Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1873 Page 11
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) . SITUATIONS WAMXED-FEMAliKS. Cooks. Ac. 7 UNION COHBT, CNIVERBITT PLACE, BETWEEN llth and lith sts., second floor,?A Scotch Protestant 'woman as cook, who onderstands meats, soups and ielliea, bread, biscuit and pastry; Is capable ot taking charge of a gentleman's family as housekeeper; Christian family preferred; city or country; (rood city retcrence. int 7TH AV., NEAR 16TH ST., SECOND KLOOR.? Iut: A respectable girl as cook, washer and ironcr; no objection to the country. 1 OO WEST 40TH ST.?AN AMERICAN WOMAN AS X^cook or to do general housework. "I OO 30 AV.. BETWEEN HTI! AND 1STII STS?TWO lOa respectable voting women; one as good rook, washer and ironcr, the other as chambermaid and to assist with the washing and ironing or waiting; willing to go to the Country; good city rclcrence. lOJ WEST 10TH ST. ? A RESPECT.) HI.K VOI'M! lor woman as cook, washer and ironer; good baker; best city reference. 1OQ EAST 2mi ST.. NEAR LEXINGTON AV.?A XOO respectable girl as good cook, and is willing to do coarse washing and ironing ; has three years' best elty reference from her last place; left in consequence of Bar landlady breaking up housekeeping. Call ot a dn ... Iff WEST S2D ST.?A COLORED GIRL AS LA17NITU dross, or to cook, wash and iron ; citv preferred. Call lor two days, E. WILLIAMS. 1-17 EAST 32D ST., BETWEEN LEXINGTON AMi It I 3d avs., second floor, front room.?Two young girls; one as good cook, washer and ironer, and the*other us chambermaid and do do sewing; the t? o have Hie tie it city references from thetr last places. 1 WE8T 28111 ?T--A RESPECTABLE Vol No XU17 girl as good cook; is an excellent washer and Ironcr; city reference. f-.| 411 11 hi,?a liiunii nu?An AM HUM class cook; will assist w ith the washing: no objection to go a bhort distuuee In the country ; best refere?m 1 KK WEST MM ST., BETWEEN 6TII AND 7TI1 AVS.? JLtJiJ A respectable colored woman us first class cook; lirst class rclcrcncc. 1 FLJ EAST .121) ST., TOI? FLOOR, HACK.-A RE.1 " I spoolable voting girl as competent cook: is ,i good Maker; is willing to u.-sist with the washing and ironing ; no objeelions (o a first class boarding house; best city reference from her last place, fall lor two days. ICQ WEST filST ST.?A BSEPBOTABIiB TO UNO jLO'J woman ns first class cook; is willing to assist with the washing and ironing ; is u first rate baker of bread iiml biscuit; best reiercnces. an] WEST 2GTH ST.?TWO RKSPECTAHLE YOU NO ?iU 1, girls; one us cook, washer und ironcr, the other ns chamlicrmaid and waitress, iu a small private iamily ; city or country reference. 0"| Q SI 1-1.1 VAN ST., KF.AK.-A RESPECTAHI.R L 10 colored woman as cook or laundress in a hotel or boarding house. Apply for two flays. QIC EAST 28TU ST.?A SOBER. MIDDLE AGED Ll'f woman as good plain cook; understands meats thoroughly; also des.-crts and care of milk and butler; n good baker; will do conrse washing H required ; no objection to a short distance in the .couuty ; city relcrence. Call for two days. OQQ OtlRYSTIE ST., ROOM 10.-A Ofltl. TO ZjJUO cook, wash ann iron; a good baker; good reference. Off) WEST 30TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND 8T11 L'tL avs.?As cxcellciit cook in a private family; Is a good baker of bread and biscuit; best city relercncc. Cull or address. QT (\ EAST 2ITI1 ST.?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS; Ole" one as first class cook, undcrstanda cooking in nil its branches; the other ss laundress, waitress or tlinmbi nn.ud . good pity ivhrenoo. Qtja EAST 38TI1 ST.?TWO RESl'ECTAHLE GIRLS; ifL'J oho as llrst class cook, washer and ironer; llus other as cliaml'ermaiil und waitress; city or country; good city reference. ?) f 11> WEST JUTri ST.?A BEBPECTABLB WOMAN ifLO as first class cook ; unilerg ands her tiusinoss ; no objection to a private boarding house or restaurant; good rerereuce. O AO 9TH A V., IN THE FANCY STORE.?AS FIRST oto class English cook; !' ?? cliv reference. qr.|| EAST 321? ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 20 AVS.? OtJU as llrpt class cook ; understand* American, English and French cooking; is nil experienced baker, good references. AOQ WI'"ST 38TH 8T- FHUW FI.OOW, FRONT ^rl'O room.?A respectable girl os plain cook, washer and troncr; no ohiecliou to general housework; is will, lag and obliging steal cHjr Bete re nee. AIO EAKT UT11 sT" FIRST Fl.OOR.-A STEADY T:10 respectable Protectant woman as cook or working liourckecucr; good bread, pic, Ac.; no objection to a boarding house. COO EAST 12T11 ST.?AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN fJZisj us cook ; understands all kinds of soups, pastry and game ; no objections to Ibc country; lobar. too west tarn sr, iotii a v.?a respectable UOO young woman as cook or chambermaid. Call for two days. OQO 6111 AV? 111.TWEES I'll 11 AND aOTH SI'S.?A CjoJj respectable girl to cook, wash and iron or to do general housework in a small private family; good reference. 1Qt>Q 3D AY.?TWO WIEEJNO GIRLS. ONE AS .t)*yO II rst class cook; understand* nil kinds ot meats, soups, poultry, game, sido dishes, ilessi rts. Ac.: the. other as thorough r'liniuhcnnuid ; would as-i-i with washing or truiting; no ob,ecfloii to a boarding house; best reicreiicc. Cliambcrmnirls, &e. OA EAST 49TIT ST.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?> i girl, one year in this eonnlrv, nschambrrmuid and waitress in a private laniily; Is willing to make herself generally useiul; satisfactory reference given. Cull lor two days.^ r?Q WEST 43D ST., ROOM It.?A YOIJNG OIRE AS OO eliambermaid ; is willing to assist in washing; no objection to housework in n small tamily. Can be 6ceu until suited. QAQ 1ST AV.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRE AS *U\jO eliambermaid and seamstress; good reference. Call or address lor two days. <1AQ WEST 2f>T11 ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTEST&\)tJ nut girl ns chambermaid unit to assist Willi t^e rare of children in a private lauiily ; willing nuJ ohligtug; city orcountry rcfereitcc 990 WEST 1STII sr.?A RESPECTABLE I'ROTju**'' eslant girl ns chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and to do sewing; city or couutry; city references. nOQ WEST 53D ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID AND ^OO waitress in n private laniilr; good city rclcrenco. O A Q WEST 43D ST-AS CHAMBERMAID A>D IT'' rcamsties-*, by a young woman : can operate on a Wheeler A Wilson's machine, or would do flue washing ; can Bute and polish. Q(|A WEST llTil ST.. SECOND FLOOD, FRONT.?A ?0\i tidy gir; as i humbcrmaid or to do general housework in a small private family. One EAST 36X11 ST., THIRD FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? O^vJ A respectable young girl as chambermaid and waitress; beat reiercucc CU l>? given. OOQ EAST 11TH ST., SECOND Kl.OOlt, BACK ?A O^jO respectable young girl io do chambcnvork and waiting ami assist with washing and ironing; reference. J'JW will ni.( 1 ii i ii i' ri. ifiih, iijii iv OOi. room.?A young girl as chambermaid unit waitress. QO7 WEST 39T1I ST.?A RESPECTABLE VOCSO OOl girl lo do upstairs work and make herself generally useful. Call or address lor tw days. QOQ KAST 331) ST., TOP P oiill - \ vul'Mj ofltT, OOt/ as chambermaid and waitress; is willing and Obliging. _ JJQ WEST 45T1I ST.-A RESP EOT A BI. E VOt'NO tiTi' girl as chiiinboriniiiil and waitress in h small private family. 3/rr\ EAST S2D ST.?A COMPETENT Of III, AS ?)"" rhuinboriniiid and waitress, or rlinmborniaid and to do plain sowing; willing mid obliging. Oin liTII AV., BETWEEN 20TII AMI .Wll ST.- . rrvU room 10.?A rospeutablo girl as competent chambermaid and waitress; best city reference.. fQ/i lOTlf AV.. second FLOOR, FROST room,? Oul' A reapcrtalilc Protestant girl to do light thambcrwork and watting or to take caro of children, best city reforenee. QPQ BTH AV.