Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1867, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1867 Page 5
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THE COURTS, f COURT IF APPEALS. Cut tf ike EicIm CIh*-1i u Order of aiMMtUlUN, Wliktil itMM to * Fmrty, AnpreleMtf JP?*rJMam, Plaintiff, m. Jmcimm S. SckulUttal, Da fndanU. ?This vii u appeal from an order made at Um fleneiwi Term of tbe Court of Common Pleat, discos, turning the action, without ooeta to tbe plaintiff The notion is one, and tbe test case, of 884 similar suits, krnogbt against tbe Board of ICxetee of the Metropolitan ?Fence district, the Board of Police Commissioners and wartom subordinate officers of tbe police force an co Slsdiui ileum On tbe Utb of April, 1800, tbe Board of Excise w* aatahiisbed by law, but ita powers were not fully en forced until June 5, 1864, time having been allowed in enable persons to procure licensee . Ooerffe w. Holt, wbo beM a license under tbe law at seoT, as well as one granted under tbe law of 1866, in nutated an action June 8, 1866, to ham tbe law of 1*60 declared unconstitutional, on the ground that by revolt lag bis former license ii impaired the obligation of con tracts and deprived him of ble property without dun pauuewi of law. On Jane 21 Judge Cardoso pronounoed tbe lew unconstitutional: on tbe Mb of July Recorder Rsetcu *u*taiuetl the decision: on the 16ib of July aJtaned this latter decision; on the 10th of September tbe Supreme Court, Gem General Term, of the Plrst dia-rict, rendered a decision affirmative of the decision wftbo Second district. General Term; on tha 29th of October application was made to bring the cnee to a bearing at Common Pleas, General Term; on December 8, the Court of Appeals derided the oonstltnttonality of tbe law; oo January 2, 1867, defendant gnre notice of motion to d saolve tbe injunction; on tbe 4tb day of Jaanary notice of motien to dieooatinue without costs; and aa the let of March aa order was made discontinuing the notion, irons which order this appeal is made. Tbe plaintiffs avainst all tbe defendants were thereupon alio*nd to discontinue without costs, and the expenses of litigation charged upon the general public, on the ground that tbe "defendants brought the litigation upon IhamnelveH." The order of discontinuance without core. It Is claimed, should be reversed, Urst, because the Court of Common Pleas bad no power to make such order; sec ond. because if tbey bad power it was an unjust and erroneous exercise of that power. For the respondents it is held that tbe order is not ap pealable. The action being an equitable one, it wits in ?he discretion of tbe court below to grant or refuse cost* to either of the parties. The court below, upon well nettled principles of equity, properly allowed the plan Uff to discontinue without costs, and the appeal should therefore be dismissed, or tbe order of the < ourt below affirmed. Case argued and submitted. For tbe defend ants, appellants, Mr. Bliss; for tbe plaintiff, respondent, Fred. Smyth and John H. Reynolds. UNITED STATES BISTBICT COUNT?IN EQUITY. Termination of an Old dall. Before Judge Benedict. Hotdnoi-rth d Co. m. Twenty-two Piecei if Brocatci. - - Ike claimants in this case sue to recover from tbe gov asm out tbe value of twenty-two plecea or brooatcl, ?land by the Custom House authorities In 1889 on tbe plan that the goods were entered at the Custom House at *a overvaluation. The bearing of tbe case occupied the court eight days, in consequence of the lapse of Usee from the date of tbe seizure to ita formal bearing in court, principally from tbe fact that most of tbe wit ?eases bad forgotten the circumstances connected with tta initiation, and the more important witnesses for tbe government were dead, and documentary evidence bad in he supplied. Yesterday the case was submitted, aud n verdict retained for the claimants. Counsel for tbe government, !*. G. Courtney. United Slates District Al r; for the claimants, Wa. M. Evans. UNITED STATES OISTRICT COURT?IN ADMIRALTY. Important to Benuien and Shippers. Before Judge Shipman. I Waite. and Othert t>a the Steanuhip R. R. Caplsr? Jatgs Shipman. before whom this ease was tried some masks ago, delivered his opinion yesterday. It was a salt brought by tha chief engineer and three assistant engineers of the eteamehip R R. Cayler to recover wvgm under MM following circumstances:?Tbe libal lanu signed articles to serve on beard the Cuyler en n wMge from this port to New Orleans end beck, tbe ven om ie tench at Havana or ether ports going or returning. an m the opinion of tbe captain might be for tbe hanotfi or ike owners, or for three months unless owners, or for throe mom be unless sooner ^^H|til at New York. Tbe libeilttnla were discharged here before tbe voyage was commenced and atkar engineer* employed in their stead. This set on tha port of tbs owners tbey claimed was illegal, and sned for their wanes for the average period of a voyage from this port to New Orleans. The owner's defence to the salt was that tbe engineer having reported to tbs int inspector and others that tbe vessel was gov rumeut inspector aaaeaworthy, tnev bad injured the interest of the -??eel with the underwriters, and that they were there Justified in discharging him and bia assistants, tbe libel tenia. Testimony ss to the alleged damaging ^of the engineer was conflicting, tbe latter also ^?h that be was Justified on making bis report of ^^^?dttion of the machinery, and that said report waa I Judge Shipman, In a lengthy written opinion, held H a fair construction of tbe oontrad did not justify the ewaera in discharging tbe II be Hants before tbe voy age commenced. It conlamtng on express condition that they ware to be discharged only after tbe termination of foe voyage >n this port A decree waa accordingly entered to fovor of tbe ilbellanta John Laaktrse, counsel tor MM; Bsabo, Dean and Doaoboe, for owners. SURRKATE'S COURT. Before Surrogate Tucker, Bm wills of the following deceased penona wore ?MM to probate during the past week ?George Mrttollili, Hugh A. Matter, Wm. Waleh, Joseph Rlddick, ?mm Ottoman, Milton J. H. fitch, Theodora Schmal , John f airbanka, Caroline Neeee, Presets Oil more, J"t H. Hur, Thomaa & Hi ret I, Joseph Mills i of admin la trail oa were granted on the follow ing estates:?Frederick Adams, Wm, Carolan, Herman ?? ftooUe, John Haaaett, Naomi Heleaehn, Elisabeth Saghsa, Patrick Rellly, Jr., Cbarlua Thompson, Augustus Btoerelt, Patrick Shatall, Jacob P. Billings, Joseph Mown, Thomaa Barry, Augustus & Tberist, Thomas Dwyer, Catharine Coooey, Morris Baen. Daniel C. Bettys, tote Taylor. Jonn Cunningham, Maria B. Belts, John M. Boner, Henry Hohn Hobn, item hart Juitus, W? Ktostermann, Edward Person, John Remmell, HenT Mad, Wm. Sibiliaki, Mary Pun-man, Andrew 0>h berd, Edward Murray, Patrick Manning, Abraham *???? Me, Elisha tt Wilson. COURT OF SPECIAL SESSIONS. Before Justices Kelly and Cowling tn the Court of Special Sessions yeeterdv the presid ing justices disposed of thirty-six cases The offences uaasmlttad were comparatively unlmporant and of very Mttto general inter est. They were oe frtlowa:?Petty tor molta, twelve; assault and battery, eleven; indecent uupeeero of person, onq; gaming, two; keeplag dlaor dlrti houses, two; picking pocket one; infraction of the Ksctee law, two; Ttolatloa of the Health laws, two; ma ?toteua misdemeanor, ens; and four suspended oases which had been laid over sine* tost court day. The cat mMHMi asanas win pii nbim me as asm urn* vwwis auu tmi" ??dar was gone through with considerable despatch, sad the court adjourned over at aa early hour until next m?