Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1873 Page 10
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10 ^ SHrrFING NEWS.I ftwr New York?This Dmy PTN AND MOON. I HlOn WAT**. Sun rtsca e 02 [ Cot. Inland eve 1 39 Sun seta 8 13 Sandv Hook....eve 12 44 Mvou rweiu.inorn l oo J HeU fcato. eve 3 24 OCEAN STEAMERS. dates'Of dkpartl'rk from new york fob toe MONTHS OK MARCH AND APRIL. Shamert. | .'uiU j/'aUnuU-on. j Urtee. Baltic |M'?ll IT.. (Liverpool.. 119Broad-way. City (.f New York. i M'rh i Liverpool. I In Broadway Viilo Jo Par* M'rti22.. Ilavr- | SB Broadway Mosiel M'ch 22.. Ilreuien... 2Bowline Uroeu Australia M'ch JB.. Qlatwow. . |7 Rowling(Jrceu Lrecea M'rtt 26 Liverpool.. o>9 Broadway. Wisconsin M'ch 26.. Liverpool.. 2y Broadwav. Olvmpin M'rh 26.. lilsutirow.... |7 Bowling (Jreea Thurlni'ia !M'ch 27 . t Uiini'oury IH Broadway. " 1'" **'J I U'/'h 90 I I .(VOPIinol I1A HP/uniwuv. Cefuo l.M'tU 2#.. Livernooi.. |it* Broadway. Virions IM'oh 29.. Glascuw. ... |7 Bowlineoreen Bevpt M'ch 29.. Liverpool.. p?'i? Broadway. Hhctn | Wcii 29. Bremen 12 BowlinirCrern America I April 2.. Bremen II Bowlin* Green Nevada lAprll 2.. Liverpool.. 129Broadway Hnlsatia lAprll 3.. Hamburg.. 181 Broad way. Holland lApril ft.. London 89 Broadway. Citv ot Montreal. April 6.. Liverpool.. 13 Broadway. Atlantic April 3.. Liverpool.. I'J Broadway. Canada April 3.. Liverpool.. r>9Broadway. Bt Laurent April 3.. Havre !M Broadway. Writer April 3.. Bremen? 2 Bowline (ireem City ot Bristol April in.. |Liverpool.. 13 Broadway. Republic April 12..^Liverpool., 19 Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH 20, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship Westphalia (Oor), Schwensen, Hamburg? Ktiulmrdt A t'o. Steamship Cleopatra, Phillips, Havana, Ac?F Alexandre a Sons. Steamship Gen Barnes, Mallorv, Snvannuh?W K Garrison. Steamship Sonth Carolina, Bceket, (Charleston?II Tt Moipan A Co. amslnp Wvanoke, Couch, Norfolk, City Point and Kieliniond?Oln Dominion Steamship Co. Slenmslim Chesapeake. Johnson. Portland?J F Ai?cs. Steaiuslnii(ilaticiis, Hearse. Boston?It t-' Imnock. Bark N M Haven, Hull, Mntaivns?.las K Ward A Co. Hark Norton Stover, Sherman, Cardenas?.Miller A IfouirhtMi. lirii-' Centaur. Stanton, Manr.milla?M Iliinler A Co. Selir Ocean yuoen (Brj, lloltoii, Gibraltar?George F Bui ley. Sch'r Annie Whiting, Hutchinson, Deiuerara?Eawin Howe A Co. Schr K ii Pulmer, Stevens, Catnpeacliv and Frontera? Moiler A Thehand Sehr Rve-Jtne, Carroll, Barbados?D Trowhrldfto A Co. Seltr A H liurlburt, UrilUn, Kiclnnoiid?Van Brunt A Rro 8chr Margaret Plater, Blizzard, Wilmington, Del?8 Qoil win A Sonn. Kehrr Olive Branch, Nicholson, Providence? Ferguson A Wood. Sclir Alice Bell, Hathaway, Providence?Ferguson A Wood. sehr Tahitha A Hannah, Dill, New London?11W Jackeon A.Co. Sehr ( C Acken, Meade, Stamford?Stamford Manufacturing Co. Steamer Philadelphia. Davis, Philadelphia. AltMVALS. BEPOUTED BY THE HERALD STEAM YACHTS AND HERALD WHITKHTONS TELEGRAPH LINE. Steamship Cuba (Br), Macnuloy. Liverpool March 8 anil Vm'ciisJuwn 9lh. with indse and passengers to C O Krancktyn. March 1ft, hit 40 28, Ion (5 14, passed n threemasted atenmer bound east: 17th. lnt 41 4ft, Ion ft'.i 47. saw a steamer showing three rockets; 19th, bit 41 2U, Ion ti4 47, a National line steamer bound cast; 20tli, 2ft miles east of Bandy llook, steamer i'arthia, hence for Liverpool. Steamship Victoria (Br), Munro, Glasgow March 8 and Mnvile Dili, with noise and 2IKI passengers to Henderson Bros. March lti, lat 4.'i 08, (on 07 20. passed a National steamer, bound W; 19th, 150 nilles E ol Sandy llook, a Guion su-aiiier. bound W. Steamship Tliuringia (Ger), Meyer, Hamhnrg March ft, hnil Havre 8th, with indse and passengers to Kunhardt A Co. Prom the 9th to 12lh inst had a verv heavy westerly gale, with tremendous seus; rest of passage variable weather. March 12, lat 48 07, Ion 81 57, passed the wreck of a large vessel totally washed out Steamship Rotterdam < I loll). Hues, Rotterdam March 2, with indse and 2fi2 passengers, to Punch, Ldye A Co. Had strong westerly winds the entire passage; had 2 deaths, 2 children and 1 adult. Steamship Merrimack, Weir, ltin Janeiro Feb 24, Bahia JStli. Pernambuco March 2, Para 7th and St Thomas 14th, with mdse and passengers to W R Garrison. Steamship City of Galveston, Rowland, New Orleans March 12, with mdse and passengers to C II Mallor.v A Co. 17th inst, lat 24 SO, Ion 7ft SU, signalled steamship Cortes, hunce lor New Orleans. Ship l)iekhi>o?h lot London), Gedye, Shanghae, Nov 25, with tens to Hemensun, PaVson A Morgan. Parsed Aniler Dec 17, with a lurge fleet of vessels: experienced heavy si|italls down the Java Sea, and was detained three da vs outside tfaspar Strnits by very violent squalls of wind, rain, t blinder and lightning; got the SE trades verv late, but have bail flue weather since; passed Cape of Good Hope Jan 2ft, and crossed the Kqnator Feb 21, in Ion 22; December 19, spoke ship Galatea, trout Manila tor New York, Jan Ml, near Cape of Good Hope, spoke bark Per Adnu (Hri, from lloag Kong for New York ; March 8, I ? *",11 I .. r.A Ml Tiiinnlwill I iv.m lluin. burg tor New York; same time a Russian tan k, supposed bound for New York. Slop Endeavor, Wurlnnd, Manila Pee 17. with mdse to Frntirht llafliaway. Passed Anjior Dec 28, Capo of Wood Hope Jail 2M and crossed the Equator Feb 25, In Ion S7. Had steady NK monsoons down the China and fresh NE trades in tlie Atlantic; been 4 days N of Hatteras; had tieavv gales from NNW on the lfilli and 17th hist. Jan 9, Int IH 55 S. Ion H4 K, spoke hark Thracian (Br), from Amoy I lor New York. Ship Minims. Kelly Liverpool .15days, with indse to J W Klwell A Co. t oll 11, tvm Wilson, seaman, nged 45 years, tell troin the foretuptullant yard overboard, and Wa-< drowned. Ship Thereso, Mudgett, London 96 days, with mdse to Tlios Dun ham's Nephew A Co. Came a southern passage auiHiad tine weather; heen 9 davs N of Hatteras; Feb ft, lat 21 15, Ion S4, spoke hark Norwegian (Hr), from Liverpool for Matan/.as; same time Imrk Jens Lassen (Nor), London for Philadelphia : March 12. lat .10, Ion 70, bark Surah B !1ale, from Portland lor Buenos Avres. ship Topgallant, Phillips, London 49 days, wltli mdse to Chas Itllreen ve??el to C Comstoc k A Co. Took the middle passage anil had heavy SVV and N'W galol; lost and split sails; tins heen Kd.iys north of Bermuda. Ship Rhine, Jordan, London, and Portland 55 days, Willi tndse to C.rlnnell, Mintiirn A (hi. Had strong westerly gales down the Channel, then took the southern passage and had light winds and calms; been 4 days north of llattcras. Hark Indiana (Nor), Zimichow, Liverpool 55 days, wilh mdse to H ' De Wolf A Co; vessel to Tetens A llookniHNn. Took the southern passage aad had moderate weather; heen 14 days west el" Bermuda. Hark Ansgsr (Nor). Nielsen, Barrow 44 days, with rail.i iron to order; vessel to Punch, Kdye A Co. Took 'so.iihern pas. age and hud tine weather; has beeu 8 uavs wi st of Bermuda. i n k lusulacaprt (Nor), Anderson, Cardiff 55days, with railway Iron to order; vessel t" retells A Bin kmann. Tuok the southern pa-sage and had tine weather; been 14 days north ot Bermuda. Bark Providence (ot Windsor, NS), ConHleet, Cardiff 46 days, with railway iron to order; vessel to master. Took | the southern passage and had moderate weather; heen 9 tla\? norm 01 nermann. li?rk Kotnr Sverre (Nor), Hansen, Limerick, 4d days, in tut 11 ust to Totalis A Roekmnnu. Took tlie northern pashaue, and flue weather to Bermuda; trnm thence 12 ilavs, with heavy X ami N\V I?ale*. dark Ryeroft (of Annnpolls, NSi, Mri'rav, Hamburg and the Isle of Wight -Tan 2H, with empty Parrel* to Henry A Parker. Took the northern passage, ami hail heavy westerly tales; Pern ;tt days west ol the Punks: March 17. rttirlhir a heavy trale front NW, lost deck loatl ol empty parrel* and lost mid split sails. March 12, lat 40 28, Inn 07 13. ?poke I rlo <1 M .tones, from Boston for I'orto Klco; KeP t'i, lletire lemun. a nat vc ol Rotterdam, was washed overboard and drowned. Hark riannen (Nor), 1'errlyaard, Antwerp 52 days, with noise to Punch, Lilys A Co. Took the southern passage, and had variable winds; been ten days north of Ilat tcras. Hark Arrttrus (fieri, Ziolkc, .Antwerp .V! days, with empty parrels to t' I'ohias A Co. Took (lie sandier'i l"H ? sage ami had heavy weather. Pelt lti, lat 2( 40 X, Ion 2!) TO j W, spoke Park Orion (tier), from Antwerp lor Haricn; lHtli, lat 24 l.T N", Ion A W, ship Cariii (Nori, from Liverpool for I'ensacnl i; '.'Td, lat 2.' 