Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1867 Page 1
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??*. kiu iiiii - > n .? i THE NEW YORK HERALD. . i. ? WHOLE NO. 11,176. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. ~ PRICE POUR CENTS. IA1*. Agqg&KBSaB /NALirORNIA-I TBDBT ArOLFIMtt**. APB** tan taielioo, Hw^Uota. TTI D. T , THESE IS A LBTTB* M THE POST } . oflion for yen. ?. r Jii'i cfr'tE'^.Yw&Jsr est odlee. ahs <t? tanr iitatal pnnUy te het tawnfta ruFORMATiONiia *A?pn>^8PBonsoBg*BAD . Werdmuile*. born ? AprM, IMS eon <* WMna|^g mnller. p>?ontarof Euftob. BwiUoHn^jM* ?"?Jan In New York. IMS. Any IwfoemMion Cou wtll bo thankfully received by L. P. DE LURB, nwiee sol at New York, Wo. 23 John etreet. , Mnw You. AprU ?, MM. h formation . of AUoe Rodai Seeaiug Aono, box MA Hem* o?oe, New York. Rhufliaid papers yteoee otay- _____ |W KORMATION WAl^D-Or AUO^ Sf L of stif t Quernbslm. Pro"1*- .Too eame?ej?_ I. ?, in lbk When lent board fro* ?' ??* ^nedman, tt W?5S iWelj W?fr give information of hie ertllbelll id by addreeeleg llonry tahrelbor. core or r. diwt New Yore. r FORMATION WANTED?or .DAT'D J*PRJV! end iwo slaters. Mm. ?5lt (Other. Michael 1 gk, who arrive Ttaiftoia. lnf Washington all i two slaters. mi*. wa*~">jmPr JT. MHS. W. P..TARQAROWX. rORMERLY or Ag*^ ? MKHol', SB BsekmAn at reel, Sew Yor*. New Orleans paper* please copy. rrthis should ?CT!SJPSW'-?S? Yehuda,Heaeid office. . JENNIE M. TOPE FBIBNDOF.LABT WTO; [TB AVENUE. PAllASB atoll on F TbONIES? ME H. M. NORMAN WILL, PLBABK SEND Phtotadresito A. Dovkloe, 311 YlfU> avenue. ME LADY IN DEB8S CIEOM-AT MT WOHt^ Tha radar evening, wk^ Iported with at the 8 oonfecttoner'e, may, If disposed, oddreee a. c.. elauou w Aetor piece. Tub lady in caeeiaoe dp isoadwaI! down Fourteenth street Wedneeday ?*!? '&?& .sa^-jaa.'r.'sL.-r- * mHB LADY WITH B^KtoBEM AND OM 1 jaeket who eroeaed Broadway^tfbAheweetagni seven oclock ThlJVsdsj evening. jMUng Mn /?E o? Sen at the BUiMHpuje, IbsnupThirA wrest, went mtdtSu Mw BMBouLweM Mt tolW LX PgRgoifTAM FOEBlD^rEUSTINO Airf; A Mix PERSONS ARB rvnniir llwetMiuiirM ellhiet aprtnted lens ef the arm.. nrM?53 l-isnag-iy"'*! IN wZHABL QDMUBT, Chairman. wSfrwm DMn*HENRyIl^S ranOE^-! Mte elaak irM. Wy c bROWWINQ, President.' Joe. KmwiA tawtaf. t >T ; ? *- 1? r> ALL WHOM IT SAY OORCBM. _gaydlf i "W^iTASTBi^UN. BBN; ? >M. MORUAN, ' fSg' EScMh'kV ^Do&uav 1 ETYRRELL.Broemeet.. SoiftloB a COBAWAIX, ftatwn itiHSailUA, ' JONI EBLl Sac Sat: Lm?, IATF.s'Y'I'REVJM*. BASOD ? ? e.?.w~w iKAjWil W K.| KkkoS: DOyLE. oaBMADOE A MUBPtlT, WcKf.NBIE, ?9d ?t. III,'.KB. Tib av.. w DOOLEt. Sfe-oa. i KtVbo:. A IKK. ? M. WARD. ru?. ssjffwsr1 flip. SntStWr^E. sis^sjs~??. Riaujsr**-^ L W1LBT. g. WHITE. ? . S. WHIT#. ,.5S?5b'^ i& {."s-issife.?- Swisr iShIS*4 *? ? BAOLET. Mrtttiof aOommla Searetarjr of the Trea t, gthe oHoeof the ^^VnttTt anting B PUBLIC AM RIUK OAUTIOMRD MilRT LUOTlOli ? T m BOWBBT PBIT ATS OS SBPARATB IN T?iiigi. wr r r. Tr i n-? ? "?? n-rrt LADT TEACHER WILL GITB LBS80NS IN PEN t ifeacau'rai&y. a case (OO.U.WU.O AND BUSINESS APT AIM. U GOLDSMITH'S OMnMrcfiil Intiitoie, 7M Btaadway. tetabltahed UW. fiwm 1 net motion. CH)R 8ALB?A HBT OP SCHOOL DESKS AND ' chain, from the factory of Nathaniel Johnaon. App(y x 154 w-u :44ih atroet. " ' ,! , , ' r LOWBNBBRO, L. No. 7 Stanton BnA, near Bowery, teacher of French, Spanish and ttermaa. ANGUAOE8 IN THRU MONTHS AT DOLBBABB J Ac. demy. ?t>9 BreadweyFrench, Spanish. Eagilah, ?e., taught in ?lity Uaaoat. Booka not reiuired. Laaaona trail at realdenoe. Also private man uctloo, da y or even , in Rootkeeping, Wruing, Arithmetic, Ac. Opan all ?mar. _____ PARIS.?INSTITUTION-INTERNATIONALE, CHATOU. near Pari*, lo connection with tha Loodoa College of ha lotarnattonal Education SoelrtT (limited).-Special aiudy 4 Pranch and othep modern language., natural aclcncaa. aatheiiiatica, claaaioa, and all tha other tranche. of a liberal duration, harmonizing with the want* and iptrtl ot tha age. it, w. roUNO OSNTLSXEN WHO WISH ID HAVE THF.LR L rduoation finished la German* will find a horn* add tad treatment In a reewctable IBt In HMtinilX. Bnf ah and Fremiti era eppaan in tha Strata, far particular* ddrew l. j.. hot A 70S Poet ofitan. I POLfWCAL. ?r a REGULAR BBBTINO OF THE INDEPENDENT ? liemncratfc Ataoetatlenof the Btarenth ward, the ?? wtog gruieme^we^^eata^dleer^taMh^oinin^ea^ ? 