Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1867 Page 2
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v C1TT RE1L KSTA.TK ROR MLB. AO KB AT PRIVATE SALE-AT MoCAHILL A CO.'8 HmI Estate Exchange, 671 Third avenue, between 44th nod filth streets, and at B. K. MoOAlULL A SMYTU'b, 464 Sixth arcane, between fJth and iriih at reeU: ? _ Bast lOttA eL, three elery high atoop Cottar $3 (**> East 66th a4, three eiorr high stoop Cottage 5 4 0 Bast 67th at., two story frame Cottage.... 3,5*' at., thiee storr high stoop brink t East 89th at., throe story high otoop brick. 6.0" at. three atorr high stoop brick 7" ?eat 78th at, three etory high stoop ones < East Md at., three su ry English basement brio* 7 <r> Vr est Slat at., three auuy high a loop brink <4 West Hth at. three atory high stoop brick iSaSa West 66ih at., three atory high atoop brick 10.00 Second are., three atory high atoop brick-??? 11 ' West 30th at, three atory high atoop brick Ut?| East 117th at., three et ry high aioop brown stone.... lAVV Second are , three atory high atoop brown aioue lj.SW East 48th at, three story high atoop brown stone 13.U00 Waal 60th at, three story high MM brown atone 13.?? West ltd at, four etory English baeemeut brown alone. 14,0V Bast 79th at, three story high stoop brown alone 14,600 Baal 49th at, three atory high stoop brown atone...... 16.W O Bast 48th at. three etory high atoop brown atone r.). 14,000 9 East 39th at., three ptory high stoop brown atone 14.000 Bast 60th at, four stoiy high atoop brown atone....... 17,000 Hammond at, corner Warerley place, three story high stoop brown atone WWO West 88th at, 4 story English basement browu atone. S0 U00 Lexington sr.. four atory high stoop brown stone 82.000 Weet 46th sL, four story high atoop brown stone 36.100 East 00th at, four atorr high stoop browu atone 28.000 Bast 39th at., four stofv high stoop brown atone 31.000 Baal 64th at, fourato-v high atoop brown atone 85.000 Bast 44th at, four sli ry :gh atoop browu atone 37,000 Bast 84th at., four at, ry nigh atoop brown atone 40,000 Bast 26ih at. four atoiy high atoop brown atone 64,000 Others tn all parts of the city. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STORE House, with all the improvements, for sale; posses ?Ion immediately; only $2,000 caah required; price $16,000. MoCAHILL A CO., 671 Third avenue, or 664 Sixth av. A~ T Slf POOBTH AVKNUE-BY STANLEY DAT _ (apply only from 10 to 4). Bouses for sale between 5lh aMffih ava : 8th. $25,000; 10th, $18,000; Hth, $20.001; $18,000. 16th, $27 000; 14th, $96,000. 23d, $60,000, $76,000; Jfttb. $90,<?0 $23 000; 86th. $468100 . 39th, $$8,000. $32 500, $50*000. $40,001, $35,000 ; 44th, $23,000; 46th. $SO.UOO, $31 ouO. $33,000, $24,000 J46th. $30,000, $88,000. $36,000 ; 47th. iMMMO; 48th. $65,000; 49th, $44.0X1, $36,000; 62d, $30,000; 66th, $10.UD0; 126th. $7.600; 129th, $16,080. At jonh fettretch's rbal estate opricE, 418 Third avenue.?Partiea wishing to buy ur rent can be accommodated. Terms easy. Also can be aeon hts list of bouses, lots, farm* and country scats lor sale. A PKIVATK RESIDENCE IN EAST TWENTY-NINTH street, near Fifth avenue, with or without full also Stable on rear lot, Twenty-eighth street, for sale. Address box 2,144 I'oat office. _ A FIRST CLASS BROWN 8TONE HOUSE IN THIR ty-sixth street, near Park avenue, 25x50. for sale, fur nished or unfurnished, $30,0)0; another. $26,000. D. P. OKKELl,, 78 Cedar street A COTTAGE, 89 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET-900 feet west of Sixth avenue two stories high, for sale; bouse 16 8 by 36; lot 16.8 by 64; good neighborhood. Price ?; half cash. Apply to owner, B. D. BRADLEY, 961 way. ARARB CHANCE.-$10.000 WILL PURCHASE A ?nod four atory brldk House, part store, in avenue B, near Fourteenth street; rents for $1,300. Also a four atory Tenement House in Seventeenth street, between First and Second avenues. Apply to ClIARLBS ROSS, 67 Fourth avenue, near Ninth street, In the buer saloon. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE for sale. No. 129 East Fifty-second street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, In fine order, with all modern conveniences; good neighboorhuod: immediate pos. session. Can be seen on Mooday, from 2 till 6; price $12,500. A FIRST CLAM HOUSE FOE SALE.?THREE atories. full cellar, 12 Inch walls; 25 feet 6 Inches wide; gas, water closets, bath, ohandellers complete; second ave nue, near Eighty-second street; $9,600. Mr. NBAP1E, 241 Bast Eighty-second street, near Sgpond avenue. A BARGAIN?I HAVE FOR SALE THE CHEAPEST Corner on Second avenue, splendid four story House, stable and carriage house on rear of lot. Elegant elore property. FT J. McBVILY, 862 Third avenue. A TWENTY-ONE YEAR LEASE OF TWO LOTS IN Sixty-fourth street, near Third avenue, will be sold cheap for oash, or will exchange for a top wagon and har nesa. T. J. MoEVILY, 868 Third avenue. A CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT.?I HAVE FOR SALE 100x110 feet on Third avenue, northeast corner Seven tieth street; no rock; level grade: will be sold cheap and term* made to suit. T. J. MoKVILY, 882 Third av. J^TJicEViLVS UP .TOYjTN REAL ESTATE OFFICE, 861 Third avenue. bardBps can be had of store prop erty on Flist, Second, ThirdTEIghth and Ninth avenues, In cluding enrnera, and of private dwellings on the avenues and streets above Thirtieth street, at prioei from $6,000 to $120,000; Also of Lota on ail the atresia and avenues, in cluding Third and Fifth avenue lota. Central Park and Boulevard, Yorkvtlto and Hariem. T. J. MoKVILY. 86$ Third avenue. HtMMB. B. O. KDWAED8', fl$ FOURTH AVENUE, ?A. betweee Twe nty-srcon d and Twenty-third streets, and 76 Third avenue, near Twelfth street. Stamping and Em broidery, Initials and Monograms for handkerchiefs, table Unen and bed clothes. Ladles' and Babies' Linen ready mmRp or to order. A* A BARGAIN-ONE OF THE BEST BUILT THREE etory basement and eellar high atoop Houses in liar, lem, la complete order, having all the modern improve ments. Including gas flxtures, furnace. Ac. Can be bought for $10,000 and the terms of payment made to suit; must be sold. JOSEPH MoOUIKE, 110 Nassau street. A FIVE STORY HOUSE, WITH STORE, FULL SIZED lot, on Second avenue, below Thirtieth street, for sale by JOSEPH MoQUIRE, 110 Nassau street. Attention.?a young married man is desie one of establishing himself In some regular business; real setato preferred. Owners of property will find. greatly to their advantage, as well aa probable benefit an honest and trustworthy Person, by addressing for an Interview, H. C. H.. Herald office. N. S.?First etnas references given. AN 84 TEARS' LEASE FOR SALE.?FORTY-EIGHTH street, between Fifth and Sixth aveuues. just west.of eentre of block, 36x100, south side. Apply to B. H. PUSDY, 847 'Broadway. T A SACRIFICE.?A SPLENDID COTTAGE, FILLED In with brick, containing 9 room*, gas, Croloo water. range, all In floe repair. For particulars apply on the prera _ i yu| laea. 111th street, fourth house from Fuurth avenue, Harlem. ALLBN A BROWN. REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND JONATHAN W. ALLEN, AUCTIONEERS, JOSIAH W. BROWN. 96 Broadway, Would respectfully call the attention of parties desiring to Khase real estate to examluc their list of Houses aud also list of Store Property and LoU on the Central Park. good West BARGAIN.?FOR SALE, A VERT NEAT BRICK front House (three stories. 