Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1867 Page 3
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Int^iposition of die United States to Bt'nalf of Maximilian. i Special Messenger 3espaiciied ?* President Juarez* Georgia About to Appeal to the Supreme Court Against the Reconstruction Aet. Lift of Nominations Confirmed and Re jected by the Senate. W^hiwotoji, April ?, 1B8T. HuImIIIu mad Hla Followers Saved from Punishment. The lei eel developments here ebout the Mexican com plication, consist* of eorreepoadenee of em lmportan t character as to the proclaimed extreme measure* to be adopted by the Jnarae party la their treatment of impe rial prsoner*. On the 6th Inst. Count Wydenbruox, the Aastran Minister, addressed a communication to Mr. Seward, announcing -that ha had Just received tions from his government to represent t. the govern ment of the United States tb?? 'be Emperor Maximilian was at the present tlm? .urrounded by the liberal fortes aader Juarex at Querfitaro, and there was soma proba bility of his fslltng Into the band* of the liberals, In which case the Emperor of Austria entertained fears Tor Ibe safety of the life of his royal brother. After the manner in which the liberals had behaved towards the imperial prisoners at Zacalecas, bis sovereign had instructed him to request the Interference of the United States government, in case the Emperor Maxi milian should be taken prisoner, to prevent his execu tion, or the execution bf any of the imperial troops that may become prisoners of war. The Emperor of Austria believed that the Intervention of the United Slates gov ernment would be effectual la securing leniency to ibt Imperial prisoner*, Inasmuch a* the liberal cause would be nnable to sustain itself without the recognition of the United SUtes. On the Oth Inst Secretary Seward replied to the Austrian Minister, thai instructions bad been tole grapbed to Minister Lewis D. Campbell, at New Orleans, en that date, directing him to send a swift messenger to Jaares, informing him that as tt was probable, under ex isting circumstances, that the Emperor Maximilian would fall into his hands as a prisoner of war, it would be regarded as a friendly act towards the United States government If all possible leniency sbenld be shown to htm and the other imperial prison era, and that a compliance with this requst would result beneficially to lbs liberal causa In Mexico. Mr. Seward also apprised Count Wydenbrnck that a copy of tnatruc Mens to Minister Campbell wera given to Sefior BonjV^ Mexican Minister here, and that Mr. Romero had g* ' gn<1 fie communicate immediately with his gov^g Un|ted Inform President Juarex of the wishes^', lh# lMtroc. Butso in the matter. On the same d^,, , d4Mn>aUsh liens were telegraphed to of 8UU) M. ins received from him by tj>,d bMD Md , Bouncing that the instruct^, alArt^ QuerdUr0| by special courier had bsen^,,, PreiWeot Juarex the the way or Tampl?>Unllad 8uteg |0TernmeDii in ^ remonstrance o( instructions he had received, the ex ?or dance to be borne by the United States. 'ThyWarlike News from tin rope. The warixe news of troubles brewing between France 1 created quite a sensation here to day; but is mum on tba subject. It is given out that tar government Is not advised of any alarming compll fiauona between tbe Powers mentioned that ougbt to lasd to a new wnr. Tbe "bears" are believed to have had somstblng to do with it. Some people assert that tba difficulty, if one exists at all, will be found to have ?rown out of tba negotiations for ths acquisition of Luxemburg by France. Action ?f the 8tialc on the Rasao-Amerlcaa Treaty. Tho Bmo-AMrtou (rooty, 1 am Informed, ?m re ported favorably to-day in executive session by tho Committee on Foreign Rotations, and It to believed will bo ratified to-morrow. Senator Sumner, who woo be lieved by some people to be hostile to the measure, is ?H le have sonde a wrong speech tn flavor of IS; sad it In known that many of the ablest Senator* support it wanly. Secretary Seward has another diplomatic sym posium at his elegant establishment to-night, at which ?r. Sumner is present, with numerous othor Senatorial luminaries. Madame Rumor again assorts tee Ru sian Amerlcen Icebergs and refrigerated champagne; and, putting this and that together, makes Mr. Seward's dinner bear In some way on <be proposed stioe f hyper borean territory. Gtergla Opposes the Rrroastrntiea Act In rbo ffwpreme Court. Reconstruction eontinuce to bo the absorbing subject of discussion, and the arrival of Mr. Charles 0 Conor bare has oooastoned a alight stir in connection with this ?aner. Mr. O'Conor. it Is believed, baa been con Wiled aboat the case ef Georgia, which Governor Jen kins, of that btate, desires to drag into tho Injunction buslnos or some other legal opposition to reconstruction. Governor Jenkins has bean here for sometime, looking over tho Held and searching for proper counsel to con duct his case. I am Informed that ha inlands to sum wan to his aid the distinguished ability of Mr. O'Conor and Judge Black of Pennsylvania. When Mr. O'Conor wrlved here it was generally suppoeod that hie bus.nsjs WW oonnacted with the trial of Jeff Davis. But If,;,,, Wt otherwise. Bis real object waa to con^f^ h0 hM ww i. the Snpmm. court; hut since ^ ? hlmMir , bean called upon by Governor Jft^ ^ ooaUucl ^ towyar.wd'tla midbwjfc |h# Supreme Court InJwacrtau Cuae, Am to the m< *,ppl cmt'xUn * nothing new to rw Go .riorSbarkey Is ntitt here, looking after his is mid to oomplain much of mlsrapraawtation articles pablisbed la Northsra papers, and porMCuiarly the Naw Tom Hbsalo. etoaaral gberldaa'a Admlnletrntlnn nf Affairs In Louisiana. The sinuosities of red tape oontlnus to keep out of toght any reliable developments aaant the myatartoua Grant-Sbertdan-StantoD-Joheson oorraapondanea relauve ?e the administration of aflbiru in "Little Pbii's" dis trict. It appean to ha conceded that the epistolary part Of toe affar did net originate with General Sheridan, so fhr m the poet or future removal of State or municipal i in Louisiana Is concerned. It la now said in re i quartan, that whatever correspondence tints on site subject originated in Washington, and, if not aetuaiij condemnatory of the General a action, ww at least In the spirit of disapproval of Me worm That General Sheridan is disposed to make farther removals seems to be an admitted fact; aid that fca does not do so saema to give coloring to the above amisnisls It la a posture avsnseat, by thorn wall weaned In the political situation of tha two Slates m General Sheridan'e district, that ualem many removals ewe mads in both Statm the Reconstruction sou will be Cad lettarn, w tor as thay are concerned. The reconsideration of General Rousseau's confirm* m is brought into at ran.