58EPH KOCH. ORRIS MYERS. m WH HHn LAAC HBVWABD. Tnmt. DESIRING to PURCHASE YACHTS say daaartpttaa ?U un a great deal of ^^^^?hy liiramRs Uaptaia WUitam Acksr, tar* LL Kljpg OP DOQ8 AEDBlBDS FOB SALE AT *10 Ceaai Mrett, near Church street, diseases. fxfand rook for miUk| ^ V TTIOR gAU AT A BARGAIN?A TKRY FAST BCHOOW r aft Mill by fovsraaisat ead need aa a despatch boat, ?bo has RMamly baea pot to complete oMer-ats sails, WHITS BULL Italia* Greyhounds, fan and itootoh II Boosevelt street. PHRAN CIS BCTL8B. NO 3 PECK SUP, HAS ALL. Til HP Choicest breed* oT Dugs. Baiter's Infallible Maago Cure and flea Bxlermlnator, 58 seats. Butter's Bow work i on **??*. %*? D?W? trained, bearded, g Madletaa for ||| |7H)R SALE?TWO BKKECHLOaDINQ GOME; It J^aag.l.lach barreU, IJtOR SALE CHEAP?8EVEN HEW sail boats. r Mas to ? feat lone. ln<HUre of DANIEL OC0N ROE. Bay View Boose, foot of Coaut street. South Brooklyn. J MUST IM PORTED.?A LABOR ASSORTMENT OF Canaries, quality; ako, SeSNSHPO ffeSS'B QBE HUNTING DdO^SETTBltjl AND A GRAYHOUND 8IK?B0V am: HOBtljE CAEH1ACT8. EC. U A TTENTION IS CALLED TO THE SALE, AT AOC A tlon. of Horses and Carrtunrs, by Miner A dopier rtUe. this day, at IS otoloek, at the bit Brooklyn market. James street, near Fulton street. Brooklyn. Sea suction head. Descriptive octntogues aa sals. A T 47 CEDAR-CARRIAGES AND HARNESS, PARK, Jx Pony and Doctor's Phaetons; flee top and no top Bog - fttes, Rockawsy*, Jaggers, Depot Weeou*. Ac., at very '-w prices, for a few days tongar. JOHN M. TUFTS, Ja. AM LABOR AH80RTMBNT OP FINB HARNESS. ? Bridies, Sheets, Waahata, As., at ESS Pearl street, be tween Fulton sad John streets, N.T., manufacturer and fmportar of Saddlery aad Kersey. A 5 A8S0HTMBNT OF FAMILT CARRIAGES, IA and Buggy Wagons; also 100 KNn^^^H ArfSS, tSff.D-SK!ltfg S2SSSMS jWtoTpofT^aaarelawpvtesd Hsaeaa MONorTotta< 3S ?? 8KLDOM MET WIgLH-W *A*Pgj.' gtf^BpT^aafcrW ^STAU iraueatidtt!?' *?* SORREL. MARE?SBTEN VERBS OLD; ^^??ed; stylish driver; fast traveller; It for butcher, ??War etpreas; stoat be sold. Price |W Inquire at 110 avaoue B, corny Twelfth street, grocery. . ; A -FOR BAkfe. AT A BARGAIN, A POWERFUL I A. built and sank leaking bey borne; will weigh 1.200 lba.. suitable far aanreas, grocer, aarman or family asa: I years old; sound sad kind pad good driver; M hands high. Inquire at Ounplsgham'a stable, lit Barrow street, until said. Responsible guaranties pvaa. . ? ?'? D^OSBNBUBY k VAN DU8BR. PRACTICAL LIGHT I Carriage Habere, ISO aad W Chrystto treat, N. E are now Ontahtng and Rasa oa hand some of their ealabrnted tap aad no top Wagons; also a few Track Brthaja. UmlOaeiad who have nagtecied ordortog their w ago as for aoehag itttag ale tavlted to oaE hafore paralsastlg alae ? M. ?.?We are also finishing first olam Park Carriages, lm^Raa| of same materials as our light DMONKBT WANTBD?A OONUT.WIUi TRAINED ? joeaddkgentle tail fli to carry aa laraUd. Addreae baa tm Poemflqa. SaLB?OWHBR OOIXO TO bdropb, orb op tSwMeSSalja WW ?l?y? wnl r>OR SaLF.-OSE SECOND HARD i LOgR COACH, IN f Mad or Jar; alao two laooad head atdWSaeenlh aeenne. i 1jH>R salb-at a bargain. a SPLENDID Pair or J? Carriage Bereaa, about 17 baad^WMH^^^^^^H color, aid perfectly pan tie, with ???Hid perfectly Carrtawe: all to pertVet order. To be aeea ar aflat PWelaekV. M., at MORRIS' elahla. ?oar Math area or. __T___?___!^ TDOB RAMI -A PAIR OP BAT HORm I AMD 7 BAiei-OH SIX lum ROCKAWAr, JM m&ssssggsm atreat, oaar OaircraUy place. FUZtt &ZBSVSZSB*S??S\ ??maaiaBMd??ot? totra. Tobeeaen at the (table or hkaTiUvat'A Twenty-flrat atraal, oatwMa Broadway F?l^^Ei4a.SS&1?^;S25f E2? wagaaa; aaaaladd A&. AtMPrlaeaaireeCDroaSlrn. T7IOR BALK?A BLOOD BAT tADDLR HORSE: WAB ? ssws^&am siya^ra: tjpOR #ALR-THE handsomest pomt in brook. r lya. Apply to J. L. BRUSH, oornar Cranberry and I Heory etreeu. pad ? Want 1 hlrty-flretalreeT ^^HHMTioht shiptimo top wagon, brkw. JmMm. good aa naw; price $1TA Apply at TAt WMHP IWDIrtflou atreat. opposite Jefferson. after IP Aa II. I ipOR SaLR?A PAIR OP STTLMH BAT H0BRH9, 7 ? yearaatd; It band* S inches high. without fault aad aeuad la ersryrptycN, Iuqulr* ay <04 I'aarl etrseh ii?OR bauwtwo no top Wagons, aa good as A1 new. mads by Hp* water A Co.. of Broome atreat: Rota ?P* Ahalloia bath, one weytha about IPO iba., and the other about M lb?. Inquirelit ?TWe*lIhlrty-dr?tatreat. i irOR SAT.e-A BOSTON CHAISE AND ?BT OP I I VOK SAI.B?A TRRT HANDSOME DARK BAT COCPB I .Hor*- 'AM benda, - yearn old. quiet to ride, or drlre in single or doable harnqat: aauatbe aeid the owner baaing aa. uae ror him Al?o baadaame Harpaav Apply at ?tal>re in Eightj aeranth >treat, between Third and Fourth areouaa.1 IP0* EAfBrdADABIt CBBdTRUT HOR8B.P YKamI r old, Idhaade Ugh, ef superior style and sett on, ktodltl double and ample harases; aa aaaaUant eaape bona alao, M &?