11 rooms), with full Lot and street, only 15,740. Apply to JOHN F. DoYLE, 86 est Fortieth street. A? HARLEM. TWO MODERN FINISHED HOUSES, ? complete; $7,000 each ; payments accommodating. Also floe House, full front, French roof, every improvement; two LoU. with Carriage House. Apply on premises, 116th street, next Fifth avenue. N EXCELLENTLY BCILT THREE STORY AND I basement high stoop brick. Ilonse for sale, near Broad way, on Forty-third street: price $16,750. could readily be aold for $18,000 by expending $500 in painting. Further par ~ iR BROTHERS A BEL " ticulurs with POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No 3 Pine street. A OOOD INTBSTMBNT.?FOR SALE, WITH IMMEDt A ata possasslon. the first class three story high stoop Mown stone [louse, with four Lou, on avenue A and Hist I street; house built In the very best manner; all modern im nu; price for the whole, which te very che^H provemeau; price for the whole, which le very cheap. ^IyBRY HANDSOMB HOUSE TOE ?ALS'-IN A CBN ?1 Uml In sells i, 10x56x100, in beautiful seder; ezoellent W^^n^^ELLAMT, NslHseA A I HOUSE FOR BALK?148 FIFTY-THIRD between Broadway and Klghth avenue; this la I J\. ateaat, e flue neighborhood. and fine improvements now going on: lot Ml; house 19x48; high stoop/three stones, base meet and sub-oellar; price $14.iwQ; terms to suit; sup and see It; cheapest property In the city. A LA ROE BUILDING ON THE WEST 8IDR, WITH for storage; oapselty - A steam hoisting apparatus, suitable for storage; capae 1,000 hales; Lease, Building, Including Btsem Apparatus, I sale. JOSEPH MASON, 30 Pine street A THREE STORY BROWN STONB HOUSB, 15X50. A eear Park avenue, Bast Thirty-sixth street, for sale at| a bargain. D. D. ORRF.LL, 78 Cedar street. I Am first class THREE STORY and basement ? * ft. front brick House, in Fortieth street, near Park avenue; $3.(4* per annum. ^^?bIcUKATII A GRADY. 94 Nlnih avenue, m A^mn blboant rouB story dwelling, in boor. ? man place, $33,000. and three story brick and hrowo ?? wa ....... A SPLENDID NEW THREE STORT BRICK HOUSE Jx far sale, la Harlem; good location; immediate posseim Hon. 8. A. SPENCER. 381 Grand street. 1 AMT REDUCED PRICES ?SEVERAL HOUSES, IN flood localities, must bo sold this week. Apply Imme diately to ISAaC HON to, IS Pine street, room No. A SPLENDID DESIRABLE STORE ON TnB THIRD ?avenue Mr sale on accommodating terms, with early LhFREDERIC A. PKmTrSKN, Arehilect, No. SIS Pine street. Am SUBSTANTIAL THREE STORT AND HIGH BASF. ? ment House, in the most desirable part of the Ninth ward, for sale by FRED. A. PETERSEN, Architect. No. ?H Pine street. Bond street property for sale or lbasb The valuable Houae and I-oi M Bond street, on the norl CHOFTwSCZe!? AW4' * 0,r"*r? "K"Br M' CJ*#r wU BOULKTARD AND WATER LOT Bmhtr thiol ? *-?? "oulb aides Low*Ib53 nVWniJiTL.*!? Sr 1">"> "cone; also ^4tll7Smt%k!/sS& Twelfth avenue and 31 W wllll or WHHolil tills vralar p^ki ?n frrtn low. Apply to Onu ERNST,fffcma JT TOO* INVESTMENT-TWO SPLENDID TRNFtlRV X1 Houeea, In Kaat Forty arventh sir"! J.t2t\2LFS vcar Jir^M this week both wU he M,iVT, Ism, Half em remain. T. J. MbTvily. For Sale?fi^ht clash thhkb story atti, and basement brick Mouse. 14 Waverto nl ? i four two story and attlo br ek llnu<? and Louises ? and $7 Hubert 811-001. corner of Or eon w *h? sC'rlLV^ * story brisk Hooee* and I^te. 800. .vis. KM and tog tlraeawvs StresL Inqnlrs at HARDMAM A 0?HORN'k Uj ,r.7<no ?. rR SALE-THE TWO AND A HALF STORT brick Dwelling Honse. No. 25S Weal Nineteenth street Void number); lot 30x70. House in complete order, with Improvements. Lowest price $11.ISM Inquire on the prfl? XjtOR RALR-ON 1SSTH STREET. RRTWRKN 11 XT X and seveoth avenaee, e brick House aad biahte. wn Ml lata running Urough to l$4th street W. H. KaYNgK, No. S Pine street I DOR RALB-A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HALF _J Kngtlsb basement llouae. excellently blcli by dsve* work, situate on Forty-second ?tree.; lowest pries fdktMl) POTTER BROTHKK8 A HKLf.AM V Vn .1 p,?4 si CITY KBAL EMTATK BOB BALE. JIOR SAI.K-A TWO STORY AND ATTIO AND BX leiisiou Collage House ?hJ three Lou of grouud. ikt u ted <>a Hickory street, uear Broadway. Ninth ward of Brooklyu, witulu half an hour of lUo ferry by home cere, wli on uaaa within a few feel of the houee. houaa oumplete Iv (ill d in with brtok, nearly new, and taoauon unexoeptton ali I , prce Bo U00 Apply to P. b. SMITH. New York Weakly ~ " street New York, or on the corner or oilli., No. 11 Krauklin street New York, or on the corner i P.ilmeim street and Bush wink areolae, Brooklyn, E D.; take East Maw York eern. Ft OK SALE?A PIR8T CLASH HOUSE ON LEXINGTON avenue, a four story Brown Stone. $38,099. One on Forty-eighth street $16,000. A furnished House on Thirty ^ccou^r*lJ?l8jO^OthMe I n^? $20.0U^^^M?L DYE A CURTISS, SIM Sixth avenue. IROB 8 A LB?A BEAUTIFUL COTTAOB HOUSE AND f Lot at Harlem; all the modern Improvements. Inquire of S. B. KBNYON, corner of Third avenue had ISlat atreet. FOB 8ALB?TO PHYSICIANS?A SPLENDID CORNER House In one of the finest localities In the city; a three story high stoop basement and auhceUsr brick House; eon ulna au the modern improvements, and la In good order through out; just the spot for a physician, for further par ticular! Inquire of A. KNOWLTON, southeast aornsr of Pulton and Portland avenues Fob balb-northwbst cobnbb op broadway and Eighteenth street, with buildings thereon; 108 feet on Broadway and 104 ou Eighteenth street. WM. H. WEST, a Veeey atreet FOB 8ALB?SPLENDID POUR STORY BROWN stone Honee, In perfect order, on West Party seventh street; also other desirable Houses Apply to BARER a CO., Broadway, corner of West Forty-filth street. POB SALE?on 1?TH 8TRHET. BKTWKBBI SBVBNTH and Eighth avenues a Cottage House and four'Lotaof Ground, with Carriage House, Ac. For sale at a &**?*'$>? Por farther Information apply to J. BOMAlN BRoWN, 1,079 Broadway. Fob sale-high stoop pour stobt b*own alone House, on Forty-seventh street, between Fifth end Sixth avenues; house first class, well built, all modern 1m proremenU and In good order; location unexceptional)Is Address C? box 4,319 Post office. FOR BALE?FOUR STORY BROWN 8TONE ENGLISH basement House No. 201 Twenty-second street, oornor Seventh arenus, furnished or unfurnished, In good order. Apply to WM. KKNNBLLY, 14 Pine street. JpOR RALE?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, OR _ io let furnished for three years, the handsome three story House No. 181 West Twenty-sixth street. Good loca tion' Apply to WM. KKNNBLLY, 14 Pine street. Fob sale?a three story high stoop house, In West Eleventh street: 20x40xiu0, In perfect order, recently papered ami painted throughout. HUBERT MAULAY, 77 Cedar etreet. thME STORY AND BASKMFnt FOR SALE?AT AVENUE A AND 117TH STREET, first class neighborhood, one brick House, brown stone stoop, three stories, basement and oounter cellar; house 21x40, lot 29x100; nrtck stable In rear; in splendid condition. ?. _i_. ? $io 900. 117th FOR SALE-PLOT OF GROUND, 45K. 47 FIRST street, near Second avenue, size 36V front by 70 feet deep; will be sold tor ||10.fi00. Apply to FANNING, 225 Bowery. JJ*OR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE _ first-class new brown stone, high stoop dwelling house, with all the latest improvements, 117East Forty-sixth street. 926JJU0. FOB SALE?PROPERTY 283 MOTT STREET, RUN ntng through to 278 aud 276 Mulberry, near Houston street. Inquire of JOHN A. MCLAUGHLIN, 338 East Thirteenth street. FOR 8ALB?TWO NEW PHILADELPHIA BRICK front Houses, 23x42x100, built tn the most substantial manner, and completed In the very finest style; three story, basement and cellar, with all the modern conveniences; on 124th street, near Sixth avenue. Price very low, $15,000 eaoh. Apply to APPLEBY A HELME, 153 Water atreet, ooruer of Pine. For sale?in west thirty-sixth street, bb twean Broadway and Seventh avenue, a neat three story high stoop House. $10,000. R. H. IIINE, 461 Sixth avenue. For sale?on sixteenth street, near place very cheap, a full sized House. Apply-to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. S Pine street. pOR SALE?IN SEVENTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN a. Fifth and Sixth avenues, e four story House; in fine order; full slxe; high stoop. