Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1873 Page 1
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TH ? 1 " !' < WHOLE NO. 13,3(51. Cz^_ r? ? DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. AMCSEMESTS-Nwih Page?Fourth, fifth and sixth atriB. ?Twelfth Page? Sixth column. BAl.i. SEASON?Ninth Pace?sixth column. BILLIARDS?Second I'a<;v:?Sixth column. BOARDERS WANTED?Twelfth Page?Ftr"t column. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED?Twelfth Page? First column. .. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?Second Pag?Secouil column. ? ? _ BUSINESS OPPOKTUNIT1ES-Ei.evn.vth Page?Sixth BU8TNKs's *NOTICKS?Skvkvth Pack?Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE?second Page? tiret ami second column". _ _ CLERKS AND salesmen-Eleventh Page?Fourth column. .. CLOTI1INO?Twnleth Page?Sixth column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS?Eleventh Page? Fourth and fifth columns. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?First Page?Fifth and sixth column x COPARTNERSHIPS?Eighth Page?Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Twelfth Page?First and second columns. DANCING ACADEMIES?Ninth Page:?Sixth column. PRY GOODS?First Page?Sixtli column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED?Twelfth Page?Fourth and tilth columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?First Pack?Fifth column. EYES AND EARS?Second Page?Fifth column. FINANCIAL?Eighth Page?Fiitli column. FINE ARTS?Ninth Pagk?Fifth oolumu. FOR SALE?Twelfth Page?second column. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? FURNITURE?First Pack?.sixth column. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?Blk\ knth Picn-Thlrd column. HELP W \NTF.d?MALES?Eleventh pacb-Fifth and sixth columns. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.?Firm Pack?Third and Courtli columns. HOTELS?Twelfth Paob?First column. HOUSES. ROOMS, At'., WAN TED?twelfth Pack? Sixth column. SUBTRUCTION?Fibst Pack?Second column. ERHISY CITY, IlOROKEN, HUDSON CUV AND BERGEN HEAL ESTATE FOR SALB-Sbcomd Pace? 1 liird column. LECTl'ltE SEASON?Ninth Tacr?Sixth column. LEGAL NOTICES?Ninth Page?Fifth column. In >AN OFFICES?Twelfth Page-Second column. LOST AND POUND?Pibbt Pack?First column. MACHINERY?Twelfth Pack?second column. hakbi.e mantels?First Pack?Fourth column. MATRIMONIAL?Ninth Page?Third column. MEDICAL?Twelfth Pace?Sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESHMAKING-Fikst Pack?Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS-Trntii Pagb? Sixth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Pace?Fifth column. MUSICAL?Ninth Page?Fourth column. NEW PUBLICATIONS?Shventii Page?Sixth column. PERSONAI?Fiiist Pace?KIrnt column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AO.?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?*"ihot Pace?Fourth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Second Pace?Third and columns. real estate TO exchange?Second Page?Fourth and tilth columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED?Second Pace?Fifth column. REWARDS? First Pagb?First and second columns. ' BALES AT AUCTION?Sbcond Page?Filtli and sixth columns. , SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Pace? First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Page? Third and fourth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Pace?Second and third columns. STORTING?DOGS, BIROS, AC.?Fntsr Race?Third column. THE TRADES?Eustknth P*'.l?Sixth column. fliE Tl'KF?Fikst Page?Third column. TO LET FOR UP SIN ESS PURPOSES?twelfth Page? third oiid fourth columns TRAVELLERS' Gl'TDE?Fhixt Page?Sixth column, UNFURNISHED rooms AN P APARTMENTS TO LBT? Twelfth Page?Filth nr.d elxth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE?Eleventh Page-Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LF.T?Skco.nd Page?Second and third columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.-Fihst Page?Second column. BRANCH omCE?CTTOjra. 'a OVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT T11K BRANCH OFFICE, 1,5 Of BROADWAY, WEST FII'E., BETWEEN THIRTY FIRST AND THIRTY. fECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS AIIE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 1 P. W. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. V.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. Paris agency of the neav york HERALD. J^FSSRS. KKEMKR A CO., AMERICAN REOISTER, WAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR T1IE REW YORK HERALD. T1JKY WILL SUPPLY DEALERS WITH COPIES OF TI1E HERALD, AND ALSO UNCLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. raKgOSAL. BIRDIE?COULD NOT COMli TO MASQUERADE. Meet you at tlic Argyle matinee to-morrow afternoon. WHITE ROSE. Ill31 MA?LEAVE FOR SAN FRANCISCO ON HATCHJ dav. Will ?cc you at Ilobokeu Club Rati Mth but, at Irving Hall. MITCHELL. Green ktkp?jikr dress can be found by . addrc&slng Herald office. rjenky?he has gone away. a 8anford. I AM NOT WELL ENOUGH TO GO MQNDAY EVENing: I know uo'hing about the personals vuu spoilt Of; y<>u have no reason lo doubt my honor. I desire to jee yoo; please make appointment. Fuitblully, R JOHN BRANDO, FORMERLY FIREMAN ON STEAMship Ladotio, will find it to his an vantage to call on Mr. O'HARA, of the firm ofSlater A O'Hnra, steam onpine and toiler builders, iX W-.-.f street, New York. Laura?sent letter to-day. gone. _ antonio. Missing?since Monday, thesdinst., Patrick Kelly, oi 331 East Seventeenth street; black whiskers and dark I row n hair; ft feet 9 Inches in height; had on ll Scotch cap, black overcoat, Itrown, mixed pant", with Muck stripe; cold watch aim chain. Anv information of him will he tliankluily received hv Ins wife, 361 East Seventeenth street ELLEN KELLY. QIR?WHICH OF THE KATES DO YOU .MEAN, THE O brunettes or the blondes, or the ajted hlondo with no hair, ol Lexington avenue! You go alter game too Itiik'b, unil always take thrm oil the wing. 117 ILLIAM EIDGWAY, SON OK JAMES RIDGWAY, ft formerly of Fenton. Staffordshire, England. glass blower, who went to the t'niud States about toriy years ago, and resided in Jersey t'lty (or hie heirs, IfdeadJ.tnay Jc orn something advantageous by writing to TIlOMAH GREGG, MS Chatham street, Ilanlcy, Staffordshire, Eng. ItWO PHOTOGRAPHERS (APPARENTLY BROTnERSl. who inquired itlmut tt.o place on llroubway and Thirteenth street, Wednesday, P. M., v. lll please call attain. 117ANTED?THE ADDRESS OF N. W. WHEEIER, v> lormerlv of *7 Exchange place. Address A. C., box 101 Herald office. TT*rLl, THE LADY WnO TOOK STAGE. CORNER OF VV Broadwoy antl Chainhcrs street, about li o'clock on luc?day, and who recognized one of two genUemcn, please address I S AI', Herald officer Tl'ILL MRS. ROUW, FROM SAVANNAH. PLEASE It tend her address to A. W. OYEItllOLM, lit Sixth avenne ? STREET STAGE.?LADY IN LEFT HAND COR. nor. sealskin coat, do. ruuO, black silk, heavily Veiled, Thursday, 4 P. M.. plea e send her address to the younger gentleman who got In at Exchange place and tot out iu Twentv-ihlrd street, near sixth avenue. Address ASTORIA. Herald Uptown Branch office. rC REWARD FOR THE INFORMATION TO FIND upthe residence of Toska Schlcslnger; horn In ffzegedin, Hungary. Address Ills brother, TsACJOP. rare of L. Paseh, 109 East Broadway, New York. California newspaper,, please copy. LOST AND FOl'ND. fOt'ND LAST WEEK?A WATCH: OWNER CAN J.' have wiuc |iv proving pro.'criv nn.i paving eliorvre Apply between 1 nntl 3 1". M. 1o L). 1IENKY HOYX, ?30 . Cherry st-eet. JOHT?A SMALL WHITE X)00, ANSWERS TO Tit E J name <ii IVmce. Will Ire libci ally rewarded bV bringing it to 704 I hlrtl avenue. 