-A BEHPECTABLR OJTIL AS CHAM- J OUu berniaiJ or lo do general Uousoivork. v ) Dremmaktrt unci Seamstrease*. TO*) WEST 30TH ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TI! iJL-t n\"s. (ring basement bell.1?A young unman wishes to go out by Hie day or week as dressmaker; c?a cut ladles' or children's dresses; no objection to the oouatry; terms moderate. OA!: WEST 27 I'll ST.?AH PIR-T CLASH SEAM stress; can rut un I lit; uixlfr'tnn<l- nil lamuy pewing and can uct as tiul.v'a maid anil do hitrdrcs-lne; no obieetloiis to mluil grow lug children; respectable clty references. <)t)l WKsr K.iII .-I - a FIRST < MKIfl* AdtUl innkor, thoroughly understanding < very branch or twr business. wishes n tew wore engiicinenti l.y the day or wren in clus< families, or wou'd go in tin cstabli-hmont to cut, fit nnd dvstgn. Cull or addie-st. CTQA Uisr in II ST. -A DRESSMAKER WlHURfl /uO\' to go out by the day: is n good cutter and fitter; untied nil.I* nil kinds of lamll.v sewing, reti-rrin c*. Qi)i) JLA8T MTU ST.?A FIRST CI.ASM OPERATOR t)Z J. wl.nho? a lew more < ustomer* hy the day or waek; understandsdressmaking, ?l*i. fine Reiving; r.nn cut and ttt children's dresses: will furni-h her own niaChine (Wheeler A Wilson's) il desired. Cull on or Address 8K A M .>T K ESS. QOO FAST 1STH MT., FIRST FI.OOR. -A RKSPECTOOO nide young girl a* saamstrcsa or to assist In the chamherwork. Call tor two days. A r> \ cTlf AV A COMPETE** DftENSMAKER DEID'J sires a few more cnstoniers; n first class titter to watt on ladies at their residence; h?to-t style; beat reference. . >71\U trrii" A V.?AN FIH8T CEAXS HRAMHTRRHS dt'O (English); understands dressmaking and nil himf* of ismily sewimf; lias a flrsl rate sewing machine would like lo make arrangements to take with her; city only. King first hath 17/IQ WASHINGTON nr.?A YOl NO LADY. With I UO educated, an excellent seamstress. In a firs! class family as lady's maid ami seamsir.1** or com).anion to an invalid lattv; wilting to take the entire care >l one or two children an I toaeli them the Oerman language; city frrcrenee. Catt on or address Miss M. K. fTQ'J lOTH'AV.?A YOU NO OERMAN ulRl, ro Ho lOO sewing and light housework. 1"IO(k BROADWAY, BETWEEN TO II AND 2.'TII ,JO?7 sts., in Ihe hair storo.?A oirl a. seamstress and lady's maid i can dress hair; hn? know ledge oi dressmaking ; hest City reterences. 2-|Q(k 211 AV,, CORNER 1ITTH NT.?A RRPPRCT.I?7*/ ahie vonna alrl tod., se.s o t.\ the day or iraek. NEW Y( SITUATIONS urAWBD-WmM. _ Ortumakera aad gMaatreaua. A VOL'NO LADY, MAN* VKAKS EMPLOYED IX" one of the Ilrst millinery and dressmaking house* of Pari* 'Mine. Hafele'*, Hue de la Puix), wishes a situation tor the Summer *eaaon in a bitnilnr establishment in New York. Add re** L. K. T.. Heruld offlee. A YOUNG ENOUSH WOMAN AS SEAMSTRESS AND nurse to one child; operation Wheeler A Wilson'* and Wllleox A Gibbs' machine*. Address S. S? box 174 Herald Uptown Branch office. BV A THOBOUUII LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S dro>s aud cloak maker, a few more customers at home; best recommendations; terms reasonable. Addr. M Al>AMc, box 18b UeraM Uptown Branch offlee. SITUATION AS LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS; C? understands hnirdrcsslng; no objection to light chainlH-rwork; best city reference. Call ut corner ot 42d st. and 5th nr., at the florist's. SITUATION WANTED?BV A YOUNG LADY, WITO O has worked at millinery tor some years, whose health w ill not permit her to lead n sedentary life any longer, .could till the position of nursery governess, where the coiulorttof a homo with a retlned tumily would be more appreciated than wage*; very best references given a* to character. Address C. C. B.', Herald office. General House work. ?Stc. O') PRINCE ST., NE\R ELIZABETH.-A SMART woman to do general housework in a small family; would go as chambermaid iu a mechanic's boarding house. _ lOn WEST 17TT1 ST.. REAR Hol -I' -A SMART lOU young girl to do general housework for a small lumilv; no objections to a short distance in tiie country ; i uj references. 1 A S) FAST .13 D ST., NF.AB LEXINGTON AV.?A I "r-j Protestant woman te do light housework" lor a small family; i;ood hum" more of an oblact than wajjts; can turnlali beat city reference if required. I f/{ sill w., IN rilK ItKAH.-A HKSI'KCT V HI.K L'il) girl to do general housework In a small family. mwisr att> ST.?AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, or to do general housework in a private lauiily; good city reference. Oft t EART 47X11 ST"' FLOOR. FRONT.?A Li'f'l: respectable young irirl ta do general housework In a small Protestant family; Is a good plain cook, washer and Iroin r; good reference from her last plaee. no i bdmok sr., Mah norsE.?a respkctar hie middleaged English woman as general servant in a small. i|uict lauili.v; or as housekeeper in a tradesman's family. OaH or addrrss for two days. 997 EASC 42D ST.?A RESPECTABLE (ITKL TO Li Li 4 do housework; is a good plain cook uud has good reference. 9KQ HOUSTON ST.?A YOUNG WOMAN TO BO general housework, city or country. i)(\ r- FAST 2ATII ST.?AN K NO I.IS II WOMAN To III) ?>*'?) general housework tna small American family; would go a short distance in the country; two years' references; $11 wages. " 4IH r,Ani tun .n? nr,ini-...n n.?,? +. t) lu A young girl to (lq general liouscu ork in a small family; best city reference. iotii ay.. nmrm asm ami sra sts ? a Oil) young girl to do general hflusewnrk in a small private family; is a goou plain cook, washer unit ironcr. ('.ill t<>t* two days. QOQ F.AST HTIT ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONTONiO rooms.?A respectable young girl todogeueral housework in a small latnily. ')'> > FAST 8.1 D ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT?A REOOO gpcctahlb girt to do housework; is a good cook, washer ami ironer; reference. QQi bast swh kt-a respectable yoono OO't woman to <lo housework in a small family; gvoil city reference. Call or address. ?>')- WEST 26T1I ST ?A RESPECTABLE YOCSO fjtj'J woman to do housework In a plain family; uo objection to the country. Q,(Q RAST 27TIT ST., TOP FLOOR.?A RESPECTAO^kO Ide young girl to do housework fn a small family. willingand obliging;city references II required. /T1Q WEST 30TII ST.. BETWEEN 10TU AND 11T1I file/ nvs.?A respectable young girl, lately lauded, to do general housework in a private family; is a good washer and trailer;good refbr?ou. rtn :fl> AV., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM ?A Vol NO ? )jLiL girl to do general housework in a prn ate family; good city reference. 1/1- SD AV., BETWEEN ?2D AND USD STS ?A young girl fo do general housework. THE EXECUTION OF Foster. THE EXECUTION OF FOSTER. LOOK OUT FOR TT1F. EXTRA TELEGRAM THIS JIOKMNU. _ - i House lice vers, iVc. 1Q1 WEST .WIT ST.?AS HOUSEKEEPER IN 'A ??>L widower's faintly, by a young widow. 1 WEST 2STTI ST.?A COMPETENT YOl NO wo. a?)" man as housekeeper anil nurse : is an excellent cook; n widower's or elderly gentleman's family preferred ; city or country; excellent relcrenee. OQQ WEST luTII ST.. NEAXt III'DSO.Y ?AS B0U8SU keeper to an eldery gentleman or widower, ('all lor one week. a /* ,-r adeerni st., Brooklyn?a lad\ woi i.d tU>) like n position as housekeeper or where she would be a" one of the family, and ?.*,i?t with the work; those tlint require sueli may apply. Call ou or address Miss ALT IK ka 4 3i? a v., Rnro ran bell.-a widow ?