Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1867 Page 3
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THE STATE CAPITAL. shoal ammmta m u cm ilAAXT, April t, MOT. vra Qnonm^ vrtin er Crow-Tow* Railroad, \? it ta now dabbed, ra taken up mJ eonsidtred to * proloagattoo of the seesloa after the aiuai boar at adjournment to-day and pii|iMll to m third reading, if th? lobbyist* will not try t rep*, tition of tha shabby tuck they attempted to ptagr what the bill wis snpp^MBd to bo aU right s little while ago, Ihoy may count, upon the suooeee of their plnas. Is Ihc*. they osor^gg repeat the triek, for the members of the "rtag" '^ve now got the bill " In chancery "?other wise Map in the third reading?la which position cat either "let up" or kill It. If tha lobby tats wtB P*0? Atty keep their word this tine they wHl be forgiven *7. toe " ring" for their previous attempted meniiims r>hd their little plans duly forwarded to fruition it .least as for as the "ring" eon contribute to the ftwett flcotion thereof. stsaL rasoaaa or ths bill rsijltiku to too tax oamun BIONKKB. lb# concurrence of the Senate to-day In the Aroembty amendments to the Tax Commissioners' bill hoe Anally disposed of this topic in the Legislature. Use bill as adopted and sent to the Governor declares vacant the offices of the Tax Commissioners in New fork. Shd pro vides that tha Governor shall appoint without daisy throe commissioners, constituting what is designated as tha "Board of Commissioners of Assessments and Taxes in tha City and County of New York," who ahall poM office each for the term of fire years, and each of whom ahall reoelve an annual salary of $5,000, vacancies far any unexpired term to be filled by the Governor. As the Governor will undoubtedly sign ths Mil, there tt St length an and to tha acrimonious controversy on this subtest THS STAT* CONVntmONS NEXT WEDNESDAY. It is rumored that the Legislature will adjourn over Wednesday nest, the day on which the State Conven tions ?a to be held at Albany and Symeaoa respec tively. raw YORK LEGISLATURE. Senate. BILLS HBFORTSD FAVOUABLT. Prohibiting the opening of telegrams by persons other than those to whom tbo some ore addressed. Incorporating the National Telegraph Association. To organise the Ulster County Agricultural Society hate a stock company. The Assembly amendments to the bill relative to taxes and assessments in New York were concurred in, on mo tion of Mr. Lent. The amendments provide that imme diately after the passage of the bill the Governor shall appoint three Tax Commissioners, to.bold olflce for five years, at a salary of $5,000. BILLS PA.-8BD. Authorizing the Hartford Accident Insurance Company to effect life Insurance. To facilitate the payment of Uses by railroad com panies. Authorizing the city of Brooklyn to borrow $28,412 for sanitary and other purposes. Relative to securing the right or way for railroads, authorizing the same when $10,000 per mile shall pAve been subscribed and ten per cent paid Id Authorizing the Long Island Railroad Company to In crease their capital stock. Amending the charter of the village of Pulaski. Changing the name of the Benovolent Dramatic and Musical Association of New York. Extending the Jurisdiction of the Surrogate's Court. Amending the set for the better protection in the pert of New York. Mr. Godaxd reported favorably the Rochester Armory Mil. The bill authorizing the Governor to appoint throe commissioners to represent the claims or the State against the general government for the expenses incurred In the organisation, equipment, subsistence and transfer of troops was read and passed. i bills urrnonrccD. Mr. T. Murphy Introduced a bill amending the charter of the Adrlatio Insurance Company. Mr. E. Council introduced a bill Incorporating the Motional Savtnis Bank of Buffalo. BILTS ORDERED TO TH1BD READING. ^Rcapiropriating $30,000 for the armory In Rochester. Incorporating the National Nrfe Deposit Company. Authorizing the construction of a railroad an tha Albany and Schenectady turnpike. Incorporating the Staten Island Athensenm. The Monrleama School bill Authorising the Institution for the Savings of Her chants' Clerks to change its place of business. Requiring receivers of insurance and trust ooaapanlee to make annual and other statements Authorizing life Insurance companies to make special deposits. Adjourned until Monday evening. Albaht. April8, 1887. The Senate amendments ton large number of Mil* wars concurred la m nrrn.T ant. Alter the traaeacuon of other biisiosm Ike House treat Into Committee ot tbe Whole on ibe Anneal Snpply MIL Fiagices wan repotted on the bill, and it wan mads tbe apeetal order for Monday morning. On motion of Mr. Tiwomatmo tbe time of adjournment are* extended indefinitely lor the aalce of taxing up gen ran csocmowa raiummd. Mr. VAananarnu moved to go into committee of tbe whole on the Croaatown Railroad bill. Motion carried bv a vote of 81 to 20. Tbe bill wae then considered in committee of the whole and ordered to a third leading. The bill to mere etc the ealartca of State prison was aleo ordered to a third reading. Adjourned to Monday morning at ten o'clock. WESTCHESTEB INTELLIGENCE. Msamio or ran Board or Trfstkss, Mosrisaku.? The regular meeting of the Board of Town Trustees wae held at tbe town ball, Morrisaaia, on Wednesday even ing. Immediately following tbe opening of tbe pro ceeding* William Caldwell was re-elected president by acclamation. Tbe treasurer's report for tbe paet near was submitted. It contains some ver Interesting statistics and will probably be p(' ltsbed at an early day. Motions were m1? relating to ordinances respecting tbe Hoggin aide walks on various streets in the town. V ordered that residents on William street, from J0*?" road to Spring street, bo at oace notified to hr* portion ol sidewalk promptly attended to. 'bumper of tbe res dente on Boston rood and Klflli V0?' **, also ordered to receive Intimation on tbe v*'? 9U;"ef' A sUtement presented by Mr. M J. l^K?? *? , ? affect that nemeroai com plain is bad lief ra.? . .t'','? ro. ardliig the unlawful obstruction of v?*. ? # i Haven by certain signboards was, onm(*'OD' r#rorrv<1 to the Street Commissioner. Popsd Drowvsd. ?On Friday alernoon, while a German named dplelberger and wUr" w,re picking up drift-wood aloqg ti^Kaat river shore In tbe neighborhood of Port Morrta dl9C vered the dead body of* man lying en tbe ?l ?n0? communl anted tbe tact to Coroner T *- Oliver, of Morrieanla, who aromotlv proceeded to (/? pMce accompanied by his ?p"y, B Mclroy. An Inquort was eubee auentlv held ani a >erdict returned in accordance , with tbe evtderce. The deceased bad evidently been la tbe water .or a considerable length of lime, and, although tbe tody sat In a rapid atat" of decomposition, thorn was o? mark apparent to indicate that violence had been o?d. He wee about thirty-five years of age, fair camitexion and ratber well dressed, having on a Meek |pM coat underneath a dark sack overcoat, and a Hcbt pit slouoh bat. The only clue to ble probable identvv was a small pocket edition of tbe new teetamcnt and tome camel hair pancila found In tbe pocket of bis on* The testament bad written In pencil on the fiy totf, William MoOormwk, 1.280 Atlantic avenue, Brook If* Aiwtid BmoiAnr?A Nuw Dodo a?The dwelling ? -? n gentleman named Dunsmoru, on tbe Boston an tw^tthaven, wan forcibly entered at an early hour nat yet bam turning by an individual whose name baa ??dent, wag prerontMd, and who, owing to a lucky In Aecalogue which commahl?**1""* Uukl P?rtlon ?r lb? While "going through" the ?hoa ***" ?