1! X Ion. ' II 40 W, Park Odin (tier), Irotn Bristol InrParicii; 2Mb, lat 21 X. Ion 720 W, hark Catharine (Hr), Irmn London lor Havana, 40 duvs out. Bark Venus (Nor', Olsen, Amsterdam S3 days, in ballast In Tcteus A Ihii ktnann. Took the southern pas-age and had nio'erate weather to Itertnuda; from thence 10 dav? hail heavy wesu rlv giiles. Rark Private lllrd (Norj, A orrder Llppe. Rotterdam, 41 days, in ballast to order Took the southern passage, ami had lino weal her to II at terns; from them - live days, ] with heavy westar'y winds. Hark Martha 'Mi), l.hrenreieh. Rotterdam fskdavs, Willi tndse to Punch. I dye A Co. Took the southern pasautre and had vurlah'.c winds; Poen days north ol flatteras. Hark Orion (Nor), Tonne .,n. Bordeaux fib days, with mils' to Kiineh, Edyc A t'n. Ie,,k the -oiith< enpas-ate and was SI days to Madeira, with heavy westerly vales ; incr moderate weuthor. Hark Talisman (of Liverpool1, Bl.a'h,.>rd. Plo .luneiro Feb fi, with cotlee to J . 1'hli | S .V o Crossed the e<|iuttor Peh2H,ill Ion 42; J'eh24. hit _ . Ion V 20. spoke hark Mary lane, irnni Hi os Acres lor i Thomas. 24 days out; March 11. 1. t I n Hi SO, -aw s< hr Kastern Oiu en. steering UW ' v W IctTU.Tl), hm 70 15, bark Finite, irom Montevideo lor hew York. it rk Idaho, Rn -rdsou, Clcnfue .os ITdays. with sugar T..,.ir.,, s t,i,rliilitiro IHiil Vieri.'iPle winds; been 11 tiavs north of Hutteru?. lUikd II Schtv??i-o*i (Nor). Uar.derscn, Cardenas, 12 il *v. sugar t- k .' > ' I'D; vr-ni1! lo nilnlAr. llud variable win,*; la-< n ioi iii. norih ?.f"II?tf? rMM. Hriir loll (Mnr). Mortsen Palermo u> days, with irult ai il one passonr -r to Punch, I ? A Co. Passed Gibraltar Fob in and to >k tin- southern passage and bad line weather; boon 7 days north of Bermuda. Brig Tortina ( woi, Wenneritrain, Klo Janeiro (todays, wijh codec to howlnnd, Terry A Huntley. Grossed the f jtiMtor Foil 0 in loti 3* \V t hud modomto weather duu In, A F Mi<son seaman, died of yellow fever; 17ih, J A Bit?' 'Mm. do. do. Hi iohn Sherwood, Randrup, Buenos Ay re* 4H day.*, with hide*, Ac to Murray, Ferris A Co. Crossed the oaeut. r Feb H, in Ion 12: .Inn 30, In Itlver Plate, between Flor. it land nit l Ka*t|>oint lighthouse*, with the Hngar I. il benriug N by i; '4 h, pas*<d a soliogner sunk in litj fat hot: *wat .in r topmast* above water and had evidently l on but hurt tlnn stink; the wind at the time w.n ' i -vlnit ttroair troin K Mi and u heavy sea on. Hn, i Creole Chitchi, Spalckliauer. Ctiracon ii) days, with tri .'(skins, ,.r_, to Ouueh A Co. Been 3 days N of t'ly ilntteras. Prig Kodlsk, Downey, Otiantanamo 26 day*, with sugar to!' lulholtACo. Had strong NW and N"K galea; lost and *p!it Milt*; I,... II 4 Cav* N of Hnliera*. Uric Ida c t?i lleriiiu'ilit), Wlllliun*, Inastia Foh 8, via Hauiptoa..Roads March alt, Ac. to Wilson A Asir.n i Had heavy w mil s\v gulf-; lost and split sail* and vessel leaking. the 1 ta C |? bound to Huston; put in this port lor repair*. Brig AnieNa i-muia (of Pearsport), Carton, Malanza* Foh 22, via Nassau, ,\ P, V nroh a. w Ith molar.* to order ; vessel Us Wal?h. f leld_ A Way. find ).<-i<vy N mot NW gules; March l(. mi l l,,|,iT a heavy northerly sale. In which abittad enrgo ' Brig Anita Owen iof Porllandi, Pettlnglll, Mil,nun 11 lines, with sugar, U? ihoine'ott A Him,, r Men h If, d 17 n.Kl H heavy N w gale ; hoi n 5 day* n . i|, of krls Julia r ( army (ol Boston). Turner, Cardenas 9 day*., with stignr, to B C Loud A Co. Hud variable wcsHiar. Brig .Shasta, Brown. Cardenas 17 days, with ?ugar lo Borelaod, Dearborn A Co. llad variable weather; been I ds v-north of Jlattcra*. Srhr Rosalie (of Nassau, NP), Albury, Nassau 12 days, with eoCon loJ Hnea?. Nrhi .Mary Van (.leaf, Tlurndlke, ( hnrleston 7 days, with lumber ami naval store.* to order; vessel to B F .Metcall A Co. Ciir H I Hazard, Brewster, Georgetown, h< , 4 days, arf'h naval g'o'o* to MtwHIejr, GildertT eve A Co. cclir lolin Waller, Mr-Lane, VirKi'lltf. ^>vbj LaTuunS iiolj, liui budaO. Virginia. * tor VC"^ ~ ~ nartlrtt, Virginia. B#hrJ!flhkA*Air5er, KiV.l, Yirgiuia. Vhr Kurotus, Inraan. Virginia. Schr Mar* Jane, Leak, Virginia. SchrO P Hinns. Bigbce, Virginia. Sehr 1> Hastings, Tilton, Virginia. Schr Adella lownsend. Ridley, Baltimore. Sehr Mennwa, Dtasosway. Baltimore. Hclir A C Lyon, Lyon. Baltimore. Scnr Minnie Krnnev, Parson*. Baltimore. Schr ldella Small. Robins, Baltimore. Schr Alihea, Smith, Baltimore. BohrQ M Partridge, Hunker, Baltimore for Belfast, Me. The steamship Clfv of Havana, Deaken, which arrived 19th, reiiorta March 1.A. off Mcrro t'asile, passed bark hdnie (Br), irom St John. Nil, bound ta ; 16th. 9 AM, Caryslort bearing north .0 miles, pasaed aclir K O Dow, bound north; same (lav, 12 M, steamship Chicamauga, hence for Havana ; l#th, latSMlW, Ion 74 89, a herm brig, showing blue and white flag, horizontal stripea, with letters P I in centre. Passed Through Hell Gate. BOUND SOUTH. Steamship Chesapeake, Johnson, Portland for New York, with mdsc and passengers. Steamship Nereus, Hearse. Boston for New York, with and passengers to II P Diniock. Steamship Waiusutta. Pish. Now Bedford for New York, with mclso aid passengers to Periruson A Wood. Brig Kltse. Rich, New Bedford tar New York. HclirliiJi n Morrison, Loltch, Providence for New York. Sclir C M Kevins, Kiiland. Providence for Ne.w York. Belir Edward Wuotcn, Young, Brookhaven lor New York. Kchr Sallle M Evans, Iluddell, Providence tor New York. Schr Paklr. Knowles, Wlckford for New York Kchr Ida AJayne, Perns, Port-Jefferson for New York. Sclir Madison Holmes, Bayles, Port Jefferson lor Now York Schr Sarah TTnrk, Orlfflng, Suffolk for New York. Sehr Kiniuu N Pox, Clutsc, Orcunport for New York. Schr Isahei Thompson, Howes, Newport for New York. Schr 11 U Bird, Hiackingtun, Hprucehead lor New York, with stone to Bridge Co. Sehr Chanoellor, Hodgdnn, New Haven tor New York. Sclir Ida Dellatore. Davis, New Haven for New York. Sehr M J Mead, Trasher, Taunton tor New York. Sehr Horizon, Leet. Providence for New York. Selir Ilanuah Brown, Saehett, Providence for Ilaverstraw. schr Andrew peters, 11 opting, i-ro*ri<icnce ior new York. Sclir Robert Uvron, Clemcnta, Providence for New York. Schr Sylvester Halo, Coleman, Tnunton for New York. Hi i. ir.i T.atTrinler, Coleman, Boston lor New York. Schr i.i/.i'.le 1) Small, Tlcc, Salom lor Philadelphia. Schr May K Wborle, Whorl'e. Wellflcot lor New York. Schr (I I Morris, Kndlcott, Providence for Baltimore. Belli .'it M Merriman, Babbctt, Taunton tor New York. Helir t'nrdeliu Newkirk, Huntley, Providence for Philadelphia. Schr S E Potter, Kllsworlh, Oreenport for New York. Sclir Calvin S hdwards, Edwards, Huston fur Philadclphla. Sclir Hastings, Chase, New Bedford lor Virginia. Sclir Rescue, Kelly, New Bedtord lor New York. Sclir Willie S Nweot. Brows. Welltlect for New York. Sclir Hunter, Hoy. Dlghton for New York. Pelir Wake, Dandy, Providence lor Philadelphia. Sclir Victor, Jones, New Haven lor New York. Sclir John James, Freeman, Wollfieetfor Virginia. Helir A F Klndberg, Ihoma.v Providence for New York. Selir Herbert Maittun, Storv, Fall River lor New York, .sclir Hauru Robinson, Robinson, New liedlord lor New York. SvhrChas II Stickney, Matthews, Pall River lor New York. Sehr Chas II Kelly, Chase, New Haven for New York. Sclir Horace L, Tusker. New Haven lor New York. Sclir Fannie Hnz/.ard, Young, New iiaven lor New York. Kehr Mary Donne, Niekerson, Newport for New York. Schr Westmoreland, Priee, Portland lor New York. Schr Rival, Sheldon, Portland tor New York, with lumber to Murray <fc Co. Schr i.illinn M Warren, Daws, Rockland for New York. Sclir Ada Herbert. Allen, Providence for New York. Schr Emily, Morrell. Slumlord tor New York. BOUND BAST. Sehr Susan