* sing, rt nine o clock. BROOKLYN COURTS. WfTa STATES CRWBStOIEI'S COURT. with kewevtag Property Melted by Before Commissioner Newton. ? MM JUto as ftoaoi Marly.?Early was charged I a still sad two steam pumps, he., I by the government offlceru, from mm pawn lam of James Pagan, la Oruaa laae, between gerttaad fr?ap>ot strueta Pagan's distillery was aoised la the month of Pebruury, for aa alleged violation of the ?ueuaae law by the proprietor, one Cbertee Hart halag appointed as "keeper," to watch the mnmtoea after the selxure. Hart was oalied he the stand yesterday, and testified that aa Mm evening of the ?th of March last he discovered that the copper eUIL two steam pumps he., had been i?ml from Mm place, and on informing Mr. Pagan of the circumstances the two repaired to the distillery, they aw Early jest shout leaving Urn butldtag sad Im mediately arrested him. He had aa a agar sad a saw ia bin pueatmion at the time, aad staled to hla captors that he had boos employed "to Mb the job.** Witness heard another person tn the building but, did ust see Mas. Mr. Pagan was also examined, aad tesUBed to hartag arrested defendant aa he was about leaving the SUoUflery, when ha stated that one Philip Brady (who had a sham In the distillery) had employed bins to take away tbe still, ho. He had removed the property from the premises and placed It oa a truck, which Brady ac aampanted. On hla cross-examination witness staled that Early had no Interest in the business. Brady, hew. ?ear, bed a key to the bmldinr, but be (Mr. Fagan) had aat aeon him since tbe evening la question. Tbe further hearing was adjourned until Tuesday next. CITY COURT. The Peels Divorce fate. Before Judge Reynolds. This case (which has already bam reported ia the Wanti.o), wherein Mr. Georgs Poole seeks to be divorced ?rum hla wtfb Sarah, oa tbe ground of alleged adultery hp the latter with a man named George Raymond, earns wp ia the City Court yesterday mora log en a motion of daft adant'a counsel to compel plaintiff to pay arrearages uf alimony previously ordered paid by Urn Chert aad tu gftre aaenrity for payasent la the future until the eaee rthali have been decided. Judge Beyuolda took the RIRRRtATET CRURT. Before Surrogate Vseder. I the week ending Saturday, April t, the will* of parties, lutnead, were admitted to i the Bartegata'a Court of Kings oouaty:?Eg bert Seodder, Jehu Mantm, Peter Kelly aad Louis A. I of the dtp of Brooklyn; jtllg^glh Mm tense end Elton H. nuliiilMltiH of MM Of I'lstbesh, Lmuh of administration vara alee n*M ?tk<? ?to* of tit* following mart parties, deoeasedJemo* BUka. ahaa William Saab; Ernst Stanbald, John Middle, ton. Clara noe a Alton, John Fradestoke, John 0'L*ry, John Douglas, Tsbaldo H. Moment, Minn Plfa and Mary Ann Wsrlng?all of the city of Brooklyn. IB* Mansanl rotsrrod to above U tit* burglar who waa shot by ofllcar Thomas Fcott, In the Eastern District, aarly on the morn Id* of Sunday Mat RELIGIOUS IRTELLIQEKGB. Hervlree To-Day. A special sermon in behalf or the Midnight Mission artII b* preached In Trinity church, Broadway, this aftoraoon, at four o'clock, by tbe Re*, a R Button. A coll action will b* mad*. The object of this mission i* to "search oat and reclaim fallen women." Intonating facta in relation to the work will be given. Bwv. Joseph H. Price, D. D.t rector, win hold Divine service every Sunday at half-past tea la tbe morning end balf past seven in tbe evening, In tbe French church on Twenty-second street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. At the North Baptist church, comer of Christopher and Bedford streets (Rev. Adams Clegborn, pastor), the ordinance of baptism wiU be administered el tbe close of the morning service. Preaching at half .past tea la tbe morning, end half-past seven in the evening. "Did Jesus come to save us from deserved punish. mentV" Rev. 0. L. Demsrsst will answer Sunday even* lag. Church norner Second avenue and Eleventh street. At the Anthon Memorial church tbe Rev. A. R Vinton, D. D., rector of St. Mark's, will preach this evening. Service commences at half-past seven o'clock. At the Church of the Annunciation, No. 110 West Fourteenth street, services to-day at half-past too A M. end half-pest seven P. M. Sermon after evening prayer by Rev. P. a Ewer. Tbe Rev. Henry Blanc bard will preach In the Church of the Restoration, corner of Monroe place and Clark street, Brooklyn, this morning and evening. Subject for the evening?"The Question of Amuwmento" Tbe Rev. Morgan Dti, D. D., will preach a sermon in Calvary chnreh this evening, at half-past seven o'clock, for tbe benefit of the bouse of Mercy. A collection will be made In aid of tbe House. "The Marriage of the Lord and the Chnreh." Rev. Chauncey title* will lecture on this subject this evening, at halt-past seven o'elocK, in the Swedenborglen church, Thirty-fifth street, between Fourth and Lexington avenues. The Rev. John Cotton Smith, D. D., rector of the Church of tbe Ascension, will preach the fourth sermon In tbo course on "Kttuatuun," under the auspices of tbe Evangelical Knowledge Society, this (Sunday) evening, in tbe Church of the Holy Trinity, Forty-second street and Madisou avenue, at naif-past seven o'clock. At the St. Ann's Free church, Eighteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Rev Eaatburn Benjamin will preach to day at half-past seven A. k, Rev. Dr. Gallaudet at balf p?st ten A. M. and three P. M.; the latter service for deer antes, end Rev. Dr. Beach at half past seven P. M. At the Strangers' Sunday Home, Rev. Dr. Deems wiU preach in the chapel of the University, Washington square, to-day at half-past tea A 1L Baals fiwa. Strangers in tbe city are cordially invited. French Church du 8w Esprit, Rev. Dr. Verran, rector. Divine service In French on Funday afternoon, at half est three o'clock. Sunday school at two o'clock. Mr. Robert Dale Owen addraeeea Spiritualists in Dod wortb Hall, at half-past ten o'clock, upon " Illustrations of Spiritualism." Dr. kin, at half-past seven o'clock, relate* ' Spiritual Phenomena or IMA." a R Snow will preach on " The Approaching Doom of the Nationa," on Sunday, at three o'clock In tbe after no?n, in the University, Washington square. Seats fine snd strangers Invited. The Rev. Professor George F. beymour will preach this (Funday) evening, at the Church ot the Redeemer, cor nor of Fourth avenue and Pacific street, Brooklyn. At the l antral Presbyterian church, Fiftieth street, be tween Broadway and Eighth avenue, preaching to day by the pastor, Rev Jamaa R Dunn, as half-past ten In the morning and half-past seven in the owning. Sabbath school at two In the afternoon. At the riiurch id the Holy Aponttoa, answer at Ninth avenue and Twenty-eighth street. Sunday, April I, oun flrmatteu to the morning In the evening Rev. Dr. Western of SA John's ehueh, < ~ " " " Young Men's Association, i C seven o'etock. Ail At the Chaash of the Puritans preaching Sabbath morning and evening by Rev Dr Chester. Evening scrvtee eg betf-paot seven. " National and Individual Opportunities anil the NeUect of Thein." At tb* Church of the Resume loo, Rutgers Insti tute, Fifth evwsoe. Rev. Rdward O. Fisgg, D. D , rector, will preach mormng and evening. Services at half-past ton in tbe morning and half pest seven In the evening. At tbe temporary Chapel of St. Thomas' chnreh, cor ner of Fifth avenuo am) Fifty-third street, tbo Rev. WtDiam Ft Morgan, D. D . rector. Tbe opening services of this chapd will be cclohsued ill. V.) oa Easter Sun day, April 2L Tbe sittings will be r-aied for the year daring Easter week. Due notice will be given. At the York villa Epiaoopal chnreh, Eighty fourth street, near Fourth avenue. Rev. William Dvmond will preach in the morning, and to* Dev. D. McL Quack en bush, D. D., in the evening. to nrraoMiT episcopal cburce. Tho New Yerk o?f?r?w?