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. S Pine street. litOR SALE?ON THIRTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR I1 Ninth avenue, a three story high stoop brick House, 9e.lM4ftxW.9; $13 000. WIT 8. JENNINGS, 111 Broadway, Trinity Building Prim $49,899. KINO A CO., No. 9 West Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. I ttiOR 8ALR-A ?**? Hue; m^rolSprovemenU,S'in B^adway. pOR BALE-IN JANE STREET, NBAR. HUDSON, A three story high stoop and hakement brick House, with Carpets. Oilcloths. Lace Curtains, Window Shades and ChmidcUeri^lAaoa Apply to W. B. WALDRON A CO. 192 West Pwty-sixth atreet pOR SALE?A THREE BTOBY_ HIGH 8TOOF BRICK _ House and Lot. with narlor Carpets, Oilcloths, Chan deliers and Gas Fixtures; full site Lot. If not sold by the uaL, l J way. FOR SALE-HOUSE30 WEST THIRTY-PIPTH STREET; high stoop; 20 foot front. Apply to R. J. THORNK, 58 Wall street pOK SALE-FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT _ House, with all moderu improvements, in good order; lot 20 by half the block. Terms moderate. For particulars and permits apply at*72 West Forty-first street, near Broad way. FOB SALE.?THE ADVERTISER SOLICITS SIX others to unite with him in purchasing seven cottages on 119th street (price $5,000), between Third end Fourth ave nues, on the House Savings Bank plan; also two Cottages in Thirty-seventh street. Inquire el 387>4 Fourth avenue. pOR SALE?THE SPLENDID FOUR. STORY HOU8R end stau'e. on the southwest corner of Madison avenue and Thirty-fourth etreet: one of the finest houses tn the city. The elegant new first class four story brown stone House 34 West Forty-fifth street. The flue four story brown ~ West ----- - - stone House 88 West Forty-third street The three story brown stone House 137 West Thirty-sixth street All are otfered on favorable terms. 8. W. BENEDICT. Nos. 4 and 9 Pine etreet For sale-a new three story cottage House. Inquire of Col. L. HART, Third avenue, near Eighty-tlurd street For salb?the three story and basbment Brick House end Lot 129 Best Twenty-first etreet near Third avenue; gas and fixtures, hot and cold water, ends very desirable location; will be sold |al a bargain. Apply to J08EPH KIEKNAN, 92 Court street near AUanttc, Brooklyn. F? R SALE?N 08. 90 AND 109 CROSBT STREET, NEAR IPrinee StnL W. H WOOD. ? Wall street. S^MR SALE?AN ELEGANTLY FINISHED. FIRST ^?aas brown Mom iroet IhUhm la Forty-eighth street WKween Fifth and tilth arenuea: ala# a One Hoaaa ta West I Twenty-ninth street, prtoa $9?,000; alao nauroua Iloiiaaa -?"?'VV&$S 2V m na East Forty-flfth street,fear MTtnk,MM Thlrty-eerenth ? treat, Pre atory Int elaaa Ten em gala. BROWNE A McLRAN. 1 Third ? f?)B BALE-THREE 9TORT HIOH STOOF BROWN atone front Houae, la Twenty-allth atreet, batwaan Sixth and Seventh avenues: alao throe story high atoop Houae, In and Ninth aranuaa Ap Fifty-flrat atreat, batwaan Klghth and Ninth aranuaa. Ap ply to M. LITTMAN. 199 Broadway, room No. 8, 1 P. M. ? or SALE?ON EAST TWENTIETH STREET. A ? throe atory high atoop brlok. $19,000: on Bast Thirtieth atreat a three atory high sloop brick. glMH; oa Boat Thir F ty-flfth street, throelHiHHMBHIHHIBB^^^H BROWNE A MoLEAN, Oil Third arenas. F ?or SALE CHEAP?BRICK HOUSE IP EA8T EIGHTT ? Saranih street, batwooa Third and Fourth arennaa; all por balk oHlXt-flHEmD ob oimni. F pished, lha magnlDoant strictly $111 due House No. $ ^^^?had, the magnlDoant stnottr On* Ness House Ha t Weat Twenty aaoond street. Srst boaee from Broadway. fins street - - Appdyyt" SALE LOW-ON BAST TERNS, TWO 8UPR ^^?or brown atone front Houses. medium atae, luat fin ? PoaSeaeion (Iran Uth April. DeolraMe looetion. ^7to JAMES O'KANB. owner 19* Naeaeu street, from tfffj dock. pOR SALE VEST OHEAP. '****&>? . Salary h. a brown atone houae IS Weet 49th at .990,000 I atory h. A brown atone houae $M at., near Broad way, now, with carpet# 17.901 WADDBLL A ARMSTRONG, II Ptee atreat F ?OR BALK in FOCRTBENTH STREET, NEAR THE ? Academy of Muelc?A eplendld 4 atory high atoop ?wn atone House, 94x40, Int KM, with attic, beeement and ^?voellar: all modern Improrementa and la iictlltgLgd|[: only $7 000 down, b* lanoe on mortgage. DOLMAN A HILL. 1,904 Broadway, corner tfth^^H F?h R SALE OR TO LET-THRRR STORT HIOH RTOOP brown atone Houae, 140 East fifty-third street, between Third and Lei ">^n^j?*"!V^gl^0IMn^rpn^MOA r.M PHYFE, 19 Waal thlrte?n*h atreat. FMOR BALK OB JtBNT?A Srl'RRIOR POUR BTORT ? high stoop browK 0??ne Ho$e?, 9bi$0ilU0: furniture If Fr; ^n.atina,. IJHHSEB FOR BALE?A FIN0T CLASS FOUR BTORT n att-hetoop Brown Stone <m forty-eighth street, near Sixth at rery low prlee; a Ibfra atorr Brown Stone au Forty Srei atroet near second arenas, fll.OOO; a three eaery Hrlc* en Right eon th atroet, near Fonrih avenue, pa 000; a owes atory high atoop Brown Stone, with four Lota, on nrwnwe A and 191 ?? street, verr pheep.on easy term*: a siilamBd Frame Hduee. elate roof, on MM atroet. eta Lou. Stable. A*. * reaeonaaie prlee. PartlPOtora with 8. BMBKRSOM. 481 Eighth avenue. ROUSES FOR ShLKV-BY URMT a COPLAND, 410 Fourth avenue. \ 29th at, near Lexingtonnr.. ? H1R.00O 1.1*4 Id av.. M v v 12SU} 3d at., (ornrr i.iM>rclt, three H*tees. far ell 19000 IM Weal KU'h it ... 14.000 SS*:. ?l . user l.i-xnig|r>n ar *. 18,0110 90th it., near 4tli av jp 18 800 4(ltli <i , near Park ar 91.000 Lanegt in ir? near Wth it 97,000 IF NOLI) TIIIN WEEK $7,000 WILL PURCHASE TWO I I innrr |,nt., 127th SUVt anil Eighth afentie, ready fur bmidlng: iptt 'i'ii t Ineit on. level gumml, no rock. $9*1 naif M$uiro* dawn: rest on mot (gage A. P NEWER RET, l? Broadway. Vi t?*MT 'UtL-FtTurr CLASS fouii NT?>f?P.RRi?WN i',? etimp iTouitr,elegantly fafOMibr " wonld be i '"'*r ''"Pnt within nil hour Of H I ?tr? ?t ?wup ne i then In pan i, ' Part payment. W. p. SEYMOUR. 171 Biaadwvar. CITY UAL EIT4TI fO> ULB. VfUKBAT HILL -FOR 8A.Lt FIRST CLA88 FOUR JYI story brown alone House. S7I Lexington ereuue, be tween Tlnrtyaeveuu, end Thirty-eighth He?U1 full slse end to Iho owner.H ROAK, Mo. 3 Pino street to HOMEB BO"" "- ?? PHBRTTT BROWN ST OMR HIGH STOOP HOUSE, MBAB | Oeatra] I ark, $13,003. Two aloe three story frame in Yirtvllle, 37,Ml sack. Chaioe of other property. HUBBKT A PATTTSOM. an Broadway, between Bond end Grout Joneo atresia. SMERTHAT BLBOANT AMD YBBY OOMPLEIR RB8I ? deuce, with Are noree of Uwm m WOlb street with Hud eon river front, to be eold AorU W by ANTHONY J. BbKKOXKS.tisdttaosor. Mnpeeud particulars nt 77 Coder ?Ireet. S' IXTH AYBNTTB LOTS FOR 8ALB?SOOTHE ASTBRLY corner of Forty-eighth street end 81nh nrenue; very ssnBOLm* ba"b 4 OO., Broadway, TENEMENT PROPKBTT BOLD AT A 8ACBIFI0B If applied for Immediately to R. H. OIBBON8 A OO:. MS Broome street N. B ?We ere not nonnested In any manner with any other oHo* In this oily. FRANCIS OIBBONS. ROBERT H. GIBBONS. fTHREK HOUSBS IN THIRD ATBNITR FOB BALB? ,%ttiiiBE?,Sgr -*1 TH11RBE HOCSB8 FOB 8ALB?ON 108TIJ STREET. nesr Third srenne; three story end basement end eellar; ell modern Improvements; filled In with brick: terms I easy; no afoot Med apply. Inquire for Mr. KKKCH, on 8' TH AVENUE.?FOB BALE, THR SOUTHWEST COR. 1 ner of Thirty-seventh street and Eighth avenue. Apply to M. L1TTMAN, 191 Broadway, room No. 6, at 1 P. K. 1 QTH ST.. MBTWKKN IRVING PLACE AND THIRD lO avenue..... $23U03 Sid St., between 8th and 9th avs 38,000 Lexington av., between 38th and 29th sts 37,000 Lexington av.. between Md and 34th sts 30.009 filth st., between 3d and 3d avs 18,000 78th at., between 4th end Madison avs 33.000 Five Houses on 6th st., corner of North 4th st. Williams burg. Apply to BIGBLOW A BERNARD. 