** ,w?1-" ??rtnna to stumble over t Is bad tbe mis ?fMnst a card table conto^'* which threw ?w otbe, ornaments, upsetting it *ti"JT parous glass ""*1 SlU, ?!!n?U"r HunsmoW " loua JSSL'wSk . suspecting that all *uV ~?i ? '*S "*? w'm ? loaded revolver, pr? crneb. In^Mnirs In the direction Indicated by the who had bean 1*11 be suddenly encountered a person ostensibly for Obtaining the house tbe preced?rday Mght of Mr. Dunamfivrpoee of hiring il On satcbing that "discretion wae ??? ruffian, probably concluding Instant "tmcka," fmw. batter part of valor," made Which, however, struck uridl<LA shot from tbe revolver, A JooinrrOnAnuo m TnornjL?AVkr Moreeau was arrested yesterday n CarmaosvlTA named officer of the Thirty-second precinct polloa end brought before Justice Lent, at ibe Ponce Court, Tremont, charged with having stolen a quantity of window fasten ings, Ac , from the premises of Charles W. Bathgate, Fordham. A portion of tbe stolen property having been found on bis person at tbe time of arrest, which wae duly Identified, was considered sufficient [wool to war rant bis being seat to tbe county Jail at Whits Plains for A Danossots Iaup. ?Wblla the Albany express train waa whirling past the Ford bam depot yesterday after ?oaf a young man named Thomas Slower, retailing In the latter village, leaped off tbe car and struck against the boundary railing and sustained several Injuries of a notions character, wbicb, however, are not of a snfl ftcatly dangerous character to bo considered falsi. He had mistaken tbe expreaa for tbe accommodation train. Fmaon Suoornw Mnos at Tbswowt. ?Tasterday after ansa a targe number af Urn Wsetchester county sports mt togethar m a Bald adjoining the Harlem Railroad, ? ?hurt distance from Tremoat, for the purpose of witaesrtag a pigeon shooting match which came off between young Joe Harrison and tbe vetoraa marks i?i lil lUnii wfch mm mn ihtq wm onesr im ?m* anew * tft* >w? BaHoBm taM la favO^rf Harrison by one btrd-ths utmost rrihmsnl miiilil ??if ~T?? wb? entered | *???>?!.- utrti of the aflhir with an unusual amount of ^S^^Bos oVthe windy nature of the weather a great ?AsalofdiniceHv waa experienced In fptdng the birds to ran, otherwise the shentlag would probably have boon I much better. As soon as the match was concluded a number of sweepstakes were made up, and, as Is cus lomary, wore the canao of much amuaameni. The entire aflhir paased off very pleasantly, and was character insd by the utmost goad reeling as wall as order. HEW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE. Jersey City. Ramucii Cm Coxramoe. ?Th# delegates from the several wants to the Republican Convention met at Cooper Hail on Friday evening for the purpose of nomi nating city officers for the coming election. Captain Frederick Orpin waa elected chairman. An informal ballet was taken for Mayor, when Daniel McLeod re ceived the vote or four wards and James OopsiU received that of the remaining two. Both these gentlemen de clined, even though each In turn received a unanimous vote afterwards. John Ollendorff. D. & Gregory, Jr., and James L. Ogden were also nominated, bnt they de clined. As there seemed to be a want of ooncert among the delegates the Convention adjourned to last evening, after appointing n committee of one from each ward to aeleet a candidate for Mayor and report to the Conven tion. At the meeting last evening the committee re ported that they had sneceeded in prevailing on Jaraee Gopeillto accept the nomination for Mayor. He waa unanimously approved of, after which the Convention adjourned. FtM?Two Horsm Bruno to Dura ? At an early hoar on Friday morning a Are waa discovered la the stable* at the corner of Sooth Fourth street and Jersey avenue, which burned so rapidly that the buildings and their contents were almost totally destroyed before the firemen could operate efficiently. Seven horses were in the stables, two of which were burned to jleath and three others severely burned. Officer Walsh was burned about the bead and face in his efforts to rescue the ani mals. The loss to Messrs. Hughes A Keusler reaches $1,190, independent of the building. Hoboken. Labours' Strike it the Morris asd Essex Depot.? On Friday the men employed In unloading the coal cars at the trestle work of the Morris and Essex depot struck for an advance of wages. They demand twenty three cents an hour full time, or thirty cents an hour when employed. From fifty to seventy men from Ho boken and New York proceeded to supply the place of tho strikers yesterday, but the latter loitered around in s menacing attltudo, and Sheriff Mereelles sent a force of deputies to preserve order and protect the men while at work, but no attempt at disturbance was mad*. InroKTAHT Actios or the Liquor Dealers.?On Friday evening n meeting of liquor dealers was held In Bnsche's Hotel, Mr. H. D. Gerdts, president or the association, in the chair. The defeat of the Hudson county Excise bill was celebrated with Jubiloe and ballelujabs, but looking to the peril which their triumph would entail on the community, it was resolved to make some pro vision for defence against the army of New York rowdies who will oesamence to move this day. The first resolution adapted was that no less thsn forty special policemen be pal on every Sunday at the expense of the society, which, with the regular city force of sixteen and the ferry company force of twenty, would make a total of about aeventy-flve men. Another resolution provided thai no liquor stronger than wins or lager shoa.d he sold on Sunday, nor should any bo furnished to policemen while on duty. And the last, and not least sensible, was that sM able-bodied members of the society should havo themselves sworn in aa specials to preserve the peace. Bergea. RxraaucAS Oonvuitiox.?The delegates to thai own Convention met last even lag, Garrett Free land in the obair. The following' nominations ware made:?For Mayor, Dr. Cornell wo; School Saparintendont, Lewis A. Brigbam; i reswore, James M. Newklrk, Abraham F. Nowklrk, Justus Slater and John V. & Vrscland. For Gnoncllmea, First Ward, Joseph W. Ollmore, Jacob Femne and Eleaktm Price; Second Ward, George W. Thorn, William Frost and William Jewell; Third Ward. Garret Van Horn, Applemn A. Woodward and Albert W. Newark. Van Dbab?Yeeterday afternoon n man named John C. Cshtota fail npon the floor of the shop where be ?n employed and almost Instantly expired. He had just re eaaed his labor after taking dinner at bis residence, Ho. 18 Harrison street. He was a married man and was em ployed In the Js*eiry establishment of the. Messrs. Palmer, corner of Oreena and Columbia streets. His bodv was properly taken care of. the oounty physician rendering a certifltate of dsatb from apoplexy. Ikothax TkBATttmrr or a Child.?Mrs. Elisabeth Paltooee, residing at No. Tfl Orange street, wee yesterday eery severely beaten 4 ehUd under Hied eeese i'iisii i nrreetedibr baring ru bercnasdwHShl^bkH or that locality. Thai or that locality. The ebikl bad been Sk York charitable institution fbr adopt!* that the woman arrested punished tre ohild In e manner unwarrantable and riolant. She belied for a beting in the case, RRHomrrnsnce Aoarwt tns Mo**? ATD Essxx Rail, road.?On Thursday aften^0? ? carpenter'a shop and two dwelling houses werroa">*d to tbs ground, the Ore originating from spar* of ? locomotive on tho Morris and Essex Kail road, ?nd 4bout 0 wo?lt sluco an account appeared in the p*AlD of the burnmr of two herns and thedamaffiuK ' two rei,l<l?nces from the same cause. All alonvthe "no ?