Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORE HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,178. NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1867.-TMPLB SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. AM INFORMATION or MilT O'BBIBN Aim m A lw? eklkio, ?Mm of Treacle O'lllw, of Awl l? yo oooate of Coooo, Iwln I iti Oil Am* Ml 1IB. w> a^fflssag ass&rssia; siat -CALL AMD an MB, OB MATS WH1AB | ?? I mm yoa. BOBB.H P MABY WAIL. rOIMULT OF BOSTON, WILL 1 Mt4Mr iMrw to A. P. 8., ataiioa A, Syria* etreoi wmw. aha cm hoar aeweihlng greatly to her adweaugB 11f FORMATION WANTRD?OF AUOOST ICHUtUI, A MjtanOaeraihateB Preoete. The oeaee Mt WeakinNoa. D (Bt MM. When taal hoar* fro* woo boar*ma wRb Mr. ILL! A LEON'S MXmiI&-WBiL THB LAW ^^ra^rsur. rrfcsrsjh rATIBBM, ^HBNOB TO m BBPADWAT. CAMP "'srajsw.f. WTLL PINO A LBTTBB AT THE AYENUB TON GENTLEMAN WHO SUN iltturMr to twain apofce to a ladj ler of Beeoad olroot and Second aveaue. Third otreet. verv much doolroo bar acqaaia Idrto* Jatao FMd. ttetteai P. ?IfILL THB LADY WHO BODB DP ATLANTIC If at root and Fifth an?M, Brooklyn, la a ear. on Satur day Bight, at about 10X o'etoek, and her addroae to the gaa (taaaa who at a art to bar, and who got out at Flalbuah Wl with aladyt Addroao C. 0. Clooe. Herald oMoo. ^ BPHCIAL WOTICgg. "7 A P. A.?THB B. W. G. MAS IK It, J. H. BCENTB, Jla bad tha R. W. Q. Secretary, John Crate, will wnlt " eMail nil >Praattee Boya' Lodge, No. 7, at their roe tat, oaaar or Eighth, eveaoe aad Tweaty-nlnlh atreete, on Tun d*weveaUg,lbe Oth teat Heathen ar.thio and other lodge* ' J*. JACKSON, Bee. See. fQlNKERS ARB RK8PBCTFDLLY RB lo attend the fourth regular meeting of the Now te'o Protective Auoetetteo, to bo bald at Military ?PP. ?? aoarary. on f iteaday evening, April ?, at 8 o'clock. aNIb a view to complete our organisation aad to adopt awae Ote Aw oar annual beoadt. JOHN A. HOWARD, w. H. Bijua, Baoretary. Proatdeat special meeting or the journeymen Olldaro' Trade Noalaty wUl ha held at No 71 8o*enth dary. CHA8. POBLL. Proeldoat HBA8T BtDB ASSOCIATION WILL HOLD A BBOVLEB Jt anaUng tela (Monday) eveateg, at the hold of Cart Wbm> aaraer ef Klghty-aaeantk atraet aad Pourth. aranae. ALEX TRAIN, Seeralary. HfWtlCB IS HEBBBY GIVEN THAT THB DIBTBIBD 'HOM IT MAY r tha Oporwtlwa ILrodeS^fSfc *.*JA&BB*^V BfoWM,'iWnafer| H Wafgwtet._ ANNUAL MEETING QP THE MUTUAL RAM' 01 Club will Mi bald thla (Monday) evening, at the WH Hadeoa eteeet, at S e'eiook. W*. H. DONOAN, Secretary. BEBY CAUTIONED AO At NTT a cwtaln promlaeory ante for . made by R. Rommertch A Co.. la I BjUSonal Bank ?Jf'S^w Mate been kmi in the auaP.a M. LILIENIHAL ^ FOU X O. black akd tab doo. ^^?li Ntard will b? paid for kfe return 10 18fi Bunion * fto Imni f OBT?A GOLD LOCKET, HAVING MONOGRAMS L. Mj M. ud H. B. H. The Rnder wlU bo rewarded bp re firntng R to Henry 1. Howtand. ? Wall street. T 0BT-ON SATURDAY MORN I NO, IN THB BO WERT, MJ ootomn Bond end Spring street#. a Filagree Breastpin, b carbuncle encircled with pearls. The ttader will be sm.a Bty rewarded by returning Itto Id?2~ON *?*DAY' APR,L 1 GOING FROM W3 ^?hwJU be suitably rewarded by leaving the ewe with ^^^Bltoulln. at either sddrsm f OST-IN GOING FROM TENTH STREET AND FIFTH JLi avenue, through Central Park to Manhettanrltle, a Sd ? UK UBbreUa. with ?, roken b andle marked wtth the ?nMinlO B. C. D. In monarrim on a gold plat* A suitable oonnod will bo paid upon tearing it at Devlin,A Co.'*, Broad mynd Urand simot. | T OUT 0* gTOLEN-A MOCBB COLORED SCOTCH MJ T?mer; answers W the name of Jack; ear* and taU XhWl Any person returning the dog to 73 Went Thrty-1 Bmf street wfcl ?? UbenUly row?.-ded. | _CTOLBN?from OFFICE M. IN W BROADWAY. ON ID Saturday, the ?th Inst, one Fire-twenty r ntted Maiee IKnfi for fiMS. No, 44,7001 Exchange broker* and the public Bene cautioned * gainst negotiating the man. and are re Bon eautlooed sgalnat negotiating tho mm hill to detain It If offered, OTOLEN-FROM FCLTON FERRY, ON THURSDAY D nftomoon. March 38, a dark bay l'ooy; the hair off on Both etdee of hie neck; about 14 handt l ight rood Harneaa ^?T Hstfl'lds, ^Hlh Brooklyn. ? Spring Ctrt; Ibo rnrt pal'ted green: J. K. Uatfleldon rod gl? will be paid tor the rororery of the name at Hatfield'a. Third sr nuo. uear Twenty fourth street, 15 RF.H A It 1>*. -BOARD -TWO OB THRRE SINGLE GENTLE , men, aim a gentleman and wife, oan find the comfort! n heme ht 800 Grand street. BQA REWARD?FOR GOLD WATCH CHAIN AND SOU Heal attached Saturday night. April ?, in Broadway, between Twenty-third and Thrrty-etghth streets; no qnee ?mn asked Number of wnteh la either 40.311, or 411611; I maker. Cooper, Liverpool. Address Merrill, station F. 11 tiitt m mmi wu ??? ivtooam* m by n boatman on the first of the MlBCBIe AYKIM'h. FACT, BO HUMBUG.?BOOTS, SBOHS AND TFmBn, MaBod at lam than wholesale prirm to Um ef^May^aS Irwin's cheap more, OB Bowery, corner fflAMPRNTERfl. BUILDER* -AND FAINTER.4 WHO V would mre time end money by the nae ef Llttlefield'* patent Portable ItesffWd, tend to A D. LITTLETON .Blag Sim N. T., for dlilllptlre atrrnlar. ?gaful as TVS. CUNNINGHAM'S RHMUMATIC MKMBDYMETER w&rwsxcsr ?" TkTOTlt B.