-F??rrt Day's Meeelea. Tho Confereaoe bejen Ik foorth day's session yester day mor?t"g in theBnflfbrd "treat Methodist Episcopal church, the venW?ble Bishop Janes, as usual, in lbs ebsir. Ths Ro'- Elbert Osborn conducted the religious exer. lses, in vhicb the largo congregation joined for. vently. TV minutes of the preeioua dar were read and approved,efter which the Ber. J. & Walcely called tbe antnlW of the Conference to aereral misstatements that vpnered in the reports of their proceedings of the pre?ous days In an erening jenrnaL Several members tyke on the subject, designating tbe reports as being *d.eulat<-d to caricature the Conferenoe. The matter dropped by umt consent of tbe member*. The Committee on Necessitous Cases reported by tbeir chairman, the Rev. W. H. Ferris Tne report, after a trifling correction, eras adopted. Tbe Rev. Mr. Johnson, of Mleaouri, made an appeal for aid in behalf of hia district In Jeflbrsoa City. The cburch property of bis congregation waa la danger of being taken from them for debts tncnrr d in a time of general etnbarrsssmeoL Tbe neoeeaity for Immediate help waa urgent la the extreme. Tbe speaker read a letter from Governor listener, of Missouri, endorsing tbe appeal, and oommeadiog highly tho loyalty and de votion of the Method lit persuasion. "The Mothndi.ts lor tbe Nortbern Church," writes the Go vera or, "are al Iways on duty. I rely on thorn more than on the I militia." (Applause.) The speaker went oa to say that [ the sum oi five hundred dollars would extricate them from their difficulties Rev. L. & Kwa mM the most substantial reply that could ha mads to the appeal wu to raise the ram needed I oa the spot. I Bishop J Aims eras ?f a similar opinion, and felt ready I to ooDtrtbate his porton. Ho had himself fooadad the church for which sqppcit waa now entreated, and ha I regretted to find Its cttdition so neceasitoai I a committee of two waa appointed to take op dona I Hons from the me inters present, and In a vary brief I time collected a considerable share of the sum needed. I The following local jraaebers were elected to deacons' I orders:?Edgar Brett,Bdward F. Dewey and J. Dubois. I Ths Rev. A. M. Oss s. Presiding Rider, of the New. I burg district, spoke ontbe work done la his Jurisdiction I during tbe put year. The schools, though hardly audi I cleat for tbe arcommowtloa of the lncreeaing n amber I or pupils, were in adslrsbte working order and doing I Incalculable good in be dleeemlnation of knowledge. I Personally he bad derlied great social enjoyment from ! I intercourse with testers sod pupils, and nothing I afforded him so much delight as to watch the great I advancsmaat in educainh which singularly marked hie I | district ? During the peat year on* church had been dedicated I 1st Highland Mills, onaorscted at Warwick and one in I I process ot completion it Marlbro. Missionary and con-1 I tnrence collections wet reported satisfactory. ? Rev. Charles A Bsdrs, rresidlnj: Elder of Kllanville, said tn his district, thokh ths people were poor, Metho. I I dlsm wsa relatively *Ung. Eflorts are being made to I build additional churctM and parsonages. Revival* in I many Instance* and pre ailed, with remits of tbe moat cheating character. Mn. however, of eameet purpose | and strong faith were deded to preach tbe gospeL Tbe col actions for oentendy and athar purpoess will ranch I 196.000. The mieaionat and conference collections and I the name* of the dtstrit ministers wore reported. In I I the lnataaco of tho Ret Mr. Brandaga, whoaa health I I had bean wavering, Uteiupernumerary relation be held I I wu oootlnnod. I ? Rev. D. I.vman was looted at hla own request. I ? Rev. W. E. Goes, pre* I of elder of Prsttsvllle, said I Ihe never knew hla distrti lobe eoeially, religiously saJ I I flnaocially in ao b salt trie tondtllon. They bad nine I I new pnnonagsa erected atd several oommodioua I I school bouses, last year. Thtlr collections for ceuten- I I ary purposes will react 00,000. Tbe number of I | churches la hla district 4* dghty, valued at $160,000, I I and of naraoaagea ihlry-tne, worth $60,000. Tbe I I church members wars stxat 7,000. Their Sunday I I schools had been moat mter$Uy advanced Some gio- I I rioun religion* revivals btl hen experienced, and. in- I I deed, he had nothing to npot but wbal waa favorable I I The Rev. C. D. Fons, Ctmrsan of tbe Committee on I I Naileaal AffiMnt, reported th following resolutions, I I which ba hoped would met tie unanimous endorsement I of the Conference:? I ? Resolved, Tbe* wsgratefuly keegnlte the good haad of I I in an rontrolllnf the cootlcSig element* at w..rk In our I I country, and especially ra segUlng the legialatloa of our I I aatloaal Congrats aa to preperafce way for the reeoaauue- I I tlon of tho Union on principles bnannant with jnstloe and I I promotive ef the elevatloa aadprpetuity of our frna InsU- I I a I North, oubt by all proper meal la demonstratetbe spirit I I of brotlMwly kindness towards If South, net forgetting That I I tbe low It mllbona who have slips hived the lag are pro- I I eminently sntiUoddwmmraathaMkaimmaadtaMwmkwflww I the only earn I Th?t the raee wkloh lute avlwd eueh meek urn. under I I KriwtUe aetffTenUUed nS2ShL< I I end thet pulpit aodpreee anfrary other eyeoey for the 1 I "That the ad nestle tM and rathna Internets ef the a?w I I rarws I iters' ore cordially approve ef Uprsmiatncs siren 0 theap I y * m ' w {ntereeM toiki HWmiyOMNk man's AtdBodetieeof ourehureh- hmMl nottro of That wa specially i J.,, ?( Methodist oar people"theFreodmen ? ftd^ o^J Mr. Hughes, who Rffl%&SSa?y* ?u in!SVi aujttharT WS^?n(.d ? aU our chur.W toU^U^. for this society donas **T at Mr M may bo found practicable. ^ ^ of the Mwnod'^rr^mo^^Ag^ JJ^gin's oflhif". gS?RS thirst for religwua enligbieomeiit on the ^rtTTb. oiTorid people wMmarvetlou.. Ho related tsfasvswwSSSfers g***.iinii.TihrTt bad oof UuTwiuter boea umuaaily severe. Uortng thei past yeer 7huW-heTbi boon remodelled or freed from debt. tho brethren put a very bondeom e At Ui^ ?s^ns?|" tuui previously stood. ahA^ uiy? SwS ITtb. erection of. ?fbr^?? fec& swi r?R tPJX** SUT b5?? w attended to, and the "??? "SE^mta* Bnra ant nroocheri will come boot oeiug ?????' Francis W?Wheeler, appointed amlsslonsry 'Q Indl , ?m<? a IK*rt g. Todd, vert admittod aa membvrv of im Conference, and under tbo provision ?f dMcipUno Ini such coses, were olociod to deacons' and Mder? oldsts. Sty, and brothers 8. Van Bonocbotan, Armstrong, Ellis, was admitted to a suporannaatod "rh^Tind for snporannuatod P"** b*^ TJhm upou an bo MOO short of tbo amount appropr atod, wbwoupoa an ?nneal was made to tho Conference to complete the total o? this moot commendable appropriation. Al ayShod?, tue congregation replied that ho woald furnish the de "K ???*?**?? <T*"' ***"?*?& ?a4 offering up tM cu?toro?ry cloving prvjrer,th? c<on fere&ce adjourned till Monday The Now YwrM Bast Cwwfeiwwe?-F**rlh ?"'? flcmliif ? The Now York East Annual Conference held their fourth session yesterday at tbo St John street church. New Haven, Conn. The proceedings were opened by the usual religions exercises, Hev. Charles Fletcher, of Brooklyn, presiding, j The minutes of the last meeting were read and up I Thefollowing candidates for deacons' order. were I elected:?Messrs. James H. Brambles. W. W. Bowdleb, B. A. Oilman, T. CL Beach, J. B. Smith, J. 8. Wbedon, James L. P*", B. B. Sandford, Thomas N. Loins and Wil li... u Webster As soon ss the election wss concluded tbe eocepied candidates were cared forward to the altar. add nam or atsnor etaas. Blshoo Clark then examined them by moons of the aJesUons U^down m the Methodist Ipb^ WK and sTtne close of the examination. chmMihm h? n brief add reus. He concluded his remarks is To-dnr brethren, n record Is mode of yon, an honmble i tr Kg another recort will be made byandby. sr T. "?ss sJ,"^^wU?rp cannot realise it so fully now ss >tw record. The record of to-day {s m*tol h?* ST*. moon -?-?2J8f?fi3CS K by Divine help, may y? he . htwch* ns up into w, _a> amnd by the Chanh till the dying hour. _ Located! drawn ?? fnsrjnf^? of business, the prospect or weane, w= a^draUonsefter honor. Oh, bow ma^jMwrec? ^f Methodist mrenchen are there to-day, Ooeatng upon sea of disappointed worldly hope. No, brethren; tnech as !?a m?r^and McrlQ? i. th? mlnimry, ,o?