Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1867 Page 1
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in (UAW! rr 7 THE JVEff YORK HERALD. -j2x WHOLE NO. 11,179. HKW YORK, TUESDAY, APRIL ?, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE POUR CENTS. A HAS COMB. DO HOT MtfiB THB FV^mW . wta be as we weuld here U. ^MANT AM a A.-WOCLD LIKE TO MAU yocE AC .? I"****?. Write to mm ic. o. V end A. FC~WUJ*?njfD A **?*? AT STATION ^WWI^W^WAT ANP TOPItTM STHIRT-^ T. A " ORPHAN BOV or BB8PBCTABLB PARBNTS, 5^:us3iirii?ST!s;54.,'a!&rss: Beery, ttnUoo B. Otend street. ? Black obook matihkb. satcrdat afternoon. If the tody wttb small Boy would like to moko the so mrolaUaes of the imiIioh la ftoat seel, she would much WMue if aha would (tola where an Interview oaa Bo Bod. Adorns Leonard, atattou D, Blhte Houaa. fWAMPAUNB AND CHICKENS?HALF-PAST FIVE, \J Broadway and Houston. HAULER Oity Poot ( QHARLBR T. KANE.?TWO LRRU AT JBBEBT fNORDBLIA J. LOOIIM.?TOPBB BBCBIYRD. FUR. L %Z^^???%i''^9??S>Sigr'' Fo^a^^A?^axJgK^?,^ /1ITBN AWAT FOB ADOPTION?A FINK HRALHHY \J mala Infant, a few day* old. Apply to Dr. TOW BBS, Elm street FFORMATION WANTED?OfcTHOMAB MoGUINNBSS. by bla slate i-ln-Iaw, UugarelweDtnD. oA Mr. Qotdaa'a, aoraar of Fltty-nlnth atraet and Math avenue. rFORMATION WANTED?OP JOHN CAS8IDY, FOR merly of Naw York; lived bare two yaara ago. Adilreaa bla outer, Bllan Caaatdy, U BUU a treat, Naw York. TN FORMATION WANTBD?OF THB WHEREABOUTS 1' of Martin Flanagan and Patriak Flanagan, natives of tho pariah at Rahens, noar Balltnaaloa, Ireland: whan laat heard from were at Columbus, Indiana. Any inforntatioa will bo thankfnlly raoatvsd by Honor Flanagan, Caatle Oardan, Naw York. J la 8 ?ALL IB FORGIVEN, AND TOP ARB AT . faetionalaly urged to return immediately or write. Margaret cashman, < maiden namb flinn,) , married at Cork* Ireland, la tba aummar of 1861, after da In 1868, living In Fulton ooonly. N. Y., will hear of Much to bar advantage by nailing on P. I KING, Counael at Law,03 BroadwayTNew Yorkdty. F. K. TT1RQINIB.?IF TRACK NOT CLBAR TO-DAY AT Y balf-paat one, mall latter before twelve, station D. PAUL. TITANTED?TO ADOPT A MALE CHILD, BETWEEN TV nine and fifteen montba old. AddreM B., bos Ud Herald ogee. TK7ILL KY HAYCOCK MBBT HER OLD FRIEND AT TV the eld nufubcr t ' WILL THB LADY WITH BLACK HAIR AND BYBS. wearing velvet bonnet, wttb blank and corn colored tan. who rode ? -? ribbon. who rode down In a Wall atroet omnlbua Monday ?led by a lady friend, eeud bar address to gPKCIAL NOTICBg. A F. A?THE B. W. O. MASTER, J. H. BUKNTB. A. and the R. W. 0. Secretary, John Crate, will vldt foMdally) 'Pr antloa Boys' Lodge, No. 7, at their rooms, earner of Eighth avenue and Twenty-nlDth streets, on Tuaa J. JACKSON,- Rao. Sea. >F HIRAM WOODRUFF. WITH A QTo. JFttktu^wUi te found M M Nassau (treat. aoraar of Cadax street, j?3sSssvt^zssst?i lal attention will ba given to the purchase, ante and lanStpjpryut^nnd a fn Hilly toa^araamortgage. ?MMy. g* Nkbtiaff. COUNTY LIQQOR DEALERS' '?jesLsslsaMs: ?a. this (Tuasday) evening, at! teas Interested fa the tajnultea ^t^tlAIAM P. KKICT, T?^?*2?* wwaiMo I ?s?jsgarsB rOUTIDAli. IHSSi^SKr y*W WW. WyiLHT. AC. JTir!S^,^A!!P?BI,---*0 ^RATT, SOUTH A CoT&'l Broadwt PgaCKLUAV RO v *. A ~A0?' *9- WPMBCQ?BOOTS. SHOES AMD jjjn^.ltSS'.-JS! XZmTSMSTSS *fip Painters who C??# ia?Jr?Ss psslMa Egfan'Hgsxnum rjKAJPB TTXEB. ? pv ktJSSS."*"* 0B* mr *'d Co*or<- r?? Mtlip, SIS SSSc^j ??P&i?Rr?? "n4 U,km T1IU?* "o l- ?? p?r hu?. JBspfaM emu ks~ - A laraa (lack of Xo. 1*. tba beat. AltenVHybrid. M mt>? mSL""" u?Uw?ra fcyftS SO par tbmwtad. ?lTT2k>w ***+ tSLTi'?AS9Sr P~-.Pt.ttil.oa. ?^?ag,&ag2gp1, r. Kl P*?";3J?25mIS^Si". SL*.ffg?m? I S^g^rHi.^rMAUM-rwrat^ri^ |Si;rSS-? . HO K'THAHO. KURNTTURR liniia to .^ ? S^gKSTpA/^rl llSpSiiPM A FiJB OV BLACK OiNIM FOWLS (TMPOKI JL ??*11. M< lnhwill fc Ito fc; MMjl u? us* jssfc _W A*D I11M FOB ULI AT ?MhiJ MtM(, mat Church itrMt. ToM far BoiMni EKMB SALB-A M TOOT SAILBOAT, SLOOP BIUOP.I), Oftgi ragagSftssnt -jsr mmmm ? bail boat, eighteen ran long, w*? ??? Add*** w. c. b . CVAVCIR BOTI-BR, NO!PECK SLIP, BAR ALL TffR T ebefcwat brood* of Dog*. Butter * Infallible Mange lOureend Ftae Bxterminawr 75 ohu Butter * now work 1 oa the Dec $1 Dagi trained, boarded, Ac. Hod tela* Ibr *li &? OW BOAT WANTED?SUITABLE FOB A LADY TO row. Give price and full particular*. F. 8. A., box P?r" XfACHT BOB BALB. l~|Se now,bituMud f??t nil lag yacht J081 PHINB, nfw lying at Stoningtou, Conn.. ud owned by the late Dan tel Devlin. She la weU furnished in every periteu jjya-wsssrsRW'W Bxwniori, ^?borsir, CABMAOM. AO. A BUT OF LIGHT DOUBLE HARNESS FOR BALB ii low: olao one ilntf* act, both In One ardor aa they bare been ttaed very Utile. To be aaan at R. Lowden'a TV 4 LARGB ASSORTMENT OF FIXE HARM BBS, A Bridle*, Sheet*, Blanket*. Ac., at USD Pearl street, be tween Fulton and John street*, NY.. manufacturer and Importer of Saddlery and Kersey. 4 N ASSORTMENT OF FAMILY CARRIAGES, DEPOT A and Buoy Wagon*; alao 100 aeoond hand Carriage* and Wagon*, or all styles, aeRlng 10 par cent leas than Mew dteteterkoa. 10 Nrtius itreet, Bru.k 1 York prices. 