* lb# ro*J <*oidents have recently discovered s<-ie portions of thair property in tlsaos, and a petition ' b*lad numerously signed by residents of that local'' tor * suppression of the evil. A wire screen over th??r,oke-,UL't< 11 is c'altned. would remedy the evll o Orange a similar petition is going around and . J_?g numerously signed. Tbe effect or those Area on _r^rty in that vicinity is to lower its value. jb-tbittitb Fids. ?About flvo o'clock on Thursday nf jrnoon Ore was discovered In WebT's carpenter shop, S'o. 76 Quarry street, tho rear or which is on Morris and Essex Railroad avenue. Efforts were Immediately made to subdue the flame3, but without avail; and In n few moments the structure was a mass of flamea. Tbe alarm was sounded; but, the scene of the fire being in the sub urbs of the city, tbe flumes had communicated to the surrounding buddings before the arrival of the Fire De partment A stable, also owned by Mr. Weber, in the rear of the cdrpenter shop, was next discovered to be on fire, tbe flames from which reached the dwellings 77 and 70 Quarry street. The four buildings were totally de stroyed, together with most of thotr contents. A valua ble hone beiowring to Mr. Weber was fortunately taken from tbe stable uinarmed The house No. 7* was occu pied by Mr. Weber ss a dwelling, and No. 77 was occu pied by two fam ties named Myer and Cllne. As far as could be aecertainad by our reporter the property was owned bv Mr Wbber, whose lose will probably reach $6,000; partially insured. Tbe Are originated from the spark ot a pasting locomotive. Isjcsmos Dusoltud. ?Several days ago the Morris Canal and Hanltbg Company procured an Injunction re straining Messrs Fagin ft Co., proprietors of the Fasaaic Flouring MtlM Newark, from erecting n cooper shop on the propertyalong which the canal of tbe company now runs. Mesrs >agin recently purchased the ground for the purpoaeto which tbey wore applying tba same. The firm weresomewhat uneasy upon tbe injunction being granted, hey fearing that tba action would inter fere greatly wlk their busln ss. I'pou a bearing of tho case, however,he Chanoelior has dissolved tbe injunc tion, and tbe ection of tbe cooperage will proceed. Wallbs's Oiwa Hocus, Niwark. ? Mr. and Mm Bar ney Williams,the comedians, bsvs been playing to crowded houseslaring tba past week at Wallar'a Opera House. Newark So saccentuI have tbey been that the managers of tk establishment hove renewed their en* gagement for du week. Orasgs. Mounts aruMbx Railroad Acrromrrs.?Owing to tho inereneed importation of coal on the Morris end Eaeex Rnllroedierernl eoetdenta of e minor nature have recently occurfl on that rodd, resulting in detentions of passenger true. A coal train met with en accident at Oranga on Thfeday. which not only interfered with the runelng of aina but resulted In tbe destruction of n bum, which wiflied by tho sparks of a locomotive tv OILCANS KICKS. SPAL TtLEMUi T? THE HEMIL Nnw Onuuss, AprM 8,1M7. 4 mils and auarler moo was ran to-day between the horsee Mollis Attn, Jo. Johnston, St. Patrick and Pink. The former wot he race. Time, 2:10*. A race, mile MUa, waa next run between tbe borate Nell G wynne 110 0 Billy Connor..^ ? 2 3 0 ???rn#-"-k 0 3 2 0 Time,T:q. l ? ;. 0 4 d ft RAILlQAQ pmu mt-. Belfhrn* ? J*",1 L? BoSe' MxmtUM ZZ&ff ?Wlrosd. Belfast ?T""'w ef about only $60.dHt "P*"' exempted the .t?^ ^ ?*?aUeo for tea yea* ?riw"Weft, been eg m ereet at eix per centt thirty yearn IttKW tf A At LAIY AT P|| Lftg, WB. a? named Miss NathanPsrrlsh, committed sateldethhi throwi herself lateTmeSr*82 oddfli ?? hflf oouMtf Ik# i|dh net jg hpt Iaowa THE ST. PATRICK'S DAY RIOT. Cw?to* of tho AMavila Ac?Im6 the Allegrei Rioter*?Recital of tho Proeee41o?*-Th? Preoeat Status. Notwithstanding the ctrrumstnnes that the Incidents la relation to this, charitably speaking, most anforiaoatt affair bare been given fun publicity in so far as the Information obtained on inquiry from police officers and others who were either witnesses ot the circumstance! attending the dateuU or in early communication with tboee present, yet es the legal testimony Involving tb^ parties arrested with a connection therewith has never been fully published, the following copies of the papers and proceedings in this matter are submitted for the In. formation of tbe readers of the Hssatn. It will be recet lected that on the day of the riot Bernard Clarke ahd Thomas Newman were arrested in lUtgrante delicto M alleged, and were, on the following morning, arraigned before Justice Pnandley at tbe Essex Market Police Court. Officers Walsh, Lucas and Com bee, of the Seveanh precinct, appeased as eemplainanU against Clarke, aid .testified that the accused wae engaged In the affray In Grand street, mounted on a white hone, and rode up and down flourishing a sabre, with which he dealt Mown indiscriminately, Walsh receiving from him a slight scato wound, Combes being struck on the shoulder, end e*. eaping a sweeping stroke by dodging, which but for thdt would hive Injured him meet seriously. Offioer M* Loughlin, also of the Seventh precinct, testified thsf had attackei" Newman, the other prisoner, had attacked and kicked him. Justice Shandfey committed Clarke In $000 ball upon each of the several charges of fslonioue assault and Newman la $600 to answer to a chants of assault sad battery. Subsequently the necessary sureties were en tared Into by Alderman Mastereon, and they were to. Subsequently John Wall, Jamee Ryan and Thomas McLaughlin were arrested, and, after being confined for some time In the Thirteenth precinct station house, appli cation was made by John McKeon, counsel for the accused, before Judge Ruasel, at his Chambers, for a writ of habeas corpus In the meantime, pending tbe result of this proceeding. Superintendent Kennedy sent tbo prisoners before the Cltv Judge, when, an examina tion being had, tbo following evidence was adduced, George Blunt, of tbe District Attorney's office, appearing for the prosecution ntsTuiojrr or lion a. soxsa City and County qf .Veto Fork, u.? Leon A. Nones, of the Thirteenth precinct Metropolitan Police, being duly sworn, deposes and says:?That on tbe 18th day of March, while on duty on Grand street, he was assaulted and beaten by John Gorman (now here), who kicked deponent in his rieht side?from tbe effcets of wblch he is now suffer ing?without any provocation on the part of this depo nent; said assault look plaoe at the time a riot waa taking place: this deponent at lb# time was trying to quell it. L. A. NONES, Thirteenth Precinct. Sworn before me thia 27th dav of March, 1867. A. D. Rowel, City Judge. TXST1XONT or CAPTAIN HELMS. City and County of .Vew York, sa?John C. Bel me being duly sworn, says that be Is a asptaln or the Metro politan police force, was on the 18th day of March, 1867, in command of the Thirteenth precinct police; on the 18th dav of March I, with my men, were on duty on East Broadway and Grand street, for the purpose of pre serving the peace and keeping the streets free from all obstructions for the peerage of the procession on that day : between twelve and half-past twelve o'clock P. M. on that dav tbe right of the nrocession bad moved down East Broadway; 1 went with my Sergeant to the right of the line as far down as Clinton street, wbioh was the extent of our line; shortly after the starting of tbe procession 1 noticed a break In the lino of the prooeeaion in East Broadway, between Clin ton and Montgomery I then went with Sergeant Barnslitowards Montgomery street to ascertain tbe cause of tbe break, and bad gone but a few feet from Clinton street in East Broadway when I met Sergeant Siebert, who informed me that a serious riot was going on In Grand street, near Oonvernenr street, and that some of my men had been serionsly injured; I directed him (Sergeant Slebcrt, of my precinct,) to bring four men, who were stationed at tbe com?r of Clinton street and East Broadwav, and follow me while Sergeant Burnett and I ran up East Broadway to Gouvernonr street, and on turning up Oonvernenr street towards Grand street we met an excited crowd extending up to Grand street, some in* citizen's dress and others In regalia, or society drees; I should judgo that at the time tbers were about five hum ? six hu tired or six hundred persons In the crowd; 1 foroed my way throngb the crowd with mv sergeant and roar men up to the corner of Grand street and Montgomery street; end by that time, the person* who wore tbe regalia, ran np Grand street, towards East Broadway. ge??tag into line. Two of these men who wore regatta had CI lee clubs in tbelr bands, which I suppose were taken an my officers. Sergeant Barnett and officer Onllard pursued these men. Pollard succeeded In rescuing the oiub from one of these person*, and attempted to arrest him, but wan prevented from so doiru' b* the crowd. Sergeant Harnett seised the other