Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1867, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1867 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND C 3 VI AZ \ CI AL. SartmutT, April 6?4 P. M Speculation on the "Ro^k Eicha:i? * dentinma languid, ia4 the bulla aru disposed to await aa oasl r m >ney market befors resuming operations The supply of ctp tal beeu equal to tb * demand from good houses to day at seven per cent, and wm, on the whole, larger than yesterday; bat among weak and highly specula tive bouses there were not a few complaints o( mone tary activity. The (low of currency from the interior eeeats to he partially neutralized by a drain tnie the treasury in payment for gold sold, the disburse menu being less rapid than the receipts, apparently. The hank statement for the week ia likely to be less favora ble than was generally expected, the deposits having, it to estimated, been drawn down shout five millions, and the legal lenders between ibre > and four millions. The loan* are likely to show a decrease of three-quartera ?T a million, and the specie of about half that amount It to probable, however, that monev will become gradu ally more abundant during the ensuing week, and that the bank statement next following the present one will select Important changes for the better in the condition of the lienks At the early session of the open board the stock mar ket wan steady at a slight advance upon the closing prices of last evening. New York Central sold at 101X a %; Bne. 55T<; Reading, 101X; Michigan Southern, Y1X a X i Cleveland and Pittsburg, 74X a 74 X; Port Wayne, VX% \ Rock Island, 89 X n X; Northwestern, 34.X (b 3); da preferred, 03X ? Mi PeclUc Mail, 119X- At the flnt regular board prloee were lower, and the specu lative feeling was very tame. The heaviest decline was In Cleveland and Plltabarg, earing to the conclusion of aa arrangement between the Pittsburg, Port Wayne and Chicago Railway Company and the lessees of the Cleve land and Mahoning Railway Company to run their freight and paseenger care over It Into Cleveland aa soon as certain Improvements now in progress are completed. New York Central cioeed IX lower than at the same time yesterday, Erie X? Michigan Southern 1X> Illinois Central X. Cleveland and Pittsburg 3, Rock Island 1X, North western IX?da preferred X- Port Way no X. Toledo, Wabash and Western X. Ohio and Mississippi eartl flea tea X. Pacific Mail 1, Quicksilver X- Govern ment securities were steady at yesterday morning's prices, five-twenties of 1806 excepted, which advanced X- State Mocks wars firm, and Tennessee sixes of the new issue advanced X and Missouri sixes X At the one o'clock open board the market was steady. New York Central sold at 100X; Erie, 66X; Reading, 1MX i Michigan Southern, 70X; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 78X a X; Nock Island, 8SX a X; Northwestern, 33 X; da preferred, ttX a 03; Fort Wayne, 92Xi Pacific ?ail, 131X a X ; Western Union Telegraph, 41. Subse quently the market remained steady, and at half-past flee the following quotations were entreat:?New York Central, 100X a X; Erie, 65XaX; Reading, 101X a X; Michigan southern, 70X a X1 Cleveland and Pittsburg, ?8a X; Beck Island, 88X a 89; Northwestern, 33X a M; da preferred, 03 a X; Port Wayne, 93X a X; Pacific Nail, 120X a Xi Atlantic Mail, 80; Mariposa preferred, ?N a X; Western Union Telegraph, 41X a X The gold market has been barely steady, the range eC the day being from 133X ?o 183.X. with the closing transactions at 133X- There was a brisk borrowing de mand for coin, and loans were made at rates varying from 1-04 to 1-10 per cent In flavor of tbo lender, and at two per oant for carrying. The shipments of apecie and bullion for the week aggregate only $600,810. The tent of nearly thirty millions of interest on the five sty loan falling due en the 1M of May raven specu for a fall, an thla disbursement will h>ve the eC feat of largely increasing the floating supply of coin, although a large portion of the amount to due to terelgn bondholder* The range of the market oa each day ef tha weak to thus shown:? ^ Highest. Lmnesf. Monday 134 X 133X Tuesday 134? 134 X Wednesday 134.X 133X Vbaroday 133X 133X VMday 138 X 13 2 X flamrday 133 x 132 x flw foreign exchange market was Inactive but firm under a seardty ef bills. Bankers' bills on Rnglend at Mxty day* were quoted at the close at 108X; at throe ten at 100X a 1O0X; commercial 107 X a 108X- Franca nfi sixty days MAX a 6.30; at three days 6-lfiX a B.18X Tflto en Berlin 7$X a 78X i on Bremen 78X a 78X; on VTOakfBrt 40X a 41; on Amsterdam 407* a 41X; on Mnmborg 80 n MX! ?a Antwerp 6 30 a 6.1SX Tha Import movement of dry goods at this port ia Marob was as under:? BT1ISS fob ooxsunmo*. 1806. 1800. 1807. Tsui snt fhroon...$3,888,636 $10,648,433 $0,428,343 wrrnniuwx mow wa?ssnr*s. YUtal withdrawn $2 424 007 $3,943,181 $0,942,768 Afliraiforoon..... 3,888,633 10,648,433 0,438,343 I thrown on m't. $0,203,642 $14,401,014 $13,371,101 wrrraar voa waaaunrsrvn. Tstal ant warehouse. $1,480,004 $6,284,840 $3,709,280 Add enl for con.... 3,838,636 10,648,433 0 428.343 Total sat. st port. *5,324,599 $15,833,273 $10,227,579 For the ami three montha of the year the importation ?ramiet la thua shown :? ?mul roe oomcxmo^. 1865. 1H66. 1807. fatal m. for eon.....$7.637,997 $33,200 381 $18,389,980 wrrafuuww mow WAautwrs* Tela! withdrawn $6,499 *32 $10,957,803 $17,013,005 AM eel foroon.... 7,637,997 33.306,3.91 18,339,0^0 I throve on ?>*! $13,137,849 $44,234,074 $35,402,985 rwrenm m* WAMBOflsim. lMaleeL warehouse. $3,700,927 $15,037,501 $13,553,080 AM eol for oon.... 7.037.997 33,300.381 18.J89.9S0 Total eel at port $11,398,924 $48,303,942 $31,943,060 Walt| shame were rather active and generally Arm At the 11 ret board Alameda Silver closed 5c. higher than el the mcse time yeelerday, selling at $8 60 (tx 3); Omaoltdated Gregory Gold 66c , selling at $9 40; Tory dee 40c., eellieg U $6 00; Quarts Hill 10c., selling at $$ 70; Columbian Odd and Silver 16c , selling at $3 35. At tba second board Alameda Stlvar sold at $8 48; Coa aelidated Gregory $9 10 a $8 80. SALES AT THE HEW TOM STOCK EKCHAR8L ftaterdey. April 6-I0?36 A. M. meou B FilMJ reg.. 191H **1 shs NT Central RR. 100H 7i*9 TRS'a '74 rone en 102 *0 do WJO 10"', ur?0 USO'a 6 20 eoup'62 106 V ?"0 do 100* ?*W) do 10$S 800 Erie Railway 664| limcareMOcowp w i?v im do oo 551, I'VJJiJ 100 do >5 86** rsri 5-60 eoup'06 198 IBM do fifl\ Usrm-JOeo *0 I 107*4 100 do ?S) 56", 1 fT R19 M^tooe* 98 " Wl do 55** do 9Ki* *V Reading Railroad.. 101 *? KOOTiynUTlWleta 108 400 do >30 101V 8U00 NT 7'e btv In reg. 107v 600 do.. .. .... ... 801 ?SohiorsilBl..\7. Wi 86 *11 AM Paul rmf.. MJ? Tenneeseers naw 68 30? Mich 80 A N In<L... 704* Virginia 6'* ex cp. 49 700 do 70\ 1 Miaaonrl 6's $6 Mich Central RK. . JOB? Monri 6 a 96V' 90 Mtrh Central R do $6? ano in Central RR.. ..114*, to A Miss Certa 16? WOOIeve A Pll>? R" I Ohio A iilss Carta *?S ejOOIeve A Pliia RR... 74*, ) NTorkCenlO's'W 94? 200 do 7*? I Kris 6th mortgage BB* im Clev. Col A c.n R K W > Pit Ft W A Chi *1 94 V *B'Th,o A5W M A 06 1; rent West'n 3d m TIT do , 8 ? t..;vrvj gi ??" ? t-.- its fi Baak df America. ..1* WO Chi A N W RR pref B , 1*0 *'arton Company.. 48 ;* do W , inn do 64V 100 do MO W , M Central Coal Co.... 46 UOO do 6. , wh iSnevAToied^RR.. do 1IIIIT880 Chi A Hook I RR. .866 81 BOO do 100 do W mW-WrnOn Tel.... 41? eao Qmckiittver Mln C? 31? 100 do *10 160 lanpuM p(d 71? I anpuaa p<4 21? 100 de ja ilantle Mails*.... SI 86 do 99* Ml Atlantlc MO Boaum W* rower! 38V (Si do ?) WH ~1 TacKIc Mail HBOo.. |* ,V do W1* Mu (to I*iu afl Toledo WiDAWHK * ? do. ?10 I3i? ISO N J On RK 118, 7 '^.s| KWl' 6 V1U on........ 12 ??1?$ i-Hmd "J& 1??; MW Pltu. rt W A r RR IRS do taa? 3n do. 92)4 *ai do, .. 121 r> do ?! 