10 Kevins street, Brooklyn. AH BAY BLIND HORSB FOR SALS-BIGHT YEARS ? old. lfte hand* high, warranted sound and kind in single or double harass*; suitable for cart, wagon or truck: gentle In arery respect Apply at 108 Front atreel, corner of Mont 4 TTEND THE HORSB 8ALB, AT THE A HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION SOUARB. AT 11 O'CLOCK THIS DAT. Partxyitere under auction head. MINER A_ SOMKRVILLHS HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION SQl'ARE, THIS DAY. AT TWELVE O'CLOCK, Soma very auperior Road Horsea, Road Wagon*, Carriage*, Victoria, Ac., Ac. See auction bead. At HORSB AUCTION MART, UNION SQUARE, Large and attractive aula of Horses, Carriages, Rock awaya, top and no top Wagons, Ac., BY MINER A SOMiRYILLR. SOME VERY SUPBRIOR STOCK. 8ee auction head. 4 CHANCE TO BUT CHEAP WAGONS.?PTVB A leatbar top*, one Rock sway, one extension top Park and one Butcbar'a Cart; have been traded for and Hasten will be sold cheap. At 477 Pearl street, in the clot blag store ALHw2?2Sa?2S5^tSfU0W WAOOS8*>* AT HORSE ^ON^RT THIS DAT. mxi Hafioe A SS Ess? ?wm of ^bW^oT* ITwhTTO?WfflSrg BSl , r* "th* Pm*f* ?i*Nt ?fMlXTin! A'f. flU1*" '* OP* MU OFTHIi l&W=gS??ai? s^^SIsS?!1 a 1s^isia^'a7iAi!.,au"" c"j EB&BSfRas ttwrellere, woll euited for , i tktitSSl IrenS^ ki?m2? half alaiera. wtlLaaU Hoveea. Bar^nA7w?^.ki^ ?odorew ?P? Addm. W? ?TO? }C %??W. * A ?AIMHIlf.?A JPONt NO TOP WAGON STRONG TOfTWO^WT. f3 ^ two ^ulri? Dr b'l'rMB Tw.":ynlUfli and * SADDLE FOJIY FOR SALE?DARK BAT mm afrdle^niitahw'r *nd kind; wtU broke to the ?r ^ or TOtiQf lady Can ha ?^?n tin koM at ajY?w rblrtee. :b .trteiT* **m ,UI A FOR SALE? ALSO TWO SETS at fSLto* a McPWfev8lnTwoB?,*fl8 0ni?r' *D ^ A^SSra^r ^"2 ?^r5JKL?5 Jffifto" !Tr^S^^h.11: -Mu dorttti bl? abeenoe. may b?t 4.?B F?it'!lfl^ok',ep",f A Rori^2i6K liJTvSsT i? wtleh for sw?a???^ffjassr? * X ELEOAMT BAROUCHE. VADK BT BRBWSTRr a i s ?*5'? aala el tbe cbw-rh tmi'din^Oraod ..jV? .ifr.S*- *ct 1 a S^axr&^sfjisem, end klod In er-ryeapett. At 104 Re.t Tblr ^irty,t,SS-D< A SApDLE HORSE FOR 8ALK?VERY flPfRTTvn I ninSKhlS'S W" ""*??'? ~tt, K"VR.D, (Cftss? .kk:.*. greatly rtdneed pncee *w 0UTl??* ?* MOTT A CO.. corner Fourth end Mercer "rim. ABROTO SADDLE HORSE FOR FaI.B?OF STY I J'?k. ood eaey gait, auitahle for lady or gentleman aET^JES? PUIS' wlU ho aotJ low dSt/SU iett * *UW**' rw"f* *?k'nro? aqaire, A S22Dt ^"3 72!".J,owJ?- *>rXD AED iratoh rrai QJ*1, free drtrer, faat ra teller.'ft for MiwRfiBnfcSSKS jS3*Si Prt'-'JP* Alao ?,%?*3g>n. gr* * <r0C"7 logmen at BO arenue A "w h5SfeLl,2?ML!!S^ ?*lb-bi* YEARS old. areoue A. In the bt k*\y reepeeta. Apply at US A toriSw*!SbX0!!*^1 a ?r J.,NR HAR^ESfT A.~rS!h"25*fJLmAPt? w 4,'Ij "n""' ?RBE ^VjRl y? rwg !!r"' A ^VideSC ^""J.HORRES Af AUCTION *aTl&/K! *~>l ?,?*"*< ?? lMFaod 1.4(tl flew 2 if in a .y-'l1??'--- *" *"??* and ktnd, trot Alao a ?o?n at any una before aala haada aot.cdaadktnd ?*??"!??* aarrlafo Horao. Id A C??aodi^\V*Adia n fortes ? xo it Maltfaa or'.addle ?nd rj"fj-*'"'?b^ f? ??ht "print. ' *' *? 5 Maodotipai at. act, near A ^25y*a^0tZLyg??A*QPRD A*D KMtp. fey penwna for aala ?t yJSl^C"0?' to cant two or T>antraa-ond atraet md ri.MbT',^ ?Ubl^ oorr?' tweolA Barrr>a AcT Alao a ?JS * ""d ?>bo Laww, soldos Mtaouat L o,"pa Rora.w.y, ^, h *FFT ? ?i'.Tr'rate afrt a ,oar of rTVtr.t^** '>"?* twite a aadlVdoi. r "1 "ft? atanua k?? /^ARRTAOVS 30~~" ~~ V . ? BKTERAL AKi OWD HaMrv terror w.ri,^ (7^ FMM0, WW Rmgg. ^ BUM, Mlttw MM. EVrtt WANTBD-SUITABLB FOB OKI . HORNK, with giUsr frost ud kut littls mod. Address 0. B , Mdmtmm* 2? FOB liIB-?RH OALF TWO Wlllt OLD II ?MM Milker. Ad" her aide; Urge u4 floe Milker. Addreee 1 T7HJR BUT 1- ft BLOOD BAT SADDLE HOBSB; WAR. J ranted sound end Kind; si* ywareold, end the finest (Ad dle hone hi tkU ooaatry. ROBERT, U Beet Forty-first sb 1MB BALK?Alt EXCELLENT FAIR OF HOMES, J> Cosb end Harness complete, u> good order. Apply el 1M Boat Fiftieth etreeb IBOB BALB?LIGHT BOOOT WAOON.IN GOOD RUN. r el eg Mder: prtee $110. lequire et IB Weat Torty-first etreeb new Eighth aeenue. B. GALLON. the full Block of e complete llm7 stable, constot ITtOB SALE -OWINO TO THE CLO8INO UP OF BUfi ? - - | hfiwSViHHHHHHHHHHHPH _, ie sale, together or separately, between now and the let of Bay. Oan be eeen at any Ume at No. 0 Boer urn atreei, bte. coi.elel and Koad kela. Belle, As., irately, between t _ , Ume at No. 0 Bex rCtty Ball. Brooklyn. L. I. log of Hones, Carriage*, Brett*, Phaetons, Tap and Koad trigone. Sleighs, Harness, Blankets. BeUe, As.. wUl be eeid at pel rata sale, together or eeparalely, between now and the tPtOB HALB-A SPLENDID MARS, 0 TEARS OLD. r henry with foal: perfectly aotiod and kind, good stylish inareUer W Bnet Twenty fifth atneb 1MB SALR-A FIRST CLAM TRUCK. WITH PLAT J? form spring, au liable for a grocery or express wagon. Apply to JRILLTHR A CO., U Milden lane, or B. hIrF BON A OO.. corner of Eighty-third atreot ana Third aremie. 1MB SALE?A SPLENDID CROSS MATCH TEAM. J bay andgray; U hand* high; 0 and 7 year* old; eon ad and kind In all h*rne*a Also, a flue aet of doable Harneee. PTtoj^oraJl ^1.2M)/ l^ytlireg VAN BlpBR A MARTIN, pOR SALE?A. VALl'ABLB PAIR OP CARRIAGE _ Horses, 161i handa high; Caroh and Barouche, In tiret raid condition; aat double Harneee-Dog Cart, Robe*. Blan kets, Ac. Alao want a plana for eotohman: can giee him beet of reference. Inquire at atable 3d Baet Fortieth etreet, from 8 to 10 A. M. and 5 to 0 P M. until told. PCJR SALE?CARRIAGE, MADE BY WOOD BRO ir I there, lined with maroon atU. Apply at 000 Waeblag ten (treat rR SALE?A NBW LIGHT HARNESS; NEVER been used. Alao a no top Wagon. Will be told cheap. Inquire at 301 Eighth arena*, In the bakery. 