person, who had tho police club, and was thereupon struck by a member of the society, and the prisoner rescued from the sergeant. The societies having left Gr*nd street. I went in pursuit of my men. I found some of my officers lying In Gouverneur and Grand streets. In a disabled condition, and bleeding from the bead; I found four In a little store at the corner or Division and Gouverneur streets, and who also wen disabled, and to cut that I oould not recognize them; these men were officers Leach, Gibbons Rnd two others whom names I do not now recollect: I found another In Grand street, on the first floor of a private residence, who was badlv cut in the head with a sharp instrument, ami In n disabled condition. Officers Leach and Gib hens ware severally cat about the flaw ami head, appe nalty with some sharp instrument; all of the officers 1 muni In (Be places above mentioned are yet suffering ftom their wounds, and unfit for doty, and unable to be present and give their testimony In relation to this oc currence: I bsve an officer named Waldron under my command, about five feet nine inches In height, who baa red hair and slightly bald on tbs top of the bead, who received, on the 18th of March, a sword wound on tbe top or the head while on duty and endeavoring to preserve the peace. In Grand street, near Pitt street, on said 18th of March, from tho effects of which said officer Is suffering and unable to appear here as a wit ness; that tbe officers named Leach. Barrett, Eolner, Gibbous, Gastllu, McGuIre, Foil is. struck, hare*word cits wounds from some sbarp instrument; the first five named are In a critical condition, as I am inlormed by the physician JOHN C. HEI.MK. Sworn to before me this 23d day of March, 1867?A. D. Rcssxl, City Judge. tbstimory or cathkiiirc wooa*. City and County of Xnc York, tt.?Catherine Puggan, rerldiog at No. 270'Division street, in thin city, being sworn, says that on the 14th March, 1407, went to the corner oi Division and (louvernenr streets. In tins city; I saw an officer of the metropolitan police (In uniform) lying in the striel, and saw a man, John Wall, whom I recognize, and who la now present, ride up on horse back, end saw him strike tne officer who was lying on the atreot with a drawn sword on the bead; that tbe officer who was thus striken got up and ran down Division street, and the prisoner present, whom I identify, pursued the officer as far as my house, and turned back and Joined tbe croud. her CATHERINE t DIOGAN. mark. Sworn to before me this 23d Martb, 1867. A. D. Rrs sel, City Judge. TRSTTOONT Of FOWARD CRAFT. City and County of X**> Turk, it.?Edward Craft, re siding at 24 Pitt street. In this city, beiotr July sworn, says?That ho Is fifteen years old and understands tho nature of an oath. That a little after twelve o'clock, on Monday, March 18, 1867, 1 saw John Wall, the prisoner present, riding on horseback down Pitt street, and be tween Grand and Broome streets saw said Wall strike an officer on the bead with a drawn sword. That tbe ofllcer was in the uniform of a patrolman of the Metropolitan Police force, and that the officer had a bald spot on Uta head and wore red whiskers and rod hair, aud medium size. EDWARD CRAFT. Sworn to before me this 23d day of March, 1867. A. D. Rrsani, City Judge. tkstimoxt or Patrick o'bara. City and County </ iV?? York, tt.?Patrick O'Hara being dnly sworn saya:?1 was a patrolman of tha Metro politan Police force on the 18th of March, 1867, and at tached to the Twelfth precinct, and aa such waa on duty on tho corner oi Sherd and Grand streets, in this city, on tha 16th of March (Monday), 1867; botweon twelvo and one P. M. of that day 1 was Informed that there was a disturbance on the corner of East Broadway and Grand street; I ran up (hare and saw an oflloer la uniform run ning towards East Broadway, In Grand street; 1 saw John Wall, the prisoner present, riding on boreehark following, and said Wall at this time had hla sword drawn, which ha held In hts band. PATRICK O'HARA. 8worn to before mo this 23d day of March, 1167?A. D. RrwniL, City Judgo. TtumwosT or William e. rrowx. City and Ooanty of Xtw York, ml?William E. Brown, n roundsman of the Thirteenth precinct Metropolitan Police force, being duty sworn says:?That between twelve and twi p. M., on Monday, March 18, 1867, I waa on duty in East Broadway: at tha Junction of Eaat Broadway and Grand street; I wae Informed while on that eomer at that lime that there wae a disturbance at tha comer of PUi and Grand streets; I Immediately ran np to the plaoe of disturbance, and there I saw a great crowd la a very excited state, and while endeavoring to ovoid the attack by the crowd I eaw the prisoner preeent whom I Idcadlfy sod wboee name I am Informed la John wall on bores back with drawn sword In hts band, sad whirling around In an excited man nor, and also saw a police officer lying la the street and a number of pereons beating him: Wall was approaching tha ofllcer who was being assaulted snd was evide?>tly_aeBiatiD| the crowd In their riotous vortL , and .. . . . wan on my right, and 1 rsoaivod tits blow from some person on my left side. WILLIAM R BROWN. Sworn before mo this 23d day of March. A. tt Res am. City Judgo. isanmini on anonaa a. nam City and County of Xem York, tt.?Georg# R MIIIst, residing at No. 14 WIUoU street, la this city, being duly pun- say? ?Ob the l?th of March, 1867, between half standing wltR?Jf- ?d ton minutes past one P. K. I was ernsur street; ofnow'Mfc* 'n Eaat Broadway, nearOoor by a police sergeant to atf 7"* " tbmt time called oa disturbance; I followed rJUJll* comrades in quelling a street, between Dtvtatm aiid *2Teck to Goarereenr mw the prisoner preeent, whotT7 zxjJsjiSr. Bwom to before me thinS8d?<5y of M^?u?f,LA tt Rrmst, City jedgn 7 *??. A. ntw nJZXr.r * FAtxofpmr, residing st MajVlllntt stroeT 'li* thto'Sm ^i"!s2r (w?om I IdentifyanTwhia-*" lb* Prt,0??r ?nt wSiTsiwhawmZtJSSLFTll M" is warn, ant) who wss on hnrmkaih, striking with a dram , sword persons in a crowd at (the corner Of Gouveraeur toil Division slroets; that I believe thai persons who were Uius struck were bis own men; tew him strike with the flat of his sword a man who wore e black bet and was dressed in a suit or black clothes, and requested the crowd to (to back. JAMES M. VALLOTTON. Sworn to before me this 23d day of March, 1867. A. D. Rusatti, City Judge. tasTiaoxT or johk m. sloooooop. Otfy and Omn'y of Xno York, u..?John M. Blood good, a patrolman of the Thirteenth precinct, being duly sworn, says that on the 18th ot March, 1867, between twelve and one P. M., he was on duty at the corner of East Broadway and Gouveraeur street; his attention was called to a disturbance in Gouvernour street, near Division; on arriving there he sew the man here (pointing the man out), whose name I believe to be Ryan, and whom 1 never saw before, kicking officer Gibbons in the heed,