# connection with the mors meats in General Sheridan's district, by tbe allegation that, should ha be confirmed, he would be Immediately plaosd in command of General Sheridan's district, till Etimente and vlaws being more eonsenant with (how the President. Prominent Southerners hare assert tit is certain that naleu district commanders an permitted to be tha beat Judsea of tbe proper action U > respective Jurisdiction, eo long ee no poeittve injui la operated, tbe work of reconstruction will b diwatlr retarded, especially in iu? uimn....... J*UI<r WIImi'i laarrlfw Wllk Henry A. Witt-BlU?ra?i* mi (ha Kk-kiMid Pre**. Garbled and inceTeot aeeounts of an Interview be fcreen Senator Wilson, during tale late rtaii, with General Henry A. IV lee, bare been pubbsbed. The Senator admit ted the eliante of obtaining the aegm vote for the radicals waa not to favorable m be anticipated. He evpreeaed Meamaiement at the f alet of the negro celebration on the M of April, and stated were auob a tiling to ecenrla New York there would a eoneequpnt bloodshed and not Wiaa repeatedly aaked him would the late .-eoeeeteeelton meaentee he n flaatny en the peri of Congress. but he Aeetd net be induced to commit blmveir by a dlitet re Hp. The Heneter'? speech nt Peterahurg la, tvf the At net pert. nnfarorelilT com men tod upon pi tbe |Hlrfj? I Richmond. Th* Richmond fma bitter against It, u folio wi ll la scarcely necessary to say tbat, while wi are outlawed and held by the aura dnraaa of the bayonet, no gentleman?no decent man?no dem agogue, Indeed, but one of the lowest type would insult our wrongs, oar grlefli and her humiliation, as Wilson has dona e e a The most callous executioner spates open the aoaffoid the feelings of hie victim, and no radical who la not a vul gar charlatan would attempt, whtlo we are pinned to th e earth by the bayonet, to harangue In pratae of the hu manity and charily of the destroyers of our literates. If Thaddeua Steven* was to appear' among us, proclaiming confiscation and exile as our fate, he would merit our respect far more than a Puritan demagogue, who, with the blood of our liberties fresh upon his hands, comss ?moDg us amslling of ths thatnbiss to tswpt us with promises of roller If we will endorse and sustain ths autbora of oar unparalleled wr-Jags and Insults. Recommendation and Nsmlsatlsa #f Regis ters In Bankruptcy. The following has bean issued by the Clerk of the United Bute* Supreme Court:? By direction of the Chief Justice, the following state ment la published for information /krrf? Under the act of Congress the power of appoint ing Register* In Bankruptcy la vaeted in the district courts of the United Stales, the supreme courts of the Territories, and the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia; but no person can be appointed who is not a counsellor at law. JSte-nd?Tha duty of recommending and nominating to iba district courts, and othar court* mentioned in the act, suitable persons for appointment, Is Imposed on the Chief Justice of tha United Slates, and. Congress having now adjourned without acting upon the bill introduced into the Senate to repeal this provision, he will proceed to carry It Into effect Third?To Insure, aa far ae practicable, the selection of fit men for regulars, the Chief Justice will require, in every case where hf> recommendation and nomina tion is desired, first, a certificate from tha Cierk or Judge or the proper district or Territorial oourt, or of some Slate court of record, under seal of the oourt, that the gentleman named therein is a counsellor of said a?*?m<ii? s statement la what congressional district or Territory tho gentleman proposed resides, and for what district or Territory, and for what Judicial district, the re?Mun?iig|poo and nom ination is desired; and, thirdly, letters from outlines* and professional men of th* district, State or Territory, who have the confidence of their fellow ettlzena, each of which letters must vouch distinctly and fully for the {entleman named?1, in reaped to his professional nowiedgs and ability; 2, in respect to hts personal integrity, and, s, in rasped to hie general business capacity. Abur fc? la addition to these, when the State Is repre sented in ongrepg, similar letters, If they can be had, are desired from the Representative of the district, and from the Senators of the State, or, in the cues of n terri tory, front the delegate. r\fih?1o memorials and petitions or recommenda tion* tlgntd bv others than th* writer are required. 8ixtk?AI letters upon which any recommendation and nomioiiton may be made will be filed by the Chief Justice in be office of the Clerk oi the Supreme Court of the UnitedStaUs. Srecwtk?Nominations Mid recommendations, founded upon teeUnosr furnished a. above required, will he made as eady as practicable aftt. the sum* shall have been reoeivxl If more than one gena-.^^, tnct or terriury is thus commended to um tho Chief Justice will exercise hie discretion in making^M)sc lion. AciyMk?Onl] one person will be recommended a^s nominated tn &qr one Congressional district, except, 1?in ease that tha cart having the appointing power shall de cline to appointthe persons first recommended and nomi nated; or, 2?iicaae that after the act shall have gone fully Into operston the appointing court shall certify to the Chief Justye that the business of the district cannot be tproperlw doxe by one rag liter; or, 8? In some cases, sr* ? Congressional district may be pertly la oneJi' dktrict and partly In another. ^ D. W. MIDDLE TO If, sr.? ei* ofth* 8npreme Court United Slates. Wi?mij.oT<,Ji Cm, April ?, 1807. Accordina1* w"? kinilf Treaty. Aocoru s-i onudoor representation Senator 8 Dinner made espeecn faTor of the treaty, and the subject was pmeml ever uou. when wlll meet .? etaren o-dock tunttyfor discussion, eo ihff * before the adjournment on the aam-. ' . now .. that the treat, will be ratified two-thirds vote. Prompt notion Is induced TV that the treaty, according to report, allows only . t)< months tn which to |take definite ncttonu Nominations Confirmed by the ttenn??. Th* Sonata to-day ooofirmed the following noiuqg. lions:? United States Marshal?George L. Andrews, Massa chusetts. Lieutenant Commander?John H. T usee 11, to be Com mander on active list. Commander?Wm. C. West, to be Naval Storekeeper at Kittery, Maine. Registers Land Office?Lyman G. WIIcot, Traverse City, Michigan; John 9. Waddell, Springfield. Miss.; Orville B. a Bannon, Helena, hoatana Territory; kigla mund M. Black, Legrsad, Oregon. Receiver of Public Moneys?Kmil Ameke, Traverse ^Postmasters?Glisnbcth C. Willis, Elprto 111; Daniel Kelty, (Jreensburg, Pa.; William M. Gnen, Dayton, Ohio; Claudius & Grant, Ann Arbor. Mlh.: Dyer r. Wdber, Charlotte, Mich; Terence Mood, Marquette, Mich.; William H Benneeoa. Quincy, III United Stales Consul?WVllaa M. Miy?,at Otraoto, ItReoetver of Public Mnrny Culuh a Cksaenta, of Colorado, at Denvar City. United Ruteu Attorney?"umual A. Rggs, f* tha dis trict of NmImiImw BtJcMM by w? nram, The Senate rejected the following nomination!? Receiver of Pnblie Money*?Andrew Alia, Bees, villa. Mo. United States Coniul?Lewie Wiggle*, of Newjerser to Banco, Mexico. ^ ' Secretary of Colorado territory?H. M. Side, of Ohio. United States Attorneys?W. F. Cbadwfck, Trrttory of Montaaa; L W. James, Territory of Idaho. Postmasters?Cyrus T. Shepherd, Cuba, N. L ter A. Hastings, Waukegan, 111.; Thomas J. v* Union, N. Y.; 0. H Crendall, Woodstock, Vatoe v. Bideler, Elklon, Md.; John 8. Miller, Hoe-iK?' Selah Mheadon Havana. III.: dark ,* ?u??