*-' -??? ?? TjtOR SALE-A OOl PR ROOKAWAT. WITH POLEl HHI^H-A OKNTLHMAN OOINO TO BDBOPB. I i i i i? carriage teem. Inquire at WT Waet agtaa atreat. -CtOB BAAJt?A PIMB TRAM OP DABS BAT HORS1W, r WH beads bleb, etfbl aad nine yaan old, f?rt trereUcre, *!? SMMMBft-lSSu mhhbhw eparntn. and* l?C. E^Wti^'@fllL?SS ?iT? fsa SSsfiSssSr* EjF&Ss^F^^-022 S?3F?i?r H141S0SF <?7? K (he ?uble, Wrlugtou .Fui^.f,.^,iA?ya,il^y,sr>_?'^,? *g?Bis In ewerr imm; would wait . ,^.;V?hywwin^dd ? TOinSrU"T,a<W"r?- ^Mrto'Wif.F^ iS's^Ws^""7"""^ 'iss-'ST^r-sK im???!?' Mc01eU*n HitkOni (daw), from til to ttO- nt kii^ WVBrkll*. $5; Artillery S>uldl^ fOT^w^'JrtS PUc^mSw fS*.4 *tr#e1, pha"dr'Pf>'?^!1'?ndVo!<6' Perk HA^e^^^lY^^,J^"T HETHiro, NH2L^'Si?52.OXPw5f*0 ?OCKAWATO AHD BITft. ftS&ftnt &S~?33? TOOKgK'g forrifife Repository, U7 Pulton ew., Brooklyn. P^l, Pft^KTOif FOfc BAU?8HIFTTWO TOP. evwi enw 90% W nnnHKenlV EssaBgliP I g^^?ag^^&g.':yia& ?^sSBgm&m TJ fr?. J Sr 'iggrgsssaMBKEg? Oftfcqei; "*" ' ' 11 11 | -11 - t fP?S*5^%^M ?p?>wgT. yrjjwtt wtllm* ri>. endZ^tofi^&T0*" ""'Tyw iyVaS..tgS5 |Sj iuveiT7^Biw2rw2w e^nSSTh-**,,<fc *f5" Twen,y-(h"-<i i&^gjgsfegg L?fJ-I* 001*0 PROM 77 JOHN BTRRHT DOWJf WIlMnm iPPtnti etrnet. a Roll of Bilti. The Under win SShn^SSS. rr**r**1 * mmnlat Itlo W. JL |)OD6h! TT TiySzS&f&P**' 2* HIOHTH ATRKITE OR iirX3IC#!l,Sr.iiArp52K?{{5 TS'ST.'K: *&*?% ssfts gzsstz " **?? ????. ?*? 2:fS!aS?' MCWjUtDf, $5r^DrrMr?uK s^HH&'ViSs: isle sft/SR: any m taurine ft nt Jet. W. BlwwU 9 On.t, W tenth d. j^SBj t THE KKTUJUr OP trSTftj^.ssr TUBiiti *1111 >11 JBC8T rCBLTRHJO) BT ? V, J. HL'MTIhUiTON A OO.. histobioal i$ootl8t^ifia*,^t1Trfi rAtrL'i T ''""HSS"' ? To which M hM an ?mumiI of thraa day*' aarTtoea geld la thd Chapel, on iha nlahrtUon of the r?i>t<-nnlal ?r M, ? n4 DO, 1W Tha procaatU of I houat of Iha chart table workdoaaat baM ta tha tfepM, mi tha nlilfiMip of tha Aantreraarp, Octobar M,? and M, M Iha tha wla afa % tha bauaflt of tha charttaMa a St. Barnabaa' HotMj Bolbaaay awaat, tiadar tha direction of pUSUBIUU> THIS PAT. ?WT LQVnWOOP'B TABUS. Bp a Mat'ral Barn Dura ad Pool. Iiluatratad With area* haawroaa Baai aetata. iBao., MtaaCOath. Pnaa sraa. Ull OP TABUS. "tjaea^ * "?"* Sat ? Maw Paaatad Shirt. (A Sat'i Egg " To Oat Th^wTitow^Mrtjlood'a Mara. BmS^pSmw* Paaoa (A Parana Httillaa frtaala llarty taaao vKj^a;.* Th... ^rsa.,^*"' """" kfttle Bap. 7rwtraU*| Panetwl. I Abb ahjySow'^Wh. fTBt Tact that db.iMttt hard wbbcbbb Biapr^SmW IM- PwhHah^t. th. Siaatrata* hla aapartor powara M a Coaua Wa?. Caaba had at aapaawa HRWSMRt^^t^?KW ? mo BBWSMBM.-TRB BSW/BBMT BAOASIRB POM 1 Bap will ha laaaed aa Wadaaadap. April Mh at li nYlach. Thla auraber haa a capital artkda na tha Ufa aaf AUCTIONBBlT'^^^^^l win Mil M auction, on Mob ^^^^^^^^^?o'olock, at the larhaago Kaiser neat. i II ^^^^^TPor55?t of whom U may ooacorn), Htkmnf BslwitikMil Brow NaU Co. (hypA>, BMP each. Eg nsrsg l> SAYINGS BASK. iwest sower of Bowery and Canal street nt lotorett, free from tax. B 16 to 16.U0U received. i OB or before April 28 wtU bear Intereet RAILROAD STOCKS AKD BONDS IVjnjUrje dividends. a, lew ft *>%--&* Broker and Auctioneer, <9 Pine street, N. Y. ? CMR8T MORTGAGES ON PHILADELPHIA AND P UlicAcfty properly w asohange for a good Houm in or *ar New York oiiy. Apply to Dr. WALLBK, 18 chambers treat, room No t CUMMBRCtAL BUILDINGS, WATER STREET, Broker* forfthe ?ale In Omffiriten of American Securities, ' 1-anda, Cotton and Produce, liberal advances mad* on consignments. Sk.Ued labor supplied on naoderatn term*, Livmroot, Jatannry IS, MR. ^hbrJette. Yaba A CO., No. 8 IMaaa de In So arte, Paris, I sane and oash Letter* of Credit, i-eoanre letters for Ameri can* traveling In Kurt can* traveling in Knraae. ^ Amenta Tor the lines at steamers between Her re and New National bank op the republic, PHir.ADKLrHia. March IS, 1867. In ncoorddnee with ..he provision* of the National Cur rency eel sen the articles of association of this bank. It hna beet* determined to liter urease the capital stock of thla bank to one MUoe dollars i Sl.UOO^UO). UObecrtptions from stockholder* for the kbai ea elUitted to tbeni in the proposed increase will be payabbi on tbe 3d day of May next, and will will be paysbai on tbe 3d day of May next, and will A at ati/Ume prior to lit it dale. A uumberof B (email. '1 wild, applications for tvhlch will be received from perwn s teairuus of becoming stockholders. By order at tbe board of Directors. JOSEPH P. MUMPORD, Cashier. 