^nrtlhmf fer end seen rice more by leaving There is still one otber woroutofthis work. It is a bright endshtaiag way. the fathers hays traversed that Lord aid as to follow in their footsteps. Be faithtut w this ministry, oud when the closing hour wj1" ?I. yon be enabled to say, "I have fought tho good flght, I have kept the faith." rorcATio* wo* m raxxBss-v. Rev W. H. Collins, the Chainnan of the Committee on Freed men, presented the following resolutions: Whamas there exists in the Methodist Episcopal church a TTeiriihT wAbtbe efforts for the education of the BSSSwS BSSSme??2*!S ins Becrstary. which now has In the tisld forty tsecbere, and on its rolls three thousand scholars:? , ^ af Ke-oived, That we bsart-lr approve of the onmalsaUou or the PTwdmon'o Aid Society of the MelhodCt EpUcopal CR-oWed. That the Conferenoe appoint two delegstse-a 1 mSSS?SdVuyman-to repreemft H in the Board of Man "SSXeduVbS'we roavMSt a collection In all our eongre gaSSEUu^Ttn Say or June, to aid the widely in 1U Dr Waldron nddreesed the meeting on behalf of the anc etc referred to in the preceding resolutions. Ho Sud tSat^*artiy owing to rwJnl leg.Sl.ttre measume n m? was now open for the Methodist Church to p< ns ir^el eA re." ion of the South. There was still some dW^iSn among lbs whites to Identify themselves ?ith a Yankee church, aa It was called, hut among the freedmen its ministers were everywhere cordially wel nomad. About a mouth ago at the charleetoa Confer ence lie bad seen tbo presiding Bishop nrtaln^ighbroa o,.ion>d condldstes for deacons orders Tho estabimn menTof schools would aid vary gr ally Id promoting the ?!???.? of the church. T>r. Waldron closed by an earn SiCtXfc WO. endorsed by BUbop Clark. The Conference then adjourned. ItHecellna OnDWATicm or Colombo Hn m run Room ?Tbe Oentral Prediy tu-iam quota* from tha Ravls d Book of Discipline of the Mat hod Lit Church, South, tha following directions for tho ordination of colorod m n boctiob nrrii ?or oolohkd urwonw. Question.?W bet shall bedoae to promote tba religion* lnter*>t* of tb? colored people f Answer. ? V. Lot our colored member* be organtred hs separatepastoralcharge*, wherever thejr preler Hand their numb-r* may justify It S Let each pastoral chars* of oolored ft em hers hare Its own quartorlr conference, composed of offlcial mem bers, as provldsd for In the Dieeiplln*. 8. Let oolored per* us be llcenaed to preach, and or. datnsd deacon* and older*, according to tb* Discipllu*, when la tbe Judgment of the conference having Jurisdic tion in tbe case they are deemed suitable poisons for ?aid offlc* and order* In tbe ministry. 1 The Blebop may form a district of oolored charge*, and appoint to It a colored presiding elder, when in hi* jndgmsat the religious Interests of the colored people require It. a When It Is judged advisable by the collage of Bish ops, annual conferences of colored persons may be or ganised. to be presided over by our Budiop*. 6, When two or more annual conference* *hmll be formed, let onr bishops advise and assist them IB organ ising a separate general conference Jurisdiction for tbem aelees If they so desire, and the blvbapa deem it e spedlent, In accordance with the doctrine* and dinciplina of our Chnrah, and bearing tbe same relation to the general oonfsrsnce aa tha annual conference* bear to soon other. 7. Let spools) attention ha glren to Sunday schools among tho colored people. Socth CsaoLtiu Ooommtco.?-The South Carolina Mlsatsn lonfarenco was organised by Bishop Baker, April a. IMS. Its eeoond aea Hon beg as at Charleeton, 8. C., en Saturday, March 3, 1867, Bishop ftontt presid ing At He organisation the Conterenoe comprlaed four preachers. During tb* past ssvsn months more than twenty addliional preacher* bay* been employed, about two-thirds of them in Sooth Carolina. Many of Ibsae are colored men found within the b unfl* of the work, some of whom have been preaching for years past. Tha rim Baptist church of this city have again under discussion the question of removal to tbe upper part of the city. The subject Wee brought up at their last cfaureb masting, sad two special meetings hare been held during tha month. The Amity street chnrah of thle city, have purchased St. Timothy's church, on Fifty-fourth street, west of Eighth avenue, end unanimously requested them* v. William R. Williams, D. D., again te be their peetofP RavTTAia. ? Religious awekentngs of unusual power are pervading var oue nana of the country, particularly la Michigan, Warn rn Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois. Kansas, MlaMMfe and other portion* of tha Wast: also in Ver mont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Western Mew York, Ac. la North Cot otlua, aa eilenilv* revival among tbe freed m-n at Beaufort Is going on. At Newborn there la n powerful work of gran*. _ TMOWdgi ACT ran On mm ut.owal Comnmow. ?The New York Oowrner, referring to the Constitutional Con vention say*:?"Shall thia work ha entrusted to sobers log politiciansi Shall It ha given Into tbe heads of ?sea who have no asaee ot public right, and no regard i J?lereetei wbo, Instead of laying a foun dation for the futore proepertty of the State sod of its '?1>*l>i*Mta. wui seek te ewrnfl into the reed ilyaggrane tee wemeeivaa. There ars masy each men who will boanntoos lobe eaat as delegates uMhe Constitutional Convention. No leWfkl msabs must,bs left ootfted to have the enure delegation, from what Cff "?*7 t?T WM, oompoaed of men r" ?ink all peroneal aad party ooaatderstkma la men regard for the weWee ef the whole Bletet ? ??T- Albert Dny, the u.rmfi Buperinteodent of the ??Won Weehlngton Borne, baa been appointed head ef tha State Inebriate Asylem ot BioghdhMoo, end wiU ho indented latoeBee en the tot of 57^ Tho Bishop of Montreal baa l**u?d a circular counsel Hid the owrgy to tiaot the diseount an payment* In ML will war for all duea iofabri^ta and eburchae, ? M4mm la alt tbe other great bodies of the Btaia. la aome parishes mmsarm bar* already been taken In consequence, and churchwardens have bean not fled that thejr are to Charge tbe dtaoount or be held responsible for it. The amount eoatnbuted last year by tbe Presbyterian and Congregational churches of the country to foreign missions was $8:8,364 06. THE COUNTE&FEXTEHS. SPECIAL CORKSPOMENCE OF THE HERALD. Arrant af Canatarfeltara?The Moat Pawerfal Uaag Broken Up. dfce. Teot, N. Y , April 6,1MT. The immeuse raid upon the counterfeiters of tbe fctate of New York has reached this point, and tbe greateat possible consternation prevails among ail tbe ovtrt sport ing men of ibis vicinity. Indeed so great M tbe preva lent fear that all the gambling hells in this city, West Troy and Albany were closed last evening, and tneir frequenters might be seen standing in front of tbe sa loons In little knots dlsru-sing tbe great raid, wondering whoa things would settle down agaimdhat tbe work of making spurious currency might be ogee more com menced. Tbe same is true of to-day, and tho most active preparations are going forward in the matter of procur ing conueel by yet unmatched in aid ol' tho o already "pulled." The town of Went Troy, situated just opposite this city, has always enjoyed the repute tioaof being the headquarters of the manufacturers of counterfeit money, and several arrests nave been made In that village, Including two a>leged loaders?A If. Spalding and James UcNeal. jFrom tbe western portion of tho Stats I learn that arrests are continuing to be made, riie entire "South ern Tier Gang" weru brought to Rochester night before last by deputy Vnlted States marshals over tbe Erie Railroad, anil lodged In jail after a alight preliminary examination before tbe United States Com missioner. I give their names and residences, for tbe raaon named in my despatch of yesterday, that it may be seen over what a breadth of country these operations have extended:?A. P. Spalding and James McNeal, West Troy, Albany county; W. H. Smith, Pret ton. Nelson Sherwin, Monroe Gould and Ellas R ynolds, H.u.Mlale township; Joel Norton, Friendship; Edward Gillette, Solo; David Sweet, Hume village; Hiram l'ar k^r. Oramel township; Hugh Norton, Olean village, Allegany county; Matthew Hitler, Portvllle, < attaraugua county: Spencer Woodraney, Allegany; Matthew Jenks, Dunkirk, and Horace Gage, Salamanca. Tbe bed of mou of the prisoners Das been fixed In large amounts, tbat of the leader, John Sims, at $10,000. Tboy wilt be brought before an early term or tbe Untied States Court. There need be but little doubt that this consummately able series or arrests, the largest by far tbat ever took place in tbls State, will serve 10 impede counterfeiting