*T"'X lady, of good nnalidratlnns ami line appearance, and good standing In society, desires a situation In a gentleman's family to superintend his hou-e: l?o-.i reference. Mrs. walk mil f>f|Q lflTII AV.?A YOCNO AMERICAN WIDOW AS UUO housekeeper; no objection to the country, Inquire at Mrs. Vaughn's, ltlng middle hell. AYOI'NC, WIDOW LADY OP BXPIRISKOI AVD culture, thrown upon her own resources, w i?ho* a situation as housekeeper; widower's family preferred. Address .Mrs. I!. BWADSIIAW, Herald offlce. HOI SfKEKl'ER'S POSITION WANTED?BY AN educated and refined Anieriean lady; a's family, where there are one or twochlMren, whom ...... I.I i'.i-n on.) nhnrn nr. meninl gafvI.'hh rcaulrod, preferred: enn furnish tho highest tesil- , menials. Address HOUSEKEEPER. box 117 Herald ofllt*. lianndrossm, ftr. 7f? WEST ?6TH 8T., CORNER C.TH AV.-AS FIRST 4 O class laundress; would assist with the chamber- i work ii required; best city reference. TIM WEST 17TIJ ST., It AS R M EVTJX IO R?A COL i I 1.1' orcd laundress of (treat experience wishes faml- I lies'and gentlemen's watting; all kinds ot and fine fluting done. mWEST 50T1I ST.?A RESPECTABLE PROTEStaut girl as laundress; thoroughly nuderstands her hnsine-s; besteitv reierenees. Call or n hires*. -I .-7 WI ST .HIST ST., BETWEEN (.ill AMI 7111 ! ) 4 av*.~As first rias* laundress; understand* her business thoroughly '< excellent city reference. 2K(\ WEST 47TII ST.. NEAR STII AT., TOP H-OCR, ?Jl" front.?A respectable woman to go out by the : (lav wnshlng, ironing or housecteanirnj. Address Mrs. WALTON. i iff WEST 39TI1 ST.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ttO to tako In washing or ir'o out by day; best rcter IKa*. Call nn or address Mr*. CLARK. II/' ;u> A\? nir n.iiiik, im n morn?* nr.- i T"T"i) spcotahle womin wishes n lew more families' | and gentlemen's washing; c an <lu iij> linen* first clase; best rolcrenrc. no | 1 T IT., If BAR 018 r ST.?A RBRPECTABLB i/Ot woman wnnta WMhlni; In the house or to go out by the day. IV u rare. Me. 1/j DOWNINC PT.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS WET III nnruK and also a nurse for h-r baby. Inquire lor Mr* GIHSON. | 1 01 LIBERTY ST.. Ill Ml BULMNO.-A REI LOI spcctabh young wotnun as Infant's nurse. 1 ftO EAST 4'Hfl ST. CORNER SO AT.?A KBl?JO spcrtuble woman, lately landed, to lake care of children In a respectable family. 17Q THOMPSON ST.-A COMPETENT TRENCH It# woman a* nurse and seamstress; t.* fiillv conincl< nt to take tin' entire charge of a baby; best city refera Bee. Call between 10 and o'clock P. m. Oftl WEST 30TII Kfc^-A It ESI'Kt T A 111. li Vol* <l? ?t\\I trirl to lake earn of grown children and assist j with clinniberwork: good nlMiee. 1 '>'-><{ WEST ffTU ST. BiTWBiN 7TH ANU 8TH hi>' I avs.. flrsr floor, iront room.?A young w< uian a* nurse and seamstress; would lake cure ol a young baby i he*' city relerenoe; ring lower bell. A A 4> WEST AST 11 ST.-A RESPECTABLE YO?'NO r r ?j girl ae nur<e an I to do plain aewlug In a private I family : good oily references. I I ?> EAST 15T11 sr. T(ir FbOOR BA K ROOM.? ttO A respectable miirrN tt oiiimi m w? i nurn', milk 9 week* old; good reference (rum physicians anil other*. * pan 8T1I AV.. TOP FLOOR REAR.-A TO PRO 0 0 English widow would like a child tu nurse hy ! hand. _ S' ITI ATION WAKTBD-BY A VOI Nli CURL. TO PAKE rare ni children and do plain aewlng. Address J. 0., I PostoiHce, Uunter'a Point, L. I. . Waltrrmri, Air. "If 7 EAST wn ST.?AS COMPETENT WAITRESS; ]4 I nmicistnnds her business in ail its hroiu lie*- best : city reference. Call lor two days. 1)<|| WEST ins si.-A RR PEI i'ABLF. Yi ! sj" ' I trtrl as flr?t class waltres-, or to do Cliainberwork I and plain sawing; best city references. MlKrllanrtrai. UF.AST 220 ST.?A GERMAN PROTEST A NT WO. man, wbo can speak French and English, as ludj's maid or to tnko care of children In a lamlly gning to Kn ! rope; ts accustomed to travel and never seasick; refers ! to tier present employer. Address BARBARA. QOQ EAST ISTII ST.-A PROTESTANT PKRSf N TO ajZiO wait on the door, no oi do other light work. Apply at pre-, nl , nipi .v. r's OQ": MADISON AV.. PRESENT KMPI.OYER'S V iO'l Scotch Protestant woman a- maid and team stress, or would take rare ol growing children. ill f FAST mil ST.-v ORE MAR LAftY, WHO IS W IT a Rood sailor, wishes to iiociiiipany a lainilv goI inu to Europe ; would take charge of children or uttend a i ,a'' v- ___ A FRENCH LADY. OF GOOD FHC \TION AMI aecustomed to travelling, wishes to accompsnv it I famllv to Europe ; speaks French, Italian and English; good reference. Aihlrass 8., Herald t'ptonn Branch office. A FRENCH OTRL (FROM PARTS). WHO SPEAKS Rcml lieriuan and Is a good senmstraas, to t.'Aeh growing ' hfldrcn Kreneli and Herman. Address E. B. C? Herald I otown Branch office. JRK HBKALl), fit IDA Y, 1 SITUATIONS WANTED- FEMALES. MlKtUanroni, \KORTH VOrKO GERMAN* OIRT., LATELY ARrived, desires a position as lady's maid, or to take charge of children (Tom i to 10years of age; unexceptionable rel'errnce. Address A. E., box 111 Herald ofllee. IACKGPE.?AN EDUCATED AND EXPERIENCED 'J French person, with food references, wuii'd rin her services lor her passage; Is never seasick. Address Mile. Al.BIX, Ueruld Uptown Brunch office. IADY'S MAID (i; HUMAN). SPEAKS FKK.Vf'll AND J English, wtahes to gn with a ffimlly to Europe; tlrst rate hairdresser and drcssutuker. Address M. S., box 1-3 Herald office. rpt) OWNERS OR AGENTS -A K ESPEt T V H I.E I. ADV. J who speaks French and English, withe- to take care of a respectable house on reasonable terms. Address EXPERIENCE, box 110 Herald ofllee. U'ANTED-BY a lady, disengaged may I. A situation as companion, housekeeper or cashier. Address K. P., station B. "IITANTED?BY A RKSPKl TABLE Yof.N'G ENGLISH Tf person, a situation us holy's maid or companion to growing tip young young indies, with a (air knotvlI.... e.n?r.|. tin..I.,I, . hc*t city references. Address for three days L. B., box litfl Herald ortlce, "TIT"ANTED?BY" AN EDUCATED, REFINED, PRETT possessing young widow lady, a position In a widower's family. Address LEO, box 979 Post oflicc, New Vork. HELP WAWTED-FEMALIS. VN INTELLIGENT, ACTIVE GIRL, FOR OBNBRAL j homework; two ill family; willing to make herself | useful; plain country trirI preierred. Apply Of West lutli st? hall door. \?WORK (ilVKN, AT THE VERY BEST PRICES, to puv for first class new sew inn machines; uli ccrned over a small Instalment we puv cash. HLAKE, 1HJCKWALTER A CO., 113 1th uv., corner 12th st, and 101 Uleecker at., one block west of Broadway. ALAUNDRBM wanted?and- to AtlBMT at chntaberwork, ut 319 3tli uy., from 11 to 2 o'clock; avouch $11. (TOOK WANTED?A GOOD COOK, IN A FIRST CLASH J hoardIiik house; one who knows her business thorouKhly. Apply immediately at 36 West lilli St., between 3th and fitli ars. T \RK88MA KERS WANTED.?FIRST CLASS OPERA1/ tor on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; also Urst eluss si amstresses. Only these who understand buttonholes iieud apply to Mine. 1'ARR AIN, 24 West 14th st. First class cloak and mantilla makers, waist trimmers and hands lor white work wanted ; also a first class operator on Wheeler A Wllaotl's machine. Appl> at 13 East 17th at, ("1IRL WANTF.D?FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. APX ply at 2215 West 4!5th st. Small tumily. NI'RSE WANTKD-TO TAKE CARE OF GROWING children. One willing to bo to the country may apply al :'t. George's Hotel, from I" A M. to 12 M. UT ANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IKON EH, with references, at 26 West 4dth gfc WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WILLING TO WASH AND j Vt Iroii in a small family. Call at 111 WcstWthrt. U'ANir.u?a nn.iA.1 i" 11r..1 r,IV \ I, u,,, -1. work In asniull family; wages $9 n month. Call ut 155 West '51 s! St., Ilrst floor. WANTED-\ OOOB CHAMBERMAID AND l.ACNtt dross. Apply at 46 West 20th it, for two days, Horn 9 to 2 o'oluck. WiRm-A OOOD COOK, WELL RECOMMEND" ed. Apply at 45 West 20tb st, for two tl tys, from 9 to 2 o'chirk. Ur WTKD?