0 PPIOR Of THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD COM PANY, 870 West Thirtieth street, .Saw York, April 1, 1M7, lb the Stockholders pf the Hudson River Railroad Com tsxi HtalMMfot the Board of Directors of this Company, ate meeting hekl tola day, passed the following preamble her?a ma Stockholders of the Company, at a meeting Of sudb Stockholders railed, by the Directors of tbaCam^eay 1* the manner reaulred hv taw, and held at the ofllce ol ipany en the lilt dar ol' March last, did, with tbe ooncur mh mole Man two-thirds in amount of all its stock.I holders, authorise and sanction the increase ol' the c.<piial stock of the company lo the amount of thirteen millions, I nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand and four hundred stock of tbe company lo the amount of thirteen millions, Resolved. That the eep-lel stock of the company be, and lions, nlae heodred and tkirty-seyen thousand and four hun dred doahrS, Resolved. That tbe she.A transfer books of this company be doted on ibaf 10th day Oi April, inaisnt, and that the persons or parties In tvheee an? stock shall be standing <>n that day, shall severalhr. on or be,ore tbe 16th day of April, lnstar.t, be entitled tu subscribe at theofflce of the company, No 710 West Thirtieth street, 8ss tbe oiiy of New York, for an equal amount of additional etoak. That the price ol the additional Stock shall be fifty dollars per -here, useable as follows:? fifteen dollars per sfevr at the tune of subscribing. Me* ddUar* per share Jti the I6lh day of May aejri. Plre doDord per share on the ihtli day of .lunc next. Plea dollars per shareou the 16th d <v of Inly urn ? _Pive dollars per share on the lotn dsy of August msati ?rive dollars per akamoe the 16th day ol footembei nest. ?AMdMM^^MS the 16th day of October n?r. ^^^^^^^^?OeMlier next, all instalments belo.; M iiwoeil. dcsire for their own eoneeu ?mir money fur any number in ^^^^^^^^??????bat ne iutetwat will in any ease ^^^^^^?wlllthoebMk be leaned until the lit* day of ??failing to subeeri he on or iw Instant, or neglecting io pay tMei ^Wailr become due, wdl loeel ^^?and will be deemed to havel PMlBsy bo mode to the audi- I or by attorney. A aerip receipt MWmiod tbis receipt muei i e^to payment ???entered upon it, on the Issue of the addl When Barries deal re to receive fall stock en the bTFiTsy of Ape*. msinnt. they may do su by paying ifli Inns irildis |> atitia alihn irnrt -f ma king their sub MMHteML i * By erder of foe Board, m 11t? ? 7 O. C. OLARKE, Treasurer. rVUARTBSlAr isPOBT > BARK OF THR REPUBLIC. u^TmostMA April 1,1867. ?MMMWM'pbpW- - --.'' M lMEBMdW7T!r ilAM m ?mkbebstw.^ r-rz flM# Cunwof expense* and taxes. 28,481 58 SSte^== m Dae froc Due from other banks MM M ??bed Mates bonds deposited with Trassarer of tbe United sMlea lo seoare oirnnlOHanTT United Mates bonds un band Natlopat bank note*..,......, tUjBdb ?QsrasssS Compound taiersst notes Uaal tender notes ."... .. .sjijjNW j MMMM UmHBI start. paid In 1868.088 80 Otfoulktwif eote* outstanding...417,600 U0 deposits ..T....... pitt MO 84 Dun to National Itaoks ..... 18k,too 70 Dim to other bauka end banker* .... 1,817 78

MU.I : W Total....... ,.....BIA64AM IP 1, JIHIKPH P. MUMrORD. Oaehmr ef tbe OBUO. nf Philadelphia, date me a* ts true to the JOSEPH P. MVMPOKD. Cesbter. ?? OF TUB KAI'UBLIU. of Philadelphia, do solemnly rear that tba above statement ts true to the boat of my aowledx* end belief. IcoirruERN Bank notrb, bonds and coupona O Past due coupons of anv or the Southern Stalea. i Bonds, Storks and Bsnk notes bought and bold by HP WIN | Q. BELL, B Broadway. rpo HANKBRH AND BROKXS8.