operations in tbls State for a time at least In fact it is believed that the most powerful gacg of counterfeiters heretofore known In this state has been demolished and broken up. POLICE INTELLIGENCE. Thb Recsbt Bceolait w Nassau 8tkbit.?A day or two eluoe an examination waa held before Justice Dow llng In the case of Julius and David Mosely (brothers), recently arrested on the charge of breaking Into and robbing the premises of Messrs. Cahn A Frledl, 102 y street, of gold chains and Jewelry to tho amount of X2 150. The defendants, who keep a store at No. 7# Division street, proved that they bought the 8??^* ftom Cahn Ji Frledl In good faith, advancing thereon the snm of $75. and promising to pay the remainder at a future day. Subsequently bearing that the chains bad been stolen ftom the Nassau street flrm the defendants rMoselvi sent at once to Iff. Cahn, notifying him that they had his property, whloh they would return to him on the payment of $75 they had advanced on the goo<Ja Thta state of facia appearing to the satisfaction of the maaistrate, he yesterday afternoon honorably discharged ou hriitMn Moselv from custody. A mso named Jacob Marx son, who la alleged to have been conoerned In the burglary, has also been discharged. Bout Hobbsst m Broadwat.?On Wednesday laat Herman a bright, InteUlgent lad aheut sixteen years of age, In the employ of Mr, GesUv H. Mtoihl, 45 T Isiisssrl street, was sent down to 29$ Broadway for twoptooesof csaaimetevaleadat$50. As tha hoy was retetnlng with the goods oe his abeuldar a thief assault i Lulls easstnc through Ohial strees saw a man whom he the one who stole the cloth from him and arrest by officer Bobb of the Sixth precinct. T^^^hogaVTh-- Johnl-luekeu. was takmbefm Justice Dowlluc and committed for triaL Tim stolen goods were net recovered. MosaimvT alias Hcujvab.?Officer Davis, of the 81xth preflect, a day or two since arrested a man in Mulberry street for being drunk and disorderly. At the station house the prisoner gave the name of John Morrtasey, under which Justice Dowllne committed him to the Tombs. Subsequently tho ofrendcrtoidthepriron officials that his real name was not John Morrlssey out Jmnes SuIHvm Hs warned a-termin-d st all events to take the name of one of the great ex pounders of the physical constitution, once eo well known lhroughout the country, but perttcularlv in New York. Sullivan was yesterday sent to the PenUentiary for six months A DmrouTi Gabo is ?? Sjxtissbtb Wabd. ?For some p? past a gang ef burrtars has infested the Six teenth ward, preying upon the bouaee In the rlclnlty of Twenty-third street with, doubtless, much benefit to thomselrea So cleverly did tbey do their work that no cine to them or their hannta conld be found until Friday night laat, when an important antffil was effected by officer McDowell, of tho Sixteenth precinct, and one which may ultimately tend to solve. In ,h* mvsterv attending many, If not all. of the robberlim and StriUriel nerpetroted that neighborhood. On Friday night, about naif past seven o'clock, while thefsmlly of Mr T W. Plttman (Clerk at Jefferson Market Police CourtC were engaged in the front basement of their residence. No. 105 West Twenty-sixth street, they beard the front ball door opened, and heard somebody enter the honso and go up stairs. Mrs. Plttman, thinking ?t was her husband took no further notice of the matter; hot when, after a abort time, there .was nothing forth" I,card, the servant waa sent up stairs to see if anything was wanted. On entering one of the rooms the servant observed that the contents of tome drawers and a clqeet were strewn upon tha carpet and pertly enclosed In a large bag. The girl suajtectlng that there were thiavae in the house ra . down staur, calling out to Mrs. Plttman, who Immediately came op, but no sooner had sne made her appearance in the main hall than a couple of imen rushed down stairs and out at the door, which tbey had l<?ft ftlhrbtl? liar. Oo examination ii appeared thai a considerable quantity of slothiog and other property bad been prepared for removal by the tb levee, bot in tbetr rapid flight tbay did not manage to secure any - '"a short time after the above occurrence officer Mo Dowell of the Sixteenth precinct ^roed three sus picious looking lndlrlduala entering the hsndoorofthe residence of Mr. Henry BeerUtey, No. 217 West Twenty rourth Biroet, end thinking that they had no legH'mste busioesa titers, he stetioned himself behind a tree near by to watch. Before a groat while the tr o came out of the house and crossing the street, started on a quick walk towards Ninth avenue. The officer coming up oe blnd, grabbed the one who teemed to be the principal of the rang and held bim, but the otbem Immediately ?n off A struggle ensued between the officer end bis pris oner, when tbo latter, putting his hand up behindhts head, draw up from under the lappel of bis ?oat a dan gerous looking dagger, with which he made * lung oat the Officer. The letter stepped back a little to sava himself when the primmer framediately started on a runup Ninth avenne. The officer followed him, calling ou? "?Stop thief," and officer Ferguson, of the sanitary squad, mopped and tried to hold him, but he was thrown to the sidewalk In short order. He had a Arm hold on tbe fusitlve, however, and brought him to the f^oond along with himself. Just at this moment McDoweU came up, and, eecurtng the runaway. ^?ht hlm to the Sixteenth precinct station house. On applying M tne bouee. Ne. 217 West Twenty-fourth officers learned that the houae had been oetojndwbtto the family waa at supper, and that clothing end Jewelry, to the value of $86, had been and that a large quantity of ^tluiij hU been ?uttered oe the floor. The prisoner _ wea rcxtrrday brought before Justice Dedge, at Jeffbrsen ilirket Police Court, where he gave hie n?me ae t.corge Thompson. Justice Dodge,on beiog apnUedIto, to admit the accused to hall and he was locked up tone wer Thompson on heleg asked if be knew anything of the attempt at Mr. Plttman a houae made ne reply but grinned rather knowingly. Allsobd Tusrr or a Cabal Boat.?John Henry, ?' Ha 143 Leroy street, entered a complaint before Justice Dodge yesterday In which he clyrged Patrick Doyle with the theft of the canal boat Phoebe Ann. Henry stated that he had the boat m nored sU^ey CI?y ; that on the 9d inttoot it was stolen, and a# trace of it oouw he ohtaload until Friday, whence fooodjt*1 rSemuer Clerkson street In the poeetojton of Dyto Ttffi latter was commiitod to answer ta default of fll,000 ball. Ai.LBosn Faisu PsBtmrcBa? Richard Blkar was raigned yesterday before Justice Dodge, charged by George W. Stranahen, of Na 220 Tbompeon etroet, with having otHaloed $400 ftom him by means of fraudulent pretensions, It appears from the that oa the 17th of October last Rlker came to Htrnnabaa and reqneeted tho loon of $400, giving Is bW note on tho Now York County Nationali Bank., On thu 2U of October the note was presented at thehaek. but nay meat waa refueed, end the nets wee declared worth [e^ Riker waa commuted for exemlention. Cfcsltt to ABmAtn?Timothy Hogan wag arrested by en officer of tho Flftoonth precinct yesterday after noon for driving a hone whloh wan suffering from a run nmr sore on one of bli reel Justice Dodge held Hogan to answer la $M0 ball. A Foals Tatar Fnou Morrrnaai? Ann Sinclair, who dated that aha was twenty one yean of age, a hoeg skirt neker. sad that she molded at the St Nicholas Hotel, was arraigned before Justice Dodge yesterday, charged with having stolen en the 2d Instant from Louise Bird, ef$$ M. Chasten Berrerase ureal, a quantity of clothing, fura aad jewelry, eaeountiag In vnlan to NTT. It ap peared from the oomplaiel that Ann went to Mm BlrAe house on the Slat oR. and engaged rooms, but Isft very aoddeely on the $4 I eaten t, and Immediately aftor her A xappesraaco the property wee mimed Notice of hsr geuenaiu f?f J<?w York wan telegraphed by Mra BIN to ? futnd Of bora to tbio elly. u4 officer