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS NURSE, who thoroughly understands the care of young c hlldren; bosl references required. Apply at 19 East l'.itli at., for three days, between 111 and 1 o'clock. UrANTRD?A (1KKMA.V OR SW ISS OlltT,, OR A OUR man speaking French or (a Krench girl speaking flcrinan. hat not English), as nurse. Call at217 East 15th St., IVom 10 till :t o'clock. \\'ANTEr> \ OOOD CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT. Vt reis; to a good girl good wages will he paid. Apply nt 30 West 51st st., between 9bj and l'J'j o'clock. T1TANTED?A OOOD PLAIN COOK, WfLLIXO AND Vt obliging and to assist in tho washing anil ironing; best city reference required, must be a good (trend baiter. 456 West 261b st. WANTED?A dim. TO DO HOI SBWOBK IN A VV lamilv of three persons; good relerences required. 446 West IHil" st. "lit ANTED?A YOCNO (URL AS OOOD PLAIN VV washer and h olier and kind to children. Apply nt 235 West37th st., basement, between 10and 4 t*. \i. Yl*"ANTED- \ COOK, To DORABTOFTHBWASHING VV anil ironing; city reference required. Call between the hours ot 9 and II o'clock at No. 00 We.,t .Villi st. Y\*ANTED, AN EXPERIENCED MILLINER: OOOD It wages given. Call for three days at ROSENBLATT'S, 1,443 3d av., between 81st aud 82d sts. "flTANTED?FOR A CHILD ONE YEAR OLD. A WET VV nurse having a good breast of milk, and references. Address (', II. N.. Iinx 7>a l'o-l otllee. Y VANTED?A YOI NO WOMAN FOR OENERAL ?T hou?owork; wiliiiiR to to a t.liort distance tti the country. Apply at 367 \Vest 20th at. A\T ANTKD-TN A PRIVATE FAMILY, AN I Xt'EIU ?V enced girl for general housevrorjc; wages $12. Apply, with reference, n t - tit Kast 127tli si . i\tamkd-a BBOPEOTABUi tornq lady as Vt housekeeper; no menial service will be required; yet we ulu not object to one who has had souie experience In house work; or a widow lady, with in' child over two years ol age. Address M. J. s., box 117 Herald office. _ _ 1VrANTED?A SALESLADY TO BELL AN ILLIT8\ ? traled hook wanted In every family ; to ladles who liavc be< n In the book trade and experienced #10u to $.00 per month can be realized. Address box 1,466 New Yorx Post office. UPanted?a mibdlb-aqkd woman to take eare of a elilhl three vears old and do housework : French or Swiss wmnan preferred. Inquire at 661 titli av., Iroin I till 1 o'clock. \I7ANTKD?A PKOTESTANT UIRL AS SEAMSTRESS; ?V al o a girl 14 or IS, to do light work and live lu Yonkers : reference required. Apply at room 30 Sturtevant House, 27tl> at. and Broadway. ll'ilRKIM; IKH'SKKHKPER WANTED-A MIDDLEV\ aged lady, with a little daughter, to go In the country, to take charge ot a small place; the child os companion lor the advertiser's little girl; permanent home, in a delightful and heallliv section; best relerenees reoulred. Apply at 68 West iStb St., between 7 and 8 In the evening. " UMNTEH?a (11RL TO do flKNKRAL hoisksvork ; must bo n good rook amt thoroughly ttnderstand her work; to such a one a good home unit wait oh will be given. Apply, after lil o'clock, at 997 tith av., Itrst flat tim vrui-\ tockq colored woman as COOK: VV must come well recommended. Apply ut 39 Orovc at. "W'ANTED-nY A VERY SMALL FAMILY, A CHAM?? bermald and to do the tine washing and ironing; city references required. Apply, Irotn II to 2 o'clock, at 34 Kn nt SI at at. WANTED?FIRST CLASS OPERATORS ON f T Wheeler A \\ llton'i inaclilne, for flue custom shirts; n!?o u low first rnte bnttonhole makers. Apply at MMI EL hi DD'S, I.I'll Broadway. Ur ANTED?A TIDY. COMPETENT PROTESTANT woman to do honaewoflt for two and assist In tlie cure ot u child, l'j years old ; good wages. Apply to Mrs. LAWRENCE. 1*1 Kast 21th it. UrANTKD?TWO HERMAN HIKES. IN A SMALL American fanrily; one to cook, wash and Iron ; the other an chambermaid and to assist with washing; references required. Call at 214 West With st., opposite Central Park. frnm st. and i.kxinhton a v.. northwest ("' corner?A reaper table Protestant girl, about lb yours old, as child's nurse; city reference required ; call for two days, between 10 and 12 o'clock. 1/W'EAST .'siTII NT-WANTED, A RELIABLE WOJ'm) man, to TO to Western Penn-ylvanla. t<> do downstairs werk In n lamlly of three ; to such a one good wages given. Apply between the hours of 12 M and 4 P. M. for a week. ? . >7 '1 STII AV.-WANTKD, TWO IIIRIA To OO TO I IJ Mtaten Island ; one m cliauil>cruiMl'l uml seamstress ; the other must be nn excellent cook. Apply beween it and II. KITt ATIOKN WAVI'K1>? \ RESPECTABLE COLORED MAN WANTS A HITI atlon to Ink'1 cliitrtro of n hotel ?.r I ourding house Apply lor IW0 Aft nt nlMlhtll st., rear. \ SMART BOV. AGED IS. WITH GOOD KMI R . nn i\ wishes n Position III a i omniissloii liotnr, Insurance or llrst class real estate office. Address SAMUEL, llcralil Uptown Brunch office, box 119. A YOURO MAN DKHIRK8 A SITUATION AS WAITER iV In private family; reference If required. Call at or address 2H4 7th av., top Boor. Itack. \TDUHO MAN OF GOOD STEADY HABITS wl-hcs a situation'to work aroiunl a "tore; Is not > Atriiiil ot work; would make lilin-tell neutrally useful. J Address H. M.. box 1IW Herald office. __ A RESPECTABLE BOY, It YEARS OLD. WISHES A I A situation In ? gentleman's olllre or a wholesale I Importing house jean write a good hand ; resides with i Ills pan tits. Call on or address M. KORESTKK, It'.t West ! 1 7tll St. ___ A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AH WAITER and to make himself generally mctul iti a private lanilly; liest reference* glvcu; call or address OWBtlisv., at Mr. Spies', bulchor. A S BELL nor OR WAITER IN A HOTEL; GOOD ; j\ references. Call at or address 55 Broadway, base racnt. | y YOUNG ENGLISHMAN WANTS \ -III AID'S AS dn B. H. M . l*s'nnd 160 Kaitifrtli"t. A GOOD BUTLER, OK GOOD APPEARANCE, COMmandlntr the rery h Idiot reference* in England, nl-i.i :i.i wnlfi i' III America, want* n eilunllon III n gnnd family. Addroas O., Iio* 107 Herald office. V' GOOD SITUATTOJT" KOE A VOrjffT MA 5 WHO hnan frw hundred dnlhir* to Ionn ; ealary $15 to $18 1 it week Addre-e II. V., I?i\ 1/2 Hf raid office I CXTCATTOS WASTED?AH HEAD WAITER OR MAN1 p agor In club hoii?e or hotel, cltv or country, liy a , Conine teat man, with A So. I city reference. A. germed, 153 Delancer *t. SITUATION WASTED?BY A YOUNG ERENt'UM \N, nn waiter in n private family; willing to make him.. If generally n*efttl; very willing ami obliging j good rcf. erence. Apbly at <83 fith ?r. SITUATION WANTED?BY A EIRST C LAMS COLORED man, u* cook; good reference from ln<t place, Call on or address ARKNtfK I'AYTON, care Mr. W. Magur, 134 Weat J8d atroet ____ ________ TRANSLATIONS M IDE OF Kit KM II ikD GIRMAH book*, letter*, Ac., Into Knullnli by a pcr?on who onder.tnnd the science* mid different hrmiclic* ol literalure. Ad drew WM. ULYSOUts i;m Joint it.. Bwklyu. tfAItOH 21 1873.?TRIPLE HELP WANTED? FEMALES. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOfNO MAN, A SITl'Atiou as porter in some wholesale store; good city reference. Address POUTER, bo* 112 Herald office. _ WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH BUTLER, TT wlio understands his bushiess perfectly. Address ItCT1.KK. Hi r.,:,l t'ptown Branch office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS JANITOR, BY A COLored tuun; tor reference inquire ot Henry Du Boise, Janitor of 61 Broadway. Apply tor one week. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN, MARRIED, A situation on a gentleman's piucu: understai.ds care

