Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1873 Page 10
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10^ THE STfcTE CAPITAL. Hefidee Accuses the Insurance Com mittee of Foul Flay. SOME STRANGE INFLUENCE" AT WORK. the Committee "Strike Back" with a - Better Bill than Hendee's. TWEED S PROBABLE TRIP TO ALBANY. The Investigating Committee Will Fetth Him Along if There Is Delay Here. '^Extraordinary Session of j Charter Committee. A1I: Softs of Proposals Relative'1o the Appointing Power. -? I THE COMMITTEE IN A PLIGHT. ? j Sick, Sleepy and Bandaged Sena-' tors Still Deliberate. NO CHANCE OF HARMONY. a i. bant. niarctro, 1873. SENDEE AND THE INSURANCE 'OOMMTTRE. The Insurance row again brolcceut this evening In the Assembly. it was brought about by the Committee on Insurance reporting Mr. Ilendec'H Nnat.Pni feltnrA Pnlir.v hill flilvprfiplv. Thiw rpnftrt ?m adopted by the House (luring the rush of business; but llcndeo was determined not to let the committee have their own way, ho he moved to reconsider the vote by which the report was agreed to. Hendee supported this nioi tion in a vlgoronH sjieech, in which he recited all the difficulties he had had to contend against in getting the bill properly atteuded to by rthe committee. He Rpokc earnestly and openly, . and declared that it was his posit/tve belief that the i 4)111 had been held back as long as it had, and that .die had been prevented from having full opportunity belore the committee, owing to aome influence that was a very powcrlnl one. "I don't charge,''said Kite, "that the' committee acted irom immoral . motives, but I do believe tnat the influence of the .itfe .insurance companies has all along had a great deal to do with the committee's action In the nutter." . Smitiiweed had a reply to Hendee. He defended Mlto committee and argued to show that Hendee tfcad had every opportunity to be heard on his bill, i Thin flat denial brought Hcndoe to his feet, and die .again declared that the committee had. not noted as if they were not under some -strange in?ence. Jacobs and Vancott also defended the com- i i M&teo^s action, and remarked that his argu? tents on the motion to reconsider the v, Me ?were all empty talk in view of the 61 to.-, that, the committee, while reporting his speUl hilladversely, had reported tavorably upon a ce, tera) hill that had all the (rood features of his (II, mdee'a) bill, and was as a whole much stronger tug, i ahe bill he was so anxious to get before the Hom be. , This announcement of the committee's actio ? iu reporting a substitute for Hendee's uicas created a little sensation, and brougnt out tl * flfcct that th,! committee lutd not allowed Mr H< *dee to know what the substitute was before 11 W*D reported; that, indeed, he was kept < mute i *>the dark as to whether it was as good as ale on '? W-'i, or, as the committee claimed, a strom. wr'.'JJUl. Beebet M>k<up the cudgels for Iiemlee after Jacobs hail taki !*vhh* seat on the question of "courtesy," ; and clai tbed that Iiendee sught to have been allowed 10. Know what the committee's substitute ? was beioi ?tthey reported his bill adversely. \ The moi temto reconsider was linally put. and lost I bit vote < V its, to 54, several members who voted \ "No" cxnl to ling that they voted thus tor tear that 1 an afllrmat be u,okC(1 Q^D as a reA flection en committee. Y ,v lflUaaNCK POMMITTKE'S SIIBSTITITK. Hortion 1 r VV.ilfi that nailer any lite policy of tn-i JriSwi ihe n, totei-nfthe policy on uny anniversary of * I* ' ,' Ikm 11 , m eotUlefl to claim, and recover Irom tlio SL rmanv anv s deflation or condition of lorleuure conf" S .yD, str-or elsewhere to the contrary, not hNtandina n N deader value to be determined a? 7tf ,!L? In So'lJl x*4'. set value >1 the policy at the anniirv The in Ufciium, it any tlien due. no) being paid, 'T ? R^'erti, ?-'d accordant to the combined-expe. or uctiiari. * ol t??t?hty, with Interest at Jhlm. am ou ?"! ? half p?r cent per anpum; Son. tnc i, tbtedncSM to. the company. ax well as !f*l Siheid bv t * .?a;n|)snyagatn?t the iUNirsd, Shall be tied acted and c %?i'-?iien ant. ? surrender cnitrire t? compel i*?U> it loi r "j'inquWtlnn the obi feat Ion* oi the po l'?y " c?i ffthhte Un 'irdu the payment of tut line . claim* arU H> ' under other policies to he I aacertuli >ed a* folio* .Assuming the rates < ( lo'ortulliv nil latei e*t inentloiu v- prcon t value of all Uu* lulur'e conlribut on* ot the ?e.wv, tp la y death claim* or in aitber wot ds, ot all tin '"dure yearly coata of'in. I suranue ? hich by It* t. *V,a l| i*e*p<?*ed to pav in ruse of i It* eonunu *ncc, ahull l> Vt'*lculat?il7 and eight per rent of tbi* muu *h all lie the lei *i.?tKrrende' charge, and there, matador c t the net i <>( the policy'a^erta,tied ' a* aforesaid after dedur a1" tliU ou-nuder charge and , any.dobtada e the coin pa alp re* Id, shall be payalile in cosh. I Heel Ion 2 pi 'ovldca that *,^c'"|ni ("r surrender value i under thie a< ' shall be v unlew made within two year* attarihe policy has e W" f? ho -n force. _ Section 3 de claro* that poliplei* of the claw now known a* the 1 online pnllcl .or other form* of policies which provide I y express u *W" '(>?t tie reaerve or surrender value oip. m or ot lap.- S 1 policiea shall Inure to the bandit ol apecitlc d policy hoi Section 4 prov. Ides that ca 1' '?le ln*iirauce company organized in tlili ' Slate or d< *?; hu*Ui?s* in thi* Mate prepare and inelu de in it* aim report a lull and comfilele statement eo itaining the "tannic of.,,each and every ( dividual, whet tic, officer, com *** I.AKirtstr employe during the year ending the Slat day vl I'oeember previoua and alao the exact luaot nt paid toe. * ' ??d,Mr what amount Kid. and alao n auit ement of the pa* 1 lor different maot officeexpnu ca. In the Senate thl.\' morning '* number of flew York bin* of Import ?ncc were Uclroilacert. Among them was one by Se uator Allet * ABOLISniNU THE <X1. VMISSIONKl * OP gf AHANTIVE and vesting all their bowers in u'Ue comptroller, Btate Kngiuecr and '.Treasurer. hxiept tpe powers of a Hoard of Appeal vested in t ** " Commissioner* In the law of lSoit, wht. *h is now # tte Uaaitli Board. The Health Oil leer Is req Hired,to pav all wages and salaries of d eputies an f empjoyes and all current expenses of. *ieamhoat. I iMitfal. of the ?lea<l and all other purpt scs out of. ^./ee.s. Another bill provide* t hut THE JIOAKI) OP ASS* HSOKS OP N ** YOKE, upon the written appllcat, <on of tne aeinerof land and buildings damaged by the clositii 'W au.v street, roatl or avenue under tin ' set of i. U", shall ex' -- tahle esti HAte ot fucll amine ana mane au c?n*. ----- -- u uwanri ?f I alleged damages, and shall) ,,e ?L \k. n -hall be damages In the comptroller'; * ?m",w \r ?.,!!* the paid within tour months of t ' V? award. The Comptroller Is at itborlzed ro money to pay such awards. ^ COMMISSION TO EXAMINE TH E CF A bill was reported favorably i n '* 1 v. (jover the Committee on Prisons, auth? examine nor to appoint three cominlssic ne" 7?Tr rt the prisons In Sew York city. I h v ?re a" In i to euter all prisons at any time.. >nd *fy , persons, under oath, relative to t B? ?2 the prisons, the treatment of pna >neia, ac.t uw: Tweed committee aa Henator Johnson's Tweed Commit ref- a* ganized yesterday, met to-day aud ''''P?'"' V/t," clerk and counsel. John K. Parsons, c ' is to t?e rctalueil in the latter capacity. 'u? V W~L ndttee will meet at the Metropolltai t>j Friday. The sessions at the Mctropo "ran however, last only Friday and Saturday, ? in? l}~ event of Tweed's testimony being nulla '""cu. >* will be bodily transported to Albany , Jfr. ,i the other session will be held. It J unrossltile that his testimony can all he t; ,K*D ' . ? the two days mentioned, as lie is known to , ye \ pile of documentary evidence three fe 01 ln >4 height to put in. He will not appear hei e "F ? counsel, ?