and that Gibbons was lying in the cutter; after that I saw another man with a big, black Imperial, whom I do i nst see present, also kick officer Gibbons, who was yet lying In the gutter; then a man who Is here, and whose n*me I do not know end whom I never saw before, rode u) on horseback from Grand street and made a out with be sword, and deponent received tbe blow on hut (de potent's) head; I point out the prisoner present us tbe pwuon who struck me on the heed; afterwards I have learned that his name is Wail; I then fell across officer Gtibous, perfectly helpless end insensible. JOHN M. BLOODGOOD. Sworn to before me this 33d day of March, 1867, A. D. Robskl, City Judge. is a result of this examination Judge Rusael decided toadmit the defendants, Ryan and Mclaughlin, to bail, th< fanner in $2,000 and the letter in $1,000. The prie omr Wall he committed without ball to strait the result oftho injuries inflicted upon the officers. In this oon nictiou tho following medical certificates were submit t?i New Yoac, March 26. 1867. I hereby certify that I have examined officers George Qistlln, of Na 40 Sheriff street; William Barrett, or No. 81 Broome street, end William Waldren, of No. 81 H*eme street, and found them suffering from wounds abtst tbe heed of such a nature as to make it unsafe for I him to leave their homes, as they are liable at any lime torn aggravation of their symptoms from undue uction or improper exposure. DANIEL AYRES, M. D. Iworn before me this 26th day of March, 1667. Gno. W Blurt, Notary Public, New York county. Nsw York, April 1. 1867. This certifies that I visited on Saturday, the 30th ult., Mm following named members of the Metropolitan Police win wore Injured in tne late riot in Grand street George Gaatlln, No. 49 Sheriff street; Wm. Barrett, Na 81 Broome street; Wm. Waldroa, Na 81 Broome street; Robert Leach, No. 181 avenue D; Thomas Gibbons, No. 249DeUncey street; Hiram Cole, No. 67 Clinton street I Aid them in a satisfactory state of convalescence, and wo del add that in mv opinion tbore exists in none of then any reason to apprehend en untoward result H. XHEPPARD, M. D. Sworn to before me this 1st day of April, 1S67. P. J. Ha-bukv, Notary Public, New York county. Stbeoquently John McKeoh, counsel for Wall, made app'icallon belore the Court of General Sessions to admit him to bail, and presenting medical oertiflcates to the effeu that tbe injured officers were out of danger bail was allowed by Recorder Hackett. Upon tbe assembling of the Grand Jury for the April term ot tbe Court of Sessions the papers in these cases wera submitted for their consideration, Gunning S. Bed ford appearing on behalf of the people. One whole day was deyoted to the subject, which resulted in the finding of indictments against some of the accused, who will b? brought up for trial during tho week. In the cases of those not passed upon by tho Grand Jury of tbe present term of the Court of Sessions they may go over to the next term or to tho Court of Over and Terminer, as in the opinion of the District Attorney it may be advisable to await the procurement ot additional testi mony. BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Nuisance at Hv.s rut'* Point.?The warm spring weather of the past two or threo days reminds us that summer is fast approaching, and the expectation of its sultry boat raises iear and apprehension in the minds ol household ers as 10 the healthiness of the localities In which they dwell. Last year's visit of cholera leads to serious ap prehension ol a return of its direful appearance, aud this lew ought to lead to careful sanitary arrangements. This, however, Is not the oase; the inhabitants of and vial torn to Hunters Point are daily annoyed by the boaps of rublish and ofTel which are allowed to aooumulitte In its thwonghfarcs. the streets leading to the James dip ant Thirty-fourth street ferry-ho uses are, in many parts, node the depositing stations for loads or refuse of ill hints and descriptions, and the meadows are also. In some ptrts, covered with heaps of docaytng animal and vegetalle matter. In addition to collections which have been accumulated by the practice of the inhabitants of Ibrowug out ail their rubbish Into the roads, It is re ported mat large quantities of refuse matter of e\ cry de acilptioi have been sent from New York to he dumped IP this pace. These masses of decaylug matter, when acted uion by the rays ot the sun, emita most obnoxious and ilctemug eftluvium, und are. to say tb.e least, a great nuisance. The exhalations from such collections Of corruftioa must also bo of a moot unhealthy nuture, and must naturally Impregnate the air with their foul miasmas It Is high time that some atop wa? taken to . step thisplan of getting rid of offal, and that some place was foutd where guru collections of Illtb and rubbish might bt! deposited without risking the health and lives of the dwellers at Hunter's Point. Utnm or tub Snir Ctuofatra.?This large vessel, which Ins been in course of eonswuctlon for over a year, w# awteeasfully .launched yesterday morning from the ibiMad of Thomas Stack. She is entirely built or eea aoOM oak, and la one of the beet and handsomest vessels at oat She is about 1,480 tone register, carrying 2,000 tost sad la intended for the Pacific trade. SnxiBB or WinsxRT.^-Yesterday morning Inspector Ooeaen setaed a borse, cart and three barrels of whiskey, wool) were in the possession of Patrick Tency, at the Wail street ferry, foot of Montague street. The barrets west falsely branded. Ike Kings County Para dm Oaoom.-The Commission ers M Estimate and Assessment?James T. Scbooamaker, Wiliani Allgeo and John L. Lefierts?recently appointed by trder of the Supreme Court in the matter of select Inga parade ground for Kings County, having completed and filed their report in the County Clerk's office, met yee-crday afternoon, at No. 151 Montague stre t. for the purpose of hearing anv objetious which might be made to lie report by parties interested therein. The report is rot finally adopted, aud Is open only for Inspection and revision, stnl the Commissioners will sit again on baurday, the 13th, and 20Ui inatauts, to fulfil the p riod tiofore the report is couilrmcd. The proposed parade ground, wheh is authorized by an ict of the Legislature, embraces a perfectly level tree of laud situated In one of the handsomest locations In the county, convenient of access, and in every way adapted for the purpose designed. It embraces forty aciv< of land In the town of Fiatlands, bounded north by Franklin avenue, south by the Coney Island road, west by the lands of David Parkerson, and on east side by lota variously owned, aud also adjoins the tract P'ceitly assigned to Prospect Park. The property own ers whose lots are thus taken possession of for this pur pose will be recompensed therefor by paymeut in county hoods. There were no remonstrances received against the report yesterday. idgi~iT Pater. Pretences.?A man named Benjamin F. Ballard, a shoadealer, was arrested on Friday, on a warrant issued by Justice Cornwell, charged with ob taining the sum of $1,000 from Mr. S. D. Sutton, of No. 100 West Fourth street. New York, the oomplamant In the case. The accused, It Is alleged, represented himself to he the proprietor of an extonaivo store in Jersey City when it was under seizure by the Sheriff The examina tion will take place on Saturday next Ptoromu) Military Excursion.?At a recent meeting of the members of Company H, Fourteenth regiment New York State Militia, it was voted to vialt Gettysburg, the scene or the memorable battle, on the Fourth of July next It will bo remembered that the Fourteenth took gallant and conspicuous part in that historic field. Prevention or Cruelty to Animals.?Mr. Bergb is, It is stated, about to form a society In the City of Cbnrchee for the prevention of crudity to animals, and a number of Influential gentlemen, residents of that city, are to unite with him In so doing. CoaoNEK's Inqunrr.?Yesterday morning Coroner Lynch held an Inquest upon the body of Mary Ann McVey, the nnfcrtuiate young girl who was killed In the paint fac tory ef Maura. Hlbbe, Blygb k Hsbbard, Plymouth street, by being caught and mangled In the machinery at that piaoe, as previously reported. The Jury in their verdict censured the owners of the establishment far not having the cog-wheel properly covered at the time of the accident. Orvtaexs Against Pnoranrr m ran Eaotbrv District.? The tin terrified burglars of the Eastern District cos Unas their depredations, notwithstanding the warnlxg they received lately la the sadden and tragical and* of oeeot their number. At en early boar yesterday morning the residence of Mr. Frederick Nishwitt, Mfi Grand street, was entered through a window of the rear basement ana robbed of nil tbo silver were belonging to the family, besides e lot or led lea' wearing apparel. After the depredators had secured whet plunder they considered convenient to carry away, they helped them selves to the choicest edibles In the pantry and then left the premises without alarming any of the Inmates, or attracting