*w>n, JerseyvlUe, IIL, a a Burnett, Litch'"1' U > ? ierolM R Milton, Carrol 1 ton, 111. Collector of Cuitom*-J?- i- ',nv' WMU)rn 'collie!^'(^Internal ^?t^rdbAppenSnGN!?Si First district of Maryland; Sc**"1 -ippereon, Ninth *wfc*A5S?%a Second diatriol of Indf H> MUl*r> Foanh ? _ 10 "* "?eate for ooatrmatlon _ P for Co?!?W Md Benjamin F. JBer for Assessor Internal Revenoe Diatrlcl Penn sylvania, Boa. Thad Stevens' district. CssdlHts of Mr. Steva^ Thad Stevens la much better this eveai^ Md hopM of hie ultimate recovery en ealcrtaiaed. Decision AHkrtl? Unheal lass It has been decided by Commissioner Wllaot y lhe General Laad Oflloe, sad approved by the Secrs^y o( the Interior, that the inhibition la tha sixth aect^ ^ the set of Congress approved Jaly ?, MM, dose not>p?. rate to the exclualoo of lodemoity school eeleetfega under the act of Congress approved February M, lata sad the seventh section of lbs set of March SI, IM4, sad instructions bars bona ant la the local land officers at Carson City, Nevada, to allow such eelectlons to bo Cwatwn House Receipts at Buutuw. The receipts from cuatome at the port of BoMon, Prom the 23d of March to the 3d of April, amonted to ?443,311, an exceea of over 3133,600 en the previous report. The Internal revenue rscslpts footed up ?MT.313. FOBTIBTH CONOBEI8. Extraordinary Retains nf the Re suae. W?jinroTow, April 3,1MT. m thai. ToraynrvT Mr. Viuum, (rep.) of Oregon, offered a retention that the President of the Senate, at five o'clock F M. next Wednesday, adjourn toe present session of'he Kens IS tin* dir. Mr. frnvsa, (rep) of Meat, objected to the priefet consideration of the eMolullon. m rumiart caneiina The Pamunwirr appointed vr. Johnson on tbo Com rnt?e* on Printing to All the v?^ancy occasioned by the deeei of Mr. Riddle. novsnsnnrr i.awm at ?Abtw? ruxxv. Mr. Wiuav, (rep) of W. Ve,, oflu^,, * resolution, which vat adopted, that tbo Secretary y War bo re quested to communicate to the Senate -.nin? of all deeds, cqayeyancee and other evidences of liv, j? Wfe|Cla the unliiM states have claim to ray lands, S?maDta and water privileges at or near Harper a lory, n Wmt Virginia; what pari* thereof, If any, have ban ?0^ or transretred, and for wl?at purposes end wMber <ban is *ny reason why *oy parle of the land* an?2eneme?t* and water privileges unsold and undisposed of shorn* not now he soM. nrmn servo* On motion of Mr. Ktnacr, imp.) of Minn., m aenaie wont into Eiocutira aowion. SHE If THE LATE MIA* WMMUFF'S KM?L PROP EITT. Tbo houmobold property of tbo late Hlraiffoodnilf m sold at Motion yaourday, u hi* reaidenoear tbo lowm cooran, Loot I? land A bufo nun* of tbo lowra Of tbo torf and aporttng ln_gai>er*i aproaent, and tbo bidding rorjr aplritod. Too ?aU wbot con eluded until a lato boar, and tborofora It lapoaalblo for oa to form any deBaita oattmalo of tbo ill; but It wao ooppoood that It woo id ran over 9* Tbo moat noteworthy arttewo aotd worn ols oil jBlnga of oolobratod boraoo:?flora tomnia at MOaWrioaa, VSiJZJF* ?*? * throo >??tdai?ra. pony. HOflL and __ f ^ \ \ MO; Ploogbboy, Ml; Oray' and it?ra. namoiy. a pacing mart a* Pt Inn' . and a gray bono, I?*. / . i THE STATE CAPITAL. SPECIAL TELfMAR TO THE HERALD. AtiAirr, N. Y , April 8, 1W TBI CITT lil LSVT. kwrt. Notm tad Henry were heard before the Ai sembly Commlltoe on CiUM lo-night, with reference to the appropriations tn the Us levy of New Torfc for 1MT. A reduction ra asked in the below, among others, so that the amonnto appropriated would be ae follows Advertising for Common Council $26,000 Belgian pavement AO,000 City contingencies 00,000 Printing for Common Council 40,000 It was stated that the fees and profits of tho City Chamberlain amounted annually to one hundred and forty thonaand dollars, and U was orgad upon the rom miUee to favor the measure fixing tho salary of that official at ten thousand dollars, and providing for the payment of the Internet on the weekly balances into tli* city treasury. Mr. Noyes, en behalf of the Citizens' Association, sub mitted Uie amendments sought to be Incorporated in the law. Theee provide that the Mavor shall select two papers, In which the Corporation advert inn,; shall be exclusively done; that the Corporation henceforth shall not be liable for advertising In say other papers, nor for any amount in exce?* of the sum her-by ap propriated; that no Judgment for such amount shall be recoverable against the city ; that the moneys appro priated shall he applied sololv to purposes specified, and no liability shall be incurred for expenditures In excess of the stated amounts; that the Common Conned shall create ne new offices nor increase the pay of present officeholders; that heads of departments shall remove extra darks and rednoe the salaries Is (heir offices so that their expenditure* may come wiihln the amounts appropriated to I heir respective bureaus; and. finally, that no money ahall bo paid for any Indebtedness of IBM unless such payment Is provided for by this aot. mrrsoeouTxie nat Nassau. By the hotbodse process of s select committee to report complete, the bill to appoint a Metropolitan Eire Marshal was to night forced to a third reading In tho Assembly. tits cemtsal baxijxoa t> tabs vtro. The Senate reassembled this evening, but the Governor's veto of the Central Railroad lam bill was not sent In. It Is usual to transmit such documents In the day time. The friend* of the measure have brought a strong pressure to bear upon the Executive to withhold the veto, and his residence baa been the scene of a levoo of them all day. Judging from the gloomy faoes or the railroad people to-night, 1 suspect, however, that their efforts have been unavailing. HEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Senate, svierao session. Mr. Folcsr Introduced a bill Incorporating the trus tees of the Peabody educational fund. Mr. E. CoRsstL Introduced a bill for the better protec tion of orphan and destitute children against cruolty at the hands of their guardians. bills asroavvn. To provide for the organisation and regulation of tele s'-??