10ST?A LADY'9 SMALL WATCH, OOINO TO OIt IN J Si. Francis Xnvier'a chureh, on Wednesday evening. A liberal reward will he given t*> ihc person <vho takes it to the lady oflionse No. 23 West fourteenth street. No (juration - askod. ]OsT?A I'OCKUTBOOK AND SAFE KRY. IN WILj liamsliurB. in smith Seventh el reel, between Fourth ami Sixth streets, neur the new hunk. A good icward will he paid nt M? stanton street. ](>ST-PROBABLY BETWEEN NO. 2 EAST ITS' J leenth strei t and Tifl'anya Cameo King, broken, and a gilt Slipper Charm, aouvi nirs ot great value lo the owners eDlv. Any Ieward demanded will he given for their re:urn to Ike Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,263 Broadway. B. -t. CA B ELI. 1 OST on STOI.KN?ON SIXTH AYENt'E, HETWEKN Ji forty-ninth Mid fiftieth stree.s, Wednesday morning, a *. dnli Torrlor, Willi red enllar: answers lo the saute ot "i hieK." A suitah'o reward paid anil no que v tioiia asked by returning him to No. 'J West STttieth si. BBWARDS. REWARD. -RTUAYED, FROM THE VIC'"",... | NT1' ot W' st Ninth stri el and Sixth avenue * ' , I low l.ap Dog. Anybody returning hiiu " .ko,o," 1 street will reegivc the abovo rowa**' ^ Ninth , % " HEW\RD ? STttA T~r...TTT 3J tleJ. slrciiL * -O FROM 4.1 EAST TWENone hind leg. - ,'mal1 ,,Uck and tan Slut, lame in j ' F.WAItn.?LOHT, ON TH1J !#TH IN8T., FROM iv > 18 Wcat Twenty-fourth sireot, a .-mall white Poodle, I named Jenny. Please return ami receive above reward and thanks of owner. dill HEW A HU.?l.llST, on Tt EUDAY MllllT. I dptV Kai'.li is, a white Rpltz Dec, at the c.itner of i Broome and Hudson atresia: right loot Ailtlifi autfu 1^4* ttyjn J \ Ul\u '.UCUL ~ ,j E NE ; "lIKWAItDV ~ ' ?STOLEN FROM THE SUBSCRIBERS, NEAR tlie corner of White and Elm street*, this mornmg, about H o'clock, a black Horse, with white star on i forehead; horse was attached to ? business wait on containing about l.OOJ lb*, bar solder, stamped "Brace A Cook; 'wagon painted dark green, wheels yellow; ilrnt name on wagon sides. LOCKE A Ml?NROE, Ma hi ii 19, 1813. 1,299 Broadway. K ?I 081' ON Sr\DAVJfORNI.VO, A TURQUOISE r I ' and diamond Earring. The above reward will be paid on application to Mrs. LaWKENCE, 302 East Fifteenth street. f\lU\ REWARD.?STOLEN, FROM THE FALLS 4City Tobacco Bank in Louisville, Ky., the following Securities, vlr.:? I Louisville, Ciuuuml Lexington Railroad First Mortgage (91,000) Bond, No. 321 10 latuisville and Portland Canal Bonds (91,000 each), No*. 732 to 741 inclnsive, maturing in 1870. II Jeifersonvillc, Madison and Indianapolis Second Mortgage (1,(00 Bonds, No, 1029, No. 1964, 1021, 1979, 1022, 1976, 1023, 1977, 1340, 1978, 866.^ Tlie above reward will be paid for the recovery of the 22 bonds, or 9-90 lor each bond. The public Is hereby cautioned against buying any ot tbe above securities. 8MALL8J? BACON, 111 Front street "PEWARD-9I0 AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED, FOR JY the return of white spitz. Dog Prince, lost March 9, ing bought him in the meantime will receive ills price and confer a favor by calling at or addressing 10i Madison avenue. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, &CFor sale?the a. m. bliss sloop yacht, 40 feet long; to be seen foot of Franklin street, Greenpoint For bale-a uekrephokf yacht. 37 feet long; very fast Address HALL A SONS, 16S Chatham street. For bale?a sloop yacht, 40 feet long over all. 16 feet beam, with a cabin, 5 feet Sinches between Joints, beautifully finished with hard wood; also a wafer closet and washbasin, with tank of water; two ala'.oroouts, with berths, Ac. Please apply to AUSTIN A CO., corner Water and Bridge sts., New Haven. Conn., or to GEORGE M. GRAVES, Boat Builder, Fair Haven. Conn., east side, wnere the yacht now lies. For any further information address box 2,379 Post office. New Haven, Conn. Sidewi1eel steamboat, complete. 31 feet long, 8-loot beam, price tt>00; all kinds of Boats, wood and iron, on hand, cheap. 114th street, Harlem River. ' STEPHEN ROBERTS. TIT'ANTED TO PCRCHASE-A STEAM YACHT. GIVE VT description, price, speed, Ac. Address GEORGE BROWN. Post Office box t',95U, New York city. INSTRUCTION. C10LLEGIATE AND COMMERCIAL INS.'ITUTE, NEW 1IAVEN, CONN. Preparatory to College, the Scientific Schools or Business. ummel- session begins April 3, 1^73. TITAN TED?AN EXPERIENCED FRENCH TEACIIER tt that run idvo n lesson daily to a lady. Address E. D.. Herald Uptown Branch office. SPECIAL NOTICES. a .manAnvnn wiaoaunanv?n miifiioi A. comfort, pleasure or In business, and at the same time desires to patronize a nolde philanthropy, should buy tickets to the THIRD GRAND GIFT CONCERT, which Is announced positively for April 8,187S, at Library Hall, Louisville, Ky., lor benefit of i'ublic Library of Kentucky. The com*rt is by authority ot a special act of the Lcgtslature of the State, and the Library is under direct control of the most eminent citizens of the great t'outliwest. One hundred thousand whole tickets of admission only have been issued, and Ki.OflO cash gifts will be distributed h.v lot among ticket-holders, aggregating a vast total of $800,000, currency. The largest gif> is $100,000; smallest, $1!?. Hon. ex-Governor Thomas E. Bramlette, of Kentucky, has oharge of the business ot the concert on behalf of the Library Trustees, by whom agencies for the sale of tickets have been established throughout the country, the pr nclpal one of which Is the New York office. Ticket-, like greenbacks, are good to the holder, lluyers do not necessarily luive to be present at tlic drawing, as Hit official list Is furnished each one, and gifts due ticket-holders at a distance can be collected through any bank or express company, the same as a dralt or check is collected. Order ouick. Send money by Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid., Tickets. $10; halves. 83; quarters, $2 50. For tickets, lull programme, information and all particulars, apply to the General Agencv Supply. THOMAS H. HAYS A GO.. G09 Broadway, New York. Branch agents at 18 Broad street (basement office) and also at 173 Fifth Avenue. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ctrnc ot Pulton avenue and Boerum street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Lit Sunday fToui "to9P.M. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BOOTS, SHOES, Trunks and Valises, at the Great Family Shoe Emporium, 830 Bowery, corner of Bond afreet, selling at 20 per cent below Broadway prices. W. D. BIGELOW. ROBERT IRWIN. ADARIEH (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OP . Royal Havana Lottery, 5*5 Broadway: box 4,909 Post oltlcc, IJew York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. A?HAVANA LOTTKRY.?PRIZES CASHED AND information furnished. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, room 31, first floor. A PUBLIC I IBRARY OF KENTUCKY: $100,000 FOR -fl. $10; distribution of gifts will take place April 8; Whole Ticket", $10: l'olves,$5; Ounrti rs, $2 60. JOSEPH 1IATC8,196 Broadway, room 4. pOSTEB. 11 iti Last Hoars. a Creat Picture in THE DAILY GRAPHIC this afternoon. The closing scenes in the life of Foster' will he fully described and depicted in THE DAILY GRAPHIC. On Saturday, Illustration? of the Execution Scenes will be siren from drawings on the spot. ("3 OLD AND SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING T Oold bought at market price. Polishing. Philter and Photograph Papers burned and smelted, by REFINER BC11 AW EL, 26 John street. Havana lottert.