of horees and COW and garden . ? M a (00u conk, washer and lroner; (food relcrence: country preferred. Address I < lli.rnl.1 ?r Wl ITtaUll,V I'.,- l ? H ., , , rpiiE scene at the tombs this 1 HliE the extra telegram. (I.KKKS AMI NAIjKHMKN. VCOOCMTO?EIGHT LA NG u kGBB: ARREARS W KIT ten up; books devised lor special requirements; books kept, examined or balanced. .1 \ M es t <>\, 17 Wall street, 1111r.l floor. AN AMERICAN VOI'MI MAN DESIRES A KITUAtlon, either in a wholesale grocery house or grocery store; 17yearsof age. Cull at 7Ul Water st A YOUNG MAN WANTED?IN A HOTEL OFFICE. Address CAPABLE, box 19<> Herald office, lor three days. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES EMPLOYMENT \S BOOK keeper or as-lstunt; correct at figure* and writes a good hand, both English and Herman. AddresaUEoHGE, box 109 Herald ofllee. A YOUNO MAN. 23 YEARS OF AGE, WISHES A it situation us dry goods salesman; lias hail the management o! a store, alt but the tiuviug ; the verv best of city and country reference. All letters addressed to INDUSTRY', box 141 Herald Uptown Branch ofllee, will receive prompt attention. A ?WANTED. A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN IN THE 7 \ lore goods business. To one who lias trade and is thoroughly posted u good position is offered. Address II. B., Herahl office. A YOUNG MAN, 19 YEARS OK AGE, FORMERLY assistant bookkeeper, desires asituation In an ofllee; ran furnish any umoiint of security it desired; references. Address L. 11., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN (REccntly arrived), where sobriety and honesty will ho appreciated: Is a good writer ami accountant, having been clerk in a shipping accountant's office in London; I Is not nfl'lld nf \i ..ft A ,1,1 11 SI I... ? 11 * 111.1 ,,m.... At0cno .man, TITORnrrjIII.Y conversant with the advertising business, having had seven years' experience us advertising clerk on u leading duilv journal. desires u position io ottend to the advertising departmentof some prominent rcul estate house or newsnaper agency; would accept a position on n Western paper; highest reference given. Andreas MlCAWbEU. [ box 113 Herald office. ASTH Nth! R A P i IE It DKSIIv US A SITUATION AS amanuensis or corresponding clerk, or in other caj pacify. Address BELL, box 119 Herald office. Drco clerk.-a competent apothecary (registered), engaged in the morning, will relievo lor noon and evening, lor Sunday or us night clerk; speaks English, French and German. Address L., box 99 Herald office. nitni clerk wanted-wei l ou.\liun-:i> \\i> recommended ami permanent. Apply at MILLER A CO.'S, :ul a v., corner 20tU st, trout 10 to 11 A. M. und in the evening. DRUO CLERK WANTED.?A OoM I'KTKNT tiKRM.IV ! apothecary, willing lo go to Indiana, can learn of I a situation by applying to McKESSON A KObBINS, 91 I I'ullon st. T EVENING EMPLOYMENT WANTED?BY A FIRST J class bookkeeper In that or other capacity. Address I ii. B., Herald offlte. TJJim CLERK WANTED,?A YOUNG MAN WHO 111 writes a goo I hand nm| is correct at figure* and ac- : customed lo enter hosiery und furnishing goods. Address, j with role it nccs, box iv? station A. IJtNTBY CLBBK WANTED?IN THE WHOLESALE Pj drug hnsiticss; must understand the business and he a ready and rapid penman. Address box 1,860 Post office, wiih reference. QHAWL MAN WANTED.?MUST BE CAPABLE OK IO getting up styles and influential with the loading buyers of tne country ; to a party of requisite character anil capacity a most Important and remunerative position is open in a dry goods commission lion sc. Address lit Franklin st. OALKKMAN WANTED?TO SELL GOODS nv SAM PI B O tor it ladies' wear manufacturing house. Address, with refer ines and expectations, MANUFACTURER, box lO.'i Hera Id otlli e. STATIONERY .-WANTED. A 8IT1 MMN IN THE kf retnll stationery hn?iite -s, by n young man, liaving several years'experience with one 6i the oldest houses in the city. Address STATION BR, box 106 Herald office. | HiiA.MV UUUKS.? A YOI MIMAIIO ried man. who thoroughly understands the stationery and Munk ho<>k business, would like a uoaitloii 10 salesman or clerk; can iBrnlsh Al reference*as to capability, character, Ac, Address STATIONERY, box lOn Herald otilce. "TATANTED?A POSITION. BY A YOUNG MAN OP ?r several year*' experience, as bookkeeper or nssKtant; reference. Address II. I'., box 141 Herald U|ilown Branch olilee. WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT YOUNG man, as assistant in the office ot a mercantile house; mud reside with hi* parents in Brooklyn. Address W.N. It., Brooklyn Branch Herald oitlce. TIT ANTED?AN ENTRY CI.ERK WHO WRITES A It bold band; one uequnlntel_wlth hardware preferred. Address P. A. BAILEY, flfiTthambers st. "OrAN TED?A POSITION, IIY A KIDDLE-AGED XAB it ried man: is a thorough and coinpclent bookkeeper nml accountant; has had an experience ot 3) years as bookkeeper, cashier and correspondent; is well ac qnuintcd with the best trade of North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee; references satisfactory. Address It. D.," box Ml! New York Poet office. "OTANTED?A situation, by A YOUNG VAN, AS TT salesman; city or country; speaks the German language ftuc-n11 v; can conic well recommended. Address A., box 101 Herald office. \y \NTEH?SITUATION \S TP. A VKM.ING OR HOME IT salesman is railway supplies, uptiotstery goods or anything pertaining to this lin : best reference goeii as Address Y., box I4i Herald office. 11'ANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN BNE80BTIG tt young man, a* salesman, receiving or shipping clerk; a wholesale grocery house preferred; best of reterence given. Address N. J., Brooklyn Brunch Herald ojflcc. "\\ran ri'11?in \ w HOLBSALKstationery nor - f' ?T a younz mnn familiar with the business to sell goods and make himself generally usclul. Artdrc-s, with particulars, salary, reference, Ac., box lift llrrubl olllce. "I\rANTl-.D?A Ydl'Mi MAN AS CLERK IN A DROIT eery und crockery store. In the country : one having $lii) as security, and meaning work; none others need apply. jy)dreiM SECURITY, Herald ofllce. "tlTANTED immki'i \ti;i,v-by AN RNOLI8H gEXIT tlcinan, aged 2ft, commercial occupation ?f any kind ; speaks Italian and Kuam-li: excellent city reler cnce; salary secondary consideration. Address HTEULINtl, box ill) Herald Uptown Hraueli office. UMNIKI)-BY A STEADY, WELL EDUCATED Vt young man, SI,a situation as bookkeeper or other wise; city experience in books. Address WAY, llcrald ofllce. CUACHNEN AMI OARDBMKH8. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH PROTESTANT WISHES a situation in the ronntrv, with Ids witn, to take charge nt n garden or a country seat. Apply to J. PERKOTON. S42 West Vtli s?. The best reference can be obt.'iined at Sit Canal at, np atairs A respectable married man, no family, wishes a situation as coachman and gardener with a private family; 10 years' experience: best rcteretiees as to honesty anil i apacity; Is smart and active : ulwuys merits the highest confidence of hi* employers. Ad dress p. f., Im>x 127 Herald ofllce, for one week. ~A SITUATION w anted?as coach man, by a J\ respectable Protestant married man; has 1(1 year* Jiiod reference; In sober, honest and obliging. Address olIN P., Pott offica, Blwibotb. AS O\RDENKR? UNDERSTANDS TIIK BU8IXBSS IN all its branches; good reference; single. Address lor I two day* H., 67 Naesati st A' HIT! ATTON WANTED?AS co W IIMAX OR TO drive a business wagon, lit a single man; underj at and* the care of borne*; ha* served four y? nr* in a rav! airy regiment in tiermuuy. Call on or addre** W. II., <53 Orand st-, second door. \SITI \TIOX WANTED?BY A ItKSPEl I VBEE innrried man, ?ilit a small rair.lly, a* gardener and I coachman; thoroughly understands gardening and Irult tree*; understands the earn of horse* and I* a good driver and competent to take charge of a * ant lent a if* place; bai be?l reteroncc. Address .I. II., box 1H llerald olTlce. \CiAt-UMAX'S SITUATION W.I NTUD-RT A Scotchman: sate and accustomed city driver; ex; eellent groom; reliable, obliging m:in ; first tla** refert nce?. Address S. W? box 124 llerald office. a \n coACHWAB-mrvATrox waxtxo, by a steady, sober man: thoroughly understand* hi* I business; no objection to country or elty; good city reference. Addreaaw M.. Ms Wd at. East. t (OACHMA.VB SITUATION WANTED-BY A SINJV gle man i thoroughly competentin everything anpertaining thereto'.experienced, rare till elty driver; willing and obliging: reliable reference, Address COACHMAN. box 220 Herald oilier. ASINUUE YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION V s coachman; best references. Call on or address THOMAS, 32 E as I .12d at. _ AOE.NTI.l-M \N WANTS A SITUATION FOR hi* coachman; is a trustworthy man and understand* all about horaca; five years' references. 