* pom pan lee, which was ordered to a third reading. ??W. "h,ch Authorizing the 8uperTL_ ^ Monroe county to raise money to pay for a site for the Armory The new CapRol bill. It reduces ..,oroDrlal|l_ . $26,000, and provides for tho appointment J:. d.. tional Commissioners. J The report of the Conference Committee on the bn< for the belter protection of female employes In Now Tork was concurred In. It imprisonment, not exoeedlng five days, of persons convicted of defraud ing them of $16, or less, wages BILLS PASMKD. Incorporating the American Safe Bepoeit Company of New Tork. Loot Incorporating the Ulster County Agricultural and Stock Company. Relative to the Troy Hydraulic Company. Authorising the construction of a railroad on the Sche nectady turnpike and Waahtngton avenue. Incorporating tba Stolen Island Alhenaum. The Momsanla School b<It Authorizing life Insurance companies to make special demits of securities. Amending the general Insurance law relative lo re P*rta of foreign insurance companies ^?thorizlng supplementary proceedings for tbe collec "?"of taxes. w"1*,Assembly amendment* to the New Tork and Bridge bill were passed. ?v. o_r- >j?vwll Introduced a resolution authorising the verirfir wi?nt ol tbe Bank Department to revise aZ, wrings banks, to appoint tbe expenses. Laid on tlh table ender the ruin. . .. V}*" advaxobd w. 4 rnran nsAoixo. Authorizing the Second at* Third Avenue Rallioad Companies to extend their tram*. Incorporating the New Tork Swam Traasit Company Authorizing tbe consolidation ol tbe Masietb Avenua S5.SS.BKSC3SS5LWW"' "* ?????? ??> Adjourned. Assembly. Albasv, April $, 1M7. as roar or rim xxnaa aoAsn. Tba SrsANsa presented the annual rspevt of the Board of Exclee of the Metropolitan dlstrtoL rowans or van boa so or bsaltb. Mr. Rki reported complete tho bill more partiesl?^7 defining, perfecting and reguletisg the powers Metropolitan Board of Health. bbbaswo railroad ooavacno* motion of Mr. Pabkks, tbe bill to prevent breaking to ttm1*008 railroads in this State was referred complete""1"*6 ?" Ra"ro>a*> w,th P!,w*r 10 report Mr. Bxcm rone~\ Atun,BT ? CAMAl <**<**?? unanimous consent to V9***0* of prtrtloge, and atked Whft?i the Hon. WaH*^19 following:? Vaw.b Ot.ia tla.ala k. ** M ? . New York 8ta(e Saneta, he.*, <>a?.ions, a member of the ways, during the leat and PeaJ^-try UnM* and in direr* canal officer* and I !.aihS^K% &?sr* aaaPenator that "be did not ball*'* thciw i0 hia nl*o* aaalod bid for canal work duriag the 1 >M lire y? - . ,yn_u not opened by aomebody before the <1*r uamed foP ' the hid." Theae hid* are now mj"?r*"l to be aent i.7~ Coat'acting Board. ib-T cannot be opened except ?, ??me member or the Board; and jii ha did not haaltate to aay that the aecreaj thu* enjoined ha* been repeatedly violated and ahraya agalmt the Interna* of the mate. Contract* that did not anlt certain gentlemen are rejected on the mere pretence of Informality aad snbaaqnomly awarded to the high eat bidder, aod wberee* It la the boundea duty of the Legislature to InveaUgate atyh aocucalloua made by a .tana tor; and wherea* a commltl** ha* been duly appointed hr concurrent reeolutlona of (it Senate end Assembly to Inves tigate auch charge? of coireptlon and fraad: therefore, Reeotved. If the Senate concur*. That aatd committeo be and they ere hereby directed Immediately to auuunua the ?aid Hoc. Walter L. Seaaicaa to appear before them and examine him in relation the alleged .fraud* of paat and preaent canal officer*, a ad all auch other matter* aa the committee may deem prWer. to tbo end that he may far ?tab the committee with all ataoh Information aa he aaay paxaiaa on the aublaet above earned, and a aid committee are directed to report aald testimony a* aooo aa poaatble. The roles were suapeadsd by ona-iaeoa content, and ii?ilili and resolution* adopted. ran atmr sat. ?fcense then took op the Supply t"1'* which was eoaaldem anui tbo hour of receee. Krrxtxa Heaaiee. The Sappw bill waa made the epeclal order for to BOITPW Binro?vg. Btua otmaato to a ranto nuamra. To Incorporate the Buffalo City Railway CompaoT. Creating the office of Metropolitan > ire Marshal, am prewrtbtag Ita power* aad duties. To incorporate the lew York Board of Fire Under writer*. To Incorporate the Mew York Underwriters' Guild Adjourned. TH? WDIAK 01 Ttt WAAPATH. sr. Low* April 8, 1167. A despatch from St. Joseph mji the Montana /W of the 14th gives lbs following Information la regard to the Eighteen hundred lodge* of Sioai, numbering three mmon la each lodge, under the Chiefs Red Cfond, Iron Plate and White You or Bull, are encamped ?n the Big Eon riser, about M mtlee from Fort Smith. The Craw* Bloods, Pa?uln* 0 rosea tree and Mou* here made peaee among themselves and Joined la league against the whites About eight hundred lodges are jret north of the Miaaeari river, bat will crave over and camp near Muscle shall riser as soon as the apring opens, aad after con central lag their foroee the coo federation will wage ?t the < " ' ear agalnet the while* - . . They eay the whites here occupied their only hently gromt end that death Is inerl table, and they prefer J* I battle rather than by narration. Tha command^ I Fort Bmtth doubts bis abllltr to hold the poeitlop Is thought that If rsinloresments do not arrive will come to Clark's Fort, on the Yaliowatone* flan Frusaaco. The Indiana of tha leopo reservstiop'.iBll haws declared war agalast the wnlle* - J,' ' (ha Klamath riser an fortifying and - AIO CHLIHS. PWt FWIT HTWHf.e, * ? Apr1l?, mi 9m, this olty thla evening by A considerable pnrtr"4w Lo?doo, to pa^ieipe^*'a rAViSbasrMSeas between Ooerr* * Md* of New York, TtmTW CAMIIRA. ? Cnanuarow. April I, lMtH A eCbris are In program to BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Tub Lsix Bcnaus llostxixi?Oowxinuoii or tb? Ookmus'i Imyrssv?Vkumct ol tar Just.?OaroMr Smith sad a jury r>? emhlsd at Fireman's Hall, Fourth street, B D., laM evening, and conclude* tho investiga tion Into the circumstances attending the shooihig of the burglar Monism by officer ScoU, ot the Forty-fifth pre cinct, oa the mormng of the Slat alt. The flrei witness called was Pr. Joseph Creamer, who testified that he made a post mortem examination on the body of deceased; lie found a bullet weuu<t in lua back ; the ball p- uetrated lbs cavity of tliecbeet, between the ninth and tenth ribs,