-A TOUNO MAN. JL thoroughly ooartiMt with W?U atreet bttaineet tad a member of tee open inM. le daetaeaa of maklae a coo eeetwn with a atook and gold oommuetoa houae, either la a ?started poeltlea or etherwhm. Caa furalth excellent re ference aa to chareeter and aapahdlty. Hae had tea jeara' eiaertuace la Wall atreet; waa for eight yeara la the em ploy of one ha. Addrem T. B. C., Herald elBee. ssssisri Money depeetted before April SI heara latereet from April L to enn WANTED?FOE ONE TEAR, ON PRE W.OUU aonal pre party worth fully three Maiai at much; baana $IW aad oae per eeat par meath. or IMper ?eat If the mm ay oaa ho imoraad hp weehlf lootolmaeta of IE The beet or rafareoee glreo. Addraaalar eat meath, Eimoee Treemaa. Herald atee. II] OfkA *0 LOAN-I* ORB BOM, OM KBW TOEK js.buu tiitir (Jauaeay aoart.) t<)A AAA WANTED-ON MORTGAGE: FEE f aV.UVv aonal piuotup worth three Mama the amiml Oeed hoeoa wtUhapaid. i Wearilyample. Ad draw box ?.un Poat o(Bc? 47Q AfWl *0 LOAN OM MONO AND WMUOAOB S f O.v/V/U oa olty laterired or aotoaproeed property. Bee AMI Peat oBoa or EC. rBBOUdOHTNA I fcrehd at. hitrr nnn *? loam on bond and montoaob, Si | O.UUU la oae or more aami, oa real aotato Ta ?"?"?"TSSfV oonaaT-aw*.** iraiii. mSHHI to loan on nbw tome, brook. lya aad Jorapy real aetata Soeaad TrarelMra' tamtranes Company. ^Hc. K. WILaIB, U Piae atreet. haeemoet 5,000 MiStf fcSts * MBBi ?? Broadway, room Na 6. LOAN OWWE?. T77-MONRT LIBWUU.T APVAWCMD OWP] MONDE *ATC?BB,_ JBWNMtf K, Old ^^^Hlook. thKbe' doors west or broad ^HHrKARL BTRBRT, BBTWBHN NBW BO an NT ? and franklin a?|uare. EISNK* A Oo adranoe Mb Bjat reaaonaNc termaon all raluabla property, Watehea. Jewelry. Diamond", dr.. orpareWma. . Tt NOT Ml BROADWAY, CURMW ON BLHMMIR A atreet, ap ataira, the aimati ratue wlR he paid far Dta ? anla WaieheA Jewala, SUeerware. ho.; or liberal adraaoee ttXCtll Swp^rsuaatmo^ stej ?be iiadnlSWnt MdawhdffcwkE maarnehlp QUAERE Bf win lea?e ?'tb the ahape eaoaratoe pam. aeeomae-i OhdtaVecchla, NaMBKjpSMj^C^nBatandJ ihoeeaaatlttm r?uO 0 n jytwclN, tlT Wall atreet. I "DRCUDWAT THEATRE. D Corner Imdflii ud irMM ilmU Admission . M naalr This SATURDAY, APRIL <1*7. TWO GRAND PERFORMANCES KIM MAGGIE MITCHELL, ibmnM by tha talented young actor, Mr. Ju. W. Collier. XAT1m5b at 1H o'clock. EVENING atTVo'doeh. MATINEE at IX BVKNINU atTJ?. ONLY. FANCHON FAN OH ON the MATINRB. CRICKET. THB GREAT SHADOW DANCE ON BOTH OCCASIONS. Seats eeeured tnm 8 to S, aim days In advaaee. /"iLYMPIC THEATRE. V Continued enthnalaatle suoeeae of the R1CIIINOS ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. MATINEE. MATIN BR. MATIHBK TO-DAY at 1 o'clock. Admtaaioa !6 oeota. Far performance. Kicnberg'a celebrated aomte opera, the Doctor of alcamtara Mo antra charge for regerved^ra|M. laat parferntanaa of Aubar'a ant delightful production, the CROWN DIAMONDS. ' CROWN DIAMONDS, which has attracted Urge, faabtonable and diacrunlnatlng andieitaee throughout the week, and la only withdrawn to giro place to Bulre A Cunniagton's great spectacular opera, THE ENCHANTRESS. which 1* now ready, and will be preeanted fur the Ural time In New York with all tha original m On MONDAY EVENING NEXT. BOX SHEET NOW OPEN. HARTE'B TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, 8#6 BROADWAY. Ticket*, SUs.; Referred acatn. $1. for attic .it the HalL Last week hut two. two HUNDRED and thiktkknth PERFORMANCE. Immense aenaatlon cause,I by THE WONDROUS HEAD, ' Or, the Oracle of the N inetaenth Century. TUB BANKET TRICK, With other New Wondera, Miracles and Illu.uons. Every Evening at 8, Saturday at 2. Chiakenng a Piano ta used at these sceancea Wednesday, Juvenile Night, children half price. the great POLB-LO THE ONLY LEON. _ 589 BROADWAY. THE TROUBLE COMMENCES AT 8 O'CLOCK. THE CKBME DK LA CRKMfc. Ok MIN STRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD AND BACKUS. SAN FKaNCIBCO MINSTREl.S, whoae success has never boon equnNad by any similar organization In tha worid. New ana Cheerful Burlesques every week. Trou ble et the Metropolitan lloteL Imitations or Actors. Eng lish opera with Carman Accent. Nancy Kat. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime end the screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Grand March of the Spirit Haahersof the Araaaon. Kelly and lbon-s minstrels, t-jo broadway. FIRST APPEARANCE OF ME. WN. S. BUDWORTH. THE ONLY LEON. NORMA THB ONLY LEON. A Glorious Pro- O M let l'on Parle Fran* graniroe. Tmrcller'a R oaiae. Nan* Say Trial*. flrst time. ?? M inour. The Two Dan Yauk-e Laxaea Mr. NORMA dy Nigs. 80th night EDWIN KELLY'S O M of the combined Darling Dora, and R burlesque of Black 0 M Crook A Cendrlllon. NORMA TUB ONLY LEON. Tony pastor's opera house, aoi bowery. GRAND GRAND FAMILY FAMli/Y MAT. NEE. MATINEE, THIS AFTERNOON, AT 2ii O'CLOCK. Lar.t nmmrtituity ut wnnc-itig the great drama, THE KAIS RIVER,RATS Rlt'lilv .