1 L.'J East ICth *t . k TOUXO MAN WISHES A StlTATTON-1EITHER l\ in eltv or eoiinlrv where lie rim imiUc liimself generally, useful. Imiuirt; for three day* at ISth it A SITUATION W A NT Kit?It V A Cnl.oRKD t'OAl'Hman; good city reference*. Addict* T. W.t euro of Brewster A Co., S4 Mh ar. 4 s:N(il,K COACHMAN WISIIKH A I'LACR IN A J\. flrat clnss family ; good reft rence* In everv respect. ! Call on or address W. N., 24 Hast lUtli it . private stable. i SITUATION AS COACHMAN WANTKIl-BV A I J\ single man who thoroughly understand* tils business; heat city reference Irom hla la?t employer, who Is going to Hurnpc. Address K. R.. Herald office. A FIRST CLASH COACHM AN, JCST DISKNOAOEO, wishes a re-ongngemen; la a good groom and careful : city driver; understands the treatment ot horse* per. fectl.v, la capable and atttentlve to discharging bis duties: , can show tlie best of city reference* from lost and lormet I employers. Coll on address COACHMAN, No. 1 West jidtli 1 st., last employer'*, private stable. A SITUATION WANTKD-AH COACHMAN, BY A FIRS! class, competent man of long experience: several veors' satisfactory reference a* to -ohrlcty and capabil ity Call on or address H., 19 West 2atlt st. A SITUATION WANTRD?BY A FIRST CLASS coachman; thoroughly understands his hn-lness four years' reference from last employer. Call on or ad' dress COACHMAN )ia * \y*st N)|U ?W SHEET. COACIlflKS AWU UAHDEMEK8. A FIRST CLASH COACHMAN (tlKOlil) VHHM A situation: perfectly uuderaund* hit huirineM in every particular: has ?r*t flaw elty rulerencea Address A. H., at C. Graham's harness store. #8 University place. As coachman ob okoom?by v si Nor, r. toono nan: would take charge ol' a gentleman's road team: city or country; good reference*. O., No. 4 Basi 31st st. A SITUATION WANTED ftY A FIRST CLANS COACHmail and groom ot long experience; understands hi* duties thoroughly: tirst class city reference. Call on or address M. 0., 17 Kast 30th st. A FRENCH OARDFNKR, UNDERSTANDING THOBoushly the cultivation of (towers, fruits, grapes and vegetables, desires a steady situation. Apply 735 Broadway, (lower store An ANIUUAK, or OOtB HAHI^ willing TO . work, desires a situation on a farm or to he goner ally usetul: understand* the care of horses, garden, cold grapery, Ac.; good references. Address li. GERALD, Ilei aid otttoe. A situation wwted-as < o ten ma \ . CftTOJY try or cltv ; llrsi class reference trom last employer. Address for thri e days DENNIN, M Wert Wtli st. A RE8PEOTABLE SINGLE MAN WISHES A SITU iiiiwii Hi! itinv (. iun?* ^ururiinr; pcnccuy uiKivrtiaiiun cum ni greenhouses uuil graucrlcs: litis long experience In the business and will lie found w ilium nail .bliging ami sober and iuiluatrious; brat rcl'orence from last employer. Address (lAKDF.XIiU, box 117 II. ral.l ..111. e. A SITUATION WANTED?11V A n' -1 i . I \ It I r M AR. ricd man, with u small family, as gardener and farmer; thoroughly under.tamls gardening in all its branches; has hud good experience nit alarm; under* stands the cure of stuck and is capable ot taking charge of a gentleman's place; lest reference from his lust em jdoycr. Address K. KNAPP, 2U Liberty at. pOACIIMAN.?A SITrATTON WANTED?BY A FIRST 1 ' ' class coachman hiuI groom of long experience, both 1 tn England and New York city; it willing to go in the couture ; Im'si reference. Apply at St. Clarence stable, '.'17 and 20 WMl Ult si. for three (lavs. pOACH* AR'8 Sl'l l' A'l'lON tVANTKO-BV A FIRST I " > cla?s driver; excellent groom; strictly sober, carelul 1 and obliging; married, no luinily; best city reference. Address J. II., IW West A!d St., private stable. pOAGIIMA.VS AND GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED? Vd Hv a competent and trustworthy man (single); disengaged April 1; class reference; also will bo highly recommended lit present employer. Address COMPKTENT, box 114 Herald Uptown ltranch office. /TOAUII.MAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE \J man, In a private family; undcr'tands his business thorough!,v. having undoubted rcteienca.s. Please call oil ! or address J. M., 60 6th av. p OACIIMAN flit OARDBNRR-BY A MtRKH'H \ ' man, with small family; is a good vegetable and plain gardener; best reference can lie bad from bis last employer; country prelerrcd. Address M. J., box '.'24 Herald office. COAU1IM AN'S 8 ITU AT ION WANTED-BY A TRUSTworthy Protestant siugte man: best city reference: no objection to the country. Call at or address lit) West .'Id St. TIOACHMAN'S SITU\T1GN W ANTED?BY A M V It It 11. It v man ; one child ; is a Protestant; perfect knowledge of his business; willing and obl'glug; good reference. Address T. M., 27 Hubert st. / T A RDENEN'S SITI A THIN WANTED?BY A PRAOTI* i T osi man (marrle d ; understands the manaii mi m it green house, graperies, eulliviillon ol fruit and vegerahles; rclereiice first efns-. Address GAUDENLIt, Henderson's seed store, 35 I 'orilandt St. SNAKDEKKIt ?UNDERSTANDS THE MANAGEMENT IT of greenhouses, hot and cold graperies, fruits, flowers and vegetables: can be highly recommended by his lust employer as to competency, sobriety, honest\ and inuuswv Auurcss si. wnirr,, i,u? union av., kmioklyn, N. V. / 1 A1U>BKBB'8 snr | PION WANTED.?MABRrEI>, " I no children ; thoroughly understands grape growing, greenhouse, irult, flowers and vegetables in gcnorul: ilr.-l class reference. Address M. M , bo* IDS lleruld oftlce. pAKHKNKU's SITUATION WANTED?IIY A MAN AT who Ir thoroughly practical in greenhouses, hoi and cold graperies, flower and kitclien gnvd< n, laying out new (.'rounds ami Improving idd places; ninrrie I, in children : III years' reference. Address JAMES HUlsT, l'lorlst, 681 Broadway. n AKDKNF.ifS SITUATION WANTED?BY A TO \T nmrrieil man, who understands the culture of yrapes, greenhouse flowen or vegetable Hardening', flood city or country reference. Address DANHit,, need store, 35 rortlundt st. /TAKUr.nkr WANTS A SITUATION?CNDER81 * KD8 \T fruits, tables and greenhouses; can be highly recommended. Address K. j. f... Herald otilee. pAKDENEB WHO UNDERSTANDS Ills BUSINESS U in every department; late employers can eerliiy as to abilities and conduct. Address.i. N'., 15 John st. i < A I! DUN Elt'S SITU ATH i V \V ANTKD-HY A SIM1I.E AT lierman: understands the different branches id'his Imslness; pood references given; milk no cotv. Address iiau.DE> BH, o n-" of a. Thomson. 211 Grand si. DXiAIN OABDBNEB, COACHMAN, AC.?BY A BH J. spectitble married man ; Is a pond driver and groom i ran milk, take rare of cattle, do plain gardening, mow lawns, Ac.; wile, if required, would rare dairy and poultry, with or without cottage ; coed recommendations. Address T. L., Seed Store, 35 ( orllaudt st. SITUATION WANTED?AH GARDEN Hit BV A YOUNG 5 married man, no encumbrance ; tlrst class reference. Address It. MKLLEH, Florist, 45'J Orange St., Newark, n. j. STEADY MAN WISHES A KITl'ATION AS OOlOOs is limn; understands the cure and management ol horses; ran break young colts to saddle and harness: good retereuee. Address J. t'., care John Mcfinire, 016 Myrtle av. qcotch farmer, thoroughly competent, id wants a situation to manage a farm; his wile Hie dairy; no children; Rood relerence. Apply ut 17 Harrison at. CITI'ATIO.N \\ VN'TE l>?It\ A SOBER. STEADY SIN1A rIc young man, as good plain Rnrdencr: capable oi? inking care of a gentleman's place ; can milk; no eblrctir.n to take carc of a cow or aMiorsu il'reiiuircd; three years' rctcrencc: country preferred. Call at or address ilWl West 35th st.. Rroecry store, lor two days. (SITUATION WANTED?BY \ RESPECTABLE YOI so O man. as coachman In a private family ; lully under slandslhc care and maiiiiycmciit ot horses and carriiiRcs; no oblcetion to the country, best reference Irotu country and city. Address T. M.. box 175 Herald olllce. OIII ATION WANTED AS COAi'IIMAS. BY AN KNOi) list mill' single; tliorouglily understands his tnisb Hess: lias the best, city rctorcuco. Cull on oruddressJ. K? fid Wi-t hilli St. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MAN AND WIFE; NO n eiieumbrnnccs; man nscuachiiiuii ami gardener; wile would go lis laundress cr do Runcral houaework; no objection to the country; can show Rood relerence. Address tor two day* W. CL, box 2UU lierala olflos, SITUATION WANTED?BY A MARRIED MAN, AS 1 n gardener; thoroughly understands hot and cold graperies, greenhouses ami everything connected witii a I gentleman's piuco; dd years' experience. Address D. D., | 87t? Broadway. U PANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COLORED COACII. man, a situation as com tiiuan and groom: thori oughly understands the cure and iiiaiutRenient of horses; good relerence from Inst employer. Call ou or address li. D., 115 West 52d si., rear. i \\rantko?a siri atio.n as coachman. by a m Protestant young man. single : can conic well rec omuicndcil iroin last employer. Call on or address J. I P., 20 East S#Uc t._ I "tlTANTED?BY A MARRIED KNOT,[HUMAN, WITIT I " out eneumlirance, u situation a* coa< hman and j vck'cl.ilile gardener; will milk ami make hlm-eli useful, j Address II. II., Rye, Westchester couuly, S. V. \i-\ m >:i>- \sm \ rioN AS COACHMAN on s rii> t t groom, hr a thoroughly experienced young Englishman Just arrived from I.oiulon ; an e\relli;iit horseman; | well iip to his business; first class references. Address a. i E., Herald oillee. YT ANTED? A SITI'ATK IN AS HEAD OARDENER. BY Vt n respectable Herman, married, small family; I thoroughly understands his business In all its branches; was five years in last situation: Is well recmniueiided. Call on or address II. K., care ol'W. C. Wilson, 43 West Mtfe at. \y A NTED?A HITIA1ION IV THE Ci?('NTH Y ItY \ ; tt sober num. as coachman ; understands the care ami breaking of young horses ami his business in uii its I branches. Call at 2314 West37th st. 11TANTKO?BY A YOL'NO MAN (BKOUSHMAK), A I TT nltualion us flrst class eoacliniHii and groom; first class reierem e from present employer. Cun be seen at j J. Brewster's, 14S East 25th St., carrriagea. ,1. L. I "1 IT A N rhD?A SITl'AVION AH UK AD HARDENER, BY ' tt a respectable singleHerman,tgtiothoroujthl.v under slniiil- In* Ittlmin-K mi ail ii- iirHin iics, ihiii wim mis novery best of relerences as to Mt>ility a ml rhinotrr. Cull on <>r address J. !>.. rare of Wilson ltrm., 4.1 West Ittli ??. 11 W WF.HT' 19TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE. STEADY I If' yoiinu min ns foacliniuii; understand* cure of j horse*; Vim milk find mnko hirnst It umiIuI; no objection to the country; food reference. II Kill* H AmD-MAbR?. A NIIKM.'S Tt'RKISII BATIJS, fil LEXINGTON AT., J\. m nut atrrccahlc. intelligent, lirlflstrjoii yotni.; Amcrlrrin men ntnl women, not oMcr thnn 2j years; proHtahle employment unit medical htstriietion; rcier, ciiccs rciiuired. A 01 M l.: MAM T<I INTKHIll CK III H NK'.V WORK. JV standard. Illustrated with afecl engravings; to one ] ni honest record wo w ill piiy aatated salary ot flJ weekly nud u rcusoiiahlo commission, with expenses. McMENAMU A co., 7 Broadway. A OOOD CANVASSER CAB MAKE fM PVR DAI ( VV canvassing advertiscmcnta tor a Micce--fnl men sn tile nnd shipping newspaper. Cull on K. W. CI.AKKK X CO.. 1(M Wall st. \ROV WHO WRITES A OOOD HAND, RESIDES with his nun nts Mini can come well recommend'd, . may apply at 1,145 2d av. BOY WANTED-UOOD RKFKKFM Fs 1:1 'I I KK 11. I; 2 V, III HS- 0 ! 'Ill sr. l>OY WANTED IN AN 11K K M K: Ml >f WRITE A ???wwl lie ml ?*?.! liti- u-ith Ii I i Ailfll, 44 W if ll { r. p ipnee*' xT"?T"y.Hotwl'd'offlceV 'PHF, REPUBLIC LIFR INSURANCE COMPANY, tns i. Broadway. unnt a lew first clas* hutinc** men to act 5 Anlicitom In the metropolitan dialricL fET ANTED?FOREMAN FOR PASTOR Oil. WORKS. TT Address lockbox -Viol Port office, Boston. WANTED'-A BOY ABORT 15 YEARS OK APE: MI ST T T understand making change it ml tie willing to make himself generally ii?elul. Address, with relercncc, [ Books, Herald office. TVrASTEI>?A MAN or GOOD APDBEM TO I t N ! TT vt%*i for advertisement* among wholesale drug, i got*' Importer* and ninnntarttiriiig chemist*: Hheritl p*v t.i a man of acquaintance anil experience. AtlUiev R. F. D., Heralil Uptown Branch office. I OTANTED?BT A WHOLESALE LIQUOR HOUSB, i TT smart, active porter, whp understand* the bunt not*. Ail'lre**, with referi met, B. A I... Herat.I office. I M'ANTKD-A Vol SO MAN WHO UNDERSTAND! ; TT the retail Itijiier hioine"*, with goorl reference trun tail employer, ( all alter 9 o clock till* inoriung at _ 11 HELP WA?TKH-1TAIiF.R. WANTED?A COLORED MAX AS WAITKR:^ONK wlui can aet a* coachman when lectured. Address CROTON. boi 122 ileraM offlco. _ WANTED?A BOV. ABOET 1.1 YEAKSOK AUK. INV wholesale grocery house, to make htmsolt ?er>er* ally useful; salary At tier week; one residing in WiL. liumshurg preferred. Address, with references, bi>?* Fost office. VXTANTED?FOR CNITBUi STATES NAVY AND Mint '? chnnt sorrier, rooks, seaman, ordinary seaman noil flreinan. Apply at clothing store, 117 South St.. auur Feck slip. VAT ANTED?A LAI) IN THE OFFICE OF A .fOBBINil ?? store ; must write a pood hand and be areurale in figures. Address, in the handwriting of the appllcitm and state age, references, A< . SYLVESTER, box Kit; Herald office. 117"ANTED?SEVERAL SMART YOENO MEN, WHO ff nave had experience In shadowing : references required. Address MiTKt riVE AOENOY, Herald ollli e. TUB TRADEA * CATHOLIC. STRICTLY TT.MPKRATE! OP I.(R. J\ era I education, who Is a proof render and printer and competent to write partwraphs and assist as editor wants an engagement. AddressO., Heranl office. A YOUNG MAX, OF 10 YEARS' EXPERIENCE IN the business, wishes a sttnutlon in a first class lew elr\ or wat'h house as salesman or traveller; can give the"best of reference. Address D. L. STEVEN'S, Uiwcst 83d st. flRASS MO CEDE ft WANTED?AT JAMES ITALIA lumber's, fiS and es Centre street; none lint u good workir.nii need apply; good wages will he paid. 1 EAD ROLLER WANTED?TO REN A SET OF l.F VO IJ rolls. Apply nt f-M Centre at. rpo FKt.T HAT MAIfUKACTrRERR.-AX ENGAGE 1 incut wanted, to assist In tin- management, man of some years' experience. Address, appointing intcr\ lew, v.. box lis Herald ri>< o \I'ANTF.D?A PRAfTICAI, RltF.AD B \ KER?ONE Vi w ho is competent to take charge In a larK>' hakcrr. Addre -s ERNEST. box IDIHernld office. VVT ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS BUTCHER. WHO ?> understand* rutting small steaks and rhop* for * restaurant", unmnrrled only and strictly sober, with (food recommendations. Apjilr to Mr. LKiC, 1115 East 13th st., between the liours of ti a tid it I'. M, \\MNTKT>-AN KN'ltNKKIi: OKB Til OIK >U< III t.T ti competent to run an engine lor drilling purpose*. Apply to S. S. MASTKIiSON, 3.'i> West 43th st., at Id o't'Inok A. M. TITANIED?AN ENGINEER FOR A STEAMBOAT Vl running on a Southern route; one who rati take an Interest In the boat to the extent nt $4,(W0 preferred. Address, with relerenees, ENGINEER, Herald olltee. IjlT ANTED?BY A COMPETENT, PRACTICAL CHKMii ist, the superintendence of inanut'aeturc of fine chemlcnf*: opium alt* ? speelnltv; ran undertake qualltfttlvo analysts ii occasionally required. Address, stating salary, <>., box ?to Herald oilier. Uf ANTED?A BAKER TO (IO IN THE COUKTRY To work u bread on I eake'; German preferred. Hall at is Morris placo >: am t\ est od si., before 13 m. Ur ANTED?A MAN COMPETENT TO TAKB CHARGE of a pants manufacturing estal>tislunenl in Providence, P. I.; an Interview may be had ill Startler A- ('o.'