14 Pine street OJTHSTREET.-FOB SALE, ATHREE STORY BRICK sUT House In Twenty-fourth street, nesr Madison ave nue. with early possession. Apply to MULLBR, WILKIN8 A CO.. No. 7 Pine street I?9 Qfin -FOR SALE; A GREAT BAROAIN: U>a?.OUV/. three full Lots and a frame House, fenoed anil graded, on 131st street, between Eleventh and Twellth avenues, and near tbe Hudson River Railroad depot at Man hattanville. Apply at 38 UDiversity place. $4 600 ?A8H BUT A TWO 8T0Br AND d'T.ui'v basement House, contulnlm; ten rooms, in a good neighborhood. Inquire or T. McUUINKSS, 382 East Fifty-flftn street or No. 4 First street. $5 000 ^rrLt, BUY A NICB THREB "TORY frame House In Thirty-seventh street be tween Ninth and Tenth svenues: full lot of ground. Terms esse. T. J. McEViLY, 8S2 Third avenue. $8,200 WILL BUY A THREE 8TORY BASEMENT and cellar brick House and Lot, having water, gas. Ac., situated In Seventh street near avenue D; only $2,700 cash required. JOSETH McGUIRE, 116 Nassau street fllft ^nn 'FILL BUY A NEAT THREE 8TORY AND wO.uUU high stoop House In East Sixtv-second street; $4.91)0 may remain on mortgage: possession May 1; If not ?old before the lfith will tie rented. * T. J. MoSVILY, 852 Third avenue. $8 500 ~EA8^8EVE:NT.n STREET, EAST OF AVE ww.vw. nue D, brick Dwelling House for sale. To rent also, at $1,200. 0. W. SIMMONS, Jr , 90 Broadway. db-ll nnn ?FOB SALE, A THREE STORY AND basement brick House on Forty-sixth street between Sixth and Seventh avenues. WM. S. JENNINGS, 111 Brosdwsy, Trinity Building, bisement. ?Jill nnn for A THREE story high stoop Opll.'A'U brown stone House, modern Improvements, fine location. Also one tor $9,000. 8. F. IRELAND, 301 Broadway. $15,500 htoh^toopBrY A NKW THBEB . House, stone front. Forty-eighth street near Eighth avenue. ROBERT H. OOFF, 77 Cedar street $92 500 FP,?IflSBBD 0B. *20'000 UNPURNI8R ed. brown stone high stoop House, 20x60, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, near Forty-eighth street; I, $38,1" " another in Forty-asvanth street furnished, $28,600: fine new brown atone Housto la Forty-firth atreet and several on Murray Hill and vicinity, offered low W. r. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. BROOHLYI REAL ESTATE FOR BALK. A ?FOR SALE?H A, BALTIC 8TRBJ OUT FURNITURE, <1 OUSE AND LOT NO. 9 WEST IT, BROOKLYN. WITH OR WITH N VERY REASONABLE TBRMS. t HANDSOMELY I A in Brooklyn; all) der; location good: nes price $16,090 Addresj URNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE? sodern Improvements; In perfect or r to ears and ferries; payments easy; X. Y., owner. Herald otDoe. Ami elegant thhee story high stoop brown atone House, with four full lota, elegantly laid out: plenty of fruit and shake trees: lotsfiUi3U0 feet; bouse 32x51, three rooms deep on every fioor; every Improvement hoi and oold water In every room ; halls and rooms all frseooed; fine two story stable, five stalls, harness and coachman's room; all Improvements h*W; bast location on Washington I avenue; an Immediate sola at a sacrifice. Permits and full ? vtrutiv. as AS MHuiniiMitD eawNiNewiiiiur. (Vioiiw biih iisu particulars of B. OATK8 A CO., W Fulton av., Brooklyn, A HOUSE FOR 8ALE J>R TO LET, WITH NICE OAR. den, stable, Ac., in lrooklyn, half hour's ride from ferry. Apply to O. NOBIE, corner Broadway and Gates avenue, Brooklyn, or 13 Bwclay street New York. A RARE CHANCE -FIR SALE. TWO TWO AND A A half story basement and sub-cellar frame House*, I filled In with brick end bull in the beet manaer, containing 13 moms and 8 padtries, wth all the modern Improvements and sower connections, hdog two of the six now building on Houston street betweerjMyrtle and Wllloughby avanucs, i Brooklyn, first street east of Washington avenue. Price $5,600. Terms to suit A|ply to T. J. EDWARDS, builder, on the premises. RARE CHANCE pFFERBD.?FOR SALE, IN Brooklyn, on the a uwieast corner of Carlton and Wil. * y avenues, one of Ibe elegant block of brown stone louses, three storie| basement and cellar$honse 31.6x 45 feet; lot 100; all modem Improvements. Convenient to I)e Kalb and Myrtle aven'J car routes to Fulton ferry. Price $16 800, part on hond and hortgage. Apply on the premises to THOMAS FAOAN. f loughby i front M ^ FEW DK9IRABLF. tOUSES IN LKFFBRTS, DEAN, Oxford, Carlton and Atlantic streets fur Ml* on hit terms. FREI| A. PETERSEN. Architect, No. 6)? Pine street. First place-to (lose an estate.-an ble gant brown stone ftnt House, with sil Improresnents end In perfect order. I Abed Isle possession. A burg tin of fered. U. B. KNEDICT A CO., SI Pine street. fOR SALE?THE ATTENTION Or CAPITALISTS PAR Uoufariy requeaied.Three splendid three story brick Stores on Fulton a oorner. 63 feel on Pulton avenne end IS6 feet on side sirs t; new brick stable In the reer; fine locality for business, a 1 rapidly Improrlnc. For further KNOWLTON sontbeeet corner of particulars Inquire of A Portland end Fulton ae^iuee. opposite the old stand. fB OR 8ALB-1M SOt PM OXFORD STREET. ADJOIN Ins the residence i f Re*. Mr. Cuyler, overlooking the so called Brooklyn Helots, end mmmanding a flne *lew of the bey end New York harbor, a Wo story, attic and base " at reams House, wtfh one or Wo extra leu of around, juMfully terraced otrtyard In iSont. built by day* work in As moat substantial meaner by he present owner, filled to to peak wKh brim; contain* at the modern lraprove mente; location unsurpassed, betWn two hnaa of earn running to all the ferries. Far aarh of aitmlaalna to *tew the shore premises apply to A. KNOVLToN south asm nor nor of Fa Hoe and Pertlaad avennae.ippaaita the old stand. r)R SALB-IM BROOKLYN, rooter, fsur er fire of Ihoas mia r and trim as teas, and with all the mfiarn lmpi niianrnks. irtfteh dome, haatrne. range. bath, dar donate, est wad tubs. An Terms easy. Ioculre at thdaildtaaa, to Bat gen street, between Smith end Hoyt street* rook Ivn For salb-a new two story tousB and four Lots, on Qrors street, near Buahwichranue. Brooklyn; price $4,100-. mortgage, if desired. kitchen extension, good cellar, gas and iter. Alas a new , wuh f House adjoining, ten rooms, with four Lh; ?? aa abort. |10B SALE?IN BROOKLYN, A COTtoB. CONTAIN tog seven rooms. and altchan; daasktlr located; t? lota of ground; a choice collection of pes Hp d sherry trees. If sold within four days can be bougbdH casta. For particulars imv to FOSTER A Batata Broken, No, 8 Sands street. Brookl PdPTTiZir froRT OMEN PLAd 4 flMT ?class three sunt high stoop heacmentld euWoellar brown etone front House: contains all the morn Improve ^?nts, and In splendid order throughout: locthn first elasa U very desirable to erer* respect. Sold 00I1A aooouat of f death of the owner. Will be sold forfilli ?Wr par corner or run ?un* Bcoaly: ?alts to slew the ahere apply te A. R Not of Fulton mad Fortlam id avenues, opto* the old JNOB SALE-TWO LOTH IN CHURCH I1 Hamilton arenus, Brooklyn. Terms easy .Inquire < owner, SB West Twenty-fourth street. New To m Fob salb-a brick kiln and build^s, and