1MR BALE?A PAIR OP BLACK MARKS, FAfT AND A sound. Apply a* M West Serenteenth street. port SALE?HORSB, CART AND HARNESS, OR WILL be eold separately; the horM Ie lb handa high, eight yearn old, eound and kind. Inquire at B West street. E. O'CONNOR. 1MB 8ALE?A DRIFTING TOP SECOND HAND WA r gon, with eitra ?e?t, lo carry four persons; first clssd make. Inquire at stable, corner Thirteenth street and I'ni. rersity place. 1MR SALE?A TWO BEAT FAMILY CARRIAGE'. V with ex ten lion top, made to order, la as good aa new, or will exchange for a good road bores and top buggy. Cf WATERMAN, 40 John street. F>R SALE?A PAIB OF FINE BLACK HORSES, A French Caleehe, Park Wage*, (In* Harnesses and Blank, eta, Ac., for sale at laaa tbaohalf Ikalr value. Address C., Post efllee. JjK>H BALK?AM OLD R8IARLI8HRD LITKBT 8TA r bte. Apply at ARMOUB'8,? Calvenitv giiM 1J10B BALK-A LIGHT FULL SEAT COAL BOX BO'AD Wxa.isaAisarwKsr' " iPOS-Wer* rn?B TOPW.MI BffMp. jrjBj MUM, MMaal IBTmTwenty F?? tgfcu Ml b>; tank act of double Hinpi At Bnanui f?"x Mor trornrf. Aflgly at W Jmm? stassV?cw Yeah. ^^MaGBAT..HORIl?k , YRAR^ OLD.Tfl ?PHptwi. suitable for a hotel or bosrdlsghouss K SALE?ONB VICTORIA QARRlAGB, IX GOOD ?mgg^x. ?,TS ?Sr KLSSt SleWee, Broadway and Forly IM*B EH)R BALE?a STYLISH DATPLR GRAY HORSE, nix year* otd, ISM hand* high, aouud and kind; a good ^?tty bona, and can trot la ?:1B; to ho sotd at ler? thsiwhls worth aaowner baa no uao fop him. Inquire In iron yard . ___ --? . 1 ? Inquire In Iron yard on Fifteenth street, aaat of avenue B. JlO^AL^KOtT^IORhE^^N^^^^o^BA^ _ and two ata^e horses, fit for ear toe trueh work. Ap ply at 1*7 avenue B, Hoar store . Jf?OR HALE-ONE ETHKK ALLEN, HALF DULLER < years old; for atyla and beauty ran rival anything on 'he American turf. Also for aa|e, the AmerloaaiBtar Mara. * ? 1?' aound and hind. No. A from 7 years old: oaa trot In S:Jfl; warranted iffUoV? *cKSWHT- M Broadway, rHR HALE?THIS DAY, AT J. L. VANDEWATER'H. I ?tOA Cedar street, rear of 100 Liberty atraei, a splendid gentleman's road Horae, bay, 16,': hands high, < years old; flnefttyllsh driver, eery gentle and kind; Clay siooh; trotted last summer in 2'J(K '# reed wagon; good pole horse, and la wa.ranted kind aod sound In overy particular, and told only for want of use. I CIOB SALE?A CHANCE FOR 8PECULATORH?THE r largest aesortmeut of new and second hand Carriages and Harness la the city of New York?Six seat Germantewn Rookauay; alao light four seatRockawaya, Doctor's Wagon, four seat light Phaeton, full aod single aeat top aud ne ton .Wagons; Coupe a, four and six aeat Coupe, Roehuwaye?ail ?city made and in flne order; on# very flne Dogeart, shifting top aed front aeat, kareral good Uoraaa; one very flne coupe Rorte, one very flne three-quarter breed saddle Horse, one saddle Pony for n boy. Can be aeea at tbe Waverley Commission stable*, corner of Broadway and Tblrty-ntuth street. ? POItl||if*> BLACK mark, bound and .kind. a in double or single harness, a good roadster; alee Top Buggy, city made, aa geed aa new; a eery band soma family Roolaway. Single andPDouble Harness, Blankets; Lap Robes. Ae. The whole to be sold In one lot or separate. Ap By fromtiot teUPNKV Xc'uRM ICR. 17# Chatham at reel, _at tbe Manhattan Htaelea. Riand W East Broadway. _ rR BALE?A BUILDER H GIG. BW: A LIGHT ROAD Wagon, no top. AM; a good souod Horse. 10 years old, BIOS; light double Harness, $M0. At KM East fwqatlsth JjV)R8AL^HB^^^TROTTINGjC^?ADIANPONT, aound and kind; 6 years old; suitable for milkman. kVt[y .? express. Apply at AS Herenib avenue, near rR BALE CHEAP?A SPLRXDID YOUNG BLACK Horae; long tail, six years old this spring, ]? hands high, sound as a dollar; Just from tbe country; would make a spteodtd saddle or car'rtsge horse. Call at Carta's stable, MlBHHHiHnit flMBiiBBlBi^^^^H Thirtieth street, between First end fleesnd avenues Ufl Pulton street. year eld Blacki I . cheap deawed A sar" klyn. Hmorse* and carriages for HAI.K - the owner ? a III leave for Europe next Saturday, and offers a splen did ?< rret Horse. 1AU bauds high, weighing IJflO pounds, stylish stepper, double or single Due pair a? brown Mares. IS bands high, and one single hor?t {?RON STABLE FITTINGS-VRNTILATIMO PARTI ? tlous. Grooved Posts, Hay Racks, Mangers, Httchlm ?tngs, Ac At?o new pattern tribe, oombtnlag hay rsel grate food guards, tumbling water pot, aod kalle ?h weigh i and buffer; fltHngs for now stable. Call am samples or, send for circulars. FOWLER. KIRKLAND A ' O..^ Corner Rende and Centre streets. ?Misw?!SKS 'iti'w"*Ton Karat ??*fwsr^3TEy,s 17IOR BALE AT A SACRIPICB-A DARK HORREL f Horse, tne style aod action, eight years old. warranted la every respect; would suit a family or phralrlsn: sold on ao-ount ef owner leaving town. Apply to WM L. BURKE, PRATT AND LIGHT SECOND HAND DOUBLE. _ Harness for sale, at l.Iflt Pulton avenue, corner of ?nmilten street, Broeflpi. HMORSE* FOR SALE.