Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1867 Page 2
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A *?TT KKAL RUT4TB ROK IIUL 11 ? ? v.KKI T KTUMrHll. riltsr . ? *?., II Ui?wl?u|| it 1uwwaii til l f?w ?i .. la perfect ?r*w \yo . f, ? - "Ifjl. m Ma Fnltee aim ruum h.. U ru per aMk l? a Bret close MMH A kikkt (-ui? r.'ft ikirt bk<>w* vr<ii| owm* ?4al areta front and steep. with >>4n> e^eelwr. lor eat* M *it *??, mTiT*. .nctoil arfclltM. Kii? HB l?ttm#4.?,fc? i' iang ggR?* * p^n A?M< IW?T HI .11 WT ?<>(? HI. "?"Ji IM lunvicaMU. fa? aele. i "?nJL'li,|}'.lJ -?r1/ ftST a.* ,~4u.roJ. MMJEmSl I a CO , Wl tlinlita.ia ut 444 a Hear. -P^elbr-two MoiiRRx fiximiko MMRk . ratiwas,tr.m MM> nee Hoe?? esteaolea, Ploarh iwT iuM- >?? Lad* umM Andy ?W street. a.ti Fifth iiuh A MOB MODKKN THRU* HTORT III! I MOUel vtth at a aanwtis di rtotha im Inure., mirrors. ari i> uttl iii rt. n - ? AH KUT THRBR kTort , > ? lurm M BK"WN aloes liouae for sale to the! krnbaw MmB it ? if j NNMMimI Ixltrrt Mitu.]?tr tail M ? BUM. Mrau tat jr. la<jeire of B. ~ THERMAL. IJM Hr.rt.lwt7, botweee Forty -gU.i. tat Forty aiath ? re,te A^m BROADWAY LBAM MB RALE-OP A TUT Hat tail well demented h-iuse. Hlttit >e?rth tail Eighth ahrteu, iul fetl&O. suited I * whoese# it.I retell business Afplf it A. I*. MAl'UB, Ma. t CHakwi ami At ?? fourth avbhcr-bt ktanlrt dat i apply till* frow ? 10 " Mh and Mh.ara ; Mb RBI IM. ...... swesfr ?.? - ? ? ?to iwdTiM'.uo i, . tSS UOli.t2b.0UU.Mblb |3l).JUu. tUilH tSAliT. 470, (W Mf. tbu.ll)', t A.UUI 44th. tt W 4Mb. I tSS 00ti.t-b.0UU.Mblh UU.tWu.tSb.Kbi tSViV. , . 4Sih tUUOO; 4Mb. t4ft ?IU, t?,l*W. Sid. tso H0u Idlh tliuwo. I* h.t7fluu. l?ib. ATri?iLH kbttrkk-ii-a real estate office 418 Third avenue.? Parties wishing it bur or mat tat Ire acoommodaled. iermt assy. Aim ??? ' of hinittn. low. I.rut. toil country tetM lor i AVKRT NRAT COTTAOK TOR 8ALR?PKVRN rooms; baud/ to steam oars tod boa It. tear liartea bridge. Aim llou-n to lot; tb'A ' MrOHfclT, .No g Raw Chtiabata street A TWO HTO.CY KK A M E HOUSE AMD I.OT )"R onh'trif-nevrnlh ttreeL near Tenth a remit: prlre t^.100. B. C. TtlUKNEL. l.jnS Biuadway, Bear ^orlr? nghtn Mtroet. I PRIVATE RK81DKNCR IN BART TWBNTT NIBTH rv atreet near K.ltu avenue, with or wiUnml fuU arte * '?enl/ ?'?blh tlretl, for tale. Addrt.. *?'?* 1 obI oflire. 4 1541,TWO hTOR* high stoop" hoi-Tr p.Tk rj>?ui^ b^lht wmler cl?>?eu, |r.; uioilifro M.?,'mVT.J1ii i1.?',.*^ trL"n- ..Zar Ptfleulara lni| of O. b?ia "aw Cbambert air ret, ooruei of C'bai A ?FOR HALK, THREE STORY H1QI1 STOOP ? fV"V' Honm. ou Forty-niuib elreer. near rhird a.enue, llla.4)r;, b uck; 10 good orilnr. Term* rery ea r ? , WM. S. JENNINGS, 111 Broadway, Trlnit) Mul.ding, baacmeut. A LARUE NUMBER OP BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE, rnr^rirtf ?niJ Eleventh arouuen, lMtli, 14Mb, l?t,tu, 1 tilh ifcud 148ih Iti w>t?, in plots of lour or nice. BhAIHIL'KHT A FIELD, au Cwlar it reel. A T 7S8 THIRD AVENUK-FOR SALE, A VERY NEAT ... . ""T lush "loop brown alone Houae on Kaat rbirty-Drat atreot u ilrat class order, only tIMUO; one on Eorly.nldUib "trrei? one on Koriy-nlnib atroet: aix ou Eaat ) iflieth etrret; lour ou Fifty-drst atrret, three on Fiflr. aecond atreel; tbreoori Kiftr fourth tlroet; two on Ftfi*. nfth elreet, three on Fifty-uinib creel; three ou SIxlV. aorond eireel; three on Slxlieih street: one on Seventy, thlw elreet; lour on M-veiuy-fourth atrnet; fire on Seventy, e.dbtb atreet; re e.i on Seventy-ninth eireel, . hoioe; one on I'.ighty rourth atreel, and aa many more aa rou wlah at prinaa from f5,UUU uu to tW.UW. Jutt cell aa, before '?? ? or nfler 4 P. M. JAMES ROWE. A FINK FflUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE Houne for ml?, on Lexington uveaue, dcat Twenty math atreet, IB f.?l wide, dU feel deep. In line order; mod <?*n onvenifnc^js, flratehuis neighborhood: price, including J*rpeu oiloioths And gHM fixture#. 117.000. irpurchmd with. *1 a Som ? iltt?}or1 C^rP?*? fcrr Wilton. A?wn b? permit. ./AJIBfl K. iSWaHDh, 277 West Tweuty-third itrML BK|?iTl SSSSSS fL?T? I? uNKW YORK.SlfMMIT IIfile 100th etrert, for Ml6; high rronod; loin now on the aooth. 1 be beat located leu Weat of Central Park Very IhJiLw?7* A 10 W' JENNINUlJ OKMORK8T. 551 /tKNTRAL PARA, BOLLKVARD AND WATKR LOTS V_J*r !&: '"***'!-**- teparattly; I Lota aoutb aide of Rfhiy thwd Hmt SW feet oaat ol Tenth ayaaue; alto ? U^a. <orludla< oacnar, ltd feet on Twelfth avenue and IM ftd**ta ?BHh eireel, with or without the water righl la front wf the avenue lota. Apply to OTTO ERNST. laiCaaal tt. r-JEMTRAL PARK LOTi.-TOR AALK. AJI EXTRA V. ?fr*e. Perk, oyer luMaaU* apper lake, oa bUb |T?aud; tha tio4a larluAe H?*1 MAI tolt oa KM ttreeL lijaltlta hi the rear.tanking taJTihtWD fall lots. lUtad alroet w t utr o3??S!7?tSe SUmL0*' VVtJ U8i H LUUUIW a WAST SRVRNTH HTREBT, BETWEEN AVENUES D , ?^. ari4*1 dweUln* Hotta for aala. price $R SOU. or r**' '* I1#* P?r <1- W. SIMMONS, tt Broadway. C40R HALE?THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN * V?"? front Hoiiae and full Lot, It East Twenty flfth Mrool. betweau Madlaon and Fourth avenues; a very dealr able botiae and locAtion. Immediate poMceaion AddIt to yiiH???aRjlf*-!!i * nm* ,tm"' or ?o Mh.K?tlTT TRIMBLB, B Joha atroet. V*0* ?ALB?THR VALUABLE FROPERTT NO. M r Fraaklla a Mae La few doors weat of Broadway. For terms. Aa., apply to K. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. STtna at. VOB4AU-A SFLRNDID FOUR HTOBT~I?ROWN ?V **??! B?q?? talahad la the beat aula; built by day'a tabar; U Bayoalf-third atreel, near Firth avenue oppoAte U*a5L?2?; P*rtte?'HT? Itaqulre at ?di?iol?'tt?lrd a treat, near Klfth avenue. jpommAtM Foum ?kw THtn utort and bask. y. * *f?JJ ataae front Buildlnga on Seyenty-alghtb taroaLaoar Madlmn avenue; a splendid location; built in wfit^Tu p*r,or ?? "nlakad with walnut. 10 ? rol','? F?SL5^t?rA2LA *AI>OAllt' * nw four ._ stoop brown atone House and Lot, eonUln i25m ?ySera coavaalanoaa aad ia Has order; aizenxAtxK .T*** auwec. between Eighth and Ninth ??????? .fboil Jjook and worth attention. Price fSl.Utl. EILPATEICE, Bull's Hand Rank Bmidinga. LVOB SAI^?SU LOTS, BETWEEN THE BOULEVARD tma r^aiTafjj*^*' Aptij 'n W " ?lbMa ? ounrec FpOR BALE-FIRST CLASS THREE STORT ATTIC 5jHB4il brick House, 14 Waver ley place; also ,04rJ^? ?ute brtrtBouaaa and I^U, n.&tt and IT Hubert street, corner of Greenwich; aim fciw innr etnry brick Hone and Leu. 000. 008, 004 and 908 dreenwich street, laqalre at HARDMANR OSBORW8.I18I Oraud at F?5-2r&BT55.e HOU8K Al,D LOT NO m EAST avenue terms easy HL1J1S A JAMES, >44 Broome atreet. F,OB SALK-A parcel of lots on sixth aveaoe (Boulevard), Harlem; six Lou oa Ittth itioet; rour LoU on Ilfth atreet. aim four Low oa Flfty-aereuth T&iSw&ZfSS'lii,?" or eiei,"l?e ?"