Safgers for name. In Hunter's Point. El. | adapted for a pipe manufacturer. Inquln of C. HU8S, Wenpolcl avenue, neer station house to Oreenpoint. IJtOR SALE?A CHOICE LOT IN CTrRBt HILL T Cemetery. Apply to J. fl. DCFF, MS W* street, New York. IJtOR SALE?THE FIRST CLASS THRBB P attle brown atone House SI South Ninth l_.J Second and Third streets, Brooklyn, within tferi ? - residence of Wll well arranged, b? sr by the owner for bla oeotraa ana mini streets, nrooi walk of the ferrlea, being the I Esq.; the house te SB by 1? feet, 1 tahed In the very best manner by and la In complete order throughout, lot M by MB ft; im mediate possession aan be had. For tickets to see IMmt Ues and further partlcnlars apply to E. H. LuDLOWyco., frtodt No. I Fine street, New York. Ps SALE?IN BROOKLYN, AN KLBOANT Fl finished Residence, on Amity street. Prlee $9 ' numerous Houeee and Lota. vaMottMy l(**ted in, Nea%>rk pnd Brooklyn. W. R. TODD d T-lOR BALK?A BEAUTIFUL COTTAtM f Williamsburg, three rooma deep, two full L? stable, terms to suit; possession Immediately the premises, IQB South Ninth street, or MW WALKER. W? Broadway. N.1OR SALI-AT 41 WTCKOFF STREET, BROOKL' K a three story brown stone Houss, 31x44; lot (fix hot and oold water bath: brtcX stable ou Warren str resrt Price filUMO. For carta apply to OBO. HUSSRT.T Willi**" " ?? | L'OR S- LH?THE VALUABLE STORK PROPERTY r the ?v ttheaat corner of Bridge street Bud Myrtle fine Brreki*"- ?" K7.RA BaLDWiN. Ilfi Myi ......... roMta. ? Dufneld street. av.mue, ? svOR SALE? I T*? "TOBY AND ATTIC AND KX F tan a* on CoStaea House and three Lots of ground, sit tialed on Hiekor* 1m. "*?*? "?*' Bmadw.y, Ninth ward W Hroohtan wtthlnhalf a n hour ferry by hOTae ours, ly filled In With brick, near whlchjam wbhoj. , . nt(r ^ , ,^,p sole or&S6?g?n?n?V "? ?*'?*H. New Y?'k Weekly a?te. prawjam Apptr WF.. Vm. ynr\oron the corner often. An II t'raukfort street. ~T ? "" _~'auSfi n F n of I'aliorito-t.-eelsnd Heebwwk ? eenit?_ Brooklyn. B, D.. take K?.t New Yuen ears. * w"rth BIWOKLYM RfcA V fW liM. IjX)R BALE IN BROOK.''**7* Vi?RV.DM?,U,UI r ihr^e story brick Hotn^ T? .$* . b*pro*? menu. Stable, carriage huuae V ^ ?^?r buUdiaf., alto Large yard and flower garden. ?k "'?W*" JACOB ?A KPB- * Mrmi. r)B SALE IM BROOKLYN, E. Kg* THRBK ?torv basement, froat Kid oountorv<*'l?* n?^ four Mo rim, rear, tan bedroom*, with all modern ^Improrenoerit*, I>n Le* avenue, near WUeon ilf??t;ill*oetWik** etooe, Fmak roof, ell modern improve mania. < FOR 8ALB IM BOOTH BROOKLYN?ON8 OF TUB two three story Frenoh roof end brown *A"?e front Heneea on Henry etreet. oppoelte First plaee. ooovwtlent to churches, railroad* end ferries, looking into the Jieautl ful gardens in the neighborhood, with a eouthern defect; looking toward* the Pro*peel Perk, the Uyr ami adjacent ?horn*, the rlew 1* truly maghlllcent. The Housee to# finished in the beet manner; walnut stairs and all ijO modern improvement*. Apply to M. DIXON, on the preen* lae*. Term* very easy. Fob bale or to let?a laroe pour rtort brick Factory on Bond street and Oowantu Canal, hav ing an engine of the capacity of 1M> horse power, and steam of the capacity of 430 borne power; dock frontage of ISO feet; water, gee and sewer connection*. Inquire of D. 8. VOQRBKKSETal hi* carpenter's shop, corner Court and Melson street*; or In the evening at hit realdeaee, 196 Presl deai etreet, Brooklyn. CTOB BALE OB TO LKT-64 FIRST PLACE. BROOK E lyn, high stoop brown atone front four story ead base ment French roof bouse; alia of lot, ttxlSSK feet; site of house, UxM feet; new ead first class in every respect, in cluding every modern improvement Inquire of D. S. VOORHEK8E, at his carpenter's shop, corner of Court and Melson street; or In the evening at his residence, 195 Presi dent street POR bale OB TO LET, WITH IMMEDIATB pos session, on Bedford avenue, between WUloughby and De Kalb eve., a new 3 story basement end sub-ceiler brick end brown atone Honed, 30x40 feet with high stoon, balco nies iron railing: vestibule doors, marble floors, cellars con creted, plastered and whitewashed, being built since April 1, 1800, for the owner, under supervision of n eity architect, with gas and fixtures, marble wash basins In chambers, and statuary, marble mantels, heaters, end hot and cold water throughout kitchen fl r, end bath room leld|end wainscot ted with black walnut and ash, containing twelve rooms end fourteen closets end wardrobes, end three trash tubs, Ac.; twenty minutes' ride to well street ferry; price $12,000; only $3,000 required; balance by Instalments till $6,000 can remain for twenty years; or win rent to a small family of undoubted responsibility (and none others need apply) for $1,200. Inquire of the owner, M. J. BYRNE. 100 Maiden lane, N. Y., or at Tompkins avenue, corner of Willougbby avenue, Brooklyn, or on the premises. POR SALB OR TO LEASE?A PLOT OF OROUND near the Grand end Houston street ferries. Williams burg, having a water front of 100 feet, and extending to Wa ter etreet (about eleven lots); a desirable location for busi ness pur|Mses. Apply to JAMES M. WATERRURY, No. 2 South Second street. Williamsburg. POR SALF. OR REMT-A VERY DESIRABLE DWELL ing on Clinton street, Brooklyn, be-ween Harrison and Decraw; has all the modern Improvements, billiard room, butler's pantry, heth, water closets, Ac.; twelve rooms, and Is In perfect order throughout. Address box 2,891 l'ost office, Mew York. _ WATER FRONT OM EAST RIVER FOR 8ALE OR lease.?The Block of Ground, foot of Oak street, Hrooklyn, formerly occupied for shipyard, with Bulkheads oomplete. Water draft enough for largest vessels. Apply on the premises to E. F. WILLIAMS. (fcfrnn DOWN AND $180 QUARTERLY FOR A CON tjVJl/V/ viiuient snd genteel two etnrv and basement frame and !<nek House, with full lot. In pl'easantest part of Ninth street, Hrooklyn, second house west of Fourth avenue, twenty minutes from ferries, eight rooms, garden in front. A. S. NEWBERRY, 1?2 Broadway. ?/I Ann -FOR SALE, THREE 8TORY BRICK ?T.UUU. Housee, S2, M and 66 South Sixth street, Brooklyn, E. D., ncsr ferrv. Terms easy. P. B. AMORT. 78 Cedar street. ?A 7*A -A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE qpU* I JU. In A del phi street, near Fulton avenue, for sale. JAMES E. WHEELER, 111 Broadway. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. AFARM.-ONE OF THE FINEST FARMS IM WEST eheeter county. SK utiles from Bye, New Haven Rail road; good house, barn. Ac.; 187 acres; plenty of fruit; well watered, overlooking the Sound; price $22,500. Apply tol). C. IIAVlLiAND. IK Chatham square. A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. WITH AN acre of Ground, at Rath, I,. L. near the beach; one hour from the city; e few rods from railroad atatlou. Price $7,000. Title perfect. Cere leave Greenwood 9 and 11:30 A. M. and 3 and 5 P. X. Inquire of conductor for Mrs. BELL A FARM, 75 ACRES. NEAR NEW BRUNSWICK; good buildings, highly cultivated, with atock and im plements, at a bargain; pnoe $15,000; will exchange. D. D. ORBELL, 78 Cedar street. At plainfield, n. J.?a number of FINE Farms and Village Residences for sale at low prices. Apply to R. F. HARRIOTT, 14 Pine street, or HARRIOT. VAIL a CO., at PlalnHeld. Office oppodte the depot. A?FOR BALE. A FARM OF 36 ACRES; BIX OF ? heavy timber, two barns, in splendid order; good house, Ac. It can't be best; three miles east of Tarrytown. one mile from depot on Harlem Railroad; the beat piece or its slxe tn the country. Inquire of 8. BMBER80N, 421 Eighth avenue. ALABGB NUMBER OF HOUSES, COTTAOB8, Farms, Country Seats, Building Sues, Water Fronts and Lota, in Mott Haven, North New York, Morrlsanla, West Xorriaanla, Falrmount, Pordbam, oo Central avenue. West chaste*, West Farms, Yonkers and White Plains, for sale. Inquire at JOHN M. BECKS. Reel Estate Agency, Boston road, third block north of tba iron bridge, Mott Haven. A NICE NEW COTTAGE?BIX ROOMS, BARN AMD Xm. outbuildings; 2W acres of Land; fruit abundant, at Nanuet depot, Rockland oounty, 28 miles from Mew York. Price $1,899. Other cheap places. WThTmELICI, 421 Broadway. AM BARGAIN, AT YONKER8.