>ut will he brought up ln person If ue ccs* sary by the Hergeaut-at-Arins. There h 1 a i variety of emotions expressed hv long 'n? and visage sniong Senators and residents ttt | h the prospect of having the fainoa ! * "Horn," who in his days of prosperity showerec 1 gold upon Albany and Ins capital friends, again in | physical presence among them. The circumstances j, are somewhat changed, oat Uc win doubtless l>e heartily welcome. .a The lamoua fraud called THl WAREHOUSE AND ItAIl.WAT BIT/L, * ' Which was "gutted" so completely last week, not- . Withstanding Henator Madmen's great two-hours' : , speech, la actually threatening to coine up again. Hie means to be employed In working the new route for this remarkable imposition oi la instanced by the fact that one of the thirdhome gentry who manoeuvred the hill proposed very blandly to Henator Ixiwery to insert his N (liowery'si name among the Incorporators If hp would Ftw to li Wb?a It vwp 1M8NT' . ? NEW Y01 Muiwr was too (fell rot ouerrance over this gen crous otfer, but wilt probablv take occasion to vtiy something About It when ttie wholesale Dwindle makes its appearance in iti new dress. THE CHARTER COMMITTED | are in the throes of a death struggle to-Right over i the ttventy-Olth section. Every member is present, and no laur can agree upon any single proposition ad to the appointing power. The present status of the section, giving the appointing power to tie Aldermen, has been voted down iw a vote *>f Ave to two. A proportion suggested by Benedict to restore the Assistant Aldermen And give the Mayor and the Presidents oi the two Hoards the appointing power was voted down by 4 to 3. Another proposition to give the Mayor exclusive appointing power was disposed of by a similar votv. By this time it had beoome-evident that the CMnmittcie was r.lKKITV TO STAY TIP Alt. NIUIIT. Tin mflKic ITem the rooms adjoining Woodln's room, where the weekly hop wrh in progress, was 'supposed to interrupt the sage deliberations or the romimttee, and in consequence they adjonrned to Senator Wagner's room, on another corn- , dor, in order to have peace aud quiet. Here thcrfpartook or a light collation and again. delved into the almost unfathomable depths of the iweuty-hfiUi section. It 4s reported that a letter' rroin Thus-low Weed to a friend has been subsban- \ tially aud scini-onicially'detailed to'the committee to the eQbct that the republican party could not Ponseieetiously proas the twenty-fifth section ua It stood ror fail to report a charter of aome soSi. This was incentive enough to renewed exertion, ia addition to all that Dorm an B. Eaton had said < repreheating tne soiid Seventy. WITH DKSPKRATK DETKRAt I NATION this hung jury again struggle for a verdict. A rirATHUlLt.infl tn iriun rhn Uaww t ho <x nrutiofH nir power, with a promise that he retain the wellknown quadrilateral of municipal oBlce-hcWcrs, woe also voted down. Another vote was taken on giving the afwointing power to , the Mayor and the Aldermen with -a like reiult. The disagreement continued uutU a late "vt rather early" nour. Tleinann hod fallen asleep in his chatr and had t? tie woke up at every vote and have the motion pat to him. benedict IiersiHted in discussing every technicality that arose. Woodin, In view or a threatened attack or -his recent, illness, had tied a wet bandage about bis head. Weismann, who is afflicted with a swelled race, had a similar bandage abont his laws, looking like the victim of a gorgeous toothache, while Adams, Palmer and Peiwy alone retained their noble appearance of senatorial decorum, from which they uever deviate. While they were in this distressing state Woodin declared that tlicy had better adjourn and not report to-morrow, but he was voted down and the other festive members declared they would not go home till morning unless they decided on something to report. This was not cheering news to Wagner, who was sitting up sleepily in Senator Winslow's room; but tt was a secret meeting and he could not interfere, and tbus the "hung jury" continued their deliberation. TUB OTIIBK SUCTIONS of the charter have been harmoniously adjusted. Eaton's amendments have all been adopted. Between this and daylight some decision may be arrivAil at. nn >.Hp ftli HPi'.finu hut iiiui now it >h impossible. It depends mainly on what freezes out llrst. it is thought probable that the harmonious proposition will be to give the appointing power to the Mayor, the Aldermen to conform on condition that Van Nort is retained. CONliKJCNN HALL 10 I.KA8K. Mr. Beebe's bill relating to Congress Hall terminates the present lease 01 the building on the Hist f August, and places It in the market leased from the 1st ol September to the highest bidder until wanted to make way for the new Capitol. The present lease was granted by the Land Commissioners, and, ?trange as it may seem, is rented for the small pittance of $6,000 per annum, although there are, it is said, a score of parties who are willing to give three tunes that amount to secure the icase. Mr. Heebe had the bill referred to the Committee on Internal Affairs, but Mr. Ilusted had it afterwards relerred to the Committee on Ways and Means, on the ground that it was a sort of "appropriation" of the State. It is said that the reason why this house is allowed to remain at such a ridiculously small rental as $6,000 is, that a lew of the members of the liegislature and State officers every year get tbeir rooms, if not absolutely free of cost, at least at a great reduction from the regular rates. I know not what amount of faith can he pluced in stories that are current to this effect, but 1 give them simply' for what they are worth. The bill having been offered affter the 16th inst., cannot be considered,.unless by unanimous consent, before all bills introduced before the 16th inst. have been acted upon. So It is pretty certain it will 1101 have the ghoBt of a show. ARREST OF PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS. The Judiciary Committee of the Assembly this evening reported favorably on Mr. Charles u. Cornell's bill in relation to professional thieves, pickpockets, burglars, Ac. It is an excellent bill. It provides that any "professional" can be hauled up ou the affidavit of .anv remitable citi/.en and cured for in the Penitentiary alter proof of hie criminal bad character 1h given. Any "professional" iound at steamboat landings, hotels or railroad depots, can under the bill also be gobbled up at sight and put ont or barm's way. In view of the late depredations of the criminal classes In New York, this bill, when It Is made a law, as it certainly will be, will be a perfect Godsend lor the metropolis. RACING PROSPECTS. Monmouth Park, hong Brunch?Entries for K-rents Which Close May 1, 1873. Ths Hopkkui. Stakes?Value tsuo, added to a sweepstakes of SAO each, p. p., tor two-year olds: the second to receive $1(J0and the third 890 out of the stakes; to be run the second day ol the flrst meeting. July 8, 1873; halt a iii11<1. August Belmont's b. f. Theodora, by Kentucky, dam imp. Camilla. X August Belmont's b. f. Beatrice, by Kentucky, dam imp. Bcrnice. 3. M. II. Sanford'B b. f Bay Bush, by Lexington, dam Bay Leal. 4. M. H. San ford's ch. f. Lava, by Australian, dam Lavender. 5. M. A. Littell's b. c. Reform, by Leamington, dam Rtolen Kisses 6. Oden Bowie's b. c. Koeae Richards, by War Dance, dam Lvcrgrcen, by imp. (llcncoe. 7. D. J. Crnuse's b. I. Persimmon, by Revolver, dam by Daniel the Prophet. H. P. Lorillard's Imp. br. e. Haxon, by Beadsman, dam (llrasol. Iiv Enirliah AsteroiiL 9. curve A .vers' ch. c. Kruetus Corning, by Lightning, dam Nora Creamer. 10. John Chainberlin's b. c. Visigoth, by Asteroid, dam Vundalla, by VandaL 11. John F. Chamberlin's b. c. The Hoaxer, by War Dunce, dam Law of Sydney. 12. John P. Chainberlin's c.h. c. Weathercock, by Imp. Australiun. dam imp. Weathereoek. dam of Utile Mae, 13. John P. Chainberlin's ch. f. Carliua, by Planet, dum Ma/.urku, by Lexington. 14. K. Morris' b. t. Regardless. Iiy Eclipse, dam Barbarity, by Simoon. la. r\. Morris' h. c. by Eclipse, datn Slasher Barbarity mare. 10. J. Camp, Jr.'s, ch. c. by Kentucky, dam Zaidee, by Imp. Belshazzar. 17. Johu Coltec's br. I. by Leamington, dam .lessamiiie Porter. 15. John Coffee's b. f. Settle Norton, by J-euuilngtou, dam Long Nine, by l.ightmng. 19. H. V Mctirnth's b. c. Aaron Pennington, by Hpperary, dam Lucy Powler, by Imp. Albion. 20. U. P. McOrath's eh. f. Petty, by Tlppcrary, dam The Creek Slave, by Imp. Ulancoc. 21. I-eonard Jerome's b. 1. by Jerome Edgar, dam Chignon, by Halrowtne. 22. A. B. IjcwIh k Co.'s h. f. Vjindalite, dam Vesper Light, bv Vandal. 23. A. B. la:wis k fa's ch. f. Belle of Australia, dam U.uodtord Belle, by Australian. 24. A. Swigert's ch. c. Klkhoru, by imp. Australian, lain Klkhorns, by Lexington. Tiu' Moxmoutii Cor?Value fl.MIO, adiled to a sweepstakes id 9JO each, p. p.; the second lo receive $3tloatid the third plJOoiitol the stakes; to second day of test meeting, Julv H, 1S73; two aud a hall miles. 