-THK UNDERSIGNED. OOMPOSINO THB JJ fir m of Purrtn A Company, hare bom ooapelled by re tmrtleseso to suniend payment. They bare made a deed of trait to OmUe Horwlta, Bs%, for the benefit of all their meditor*. Without prefafenam or dfettnotloaa of any mrt, except such at the law requires. The senior partner baa mnii/iltho whole of ku prtrnte eelate to the trustee. and mgmmmmmMBHBMlHBBiBiMMBHB'iu umta ul that every dollar of mrme. BaLTtnoan, Aprn 8,1S?7. JAMBS F. FUBYIB, I bow beet ret netted by the moos ban of Urn feu firm of Fnrrto A Co. to eiprem on opinion oa to tho oondlt on of the Oram, and am ploaaed at far at a hasty examination will enable mo to firm ony judgment, to <?oflrm the hope? of ISO aonlor partner. ORTILLB HORW1TS. Arnui lfif. f>ARIS. J. WOODMAN. ? M BUB DM LA CHAUSSBE P'ANTTN, M. ffto PAINTERS AND IIANUFACTUBR Rfi. ?D AM AGE D A Chrome Green of good qusHty end fiuUnbto for nay work. A larre let, ground In pure linseed oil. In jaaatMoi U intt; prtee fir, per ih. Saxon Ootor Mfg. Co., B? Fulton itrrot. ffflO WNONTBR IT CONCBBNS.-TREES. SHRUB 1 Vtoee, standard and dwarfJloses of the oholofiOt ra W ANTED IMMEDIATELY- A HANDSOME BAR Counter, from U to 18 fact long. Address X. T., Jiomld office. WKirr g"hoteT and family mabglbb, phone. Bow York. < OANCfiNU yiPBWIBI. t H) ROOK Rfi' DANCING AI ADKMT, W BROplfB ST i<nm or ronrtM and MBwusam naajaaariigwcinwhara. b.V. TO RAN CIS BUTLER, NO*PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THE S&^&WfSMWS >as?w?? Yinrr roR bale. ~ I .tl" m?, beautiful u4 fast (an lag |mM JOSE SSSSSi--^ ?<>????, CAHKIAOM. f*~ a a^K^Jj^aayaa ssSravvr teKKrMTX'iSi NnN A SET or LIOBT DOTW-B EARNER* TOE liCB A LAEOB ASSORTMENT Or PINE II ANN USE, Si Idle., Shaela, Blankets. Ac., at 9U Pearl mtmi, ba. !???? P3K andJobo streets, N.T., manufacturer and importer af Saddlery end Kerxij. All wanting horses, carriages, rote a wmrt, Hmw, Ea, should tUn4 lha mI?i of MINER A SOMKI.YILLJS, n Tuesday and Thuroday next. Im ad wrtlw?IN each tale under auction bead. A VICTORIA, COUPE ROCKAWAT, PHjnOX, Coach, TopBuggy, all (round hand; alao SOU Carriages and Harness, X> per cent let* than Broad war atoreA HAM'S, 10 HastPourth (tree 1. canter of B road way. Advertiser has leased the eagle olub Stab lea, Thirtieth (treat, near 81ith arenue, lj for Boarding hor aaa. Stable* aboaa ground, aroll raiul latad; carafnl ?uendaaee; good Board. Please gtra aa a eaR, - HIRAM AMBROSE, Bnpertntendeat AX ASSORTMENT OP PAXILT CARRIAGES, DEPOT and Boggy Wagaaa; also ISO aaoond hand Oarrtaaaa aad Wagons, of aH styles, aelilog IS par east laaa thaa Haw Tart prices. IS Nadus street, Breofclya. A PAIN OP DANN EAT OANNIAGB HORSES PON J\ sale, aarea jaara old, aauad and kind, worth SI.000. Win aeti far lees, aa owaar la ahaaat ta Europe. Can be aean at prteete atahlw S Monroe ptace, Brooklyn, hafora I AN. ifialRrlP-B. XT OXB HAVING SOUND HORSES TO DIB af mdait fear eat m'tdag IDXD HORSES TO DISPOSE 'ttlag them la I ha laapaeUan af _ . ba to tka aua wha Ihuahthe aaa ir bar ar lathMldala m ta paaa aa aaaaund one. CHARLES WILLS. OT*taala of the Veterinary College, erase af ThtHy-wwail aUeaAahd Riuadway. A LL SOUND AND YOUXO-4S SUPERIOR SADDLE, A raad aad diaaght Hareas, jut from Virginia, which pair Hat trotters, Idgfhaada; alaa pair fast Mareu ljy/PHhh aiasaa aad Party-fourth auasA A C-?A?C? NELjWM MET WfTW?4 TOP WAOjIMR. wEKWp^^Bf Sg a^h*u **? ? .TUB BOB8B FOB SALS-BXOHT YHABS tnwk wimairt iMad ud Ui4 m tingle 'rSwTassisscasfiiEsif mat milch cow poe rale. M ailEh nAfc a dip. At 1M East Twin. A gsxTLBiuJra turnout fob sale.?a black A How, IBM hands high, 7 years old, sound and kind la mij particular; aaa trot a mils la thraa mto utea; new leather top Wama. made by one of ihe beet city boiMtrs; near eel of tight Harness; also a Set of doable Karnesa, made by puaacomb, and oca single rat of Coupe Harases, uade or Lowden. All will be eold cheep, isaeiber or ^^?"ely. Inquire at the private stable SI West Ferty-irst CHours 1IOR8E?IS BANDS HIGH; BARK BROWN; ? very gentle. To be sold by MINER A 8UMRRT1LLB, Talon square, oa Tuesday, April I. DHUSENSURY A TAN DC8EB. PRACTICAL LJOHT I Carriage Makers, US and 137 IhryeUe street, X. Yare uew Snlahlag and bare on band some of their celebrated top and no hip Wagons; also a few Track Sulkeys. Gentlemen who hare neglected ordering their aragona for spring riding are tartted to sail boron pure basing else WhOML NTB.?Wean alas Sntablag flnt elaao Park Carriage*, manufactured of same materials as our Mgbl wagon. ^?r SALE?A BLOOD BAT SADDLE HORSE; WAR ^Hrsated sound and kind; sU rear* old, and tbo Sao.t sad Jberae In this oonatty. ROBERT. St East forty ftret it. FHOR SALE?A DARK CHESTNUT HORSE, ? TEARS ? aid, M hands high, of superior style and action, hind In double and single harness; an excellent roups hone also, a double Harness, nude by the host saddler. Apply St stable No. 7 East Eighteenth street. PR SALE-THREE TO UNO HORSES in TAMER for any kind of work. Apply to LOl'IS FRITS, Set Woot Thirty-math street. New York. DOR SALE?A TRAM OF BAT HORSES. 