Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1867 Page 2
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CITT UAL ESTATE VOR SALE. Aturke story HIGH STOOP brown stohb "o??, with alt the liuwuitmnH hr sole; po????. AHr JBYTRBTt h-s real bbtatk mm I 4l?ThIM ?nnu> P*i Ilea wishing to buy or rent can ' wishing to buy or rant cab across uudaWil Terms eatjr. Also csa tx> seen bis list , lota, farms sad country seals for sals A 'WW CLAM HOUSE FOR SALE -THEKK A SMm. full collar. IX torh walls; feel I Inches wide; gen. water ck.s u. both rhsiideli-r* nnmptolai woond are ?no soar Highly wcood street; (!? SUU. Mr. NEAFIK. SSI East Eight*-second ttreat, near Second avenue. AK tM YEARS' LEASE roll 8ALR.-POBTY KM 1ITH Street, between Klfi!i and nth avenuos just west of centre of liloett. 24x100. south side. Apply to B. II. PURDY, ?*" Broadway At a sacrifice.?a splendid cottage, killed In with br.rk, ruiitalnitu; 9 rooms, pit. Oreion water, range ?I1 in fine rrpair. Knr partlcuUm apply on the uivm laea, 112th street fourth houie from Fourth armue, Marie m A ?IIARLEM TWO MODERN FINISHED IfOfSBS, J\. complete; 87.UXI t-arh . poyments aeeommodaiing. Also tine lloust, full iront, Frencli roof, every improvement; two Lois, wnli (Vriagr House. Apply ou premise^ J36th atieei netl Kllth avenue. AOOOD INVESTMENT.?FOR SALE. WITH IMMEDI Il? Illness on. the tirsl clan. Utrei: siory high atoop blown stone llou-e. with four Lots, on avenue A and 131st street house built to the very beat manner; all modern Im p. .reiuso's; prlre to Ibe urhnlc. which 10 very cheap, lid,1.*1 in verv easy irrms Apply on thepremises, or to 8. Putt! iLsuN, ?J1 Mghlli avenue. 'Si bkauttfui. lctue hove for sale.? nix 1*0 Ka?t I iurt.i -ninth aires', brown stoue three atory high s IX.Ids ijxiiiO, with cuijiec, Ac. Apply as above after i lit CAT BARGAIN, IK APPLIED FOR IMMB diitely.? A frame Ilnuse titled in with brick. In perfect sr. limit by day's work. 1-' rooms, bathroom, 3 antes. marble mantels, s.r.rr and pi throiigh the bouse. chaiidjll -re, Ac.; house 2S lot UTivlWf. near Third avenue, lleney. A'.OOti. Frame, buck end brown stone House, and ore' TM choice Lots. 11 in Harletn. Apply to M. E. OIIA8TO, 117'lt siren. n~ar Third avenue. A SPLENDID BRICK HQi.dE. l#i46Xl$?-127TH street, alt the tuo-leiit improvements;'Croton to tlilr.1 atory; itne neighborhood: if sold at once 311,000. Frame, brek and brown atom- Hmiser, and over SOO choice Lota, all In Harlem Apply to M. K. CRANK), 117th street, near Third uremia. A FINK TllltKK STuRY BROWN 8TONE HOUSE FOR aala, at Fifty-second street, between Broadway and Kighlti rt.enue, splendid block; price SlC.iW. Terms nssv. re. in' s of B. P. THORNAL, 1.334 Broadway, bstweou JR?rtv eighth and Forjy-ntoth streets. ^ FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE FRONT HOL8E FOR -fx aato.?tpoljr on the prem ses. rifty-sevnnth street, south aide, fourth house east of Lexington avenue, alter five o'clock P. M. A VERT DESIRABLE TURSE 8TORT HIGH STOOP -i\. brick House for sale, oontainiug all the modern tm l" Aw"on 216 AM LOT OS THE WEST RIDE OF TOTRD AVENUE | will be sold at a great bargain; cellar dug out and a, I suHlcieaey of stone and sand to do (be budding; also the ad-1 jouniw Lot; ftaeat lunation for buslaeaa ou the avenue. Ap. I ply to JAMES FKTTRMTCH A CO., 317 East Thirtieth St. AMT 317 EAST THIRTIETH STREET-PARTIES desirous of puBphasIng corners or Inside RoauusL Lota on Third aveauir can be aocommndaled b?APpi^^^H JAMES FETTRETCH to AQREAT BARGAIN.?FOR SALE IN BAST Twentieth street, s three story high atoop House, modern improvements: will rent for nearly $3 <*?; price $iJ,0C0. In splendid order, and must be sbld. Far permit* apply to JAMES FKTTllETCH A CO., 317 East Thirtieth at. j^T JOHN B. HATCH A SON'S, 374 NINTH AVENUE? Two full Lota, with a three s'ury and hl"h stonu base ment House, and a four stnry and cellar brick double House, with a three atory brtek shop In rear, nrllh 8 feet a'lcy Way. welt loo iled on the west side. Also other gool paying Property for Investment: line order. AUOUSB FOR SALE?IN THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, near Fifth arenas, $34,1X9; also nue In East Th'rtjr fr j ta street, ASS,IK)U; another in Weal Thirty-third street, gt.'.JUU; also first class corner llo ise In Lexington ayen up. tiaaw. A number of others for sale cheap. Call and ex amine uiy list. Apply to JOHN FETTRETCH, did Third Avenue. 7T A THp.P,K StOlt? HIOH STOor BROWN 8TO&K House for sale cheap, on East Fiftieth street, near Second avenue. No. 19J; easy terms; allkinprovemeqts; with gas fixtures, unw reaJv to be ocoupied. Ihte Is the be-4 neighborhood tap town. Price flo.OUO. Apply ou the A FRAME COTTAGE FOR SALE-MS WES' THIRTY fourth street: ten rooms, full lot. Apply in the sloes, WDey street, from 9 to 9. J. A. DORMAN. A^M CORNER HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE?ON THE southwest corner ot Lexington avenue and Sixtieth street; splendid new four story brown etooe mansion, which MmBBgm centre of attraction for beauty. Positively must bo sold. Those desiring to purchase a .targe strictly Bratctnae residence may aatrs Rim by applying to JAMBS FRTTRkTCH A CO., 317 RastThlrilrli street. This Is no knaabug. ATA SACRIFICE.?FOE BALE, THREE STORY HIGH A stoop ha senses I and snboellar brrik House, Thirty-1 third street, peer EbsMh avenue; $10^00. Cottage in West Thirtr-eiith street $9,493; Four story brown stonu House, j Weei| Tbtrty-suwad street, completely tarn tab ed, $I7.M>a L. DETO, ail Eighth avenue. D STREET PROPBRTY FOR SALE OR LEASE ? I MMMHonu and Lot M bond stresL on the nWRb I ry. Apply to the owner, HMNRY BIS valuable House and Lot m Bond ^^^?nsr Isecrr.H^B^^H CHOFF. M Bowery. 