Peranton, FHrran, Virginia for New Harem. Schr Alice B Cressov, Port Johnson (or Boston. Bohr Jennie Koscline, Crockett, Baltimore for New Haven. Sehr Mary fi Farr, O'Neill, Baltimore for Providence. Schr Jessie Murdock, Christy, Baltimore tor Stoning ton. Hehr Archer A Reeve*, Philadelphia for New Haven. Rclir Sarah Brnen, Austin, llohokcn for Providence. Sciir R W lluildoli, Philadelphia for Boston. Hehr Caroline Cobb, Ante*, New York lor Rockland. Ht'hr (I M Partridge, Bunker. Baltimore tor Beli'ust. Sehr S C Lyman. Hill, New York for Pall River. Schr I-ouisa Frances, Kelley, New York for Now Bedlord. Steamer Albatross, Davis, New York for Fall River. BELOW. Ship J< hn Harvey, TjowcII, from Antwerp Feb G (by pilot boat Frauds Perkins. No 13). SAILED. Steamships Westphalia, for llainhnrir; Cleopatra, Havana, Hen Barnes, Savannah; South Carolina, Charles ton ; VYyannkc, Richmond. Ac;.ships Black Hawk, San Francisco; Protector, Dunkirk; harks Hlldecnrd, lilolia, Palermo; Colonist, Antwerp; Pallas, Belize (lion); Can Pden, Cardenas; brigs Fanny Berk, Olbraltar; Princess Beatrice, Polnt-a-Pitro; schr Walton. Marine Disaster*. Prnta?ntp Pktkiisiiurg (Br), from Amov via Ringnpnre, Ac, for New York, wrecked at Bermudu, had a cargo of 1.466,132 ll>s oolong nn.l niuvvoiig teas front Amoy and I.MU piculs tin Iroin Singapore ; Itt.lkK) chests of tea have lasen saved dry, but the remainder of the cargo is badly damaged and useless. Kiitr F.rtRorA (of Bath), Fulton, from New Orleans lor Havre, with.'i,47?> bales cotton, M)0 tierces lard, unit 2(XW staves, was totally destroyed at sea l?y tire March 16. Captain and crow saved t>y ship Bpnrkcnhoe (Br), from Liverpool, anil brought to Southwest Pnss 19th. The K registered 1176 tons, and was built at Buth in 1H69. Snir JtKSKAHrH (Br), Owen, from Galveston for Queenstown, which put into New Orleans Feb 23, leaky, will go into dock to ascertain the extent ot the damage. Sine Great Admiral. Jackson, at San Francisco March | It from Sew York, reports Jan 28, lat 27 10S, Inn Hi 06 W. Kichard Crocker, seaman, fell Iroiu tho uiulutopgalluiityurd to the deck and was Instantly killed. Suir Gkrkvievk Strickland. Ntrieklnnd. from Liverpool Jan 20 tor New Orleans, was obliged to throw over rait March 19 to lighten her one loot, in order to gut over tho Southwest Pass liar, which is obstructed. Snir Parana, Borstell, from San Francisco for Bristol, K. which put into St Thomas with rudder damaged, resumed her voyage March 4. Suir Florklla. Mears, from Callno for Charleston, which put into St Thomas with lo?s of spars and crew in irons, urrive.l Feb 28, refitted, sailed for destination March 6 and arrived lielow Charleston 19th. Smr Jons Pakkkr (Br), Scarhoro. from New Orleans for Liverpool, before reported on (Ire and scuttled at Soutwits! Pass, will be saved, with her cargo, in a damaged condition, nlthough one side ot the vessel is said to he burned through. She was to be towed back to New Orleans and discharged. (A despatch from New Orleans of the 19th reports that the John Parker was acaln discovered to lie on tire 18th, but it was soon extinguished. 2un bales cotton had been lightered and taken to New Orleans. The ship was expected "up" night ot 19lh.) Bahk Oadcckus (Br), Crow ell, from London for Fapcln, before reported ashore, went on morning of March 13, about a mile N of Supelo liar. She was reported to he about half lull of water on the 15th, stul having settled considerably In the sand, fears are entertained that she will be a total loss. Bars Gaxkllu illr), Holmes, from New York Feb 8 for Corunna, With u cargo ot 1900 bids petroleum, is reported by cable to have been abandoned at sea March i; part of crew saved. The O was 306 tons burthen, built In 1H65 at Windsor, NS, whence sbu balled. Bark Crimea (Br), Glover, from Liverpool for Baltimore for Liverpool, passed Fortress Monroe 19th iust, With loss of malntopmost. Bark Wooprire (Br), Perkins, from Satilln. Ga, for Montevideo, out Into Bermuda Feb ?.disabled, and sailed again 27tb. Baku Uosa Danovaro (Ttall, Oavnssa. Iron New York Feb 17 for Queen-down, is reported by cable to have put into Lisbon previous to Marco 18, leaky. Bark Kkrtha Tkmplk (Br), meFee, from (lalveston for Liverpool, with 1,8"0 bales of cotton, put into Southwest 1'ass Until lust leaking badly. Bark Amour Fratkrno (Ital), from New York for Qiiocnstown (before reported), was abandoned at sea Feb II. Bhi<; IIlJMViisn Biro (Br), from St Thomas for Cardenas, in ballast, has been lost on Cay Coutltor. Crew landed at Hagua previous to March fi. Brio Wild Wavk (Br), from Havana for New York, with soxar nad molasses, put into 8t Thomss 11th Inst with loss ot anchors and chains and sails and bulwarks stove. She was discharging on the 14th for the purpose ol being surveyed. Brio J. II. Lark, Shiitft. nt Boston ?0th from Messina, reports havin * -net with lieavv westerly gales Iroiil Feb 16 to Marco l.i; on the 3d ot March, in a gale. Leonard Hergdahl, seaman. ot (lottenliurg, tell Irom aloti and was lost; on tin- 4th a l-ii.e .? a hroke ahoar-l, staving in the rails ae-l eah.n windows, and washing overboard Daniel lia< keti, of Worcester, Mass who was lost. senr Most - viir, Irom Virginia for New York, put hack to Lewes. D- 1. 20th Inst, from Absccoin. with sull* split and mainhooni broken. Scnri F. L IIowk, from flloiicester, which was ashore on Black Hock, and off by steam cutter Hamilton, proceeded on her trip to (Jeorges Bunks, having sustained no material damage. Bristol, March A?The bark llebecea. Cetcovlch, which arrived here Jvn 2 troin New York, had lost two bouts, stanchions, Ac, having encountered a gale Dec I", during which several sacks ol grain were thrown overboard. Hkkmk*, March S?The Alice (si, which arrived in the riveryesterday trom Now Orleans, experienced very lieavy weather and lost hoats, Ac. Caru Town, Feb 1?4.211) boxen of tea were lanileil from the hhzahrth A Oliver, irmn Manila lor New York, win ked at struyi Hay, before the vessel ranted ovei to .? iwnril and filled, stopping tnrttier calvapc of carpo. of this f|iiantily MA boxes were condemned and sold: the remainder, with one ease Hlk, two cases curiosities and 12 bsles hat*, w ill lie lorw arili d to their destination : the Koselmd, Collie, has been chartered here to lake these poods to New York. The rest of the raryo is ull unsound and uot lor consumption. L>bai? March 7?An American hark, supposed to liavo been ashore, pn-scd for Condon at about 5 I" M. accompanied by two tups, and bavins three of her own bonis in tow ; she is believed to be the Kdward O'Brien, Oliver, from callnu via Falmouth. Ohkknock, March 5?Tim bark Mary K Campbell, from Troon for Boston ipinlion , put back here yesterday atteanoon leaky. Halifax, March 2d?nrle i,noisy (Hrh hence on thq 12th Inst for Boston, returned la-t inpht badly Imm the eftuvtsot a pale. She will discharge her cargo and repair. The steamer Chase arrived from Portland, Mo, last nlpht with sickness on board. She is now lyiiiR at i|iiarantlne. Livkbpool. March ft?The St Ktlda, of this norf. Ttush tun, Irom Sun Krun'-im o. arrived here, which' was In Ilision with the Itctrlevof ttuci March '1. lost cutwater, port cathead, Jlbboom, Ac; Covering boards, bulwarks, Ac, damaged. 'Ihe l iner, of thla port, Miller, flrom Oalveaton, whieli arrived here yesterday dismasted. Ac, re ports thut the Vessel with wHlch she'was in i lllslon ivm n Inn e l ark, of which nothing was seen or heard niter clearing the Tiger . the roll I-loll occurred at J A M ot Kelt 2(i, In alxnit I Ini .'<0 X, Ion V W. 7th?The Moravian <?>, fVom Portland, was In collision ' this morning, nfl Crosby Ught-hip, with the Uladintor <?), oni d huiind ; both rc?*l? aie damaged, and the latter I" returning lo |>ort. (A later report says that the Moravian sustained but sli(rht damage,) I osnos, March S?The following ships are reported missingThe KlheJrcd, t'ollard, sailed from Phlhulrlpliin lor Bristol on the 1st Nov last, and troni l.