?? R. AHERMaN, 840 Sixth avenue. CM)R HALE?THE TWO AND A HALF STORY BRICK F Dwelling Hones. No. B) Wast Niootoanth street icld number); lot *1x70. Houm .a co^eu^^wnthmodTr. ? iiiprnT.tneuu. Lowest price tll.odb. Inquire oa Ike pre tfot BALK?THB rood NBW flMT CLAM BROWN A >t?M Houses, known an 49, 61, 69 and SB West Forty sixth umt, between riflh and Sixth arsons,. Apply ou the premise* TNOR 8ALB-THB BBBT TRNBMRNT PBOPKRTY BOW r offered In market; three Houhm> and t.ou, northeast <?mer of Tenth avenue and Thirty-second street. Apply la M. MoDRRMOTt. VOR BALB-IM TUB VICINITY OF CENTRAL PARK, r a teoaern three story htpb stoop brown Stone House, prtoa >7.999 Permits of A. JOUKBKaT. Be 9 Pine xlreet. PUB BaLR-A TOREK RTOBY BRICK FRONT IIOHBR. B>x40x190, la Weei Eleventh street. la perfect order. Price $16,000. BOBRRT MACLAT, 11 Cedar street. TBOB BALE?HOL'BR ABO LOT 479 OBBKNWICH X* etreei, near CaeeL Inquire In paint store corner Canal aad Htideoo streets. TOOB 8ALK?A HABDBOMB POOR BTORY BNOLISH r beaement Hoesa, IdiWdi la Lailnjrton avenue, L'OR BALB-OB FOBTT-BIBTH HTRBKT. BRTWEKN | T Breed sray and Eighth avenue, a three eterv high stoop | 111 Broadway. Trinity Budding, be asm eat. TJIOB BALS-QB RIOHTH AVBNt'B. JCBT ABOTF. r the Oentral Park, 19 fell Lena well located. For par Honiara apply to bTh. LUDLOW A CO., Be. ? Pine etreei. IHV1R MA LB?69X190 PERT O* WHITR BTBBBT: ALBO M e .s ushle corner on Ugsenard street, earner CeeeL Apply u? B. H. LUDLOW A(X>, Bo. ? Pine street. tV?R BALB-OB 1*TH BTBBBT. BBTWBBR SIXTH r end Reventb eveaeea. a brtafc House aad SteMe. with etx lots runalaf throaab to 196th street. IB. H. RATBOR, Bei ? Plna street "i"'" street, oetwaee rirta ana ante avenues, lot The owner Is fotns out of towo, and wants to dlepe Appiy to e. C LCdloW A CO., Bo. $ Pine street. yon 9ALB?H0C?R? WE8T THIRTY-FIFTH BTBBBT; r bifh stoop, M feet front. Apply to R. J. THORN K. a* Vil alfttL * tTOR HALB-fOCR PTORY ENGLISH BA8RMRBT i* iaUt'-iritaproteetents, in food order: krt # Hf half the hlook. tfmti n^vipf^tp for MftkutAfl and permits apply at 19 West Forty-tret street, near BrtasiL way. VOR RALE-OB WEBT TWRNTIETiTatrkKT A VRRT I4 pretty three story high steep House. end - old water furnace, water rlo*ete. in food or i, r PricwUh Wirrora. Oas Fixtures, OUelotbs. Khsdee and parte, Caraeta fiaino A portion nan remain on bund and tnortaacr JAB. It. KllWARDB, T77 West TwemyMhJRTikum. ||tOB A A LB?ON WEST T W F XTY-dVcO 8 D ~BTRE pt r a three story high stoop House, with a stomps attle ai feel wide. 46 or 91 deep. In Aral rate order tlNWefbouti beita enbatanUaUy, hy one of the beet belldere In New York nsodera eonvenler.enfc larae moms; pie n it of closets bad*, pa. water oloeeu. a las sub-cellar. will be sold with lias pi?lures. Mirrors, Cortloea, OUcothe end Shades far ?11.999 This M a eeppHH family house. J A MP* R. KI>WAItlWt. m Weei Twenty-third street. L'tia haLB-A FIRBT CLAM B0V8E, OProaiTft f Qahifim Ooiitaaa. pa TOrty ninth straet Apply to BOMFK MORQAW Bo I nns street. ra * A LK?A NBW THBBB BTORT A*U B69E aseat ceBar. Freaeh reef rull width, etnapleie. Apply ie WtCSo* A BROTHER, I.M Third svenae. |gN?R RALB-P1TB TRNBMRNT HOCRBJ4, ON BROOMR ' " t watlTirHi ha aaldlew, lgiOB $ALB?FlYK TRNBMRNT HO fovtt nmmxtaxr. ? IT* KKH r*TATB W?K MAI.H. V (i K KAl.f ..N M I) K .A Y HILL Til K NKIKLVSKW lirst ? 1is* f ur story browa atO"* Hon* &? i-a?t Tblrty ; th Mir?A betw.-ru Kuirm and Leimgton . evaou-a; ?ivi*.Aint*h*.l I" \km !<????? fr-.fw lloMH JtiKtl AW. Mil X ?(? atreet. K&3s&iLc.ri g; ntknAtafi IWMAbrfAM MVIMMN SUWWf Is AJ. aiTIm-ir 1WU1 atrem^ueer Tblrlsve nur ftAttS lrr>- 10 suit, four ?*ory aud basement. "U Im. Tuiry thud aLTMi, near Iwtlnghta imaiu. irruf m.-uo, m Ttairljr thud .kraai, uar t.a unguis a.*, lueOsMu. ?lA'**t. awf bw and dwaMIng, mm best ,.w?uun si Ttu'it avenue. 1" iiSiyOO $17,UJfi; southwest ?? *e-rv ' be""?y with SII net and Till* ncenue. S7.2sM4. ASM ttii*e (till Lbt* wast sids of Third see Que between Ilka sua iMth streets, wilt port* well, $14.11(0, Far dwell ings sad Iota Me posted hat on appMeatten. KI LPaTRICK. Buife Head talk Building* LK>B tAUt-ON WBHT TWENTY-FIRST BTRRET, r Will* the Thentayleai toUag* ground*, a eery large rtair storr high atoep Hons*, M feet wide, 57 feel deep, in. ...Iin* a library tiunslea; tate neighborhood, Bo ; prio* Stats* there isn't a cheeper house for aale in this city, built by the present eennoapt. J AH. ft. EDWARDS. FT Weet Twenty-third ??re*A fop bblb?norn and dot, hi wkht thirty r ant street, ietlfixVfi.% huoae three story and basement brieh, ? rest deep. ceavaAntly arranged for two fhmiUea. Pfte* $fi.MS. Apply to |. J. HATCH, $76 Ninth areuue, or D.I hKANAN, 14 Tine street. OOB A mm HnaI.B?8TOKK PROPERTY KOUTHWKur COR. ner of areaus C and Second street, one of th* beat bust- i i* J i*arn*?e en the aeenwe, lot 1(1 rM; prtoe $S,iWO Apply ATTRlDGb.MI Baal Fourth street told number Ml) i D. M. SEAMAN, 14 Ptne street. rB HAL* HA HI. KB?TWO NBW COTTAGE HOUSES, plessant looataoe. modern Improvement*. Apply on irimfaii. Utah street, between Heoond sad Third avenues. |toR balk or to let-three story high stoop A ltd Bast fifty third street, between senues ; price $15,000: rent $1.(00. I'll YFE, Kl Wast Thirteenth street Third and Lssta^wm r* BALK OK TO LET?THE NKW AND KLBOANT four story high stoop brown stoue House No 71 Park avenue near Thirty eighth street. Apply on the premises from li till 4 If BOLD TitIH WEEK $7,000 WILL PURCHASE TWO Corner l.ots, inh atroet and Bighlli aranue, ready for building, splendid location; level ground, no rock. $Si> only required down, rest on mnr_____ A H NKWTiEKRV. 1? Broadway. MURRAY HILL-FOR 8AI.K, FIRST CLASS FOUR story brown stone House 27k Leslngtoii avenue, lie tsreen Thirty seventh and Thirty-eighth strocis: full site and tin" sllusti ><i Apple to the owner, 01 Chambers street, or to HONKK MORGAN, No X P.nestreel. MARRLK STORK AND DWELLING ON SIXTH AVE uue, lor sale, on the west side of avenue, above Twenty third street. X0*5Q. Possession May Piioe $26,600. KING A CO.. No 0 Twenty third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. OLIVER STREET.