8HRKTKAL PARK, BOULEVARD AND WATKU LOTS ? for sale, together or separately ; 3 Lots south aide of ^?hly-tbird street, 90S feet east it Tenth avenue; also* ^?s. Including comer, 100 feet on Twelfth amine and 239 fret on 107th street, with or without the water right la front of the avenue Iota. Apply to OTTO ERNST, 161 Caasl at. For salb-one mobe or those xaunificemt Bret class high stoop brown sloae Houses, on Seventy third street, near Fifth avenue, No. 18, commanding a splen did view of Central Park. Inquire of JAHE8 POTTER, swan, Ip the house. For sale?the two houses and lot no. 3 Mangha street, nea' Oraod; XBxlUS. Price $10,01)0. for partioalara apply to FANNING. 233 Bowery. POB 8ALB?IN THB VICINITY OP CENTRAL PARK, saug three story high etoou brown stone House. Price HT.OOV. Permits of A. Jol'RN BAY. No. 4 Ploe street Ei'OR SALS?$12,W?THREE STORY HIOII STOOP a biown siooe House on Kifly-s? -oud stresl, near Third ?vnaue. is One order; others on Forty-ninth. Fiftieth and Fifl^^^treeU^r^^coo^tvciiiivfco^^WOOOlo J^lfi.OOO. WM. s. jenninoB 111 Broailwav. Trlnltv Bulldlnv basemen li"V>K 8ALB?FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE. IN GOOD two 8lore#, with Lot. Mtr miw D; prtoo R1MBS. CoU ol Mm More SIS Eut Tooth atrooL O BALE?THE THREE 8TORT HOUSE AND LOT. l TS WeM Eighteenth street, mot Mhth st?sm. The baa ? store, boll door, water and |U, and an Inde ? a?Seat pisw|t of four teat from street to yard; Mid yard Is SSsSk faoL Tanas and prtoo reeaonable. Apply to DAN'L MOON AN. HI Sixth anaaa. ore all Of the boat doacrlptlon and made to order lost J ana, ?18.080. or completely Furnished fit 088; S10.UU0 can remain -?e boat! aed aorl|ir. Tor permit lo sea the boesa apply or LOTS ON SIXTH rR RALE?A FARCBL ?I? aratMM (Boulevard), Harlem; all Lota oa 118th sliest. Lota aa tilth street; atsa four Lots en Fifty-seventh other property; alio for sale or exchange soma e'aMERMaN. SHSIith aranua. C E EALB?THE TOUR NEW FIRST CLASS BROWN MOM Heaaoa, known as 48, St. B and H Waal Forty street, between Fifth dnd Sixth atreooee. Apply on the U?OB RALE?TENEMENT ROUSE NO. M EAST Jp Ninth Mraat. Ira stories, Alio front Shop Not. EH and HI. oontalntns tbraa plan lax machines, one Smith moulding machine, with cutters complete; onp Fay sticking Machine, Bra circular asm and cms boring aaaohiar. Alto ?ear Shop of sodas numbers, Bi?&, con la In Inn four turning Balboa and ona aoroU saw. This la an eicallant Isreatmeni, merits# wishing to retire from business. For particulars applf to ANTHONY BAT LBS, on ihe premises .VTtOR SALE?FOUR NEW THREE STORY AND RASE J* went stone front RttOdloga on Seventy-eighth street, near Madison avenue:# splendid location; built In the best nner; parlor #torgRBI ffolebod arlth walnut; will sell at a ? ion; built In the best nmssr; pwier hvthi iiaiww ewalnut; Wll; sell at low prtoo on easy toflns. O. FOUNTAIN. or If. McLBLLAND, on Ihe premises. ?K)B SALE?TOUR 8TORT ENOLISII BASEMENT House, with all tttodern improremenis, In good order; Hby r " "? half the block. Term# moderate. For particnlara aH permits apply at 78 West Forty-first street, near broad irtty. V OR SALE?THE STLRNDID FOUR STORY HOUSE 9 sad stable od the southwest ourner of Nadlson srenue nod Thirty-fourth street: one of Ihe flneM house# in the city. The elegant new first elate four story bruwn "ton# House 84 West Forty-fifth street. The fine four story brown atone IIease 88 West Forty-third Mieet. The three story brown stone House 1*7 West Thirty sixth street. All are offered ou favorable terms. 8. W. BENEDICT, Not. 4 and 8 Pine street T?OR SALE-A NEW THREE STORY COTTAGE I He ine. Inquire of Col. L. HART, Third arenuo, near Right? third street. ['OR -tALR-NOg. 89 AND t? CROSBY STRRET, NE AR Prince .treet W. H. WOOD. H Wall street. For hals-a fink new four story bhowm Moee Engttsk basement llouaa and Lot, on Heooor ttcanua. Fifty-first street aoifiOfeM: log 78 feet deep, will the modern improvements: nrtoe $14,804; onlv SAW cash required, possession on the 1st of Nay. Apply at IK East Forty-seventh street, to the owner. FRABBftT r>ft 8ALR-QN I1STII 8TRRKT. BETWEEN SEVENTH ?^Jand I.lghlb avenues # ro ug- llouse and four Lota of nround. with l arrtase llouvs, Ac. For aula at a bargain. Zfr&S& ?tormmUnn ?pi>iy to'J. rumain bkuwn. F2 ?R ttALK-lffflll STOOP POUR 8TORT BROWN ? *?ne House on rorty-sevenlh street, between rifth and Bulb avenue*, house first clam, well tight, all modern tin xszttcstfrTAssz'' ^ ??OR BALE-FOUR STORY BROWN 1TONR EXOMifH havein?nt Hosite No. Mil Twenty se- -uid ?irc?i i-orncr vrtiih avenua, fnrnlihod or unfurnished. In good order Apply 10 WN. KBNNBLLY, 14 Pine street. * For bale-furnished or unfurnished, or to let furnished for three year*, the handsome three a lory llouaa No. ?H Wj* Twenty-slxth utreei. flood loca tion. Aptily 10 WN. KBNNLLLY. It Pine etrcet. FHOR 8ALE-AT ATENUK A AND H7Tn 8TRRRT, firat rlaaa neighborhood, oue brick House, browu stone al-iop, three stories basement aud counter cellar, h ui.< 811Si lot WilOO; brtek stablo In reari In splendid ooud.ilon, rloe fit sno Also House, same sue, ad joining, tin WW ossession immediately. Apply 10 W. MACKBLLAR, U7U iroot, near third avMuo, or NR. > tryou row, room 7. BB ffilOR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION house err* real iriOk BALE-IN WERT TH1RTT-RUTH *T?KBT. BE > BMW*^ru,- Cart*I??. Wlnt Okaudclter*. 10 Weil Forty ??win mrH EK>R r sale cHRAr-rummaHiD O* tftawfe m: %zh??&. Api?l/ 10 W* KfcESKLLY, M Eton stroo?? pOR SALS Ol TO UT-TE| SUFRRIOR FOUR * itory high -loop brown Mom Hou^ lJT Wert Thirty nghth street-, alt ros ronton? Trtoo MM ^3 Kurniiurnif deetrod. Awrtp ?? ?"?'?* * w JAMES C aMFBELL. at Wllllomstroot. JJ*OC* STORY AKDWUEMT WW?>WliU| ? the lata modern tmproromentv with carriage way oodRno brick oteble 00 roor; lo perfect order. Unely locsled, W-Nk HATCH * ROW. I7> Ninth arcane. T30C3BE FOR 3AXE-A ^ETT OtaA^OJEJWET J hlth stoop Brown Atone on Forty-etgbth atrss t. n ear tiiih avenue. st vorjr low pries; a three on Forty tirst street, near Veoood arenas, SUMM; ?'?