PLAYED SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Griffin and chrirtys minnthkls?kifth streei "8 pera Hou,e' !s0'i- a ?d 4 West Twenly-fourtS G. W. H. GRIFFIN Manager THE FAMILY RESORT Every evening during the week will be presented Um Grand Spectacular Burlesque, " BLACK CROOK, pronounced by the press and tho public to bo tho MOST LAUGHABLE BURLESQUE ever written. Reminiscences of Dixie, Othello. Stop Jig, l'nlnee of Dew DrpP*- Trouble at the Ball, Oinger Blue, Mail McGlbltgaa O'tfatlory, Ac. GEORGE CHRISTY EVERY NIGUT. Doors open at 7. Commend* at 8. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY at half-past 2 o'clock. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN. DKCUALUMEAU. THE UNFORTUNATE. Streets of Brooklyn, W earv Travellers. Brooklyn Be He, The Racea'Talent Appreciated. Kill or Cure, The Artful Dodger, 1 hoebeanua Brown, Medley Clog Danoe, E?senee of Old V irginny, Ac. Mailnee every Saturday, at 2>j' o'clock. BCNYAN TABLEAUX?LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. Sixty magnificent soenes. illustrating " Bun K?*}&& 'rOD***" Union Hall. Broadway and Ywenly-tHrd street. Open every nlehl at 7, enmrneeem, at 8. Admission 00 cents; children 20 cents. Matinee Wei." i needay and Saturday, at 8 o'clock J1"141!: J. GREENWOOD, Manager and Propria tar. rTENSE BX0IT8MBNT CSEATED BY THB GREAT looal draina llluetrative of lift In the Empire City, |Si f&S E1B 81 SIS fe THE RIVER HaTS OF MEW YOR& ? Startling revelations of the grant metropolis by day and F1 01 "HIANTED?VOCALIST FOR NEW ORLEANS; ALSO *Vrx^.pr^r: * n>!t!wa a'm ,?? - Theatrical Agents. 401 Broadway, _ piAvtipoitrsjs. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE FINEST C\ and cheapest new and second hand Pianos In the eitv. or sale and to rent, at WM t 'ANDlDUS' warerooms, U Sloereer street. A "AWWJWT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR fV. M?d? "> "*l'r ntr mskrr; roet $800. for *300. I'X sr? I ??"*?"ih etswot. near Sixth a.enue * BARGAINS?ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTB, frame, medern improvement*. seven eetavo, c "re, 8101; handso ne rosewood Pianoforte, maker, Boston; Iron frame: 81*. also 20 first hand Plasofo! res. less than whotoeole inline 18 ?venue, opposite Cooper InsUtute. IfOR SALE?IN CONSEQUENCE OF THB LaDT A leaving for Europe, a Pianoforte, seven octave. Can be seen at IW4J4 Broadway. FlOR SALE CHRAP-A RKVRN OCTaVE PIANO, WIPH earred legs, In good order reason for selling part* abqnttn break up Apply at 107 Grand street. TitlRBT CLAKH PIANUFORTFH TO LET?88 PER J/ mom h. one at 86. ?. P. BENJAMIN'S Muswal Aeado my. corner Kieh'li avenue and Forty.fourth street. LP. CIMMINOR HAH REMOVED HIS PIANOFORTE ? Wan ruums to No 8 Uuniou square, opposite mono, meat. Planus to let and sold on Inst Jmenta. PIANOFORTE FOR HaLK.-A FINR INSTRUMENT. IN perfect order, brilliant and powerful tone, serpentine cneo stool, rover, Ac Pr . c 8.160. Also a Cne hlpe Organ, snitnbm for achnrch; cost 8A<0, lor half its value II remove? thia we?h. Apply at 214 Twentiethetreet near Third avenue. PI AN OH AND MELODEOSR, (*00 TO 8*0): I'AINT Ing-, Wat -bes, Jewd-y Cigars, Albums, hswmg Mrwihlnos, rm?h*. Blaukbooks, Ac. Lash paid for Pianos and other Goods. Lefts for storage and oaab advances If required. JONBH, 82 Ann ???