11 HAND* r high, good traveller*, very stylish, all years utd, end s new top Wagon. Can ha ana at WS East Broadway untu ?old. DOR HALE ?A GENTLEMAN RETIRING FROM BURL r nsee wtU sell thm Horeeeu a double and .Ingle Wegen, with Harness. Can be seen at 44 Hamilton street, in the Itnry stable. For salb-a fine bat horse, six tears old, sound and kind. Apply at No. 8 Baal Mnsteenth atroat. For sale-a bat mars, express waoon and Harness, all In good order. Inquire at SKI West Twen ty-f out ib el reel. rR SALE?A TKRT RTTLISH BLACK MORGAN Herat, UK hands, seenn year, eld this spring, and war ranted perfectly eound: Is kind and gentle under saddle, single or double harness; free driver, sad would stake a splendid roach, oeupe or buggy horse. WIN he sold very cheap, at Ihe owner has no further ass for hhnA Can be aeea at the private SUMS at ITS Wast Fortieth street. Mar Eighth arenas. . ? DOR SALE?STTUflt SORERL HOR.1K. ? TEARS number) West Tweaty aleth street. El SALE?W HORSRS, JUST FROM TNR COUNTER; song them an Urea truck team, and several slagle orsea, from I to t years eld; warranted stand sad e. I Laurens atryt. ____ COR BALE?H HORSRS. JUST FROM THE CQON. I? try. frem Ftet years old, from 14 to M hands high; warrastsd sound aadkiaA 111 Wooetsr street. ER SALB-A SORERL HORSR. MM HANDS HIGH, Srs years old, warraated souad and hied a half spring Carl and Hs Stsntss MnA la Ui store Sveyears old, warranted round and kind; price *? a half spring Oort and Harness. Apply for two days si 7 years old; sen trot la IN. warraated sowed and k Apply to O. McKNIOHT. SOS Sroadway. raeas No. A f n SALE?AN EXCELLENT PAIR OP HORSES, each and Harness cetnptets, in good order. Apply at ISt Rant PI ft lei h street DOR SALE?A HORSE, CERT AND EARRBSS, r cheap. Apply at 177 and ITS Chatham street. DOR BALE?FOURTEEN HORSES; AMONO THEM IS C om powerful Team; another Team not se lares; three valuable bind Horses, om ? years eld. Iiuls sore forward; om baatHftl pony ballt family Herat. St New Chambers Foe sale-a light full seat coal box road Wngoa. In good order, city made Cat be eeeo at private stable l? East Thirty-irst street. __ D SALE-A NEW TWO HORSE TRUCK. OOT CP i the heel style; to be eetA sheep, laqelre at ? West f fhlh street, between With sad Berenth svsuuee. TEARS OLD. 17 ' n year* old street tl All -the Will DOR RALB-A TKRT BTTLISH PHAETON. WITH JT rounded aides; has been used but a few times and Is in perfect order: made by JO Parker A Co. fbr the present owner; coot SI.SOS. Apply at private ttable rear of ? K"?? 2Siiia?S2?m"~m??"? Fourth aveaoos, or DOR SALE?A FOUR WHEEL ENGLISH DOG I fL 'Z^wSt0^J?UMtu CART, HANDdOME half brother DOR SALE?A JUPITER HORSE, mSn||?Sn| ems** USAII OP A WIST ?n Inim. Ayr* M AT PKTTAT8 BALK. Tmu, TMt I ??* m &?* ?ia p i r KtW 4CO. nw NerthFtent III Ml. Philadelphia, Pa.. MtXiJrwk place. New tarn. HHARNB8S.-A LA ROE STOCK TO BB SOLOOPP | tkrn taatedlar some 6rU eUu inrt, in# Tifu CiHlBi Eepartlory. CI Oodar t n> mi iappu pob mm m mmmm ??i order. k*rli| been need bet t few tnan, end ?? te by P. Trainee le the eery beet atner, Apply at prtrate ruble, M Want Porty-foarth streak SMADDLH BOMBS.?TWO GBNTLRMBN ABB DB ? rtreaa af baring Saddle Bareee far three or jteer men the; Mad treatment and good eeie gaatenleed Addreee H B El Brawtrsj gBCOWP HAND CABBIAOBS?ONB DOCTOB'8 PHAE ?SMNiMBMMMMMBM'liNi P ten, aalf tap Baroatee. twe Park Phaewwa, tva ??? (water Bght), atade by Brewethr A Oa. of Rreotae streak oag tarai-om eaat Phaitia, one ate eeat Beehnerays aN te Sr.eardar. Per eate at Checah Bnfldtng. OaahdaMOtfkP QTABLB8 TO LBT-O* SBTBNTBBBTH STBBBT. P north aide, treat of Rtath aranae, wtth three er tear ?telle. Apply to JOHN J. TOWN8BND, It Maaaaa atreat. TH1B COMPLETE ESTABLISHMENT OP A OKNTLB ? man going rbroad, enateoNng Of gray and brawn Mare, about It b?nd?, stylish and spirited; hare antra In thraa ntaataa; Dog Cart, a tally new; Trotting Wagon, SMth, Pole and Shafin far aN; doable and aiagto Harness, Ikihea, Blanket*, Whips, da. Dog oart can be anan at Adatea A Cooa'a. Broadway, and balaaw at Qaata'a atebleo, Washing ton atraal, Brooklyn. WtBeMl atagly, bat prater la aad la > lot. TO BB SOLD ORBAP OB BXCHANOBD POR HOJtSBN J of laae value, 18 horaae Trent tea country, St for oarta, trucks, tea wagons, ainraaa. daator'a or any basinsaa; war* ranted sound aad kind, lag aha at Ml Canal atreat, aaraar mo RACKXBN ?FOB SALE. AR EXTRA PIMM PAIR J. bay llafaai. Parker*! ilablat. IS Ninth ansae. S. DORRMUB. rpo LBT?PRTTATB STABLE. TWO STALLS ABOVB A ground, with Carrlaga Runt, la the eery rap art ar, well ventilated private stable. IP West Party -fhartb atreat. In* quire an ptawlau ar at US Chnreh Straai ; mo LBT?PART or A PR1TATB STABLB ARB BOON i tereeaohwtani aotnar Tatnti-third Mmat and Laglag ten are nun. Inquire at B Waal Twantpdfltd ill net. mor BUOQT*?AN BLBOANT NBW SHIFTING TOP 1 Buggy win be acid at n bargain. Apply at ti Hearse mBOCK ROME?17 HARM RICH; TBBT POWBR I fuL TobaaaM by MINBB * BOBIeRYILLB, Colon equasa, on Tuesday. April A. TX7 ANTED?AT SECOND. A PLAIN BOB. MEDIUM TT abtad pony Wanon. Address, stating pries aa4 Where It HMP be seen. HBmTyt. M0N8ON, Bftett gtreet 18 IriNB EMBROIDERED UnI^SKTS. Kc ?H LINBN EMBROIDERED CLUNY LaJiE, <8c. LABOR LOT CLUNY LACK COLLAR^ He. TO ? Kbo, assqWet NEEDLEWORK EPOINol NBW PATIKRNS NEEDLEWORK INSERTIONS LMO MUSLIN BANDS. PROM AUCTIoN.