1. August Belmont's ch. I. Woodbine., 4 years, by Censor or Kentucky, dam imp. Kleur des Champs 2. D. Melianiel A Co.'s b. h. Tubman, a years, by War Dauuo, daui Lassuf Sydney. 3. D. McUaniel k Co.'s ch. c. Hubbard, 4 years, by Plauet, dam Minnie Mansfield. 4. M fl. Sanford'sb. h. Monarchist, J years, by Lexington duo Mildred 5. H II. Santord'sit. h. Preakness, 6 ?uurs, by Lcxlnx- i ton. daan Bay LeaL ft. M. A. Little's ?r m Mary Clark, 5 year a. by Lexinx- < tun, dam Eagles*. by Ulencoe. < 7. W. B Hancocks sill. Ii. lieltnhold, until, by Anstra- | ban. daui l.;ni u,h r . b. W. K Ha brock's ch. f. Ethel Spraguc 4 years, by . Jack Maleiie, dain Vesper Light. 9. I). J. (.'rouse's cb. c Business, 4 years, by Revolver, 1 dura siren < ID. .1 oil(j P. Cliautberlln's b. c. True Blue .4 years, by ( Lexington, .dam HallooU I II . John I' t'hainberlui'i b. c. Survivor, 3 years, by Vandal, dam by Lexington. JLZ II. P. M? death's b. n> Susan Ann, 6 years bv Lex ' ington, dam Bosaiinu. byTinp. ChesterOeliL f CJ Hire M Met'ortinek * eh h. Wanderer, 5 years, by I Lexington. daji Choral, by Vundal. I Thb July Syaaas? Value MOO, added to a sweepstakes of t $Weaeh,ii. o., for two-year-olds; the winner ol the n llouelul Slew s to carry 4 lbs extra ; the second to re ? eeive $I(IU and the tlnni $,Vi out ul the slakes; An be run fourth day ol tlie first loneting, July III, Jh73; tprec quarters ol a Mile. I I. August Belmont's Is c. Scratch, bv Kenuieky. dam I ,lm|i. Mtike. t it. August Belmsiat s ch. c. Bote 0y Bay, bv hum. Aus i Irallan. dam Bouui-t. 3. Auxyst HelinoNt's iiii|i. ct>. c kiax Amtnlens, hv King of Truing-, dam Amethyst. I ( 4. M. Ii. Satilnrd'ab I. lla.v Bush hy lexingtuti, dura | ' ff a,e leu. t ft! M. II. Sanford's eh. f. Lava, ly Austrultaii. dura ] a Lavender. f 6. M. A. Idttell'a b. t Reform, by Leamington, dura ' , Sty Ian Knse. ' 7. lidon Bowie's b. c. .Keene Rk'harik, bv War liasi.e, i I lara Ererxrw n. by imp Ulencoe. fc (t. 0. ,J. Oroiise's b. c. Culpep|ter, hy Revolver, dura , (l U?|ltle Annie, bv Kitigold ,, i. P. LorillarrT* imp. br c. Saxon, by ihadsman. da at I ,, JArasol. 4? English Asteroid. W. George Ayr***' ch. c. Lrastus Corning, by Lightning. " lam Nora/Ireii user. F XI. John I". Chatnherlin'a tlx c. Visigoth, Vy Asteroid, y lam Vandal is, by Vandal. a 12 John K L'haraberlln's b c. The Hoaxer, by War , Hats, dsiu Lasso) Sydney. .... . v it Juhn F\ Chawberlln's eh. r. Weaffwock, bv * iid? Australian, iluuj imp. Weathercock, dura .ol Little ? lac 14. Obawlterlta'a clp C Carolina, by Planet, dam Maurka-br Lexington. _ . x 15. fT*orris' b. L Jiegasdles*. by Eclipse, dam Barbarity, c v StriahsU ifi. r. 11 oids' b. C. by Eclipse, darn Slasher Barbarity re- , . . 17 John Coffee's Mr. f. bf Leainlagton, dain Jessamine 'orter. _ . .. 1H. John Coffee's b. f. Netae Norton, by learaliiRtuP. ? un lainx Ninr. by Lightning. f i 9. II. P. Meiirath'sb. c. Aaron I'eaaington, by Tip. M i arv.dam Luev Kowfer. by Wa|>. Albion. b m II. P. Metiraih sell I. Petty, hy Tipperary, dam The y eo k Slave, by linp. ulencoe. ? 21. Utouard Jerome's br. c. by Leamington, dam The , loan, lb*# by Glencoa ? XI. .Ii'iiws1 A. (Irinstead's b, e. Amadeus, by Rivoli, dam .CI ellie O ray, Jlara of AIroy. XI J antes A. Urmatead'a ch. 1. hy (iilroy, out Of dsn aP ( CrwHJprtl, ^y Muight VfPUV* ? s] I1 . m HBRALD, THURSDAY, it.A. n Lewis A Co.'a b. f. Vandaiite, dam Vesper LtirM, by Vandal. te A H. Lewis A Co.'a cli. f. Dollti ol Australia. dam Kfciixlford Bulks by Australia*. Tub Mean d MwcnrsrAaas.?Value $3,000, added to sweepstakes ol $180 each, P J>., Ibrall ages; second to receive $5011, and One third $250 out ol the stake*; to be run fourth dav ol the drat meeting, July 10, 1879; four mile heat* 1. D. Mr Daniel A Co.'a b. h. Tubman, 6 years, by War Daucu, dam Las* ol Sydney. A 0. Mr Daniel A Co.'a ch. c. Uubbard, 4 year* by Planet, dam Mutate Mansfield. 1 H.d. Banford'a b. h. Preakneaa, 6 year* by Le.xington.alaiu Hay Leal'. 4. M A. Llttell'g gr. in. Mary Clark, 8 year* by Lexington, dam Ragles* by imp. (llcncoe. 5. w. R. Rabcock'a cb. h. Hetmbold, aped, by Auatraliaa. 4am Lavender. 0. 0?hn K. Cbamberlln's tfh. c- Whcatley, 4 year* by War Uance, dam by Imp. Oteacoe. 7. John K. Clinmberlin's b.?. True Blue, 4 year* by lieAington, dam Hullon. 8. H. P. Mctlrath'sb. u* Susan veavs, by Le*liHtton, dam Roxanna. by tap. Chesterfield 4 Riee A McCormick'* %. in. Annie Bush, 8 yeara, by 'Lexington, dam Banner, tjy Albion. . , 10. Rice A McCormtck'a b. f. Bessie Lee, 4 yeara, by 'Hunter's Lexington, dam by Chorister. Trk Monmouth fiKyORi. Stares?Value $880, added to a sweepstakes of $50?acb, p. p., for thiwe-ycarolils, *?i ner of the Jersey Defby stake* to carry 5 lbs. extrA; aeconil to receive $200 anil the third $100 out ol the atukea ; to he rua 'On the tilth day of the ftrat nice imp. July 12, 1873; two mHoa. 1. Auiiual Helinowt's ch. c. Periwinkle, by Kentucky, <1 it in imp. Plrur dee Champa. 2. Aupuat Belmanfs ch. c. Count d'Oraay, hy Kcntwky, dam l<ady BleaHington. 8. M. II. kanford's ch. g. Milton, by Planet, dam Mildred. 4. M. A. Llttell'sbr. c. Wizard, by Concord, dam Dolly Morgan, by Rewenuc. 5. Bahcock A Ransom's b. c. Ransom, by Asteroid, dam Banner. fi. D. J. Crousr'sch f. Hntire, by Revolver, dam Wren. 7. John R Cliamherlin'a b. c. Survivor, by Vandal, dam bv Lexington. 8. John P. Chninberhn's cb. e. Lord Jersey, by War Dance, dam by imp. Olencoe. 9. John R (Ttninberlln'a h. f. Mary Constant, by War Dunce, dam lotaa of Sydnev. 1U. H. I*. Metlrnth'i b. c. Arttat, by Asteroid, dam Kairy, by imp. Knight of 8t Oeorge. 11. James a. (Irinstead's cb. f. by Lightning, dam Tokav. i>v hup. Yorttshlre. 12. .lainee A. (irinstoud'a ch. e. by imp. AusCtallun, out ol dum nl Ha/nuie, by imp. Olencoe, IS A H Lewis A Co.'a b. c. Joe Johnston, by Hunter's 1* mm ton, dum hy Oliver. 14. J. W. Wcldoii's ch. c. Warlike, by War Dance, dam by Captain Beard. Thb TiiaaeiAN Stakes?Value $500, added to ft aweep. staacsot touearn, p. p., wr iwo jrcirom; t,ne second to receive $1110 nml tho third $1)0 out of tt?e stake*; to ho i run ground day of the second meeting, Jui.v 16, 1K73; i <|iiui f?TM of a mile. i 1. A in; nst Hilniont's t>. t. Theodora, by Kentucky, dam imp. fainillu. I 2. August Belmont's b. f. Countess, by Kentucky, data , Lady Blesslngton 3. August Belmont's b. 1. Beatrice, by Kentucky, dam imp. Hrrnice. 4. M. H. Huntord'sb. f. Bay Bugh, by l#xington, daen Bay issnl. ft. M. H. Hanford'g ch. f. Lava, by Anstraliun, dam Lav- , ender. ti. ttdrn Bowie's b, c. Kcene Richards, by War Dance, dam Evergreen, bv imp. tllcurnc. . 7. P. Lorillurd'N imp. br. c. Huron, by Bradaman, dam (lirasol. by English Asteroid. A John F. Chsmberlin's b. c. Visigoth,by Asteroid,darn Vamlalia, by Vandal. 9. John r. Chutnberlin'g b. c. The Iloazer, by War Dance, dam La.?s of Sydney. 1U. John V. Uhainbrrlin's ch. c. Weathereact. by imp. Australian, dam. imp. Wcathcrwitch, rUuu of Little Hue. 11. John P. Chnmherlin's ch. I. Carlton, by Planet,datu Mazurka, by Lextaglon. 12. K. Morris' b. f. Regardless, by Kcdlpse. dam Barbarity, by Simoon. 13. K. Morris' b. c. by Eclipse, dam Slasher Bar baa I ty mare. 14. J. ramp, Jr.'s ch. c. by Kentucky, dam Zuider, by imp. BelshH/.znr. I ft. John Coffee's br. f. by Leamingtnu. dam Jessamine Porter. lf>. John Coffee's b. f. Nettie Norton, by Leamington, dntn Lone Nine, by Lightning. 17. H. P. Mctlrath's b. c. Anron Pennington, by tfippcrary, dam Lucy Kowlrr, by into. Albion. 1H. II. P. Mctlrath's ch. f. Potty, by Tippcrary, dam Tlic Orock Slave, by imp. Clencoo. 19. Leonard Jerome's b. I. by Jerome Edgar, dam Chignon, by Kalrownie. 21). James A. flrinstuud's b. f. by Clverston, dam ToRay, by intp. Yorkshire. 21. A. B. Lewis A Co.'a b. f. Vandallte.dam Vesper Light, by Vandnl. 22. A. B. Lewis A Co.'s ch. f. Belle ef Australia, dam Woodford Belle, by Australian. 23. I>. Swigcrt's ch. c. Klkhorn, by imp. Australian, dam Klkhorn, by Islington. Thk Lono Branch Stakes?Value $900, added toa sweepstakeHof(.30eaeh, p. p., for oil ages; to carrv 100 His.; mares and geldings allowed 3 lbs. ; $100 to second, $110 to third; to be run second day of the seoond meeting, July 10, 1873; one and thrce-iiuarter miles. 1. M. II. Sanford's b. b. Preakucxs, 6 years, by Lexington. dam Buy Leal. 2. W. K. Buhcoek'sb. It. Conductor, aged, by Australian, dam Nettie VUey. 3 D. J. Crousc's br. h, Chillicotlie, 6 yeara, by Lei-ing ton, <lum Mine, by Yorkshire. 4. John bough ruin's htk. g. Herald, aped,-by Imp. Free, (lain Kosette, by Imp. Yorkshire, ft. John F. Chamberlin's eh. e. Wheatley, 4 years, Iry War Hance, dam by Imp. dlenroe. 