-okrman state LorrERtES. Be-nd tor circulars. KUHLMANN a CO., Bunkers, 86 Nassau street; box 8,686 Post olilce. NOTICE.-I BOUCIIT YACHT HAILS FROM TWO men in a boat lust Thursday, the 13th tnsb; I suspect they are stolen ; 1 would advertise sooner, only 1 wasconnnej 10 my ncu w mi a ncnvy coia. rnc owners can Iihvp thtui liv proving property mid paying expenses. MICHAEL THOMPSON. 17 Grand street, Jersey City. Jersey papers please copy. OFIICIAL DKAWINCh KFNTL'CKY 8TATE LOTTRRIEP. iFKtrrar- kxifa class ko. 233?march 20, 1873. 11, 66, 61. 61, 26, 4, 22, 38, 32, 15, 73, 71, 67. EIMCtlY?ri/ss ko. 2?4?march ;o, 1873. 44, 31, ?<. HI, 8, 1, A, 38, 64, ."4. 54, I A, 13, 2. MMMONS A CO., Managers,Covington, Kv. turinr roiirci:-rtira hasp ko. i:ts?march 20, 1873. 78, 14, 76. 56, 26, 68, 67, 59, 21. 48, 72, 31. 34. .' (t Lir'.*-(i afs ko. 131? 20, 1873. 47, 21, 19, 11, 22. 17, '3, 2, HI, 59. 25, 52, 8, 20. miTH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. J. CLVTE, Broker, 2U6 Broadway. Post office box 4,95!i. Pl'BLIC NOTICE 18 HEREBY OIVEN THAT THE BuMlngs, Parts of Buildings. Fences. Ac., to lie removed in consequence of the widening and straightening of Broadway, between Thlrtyseeond and FHtv-n nth streets. will he sold at public miction on Thursday, Hie 27ih day of March, lf73, at 10 o'clock A.M. Thesalcwill take place on the ground, commencing with the nreimaes known as No. 566 Sixth avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth streets. Catalogues may be dbtuined of Wli.f.IAM KRNNKLI.Y, Auctioneer, office No. 4 Pine ttreet, or of the undersigned. OKOROE M. VAN NHFT, Conunbfioncr of Public Works. EerAnr*rKT or Punur Wonts. Mnreli 14, 1873. Royal Havana lottiry.-prizeb t ashed-.ori ders filled; lnfom ation lurtiirlicil; highest rates paid lor Spanish 1-uiik Bihs. Ac. 1 AY J.OK A CO. I'mi hi is, it. Wall rtrcet, New York. IIOYAL HAVANA LOT3 ERY.?THE NEXT EXTP.AHRII' dinar*' Drawing will take place on ibe 22d of April, 1873. J. B.'MAKTINKZ A co., Bankers, 10 Wall street, l'ott office box 4.HS5, Nt w York. TJOVAL SAXON GOVERNMENT I.OTTERY AT LEIPJ I' sic, Germany! WW tickets; 47,6(W; Brunswick Govermiient l/ottery; Hamburg oily Government Lottery: Ruyiil Havana Loll. rv. Pri/c< ru-dird and information given. TllliODOK ZFCHOClf, 110 Hassan tree!; box 6,'WO Post office. C*Tt'YVESA>.T BANK.?A MEKTINa OP DEPOSITORS will be li< Id UiU (Fridav) evening, at Corncllslieii'a, corner o? Third avenue an<l Eighth street. Business of importance. CTORAGE and sapk keeping for klrniturk, O Paggnge and other Propcity, In rcparato, clo-ed compartments, sir, ay . acocshll lc ; (rood- fii?.... i,CY*tor> ami received In interior court nl warehouses, avoiding all street risdts. H, G. HAKOBR, Eighth avenue, Thirty-third to Thirty-fourth itTSCk T? KLoms 'oV. J' THE ( ITY OF FORT FCOTt, toilowhm kill < *-' $-0 In 'I'd "I manufactories of tlw cnltural '-Cotton Goods, Woollen floods and Agrt cloar * -inplements; abundance of good coal mined in the city. Put ties wishing information will correspond Willi the undersigned. s. KAisEK, City Clerk. $'nn nnn gifts.?KENTUCKY library ovU.UUU (lilt Concert. Drawing positively April A Whole Tickets, gil): Half Tickets, #6: Quarter tickets, 9- GO For tickets and descriptive circulars apply to P. O. DEVLIN. Stationer, 31 Na-suu street (opposite Post office), New York. (Sl'aGO rftO DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEG A L 1p?lO?7?"/Ow izert Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana ami Kentucky circulars Dec; 11% ccn's connnls?ion allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established thirty years', 171 Br. a I way. rpilE EXECUTION OF FOSTER. , I Till? OF FOSTER. L"OA OCT FOR THE EXTRA 1 [ Yfl.HeJLUsM UiitFl'.'ii.MiVG. W YO V YORK, FRIDAY, MARCI SPECIAL. NOTICES. Jl^Oo'i'tR. * Bis l<?8t Hours. Oreat Picture in THE DAILY GRAPHIC tills afternoon. The closing scenes in the lite of Foster *111 be fully described and depicted In THE DAILY~~QRAPHIC. On Saturday, Illustrations of the Execution Scenes will be given from ^ drawings on the spot. SPORTING-DOGS. KIROV, ?k< . A?FOR SALB.ALL KINDS OK FANCY DOGS. Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases. Prepared Food lor mocking birds, at B. O. DOVEY'S. No. 3 Greene street, near Cunal. A RARE OUNCE.?JUST OFF THE SHIP, AND great bargains, first class strains of Setters, Cookers and Retrievers from England ; also several choice Skye, Scotch and Dandy Dinmont Terriers; a large misoellain oils stock on band. 1). BURNS, 612 Broadway (the only importing house In America). Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs (or sale and stock. Bl'TLBR'S Infallible Mange Cure nnd Flea Exterminator. 70c.: BUTLER'S new work, S3. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines tor all diseases. The first of the "home and homf." match between I. A. Paine and E. W. Tinker will be sliot at Dexter's Union Course, L. I., on Saturday, tUi. Match SO birds each, $900; Straps; 2S yards; Eugbsli rules. THE TIHK. TO LET?FROM APRIL 1, 1873, FLEETWOOD PARK Club House; gate house, bars under grand stand, and hitching privilege of grounds. Apply at the park, or 112 Wall street. W. H. VAN COTT, Superintendent. HORSES, CARRIAGE*, rfSC. AT AUCTION Tnis DAY BY WILLIAM VAN TABS ELL, AUCTIONEER, (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON & VAN TA8SKLL), HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART, 110, 112. 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES j i i fjni'A i A.^if rnii'Ai, Twenty-four to forty-eight hours given to purchasers to test warrantees. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE AT 12 o'clock. GRAY HORSE 16* HANDS IITOII, fl YEARS OLD; hind and true in all harness; tree from vice, trick or fault; good traveller: ha* tine stylo and action ; an extra fine corpe or express horse, and warranted sound. Also set Harness and TOF WAGON, BUILT BY BREWSTER A CO. CHESTNUT MARE, 1 Bfc HANDS, 8 YEARS OLD, kind and true In all harness; free front vice; good traveller; an extra tine mare tor heavy work and warranted sound. MAIL PHAETON, ENGLISH PATTERN; SITS HIGH; nearly new ; built by Wood Bros. DAkK BAY HORSE, 15*4 HANDS HIGH, 6 YEARS old; kind and true in all harness; tree trom vice; last traveller; very stylish and handsome; fear* nothing; a splendid horse for a lady or tatnily driving and warranted sound. SIX-HEAT ROOKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER. GRAY HORSE, 15*4 HANDS, 6 YE ARS OLD : KIND and true in all harness; tree from vice; excellent under saddle: an extra tine work horse and warranted sound. DOCTOR'S TOP WAGON. IN GOOD ORDER.! BAY MAY, 16*4 HANDS HIGH, 6 YEAIW OLD; KIND and true 111 every way; free Irom vice; trots close to 8 minutes; u free and stvlMi driver; tears nothing and warranted sound. Al*o sot Harness nud TOP WAGON. IN GOOD ORDER. CROSS MATCHED TEAM BLACK AND BAY HORSES, 15*4 hands high, 7 and R years old; kind and true In evcrv way; free from vice; excellent workers and warranted sound. Also set Harness and DOUBLE TRUCK, IN GOOD ORDER. SORREL HORSE, IB HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true in all harness; free trom vice; a stylish driver, good worker and warranted sound. BAY MARE, 16 HANDS, 10 YEARS OLD; KIND AND true In all hnrucss; free trom vice; a good coupe mare. Also set Harness and * COUPE, IN GOOD ORDER. BAY IIAMHLETONIAN MARE KATE, 15\ HANDS, 0 years old; kind and true in all hurue**; tree from vice; a splendid roadster; has a record of 2:87 and can trot in 2:50 any day, and can he driven bv a lady ut full speed. SEVERAL OTHER HORSES. DESCRIPTION8 TIME of sale. Top and no top Wagons. Rockaways and top Dennt Wagons. Top and no top I'onv Phaetons. Top Phuc.ton, with Pole and Shafts. Barouche, in good order. Harness, Robes. Ac. Weather never Interferes with onr sales. A I <V VUABn'B CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATtf, 118 ALLS, corner of Broadway Ami Thirty-ninth street. MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. Regular sulc of Trotters, Roadsters, Business, Family nnd Work Horses, Carriages, Harness. Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Twenty-four hours allowed for trial ou every Horse sold under warrantee. This is the only auction marl in the State having the proper facilities for showing horses on sale?viz., a large driving ring entirely under cover. Outside sales solicited and promptly attended to. Large stock of everything In the florae line always on hand at private sulc. MAJOR C. w. BARKER, New York. ) LUCIUS C. CHASE, Boston, 11 roprictorH' Allen b. miner auctioneers. New York Sales and Carriage Repository. REGULAR AUCTION SALES DAY THURSDAY OF each week. At the snaeious and central stnldcs and warerooms, 3.17. 8?0 and 341 Fourth avenue, southeast eorner Twcntv-flftli street. Horses, Carriages, Harness, Blankets, Ac , taken on sale and storage; the same sold at auction and private sale. Large and first class stock ol above nrlleles alwavs on bnnd nt private sale; horses left on sale will receive ! good care. LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. Entries for sitetion or privsto sale can he made at Repository as above or at oltlce of Auctioneers, 94 Chambers street. RICHARD McCULLOCOll, Proprietor. t. demarest a CO., 628 BROADWAY^ We offer a large nnd elegant assortment of fine Carriages, of our own manufacture, comprising our popular six-seat family Rockaways, 12 styles; Lsndaulcts. 6 styles; l.sudaus, Brotls. I'haetons, Coupe Hoekawavs, light and new styles: beautiful new styles t Carls and turnout seats; work first class; prices very reasonable, Second hand Tilbury, top Buggy. Pliseton and Kocknwav. A?CAKKJADKH <!*' ALL KINDS, KOCK A WAYS, . Buggies, Phaetons, Depot, Express and Business Wagons, W'estcheatcrs, one Carryall, both new and second liHlid, at 141 Weal Broadway, n.-nr Canal Brwt. TllK "BRBW8TEH WAGON," A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exiiiifsitely finished, and embracing in tliolr construction ilie various Improvements introduced fcjr us during Ihe | net Uyears, making them the Standard for Quulity throughout the t'nited Slates. These wagons urn exclusively the production of our well-known Broome atreet factory, and are ode red In stock lu all respects equal in quality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not tie eonfoimded with a Joint j stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a , firm name similar In our own. and impudently claim the reputation we lisve made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we lag the public will rctncinhcr that our only ivarerooms arc at the corner of f ilth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street BREWSTER A CO., ot Broome ?ti I ft A -NEW AND SECOND HAND CLARENCES, . Coaches, Victorias, Coupes, Roekaways, Park, Kx- I tension Ion. Basket and Pony Phaetons Irom >1/5 upTop and Road Wagons (Brewster and other makers), | Express nnd -lugger Wagons, Sulkies and Skeletons; liar- | nes? <>i all kinds, Blankets, Ac., cheaper than any place in New York. WILLIAM II. CRAY, ?ll mill '22 \V< <?wti r Ktrrrt. 4 -SUPERB XjANDAULICT, POLK AND SHAFTS, J\.? Hum's make ro t $1,71*1. for $1,10(1, used twice; seeond hand and damaged t'urrtnges ft irrrnt bargains. BAM'n, Broadway and Fourth street. A -FOR SAI.K I.OW, TWO TOP WAOONB, ONK I two-sent Wagon, top on back ?eat; net double Mariices, one set of single Harness. one line family llorse. ] At private (table, _ZI boat Twentieth street. Inquire ror ( Barney. An elegant saddle and harness, pony i Phaeton and Harness; has tr on used by lady and children the nam year. KENDALL A BEI.1,1 N(IKlt?st. t iiin v r-iviiitti itreet and Bavaoth avanna. \PONY TURNOUT FOR PALE?CON8IST1KO OK A beautiful Welsh Pony, jet Mack, six years old. tin t warranted sound and kind in nil harness; can lie ns?-?l b.v tlie most tiinid ludy or child; ul.-o Ilarr.CM nnd smnll Phaeton to inateh, made to order. Apply at private stable 161 I-.a-t Twenty-eighth sfr. ft. 1 tlHBAP HORSES?FOR CITY AM) KAKM USE, tlloM I / $.rH) up ; one fine tinv, for truck: also atvlisli pray, tor 1 c-.|-r. -s. |S.? South l-'tllti a venue, n mi (iraud - : > / 1ARRIAOER. WAflONS. IIARNiJflP, AO. V Depot, Bockawny soul E?7,r?4Vagona oiiggy by Stivers. f bctuiiu uaiid l?u>enbury Top MUsVy, Pony Phaeton", top and no top, At NEW YORK SALES AND STOKAUE HKPOHT TORY, BSrloSIl Kourtti avenue, eorner Twauty-flflb ?treat. / AOUPK, R1CII SATIN LINED, IN PRIVATE USE, IX \ ' thorough order, low price ot $HW. Been at stable, 'M Fourth avenue. (1ARKI AfiES?SLIGHTLY DAMAOED; (I RE AT BAR J gains; Carriages, new and second hum), of every description, at low price*; now is the time to purchase heloro trade Commence* MANUFACTUItERs'UNION, G3H Broadway. lAOR SAI.F.-A PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, ALL r black. 16 hands htgh -. weigh l,2t*t poiuids cacti; long tails tine limbs nnd good test; ail sonnet; will do tor any kind ol work. For | r.rtieniiirs adilicu HENRY KAKIDAK. Cast lie, W yoiiiin:: county, N. Y. tAOIt PALE?PAIR FINK CAR PI At IE nORSKS, nearly 16 bunds; warranted sound ; fine action; hoili Cool c-line and saddle horses; colors, grav niul dark \ rowu; will be sold togetlicr or separately; T tartly Brew ter, ol Broome street, in porlcclorilcr Pr'vata , stable ha J%w? vuts.luurUi sUIS&k j RK H 1 21, 1873.?TRIPLE SHEE1 ^ ' HOUKKS CAllRIAGKO, dSC. I Fob kalk?a pony built bay horse. i.v, hanks, 9.Year*, fit for any work, price $136; also one work 1 Pony, $90; sold for w ant of work. Inquire at 136 Perry ytreel, rear Fou balk-pair rich bay colored, close mated, Kentucky bred carriage Horse*, 16 hands, 7 yearn, smooth mado, rangev, with ion it arched necks, i ueavv manes, and tails drag the grunnd. high knee 1 action, splendid style and action, tear nothing, and for I atyle un<f beauty tliey cannot be excelled . also i air black, close mated carriage Horses, 16 hands, C year*, runirey, with arched necks, heavy mane* and tails to the ground, splendid style: all wurrnnted found and kind, without taul. or hiemit-h. Andres* GEO. D. LEHN, Easb o. Pa. For rale?a fine ohbbtmct sorrel mare and fine black Hare, both 6 rears old; trotting a mile in 2:30 in harness. Apply at to Graham avenue, Williamsburg. For bale?bashaw road mark, ta hands high; will suit anv one who wants a good animal; warranted. Rear o< 307 Wooster street. For 8ale?a top wagon, in oood order, best city make, at THOS. J. LYXCH'd, corner Fiftieth street and Tliird nvenoe.