-A HOUSE AND LOT ON OLIVER street lor sal* by BOLLliR, W1LKINN A CO., No. I Pine street. CiS KBCOND AVENUE?TWO STORY BRICK, WITH V Spire, good business location. $MM do., 4 story brick, with Store, ilidOO: on Kant Thlrty-aeveath Htreet, splendid double tenement House rents well, will be sold cheap; on Kaal Tweuiy-ulnlh street, 3 siory lirrck. $7,000. BROWNK A MoLK AN, Ml Third avenue. Q^KK THAT BLEUAMT AND COMPLETE RESIDENCE, wltb Ore acres of La was. at #*>th street, with Hudson river front, to be sold April 10 by ANTHONT J. BLKKCK BK. Auctioneer. PsrmiU, maps sod particulars at 77 Cedar street. Tuber housrb in third avenbr fob hale? Lease ?f ground for 1$ years, $7,000 each. Apply to C. ?ON HKtvEB. SB Nassau street. OA TH HTREET ?FOR BALK, A TIIRKE STORY BRICK ATX House id Twenty-fourth street, near Madison ave nue. with earlv poaanaeiou. Apply to MULLBR, WILKIN8 66 AND 4$ WEST FIFTIETH BTRKET.?TWO WELL built, handsome brown atone three story Houses, Ave years old. One for sale $1X000: one to let, unfurnished; both with possession, and both la the most perfect order poeelble. Call at? nay time during the day until dlspeesd $0 ?Hisism ea Beveoth street, leu la each house: good ealghhorhoed; mast be sold. M ^^^?priruiiOlr A M., $? *7 AAA WIIX PURCHASE THE STORE Mi g) I .Ui/U Water all net. If said Immediately; * rare eteaoa; sotd toolose an estate. Apply to CHARLB8 BH MONS, Nov $ Bsskesse street, ream No. A AIO AAA WILL BUT TUB TIB8T CLASS THREB mID.UUU story high steep heewn stone House No. lrl west Fortieth atraot. Apply mm tae peemiaes, from $ to 11 A. N. and after d P. M. BROOKLYN REAL BSTATB FUR (ALB. AH -FOR 9ALF.-HOU8E AND LOT NO. ? WEBT ?. Baltic Street, Brooklyn, with or with OUT FURNITURE, ON TBRT REASONABLE TERMS. AH HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUBB FOR SALB ? In Brooklyn: nil modern Improvements; in perfeet or der; lecatloa good; near to oars nod ferries; paymanta nosy; prion $M,(M Addrasn K. T.. owner. Heraldo?os. AH LARGE DOUBLE HOUBB, THRBE STORY, ATTIC ? and basement, built in the moat perfeet manner by day work before the war; hasaleaammarbto mantels, twe both rooms, more, furaaca. An.; U bedrooms, parlor*,Jin neighbor hood as good as any In Brooklyn; onn be seen at any Una* on applying nt 1(1 President street, Brooklyn; 1st Ml MO. or MmW. as purchaser may down; Is tastefully laid out la garden, and has plenty of fruit trees: house new unoeea pietT B. R. KBLLOGG. Ksecular, ?t Cedar street. N. T. LBT A SACRIFICE ?FOR 8ALB. IN BROOKLYN, ON I the southeast corner ot Carl Ion and WUloughbr svsn <*. one of the elegant block of brown atone front House*, use stories, basement and OS liar; house U.irB feet, lot MB; I modem Improvements, statuary, mantels. As. f ana- i intent to Dekalb and Myriln avenue oar routes to Faltoa rry. Location unsurpassed. Call and as* the prepariv. irt en bond and mortgage. Apply an the prem'asa. to fONAB FAOAN. AYBRY CHEAP BUSINESS PROPERTY FOB RALB? On Atlantic street, Bruoklye; four atsry brswn stone Store and Building, in An a order; deep all the way up; would rent thia year for $8,300. will sell tor $MMA J. R. BDWAEDB, W7 West Tweaqr-thltd street. Ah very pebttt thrbk story English babr B meat Heuee for sale la Beoeklyn, en Raymond street, modem Improvemaats. ni, hot and water, As. : WlB sail, with cameul'ftw BTAaP" ' JAB. IT BDWAEDB. (77 WaelTwsaty-thtrd street. F?? HR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, NO. ($ ADAMS STREET, ? two Houses, ens front and one rear, with stable and coach honae, three story brtak basement and snb-ceBnr, In fin* ordsr; will be sold cheap; Is near Catharine and Fulton ferries. For part ion tare apply to th* owner, OBOBOB NUTTING, $0 Beach street, New Tork. No age ate. rnOR MALE?A BRICK KILN AND BITTLDINOR, AND r riiim far not, in Hunter's Point, L I. b itopnl for i pipe manufacturer. Inquire of O. BOH, Qreeupetnl ?wm, mm station house lu Qreenpotnt. MALE-IN NINKTRBNTH WARD. BROOKLYN. ?K I)., the modern built three stair end French attic brtek Hones 84 Lee etrenue: pleasantly located end In eom ? ontcr. Apply to R. WARNOCIC, 61* Brondway. New F? plate York. tKM)R SALB?THE VALUABLE 8TOBE PROPERTY ? the southeast corner of Bridge street sad Myrtle i sue, Brooklyn. Apply to EZRA BALDWIN. 119 M) avenue, corner Duffs Id street ?on ?rs Myrtle liHJR BALE?HOUSE AND POOR LOTS. MO TRAND r avenue. 10S feet north t rant DaKsIb erenue. Brooklyn; pared, aewernd. water to house: prtoe BK.OW. AH atay re main if Improved CORRT. 87 Pearlstraot. npstairs. tDOR BALE? HOTEL. PITE ACRES LAND. KTOH f. r een'.h ward. Brooklyn, on Cypress Hill mad, i% miles from feet at Mouth Merenth street, Williamsburg. Price fllAUOU. Inquire at S? Hicks straet DOR 8ALR?THE NINE SMALL BRICK TWO STORY r end basement Houses, on North Ninth street, between Second and Third streets. Will Ism-burg; only s smell aroouat of purehaao money required: balance may be paid In small Instalments to suit ptirahaaara. Apply to J. B. MAKKK CBLLa. 6S2 Third avenue. TJtOR bale IN BROOKLYN-A tery dbbirablb r three etoiy brtck House, with nil modern Improve menu. Stable, carriage house end other out bulldtaff; alee large yard and flower garden. Price $18,900 JACOB SHARPS. *B Pine street FOR bale OR TO LB ARB?A PLOY OP Q BOUND near tha Grand and Houston street ferries Williams burg, having n water front of 100 feet, and ekieadtng to Wa ter street (about eleven lota); a desirable location rer busi ness purpose-. Apply to JAMKm M. WATBRBITRT, No. t South Second street. Williamsburg. pOR SALE OB RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE DWELL New York. ONLY H-MD FOR THE HOUSE AND LOT NORTH west earner of Clinton and Nelson streets. Brooklyn! two story high bsaement end underceilar. brick; Ms hot end mid wster, fancy marble mantels, grates, gas, Ac ; $8,100 mortgage, Mm 20i?Ott88; eight minutes from ferry. KILPATRICK, Bull's Head Bank BeMIng ONLY $8.008.?ONE OP THE HANDSOME BOW OP oeioaade bousea la Smith street: it la twa story and baaement has 10 rooms, marble mantels, Ac. HUGHES A GREEN, U8 Grand straet, WlUlameburg EIB HOUSE NO. fl SECOND PLACE. CORNER OP Heart street, Brooklyn. Is e desirable piece of property any one wbn wtsbea to obtain a comfortable and eosraso dtens i est ban; it te M feet wide, three etorlea and base ment. in an eieallant neighborhood, in flrst rate order, end can be emu pled immediately. Persons wishing to examine eea obtain key**118 Second piece, Brooklyn- Per sale an very favorable terms Apply to B. R. KELLOGG, M Coder street. N. V Jjgfrl GKfc Sjj the same as abevs Apply at the oHoa, Fifth avenue, of RlgbMeath street Erooklyn. ________ was? wjrtwww.'itR.'aEirSjft. a prVne. ?10.000 suxMacafe? ii rwptetewHh all medara Improvements. Ojily "trmlayiag Egassss RO?Rt>V?~orilnB?tetra* V. V. (OCrrHT RKAL R8TATC fOR BALK. LI. WANTINO F4KM8.-OOOD ROIL. MILD OLI w m.lo Si oulea south of Philadelphia. Prut* oulj $Js eere. aim iinprov.U farms. liundreds ere trilling. I T?. ummnMretk AUiou 0. K. J arm*, i W A FARV.^OWR OF THE PINB4T F, J% ch -u-r otMiiujr Rt miles from Kyi r?