<*. WATKKK' PIANOFORTE!). Grand. Hqusrr nn.l Upr'ght. Melodeona, Parhir, Phnreh sod < a hi net (Ugans; the be?i maiiulartured. To lot, and tout affiled if pim-hared. MontMy invtaJmonta received. Warei.aims 481 Broadway. New York. Horace waters a co. lYSTRlXTlOi. AT 36,1 BOWERY -PRIVATE OR 8BPARATE IK it. ,tr,l;'Uon. day and evening. In Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling, Grammar, Corroepondenee. At Anert> TOWnsENB'h ?u.Km Celiegc. AD Bowery, between Prince and Houston streeta. A ? LAHT. OF SCCCEHSFCL EXPERIENCE A8 PIII* A cipal of ? female college and aa gorerneee, dealraa to form an engagement aa reetdeat goeerneee to a rtMN l?mil?; tnati neta la thh full Hngllsh nonrae, in ImSa. Pren. hm.erioan and Mpaniaa. In Drawing. Palatmg ana Mnsle; would accompany the ram I It to the noun try, awM t??ch a portion af the day far a ploaaaot borne In a family of ?aootal position. Taetimnnlal* of the highoot chare mar. ren-e* ieq lirod. Addrcaa. with fall partieulara, Nlao *?., rate Mneara. chiidon A Co., OR Kroedway, N. V Ah ladt teaches will give lemons in pen. munehtp, nr the Engli?h hranchaa. at the raaMlanoe of the pupil. Apply at Goldsmith ? Academy, 7M llnadw) HH LOWENBSEG. ? ? No. 7 Stanton ? treat, near Bowery, teacher of French, Bpanlsh and German. f ANOl'AtlKEJN TIIREK MONTHS AT DOLBEABW Hi or nee Opoa M [migSr. Pmm anntitittion- i ntkknationale, ch atoiJ. | near Parla, In connection wllh the Loadoo Collage of the International Education Society dimltadi ?Speetal Alto of Fran ch and other modern language*, natural ecleneet mathamaUne, claaalce, and all the other braechee of h liberal adoration, heemonlilng wllh the aaata ead aptrlt of the MR For priMpeetnoee epplr to the Heed Neater, Mr. T. JklftNI or to the Secretary, et the aocleiy'e office. Now It Old Bind iti eel, W. J>HJVtTK PPPiTSVaNTRD IN TWI CLASStCH AND 1 English etudiee hy a recent .indent of Harrard tlnlver ?tr. Yauug men (trepan ng lor college, a ad thoae wheaa aarly education ha* been neglected, can iwoatrujaau-aetloa at nioder.tie term* by applying to HARVARD, M Wont Eighteenth etreet. \kj AN fED-Tr A TOUNO MAN WHO WRITES A I V t good hand and la a good anthrn ettotan, a altaatlon. rotther a* teaciiar or aeaietant In a achool, aacletant clerk nr any other poeltion in whldb ateadlaaaa, aohrtoty and rnM altr am netwaary; gt od teetlmontale no on teetkm to the rounirr. A eaa for ona wook J. II. No. 1 no at?alt at W" ANTMt-a' LaI> Y TEACHER. WHO CAS GfTE IH J etructlon In the Hpanlah language. Addreoo Stntoagoy ?tntlon CI, 20 7in th* T**1 Calculator, who challeogoe eoiapo ,nJ?T- tfT*" InatrucUoo at PAIWE'S CoHeget, ? Bewery and ma Foitoa elroot, Brooklyn. NAEBLE NANTSLt, ' " \l ARULEIAED 8LATB MANTELS?SUPERIORSi i'l appearance, mot* durable, half thopQaa of martlA T. B. hVrWakT. eve blilh arenue, between Tkiny tfih eaA Thirivaiith -.reoMi '"#f ASBLfc MANTILS.-W MANTELS ON HAMB, Uf? ivl every etylc and quality, which will be e?M 'o? thj M?| llliy day* at a liberal deduction, at A Kl<ABM'S ?MM Warernom*. 1"P Kaet Eighteenth etreet, near Third awetk N. f. Cat thl* out MHAKRLK MaNTSLS at NEDfrSD BRICBB A I flue ?e'eclhui con?l*ntlr on band at H KLANKRW man'tfadory, M Flmt arenue, near Third etreet Call and etamlnc . PIUAKh *,*?? TOBACCO. CTIflAKH WASTED-IMPORTED HAVANA CIGARS J will be bought Ihr caea. I'artlea having any toto that they with to eioee low eaa tail at Ml NimmiMe roeoaHj I