O'Donohue wm detailed to bo on tbo lookout for Ann, who arrived bora on tbe 4th mutant, and to wbeoe possession emu found moat of tbo stolon property. Mm Bird tautened aftor Ann, and on arriving bore, and being nbown tbo property which waa found in poaaoaaion of tho prisoner, identiOod it a* belonging to her. Ann ad milted that ?ue atolo tbo property from Mr a Bird, and she was accord ingly committed to answer. DEPARTURE OF STEAMERS YESTEROAY. Tbo following la a Mat of ttenmere, both for foreign porta and coastwise, which left the purtof New York yeo'erday. Tbe amount of specie, tbe number of pas sengera, and tbo character of freight, aa well as tbo destination of each, Is also given:? Tbe England left pier No. 47 North river, at tbree o'clock, for Liverpool, calling at Queenatowu, with one hundred and thirty cab.n and ataermge pass-iutgurs and full freight. Tbe Europe left pier No. SO North river, nt elgbt o'clock, with one hundred and twrnty.tlve cabin pas sengers, fur Havre, celling at Brest, 8ho look out $221,000 specie and full general cargo. . The Allsntic left pier No 40 North river, at eleven o'clock, with paxseugers, for Southampton aud Bremen, and one thousand throe hundred bales ot cotton. I he City of Carls, for Liverpool, calling at Quecnaiown, lett pier No. 46 Nnrth river, at twelve o'clocs, carrying ttiu mall and eighty-five passengers. .She also took $17,632 in specie, with full general cargo. ine Saxon la, for Hamburg, with United States mall, left Hamburg dock, Hohoken, at twelve o'clock, with aeventy-eighi pasecuvein and full cargo, moatly cotton, with forty in the steerage. Tbe C W. Lord, Tor Galveston, Texas, left pier No. 20 East river, at Sunday's tide, with small fr ight The General Grant, for New Orleans, left pier No. 9 North river, at tbree o'clock P. M., with twelve pas sengers, and fair aasorted freight. Tba Missouri left pier No 40 North river for New Orleans at tbree o'clock, with fifty passengers and full assorted cargo. Tbo Montgomory, for New Orleans, left pier No. 13 North river at tbree o'clock, jvltb nine passengers and full cargo of general merchandise. Tbe San Jacinto, for Savannah, left at three o'clock from pier No. 13 North river, with sixty passengers and full asserted freight. The Granada left for Charleston, S. C., Florida and tho Southwest, nt three o'clock, from pier No. 14 East river, with thirty passengers and fnll assorted cargo. The Franconia, for Portland, left at three o'olork from pier No. 30 East river, with six passengers and a good freight. The Europe took the largest number of cabin pas sengers that have left on any European steamer thin season. Among the number arc Mm. Senator Sprnguo aud party, and Pierre Caruie, the billiard champion. Shippers complain of dull freights towards Southern porta. PASSENGERS FOR EUROPE YESTEROAT. Bamsr aim Hanta? Steamship Europe?Mrs Senator Rpruguc and servant, W s lloyt, Misa Sarah lloyt. Miss S s lloyt and servant, Providence, It I; John H Mortimer. Miss Annie T Mortimer. Henry Colt Mortimer, Mias Adelaide M Thompson, New York: 0 T Charles. Miss Charles, T Henry Masun, Albany, NY; Dr Matthew D Van Doren, Mrs Van ltoren, child and aervant, Misa Van Dnren, New York ;J as K Bancroft, Philadelphia, Pa.; Wm B Nchermerhorn. New York; Dr AS Dandrldge, Mrs Dandrldge and two children. Miss Liandridge, Misa A liandrnlgi e, T< P Dandrldge, C K Dandrldge, Mrs Jones, Ctncimistt, Ohio: Mr ? , Van Dusen, New York; A Cadart, Paris; J M Duraud. Mrs Duraud, Mias Fanny Durand, Cham Durand, D Durund, Milwaukee, Wis; Henry U Ward, New York: Wm S P.tdgeway, Columbus, Ohio; Jeffrey A llumrhrcy, Wm M Humphrey, New York; Alphonse Mlltenberger, >1 rs Mlltenberger, child and sipuvHK miiwnw.i||.i, muk-uusi|si, . und and servant; George Mlltenberger, Miss C Mlltenberger. New Orleans, 1st; ilenry Morgan, New York; Edmund Bcgouen. Mrs Begouen, -? ?? ? Shir Mobile; Horace Brooks, New York; Wallace nhtlllto. Mrs SbiUil" and servant, Cincinnati, Oblo; Edward C Ohapin. New York; Jacob Lutz, Mre Lutz, 1'bii adelphla, Pa; John K Vlrolet, Mre Vlrolet and child. New York; Jose Coromtua, Mrs Coromlma, Havana, John W Whitfield, New York; H M Stoddard, Savannah, Oa; N Clements, New York; Mr de Busuque Mrs de Bustlque sod child, Madrid, Spain; Henry Nenscheler. New York; Paul Rauson, Imperial Army, Mexico; Charles II Schwab, New York; M P Molina, Cuba; Professor Pierre Carme. New York; Charles Kits, New Or leans; Mortimer August, Houston. Texas: George 8 Part ridge, New York; Sepnenne de Beistequn, Mrs de Belstruue, end daughter. Hsvsns, Cuba; O A Glrod, New York; Cap tain Plerron. of Emperor Maximilian's Cabinet, Mexico; Dr GU Haeseier, Hotcbvilte. Peuu; Henry Protei, Mew York; Mr Babin and child, Mstamoroa, Mexico: J Lewis, New Oilenue; J K Noelzlin, Mew York; Miss de Estrada, Miss U de Kstrads, Madrid, Npalu; Ilenry Moore, Leon Moore Mrs Mary Moore, child and servant, New York; A L Ulo binsky.C M Globlnsky, Montreal, 0 W; A Nattier. New York; Fred A regno. New Orleans; Samuel Prink, Wilming ton. N C; J Ualllnrdon. Nets York; A Mwt, AUsnla. Us; George Welch, Mew York; Felix Lelaire. Victoria, Van-'l Island; Charles Evertnann, CittcinaaM, Ohio; Miss Marin V. Bencher, Mias M. E. Nardln, Paris, France; L I Laoe, Now York; AugnaUa Urophst, New Orleans: Joins votttanL Sen Francisco, Cat; Abbe Aristide Ptcard, Vera Crus, Max; P KnvruUen, New Yoeh; LUaMbanx New Or leans; A B Btere EtWellh. BnuFanrlero, Cat; J FJelf, It; Frank Duceia, New Orleans; Henry BeraheSm. Vera I | Cruz: Peter Carillon. New York; Mrs Victoria Dubois. Pat Is. Frank Monac, son Franriace. Call Baptiste Touraet, New Frank Monet, Boa Franriace, Call Bapttsie TournrlM^^H Orleena; Mr Bernard, Mntauioros, Mexico; Alexander J Charles, New York; Isadora Eugene BrescL Parts; r.fouv, | New Orleans: Charies Levi. Yen. Crux; Mr Boovy, New York; Miaa Celastme Monuuf, Paris; Louis R Forney, New York; Mr Delouche, imperial army, Mexico; John B Battels New York. Bukmxn?Steamer Atlantic?.1 Claflln, New York. Chr. Magnus and lady, lows; Captain J T Hiltz, England; H M Bilcer, New York; P Becker, Manhattanville: 11 Kblcli. Nt Louie: J M Enrique and J de la Torre. Havana; 8 Burnett, England; If Bluinenburg, Cincinnati; II Brunt, California; J V odds and lady, Ohio; C llernc. New York; W Stone. K Keluy and family. California; K W A Bcartefer and family, Mi-a C 8ieberl, New York; O Abler*. 11 Shutte. and Mr Bi'bulien Cincinnati; Mrs B Hauser and son, Mrs B Nun ban-en, Pennsylvania; WbiElage?; Misa A Becker, Mias M Naeiiy. H Cugreye, Pittsburg; F Nchultxe, New Jeraey; Mr Adler Brooklyn; J Pleeh and lady. J Hoffman, A Ncheuller, Miss C Fisher, New York; A Mehm Chicago; J A Torrens, J Prune. B hcbultx. C Busks, and mhers in steerage. SHIPPING NEWS. ALUS if AC TOH Hi TOR*?THIS Dir. sr. *!?*? t M . boo* lira ere ? 46 itn srr* ? 81 I high watsr eve 10 36 PORT OF NEW YORK APRIL 6. H67. OImtmI. siennishlp C W Lord, Ward, Ualveaton?C (I Mallory A Co Btesmahip Montgomery, Doene. New Orleans?R Lowden. Kteamslilp Gen Grant, <"oucli. New Orleans ?U B Crom well A Co. Hteamsbtp Missouri. Hudaoa, New Orleans?C K (lerrieon. 