6. John F. Chumherlin's b. c. True Blue, 4 years; by Lexington, dam Balloon. 7. Andrew Allan's Imp. hr. h. Burgundy, 6 years, ny Claret, (lain Miss Jephson, hv Leamington. H. J. Camp, Jr.'h eh. Ii. Alroy, & years, by Imp. A ax tralinn, dam Nellie drey. 9. J. Camp, Jr.'sch. h. Sanford, 7 yearn, by Uncle Vic, dam Dolly Carter. ID. II. v. Mcdrath's blk. in. Lucy Jackson, 7 years, by Kndorser, dam Lucy Fowler, by imp. Albion. 11. A. C. Franklins b. in. Arizona, ftyears, by Lexington, duin Imp. 7,one by The Cure. 12. Frederick L. Hart's hr. g. The Moor (late John Doe), 4 years, bv Lexington, dam Lucy Fowler. 18. J. W. Weldon' tn. Marv Louise, 6 years, by Lightning, dam by imp. Sovereign. 14. W. CottriU's eh. f. Suueebox,? years, by Star Davis, dam Skedaddle, by Lexington. Tub AnottsT Stakks?Value $900. added to a sweepstakes of $90 eaeh, p p., for two-year-olds; winners of the Thespian Stakes to carry ft lbs. extra; second to receive $IUI and the third $90 out of the stake ; to he run lourth dav of the second meeting, July 19, 1 "73; one mile. I. 'August Behnont's b. c. Scratch, by Kentucky, dam Imp. Fluke. 2. August Belmont's eh. c. Botany Bay, by imp. Australian, dam Bonnet 3. M. H. Sanlord's b. I. Bay Bush, hy Lexington, dam Bay Leaf. 4. M. H. Sanlord's ch. f. Lava, by Australian, dam Lavender. 5. I', Lortllard's imp. br. e. Saxon, by Beadsman,, dam dirasol, by Knglish Asteroid. 6. (ieorge Ayers' ch. c. Krastus Corning, by Lightning, dam Nora t.'reatner. 7. John F. Chatuhcrlin's b. c. Visigoth, by Asteroid, dam Vandalla, hv Vandal. 8. John K Chamberlin's b.c. The Hoaxer, by War Dance, dam latss of Sydney. 9. John F. Chumberlin's ch. c. Weathercock, hy Imp. Australian, dam imp. Weathcrwitch, (Mm ot Little Mac. 10. John F. Chamberlin's ch. f. Carliua. by I'lunct, dam Mazurka, bv Lexington. 11. F.Morris' b. I. Kegardlrss, by Kclipse, dam .Barbarity. bv Simoon. 12. F. Morris- b. c. by Kclipse, dam Slasher Barbarity mare. 18. John Coffee's br. f. by Leamington, dam Jessamine Porter. 14. John Coffee's b. f. Nettie Norton, by U-amington, dam Long Nine, br Lightning. Ift. II. P. Mcdrath's ti. c. Aaron Pennington, by Tlpperary, dam Lucv Fowler, by imp. Allium. 16. H. P. Mcdrath's ch. t. Petty, by Tlpperary, dam The itrre* nin, cv imp meni'W. 17. Leonard Jerome's br. c. by Leamington. dam The Gioamin', by Gleneoe. IS. A. B. Lewis* I'u.'?b. f. Vundalitr,dam Vesper light, by Vandal. 19. A. H. Lewis A Co.'* eh. f. Belle of Australia, dam Woodford Belle, by Australian. BTEA1H ON CANALS. a Alerting of the Society of Prnctlcnl Engineer!?A n Interesting Paper by James C. Bayles. The society of Practical Engineers met last night at the rooms of the tibographical Society in Cooper Institute. Mr. James C. Hay It s read an interesting paper upon "The Mechanical Adaptation of Steam to the Movement of Canal Tonnage." The subject hud been extensively, though sometimes not very Intelligently, discussed by the daily press, he said. Propellers were run on the canal some time ago. Side-wheel steamers ought to be run on the canal If t hey .could carry ireight eiough to make It pay. | The largest class of Investors had failed because no boat bad carried freight enough. Boats carrying Ireight could not be built economically, and could not be made to pay. Two hundred tons represented the bouts' maximum DUrden. The engiues represented a considerable weight, and by the loss of lot ty-lour tous per trip t became evident that soeh steam propulsion was uipracticable because unprotltaOle. The monopoly )t the horse boat was greater now than It had been .welve years ago. Tucy must seek some new and uore economical method of applying stcun to -auals. There were T.oon good boats in canal seridct This tonnage could net be superseded bv iteain power. Train traction was not only posslole ?ut economical Some method of traction must be uhiptcd by which loaded boats could be moved lu nil in at a speed of no less t ban three miles an hour, ind ivlth enough boats to a train to make the lystcoi econoiiiiciil as compared with the system of aorlflg single bmfi dj borssa. This would require 10 exjwnse ior alterations oi any kind?nothing. In uct, but that the boats should be attached to the ibject which furnished the traction power, and be nude as cheaply, li not. more cheaply, than If they eere drawn by horses. It had been sugrested tlutt this tra- tion power could i?e econoulcally furnished by ateam carriages runtiingoa the wpatli, twit he thought that the towpath was leldoin |u condition to aiTurd a good roadway for nglnes ol this pattern. He thought the 'twist netnod of supplying steam would be by neans of tugs pwiscssmg sufficient enrtne power to do the wwcjc required if them, and utilizing that power hy?ome method if paddle construction. What wau needed for the iwrial was a system that should get out of the pad* lies, whatever their shape or arrangement, all the lower or the engine. The screw and the paddle rere too wasteful of power, some radically new ystetn of propulsloo was nee/led, which shall put he engine lorce into the niovenicnt of the boat as fleetualiy as the oar put* the power of muscle oto the propulsion of a skiff. 7'his was tbcjirobrati (bat was i? tie solved. 1 Tl?c conclusion* of the speak*r were received rlth marks of iin?robaUon, and after u lengthy dm- < uoslon the moetusg adjourned. Died. Mowabtv,?At the .residence of his mother, 322 last. Mfty-flrst street, nfter a short lliuess, Kitoknk X. Mokiahty, son or the l?te Kdwaru Fitzgerald < loriarty, ol Dingle, r,ounty Kerry, Ireland, and rotlier of the Rev. J. J. Monnrty, of Chatham f lliage, N. V.. and nephew or the Rev. J. w, John . and Dr. M. R. J. O'sollivan, of New York city; iso nephew of the late Mir Tiiotna* Woriarty. lio*? >u.>mon, Ireland, aged -21 years and J months. Nofice ol funeral hereafter. Other jjtuiha tux Fvurth fag*J , 1 MARCH 20, 1873.?TRIPL] SHIPPING NEWS. AlmM?e for New Vorh?Title Dny. tVH AND MOON. HIOH WATHR. Pnn Tints 0 03 Gov, Island eve 12 37 Sun wsr 0 12 Sandy Hoolc..morn 11 52 Moon riHoM...moru llotl Gate......-eve 2 22 OCEAN STEAMERS. PATHS OP DRPARTWRK PHOM NBW YORK POB THM MONTHS OH MARCH AND APRIL. Mauiim | .Sails. | lJestin<U-on. Offire. Westphalia IM'ch 20..tHuintmiy. 61 Broadway. "Baltic |MVR 22 . Liverpool., 19 Broadway. City of New York. |M'ch 22.. Liverpool. Io Broadway Viliede Paris M'ch 22.. Havre 58 Broadway Morel M'ch 22.. Bremen 2 Bowline Green Australia M'ch 22.. (Harrow... 7 Bowling Green Greece M'ch 26.. Liverpool. 69 Broadway. Wisconsin M'ch 26 Liverpool.. 29 Broadway. nlympia M'ch 26.. Glasgow.... 7 Bowling Green Thuriniria M'ch 27.. i Hamburg. 161 Hroudway. Cityol Paris IM'ch 29.. Liver pool.. 115 broad way. Celtic iM'ch 29.. Llveroooi..119Broadway. Victoria IM'ch 29.. Glasgow?|7 Bowling Green ,i Bg.vut |M'ch 29.. Liverpool . |69 Broadway. Khein 'IM'ch 29. Bremen.... |2 Bowline Green America ;| April 2.. Bremen |2 Bowling Green Nevada 'I April 2.. Liverpool.. 120 Broadway llolsatia >| April 3.. Hamburg.. |61 Broad way. Holland April 5.. London 69 Broadway. CltvotMontreal. April 5.. Liverpool.. 15Broadway. Atlantic 4 April 6.. Liverpool.. 19Broadway. L'nnada , April 5.. Liverpool.. 69Broadway. Ht l?upent April 6.. Havre 58 Broadway. Weser /April 6.. Bremen?12 Bowling Green Cityol Bristol April 10.. Liverpool.. 115 Broadway. HepabMc i April 12.. Liverpool..|19Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH 19, 1873. CLEARED. HtoamilhiriTWirthia (Br), Watson, Liverpool via Qucenstowti?'C U Franckiyn.