-A PAIR OP RBMAECABLY I handsome black Harass 'Black Hawks), sflt end seven yean old, 14 kaade high; alao an elegant Coupe by Brewster, jrean old, 14 kande high; alao an elegant Coupe by Brewster, of Brooem street; out light two seated Phaeton, by Wood Brothers, double and single Harness, Ae? the privets estab lishment of a gentleman going to Hemps. Apply nl M Carroll ptasa. betweetWOoniT set Clinton streets, Brooklyn. JJOR8ES.FOR BALE.?A .MATCHED SPAN OP EIOHT HORIIH AMD WAOON WANTKD-BY A PHYSICIAN, for the keep of the same; will be well tehee sera of. Address O. W ,?l Bast Flfty.flfth street; the mange Willi T. I HAVE A GOOD PAIR OP BAY HORSE*. ATYLINH. medium rtre. which I have driven two years. Intending to Wve heme for some mouths I will sell them at a reasona ble prl e AINCLAIR TnCCKY, lit Naaaau street. IwdSorseeMo which sreclal aUsntloffTa^avl^^**^ JMST ARRIVED PROM LIVINGSTON COUrrT.flf* ? teen very flne Horace, matched paira and fast tnittera, wptstaf^.^ | ^ Inuulr^Oj^l^JtWIB^Mhe corner ef Ptieee and Oneby streets. T MB ituKiAiiKN fiA* ABOUT hlBMfiM Mfactory I will dispose of my clock of top as,I M tap ti/sswirns w?i,sr SjSSsSi <"KSXSRi jSSW .O ranry-butt; oh trot In 00 or *|M0^ttad aa? ooun* Affix at IRKB KBW WKVEMtfHHSE! rno BE SOLD OHBAP OB BZt'HABOBD BOB HORSES 1 ft leee TBioo, llbnu front the ?mnUT, ft fOC MTU, ft Woehtuftw^P*f*w?? ?^n ta?f?o?? Inquire M rpo T UT?A MM STABLE. n WIST BLBVUTU JeSSMSi Ssn^AOk " L^'^SiaSS^SiXSXiS'^SS; Twenty fourth etroot*11 ** iial<^11'> Oraty "tablet 88 Wact ipo^BUoo^^^^f^N^E^amrriN^or Buggy Wfll bo ootd at A bargain. am4y at SO Monroe ?(root XT ANTED TO BtTT A CARRIAGE HO BAB. ADORE 88, TV wan particular* and prion, boa JUu Herald offi.-e. ftQ/1 WILL BUT A VQPNO BAT HOR8K, W fw" hand*, war ran tad eoand and geatle; a low nrlrwd team of headaona* baa Vina Id haad?, ityliah (ami); (UllA-SORBBL BARB, 8 YEARS, It HA WD 8, 'Tin' aouad and kind, heary with foal: a loo brows pony built Horse, Id hand*, 7 yoar* old, $S0. ?) Seventh *?. $150. ?A LIGHT X JAOOBR TROTTING WAOOW. ?tylo, n*T?r noad; a groat naoriflce. Can loo* Amity i"?* ?? bo eoow at the alablopt AmHy atreet, near Maodougel. *1 Cft WILL BUT A GOOD TOP QBOCERT WAOOW, thebakory'n *??d onl*r Ia<luir* ** Eighth avenue, In COPARTBBRIHlPfl. A PARTNER WANTED?TO TAKB AW INTEREST IB a manufacturing bn?lne*?; profit* from 50 to 400 per cent Apply at tbo factory and examine, S48 Pearl atreet, ?eooml floor. A PARTNER, IN PROFITABLE, LIGHT BrSINESS? X\ Increasing; 1* ateady Income to satisfactory person; BUBO can buy half Internal. Address or Inquire of*Mr. BELL, In' Real Batata office*. 10# Sixth aremie, near Ninth atroot, aeeond storv. OTIOE 18 UBRKBT OITBB TBAT*THE PARTNER ahlp lately <uha!?ttog between Frederick Frio* and Henry isus, of the city of Brooklyn, E. D., under the firm of Priea A Clone wee diaeolrod by mutual connect. FREDERICK FRIES. . BBRRT OLA US. The bualMM will ho oouttnaod at tbo corner of Foroat atreet and Bush wick avenue the undersign od BaooKLXM, B. D.. April A 1887. HENRY CLAUfl. NHOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.?NOTICB IS HF.REHT given that the firm of Hortou A Whitfield I* thl* day at Abraham B. Horton. dissolved by the retiring theref rom of Abraham B. Ho^B | ABRAHAM 8 HORTC I April A 18#7. I. Tho atoraga bwtnoaa of the late Urn* of Norton A Whit IMtarill hexetftir to Joseph ? Raw Yeaa, April A Held will hereafter be oontinned by the nndertlgned." JOSEPH WHITPIBLD, Jo., 107 Cherry atreet cofJUtr. MA^T? 'mutual content. MM?TA<| pom! ^^?lOUNO ^?Awllh a fSB.?* yearly, ortr aud ?Wr. Addreet ?thm days. rm 'wakwb, rrwoiAii or xfl

lC terfi btttlH* fipfrlfucf, a lam* wede. *Me to jpre.. ir? ^^?to ?oMeie ?M MwJr ta ? eijplseellea* wttTb* glrea t* tain* id* epp with ml sum >?)< Mdm* lhwii*l.|B PHaMXU WANTBD?ACTIVE ORlBlLBNT. IE A good maniiftsu.rinv bu*ln*M Juit established, with * capital of JUMxwtr Apply on tmim, Mmn 10 MMl 1 o'clock, to UKNHY HBRBKKtT 1M WietTwenty eersnth slreeA No agent* entertained. t^HHYKlCI AN?.?PARTNER OR AH8ISTANT WANT?)? ? Immediately, In an old eetabliebed office.* Call at 126 MtelyTTu an old setablHhed WW Ninth street n*ar Broadway. apleedid chano* for a young "fir ANTED-A TO UNO BUTCHER WITH |M OR R830. TV I* tak* a half Internet, In two meal shop*. Ad drees Botcher, Herald often. for thro* daya WH ANTED-A PARTNER IB A WELL ESTABLISHED ? cash business: now doing a good trade Capital re utilrod wlr ?1.000 Pertlculars at 719 Stttb arenas, for three tan. dOAA TO INVERT IN A GOOD PATINO BU8INB8R, tOviU as a partaor. with a wide awake business man; an eetabllabed business preferred. Orel class city reference* glren and required. No agent* or pateet right men need addree* U. 8., Herald ofllco. *onn will BUT half interest in a photo A?)vU graph gallery end rtew business, millduigM was'on Included: a new hand willing to leai n and _____ iaImi charge of gallerr call framed iatal? or address Photographer, Mount Vornon, Westchester oounty,,New fork. , $500 ?