< wes (Del) ( ii tin 4ih No\ ; the Kjeidlm, llnn-en. sailed troni Philadelphia lor L)u111iII oil the 7lli Nov last The Dexter, troni Sail Krnneiace, arrived here to-lay with loss of Bowsprit and libbooin, and sustained ntlie'r d image, having hi n In collision w iili the Ainerleau ship | Mow s Du.y, Irom Havre lor Cardiff. i hasvr.s, Much fi?The Comtrsse Dnehatel, Dnpnnf, frokc her an lo,r? in leaving Mardeati* for New Orleans. | and I ti 1U some piles t she ia supposed to iiavo Mis nine I tut little damage. I UVKKkatuwa, March 6?The KniJiiyi. Ikhaon. iro n friday, New York, which arrived here March 1, Is leaky and dh-char?'ing to to go iuto dry dock. Hhanuhab. Jum 16? Private letters state that the threemasted scbr Spray Anderson, from Ncwchwang for Nagusakl, loundered at sea, and that the mastvr and crew were alt lost with the exception of two Japanese, who reached the Lone lit,ait coast. Yahhopth iw, Maeoli 6?The Wondham (Norwegian steamer). ashore at f hiltnu, seem* to siak further down into the beach. Puiupx will be worked this afternoon if ' weather continues fine. .11 IscelIn neons. The parser of the steamship Cuba, from Liverpool, has our thanks tor courtesies. We arc under obligations to the obliging and attentive pnrserofttic steamship Merrimack, tor his promptness In forwarding our flies and despatches front Kio Janeiro. Ac. Smr N H Psi.trrn. 1124 tons register, built at New York in 1831, rebuilt in 18C6, lias been purchased hy Pendergast Bros A Co. of New York, for the Kio Janeiro trade, on private terms. Sena Btauss (Br), at Charleston March 17 from Rio Janeiro, was pfaccil In nuuranttnc, the captain iDeoent) and cook having died suddenly alter tbesleparture ol the vessel, and wore buried at sea. Kchr Joskfii trARLAvp, ot fllenoester, engaged ia the shore Winter fishery, from Portsmouth, nod about which some anxiety was ticginmng to be felt in rnnseiilienor of her long absence, was heard Irum at Mount Desert ou tho lMh inst. Settu .1 B, of Oreenport. has been nnrchased try Thus .1 Hawkins, of Port Jefferson, for $u)W. Milks Htanoimw asp DocHiinr Hat?The (leneral Ooverntnent lias named the channel at Duxhury, which runs Ironi the footol "Captain's IItil" (upon which the monument Is being erected) to the lighthouse, "Miles Channel," and have appropriated $20.4110 for clearing out the sand bars so that vessels ran make it a Ivarbor of retuge in rase of a storm. It is understood that the old Colony Railroad Corporation are to continue a branch of their railroad down to this chaunei to aid the interests of uavi- , gation, 1 Notice to Marlner*> II skald TKLcr.RArn Station. > Whitkstonk, LI, March 20, 1873. i The Fiwt Schuyler huoy was washed away by the ice some time ago, since which several complaints have been mailt nt this office by masters of vessels. They re port tliai'ti>rrr Is imminent (lamjcr or RCirrng nunnrr on ill)- reef inutile. Tin- livhtliousc authorities would do well to have U revluced an soon as possible. XV lialeinen. Arrived art Barbados Feb 23, srhrs Petrel, Adams, of Nil; 29th, Cohauuct, Braley, of Marion?no report. Spoken. Ship Chippewa (Br), Crossart, from l'cnsacola for the Civile, Fell 4, lilt 24. Ion K4. -hip Diiiitlllun (Br), (Inmlile, front Liverpool for San Francisco, Dec 21, lat ft IS, Inn 2S 1ft. Ship Ouceii of tin- East (Itr). (Hey*. from Liverpool for Now Orleans, Feb 17, lat 22 6ft, Ion Hi I US, Ship Cromwell, It oh 1 sen, ironi Boston for Batarla, Jan 21, hit IHSfi H, Ion St 49 W. Ship Kxpouinlor, Crocker, from Liverpool forNewOrleans. -March 1, lilt 49, Ion 12. Ship Seiniramis, Oerrish, from San Frunclarofor Liverpool, lira; 19, lut 49, Ion 47. Hark Kniiuel (Br), Owen, from Boston for London, Feb 25, lat.4.'!. loll SO. Hark CK-i I incite. White. IS days from Boston for Sa? Francisco, no date, lai 2ft N. Ion 42. Bark Sadie, Sinclair, trom Montevideo for New York, March 19. no lat, Ac. Bark "Liiurino," from Cardiff for New Orleans, Feb ft, lat 4027, Ion IS Ift. Hark Maria Christiana (Ifal), from Harwich, E, for Philadelphia, March 19. no Int. Ac. Hclir w It Driirv (of Boston), for Philadelphia, March 1?, on Fourteen Feet Bank. Schr David Miller, from Fernandtna for Barbados, no date, lat 22 19, Ion SO (by bark John Ellis, at Savunnah March IS from Antwerp). Korolgn Porta. Antigua, Feb 20? Arrived, schr Carrie W Clark, Crass, New York (and -ailed 2(ith tor <'utiu)._ It a it ha nets, K?t> 9?Arrived, Prig Ij x w Armstrong, Stover, New York (and sailed i7th for Porto itico): schr F K Halrd. Mayhew, I'liitapcliihla. 15th, brig Grace Kcllev tllr), Kirkliain, Boston (and sniloil 26lh lor St Thomas); V'A llenrv (Br), Taylor, New York (and sailed :23d for Maracaiho); 17th, aenr Prairie Hird (Br , Col well, Baltimore (and sailed 25th lor Windsor. NS); 22d, hark Cireassian (Br). Amy, Philadelphia: schrs Nellie. French, New York (and sailed 2Hth lor Martinique); Alloona, Fitrgerald, do (and sailed 28tli for St Thomas); C S drove, Weaver. Norfolk; 73il, brig Helen, Furbish, Savannah ; 2Mb, bark Orehitla, Havener, Boston; March 5, schr Carrie Melvin, Andrews. Norfolk: 6th, bark Gti/.clle, Decker, New York; brig 1) Trowbridge, lllce. do. liKKimnA. Fell 27?Arrived, scbr lien Hail, Wade, New York (ami sailed March Id for Fernandiua); March 10, bark Eiir.a Bunts (Br), Vcse.v, do. Arrived Feb ?, bark Woodbine (Br), Perkins, Hatilla for Montevideo, in distress (and sailed 27th, having repaired). Hailed Feb 22, harks Harnia (Br), Pellew (from Wilmington, NO, having repaired), Antwerp; 27th, M M Peters (Br), Ureatorcx (from New York, having repaired), Penarlh Itoads. Cai.oiitta, March 19?In port ships Cleopatra, Doane, for Now York, big; Cltv of Luck now (Br), tor do, do. OrnAi'OA, March 1?In port schr Win Connor, Toole, for Cuba next day., Feb 22?Sailed, bark J Q Pendleton, Gilmore, Valencia. CiKsruKcos, MniYti ID?Arrivco, brigs OW nails (Br), Bunker, Aspinwall: Angella, Bruy, New York; schr 11 S Marlor. Wines. Jacksonville. Hailed Uth, burk MB strtson, Siemers, Boston; brigs Win Manson, Adams, Boston; Florence (Br), do. Cairarikn. Mareli 7?Arrived, barks Alaska (Br), Gray. Havana; Honduras (Br), 8t Thomas; brig Mariposa, Wilton, Philadelphia. Oariissas, March 11?Arrived, bark E F llarrininn, Nichols, Havana; brig Accliu Tlturlow, Onillsou, New York - schr Carrie Douglas (Br). Rourko, Bermuda; Robert Wing, Ht John, Nit; 12th. brigs Mariposa, Staples, New York: M A Herrera (Br), French, Havana. Sailed 7th, aelirs Tropic (Br), Perry, north of Hatteras; King Bird (Br), Simpson, New Orleans; 10th, brigs Julia F Camay, Turner, north of Hatteras; 12th, J II Dillingham. Treat, Sierra Mureua; Mina (Br), Chalmers, north ol Hatteras. In port March 7, brig Snmuel Lindscv Bradford for Philadelphia, ready (has been reported sain d 2d). Dkxerara, Fell 24?Arrived, brig .Mississippi (Br), Msrclisnt, Baltimore; 25tli. schr Irviin* Mebarrcn, Norfolk. Sailed 24th, brig Annie Gardner. Hatch, New York; Confederate (Pr), Grant, Delaware Breakwater. In port Feb25, brigs Rocky Glen. Dorr, tor Portland, ldg; Silas N Martin, Brown, lor New York, do; sehrs llarry White, Hopkins, and L F Warren, Berry, fordo, do. Glasoow, March 19?Arrived, steamship Caledonia (Br), Ovciistnnc. New York. Gcantaxamo. Kob 21?In port bnrks Rambler (Br), Krnser, tor Now York, Idg; brigs Mnttnno, Jarvls, for do, do; Manilas (Ur). Nichols, dint;, to load lor do. Gisaka, March 4?Arrived, schr Helen .1 TTnlloway, llow, Machias; lOth.schr Ancona (Br), Munson, Charleston. 