the attention of the patrolmen on that beak AaaiNTS Made Dctuno the Wan.?There wwe 367 atresia made in the various precincts of Brooklyn by tho police daring the peat week. jpvastLR Burglars Cattctteb. ?Officer! Lee tad Lea gas, ef the Forty-fifth product, yesterday morning ar rested tares you the named Thomas Moghew eighteen ysamof age: James MeHngh, aged serooteet, sad Jan. H irwln, aged aeveateeo, charged with break I eg Into and roBMng the grocery storo of J. H. Deltricb, Eighth and North Second streets, K D , on Friday morning. They were arraigned before Jetties Walter on tho charge, and held to await examination. Htm Over Aocmmrr.? A boy named Albert Meyer, deian years of agog was yesterday afternoon ran over and hedly inJnrnd by a bona aad wagon driven by Denial MI, of IN Graham arenas, & D The casualty took M laGrand a treat, near Fifth. The boy wee mkee te the raddeoce of bis parents, fM Fifth street, end Btdl wee erlasted aed looted op by Sergeant Brac ken, ef thojrrty-llfth pradaes h t charge ef furious drtvmw ***? action of the sergeant la to be oom mandM, as "nocldeota" of thts kind are of too frequent Iiiearanni. Stotl refused te pay the druggist the price o< Ue mm? p|aa|4r ^ op (M WOunds of the HyMWi w^? HecvaBRR Riuw-Gtwnastto and Pantomimic Kxm wview av van Aoanorv. ?Ooe of the moot aubetantiel nooflMMM Of Jkooklyi eharity towirda the doetlMUd South, that hu yet been offered, vn tendered lest eve niug la the form of a ey mnasilc and pantomimic exbt binou at the Academy of Music, by tba mora eocom plmbed pupils of Burobaas's gymnasia, uider the dlrc Hon of the Proreaeor himself. Than was aa Immense audience of ladies and gentlemen present, who testified their appreciation of the exarolaaa of the occa sion by frequent manifestations of applause. The programme opeuod with a lino exhibition of light gym nastics by the ladles' class, which waa followed by nu merous other exercises, the most prominent of which were the balancing act, slack wire, suspended ropes, In dian clubs, posturing and double trapore. These were participated in by male puptla only, who evinced a sur prising degree of perfection n ibeir respective ecu. The entertainment concluded with the new tableaux panto mimic entitled Carruxt, the Bandit Chief, which was performed throughout In a very excellent maener. The Eseeds of this exhibition will be delivered to the lea' Southern Relief Association, and will go (nr to increase the fund already realized in the charitable labor of Southern roller. Tax State Cokvkxtioh.?The republican Assembly dlstriot conventions were held last evening, and tha following named delegates to the Syracuse Convention, to be held on the 10th Inst., were elected:?First dis trict?Henry R. Peirson, David Ineloe and T. W. Casbow, Second?E. L. Sanderson. I.ieutenant Governor 8tuart, L. Woodford and H. N. Holt. Third?Lewis Birdseye. John Winslow and Jamas Johnson. Fourth?it. H. Chittenden, Asa B. Richardson and Joaeph H. Van Brunt- Fifth?James K. Alleben. T. K. Shear man and Assistant District Attorney Benlamin F. Tracey. Sixth?Richard H. Huntley, Andrew B. Hodges and Jacob Worth. Sevanth?Watson San ford, John Mooch and Hilton Holmes. Eighth?H. M. Bliss. Jesse F. Hodden and C. W. Uoddard. Ninth?Henry V. Vuuder vers, Julian Alien and John L. Guisohard. THE KINfiS COUNTY JAIL Recent Improvements in tke Bnlldlng-The Present Condition. &e.? dfce. A number of ImprovemenU have recently been made at the Kings County Jail, In Raymond street, and the bnildlng now presents a very creditable appearance. The condition of the jail seemed to have bran entirely over looked by the Board of Supervisors for n number of years past; and had It not been for the appearance of the cholera last summer it might in all probability have been left a number of yoars longer without a cbauge. For the want of proper ventilation in the wings of the building in which cellB are located the prisoners, after a month or more of conQnemont, would come out with their health more or less impaired. Good aiied. ven tilators have bean pat in through theso wings, and the cells are now dry and clean, and their condition in alt respects is snch that tbo health of the prlsoucrs would in no wise be Impaired, even by long confinement. The Jail Committee of the Board of Supervisors, Messrs. Ryder, Clark and Voorhies, who are deserving of credit for the attention they have paid in having the building thoroughly fixed up, made a visit of Inspection to the jail yesterday afternoon. They surveyed the changes which had been made, and expressed themselves well pleased with the alterations and appearance of tbe building throughout. Tboy complimented Sheriff Camp hell for the improvements which bad boon mode in the appearance of tho place since he had taken charge of It. The large room formerly occupied for the County Court aud as a meeting room lor the Board of Supevisors has been partitioned oil, and now forms thr jo rooms on tho wx-oud lloor, besides which there is one large room on tbe third. One of these rooms on tbe second floor, which is quite commodious, is used as the debtor's cell. The other two, which are situated on the wert side of the building, are to lie used as oommittoe rooms for ttie Supervisors: Tbe large room on tbe third Uoor may some day be fitted up as a chattel. Tbe apartments tor merly occupied as tho debtor's cells on tbe third floor were directly over tbe Sberltt's a;>artments, and the wasto water ran down through the lloors and dis figured and destroyed the walls. They have now been abandoned, and the Sheriff's room* have boen put in good condition. The building has been painted throughout. There has been a marked change In the appenrunce of the jail yard and there is scarcely any danger of the Board of Health Indicting the place aa a nuisance this season. The old sheds, oow stables and pig pens bave all been removed and sewer connections have been mado, so that no stagnant water low remains about tbe promises. The Improvements have not as yet been all completed. CITY INTELLIGENCE. Thk Wsathwl?Tho following shows the result of four observations in tbis city of tbe range of the barometer and thermometer, tha direction of the wmds and the state or the weather during the past twenty-four hoursj The highest range of the thermometer was at three o'clock P. If., reaching 50 degrees, and the lowest was at three o'clock A. M., 38 degrees. Six A. M. ? Barom eter, 29 85; thermometer. 38; wind southwest. Twelve M.?Barometer. 30.06; thermometer, 46; wind west-northwest. Six P. M.?Barometer. 60 16; ther mometer, 48. wind northwest. Ten P. H.? Barometer, 30.27; thermometer, 40; wind south. Saturday, morn ing overcast, cold, cloudy and windy; aftar&oou, clear ami windy; evening, has*. It win neither snow nor rain lor eighteen hours; aud withiu throe and a ball' days, Oram eight o'clock P. M. of Sunday, them will bo either snow or raio. Tax Struct Olkaxwo Coxjaaiox.? Last week was one of tha bust sat weeks among scavengers and street cleaners in genoral that baa over occurred In New York. A large extra force, In addition to the usual qnota employed by the Street Cleaning Commission, was put on, and tbe buslnoss of scraping tbe streets nearly completed. Twenty thousand loads of garbage, in excess of the usual quantity per week, were dumped last week, and It is expected that as early as Monday nlgbt the scraping will be finished throughout the city and every street rendered passable. The ordi nary appliance of sweeping will then be reaupied, and w|lb ample force of men and thorough supervision clean streets may be expected during tbe warm and pestilence-breeding days of later spring. Book Trade Sale.?Yesterday the fifth day of the book trade sale Id this city was completed. The entire day aas devoted to the valuable llat of English books offered by Henry G. Bohn, of London. The bo >ks sold low compared with the pu blisher's retail prices. We give a list of the morn voluuhle ol the works:?itmtor'a Genera of Ferns sold for fib: Bennett's