1*1*7 Central RR ... HU84 M) Chicago A Alton RR W7H TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. ... ... EBWAuntMlA, April A 1887. Felrolmm duU^ crude lie. , retined m bond 23c. a 29*40. rioverseed??rt advancing tendency , prims $12 Flax aecd, dHMkmlMMMMlMhJeei $6 m rioiir Arm, with njargs J?oms demand for extras; PsnnsylvA Ky? active; J I .?^ p. fofn art?. ?alee 4,068 bu.hels at $1 14 a 6 17. oats ?d aetae of superftee at t* a $8 6* Wheal name; ?lared Ma 1666; California red $M28a $sM. aWof W mitre atfl 80; Pennsylvania at$1 U vandal, aalee 4,008 btfkels at $1 Ua| 17. Data ,d $ipmT.';ri. an,-ua"^ Wki w Ktf FSMsAIWf mi A, AfHI K, 1*^7 I Blocks quiet; PennsTlranta BUta il.aa, WOJ-htladslpkla sad Erie Railroad, ?V Readtrf 3at.r?md, 86|*. rsnn.yl waulaRallreed, 8*. OeM. L?V- B^bl cxehanp- ?a New at par. Oawaeo, April 9, 1867. IfffrO" Plocr Is active; the sslee are $766 bhls. st $1178 ror No. I mmZ$14 VMI for red winter. $18 ? for white. $16 for SnbB extA. Eye flour $7. Nuckwheat flour $? The Wheat ma. set Is better; we rnlee ere .TAW bn^tsU chotre whits Canada to arrive at M; Cnneda dub is held st $6 *\ edvsiMe af uis over yestscday't prteea C-wa is quiet st liferNc 1 Oats ara dut ; salse of 710 bushe a western at 68c Bar er rye and peea are neminaL sbcrts are as I Rst $27 a $HB. ship stuffs st $60 a $64; mind.lngs st $8B a per ton. Railroad freights en Soiir--Tt? Boston 90s , to f Terh 68c , to Albany and nchsnecudy 80s. BsLTteoSK, April S, 1997. Cotton dull; middling uplands. ?7e. f offse lcm aad un shenand for Bio. Bugar steadr?choice t?i fvo-1 rsflnlng, SaslOV CTOversesd, ft6s"$U Ttour Irm. WhsTl #als? of Fenas|lvaala red si $3 *jsM Mirrland I 66a Ml$ Cera afUve; eaies sf white and vol ew 11 IS n t?4 WmHnrii, )1 10 a ftl IS. O OA. *1 \ Tks ?*!*& aii-I nnibaog- t. wh ike/ n imliiai; no sat ?. M .kKIAGES AM D OtA THii. ?larrl/O. DnrwT - Parul?On T#e*hr, April 3, bv th? Rov <Var<*n Maximtl <?n, Ruts'D av?-r, <>f l./ons, Franc*, in AunKKn n Moiion ita'i^Uler of E.geiie i'arie, u( U ilh<iu??, Vrura . No carls Ura^kl?Ouatni ? In BalUmorn, oo Uonn.iv, April, hy II v. Dr. Fuller, Mr. NfomuA." Graxul to Mi -a Janet C'uomov, both of Maryland. Mali.?Shi-ii.? On Sitnrday, April 0, at St. John's church, Brooklyn, bv the R?-v. Alexander Rurg<>"s DD, Rohekt R. Ham.<<> Anms B., daughter of D. K. Smith, Esq, ail of Brooklyn. No card*. Died. Aluick?Oo Thnrs'ay, April 4, Dr. Jaw Aicocb, aged 03 vears and id days. The funeral will take plane from his late residence, No 114 West Fourteenth street, this (^unday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock. The friends and acquaintance" are Invited to attend without further noli e; also the Grand Lodge of the '?tatfl of Now York of the I. O. of Qt F., Kn ckor boi'ker Lodge No 22, I. 0. of O F. and Independent Royal Arch Lodge No. 2, A. Y. M. I. O or O. F. ?The rrand officers, member* of the Grand Lodge and membora of the Order in general, are fraiernallv invited to meet at Odd Fellow"' Hall, on Sun day morning, Tth instant, at eleven o'clock, for the pur pose of attending the funeral ol P. G. Master James Alcnck. Cars will be In wanin * at Hamilton ferry. By order of D. W. C. LANGDON, G. Secretary. I. O. or O F.?The offlcere and members of Mount Hebron Encampment are fraternally invited to meet at Odd Fellows' Hall, this (Sundav) morning, at eleven o'clock, and untie with the G. L In attending the funeral of P. C. P. James Alcock. By order of JOHN a BUNCE, C. P. RiiUL-At Newark, on Friday morning, April 6. Mr*. Jans K. Bake*, relict of William Baker, of Wootfleld, N. J. Notice of fnnoral hereafter. Brjttiax On Saturday, April a Haxxah, youngest daugh'er of Mathew and Ann Jane Br.ttian, aged 8 years, 7 months and 24 days. Ob, holy and sweet her rest shall be there, Free forever from sin, sorrow and care. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the Green street Me hodist Episcopal church, on Monday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. Barrro*.?In Brooklyn, on Friday morning, April ft, Gracb Bcknhtt, only child of Amass B. and Abbie B. Britton, aged 1 year and 1 month. The relatives sod friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (8unday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her grandfather, Mr. Joha O. Burnett, 168 Poarl street, Brooklyn. CAsnrm.?On Friday, April ft, Ellis Hchrnu, wife of John Camptln. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her lata residence, No. 309 Madison street Crrrak.?On Saturday. April 6, at half-past nine o'clock A. M., Tkrksa Curkak, aged 4 years and 0 months. The funeral will take place from the residence of her father, James Onrran, No. 340 East Twenty-third street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Friends and relatives are' requested to attend. Ccrri*. ?On Friday morning, April 5, Micharl Frax cts, the beloved son of James and Sarah Currin, aged 4 years, 8 months and 22 days. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence oT hts parents. 828 Eighth avenue, ihls (Sunday) afternoon, at faatf-past one o'clock, without further notice. Connbrty.?On Friday, April ft, Jour, son of the late John Connerty, aged 22 years. The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence. No. 18ft Delancey street. Coon.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday morning, April 0, at bis late residence. 280 Pacific street, Jour I. Coon, aged 02 years, 6 months and 23 days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Mondav afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains will be Interred In Greenwood Cemetery. Down ?On Friday, April 5, after a long and painful Illness, Mr. Jon* Down, aged 54 yoare. * None knew him but to love him, Nor named him but to praise. The relatives and friends are requested to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 61 Washington street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Ghat.? On Thursday, April 4, Alrxahdbk Gray, printer, aged 3ft years. The relatives and friends, also the members of New York Typographical Union, No. 0, are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 108 West Twenty-fifth street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Gillrx.?On Friday, April 5. of consumption, Mary Gillch, beloved wife or George (Mien, aged 28 years. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence, Ninety-third street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues Gbomram.?-At Woodbaven, en Thursday evening, nful sickness, Kuobxib E., April 4, after n long and pal wife of Ftonaa Gro*)aan, and only daughter of P. A. Kosselot, agod 80 years and 10 months. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to ttend the fnneral, at the church of Woodh^^^^^H attend the fnneral, at the church of Woodbaven, Lone Island, this (Sunday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Carriages will leave the South ferry, foot of Atlantic street, Brook lyn, at half-past eleven o'clock A. M. Hahnah.?On Saturday, April 0, Mart Hahrah. The friends of the family are respcetfuliy invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her mother, No. lftft Henry street, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. Herri* >*.?Suddenly, on Saturday morning, April 0, Wilmam S. Hrrrikax, agod 75 years. Friends and relatives are invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon, at three o'clock, from bis late rosilonco, 06 Remsen street, Brooklyn, without further notice. Hewitt. ?On Friday, April ft, at 115tb street, Harlem, Jonx Dowimi-k, infant son of John and Mary Hewitt, aged 1 year and 9 months. The friends art respectfully invltod to attend the fti tbo residence of bis parents, thta (Sunday) neral, from atternoon, at two o'clock. Hcrlet ?On Friday. April 6, Mitr, widow of Corne Uua Hurley, in the 89th year of her age. Tno friends of too family are respectfully invited to at tend the luneraL from her late reetdence, Washington avenue, Morrisanla, on Monday afternoon, atone o'clock, her remains will bo taken to Woodlawn. Jmom.?In this city, on Saturday morning, April 0, at tbo residence of her son, Mr. Lawrence R. Jerome, No. 33 West Nineteenth street. Mrs. Isaac Jerome, aged 84 years. Joxca?On Saturday morning, April 6, Assail, wife of William Jones, In the 67th year of her age. Her frieads and acquaintances are reepeotfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late reeidenoe, on Dr. 8. M. Valentine's place, town of Vonkere, on Monday aftor noon, at one o'clock. Keaxb.