**? storr Brtek on Eighteenth otreel, nsor W^b noaMR (Vkt a three storr biib itoop Brown ktoiw. with foil terms; o sotondtd Pre?Uous^tarerf. onl?h street^ term*; oootondta rrsme "'""?'""r" pirOeuUi-* with *U tarts, stable. ie., at reasonable price. Particular. wun 8. EMBKKSON. 121 Eighth ntne LrhTQ Dittv CHANCE FOR INVBaTMENT.-rOlfR fuil~Lot*. lio feet" wide by 100 feet 5 Inehos deep, on Fifteenth "re? brtwroJ Ninth end Tenth seeuu^ soiub ?<!?; IIW f?oi street, B?l?Un pajrji rSnr gtAOM Easy term*. Inquire at MT WaaMugKm St. "hrnRRAT niLL-FOR sack, first class focr M Story brawn stone Jlou*. 171 Leiington avenue. be. wsHrr^^iflfacSShft^ 'to IIOMRlt MOBSaW. No. ? 1 loes.roet. fomjfrjrs^^ssrBS ^ Jones streets. fflllREK UOC3BH IN THIRD AVENUE 1 t esse of grouud for 19 years. B7.00J each. App?yw?v. VON HESSE. ? Ns?u street. AO can -EAST SEVENTH RTRKBT. BAST OF AVE ^?.V<,.5T "d.?87?iWM=L A-nw /\rv/\ FOR A THRBR STORY HItiH S1HOOP $11,000 brown stone Hot?, modern liuproeesneuts, fine laootioQ Also one <?* ?*;0%fxaNDi *? Broodwsy. BROOKLYR RE A IyHSBTAT*^F?? and cold wnter In every room. uu> ????? oosohmsn's I'-UononWs^lniton vssAshrsiMt a nnTTUW FOR RALE OR TO LET. WITH KICK OAR* a'S ?.sSKai= Kwfr S^iy- sw?*?InvArng^MbwtnFk. A. ? RAR2 CHANCE.-FOB SALE. TWOiTWO ANIKA A half story bnse 1neeI and ^j0* ""^if filled in with brick and b?ul ui B? ^t'^itiiiiT ,. ?, room, and S p.nines. with nil tho_mo?rro^??ev^n>e iiz%r~s?sz: wnVt^or^7.r3rar? ? 5S*^'SSL'TrSuttL.. irtwdhl!L^jS^MTrrteS ti^ AppU m T. xKVaRDS. builder. oaths premises. RARE CHANCE OFFERED?FOR SALE. IN /A Rmnklrrt ou the e jUtheast ooriisr of t/srltoo sod Wll. Wb?^V^rW^S.aot 'S15 Nil. part on bond and mortgage. Apply 00 the piemises to THOUA3 FAOAN. rao* 8*U-J? E?OOK mwr, :sidrsssD.??^ .nn a it ? a TWO ETORT AND ATTIC AND BX l) tension Cotuge House and throe Lots Of "JJj noted on Hickory street, nesr jroj*^"?&? ?I? ho?^caro, affip.isSrWs i'??SSS Mkl .'TViL-awi Mm? VAFk ATOB lh? COrQW F0Rk. rte^? "a&T to'fcVAllNOCI^ W? Brood way, New York. JpOBSALE _ 10*1 L S7hB.TO -?? dross Cotuge, Herald eo*~* m ru. liU^rWO FIRST CLASS CO TT A (IBS OJJ F?S^liSs!?X. ->? Sssi'tSTdJS F? B SALE?A HOUBK AMD FIT* LOTS OF GROUND, | ? os Qutncf nwk niiuril( throngs to Hickory street, Www Moetraod im Motor arenuee. j JACOB SHARP, * Pino abort. Mow Turk. * t atone House la BlHeetjjlaaa. oaar Hanson pUoa; oon do. la Clermont avenue. near Fulton mum. Pileo low. Tarsal oaar. Apfljr h?T. B. J AC EBON. on pramtin. .NOR 3ALB-IN BROOKLYN, ORB RRW BROWN |f03 ^BALE IN BMOU.YM-A TBRY DESIRABLE atoiy brick Hones, with all modern Improve, aaonta. BtaMe, carriage hoase and othor oat buildings; also largo yard and Me, carriage hooaa and othor oat baiid nd Sowar garden. Prtea $11000. JACOB SHARP!, * Plan atrart. IR SALR OR TO LET. WITH IMMEDIATE FOR _ aaaslon, on Bedford avenue, between Wlloughby and Do Kaib ars.. a now ? storr basemen I and tub-cellar brick F?S and brown stone Hawse, Shto fedlr wllA Ugh Itoop, niea Iron rail Inc. raatlbnlo doors, saerble floors, sonars ben. crated, plastered and whitewashed, being built since April L ISM, for the owner, aider ?upsi rlslee of e stir arohllecL with gas and flttures, marbla wash basins In chambers, and jtrr, marble mantels, healers, and hot anloold wsti statuary, marble mantels, healers, and hot anloold watar throughout kitchen floor, and bath room laid end wainscot, tad with Mack walnut and oak, containing twelve rooms and fourteen etosate and wardrobes, and three wash tubs; Ac.; twenty minute* ride to wall street ferry; pries flluoO; only SAW required; belaase by Instalments till M.OUO ceo remain for twenty year*; or win rant to a small faasilr of undoubted responsibility (and none others- need apply; for $1,200. Inquire of the owner, M.J. BYRNB. MO Maiden lane, N. T., or at Tontpklni arenur, corner of WlUougbby erenue, Brooklyn, or on the premises. For ha lb or to lf.ahe-a plot op obound near the Grand nod Houston stroat ferries. Wttllama t of 100 feet, and aatendtng to #i. burg, baring a water front of 100 feet, and attending ter street (about eleven lots): a desirable location fo Apply to TAWLd r tract. Wmuraoburg. I BswrBM twin;, n uvnuaiuMJ iwtmtivti tvt wuni gass pi^goms. ^ Apply to lABllri M. WATKRBURY, No. 1 Greenwood cemetery, Lot i?,ibo. sbctton i?, Tor sale?One of tbe reoal prominent and valuable lots In tbe pt*?b ?'i a leading areutie. No leu for sale in 1U rlctnlty for three yars past. Apply between 10 and IS A. ghtfadMlMMMMHlMHriMMMHi^^H M? to J. M. PAVIlL, rl Whitehall street, New Vork. Q^n wrl,Ij PURCHASE, ir SOLD IN MF ?CU.^sRF dlslely, three story and haaement house Kg Hon street, Brooklyn; water closet, gas; good order; cheap est property In Brooklyn CHARLES EMMONS, No. t Brekmsn street. $10000 stoop, mirble front llouaa. In the wast part of Brooklyn, replete with all modern Irapmrenento; only $4.01)0 cash; lot 1?iM. a decided rbance. MMlTn A Bl'sH, 149 Broadway. COUNTRY REAL. ESTATE FOR SAIaB. A T PLAIN FIRM), N. J.-A NUMBER OF FINE Farm* and VUlaea Residence* for sale at low prices. VaKa "" fARHIOTT, HPtue street, or HARRIOT, VAIL A CO., at Plalnfleld. 0 Bee op pod is the depot. a LARGE NUMBER OF tiOCBEN, COTTAGES, J\ Farms, Country Seats. Building Sues, Water Fronts Sid Lota, in Motl Haven, North New Tork. Morriaanla, West orrlsania, Falrmotint, Ford'jam, on Central aven is, West clie.ter, We*t Farms, Yonkers and White Plains, for sale. Inquire at JOHN M. BECKS, Re*l F.sute Agencv, Boston road, (hind block north of tha Iron bridge. Molt llaren. ABf KLIXABETH. A NF.W AND COMPL1TF. FIRST class House, In best tocalttv: lot MOsUO; gaa and water. Apply to W. B. JOHNSON, 7? Duane rtreet. AS ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOL SALE?AT CLIP too, Stitrn Island, containing shout 10 ar-re* of land, and abounding with the rhnleeat milts, flower* and orna mental shrubbery, with greenhnuae, subtes. Ae.; the house Is handsomely f urnished and has hot and mid water through out: ? Is shout Are mln-ilea* walk from the Cttlton landing. hW to Mr HENRY U. UAKR1SO.N, Architect. 