then upward through the loft lung and heart, lod ing In the right lung; the itaiuediaio caua# of death war internal bcaiurrhaga. The Coroner then Mated to tbe jury that he visited Elisabeth Mot rani, wife of deceased, and finding her m a delicate state of health took her deposition at her residence. He read ibis deposition to the Jury. Ah stated ye?tord*v, U was or sn unimportant nature. She did not know her hus band wasaburglsr; did not know bow bo obtained tho various articles found at his roeldouce; he told ber that l.e got them to eel! again. Ac. Tbe evidence was then submitted to the jury, and after a short absence they re turned wUb the following verdict;?" We, the Jury. And that deceased came to his death on the moraine of the 3lst ult. br n wound received by n pistol in Uin hands of Thom?s Scott, attached to the Forty flflh precinct, while in the discharge of his duty, and that said officer was j'ltuiied In ao doing; and the jury would r-com tu na officer Scott to tho favorable consideration of tbe Police Commissioners." Sonne* Dbato ix rax Struct ?A cltixen named Wil liam Allison, residing at 1M North Sixth street, E. D., was taken suddenly 111 at the corner of Crand and First Meets about seven o'clock yesterday morale <, and died before he reached bis residence. Dseeased was a spar maker by occupation, was employed at Polllon's yard, aid was on his way to work when overtaken by death, lie was forty-two years of ago, and Icavosa wife and four children. Coroner ^mlth held an Inqnost on the body lost evening, when a verdict of death from hem rrbage of tlioluugs wae rendered. ?kisdm or a Distillkhv. ?The fallowing leisure was re|oried yesterday at the offlco of tbe United States District Attorney:?Tbe distillery of William Whelan, at No. 104 East Twenty-fifth street. New York, seised by Inspectors Jsrroi l aad Craig, of tbe Third die tritx. This seizure was made on tbe ground that the proprietor had reported aa having used eight hundred pal kiss of mols-i-ms, while ho bad over two thousand galloss in use when ih? officers visited the premises Stum:* Dwith or a* Old Citiibn. ?Mr. Rem. I/efforts, for many years a resident of this city, died suddenly on Sunday, at b 1 residence, corner of Fulton avenue and Clove road. Deoeasod was Ufiy-tilne years of ago. Coro ner lynch held an inquest yesterday, when it appeared that death resulted from heart disease. NEW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE. Jereev C'lcv. TnsCniRTra KutTTioNs ?Throughout Hudson county tbe charter elections will be held to-dny. The Interest in tbe result seems to have abated in tbe several cities and townships, among tbe public. Iu Jersey City and Hobokei particularly the candidates for the Mayoralty and seliordiuate offices claim little attention, and a small veto, comparatively, is likely to be polled by both parties, Newark. Tnx Ckabtx* Rijccvioxh Yxhtmomv. ?The election in Millbura resulted in favor of the republicans by a small majority. Campbdl, one of the republican nominees, was defeated, however, by thirty-three votes. Morrlstown a complete democratic victory was mxJorlt?. the general ticket being elected by forty-nine Tbe election 1.. . ., ,. . . . the republicans by HP" township resulted In favor of Tret?4 an^ortt3r- ^ Tnx Cinr Ciiabtsh Elbctvox- ^ their city ticket by a respectable mojonf?. 'for the seven ward* go democratic. Tbe ? ommo&r 0,1 now steeds fourteen deuocrate to seven republics#0" AN! UAL REP OUT OF TUE ROAM OF EXCISE. Tbe report of tbe Board of Excise, which was given out yesterday afternoon, gives tbe following facte rela tive to the operations of tbe Board sine* Its organization. The gross Amount received for license fees for licenses granted to person* residing in ths county of Hew York is 9909,879; in Kings county, $271,826; in Richmond county, *4.450; in Queen* county, 112,900-total, $1,2*3,844. Besides these amounts, $11,CM la given as the total sum received for fines and penalties im posed by the various magistrates. The Board has paid out of the money received, to the Treasurer of the Board of Police, $1,120,806; to tlic same Treasurer, for the whole amount received (or fine*. $11,5111; to tne Trea surer of the Inebriate Asylum si BlngUaintoo, $124,433; on.accjunl of expensue or the Board, $21,204?leaving in the custody of (he Treasurer, $17,221?making a tola! of $1,206,449, The Treasurer reports that the balance of mouoy l? his hands, after total disburse men Is mads, Is $38,516. \ TNI T?WN If K fit, IS., HNNWATED BewreM Ufkiy and Om Hnndred NeartM Sr. Lopm, April 8,18flT. Advicm from below mj the town of De Soto, opposite Vlcksburg. >u suddenly In and* tod a few da r* alnco, and nom eighty to on* hundred negroes were drowned, rbe people of Vicksburg ueed etrenueae efforts to reeoue the poor creataroe, bat coo id only reach eueb ea bad so cured temporary placet of aafety. The town was ex clusively occupied by negroes. FRENCH NNN-CUDS ENPCCTEI AT NEW LONDON. Nkw Lowaoe. April 8,1867. The French squadron of Iron dads from Havana will arrive to-morrow, It la expected, via Newport, aa the water u not deep enough for the flagship at Now York. It is belloved a grand receptloo will be given to the fleet by the commander of the school frigate Sabine and the idBcert in charge of Fort Qrtswold and Kort Trumbull, la this harbor. The fleet consisla of the Iron-clads Ma fenU (flagship), Magnanimo and{Klandre. The oflioer In tommand is Admiral De Roaciere de Noury. ELECTION IN HARTFONO, CONN. Jnmpleto Democratic Vletorv mod dale of One Hundred and Thirty elnre Monday IdlUlto Haaironn, Conn., April 8, 1867. J?** democrats swept the dty election by six hundred last to-day, s gain of ooe hundred and thirty since sixteen aI ,. fhev elect four of the six aldermen, and wjnty-four councilmen. THE *TRUE i\ DOVEN. N. J. oc^J^bStntKr?'lI^S Ui?t.-F . April 8, 1167. SSrTeckteL saTtalk at breaking into *? "J*?5* hM Sy^the iron codpnniM If tho drtaco |p rc^|f**rl >P: say thay won't give In till next Jan nary.wnf? refuse m sllow *** to ?? oarted to the rail road or the rand. V* ,ow? ?'ocUoo to-day Is qmel, but there is ironb* a*" 4EWI FROM SAN FIAHCISCO. . .. . JSax Frawoiooo, April T, 1867. The 00^1'.???. f?.of the people of tho Souther*/"1^ '^cmda $88.000. Soaao of the prtnol ?ai Mr<w bav* not canvassed, and all the henna, v amutmy?* volnateered a benettt to aid the I a^j.p* have Myet heard from the Interior of the last*1"!****** ^ doctor Pensacola arrived here I TNI WD STATU COMMISSIONER AT LEXINSTOR. If, \ I \ !