--Early on Saturday morning, April 6, Ross, daughter of Hugn and Mary Ann Keane, aged 1 year, 6 mouths and 25 days. Kr ends and relatives of the family are reepectfully Invited to attend the taneral, from the residence of her parents, 31 Oliver street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock. turns.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, April 6, Mart, Wife of Robert tiers,, In the-61st year of her age. Toe relatives and friends of the family ore respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, ft im her late residence, 276 Bergen street, near Powers street, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. Masks ?On aiurday, April 6, at Seatoo Hall College, New Jersey, Walter P., eldest son of Waller and Kate Magee. aged 14 years. The funeral will take place from St Stephen s church. Twenty-eighth street, on Monday morning, at half-poet ten o'clock Tne friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Minrmr ? fbe relatives and friends of the family of the deceased Patrick Mrarnv are most respectfully ro of the month's quested to be present on the occasion mind for the repose of his soul, which will take place at St Stephen's church, Fast Twenty-eighth street, on Mon day morning, at ten o'clock precisely McL'li-xe ?Suddenly, on Thursday evening. April 4. EmkbrT, beloved wl # of Wm. J. McClnne, and daughter of Francis McCully, K.?q.. deceased, of Peterson, N. J., aged 31 years, 6 months and 21 days. The relatives and friends of the family, also the mem bars of John D. Willard Lodge, No. 260, F. and A. M., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 114 K ghth arenas, on Monday afternoon, at half-poet one o'clock. The remains will be taken to Oreo a wood Peterson and Newark papers please copy. McKoaa.?On Thursday, April 4, after a long and tedi ous sickness, Tiiomam McKuan, a native of the parish of Foughenstown, county Wetdmeolb, Ireland, aged 63 years. The friends and acquaintances of the fhrally end those of bis brother Patrick, and also those of bts brother-in law, James Murphy, and the members of the Immacu late Conception T. A. B. Society, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence. 263 East Seventeenth street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Norto*.?On Wednesday, April 3, Wixsm Nonros, in the 22d year of her age. The funeral will take place this (Sunday) morning, at ten o'clock, from No. 241 West Thirty-tilth street. The friends ar invited to attond. Ou>rcrt. ?On Monday, April 1, at his residence, In Jamaica, Long I*land, Anusornx Onanrav. Owkro.? on Friday, April 6. Owe* H. Owesb, eldest son of the late Humphrey fL Owens, aged 36 years and 6 months. The relatives and friend* of the family, also the spar makers, are reepectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residenoe, No. 103 Lewis street, this (dun day) afternoon, at two o'clock. O'Bsikv. -On Saturday morning, April 6, Catherixk O'Bsirr, a native of Newmarket, county of Cork, Ire land, aged 86 years. The tuners! will take place from her late residence, 316 East Twenty-fourth street, near Second avenue, on Tuesday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. The friends of the family, and those of her sons, Patrick and Richard O'Brien, are respectfully requested to attend. Cork (Ireland) papers please copy. P-LVER.-OU Friday, April 6, Maria, trifO of Heary rainier. In the 81et r ear of her age. The (Vlends and acquaintance* are invited to attend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of A. B. Roger*, No. 604 Seventh avenue. The remains will be token to Trinity Cemetery for Interment _ _ _ Rrrrta -On Thursday, Arrtl 4, J?n* Bitter, after a ?hort illness. In the 68th year of bis aire. The relatives and Irtends of the family, and also mem he? nf the fraternity, ore reepectfully requested to at tend the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at on* o'clock, from hi* tats residence, No. 689 Hudson street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth atreeta ? _ Rwaorn.?On Friday. April 6, suddenly, Mr*. C. M. iWAsvs, aged 42 vear*. The friends ai.<t relatives ef the family are reapeetrally Invited to attend the funeral, from 400 Sixth avenue, en Monday afternoon, at one o'clock. Albany papers please e py Svrnt -on Friday, April 6, Jcwra T. Swmi, aged 64 year* The funeral will lake plage from the Methodist Role nopal eburcli H'"l?on bfjiwnon <*pf?"t ?e<l B'rol nick, thin (Hundw ) ?(t#r?io^? ??? e'gteelf Tue fnon-lH ???'! acq oa< eta Mae kr* leWed to elo the ronnber.i of Ocean 'gadge, im, p. g.,d A. M . e?d tt e m'tn?'N of sister I'xflgea, Western pOltOf pWyn CuUV. ?pvm'MI ?The hr,ei hron >f (Venn Lndve, U6- F. and A. ML, are heron* Kurnmnn"! to m?et at the r Inhere rooRi*.>nle 9$mr>le. comer of Rr*v>m? and 'Toebv ?tr-efa. ?' twnlfe o'clock M on 8nn t\v. April 7. ?" W Ihe Inst tribute of respect to ntr late worth* brother, P. M. Johu T. Smith. WURRENC. ItKNNETT, M. Rw>-.av* -On Saturday, Apr! 6, Madrtb fiprton, son of Latiren-e and Johanna >"mllane. a-rd 6 months Th" fnn"ral wti take place from the residence of hla parents, No. I28 Bast. Thirty-eighth eireet, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Wk?ks ?On Saturday, April fl, Gm>r<,b 9., youngest fton of P. 8. and Amelia Wee Ice. The relatives and friends of the family are inylted to attend the fnneral, from the residence of Mrs. Kendall. No. 113 Summit street, Brooklyn, on Monday afternoon, at three o'clock. WnFewA*.?On Saturday, April d. Jaw Wonnun, stonecutter, a native of the county Down, Ireland The funeral will take place from his late residence, corner of Twenty-first street and Htlrd arenoe. South Brooklyn, this (Sunday! afternoon, at three o'clock. WiL8 s?On Friday, April A, Tboslas A. Wiuon, aged 88 years. The friends of the ftunltr are respectfully invited to attend the fnneral, from his late residence. No. 383 Ssckett street, Brooklyn, this (Sunday) afternoon, at three o'clock. * WrwMKR ?On Friday, April 6, after a short and severe illness, Fibmric*, beloved son of Lawrence and Cam line Wimmer, aged 3 rears, 6 months and 28 days, The relatives and friends of the family are respeotfat ly inylted to attend the funeral, this (Snnday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the residence of his parents, No. 11 Clinton street. The remains wtyl be taken to Gmmwood Cemetery for Interment outcast. James Mfixigan, born August 10. 