|. good Iihiii, im-a to; 117 v ?WW water Wr-rl'v.lrt**-th? Sound;, In li. 0. II i ViI.aND l?n t'luwbnm wjuarn. AHT fOMKRBH.?FOR SALS OR BXOWANOS PI ? city or Brooklyn property to suit. or good duck* past, a Guemry .-wat o? H, M|; tot convenience of ? . retodeqan; ipixodul nw tW totiRfiUin fruit H kinds. CiB at house corner e/Warbui ton avenue andB IB ml P.MUt I aural, netr Qtoawood depot,.a ? HOMRK MPEGAN. Ne. t Pise street Am firs looatbd farm, of ?r acker, at tuck ? aJu-e, Westchester county. H. Y. House, barn, orchard, Ac.; Bronx rtver llirough farm, IV miles from Cltv Halt For particulars apply to O.^wT DltOHRTT. Wostahostor Land < >.11 ce. Not Chambers street. AHT AMENIA UNION, DUTCHESS COUNTY, A LABOR I ? ruiivsnirrit Dwelling, lo good repair, with two aud a quarter acres of Land, stocked wtth excellent grafted fruit, i AddrnesMre. Win. T. Chamberlain, on the premises, or Hiram Merrill, 49 Third aronue. Am 8MALL DKSIRABLB FLAOW ON LONO ISLAND. ? near this city; rich ljtd; good aouse nod barn Terms reasonable. A; ply to A. J. BLFECKKR, RON A CO., 77 A NICK SUBURBAN RR8IDRNCR FOR RALR AT A I A socriOce; bono# two stories and basement; oowtg painted, water m house; osntalns olsron rooms; four City bora; six mi lea from Oily Hall; In minutes' Harlem Railroad depot, and tea from bant; prion BRORA Apply at *71 Bowory. Others, at low 'SMITH A RARDENBKROH, IT Cedar slroot. AHTNEW BRUNSWICK?A SPLENDID OOUNTRT SKAT and two seres of choioe Laud, well stooked with choice fruit; large new house, good barn and stable, all In ouaapiete order; Rao high location; $0,500. J. 8. FBBOUsdS A CO.. 3$ Nassau sL, room M. A HANDSOME COTTAGE RRSIDENOB; TFM ROOMS; splendid condition; Passaic water sad gns; Urge gar den; abundance of fruit and flowers; oars to all the Iernes; only BAHW, half tush. JOHN H. PLAIT. opposite Court House, Hudson City. WORK. N. J.; J pgr utoe from city ria Krle I'siiJ. i ? f 0B Premises- to miu quire of JAH 8. 'SStSSS^ll A RARE CHANCE.?A BRAITTTFUL TWO BTORT, garret and cellar House, with nine room a a carnage house and atable on tWe acres well Improved ground; fruit trees, good fenoe; one mile out of PeekskUl; village Anns ville. Price $8,000. GEORGE WHITrfLY. 41T Ninth avenue, New York. COUNTRY BRAT ON TBB EAST HIDE OF THE HUD eon, below Garrison's, wtth from three lo twenty sores of good Und sad outbuildings, wonted. No communaiaUona noticed unless stating full particulars and prioe. Address box 1.281 Postofllce, New York. CTOUNTRY SB AT AT NYACK FOR BALK OR TO LET. J Two beautiful Frenoli ro.if houses, 16 rooms; all mod ern ^improvements. Inquire of J. V. ONDKHDuNK, Nyack, COUNTRY 8EAT TO LET?AT IN WOOD, IONi THR banka of the Hudson, furnished or unfurnished, wtth four acres of land, barn, stable, hennery, icehoose, boat and bath bouse; flower, fruit and vegetable garden; gas, hot and cold water through house, gas and water in stable; two minutes' walk from depot, one hour's ride rrom the otiy, half hour by Hudson rtver cars; suitable for both summer and winter resfdenee; splendid view of the river, and sli In complete order. For further particulars Inquire at 44 Ex change place' in (he basement. JjURMB, HOUSES AND LOT8 AND COUNTRY RE3I P dences, along Central Kail re id, of New Jersey, for by 8. A. A A. oSdINQTON. MB Broadway, room 81. Farm of su acres, in futnam county, n. Y.. f miles from PeekskUL near the turnpike to Lake Ma hopae, well watered; plenty fruit; 10 acres are wood; largo house?16 rooms; tenement house of 4 or 6 rooms; barn, As. ISAAC WORTBMDYKB. No. 8 Wall street. FMAR ROOM AWAY.?FOR SALE, UNITED STATES H Hotel, directly on the beach; a hret class new hoteL wtth I farntture and outbwlldiem; acres. Apply lo S. H- LUD LOW A Co.. Mo. S Ploo sweet. FHOR SALB?A OBAMCB SELDOM OFFRMBD?A ? flue Country Nesidenes near Keypert. Jf. J., of MB. aaros of eseel lent land under a high state of ruttivaUou; two , erCbardsof choteS fhwtt; w lane, R|Ad|dMAdmm ?????HMHHWHp. wait built GetMe Down, elate root, with 4B rooms marble mantels. Ac.: Ansa doe, esoasaaatUng view andbooMDp toeatlw; oulbuitdtxms;good wMB ot watar. As. BDts flaw la salted for n f< oh leu stile eoootoy hoarding boose or a gentleman's rosidenoe: C5wfll bo aoM at s bamn M applied far at owe. Inquire of JU KELLNRB, $S WilHnm atreaL ?OR SALK-A 8PLRNDID RESIDENCE, WITH TKM ? acres of ground, in FIntnfleld. New Jersey; also Houses, ' Lots and Farms along the Central Rail road, at prices from $1 DOB up; Cots ?nearri assent park, Brooklyn; Western Lend to exchange for form In New Jersey, by 8. A. A A. CODING TON, ?? Broadway, roam M rR SALB?AT LONG BRANCH, M. J, A NINE BOOM Cottage, near tba aw shore. For partionlara inquire at ID) Wast Forty-second street, N. Y. rnt SALE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY BRAT. CON-1 ? slating of about 10 acres of the boat laad.ex tensive I orchard, vegetable garden, grape vinos. An: dwelttug bouse has all modern Improvements; cottage, ? table and wlkmii I an la good order; situated wtth la iw minutaa of tha Brto Railway depot, in the pleasant town of Owego, N. Y. WUI i bo sold vary cheap If applied far at once. Apply to JOHN B. HARDY, IB South gtroot, N. Y. H IPOB SALB?THERM GOTHIC YILLA COTTAGES, 1$ P rooms; high ground; four city lota; slate roof; at Mar rtaania. Inquire to $7 Bowavy. j PHR SALE?AT NYACK, Id LOT8 OF LAND, TO ^?gether wtth staambsat jRsr and bnlkhaad adjoining Smith's dock. Inquire of (isplain JOHN fTTALLMAN, oflics ,'oot of Daahrossea street, orALBEBT TAN WINKLE, MS West street. JjlOR HALE-ORANGE, N. J? IS MILR8 FBOM NEW York, flns Besldww, with Si acres of Land; house con-l I tuning IS roome; earrtagr house end stable: immediate pos eeesion: terms easy. AUs. near shove, s Farm of a acres, ?. F. SMALL, a South street. wtth amU Ostiage. nH SALB?A FRAME COTTAOB WITH FRONT WINO ^^?lad In wtth brtoc, sttnatsd w Bergen Hill, IS minutes' rids by Asms ears from Jersey OHp; else of Lot Wita foot: i the houseeeotainaU rooms; prlw BROW. Apply to JOHN KRNMARD. Noa Saod U Namsn street. TTtOtt 8ALB?A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RR8I-I r denes, dSUS fast, 11 rooms; barn. 43x30 feet; SSS-MS of Inn^ wttb ltOfiott tress; sttustod. In CUaton, IX mllas from Newark, end Id ml antes' walk from hormHI^H Price $14,600. Apply lo ISAAC MIX A 80N 9SK Broadway, HY? or ORnSN A CO., la Retimed avenue, Newark, N. T, R. J. fjK>K BALB-AT PA88AIC, M. J.-A COTTAGE. OON r tain lag mm rooms, fine garden. shrubbery and frail, in complete esdsr. Inquire of CHARLES TOU8LBT, M Qwwrtil ibwt 8ALB. AT PlUlNPIBLD. N. J.-AN B Li BO ANT r new French roof Boom, U rooms, with modem oon venlenees, finished In put with walnut; near depot; sur rounded by drst ciaas improvements; one acre handsomely laid out in lawn and fruit; ins stable and carriage kowae. Address 8. T. Varies. no U?e primliae TTH>B BALK -ONE MILS PROM THB CITY Of NEW r London Conn., near the Peouot House, with do* Hews of Www Louden, the harbor and hong Island Boend; the house baa 18 rooms, with bathroom, furnace, Ac , bam. stable sad ether outbuildings; Id sores of land, mastir In a high state of euhtrsUon: will be sold furnished or untarnished. Apply toWOMBB MORGAN. No. t Fine street gpOR NALB-TN THB VILLAGE OP ASTORIA, PTVB J* neinwtah' walk from steambsat landing or ferry, a first class Residence, situated on high ground aid commanding a One stew of Hell (lata aad Rant Hear; bouae in par-fed 0r? der. gas. water and other new Improvements: ground 150* lgd; all kinds ar fruti trees; subla. hennery, Ac. Inquire of OODILLOT, BTKTMN8 A WHITE, Ns. i South WIHUm I?OR SALE?A ACRES; BOOSE 5 ROOMS, BARN,