~PART:^S,I -WhBTBB. A STEADY MAN may rail and examine a neat, honorable and profitable menufacturing business, at M Duans street, top tAnn -* PARTNER with THIS AMOUNT IB AN gOUU, old establithod office *> lelnesa, paying from $15 to $26 per day . .1. M. MOODT g CO.. <8 Pine street. $600 NNTBRfBIRINO TOUNO MAN. CAN . obtain a half sue re In an old established, leglil ?ate business, excellent proOla. Address Excelsior, Herald office, for two days. *1 nnn -WANTED, a partner WITH SI,MO. TO M>l.l/VrU. extend n profitable enterprise now oolab llsbed. Address Commercial. box >16 Herald office fclsfWWlTO B2.0M.-W ANTED, A PARTNER I.N A 3>1.UUU wholes*lo manufacturing business, (tell at ?Wrens' Hotel, Broodwny, at> P. M. D. ROSE. *1 OA A -PARTNER WANTED. IN A NICE 8A ipl.AdlU. loon, location 6rst rnte, long lease, peyo |75 to $166 per week J M. MOODT A OO .ft Pino street. B1 CAn ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A CASH ffil.OUU. bnxtnos*. Profits dlrided os ^ _ . orory weak. Ad drees Murray, Herald office. Bd AAA -EON SALE, HALF INTEREST IN A ^T.UUU, need cash payteg business; rare chance for a youag man to get into bug*ess. Kefereaa* required end gtren. Address Wood, Hemfid office. HVBIMB8B OPPORTUNITIBI. A^-WB-'aMYMAN OR WOMAN CAN HAVE ( HOD B . of a free Lot la Nosrport, California, Pacific Railroad tarmlnua. Those not going out are expected to Internet others Can furnish your own deed If yoe desire. Office B Broadway, room 16. A GOOD OPPOBTUBITT FOR ANT PERSON WISH A big to keep a beard tag boom In tho Eighth ward can be had by addressing Boarding House, station P. A GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE MONBT?$90 PER CENT A profit Cell and see tor yourself, at the all eon lamp glare, corner of Twenty-eooond street and Third erenue, ?oath Brooklyn. A GOOD OPPORTUNITY OFPEB8 ITSELF TO A ?^*w^#po?uNiTT mmnp A reoperublo end nereerertag party desirous of par ohnelnga Isgl'lmate and profitable office business, ostablished many yean; a taw baedrad doUare and good rofeweoe la I tho capital required to carry on tho bu Mates, which Is easily i ?enigil. Apply at M Liberty street, room 1A PRACTICE OF of New York ?lty> together with Dwelling and Grounds, about I* feel | front, containing three-quarters of an acre, with Stables. Horeoa. 0arris gee, Offioo Furniture and laetrurasnte I^> KJKPICAI. PRACTICE FOE RALB.-A PRAf JU * 000 actual saeh recotom (a a lowu of I3.C ?ante, asa^ aec ?*slblsa^^Smi^mi^^ou^l front, containing Horses. Uarrisgea, eatlon rery eight minutes' walk ?stale fully worth the be Mid separately If Now York Poet office. TYTANTBD?A PARTY WITH JdOg TO $l,00g OABH W ' apltal, in a safe end proflUble business I'.rl.cs Broadway. seeking husl^'*^lo^*s^*piu^hon^^l^jf^ln^ GENTLEMAN TO HreMhlng of la $2.500.UAkeB.l whatever; le excellent health cause ef obaH nee*. Herald nfikw.^ft ?nLIABm, BBC. SP*iJ*J*d Herald Mm*. ?43Sf^>-a JK CIO ARB AMD TUBAceo. 500.000 TJTJiJSSi Q egeat Mow IwTWl? w* ?*f*eturl*? Ota. way. 9t Warren Street niucuk floods and LaStoa' Furnishing Ussda of twiy TUrtety. 1;M started an tha baais of ana*tahltohad ImMiM Ml bsgivcu by sitrtiMSlag Ilea Mary. I a * iMiamnT or gu in gold pes share Aj^^Q&ffir^ssaana: ?bM ametio ta do? by Rasters stockholders. I April >, IW. 1|H>* Bank Csltfoi^VT&c^qffit A CUTIN, BALDWIN A CO., A 73 BROADWAY, 11?? HIE of Riahanrc on London. Parts, larau^^^H I MM Bills of Bxchange ??> London. Paris, larauay. Butt Igagaa JTssaan^M"*" CmBntBv RAVINGS BANK. 8*utliw**t corner of Bowwy end Cenel ?trc?L i uviufijvo havaue niLTsn LMHW ravage rilvb* MININO COMFANY - kuUat in yaw tola mm at* hk of California. M P?MtoreetB I EfiOR SALE | r CITY RAll.ROAD 8T0CKR AND EONDB IN ALL THE FIRST CLASS COMPANIES; ALSO OTHER 8BOCRITIBS, I Paying large dividends, al low raloa for ALBERT H. NH'OLAY, I Stock Broker and Auctioneer, 43 Hina atrcet, N. T. / kKPICK OP THE HDD80N RIVER RAILROAD COM. U PANT, 370 Weal Thirtieth street, Now Tou. April 1, mr. I To tha Stockholders of the Hudson Blrer Railroad Com iSa that the Board of Directors of tbla Company, I at a meeting held thla day, paaaed the following preamble I and resolutions:? , I Whereas, the Btoekboldera of the Company, at e meeting I of such Stockholders oalled by the Dlreetore of the Company I In^he manner ragulred by law, and held at the office or the I company on the 30th day of March last, did, with the concur I rencc or mure than two-third* In amount of all ita Stock I bolder*, authorise and enaction tha inoraaae of the capital I clock of tha company to the amount of thirteen million*, I nine hnndred and thirty-Sevan thouaaod and fear huudred I dollar*. Therefore, I Reaolred, That the capital (took of tha company be, and I the aam* la hereby increased to the amount or thirteen mil I lion*, nine hundred and thirty-seven thouaaod and four hun I drad dollar*. I Resolved, Thai the atock transfer books of this company be J I aloaed on the 10th day of April, Instant, and that the parsons I I or parties ia whose name stook shall be standing or that day, I I shall nererally. on or hafore the 19th day of April, Instant, I I be entitled to subscribe at the office ot the oompany, No. 370 I I West Thirtieth street, In the city of New York, for an equal I I amount of additional stork. That the price of the additional I I atock shall be fifty dollars per share, payable ae follow*:? I I Fifteen dollars per there at the Ume of subscribing. I I PI re dollar* per share on the 16th day of May