-A FINE DOUBLE House, In splendid order; river view, near depot;to| acres; fruit, shade, carriage bouse, Ac.; $90,000. AppiyH JAMES YOUMaNS. ? r to AT ELIZABETH, A MEW AND COMPLETE FIRST class House, in best locality: lot 100x160; gas and water. Apply to W. B. JOHNSON, 76 Dunne street. AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOL SALE?AT CLIF ton. Stolen Island, containing about 10 acres of lend, and abounding with the choloest rruita, flowers and orna mental shrubbery; with greenhouse, stables. Ac.; the house le handsomely furnished and baa hot and cold water through out; ft le about five minutes' w.ilk from the Clifton landing. Apply to Mr. HENRY O. HARRISON. Architect, 61 Well street, New York. Attention of capitalists or speculators le called to ten scree of Ground, beautiful ly laid out, together with the valuable Improvements, mansion, conser vatory, carriage house, stable. Ac., situated at Fort Wash, lngtoo, about seventy blacks from Central Park. Views of Hndaon river end surrounding country lor 30 miles untur passed. POSTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine A^HT IRVINGTON, ON THE HUDSON.?FOR 8ALE. A ? nice Gothic Cottage, 13 rooms, handsomely papers) and painted; to perfect order throughout, one acre ol nice land, fruit, shrubbery and shade trees in abundance; flue view of the rlrer; carriage house and stable; a rare chance In this choice location; immediate possession siren. 8. EMBEB8QN, 431 Eighth arenue. AM VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR H sale?Immediate possession, at Flshktil Landing, at a bargain; about 10acres; food improrements; extra fruit, floe grapery; everything desirable. Particulars with 8. B.MBgRdON, 431 Eighth arenue. A FINE FARE FOR BALE-IMMEDIATE PO-SE8 A sion?contaimns 181 acres of good land: good buildings, abnndaace of cbotosfrnil. Locatadwithta IX mile of White Plates, and joining the County Fair Grounds. Thiols a eehy desirable farm, au is offered loss to einea aa aetata. Par ttcelase spth ?? MMBBR8QN. Eighth areaee. AM SPLENDID FARM FOB BALE-IN ORANGE I eounty, wtthta six tellae of flsstwa ?? fining 818 ^M^^^oo^nd^bua^noeo^ruU^rs^ralersd. Urge ^BoOTTAO^EglDENCE-TElf BOOM8, IN BPLEN-I ?jOH^^^PLA^^^poelt^our^Kus^Hndeon City. I AM COTTAOE RESIDENCE?TEN ROOMS. IN >MM ? did condition, water sad gas, large garden, with sbund anoe of fruit and flowers; cars to all tan ferries; price one half of which can rematn on mortgage Housi AM BARQAIN.-A large and well finikhrd 1 two story stt'o and faaeemont Dwelling, with full Lot. ^^^MitoMl the ferries; price $8408, $2,680 of which can ftftfT, opposite Csnrt Houss. Hudson City A HANDSOME FARM OF 188 ACRES, AT FOUOB A keepele, X of a mil# water front, * miles u nobstructed rlew, frutA shsds aad ornamental trees la abundance; Tins yard of LOW bearing rises; 48 seres te wood, balaaoe nnder cultlration; MgMMMBaSSMMMMA^BM^H^ta ?old far lood bonse, barns, earrings, Icehouse, Ac.; wall main road* running through the fern; flit C rains and OB ease terms. " llTY. FITCH, No. S Fart place, New York.H TTSoUNTRI PLACE FOR BALE?NINE MILES FROM A City Hall New fort, la Melrose, near steam teg horse A T^ABTINOS. FRONTING ON THE HCDBON, FINE A modern Remdeeoe and oat buildings. Ore acres choice Sag"- iaS? 1 tfBT BlSltiii.! OOCNTET SEAT FOR UU 4wasssaiaM?^*x>?. ^ >? IRELAND . ?1 Broadway. ???Jmac-~ .... A T OYSTER BAT. ONI MILE 80CTB OF YILLAOB A Of Farmlagdale, for mie. twenty Acres <>e the Farming, dale read, wltff honsa. stable and barn; will exchange for ?^tiir.RiaBryBLL.s,. AM GOOD FARM OF 118 ACRES?IN CLOHTRR. B.J. ? (one hour from Now York), lorsale. Ptioe $12 (WO Im mediate posoeselon. JAMB8K. WHF.KLER, 111 Broadway. A FBW MORE ROtlSBB, LOTS AND FABMlTpOR A sale or exchange; one In Hamilton street. Newark, N. JT two In Grand street, Williamsburg. Ac store wasted, for cash or hire. THOS. OAFFNEY, Auetioaeer, M Eighth J BEAUTIFUL RESIDRNCt IN SOOTH EBEGEB i assess Jersey City or Hohoken fhrrtes by home earn: price $U,MJ. W. T. L^flBEB, 71 Morray street. At WHITE PLAINS, WB8TCHESTER COUNTY? A House, harm end nine acres. w. H. WOOD. 81 Wall Street A DESIRABLE PROPERTY FOR BALE OE TO A lease, st Bell Port, L. 1., well calculated tor a hotel, i boarding house, school or country scat; 14 acres of good lend. Urge Honee, quantity of outbuildings: the boase filled; good rwehstM, plenty of small froit good water, shade trees; ocean and bay bathing, flahing. shooting and sailing; a very healthy, coneenlenl and pleasant location. Inqaire of JOHNwON A HIGOINB, 4? Wall a treat, or of TROd BELL, on the premises. BEAUTIFUL HOUSE?at LOTS, ONE HOUR FROM .South ferry, fd.ixsi; choice |n??, near Bushwlok bottle sard, $384 to $329. City sod country property wanted. _ _ JAQUKA, HOB Broadway. , T21I8INBB8 FROPKRTY-ONF-HALF CASH: MORT 11 gage for fire years; a new hrlcfc Building, three story, .Wiforeei. flore and 14 commodious Rooms; water and If an Plumber's shop, painter's shop and stable on re?r. X u Ms 160 lest Rest location for aay hind of huslneea la HiMSonCltr JOHS M IM.atT. ooubalta I'ourt llouae AAndeeu'CM*. COWHf EBAL MWVATU WOWL IAUB. T9KROKN HEIGHTS PROPERTY.-A GENTEEL KB8L JJ dance. in a select neighborhood; convenient to earsjtwo Ur? lota, carriage houie. Ac.; $4J09. J""* B. PLa'tt, opposite Court Heuee, Hudaou City. X>KROEN HEIGHTS PROPERTY?$3,600, ONE HAL* 13 onah, will purchase n new two atory and bnaement Home, 8 room*, situated on an improved street, commend to* beautiful views of oily and boy. JOHN H. PLATT, oppoaite Court Homo, Hndaoa City. RROOKLAWN VILLA, EAST MORRIBANIA.?THIS 13 efcarming Country Kasldenee, with five aeraa at ground, to now offered for ante; large home. eseelloDt stdhle; plenty of fruit; pWoo $26.000. JOSEPH MASON, It Pine treel. pOrifTET RESIDENCE POB BALE-VERY CHEAP. \J with two earn of land, fruit and ehede treoa; on the f>T?' bank, above Tarrytown; on high ground; a good brick borne, M rooms, carriage home, Ac. The views of the Hud eon and ?wounding country uaaorpaeaed. B. BMBBBBoV. ai Eighth avenue. pOUMTBY RESIDENCES POB SALE OB TO LET?Off the tanks of the Hudaoo. at almoat every etatPin on the line of the Hudson Biver Railroad between this city and Albany. Partknlare with S. RMBBBSON, 421 Eighth av. boat landing. 8. IRELAND. 101 Broadway. COUNTRY SEAT AT ORANGE POB 8ALK.?BEAUTI fully eituated on the elope of the mountain, sit acre*, lawn and garden: fine manaion and outbuildings; price with Pnrnlturo. $26,000. ROBERT H. GOFF. 77 Cedar ? treat. COUNTRY HEAT AT NYACK POR SALE OR TO LET.? Two beoutlfal French roof houiet, U room?: all mod ern Improvement*. Inquire of J. V. ONDKRDONK, Symk, Na I . Elizabeth, n. j.-a two story and attic frame Houae. nine rooms; pleasant location, convenient to depot; also two or three Rooms, suitable for one coupte. A. P. WAO NEB, 806 Broadway. Farms and residences for salb.