/>rr ni.L*, April 8,1887. Judge Bailer, of the United .uute? Dla'rlct i Court of *Vcky, h? deposed A. H. Hubbard, tolled utaiM Commoner sLexiogton, Tor usurping author \ty noldolsgV^hlm TED OF MANSUUGHHt. Ky.. Appl A 1887. i of guilty of man <tb, charged with tho Bite* -latea Houl in yean la the peal -i?v I J*lena tlrmld notteon the fhT^oril 8, 1887. I a meteor In that riclnity, which ?.i.teaarkaldy [fo equal ta a thouaand gas burners, ' "' p ui, MURfcRIRS RRMTEMCEO TO iTiuJW, ^ OmcrvxtTt, Aprllr imt n the throe tnrhSerwe of Jamee Hughes were ??, o-day to be hufc ot the 30tb Inst. Two of thi. w.1,, utterly, hut tbfctter cracked jokes with an airri^T l? bravado. \ N#N NEW RIILAOELPNIA, 0M0. ' CLsrsLiSD. Ohio, April 8, 1887. the foundry" English h Dixon, in Now Pfeltadel nhla. Ohio, wtborned lad night Loss 170,880, on which there Isly 188,808 nsaraooa. IMISTK IRTELLIgWi. Rev. & 1 %on, formerly pastor of the Norwegian tsaagellcat mn, Chicago has been bound ovsr for ?rial on s cbadf the isrceay of sandry materials from a printing o?^ l tho r*M0 offioo, Chicago, haro of not rsroirmg full wagea, but i of lha papsr wonM Ml aekaawl m. BWiflHlflM RilnDM vOIBpllf. IBI'NI ortoea'i milt, six mtlss below Lynch ' rdasirored be Are on Um Oth isat RECONSTRUCTION. GENCRAl'SXKLES' 0?PARTKNT?noath ano south caro Llk*. ? ?. betvcti ii '? .n< Sir*. ? and tioi troors Worth ail Orr. ftCIAL TELEGRAM TO THE HEtALO. Aa Aaili'akl* Arraannuicnt Amend t'pno?No KleotlMM i? b?i Meid-The UiaUtruilau la Continue, Are. Cw.rlr-tox April 8, i?7. A final and satisfactory conference, for the establish - went and mutual understanding of tbo relation. be taaaa the civil and military offlcor* ol North and South Carolina, waft held by General Sickles and Governor* Orr and Worth to-day. AU vaoauciot. arming aader the laws of the two states heretofore filled by the Essc-it rw unit) the meeting of the Legislature alU continue to be filled by them unieiw spec al reasons arlee for Interference of the Commanding General. No elections for district or municipal office re are to be held, the preeent incumbents, upon tbe explraima of their terms of offloe, holding orer until othere ar- ap pointed br the Ueneral. The orders for reg etrs'. on of voters wiil be lasued as soon as details are perfected. Governors Orr and Worth will proceed at onoe to urge the active reorganisation of their State* under the new laws. Governor Orr, on his rotarti to Columbia, also will Issue a circular to the freedmen of the State, ad vising them m to their duties. Kleciloae la the. Ntstes af North and Mouth ' Carolina. The following Important order in relation to elections bee been issued by General Sickles:? orxsrn orpiks?no. 0. HKAnqmRTKn* Skoo.xh Miutary Distrit, 1 Cna Rfb'TOM, 3. C., April 1, 1*67 J When an election for dtatrlct, couuty, municipal or town officers s required to take place, In accordance with the provisions of tbe local law, within tbe llralta of any poet In this command, commanding oQIcara will promptly p-port to these headquarters the time and place Of such election snd the designation ef the offices to bo filed. If tbo present Incumbents be Ineligible to hold office or any objection exists, arising out of their misconduct In office, to the continuance or their function*, the facts will be reported by the post commander, with hh sug gestions, having In view tbe Interests of the service and the welfare of the locality Immediately concerned. By onmmand of Major General I). E. SICKLES. J W. Cuius, Cn ptaiu Thirty-eighth U. 8. Infantry, A. D. C. and A. A. A. G. General Mlcklee' Mpeeeh?The Connecticut Election, dec. Tbe Columbia, & C., Phenix, April A, terme tbe speech of General Sickles at tbe Charleston Board of Trade banquet " admirable," and copies tbe priuclpel portions of It The same paper tliluks if the States of New England aud tbe people of tho North geaerally follow la the footsteps of Connecticut, then must the South hell tbe results of tbe Connecticut election as the dawn ef e brighter day, not only for tbe South, but for the whole country. Tbe Charleston Cluuritr of the fttb Inst., under the caption of " fhe Cloud the sue of a Man's Band," says If there was one ceuee more than another which' lad to the recent triumph of the democratic party ln:the State of Connecticut, it was the loconsisteaey of many of the republican leaders and their manifest design u> conduct the attain of the country simply with reference to the interests of party, and with but little regard for the principles of liberty or the general unity fnd welfare. GENERAL SCMOnELBI DEPARTMENT?VIRGINIA. ??u?%iaM? Mium ivr wnwfi VO* Bchmoxd, April 8, 1MT. r.ios^K.?1 Sc,l?n",d bM is*n?d u order thai all vacan filiSI in ?mc? be^or* Uie convention la bald &n JZZrJZir emu nrrs FUM? rn DMaadarai ml Kmgrm Militia >. Meeting of Krecdoca, dbo. * Amwta, 6a, Aprlla, It*,.. General Sweeny baa disbanded lha negro militia com paaiaa in this oily. A mam meeting of fraadman Is called for on 7??dnee day. Some of the prominent clUsona of lha State ban been Invited la addreaa the meeting. Oneral Papa's Ordera. okxxxal onnnae?so. 1. J fl'.Anqtuirncu, Tman Mit-ttakt Dirrsirr, 1 MoNTdomxT, Ala., April A 1887. | The following extracts from an act ot c ongre?* ap proved Wart li '*?*, are puhitahed for the information of all conn-rood, and they will be strictly earn plied with In this Military district:? Ax Arr making appropriations for Ihe support of the at my for tba year ending Juno 110, 1808, and for other purpose* soa A And be It (hither enacted. That K shall be tba duty of the officers of lb# army and navy, and of tbo Freed men's Bureau, to prohibit sod prevent the whip ping and maiming of the person, as a punishment for any crime, misdemeanor or efleaoe, by any pretended civil or military authority In any But# lately in rebel lion until lbs civil government of such State shall have been restored, and shall liave been recognised by the Congress of tbe United Mate* Sac A And b* It further enacted, That all militia forces now organised or In service in either of tbe States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carol ins, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, be forthwith duhanded, and that the further organization, arming or calling into service of the mid militia forces, or any part thereof, is hereby prohibited under any cir cumstances whatever uutll the same shall be authorized by (ongreas. JOHN POPE, Brevet Major Qcnsral Commanding J. F. Covtxoh \u, First Lieutenant Twenty-fourth In fantry and Assistant Adjutant General, How (Iritnl P?H'a Ordere Are Received. J [From tin Atleote (Ga.) Daily Nee Km, April A] e publish this morning the General Orders of the Military Commander of this district, Major General Pope. These orders, In language and spirit, cannot fall to im press favorably the people whoso good fortune it Is to nave fallen within tne military district commanded by one who. Judged by them, la actuated by a spirit of good will and conciliation. We doubt not officers and people will most cheerfully end heartily reciprocate the spirit of confidence which these orders evince the District Com mander repose* In them. The former, we reel assured, will cordially co-operate with him in the all Important