naiL I I Fire dollars par share on the I9th day of .1 une next. I I rive dollars par share on tha 16th day of Jnly next I I Fire dollars par share en the lAih day of August ncxL I I Five doDara par share an the MWay of Ka^ember next. I I Ten dollars par ahare on the 16th day of October next I I That on the 1Mb day of Ooteber next, all instalment* being I I paid, full paid stockebaU be issued. I I Resolved, That where parties desire for their own coo Ten- I I ienoe to anticipate payments their money for anv number at I I Instalments will be received but no Interest will tn any ease 1 I he allowed, nor will the stock be issued until the 19th day of I October next. , I Resolved. Tnai siocklioldott failing to subsoiibe on or he I fore the Utl <Ly of April, instant, or neglecting to pamfhetr I several inn.,uncut* as they severalty become due,?wilw)oee I aB right it ' r iddiUonal stock, and wlil ha deemed le have I abandoned ^ i. subscriptions. t I I Resolved, X , the aubarriptiona may be made to the addl- I I tlonal -lock rimer In person or by attorney. A scrip reoelpt I I will be given fur ISe peymonts made, and this receipt must I I be pros-uied si L v-'.oo on the payment of aay of the sub- I I seqnro'ins', f in order to hare them eeieted npou U, I I and be surrn ? be cancelled oo the issue at the addt- I ttonal atock. , J. . I Resolved i>m tvl e parties desire to receive fulletook I on the 16'I A .. I ? uixtant, they may do so be paying I l.rty-lour rsp, >naie at tiro tiUM of making their sub- I > Br order of th? ?t? ?rd, 1 I C. C. CLARKE, Trees urea. I aHvricB or oa anno* coal company, n brqa% ? way.?Ooutwus na Cameron bonds, due April 1*. will RWSSS^NMfRl IKAT INDUCEMENT. PERFECT y. A ill (appointment si thA last Broadway, tj, esre of M> Wallace A Co.. 29 ftO Wirt WACTED?FOR ONE TEAR, O.N PER vAJvU tonal property worth fuUMRhroe times >? wash: boon* ffMDand one per cent per month, or V.i per H ofiee ? e money can > beet of roforonoo pwe. Address for oue mou'k, AO fi/in TO LOAN-IN ONE SUM, OB .NEW TORE ft) .DUU .tty real estate only, drat mortgage. at 7 per cmot. J. SOLI9 KITfBRBAND,'? Wall ?L* ? C rtrtrt ?ABT CAPITALIST 9 ?P'J.UUu, vast the abore turn eaa i tanmeoao value. AppQtoB. BINT1EN1 A1A rtrtrt -WANTnD, APARTT WHO CAN INVEST JiU.ltUU. the above amount and take charge of the financial part of a manufacturing bualneea (ample article), that paya 100 per cent profit. Andrew O. V., Herald oflloe. ft! nn rtrtrt TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT ?plov.t/vM' g ige, in auma to suit, on New York and Brooklyn real estate. ' BTIOLER A R1CHTER. 90 Bowery. ft! 7 ? rtrtrt TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT 911 U.UuU gage. In one or more auma, on Real Batata, In thin city or Brooklyn. JOHN F. OONRKT, 02 Wall atreet, room U. court.) ? -ANY CAPITALIST WILLING TO IN- I secure an hiiereatat 36 Murray at. m ft 1 rtrt rtrtrt TO LOAN ON NEW YORK, BROOK ?PtUU.UUU lyn and Jersey real estate. tie ond Mortgages bought. Travellers' Insurance Company. C. B. WII.LIH, 81 Pine atreet. baermaat. LOAN OEFICBL A T #07 BROADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH STRKE*. A. room No. I, the highest prices art paid for Diamonds. WaU'bes, Jewelry, or money udvanced. Also Pawnbrokers' | Tickets bought. MARKS, Diamond Broker. At an peari. utrbkt, between new bowery and I rankiln square LEOEItElt A CO. adv..u>c l.ia erally at reasonable terms on all valoable Property, | W? tobes, Jewelry, Diamonds, An., or purchase. I A T HYMAN'H. MM BROADWAY, CORNER OK BOND : A strret, will be paid tba highest price lor Diamonds Waiebes and Mlverware, or will advance on the above ertU clea. TT7?MONEY LHE RALLY_ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATOnES, JBWELRT. AC;, OR THE same bought at tub highest rates; also ; PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC.,AT77 BLBBOKKK.drKI.KT. SBCOND FLOOR, THREE DOORS WEST OF broad is*!: AT NO. M BROADWAY, CORNER OF BLBECKKR street, np stairs, tbe utmo-t value wlB be paid for Dia monds. Watches, Jewels, Silverware, Ae.; or libers I advances made on consignments. Diamonds, Watches, Ae., for tale cheap. A. HON KIM AN, Broker, removed from No. Hi na street. AT Ml BROADWAY?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES for Diamonds. Welches, Jewelry, Ae.. or advance an the same ISAACS, Diamond Broker, opposite Wallnk'a Gieetm. Advances made on diamonds, watches, sil varwnre, Furs, fine Kurnitiiro, Csraela' Uslr Shawls, Ae., or bought for eaab. Terms moderate. J. S. COHEN, 736 Broadway, nearly opposite Astor place. EWN BROKERS' TICKBTS BOUGHT. OF DIAMONDS, Watches, Jewelry. Silverware, Silks, Clothing,**^ or prods bought. Also money advanced Private ofllce, ewery. rooms No?^> and 2. ?AWNBROKKR9' TICKBTS BOUaHT-OF DIAMONDS, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, SIKer Ware, Clothing. Ani ?, tbe same bought or allowanrea made on ibrm at 136 Grand atreet, near Mulberry. NEW PL'BlaliiATIOMG. COINS WANTED.?SBE COIN AND STAMP OOI.LEC iot's Magazine for April. Mailed for |1 per annum. Coin priced catalogue, showing prices paid tor all coins, Biiled for JliotBtf. MASON A CO.. CM Cheetnut gt. Pblledelpl'ls. 1 UST PUBLISHED?THE IRISH BRIOADE AND ITS I ft Csmoaigtia, by Cap* D?P. Conylngfiam. author of Frank i O'Doi.nell, Sherman's Match through the Month, Ac , Ac. WM. MoSORLKY A CO., Publishers, No. 3 Barclay street. New York; 27 South Fourth street. It. Louis. 