Steamship Manhattan (Br), Price, Liverpool via QueensSown?Williams A (Juion. Steamship Perit, Chester, Hamilton?New York and West Indian Steamship Co. SteamshipUenSedgwick, Evans, New Orleans?C H Mailory A Co. Steamship Benefactor, Jones, Philadelphia?Lorillard -Steamship Co Ship Protector (Nor), Maroni, Dunkirk?Funcb, Kdyc A Co. Balk-George (Ger), Scgelkin, Bremen?Chas Luling A 'Co. Bark Urmi (Swe), Dahlberg, Stettin?Tetcns A Bock man it. Hark Geo Kingman, Hammond, Genoa?Russell, Howes A Co. Bark M W Brett, Davis, Matnnzaa?Brett. Son A Co. Brig Fanny Beck (Bri, Evans, Gibraltar tor orders?? F i Btilley. * Brig Candida/.za Lauro (Ital), Laura, Marseilles?A P I - Agrestu. Brig Holly Brown, Matthews, Cardenas?Brett, Hon A Co. Brig Raven, Spencer, Cardenas?Himpeon, Clapp A Co. Brig J Howland, Ryder, Hamilton?Miller A Houghton. Schr Sunbeam, Williams, Santa Crua?Yates A Porterfield. SchrWm D Daislcy, Dalsley, Point a Pitre?B.J Wenberg. t-chr Wellington (Br), Strum, Porto Plata?J F Whitney A Co. Selir E A Dcllurt, I'inkham, Buracoa?E Puig A Co. Schr Constitution, Smith, Jacksonville?Von Bruut A Bro. Schr Franklin Bell, Saxton, Richmond?Slaght A Petty. Schr J U Scguine, French, Yorktown?Overton A Hawkins. Schr Evelyn, Palmer, Stamford?Stamford Manufacturing Co. Sloop James Henry, Kerns, New Haven?Rackett A Bro. Steamer Mayflower. Fulta. Philadelphia. ARRIVALS. REPORTED BY THE 1IKRAI.D STEAM YACHTS AND HERALD WHITKSTONK TELEGRAPH LINK. Steamship Ernst MoriU Arudt (Ger), lireyer, London, Feb 27, via Havre, March 4, with utdse ami 3B8 passengers to C Raminclsbcrg A Co. Steamship Henry Chuuncey. Gray, Aspinwall Mareh 11, with mdsc and passengers to the Pacific Mail Steamship co. Steamship City of Havana, Dcaken, Havana March 15, with mdsc and passengers to K Alexandre A Sons. Ship Kurly Morn (of Dundee), Furstiiun, Hong Kong, Nov 28, with tea to A A Dow Bros, passed Anjicr Dee 19, Cape of Good Hope .Tan 17. St Helena Jun 26, and crowed the K(|iiator Keh 18, Ion 30. .'Ml W ; hud light winrisand calms the entire passage; Feb i6 lat 2 S, Ion 20 W. spoke sclir Stella trom St John's harbor, N F, for I'omnmbuco; 2ft days oat ; 17th. lat, 0.3 S, long 20. 16 W, exchanged signals with a bark showing first distinguished pendant, 06 80 from Conceptloa.for Queenttown; 18th, lat 2:4U S, ion 27 W bark Arlnutus, from shields, for Rio Janeiro. 70 days out Ship lloratio (of New Bedtord), Hardy, Manilla, Nov 18, with sugar and hemp to Fruncls liathuway. Had light winds down the China Sea; passed Angicr Dec 11, Cape of Good Hoik1 Jan 19; had light southeast trades to the Kijuator; crossed Feb 18 in long West; had strong northeast trades to 1ft North, since then light wind to Bermuda, thence strong variable wind to Hatteras. which we passed lftth itist. Dec 20, Mr Ezra Scove 11, of Kssex, Conn, chief olllcer, died of conjostion ot the liver, , and was buried at sea; March 13, in lat32N, Ion 74 W, saw the steamship Ocean tjuecn. hound south. Ship Liverpool, LainlierL London Jan IA, and Isle of Wight 24th, with tndsc to Urtnuell, Minturu A Co. Made i a southern passage mid had fine weather. Ship Mngdalena (tier), Henko, llrcinen 39 davs, with ] imlsc to C Lullng A Co. Took the northern passage and had variable weather to the Banks; thence 10 davs, with heavy W and NW gales; lost and split kails, stove bulwarks. Ac. Ship Grahams Polly, Burgess, Havre Jan 20, via Tybee March 14, with indse to J Atkins, Jr. Bark Nancy (Dutch), Pedersott, Probollngo, Oct 13, with sugar to Vernon M Brown A Co; passed Java Head Nov ; 12, Cape Good Hope Jan I. Aserncion Jan 23, and crossed the Kquatnr Feb I, in Ion?*; hud tine weather to lat 25 N ; since, heavy W und NW gales. March 4. lat 20 12. Ion 62. spoke schr Amelia, of and troin St John, NB, for Matanzus, with loss of foreboom and part of deck load, und tore and mainsails split; the captain hud died of smallpox the day previous; put on board our mate to navigate her and one seaman to assist, aad In exchange took the second mute and one seaman from the schooner; she would proceed to her destination. Bark Kunkerdta (Nor), Molbaeli, Newcastle 60 days, with tndsc to H A F W Meyer ; vessel to Funch, Edye A Co. Had fine weather; was 9days W ot Bermuda. Bark Jenny (NU). Wierlchs, Hamburg. Dec 2ft, and the Lizards Jan 28, with mdsc to F Schwann. Took the Southern passage, and had light variable weuther; lias been 11 davs west ol Bermuda; Feb 17, lat 24 N, ion 83 VV, spoke bark Jason (NU), trom Bremen lor Savannah, 60 days out; March 3. lat 21 N. lou 57 W, hark 1'sknii (Russ). from Hull lor Baltimore; 8th, lat 26 N. Ion 68 W, bark Kduar.l (NG), trom Rotterdam tor Philadelphia. Hark Galveston (Ger), Kohenkaran. Bremen 66 days, with mdse to C Luting A Co. Took tlie northern passage I and had heavy W and HW gales throughout; stove boat, bulwarks, Ac; was 2ftdays W of the Banks. Bark Johann Kepler (NG), Spiller, Bremen 39 days, with nvdsaand 39 passengers to H Koop A Co. Took the northern passage, and hud fine weather te the Banks: thence 27 .days, witn heavy W ami NW gales. March 1, lat 41, Ion 84, encountered a severe hurricane from NW, lasting Sclavs; lost anil split sails. Bark Jennie Cobb, Packard, Pensaeala 10 days, with lumber to Snow A Burgess. Brig George I.ntinicr lot Baltimore), Wilson. St John's, PK, 14 days, with sugar to J V Omtavia A Co; vessel to master. Had strong northerly winds; has been it days liorlii of llatteras; March 14, HO miles HE of Hatteras, spoke an Italian brig, trom Naples lor Baltimore, 07 days out. Br? Ida (of Liverpool, N8), Smith. May-ague*, PR, 18 days,iwlth sugar to order; vessel to Boy?l A Kiucken. lla'd strong NW gales to llatteras; lost and split sails, curried away toretopsall yard. Ac. Brig John Swan. Ktimball, Clenlnegos 20 ilavs, with sugar to Moses Taylor A Co; vessel to Hand A Swan ; had strong N W galea the entire passage; lost iibtioom, topsail yard and chain plates; been fl days north of Hattcrae. Schr Harry White (of Brunswick, Me), Hopkins Domerara 18duys with sugar to Edwin Howe; vessel to Miller A Houghton. Had tine weather. March 18, 12 tniles K of Bariiegai. passed a vessel sunk, foremast out of water; had a gilt hall on the head of the mast. Sclir Harry C Shepparil. Clark, Mosquito Tnlet, Pla, 7 davs with live oak to swltt Bros: vessel to Overton A Hawkins Schr Annie Bliss Simmons Savannah 7 days with lumber to T m Jllayhew A Co; vessel lo S C Loud A Co. Schr L S Davis Bishop, Charleston Dec I, via Bermuda 17 davs, with cotton, Ae, to Jonas Smith A Co. Had flue weather lr/>m Bermuda. The LSD put Into Bermuda in distress, before reported. Schr Kidgewood, Henderson, Georgetown, SC. .1 days with naval stores to Dollncr A Potter; veiecl to K D lltirl burt A Co. Schr Ida Bulla, Fisher. Wilmington, NC, S days, wltli naval stores to h Powell. Schr Geo II lloyt. Deacon, Virginia. Sclir Ida Grant. Cowdrlek, Virginia. Sclir Ailelia H, Vannaman, Egg Harbor. Panned Throngh Hell Gate. borsn soi'tb. Steamship Neptune, Baker, Boston lor New York, with autlse ami oassejigers to II F Diuioek Sclir Kobt Ripley, Cobb, Providence tor Virginia. Schr Willow Hai o, New Haven lor New York Sclir Clarissa Allen, Hoilgdon, New IIutcii for New York. N'-hr Kate t'onoor, Rvan. Glen Cove fer New York. Schr Llc/ie, Taylor, New London for New York. Sehr II hllis, Corrlr, Kali River for New York . Katie ,1 Mori, Arnold, New Haven lor Baltimore. Sehr fcva, Sherman, Providence lor New York 8elir Eva. Bovd, Mirhrnok lor New York Srfcr Avail, Smith. Providence lor New York. Scler R H Wilson. Harris. Oreenporl lor New York Schr Ellen Morrison, Dodge, Providence lor New York. Schr J II Barlletl, Harris. Urecnport lur New York. 8ehr Turi|iiin, Chndwlek, Providence for New York. i 8ehr Argo, Bcsse, VYarelinm lor New York. I , Sclir Ontario. Barbour. Providence lor New York. Sehr Inn. Bliss, Kail River lor New York. Sclir Vartha P King, (Jarvev, Northport for New York. Bclir Kstelle, GrifTlths. Soutfiport tor New York. Schr Jiul.v Fourth, Cobb, Bridgeport for New York. 8chr Gol Kddy, Deanc, Providence fi r New York. Sclir Annie .1 Russell, Miller. Fail River for New York, i Sehr I.una, Wells, Su.vbreok lor New York Sehr Helen P, Jones, New Bedlord for New York. ! Sehr D L Hturges, Chase, New Bcdn rd lor New York. Sehr (I A Harden, Green, New llaven lor New York, sehr Bruno*. Tryon, Norwich lor New York. Sehr Win llaydnn. Walsh, New llavea lor New York. Sehr Liberty. Johnson. Norwalk lor New York. Sehr K Anderson, Johnson. Norwalk lor New York. Sehr O C Acken, Hood, Stamford lor New York. Sehr Orlando smitn. Ferris, Portehester tor New York. Schr Clara Poet, Ferns, Portehester lor New York. Steamer Dorla, Young, Providence lor New York, with mdse and paaaenucr*. BOUND EAST. Brig Arabella <Br). Brady, New York lor Halifax, NS. Sehr Win Giliutu. Mehaftev, New York for .Middietown. Sehr Duroo, New York for Portland, sehr M R Carlisle, North rap. New York lor Providence. Htthr J C Crafts, Kennedy, New York lor Portland Sfihr Wm F Burden, Adams, New York tor Providence. Sehr M K Ulldorslttcve, Garvcy, Delaware lor Pall limor. Sehr Rachel Jane, Taylor, New York for Bristol. Sehr Amos Kalkenburg, itackett, New York lor ProvL lence. _ Sehr H P Diverty, Nltkcroon, New York for Provilence. Sehr Jed Frye. Langlev, Hoboken for Boston. Hohr R J Mercer. Raekelt, New York for Providence Sehr Oem, Thomas, New York lor Rockland Sehr Isaac Rich, Ryan, New York for Portland. Scnr Aaliox ? Parker, Carpenter, New York Ibr Glen