work Intrusted to him; while the people will prove not only their willingness, but tbelr anxiety to do their part, and their whole duty, when the work of reooneirucllon shall have fairly commenced under hie authority All they desire Is to be lnatr>Mwa as to when and bow to pro fwi^-sral Pope Indicates by these General Orders that, I move etiMrvlng to the right or the left, be Intends to assigned b(m,'<vward In the performance of the work ington, In which wdience to Instructions from Wash end trust be will be eflltffft him a heartfelt God speed, by all. and promptly supported [From the Maoon (Ga J T-),. . Orders No. 1 of General John , ?I1U ?ople of Iba district to wbtahbe hW-ilJ"" w,? be found on this page The headquarter* , ?h, Mm. mender in Georgia la changed from Macon to amisdge vilie, and in Florida, from Ht. Augustine to Tsllahsso*. Key West is added to the Florida district. With these exceptions, military matter* remain as they are. As re gsrds civil administration, the position of General Pops la ell that our people can reasonably expect He prom Ises not to Interpose so long aa the civil authorities as* cute the law Antbfiiliy and alM protection to tne peo f ie m their rights ot person and property. This ta fair i puts the -tate authorities on their good behavior, and It rest* with them to any by their ecu whether we shall have trouble or not. In section two General Po|>e strikes out e new line, and Imposes a restriction not to be found in the orders of any other commander. The dvtl officers of the district are prohibited from using "any Influence whatever to deter or diasuade tbe people from faking an active pert In reconstructing their State governments' under tbe Rt.??- A mm ? e pwy me people cannot have the ae. 1 .J? " i ng urnea, of those in whnm faUIft ^ * ?,? try lence; but we are no |?m?n ^ y b*T* y?**teet coyo MR respect tbe ml iota?? V of law ?nd ini Ofllsw too WUI?!!!"? P0*** '*?? be No ? pi ration 'of til, dim. hstBM k. .?! vicujim, from whai?Tftr ? J' ? ~j "euerai ""unending. ***? MoW?* Ad ?**'??'?, April S 1 he fonfllLv?* hu ???led naodeomele, and bu laid wir and the peoWJ' t?T**x ?*feni? cerrftaVhMween him Mriod and Tor (^1Bc tainted to rule for a limited aako frteodsor tbeaa NW hit power to i ha ungrateful I?11" ol ?* o?0*- "d " rntion of Siate of duty ae well ae of policy In that people to ?*? | ..htm in a eplnt of perTect respect, and If be choose* J? ?!??-, ? unstinted cordiality. Oeneral Pope la a eol 1/r, anoi. here to ooty orders. If It shall appear, tome betlft* bec e when we are In convention, tbet it te with It t^tpunt the tenth ware of radical t?oi and roll of Ita abeolulAl'mete and certain wreck upon the shorn ruin hreweiiiaJ""?y. thui haatoaldk iu adrance to "to fiw V?'111*!. Volume, let ae mount it and cum stances u Z*Z uS* ready In teeporato cir c&STTm ESft Afrlcta dweei? id (b? Ikon thai *hIm radical. ^ r"1 Cur* bM*'' ?nd lh* practical radlcalifm may torn the white etomaoh of the tfortb and hy all meant let os do li When a J* JT. wttred hy the desperate cbaaoee oTfate u>! nan end the peewit moat call up ell their wltemdluIS! ?? Pley the beet came oa a email *??m We^2L Wy" 'ha theologian* admit the -itltHh f fighting the deeii with Ira;" and at all #**12^^.2: 11 *n"mi h#r <*?"??' In we uw^f 2122!? i^wai,w.p2sr,^ur!fM ** ~?ninSd>d5r lean wane we need hare no quarrel with - - emm.Mne We W hera we rennet .raWfcTt^Kl duty, udw* reckon oooOdeatly that he 4om tot r?m? to make Uie hard lot o! an unfortunate people .toy harder than tho Outgrew has docre?a and the ood l'rovldenc? above bai permitted. (From he Mibtk Daily Tune*. April 3.1 We k|'< >ofore ?? thx da* order is?-v?l by t?w new M.lliteir uii iau-i if till# district. It w simply and strict miou*; wituost uay un*-vs?*i/ <l..-puy of auth >rlt. utd command* itself fayoraotydo the notice of those whoin it moat cou<ern<. We had ?>cn? time mo. o, occasion to speak of M.nor General Pope in lerme of regard, Inspired br the .good opinion of l former brother* in arm* and the choice of the Prei.daai, end we congratulate our people on the fact that, true to the spirit ol the old army, lie eras held to Ihi hath gentle manly arid conservative-, and we tlud In the language of btr Lrt1 order no reason to change our good opim?o of him. By oue of thwae frcalu ot tortune, which auy one predicting them would have teen pronounced dcmenuied only ?fx years ago, the mnieet lieutenant of the Mexican war, yet In that prime of nte at wbinh usssai was little dreaming of the ooaquosl of the world, UM reacin d a position ?? i .?? to that of a Roman Pr < cou.<ul. and nearly Ave million human beings, spread on a territory larger than Mpain and Portugal, bold thou- lives and lortuaea by the slen der tenure of his will This is a great temptation, ons which might unsettle even belter balanced ma.da, daaalo and blind more aspiring spirits, and we see in his prompt desire u> n-otganixe a l< gitiuialo government and rosigu this ainiuat unbounded power, a sure scalane* of the purity of his intentions It is now f*r our people to answer to the appeal made to theut, and. In the word* of the General, "take an aotive pxri in r*ooo*trucila? their State government." We repeal again tbnt/thero are more durable laurels to tie gained in the field of civil reform than in the bloody strife and that the part of pacificator is greater than that of conqueror. [From the Mobile Tribune.) Thl? document ts oil that we had lio|>ed It would he. No civil officers will tie removed so long as they conduct tbemsolves In accordance with the law receutly passed by Congress: but the General re-ervee to hlinseif the power of tilling vacancies His expression of tho hop* that no necessity may arise for military Interference with the ctril authorities u a good omen. No more worrying about elections, no responsibility for some time to oonie, at least. Ala'stma. her* lot us rant I To render strict obedience to the law, and even to assist the authorities In carrying it out, If ever It becomes necerearv, is tho duty of CTsry good ritiaen. We feel certain General Pope will recoil? no provocation from our people to turn aside from the nuld course which his order shows he is Inclined to udopt [From the Seltna Times.] We publish the order ol General l'ope, assuming com mand of the Third Military District, composed of tho Stales ol Georgia, Alabama aud Florida. Civil office* are retained, and the existing SUt governments are not in terfered with. Wo earnestly hope and believe that our people will do all In their powur to promote peace and good feeling between thomsclres and those In authority, and, when called upon, will take the nec -unary steps in returning the b'tate to the I'niou under the terms of tbe Sherman bill. [From the Greenvlllo