1810, at Tattycam, county Fermanagh, Ireland. In 1831 he arrived In Ame rica, and settled down in tbo city or New Yorlt When still a young man he started business for himself as horaetthoer and veterinary surgeon. In both of these branches be took out bis diploma. By honesty of deal ing, determination of character and dint of perseverance his career proved a successful one. Kind to all. gener ous to the poor and afflicted, liberal and self-sacrificing to his friends, fondly devoted to bis relatives and family, he could not but gather around him in the course of his llfo a large number of true and cherished friends Although bis political influence waa not inconsiderable, he never received any favors from his party by way or office; bat whenever any friend called upon him he was always ready to spend his time and money In order to get him into the position rooght after. Hi* health has been, as a general thing, remarkably good Uimugh life, until the middle of November, 1866, when be bad an attack of pneumonia, which turned into consumption. He bore his sickness with great fortitude and patience. Dorng that time he was frequently strengthened with the food of supernatural life, the holy enchnrlst. After a long and palnfnl illness he died sn easy and happy death, having received all the last rights of the Catholic Church. He retained the use of his faculties up to the last mo ment, and constantly expressed his readiness to dle Ths circumstances of his death were of s very consoling nature, and leave us every hope that his lot was a happy one, and that be now rests from his labors in Ood, the true fountain of all life and haDptness. On the 4th In stant his remains were taken to St. Stephen's chnrcb, Twenty-eighth street, where Dr. McGlynn, pastor of said church, oelebrated a solemn high mass for the re pose of his soul, and at the end of the service delivered a beautiful address to the relatives and friends of the de ceased. The following gentlemen acted as pall bear ers:? P. MeEIroy, Charles Devlin, James Murphy, Michael Connolly, James Lynch, dept. Speake, Robert Prior. Joseph Smith, Timothy Dailey, John Cassidy, George Scarff, Wm. Monaghan, Edward LufT, P. Malone. George Richmond, The wonderful skill with which Dr. Wm. Bergs played the organ and tbebeautlfnl execution of the choir added materially to the solemnity of the service. A number of clergymen and a large crowd of people were present at the service. After the celebration of high mass his remains were taken to St. Patrick's vaults, Mulberry street. B.I. P. M. T. KEELER. son-in-law of the deceased, McComb's Dam, 140th street, between 8eventh and Eighth ave nues, New York. Aran. 0,186T. COPARTNERSHIPS AN ENERGETIC,YOUNG MAN (WHO SPEAKS THB English and German languages) from Esstsrn Penn sylvania having feum 83,000 to $6,000, wishes to connect himself permanently aa partner, with an established pro duce commission house in this city, with a view to extend' the business and making himself generally useful. Nona bnt these meaning strictly business and will bear etrtet In vestigation need apply. Can give the best of references aa to character, Ac. Address, with real name and place, stating terms, Business, Herald ofDcn. A BUSINESS MAN WANTED?AS PARTNER, WITH A a capital of $10 000, to attend the finance In a first class msnnfaeturing business: must be nn honest, straightfor ward man: none other need apply. Address, with real name, J. T. D-, Herald office. A BUSINESS MAN. WITH MODERATE CAPITAL, can purchase a half Interest In sn established business, paving handsomely; assistance needed rather than money. SOUTHMAYD k CO., 64 Cedar street. A MAN HAVING $600 READY CASH CAN HAVE half interest In good office business: first clem security given. THOMPSON. 764 Broadwey. PARTNER WANTED-,ACTIVE OR SILENT, WITH capital. In a well paying manufacturing business; se curity and good profits given to stfrnt partner. Principals address L. 0", box 109 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED WTTH 10.000 CAPTTAL-COH mission and grocery business connected with this city and Norfolk, Va., in a long established bouse; an active youn* man preferred. Hlgheelreferenoegiven and required. Address L. M. N.. box 084 Post office. TITANTED?A BUKINE88 MAN A8 PARTNER, WITH *? flo.noo capital to Invest In cotton and wool manufac ture In Mississippi: first class water power end building now ready for machinery: location on New Orleans and Jackson Kr.Urosd. very healthy, and no fsctorv of the kind in South Mississippi. Feeurtty nn a first class cotton planta tion, with growing crop: also on factory and machinery If deaLed. This la a good opportunity for Investment Calf nn or addieea for ten days HUrFALOE k HORR, 446 Broome street $'*) 000 WILL BCT A HALF interest in ? well established manufacturing busli pays fair profit*. Address Silver, Herald nfflce. $5 000 1,0 ?l0'00a-sl*ECIAl' OB ACTIVE PART ner wanted, in a safe, croiitahle buaine P xpenses email and profit* (nod; well established and mp ? Idly increasing. Address Manufacturer, Herald office. $10 000 T0 ?1*'0On?PART!,KR WANTBD.IN _ , _ good manufacturing business, from 10 to 13 o'clock A. M., and 3 to 4 o'clock P M. 1M and 1KB Hester street. New Tork, up stairs. third floor. ?r:n AA/i-partner wanted, bchinks* VuVtVvU! llrat claa*. Its great value fully estab lished and rapldlr increasing; a rlchand growing monopoly; full facilities for Investigation given to a suitable man with the above amount In cash, and If he wishes It a quarter In , quarts tereat In the entire business. A rents will not be dealt with. Address (gO.ffOU, Herald office HIIfilMESS OPPORTUSITrES. YOUNG MAN OF GOOD .CHARACTER, WITH L $3,000 ran hear cf a fire opening. Address or apply to . E. GREEN, 175 Broadway, room No. 3. An elegantly fitted dp boot and shoe store, lit a Western city for sale; done a big bualnes* for nine years; lease and fixtures, with or without stock. Inquire of the owner, 801 Broadway. BDRTNE89. BCHTNE8S. ?FOR SALE?$$,600 CABH? The Rtock, Fixtures and I .ease of a first class Fancy and Dry Goods Store, now doing a splendid business, alius iln Hr ted in the business centre of the principal street In Hudson Cltv: the dwelling connected contains, besides the store, 10 handsome rooms, with modern eonvealencas. Including water and gas. JOHN H. PL ATT, opposite Court House, Hudson City. For bale-endowment policy in new yohc Mutual, expiring In lfWJ; premium $4SAt good for a parly over thirty. Address box M, station I) I WANT TO BCY OUT OR AN INTEREST IN A* Et tabUahed "Specialtv" office, or any other light, legiti mate. money making business. Address, with particular*. M^MEDICAL PRtCTICR FOR SALE.?A PRACTICE OF I $d 000 actual cash recelpU, In a town of 13,000 lahahl I MS eaally aoccMibleaod within half an hour or New York I city, together with Dwelling and Grounds, about IS foat front, containing three-quarters of an acre, with Btables, - " ? Instrumental . Ed^ Horses. Carriages. Ofllce Furniture and ration very prominent on tht etsht minutes' walk of rallroi estate fully worth the money. be sold separately if desired. Address Medical, bet EST New York Poet oBce. the principal avenne and within llroad depot Price glfiOW; real ?y. Practice or rent estate will KARBO OFPORTDN1TY.?ANY YODNO MAN WISH >ng to learn the dental profession and receive en In icrest In bualneaa may address D. D. *., hoi A411 Fort office. WANTED-PARTY, WITH ($00 TO $3,000 CABH capital. In a safe and profitable businesa. Parties seeking bnalnees with cash capital shuuld call ,on Buainaaa Agency, 4$7 Broadway. Ylf ANTED?A PARTNER IN THE COTTON RBOKER xr age bn.sinesa. Apply, with fnli name and address, to BALE/Herald office. enAA -A rare opportdnitt.-to be sold. ,\/Vvr. a perfectlv new and fresh stock of Dry and cy Oooda. together with good will, of a cheap store. Apartments to live In. Apply to H. R. VERRALL8, $M or M Eighth avenue. nonn -WANTED. A PARTT WITH THIB .iDU. amount, to take an Interest In the sale of OLAiuV, amount, to take an interest in the sale of an article of which I have the exclusive control. Addrem W. B. W.. Herald office. ?h*} nnfP * $$,(**.?wanted, a party with gOtWU th.s amount. In cash, to join the advertiser In a first class manufacturing bualneaa, now ta successful operation, tt will yield fair returns and bear strict tataatl gation. Address IT H. S., box IK Herald oflloe. r*"H AND SAME AMODNTIN WBBT WtJ.Uvv ern landa will be given for a good mortgage f desirable merchandise. O. HERD. $3 Broadway, room II d>Q G/Ul ?WANTED, A MAN, TO I* <PO,l/lFu. tooth manufactory and dental TG INVERT IN ? #IBPh_ lfsbcff In Philadelphia. Party retiring. Addreaa W., hex 111 Broad g Coates, Philadelphia. aetah $30 000 1rA,'|TI!,>-A'' additional capital i Urge manufacturing business. A libe ral arrangement will be mail# with a satisfactory party: nn doubted real estste security given If required. Address J. W. w? Herald office. AIIMV AND NAVY CLAIMS. C1ASH WILL BB PAID FOE BODNTY AND ALL