^^M LINBN TAPS T&1HMINOS, 78c. PIECE. S. CLUNY LACKS, 8c.. So.. Me. ? 81 LK trimming lacks. ?ri-FLINOS. all sttlkr. Bi rrLINOR, A LI MMMCnT REAL CROCHET EDOINOS. JOB LOT REAL CLUNY COLLARS. nppvTvn nv mama ay. MAHUFACTUREB?B STOCK THE COST ol M"T-KACTU*IXa,NCC^^^^^^H TO! <K uptown ate ._ _ GENUINE CLARK'S ISO YARD SPOOL OOTTON. ?c. NEEDLES AND HNS, *0. PAPER. HOOKS AND EYES, la, AND*) CARD. BEST MACHINE TWIST. lOe. SPOOL. BRUSHES, COXES, BRAIDS. TAPES, TWISTS, SILKS, Ac.. Ac. BUTTONS III ambeVjbt'peaSuoilt.BTBEL, CRTS TAL. BIjOLE. CROCHET. SATIN 8ILK. VELVET, ABD FANCY AUCTION LOTS OF HOSIERY. LADIES' rULL RBOCLAB MADE HOSE, ?b LADIES' HEAVY IRON FRAME HOSE. fee. 0F.NT8' EXTRA HALF HOSE. JSr .Slc. OBSTS' FI LL REOCLAB MAKE.JOc. AUCTION LOTS OF OLOVES. FINE OLQVKB, FANCY TOPS. JSc., 16a, lie, KID FINISH AND EMBROIDERED. Be.. SSe.. Ide , 50c. A LOT OF VERY GOOD KIDS, We , 76c. AUCTION LOTS PLAID MUSLINS, JACKONETS, BTRlPBST NAIN SOOKS, BRILLIANTS. MARSEILLES, CAMBRICS, LOTPLAIDSLAND SATIN STRIPBSJSe. WIDE NOTONoThaN LAOR. FOR rrRTAlNS, n?. BARGAINS IN THE HANDKERCl/lEF DEPAhT&KNT.' ISO DOZENS FINE ENSBOIDERED. _ ENTH' LINEN 'i<ion< at (IENTS' LINEN TAPE BORDERS, SOe. _ ^ UPENINO AN AUCTION LOT MO DOZENS OF HASP KERCHIEFS. EVERY STYLE AND ? MILLINERS SUPPLIED WITH CUT LENGTHS. WX. KINZBT. 646 ROADWAY. SECOND POOR ABOVE BLBBCKEB BTEKBT. * Wm DEERSGOOD8.8ILKS. SUMMER PRINTED FIQDER. PERCALBA AC . AC INED MONDAY, FTH INST.; ALSO WITH LEO BAIN, T3S Broadway. A T OBAND 8TRBKT CHEAP BTORB , A Rain reocWin* ?? Sprloa OoodaUN. Bargains In UMmdi, Sltta, Satles, Una Bonnet MatnrtaU, Flowars and Feathers, Drana Trtauntona, Yankee No'lorta, Rub Shades, Paraaal*. Caracas. Skirts. RoctaryOlorna, Em hraldaclaa, Cellars, Seta Uaaa Handkerchiefs, muslins. Ac.. An., all pnrahaaad recently, and will ba oFnred cheap la EDWARD RIDLEY, i""1"""1 IKS,. A T ORAND STREET cilBAP STORE. ~ T7~Z A Our new Serine ShaaMa In Strew Bonnets and Joehsys ara now reedy for Inspection, comprising srerr dnnertption of Braid, satiable for InfnnM, mtasen and Indian, abeapar '""7?wa,o ?? sg^fta-^r. as,. A CONTRAST. ZZT A Artstocraue morehants, with erowda af paapla OUT. " FoB bale fbomaDction. M.W0 parda MeaMaa ... ? KM Tarda Alpacas and Draaa Oooda and 1RW6 dun UmhreUaa and ParaoaTa. JOTS 1SEffiffiLtNYuH BUT" "ULAN KB TK MATTRESS Ed. jD BLANKETS?A fall aaanrtemnt la srery alxc MATTRESSES. BotsTERF? PILLOWS Ac. FRATHBRK WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Baa adrertlnemont headed OnilU, Shaetlnn, Ac. _ WM. GARDNER, SM Canst street, N. T. Tenantry ?MNI ?? A* BrtaiMa, under our own auperrtata^M jj fully virruMia the purakuw. Body and Te^H i^^wSav-TBass; isH ra-ussasS Vawresifijss: ana door out of Eighth arena*. ???^L*wSw5?onl,flIh Job*?^l!S? ?i^KB ana fhpaotry ?SSk ^RTS2o51!^i unuauallj low price* at oar new fllfb >ITN? and H.I lb arenua INDIA CAMBL'S HAIR BIIAWLB.?HAVE HOW ON A lend a fine aaeortmnnt of thoaa gooda In Plain end (llod oaatMa. J. RDWBU, m Woonter aUwot. N B. ?Will ra ?oto on Hey 1, to ftl Beet TweetteU atnek orj^* jobs or PranoA Cloake HMBMHli Coreeia, nl thatr aatahlial VT0TELTIB8 IN SEIBTB. A.N QOLDnN Aa CO., IMPORTERS,. place (Eighth atreet). _ ' (Suceeaaors to A Mallet). Hare raeetred the new PA RIM SKIRT, RXPRBBSLT FOB SPRING AHD SUMMER WBAR. o?** ? M Clinton plane * Klghthatreat). (8momni |t A? Mallei X ^aa.its^y^tisssi's.KJSs. Fringe* Loom. lingerie, T lower* Culture* Breagfaee Hutla and Fancy Uooda, aaleclad from the boot Parlaiaa pABW^l^AG^^UJ^IVIKNN^ Bottom of the court yard on loft, Drat floor. Specialty for bilk* Mantle* UAUTEfl NOUVBAUTER. Quilts i quilts i ffN?^ra?fc^5i?DA^ COLORED ALUAMHRA QUILTS h jl ipieodUi aitorimeet of ?aBD COLORED MARSEILLE* QUILTS, BirarrBVrbn&h1 IctERmip iM'Y GERMAN RED COTBRLBTR FA WIT In aoaorted atzee; an Immense a tuck; many bought Ot the recent auction aalea at much leaa than . manufacturera' and Importara' price* BOO odoortlaamant headed Blank eta, Mattroaaea aad Sheet WILLIAM OAbCnEE, ??4 Canalatroat, R.T. Jk *? IUCT. BPRTNO TRADB. NOW UIMMB opening, ^?????CARIt STRAW GOODS. LATKSt SPRING STYLES AND HllAPBS,