love. Sehr Samuei P Godwin, Watertiury, New York for Mamford. Steamer Dorl*. Young, New York for Providenee. Steamer Delaware, smith, New York I or Norwicn. SAILED. Btcamabius Fartltia, a^d MapL?tian, Urtrpvoli t E SHEET. Tstnallla, flbtsgow, rem, Bermuda; Oen Redirwte*, *> Orleans: Imrks Com Dupont, Montevideo; Cardenas, Havana ibritg* Springbok. Liverpool; Kcualiaw, Ureytown, Nic ; Wat Mallory, Jr, Galveston. Ttlegrspbk Marine Correspondence, Nkwpokt, Kl, March 19, 1H73. Arrived, schr It 8 Bridges from Pembroke, loaded with mslaases; lost main topmast stays Ac, during the recent heavy gale; reports experienced heavy weath er. Hehr A Hammond, from Hobokcn for Bostou, coal laden, which was brought in here in a sinking condition and grounded on Uravelly Point, has been got afloat and is now discharging tier cargo at Commercial Wharf, it having been sold to American Steauiboa t Co. Marine Misstaters. Rtkamship Pkterhbubg? Most sf the cargo of tea of steamer Petersbur (Br), from Aiuoy, Ac. lor New York, before reported wrecked at Bermuda, was owned by New York parties, Mr K W Corless having 21,000 packages. About .1000 packages were owned In Boston. The vessel was valued about $110,000. and with her freight money, amounting to about $30,000, was Insund in Kngland. The cargo was largely insured in New York and Philadelphia offices. The Delaware Mutual Couipauy are reported to have $80,000. 8iiir Orach Darling, Bllven, at Ran Francisco March 10 trom Newcastle, NSW, reports Feb IS, ('has Strauss, a native of Denmark, fell overboard and was drowned. < Hark CumicA (Br), fit) days from Liverpool for Baltimore, was spoken March d, lat 30 31, Ion M) 42, by bark Kliza Alice (Hr), at Philadelphia 18th. and reported having lost maintopmast two days previous. Harm Maryland (Nor), 21 days from Pensacola lor Granton (Scotland), was spoken March 7. lat 31, Ion til 10, leaking aud with cargo shifted; was making lor 8t Thomas. Brig W. (Iokdon (Br), nt Vineyard Haven 19th, from St John, NH, was in contact with schr Ahhie II liodcninti, reported below, night ol 18th, while coining into port and broke uialntopmast and tore mainsail. The schooner had her martingale broken, bobatay carried away and received oilier slight damage; will repair before proceeding. Rcna Chas C Wakhkn?Boston, March 19?The schr Chas C Warren, of and from Gloucester lor New York, Is ashore on Wood End. hut will probably be got ofl' on the next tide. Bl-ha John McApahs, Montgomery, from Charleston Feb 17 for New tlaven. on Feb 21, when in lat 35 (MS, Ion 7628, experienced a severe northwest idle, lost foresail, Htore galley anil commenced leaking; on tne 22d, in lat 74 911, took n northwest gale, lasting 5 days, during which ahe lost her main guff, storehoat and continued leaking badly; threw otf 15,001) feet of plank and lour sticks ol timber; on the 27th took a SK gule, lat 37 12, long 73 20; on the 28th NW gale, blowing liard, with snow and rain; March 8, a sea struck the stern and quarter, which caused the schooner to leak worse; all hands at pumps four days anil then stopped from exhaustion ; threw balance of deckload overboard, which eased her Iruui 3,700 strokes per hour to 150; March 9, hourded German bark and got.provisions; arrived atNew Havenl'Jlli, having -been 28 days at sea. Sena ttKuum, at Portland 17th from Savannah, reports was 20 days Not Hatteras, and had a succession oi NW gales; was blown to Ion 70; lost, bohstay, started bowsprit, opened waterway seams, starting a bad leuk; was obliged to keep pumps going to iree her. Sena Annuo E (Br), Pyc, at St John, NB. March 13 from New York, had been ashore at Musquash. Damage, if any, not reported. Sena N A Kahwki.l, Farnham, from Wilmington, NO, for Boston, ashore near Urton Light, below the former port, remained there 14th. Fisbinu Schr E L Rows, Welch, of and from Gloucester for Georges Hank, ran on the Black Kock, at the mouth ol Gloucester Harbor, 17th inst, and was assisted off 18th by US revenuo cutter Hamilton, Capt Davis. Damage supposed slight. IIlackwali., March 4?The Zoroaster, frsm New York, has been tiwed to the south West India Dock, with loss of mainmast, lulzentopmast, Ac. (Irkknock, March 4?The bark Mary E Camphell, from Troon for Boston, with pig iron, arrived at the Tailed the Bank yesterday, having had to put hack from seu in a leaky condition, She will be discharged and repaired here. Hono Kon<i, Jan 23?IIM8 Curlew arrived here from the l.oochno Islands Jan 13, having on board five survivors of the Beuures. Anderson, whlcn was lost in October j during a cyclone, on the island of Okinawii-Shna. The following are the names of the kurvivorsWin Kaillie, Wm Dlunell, Peterson, Chas Westburn and llarold Palmer (apprentice), Halifax, N8, March 10?The brig Royal Sovereign, of St John, which left Cape Cunso on the 11th instunt, encountered a heavy gale, with snow and endeavoring to return struck on Glasgow Head and filled. The vessel unci cargo have been condemned and sold. HtTuuwall Roaiib, March 4?The brig Sybil Wvnn, for Montevideo (belorc reported tor New Orleans), was supplied with new water tanks to-day Irom .Liverpool, uud will be ready lor sea to-morrow. Miscellaneous. Purser Herman H Trost, of the steamship Henry Chuuncey, from Aspinwall, will accept our thanks lor promptly forwarding our tiles and despatches. Ship Bknoal, of Boston. 997 tons, built at South Boston in 1H61, has been sold by Messrs Curtis A Peabody, understood at about $48,000, Sloop Jamkh Morran, 20.71 tons, was sold lftth inst for $1500 by Wm Godfrey and >V E Loundes to C W and W U Hoyt, all of Norwalk, CL The Scarcity or Hmrrtifa.?Large sized vessels suited to the European trade continue scarce, and in tact vessels ot all sixes continue in uetnaml tor ali quarters. All the room of the European steamers is generally engaged Crevious to their urrivul, and sailing vessels are engaged elore they reach port The vessels now encaged to load tor foreign ports are the Br steamer Austrian, tor LivcrSiool; Br ship Lyra, lor do. and ship Crimea, to arrive, for lo, trie former loaded and ready; French ship Robur, tor Gucenstown; barks Adelaide and May Oueen, lor Rio Janeiro; Danish barks Faiters Minde and Berth Rod, latter to arrive, lor the Baltic hark Heroine, tor Martinique; German barks Inca, and Gauss, the latter to arrive, for Bremen; Br bark Natal, tor the West Indies; Br bark Palestina, tor Cuba; Br bark Presto, for Europe; Br bark St Lawrence, for Deinerara; Br brig C K C, for Irelund; Holland brig Ceres, for Rotterdam; German brig Klche. tor Europe.; brigs .lenuie Morton and M C Haskell, for the West Indies; Swedish brig Oscar, for Great Britain: brig Proteus, tor Cubu; Norwegian brig Skoskuimnarer, lor Europe; Italian brig Sollccito, lor Great Britain ; schr Helen A Locke, lor Nassau; John Atwood, for St Thomas; Louisa A Orr, fordo; Martha M Heath, tor Mexico; S T Raker, for the West Indies, und several others, names not mentioned.?Baltimore paper, March 17. Onc-hulf of schr Ella Jane, of Bridgeport, Ct, 70.62 tons, formerly owned by S T Allen, deceased, was sold 18th Inst to Clias II Allen and Clias T Allen, ol Bridgeport, for j $3000. One-quarter of schr Phebe Elizabeth, of Bridgeport, i 61.62 tons, changed hands 18th inst: seller, W H Adams; purchaser, Capt Jos Mupes; price $600. Notice to Almrlnera. Halifax, NS. March 19?The government have arranged ; for erecting a temporary lighthouse at Digby, upon the i site of the one burned on Sunday night. Whalemen. New London, Mareh 17?A cable message from London, received to-day. reports the arrival at Cape Town of hark | Roman. Swain, ot NL, with 121)0 bbls oil Irem Desolation i and Heard Islands, lor New London. Also that schr Ros- I well King, Fuller, NL. is hound home, with 800 bbls oil. All well. I crew captured a right whale oil Southampton yesterday afternoon. It will make from 30 to aft bbls oil. Spoken. Steamship Japan, Howard, Irom San Francisco for Yo- I kohaiua aud Hong Kong, March 4, lat aft.'tu N, Ion 132 20 W. Steamship Polynesian (Br), Frown, from Portland for ' Liverpool, March 17, lal 43 11, Ion til 40. Ship Archibald Fuller (Br). Kite, troin Liverpool for ; San Francisco. Feb 2, lat 1030 N, Ion 21 30 W. Bark Crimea (Br), Glover, Irom Liverpool for Baltimore, March 6, lat 30 lift, ion fi'J 49. Bark Medusa (reported Am), bound W, Dec 14. lat 57 ft ' 8, ion 73 31 W. Bark Blenheim (Br), Cottier, from San Franeitico for Queenstown, Jan 14, lat 24 ft* s, Ion 23 26 W. ' Bark Wrou (Ger), Poppo. from Bremen via