1 other claims against the gnvsrnmeot RECBKN *Gfft $( Wail street, N. *.. and 1* Yegg (Ml. Seaeklrn. rOH 8-ILK. 4 HPLKNl'TD PAYING orSTUR, mNli<? AND J\ IJqiiny Saloon on ? tvth averm-; cheap rent long Isaac. A sun: thing Price $2,U?>. Kveivlblng complete. W. H. MBL'OK, til Broadway. A GOOD, OLD BSTABLMHBD JBWKLRV HTORM OH A Greenwich street to 1*1 And Plilare* |V?r sale; also suitable fur dry cooil*. Address P. 8., Ho-sld office. Ararp. rrTuvr".-a remunerative HuefNERs for *?l*rh?*rv for m ikin ? nsper bw??: tha business Is Of I WUtVC ????!?' AlAUdlAg. Apply At Ka $ Clio too Hell, Eighth street. A Athrfb years* lease of a first lofp in Fulton ttceet nrsi Rroid-vsy, for sale; At*A 23*75; pent low. Addrece W N.. Herald office. A noon corner liquor etorn tor salf? wtth or without Slock. Apply At IS Centre (treat corner of White. RRTAII. SHOE STORE FOR 8ALB?ESTABLISHED twenty year*, on* of the largest And met suc~e*iful establishments In the ctly. Rule* I sat rear over $75000: can b? Inereteed. To eny per?on who understands the hn*lneas this i? on opportunity oeidoin offered. Apply personally to ROBERT IRWIN. SSt Bowery. AKERY FOR 8ALB?noiVO A FINE Bl'?INP88; rent m'derate. Addre * Raker, bo* IV Herald office. A B T>ROADWAY RESTAURANT FOR RALB-ON A COR. r> ner, eery popnlar. with a favorable lease: no session at once. For fnll psrUenlara Inquire of A. J. BLBECKBR, SOW A Cn!777 Cedar ntreet. __ DI8TILL8RT FOR RaLR IN BROOKLTN-CAPA. cltr 800 (allone; Worm and Tubo all complete; In run nln( order, with lease of build ngs. Apply to JOHN ARM STRONG, corner Hilary and Canton ?t recto. Distillery, ytnboar wanitfactory ard rbo. tifyne Fatabliabment cheap for cash, all In perfect or der: capacttv H"0 gallon* dally. Address W. H. Martin, box ?,M! Poet office. n F?p RI O STORE FOR SALE?WITH LEASE OF HOCSB. Apply to C. YON HP.BBK, 30 Waaaau street. ?R SALE?BTOCE OF CROCKERY AND GLAS8 ware; Ore years' leans: low rant; boat business part 01 Newark avenue, Jersey City. ljK)R BALE?A FIRST CLASS MILLINRRY BURI r nets, near Pike's new opera bouse, corner Twenty-third street and Rlghtk avenue. Apply at MS Eighth erenqe. 1JIOR SAI.R?IN ONE OF THE BEST THOROUGH " faro streets In centre of the elty, soomfortable. amall Hotel, with a rood sixed barroom, la rye cellars and horse stahlea; an excellent place for a wholesale liquor business and distillery; long le <?e and vary cheap rank Inquire of TIYY, 90 Nassau street )R SALE?A VERY NICE LIGHT MANUFACTURING Business; for sale ch?ap. profits good and business Is capable of bains greatly enlarged; satisfactory reasons given for selling. Address Rnstnass, Herald office. For salb-a fancy store, with lease, con. stating of ladles' Dress Trimmings, Hoalsrr, Gloves, Ac.; established for six years: doing ? good cash trade, on the beat thoroughfare in Will amsburg: rent moderate. Ad* dress A. B. C.. Williamsburg Post office. OR BALE.?A FTR8T CLASS DRY GOODR STORE to let and Fixtures for sale, at 1MB Third arenue. F?i F For sale-a-lccrative cash manhfactdrino Bn*l"etta. long established In successful operation, hav ing a large run of first class customers: will he sold cheeo. as the parties have other business which requires their whole attention. Address for one week T. H. w., Herald office. For SALE?THE LEASE, FIXTURES AND STOCK IN trade of a first class Rar and Restaurant on Sixth avenue. Apply to DYR A CURTIRS, US Sixth avenue. For sale? a feed store, oood will, stock and Fixture*; good location for business. Apply to LEE A MANN. 7M Fourth avenue. For rale?in oathartne street, a ladies1 and Gentlemen'a Furnishing floods -Store, with Stock and Fixtures. Inquire at 210 South atreet. For sale-the best butter store on eighth avenue, selling $000 to $1,000 per week. Applv to WELLS A HALL, 72 Front street, or at the store, 5M Eighth avenne, after I P. M. Foe sale?and hurt be sold before may i, the Stock. Lease and Fixtures of a first class Fancy Dry Goods Store on Third avenue. Lease and fixtures will be sold separately If desired. T. J. MoEYILT. 852 Third avenue. For hale.?the axertcan hotel to le p. and Fixture# for sale. Inquire on the premises, foot of Orand street. Williamsburg. 1DOR SALE-THE HULL OF A RCHOONBR: CAR. r rles about 180 ions In about 0X feet water: whole cargo on deck; rare ebsnes for a l'ghtermau. Lowest cash price $560. Can be seen at Haven's lumbar yard, foot of Twenty - eighth street. Bast river. IR 8ALB-BOARDING HOURS IN ONE OF THE ?soot respect*hie localities In New York: lease to May, 1868; hou?e Dill of boarders, and paying about $17AM per annum: $4.000cash will be required for furniture, and rent paid to 1st of June mext. Address Alphonao, box 110 Herald offloe. lOR BALE-LEASE AND STOCK OF FANCY GOODS; la. good loeatlon; now doing a profitable business; roe. sons given for sailing out. Address Leans. Harold office. For sale-a wilder'S rafb, desk and copy Ing Press. Apply at 1$4 Dunne street. For sale-thb stock and fixtures, with three years' Lease, of a first class Barroom and Lunch Counter, doing a good trade; license till lot March 1$$; ev erything perfect For particular* call on J. t. BLACK WELL. ltfNcw street for one week. |R 8ALE.?BLACKSMITH AND WHHRLWRIGHT Shop. H. VOGEL, 85 Clinton street. F?I Fc F? F OR 8ALB?THE STOCK, WITH FIVE YEARS' leas* of a Lfvarv Stable, at 160th street and Tenth avenne. Washington Heights, doing a fir?t dam bnslne**; satisfactory reason* for selling; a good nhanne. Apply o the promises to J. A P. M ALUY. FOB BALK?the stock, fixtures and lease of a Millinery S'ore, ill Hud ton alntt. Satisfactory rcuoni given for selling. DOR SALE?COMPLETE SET ON BRONBE OAS FIX r tures. with (1 lobes, for a whole house: also one Mo Cana's RAnge, medium erne. All nearly new. Offered cheap. Warren street, fifth house above Flatbush avenue, up stairs, Brooklyn. Fob sale cheat-in complete order, the Tools and Fixtures of a Perfumery and Fancy Soap Business. Inqnireof E. BPBYBR, 78 Maiden lane For sale cheap?several desks. ferrtng'B Safe. Iron Railings, Partition Chairs, I .otter Presses. Gas Fixtures, Ac. Address J. Bayley. box 1,(14 Post oBoe. Safe. Iron Railings, Partition Chairs, fitter Presses. Fixtures, he. k, - - - - - or 111 Fultoo street F~OR SALE IN BROOKLTN-AK OYSTER AND Dining Saloon, on a prominent corner: 4M rears' lease of the whole building, at a very low rent; will be sold cheap, as the owner cannot attend to It Apply on the premises, on tbe southeast corner of York street and Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. ? Fixtures for sale chbap-about too feet, wit] ~ PRES. H( nr ~ with ten Counters. Desk. Stove. Be. Apply to DhS HARTLEY A CO.. 44 Llapenard street. CIAS FIXTURES FOR SALE CHEAP?THREE EXTRA ? T large Chandeliers, one twelve and two six Lights, suit able for large halls or saloons: in splendid order. Apply to JNO. T. CAMP A CO . ?3 Walker street JO TEL FOR SALE. NEAR CITY HALT?TEN year's leaae. cheap rent; furniture, fixtures bar, Ac.; about tO moms; large hall for public meetings, balls. Ac. A politician of tbe democratic ner-naslnn, with (10,000 cash, can make a fortune. D. D. OBRELL. It Cedar street. Hotel for bale?the lease and fixtures of a first class Hold and Dining Rooms; newly fur nished. Apply at Weill's Hotel, 68 Warren street HHOTEL AND FURNITURE, AT 8ARATOGA SPRINGS, ? for sale or exchange for New York or Brooklyn Prop erty Apply to P. L.. 36 Broadway. LEABE FOB SALE-POUR YEARS' LEASE OF BA8E ment and sub-cellar, on Fultoo street, now fitted aa a sample, lunch and billiard room. JACOB SHARPE, a Fine street. VfEAT MARKET, WITH TWO YEARS' LEASE AND M Fixtures, Tor asle Apply to E. D. LAWRENCE, l.J" Broadway Splendid location. VfEDICATED OTTAWA.?WHOLESALE ANO RETAIL lYi Boot Bear Establishment 1ST Weoatar street for sale, with recipe, lease sad good will, sad everything appertain ing to the business; ptTee low for cash. Reason* for sailing tbe owner has otbsr bostaass and aaanet attend to M. Ap ply to aiMMONB A BRO-, MB Wart Fourth street QAPEB.?THREE SECOND BAND HBBRINO'B, ONE O Msrvtn and two LtUia'a Safe* far sale cheap. S. O QUIRK, Tl William atraat _____ OTOCK, FIXTURES AND OOOD WILL OF A PaNCY 0 Kior.