%KB NEW STTLBS PARASOLS. A full aaaortmaat of boat quality Rtbboa* Velret Rlhhona. J#**' Prr? Titniailnoe In .n & latent noeoltlw, Be tune, MMHI PRICRSL I DttCHABPfl BEST QUALITY FRENCH ? BID OLoVRit, ? ETBRT PAIR WARRANTED. ? AT POPULAR PRICES. ^^^^^^^^HKb^oidbrirsT^I ?michikfh, ^ 0OODR, d*. ? PRICES. Ho. SI Fourteenth Hoot, betwaon Fifth and I Bee. SM and Ml Sloth naonnm room to th atroat and BtttVVeaua. NP CHILDREN'S UTIONB. watt aoaortod etnek and prtoaa. AU goods wm ranted aa reproaaaled. WM. GARDNER, stdOanal moot. Haw -Tom. ? MILLINERS AND COUNTRT 8TORMBBPER8. AT GRAND STREET CHKAP STORBi f ? . s^r onrWMki 11 wtR ropey yau. EDWARD RIDLEY,. *? ?BR til and mtfi Orond etroot aad M, 08 and M ABoa aC, FIFTH BLOCK BAST PROM THE BOWERY. mo PAM1LIRS F1 SITING THE PARIS EXPOSITION. CASHMERES AMD LAOBS. 00MPA8NIE DBS I MDBS, 80 BVB BIOHBUBU. SI HHTo^BRDB DB LISLE, Ihopmprtetora, roep act fully dee Ire to Inform the America a ladCi who rtalt the Prunes capital that tbey will And at their eeiabbebmeat the leraaet and richest assortment of CASHMERES AND LAOBS IN TUB WORLD, at ortoM that will aoatnta erery and any oomparieon. The rabrieuea of the company, yhw) as lb er are la erery LACS DI8TR1CT OF rRAlfCB AN D BRMilUM, and In all of the SHAWL DISTRICTS OP INDIA, enable them to sell at thepctee of MANUPACTUR EKS INSTEAD OP MRitCHANTSTaa woB aa to prodooa designs exc'.uairtly their awn. English la aurraatly epohaa in the establishment. bringing? >>rog|iaton HI ?? anmmlmlona la any partial MILLMMT. Madame lacy respectfully in forma the MM of New York that she kM joe* received a large eaieriaieel or French Bonnet* and MalerMla of her own Im portation. which ahe offers at vsrr lew piieee. Ladle* will do well te eellat the opening. No. UD dtxlh avenue, near hluth tree*. VIILLINERT-A VERT SELECT STOCK OF LADIES' JvL misses' and children1* Spring and Summer style* of Bonnet*, Round Hate. Ac., Ac.; will be eold thla coming week at great!r reduee<l prlee* In order to doe* the business. Aleo Stock and Flrturea. W7 Broadway, Bret Boor. Mrs. a. binss will open this week with tha rlchont assortment of Silk. Straw Bonnet*. Round Hata, ever offered, at the loweet prtoe* Oppoalle Tiffany's jewelry (lore. Ml Broedway. Ladle* will do well to call. AriKIMO Off PLAIN AND FANCT STRAW GOODS. if * ON MONDAY. APRIL 8, I8W, We ehall opea a large a*aortmeet of mued HATS, fancy STRAW BONNETS. FLOWERS. FEATHERS, Ac., se lected front the beat MUhUahmeut* In Europe. OOLDEN A CO. IMPORTERS, IS Clinton place (Eighth street) (Ruceeaoors te A. Mallet) LOAIOfflCM. A DYANCBB MADE ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, SIL A vorwara, Fare, floe Furniture, Camels' Hair Shawls, Ac., or bought for ca*h. Term* moderate. J. 8. COHEN, 730Broadway, nearly opposite Aator pl*ee T Mf BROADWAlr, NEAR TWENTIETH STREET, I mom No. t the hlgheet pries* are paid for Dtaaaoada. etches. Jewelry, or moAay advanced. Aleo Pawn broker*1 Tickets beeght. MARKS, Diamond Broker. ATM PEARL STREET, BETWEEN NEW BOWEET A sad Free kite square. LBDEREB A CO. advenes lib orally at reasonable term* an all valuable Property, watehee, Jewelry, Diamond*, Ae., or purchase. AT a* BROADWAY BRIDOR, ENOZ BUILDING. DIAMONDS, WATCHRJ. PRECIOUS STONES, AO. PAT-THRTHuVfeTDt^FBVo8RUgPASrorNIDC5.WELBY, WATCHER JEWELS. PLATE, PEARLS, AC.. sbMSFikhr?4&K A wnf. J. H. BARB1NOKR, til Broadway, room No. ?. ArDtiS85tt: ?7 BROADWAY, TANCKD. Room No. A A T HTHAN'S, AM BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND \ street will he paid the highest price for Diamonds, fatehes and Silverware, or will advaao* on the above artt. AT NO. SM BROADWAY, CORNER OF BLBBCEBR street, up etolre, the utmost value wffl be paid tm Din. monda, Watehee, Jewels, Silverware, Ac.; or liberal a <1 ran res made on consignments. Diamonds. Watehee, Ae., far jnle cheap. A. HONIUMAN, Broker, removed from No. SI Nae ean etreot , ATM BROAD WAT.-! PAT THE HIGHEST PRICES i\ for Dlameed*. Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or advaao* an the asms. ISAAC* Diamond Broker, Oppmlte Wallack's thaatre, PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT?OF DIA monds. Watches sad Jewelry, Oune. Metda, Musteal and otbar Instrument*. Silks, TooK Cloth lug, As., An, at MS Bowery. FAWN BROKERS'TICEBTS BOUGHT OF DIAMONDS, Watch#*, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, Clothing, An, or Um good* bought. Also money advanced en tha earns. ISO Bowery, near Grand, up stairs. MARBLE MAJITKLeT Vf ARHLR MANTELS AT BBDUCBD PRICES?A F1NR iu. selection on hand at 8. KLABER'S manufactory. M First avenue, near Third street. New York. Call and ex amine. _________ Vf AKBLKIZBD SLATE MANTELS?SUPBEIOR IN ATI appearance, more durable, half the prlee of mnrhin T. B. BTEWa KT. W sixth avenue, between Thirty-fifth end ThWW-Mxth streets. VfARBLE MANTBfiA?SM MANTELS ON HAND, OF 25r*27 Mtoliss? WIty n*yl It l |ID9r*l At A. KliA9r.H S IftAMI u!me5r" "* *"*? Seooud ?Ht of i be brtlltaat HMMH af _, _ miss maggie vnuitBLL. CROWDED AND FASHIONABLE HOUSES NIGHTLY ATTEST TUB WONDERFUL OENIDS OF THIS CHARMING YOUNA OOMRMHNNB. ??'"'fertor. Mr. Jim W. CoWer. aapporta Ml" Mitchell each ivnIu M on Jay, Tttr*day and Wedneadar, OAST THREE NltiHTS OP FANCHOM. Saturday Mat?SECOND MITCHELL MATIN BE. Seala eecored mm 8 to ?, all day* In adraees. TURKMAN STADT THEATRE, *4 AND 47 BOWJaRY, UT THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, APRIL 8. WM?