-per.sons desirous to purchase Parma. Residences, Mil! Sites or Steam Mill, in tne vicinity Of Hackensack. RngU-wood, ar throughout Bergen county, from $1,000 to $80,1)00. will d* well to call on J. PELDMAN A CO., Real Estate Agents. Hackensack, N. J., as we have any quantity of property on hand. For sale?a very desirable country rehi dence, 40x80 feet, 11 rootns; barn. 40x30 feet; 9 33.100 acres of land, with U0 fruit trees; situated In Clinton, 1J? miles from Newark, and 10 minutes' walk from horse care. Price $14,500. Apply to ISAAC MIX A SON 5MH Broadway, N. Y-. or GREEN A CO., 199 Railroad avenue, Newark, FOR SALE-ONE LOT ON MORRIS CANAL. AT Paterson, New Jersey; seventy-five feet on Canal, seventy five feet on Marshall street, and one hundred and ninety feet deep, with ooal shed seventy feet by forty feet, with dwelling bouse, barn and euble; a very desirable place for coal yard or any other business. Also, the Property on Jersey street, now occupied by the works of the Pxterson Gas Light Company; the lot is one hundred feet front and rear, and two hundred feet deep, on whb h are one building thirty feet by twenty feer, one thiriy feet by one hundred feet, one' twenty five feet by twenty feet, and one twenty feet bv sixteen feet, all of one a lory high and built In the most substantial manner; suitable for machine shop, foundry, forge, or any other manufacturing business; tne premises are situated within five minutes' walk of the Erie Railway Company's depot For further particulars apply to C. J. WESTERVELT, Pre sident, or JOHN DREW, Superintendent, on the premises, Paterson, N. J. I* rum SALE?at bloom field, n. j.. a farm of ' 98 acres, near depot; buildings, fruit. Ac.; situated high and dry: will be sold clieap to close the estate of Natb. Colt, deceased. Terms easy. Also, at Orange, N . J., new House, with modern improvements. 13 rooms,large lot; three min utes' watk from depot. Prloe $8,000. Apply to B. R. COIT, Bloomfield, N. J. For sale?at Hudson city, eioht minutes by cars from Hoboken ferry, a handsome Cottage House of seven rooms, with cellar and wash room. In the beat neigh borhood on the hill; situated on Hoerum street, half block from Palisade avenue. Price $4,000; cash $2 500. Take West Hoboken cars at Hoboken ferry and get off at top of bilL Inquire of HENRY EVKRsoN, on the premises. (OR SALE? Fc Within one hour's ride of the ferry, on the New York and Erie Railroad. 80 acres of the farm of the subscriber, to gether or in plots of from 5 to 10 acres, suitaole for building sites, within 10 minutes of the depot; positively free from fever and ague and mosquitoes; neighborhood unsurpassed for health, beauty and convenience. Price from $176 to $250 per acre; half can remain on mortgage. Business men will find this location unsurpassed. Apply to QEO. HUGHES A CO., 198and 900 Church street, N. Y. FOR 8ALE?ON RARITAN BAY, NEAB KEYPORT, 1% hours from Now York by steamboat, a large, new and beautiful Cottage, with barn and garden; fine bathing, fishing and rides A photograph of houae eon be aeon at W. BKMANS' office, 78 Cedar street. e FOR SALE?a FARM OF 65 ACRES, 16 OF IT WOOD ton#; good houae and outbuildings; two small orchards; spring water by the door; two miles east of Hastings Depot, Hudson River Railroad. Apply to WABBEH 8. WILCEY, 99 Spruce street, from 10 A. Mi to 19 M. CIOR SALE?A VKRY LABOR HOUSE, ON THE EABT X1 river, with a few acre* of land; splendid sliuet'on. with a large water front and dock, suitable for a summer hotel; veiy easy of access by railway or steamboat Apply to A. SKBQfcANT, 91 Wall street TTIOR SALE?COTTAGE; 99 LOTS; GOOD OUTBUILD 1 lags and all kiads of fruit; 6H miles above Central Park, in Westchester oounty; near the depot of steam and home oars; the place will show for Itself. If not sold before the 96th of April will be let. None but principals need apply. J. CALL AG BAN. Seventieth street, near Tklrd avenue. OB SALE?PRIG? JSjWO EACH, TWO NICE COT 8 rooms; fun lots; 16 minutes by horse oars to or Hoboken. Inquire on premises ef AN DREW Cottage place, west ef rive Corners, Hudson Jersey City McLean, City, N. J. Br SALE?AT WILLIAM8BRIDGK. WESTCHE3 M tor, a nice Cottage, with over one acre fine land, fruit I trees, Ac. The houseTs on the bilL ten minutes' walk from F?i trees, _ dtpol; distance from New York, by Harlem Railroad, Kof an hour; will be sold cheap. Inquire nt Dr. Giles' ig store, corner of Sixth avenue and Thirteenth street. ipOR SALE?A LARGE COTTAGE. SITUATED IN A X1 good locality for a boarding house. In Mamaroneck, Westchester county, with three acree of good Land attached; it to five minutes' walk from tke depot. Address Chaa. M. Kayter, 936 Centre street, New York. For sale?at city island, one hour bail by John Romer. pier 34 East river, every Monday. Wed nesday and Saturday at SW P. M., a beautiful Cottage, hand somely furnished; ground 100 by 10U. nicely laid out. near the water; bath house, sail boat. All wilt be sold cheap for cash, aa the owner to going to Europe. Inquire in the store atdhe landing. For sale-a w acre fruit and dairy farm end extensive buildings, near eteamboet lending, end Measis. As tor, Buttcrbeld end Pell'e pieces, on line of West Riiore Reilroed; Improvements worth the money. Terms to ?ult tbe purcheser. WUI excbenge for city property. In quire of J. D. JKkSEY 299 Eighth avenue. J^OR_ SALE?AT TARRYTOWN, WITHIN ONE MILE of the depot, e fine House: sixteen rooms; three acres of good lend; ell kinds of trait; hendsome grore; elegent river end intend vlsws: gardener's cottage, carriage bouse tot neon of* and suble; must be seen to be epp reels ted; has nolUn is fered before fer sale. Apply only to 8. EMBEK80N, 421 Eighth avenue. IVOR 8ALE-IN ASTORIA. L. I., PLEA8ANTLY LO H est id, 16 minutes from lending, et which steamboat touches nine times daily ea-h way, a beautiful Residence, half acre of ground, surrounded by ornamental trees, shrubbery end dowers: alao a greet abundance ef all kinds of trait, peaebee, pears, cherries, grapes, strawberries, biscsberries, gooseberries, curranu, Ac. The house la newly ?borsr*. CAi-rtsjw bouse, cow house, hennery. Ac. 1MB everything wwl oeicnleted for a comfortable reeideoee, which awt be seen is be appreciated. Its them who wish to purshaae vnoh this la e ram chases. Apply to 0. H. RYNO, 37 LVMI RALE?AT PA *8AIO, K. J.?A OOTTAOE. CON F.J&2Z2 T5M ?*?ards?sstawa Greenwich ati set. 1iH)R 8 ALB, AT PL A INFIELD, N. J.?AN ELKOANT I new French roof House, II rooms, with modern eeth veatenees, finished In part with walnat; near depot; sur rounded by first claas improvements; one acre handsomely laid out is lawn and fruit; fine stable end carnage house. ?on the premises. Address 8. T. Varian. i JVOR BALK?IN MOUNT VERNON, WE8TCR ESTER ? rounty, a handsome Reeidenoa, with half an acre of ground I apply MO. W. 8NB ADEN, MK Bowery. IVOR SALE-A pMQUBLt RESIDENCE, IN THE I* village ef Tenure; lane hoqgg. with furniture; all m village of TinTmirianM houj Mi with (ornitu^^M Ihs taodert Improvements, stable, gardener's house. PB hvusa ailed with cboteeU flowers; hat end ooW graperies: del views; about two seres -oft land, frail and ornamental trees thru be. Ac. Atoo fbr sale! a beanUfni Bnildlng si-* of sS'Hf&fvffir&'ir' F?"wV-"? TTIOR 8ALR?AT 81 NO 8IN0, ON TER HUDSON, A JP splendid Farm of about twenty scree. Farm bouse, borne, Ac.; fifteen minutes' walk from the railroad sad DOS a,I.K-X SUBSTANTIAL SBIOS Sl'ILDINO, JP with frame Futldfdf StMehed, containing engine, boiler, ehhfltng. die.; cbetnleel appDBMM. Ac-, suitable fbr a chemi cal euaefaetonr or other fbetorfpvppaee, together with a stable sad tea tats of ground, on port of Which" t la hull I, all ettoatad en Ferry street, at the jtMiN of Newark even am Hoboken, N. J., about five mltmlee" walk from tbe forty. Apply M ALBERT BPEYER8, 11 Naassu street, N. Y. IHve fBM mien 100* walk ON THE HUDSON, AT WASH, nine mltae from City Hall, a abort and adfetnlag the Boulevard, Ave ^MMBBBBBBHndeon River Railroad station. House ?t, stylish, tn complete order, with all modern an prove ?ita, gna, bath, closets, Ac. Rubles, ooaehbenae, Ac . of the beet demrtptien. The ground* comprise abont twenty city lota, beautifully laid out, and covered with forest, fruit I and ornamental trace. The site la one of the beet on the east bank of the Hudson, end oommanda a view of the river several miles tn estenL This la an opportunity that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^rachntcest situations In ealdem eHsse m secure one of ttaMWHi^l favorite locality. House, grounds end everything in wiaiK'feif3CT?sSr ? FVOR BALE-a FLBABANT COUNTRY REhlDBNCl ? the village of Hempstead. Long Island, SO miles I New York, a good two etary House, with ten rooms, 1 Wagee House. Ac., all la good order, with live acme of 1 exieUeat lend, two grape arbors ever 89 feet long, ooverad wtth the ehateset vines; apple*, pease, cherries, currants, raspberries An The location is perfectly healthy. Ftvn trains dally to New York. Price $6,001. Inquire ef & MERRILL A SONS, 166 Water street?