11 avana, March 13?Arrived, hark Ada Barton (Brl, Mrclrath, St John, NB, and Mntan/.as: brigs Isaac Carver, Williams, Portland; Allen M <Br). Richardson, Puscapoula ; schr Klla K Trofothen, Sterling, Charleston. Sailed 12th. steamships Havana, Pennington, New Orleans; Tappahannork, Iteed, do: 13th, hark Kama (Sp), AnilRo, New Orleans; schr Abide, Kndevean, Cardenas; 14th, steamshin Cuba, Johnson, New Orleans; hark 1'nlo Alto. Tenney, Cardenas; brie Torrent, Tibbitts, Baltimore via Cardenas; sehrs Wapello, Penny, Cardenas; Mary A Harmon, Davis, Matanzas. Cleared 14th, barks Iron Aire, Crabtree, New York; Florrl M llulbert, Dudley, Matan/as; brig Adelaide, Wilson, north of Hattcras. In port 15'h. harks Cnlon (Br), Renault: Hesperus (Brl, Waveott; llarrlshnrir, Uowes: Rather, Coring; W K Anderson, Brandt, and Bellevue(Br), Cutten, for New York; lirips Diriiro. CortlnsOP Sherwood (Brl, Nbwconib, and Joste C Ha/elUjie, Uas-cll, fordo; Aurora <Hr>, Graham, fordo; KledoWa (Br), Thomnson. and Addle J Bonner, Bonner, for Baltimore; Kllznheth (Br), Campbell, lor Boston; Martha A Berry, Berry, lor Portland; charlotte Buck, Hlohm, for New Orleans; sehrs Helen Hastings (Brl, Carter, lor do: Alible Pitman. Landlord, lor Haitimore; Nellie J Dlnstnore, Dinsmore, lor north ot Hatterns; Nelson (Br), Wright, for New York; Klla Y Trcfcthen. Sterling, for Charleston. Kinoston, Jh. Kelt 27?Arrived, srtir 0 D Itaekett. Asinns, .luemel for Truxillo, putin lor provisions. Sailed auth, brig Oliver Cutts (Br), Nelson, Now York via Milk River. In port Keh 27, brigs Selma, Richardson, irom i'etiaaeola. arrived 21st, lor New York; KUa Vail (Br), Guiuagu, for do LisnoM, March 13?Put In previous, bark Rosa DanoYoro (Itnh. Cavassa. Irom Nwv York lor Oneenstown, h aky. May aqoez, Marc h 3?Sailed, brig Tula, lleed, Newh irypnrt: sehrs II K Keeling, Robinson, Baltimore; tub, \V K Uren, Tracy, New York; fith, brigs Chilion (Br), Boston; .lane K Hala (llr), do; 8lh, sehrs Ada Barker, Cedar Kevs; Belle (Br), Boston; 9th, Clara K Ropers, Rogers, Delaware- Breakwater. In port Ilih, barks Mavtlower, ilotelikiss, and Reindeer, Wellington, lor New York, ldg; brigs Gem, Pierce: llaehel Coney. Coney, and Lulan iBr),?lor do, do; T Towner. Willisrd, lor Now llnven do; RS Basse!!, Ilodg snn.i'lvr: II I >in*eiey, oo; *enr* imiu1 nnu'r, iiiinioeu, lor New Haven: .las A Brown, Hriglinm, <Ii?tr. M ataxzo: March 13?Sailed.bark Sunlight f Br), north of Haltera*; brig* Kmeatinc. Knight. Philadelphia; Halcyon (Br). Dunlrnm, New Vork; Kmlly Waters (Br), Mnnaev, do; Sofia tS|0, itaniga, do; Htli, bark Toronto (Br), Campbell, nortli ol Hattera*. Posci, March 11?Sailed previous, brigs ThoaCampbell (Rr), lii wn, New York; Citizen (Bri, Peters, do; Constance (Rr), and Montrose, Boston; Florence May (Br), Cochrane. Baltimore; Aloha (Brt, Bnrkc, do; .Morning I.I lit. Diil, Areclho, to flninh ldg lor New Haven; i h amnion (Br). Beaton; Maggie S (Br), do; John Boyd (Br), Baltimore; srhr* Ocean Belle, Collin. Portland; Annie tJrteve (Br*. Baltimore : Portland, St Jolni, NH. In port March 11. I ark Andes, Pavis, ironi Baltimore, arrived 9th, dlag: brig* Sennrita, Young, tor New York, ldg; Open Sea, Veazle, from Wilmington, M", arrived Ken 25, wtg order*. Kcho, Met'alian, trom Baltimore, arrived 4th, do; Robert Moore. Abbott, ldg; Melrose, Orlgffs, wtg cargo; schrs Mary Louise. Simpson, trom Portland, arrived 9th. dlag; Laura A Webb, Hatch, trom New York, arrived lflth. do; Anita, Small, and Windward, Kills, ldg: Howard, Woostcr, lor Baltimore, ldg; Lilian Allen. Blake, tor New York, do. Poar Srats. Kelt 8--Arrived, lirig Pearl. Neal, New York ; 9th, sohr? Kannre Keating, Kane, do; ltlth, David Collins. Townsend, Philadelphia (amf sailed 21st for st Thomas); iitli, Keokuk, Crocker, Fernandina (and sailed 21*t for Porto itlco); 13th, Experiment (Brt, Tookcr, do; 17th, b.-lg favorite, Woodward, New York; 22d, sclir () M Marrctt. Itucd, do; tilth, May Morn, Keen, Hi, Mary's, (ia. In port Feb 25, brig Cherokee (Bri, for New York, ldg. Port Mrt?w*r, NS, March 10?Cleared, brig 8 A Snow (Bri. Stniih. Hampton Road*. VvkKssTowv, March IS?Arrived, steamship Samaria (Br). Billingo, Boston for Liverpool inui' proceeded). Rio Ja.NKtao, Feb tt?Arrived, brtu KK Mes-er, Smith, Fernamlina: 14tli, srhr Lnmoliie, King, Savannah. Sailed 7tti, bri Leonoldlnn (NO), llnesioop, ttnlveston; ill!, Jili, ;!ri-v It ii/lo Collin. Baltimore: lisrk T.ilisoiiti iBr\, Blackford, Now York ; loth, *hlp Movnl, Freeman, Akvah. Ilth. brig Norncn (Nor), Wnlff, Xnv York; 12th, t>:>rV? Cricket, Koan, Baltimore; ltih, ("i ron is?ri, Fall*t roe 111, N--w S ork loth, Adel A Marian (lor), Warnkcll, do: Juno (Rw), Noesholtn, do; I7tll, brln Thetis Brown, Hampton Honda lor order*: 19th, h.irk I't' \ irwi. k (Mr), Klino, Now York: 22d, brig Alloc, .vtifcholl, Hampton itoml*; 23<l (not 2nth). *toainshlp (Br), caul, Now York: bark Adeline t' Adams Collum. st Thomas CM' nred 2"-'d. brig Nautilus itlor', Pavuli, New York. In port Feb 22, hngi Pine id ?n (Han . lor Now York, ldir; Chrl*tlne (Hani, for I'nit-d Hooth ami-ton, March I t?Arrived, steamship Ma n, titerendorp. Now York lor Bremen. stMiAfoiiK, Maroh 15?Sailed, bar* Dover, Rttlphon, New York. Hi kiba*, Feb 21?In port brig (ioldtlndor (Ilr), II ad ley, for Bo?ton came day. Sacua Mnri |i 3?Arrived. *ohr Annie Am id en, Bangs rardena*; "tli. brig A JRn-<(n?tu* botori . vYviiinii, I I'nri and: "ohr M ,\l Knowlos Small, I'otnt a '. ire Hall.-1 lit. l.rles John Wolab. Jr, > mi? |.-\k I iiilade), : plila ; Helen (i I'hiimeV, Boyd, Dob-ware IIWakwiili ,-; 1 4lh, .lames B Klr' v, Bernard, Philadelphia; t iir Nellie Plin-c, Palling, Now uricon*. Sr Pikhwv, Mini. Fob W? Arrived, brig Ilattle i: I Wheeler, Bacon, Portland; schr O F i)ay, ilcllrldc. New : York. St Thomas, bob 2ft-Arrived, brig S A llolbrook, Iildco' way, Peril*mhnoo; March I, etc-.unships Ainerh a, I Carpenter, New iork lor Rio Jam iro (and proceeded!; I ynoVed-i (Hp), Ba'dl, Norfolk lor l.iverj ool, in dlslri-si; 2d, brigs haelet *Hri, Yooker, Buenos Ay re* 'mid -ailed i till lor Ponce ami N< w Haven): \V N /. mr). Acker, Pomarara (and sailed sib lor trroyoaml Boeton, Lulau illri, Mekeraon. Barbndo" (and railed Mb er Pom c and New York); I lien F (Br1. Foot*-, SI Kltls (ni I snl.cj Mil lor Moiivagucit and north ui Hattera*); cohr* hxpertim-nt (III),'Took or, Port spain; 3d, bark- lroii*lde?, I oil. v. Itiiono* Ayre* (and wiled 7tli lor Mnfnn/.ns); Ophelia NI lluina. iliiuiv, Rio Jauutro; lain t>l sa?n Hr>' Morain MAKCH 21, 1873.?TKIELB DetnararaYor Aguadilloand New York; schr Altoonnh, PiUgerald, Hartiados (ami sailed 11th tor Poncc and New llaven): 4th, burha Antelope, Davis, *?w York; brig British Queru (Br). I e (loin, Dcuiarana (and salted 6th for Ponce and New York or Boston): schrs a lor in Petrel, Haskell. New York (and sailed 11th tor Maracuibo); Ocuan Pearl, Blnnchard, do: kill, bark Henry Kniiclit, tillVv. Klo Janeiro (and sailed Ilth tor Citracoa); brig lasNrllr), Wllbnrry, It Lucia (and mUmM w Arroyo and Boston); Marv Olivia (Hr), Uow, Demerara (and salled'iJth lor Mayatincz Htid New York); schr Lucy Hammond, Hagley, St kitti (uud t-alledHth tor Jacktonvllle); 6ih, schoobjilp Mercury, (iiraivd Rio Janeiro; bark I) Cliapin. Bunker, Buenos Ay res , liark Zophyrhie (3r), Johnson, Demerara (and sailed Htb for Turks Islands

ami Boston or Portland); brie Woltviih; (Br), Hartling, Berbice (and sailed Uth tor llumacoa and Baltimore); sehrs Aduliza, Huntley, Demerara (and sailed 8lk for Jacksonville).; Lugano, Uow, Martinique (and sailed 10th for Mavaguex and Baltimore or Philadelphia) i 7th brig Hall Columbia. Brereton, Mariiiiinuu (and salleil 11th lor Sagua); 8th, bark Amoy (Br), McKcnzie, Swansea for Providence, in distress: 10th, barks Urobilin, Havener, Barbados (ami salleil lltb for Cuilmricu); Circassian (Br). Amy, Barbados (and sailed 13th for Paiardo and Baltimore); brig Lily (Br), Ryae, New York; schr Zeta I'si, Thompson, do; llth. brig Bonito (Br), Robinson, do; sclir OS (love, Weaver, Barbados; brig OhilllanwaUah (Br), Puller, Barbados. Sailed March L schr MolMe, Atherton, Arroyo: 3d, brig Maclilas, Bartlett, Aguadlllu; schr Keokuk, Crocker, llumacoa; 4th. schr Louisa (Br), Drake, Faiurdo and Boston ;fith. ship Panama, Borstel (from San Pranclsco, having repaired),Bristol, E; 6th, brigs Louisa D (Br), Wagtier, Porto f'abello and Boston; Tth, Alice Abbott (Br), C.'rowen, Turks Islands and New York: 12th. ship Buruidti (Br), Morrison, Bull River; 13tb, brig fieiopea (Br), Arecibo und New York. In port 14th, brig Wild Wave (Br), from Havana for New York, arrived 11th. In distress, ding tor survey; schr Electric Spark, repg. St Jijhn, nh, Mar jP 17?Arrived, schr Melita (Br), Lake, New York. Cleared 18th, schr Annie Martha (Br), Bimett, New York. , sailed 18th, bark Lizzie, Wotton, Cardenas. Tkinidad, March 13? In port, brigs Alice Lea (Br), Foster, Irotn Philadelphia, arrived IMtli, disg; Sarah Oillinore, Clifford, and 