8ie.;n.ship Hen .laeimo, Atkins, Havsnuah?Gnrrison A Allen. liieamshlp Granadu. Horsier Charleston?A Learr. Steamship Prometheus, Phillips, Wilmington. NC?C Good speed. Hteemahin Valley City. Tomlln, Aleiandrta?J Hand. Steamship Niagara. Blakeman, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond?G Hrineken A Palmore. Steamship Hatteras, Aleiander, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond?N I. MrOrendy A Oo. steamshlp Empire. Price. Norfolk. City Point and Rich Wind?J llsnd. Steamship ? C Knight, Dentze, Washington, DC?Smith A Brown. Steamablo Prancoaia. Sherwood. Portland?J P Antes. Steamship Nerens. Hearse. Boston?W P Clfde. Ship Martha (Prus). Serine. Liverpool?Sloman A Edre. Bark l?ota (Br). Barber. Kjdney. NSW?R W Forties A '"O. Bark Victoria iNor>. Knudseo. Cork for orders via I'hlla elphla?K-.mch. Metncke A WOBdL Hark .Rolus (Norw . Knudeen. Qneeustown for orders? Hoimboe A Co. Hark Alpha (Norw), Nop, Antwerp?Holmboo A Co. Rark Proibandel <Hiera>, Ilagenhetiner. Hi emeu via Balti more?tlelrlrlis A Co. Bark Resolution (Hal), Dllnberto, Cadta?A P Agreata. Bark Japan (Pnis), Bbrucke, tlenoa?Fuoch, fieiucko A WendL Bark (Tnlon (Br), Onrnage, Barcelona? HretL Son A Co. Mark llaitard, Karstnns, Pernambueo?11 II Swift A Co. Bark Volant, I'aatner, Apelacktola and Key Wast?Ban BO",-Brown A I'lviner. Brig Mary Stewart, Dennlvoa, Constantinople?Miller A Houghton. Bng Kmnlnua (Br), Prelst, Valencia?J F Whitney A Co. Brig Clara Pickens, Rogers, Maiai./ss?N L MeCrosdy. Brig Ricelslor (Br), Cooper. Bermuda?MrCotl A Frith. Bohr K?J Jacket. Aver'll, Vera Crux?Breit. Son A Co. Sclir Thernn J Dale, Lewis, Demamra?B J Wenberg. Scbr M P. Mangum, Heverldee, Nassau?J Douglass. Schr Harvest Queen (Br), SfcBrlde, llallfaa?D R DeWolf A Co. Scbr Vlmlra Woolev, King: Galveston?C H Mallory A Co. Sebr iaaas Moron. Bradford, Ualveaton?Murray. Ferris A Co. Scbr Levins Boll, Beylis. Georgetown. HC?Van Brant A Slaghl. nchr J N Look wood, S barret t, Baltimoro?Van Brunt A Slavbt. tP Ur W N cleaner. Egbert. Baltimore?Vkn Brant A Riaght. Scbr A D Scull, Scull, Great Egg Harbor?M L Mere heat A Co. Schr Ann Parker, Berry, Eliubethport?R W Hopes A Co. Sebr Hero. Kelly, Kaleni-R W Rope A Co. Sebr Billow,Cousins, Boston?Ferguson A Wood. Schr I'ndioe, Martin, Boston?Rarkett A Taylor. Schr W 11 Bowen. Jackson, ProvldOune?airanahan A Jsekson. ft* hi Emerald, Norton, Now Haven?Rackett A I'tvlor. Schr N E Chase, Pratt, Middle Von, Ct? KackeU A Taylor. Schr 8 P Godwin, Watarhury. Stamford. Hloop Emily, Allan, saw Hiven. Steamer Aeusbnet. Kelly, Mow Bedford. Arrlred, Steamship Germanic (Ham), Hehweneoa, namhurg, March 34. with mdso and WO passengers, to Kanhardt A Co. Kiporlenned westerly winds during the passage. Prom lal 4# 90 and Ion SI SI to lal 4S aad Ion St. passed several large lenberga aad fields of Ire. April 8. 1st 42 U, Ion M SO. passed hark AtsUala (Ham), bound W; Sth. 1st 40 W, loo M M. passed a Bremen steamship, hound K. Steamship Pah Kee, HUrilng, 8t J ago March 28, and Nea. ntss 20th. with sugar and Demergers, to Waydell A Co. Nteamshlp kodlan. Rodger*, Savannah, with mdae aad passengers, to Murray, Ferris A Co. 4th last. ? AM, M miles nK of Cape Lookout, peaaed steamship Virgo, hence for Bsvsnnah. Bteamahlp Emily B Boudnr. Loekwood, Oherlmtnn. I hours, with mdso and passengers, In Livingston Poi A Co. Ship Humboldt (of Boston), Precuir. Padang. Nov IT, with sugar, coffee, Ac, to master. April S. let S7, Ion 71, spake schr Msty Allerten, of Bristol, Rf, and got a supply or provisions from bar, ws hiving iieoo SO days N of Bar. muda. with heavy gales from NR and NW; was to the north word of Capo Charles, aad drlrtu to the southward of the Oulf again. Ship Margaret (Mam), Readiiea. Marseilles, 71 days, with da* to Boyd A Hlocksn. Peh It, lal M 01 N, Ion it 11 W, spoke bark Wsusr (Meok). from Taganrog for New Tort, 108 days oak The H waa 14 days N of Hatteras with hsary M and NW gates; lost and split sails, As. Bark Alvfngton (Br), Adam*. Ceylon >?o I, ris Table Ray Fab 10, with coffee, ebony. Ac. to ueorga P huilry. March n. 1st l*?N. loaMW nva Russian baft shewing No 10. white figures In a square red Bag, steering W. Skth, Tat *7 IP N. ion ? 10 W, passed hart Volant, .tearing K.N# Slst. let !U ? N, ion m 46 W, pmsed a bark stavriagRnK. with mala yard, mala topmast. Ac. sarnod awar; April S, IstJfiOfiN, Ion 71 w, pasotd aa Italian brig, from Palermo for New Bark Rtamto fltal), NsomrL Palermo, 71 days, with frnlt s to Lawretras, OHm A Co. Marsh ?. la lbs Gulf Htream, ?^Md a ma wbleh earned away quarter rail, wboolbouas ?wsaarfc). Bootl. Rio Janeiro, 40 daya, wtth coffee M^sga, B daya, with ralelae, Ac. to O Wheelwright A Oa. Had heavy northerly galas; eSMSW&w? ?? GsrskMug SSBSsB cargo in Dwiwwo cmcjls. 22psasviC*,?' IB ??au. ran Serai, S <an rns aalM, w Rlxby ACo. March 21 lat 37 IS Ion 74 SO, h*d a ie?Vy kur rtiaiie from KNK the ?ea rolling el-m over tha vessel. nll lUK the cabin Willi water, -luc! Strong N > W and N K vales' baa been blown * man ha Gulf twice; lost and ?. 1* ?,,ui and received other d.mage March 24,1m 3353, lou 72 ?u spoke acbr Wm 4 l'r?ar, of Dennis. tr< iu Mobile for New York, with loaa of furetop-nist and sail* and leaking; lay by her until night; the leak at-oping ?< laii her; nania im-id scl.r Marine, annk. craw l ,kan off Uini nn ning bv ltr brig Alma, hound to Aai'lnw.ili; lat iunt. I a'ill In. l,,a on Ml. passed a lot of abi|> limber and luruher and other wrecked alutf. rchr h ('loam?n (of Kedgewlck. Me). Cnomo?, Ariovo. PR, March 18 wr th sugar and mnlassc-, to Rurdeti k Ri?r?tt. 21 tnat, lai its 37, Ion ii IU, spoke bark Madalm vital., bouud North. Bohr t'nean Hlrd (Br), Ellis, St Jago, 30 dayi, with sugar, to Pen.stun A Co, Si'fir l.ilan i Mr i, MeKem.e, Cnrnwallis. with potatoes, to A A W K Duryaa Hchr Rachel Yanainan, Rrower, St Marks, 13 day*, with cotton, to E D Hurluu: A Co. Belaw. Brig Neva. Scbr Ht Hubert, from Manzanil o. Mailed St*am?blpa Atlantic. Hazonla. Cttr of Psrls, England. Granada, t'ltaa W Lord, Pr.une'heue. Mlakourl, Gel. Grant. Moir.g tuery, San Jacinto, K C Knight, I air bunks, Niagara, Halteraa, and mplre. Wind at sunset N VS'. clear. Marine (Manetera. Smr N'ari.r*. Hutcblnaon. at Honion from Psssaroeang. Java, experienced a heavy iptls off Mauritius aud lost nail*. Ac Mnce panning Bermuda had very heavy weaterly galea. Suir W R Hiss mors. Kreetnan, Irons Callao for Hamburg, tin'Into Shields Afril S. having sustained Severe damage Irons collmoil with an uukiio vu veemd at ses Hrig Arrivr i Br), tS'ilttiigale, at iloaton from Cardenas, re porta Starch 'Al, off Cams llalteraa, la a gale, luat deck lead ot t7 bhda molaaaes. Si hr Saiinu?A schooner with an assorted cargo, report ed irom Now Orleans, waa aahore on neven Mite Beach, NJ, on the 4lh insu Cou iriok?Schra City Point, of Portland, and Waterfall, of SoutbiHirt. both from New York for Hoaton, collided 4th lielweeu Watch llld aud Point Judith. The City Point had cutwater e rrled awav stem started, and is leaking. Tha Waterfall had r.sll and bulwa-ki stove on starboard quarter, broke m.nn boom and lure malnaalL Moth pat Into New port same day for repairs. -XUrHlanrsstia. Purser Edward Cooper, of the steamship Pah Ren, from Ht Jago de Cuba, has our thauka for late papers. Launch?The fine abip Cleopatra, built by Thomas 8lack, for Arthur Leary, waa siicces.; ullr launched from the yard foot of North Sixth street. Williamsburg, oa Friday. She la nearly 1C0U tons register, and la intended for the Bast India trade. KruR Baown, of Wnllfleet, 47 MVlUOtha tons bur then, ImHl at Kl?ex In 18811, has been purchased by Messrs Edward K Burubatu k Co, of Gloucester. Sena 1. skow, Jr. of Rnutb Dennis, 41 DUIUOth* tons bur then bul t at Essex, tit to 1851, baa bean purchased by Capt George GritOu and others, of Kockport Mais. She will be employed In the coasting business, under command of Capt Griflln. Launched? At Kennebunkport 4th Inst, by David Clark, a finely modeled srhr named Charlie F Mayo, of 120 tons, car penter's measurement, built for Capt Isaac Mayo aud others of Piugluoetown, and will b? employed In the fishing busl The new clipper scbr Mary 8towe built by Reaburv Bel den was launched from tha yard of the Hartford Dry Dock Company, at Dulcb Poiul. llartf r I, CI, on tilli Inst. Hbe Is a fore and aft eehr of snout 3MJ tons burthan, aud Is Intend ed for the Southern trade. She Is owned by parties in Hart ford uud Soybrook and will be commanded by Capt James KaDkln, of the latter place. Whalmea. At Barbados Feb 23. bark E H PhllllDS (formerly the St Elizabeth). Ellerton. of Boston, M bbls sp oil. Arr st llllo Feb 13, hark President, Kel.ey, NB. from Coast of Mexico, with 1UU bbls sp and 30 do wh oil. Keports on the cuaet, ship St George. Houlei N H, 120 bbla; Reindeer, Ray nor, do, PS do; Three Brothers. Taber, do, 90 do: Janus. Hmllh. do. 450 do; barks Fannie, Huntlngtoo. de. 140 do; Jno Ilnwlsnd, Whelden. do, 100 do, Bea Mreexe,' Hamilton, do, 0 whs; J D Thompson, Brown, NL, t do; Champion, Worth, Edgartown, 5 do; ships Jlreb