r granary, Ac.. S Horses. Cow. I yonng Oxen, 1 Sheep. 40 Chickens aad Fanning ImptewteniA L. KKLI.BP.B. PI William Streat. FNOR BALK?d ACRES: SMALL HOUSE, STARLING, 1 Horse, Cow, llslfsr CalLChicton*. Pis, and Farming Implements. L. KBLLNKR, W William stfhMh PR HALE?A FINK OOt'NTRT RESIDENCE NEAR Ha< kensaelL It acres of land, atone house, new out baOdtngs. As.; plenty ef all Binds of fruit nnd tah pond; terms aasy. L. KBLLNKR. M William street. U?OR HALF. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE WTTH ALL r the modem Improvements, Are miles from Harlem, half a mile from the village of Wsstehunlur sod *? yards from w.iwftU'siSt.gsJ'" w""1 * LM)R SALB-AFARM OF a ACRBS. IN WASHINGTON r Veitey, N. J.; It seres Psrrs aasr ilackenseck.N. J.; ft seres Farm sa long Island. aad many smaller Farms la Now Jersey aad Long Island. Inquire of L. KBU.NBR, E William ahroat. TiK)R BaLK-AT FORDH AM. A HOI SB, PURNItHKB f or unfurnished, 14 reoau, carriaga souse bwsnsry. An; \ acre of land, highly cultivated,wen storgad with cbotoe fmita, lossft, Ac , ss CeotralBrtdgr read,? U?OR BALE?AT PAR ROCfAWAT. LI, A TWO JF story and aula Ileum. M fsst freat by ? fast deep, containing alne soma with store aad auar 1st 7? feet freat kr ? deep; a good wall ef wamr.Inquire of Mr KB1XT, IIPirthslrest, New York. EMOR BALB-AT fordham. a hoi-br. Ft RNTBHP.D I ? or unfsrnlshsd, 14 liiaais, sarftags heuss hanbsry, Ac ; ?ere nf land, highly ctiHHataA sretl sloshed wHh rhotsw ?iu. dowers. Ac-, an < antral Brldft read, corner v*Jr a tins arsnne. Ore minutes'walk fram rordhsni depot. HerMm Railroad, half a mile from smamkm.i leading so HariS IiiOR BALK IN MOUNT TBRNON. WE8TCI1KVTER 1 ronaty, a hand soma Residence. with half aa aerr of ground and new tlahm: amiss retains U rwat Fur par* Uctilnrs apply to O W 8NEADRN, Rofio BALI, BAOM-AT CTPRBSB HILLA. IN THB ? lost ?r Its I..V,, Itona and II l?.is. lei 1 on n I ?? rrutt tram, with stable, third house this ssds cf Bee I dtker's Hntol. ears frem Fulton fsrry pose the hones Ar* I ply in Mr. BTuBoB*, on Iks premises, or the "w>g. 71 I JorelemcB street. Brooklyn. lmn>?d'ats| ?mills. I TfOR BALE-THE BSAOTIFTL FARM. RBtlDRNCB " end oalbull lings, sttaatod la Redfsrd, Weataheswr maty. N. T. The formessaaalaM of Metres of doe lead, aad la sasendaU; a freM rasas, having aa it tar torrent apple orekafds l,(W> trees), with oaa ssmpttsa, la the Pteto, fa | side* a <-hc.i-e ver ety of oilier fruits 1 kr bciee te e most excellent one la rrery rail i t la rnsdsra, semmsdisiA akA la t bore ugh repair. Prem the esismwm hsMthfhlami ef the tooatioa, uasurpamad beasMy if awsir i drtrea, Aa. Wa product Ire ytold ee e frurtl or dairy fsrm, se pruaesli s I rare opwortaalty. slihar as a gsa gsmaa's saaa try re?4Si ash. or as e rrodtable buetnewe lereeirr.eei Pur fertw ,p pWrnB/a LUDLOWA CO., Wa> I Plus etiret. N T. O^^HBALN-A HOCBR AND PPDRB at FWRMROLD. I ?wwT?aT*A'etSTt' JTa&SW I covnnty rbu estate vor sale. )R SALR?CHEAT POK CAHH AMD IMMEDIATE a'ua g *?n, a M.rl, Maik't and Or.i ng farm, ~ ' Karfteo KailmnAtteb Frk aad neariy *1 juffc , au arret ftr.t r Jif ?w, ?ratlin tad linear new eow house, wagon " t btkTBjfird niBiiBie - ploughed and reed/ uwr far terms and other ftitiruliri apply to ilRfiKGB OKLLKB, Esq.. 6# WaU tired. or to JO.IN L. PAKTIUCK. Parmiagdale ttauou, Monmuolh county, M. J. ayAia^i.^iter??,s:g&as."a-1 DOB RALE IE MOBR18AKIA?A B AM DROME OCRS r Imi. with al*t oitj Late of Ground. oarrtags heuee, fruits efall kinds. wUh tea Furniture If dnUrod; g"? nay tinea par paitteulara nasi/ to M. OOB#t*l? M? DOR MALE OB MXCBAMOB POM CITT PROTEST*, f ar la real, aa attaint Moot Mansion, wit* ST aorta a# ? attached The house It tltuatad ou an eirraiiue ? mending a Mar and extent*re rtew; of whiuh lead 14 aerae DOE BALE OB EXCHANGE FOB CITT PROPBBTT? I* Lrp? House, half aa aora of ground. pleasantly ?ttu ated; fruit, shrubbery. Inquire an tea premises, Madison areaae,batwaea Tenia and Ktetaate streets, or at Troanoat depot, Treaeont, Westchester oouuiy. M. T. DOB SALB OB BXOHAMOB POB CITT FBOPBBTT r An rfcgaot Kaaldenoa at Peek ski mending a Ana view of tea near and Baaldtaoo at PaohaOa on tea Hudson, oorn rtaw af ten rtrar and annua ltd na; haute baa ail tee modern Imprueeaeeate; about M aorat; tellable out ail tee modem Improremeate; about te aorat; unliable out building Pie tare at houaa at MMtBACKBOV A BAKf I.KTi -a; SO Beekjnaa atraaC DOB MALE. EXCHANGE OB L8A8E-A BEAUTIFUL r eonalry kaeideaoe, batwaea Paaaate aad Paterton, N. J.; SB arret af goad laud. Pur further pnrtlaulars laquira at IK Bute araaua. pM)R MALE OB TO. LET?A .LABOR PIBUT CLARE and Grounds, attuatad la Ksst Chatter. Weat* abaater county. N. *., tb minute*' ride froat city by New Haraaar IIAriaa Railroad, h*a?a paftlaliy furnwaad. Ad dreet Cauotry, statioa U, New I or*. DOR BALE OB TO LET?A PURMIMHED HOOBR IM F CIMtoo, 81,ten laland; a large Houaa, with two aerea of Lead, nubia and outhouse*. la twrfeet order, miuated ?a Pennsylvania sventia, within ftrr minutes' walk from land ing; oeo be either bougut tut botrul terma or mated for a to a good la term ol yearn to a good Tenant. Apply to OTTO AN ORE AS. IS Park pteoo. DOR 8ALR OR TO LET?UN FURNI8H ED, TUB RWI f dence of the lata Judge keiH, at PUhkill on Hudeoa. tor full particular* apply t > W. I. 01,4.