51 Wall New York. __ Apply t Street, . At irvinoton, on the budbon -for balk, a nice Gothic Cottage, IS rooms, hsndeomely papered and nstnted In per'eot order throughout, one acre of nice land, fruit, and shade trees Inlabuadanre; flue rl" * of the rl er. carrlsge bouse and stable; a rsro chanca in this choice location; Immediate go""?"" S|T?n . . H. BMBKRflON, 4St Eighth avenue. y VERY DESIRABLE OOrNTRY JREfllDKNCE FOR .? ? Immediate possession, at Flshklil Landing, at a bargain, ale,, t 10acres, good tmproTemeats; eilra fruit, i ; cy'hlng desirable. Particulars with S. F.M iikrhom , i2t Eighth are a ne. A SPLENDID TAR* FOR HALE-IN ORANGE 1\ county, within alt miles of Newborn. eentolnlito IH! acres all g?od lend, abuadanne of fruit, well watered; large gr'giJi, r?'Vkutarg wll |T|U?lM9l>i r**Y PAX* ROB IALK. AT 1PHITB PLAINS,WHtimm rotTMTT ~ Hume, barn and nine aeroa. COUNTT? W. U. WOOD. ? Wall dwd. ? ALL?A*1252L S^ftiS22M>nv!"LD ou* ^no?,?ril^c.'aei^^w, *&-ffA;T38Sr **? WUCI, IB Broadway. A OABAT SACRIFICE.? A SPLENDID Park nr taa Prtathiip if ^ *"* *b*-* CAMPBBI.L, Bsfa,T S CO.. 1 Bread,., ?U?tu ?a A^c?^/nm?d"h.dtY^ IwYouriha *???. *'?00 AW to D- QIUUWPHS, 'wbs& A DM?.1!!. 7?* SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE TO mMss&jgit saj^^uS 8. P. SIMPSON. 31 Pine street. A yO!i?? .IWSIpKSCK AND FARM FOR SALE ?/ i&rjfewmn?'B FlemMM'!twii{JrS.rTl0wa' ?.D the SlMiy Ifolloar road to IfftS&SfcsCS5 rKT !K lt&EfiSftS: sfeS?5!- ? iK&Sr fifcar A ??ai^fcl park op bw acrba nrar tjtipa* *1a toot, cropt and famine Inula- urine lawr Apply loWM. Pifr?90t0X8. It Third ?reuule.**^00 ;ffl&3E? fSTMSffi! ?T MB AD, 74 Cortland! alraot. foe Urea days >???" Q. MIBO. Tribune office, N. T. C7?Aa D?'?B BARMS FOR 8ALK ON LONO I ksh&HSS /" rXATAP. Wo. 4 Raw Chambera street. root Ho. R jaS:!iapa rtaw uitaypyaed. Apply to CHARLES OTIS, ?7 RB8I0RBTB POR SALE?VBKT CI1BAP Hrerhiu"">?JJ0rBt Ub<* frutl and Hhade trees; on the Clnl.^5 "boro Tarry town; on high around: a food brink aoo Jnd ail^.nHO, *'' *loa??? **? ThVrlewa o'The tiud aon ana aurroundlnf country unaurpaaaed. S. KMBKBSOM, <81 Eighth aeenue. r?OUNTRT RBSIDFNCES TO* RALB OR TO LBT-ON .1 H ^"! o' 'he lludion, at almost every station on AJbanw ? pilaiH"Jd"?LiRi.v2r 5f."f"!l<l between t!ua city and Albany. Particulars with 8. BMBKKAON. 411 mf km. BBAT jtfcs SALBe-PRONTINO ON THB tE? -"SSfSSTaT boat 1 aiding. s'l^Abpf klXjXlv I (???TY 8RAT at NTACK POR SALB OB TO LIT ? I ,?*" bonntifuA Branch roof bouaea. is rvMni- all mod orn hnproreatania. Inquire .f J. v. ONDH^Wfwyn?k, F^o?. ifd^^TutSJSbA*^ JSE&JEm *** *? <^Lup YW dbsirabAk OOCRTRT RUM. u[jjrfL!s?^utlM!? *****1 baSs 40x30 feet; ? SS-loa KTfT'?*h; " *" "tekaTSaiSrS wa^TtShu ti I^awt Jj" fJJ to <*PB and the situation iftrataad Shown? ? mZ*a???r "ppiy ?uwsrt lt10^. MbB-OW LOT ON MORRIS CANAL. AT " Peterson, Naw Jersey- servnty-flra feet on ?ereaiy-Ora Seat aa Marahili street. u<^ owThundrad^A with ^we'ni <??_!rt?00*1 'bad mranty feet by forty faaL ^L ^r m?Akoa*1 barn and stable; a fery da2rable p .ee for eoal yard or av other bustneas. Also, the Prwoartr Piisnm^a!!!*^ il?*!n 00011P4*"1 by the worke ot^ba &fis?as,'ig. isnsi Sz?iu,jrjsrx ?s? ia *; ts'ajsi'&'jz ;kk as- ss a^wBswj?A?iA^^S&iS FOB SALB?AT BLOOMBRLO, V. J.. A PARK OP "V y ,?< **i ,"**r ^Pfi buUdlnfa, fruit. Sc.; t tins tad kin ^^amalaofN.Uj.551 r?-;t lo ?"?*?? aauta of Nath. CoH, U*OB SALE-PRICE WW BACH. TWO MICE GOT r Una; 8 rooms; foil Iota; II mtaotea by komjHB r lMw;li?og>i! foil Iota; It minutes kt botwiMi* InwlMf or Hebekea. Inquire on promises of ANDREW McLEAN, Cottage place, weel of Fire Coram, Hudson F?? ?salk-at crrr island, one hour bail by John Homer, pier 34 Rut river, every Monday, Wed- I aeedey and Saturday at 8K P. M-, a beautiful OoMaga, hand somely fitrnUhed; ground 100 bp 100. nicety laid Out. near the water; bath house. tail boat All will be eold cheap for , aa the owner la going to Europe. Inquire In the i at the landing. F?5 BALE?AT TARBTTOWN, WITHIN ONE KILE of the depot, a One lionee: sixteen room a; three aorea of good land; all klnda of fruit; handsome grove; elegant river and Inland vtroe: gardener's cottage, oerrtnge house and ahable; moat bo aeaa to bo agai sul it^jeawaTboon of fared before for ante, Apply only to K, KMfcBlMOE, M F? E BALE-IN ASTORIA, L.I., PLEASANTLY LO | Baled, 1* minutes from landing, at which steamboat lam nine times dally each way, a beautiful Residence, 1 half acre of ground, surrounded by oroamootnl trees, shrubbery aad flowers; also a great abundance of all kinds of trult peaches, pears, oherrles grape* etraw berries, | I blackberries. gooseberries, currants, Ac. the houee Is newly painted end In the beet order. There is also a line stable for four horses, oarrlagr house, cow house, hennery, Ac., sad everything wall calculated for a comfortable residence, which must be seen to bo appreciated. To those who wish to^urchsee^ such thtatsa rare chanm. Apply to C. H. 1 Chambers street. Foe bale-at parpaic, n. ,??a cottaoe. con taining sereo rooms, fine garden, shrubbery end fruit, la complete order. Inquire of CHARLES TOUBLEV. 88$ Oreenwlch street. IPOR BALE?ON BRROEN HEIGHTS, HUDSON CITY, r the beautiful brick Residence, on the brow of Bergen ?ta, with all modern improvements; view of the Bay arrows; ten minutes to ferry; $14,600. THOMAS ALDR1 DOB, Hudson Otty Poet i "lOR SALB-AT MADISON. N. J.. A GENTEEL BBSI dence, near depot. Address Home, Herald ofllae. I NOR SALE?A FINISHED RESIDENCE, WITTI ABOUT 1 three scree, near depot, at Chatham, N. J. Address A. .. Herald office. For sale?at hastinor-on-hudron. a small Place, containing about two acres of good laod. with cottage, well shaded with forest trees; excellent water and plenty of choice fruit. For particulars apply at 633 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. JpOR B ALE?A BE AUTIFF L _ COUN TRT SE AT, OOW* M. si sting of shout *1 acres of the best Isnd. extensive orchard, vegetable garden, grape vines, An : dwelling houao has all modern Improvements; cottage, stable and outhouses all In good order; situated within ten mlnulasof tba Brio Railway depot. In the pleasant town of Owago, M. Y. Will bo sold very rheao If applied for at once. Apply to JOHN B. HARDT, M South street, N. T. flOR 8ALB?THREE GOTHIC VILLA COTTAGER. 13 rooms; high ground; four city Iota; slate roof; at Mcr Inqulre at 87 Bowery. EOR RALE-AT NVACK, 18 LOTS OF LAND, To gether xrtth steamboat plsr and bulkhead adjoining Itb's dock. Inquire of Captain JOHN P. TALLMAN, office root of Deabromes street, or ALBERT VAN WINKLE, KB West street. For salb-thb beautiful farm, rbbidencb