(A i.- RIVRK rats TDK ItA.S OF NEW YORK. TONY P .BI' Hi and ills Vupular troupe In n MAGMi iGi.M V..RUiiY ENTERTAINMENT. IRVING I SAC It DAY EVENING. APRIL ?.? liaai t > .,j.i tu-i.-i ui. ntal Concert. In which blgnor I.II . ,.. vm i .mi I iiirurite tenor, and M. Albauo, rbi mum I ti i. i nun tne Aeademr of Music, will ap lem. ii.-uTji 'I Him ,\lm? lea Harvey, a nrj promt* hqt Iiutni.'dey.i., , ' .11,1 the Uiatiqguished artists, ciignors B'xau.i. Parnji ? ? .t. Bertli, for uie benadtef Proteaaor Aiu.mio Ka: .i ' deliver on the occasion a looture on ?..e ???? . 1 ? .?< auli.iect of "Italian Opera." Tick eta-hi. ?? ,1 ij ? 1 ,j m-ilea St Beer A -chirsser's musts a (urn, ,111 .1 ?? . .ud at ile?ars. Thompson Brothers', LIB/ Nnmttoi-. SI-KIN\l At iaJL OAlt.'i.o. . a'I USUI GRAND oonoert. THIS i:\i. .l.Si,. vf 8 O'CLOCK. . when he wlp a.-a-M the fodowiug distinguished ar tiste:? Madame v a HI!. FRKOHRICl. Prima Donna, Mr. Till. ? H iH-.liMAN, Tenor, Ml. VVr.NZKI. KOrTA. Violinist, Mr. TtlnO. THOMAS, and THE LlEDiiRKKANZ suCIETY. under the direction of Mr. A. PAL R, together with MR. TIIEO. TUOMAS' GRAND ORCHESTRA. Tickets SL, for sale at Btemwey Moll; Agenoy, 113 Broad way, and at the pneclpai Musks mores. Reserved east chew, M canto eatra, may he had as Boa OtOoe, svetnway u*? SHTRINWAY HALL.-THIRTY-SECOND SUNDAY CON ? mil Bauday evening, April 7? at 8 o'clock, L. F. HARRISON. Director. I The following artiste wlU assist in a new programme:? ? I MLLh. PAULINE tlAslttU, l'rtmn Donua. ? I MR. AR'fUUR MATTUIMON. ? ner. ? I MR. HUGO BUB8MBYKK. Pianist. ? I KB. GEO. W. MORGAN, Organist. ? I wit, n, w COLBY. Ai?sir- r' ? I Ik! TOE O fitOM AH, OonSuuior, and hie ? I FDLL OUCUBsfRA. ? I Tickets SSeento. I I Nesnread eema R> canto entrn. J IgihiNWA^r BAjj^7IHEBN rAMIKB I I Relief commission. ? I TUESDAY EVENING. APRIL?. ? I MB. AND MRn. OKU. MANDKNHOFF^^^B I have la tba bla 3lamwmMKMMKMM^MKN>Kil8^^^^^B Mayor of Hew York. wlU preside and make tl lory remarks. MR. G. W. MORGAN will perform on the organ prior to tha H tha Readings. Ttnkeu of ndmlanioo ft; can he obtained at tha ticket ?Neeof tha Mall; Beer A Sehlrmer'a, 7W Broadway; Dm Fifth Avenue, Clarendon hew York end Hi. NtoboUa Hotels and BvereitHouee. Rskerved eeeto 81 60. obtainable only ?t Mr. John Bowne, 81 Broadway, generet scent. rttHEATMN FRANCAIS.?FRENCH THEATRE TO LET, 1 fhr evenings and matinees, for opeine, dramas, concerts, Uetures. As. Apply to Mom. DRIVET, eStoe sjiam rvODWoRTH hall, eus broadway, will be to Taat for concerts, lectures, Ac., after April 13. PHBATRE TICKET OFFICE. 1 Reserved eeeto far all flrat atom theatres, consorts, balls, to., can always be obtained at the THE AT ME TICKET OFFICE. Naa. US and 114 Broadway. OKT UOOD*. 4 T AOWRLLKT 4 PBRRIM1X BROS., t? BROAD tLYsSZteSfJSiSZS SWBfcjW jjmorLpm tarutanei, gauzes dona Maria from their own Pan* manufactory their relented "TTTLLB DIAHANT," which boo ' ' B in the Peru aailUnery trade. At m sixth avkxpb-you cab out itkncil Plato* end Hand Stamps, in ovory variety of letter, to naerR yonr slothing; nteo Indelible Pencils and Pay sea'a ln TOMPRRM CHIP BONKRT BMPORICH. J3i m BROAD IT AT. anprrM chtp Is the west elegant material and makes the meet eeoonelug bonnet. MMB. BBRTH8 superintends the teytao, which are Partslan. QRBATRXHUimOB^r >7 ^uixtaRD lA^^ncunw. r. IXIHAABD^R^OAQHKHI.Ra. ThoCOMPAO LmiH? tod I? ad toe that they will Sod at It wnrssoeiaa for the Immediate enttlns out Dreaeae tn the fttet style of fashion sad has the honor to Infa their R.tDTEt?