-K, dlS I'earl tlieet. ^OR .RALB OB TO LBT?IN T.IR Vll.LAOB OP NT ark, a three story briek limine, with sUhle; lot SStUb. Apply toTHROOORR BOHR, MS Front alrwef. rR 8ALR OR TO I.BT?LABOR. K GKOANT OGUNTRT Mansion, te minutes from otty, Una rand; stand* high on rtter^buak^ beautiful shade tree* lawna and orerytelng desirable about a tirat aUa* mansion; twa lakes atacta. with d*h; lira minute* from depot. Apply to J. A KINO, Passaic bridge. For bale ob to let-a hoo-e, two and a b tlf story, on Tan Wyck arenun, J int ra B. W. YAM TOORHI8,1? Kasi Tk.rty-slitb street New York. Fob ralr or to lkt-at blieabrth. n. a, a new stylish Trench slate root Hiittae, IS nomv gas mar ble man tela, Ac.; One gardes and fruit; near depot. Apply at S9S Washington street, New York. PMORRAUB OR TO LKT?RHrtlDRNCB, WITH MODBBN | Improrements; goad ?t yble, cirrlagi- house. Are acres of I ^teitid. wall laid out with Una fruit, on the nucuer of Wont acres af ground, well laid out wltb One trull, on tea ourner of Want I Parma road and I'man arenas, te tha tillage of Woot ehrater. lately owned by lion. W A. Darling PnmiMso Chester, lately owned by Ilea. at unoe. Apply to JAR. R SMITH, Jr., 77 Paart street ft BFRNWICH, CONN.-TOR BALE, PULI.T PDBN-I U Is had, a handsome House aad I acres, aaly sua mile from dooot with barn, oarrtoM houaa aad stable; fee rtew: pnosMSMOO. Apply to B U/LUDUIWA OO.. ha. S Put trite MM neras*. large outbuilding; Rue rtowt just thaptaaa fair a eeantry boarding hotua. Will ba sold late todawja t^nto RING -LABOR DOUBLE BRICK HOURM ARB O 111 daraa, twa mile* aorthaart from dapat; blgbast I arouad la Weslobestar oouatg* guiuhf nt granary, per S? % ^M^A^teHr?7SsESnr?i He. B Plnoetraet. yBBT DBMBABL^IIU^ROPBRTT ? POBB liUt1 MHVnuamMnDHH| sad ootten yarns. Haw MiO. large deal *6 brick aad frame dwellings. In tba Camdaa R AMbay BaMraad, Mb milaa I and MM t ram Haw Yark;eau tead awd ua Lr ot warehouse: Rmt stem water paam aufltateat to driro tea wbnte munhiuory. ^^rjHSRussm. *? onn -FOE SALS. AT NEWARK. fO.ZuU. minuta* from M MA rooms, wlohl walls. French windows, msrolo m^^^H walnuLdoere; gas and watsr; ooraor MM, Tlx10*; DNM SC frail, iwnnwt, liMA walfcs.Se. WiTh. WEST, m Tossy SIM SC CnA-A*D TBBMS EASY. FOB M ACRES, fOiOUU bow Boas* and Barns, twang wflas from a?7 AHA -oood residence (two stories). ? I .UUU. carriage house. An.. S MM Shoto* lead, mil, Ac., U miles from Mow York; terms aasjr. BOELAMP A DBURT, tdChamliWdWsil. AAA TOR A COUNTRY EB8IPBHOS NEAR v1a,UUU PeeksklD?Largs Improvemeaia sad aU In order, with sack; ooa at Tarrytown, Si acres- Am hooss, Ac.. *!*,??. A. SKBOBANT. K Wail street real bwate wasted. ~"| houses RMRAL ESTATE WANTED?FOB CASH, IX TEETH. ? ?ND SEVENTEENTH wards. STANLEY PAT. W? FOURTH AYE HUE. rpEHEXEMT PROPERTY WARTRD?TO BUT OR 1 lease. The highest market value gives. Apply to B. B, QI EBON 8 A CO.. 4Sd Broome street W*. H. WEST. BROKER IN REAL ESTATE, 17 ^ Yesry street. New Tor*, solicits the palmesgs of per ttes hotdlag property for sale or to let. city or twin try, and assures prompt and falthfal attention thereto. H. R.?Pro perty pni exclusively In my hands will he adeaatMSOUsly sAriirMett without ettre charge to owners. Refers to rTrVvT Alexandre w. Bradford, Esq. HENRY COOOILL, Beq. JOHN RANDALL, Esq. AM NUMBER OF TENEMENT HOUSES WANTED | for s term of years, by i ? Ik toou a oa, mum avenue, have pur. chasers for twenty hooves, wed Iocs tad. In good ^^?hOrhoods. at prices from A10.W* to P'JMM. IwANTED-FROB TWO TO hi OUT LOTH ON THE I VT Boulevard, below Stxty-dfth street; east side pre ferred, If prices gauged on the awards now determined ee bp Mm committee. Lowest cash pries required. Address E. STtdVousiaiae. Herald offioe. ^ nrANTWP FOR OASH-A HOUSE. BETWEEN THIRD TT end Eighth srrotiea^from Twentieth to Sixtieth street; price hot to exceed $15,000, no sgenU need answer. Any MS Ih want of money can hear of a customer by address!<m R. D. N., hoe S,I!B Pest office, New York. QTANTED TO PURCHASE-A NIU* COTTAOE TWO I 1 YY er threeStories, locstlon on the Hudson, bstwsaa city wwd Tonkors. or id Astoria. Prwa $10,000. Address C. Heme. Herald odtce. TXTaMTBB To PURCHASE OR HTRK-A COUNTRY TT Residence with all the modern improvements, to be attunveS on the Hudson or having a waver view, with from 10 to W acres of ground; price from plOOOU to tit QUO Ad ^mm with full particulars, L. w , hot 2.M3 Povi office. New a: WANTED to PURCHASE?AT TONKER8. BOUSE. TT price from $7,000 to $13,000. all cash. JLocatlce act asms mutt bo sent. No agent need apply. UBO. 7 HANPOlCD, M Nassan street FOE BALK. hTtLLERT FOR SALE?IN THE 8EYBNTH werfeisg order, four dsys A distillery fob sale-in th A nHisticn district. New York. In perfect W01 he eold cheap far cash. Address for? bee Md Herald effiee. KIND LINO WOOD YARD FOR SaLB-OORNER , ef Thirty.sixth street and Eleventh aveene, $74 and Tie, MMmmmAeaee. with lMeeMA||mMMg^m K years Lease, with Engine sod Boiler to good order, A FIRST CLAM LIQUOR STORR FOR SALE?WITH A. Kit turret and a Ovo years' lesae given. Inquire si 400 Edt Ssveatsnnta street a ?FOR SALE, AT OREAT BARGAINS, DOWNTOWN At Liquorand Luneh Roema, corner Liquor Stores near North rteor, Rootaurente Hotels. Maker)**. a flatly located FfSSW More. Ugar Stoma Meat Mark eta Fish and oyster Itaada Freddae Staoda Soap Factory: itraay City Liquor Stores, diss sjmed Offtlng pad Tresh Mstnesa MITCH EL La Store Ageaoy. T7 Cedar street. A mm COUNTRY PRODUCB AND BUTTER PTORB FOR M ssls; reMlpte over Sdd> per weeh. W> Thompson su BMROADWAT RRSTAURANT FOR PALE-ON A COR. ? eer. vary popular, wiih a fsrorsWs isase. at once Foe fntl particulars inquire of A. J. BLhEC'KER, SON A CO., n tiedar sttoM T\BOO STURB FOB SALE-BE FT LOCATION IN 1/ Ststh areaed. bet sash curtotnera Re agent? weed tgply Apply te JTe. POND, aw Sixth afdSua tALE IN CEaRLKSTOH, S C.. Kji'SV? VSr'srVlffiiVi S4dBroadway. ? FAl^-WITI^^a^S^OUa IB Apply tn c: TON HESSR, W f"??. ??! "7*^ 0" *4W0*w FOR SALE. For haim?iv one op the bb-it thorough fare street* lu oenlre ol the otty. a oooiforuMe, siuali oellarr and lOTae < ie liquor bufltia** rent. Inquire WO! HAL p the Imv Hft of BroedwZy glfflBk A linti und profitable business hu been done to Ladiea' nod Chtfdrea's Furnishing Good* wholesale and retail. Tbe Laaw ol Usa Whole housa, burnt Future# ?I store and Good WtS WtH ba sold at a reasonable price fbi oaah. Tbe ouly reason fur aeUlhg is Us owner's fortune being made. For particulars I whir... J. if., bl| kW Maw York Post rsj?*rA&vm ? ?? | Blghty-laiad street. ' ' I CMMtSALE?A FIRST GLASS CASH OBOCBBY STORE. IT leads foar years pet U rwa; wr would sell the Jamie lor leap other boeMaea Apply ea the premises, ill Fulton | arenas. Biwofclya. i tfo? salb?a first clash bakery. ow a good r aeaeue (a earner), dntn* new from ? to ? bbU par wtMLwtthtwwwaaraar stew loaae unexpired. Apoly to i DooOLASS * CO^ lUiread street, between 11 BH>B SALE?AT A BARGAIN, IF API*LIRD FOB EX>B 8AL.R-A MILLINKBT ESTABLISHMENT; P Steak. Fixtures aat Oaad Wfll Oood raasoaa far mdUn^out. Addreoa Milliner, MS Bmadway, Oatoa square JpORSALE-THK STOCK. FIXTFBK8 AND OOOD T WIU of a tetlap Feany Uaada, Fonuahiar and Lara Store, now doing an oioallont bnataeaa. SaUaioctorp res son.