and outbuildings, sltunled In Bedford, Westchester county, N. T. The former consists of 80 acres of Baa land. and la essentially a I rtill farm, having on Itthelar^eel^npgla orchards (1000 trees). srUh one exoeptlon, In lb# , , . sides a choice variety of other fruits The bourn to a moot excellent one in every respect, la modern, commodious, aad In thorough repair. From the notorious liealthfulaesa of tba location, unsurpassed beauty of scenery, drives, Ac., its productive yield as a fruit or dairy farm, or both, presents a rare opportunity, either aa a gentlemsn's country residence, or as a profitable business Investment For particulars ap ply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 8 Pine street N. T. INOR RALE-AT BOUND BROOK, N. J., SEVERAL F Houses and Lota, from 6 to 14 rooms, cheap. Also at rlelnflel.l, several splendid Houses, with from one to tan acres. Farms and country Resldanses In different localities, by B. A. A A. OOPIMOTON. 840 Broadway, nana 13. I? and baaemeat House, on lot 80x189 fronting oa two ?street and Park, MWOO terms assy. Also Cottage oa fai KafewTUbftTami. aussaa. B BALE-IE MOTTHATBW, A TWO RTORT ATTIC I^OB SALB?A. COMMODIOUS HOU9B, IM. SOUTH T Bergen. Sac >li> of bay aad hartor. I Brat An cvotMtaal to bores sera; (trftl trr"fln with fruit; Immadinli yoiseaalon five*. Agh^' ?* ?? , TUT or WHITLOCK'S POIMT. ISIpKKSpSpSJw^ BIMT8QM. Mo. T Imm ?W. I FOB BALE-HOONBB AMP FARM T Newark, BlnmBiH. BoUorlUo, NowjfiwkeMvtantty tiaprieM: terms easy. J. M. MOODY A Oft. BlPhase*. way. oidlL WOODWARD, K Ftrt rww, M. 1. DOB BALK?A. FA KM OOMTAININO T9 AMI OF I Irs^a^'^.'ftftrvKfe oa MOT Unu Inquire at Ml Lexington avenue. Mew York. DOB SALS?OV BTATKN ISLAND. 8NOO OOTTA0B, F with half acre ground; Sac fruit. I?m4uIj mm< ?Boa. Mm 89. MO. Poemlts of A. JOUKNBAY, Ma B flu ?treat. FHOK SALE-MS LOTS, IK ONE PLOT. IN THE TIL HI toft oriUpliuMfeHHHUH^lHiHiHl R,jidssa'op?wu iwUo i.tisb^a: JjlOK SALE?AT KLTINGYILLK, STATBN IHLANDl _ House and half acre ground, beautifully situated near the depot, ohurchea and school, and but a abort distance from the water. House large and la perfect order. Price B6.UU0. Possesston at any time. Permits of A. JOURNEA Y, Mo. B Pin* atreet. EH)B SALE?97 ACRM FARM; LARGE IS KTOKY f atone Houac, four larje^ rooms and e?ie:.Itood barn. cowhouse, granary, pigery. Ac.; out kltcUon. pleuty of all kinds of fruit; Ml inuee from city, three taller from depot; with or without atoek. In New Jersey. L. KELLNBB, M . William atreet. F? R BALE?AN, EXCELLENT MILK FARM OF H acres of landl fhir bouse and large; stabling for 2S cows; M miles from city, one mile from depot; on Long I4-T and. L. KBLLNER, 01 William street. T pO^An^^^K^JKSIRAUL^tgSlDKNm^iN ? Bard are ii it". SUten Islaud. near Hal tors' Snug Harbor landing; for salt low and on easy lerma. Apply teTUCK I KRMAN, MULLIGAN A CO., 00 Broadway. ~ Kit OR BALK?ON NORTH SHORE. BVATBM ISLAND, ? aercral neat Cottages, from Are to tea minutea' walk from ferry. Price from SUM to t* ,0-i). Terma as ay. H 1IKNKY A. DARRIN. Whitehall aad SimM TJtOR SALE?SEVERAL COUNTRY MOUSBR, WITH P an acre of ground each, within one hour'a ride of the cily by rail, la a rare pleasant location. Apply to T. W. ||W>R SALE AT FLUSHING. L. I.-A TbBT DBSIR A MLB IF double frama House, Bllad in with briek; bountifully laituatcd on high around; perfectly healthy; twelve roemaf Ion two lots, 8>H feet by ISO; aercn mlnatee' walk from rail road depot. Apply to PARSONS a WARD, It Cedar at. jjlO^A^^f^lORRlHAJn^^HANDSOM^O^ lege, with eight city Lots of Oround, carriage bouse. fruits of all kinds, with the Furniture If dealrwd: puaaemlun ?two For particulars apply to M. DOUGHTY, euc any . . . , tioneer. It Naaaau atreet. PO^HAL^OI^XCHANOE-A^LBGAN^OU^ try Seat of 90 acres, near depot, at Fldehtng; laige manaiou, with all modern improvements; earriana 'house. neces-wry outbuildings; okoiea fruit aad greenhouse and ? shade: land highly cultivated. ft IRELAND, 101 Broadway. Tit OR. SALE OB TO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE IN r Clifton, Stolen Island; a luRe House, with two acres of I.and, stable and outhouses. At perfect order, si mated on Pennsylvania avenue, within Are minutes' walk from land ing; eaa be either bought on liberal terras or rented for a term of yoars to a good Tenant. Apply to OTTO ANDKEXE, ? Part phfce. JjlO^AL^y^MJ^NWUgUE^TH^BEM. ? dance of the late Judge Kent, at Plshkit! oo Hudson. t or full particulars apply to W. I. CLARK, StS Pearl street (TOR SALE OR TO LBT?A Hi F half store, on Tan Wyck avenue, < VOOHHI8, lte East Thlrly-elxth strec FOR SALE OR TO LBT?A HfHJbE, TWO AND A - ? ' , Jamaica. H. W. VAN street. Now York. jjlOB SALB OR TO LET?ON STATEN ISLAND, A P^H first class lummer or winter Residence, with all the modern improvements, and two acres of Land; in complete order. Address c. O'Connor, BA Blm atreet. po^BAL^O^T^I^t^URNI8HKDj^^^ORT Lee, ? snug Cottage. 