For bale?the fast trotting horse matt Tanner; brown, 16Jj hands, ten veara old: has a record oi 2:3i and can beat2 JO in condition; can show 2 aa to road wagon; perfectly sound and kind, und will be sold lor one-fourth of his tulue, as owner want* money. Apply at stables 15 and 17 I'a <t Twenty eighth street, For sale?a good wagon, suitable for hxpre?g work, $100. Inquire at 116 Beekinan street. For sale-a heavy cart or truck horse. 16 hand* high, 8 year* old ; warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 388 Washington street. In the old Iron yard, near Clarkson street. tjlor balk?A BAY mare, five years old, with F fn&l. Ctll at thp llvprv fiUlil<>. !U1 Kii<t Eli/ street. For bale?a valuable chunk ok a'horse, warranted in every respect except little euro forward, $(15; one valuable blind llorse for sale, $05. 77 New Chambers street. For sale-a coupe <eno.lisii stylf.) very Utile used and In splendid condition To bo seen at A. L. FLANDRAU'ri, No. 7 Kant Eighteenth street IftOR HALF?A VERY IIA \ OHO ME DOUBLE IlAItncss, by Merry, of Louden, never used. Private stable, 47 East Thirty-third street. For hale?pour one trucks, in good i order; also a new Furniture Truck, llorse and liar- i ness; separate or together; sold at a sacrifice. 324 Hud- ' sou strict I ittor SALE?a RAY HORSE. Hi IIANDH HIGH, c r years old; suitable for a butcher, baker, or stylish and Unit driver: alma Light Wugon and Harness if required. Call till sold at 111 Divlaion street, fjtOR BALK?AT HALF BIB VALUE, A BAY UAMBLEI toniiin llorse, fi years old, Id hands; sound and kind ; very stylish; pood double and .duple, also under addle; jiricc $6;W. Apply at private stable si East Fortieth st. FOR HALE?A STOCK HORSE, TOGETHER WITH A Milk Route, situated l'j hours' ride from New York and one mile from depot; will be sold separately or topothcr to suit purchaser. For further particulars inquire Hi 120 West Twenty-sixth street. For bale?a covered oreide double coach Harness, III good order; coHt$2.riO; will be sold for $D0 to-day. Apply at stables 15 East Twenty-eighth st. Forty head driving and work horses lust arrived from Indiana, AT NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, 837 to 341 Fourth avenue, corner Twentv-flfth street. L10R SALE CHEAP?COUPE, IIOHSK AND HAR I? nesg. Can be ?een at 217 West Thirty-seventh st. tjtor sale CHEAP?A lot of oood work I? Horses. Just arrived from the country, from B to H years oitl; suitable for all purposes. Apply at 176 SIcrcer street. FOR HALE CHEAP-SEVERAL HORSES AND wagong, for ail purposes, at the new city Hall Llvcrv and Hoarding stable, XiJ Adams street. RroolclytL < lit ItCfllLL C. K1I1TI1 Horses taken to boaur>, drive and break, with ft odd euro, by JOHN H. TWEUPLR, Mont, gouiery, Orange county, n. v. References?James B. Brewster A Co., New Vork city. Harness for the i rack, road, coach, coupe, Parle, pleasure atul business use; also tor ploughing, farming, teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, con tractors, railroads, Ac.; also Baddies, Bridle* and florae Equipments ot evert' description. A kingdom for a horse. 0. M. MOBKMAN A HRO., Harness Manufacturers, warcronnis 114 Chambers at. Harness.-the cheapest harness stork in New Vork.?flood double Truck Harness, $.*): good single Buggy Harness, blind inade, $22; a good Stable Klmikot, $2 BO; the lurgest nssor Ituenl of ChvI Harness in the city. Pleaw call and examine tor yourselves. E. s. osboknu, Harness wamoomattmmi A) Harness?a larch stock ok sin-ilk and Double Harness of my own nvike, at extremely low prices- Winter stork of Horse Blankets and Lap Robes at a sa rillce; Fawn Truck Blankets cheaper than ever. K. BAKTLETT, 02 Warn n struct and 21 ami 2" ('.illego place. Hearse for sale?at 340 west forty-second street. Harness for sale.?set of first class city ina-ie j-ing'e Harness, warranted In every re sue t; will cell cheap this day. Cull 011 01-add re ss jianks. 102 East Thirty-third street. JUST ARRIVED FROM SOUTHERN INDIANA?A lot of superior Hones; among tlicm are elegant, very stylish nnd well-inatched teams of bay and black Horses; first class coupe, road and work tlorscs; all young, well broken ami warranted sound, kind and true. These horses were selected with great care, mid U T I. (Mil: (II lilt; llll?l IIHK liruu^lll I'l UIIN 111 III Kll 1111*1 reason. Can bo seen an 1 arc for sale at auction loan ot WILLIAM VAN TASSELL (successor to Johnson t Van Tasscll), 110,112, 114 East Thirteenth street. E. C. ELLIOTT. IAUfiE AND ATfltACTlVD SALH OK KIXE HOUSES J und Carriages at auction this day by WILLIAM VAN TAhSELL, Auctioneer, (successor to Johnston A Van Tag* 11), Attliecdd Florae and Carriage Mart, lb', 112 and 114 En?l I'hiru i inii ore '. IANDAU Foil SALE?FIRST CLAS3 AND IN FINE J order; new last Ni vember, and very little used. Apply at 116 Wall street. Mules.?just arhivkd from Kentucky and for sale. 16 head ol lurRo broken Mules, from & to 8 yean old ; several pair weighing 2,000. T. E. A J. IV. MOitllifi, Peare street, * New Brunswick, N. J, 1JRIVATE STABLE. THE OWNER AND OCCUPANT of a first class private Stable, on West Thirty-second i street, having more room than wanted, would take a pair of Horse* and Carnages on lit May. Addrcsa 11. K. V Hi raid office. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES IN PERFECT ORDER; light Victoria, small Pony Wagon, jump seat Hock open huggloe, Depot Wagons, t'otipe Kockawuys; great variety Hprlng styles now Carriages at low iirtHi MAN! FACTL'RKRS' UNION. tats Broadway. rp CART OR DOO CART WANTED?NOT TOO HEAVY 1 tor < iic horse. il.ln ? i!(>( >M M St. Cloud llotol. rpo LET?TWO or TH8BB8T STABLES UPTOWN; . J one large, five open und two box stall*; the other four atolls, amide carriage room unci coachman's a"grtment*. WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, mar Forty firth street. "14'"ANTED?A ROAD HORSE, IN fXCTTAMiE ROB ! TV Michigan loud at a bargain, <>r will pay cash; must trot tinder three minute*; goisl style, sound and kind. Address, with particulars, d. D.. box 4l'I -r ottiee. ( II'ANTED?A PARK-BAY HORSE KI'LL IftTj HANDS, ! TV not over seven yean old, so and, kind ana perleetlv gentle: no puller; free troni tricks, and show three uiltiutes or hetter; a tn'r trial required ; none other ? ed apply. Adtlress \V. H. T.. box t,41W I'Mtiiflet, nriooiis cheap?two orocbby; TWO Lx" TV press, one Plattonn Spring, one Baker's, one Plumber's, one Milk, one Delivery Wagon, one Coupe,ouc Top Bug) >. at 2M spring street, corner <'lark*. \4' A STEP?TO ill V K.IK CASH, A I.I' .III NEW ! TV rtvle Phaeton, host city make ; must he Imt little used and in best order. Address C. K., Broukh u Branch Herald ofllt < . WANTED?CIP.cri.AIt FRONT COPPB Hp. LAN J TV danlet and Harness, at low llvure for rush. Address, j stating price, maker, how long used and full description, .It tit N, Im>i inti llerald olliee. r HORSES FOR PALE.-l IT FOR ALL PIT. POM..-'. f truck or tunning; warranted sound and kind, ill i Woo?t*r street, between Bloccker nud Atnitv. 1/k OOOD WORK IIORhES?S1TTABI.E FOR AIL I" purposes, fust arrived front the West, will bo sold ' cheap; also two trolling Marcs, below Bfty. 220 Eighth 1 atomic. dhl ri\-H.VY HORSE, BLOCKT MA OB. W vivu nanus; stylish nrown, iu minus, snrt; notti n j'cirii mnnd Piid kliuli mu-t I!: <ll.4soivti>f( partner- ' liip.^ tJSJBIpluh avenue corner Tliiriy-flrst street. &fUiO FOR A MF.DII M PAIR OP BAY MARCS, vUwy ill out ft years old ; very luindsoniclv made; ( pcriectlv sound Hint gentle in action; they arc iiuick as : caf*;$l,<?H) would not buy n better pair here. Apply to N. W. ItlKhK, ViesllUlU, N. J., or No. 6 Pine street, .V. Y. PtlO^Oj!AL9. J / \FFIC8 OF TUB Mior. INI) TERMINAL COMPANY, y 2i Nafiitf Stuej.t, New York. Notice to outrv tore. Sealed propo-als will he received until March 2t. at noon, directed to the Chief Englm or. for the grading and masonry of about lour miles of railroad work lying westerly from Weehawken 'crry, N. ' Plan* an t specification* may be seen at the engineer'sodlee. The company reeervc the right to ro od any and all ' bids not sntlsfavborv. 