^Teu ftu^oaihy. Ayyiy only after 7 o'clock fit the 8 ALR-A VBRT VIOB UUHT MANUFACTURING ?^?kWOoas; f# aale aheap; Droits rood and bunion*# la p^MagsRgafejg^ FHOR SALE?THB STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A | Crockery and Lamp Store, new doing a nood business, nor aale cheapilea oaah wiatnaaor. Apply at SM Teeth are I a as. Mew York.* f^MOR BALE?T8B BHTIBR STOCK AND FIXTURES ? of a first rUas l?rag store; wlB be sold low for cash. Ap I ply at No. 90 Fourth atenue. appetite Cooper Institute |5 FBHanct firoKE, a Catharine rtrbkt. with ? l<etse. Futures and Stnok. for sale cheap; an aid ea | tabllslied store Call at the store for pattlcnlara. IGOR BALE CHEAP?A DISTILLBBY AND FIXTURES, I F all la perfect running order; eoet $6,000, and wUl be I sild at a bargain, if applied Tor at onoa. Apply to WM. I HBRSEB, tip Washington street, Hobeken, New Jersey. I Jj'OR SALE OR TO LET?FIRST CLASS BARROOM. I F whole llouee, long lease, cheap rent, situated near Cal I rary Cemetery, oa plank road, leading from Tenth street I forty Apply oa premises, National House, BI is trills, L. L fjlOR 8ALB-F1FTT DRY GOODS BOXES, AT A GIVE I F away price. I rosTBK BROTHERS, It* Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. I FHOR SALB-FOK CASH, A BOOT AND 8HOE STORK, I With fixtures and lease for twe years frem sett May, I with or without stock, on acoouul of rBtuias from business. I Inquire at XI Washington atreet. I r^HR 8ALB?A FANCY STORK, WITH LEASE, CON. I ? stating of ladies' Ureas Trimmings. Hosiery, tllores, Ac.; asUbltahed lor tlx rears; doing a good oaah trade, on the beat thorough I are In Will amsburg: rent moderate. Ada drees A. B. p.. WiUiamabarg Post oakoe. I ?DOR SALE?THB BOOK STORE 193, 194 AND 158 | F Centre street, corner of Canal, Including IS,IMA relumes, ?kttuwa, good will, Ac.: this store established some all rears offers a ohanoe rary seldom met with for anybody wishing to go in the businasa; the pinna, well fllted. la one of the beat paying la the city, and a man with a little more capital ?.a MS pre re It a great deal: reason for aeUiag the proprietor has other business to attend to. For particulate inquire in the store. ?? IGOR SALE?LBASB AND STOCK OF FANCY GOODS; F In good location; now doing a prottaNe business; res sons lor selling ouh Addraaa Lease, Heraid sdtoe. IGOR HALE-A LIQUOR STORE, IV THB EIGHTH F Ward, corner of (Ireeawtoh sad Chart ton streets, doing a splendid baalnesa at ?raaint: tanas eaah; See years' laaae I sod aheap rent. Apply to NAMES FAY. on the jy?hSnaTO6$?3|Cnwloh atreet. wUhdrwHAat^^^B POP SALE-A* OIL FACTORY, ,xaOB Sale. a fiEst uLam dbi wdom*i Jr to let and Hslsm far aala? at It TBtiff atunaa. 1?"1: 'T'i lv F^feAisgtnfRi'faa APPARATUS, aak N. T. Fpyrroy^ND MgpjriLL ?/. Ska BaManl aaaMaasst kJma at^ym taaaa Ska a|S? Twwwwig Him BimMi mnmro mtriRrTHFi &,sy^is^t,rBt?ift'saa aqntra, New Tarfc. DOR SALB?A LUCBATTYB OASH MANUFACTUBIMO JP iMlH^ iBMfmiilfcfl fal HflHWfal OfHWlttODi t>>T tng a laipe raa oflrst oiasa customers; will ha aetd ehesa, aa Iha wan las hare athar bwatsaes which roqniras their wfceteattaaSa. Addraae lor one sreek T. H. vf., Herald adtea. " ??!> ? m| UK>E SALE CHEAP?SEVERAL DB8K8, HERRINO'S L&uim **1,W4 UOB SAUL OB WILL BB LET?LB ABB, FIXTURES I; M ihewkole draait af the apfcmdM Banuantat corner S Breadwey and Spring atraei. under the St Nicholas h<Hei; la good order, will ba sold rery cheap; rent low. Ap fplXniBRB BOB BALI OBBAP?ABOUT IN FEET, f wtth laa CotmMf% DaaL Urn Be. Apply 10 D&? PEES. HABTLBY A 00 .44 LMpeaard street DIU AMD BUBOLA* PBOOP RAPES FOR BALE I* aheap, on aorount af removal, Rtrwe wooed hand Safes, Steading Deeka and Odtoa ParattuN ahaap, at W Liberty alraat, aaar Poal ottos. rr AS PIXTSRR8 FOB 8ALB CHEAP?THREK EXTRA U large Chandelier*. oaa iwatre aaA twa an Lights, suit* ibta far large halla or aalaoas; In splendid order. Apply to JMO. T. I'AIIP AOO .B Waltar street. TTOTBL FOB HALS.?THB LB ABB AND FI ITCHES JEX of a Drat olaaa Haul aaA DMtng Room*. newly fmr atahid. Apply at WatHa HatW, IB Warren atraei TTOTBL fOB SALK.-FURNITURE AND A TO OX jQ yean Lease of a rood HaMI; ana of the flaaat Billiard BaaaMtaMiadiy attached. Inqulraaa the premises No. f? H^BOTXL amp FURNITURE, AT HABATOOA HPBINQB, ? far aala tor aaekaare for New York or Brooklyn Prop erty Apply M F. L. g Broad way. DyjlptE OP THE BRBT LOCATED fTIOAB RTOBER. ? with Block. ElrturaA Ooa? Win. Ac. Laaa* UlllSn. [inquire at U K?*t Bread war, near Bowery. 4 Tpo BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, A BABB 1 cha tea ia offered - A r?"1 9und oa Broadway; a aaaall and wall aelacird Stndk and Kntarea will be sold at arrest bargain, the present prm.rtetr.r will retire 10 tka publishing boatnes". Addmas B. s . atatloa |? rmm_? APITALIKTH.-A NEW AND USEFUL PAI HnT ?ri(m for5S The aaarabeings combination of waMr I wtieala to drlre inilla or fatdoi Wa FaT nart lei la r? apply to HF.N8 A tIMMKK, tola agenM, IV DaMucay "treat. New fork, ft B.?Call far etmttmra. rpo PHOTOGRAPHERS.?A RARH CHANCE OrPERRIi 1 to Mesa wishing to purchase a line Business In a dailBht fit! village la tonnertiruv aa iha advert t*er ia one hi. 10 run I ttnue it on areanntuf ill health Pdr farther part feu Ian apply ?l ? B. ail "treat, 00 Batarday ?od Monday, between urn of S and 8 P. M. CaNDT, $M$ rent par ^HTi.r.y.. M. 7T Xevtlb First street. between rh.rd aad fearth street*. Wfthatnabtirg. I <?i nnn will but tnb HTOIIC and PTXn'RKll I si-UUil. two rooms location. ?ooms; new Mag a good cash trade; aalaahla AO AAA ?miCO RTORR FOB HALE.?0BOD LO ?P-L.UUU. aaBaa; aaahoaraada quarter fmn New *| | low -BIX AND TWO lfOMT ENOINEB, A FORTY . *1 ~ " ~~ " MM, 8B1TH nil tw inw awi"*. "i ? ????> ? Are horae Tabular Boiler. Imthoa, Drap and Panar itOB HA LB-A ? _HORRB POWER HTEAM ENOINE. f Make.1 " id eoanecl I of May a tent,? D Macbloe and the IbaftljiA Injha 1 It'orliaa' Make, with tubular Boiler, titoata PuMp. Heater, (pea and connection, all In complete order; to be deilrerod V , Pipe" and eonnecuon. all In eornplete o.?,,. w ? by the lat of May aett. May ba Men in operation dally In inti liaaaMtnl fit P utt- street. To be aold also the Bteam " 1 md the ahaftlng Id the bnlldlng B. HOE A CO.. ? and ?l OoTd MraaC TjH)R PALE-A FIFTBEN HORBK HORIZONTAL EN jP gloa aAd Nolle'. ln_?