1K morn of land, stable and- ear M^m^mllnit, asartbeetwmMmMmMImm ^^^^^^?RNaaian street riage house, abundance of Inut, near the steamboat landing, Apply to J. A. XKNTON, I/'OR HALE OB TO LET?A BEAUTIFUL. COUNTRY F Residence, with O bows'of Ground, soar Elisabeth, N. 3.; grounds beautifully laid out. writ shaded and stoeked with choice Dull; % largo, comfortable, furnMed hoiiM, with gand atablaa, kin, earriage house. Icehouse, Ac.: slap a neat Cottage on the premises. Apply to J. H. MORROW, 180 Broadway. ' E OUSB FOB BltBHS FRIRIWHTKT. N, T-. OM Harietp KaUload. one Bear and 5 ?BM*pr ftMBJMM 190s 108: plenty af ituft of d?K Inquire oouhe ovearieee of JOHN A. d iagwlta brick, BBiR ; aMw house in I QTATRM ISLAND.?AN Bt^BOANT HOUSB, FOR IIUll COUNTRY RBSIDBNC8 LATELY DRAWN AS A 1 nrtza at the lottery managed by Thomas A Co. for sale, containing about 00 acres with good buSding*, loeeted about throe miles I rem Packs kill, valued at RM.80B. ' Pries the lowest, BS.60& P. BMBBRSON. 4D Rlghlh avenue. yEBY desibabl^Mil^roperty FOR SALE. talolag go acres ef land, S large brick Mill Baitdlaga. MHHRRmmw^mwnMmMRwmmMmmgRMRureeRMi with complete machinery for the manufacture of ?BBB lead cotton yarns. Saw Mill, large double Mansion House, stone sod 40 brick and frame dwellings, ooaaprlatng the *11-1 lege of Ororarllle, on Crops trick's Creek, half a mils from I Yard rille ataOoo. on the Camlea A Am hoy Railroad, SO miles from Philadelphia, aad BB rrwm New Tart; sen load aad um lead by beat at deer ef warebenae; Brat class meter pomfl Md steampower auAMeM to drive the Whale machinerfl ~"-J=S,""TPFS?f!?,1wa I ABB Walnut street, Phlhadetphln. ?OTHITESTONE THREE ADJOININO COUNTRY RB YT rideocea for sale or to 1st oo Whllestoaa Flushing, LI. Apply to Dr. R. 8. HOUOHToR^^H ?Bw to LAWBBNCB * FOULER, 111 AO <)C(I -FOR SALR, A TWO STORY DWRLLINO, 90.DOU. with one Lei; tMfR e twe story and haaa mant Bwefltag and turn Lata, with hers, plenty ef araaae and ?all frultTpLOBB, oue twe stovy DweOlac. with twe Lata, on e earner; good earn; all Mailt In Hudson UMy, B. 3., la an nneaUsnt nslghhnrhaait, aad sonapasadlag a aptandtd ntnw ef the etty and bay ef New York. For terma. At. In quire of the owner, at Stewart's store, 977 $3,750 welleahlvatod; soil flret otaas; building ??svaad aloely in bonding ??*??? oieeiy i tohed. P. FLATaU,:No..? Mew Chambers atroet mm $3 800 ?nm. "i^V.u^? vroKUH' R'fl MOlTTuu parteeah'. _ . ^ WBLL1NO, 1>.Chambers street. ftAH WIU BUT A FARM OF FIFTY ACRBB; JD.OUU ? delightful country homes oommndtooa bulMlnga, nearly new; dwelling freshlypelntod odor uk of rose,and brosm etoae trimmiiims; chofoafl-all In nbuud anoe; thirty-six Bltee on LongMaod.Pe>bibait, stook, crops and implements If desired. Dr. GILLESPIE, SrThird aim AAA ?greatsacrifice.?*firbt glass JlZ.UUlfi House#, joat finished; every Improvement, WxUI; location splendid. adjaoeat Froapmi Fart; Warren, between Carlton, Vanderbtlt avenues. MORROW, 88 Oortlaadt street, N. Y. REAL ESTATM WANTED. NUMBER OF TBNBMBNT HWU8B8 ^WANTED I avenue A NUMBER OF TBMBMBNT AODSBB 1 for a torm of PARM WANTBD-BY a FARMER; mubt bb near Ffaabyterlaa church and Koo.l .cbool-t In e?-y oomnsu I notation with New York city. In need stole of eultirs Jon and good repair, and comfortable dwell Ins and bam Ad' Mom H. A. Collins, Packer Institute, Brooklyn. Rbal eetatb wanted?for cash, in tenth "D -TOSSWLVBWh at.*?. rrtBNRMKNT FBOPERTT WANTED?TO B1 1 lease. The highest market vain# given. Apply GIBBONS A CO* 448 Broome street BUY OR toR.8. rpo EXCIIANOB?A STOCK OF HAT8. CAM AND Furs, for a Farm worth from >3.000 to >4,0001 Address *d , box iau Harold office. ANTED TO PUNCH ABB OR HIRE-^k COUNTRY Residence with ell the modern improvements, to be iritneted on the Hudson or having a water trtew, with from 10 to 10 aorta of rroued; price from >10,000 to >15 000. Ad dress. with full particulars, L. W? box 3,?*lPost office, New York. FOR >ALB. A three YKARB' lrahb op a first loft in Fulton street, nenr Broadway, for sale; else, *78; reel low. Adfpes W. Herald oiW. * RETAIL SHOE STORE FOR RALE?B8TABLIRH8D A twanto years, one of the laramt end m et seoeasafm establishments III the city. Bale, last rear over >78,000; can he Increased. To sny person who understands the business Apply personally to , SW Bowery. Abflendid paying oyster, dining and Liquor Saloon on Sixth ayenoe: cheap rent, long 1< A RARE CHANOE.-FOR SALE, THB I.SASB, 8TO01 and Fixtures of the torgeet Hoaleap and Fancy Oood Store la the best business block on Grand street, Wllllami a A PINK LOOATBD PBl'IT STORK, H down town Liquor tad Luck ****** ?* ffi ?1? o?fi Jt2t *r VOKOYBB * ?rder. for mU I ther particulars appl y to THOMAS SOAMM*. M* ? AH umi hotbl, ok buropban plak. fob ? sate. Planet torn linn on Broadway, M rooms; hand mmaty famished throughout; dally receipts KW Alee ? mull B?W, mot dejtet nod steamboat landing; Ujm. Kiglilh avenues; Dry Goods. fancy. mutuary, Grocery, Cornar Liquor nod no old eetablUhed Otoar Mora, Saloons, Bakarlea, L. DKYO, m? Mgbih ironus. B n?rD^rp(^,u^A^1*^T, POK NALE-O.V A OOB. ?cZ:?&?iS ^^'nasaa* nt once. 80 NH 00AL YABD-XOR SALE OR LBASK. WITII HOR8KN. Cart*. ?U Fixture* complete. Inquire or address H. C., No. I ChrUtoplier (treat. T\I8TILLERT. PINKOAR MANUFACTORY ARD REC IJ ttryiu* Establishment cheap for cath, all in perfect or capacity 8JU gsllous dally. Addreae W. H. Martin, bog ,der; U.96I Poet office. jQRU^rfORlM'^^^Mj?WfTI^E^?O^OU8H Apply to C. VON HK88S. 90 gUru FHRE PROOP 8APE8 ?A LARGE A8SORTMRNT OP ? aecond band PI re and Burglar Proof Safe* for tale cheap, at 100 Maiden lane, near Pearl meat 1MB 8ALE?STOCK OP OBOTKBBT AND OLAS8 I1 ware; fire yean* lease: low rant; beat bnatneee part fl Newark areaue, Jersey Otty. jpOR SALE? A PEED STORE, QOOD WILL. STOCK aad Plitnrei; pood locatton for bualaeee Apply to LIB A MANN. 9M lfonrth arcnue. E?0R RALR ?THE AMERICAN HOTEL TO LET. AND r Ptxturea for aale. TRqulro on the premises, fool of Oi oad at root Williamsburg. LX>R SALE?THE HULL OP A SCHOONER: CAB. F rtooabout 190 lone la about 9H foot water; whole cargo oa deck; rare cSanaa for a lighterman. Leweetcaah prim SttA Caa be wea at