Parry, Hslaey, NB, I do; Nile, Fish. NL, 1 do; Ocean. Barber, NH. 1 de; hark J P West, Tinker, do. 1 do; George Davis, 1^ de; Lydta, Hathaway, do, IX do. Arr at do March 2, bark Gen Pike, Russell, NB, from Oal llparoe Islands, with 10 bbls sp. Reoorls off the Galllpagoa, ship Emily Morgan. Dexter, NB, WO ep; Roman, Vtnal, do, HJO do; burka Corel, Crandall, do. clean; Matilda Hears, Uff ford, Dartmouth, do. Ait st Honolulu March 10, bark Ben J Cnmmtngs, Halaey, NB. and ship Jeanne tie. of Han Franolsoo, from Coast of California, "with 230 bbls sp." At Munbury, Nil, Jan 2H, hark Ren Queen, Moers. of West Krt. with oil as before lepnrted. Abo reports In Decern r. Bhlp Hwallow, Weeks,NB, 800 ep. nil told; bnrk Java M, Smith, do. 900 bbls oil. Hark John Carver, Worth, of NB, was off Coast of Chile Fob 18. lat 3H ? H, Ion 7* 20 W. kav lag taken 25 bbla sp olL Steamer Mastiff, the first of the sealing fleet, arrived at Harbor Grace, NF fid Inst, kavtug taken 1M0B seals. Mho reports favorably the prospects at the fiahortem. Byeltee, flee. Ship Adelaide. Catting, from MYork (or Liverpool, March 19. no 1st, An (by slsamrr CUy of Antwerp, at Queeaotown 22d). . Bark Qolndars. linns Cardenas for NTovk, Wank S, lot Ht. lun 74 30. Br g Iteushnw. front Now Tork for St Marks, March ST, IW 3102.Ton MM. Brig John Sherwood. Berry, from KYork for Ilavano, April 2, lat MB). Ion 70 IS. Brig George, of Halifax, steering 8, Marah M. Ml 82 M *, Ion 7i 41. Ferelgn Parte. Ahroto, PR, March lb?In port schra Ooean Traveller, Adtma. Ida tor NYerk ; White Hwan CoUtns, do; Onrlnnd, Muiisell. do; S k D Heuil Hteclmsii, do. HxvanA, March 27?Bid brig Birdie (Br). Wayeott, Boston. Old 29th. brig* G Buruhsm, McLaltsn, Boston; MerriWa, In gersnll, 8agna. In (lortwtb. barks Todnnsae (Bri, Chapman, and Harsh A Dudmau. Kimball for NTork, I Ig; Cordelia, Wells; Bgetia. Burett. and L X Long. Ames, for New Orleans: Pomona, Brown for Huston; brig Hyperion, rtiraonton. for New Or leans; schra rt V Nichols, Nichols for NTork; W K Chap man. Cole, for Baltimore; Je-eph Allen. Keleoi. for Charles ton : and others. Mannas, Feb 17?Sid ship Enterprise, Dunbar. Calcutta (not Callao). Maranzas, March 24?Arr barks Elba, Dnsko. NTork; H P Lord. Plnkbam. Portland; Triumph, Parke, do; Heroine. NlrXerson. Boston; I'loa "do Heme, Furmen. NYork; 20tb, betk Tejucs, Ileriiman, Boston; brigs Harriet, Bta ulee. Portliud: Minim Treub True. Philadelphia; 1 del la, Jackson, do. H H McGllvery, Smart. Havana; schra Panl Hearey, Gulliver, Philadelphia; U B Edwards, Oarwood, de (end eld 27th for Ceiharien). Natrrrras, March IH?Arr brig Aroostook, Bryant NTerk. Bid 27th. achrs E Richardson, I horn pawn, NYork; Mtk, Ham burg. Bprague, do. In port Myth, brigs Udoia, WTilttemere, for NYork, Idg; Juliet C Clark. Freethy for do do; achr DTabhot, Packard, for do do. .foil**. PR, March Id?In port brig lea Foam. Coomb*, for NYork: whr* Mellta, Fougarr for do: Dearborn, Har rlman, from Georgetown. SC.; Kaimar, Lambert, from Ma I'blaaport. rtt -laiiO. March 22? Arr bark John Hatha**, Loughlta. Philadelphia; biig Arctic, Crane NTork rta Hlerra Morena; 48th, bark knot* August*. Itarta, Philadelphia In i>ort JHih ahlp l anora, Klltot, Ida; bark flklddaw i Br). Mai ahull, do; bi If* Paraxon, Walsh, do; Lytli* H Cole, do Tmmnap. March ??Arr brig Jaa H Klrby (not Riley), Outerbrldge, Philadelphia. Amtrlrae Porta. BOSTON. APRIL, 4?Arr achra Walrna (Bri, Barrett, Bo naire; Maria Gaga. Hhepard. Charlaeton: Joseph W Flah, WiHot. Wilmington NC: Henrietta. Dwyer. Rappahannock Rlrer; Cora Morr eon, Leigh ton Tangier: Lewie Cheater, (iooklna, Hatilmnra: .ilngo, Haker, Phll.idelphla; Isaac Ba ker. Purvere; 0 I* Htickney, Math Is, and Wm Rrment, Ken ne?. do. Mh ?Arr ?hlp .Veplea, llutehlnaon, Paaaornang: bark lonle i Br), Woodbury, Bi Paul de Lo*ndo rla NTork; bnge Paaa llna, Orillln, < (anfui-goa; Act re (Br), Wlllingale. Cardenas; Beaaie Howard i Hri,"Inward, do; Chlmbonaao, Cook. Per nandina; achra Ruth H Baker. KnlgM. Magna: Neabower, Chaar, Eliiaheinport; Phcbe ann. HI >dgeU. Poi t Johnson; 0 L Lot ell. NYork: li-n?ore, Knnwlioa and Prin -eaa, Ia> rell, do. Cld bark Hiclllaa. Sparrow. Malaga, brig N Ktow ara, Fren- h, Demarara; achr Eaaei, Nicker-",n, Philadel phia Hid 4th, eblp Sunbeam. 4th?Arr steamer* Alhatnbr*. New Orleans: Glaoeua, Jlaw York; bilge Aala. ft Tbomia. Mecosta, Clenfuegoa. HUT.PAST. Marrh 4H -Arr achra Hulk Heard an, Babb, NYork: Momeinma, Low, Philadelphia; April I. Hortenaia. Pailrruin, Baltimore: 3d. Ctrc**slaa. Kendall, PkHadatBkte. Hid M rcli t!. aehra Nat .an Clifford, hhatr, NTork: MKh, Georgia Brier. Haranuab; April *, Connecticut, Pendleton, ann N Berrr. Pendleton NYork. CII AKI.KHTON, April ??Arr brlf* Webeler Kelly. New York: Knight, Norfolk R'd arhra Edna Harwoad. and N W .irallli. NYork; Mary Amadm. Boalon. KOKTKKKM MONROE, April b-Arr bark Warelet. Rio ling. Messenger, Rosalie, Chattanooga, Mountain Magic, Ha:field Brothers, all from West Indies for Balu "kaLL RIVER April 4?Bid erhre RnUre, Klnnler. Now Turk ftth. 'Chaa A Grnlner, Harvey, do. GEORGETOWN AC. March ?-Arr erhre Waneta, Haw klna, Charleaton; Slat, L H Walton, Dorety. NTork. CM April 2. hi ig itambia, Perry. Rath; achr Idaho, Walt, Ronton, OK KEN-I LAN Hi NO. Marcn SO-Hid achr Oronaak*. Knight, Philadelphia. KFlNNM BUNK PORT. April S-Rld skip Arrfurua (new. ?f Kennabunkport. 1004 ttt-IUHhs tonal, Naaon. Boat,in. MACHIAS, March W-SId achr Fred Reed, Pendleton. New York. NEW BKDFORD. April4?Arr steamer Wamautta, Fish, New Tork : achr little Haard, Perry, Ballltno tt for Boston. NF.wni RTPOKT, April J-Arrerhr J P Amea. Teraer. Philadelphia, NRWPORt April 4?Arr aehra City Point, Poster, and Waterfall. Camp ell NTork for Boston: Oamllno C, Ha I ii mm iaii i ? ?i i ~ ? wr OvBH'B, ''MrulinN A,? nHMT) Tremonl for Philadelphia; Helen Haallnge (Br). Hraunoa, Bt John. NK. for Cardenaa. Hyena, Oaruncr, Elizabeth port tor Portsmouth, NH. Returned?brig Abuer Taylor, Low* all. Fall Rirer for NTork: arhra Frank Treat, Abbott, Boston for Philadelphia. T J Irefien. Talptey. Partamonlh. NH. for Baltimore; Charles P. Raymond, Higgtns. Boston for Phila delphia; Ju la News L Mrlnlyre. Camdsn for Norfolk: J ? Hopkins. Newoocnh. Wellflaet for Craney Island, Va; Rain bow, A latandtr, Bristol for NTork; Rata Callahan. A vary, Prorldenne for do Ma. S AM?Arrerhra Charles Moor*. lagaraoO, Phlladal ala. Bearartlla. Chtaa. Boston for Philadelphia. 1* port i above arrlrale: and erhre Jeba Mentor*. Benlah K Hharp. Fanny Fern, Thomas Potior. Sarah Joan. NEW LONDON, April 4?Arr eckr Louisa Oroy, Huntley, Philadelphia for Norwich . " PHILADELPHIA. Apnl A?Arr bark Carlton, Trecartln, Mataniaa; brig Rk> Grande. Bennett. 81 Marys, On; arhra Joseph Banar. Baiter, Portland; Cynthia Jaaa, Bellows, Bridgeport; K Seaman,.Bentaam Boston. Batow bmk Ma ra from Liverpool. Cld abln lata Davenport, Otis. f lear* pool, barks Buraka (Br), with, Havre, Oal. Dannevig hork for orders; brla Anna.(?). Morrow! Barb do. whn ? ^?eiManjbrlgAnnaM?rL Morrow. Barbados; aehra Governor, hidklna, Deer late; taper, Johaaoa. Norwich; B steal man, Bteelman. do; S T Wines, Hulaa do; Biillkei Batur, Boston; KUaMathew. MrKlwea; J LnnonstVr wV f Mm*man, Hantaan, do; Kf fort H'gglns, Gkmoester. Lew re, Del, April 4,1 Alt?The echr* Cam Gordo, aad ?' B i lementa, wtib fuU cargo** from ibe hark* Aurora, aad B NrhuKi, Mhoro. tail ytatordey aftaraoou for Phlladelahla. ouunTy/f^iKViy K%mltlt.h^*lM^i2tod!rM3 JSfSt: ?r!LMwJwiaS>rM|>Arairiroag.NT.?k. _ tr,r?P1?llo,1tS ^Frt't-Arr eehrBarai ? Jmmw. "ek. *or5r d*o rt' Omh Manhatl. aad Bobla, May* TinYIDRNCK, April S-Arr eehr* ? N Perry. Hamilton. gawieaMj# iiss ir,"^.rrir del oh la j Barak Purrers, Jooaa, aod J ? Whatdla, Bo wen, do, NMbl_Ho4maa, Nerthup. KUeatilhgiHt atoap Motta, id SB beet Oraaa. Wheliitt, ROCKLAND. Harrh tf-Arr Amelia. Rlleme NTork: 1Mb, Ooraalia, haadereon. da; SMh,J>ee*h Bty, Keaaady; Una. Omgnry, and Oeo Mario a. de; Apni S, tmal i Roma, Mtteban, KHmbath d for New York land eM ML rem Calais far Rlekwead: Para* Vlekaburg. Rorktaod for de; M, Cedwallader. Bteilmea, PkihP MN^ "