0 II Soule, Sonic, ldg ; Adeline Richardson, Crowley, wtg; Annie I intra ti (Br), Ash wood, lor Piiiludelphla, to sail next day; schr C U Eaton, ShackCord, lor ??, to sail In 3 days. Sailed 11th. schr Fred Smith, Smith. Philadelphia; 12th, brig Susan VoorhLs, Kulllord, Las Tunas. Valparaiso, Feb 3? Sailed, barks it P Buck, Onrtis, Tengoy. In port Feb 15, ships Kit Karson, Spencer, from Antwerp, arrived 1st; Commodore, Gilinore, from Port Townsond, arrived 1st, lor Sydney, NSW, and San Francisco; Reynard, Howe, from Boston, arrived 11th; Norway, Woodbury, wtg orders; Richard S Ely, sold ; barks Charlotte A Uttlefleld. Carver, from Buenos Ayres.trriveil tith (to load nitrate from Iquiqne and wood trom Tome to New York, at 13 and ?5): Martha, trom Hong Kong, arrived 9tli; Maria Scammel (Br), Malmqvist, troia St John, Nit, arrived 13th. (Pkr Stkamsiiip Cuba.) Antwkhp, Marcu 1?Arrived, Riverside, Rich, New Orleans; 3u, .lutiiter, Warnkeu, Savannah; 1th, Susan M Diidman, iiurfcee, do; K B Cove, Ilnrktiess.'New Orleans; 6th. Wentworth, Bobbins, Charleston; 7th, Civilta, Valclen, New York. Arrived at Flushing 4th, Southern Belle, Morlce, New York; 7th, Luigl, Anionic!], and Nevada, llookway. do. Alicantk, Feb 27?Arrived, Mirra, ltomano, New Orleans. Akvab, March 1?In port, loaded, W M Reed, Stinson, for ?. Buistol (Pill), March 6? Arrived, Glubctta, Longobardo, Balltnore. Sailed (ith, Fama, Chrlsfcnsen, Baltimore. In Kingroad Ath, Foruiuato, Sianu, from NewYork for Gloucester. In the Channel 6th, GJJpin, Mann, from Baltimore. Bklpast, March 7?Arrived, Autocrat, Ilealey, Baltimore. It in xn am, March 6?Off, Themis, RossUa, (Tom Antwerp for Philadelphia. Bkachy iIkaii, March 6?Passed, Eliza Everett, Dennis, from Middlcshorougli lor New York. Off tith, Sarah, Uulllson, from Middlesborough tor New York. IlitmiciinAVKa, March 3?Arrived, StrastAiurg (s), Barre, New Orleans; Baltimore is), Lillleuliuia, Baltimore; Crown Prince, Mitchiuson, Philadelphia; Krna, Schutte, Galveston; 4th, Goethe, Steenken, New York. Sailed 5tli, Leipzig (s), Zaegcr, Baltimore; Hamburg, Kiililkeu, New York. BRouwaiisiiAvaN, March S?Arrived, Sea Gem, Williams, Galveston (and sailed 6th for Ilolvoet). Sailed 6th, Nereus, Oirkscu (Irom Philadelphia), Ilelvoet Bordrapx, March 4?Sailed, Conitesse Duchatcl, Dupont, New Orleans. New York. Barcklona, March 2?Arrived, Antonia Maria, Mntaro, Now Orleans: i'ancliito, Calzada. Charleston: Julinc Mlllot, Millet, New Orleans; Kosa, Roig, mid India, Larrauri, do; Sd, Joven Emilia, Serra, do; Nueva Provldrncia, Ring, Savannah; Gloria del Masnon, Millet, Mohiie. Sailed 1st, Sicilian, Percival, Messina. Cakoikr, Slaroh 6?Cleared, itoburt Morrison. Lcavey, St Jnuo de Cuba. Sailed lith, George Pcabody, White, Bahia; Cavour, Mllsom, New York. Entered lor Idglth, Enos Sonic, Soulc, for Flo Janeiro. Cork, March 4?Arrived, Bravo. Chrlstophersen, Baltimore; 5th, Arthur White, Murphy, and Cuuadu, Simmons, l'cnsuroln. Dkal, March 7?Arrived, Enrica, Belllnich, New York for London taud proceeded); Edward O'Brien, Oliver, Falmouth (and proceeded up). Oil'5th, K KThompson, Black, from Leith for Galveston. Sailed 5th, Eagle, Otway, Pensacola. Dublin, March 4?Arrived, Satania, Lelberg, New York. Falmooth. March 7?Arrived, Nicolas, Milutich, New York; N A E Gardner, Journenv, Mobile: 8th, Wilhelm Gynther, Norbcrg, Baltimore; Orion, Ellerhausen, Norfolk. Sailed 7th, Restless, McDonald, Hamburg. Gloucester, March 5?Sailed, Brothers A Sisters, King, Baltimore. Greenock. March S?Sailed, Magnolia, Warden, Pcnsa0411, Grimsby, March 5?Sailed, Courier, Claus, Wilmington, NC. Gibraltar, March 2?Arrived, Glance, Williams, New Yark (anil sailed 5th for Naples). Holyukad, March 5?Sailed, Scioto, Mitchell, New Orleans. Off 4th, British Consul, Raymond, from Liverpool for San Francisco. Arrived tn New Harbor 7th, Friedt'ich Scalla, Waach, Barrow lor Wilmington. NC. Hull, March 5? Arrived, Dolphin, Loekly, Philadelphia. Havre,*March 4?Arrived, Afrlcalnc, Bidault, Pensacola ; Abraham Lincoln, Ostluud, do; 6th, St Laurent (s), Loniurlc, New York. Sailed 4111, K M Arndt, Dreyer, New York; 5th, Moses Hay, Wood worth, Cardiff and Hong Kong; 6th, llelcne, Olson, New York. ? Hamburg. March 3?Arrived, Restless, McDonald, Boston; Dr Barth, Breckwoldt, New York; 5th, Kitty Gohum, Schelly, Navldad; 6tli, Hainmonla, Voss, New York. Sailed 4tli. Iris, Pfeiffcr, Philadelphia; 6th, Thuringla (s). Mever, New York. Hklvort, March 5?Arrived, Nicolal Maria, Sclierpbler, Now York. Isi.r ok Wight?Sailed from Splthend Mareh 6, Maggio Lauder, Thomas (from London), 1'ensncola; John O Baker, Spear (from Now Orleans), Havro (and both put l.nflr unma ilnvl Livkiipool, Maruli 6? Arrived, Austria, Delano, San Francisco. Sailed 6th, Greece (a>, Thomas, New York; Queen of India. Pendleton. Baltimore; Prlvl Dubrovacki. i'enco, New York- Adam Lodge, Mason, Pensncola; 6th, Agon, Hansen, New Haven, Ct; Klso, Esctvricht, Charleston; Ooleontla, Lord, Boston; Eber, Gurrlch, New York ; A A K Lovitt, Mullen, Tybee: Stirling, Harding, Boston; City of New York (s), Loehead, New York; Minnesota (s), Ilamlyn, I'niilllne and New Orleans. Cleared 6th, Pasqualiun, Seals, Philadelphia; John Mann, Brown, Rio Janeiro; Allrod, Gray, Savannah; Mlro, l'remnda, Baltimore; 7th, China, Fornald, Cardiff. Entered out. 5th, Celtic (*), Thomp.-on, tor New York; 6th, N Mosher, Smith, and Murgaret, Roach, Boston; Trinneriu (si, Thompson, Halifax, Ac; Goorginna, Maun, do; Carolina. NcottO, and John Rright. Haillev, New York; II I, Routh, Martin, ilo: Constitution, fhoburn, Pensacola; Seraflno, Zumino, Philadelphia : 7tb, Svenil (s). Hansen, Boston: Moravian (si, Hraham. Portland, Off the Bell Puny 5th, (Joschcn, Itahr, Irom Liverpool for New York. Off the sherries5th, Swallow, Hickncll. tVom Liverpool for New York. Losnow, March 6?Arrived, Clio, Code, Pensaeola: Anstruther, Pitt, do; Hlh, Knriea, Belllnleh, New York; Margarita, Kcicts, Wilmington, NO; Dexter, Taylor, San Francisco. Entered out 7th. Alwina, Kllekow, tor Philadelphia: 8th. UansGude, Due; Mariana Ferro, Carachino: Marvaretha Blunea, Skorka, and Christine, Oren, for New York. Arrived at Gravesend 7th, Enmore (s>. Brown, New York for London. Sailed irom Gravesend 6th, CaslUln, Dunham, from London lor New York; Thcofania, Konnnos. do for Phlla Ufl|'lllll ; /in, .siurou u, HUMMilN-rn, on n?r orw nirk. I.izauo, March 6? Passed, Savannah, tt>|ait>dhom, from Bremen lor Savannah: Admiral <1<- Rnvt?r. Iloichkiss, from San Francisco anil Plymouth; 7th, Hudson, Knight, from Now York lor lairidon; Ar/ila, Durkcc, from Galveston nnil Quoensfown lor Bremen. Lcndy, Mil roll 6?Off, Sylvunus Rlanchurd, McAlcw, from Cardiff for Oallno. Lisau, Feb'Jit?Arrived, Cigana, .lost. Siivannah. IacoHoaa, March 2?Sailed, Carl August, Siewertz, Boston. Licata, Feb 24?Sailed, Uipsey, Cramer, Messina and New York. I.assami, March It?Sailed, Quickstep, Chase, New Y'ork. I.isson, Feb 2<t?tailed, Krednaea, Ellingscn, Baltimore. Makslillka, March 4?Sailed, Fidco, llonuicelll, New York. Arrived fitlt, Antoinotla, Jaeonrim, New York. Mk?