Itsreo'a lumber yard, foot of Twenty, eighth street, Bnel rirer. TJtOR SALE?A WILDE IV 8 RAPE, DK8K~ AND COPT, f tag Praia. Apply at 19 Daaaa etroet. JjMJR SALE?THR STOCK AND FIXTURES, WITH 1 three-years' Leaee, of a drat daw Barroom and Lnooh Canoter, doing a good trade: license till let March I8?; ej. WTthlng narfect Poc particulars caU an J. J. BLACK. WELL. 14 Now atreat. far one week. JpO^SA^^LACJWtJr^AN^JHBELWRiaaT Hbop. .... H. VOGBL, 00 Clinton street Ii?0R SALE?THR STOCK AND FIXTURES OP A IF fruit. Coo fee two err and Cigar Store, with Sample I Room amr basement on Broadway, near fifth Arenue Ho tel, with two years' lease of premises from Mny 1; reason fnrsetting, stekoeen of proprietor. Address C. L., No. <S! Broadway. ^?Centre street, comer of Canal, Including 13.000 relumes, I fixture., good will, Ac ; this (lore established some nig rears offers a chance very seldom met with for anybody wishing to go to the buslnsKs; tfaa place, well Sited. W one of the and. a ??paying In- the city, and a man with a little mora capital oan Imerore It a gmai deal; mason/or selling the proprietor * baa other business to auand to. Par particular* inquire la Eld* 8AI.B?ONE OP THE PINBSt PRIVATE BOARD. P. tor Housayta ibis city, with loom.' Apply ?o 0. MeKMTOHT^ Brmdway^wmN^^^^^^^^^^ pOR fiAL^^B^AU^N^O^HI^W^^t ^^?ted-Lunch and Dstaking Saloons dawn ton; long loam; aU la Sue condition. Vc BIOOS. 17 EHM SALB-TMB KTOC*. FIXTURES AND LSABR OP I ?a tttnUt arenas: to BMATBB A SOM.Bo. IPS M| way,.up r^HR SALB-A TWO TBABS' LKA8B OP A LABOR ? Store la the Bowery, aear Oread ureal: root $1,900 per year. Per particulars apply at PAN HMO'S. >M Bowery 1 CVOR 8 ALE-THE AMERICAN ALB BOUSE, CORN BR 1 r of Peebroesm and Washington (tenets, near the forry; good low II on. with figturm aad two year'a ton so; rant cheap. Apply on tha premises. TjlOR SALE?THE LEASE AND- FUTURES OP A ? eorner liqaor store la Hudaen streeb wtth llceaee; said at a letrprloa, aa the ownor la going Wast. Apply at SCI Hudson afreet. r^BR SALB-A GOOD BUTCHER'S SHOP. Eighth ward, as the owner Intends to go*. Par particulars inquire to the ebon. IN THE r^mm SALE?OROCERT ? Learn aad A part me a la; ruB loaatton:-Harm, aad twe Grocery Wamna foqdtoeto thtgMere, eeganr SouthTbMani P^mu salb ohbap-a mbar market.' nbatlt SALE?TO MARS BOOIR. A LABOR LOT OP MtomiHBkiHlBMilHM IPOR SALB-A SOSUh WATB ? P0*m. InqutreatdU Beet TBB MMtVPAOTOBT, OOM. 1MB SALB-A. OLAS9. OROCKERY AND LAMP I r Store; whole heme, wHbiaaae. gent free. Call at an to^mTarenae, between Tnenlg MB and Twenty-etglh etree?%to the drug atovn. Qoarck R8ALX-A CORNER STOH, WITH OK WITHOUT th*Mock; llliw?BklMM4.M(H*bMrmitk? POK SALB-A LARGE OLABS CASK, 80ITAMLE J for > atom. eaAAlHlHp??* BfAlop Mallei. Apply M tllMNH R. 1JH>K BALE-IK CATHAAttNR STREET, A LADIES* r inl (haUMMklonliUii (Mi llan. wKh Stoek, nitwunApply at III Bewhetraet. r^mn SALE CHEAP?THE COMPLETE FIXTURES, I ??Frames u4 KwklMrr oTa Hoop Skirt Faoiarr. lo? getber with lb* Good Will, Ac.; aichan^for sklrta. rR SALE OHBAPu-A M8TUULERY AND FIXTURES, all la perfarl running iSar, ooat BRIBE ut aold at a bargain, tf |MM kr at oeea. Apply to Hi. HER8BK. SB Waahlagwitntroet, Bohahaa, Naw/acsey OR SALE lit MCOCLTV-iV OYSTER AMD Dining Saloon, 01 of I ho whole 1 at the owner on the toatboaat Brooklyn. IJMXTURKS FOR SALE OBEAP?ABOUT 10O FEET, f with tna Oawlara Dank. Store. Ae. Apply to DhS PRES. HARTLEY A OOt. itLlapanard street. Hotel for sale?thr lease and fixtures of a flrat claaa Hotol and Dining Rooms; newly for nlatiad. Apply at WeUPn Hotai, M Warraa atroot. EXEAT MARKET, WITH TWO YBAR8* LB ARB AND M Ftitnraa, for aalai Apply to B. D. LAWMENCE, l.fW Broadway. dpleodld looatton VIILLINIRS.?RARE CHANCE?FOR SALE. STRAW M Hat Praaalnc Machine, Conn la r Caan. Door Ca? Bon net Stand*, Chair*, Table* Bonnet* Halt, Ac ; wall be aold at half prio* Appw at BM BroaAway. OFFICE F1XTUBES FOB SALE?ONB OFFICE DBSX, IS feat hmg <*^th plate glaaa (rout), small Beak* A*, foraalo at M Kaohange pUee. 'IX CABINET MAKER'S BBNflHF.8 FOR SALE _) oh nap, with double acrew* at Mr. BUNT'S, Fifty-Brat ?Beat, between BroaAway and Klghth arenas rB SrOCX, GOOD WILL AND PART OF riXTURR8 of a neat Fancy and Dry Gooc.* store juat oat of the Sbur nice room* ooaneotlng, mat cheap, will be aold for ^aarrr.iiia'Ma'a.r1*-r" mo CAPITALISTS?A NKW AND USBFUL PATENT 1 Eight for sale. The name lieiaga ctaahlnalion of water wbaela to drire tnllla or factorVa* Tor aartleular* ai.nU to HENS A SIMMER, aole agents, 117 Daianoey street, tew York. P. H?Call for nlrenla?* mO PHOTOORAPHBRS?TO LB*. ON BROADWAT, J. sear the Metropolitan I ntel, a Photograph Gallery, In aoaaplala order; thorough'/ tlttod with atoek. apperitu* he. Would rent the asms for one year u g? per weak. The ^T*rtla,"r will !*! the rent. Cal on or adima* flEO. W. BARNKTT. rn Broadway, N. T.. 'ip atalr* TEARS' LEASE OF A LAROB FITS STORY H0U3B . and Extension Chatham street, well adapted fot the furniture or clothing Cmaliiaep. HlNRT BTSCHOFy, 88 Bowery. _IX WOBOKKK, for SALEfTriNB COR. HAOHINRRT, X&. ? '"""pi* orwar; to oa dellrerad by the lat of jUyjeat. May be aeeo in opeiratton dally In jgAOHISMKT. Sftr*" ^aajyy ^.asst. VSTS MS; p^^Ls^si.rss jku" The beat aad neoat oompMe la nee. *' "^Sa'iBMfei. IKGIKI C?>W? mMiMii fciftwlW. WHiHTs?-nininiTU,t as snows ovsroa | horee power, and Laeocnotrr* BeBer of #tam m ?r. with 11aterrs complete. HBi Howard BBlKqCi eultteg Bngfcee?. WTeooy Wrapt. nriimo-i m*noK ram wow. nn " Ptntoo nrrtop two to owe; wheel ftf |faw?f?w afssftsawa; wna??ftrcw" HOMIMUWMr Xl. Wjumift a small familtof aduurvhh to MTi? 4 A Pfcor of three or four rooms, anfnralohad. eeitnSr(or boaseheopiac- Terms aeuatbo iiiign Dewa town laea Uoo preferred. Addroen 0. C . boaUg HQrutdoaoO. A 3SSMLK8 aaggiRWHB ts USgtagTU'ttg'*- w^--??--? ?PMHB Bomb, located with some" Arm doing wiHib where good* would-be itft. Addiesa S. W. .' Herald oflloc. ^HfKN ISLAND.