* nw York, eref .J.T. lit on the ||N)R 8ALB-ON BERGEN HEIGHTS, HUDSON CITT, r the beauUful brtak Residence, on the brow ef Bergen Heights, with all modern Improvements, view of tbe Jar and Narrows; ten minute* to ferry: SMJoi. ^HiniOAS ALDRIDOE, Hudannt city i F? B 8ALB?AT MADISON. H. J., A ORNTBEL RES I denes, near depot Add rem Home, Herald efflo*. t?OR BALR-A FINISHED RESIDENCE, WITH ABOtT I* ..three seres, near depot, at Chatham. N. J. Address A Y.. Herald ofllce. ItOR SALE?AT IIABTINHS-ON-HUDSON, A BMAL1 6 Piece, containing about two sores of good land, will cottage, well shaded wtth forest tree*; exofteat water am plenty of choice fruit. For particulars apply at M Atlantl street, Brooklyn. F ORSALM-DNB OF THE FINBHT RESIDENCES ON Ststen Island, about two miles from landing 1 garden er's loilge, stabtaa, outhouses Me house, Ae. i the gardene abound In tbe choicest fruit*. Apply to J. A. FlcARD, room No IL 99 E tehangs else*, between IssJif. M. COCITOTIUUl* MTAT1 fO? ?A?J. FOB 8ALB?IITBIUi COUNTRY BOUSES, WTt? uVcn of ground eaeh, within ooo hours ride of Iho city by imU. in u ?WT gl-iant location. Apply to T. W. Strom, room Wo.?. ?$ Broadway, H. T. FOB SALB ATFLUSHIBO. L. I.-A TBBT DB8IRABLB double frame Hoase, filled la with brlok; beautlfuBy situated oa bteh ground; perfectly healthy; twelve roomot on two lota, % root by 1?Tseven mlauleo1 watt from rutt road iipot Apply torARiOH8 A WABD, 79 Cedar it rs SALB IB MOBBIflAM I A?A HANDSOMEOPT tage, with eight arty Lota of Ground. oarvUca houee. frultaofall kinde, with the Furniture If**?*! IST*?"*? any Uaaa. For parUeulam apply to M. DOUGHTY, ana Uouoar, 7$ Nassau atraot FOB SALB OB BXOHAiBOB?Alf ELBOANT OOTTB try Seat of 9 acres, near depot, at Plashing; laap sssirs-'isss SKSKur;^srw."sa ro. msndlngefir* viewof tha rivur and naoualalna; houao bah Si tha modern improvements; about M acres; suitable ewj bu tidings. Picture of hooaa at DBRKICICAON 4 BART LKTtT* Bookman streak / rB SALB OB TO LB!?A rufcHISHBP HOUSB II* CUftoo, Statoa Island-, a lama House, with ?* Land. stable and outhouses, la perfect order, situated ? Pennsylvania avenue, within Are minutes walk from land Injoan bo either bought on liberal terms or term of years to a joodleoosw. Apply to OTTO- AMD BKAB, 18 Park place. sarrcrrjt^r.'iss^P TjlOB SALB. OR TO LET-*A 8 PLE N DID RB 8 TP EN OB, r with two acres, oa tbo water, the perfection of beantp and convenience; heated with ateam; no otty house mora comfortable', acceaaible at oil houre by bo* ts and oara, lean than three quarters of an hour from city Hall. If n0' soou will be to let, furnished, at 86,000 per year. Apply to Mr. Shaw, 68 Broadway, room No. A Fob sale or to let?in the villaqb op bt ack. a three store brick House, with stable; lot OdilOB Apply to THKODOKB BQ63, 80 Front stteef. For balk or to lbt-furnishkd, at row Lee a snug Cottage, 1>4 aorea of land, stable and esr riage house abundaooeof truit. nearthe steamboat landing. Apply to J. A. KKNYOS. 88 Waaaau street. ?71 OR BAM? OR RBfrr-PLRA8AWT^^alPKWOB^OM r Ornton river. 63 inlles from New York by Harlem niU* square. FOR SALB OR TO RENT, PARTIALLY /jt,r, a vnrv neat Oottase, five minutes walk *rou Kacto^rlUe lanJngfSt*ten Island. Apply from 8 to 11 * 154 East Twoniy third street. T*. OROKRN FOR SALB, A THREE STORY H0U8B H for $7,000, one three story for $8,500. one ""J!? ft*' ftX) one three story tenement, 17 rooms* for $4,OUO. two ?,??? and Dwelling. $8,000, beside* others. Throe Htorv and cellar corner Store to-let. Also Hudson Olty Lrets. ?46(1 to SI 000* also corners on Hackedsack plank road, near VfionSdTw to $800; terms easy; will accompany any P**^JAME8 8. DUN LOP, 75 Washington street, Hobokea. -r-vm-Ri FOR SALE?ONE OF THE" BEST LOOATB? H suramerHotels ontheAtlsnttc ceast Forhealthma S'SSssSw 5^ sfflssJStWftshznr. ,T.s.?'??t2 Wl and railroad. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW. No. S Ptod street ?? UDSON CITY PROPERTY, ON BKROKN UBIQHTIk for aale. A chinoe seldom offered. A line suburban RpfiiHpnM two story attic and busemeut, shrubbery, grape. ?d tSSSSiSSUSrit Class location, near horse car. IB ferries; bLIEA J. OBAVK8. Hudson City. N. J. PTTY FURNISHED HOUSE. EXCHAWOB bnS'house, unriirntah^ go^ lo^lo^ln^r York, rimjjj $8,000 dlfferaaoa. Apply to J. POST. ? Jlonigomiry nnn, Jersey City. ? ?v-rww nnmHTON 8TAPLKTOE. YABDBRBILM N Lading. Orange. Newark. Palerson. New Monraotoh, Astoria. Mount Vernon, FortLaa, BnH s Fsny. ,][, ffSSSJi end HYPm^WBKBk. < and 5 Pint to. TA^S?>mMPhia?^ stobi? itoe views'modTnrit of all kladai splendid fsrOen. hrto c^a^bborhood; ^0%^^ ^tS2?JY P, .k Mil .aims with BDl nd buildings, Jootosd about Price SAf-r. ~ss^?j%5?^&"acK,sja office. - r c^LwSA? s STSW AdSwto F?Slisaw. Herald ooioo. . V'SffiS^SSU'S"S!*. rl^SSSftbSStis ^SiSSSTiJS-' sras? s?t!f jbwbr satS^^sS HSsiffa $17,000; $10,000 can rematn on bond and [? SS2SLW'^V!SS. lo^ LOCKWOoJ^t Ehurohstrnst, M. T- Or wil tot for three year, at $8.00$ a WMHITE8TOKE.-THREK ADJOIMINQ COUNTRY RB stdeoees for onto or to let on Whltestene arenaA Flushing, L. I. Apply to Or. B. 8. HOUGHTON, on the premises! or to LAWRKNOX A FOULXX, 111 Broadway, LONG ISLAND, ? MI LBS kill Umber; lop front, good largo honor, born and MaMo; wring water, large orchai^JoOtngood gnnniag. Apply to J. H. HULL, A OltA FARMS ABO COONTBT fif,iLr?i,-R.T=;??!rs A. SBBaRAMT, ? WoB i K7t. $5 200 ^^?utoa from depot, brtok Cottage, wren rooms; ?? Frooeh ri*lmmMMiHMninw|Mta ts and water. Corner painted walla, Preach windows; marble mantels, walnnt doors; gas agd water. Corner plot, TtalM; garden of fruit; | H. WBBT. m Totay ?treat. CLAM ?TO nnn -obratsacbificx-jfir-it ciL.UUU. ffouaaA jost flntafeod; erory lmprorameet.M Sim; location sploodtd. adjacentBBB Fork, Warren, between Carlton. VanderbUt wwm MOBBOW, m C arils O distrust. B. T. #1/1 AAA ONLY FOB A MO ACER FARM IB fl4.UUU Queans eonnty; a Insgn. aiegant dwotUag house, fanner's bonoA three bona and all aeeaasary ant buddings; plenty of frntt; Mali by loeation; three miles A. FBTRBBSN, Bp |fcf Floe ettaed. ss.dod lsx?LmJ~%. MasMtKs ittgs.'grars; Iductlun of fruits, nrsUbtOA ptnn, grmlas. hleeha. of aB ^^^aaf)ran| hnndreds win go daring the nrn oread aad see the owner, C. B. i Bonss, earner ef opting and Oi ashy ^?MoS^rONDBItrUL DI8COVKRT.-TRKTH BB X*!SS?FtJ#^tA?raa8S UmkAAt TILLBR&. Ml Omad treat, near Broadway. LB* 35Bfi?E32PGSs HaSgDdi with nitrons oifas sas Tsoth ihor at FAB tLECR'8, 170 Btith ?OBACTIFUL BRTttor ARTIFICIAL TR?TH ON Rig. |^||?^?ES LTON DBNTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGIN ATRD TUB anmsthstls nan of nttrnno on da gaA administer it in noetapvrowd method, do oothHi"b?tSttract Tooth. at the oSlce, It Cooper T?*th, ?0 11,090 Mltontsl#aUfj. the NARCOTIC RFRdf. One Da||ar (?g th FIFTT Centd for enth Stllllmfc >* "