< appearance la America of the celebrated Oermaa comedlsB MR. THEODORE L'ARRONGE, who win appear la hla laughable char?ctar aa PRCHHCHfLZK. OLYMPIC THKATRB. Fourth waafc of tha highly aucooaaf ul euunaoa t of IhO R1CUINOR ENGLISH OPERA CONPilTYr^ MONDAY EVENING, APRIL & Aflar the aaoet olaboraia preparation, will ha pioaentad THE ENCHANTRESS, TUB ENCHANTRESS, awTMsraiSftaa: TaBSftejafigst rapimen H'JffirWIftff A??"' ?" OF M. HAJtTZ, TUB ILLUSIONIST. Last week hut one or M. HaRTE, THE MAGICIAN. LAST WEEK RUT ONE OP M. HARTZ, TEE WONDERFUL. MIRACULOUS ILLUSIONS of (ho mo<t extraorvilnary character. RY EYENINO AT 8, SATI Tlakataf EVERY EVENING AT 8, SATURDAY AT S. Rata Me.; reaerrod aeata, $1, for nate at the hall. Saturday, April M, laat Matinee. ^HaLBON'S MINSTRELS. 710 BROADWAY, ^^?oat popular and faahlonable company ot the city. HltOr, THE TWO DOTES. John P Obortet, HhTHE ONLY LEON. Quintet. 1TMXT A N^^^giour, SOLO Quintet. S. Eudworth, LOOK OUT POK W. if Brockway, H Comedy, HIS CARt'ETBAO. Oldntot. Mr. Sam Price, NAUGHTY OIK1 A. Mr. Edwin Kelly, Comedy. DANDY NIGOKKH. Quintet. Moadaft Apetl IE tet appoamaee of Mr. SPH MORE. STHABLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. V At Sryaat'e Maahanlea' Halt. 47] Broadway. GRAND CHANGE OP PERFORMANCE THIS WEEK. ^^?TIU OREAT MUTTON TRIAL. THE OEEAT MUTTON TRIAL. MARKET DAY, MARKET DAT. MARKET RAY, MARKET DAT, kcbo, Echo. echo, echo, echo; ECHO, BOHO. ECHO, ECHO, ECHO, STATUE COMIQUE, Pantomtmd STATUE COMIQUE. STATUE COMIQUE, Pantomtma STATUE COMIQUE, STATUE COMIQUE, Paaiamlma STATUE COMIQUE, I MART ST*VIE, 1MB CHAMPION. J MAST STBYIE. THE CHAMPION. I SM^NYRAJIOtSOO MW8TBKL*, Mi RBOAPWAY. ~ I ? THE TROUBLE CoMMBMCKS AT ? O'CLOCK. I ~ TH* CBBMM p* LA CBEMK OF MINSTRELSY I ES Tffflr Hffifjff *4?'M ras^'ajsat ?assttutfaea: eeery weak; Trouble# at tha Metropolitan Hotot; Animated I Photographa; Rod Popper Taken from Caator-Dtra; My Patty Abb; Shmrtaaf Laughter at tha Shadow Pantomime aad the Screaming tttaek cook and Afrieaa BaEM Troupe; Grand Maruh ad 3a Splrtt Haahlra af the AmmMHan C TBWWAT hall. O MRS. PROS8RR*S 'H9S^MSlSs9m{Wm^ wMappaaa. . opSTaT half peat S?lCdmS"ibe^5: Ttckeu af admtaa^^H R o. <jr. morgan ton pi; eaa be QTS1NWAY BALL. Deore opctMit tJi, to begln^at 8 o'clock. EH LOCUTION.-MISS PLORENVQ NQRLR WTLLQIYB ? laatracttona to a limltod Dumber of pupHa on Mm tioa aad Vooal Cultara For further particular* apply to Mia* NOBLE, SM Eaat Tenth atreet, rromSftoS o'otocK. NH T. HARMONIC SOCIETY.-THE ORATORIO OF Elijah will bo rohonraed on Monday and Wodneaday at awliijpi of thla week at the society'? room*. fftHEATRB TICKET OFFICE. " 1 Raaarred acatafir all Srat claaa theatres, concerts, balla, Ac., eaa always bo obtained at tha THRATRB TICKET OFFICE. No*. Ill and 114 Broadway. YX7AETBD?A FEW LADIES AMD OEMTLEMRN I TF amatanra, to take part In n team. Thoae who hare I eooAitftoi autj n1 rtr? ? fauntdiAWy, rtallirj UMir ftli, J, J O. S., Earatd fftHEATRB FRANCA IS.?PRE KCH TMI 1 for erasing* and matinee*. for opera*, i lector**, Ac. Apply to Mom. DRLVET, kTEB FRANC A IS.?PRE KCH THEATRE TO LET, mw|?MREttMSESMMEi dram**, concert*, oRoa ol PIANO YOKTEt. A FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR PIANOFORTE worth $880, for oae half; Barred roaewood; 7 octafo oreeeteng^lroo^ftimed beat aaako, and nearly new. Apply 4 MAQNIFICEMT, ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTH FOR A aale: made order, city maker, cost $900, for $900, Parlor Salts, E tags ran, Bookcase, Paintings, Chamber and DolM Furniture, China, Ulaw. Ac., at a aaertfiat. At 40 Waal Blxteanik street. near Btitb araaad. 4 SPLENDID NEW PIAMO, TBS EXTERIOR A A lllUe damaged, will be aold at half price. Planue to tat. LYNCH AOOMiEN, 091 and 909 Broadway, corner Twenty first ?treat. Akaonificbnt assortment of tbb FINEST and cheapen new and second hand Planoa In the die for aale and to rent at WM. CAXDIDUb warerooma No. ? Bleeekae atraat. ? A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, at a great bargain, nearly new; rich and powerful tone, Ac., and fully warranted. Call at IM Grand atraat, near Moth 4 BARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE. A NEW AND ELK A cant aeraa octara Parisian upright Piano, worth $?W, for tSOOi alao ana aeoond hand at jltS. At T1 fcldrldge at 4 BAROAIN.?ELEGANT I OCTAVE CARVED ROSE A wood Piano: coat $479: good aa new: price SON); at 7t9 Broadway, oppoaite Aitor place. N. P. B. CURTISH 4 GOOD PIAMO $180, IN FINE ORDBR, FULL TONE. A Iron plate. Flrat class new Pianoforte, rtir ehaap. J. BIDDLK, U Amity street. near Broadway. A ^eet OCTAVE ROSEWOOD CITY MADE FIANO IPifita for aale at half prtoe; four round cornara: I earrad lag*; rtab tone; h eety superb. Apply at mo snth laraana, near Fortieth atraet, UU Thursday. N. B.?Great 4 MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD FIAMOFOBTE, FULL A eaven oetare, aaat SMS. will be aaM far $3140; a Parlor Salt, In satin hrocatal. for SIS; ana do_. In craan raps, for ?I; also a lot of Parlor end Bedreota Furiltur* at a bar gain. Call at IIS Waal Eighth atraat, near Rixth aranua. TV A RO AIMS.?ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO D forte, Iron fteaM, $110; raeawnad Gilbert Ptaaoforta, Beaten, $19t. IS ether Iratataaa earned hand Pianofortes vary low; also assortment saw Pianoforte* lata than whole aula prices bi Fourth aranna, appoalU Cooper Institute. I UNION SQUARE?PI ANOS TO LET AND SOLD an inaOtnata, at prleaa below eompotlUon. , L. P. CUMklNGS. r?ANOFOBTB FOB BALE IMMEDIATELY.?A SPLBN ? did ruse wood Pianoforte, of the moat elegant flntah end ^?superior lone, round corners, iron frame, ralabrated ?Ss, IBtooLCarer, Ac,; prlaa $SB0. Apply ailit Twentieth near Third aranna. SHTBINWArS GRAND PIANO FOR RALE-AS good ? aa saw. for nearly half prtoe, the owaer going abroad. I Apply at SH Beat Sixteenth WATERS' PIANOFORTES?OR AND, SQUARE AND upright: MELODEUNS: Parlor, Church and Cabinet ORGAN*?the beat manufacture TO LET, and rent applied If purchased; monthly Instalment* repaired. Warerooma m Broadway, N T HOBACE WATERS 4 CO. IWETRPCTIWIS. 4 LOBBEA. BOOEKBEPINO, WRITING, GRAMMAE. A LaMa, HI; Spell log. Rending, Arithmetic. each SB per quarter; no alaaaes; II private room*. PAINE'S Buatoaaa Pillages, S Enwary and SIS Pultan atraet. Brooklyn. A T m BROADWAY.-DOLBRAR'S COMMERCIAL A imdimy will remain open day and evening all summer. Oeotlemea er keys oan reaelre ptitrale instruction In Bust. n*sa Writing, Practleal Bookkeeping. Commercial Arithme tic, An; abo Praaek, HpazUak and all Commercial Laa 4 T TOWNSBND H. MO BOWERY, BETWEEN PRINCE A and Houston streets.?Private instruction, day and ,%ss3az,iguiss?ijer? fc CARD.-MR. OUTER R. QOLDiRITH. HRTIRO A returned to Ike altf, after an ? bounce of tour years, will raaalre pnptla dally fbr prtrala Instruction In Penman ahlp. at 796 Broadway. A LADT who HAS HAD MANY YEANS' BXPRRt A suae In teaching the different branehea of Bngllah, Proneh sb^msml would accept a situation In town or ULOWRNBENO, RSSIS&iSfSJSSSR, VI!*' Y??HI THKATgK. I XI MmMIOT. L?ls Baker and Mark Smith uitvKik but two or tub season ageem, W rinw at the approaching ternuoaUou of lha aeaaon ?14 PCs I reua at mnellag the vtahaa of numtrtut fneuds hag to ?annnaaa for a taw ntehte Dnlys celebrated Drama ui GRIFFITH OXl'NT, jealoubt. which will ba pcoduocd with all IU original 0O8TVMKR, ML'MIC, SCENERY EFFECTS, and a POWERFUL CA8T Mlaa bob* KYTIHOE la tw orlgtual character at KATB PKYfvJN. Mr. D. H. HABKIMB triU maka hte Bret appaaraaca here aa I OKIKK1TH UAL'NT. Kan. MARK SMITH, LEWIS BAKER, and EVERY MEMBER OP THoIR TALENTED COMPANY illb^aiL The TMRBB GREAT SPBCIAX.1IRB at the drama which aaaa?< each a aaaaaAloo am Ma original production wlU ba glta*:-. ^^Htiii duel to tfie oeath.^^^^^H ? tub GREAT PAIR SCENE, Including the Rc.tlc Sporte, the Danes, the Sack Jumping and the Pig Chaaa.H TRIAL FOB MURDER. OT BaST LYNNE. ttVXZ* I MBS. F. M. MAWS. After which ana at Rahaoa'a lae-teHIri, john woFrs. MAT1HKB 8ATI RDAY AT IH O'OLOOM. TO BSD AT, APRIL S, CAM I CLE. - ADMISSION Tim CEMTB HOOLKT8 OFSitAHOURS. BROOKLYN. KIM MA, THE AERONAUT: Bloke, the Padter; Quarrelsome Servants, Daahta Clad Xldr clana Guitar Sale, Deaf aa a Peat. Oay Old Yellow, lha Ae U?# tilrt, hmoka. she wa? each a Chermer. Goad Bra Suaaa Jana. Ac. MATINEE atatf Saturday. attX e'deai. J' RUTIN A CHRISTY'S ifth Avenue Opera Haoaa, Noa!% and d Waal Twenty fourth street. O. W. H. Griffin .Maaager. _ THE YAMILY RESORT. First appearance of Mr O. W. CLARKE, Oomaduta. First week of ibe Grand Burlesque Ogata, THE BRIGANDtNA: OR, FATAL LOYE. Dor,re open at 7. To commence at f o'clock. Matinee every Saturday, at half paet two o'clock. rNT PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, MR BOWERY. Aa entirely new ?'national drama entitled. AN irishman in urebcb. AN IRISHMAN IN ORKROB. Firsl appearance of the "Hrtght, partloular Star" of Ethiopean minstrelsy. Mr. JOHN ALLEN. First appearance of the charming eomedtenue and vocal let, Bias NELLIE WHITMKY. New ballet, the CAENIVAL IN N aPLRS. A new variety programme by TONY PASTOR and his great trou MA am me by TONY PASTOR and his great troupe. ATTN EES ON WEDNB8DAY AND SATURDAY. IN BROOKLYN, FOUR DAYS ONLY, THE GREAT EUROPEAN CIRCUS. AT THE CORNER OF DnKALB AND PULTON ATS., with tte ONE HUNDRED MALE AND FEMALE ARTISTE. crocketts den of wild lions aad GRAND SENSATIONAL ACTS. WILL EXHIBIT IN BROOELYN ON MONDAY, TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. A GRAND PROCESSION THIS MORNING, With the novel arenc nf A LIVING LION LOOSE IN THE I IRVING HALL. BONOS OF SCOTLAND. SECOND MIGHT ?F MR. D. KENNEDY, The Celebrated Scottish Vocalist, MONDAY fcVENINO. April 8, at 8 o'clock. Whan Mr. Kennedy will give the fallowing internet!eg pre. teamen*:? The Battle Row*. Annie Lasrte. A man'a c man for a' that. Whan ye gang nam, Jamia. Bird of the Wilderness. Young Lochiavar. Last May n braw weoer. My Nannie, ojf John Andarsnn my Ja. The Maotii1 agar* Onlheriag. ABteter MeAlltatar. Ante Laap Ityea Mlaa Kennedy will preelde at the rtaoofarw. Tickets, (0eeete: reeerved Mate. Meente extra. Par sale at Seer I Sehlraear'a. TUt Broadway Ticket office. lit Broadway: and Irving HalL ?^WNYAN TABLEAUX.