Plymouth Jail 27 for New Orleans, Feb t>. latSM. Ion 19. Bark Maryland (Nor), Fredrithscn, from Pensacola for Grantun (Scotland), March 7, lat SI, Ion W> 10. Bark Max (Ger), troiu Amsterdam lor Baltimore (so reported), March 9, lat 27 ft. ion 70 20. Brig ft C Shaw (Br), Bell, troin Baltimore for Porto Rico, March 4, lat 3130, ion (14 40 (before reported without lat, Ac). Brig Bride, Irom Clenluegos for Portland, March 14, ofT 1 Nanset. The "Samaria." from San Francisco for Liverpool, Dec 29, lat 49 S, Ion 47 YY. foreign Porta. ! Anjikr, Jan 19?Passed, bark I'ckip, Seymour, from Cebu lor Falmouth, K. i AsriNWAi.L, Feb 2B?Sailed, brig (1 W Hall, Cienfuegos; schr J Prince, Howes, Boco del loro. Arrived Feb 2ti, steamship Ormeshy (Br), Kirten, New York ; March 10, Rising star. Griffin. New York. ' 1 RcknosAykks, Jan li?Arrived, harks J A K Walsh (Rri i i Herbert, Rotterdam Jftth, Kinrara (Br), Mcfjuarric, Pie- < lou; 26th. Kmma F Secor (Br), Coonau. Zarate (aud saded I 29th for "a foreign port"). Sailed Jan 12. barks Mexican (Br), Welsh, "a foreign port;" Ironside*. Tapley, do; Utli. brig Stella (Br., Kay, do; Kith, harks Matilda llilyard (Bri, Lovitt. do; isth, , Kvangeline (Br), Jacques, Liverpool: 2iith. brigs Chilliati- I wallah (Br). Fuller, "a toreign port;-' 24th. Kaglet, Too- i ker, Kio Janeiro, Baimon*. March fi?Arrived, steamship Cheviot (Br), 1 Tate, New Orleans lor Liverpool, short ot coal (and sailed t 7th); 7th. hark Due Figlia iAiis), Guiranovieh, Marseilles tor New York; sebr Carsonary (Br), irom St Jago lor s Boston; lOlli, brig (? Wheelwright <Bri, McLaughlin, Turku Island* lor New York ; 10th. schr Hound (Br , Irotll i Halifax, no date, hark fearless (Br), Burden, /.ante lor t New York Arrived March 9, hark Modena, Lang. Sierra Leone tor f Bo-ton. I a Arrived March ?, steamship Maharajah (Br\ Hodgson, 1 New Orleans for Liverpool (coaled and proceeded 9th.. Calcitta, March 3?sailed, ship ClanranaUl, r.rskine, t New York. J Sailed from Saugor Jail 31, ship Carlisle, MePearee, h New York. I Colombo, Peb ft?In port brigs John Kendail (Brl, r lames, for New York, to sail 7th; (Jueen of ttie Pal (Bri, lluvnes, lor do (cleared). i t CallaO, Pelt II? Arrived, barks Monroe, Nielsen, Mol- ! lendo inlid sailed 2Uth lor Valparaiso); 12lh, Freedom, . ( Bradley, (luanape; Carlota. Severlno, Tuuihes; 17lli, | f mips.lane Pish, Brown, Uuunape. l*th. James U rendu-- h ion, Hllinore, do; Pleiades, Chase, Kin Janeiro iund sailed J (Jd lor i.iiiinupe to load guano); (inklanJ. lined. Cardiff; 1 > iark Cora in oil ore, Burutigo. Tuniaco; 20th, ships Win t [fox, Curtis, Shields; Munition. Boyc, Mollenda (and r ailed 23d lor Puget Sound); Hen Shepley, Peterson, t iiiimiipc ; 22d, Lath lev Rich, Mitchell, Macahi. sailed 17th. barks ,f W Holmes Bri, Holmes. Puget ii viiind ; lHtli, Kdcn, Lopalegui, Valdi via; 23d, ship Joseph Fish, Hurkpalr, Hugcl Sound. r la port Peb 97. sliipa Svren. Johnson; star, I lanello r lames R Kecler; Jeremiah Thompson, Kennedy; .aretto Pish, Carney; Franconla. Gray; A|. J >ert (iallatln, Groves; Canada. Hurrimuu; A Laiiiis Walsh, White; Andrew Johnson, O'Brien; n Iraele, Rsqulnaga and Willlaia Wilcox, Crocker, wtg; K tarks It L Barslow, Tirnejon; Sampson, Nichols, and H Vhlsiler, Simpson, do; Kobcrt Porter, do; and the above J 'chartered?Ship Oakland. Reed, to load guano at Peru v or Hnmpten Roada at SM;schr WlllardO Putlun. Iluwus, ' Cahpknas, March A?Sailed, brigs Shasta iBr . Brown, <ew York; Jos Clark. Stahl, I'ortlaud (iioth before report- I" d tor N of Hattoras). In port Sth, schrs Cora Hatch, for New Orleans, Idg; M -Jir.a B Coffln, disg. Dual, March H?Arrived, ship Wm McGllvcrv, Nichols, alvutta for Dundee. lirMKRARA, Peh 2S?In port schrs Susan Warren, for tew York March 3; Martha Murla, for do ftf Ii (it.Asoow, March 19? Arrived, steamship California (Br), J 'ralg, New York. n UtiASArK, Peh 17?In port, ships Oolden Rule, Hall; h Columbia. Carter; Henry s Huniord, Duiiphy Pacific, Ham-hard; Wtnnna, Stanley; T B Lincoln, Mutants; 11 L tlchardsoo, Anderson; Martha Cobb, llealey; Corsica, lavener. and Km era Id Isle, Blower, all Idg guano; barks j suae Rich, ttheldnn, and Albitia, Williams, do. llAi.trAX, March 16 Arrived. s< hr IaiUialr (Br), Colllna, laltiraorr ; Amntenr (Hri. Sed well, Philadelphia. Liv unroot, March 17? Arrived, bark La Plata (Br), Mathews New Orleans; Iftth, steamship San Jacinto (Br), . lurrowH. (lalvesion via Norfolk. _ ~ Arrived March 9, ship Seoauioie, Holmes, Ban Frfipol*- si ov liMft Atut via. do. ' __ ] Mabam, Feb. IB.?ra port, ships N?ney Pen?lletnn. dletou; Vigilatc, Whit more; Emma, Rich: P G Blachard, Mclntyre; Edclystone, Park: Orient. Rohlnjon: an?? Perm, all Ida guano; barks James A Borkmd, MtUrrt Pericles, < Ahlll; and A McNeil, Leach. do . ? . Mayauuks, PR, Feb 38?Cleared, schr Burdett Har* Brooks, Newburyport ? I 'B Pprt 28th, barks Mayflower, Ilotchktss, for Near York, Ida; Reindeer, Wellington, trom Barbaaas, arrived 26th, for hew York, wig cargo; brigs Rachel, Coney, ' m' R?e<,r from Newburyport; T Towner, Wi lard, for New York. ldg; Gem, Pierce, from Barbados; Mary K Pannell, Ratou, tor Charleston, wtg cargo; Rocky Glen, for Portland In ? days; Zelinda (Ital), from New York and 8t John's, PR, arrived 26th; schrs D 9 Keeling, Robinson, unc; Ada, Barker, do; Clara S Rogers, Rogers, do; W V Green, Tracy, do; James A Brown, Krighuin, do; Robert KnoeUnd, and David Green, lor hew York, ldg. ' Nokvitas, March 10?In nort brig Mohawk (Br) Mar-* Phy. from Philadelphia arrived 6th. dlsg; schr Lottie. Johnson, Irom New York, dlsg. Pknahth, March 3?Sailed, ship B 8 Thomas, Curtis CaU lao. Panama, Keb 21?Arrived, steamships Montana, Nolan. Ban Francisco; March 3, Montijo, Saunders, Central America. Arrived March 7, steamships CostA Rica, Hun Fran* Cisco; 8th, Winchester, Cental American ports. Bailed March 3, steamship Honduras, Central AmericA and Mexico. St Johns, PR, Feb 4?In port brig Johannes (fler), for Delaware Breakwater, ldg; scbr L XI Bradley,for New Haven, do. Sauoa. March 6? In port schr Annie Amwtcn, Bangs, foa Philadelphia, ldg. St Johns, Nr\ March 5?Arrived, brigs Dora, Dobrl*. New York; 7th, Escort, Walsh, do; 11th, bark Imogeuo. Down, do; Mb, brig Jane, Daun, do. St John, NB, March 16?Arrived, ship Elcano, Bowdon. Belfast Cleared 16th, schr Mnnd, Robinson, Cardenas. Arrived 17th, schr Mellta, Lake, New York. Cleared 17th. schr Monsito, Wynian, CioatuefloK. Tahiti, Jau 17?Arrived, schr Marr, Dowling, San Fran* cisco. American Ports. ALEXANDRIA, March 17?Arrived, steamship John Gibse'b New York. BOSTON, March 1ft?Below, schrs Prank Atwood, H At* wood and Mary B Dyer, from Virginia; Mary Blandish, from Baltimore; L C Illckman, coastwise; also 5schrs unknown, all inward bound. Cleared, ship George Pcabody, Brooks, St John, NB| bark Western Sea, Honson, Havana; sehr Mary !I Westeott, Gandy, Baltimore; Kate Grant, Grant, St Domiuco; ltoyal Arch (Br), Dohcny, St Johns, NF. Sailed?Ships Indian Merchant, and George Peabody. 19th?Arrived, steamship Blackstone, llallett, Haiti* more; brigs Oak Point, St Thomas; Westwood, Ponce; schrs CW Anderson, St Johns, PB; Gen Conner, Trinldud. Also arrived 19th. bark Envoy, Berry, Melbourne; schf M A Coombs, Jacksonville. BALTIMORE, March 18?Arrived, steamers George Appold, Loveland. Boston via Norlolk; Utility. Frost, Alfyn's Point; schrs E R Kirk, Tolo, New York; Muria Pierson, Grunt, Jersey Citv; 0 W Andrews, Watts, Portsmonth: John J Ward, Inmun, Jersey City; John R Halladay, Burr, New Haven. Cleared?Bark Scotland, Rogers, Boston; RtcamerWin Kennedy, Foster, Boston via Norfolk; bark Adelaide, Bailey, Rio Janeiro and a market; schrs M M Heath, Nichols, Progreso, Yucatan; Edith, Randall, Boston; A If Howe, Newbury, Hoboken; Anne E Hubcock, Lee, do.; Stephen Morgnu, Vnn Cleaf, do.; Wm D Marvel, O'Keefe, do; Geo H Bent, Smith, CautbrideeporL BRIDGEPORT, March 1?Arrived, schr H L 8laght, Willeta. Baltimore. Sailed?Schrs Klla Janc.Allcu, New York: Phebe Elizabeth, Mapes, and Julia A Talt, Tait, Jersey City. CHARLESTON, March 15?Cleared, sehr Traveller, Hodges, New Orleans. 