<2?Pir"L?S<"? OEOROR W. WTCBB. No. 4 Liberty place. KDOU SALE-TUB LABOEHT PTOCK ON HAND IN JJ the r nit ad HMtaa af Ptaem Bngme?, Hollar*, Tanks, PnaK ?nafung, Plplnjg. Belting. Ac Apply MP CA881DT, mandfacturar arid daaMrln all kind* of machinery. Nog 4 M 10 Brldgi tWaat, Mraaklya, near New Chamber* street 'jjrtt B SALE?A SMALL BTBAM BNOINB AND BOILRR, new' runnlay in good order. Apply at Na. 79 West rty thlrd "traet. ? Tbirt nm SALE-AN EIOHT horse bnoinb and ? due Boiler, with eannaatloaaaamplete, alao Shaft- I tnZa&ruaaing In goad order, at ?> Farmaa "treat. Brook- I ^P*5iMi5LarNaiJV?r A^?#HAl'L*0HURCH. I FlSWMia? bid for the Making of rthhoat, tape*, "raids, Ac.. IntVa fas. tdWdOmaoaf Thjrt and North third atraau, Bro-ahlTB. , B. D.iaiao to lav us BsBdlni ntlra, or m hpartaeniAin ^tACIIIlrtBRT^ >B SALR-AN UPRIGHT TUBULAR STEAM tmr mini-''"!! Preaa, 'i Kun? kTaKuie omiuwNK * co.. i? --to*? KaBB PLAN I SO MACHINE kw aHcLop if applied fof I :uwa KAm- 1 ; Thirteenth at. Ii?OR SALE-UPRIGHT STEAM BOILER, PITTED JT wtlh saleurand check.nlusead ?i? feat?um Ptos* Ooakiug T>o?, Iron Htand, solvable for besting aud rookie running. Fart atreet. Five Potom WH. MotCR.NZlB, DOKUU AND HTATIONARY STEAM UOtllM ll A*i> BOHiSfe ADO CIRCULAR SAW MILLS, ^h^ret And BMW aompleto la MA iia4f? MfttnUoo. ^^?WOOD A MANN STRAM RNOINE OOMPAMY, fitw York. CTKAM BNOIMR8, BOILERS AMD MACHINERY or ? kiniU. MW and moo?4 k>M ggpg Pnglaaa. waxtSi'stLL.i.o?. (17 ANTED?A SECOND BAND TT mi. of ?hwl forty bono I HmHSto. BOILER (NO BMW A T THB NORTH BAPTIST CUOROR. CORNER A Ohcutapher and Bedford streets (Rat. Adorn* Oltm- I Cms, paatot). U* Ordinance of Baptism ?iu be adaataS- I tared at the close of tha morning service. Preaching at UK I AM. aod7KP M. GHRNTRAL PRKSBTTBRIAR CHURCH, PIPTIBTH ? street. hgtipeea Broadway sod Eighth avowai. Preach- I ri'^A*ussJs*'xr,\.''* ? ?" I ??HUKOH or THE HOLY APOSTLES. CORNER OP ? Ninth avenue and Twenty-eighth street. Sunday. AaaM LeonBraattao in the morning, lb the evening Rev. Dr. Weston. of At. Jobs'* oh arch, trill preach before the lean Mea'a Assaotaltoa. aartloaa teoosamouoaat 1* o'ttogBB^fa are invited to stlaad eHHURCH Or tHI ? bath morning nod Untoa square by Ray. Dr. nasi seven. National aad Individual Opportunities Neglect of Thrm aHHURCH OP TUB RESURRECTION, AT RUTQKB'S laatluita, Fifth arenue.?Ret. Edward O. Flag*. D. D., rector, trill preach mvruuui and eveuiug. Service* at IBM A. M. aad 1H P. M. BHID J BROS CORK TO 8 AYR UB FROM DKHBRYKD Pvaiahmenlf Rev. O. L. Demsreal trill aoawer San day evening. Oharch corner Second av.. and Eleventh et FHREHOH CHURCH DO 8T. ESPRIT. RET. DR. YRR ? ran. rector. Dtvine service in French Sunday attar noun. ?*>* o'clock. Sauday ?ohoot at R H?H. ROBERT DALE OWEN A OUR ESSES SPIRITU ? ahsta in Dad worth Hall at 10# o'clock, upon "lUae trabana of Spiritualism." Dr. Larkln, at IX o'clock, relates "Spiritual Phenomena of 18tA" Mmidnight mission?trinity church.?a bpb I ctal sermon in behalf of the Midnight Miaaion will ho preached lo Trinity church, Broadway, on Sunday afternean, Apnl 7. at 4 o'clock, by tbe Rev. O. H. Duttoa. A oo.lection will be made. The object of" thl* mission is ?to search cot aad reclaim fallen women." Interesting facts in relation in the work will be glvea. Large sums of money aaa needed. Large coctrluuitoHji are earnestly solicited. The Treasurer's address is Pliny F, 8milh. M Warren street. QT. STEP HEM'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH?RET. U Joseph H. Fries D. D.. Rector, will hold divine eerviea every Sunday at IB# A M. and 7# P. M., in the Preach Ohureh on Tweuty-seooud street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. On Sunday evening next the last of the oouraa of sermons to young men will be delivered. SHT. ANN'S FREE CHURCH, EIGHTEENTH STREET. ? near Fifth avenue.?To-morrow Rev. Kastburn Benjamin Will preach at IMAM.; Rev. Dr. Galtnudet nt MM A. BL nnd IP. M.; the latter serrloe for deaf mules; nod Rev. Dr. Beach nt 7# P. M. , . QTRANOERS' BONDAY HOME.?BEY. DR. DEEMS O Wiu preach in too ehseel of the University, Waatilaglan square, to-taorrow. at MX A M. Seat* free. Stranger* to Use pity ay csrdUUy lavfef. , Duel -\TDRRVLLLE EPISCOPAL CHURCIfV. EMNI1 fei^aa^'SK'gja?gag, oaared and moved, olty or eauatry. , ORIGINATED ^^?HIHBRLatUY?ri&? Ila II ullhmil pa'", ?? A? pnUeola laaMfR. at the oMoe. M Cooper laatiinte. hi mini ii ii iiiiiB RonsB. dor Oaa Dollar tor tha toot m* ^^^^^Kfaraaeh additional PHBRMANXBT 8ETB OP OPM TBKTH.JU; TBMiW ? raiy. BR dan and axamlno iiiiwm in* todoro sagaglng ?Sawbare. Taath flliad with g*M |l, at MB Stxth avaaaa. A mm LAMES' rHTRICIAK.?CHAKUM UJTt M. Ok. M IrMdvtr, bita| tweaty Tears* snoceesful prse Uea, guaianteae immediate teller to aMladlee feeairtag apa> er surgical creatinesi, frees whatever oemem without gala er eipesore. His sals and New falling seeds of waatmeat la eadoraed by the highest merllsal faculty i ankaowa to all ethers. CoaaaltaiTea free. AH -MADAME ORINOLK, fHtLI FBYIMC1AM, NO ?.d Amity p?o?.oaaj>. cdnapltsdasjk fmaato com pmm rNMBm rnoiii tor imin wit iotw foot BiiMf )RT0NATB8 HHOOLD OONB0LT DB. K, No. I Amity place. certain cars Is eh aaa Ceoaaltatioos frea. a ?titfOMTANT TO LAD IRA ? Asath OotnponnSsad rtU, wsi army man One trial euBcleat. OUlee DB. rowii a TROTff.*-MADAMR DEKPARD'B PILLN ARB WAB A. mated te airs certain relief to ladles. Prion Ml SB Bow my, owpeJie huk street. Means, ? A. M. tadT.ML MadMaes saM i>y lasll. " 1 ? . " , ? 1 . 'ir 1 ? " drtUMIat'a. !? Oreeowteh street. A CURB At ON? lKTBMVUMV, V1TH OB WITH OOP prauilas),<WtOmtThirty fearthstreet, wear Birth avowee. AM. MACRICBATT. N. D.. PROPS MOB OP ?? tmmrtZm relleMe KdtsA^ *' 'wteleTa?cl2a*"*"irSh!ieA AO BRAT AND BURB RBMBDT FOB LADI B A?TMM Psitagusae female Pills eiaays gtre Insattdlslt relief; prtee $A Beware of Imitators, who oopr my s4i mlt?saw Is nil aotaoaeas eotapeeoda sa "Female Pills" sod "Be. traats." Dr. A. MTmaL RICBAU. U* Liberty street. 1 BLBBNtNO TO LADIBS.-A LADT WRITBB -POM. .iLssfeyir m-vr.Trwssr CKAC, oOee IBLiberty street, er seat by aaeO. Oflee m Kim ttrw NATB oobbolt dm bbnnbdt. Cures without mercury er csmrialoae A -DB. ORINDLft. ACCOtCMBlR TO TBI PRfPAtM A? Lytag-la lastitute. No. I Amity plane; dead nimt. board, eureiog sad mod leal attaadeasa. All raamle eaaa ptilnli iktlfvniy tmtod Srslrfrt^sxwssu: W4k ffce aataae eared. DM RURTU l BED DROP If TUB ONLT BBMBPT that will root oat eeieessat vt*ns of a ewteis_dnee?y ail otbara dry It la tha tlosd. He. 1 DtvMea M. Prion Be. DB. tlUNTBB CAE 00*11 WOBOT CABS* OF 0I*? Ws StaL wVtbewt mmcnuy. ?art?U|rjtae& iiT othsr physMtaA, er ao pay token. No. S DCtlslon street ?I DCS 1894. to the itnoe mmss bottle. No. 3 Division streak. ???s"A21* 7r Vr him Is Sate speedy cures or ao charge made. tU&dM* hours' to Vte moat aaMeo. patient. \f*? paicboikib*. ? CT IS * .ffcD aOFFEBBI