1 D. A. WOOD, Chief Engineer. rro contractors? proposals for kaisino ; 1 and pradinp Fleetwood Track will he received at the ; Park on Wednesday, March 2ft; specifications can be seen at the Club House on Saturday, March 12. mi, ii. \ a n t o i l, Superintendent. j NAKBLE MANTKLN. ( AIU, si p.AM-MAltHi.H AND MARBLBIHXQ i . Works, 1st and 138 Fast Blihtcenth street.?Marble | and Marhleiaed Mantel*, Tiling, Marhle Counters M.uiuincuts, at prices that dcty competition. Marble Turning lor Uie trade. j AN ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, CNrtlRPANHED for beauty ot design and miality of workmanship, slate Work ot all kinds a specialty. I I'ENKHVN SLATE COMPANY, 1 "mtt avenue and Si wtMlUb street, I nlon square. I OTEWART'S SLATE MANTKIJt.-RICII AND ELK- 1 O gant dr?ip?a: Slate Works ot every description; Mar ble and Wood Mantel*. T. B. STEWART A co., 22)and t XSi Wut Tvtmy UUrd alKfC mar fccvmkU avenue. N. Y. j ERA1 r. ICWWIAf STEAMSHIPS. flTHITB STAR UNB. ? FOR QUBENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRYING TIIK UNITED STATES MAIL. New and full-powered steamships. Sailing iVom New York on Saturday*, from Liverpool on Thursday*, calling at fork Harbor each way. BALTIC Saturday, March 22, at 12 noon. CELTIC Saturday, March 2i>, at 3 P. M. ATLANTIC Saturday, April S. at II A. M. REPUBLIC Saturday, April 12, at 3 P. H. j ADRIATIC Saturday, April 19. at 10:3l> a. M. ? From the White Star dork, Pavonia fcrrv, Jersey City, j Passenger accommodations lor all classes unrivalled 1 combining safety, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms in | midstilp section, where least motion Is li'lt. Surgeon? and . stewardess accompany the stoninor. Kales?Saloon. $801ti gold (lor sailing aalter April l, $11*', j gold); steerage, $30 in currency. Those wishing to send for friends in the old country ' can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32, currency. Passengers booked to or from all parts of America to Pari*. Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 up wards. For inspection of plans and other information apply at the company'* oflice. 19 Broadway, New York. Bills of lading issued to Continental ports. J. 11. BPaKKS, Agent. /tylv direct live to fkavcr The General Transatlantic Company's mail steamship* i between Sew Turk and Havre, culling at Brest. The splendid vessels on thW iiivorlfo route I'or the . Continent will sail from pier No. M) North Hiver as follows VILLK DK PARIS, Ilelisrd Saturday, March 22 ST. LACRKNT. Lemnric Saturday, April 8 VILLE DC 1IAVRB, Surmont Saturday. April 1# PKREIRE, Dan re Saturday, May 3 Price of passage, In gold (Including wine), to Brest or Havre : ? First Cabin $12.11 Second Cabin $79 Excursion tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carrv steerage passengers. American travellers going to or returning from the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit by Kuglish railway and the dlscnmlorts of crossing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and expense. GKORGE MACKENZIE. Agent, M Broadway. CTEAMER VILI.R DE PAR TP, FOR BREPT AND tj Havre, will leave pier No. 50 North River, foot of Morton street, on Saturday, March 22, at 12 o'clock M. Passengers arc reuuested to he on board at II o'clock A. M. UEORGK MACKENZIE, Agent 1NMAN LINE. For Quecnstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail Stcnmers ; are appointed to sail as follows:? CITY IIP NEW YORK Saturday, March 21, at 12 M. CITY OF PARIS Pattirilav, March 2.?, at 2 P. M. CITY OF MONTREAL Saturday. April 5, at 12 M. CITY OP BRISTOL Thursday, April Id, ut 2 P. M. CITY OK BROOKLYN Saturday, April 12, at 2 P. M. CITY OF WASHINGTON...Thursday. April 17, at 9 A. M, And each succeeding Saturday anil Thursday, ironi plor 45 North River. RATES OF PASSAGE. Cabin? $R3 and $100, gold, according to accommodation. Round Iriit tickets at low rates. Steerage?To Liverpool, Qucenstown, Glasgow, Londonderry, Loudon, Bristol or Carditl", $30. Prepaid certificates, $:i2, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reduced rates, limits Issued at lowest rates. For Cabin Passage and general limitless apply at the company's office, 15 Broadway. I-..V n?l VI tlI ?.... JoIYn O. DALE, Agent, or to O'Donntll a Faclk, 402 Chestnut street, I'liiln lelpliiu. Iff, ? Guisi,102 Bfatc itntt, Botton. I'. C. Huiov.n, Mi South Market strict, Chicago. / T17NARO LINE. VJ Tin- British and North American Royal Mail Steamships, between New York' ami Liverpool, calling at Cork harbor. Kroin New York. CUBA Weil., March 2li "RUS-HA Wed.. April 16 AHYSSfNU..Wort , April 2 CALABRIA.. Sat.., April 19 ALGERIA Wert., April 9 JAVA Wert.. April 2.9 Ami every fo'lowlng WeJnnaday ami SaMtrdiiy frinn New York, steamers marked thus do not curry steerage passenger!'. Rates ill Pus-uige?Cabin, $30, $100 and $110, gold, according to accommodation. Tickets to Paris, $13, gold, additional. Return tickets oil lavorahla terms. Steerage, $S", currency. Steerage tickets from I/lverpool and Quccnstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Pur freight and cabin passage apply at the Company's olllee, No. 4 Bowling (ireen ; for steerage pussage, at 111 Broadway, Trinity Building. CIIARLEB G. FRANCKLYN, Agent. Or to P. IT. DCVRRNET, corner of Clark and Hun<lolpb streets Chicago, III. National line ok steamers. Weekly lo Queenstown unrt Liverpool; fortnightly to London direct. TO Ql'BENSTDWN AM) LIVERPOOL, v troin piers 14 and 47 North River. GRI5F.CE, Thomas Wednesday, March 28, atS P. M. EGYPT, Grogun Saturday, March 29, at 3 P. M. CANADA, Wi hster Saturday, Aprils, at 10 A. M. FHANOB, Thomson Saturday, April 12, at 3 P. M. SPAIN Urure Saturday, April 19, at 10 A. M. FOR LONDON DIRECT. HOLLAND, Bragg Saturday, April 3, at 11 A. M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Calrtn Passage, ff'.M, #73 ami #6), currency. Steerage, 829, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Qucrnatown. Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, lirlstnl or Lood'oi, CHEAPER THAN BI \NY OTHER LINE. Pur further luforinniinn apply at the company's office, j 69 Bread way. F. W.J. IIIJKST. Manager. Anchor MX!:.-i:xrui-:s; steamers sail from pier 2-I North Itivcr, Nov York. AI STTMLF i. SH(., M'ch 22 I VICTORIA. ..Put.. Moll 29 OLYMl'I A.. .Weil., M'ch 2ii| TKINAOHIA..Weil.. April 2 Passengers booked and forwarded U> anil I'rom unv railway elation in O re at Slrliain, Irolaml, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Americana aalclv, speedily, comfortably and cheaply aa any other route or lino. Th-kola, Dralta or Certificates can be bought at loweat currency rates by applying at the company'* office*. No. 7 Bowling (Irecil. 1110N PF.RSI)N fill! >11! Kit Agents. VOBTH (i Kit MAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, ii For Southampton and Bremen. The steamship MOSUL. Captain O. Ernst, will sail on Saturday, Murcb 22, at noon, from Bremen pier, foot Third street, liolioketi, to la* followed by ntciiiiiship ItllKIN, Captain J. c. Meyer, on Saturday, March 29. Rales of parage to Loudon, Havre ami Bremen, pnyahlu in cold or its equivalent in currency : First Cabin JII20 Second Cabin 72 Steerage .TO For freight or passage apply to OKLKICIIS A CO., Agent*. No. 2 Bowling Green. rrillt hambckg-AMKBICAN PACKET COMPANY'S L Iron mall steamship TlItTRINOIA, Captain J. Meyer, will snil on Thursday, March 27, at 2 P. V.. for Hamburg, tuhtfiT niHWpn'rfiN f'rnm Ni<w York lo 1*1 vn.mitli T<?.1nti Cherbourg and Huniburg. First Cabin, 9)20. Second Cabin, $72. Stcorage. 