\? BABCRR. Sines Its fonadatloa the coMPAOXt* LTuMN AISK has not eeaesS to oeennr Itself particularly tn the selection of articles of lasts and of tnpeMnr duality; consequently this eemnoay Is enrtvmUod In Paris and snjoya a aalreraal repu te Gem. ,ported totethi* 'wun'rjr' a ?hades. Rons, HmUngeTic The stoafc of Parlor,' Bedroom and OlBoe Pnrnttsro is unuirpaeerd for quantity, quality or K5u>flR%l.lPa"l'!2l Tfc4fV ani street, one dear SI MR, HAN f LRU, FANCY GOODS?ACX PARIS SIMS. MAN TLBS, FANCY ( X TNtas ds Fmo^a. ? roe Virion**, aad IN I sear tba Bonlemrd* sod the Bourns; the largeet emporium In Paris. PrWSe Storked In plain Sgnrse. KngUsh spoken Droaano mads to tosusurs In tA hears mo FA HI LI RS VIBITINQ THR PARIS RXFOSITION. CAKRHRRRSaXD LACKH. i-okpaoniFdrs ibdrs. <1 ROM RICHBURP. as ?UtU, the nisfi latum, inspsotfaUr , jAmortoM tedlsswhe vtoH IklePrse* usra.'WJwrus otess. MILUNBRT. Madahr LAOT RinrKcrrrDLLT inpoRhn thr ladies ef New Tor* that aha has jnst received a largo siittewint of Proaefc Bonnets sad Hstortals of hoe owa im iirtlst. ohlsh she eHbrs si tin IteHhtt Led tee will dewed to call si the opsnlag No. IM gtsth sttnus, soar last night jsjzis ast ?mton bt tingeis barMh>ar?iiMw. ??- ?? heroine. ud "|| MASK BNITE. uHrm Had ll? Ml Omit iimdmi asm la tb? enat. . ?mnlimw a *? Wf? an* ?'*??? ' "oe thepaai minlH Daly* a allu i Han ukimm r>ND A Uuttou of ?0B ?MWAflffc*tWi urniu W< rOOD* THEATER lMMKXAR HIT. OHtHtWkD RWItA MR AND MR* T. M Hatha. . __. ^ Bart lvhmr mSI V?m!' I "** r " Klin wiieb dm af Robeun'a or. iHhi. JUMN arttn MATINEE THIS DAT AT I ?CUTK. RAHT LlNNH. ADMISSION... . >i?n m THKATKi FKvSi Ai- t. at. ? f OR With avenue ??MI U? ' eat, nrtl a. MS HeoeHlaf Iaskan 1.. Ml. ION iiaai M tM>Ftxf. *All a J. a Dtatt oomedy. In our art, wit* mage. LKh MtRiS Ml. FJZr TOUJOUR- HlkC, comedy, in two acta Tt. ketoDre at Dar lo; viUr t, fT* DraM?a (YRIFPI* AND I* -rut I Aveuee Opera lluuae m .udllati atreet U. W. H. CHIMIN THE I'.tMILY 'U.aiiRl (?'very evening during fi vsA a* .? a Ha Orund Spaaucuiar Eur! tTu-u/r. CROOK, pronounced by the ar il ..n<| the t-v ia: i<? ?m MONT LAl'UIIABI I. H. HUt- ft i. ? ??. ? Feiuiateuru.'ea of l)i? .? Ul. ell . n... ' i ? Dew Drop.. Trouble hi Ihr ll*U. Gingrt I . \ .a O'ltaUory, Ac. Ul.ORUK CIlP.laTY I VliaU Dovra opau at 7. Com. tan ?- ?i - MAITXKt r.\ ".V - ?TI HI. tV at balf-paal 1 o'olort. Hoolky-s opera house, buook: :* DE0IIA1.CME Vt , THE I'MOtn Salt. Street* of Brooklyn. Weary T'a.alrr. I. t ? in l.ata. The, Talent Appr.-olnted h mi nr.- Artful Dodr.r, rboabeauna Bruuru, Vrll?. t.'iog Hal. . nw of Old Virgliiny, Ac Mailnre every M ur i.,.-t u iota. BUNYAN TABLEAUX.-LARGEST I'AN I'tXl IN the warld. Slaty utagu tlortil aw nea. Hlua <.*o, A " Iiuu yan'a Pilgrim'* Program.," I nkiti Hall J' ..,., ay a?.. Twenty-thlrd atreet. Open every nigh; at 7 o. mm. ; at 8. Adrataalon 80 cent*: children SB won. M.udm Wm neaday and Saturday, at S o'clock HOBT. J. GREENWOOD, Man-fr and P pi ia:..r /"THARLBY WHITE'S TROUPE, 171 BKOADW vt L/ TIIK LAST MATINEE OP FEMALE Cl.l IUH THIS APTEHNOON. AT I'd- THl- AFT.-mNOON. KEMALR CLERKS Reviewed Til IS aPTU.kROtib FETTICOAT GUARD March THIS aFTLKVOOR LONG BONE Will Praech THIS Al ii.ltN< >H SPIRIT OP *7f Will be Vlalble THIS AFTERNOON. BLACKBERRY'S Brigade Impacted Till* AFTERNOON. Hannah tloea to the War THIS APTii'tNooV SAROENT Slaahetn'a Great PanoramaTlltS AFTERNOON. Washington on the Deiawam this af> crnoon GREAT BATTLE Will be Fought THIS AFTERNOON. SIC. FAHASTI, the Boneleaa Wonder,TIIH AFT ERNOON. MAST. STKVIE. the Chuiupton Ulqg. THIS AFlERNuoN Tu. RIGHT POSiriVkl.T LAST TIME OP FkMALS CLERKS. IRVING HALL. SONGS OP SCOTLAND. SECOND NIOHT OP MR. D. KENNEDY. The Celebrated Soottial,, MONDAY fcVKM.VO, April 8, at ? v. vlncb When Mr. Kennedy will give the foUewtng laiaiaaucg pre. gramme:? The Bomm Row*. Annie Laurie. A man'* a nan for a* that. When yo gang awa. Jamie. Bird of the wilder* aw. Towag Loch In tar. LmI Mag a braw wooer. My Nannie, 01 John Aadmaon my Jo. The MaoOregor'* Oatbertng. AIMaiar MoABlater. Autd Laag Syua. MM* Kennedy will yridli at the Ptanofene. Tick eta. SU eenta; reaei vad aaata, 80 oenta et??. Eeraaleat Beer A ?oblnner'a 7ul M road way, Re Heme Ttofcet egoe. IIS Broadway; and Irving Halt /^BT THE rOPULARjHIXMOROUS BONO, VJ YOU BAUCUItY, NAUGHTY OlKlX BP Augt. OhU. Second Bdltlen mat Imoed. C. M. TBSMAINBt ?1 Broadway. PIASUPOK I g?, " ^ A MAGNIFICENT A8S0BTMBNT OP THjR P1NMHT and ebupmi naw and aecond baud Ptaooe in the atip. for *ala and to rent, at WM. CAND1DUS', m AMaONIFIOKNT piano pgr sale?at a bar gain, the ewner leaving the cuy. laijuue at W Wart Thirty-loerth atreat. A LADY WILL SELL A BBaUTIPUL SBV1M OC J\. Uve SSDO Pianoforte, uveratreng bam. for leva than half; a early new; eulubraUd maker: carved leg*. Apply at W Third atreet near Secood ATenup, A MAGNIFICENT SEVAN OCTAVE. ROSEWOOO Pianoforte, boat oily maker, with a,I modern imr*ove mente, for mle at a bargain. Alad, hotueboid Purn.ture. Dealnr* adad not apply. 