*wa, Feb 23?Arrived. Clara I'lckena, lingers, Catania i 27th, Oiusev, Cremer. I 'catn. Nkwcastlk, March 6?Cleared, liavard, Tonncsen, New York. Cleared 7th, Prlmo, Barliera, New Y'ork. Kntcrcd out 4th, Vitoz, Plttaricli, New Y'ork. Nantes, Keb 27?Arrived, Moiooon, Swendscn, Pensacoin. OportTo to M'irch 1?Arrived, Joven Thomas, Pellica, New Yorr. Palais, BI. March A?Off, Fossete, Christiansen, from New York for Nantes. Pai.kiimo, Feb 22?Arrived, Assyria (s), Smith, Messina (and left '-flth for New Y'ork). Qukfnstown. March D? Arrived, Alpha, Brown, New York; I'lli. F.ulaliu, Hergstrom. New York; Jenny, Rinrqiilst, Baltimore; I'.niHiinele, llayhent, Philadelphia; Bioruvin. Olson. Baltljnore; Hth, JoUuid, Christiansen, Baltimore; Advance, Tortensen, do. Soiled Till, II i' W.vlie, Hattormiut. Antwerp., M:irch I?Sailed. Pro?! IMibrovaekl, Caramatt, New York : 6th, T.oretto Fish, Wall*, C'ullao; 7ih, tlcorgc B Poatie, Currv, Boston. Suite.I Feb 'i*. Ilehe, llink, New York. Arrived 6th, Stgboiincath, Scott, Pennacola. St Trow all JtoAK*. March 6?In port. Sybil, Wynn, for New Orleun* (not Montevideo, as last reported). Hwaksi-.a, March 6?Knterea lor Idg, N C Kiereganrd, Knodsi'ii. New York. Toniur, March 4?off, A O Vlnge. Olsen, Ootn Baltimore lor Newcastle; Chioz/.n, Krtan, Loudon lor ltalilniore. Trikstm, March 3? Arrived, Michclln.i, Esposlto, New York. Trvei., March 6? Arrived, Sibal, llolte, Mobile; Auguste, Cnterherg, Charleston; t'osclden, Knudscn, Ualveston. Sailed 6th. Freeman nennla, Abbott. New York. Wr trORR, March 6?111 South Uav to lighten, Ourlooa, Cahill, trotu Savannah. Amrriean Porta. BOSTON. March 16?Arrived, schra James Bliss Hatch, Wilininitton, NO; Tcre?a D Baker, Brown, Vlreinia; Bartie Pierce, llawes. do; John M Ball, Cahoon, do . A s Wllev, Pontic, do; Mary B Over,; Nop,octet, Wiley, do; I O Curtis, I'atne, Jo. ihomisw tiuven, Brown. Baltimore: Addle Walt. n. I.lch, da;.Mary Standish, Rich, do; A P Set ill I. sti elm,in, do; It W (lodtrcy, Uod rev, Philadelphia ; Albert Mason, Rose, do; Bloomer, Darling, Newe.utTe, Pel; Florence Nowell. Fenniuiore, do tor I Lynn; HannahH Mend. Hand, Eli/ibethport: Jacob T Altnirger, Corson, do; Elizabeth Peterson. English, do; K C Oaten, Freentaii. W t ebawken ; P Sawyer, Roberts, Port Johnson, K M Sawyer, Kelicy, lloioken; LIzzie Ma < r. Traev, do; Atno- Edwards, Somen, do: John S Del wller, iir.n'P, do: Bay .Mile, Sealniry. New York; Mansfield, teluoon. New \ ork tor Lyt.n. Cleared?Steamers William Crane, Howes, Bnllltno-o; Aries, Whebl n, I'hiladelphia; Nt reus, B arse, New York; bark J S tVittsiow, Pa vis, Portland; sehrs II A L Corderv, Mll'er, Haliimo.e; James For.l, Huntley, do: K II Puilitir, Cobb, do; /. L Aaaoi", Bobbins. Philadelphia; James Mi.rtin. Brown, do; Emma Rnron, Bears' , do; Aimer Taylor, Podge, Newark, NJ; W H Rowc, Wlnitc| more, l.uti svilli', to load lor Philadelphia. A 1s t el. nr. d, barks John Matliues (Br), Roberts, Sierra Leo'ie; KxeeHor, Bowers, caala ela New \ork. i Nailml?sti'xoiigr Aries; bark Western Sea. SHEET. ?th?Arrival, Mrwbshlps Palmyra (BrJ, McDowalL Liverpool; Neptone. Maker, New York; Tallapoosa (0 8) Washington, DC; sckr* Undo Tom, Jacksonville; Isabella Jewett, Port Kav al. _ Also arrived JUth, bark Blencatha (Br), Doron, Singapore ; brig J H Lane Stiule, Messina. BALTIMORE, March 18-Arrived, harks flausa. (Uer), Rteeugra'e, Bremen . Usko (Kins), Lumb;vlst, Hull. E; Victor, (Ituaai, Htrai dberg, Hollast, I; Laura Nor), yelgner. Londonderry, J; Kbcnezer (Nor), Mutlienseu, Cork, I;Onore, (Ausi, Oois.inu, Limerick, I' brig Mary E Rowland, Rowland, Providence, to load lor Galveston; aebra John H Hancock, Crowell, Cardenas; Thomas N Btens, Pitcher, Providence; Wild Pigeon, Evans, do; Jno M Shaw, Co*. Hobo fj.t"' ' Ebaro, Xoper, do. Below ship Dnisburg (tier), Hollies, (toos Kotterduai; barks Do Ueer (Nor), Teliefsen. from Watertord -..President Dade (Nor),Olsen, Irom Dublin. Clenred?Steamship Austrian (Br), Kltchie, Liverpool via Halifax; ship Hobur (Kr). Olivier; Queenstown or Falmouth for orders; bark Palestina (Br), Ford, West IndioH; brig Jo inne Morton. Hmoot, Domerura; acfirs Gov J Y Smith. Bray Boston; Helen A Hovt, Crane, llobokeg ; K K Kirk, Bennett, do; E B Wharton, Bonsell, New York vta Rappahannock Ulver. Sailed?Ship Lyra (Br), Liverpool; barks Adelaide, Rio Janeiro; Paladin (Argk, do; Palestina (Br), West Indies; Scotland, Boston ; brig Jennie Morton, DeuieSara; sehr M M Heath. I'rogrcso, Yucatan. BULL RIVER, SC, March 14? In port brig Edith Hall, Oliver, from Charleston SOLA'S ROCK, Va, March 17?Arrived, schr Robt Pettis, Ellis, from and for Providence. in port 17th. schrs J A Smith, Bobbins, and Dictator, Robbing, for Prevklence, Idg. BOOTHBAY, March IS?Arrived, schrs O W Baldwin, Morton; Ninbnd, l'errv; Hudson, Post, and Idaho, Jameson, Rockland tor New York. CORPUS CHRISTi, March 15?Arrived, schr J Truman, Gibbs, New York. CHARLESTON, March 17?Arrived, ?chr Hyaline (Br), Marilon (lute Decent), R'o Janeiro. 20th?Sailed, steamer Georgia, Crowe 11, New York. CALAIS, March 5?Cleared, schr-s Moreligbt, Allen, Norfolk; 7th. John Boynton, Hill, New York. 14th?Arrived, aehrs Starlight, Blutchford, New York; 16th, O M Wentworth. Collins, do. EIH1ARTOWN, March 13?Sailed, achr Lizzie Poor, Dickey, Jamaica. FORTRESS MONROE, March 19? Arrived, aclir Harriet Brewster, Sotiires, Rio Janeiro for orders. Passed In lor Baltimore?Burks Crimea (Br), Glover, from Liverpool, with loss of miilntopmust; Minerva, from Punee: brigs Florence May (Br), Cochran, from do; E C Mutch (Br!, Mutch,tfoui Havana; also an Italian trig, name unknown. FALL RIVER, March IS?Sailed, schrs Ney, Chase; Prudence, and Mediator, McLean, New York. 19th?Sailed, schr* Mary F Cuslnnan ; Vandalia. Fullerton ; Effort, and Eliza Elizabeth, Surry, New Nork. GALVESTON, March 14?Arrived, bark Eph Williams, Keen, New York. GLOUCESTER, March 19?Arrived, schrs Joe Carleton, Spear. New York forCuimlen; Alligator, McGregor, do tor Portland; Allen Lewis, Lewis, Baltimore tor do; Rattler, McPdcrson, Newcastle, l>el. JACKSONVILLE, March 13?Arrived, schrs Eureka, Strout, Boston: 14th. A 11 Edwards, Hartlctt, Charleston ; Susan Stetson, Yates; Klva (Br), Culmer, Nassau, and Jennie K Simmons, Young, do. (Reared? B H Jones. Davis, Philadelphia; Kate Walter, Rich. New York; Martha, Smith, Gundalonpe; A E Glover. Terry, Boston; F H Odlornc, Crowell, uo; Grasmere (Dan), Macomber. Ore.vtown. MOBILE. Murch 15?Arrivod, schr Lottie Beard, Perry, New Bedford. MILHKIDGE, March 13?Arrived, schrs Wigwam, Field, Brunswick, Ga, Sailed 9th, schrs Alaska, Strout, Brunswick, Ga; E J staples, Strout, Florida. NEW ORLEANS, Murch 15?Arrived, steamship Margaret. Baker, Havana, via Florida ports; ships Kite Davenport, Duncan, Dundee; Guurdiun, Ames, Antwerp ; Iloaglcy, Frost, Barbados: bark Mereurins, Ludwigsen, Limerick; schr Helena, Pizzati, liuatan Island. Below?siilp Genevieve Strickland, Strickland irom Liverpool; bark Excelsior (Nor), Lingdahlsun, from Tralee. Cleared?Steamships Legislator (Br), Thomas, Liverpool: Missouri (Br), Mathias. Liverpool; barks Hakon Jarl (Nor), Mathlesen, Liverpool: Due Fratelli, Messina, Cad iz. 19th?Sailed, steamship City of Dallas, Jones, New York. South wfw Pass, March Iff?Arrivod, ships Virginia, Baker. Antwerp; Reunion, Curtis, Havre (and sailed for Galveston). On bur, bound out?Ship Dilharrcc; steamships Mississippi, and New Orleans. inside, bound out?Milps Sea Flower, finceeas, Henry, and Lisbon; barks Lisbon, Alexandria, and Kullistu; brigs Wm Aiming and Capita, and steamship Vauilulm. 20th?Arrived, bark Bertlia Temple (Br), McFee, Gal vcston lor Liverpool, leaking bamv. N< HtKOLK, March 10? Arrived, schr Delia Hoflgkins, Portland. Sailed? Steanishw Royal Standard (Br), Kirby, Liverpool. NEWPORT, March IN, PM?Arrived, schrs Hastings,, Now Red lord lor Virginia; W I) Minimum, Chase; Henry Gibbs,Chase ; Rescue, Kclley, and Sea Flower. New Bedford for New York : Benl T Crocker. Harding, and Nil Deapcranduin, Rich, Providence tor Virginia; Nightingale, Young, and Palladium, Kvdcr, do for New York; Eagle, Chase, Fall River lor do; Ueo shattuck. Mills. Wickford for do; N <k H Gould, Latham, Providence for do. Arrived previously?Schr Edward Everett, Drinkwater, Wood's Hole lor New York. In port?Schr John Mettler, Parker. New Bedford for New York, (ller reported arrival at Stonington 17th was an error.) Sailed?Brigs Ellse, llelneh, from New Bedford for New York; Minnie, Hudson, do for Baltimore; schr Mary A Hyer, Hodgdon, Klizahethport for Salem. Sailed previously?Schr Sea Foam, Carter, Philadelphia for Salem. 