Fishes of Coy Ion, $T 75; Chamberlain's inn Lit ions of Drawine* In the Koval Collection. $21; Coesvelt's Picture Gallery, $11; Coney's Engravings of Foreign Cathedrals, $10; Cos tutne and History of the Clans, by John Sobte-dd Mot berg Stuart and Charles Edward Stuart. $41; Dauiell's Animal'd Nature, $10; Fisher'a Bedfordshire and War wickshire Antiquities, $12 50 each: Gilyay's Carica tures. $24 2ft; Harris' Tamo and Wild Animals of South America, $25; Hogarth's Works, engraved by himself, $48; Lord Klugsboro'e Antiquitlnj of Mexico, $18; MM llngln's Ancient Inscribed Monuments of Grecian Art, $21; Murphy's Arabian Antiquities of Spain, $28; ottley's Far similes of Scarce and Curious Prints, $25. Emigration Statistics ? During the .nonth of March thirty-flvo steamers and nineteen sailing vessels arrived hero from European (torts. They brought to this coun try a grand total of U00 cabin and 14,171 steerage passen gers. During the voyages there were 12 births and 13 deaths on auiphoard. Since the 1st of January 141 passenger vessels have arrived here, bringing over 2,62(1 cabin and 27,524 steerage passengers, am ng whom there were 30 births and 01 deaths. Fur for thk Benefit of tub Catbouc Protect jut.? For some few days past a large number of ladles attached to the various Catholic churches throughout the city bavo been busily engaged In collecting subscriptions anu donations for a mammoth fair, which Is to be held at Union square for the boncQt of the Catholic Protectory at Westchester. Thus tar iho fair devotees, who bavo lent themselves to the work with an ardor highly com mendable bave been vary successful and already have collected and been prom sod cnougb to furnish In good part a large entertainment. As the members of all the churches In the city, somo thirty In number, had sigmlled their Intention to take part in the proposed festival, and aa no building could be found of adequate dimensions suitable for the purpose of holding the festival, application was made to the Street Commissioner for permission to erect a temporary building at the northerly end of Union square, in tbo Mime place as was occupied by the Sanitary Fair. Tbe Commissioner granted the request without delay, and artisans and architects were found willing to aid the good work by tbelr skill and labor. Accordingly, tbe plana having boon arranged, the building will be com menced to morrow morning, and will. In all probability, be ready for occupation by tbe 1st of May. ft will extond along the northerly side of the square 2M feet, will be 00 feet in width and will have at each end a wing extending southwardly AO (hot It will be built more with* view to substantiality than show, and will be lighted throughout with gas. Tbo apace inside will be divided Into some thirty oompartmsnta, tu each of which will he a table nndsr the direction of the ladlee attached to one or tbo churches, by whom tho choice of location will be de cided by lot. There will be a kitchen, n refreshment saloon, shooting gallery and all other concomitants of a mammoth fair, and although tbe entrance fee is to be almost a nominal one there can be no doubt that the enterprise will be so largely patronised aa to make It a complete success. Arrest of a Defaulting Cariber.?Joseph Hasbronck, the defaulting cashier of the First National Bank of Hudson, was taken from the Jail there on Friday even ing. on a requisition from tbe United Btatee Marshal, ana arrived in tnts city yesterday, when he waa taken to Eldrtdge street Jail. CiARoaa Against tub Coroners. ?The charges that have been made against certain Coroners In this city, for malpractice and irregularities, by a large number of cltisena, due mention of which waa made in tbe Hbbald last Friday, are now undergoing Investigation by the Board of Health. It la claimed that when this mass of documents, which has been sworn to by ciUsens, rela tive to tbe strange doings of some of tbsee officials will bave been made public, that the office of coroner wlU not be mnoh sought after in time to oome by men who would desire to enter hut plaoea of trust "where honor holds the reins." BascuuD from DaowRwa? A man asmed John Fer guson, while under the Influence of liquor, walked off tho Fulton ferry dock yaotorday afternoon, and would have been drowned had not offloen Farrell and MoKee, of the Seoood precinct, who heard hla tries far help, ar rived In Unto to astro hla life. Assault on a Pout* Otficbr.? About two o'clock yesterday morning, aa officer Geo. Ballard, of tho Sisth prod net, was potrolllM his past In Mulberry street, and whan opposite No. ?f, bo waa sot upon by two man. Who knocked bias down with n dub. iVe all car's assailants had had soma difficulty with him some time previous, sod resorted to this brutal method of revenge They escaped. Dmm m a Dmmm Heva*-Captain JTreaoisC. of tii? Twenty-ninth precinct accompanied by Sergeant O'Brieu nd n posse of olHcen, made ? dew rnt . last uigbr on ? <1 sordco y house kept In the basement of No. 41/ .Sixth avenue. On the arrival of the officer* 4 the house rhey arrested from the private supper room* Jatnoa Williams, the proprietor, the bartender and three oOmt in .10 per-oua and ten wotueu of wed kuowu char acter. fh'- whola number of those priaouera were li"d to the I w.-utj -ninth precinct station house. The bou-e has long hod a very notorious character, atnj 1* well known as * lavorite resort of thieves and prosti tutes. Tnv Wri klv M"irrat mr. -The Registrar of the Board oT Health gives till as the grand total of the number of death* in thin city for the nek ending Saturday. April d. !u his coinniunleeiion to the Board on the subject the Registrar slate.- that the deaths during the month o| or March averaged ?'.? 1000, and be calls the attention of the Hi .?tth Commission to th'1 fact that during the cholera term last sumuinr the death rate in this city win- 70!l00u. Aa the greater num ber of deaths during the month just passed occurred in tenement houses, be takes occasion to warn those oiiist interested in the wellure of our poorer classes of the groat danger that may arise during the ensuing sum mer from the present crowded state of the tenements it something he uot done for their benefit. Kvtai. He* overs i iM man run over at tbo Hoboken lerry, fool 01 Barclay street, on Thursday even ing f?y a truck driven by Matthias Sloan, and so severely injured that he died soon in nards, has been rcog ni/.i ?! a- isiui- Klfiniiug, a Herman, nearly seventy years 01 ago. Coroner Wlldey held an inquest on the body, and the jury returned n verdict of accidental death. Tup. -trikk or rnv Hoc si; 1 akhkntkhs.?The bouse carpenters arc still staudiug out for increased wages. There was a Urge Meeting of the Journeymen held at No 267 Itowery fur the purpose of receiving the report* of the couimitii*- appointed u> visit the several shops to ascertain the number of amplovera (laying tlie advanced wages. From pre-.'ui lndic itlmis it is thought that iho employers will olinsen( to nay the prices demanded by the uien. At the meeting yesterday several bosses in addition to those slroady announced were reported as willing to pay (4 per lay 1 lie announcement thai the Brooklyn tradesmen had ohtn n >d the scale demanded without having recourse to a htrike served to infuse the men with renewed determination. N*w Countkrfkiis.?a numiier of counterfeit ten dol lar bills on the National Bank of Cherry Valley, N. Y., are in circulation. Bbcklr-s IIrivixo.?Towards five o'clock yesterday aftornoon Matibow Flood was arrested by tbo Third grecinct police for recklessly driving a truck until rought Into collision with an express wagon When the two vehicle-' caine into rontact William Merrit. a boy seated in the express w.icou. was thrown to me ground and seriously injured about the head and body. The lad was reni n od to the residence of his parents, No. 286 South Filth street. Williamsburg. SnooTnn: Avfr.iv.