\ In one of the bast business bloche oa Sixth ave nue. for sale inquire af T V. OSTWOFFS, SSI Sixth *v. Tank fob sale-is fret diameter, m feet high, new. Inquire of PINNWT A HOFFMAN, dealers in steam engines, hellers aad machinery in general, 147 to ITS Water street. Brooklyn. rpo CAPITALISTS.?A NEW AND USEFUL PATENT 1 Right for tale. The same beings eombinst Ion of water wheel* to drive mill* or factories Por Dart leu la ra spplv to HENS A SIMMER, telo agents, 1ST Delanoey stresl/Nsw York. F. S.? Cad for circular*. fPO DENTISTS.?A FIRST CLASS BUSINESS AND 1 Office for sale In Brooklyn, *11 complete; doing good business; will sell reasonable. Address H. B. Dentist, bex 157 Herald office. ri PHOTOORAPHBRS ?A RARP CHANCE OFFERED to those wishing to purchase a fine Business la a delight ful village In Connecticut as ihe advertiser is unable to con Unne It on account of 111 health For further particular* apply at? Bond street on Saturday and Monday, between the hours of 3 and II t. M. Z TEARS' LEASE OF A LAROR FIVR STORY HOUSE and Extension on Chatham street, well adapted far the rnltnre or clothing business. HENRY BISCHOFP, AS R?wary _ FINE OOR Qarden street, corner Fourth sod Garden streets ?90 OOO WILL ?yMMAM THK LEASE, FIX lures, good will, As.,#f a flrstclsss estib llshme . t; ihe only one in Ibis city A sure Investment: the business carried <>n therein not being subject to the flurtua tlons of thetradeorlsahlon. No agents need apply. Address JOHB HANCOCK, Station I), New York. mACIIIMRRY.J Engines and boilrrs, new and second hand from I to I'd! horse power; hrdrsullc Preface, ners. Lathes Drilling Wash nea, Mhsftlnxa, PnlPes. Anvils, vires, Scales, Machinery of all kinds, al HOFFM AN A FINNEY'S, No. IfT Water street, Brooklyn, near Caths nne terry. L'fiR HALF.-A ? f!04*R IMiYiSR dTSAM KMtJlNI, r forties' make with lobular Itol sr. Staaia rump, lle?'?r. Pipes and eonneennn, all la complete order; to be delivers I 31 the I at of May neat. Mi-be --en >n openli m di..r in'. o be old dm tbe ie?u oialiag and the rbafilnx in 'he building. H. licit A IVMdll tie:J street | V MACHINKKT. POR SALE? A FIFTERN HORSE POWER ENGINE " and Holler- everrihlnt complete. The boiler la an In proved kind; only one half th? u-ual amount of ooal re quired. C?u be aeso in operation at W2 Washington street, will be delivered uie U*t ol April. Alw one of OMNfr'a patent Wood Splitting Machines, entirely near; will be sold cheap. L'OR HALE?THE LARGEST STOCK ON HANO IN " the United Suites of Steam Fngines, Boilers, Tanks, Piilltea Shafting, Piping Belting Ac. Apple to P CARSIOY. manufac'arer tnd dealer In all kinds of machlner*. No*. 4 to 10 Bildge street, Brooklyn, near Near Chambers street CV)R 8ALE-A SMALL STEAM ENGINE AND BOILER. ' now running In good order. Apply at No. 70 Rant Thirty third street. Fir sale at a oreat baroatn-a fine fortt horse Engine and Holler an I one of twenty ho-ae. now running. 16 Park street. Fire Point* WM. McKKNZIB. CORNERAL DEPOT FOR M ALL KINDS OF MA T chtnerr and Agricultural ImnlemeoH. Sawmills, En gines. Boilers, Ac. WINTER A CO , 40 Broadway. N T. IATHB FOR SALE?SWINGS 21 INCHES. WOOD J Shears H feet long. 2U6 Church street. PORTABLE AND STATIONARY HTF.AM ENGINES -T AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR RAW MILLS, The Seer and moat onmplete in use. Ctrcular sent on application. WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY. Utlca, N. Y.. and 96 Maiden lana.New York. Q** horse upright boiler, but little used, prtee $2fl0; worth $480 At MinhatUn Brass Works, S? Delaucey .Irani. Also Earle Steam rumps tor distillers and other*. QTEAM ENGINES, BOILERS AND MACHINERY OP O all kinds: new and second hand Propeller Kngtnea, Shafting. Pulleys and BelUnc. _ WILLARD A MlLLWARD, MM Water street._ rPRINTERB.-FOR SALE, A RUOGLES COMBINA Uon Jab Preen (quarto size i, in perfect working order. Address 128 Third arenue. W ANTE''?A MORTICE BEVEL WHEEL AND *Y Pinion: pinion two to one; wheel from three to four feet diameter, and four to nix Inches face. Apply to CHRIS TIAN BCHWARTX. SM East Fifty-third street BII.I.I AKI?M. c. A FINE STOCK OF FIRST CLASS BILLIARD TABLES with Sharp's Improved patent Cushions, low for cash. Call at the manufactory, 42 Mercer a tree U Also second hand Tables. WLLIAKD TABLE FOR 8ALB CHEAP?ONE FULL sited six pocket Billiard Table, In good order, complete, with Bal a, Cues, Ac. Apply at J. O. SMITH A SONS, 81 Fulton street WH. GRIFFITH, 1M FULTON BTREKT, HAR THE ? newest and Improved etyle of Cushions for Billiard Tablea. Call and examine or send your ordere by mail. PHOTOGRAPHIC ART. Photographs and ferreotypes.-faris, of 751 Broadway, removed to 7S5 Broadway, near Warerler place, where the beat and cheapest Cartes de Visits and Ferreotypea cau be obtained. MCPR8IOW. SUNDAY BOAT FOR NRWARK.?THE SPLENDID steamboat THOM AS P. WAY, will make her first Sun day trip between New York and Newark, this dav. April 7. Leave New York, foot of Barclay street 10 30 A. M. and 4 XI P. M. Leave Newark, foot of Centre street, 8 A. M. and l.Stl P. M. Stopping at Bergen Point each way. QUNDAY BOAT FOR ALBANY AND TROY-AND ALL O points West north and East from the new and exten sive wharf of the New York and Troy Htesmbott Company, pier 44 North river, foot of Spring atreet. at ? o'clock P. M. B1 FURNITURE. AF1R8T CLASS COMPLETE OUTFIT IN FURNT ture. Mattresses and John Plnkhardt's oretnlum Ear lor Bedstead, warranted the beat in use. Factory and sales room, 167 Bleecker atreet oorner of SnQlvan. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. FULL 7 octave; cost 060. will be sold for $980: a Parlor Suit, in satin broratel. for9128;one do. In green reps foi $78: <-lso lots of Parlor and Bedroom Furniture at a bargain. Call at lift West Eighth atreet near Sixth avenue. AT PRIVATE SALE-ALL THE 8UPERB HOU8R. bold Furniture contained in the elegant reeldenee 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Parlor Suits covered in broratel, one da reps, Ktagerea, Secretary. Bookcase. Paintings, Bronzes. Bureaus, Bed steads. Wardrobes. Buffet Extension Table, China, Glass and B-lvcrware. A sacrifice. House to let lLACK WALNUT, BEDROOM AND PARLOR SUITS, I Mattresses, Bedding, Carpets and other Furniture for sale, in tola to antt imranaaera: has oatr beep uaed a (aw months. Dealers need not apply. 192)4 West Thirtieth atreet near ?erenth avenue. r)R RALE?THE FURNITURE. OR FART OF IT. OF a three story English basement house. Would also sub-let part of the Hou-e to the party buying. Apply at lie West Fourth atreet. A good chaooe to commence a small, genteel bearding beneei ? IDOR BALE?THE FURNITURE, OR A PART OF IT, P tn a three story high stoop house en Murray Hill, eon stating of Mirrors. Chandeliers, Carpets. Beds, Bedding, Sofas, Bureaus. Ac.: would exchange for city lota. Inquire of J. P. HAYS, 72 Beekman street. Furniture, furniture. BRAUNSDOBF A METZ <successors to Well A Brauns dorf) offer their stock of watt assorted Furniture, eoaak'tlng PARLOR. SITTING ROOM. LIBRARY, BEDROOM end DINING ROOM 8UITM, of the latest .tries, to the pubbe. at WHOLESALE PRICES, at 116 and 197 Blvlngton atreet N. B.?All goads warranted. Furniture wanted for cash.?parties a rout breaking up hvu"ekeepln.; can find a purchaser fer the entire Furniture. Catpeta, M'rrors. Ac., of their bouae at a fair rate. Address or <*11 on HUMPHREYS A MATHEWS, 7Sd Broadway. IJtUBNITURB OF EVERT DESCRIPTION?PARLOR r and Chamber Suit*. Maarmaa. As., at oost, to cloaa the bnatneaa by the let of May. B. M. COWnCRTHWAIT, 11 Bowery. tTTRNTTURE. CARPETS, BOOKS AND LIBRARIES r bought for eaah at 185 Sixth ivenue. between Ninth and Tenth street*. fiO 000 volnme* oi Book* for aele. Furniture wanted.?would rut the con. tenta of a three or tour etory houte or "mailer lota. Call at Loan office. 