19th, AM?Arrived, aehr n S Bridges, of Pembrooke, loaded, with loss of foretopiuast (and sailed). NEW LONDON. March 18?Arrived, schrs Rival. Portland for New York; Sarah R Thomas, and Scud, Providence for do: Isabella Thompson, Norwich for do; Maria Fleming, and J B Cunningham. Port Johnson ior Norwich. NEW HAVEN, March 20?Arrived, schrs Henry Gibbs, Clia-e, New Bedford: Frunconia. Sears, do- Connecticut, St atom ens, Stonington ior New York; Bleecker, Thompson, do for do; Onward, Grant, Nantucket for do; Albert Clarence, Freeman, Portland, Me; C B Shultls, Young, New York for Providence; fetation. Nason, Virginia; sloops Westerlow. Myers, New York for Norwich; Maggie, Saunders, Westerly for New York. Native, Deliart, New York; A Phepard, Brown, Ilohoken. Sailed, schrs Beading RR 43, Baldwin, New York; .1 N Men-hoar, Fox, do; Victor, Look, do; sloop A Bhorard, Brown, do. PORT ToWNsKND, March 8?Arrived, shin Washington, Lihbv, Cousins, Calluo (and sailed for Port Blakcley). PHILADELPHIA, March 19?Arrived, schrs John Orillln, Foster, Mutnnzas via New York (where she put in for repairs, as belore reported); Pioneer, Parker, Boston; Fred Walton, Rich, do; E F Cabada, Swain, Providence. Cleared?Steamship Rnxo?, Croweil, Boston; bark Arizona, Conant, Dunkirk: brigs Ethel Hcultun (Br), Haney, Matanzas; George E Dale, Pierce, do: John Welsh, Jr. Vanselow, Trinidad ae culm; scars Minerva (Mr), Alien, I.ockpnrt, NS; Kmtly Curtis, Barbour, Matanzas; Fanny II Hucklin, Hucklin, Portland; Aid, Smith. Providence; K F cabada, swain, dot American F.agle, shaw, do. PORTLAND, March IS?Cleared, cclir J 11 Vauduaen, Corson, Wilmington, NC. 10th?Arrived, steamship Franeonla, Bragg, Now York. Cleared?Schra A M Chadwick, Ooan, Havana; Waller B Chester, Brown. Matanzas; Belle Hardy, Kelly, Alexandria ; A I. Lock wood, st John, Baltimore. KICHMOND, March IS?Arrived, steamship Isaac Bpll, Blakctnan, New York ; achr Henry Parker, Lewis, do: SAN FKAN'CISOO, .March II?Cleared, ship San Knfacl (Br), Altken, Cork; hark Warwickshire (Br), Clements, Liverpool. * Sailed?Steamer Great Republic, Cavalry, Panama. 12th?Arrived, bark Koscmluel, Pascal. Marseilles. Cleared?Ships Hold Hunter, Freeman, Liverpool; Taher, Otis, do; brie Hesperian. Wilkinson. Melbourne via Eureka : sclir Montnun, Jacobsun, Mazntlan. Sailed?Brig Olea, Sandman, Petropnulski. 1 -tIt?Arrived, ship Star of Hope, Lizzie, Baltimore. IPtli?Arrived, steamer Constitution, troni Panama. SAVANNAH, March 16?Arrived, schr J 8 Lee, Van Glider, New York. 17lli? Arrived, seltr Daniel 1'lcrson, Pierson, Boston. 20th?Arrived, brig I'I ten Maria. New York. Sailed? Steamship Maenolia. Palmer, New York; ship laidwie Hevn (tier), Sclimelhne, (lottcnburg; brig Pretnler. Porter, Yarmouth ; schrs Laura 11 Jones, Cousins, Bo-ton ; Mary K Long, l arie.n. , VINEYARD 1IAVKN. March 1!)?Arrived, ?chrs Charles Shearer, nod Charles A Hopes, New York lor Salem. Sailed?Brig W Gordon; schrs Fannie Pike, Nellie II Benedict, Charles A Jones, Kitte E Ktch, Lottie Ball. Serious. G M Morales, E It Kuior-on, Sophie, Win Steven*, Ada Ames, Lucy K Cogswell, SparteL Ida Lail'rinler, John A Lewis, Winona, Mary Augusta, ClHra June, M I. St Pierre, l.ucy A Keeler, Gettysburg, Lizzie Poor, and Bertha J Fellows. 20th?Arrived, schrs H L Bridges, Ellzabethport for Boston; Fannie A Edith, Newcastle, Del, for Beliast. Sailed?Schrs K N Walsh, Edward N Berry, Fred C Holden, Lucy M Collins. L A Rommel, Clara, Sarah C Snilih. Ivv Bell, Ella Huinphrev. ami Mair A Cranmer. WILMINGTON. NC?Arrived Klh, hurks Rudolph (Ger), Paske. Liverpool ; Konlcinii Augusta (Uer), Luriur, London ; brig Rums (Nor), Jonnasoti, do. * ieareu? nar,; wi|ucii?iu i.-,|??ii,, uiiiiiuirui m, iidiwi dam hriifs Favorite (Her), ( runt, tlo; Redwood, Melville, Havana: -elir* Ida Belle, Klslier, New Yolk; Curlcton (Br), Albory, Nassau; (Jen II Mcl-'srlnod, Boston. Win?Arrived, Bark? Kertlis (Oor), Sarwarta, namluirt*; I,a Hello (Nor), Skare, Bristol; Burgcrmotstcr Kersteln (Her). Khsrnreieli, Liverpool; lines Kan a (Nor), Sarsen, Liverpool; Fran) (Nor), Anderson, (iloucester; Dolphin (:'iWP>. Stafnerin, Antwerp; Selirs Luola Murclllson, Jones, New York; Kay, Dennis, Jacksonville; S C Kborn, Moore, Jacksonville. Cleared, Bark Harstranc (Hr), Thornton, Liverpool. nUCBLLANBOVS; ^ -ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OF CCBA. OFFICIAL DRAWING MARCH 15, 1873, JVo. Priv.'So. rrif\N'>. I'rizr, I.Vo. Prix*.! Yo. Dri'sa, 12. ..$?? 5532.. $50 o11575. ..(BHD, 18493.. $300124216. ..$300 It....MM 5671 ....30011101)1 ...300 18535.....SOU 21232. ...Kill 38 SOU 561)0.....UK) 11(111 . .SHU I.-5 II 50U 21215 . ,;(U0 41 .. .SOU 5780 ...sun 111 .6. .. SOU!18641... 10UU 2(275. ...300 1? SOU 5791... '1(1(1 11716... MUl 18609... ..MJu 24325. ...300 139....MO 5H9. Sao 11731. .3UOll8820,.. .500 Jim . 3U0 202, 30O1 5850....3110 118,(8... ,50U| 18907... 3UU 24.(46... .300 284. .SOU 5883 , ?*> 1(336... 300 18936. .ail 24396 300 297 ...300 5H'.I",.., ,31*1 119*1... . "0 I3'16... .300 2M H Sit) 378 .. .300 59W ...3*1 12.45 WD 14-.1S7... .300 .'4450 . "1*1 415 30u 5960 (.?! !J?.s.i 300 19' 04... :**) :?.>I7... 31 * I ?H aiu 5972. ...a*) 121- 3(ll| 13076... ,'tH 24518..,. 300 561 .. .a*'| 5983.. 900,1. V*. I;41.15 :m 1241,27.. .1(1*1 561 3)1) (1012. ...:v*)l 19115... ;**) 24642 . .tVI 664 ....'?*' 6042 ...3'* '.'.49 . .?*) -4651 . .??) 728. . .3UU HUMS ...a?lj 1224... .?> Has .. .?) 24ns9 ...SW 777 :?*, 6I.M 3U0|I24 I ??|l92?6... T'o '2472U .7?t 7V, I 1,147 :'().);; .'IV, 6?l|!.r.N|....aio 24742. 500 833... .am 02,11... .51)0; 12572 .3'*tl 19287... .?*) 24763.. .WW 883 am 6207 30,11121 !4 4001 l'> H4... .a*l >4770....SO 'Jl4.,.:(liu 0230.. 300 12 ,3>? ! 'I.-S... .500 24775. 9J2....SOO !,'215.1(001' I27IJ US). 112154 ...31*' 24810... ,300 953 .. .300 6433... .301 12721... .300 19678... Will, 24m6. .. ..300 U5* t,ai (Uur i-ju'vlsii sm lariai auoctaiaa 3i*l I cut. . .SOOi 8(125. SOo I2146....3IW lS'745... . 3001241(23.. NO ius7...10001 6.42.1. ... wi iwm... floua??i....:?o Ktti..,.:wn (5^.*-*... no UH90....30O W77?....3U?P>H....:K?I 1072... ,300 6. 54.. .1MI t;l?w :tOU,IWS91... .50U|25O88... 300 1076....300 67U ...aooi.nsi ...3<m im:... .ago 2.11 <7... .wo 1II9II Jnn 6H|| tin*13064 . :4i*t| I*".'' I ...!*? 241*.n... .700 1121 300 6*8x4 .. I <l?.. 1UMX> IWW....3D0 26207... .300 1278 300 WW.. . .3110 131811... .300 20U5?. ...300 27*221 .. .31*1 m i * 1 6073 ?? i.r.n . 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I $50,000. I $25,000. | $10,001. I $5,900. j 6211...$i"iOI) 3161 ..$.l00!21791...$200 13121. ..$200 17967. ..$10J 6242....500 3162....M 21792....2UO 13123....200 17959....IOC 6243..-.600 3163... .300 21794....200 13124....200 23611.... 100 6244....600 3164....:100 21795....200 13125....21*1 23613....lOR 6246... .500 3165... .300 21796... .21*) 13126... .21*) 6247....61*1 3167 ...300:21797....200 13127....200 62IS....500 3168....300 21798....200 13128....200 6.49... .500 3169... .31*1121799... .200 13129... .21*1 6.60....600| 3170....3U0U1800....200113130....200 ( Wc hove sold No. 6,245, which draw $100,000. J. R. MARTINEZ A CO., Rankers, 10 Willi street .* Post ortlee hox 4,635, New York. ? ^ ^ ?ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY OP CUBA. OFFICIAL DRAWING, MARCH 15, 1873. Ho. Prise.1 No. Prize I fin. Prize.\tfo. Prize. I Pin. 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SOU 1076....300 6714... .600113181... .300 19892... .600 26187... 30(1 1USW . .300 6841....300 13084....300 19904....300 2A194....300 1121... .300 0864....WO 131.3..10000 19978. ...3WI 26207....300 1273....300 6910. ...300 17:89....300 20020... .300 26221... .300 1340 sou 6978. ...900 13190.. ..300 20100.. ..300 253,16... .3(0 1356....300 7014 500 I32S4 300 20199 300 25:163... .300 1401.. .300 7036 300 13203 300 20212 300 26(64....SOU 1429... .300 7042... .300 13268... .300 .0344... .300 -26369... .SOU 1466....30O 7101....300 13409....300 21376....SOU 26 81....300 1460.. .300 7110 ...300 13475... ..**! 20422 .. .300 26119....SOU 1572... 301) 714(1... .600 13492... .300 20463... .300 25540... .3(0 1631... 600 7141....300 13672 ...300 20487....300 26 >58 ...610 1716... .300 7183... .300 137-3... .800 2(99 7... .61*' 2.6 95... .6(0 1750....300 7303....300 13792....300 20512....300 26028....3(0 1768 .300 7215....300 13823....300 30344....300 25198....SOU 1836... .300 7236... .SIX) 13859... .300 20672... .34*1 25746... .3(0 1926... .300 7278... .300 13937... .300 20683... .64*1 257(XI... .30(1 1911....300 7433....300 10417....300 20586. ...300 257-0... .3(0 1949....300 7438....300 14039... 300 30589....300 25SOO....50B 1981....SOU 7481 ...300 10)45....300 2(1063....3U) 26>36....30Q 193(1....300 7543... 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