-.LARGEST ?Rffi Sknjftetor. ^^?teniiy ?t doing -Aaaw El. Tteheta to ballad from ^??UiEogarl, Eealln'a hat nwt,?i Benadw#; Wm. A. Pnad, muite store, 0*1 Broadway. Brower Brae., station er*. M iroadwhy; C. E ffimfaltm Ra. tvttaaioa street, aa from maaehedaof thermNhnaet. le she to ana dollar. \ N KNBRORTIC YOUNG MAM (Wno SPEARS THE Mmnalf permaaaatly aa partner, with an aetabUahed pro duce cnmmlealnn heusa In ILhle city:- with a view te extend the hualneee end making htmaelf generally useful. Nona hut these meaning strictly baalncas and win heap atrlet lo isallmllnn need apply. Can give the beet nf rafMeacee as te character, Ac. Addreea. with real name aad pleat, stating terms, Business. Harold effiea. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH MOW OE $6,000, IN AH A eatabNehed mercantile buelneaa on Broadway Thla te taas^?w^J?rcTEa?fiC8? CO.. SO Oertlaadt street. AH PARTNER WANTED?WITfl $6,000. TN A MANU. factory; bueluesa prnflts large and a aafe inreatment. lllAAC A. Blocs. 77 Naa?aa ntreet. Ah special partner. with prom to $60,000. can be admitted la a wholesale houM In this cRy, If referee aa? are eatiafaetory. For particular*" ppl 7 to BIRDS all a BISGOOD. OounaeUera at Law, HB Broad way. New Tote. AH! ENTERPRISING MAN CAN PURCHASE A PART ? nerahlp In ureal In a highly Incratlre Purines*, which la without competition, for a email earn of money. Ad* drone James It u a lead. Ton fine Hotel. Broadway, at call be tween the hours of fl and >. PARTNER WANTED?ACTIYE OE SILENT, WITH I capital in a wall paring manufacturing buarae? ee eurity and good proflte given to site at partner. Principal* tddtmetXT P., hoi 1? Herald office. EHARTNKR WANTKD-IN a PROFITABLE SALOON ? bualneaa; paya ?75 lu $100 weekly; location good. Imig ?f; capital required $1,100. J. it. MOODY A CO.. tS Pine street. PHARTNER WANTBU-W1TII $1000 TO $11,000. TO JOIN the Inventor In selling county and Stale rights Tho article U just patented; can maka from $?1,000 to $10,000 to one year. Address N. G. P., Herald office, WANTED-A MAN WITH $1,000. A? PARTNER, <>K to bur a good pari nit business. No agent nwl amir. Inquire at SI Carmine street, In the furniture aton, union <lay. ?th Inst. YITANTEP?A BOHINRSS MAN A? PARTNER. WITH If $10.QUO capital to Inrrat In cotton and wool min i far ture In Mississippi: drat cUat water power and building now ready for machinery; Inaatlna on New Orleans and Jackson Railroad, rery heal'hy, and nn fartocf of the kind In Houth Mlaat?alppl. Security on a flr?t rlaaa cotton planta tion, with growing crop, alao on factory and maehlwrn If dsatieil. Tola la a pood opportunity for tnreainaeni, Hall on or addiesa for tan days lil'rFALOE t HORR, Mt Broome attest. __ tttantkd?a partner in an dp town divert If stable, in a IIrat claaa location. Pnr particular# addrraa, with nam# and place of Interrlow, L. T.. station O. *rnn ?ipartnbr wasted. a eteadt man ?tJVU? may call and examine a neat, honorable ??d profitable manufacturing bua.neat, at M Donne flreet, lop *enn-ihalf down.-partner wanted.* ar> join the iidrertlaer, about commeqelna a Hght and xery proBtab le manufacturing business, sure to y rid $0OUe per annua, baa ererytbuiR ready and workshop en gaged Addreea Bkidmore, station C, three day*. ?nnn TO $1,00$.-wanted, partner in a. ?UUlr wholesale manufacturing Irastnaaa. Call at. en'e Hotel, Broadway, before ? P. M. P. Rodg. <?r nnn ?a gentleman, or rurinrrb arili ?J>tJ.UU'/. ty, of long and rarted boelneea expert a no* and with $$,<**! capital, wlSt to engage ha a pfodubla bualnras. Any party desiring such a partner aad whoaa business will bear thorough inrratlgallon, may nddrean Florence, HeraM offlce. nUtlRRM OPPORTUNrriEI. saw "auto aaa an nan a a ? n i tan? __ J and dwelling aenaerted therewith. Immediate ponasasion. WM. C aLlKNDBK A BON, IQ.Ptno street. A?YE8; ANT MAN OR WOMAN CAN HAT* CHOICR a of a free Let In Newport, California. PneIRn Railroad lerminua Those net going out are expected to interest others. Can furnish year own deed If yon dent re. OOon M Broadway, room M. ABnRiNRiw man wantrd-with a rmam. amount, say $300, la an established eaab bngtneae now la successful operatioa. Apply a* Mt Broadway, room No. 7. I OODNTBT DRlfO STORE WANTRD TO PUR A ehsse.?Any person baring one fnt seta that le doing a felr business, oan meet with a oadh customer by addressing, wKb periirulsra. Druggist, ban $$ station A. Spring street. New fork. N R.?Any distance within 10$ milao of hew York. A FIRBT CLANS CASH MAMDFAOTURIRO BCRI A nets to dispose of; a chance seldom offered- Apply to DAVIB A CO^ eO? Broadway, or to M VAN BUBRN, at the warecoonaa, ?$ Fulton street, Brooklyn. A GOOD RILIABLR RDRINRMt MAN MAY HEAR Of a desirable opportunity lor business end Inreatment la the new aad amend band furniture trade by addreealag I WANT A PERRON WITH- ONE OB TWO BONDER r? dollars to join mo In Starting a hnslneaa. In thle or Jer. ??J Cltf; two good locations In r'ew; single man preferred. Can en i. "n the etora, southwest earns* at Tbfrdoeeaun and Ntxteenth street: no objection ton aligat partner wbn mm nwidMi mam oapiial. j fnrTh*r o!ns>eUon iddrses, with real name aa/rVfermxws. A. B., box AtOO Poet aUaa. ARTIER WITH CAPITAL WIBHINQ TO jlNqAOE_I* boelneea, comnieis-l^orm^ufactartiig, da., oaB an an I roes KDWARDH A OQ.. M t*dar strmC ark r/|A _.j| RlUTARl'^ PRWOM WITH THIf $2,500 mn^nlmnobuln an jtnjM rftiT-T:rr-^ 1 wri*