1 vol , large Unto., eiotb. Price t2 26. I^Rt : K N T' P U SU C A rlON H~ D. AFP LB TON A CO. A JOURNEY TO AHHANOO LAND, and Further Petie I rat km Into E'inaiortal Africa. With tba Natural Hta'ory, Manner* and Custom* of the Country, 1863-8. With Map and litaatraiioaa. 8m |8. _ __ . SYBIL'S SECOND Id)VB. By JuMa Kavanagh 1 vol., 1fT^F. NUINM WRtTINOR OP RICHARD OOBDRN. 1VlK COMBINED SPANDlll*MP.THOD. a now Practical and Theoretical System of I-earning the Castllian language, embracing tbe moet advantageous faatnree of the beet known methods. With a Pronouncing Vocabulary. By Alberto de Tortus A. M. IjM., I jam 47V pages. ft THE GOOD IlKPORTTMornIng and Evening Le*?ona for Lent By Alice B. Haven. I vol.. 12mo. Cloth, 81 M, Either of tba above rent free by mall on receipt of prleu.__ FOB UNITED ST ATKS 1779 CENT ?OTHERS In proportion. Mason's Coin Price,! OMalugna. for |uat out, snowing oileee paid for all coius Metle< for ?. MASON A CO . ? 4 Chestnut si . Philadelphia. Coin and sump OiNbr's Msgszlno for AprU. 18c. \i\Ci OIVi.N FOR 1806 KLVBB DOLLAR. LOU Wanted. Sliver and Copper Coin*, used or nnnsed tug* SUrnps. Aea Colli snd Stsmp Colleutor'a Meg.rme for April Mag*sloe, oon'elnlng ""iBESvREc ainlng prieaa paid for above, heatnnt at, PhUndalpbla. ~ KKfVRSIOWB. nT LEFOI.D LANDINO?VltR STB AM BO ATT R. IULSB, 'lap'ala tl. W. Atnett. will make her regular nfrom the foot of Christophers'r**!, at A. W. and 6 . dally i Soodsys at W A M siwl 8 P. M. 1 Ills affords a aoed ufwurlunitf for parsons to e wee iMia.d ur aire bona good opportunity for jmvson. , it tbo above named then own ooods. AT *"? ygsgyjeu. ?? Bargain* tn Ribbon*, Sllka, Hello a, Um, BonnetMaien >?,l Klower* nod rMUtti, Dresa TrlaUhlM* Yenkee No'i- ?t, gMtkelM, Psramla Oatnel*. Shirt*. HOricry ^t, iU yihini wwtlf, ?d ?--??*-i>aErSta,. A'avsgeBsifisEUt.? ere now reedy for Inspection, oomprLliuf ey?r* ddKrintm* of lire Hi, aulUbt* fir Infant* miam* end ladfeo, dh?L< r then euy hues* la thin baniana*. _ > BOW AID BIDLHT, 1 *?, gll end 111* OfUad street. 96,? and TO AI lea street ? __ _ PutthMakomIfrotn theRowerf. CORNTM BROTHKKB WILL SELL THIS DAT A large clock of eui:ttoo Mnalln end Sheeting, Print* And fitegham* Miction. 1'rene Oooda. Black Silk* end Linen Coud* enction Flannels, Whit* flood* end Veil <fremt<ti?e?. encUon Brooke*. BWUe end long aad Kjuare India 8i.a?K Craei Beweiua to dead u eil kludn of floods, at COKNYN ui ^ avenue, between Thirty-third and (YARPETg, CARPET*. FURNITURE, FURWTTURH,? J H. O. FAKKKLL be* now o* hend the largest and beet selected etocfc of Carpet* end PuriHuro, not only In tl.o elty, but In th* United (Kate*. Our furnltnre vtoeh is OMn ufaotured on ilia premise*, under our own aupeivtalon. euil ia fully warranted to the purchaser. Body end Tapestry Hwiali. Thro* ply end Honor Ingrain Carpet* OtkloUo . Window Shad**. Mattresses. An. Pure turners will save mousy by gmug uoecelL AU good* warranted ea ranrr heuted. end delivered free. *J77idy, *71 Thirty-fifth street, one dour eeat of Eighth avenue. CHINA SILK PIBCK QOOD8?MU CASES CHINA 811 k>, Pongee*. Haraneta, Sbuehow* DresaKtlk*. Iteiui harchtefa, Ac., for aele by HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, M South street. PANS.?100 CASKS CHINB8K PANS. PALM AND paper, of different varieties, for aele t>y HOW I,AND A ASPINWALL, M Sooth street MATT1NO.-S.MO ROLLS MATTING, DOUBLE IdPK rlal. a bit* end cheeked, Id store end for aele by 110W fD A ASPINWALL. Ad Booth street. MNES. M. A J- VIRPOLRT WILL OPBN ON TUBS day, April 9, a oho Ice assortment of French Cloeha and Dresses. alto Lingerie and Comets, el their eatablkoh lnent, 17 Clinton plaae (Eighth street). MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STORKKBBPBHH. ? AT UKA.NIi 8TRBBT CHKAP HTORB rpo You ran purchase cut length* of MlUinery Co.'da cheaper then down town Jobber* Mil whole pieo** Call. Remember, we have no fanny Broadway rani to churns upon our good* Everything purchased and sold for oast, I aspect our stock. It will repay you. """r~ EDWARD RIDTKY, tot, Sit and MM Orsnd street and 6A <K and <0 Alien at., FIFTH BLOCK BAST FROM T1IB BOWERY. , (JK) FAMILIES VIBITINO THE PARIS BXPOS1TTOK. CASHMERBS AMD LACKS. OOMPAONIB DBS INDUS, M ROB K1CHEUKD. 80 Messrs. VERDE DBL18LB, the proprietor* revpeel .lly desire to Inform the American ladle* who visit the Prenel capital thai thay will find at their establishment the Ui jevt end richest assortment of CASHMERBS A\D LACKS TEDIA, enable them to sell at the price of MANUFAOTUR- I BK8 INSTEAD OP MRRCHANTH, a* well as to produce I design a aiujuaively their own. KngNah la currently spoken I N. V.?Th* proprietors pay aooommLmion* to any pariie* I bringing custom to the house. I ? ?' I | M1U1KERT. yj.f'Ar: A I A .wr? Bgffi&Kk an^rtatbus^voouer^rookiyn. L. I. I*- ."urtif f*jL^^ALLBmKBiiracTruiTRi?a3fflir liri ladte* and hy ciiHruaera that aha he* U|lbiH*i>t I s,-.rtTt{K ssa ^1 fiWrtioi U !? Jioob CTurp^H>!?? ?tr?i, and r?o?