233 Waal Thirtieth atreat, aaar haventii aveone. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR aale? Made to erdrrj etty maker; ooel HOI far IMl Parlor Swtta, Etageiea, Mookcaae. Chamber ?ne Dimag Fei nt to re, China, tihtae. Ac. A aaeriAee. U Warn Hiawentb atreet, near Sixth aveaee. A FAMILY WILL SELL. THBtR PlANOPORTB WORTH SMO, for one half; carved roeewood; aeveo octave; ?veretrung: Iron irame; beat make ead neatly naw. Apply at ?8? Beat Tenth atreet. _____ Bargains.?rosewood iron pramk piano forta. modern Imjmoretneule, 7 active eelebreud makera, SIP) : handaoma ru-ewoo.1 PUaolurte. Gilbert maker, Boaton, Iron fntme. $I3V Alao twenty Brat elaas aeeond hand Pianoforte* very low, together will, aeaurtment new Pianoforte*, mauufacturer'a pi toe*. BU Fourth avenue. opiMMlte Cooper InaU.ute. Great baroainh in new and secondhand Ptaooe tome very floe onea. bat little ami, low far caahor aold on monthly payment*; new and ?eeond baud Ptjuoa to rent low. t. S. BERRY. MW Broadway. LB P. CUMMINOS HAS REMOVED HIS PIANOFORTE . Wareroomato No. 8 I'union arptare oppoattd moou meat. Pianoa to let end aold ou Inat-lmenU. ATBR8' PIANOPORTBS rout applied If "purchaeei Warerooms 481 Bruadway, Mew York. .. ? Uprtght. Metodoona, Parlor, Church and Cabinet Orgmaa; the beat mannfaetared To let, and ^m^A^^toel. Monthly iDaiauaeola received. Grand. Square and I . Cabinet Orgnna; On, ? t applied If pnrcnaaed. Monthly rYork. HORACE WATERS A CO. JKVUCAL. A FIRST CLASS OROAXKT IK OPEN FOR RXOAUS meot from May 1; Ca nolle or F.piaooeat church, mo alao f urauth a wxxt Quartet Choir. Addroaa or lognira af LOUIS BKROE, r biaeckcr strati. A-SIO FUR QT AnTHR. PRIVATE PIANO LENItONH. . Each pupil tanght aeparatalr, by compote a i ginllaama laaohar*. 07 Weet alataaib atreat, mi am ml Bmh aoenea. Ofioo hoora, IttlUl a I.ADT, RESIDING IX YORKVILLE. WOULD UKB A U obtain a faw tnora^nplla far the Pianoforte, altbm at her awn feeMenee or that of tkepnmla; parttratar attmr uob paid to boglnoen. A.pp!y at Tl Kaat Eighty ?< U atraot, far one week. Term* moderate. AT ITS SIXTH A VENUS.?MUSIC TRAO arally dealt with. AU the papular Moot raoataatly a* baad. and aatr Music aa aoaa aa ? lady will ami instruction ox trr piano i'a mltian. far tit port Addraae, vttb i A LADY will arm ikstr A and alagtng at poptt'a rank Boat of reference* giraa. Add re box 1JU Herald oflkea. ^ PROFESSIONAL TBACHBN OIYBS PIANO AND ?iagina laaaoaa; la meat aueeaaalul la Impart lag a tbo rough knowledge of OBMie; prlrttaga af dally praetle*. tt Thirty third rtrrcl. corner Broadway. OHOKAL OROANS?SUPERIOR IN TONS AND AO. llao to ad other*, baring tha nMhrafM >i*da?tad atraD r*aammaod*d?b'^Profbaaora Tlmm. Bartiatt, Haley aad tha beat organ lau la tbo mty. Prtem law. I. S. BERRY, SI Broadway. rrUITAR. SINOINtk PIANO. VIOLIN. M WEST U Tweety aUlh etraet, between Heaenth and Eighth are nuea ? PHaata laaaona. l'dmmmtdRRMbmriM||d Jail or tend for circular. Uantle " TULIANA PHRNIANA OONSTANYINA BROWN U Now torn! anna, with danm; Mo. VarlaUoaa for piano, JOo. Moat Me lo the Lane Me. Violin, lAc each. FREDERICK BLUMS, MB So wary . ?ngagrmarii aa iirgantat or. iba let of Nay. H* haa I upward* or al stern year* ai parte no* la Karoo*, blfh teatlmoalala, and refer* to tba Brat elaa* organ bulMera; an and aalary mini be good. Addreaa, oar# af Meeen A Mr. jamrs oaulpield WILL BE open to an aa bad upa aOt P>IIIhv?i??, p.n. i mi organ aad aalary muat Wamlln. Mt Broadway. _ aRf?ANA-W. H. DAVIE, dfuRCH ORGAN BUILDER, otfera for am* two vorv ?u pari or toned, af IS at ana; Bourdon, Id feat ton* on pedal*; aoe at Id atop* da. i ana aacnnd band tatop*. Factory 4) Downing a tree l. "ORF.TTT LITTLE SARAH; OR, BMTRN DOLLARS r a week." New oomie aoag. "Matilda Taata; hand yen aaea her lately ?" RaojiJI8o._ _l or_?ioUn l?^ each FREDERICK MLU "DADDY'S TBI BOY"?NBW CONIC SONO. FEKDnKIctBLUME, BBS Bowery THE NATIONS* C0?W Inmi, pttaata ar In ahim, till AATt^ Edition of thn I atraot. bf/cBOfftl, o??rniTmSiX M fln fpO ANATNUKS OP PINN ARTS.?IN OOMPMANpR 1 with tha wtahea af a number af amateur* tba oil Paiat S? aaa, where tha Smarm aaa be aaea, and die aSaraS i at raaaaaabli prteaa. KLUUUM, antra atreat, floraer of Canal. New Tart; *1 aad Ml Foarth root, it Laula, Mo. , ANTED?TWO SECOND HAND POTR POCERP Billiard Tabira Addreat J. N., Htfnld oilca, elating bin