19th?Arrived, hsrk Carlos, Martinique. Below, ship Florella, Mears, Guanape. Sailed?Steamship James Adgcr, Lockwood. New York. DaRIKN, Ga, March 10?Arrived ship Mohawk, McKnrland, Demerara: 13th. schr Jas A Potter, Ogler, Savannah ; 14th. ship Czar, McConnell, London; bark Frank Younger, Moekler, Dublin; schr Ariauna, Penery, Havana. Cleared 12th, bark Eliza Young, Perritt, Dublin; 14th, barks Koren Nicholson. Hagemann, Carnarvon; Are-* thusa, Tcmpleton, Garliston. In port 15th, ships Czar, McConnell, disg. to load for United Kingdom; Virginia, Burk, ldg for do; Mohawk, McFarlanc, do for do; barks Ida, Roulstoii. do (or do; Eu, Olscu, do tor do; Glcnalvon, Jones, do lor do; Frank Younger. Mueklcr, disg. to load for River Plate; brig Ncntumis, Lurscn, ldg for United Kingdom; schrs Fred E Seainmell, Burlierie, do for St John : Ariitna, Penery, do fur do; Geo Burton, Luddon. do for Philadelphia; Jag A Potter. Ogier, do for New York. FERNANDINA, March 13?Arrived, schrs Witch Hazel. Springer, Irom Charleston, to load for Mosquito Inlet; Sabao, Dwyer, do. to load tor Woodstock. Cleared?Bark Flor del Mar (Br). Seavcy, Montevideo. FORTRESS MONROE, Mitrch 19?Passed in tor Baltimore, shipDuisberg, front Rotterdam; barks Deger, trom I>-,..;,1.,?< f,.?? Tlnklln Passed out?Bnrks Clitton, for Rio Janeiro , King's County, for Londonderry; Campanero, for Fort do Frances, Almoner, for West Indies; brigs Moses Rogers* lor St Jagn; CRC, for West Indies. Sailed?Hark Angeles, tor Philadelphia. GALVESTON, March 1R?Cleared, brigs Meta (Ger), Linili man, Bremen: Rio (Ger), Rotlibar, do: schrs Carrlo Heyer, Poland, Pcnsacola; M C Lyons, Stephens, Provlderice. , _ ISth?Arrived, bark Sabine, Breaker, Havre via Ke# West. GLOUCESTER, March IS?Arrived, schr Col Ellsworth, Pentecost. Portland for New York. INDIANOLA, March 10?Arrived, schr II A Tabcr, Pen* sacola. NEWCASTLE ISLAND, March 7?In port bark Powhutan. Hlaekstone. from Honolulu. NEW ORLEANS, March 14?Below, ship Genevieve Strickland, Strickland. tVoni Liverpool. Cleared?Brig Alma (Nor), Fredprickson, Cronstadtl schr Jos W Hartlctt, Boston. Soctbwkst Pass, March 14, 6 PM?Arrived, ship Guardian, Arnes, Antwerp. On bar bonnd out. ship Dilharrie, and bark Rnner. NEW BEDFORD. March 18-Arrivcd, schr EstellO Dav, Carv, Newcastle, Del. Sailed?Schrs Hastings. Chase, Virginia; James Satterthwaite, Ksnaev, Philadelphia; W T> Mangam, Chase; Rescue, Kcllev: M Vassar, Jr, Kelley; Henry Gibhi, Chase; Amelia. Wcntworth; Laura Robinson, Robinson; R B Smith. Niekerson. and Lady Antrim, Carter, New York: Angler, Besse, Wareham. Schrs Amelia, M Vassar, Jr, and R B Smith have returned. NORFOLK, March 17?Arrived, steamship Royal Stan-lard. Kirbv. New Orleans. bound to Liverpool (put in for coal); solirs William Irwin. Kelly, New Haven; Barker. Barker. Boston; George 8 Foggs. . do. NEWPORT, March 17, PM?Arrived, schrs Sabwa, Kelley. Port Johnson for Providence: Marv A Hyer, llodgdon. Eliraliethport for Salem: Ney, Chase, and Mediator, McLean, Fall River for New York. NEW HAVEN, March 19?Arrived, schrs Flying Fish, Sclleck, Hohoken; M F Ward, Jones, Jersey Citv; Maggie P smith, Grace, Baltimore; Charlie Miller. Jones, Virginia; Right Away, Crosby. Plymouth, N C; John McAdatns. Montgomery, Charleston; A J Williams, Morrell, New York. Sailed?Schrs W D Hilton, Bail, New York; John Brooks, Fox, <io; T Merriman, Prince, Baltimore: M H Pratt. Pratt, New York; A .1 Williams, Morrell. do; Dwight Davidson, Truman, Virginia. PEN8ACOLA, Fla, March IS?Arrived, brig Constancla ?AlLADELPHIA, March 18?Arrived, steamship Equator, Hlnkley, Charleston; steamer W Whiildcn, Raltlmore; hark Eliza Alice (Br), Mason, Llverpol; schrs 8 McMonamy. Nowel). Cienfuegos; Anna May, Simpson, Portland; Lydla A Huhlett, Cochran. Virginia; W H Andrews, Avery, Portland. Cleared?Steanishins Centipede, Willotts, Boston ; Virginia, Ropers, Providence ; Panther, Mills. Boston; hrijf A O Jewett, Reed. Cardenas; schrs A P Cran* mer, Tsard. Boston; Julia A Berkley, Kthertidpe. do. Sailed?Steamships Panther, Mills, and Centipede, Willets. tor Boston. Lkwks, Del. March 19? Passed In. bark Eva II Flsk, from Boston; Orpheus, from Hambunr. Nkwcasti.k, Del, March 17, 9 AM?Schr Hannie, West" brook,for Providence, sailed yesterday AM: sours Fannie A Kdlth. tor Belfast. and Joseph Maxfleld, lor New Bedford, sailed at 6 this AM; schrs Vashti Sharp, for Providence, and M L Vankirk, for Norfolk, passed down on Saturday. Noon?Bark Ceres, fop Stettin, passed down at 10 AM la tow; schrs F.lln Hod son, for Havana, and O P Kinns, for Richmond, Va, passed down at 11 AM. A schr at anchor off Port Delaware, hound up. PORTLAND, March 17?Arrived, schrs Freddie Walter, Smith, for Newcastle. Del; Eugene Horda, smith, Boston lo load for Jacksonville ; J B VanDusen, Corson, do, to load for Wilmington, NC. ISth?Arrived. hark Clarn. Nickels. Roston. Cleared?Steamship Chesapeake, Mangum, New Torkf l?ri?r F II Jennlnir". Ross, Matanzas; schr Knirene Horda, Smith, Jacksonville. 19th?Arrived, steamship Peruvian (Br), Richardson, ""PROVIDENCE. March 19?Arrived, sehrs R K Hart, Hart, Pensaeola: Ida S Burgess, Oottreli, Savannah; Com Morrison, Rich, Craney Island: J Alberr Smith, Robolns. and Beai S Wright, Rvder, Virginia: Ilenrv A Panll, Strange, Baltimore: Julia A Garrison, Smith, Philadelphia: Eva Dlvcrtv, Hand. Eliznhethnort (or I'awtiickct: Snrtre, Warwick, and James Knplish. Barker, Waehawken: Minuuas, Heaney, and Saliwa. Kellcy, Port Johnson: Island Hello, Buckminatcr. and Breeze, Crammer. Iloboken. Salted?Sclir? Ml Desperandum Rich. Virginia: Wft? Arthur. McDullic. Baltimore: 1} (J Morris, ha llcntt, do; \" A II Gould. Latham. New York; Eliza Rniiyon, Camptell, do: Hori/aa, Loot, do; Twilight, Johnson, do; Palaliutn. Rvder,do; Wake.Oandv, do; JO FeB. Nickeraon, lo: Willard. Davis, do; Sunbeam. Riley, do; Gflddeas, Kelley, do: John Ponder, Brown, da; llarmona, Sylvcater. do ; C M Nowl??. Roland, do; Fred Brown, RICHMOND. March 17?Arrived, ateamship Isaac Bell, Blakcnian. New York: brig Leonard Myers, Hicks, do; icltrs M E Bvarrt. Camn: J P KcNev, steefman. and Molllo Bedell, Bedell, do: II (i King, Croshr. Calais, Me. sailed?Sclir Roxanna Johnson, Johnson. New York. ROCKPORT, Me, March 9-Sailed, sehrs Whitney Long1 laves, savannah; 13th, Moses Williamson, Lake, Nor? "saN FRANCISCO, March 19-Arrlred, steamship Contilution. Panama. . ? . SAVANNAH, March 19?Arrived, steamships San Sal-ador. Nlckerson, and Huntsville. Crowell. New York. Also arrived 19th. hark Royal. Wntcrford. Cleared?Ships Edgar. Brown. Keral: Lndwlg lleyn, k-hmctlng, tlatlenhcre: brig Premier. Porter, Yarmouth; chrs Mary E Long, Darien; Laura n Jones. Cousin% ' sailed?Steamship Oriental, Snow, Boston : ships Venus, Vesper, Liverpool- Rohena, Daggett. Philadelphia; lbys*inia. Shields, and Lilian. Cupstlek, Now York; iarks John Ellis. Melvin, New York: Carmell, Patton, 'hiliidelphia: sclirs D B Everett, Gregory, Kittery; Ho Bark Frlede, from Dunkirk, spoken o(T Tyhoe, ordered n Wilmington. NO VINEYARD AVEN. Masa, March 18? Arrived, sehrs Icorgc B Ferguson. from Jacksonville Mr Hii?ton; K * laxter, Hobnken tor (to: M A liver. Eltznbothport for Hei>tn: Llz/ie Smith. Salem lor Virginia: Fannie I.Nye and nhn A Lewis. Boston lor do; Tra Laffricnler, trmn do for iew York; Li/zie Poor, Bdgartown for Kingson, .lain; Three Slaters. Portland for Phllailelihia ; Moses Williamson. Roekport. Mr, for Norfolk; Ber? lia ' Fellows, Roekport. Mass, tor New York. Passed By?Sehrs Eunice P Newcomh and AlhertHardnc, from Boston lor Virginia Sailed?Sclirs Uncle Tom, Mary B Reeve* M A room ha. IxceNlor (Rn, .tames Bliss and Herald; achr Winona did tot sail. 19th?Arrived, brig W Gordon rBr). New York for S? olm, N B: sehrs Aim Ira iVoolev, Port Johnson lor sah in; hhie H Hod'tman. .Inrksonville tor Boston; Joseph Hay? iore and oettvsburg. Port Johnson tor do Lucy J eeler. Mrginla lor do; Ins, New York for Harwich | icbecca Florence. Boston for New York; H Means, Clank nne and E ti N;??h. Portlaad for do; Sarah t Smith, ostonfor Philadelphia: Mary Augusta, do for Jacksenll!C Sailed?Sehrs George B Ferguson, Lizzie Smith, E X axtor, M A liver, Fannie L Nye, and Trie. Wise ASSET, March 13?Cleared, achr Kate M Hilton, March 18?Sailed, achr Geo Sliattuck, I Ilia, New York. 11 MIIMEliLAKEOVS. VBSOLUTB DtYOfcOBS OBTAINED FROM COURT* of different States; legal every where; no ruldlcitv; o tees in advance ; advice tree ; commissioner lor every tate. FREDERICK I. KING, Connsellor-at-Law, Ml Broadway. HE^LD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, . cortmot Fulton avenne and Boerumatreji Open trmn 8 A. M. toll P. M. On Sunday from 8 to'J P. M. VBSOLITE DIVORCES LEGALLY OBTAINED IX different Stales, without scandal; desertion, Ae_ itthlont cause: no rharge until divorce granted; *ii? ifC(CUV. ' M. llUl'Sli, Attorney, 191 Broadway,

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