*Tc ?itwirt. BSHKHl SB^Sjs Itceath atreet. tcenth atreet-H^^^^H^^^^H^H^HPHI^^I 1 OHC?A LAROK BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DOt*. XJ vUl< spot on h'? brwil, fitn dS IINrlW street. Whontw.wlli return Mm to Ui Ban Fwmueno Mlaotreto willbe handsomelv rewarded. Im OUT?FROM 16.', WRPT THIRTlflirXTU fcTRK' .T, ?j April *, ? rmall blvrlrDofc I OCX flnn. wearing * Hm and red roll r; iuihv ? to newh oft) kip. A Uberel rewuid drill bs paid n|?on hla return to the above number. Jm O. i-ON THUHADAY AFTERNOON, A Bill BLACK ?j Nrvfoundlaud Dog, witb a ?M? toot on ble brenat ? id a white daw on each loot; Ma name la Mero. Whoever iwturaahlm trffPBaalk'ourtoenlkolftmt will hove a liberal IOST?ON AUK DAY HD1HT. A LADfKH- DARK ROB J Cape, on Thirty eighth street between Fourth and Fifth avenue, or down Fourth avenue 10 Twenty wroirl atreet. A liberal reward will bo offered to tho Inder by leaving II at No. 0 Bond atieet. Lost?on ^atlbday- nmht, at broadway ih*atre, or in goln* from there to Tajrior't .-loon o le i v a cngi. red Breastpin. with enrol eontfe. The ?ndcr *111 ph-uae return It to Jobn L. Dibble, WO Broadway, ep (lain, and rrre.ive a anllable reward. LOKT-IN BROOKLYN, ON THK WAY FROM NO ITS llenry street. through Jor.lemon atreet. Court atreei. to 'he comer of I'lerrrpout atreet and Fulton atieet. and theoo1 hr r.-r to Fulton ferry a gold Ulcere Flo, a yellow atone In the '?enlre aad aludded with pearla. A reward of nill l? p>ld to ibr Under on returning the aame to 44 itrwet, New York. LOST OR GTOLRX-FROM M WRSTTWBNTY-FOOBni ?tree', a bull Terrier Dog-, while body, black epot around left eyo, an.wera to llio name of Pat. BIO reward will bo paid for the delivery of the aame et (B west Twenty-fourth atreet. JOHN CtRKfil.b Papers btoleM-O* RF.WABD.-sTtti.EN from my heu?e, a Porlug* of Papers, containing Ore In >n ranoe policies; alao a life tn.uraace policy and eundry notee paid, deed a of property, receipts. Ac., valuable to the owner only. The above reward will be paid, and no questions asked. If fbm am returned to the owner Immediately Ad dreaa II. B. 1-, HeraldolBre. O TOPPED?HUPl'OREO TO HATE BEEN BTOl.EN, 0 two Ope, :, olasaea. Owner ean have the aame by iden tifying property and paying adrcrtlaement. HE M M ON H, MHfc Broadway STRAYED?FROM NO. S4 WEST THIRTY HRVWNTTI atreet. a fawn colored Italian (Iroyhound; white bre.i l. Answer, to tho name or Finkay. A liberal reward will be paid on returning htm as abova. rpo PAWNBROKERS?A RET ST GARNETS, CON 1 alsiing of Earrings and Pin. Alan yveral ataaMer arti cles of Jewelry were taken from nay House sometime In March. The owner would be glad to set them, and would pay price Address H. B. 0., Herald oDee liberal redemption iREHrARIlW. rpO CARMEN ?I WILL PAY A LABOR REWARD TO 1 hit one who will giro information of the*carman who took a lot of brick, a-tone sill and Untel from corner Twelfth atreet and Third avenue, on Saturday. April 4. ADAMB, ? M3 Bread way. (EC WILT, BK GIVEN FOB THE RETURN TO UNDER GO signed of ?C REWARD.? LORT, A RCOTCK TBRRIER; LIGHT color; answers to - he name of Handy. Any one bring Ing the same to K> Bekm-u .treat wtU get Ike above re ward. AC REWARD.?I.OST, LAST FRIDAY A WEBB, A ?!>?) Hull Dog. brtndle color, with white on breaetiantl paws; answer, to ti?e name of Jack. Any one bringing tbn aame to SI Fifth awnuo. cornor of Twonty-otghth street, win receive the above rewnid. din REWARD -LOST, ON MONDAY, HTH I NET, A ?PIU blank and tun Dog: had on a silver oollr, with thn word Bounce engraved on It, By returning the same to Urn, BOOAHT, 9*7 Sixth aren te, the above reward-will be paid. Ain REWARD.?RTOLKN FROM ITS HACDO0OAL lp|U ai rect, dui ing the utght ef the tth to tth of April, n French Parlor tSeek, surmounted by * , crusader lending an attach, a battle aio In hi. band. OteaMnld on the gronndT On return or information where to bo f*end tho aSnvO re word will be pold -nd no quosUoas aaked. 25 I'll 11 tp W. ilardlng. IIS Wetor etvnot. ? 1- REWARD.-DORT. ON THR ?TH OF APRIL, A it) Newfoundland Dog: black end whlto, with A Wbito [ .m ind hi. nock. Tho Andar will be kind enough to iffllt to No. ? WmeastreeL WH. Bamjvb. (pi)Z RKWARD.-f/)hT. ON SATURDAY, APRIL ?, ?Dc-e' beiwceu Fifth Avenue Hotel and down town, e Cluster Diamond Pin. The finder will sootli n the above in ward by leaving It with J. A. P. Porter, No. 0 Cortland I et RKWA1D.-LOST. ON FRIDAY, APRIL A ?i? J between foot of Cortland! (treat add ?*4 grwd?v?v. a email Package, done up to newspaper end Ued wl'h red twine; marked W, F. Shaw; U contains hooka and paper* of no value eeoopt tone. Tho abooe toward will be p*M and no aueattone aaked by returning game to J. W. ilea, at liixid'a Bipreoe, 9M Broadway. REWARD WILL BK GIVEN CFON (.J?NVIG WtTS" tloa >f tho enremii who tool a lot ofbriek, idene, lintel ml all nam oomor Twelfth atreei and Tbtrrt avenue, on Hatntday. April A Apply to Adams. f?S Broadway. *nj\REWARD -LOST. ON plain Die mo n I Pm^The ebof'Tfiward ciuc9lton? If r^furu#*! to IW Broad ?iro#te mom IB. I I Bi tccTcm, tiro fins Gekl Liicketa, one fine llcld Watch, one pair Uold FarHnga. nnc flne L*ce Collar. ^ Tho tbicTc. had gamed ih rough the fronliixrler fiber, and touched nothing bul jewelry Any one bringing thew? hack will rveo've the above reward, and no eoM'wi WtB SH