--Shortly before eight o'clock last evening, Daniel 8. Ritchie, Charles Spencer, alias A Drainerd, Samuel F. J' Try and Thomas W. Oliver be came involved in an altercation while in Eighth avenue, near Forty-third street. During the dispute, Ritchie drew a revolver and tired two shots at Perry, one of the bullets glancing olf Ferry's side and inflicting a slight flush wound. All the parties were taken into custody by the Twenty-second precinct police. Raid on a Broadway Faro Bark.?Between ten and eleven o'cloek last night Captain Garland of the Four teenth precinct, with the co-oi>eration of Sergeant Hop bine and officer* Campbell, J11 dee and Brady made a de scent u|K>n the faro bank on the second floor of No. 636 Broadway, and effected a number of arrests, 'l'he maUrin I seized, comprising a lay out board, tables, deal and cue boxes, and chocks, Ac., were removed 10 the Fourteenth precinct station bouse, where the prisoners whose natnos follow were dei.ilued for the ulghi - John Heorv. dealer, Edward Southgate, Jacob J.awson, George Rodger*, H*nry Smith, Jacob Hrowu, John Bracket. JDngonjrm Last Njoht?A Disocdxklt Horns.? For some time past It has been suspected that the house No. 46 West Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues was the seen* of filthy practices, and these suspicions having of late assumed peculiar consistency, led the Fifteenth pre inet police, under the guidunce of Captain Cuffrev, to make an effort to abate this evil. In furtherance or" their plan, butweon nine and ten o'clock last night, Sergeant Miller and oncer Cores, in oitizens' attire, procured a carriage and drova to the residence, where tlioy were received by Mtnni* Livingston, the mistress of the establishment. Mis* Livingston, not oaring to admit the profane, caused in quiry u> be mado of the driver as to the character of the visitors, but as individual stated that be had taken the strangers from the We?tmlnlster Hotel, the officers were mad ' welcome and asked into the parlora Bern they awaited events ior upward* of an hour, at the expiration of which time a party of msn came down stair" and left the bouse, after havrng wliueesnd the exhibition given in another apartment. A fow minitos la tor - unmeant Miller and his companion were led to \n upper floor of the dwelling, where tliey found Minn e l.lvirrenon, Hu?an < a (Trey and Lizzie Sled, who at onto pro-ooded to ente-.-tnin iho new comer* as they lind already ntitertiiincl the person who had quil ted lite pruioiaoi- Whilo the performance was in pro gress, however, the officers made known the nature of iheir and srr"-1od the three girls. Search was then made throughout the house, and two men, who were a wain rig in the parlor the deptr turo of the vWiore, us al."o ? third tndlei dusl who ora* mdlon up nnlr*, were taken Into custody. The malo prisoner*. wuo -?*?* their names as HeuiV Indrcws. lame.- Hows and Charles Taylor, and the females were then ??corted frotu the establishment, and Roundsman Tti"teh*r snd oflb-er Barker, who bad kept watch offside, ae'ompaniod *he whole party to the Fit teen 1I1 ore -met -ration house. The captives wsre locked up for the night and will be taken to court tbi* morning. THE CARIANO BUNDER. lNir?ii?mivn ttrl*rf t'ortnrr WMdey?Yordirt luninsl tlie Prisoner. Yesterday morning (owner Wildey held an inque?t at the Eleventh p leWi i elm ion house on the body of9to ptien S. i'ai! Jitd, ?.!'?; young man whose death was the result of a -tab wound Inttk led upon him by Anthony M.ihu, as |nc in...-ly reported in the Hkralu. Hii'.h J. i urijud. brother of deceased, was present at the uiliay ;?ud saw the Inul wound lnllicied. The wit nc-s, deceased an t several othe-- were standing In Hosier sirnot, noar the corner oi Elizabeth, at which time Maun stood talking i<> a ft-mnle only n t<?w feet distant. De ceased remarked ti nt standing there was "'worse than cat fighting," aul Muhu l? noting the remark was Intended lor him, tdtUMd and received assu rances tliat such was not the case. The explanation proved ansatisfaoesry to the prisoner, who said "I can lick anv sou of ah? of the party " Directly alter ward- dahn was t. to put hi - hand under the breast of bis coat, immediately after whioh he. ran at deceased, savin. ?? Yon re one of then." and struck him iwlre in the face Deceased reatonstratad, hut without returning th" blow backed out into th> tuiddle of tbe street fol lowed by Malm, who truck at < 'arland's left side as If be ?aa ?bibhiuDeceased and pi isotier were together, no one iming near then at Hie time. There was no lighting either before or after the tabbing. Carlaod was then taken home and die.1 as stated Several other w|tnes-es were ox a milted, bat their tc-tlmony waa mostly corrob orative of tl at given by the br tljer of the deceased. Wooster lie ?h, Jr.. M. P.. m?te a post-mortem ex aminatlon on the botlv m nod, and found a punc tured wound on the left sldi of tbo abdomen in Ita lower part. On ofienuu into ttati cavity the wound waa traced through its walls, and found to penetrato into tbe small intesiinos rbtin*trutnnut usod In Its Infliction, In tbe Doctor's opinion, must hu.o been sharp, and of a thin, narrow alni|te. Death was the raault of peritonitis from the escape of the content- tx the Intestines, caused by tbo wound The case was then submitted to tbo jury, who rendered the following VKRIHCT:?' That Stephen R Carland came to his doath from perl tonltit, tbo result of a steb wound at the hands of Anthony Malm, at the corner of Elisabeth and Hester streets, on tbe 30tn day of Marcli, 1867. Mahn la only twenty years <ir age, a native of this city, lives at No 66 Division street, and la a tbow case manu facturer, He pleaded not gnlUy. Coroner Wlldey com mitted him to the Tomba to await tats trial. .NEW TOMJOATKI. The boatman of tho Metropolitan Polloe district mot sat night at tho Shkkspeara hotel. There waa a very good attendance of member*. Tho President, Mr. Michael Qnlgley, occupied tbe chair. The case of Martin Bowe, whlob waa reported at tho last meeting aa before City Judge Rosso 11, baa not ywt been decided. The chairman of tho Committee on Counsel, Mr. Loe, said that the matter was now before the Court of Appeals epon a question re iaed aa to the Jurisdiction of the lower court. Pending the decision in the above matter a new caaa waa brought before Recorder Hackett In the Court, of General Sessions last week. It seems that tho defen dant, Mr. Alexander Young, who was Indicted In tbe above court early In the present year for violation of the act of April 10, IM6, known aa tho Boat act, dsmuri to the indictment on tho graued that tbe statute under which It Is framed Is unconstitutional. It appear* that Mr Young is charged With rowing alongside a ship called the Madlcan, aa the veeeel wee coming into port, for the purpose of holding "Interconno" with or u^peektosomeperno^o^^OMd^wlthou^avinj procured a license" so to da This Indictment to l^^l on the first section of tho tow, which makes It Impers- | tiro on every person, it asanas, to have a license tot that ?The boatmen take exception to the arbitrary operation of tbe law, which sola so harahly towards them, and they think that rldora on horses and in private or publio carrierea oouid with equal propriety he taxed for that privilege. Aa la the case of Bowe, the argument of onuaaoT to directed to tbe obnoxious sixth section, which ? enecie ?that no person oxoapt the owner or consigns# |of tbe veeeel shall go alongside of or hold eny communi cation therewith. Tho several points raised by having been read and the report of the ^woom tallies adopted, tho executive committee were called on for a report, hat aa only owe member of that body waa pram ?S2 5WT ?2"t? h?tai ?d he"** that m fotare the name of each MM who wooMcoatrtMto would be reeoMed aoan itotok*Theeuggwltone of the Iraeenfar were nimaVad ?nfl a rawlntiS waa adapted that hereanar theme of each contributor to the general land should ^Tbenemeeof those who have already aabecrlbed were read, additional contributions received. aed the asset tog adtonraedhT m