-WANTBD-FROM MAY i, 4IIM QTMKK ISLAND.?'WANTED? PROM MAY O clou fdrnUhed or unfurnished Homo, bf i parly. Addrcoa Macauley. flaralfl ogioo. V YX7ANTED?FOB A FEW MONTHS BT A ORTRHi TV family a residence aboteCnloa aquare. uWurauM preferred, at Moot f9M per month; boot refold*ua Ad dreaa Partington A Co.-. 8> Broadway.! VAT ANTED?TO BENT, WTTHW ONE ROm MM W Of C'Uy HaU. an- unfurnlohod three-story INn; wtM> modern laaprovemeata and In good locality; itatentna. ooodiUMB Addreoa bo??M8 Herald 0E00. WANTED-A HOUSE. WHERE THE WHOLE; OS A ? TI part of the rent, will be taken la>MtMibr?(?Ma Liltle pentea. Addreea for ear weak- A, SK'WeefThfaW Wantbd?rouk? or rtvE rooms;-cvroBwaanE FInt or Seooad Fleer, ta a good neighborhood; hp a gentleman aad wife. Aaaeneaaa between Twelfth- aad Fortieth atreetsL Third Aod &ghthareuuea. Rent modaewte. Addreaa K. It. C.. Fifth Aeoauo-Hotel XJff ANTED?BY A SMALL- AMERICAN FAMILY OP M adults, a medium1 sited House, ttafttrnwhedt inthw tipper part or UteeHy; weal aide preferred. By addtraalug C! D.^ Herald odtoe. a prompt aad retponalhle tenant can bw WANTED ? FURNISHED' OR UNFURNISBM ileuses, in NewYorY. BreoMyn- or the coewtry. lie troahie renting good hoaaeA Sead partlenlara to EDWARDS A OO., It Cedar atreet. WANTED?BT ONE ADULT, IN A FRIT ATE HOURS; Sooond or Third Floor, for housekeeping. >dd#eeA wWb price. Ac.. T. J. II., boa 1,078 Foal oSce. WANTED?ON BROADWAT, WEST BIDE. TO LB ABB TV for one or Are years. an' entire Building or Slue Front and Basement, between' Houatoa end Fourteenth njreeU, bjr^n wail eetabliabed hosae. Addreaa L. Ai <?? WANTED?iBT A WIDOW LADY. AH UNFURNISHED TT parlor and bedroom, either on the flrat or aeeeaO floor, in a private famllr; references ecehaoged. Addreaa Mrs. Hurlburt, 211 Weal Thirty-fourth atreet. TAT ANTED?BY A OBNTLBMAN AND WrFE A FIRST TT or aeeood floor, nii.\trnUhed, for housekeeping in a flrat claaa house; private family preferred; between Teak* and Tweaty-tblrd sUreeta. Addreaa, ftaMag terms. Jackaoa. Herald eMon. f ANTED?A SMALL DWELLING HOUSE IS h. Fourteenth or Fifteenth ward; mat notfAeff _ year: or the Lower Fart of ataaaall house; renb I to SdOOL Addreea- or apply at >42 Canal street. s M. F. HARE. 1X7ANTED-* HOWES IS TME TT IPS FOUR STDRTHIQIkW ?MR^M WHl It in I nrANTED to HIRE-A HOUSE WITH FRtMfTSNW* WASTED TO HIRE?A FART OF A HOUSE OT A good neighborhood, naataiiiteg Sea mat artu beam meat, or the Lower Fart of a house, art abate tens fourth street,eert aide. AddressEMI. Heraldedlee,eteMag teat. ANT BD TO RENT-A SMALL BRICK BUILDI1MA CO., M Well street. PIN SI ARTS. ? ~ L FA1MTINOS "FOB AUCTION. street, near Bowery* HOLMES' FHOTO-STB RKOSCOFIC PANOBAMA OP Broadway of lOFnumbere, and Pleturee of Ail art a? Seoaery. pabUahing and salting at IKSSrondway. Eyllitlngn and rtowa taken la order. A man df eipetieoee aad reps i.n? mav loin as la this buainaos. with aammnrr caottal T1 eaamaee. wnm TS^^V^VsSL&SStiiBt. lags lately si " ' teeerabiy ae ta ether aMy Inmllne No. Antee alaea, where the plataras t for eeleat w LY? SALE?OHBAF OIL FAIMTIH COAL. WOOB, EC. j^lrt^meael^etreetaad Tbath ereaae, EreeuhMae eemcai .. IJJnJ^ whtch ean neey faai aeVa anB healthy, oaw ee wen mnMaunt eamet, anEI^B ereaaa, er seat hr mniL Arte eeld at dnagpeUe artchekeet, eadStHMrery. CdUlllttlM tlM. a. ^xaatua^KmtSLfir antes oertaln relier to ladies, frm ' pain or taeeareaiaBoe. A gBHAT AND SURE WHDT POB LADIES?THK MB atwaye glee Immediate MB A Portuguese Penal* Ptlla at vara gtra ImmeRale reliefs price $g Beware of Imitatora, who oopy myadeertief eaS to aell poUoaoui compound u "Female Pllle" and "Ba treou." Dr. A.1T MAOTCuJBAU. UB Llbaety atroat. ^ BLRS8TNG TO LADIES?A LADT WRITESPOB tugueae Pamela Pflla retterad me In Inconvenience. Uko magic. Price $5. Dr. A If MAU CEAU. ottca W Liberty etraet. or aaat try mall. A OCRS AT OMR INTERVIEW, WITH OB WITHOUT medicine, for married ladies, from whatever cause, bjr Madame RB8TE.LL, Profeteor of MldwifetT (thirty /sarir practical, 64 Watt Thirty-fourth etraet. near Sixth avenue. ADVICB TO LADIES?MAKE CBRTAIM OP SPERDW relief by Immediately uiing Or. Powara only infallibiB French Periodical Compound.I9? Elm street A LI. UNFORTUNATES CONSULT DR. KSNNBDT. UB Elan street; curee without mercury, debilitated pane? reetoied to rigor. Obeae one and aU. AM truth -Madame derpardis pills aer war ranted to ftro certain relief to Ad lee. Price M. M Bowery. oppoeTta Sixth street Hcnra, 9 A. M. to dip. Mt ? Medicines cent by mall. ______ A -DR. ORINDLK, ACCOUCHEUR TO THE PRfTATH labs Tlnlnta ehUruffr treated. ALL UNFORTUNATES SHOULD CONSULT DB. A ORIS OLE, No. ? Amity pteoe. Certain onimtn. aB apt. rial rompUinia. Cnoeultatloeu free. A?IMPORTANT TO LADIES. DR. POWBBT . Preach Compound And Pllle; warranted sapeaasf d IB erery cane. One tStl ?u?cteol QBeo Ut Else, atmet < c?g?Kafeym^5ao&.L.8% SXZSlsTiSSi'XSKi'cSS^: fee tnleee coxed. D" R COOPER. M DUANE STREET, HAT BE COW. colted on certain diseases. Thirty-two rears experieoom enables him to meM speedy caree ar no charge made ? , T A DIES NEEDING MEDICAL AID, AND W?j Jj would fare* Dr. DURANT with a call, may tM aaooroK of heoeflctal reenlta. QonauMatlona etrtctly oonfldenMoA QBce Ne. T Roach etraat . ? Ladies consultino dr. powers, no. tss elk ?treat, ean rely upon Immediate cure. Certain relief Id. twenty-four heen to the meat aniloue patient. M NKRV0U8 AND bBBILITATED SUFFERERS, t.rH ? Dr. POWERS' enraordlnary Invigorating Eli <ir , LlfA OBca 19? Elm etraot. t SCALES?17 PARK ROW?SCALER ?PHCUIjIaR AD vantagea for celling the beet manufarmrM Fcalee In tlt? country, at the lowed prioes. Agency tt J One* Scale! Worte, Wemton,N.Tr * ^ r'" - f QUPFERBRS FROM NERVqUa AND PnTSICAL O debility should ooncultDr. I.EWIS, No 7 Bear h * treat. iTe guarantee* that none ehaU l^ayo htm unleed restored ta sound end Tlgorone health, yCgg** . pry ^ v?- 41 tear!" EtrboissruL practical ? (t M ^legeaea enaMaS ??a