*, corner llbureli and White st*., on Friday, March 21, between lit and I o'clock. \\r ANTED-V SITUATION AS KM. IN I. Kit, BV ONK f? who understand* hi* business. Address.I. M. W., Herald office, or the general l ost office, Newark, N. J. 1,1 "ANTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS OA 1.0IN. j Ii ins'plaster. Address, by letter, giving name, real aencc, reference, Ac., j, l. ii. X suns, 76 Hudson st. III'SIIVKSS OPPUIITILVITIKS. 4 _( APIl'al SECURED FOR incorporated j\. companies, manufacturers. merchant*; person* desiring invi-tnn'iit.s Informed dogirnbto opportunities. References Presidents Merchants', fourth National, Mercantile Banks. CHARLES (?. DAHLUREK A I'O., 112 Broadway. A IX WHO ABE LOOIUNfi FOB BITSINEH-t WITH large or small capital to Invest call at 4S0 Broadway, from I to 1 1'. M., and investigate ouo of the Best Inventions in the market. A MAN WITH small capital TO invest in manufacturing business; largo proflU and lots of 'monev to lie made. 1(1 Fulton street, room 2, after It o'clock. A RARE OPl'OBTl'NITV?A WELL KNOWN AND long established Hardware, Stove and House Furnishing Bn"inc?.s, with three years' Lease, for sale; a fino stock, locality unsurpassed, nod doing a successful trade. Valid reasons for selling. Particulars and terms ohtulucd lj> applying to ('. 8. BLISS, 710 Tided avenue, corner Fori y tilth street. AM VN W \ NTE D ON SAI.AItY OK TIM! I NT K BEST in the produce commission business in Washington Market, with a small capital. Particulars ot THOMAS QAFFSEY, No. 4 Centre street AtOtra ESTABLISHED HABDWABE business. situated near this city, stock $11,000, pr< (its aver ago 94,000 annually as tier book" ; terms, part cash. \ BLOMQViSt, 190 Hainanstreet t I"i ist I'll >N' IorFMtF.D TO A (' \ PITALIST WITH it. $jil,noo to take retiring partner's interest In a wholesale clothing hou?e, doing a profitable and Increasing business. Address CLOTIlTV.K, Herald office. \N ESTABLISHED AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS JY lor iinincdiute sale lor $:i,000; a valuable Agency Included; owner going abroad. "Apply ut 70 Murray Street, ii|i stairs. A GENTLEMAN WHO II VS *7.(1X1 DESIRES A J1 partner with ?amo umount, to develop a elm mine; sales, l.OtlO tons peV annum : prolltn, $"> per ton. Address \v. H. b., box 3>o Post olllce, Nexv York. I K IirrBRBST in A snviNsn r. mi:i:< t xru.K J\ and -hipping newspaper will l>e sold al a reasonable tub i . win to II' health id owner. Address NivXVSI*AI'KH, IioX 1SI II Old Id olBee Al AHY, HAVING TWO LARGE FIRST CLAH& houses (furnished), wishes to meet with a lady witlt furniture or some capital to Join her; last of rohtrenco turn( ii i. Address L. J. B., Herald oflwu fTXOR SALE?THE LEASE, GOOD WILL AND MA1 chliicry ot a manufacturing htisinc.* in this citv. In succcslUI operation, the gross profits exceeding 938.W) per vcar ami increasing: will he sold low tor cash, or (rood improve I real estate In thiscity will he entertained a! en h valuation. Principals only address KXCKLsiuS, box 170 Herald olBge. rate: -M.I:-V IIOMN OIL MAMFACTOBTt LO. I en'ed III Slumlord. t'oini.; a bargain. Address R. McDonald. Now Hniii -vw k, V .1. Hotel at ha man a. Wanted?A man accustomed to Ihc tropics, who can lurnlxh good security that lie will keep tins hotel lit a | sill til lile manner. Adtirr ho* 1,IVJ7 Post oflicc, Ni w York. ! PARTNER WANTED?WITH 1 OR *3,(100, HY A | I young business man, to l>eglu business with. Addresa | HASi.d, box It.ttl I'osl olllcc. PARTNER W AN'TEIt?T(I TAKE AN ACTIVE INI terest in a first class Restnurnnt, doing a good business, on Hlxth avenue; capital required SLAM. For particulars address II. I.KsHliR, lit raid I'plown llr.tneh office. Take notice, patent right wbh and 8ALMincn.?Will he sold low. in the next, four d:i>s, a Patent, now in practical use, and will become universally used. Call at 70 Yarick street, near Cabal. rnjioRotroiiiA" investigated ju stness rrppoR i I tuiiities of atorlltiff character, retinirfnjr to $50,fWciich; hardware, dry good*, grocery, restaurant. ' hotel, muiiufucturiiiK ami bains. ,t Cft,, js Broad street. ! rrO CAPITALISTS.- $:? ?,OOJI tVII.T, SECURE \ PROFTT I of $ >,coo within one year, wltli undoubted real estate security nml a permanent business to a snitaotc youn* ; man ol good stutidint and address: one possessing natiiral ! talent lor oftlce work who entt command the aborts rim intit may secure an inf rest In a brokerage business I which Is wile, profitable and hi :blv respectable and tree 1 fi;otn risk al o associate with n person of long business experience and good standing. Address BUSINESS UP 1'ORTUNJTY. box 3,IW? Cost office. New York. Uf A NTK D?AN ACTIVE, IN I E 1,1.It)ENT M AN ftI IN~ vestiffate a business. with a view of invnstin t a modi rate capital in a monopoly. Apply at renin 5, *11 Broadway. WANTED?BY A HERMAN, WHO THOROUGHLY* ?? iimler stamN the hiisfness, one or more parties to e?t oldish a first elan Kiditm Academy and Training. | Hoarding. Sale and Exchange Stable, Capital required i $15, if si. Address TRAINER, llcrald Brooklyn Branch nice. WWNTKD?AN ACTIVE OR HIT.ENT PARTNER.' ?r ?ith about $15,0UI, to tnko an Interest in an e?tnh 1 lulled dry and fancy goods house in best location itt Hruoklyn, doin? a handsome business, which can be greatly increased with the additional capital. Address ANDERSON A CO., Herald otBce. i WANTED?A PARTNER WITH il.SM Fh V FIRST i ft class oyster house and ieo cream salooon and re. tall fruit store. Address OKOROB RIPLEY, 134 llleecker atrcet, mar South Filth avenue. I Ar/x A COUNTY FOR THE PATENTED GOLD cA?lw plate I sign: can doable vour money In tlireo days; no more hard times lor energetic men. Apply at | 6'?l Broadway, room 17. ? ALJOO -A GOOD BUSINREH CHANCE PORSAUl* JlO'M", n Fruit, Cigar and Soda Fountain Store, having a continued lease, corner of Drove and South third I streets. .for*ey City. 1 <fc?? a/tn TO $5?00<).?PARTNER WANTED, ffV A well e-tahllehed manufacturing hueinct*. : cluing a eneh trade, with largo profits; rr le re tire e girt n I niiil rcirairtil; itiv?*-itiu:tti?>ri loiulted. Addfew l'>ITVg | Herald uptown Branch oBw? < | -/Wt -FOR SAI.K.OR KXfllANOE FOR RBAte Jr> cxintc, (in i Jil < Atol>ll?he<l l ight Manufacturing Buelnen large tirolltnj cash trade. Aildrpes loi* fur one week STAI'I.E Hi raid Uptown Branch office. (ft - /w wi -WANTED, PARTNER, WITH FROM B3,00fl to PA,i??i<'M?h. to take at. intercit In a caett I i ivfng humid ?, iijito ami proiiuhlc, with a view to en. largo the hiiainnaa; rct'ereneci given ami rcuuired. Ad| di in I,YURI I, ho* HA llcrald office. llllll CASH?WITH COMPETENT EtNANr.IBT? v? it11 I office manager, will *ccurc a rara htielnen cnnncfth n roe euro aucccea Iii atopic mutiuioo. turc ; thicoyear* estuhliahed. _______ 3AK1W, 188 FnHoR tlfMl. <fe^ fWM -PARTNK* WANTED?TO TAKE TflK yo.UHU, plan of u retiring partner In a well cstahINhoil and tVietantinl rath manufacturing bmineo. AJ. j clreee A. A CO., hot 1*1 llcrald office. $15,000 ".I?D.,NTKRR,'T rx fit * uhIa n?? il i '"'In** lit aetliai hivi-?riJl?ifin ? i i ? Wilt wanted: th|? will -owl ' ' Addreaa box ;t,iM4 I'.wt office. 000 -K,,KST. RKsrvriMvr row ii!T/.w*y.V..V. ,*1"' 1,own town: |IM?? C'l.hJown. $10, WO on chattel mortgage, one, tw.i ami three vrara. KLLI8 * CO., 4tt Hmail iftreet 4'lfv (WW) OUABANTEKD IN SINK MONTHS BY x " Inventing $0,000 wnh the (J..1J Plalinii l "'ft11 t/owpany; vguare fcot to manufacture a?! ell at ennrmoua profit*. AddrfM SIGNS, Herald (Ace. , _ WAJmcD I'O Pt'RC HJiSK ? (JCROLL HAW WANTRD-IN GOOD ORDER : ODE A P, 9 kJ aeoorid hand preferml; ?taie how long u;?d, and gi\ f ?kiuU,emytjuliu?. A44IHM MA*. HMAhluOti*. t

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