Advocate ] This is a \ dry important order, oue upon an Im mense amount of happiness or misery depend*. If no cause of interference should arise, and no evil din rioted persons should feel it to be their duty to disturb th* peace of their communities, then there will be a season of r*poe& But much depends upon the character of those who shall feel it Incumbent upon them to keepth* General well informed about the acts and feelings of the people. A little maltoe or recklcssnea* may cause much suffering. All persons should therefore be parllc ilar In what they any or dot They should keep quiet, be re spectful audkmd one towards another aud to all with whom they aro associated. THE LABOR QUESTIOB. The Carpwatera* Ntrikc. A large number of oarpentqn ara aMIl on strike. An enthusiastic meeting of the journeymen was held yes terday afternoon, and an additional number of employ ers were reported, in addition to those already named, i? willing to pay the Increased wages. Largo numbers if the men are at the present ume receiving M per dey, rod it la expected that by the end of the week the strike rill be concluded end the Journeymen be successfel la belr demand. The carpenters composing Union No t isld their regular weekly meeting last erasing at No. MT low try. Nr. B. L. Roaeinan oocupied the chair Tbe room raa crowded to excess, and tbe report! from the men ?n strike were received with much applause. The car isnters express their deterranstiow of holding out entll hey eueoeed la obtaining $4 per day, wbleb, at tbe pres. tut high rate# of commodities need in houeehold oon lumption and the exorbitant renta demanded by land orda they consider a not by any means ah escewilve re nunerallon for the labor they perform. The ktonr Nimii. Tbeetono masons ot the city made a demand oa tbelr ?mptnjram r?wu<r(t?T for aa increase of wages from $4 v* |d M per day. The demand wad compitea ?iiu ay ? great many of the employers, and the Journeymen therefore succeeded without having recourse to a ?tribe. The cotxtuina or business and Its fmure proa peata, It Is thought, doaa not warrant Uta journeyman in demmding this Ineroase. and the tluie may not he far d.?Uut -hen they will have cause to regret the adoption of this shttK.ngfciag policy. ^K<ell Case Makers held a regular meeting m lurj* dosing Hall last even ing. Mr Isaac P. Demai,tt. lr?.1(lenl) occupied the Beyond the traaeection of routine bum new of the society nothing imponaut was under ooatidemtlon. The Twel Hheryaasli are abont making a draasnt for $8 ee <j?y The trade Is not composed of a vety extensive number of ihom, and the unanimity of those enrolled >? the or itaaiiea warrants the belief that they will be i in their dec ITu New Yerk Hsete Pa In (ere* .tskrlaHaa. A special meeting of the above Society vu held last evening at No. aOfl Eighth avenue. At bu*S*** of the evening was of a routine nature and not of vublle in terest. Several new member-* were proposed undetected. This organisation numbers nearly eight hundred a cm be re end It Id i very prosperous condition. The denand wbtoh its members made some time ago for an advisee in their wages of fifty cents pit day has been recognised by mo?t of the large employers. The houes piiutwa are therefore earning e dally wage of $4 n place of S3 50. The (lease Palm era* Mtrlk* A meeting of tne Brooklyn Houso Pain ten' Protective Society was held loot night at Garibaldi HP, 72 Myrtle avenue. The Preeideol, Mr. J. E. Pollard,occupied the ohair. It was stated that the boas paintee bad acceded to their demand for aa Increase of fttyeentr per day. The wages are now $3 50 por day. no bosses, bow ever, would nut comply with thelyl'mend for eight hours as a day's work on Satnrdav*?d they therefore reioived not to re-mme work unliphw ?? (rented No further business of Importsnoo w?* ran sac ted. Jnnrnrrmen tlersesM'rs' ftorlriv. A meeting of (ouracyraso h.>y?boers look place last evening at 891 Third avenue. .iobeel O'Brien In Hi* chair. About fifty man attoud' 'ha meeting, the object of which lha chairman atste to be u> bring iha msm hara or the trade together forffir own baaalL He said that an opportuuitv would i for *n who wished to Join the Horseshoem so./f by uroiiing their earns* as members. One of the /where of the society ifaea mad# a speech, calling US' f" hornoehoeru to stadr their own interest and eW their named Mr. Taylor of the Workiagmes'a P??. ?*? made a tew r?. marks on the net-of/ of unity of action by worklegmen of ail />??. after which a number of men cam* forward, paif" lalttatioa fee and enrolled their names as membcf The chairman loo* occasion to state that no atrlke f ?'?' taken place by the mem bers of tbia trade. and"' this subject was still OBdor consideration. otherf*'*?*" "ere then made and other memben adds*0 *?? Society, after wn cb the meeting adjourned The Railing mckewilths and finisher*. The raiting bU. yhiths and flnisnnrs held a meeting last evening, nt JfW Hall, oornsr of Twonty-siith tireot and hot** ?*???* Th*T P?esod reeoiuOon* demanding an i/*** of flftf eents pr day. and base notified their Aployeni that they will strike u a lean their demand/*? compiled with by the tat of May. They clam lb /'hey receive lees wagee than any claaa of mecUnicymnectod house building in thu city, the srrrage /cs por day being >1 AO and the higbset TM'iIm BnnoMt Building Nsriels. fhe pufic meeting of workingmoa called for rvenlng tt Botanic P"". M Hast *"*'? thn [xirpoe* of daocriM*d "* bos' ^ boooming their >wn landloef * pmtr-od till next Monday evening, tUoa ' ?Sffng will sonv?na at \Ue asms boar end place lt)- "of the same object. The schema is receiving tbn ??? consideration of tsrg* numbers of worklagmen, and here H little doubt but it trill got s flair trial. If umerona ubwrtbert bare already entered their namen on thn ?oks of the society, and tba undertaking but lacks tbn upport of mm of inUuanoe to make It n success. CANADA. A Ftitaa Craficl R?Imm4. Oae of th? Toacmro, 0. W., April A iMT. releued from tb? PaanarioU, HMd Conner*, baa Mm ? CnnedlM, and It I* hM it,-, Klaxaton Ceoaare m (too gottea op |. ?>? aalghborboM !T!?ia|W|.jMti. CHmImI Trial* at Meat real. _ __ . Movtmau April A IMT. The trial of L<eut*aaat Ooloa.l aeon* Piowa, aba waa pursued through Europe aad flnailr .mated aa the charge af aaUtaaaling goreroateat fundi, *u oo.el.ded M-day. Terdlet not guilty. Proreocber waa feu ad guilty of polMalag Jontreas aad eenteaeod ta ha haaged! lb. trial of Prort.cher'a ?? ia gam, ?ophte Boraclero, waa oomaaaaoed ta ST" tit* i l?a ta the itrar reaaaiat fna. Tba Prtaee of Wales regime.! **? aarrad with aaw rifles la-day. Tba Dleaawat aa Amarlraa lavalaaa. Bomumnixa, 0. W., April A IMT. The dlaaoant aa AaMrrma iar?toea far tba saaalna WKk Ml Bif