130 Bowery, or addreaa . nolo aa above. Housekeepers or persons going to HOUSE keepIng will be euoplied, and can pay \v weekly or monthly payment*, for Carpeta Oilcloths, Furuture. Red ding. Ac., at BBNDALL A SCOTT'S, corner of Canal and Hudaon atreeta. Household furntture wanted ?i will but and p iy eaah for one, two or three thonaand dnllara vorth of good plain Furniture, Carpeta, Ac. Parttea breaking up hourekeeping wilt find thla a favorable opportunity, ad dreaa Draper. Herald offloe. SUIT OF PARLOR FURNITURE FOR RALB.-CON ?tale of eleven pteeea; framework la of ebony and gilt, covering of crtmann aa<tn with (old figure; aim Mirror to match. Call at n Weat Twelfth (treat Purchaaera of cheap furniture need not apply. SINGER'S PATENT REVERSIBLE SLAT SPRING BED eavea one maltreat; no leather* or "trtnge about them; durable, luxurious, |S to SIO; aold everywhere. Were rooms, S16 Centre atreet NIKCEL AV AFACT, NO HUMBUG?BOOTS, SHOBS AMD Trunk*, retailed at lata than wholeaale price* to the let of May, at Irwln'a cheap store, ISO Be wary, aorner Bund atreet Divorce.?an experienced Indiana lawvbr will be tn the city onewaok from April 14. and will conault with partlea deatrlng to apply to the e-mrta of In diana for divorce. Addreaa Indiana Counsellor. Herald office. _________________ DIETRICH* CO., SOLE AOFNff IN AMERICA POR IhoORFERREklE CHR18TUFLE. 7IS Broadway. POR RHEUMATISM U8BFRKNCH REMEDY ,A8C RE cure; $1 perhottla. Principal lepot, C. SBIDELft, M Sixth avenue. House paintino.?we will do painting and Graining for $1 78 per day. Rafbmneee given. Addreaa Noaa Palntera. Hart atreet Neat Brooklyn. MRS. S. a. EVANS SENDS out EXPERIENCED opera torn on Wheeler A Wllaone machines by the day or week, and also takes ta *11 kind* af family tawing. Ex perienced operator* wanted to do Saa work. Apply at 40B Fourth arenuo in tha atore. NOTICI?THE UNDERSIGNED. COMPOSING THE Sr m of Puma A Company, hare been compelled by re rent Vwaoa to suspend paiXMnt Ttay hmre ataSe a deed of truat to Orvlto Horwlta, Esq., for Ue benefit of all their creditor*, without preferenona or dMnetlona *f any *ort. except aoeh aa the tow require*. Ihe aentor partner has oeuv??qdtM whole of kto privet* eeteto to the trustee and la hopeful that every dollar of Indebtedaeaa wilt be paid, lanopv w J A MRS F. PURVlS. BALTtMO, April S, UH7. JAMBS F. PURVIS, Jr. I have been raqneoted by the memtera of tho tot* firm ef Purvta A Co. to etprea* an opinion aa to the oondtt.on of the truat and am pleased, aa tor aa a testy examination will ?noble aw to form any Judgment, ^ imnfirm the hopes of tha ten or partner. ORVILLH HORWfTX. A nut.! Scales.??7 park ad vantage* for tailing the beat manufactured Scales tn the country, at the lowest prices. Agency of Jones' Works Rlnghemtna. N. T. 'HBKP SHEARS-WARD A PAYER'S, WARRANTBD 5 the beat In thla market. Fer tale tn the trade. W. IRVING A CO., Nl CUT street mlNNEES' TOOLS,?WANrED, ON REASONABLE 1 term", a second band Urge Lever Press, and a Crimping Machine lor Paint Cau. Apply to P. BROWN, 1MB Maiden ton*. TTERONBS' BLBOTRO.CHRMICAL BATHS, 11 V Fourth avenue; personally superintended by the inven tor: celebrated Tor the ears of rheumatism, metallic and chronic dtxoaaea and all maladlel peculiar to ladlea. N. It ? Wlli remove on 1st May to So*. 4 and f Kaat Eleventh atreet, ene door from Fourth avenue. TXXABTBD?A COPPER STILL?(MM TO HOO GALLONS. TV doubter heater and worm. Address R. Smith, Herald ofiloe. rANTED TO PCRCHASE-FOR CASH, OMR LAROR JNttf PrieM Broadway. 1*7ANTED TO PURCHASE-FOB CASH. ONR LABOR TV Burglar Proof and one Fireproof Safe, by beat mak er*. Prices must be low. Addreaa Immediately Walter, fill M MARBLE JRAftTKIeS. ARBLE MANTELS AT RBDUCED PRICKS?A FINE wl -ctlon on hand at H. KLABBR'S manufact nr. M eel, New York. CaU and ex Find an nue, near ihlrd street, *Hwb: - '' bfiAltl LKI/.KD HLATK EANfRLS?8UPBRIOR IN i'l apiearaoce, more durable, baif the price of jBoridtk 1. B. SITtWA XT, ?U Sixth seenne. between Thirty fifth and Thirtf-ai -Jh "treeta. \f ARHUF. MANTEL"?MO MANTELS ON HAND, OF JH every *tyl?* and qaelift, Whtote will be sold for the next Mlf day* ?t a liberal deduction, nl A. KLABBR'S Mantel Harer npi?, lup Kid Eignt Ninth "tieei. near Third aveutia. I K ). ? in lhl*uut. HTOrMBS. BOOMS. CO.. WAIIHlfc I UNFURN'BHED SEOOID FLO a null family. tddro-s, stating i?ra>, which ni'.fT be moderate, ?. M? 318 Madiasn street AN UVFl'RN'HHED SEOOID FLOOR WA.VTKO-FOR ? small * toderate, FM ALL FAMILY OF ADULTS WISH TO OBTAIN A \ Floor of three or Jour rooms unfurnlth< 1, sotutde T housekeeping. Term* must be moderate. Dow 11 town l.cai tlon preferred. Ad tresa C C.. box ISO ' eralrt offi**. A WIDOW LADT WTTTI NO FAMILY DESIRES Tf> obla'n half of a Hou?e ia a nleaaaut locality; wi'l pay a reasonable rent. Address, stating term* and p. rn olai*. A.T.. atai Ion C. A FAMILY OF TWO PERSONS WANT TWO UNFT1R nlshed Roo-na In a respectable private bo,ire. Ret t no to exceed $10 or 313 per month. References exchange.' Address M. F.. at tbi< office. A FURNISHED HOlTSrf WANTED?IN THE CITY, where the" rent won Id be taken In part psvment for Board. Address Lnarwnce, atxtion E, Eighth arenue. A MEDIUM 8IZRD STORE WANTED?<JN WFT ?Ide of el'T. for coraete end skirts- would ba fixtures If ?'!<uble; tent mil at be moderate. Address .) P. LOVE, SHI Broome street A QUIET RESPONSIBLE FtMILY WILL PAY A bonus of 915 for a snug Three store House. or will -f (age eligible Floor* permanently. Address Hr W., ?u Fon P. A FURNISHED HOUSE WAWTED A SMALL MO dnrn hon*', furnished and pleasantly located, to ha ooeap'ed he s gentleman and wife. Address, with price, Ac. C.. boa 1.811 Post o lee. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO RENT A FURNISHED or unfurnished Ilouse, rent to be taken in Hoard with prlr'lege of other boarders. Address Mrs. Stanley, sta tion O. A MEDIUM SIZED UNFURNISHED HOUSE IN A B<Pm1 location wanted by a very careful, smdl. respon sible family. Address Adams A Co., 863 Bruadway, Bear Twenty-third street. 7 LADY OF HIONB8T RESPECTABILITY DESIRES I\ to meet a parts of gentlemen who would secure ber a well furnished house, to whom she would give obeleeof rooms end superior board. Address House, box 919 Post office. 4 ftM XLT, COTTAOE OR PART OF A HOUSE WANT /I ed In a quiet uptown ne>ghlM>rbood. for a gentlemae and wife. Terms must be moderate. Address B.F. C., boi 1,346 Post office. Any person having a well established House nicely furnished, of about ten rooms ran hesi of a verv deaira;>le tenant; or will buy the furnitures Call on or address, Immediately, Phillips, 432 Broadway, room No. 3. respectable man and WIPE WISH A HOUSE to take core of for the summer months: liesl refe-encee given. Inquire tor P. D.. for two daya at 240 F.ast37th at., top floor, f ont. 4NV P'-RSON HAVING FOUR ROOMS. NICELY FUR. nlshed. rent about 931, with furniture for aala at a valuation, can tind a purchaser uy addressing OoodwiB. Herald ofllae. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE AN UNFUR nDhed Second Floor, for hou ekeeplug, on west side of city. Address, with location and moderate terms, ffm. F. A., 307 Spring street. T-XESK ROOM WANTED?WITH SMALL PORTION OF I ? shelf room, located with some firm doing business, where goods would be safe. Address J. W., Herald office. Hall or small chapel wanted-abotb Bleeeker at-eet, for spiritual lectures and conferences, rent moderate. Address, stating terms, location, Ac,, W. H. Y., He-aid office. Harlem.