930, payable in United States gold. Kl'NHARHT A CO., C. II. RICHARD .A BOAS, General Agent*, General Passenger Agent*, 01 Urnuil alrcet. Now Vork. 01 Broadway, New York. The it ammonia will (tail April A U" NIT El) STATES'MAIL LINE.?STEAM TO QUEENS*- I town ami Liverpool. Sailing cverv Wednesday. WISCONSIN, Freeman, Jr March 28, at 3 P. At NEVADA, Forsyth ' April 2, at 9 A, M rrom tiler 41 North River. Cabin passage. 9S9 eo'd ; stceraire, ?tl currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris. Hamburg, Norway and Sweden, Ac. Draft* on Ireland, England, France uud Germanv at lowest rate*. Apply to WILLIAMS .? CI I"N, 2!I Broadway. rpolP.LsT AND EXCURSION AltllANGEMENTSL J. iPasieugi ri booked by any line of steamers.) COOK, SON A JENKINS, 262 Broadway, New York, ire now prepnred to book passengers eltlier separately or in | artl-s to anv part of Europe, embracing tours of any ?x!ent, at great reductions. "< ook's Excursionist" (or March, price 10c , contains lull particulars. Personally conducted party per steamship Victoria [Anchor line) to Italy and Vienna, for 105 davs' tour, eaves M.twlO; price, including all necessury expenses, 1750, gold" _ _____ B U.I H LLOYD?MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANVt>tily direct line to Prussia, Rii?ia and the Scandinavian countries, connecting with ail the Baltic local lim-s >: steamers. New Vork and Stettin, calling at Havre and openhagon to land malls and passengers?Slcarner will ail at 2 P. M trow Pier 13 North River. E. M AllNDT, Captain F. Ureter, March 29. RATES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN GOLD. First Cabin $!<*>, gold I Steerage $30 Secon I Cabin 72, gold | From Stettin $3'i I From Stettin to Excursion tickets... .170 | Excursion ticket*... 05 Children under ten years halt fare. For through j-eWlils to Hie nrtneinn! norts of the Baltic and na sage inplv"toCHAftl.LSUAMMKLSUEKU A Co., Agent*, 40 Broadway. Nt w Vork. PARSKMiKRS CAN' CABLE HOME Til F. fit ARRIVAL abroad tor Ji Passenger Cahle Telegrams sold ?t itcaiiHTu' office*. at whart anj by K1KKNAN A CO., rclrgraphlc Agent*. 15 Wall street. ITNI1 no STATES PASSPORT H fit EAP.-O FKIC IA ? J Passports of the Department of State Issued l>v A. . WTI LMARTIf, Vnlted Stale* Court House, 41 Cham >ern street. IJBMITTANCES TO KM,!,AM) AND IRELANDLb Drafts tor it and upward* and Pnesago Tickets i.y tcauwlup and sailing packet, iMited nt the lowest IV lAPSOoTI' BROTHERS k Co., 86 Sontti street. IJOR H W.E A FIRST CLASS l'AS?\OK TICKET IO L Liverpool. Address A. K., box 2,8J3 New Vork Tost ifflce. ^ COASTWISE KTEANSHIPS. p-vcino mail steamship company's L Line to CALIFORNIA. JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying mails, passengers and freight t(T Asptnwall, I an,una, Mania Martha, Grevlo* ii ami Pacific const ot Mexico, Central America, Peru an 1 Chile. Steamers leave 10th, 2dth and 30th ol each m>>uih, ex:ept when those days tall on Sunday, then the day prerloUA. March 22.1973?Steamer HENRY CITACNCEY, Captain Irnv. ? ill leave pier 12 North River at 12 o'clock noon lor Aspluwall direct, coiutecllng at I'anamn with the steamer .1 RE AT REPUBLIC, Captain Caverly. touching at Acamien. Manzanlllo, Mazatlnn, and also connecting lor all 1 Central American and Mouth Pacific ports. Departures 1 >t tilth and until of each month connect with the cointally's steamer touching at San Benito, Tonatu, Saliua Crii7. and Port Angel. ? , , Steamer Alaska will leave San I ranctsco April 1, lf>73. 'or Japan and China For rates of passage, freight and ill further information apply at company's office on the der, lOotot Canal street. . f. R. BABY, Agent. Special Notice.?Postponement of sailing. ?Steamer IIKNRY CHAl .NCKV will leave pier 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, Saturday. March 22.1373. ' _ P. H. BABY, Agent. MOLUMRIAN MAIL RBAM PACKET J.INE, POR U Matanza* and Ha\ana, carrying the united States nail,?The first elaas sldewheel steamship SANTIAGO i DE CUBA, Captain J. W. Reynolds, will Mil from Pier So. 4 North River, on Tuesday, 23th Instant, at 3 1'. M. For freight or passage apply to C L. OUILLFAUMK A riO., Agents, 14 BfO*dWRT. DllC DoUgt Will he wIveu of agxl sailing d&B ' I L.D. PRICE FOUR CENTS. COAVTVVIME *THA>IMIIIP?S. \U8TKAUA IMONKER LIN*. The At at Lloyd's extreme ellpper ship AN?ILO SAXON. l.'JPO ton* burden, bavidson nitiMer, will ho despatch? trom Pier 9 i a?t River, ou Wednesday. April 2, for Sydney. a A. ami ha* superior acrotinnodatiniis for cabin pasengers. Apply to R. w. CAMERON A CO.. 2A Sonih William street, New > nrk rPE*AS LINK <)P (1AT.VKKTOV STEAMER*. MH ' H JL Ing nt Key Wi at, carrying the United State* mail. The steamer CL1DR Captain Kennedy, la now re ec It 111 if freight at pier 2t) East River, and will sail Satur lay. tdHr.-li ii. Through bills of lading gWen to Houston, cither .hy tn? O II. and H. R. R. or bv the Houston Illrert Navigation e?a.?t.? n.l ?/. .. 11 t.Alnl. .o . _ .. ? ami Henderson and H. R. and 0. No charge for forwarding ill New York. Kor freight or uass.wo apply to C. II. MALLORY A CO.. I? Maiden lane, 01 W. P CLYDE, 119 WhII ntmot. NEW YORK AND BERMUDA MAIL 8TEAMSH)1' Line. For Hamilton, Bermuda, eirryinc the United State* MalL The Al sidewhcel uteauisMp ALBEMARLE, U. A. Hourne, Commander, , * la now re.rlvmg cargo at pier 37 North Riv'Cr. and wi>! call ou Saturday, March 22, at 4 o'clock P. M., lor the above port. For irelght or pat-sagc, having elegant aceontmoda tlon.s, apply to I.UNT ROTnP.ItR, 24 South street. RED BALL LINE OP MAIL STEAMER*. RATES OP PASSAGE REDUCED. NEW YORK TO DEMKKARA. 4 CALLING AT ST. THOMAS AND BARBADOS TO LAND MAILS AND PASSENGERS. These (Iff! class lull-powered iron steamers are Intruded to cud from pier IS Eaat Kiver, a* follows:? 1,AiJoS. Peeden April * MANDlNGO. Sncnee Saturdav, April 2U AND EVERY TURKU WEEKS TIIEEEAPTKIt. These steamers are specially adapted to tropieal sar v lee. have lurge staterooms. bathrooms and superior ventilation, and takn only tlrst eluji uassettier* Allutltel amount of cargo will lie tukcu. A Gartliorite. owners, 70 South street. Por freight or pa-sago apply to E. E. MORE A soNS. 7 > doiifi st. H Y. TTNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP I..1 Company.?The elegant screw steamship ONTARIO, .HOI tone burden, Captain UeerBo B. Hloeum, will s-Ul for St. Thomas, I'ara, Fernamluico, H.thia and Rlo.taiieiro on Monday, March 21, at 10 o'clock A. 31. For freight or passage apply to W. K. GARRISON. Agent, No. a Howling Green. U'NITEl) STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO HAVANA, PROG RE 80 AND VERA CRUiS, New York and Mexican Mall Uteamslilp Line, leaving pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P.-M. EVERY THUR3DAT. CLEOPATRA (Havana mid Mexico) March 2 CITY OF HAVANA i Havana only) March 27 CITY OP MKRIDA (Havana via Nassau) April 3 CITY OP MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) April Ui CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) April 17 For Orelght or pnusage apply to P. ALEXANDRE A *0N8, IB Broadway. IjNOIt NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.-T11E STEAMEI: CITY OF GALVESTON, Captain Rowland, will leave pier 21 East River, March 20, ef 4 P. M. Freight received dally. Through rates given to Galveston, Indianolii ItocKport or Araiua* wharf. Brazos Snntingo and S" Louis. Cabin passage, $150; steerage, $25. Fur freight or passage apply to C. H. MALLOUV A CO.. liB Maiden lane. For new orlkanh direct. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier Xo. 5 North River. at S o'clock P. M. EMILY B. SOUDER, on KATCRDaY, March 22 Freights received dally. Through rates -riven for Ht Louis, vu-ksburg, Mobile, Galveston mil Induinola. For freight or passage, having superior aenwnmod* tiolis. apply to FREDIsRIC BAKER, 3) Broadway. FOlt SEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwell Steamship Line. The steamship GEORGE CROMWELL, Captain 8. L. Clnpp, will leave pier No. 9 North River on Saturdaj. March 22, at 3 P. M. Freights received dally. Through rates given to Galveston, India nolo, Rockforl or Aranza^ wharf, Brazos, Santiago and St. bonis. Cabin pasaage, $r?is steerage, $25. For freight or pas sage apply to CLARK. A SEAMAN, 3d West street. 171 OR NORFOLK, CITY POINT AND RICHMOND.? 1 The Old Domitiion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37 North River their elegant sldewheel steam ship ISAAC BELL, BlaUeman commander, for Norfolk, city Point and Richmond, on Saturday, March 22, at 3 X'. M., giving through hills ol lulling to all points South ami Soul Invest. Through passenger tickets issued to u<! pidiits. Accommodations unequalled. Aopl.y at pier 37 or at the general ofllce, 137 Greenwich street, comer ot Doy. mrEiiLERs' oriPBs PENNSVLV \ NIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, from foot of D"?bross?4 nil Cortlaudt streets, as follows:? Express lor Harrishurg, Pittsburg, the West an I Sonth wiui unman rniacc coirs linn mum, iu.i :i ;i. a.; ?, 7 AO 1 ami 8-.111 I'. M. Sunday,3, 7 and x: VI 1'. M. '"or Baltimore, Waililnutou and the Soul'i at? A. M.;t and 1 P. M. Sunday, 0 1'. si. Express for Pbilarielohia,x, P, 9:-J.) A. M.; 11:3), I, 4,14, 5:30, i !'. M., and 11 nigtit. Sunday, it, X: [) and J I*. St.. for PhlUdelidila, via ICenslnutob. it 7 A. M. nnd 'J P. M Etnlurant And second class, 7:15 P. M. For Newark at 0, ri-.V), 7.7:1), kit >, >, U, II. M :I1 A. St. 12, 1, 2, 2:30. 3, 8:.M, 3:?J. 4:1). I: VI, ft :l). 1:1). b :T>, Bid). f>, 6:10. 67. 7: In, 8:1(1, 9, tu, 11 ;}j, til'. M. dun day, 0 :W, rt. It :l(), 9 P. St. 1 Tor Elisabeth. <1, 0:301 7, 7:W, A 8 .11, 1, II, II, It :t't A. M., 13 St., 12:-?,1, 2. 2:1), 3, 3:IMtlO, 4, I:! ),?:!), .0 J J 5:S0, .1 6, 6:1"). (1:39, 7:30, .1:10, 1'i, II :)U 12 P. M. Bun day,fi:d).0 and 8:10 P. M. For Hall way, 6, (1 :30, 7. 8:10. ft :*J0 and I I A. If., 1J K 1, 2.2:!'). 8, 3:JO, .3:10, 4:11. 4211 6:>), 5:IT ?:V), 0, 0:3) 7:-30, 8:10, If) P. Vf. mid 12niv'lit. Hundav, 0:i) and 1 P. M For Wooibridstc and Pcrtli Atnboy, 8 tin IDA, H.,2 :W S:M, 4 36 And 6:50 I'. M. For N<-w Brnnswirx, 7,11 A. St., IJ St.. I. I, 4:1V 9;2r 6, 9 i'. M. and I.' nliflit. Sunday, 1) and 9 P V, For Hunt Millstone, 7 A. St,, 12 noon, 4:!dnn1 3:1) P. M For l.anibertville mid Flrui'nsi.ui 9 A. VI. 11111 2 P. M. For FHilUpsbnm and Belvldero, 2 and 4 I*. W. AccoMiin'xlniton lor Bordentown, tturllouton and Cam do 11, 7 mid 9:3C A. \f? 12:9). 2, 3. 3 :40, 4 and il F. ST. For Frocliold, 7, 8 A. M.. 2 and 1 I". M. For Jnini'Sbili'u, Peiniicrlun, Camden, 6 A. St., 3:1) P. M Trains arrive ax follows:?From Pituburu, ?i:t) A. M. 1 AS P. M., dally, 10:11 A. SI. and 6:31 P. SI., d illv, rj.inii Monday. From Washington aud Baltimore, 0:1) A. Sir 4:34, 1(1:12 P. M. Sunday, 6:13 A. M. Pro.n i'hll.t l^lptat t 5 31, 09V), 10:14, II :i)l, II :M A. M , 2 It, 3:3), 9:11, 9:11 P. M Sunday. 5:21, 0:30, II :04 A. M. Ticket ntticos, 328, 430, 271 and 941 Broadway, No.' Astor IFonso, and loot ot lb dirnsses and Cortland, streets. I,migrant Ticket oik:, No. a Ball r.v ni.icn. A. d. Cassa tt, it. M BOYD, Jr., General Man14.Tr. >iu 11. Pass. Agetlt. DRY eoom> A TTRACTIONB INCREASE AT SMITH'S PATTERN J\. Bazaar, Oil Broadway. Kitporh Citttnute?! Rnc.liant lug Noveltlos! Patterns now r*it'Iy. Cloth model Willi each pattern. Conic early In tin* day. A BfRDETTi, SMITH. Oil Broadway, neur Twentieth street. New York DON'T FAIL TO SHI I RR THE EXTRA TELEGRAM THIS MORNING. IT WILL CONTAIN A HIVJOKl If' >V II,1.1 AM FOTKR, THE MI'HUEII, TUB Tltl VI. AM.' I til. i'-XKCC TION. MILLINERY AMD im?:ss'I? PARIS MI LI j IN eIIY.?M M e. ferllkro, NO. 7 WEST Thirtieth tret, New and elegant styles of llnnnet nr:d ltonnd llats. Flowers, Veils, Ac. Fl'MNITt tt t ? ST ' IRAQ K. j\, RTOIIAHE for itrmtfrk, p|,\\0'. MIRRORS. PAINTINGS, Ac.; ALSO ('A ItRIA'H'S, W AGO SR. Ay. at the NEW FIRST rL.v-S WAKfcHOI SB. I ttlll exlirO&Sh I?r the purpo-e, il? TO lit l'.A-r to ir r V S KOONL) STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVKNCK. TRUNKS. ''ASFnnd other l'A''ICAOES cont?liiliiz arti les of EXTRA VALCE can be stored with saff.tV at i,ratee Persons can forward their goodi from any part of Lt'KOI'K or AMKRIF v direct to till, warehouse. Till". PUBLIC is invited i > examine the superior a cottintodallon?, iirlit. veii'll cion, safety, Ac., which thiwarehouse ijokscbscs over all others. JOHN It. MORRELL, Owner a id Proprietor. \ MAGNIFICENT INLAID FRENCH WAtKgl latest st> tc crim-on sntlu Parlor Suit, coal S57&, t? $17.1; nil" do. hiN): t.ror itel and rep Suit.. $75. $j>) an fJ'G Pianoforte, Pnlntluirs, Bronws. Mirrors; rose woo and walnut Chamber Nulls, kits up; Carpets, Librar* Dining furniture; a -a r ineo: pesi'itro . : laiunv troiic to ? ulta. 113 \Vr<t Eighth street ((..lirtoti p.'a-'c', bctweei. Kiit'i uti l Sixth avenue 4. \r.l THE BLKOAXT IKir.-KtlOLD H'RMTCRE oi private tc.'Miin'o 210 Wet 21 it imar 7Hi*t.. fo sale at a sacrificet Parlor Ktilfa, from f7~> to .ft?3: B,.,l room Bull*. from $30 to $7": Library ami Dining Eun: Inrt', nuiatiiii.en rogftvnod "'4 octavo I'latPit'orte. C'a: pots Ho l'llng, OruuiiKnt , A". N. B.?21 > West 2I*t ?t ('lit this out. . ________ \?m.fnxirrcext drawing room st irs- ro>i padottr, Mario \iitoirelto styh' tivrotl IHt hr. cade, made oi Jor, o.i -t totlO, lor $20b; tl->.do., (4' K tape re, Cabinets, Table . ro.wwvod Piunoforte. Kron/.Paint!u it*. Mirrors, Velvet ("ari t*. Cld'kn, rtrowo**' walnut Chamber furniture ; Mutlrosc.i. Extension T Mo, Silvrrci. ii. Oilasftwaro; ? saerltl. ; property lamlh leaving city. .'Ml Wort 1Mb ?t. .11 oar fab av, VT REN I'A I,.!.'.5! Ol.n 8 I AN l>, El'R VlTCltE. CAR pe's at. I K< Itllng chc?u lor <, or hy weekly ivo to intBly payment*. V. ti. C'AMJtlfS, IP) nuJ 211 Hul*j rtreor, corner Canal. 4 -FOR SALE, IiBRM THAR ItALk COST, If n j\ . vale residence. 120 W est ild et., ri -Ii -allli bro<ia v I'trior Suits, coal Aw, lor R2S), ore $1'0; rep S'Qita, $o.i Pianoforte, cost $7 0, lor $170; Carpets. Mirrors, Pabr it>u% Bedroom Suits. Hi?n/.<... Parlor Ornaments, It liatt hall I'ost. Call litis day lor bargains; family lc?\ nig R>r Europe. . 1 i AROB 4bhortmr51 Oft IBPBTN FUBKTTtTRI JY an I Melding at lo\v?t oath pricey, |)V weekly in sUloieuts atO'FAKREI.L'S warehouse, 4!l) Eighth a\c ini?L between Thir.ietli and Thirty Urgt street*. TAMis GRAHAM, l<? THIRD aVENCR, Is open TO purchase every description of Furniture, both mooefn and an:ti|tio, Carpets, Ac., where a largo lot of everr description mjy be >een on baud. ___ MOSTHl.Y OR WEEKLY PAYMENT*-CARPETS Furniture, Bedding. Ae. DhAI.Y A CITN IHIMOHA*. 3S? and SXb Thitj avenue, ttaar Tweatv'ifhth net)t, rnce* lower than any otuer liotuo in Vie city. PRIVATE PAUTTES DKStRISO to PTSPOSE ok ' their Furniture can meet will" aea?li purcnasefb addrealng 8. H. P., box SSI I'ost odlce. The rtiRMTi re. carpets, i-rockprv, plate Ac., nearly new, of a housuJ'WfllJ'j, \',r -,a'4 House lor sale or rent. Address .1. w ii.lfamp, im>* 1,71 Sew Vork Post oiilfiv . YVKKUI.T AND MOSTTfI/Y PATMEN VS f*<)H PCR>< W tare. Carpet'' and Redding, at R. M. COWtMfh Til WAIT A ?N?'A, tAS Ch*Bi4UI RRti An !uaittet|i, Stock out) lo" |?i ?ee?

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