-wanted immediately, a house, with all >he modern improvements, in a good neighbor hood nd convenient t > steamboat or care. Rent not to eg ceed 91.300. Address for two days A. B. C.. station L. House wanted-unfurnished. between sky enteenth and Twenty-sixth streets and Third avenue and Broad-vay; private family: no children. Rent not to ex ceed $3,000. Address box 3.376 New York Post office, stating location. YJOUSE WANTED.?ANY PARTY HAVING A IIOUSK FT in a e??d locality, either unfurnished, partly or who'ly furnished, des'ring a first c'ass tenant, will pica- c address, with full particulars, A. Fellows, box 4.676 New York Post office. t WANTED?A HOUSE. THREE STORIES. ABOUT V. by .16. by a flr-t class tenant; any person wanUnc his house taken care of and at a fair reaisonable rent may address box 3.242 Post office. New York. WANTED?IN HOBOKEN A LARGE CELLARl* Basement for a respectable, quiet business. Address R. O., box 178 Herald office. T*TA NT-ID-FOE A MANUFACTURING COMPANY. A yy well lighted Room, about 40 feet by $1, with about four horse Heady Power. Business Ught Iron wark. Address, with full particulars. American Hand Peggiug Company. 166 Fulton -tract. WANTED?NT A SMALL FAMILY OP THREE, PART of a House, unfurnished, in an unexceptionable loca tion. not a'srre Twentv-thlrd street. Rent not to exceed $M9 per month. Address hog 882 Po t office WANTED?FOR A FEW M0NTH8 BY A GENTEEL fnrally s residence above Union square, uafursl-hed preferred, at about 9**1 per month; beat reference. Ad dre-a CamngVm A Utf . 95 Broadway.: WANTED?TO RENT, WITHIN ONE HOUR'S RIDE of City Hall, an unfurnished three itory House, with modern Improvements and In good locality; rent not te ax. need 91,(110. Address box 184 Herald office. Wanted?ome or two plainly"furnished Rooms for light housekeeping. In a priyste family, by a gentleman, wife end child four years old. Must be within IB minute * walk of flsn il street and Broadway, and net tn exceed 917 per month. Reference unexceptionable. Ad dress Q. K. P, B., Herald office. WANTED.-A three or pour rtort hours, partially furnished and wall located, wanted, by a pri yste family. The owner to hoard with the family would he preferred. Address U <?., box 4 747 Post office fZTAVTED TO RENT OR PURCHASE A TWO AND ?Y a half or three story house and stable: location be tween Rlxth and Ninth avenues. Addrees M. A. 17 Jaoaa at. WANTED?A HOUSE. WHERE THE WHOLE, OR A part of the rent, will be taken In Board, by a respon sible person Address for one week B., 999 weet Thirty second street. w WANTKD-AN UNFURNISHED OOUNTKY HOUSE. TV witii modem improvement'. suitable for winter sad summer residence, with good garden, stable and week hou?e. all in perfect order; rent not to exceed SI 000; be tween Central Park and Tonkers or Central Park and Mount Vernon. Address, with full particulars, box 3,398 I'ost offloe. WANTED?TO LET OR LEASE. FROM ONE TO TV three veers, a large Drat clans House, fully or parti ?lly furnished, located between Fourth and Sixth avennes. not below Fourteenth street; must be sdspted t" first el<ss ho rdlng parpA-es. Address, "tiling terms, which must be moderate House. IIS East Fourteenth street. He agents need reply _ ANTED?BY A FAMILY OF FIVE ADULT*. PARE of s House, furnished or unfurnished, with conveni ences for housekeeping, bet when Fourth and Sixth avenues and Tenth and Forty-sixth streets. A genteel private family, la a fine house, having more room than thev require, may find it to their interest to address, with teems. Ac., box 2,281 Post office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE FAMILY. A HOIHR it In Ttesoklyn, not far from the ferry; rent from g'UU to 91,000 uer anaum; unexceptionable references given. Address Bd. Y . earn of Mr. Bruhl, No. t Maiden lane. WAFTED-BY A RESPECTABLE FAMILY. THE TT lover part of a House, consisting of basemeuta, par* tors and two rooms above. In a respectable netahlsrhond. not ahov* Fiftieth street; ent nbnnt $000. Address Ed. Y.. care of Mr Bruhl, No. 5 Maiden lane. Wantrd-ey a small family, a cottack, TT eontainlng five or six rooms, or part of one. one hour's ltdefrom City ll?i|. Address fl. C,, box SOW New York Pees stating re 'tend location. Address for oae week. WANTED?IN A PLEASANT LOCATION. ON OR near Sixth avenue preferred, for a family of fear (tie ehUdrent, s First or Second Floor, having all of the modern conveniences: b-st of refers noes given and required. Ad dress for three days M. F. Dennis, aft Broadway. ANTRD-BY A 8N ALL FAMILY, A THREK STORY high sloop modern built House, completely furnished. In good neighborhood. Rant not exceeding $2 400 per year. Furniture will be well cared for. Address otto, box 4 S? Post office. WAMTED-RY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. Wiril out children, a pert or the whole of a Mouse, unfur nished. In a pleuant locality. Rent about $400 or $MK>. Address G. II.. box 1.791 Post office. WANTED?LOWER PART OF GENTEEL HOUSE, with two Bedrooms; neighborhood must be good. Ad dress. stating tsrms and location, g. L.. Herald offloe. WANTED?A PARTLY FURNISHED HOI'SB. BR ?T tween Fifth and Eighteenth streets, east of Broad*ay. Sl.Sn rent. References exchanged. Add leas X. Y O., Herald office. WANTBD-LOFTS. WITH 8TBAll POWER. FOR TR* men; would prefer location down town. Address 1M Broadway. WANTRD-IMMRDIATELY, IF CONVENIENT OR TT on the 1st of May. a Second Floor, consisting of Soar or Ave rooms, la a strictlv private bouse, for a gentlem in. Wife and servant only, at a reasonable rent; located near *t John's Park. They expect to go la the country the create* ?art of the rammer. The bouse must base all the mode a improvements. Anv one having such a floor te let to ra<-i, a aas^'assa'ELTinftgLrgfi.s Broadway near the oTrard House, for throe days. W"~ ANTKD-ItTiBCOND FLOOR (UNFURNISHED) OP a private houee bra small family of sdut?; l^nUw ventralrrent not to MeeedgSUper month. Address F. I!., station F. ______________________ WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS, TUB Piinelpal Fart of aboase. Inc'ndJpg parlors, Iwe. menu sad some sice pins rooms on third floor, orssm.U three story sad basemen 1 Houee. Address N. h. M.. boi IW Herald office. _ W"aNTRD-FOUR OR FIVE ROOMS. ONFURNIBIIKtt, First or Second FUnr. la a good netghhorn.i -l. by a gentlemen and wife, iuerlrsna between Twelfth an* fortieth streets, Third Eighth avenues. Rant modeist t. Address K. S. C., Fifth Avenue Hotel. WANTED-BT A AtALL AMERICAN FAMILY or adults, a reedlna slsed House, unfurnished. In 1 >? upper pert of the city; west side preferred. By sddree.,1 g CI D., Herald offloa, s prompt and responsible tennut can km found. _ -wanted TO HIRB-A PART OF A HOUSE~IN A TV good neighborbodl. OonUlnlng Ave moots, with hs ?e? ment, or the tasrer Pari of a himse, not above fw<- ity. fourth street, east slda Address T. H., Herald office, suting rent ? W~~" ANTED TO HIRB-A FURNISHED HOUSE IN vicinity of Greene, ioostou or Spring street, or would bay Furniture. Address A. N. Frye, station H. for three days.| Wanted to rent-from the iist may to the vY fist October, a fufcished Cottage on the Northern Railroad of New Jersey, fntatalag right or nine roots', eg- , elusive of kite ben, near 4pot ; tsrms moderate Addrca f. II.. Btapletoa Poet offlrt biases Istead. Mew Yotk. Wanted to rent-j full rtzkd four story brown stone Honsaloaated between Twentieth sag Fortieth streets and Third iad Sixth avennes. Address kit* Second avenue. Uftmo TO RRNT-4 SMALL BEtCE BUILDING, TV for manufacturing ptiposes, In the vicinity of Newark or Wllliamsiitirx. Apply ? CORNELIUS OOM8TOCK * CO., 99 Wall street