Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1873 Page 2
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2 CITY REAL ESTATE FOR BALL _ Eaal Kldf. A ?TO ^CY OR NOT TO BCY? TITAT IS THE J V question; Whether 'tii wiser in a man to banish The tempting visions nt domestic comfort. . Or to lead some damsel ol our times ton handsome house. Ami bv buying secure tliemt To buy, to look Ko more; and by that act we end . , . The heart-ache and the thousand house hunting troubles Of loug-looklng mothers: 'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished?to buy, to enrich The buyer, the speculator and keep much servants? To buy, perchance, a iortune! A.v, there's the rub. For what sort ol lieu o we may be wauling V lion ?e have shuttled off our brick or hired hou-o, Must give no pause: there's the respect That makes promptness of so much practice. For who would bear the impatlt ill thirst lor bliss; The yeurnings lor some better house up town; The horrid I renalcs ol one's loneliness. The loss ot society and gruntl tea parties. When he himsell might his quietus make With the hare purchase money! Who would lodgings bear, To groan and sweat under extortionate landlordism I,et not the dread ol beautiful and expensive wives? Those prodigies ot modern training?puzzle your will And make us rather bear those ills we have rhi? hnv ir.l ti. imr tnken in n,.,l I.KVV I'iias females do make cowards of us all. Ami thus the hopctul heart ol umii.v a purchaser I* sicklied o'er with the pale east of ilioiighl, And enterprising uteu ol will mid spirit, With this regard from buying turn atvay, And keep the uunic ol Tenunt. ..... The following are first class Houses, built by days work, and are monuments ol modern skill: built h.y tlie fnmottaarchitects, Dtiggiu A t'roa-iuan Hie undersigned would recommend buyer* to look ut tltetu nelore purchasing elsewhere 57th st., cor. Madison av.. 28.6x70 $1.10,000 57th st.. adjoining above, 18.6x70, stone oriel 70,(WO 67lti st.. adjoining above. 27x06. extension 116,000 yyioining above, 10x70, stone oriel 73,000 53n st* n< nr 6th av., 26x00, portico doorway 80,000 One adloinlni above. 25x60, extension 78,000 Adioinlng above, 27.0x60, extension and oriel, 20x40. 100,01)0 Also, filst st., near MadWoti a v., 4 story brown stone, 19x50 31.000 roth st., near .Madison, brown -tone,20x62 37,000 60th st., near Madison, 4 story brown stone 45,000 7lth st., near 5th av., 20x66, 4 stories 45,000 BPtii St., near 5th av., 25 x 85, cabinet trhn S7.60O Rlst st., near6th av., 25x 36, 4 story brown stone... 50,000 %!Madi-oii av., opposite the Park, 20x60, t storn ?.... 40,000 74tb ?t., corner Madison av., 25 x60, 4 stones 72 000 51 til St.. near 5th av., 25x115, 4 stories 75,000 4.'itli St.. near 5th av., 2fixt5o. 4 stories 76,000 For permits apply to M \ BTIN i>i N K, '.it; Broisd e aj. A?A?A?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIOH i stoop brown stone Home, weal side ol Madison m r. line. H0 feet south of Seventy-tnnrtli street: three floors In bard.wood, the parlor Hour In cabinet work bv Puttier A Stymies; mantel mirrors, 22x5(1x98; also a lour slory Ohio stone high toop House, 33 Kast Sixty-fourth street ; par lor mid basement in hardwood, hack parlor and hall v alnscoted with marble ; ? 111 Ik- sold at verv low prices, or will exchange lor lots. Both houses open lor inspection. . Inqtiite tor particulars of owner. A. KLAttEK, lM Fast Eighteenth street. A? BARGAINS is HARLEM?THREE 8TORY llfflH stoop hriek House, near Madison avenue, on 124th street, $l2,noo; tluree story hleli stoop brown stone. 116th itreet. Lexington avenue. $14,000; three story high stoop * brick, 120th street, $10,000. LIVER.MOIU-' A I.IN'SCOTT, 65 Wall street. AFOI'R STORY BR It K IIOfSE-2't EAST BROAD . way; good business location; Rutgers leases; cheap tor cash. * W. !!. FALCON ER, HO Fourth avenue, near Tweltth street. A PESIR \ RLE INVESTMENT ? I'Ol'H STORY BASE ment Store nnWcdnr street, oreupicd by good ten ants and paying 15 per cent, lor sale on easy terms. STEPHEN rt. VANCKV. No. 5'Pine street ABARQirlK.?CHBAFB8T house IN THE CITY-, three ator.v high stoop basement brown atone, in perfect order, every improvement, on high ground, East Fortv third street, bntwccn Second nml First avenues; price only $12,IK>(>; terms verv ei>s> . W. T. KM BEE R, 377 Third avenue, corner Filly-third street. A?fifth avenue bijou residence; charm . tug position; extraordinarily well planned, tlirni-lieil and frescoed witli eare and tnste; u very reasonable price to ensure speedy stile ; lurrijshed or uuluriiish (l. v. k. sjkvenson, Ju., 11 Fine street Brunch <01 cc. ?0 Fifth avenue. A FINE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone tor sale?Seventy-fourth street, between Mudl ton iiml Fourth avenues; none lnindsotner finished. Also one three stoVy In Seventy-ninth street, near Third ' avenue; the two cheapest Ionises In the eity. Owner. FRANKFIKLT), 323 Eighth avenue. Premises opuu bctn eon 1 and 5 P. M. * A at-FOOT WELL CONSTRUCTED BROWN STONE, g\. $13,000; another, $14,000; In good tiloeks. near Tlilrd nvenue; one near Lexington avenue, purled order, fl6,f.U0; tour storv, $22.90(1. Make vour oO'er. ilOXEE FROEEICH. Third avenue, corner Fiftieth st. A?ENTIRE "BROCKS OK 1 OTS A3 FOLLOWS:? Fifth avenue, ut Seventy-ninth street; MadLon and Third avenues, st lUtith street; Grand or Broadway Bottle vurd, at Ninetieth and 17ttth streets; Tenth avenue, Sixtythird street; some bargains. V. K. STEVENSON. Jr., 11 Pine street. ' Bakers, attention.?fob balb cheap, and on ea.-v terms, tlie now five story double Houses, with bul.ei * oven iii eaeli, on tlie best port ot First avenue; also line corner Store Property, will rented. Owners at HOWELL A HURST'S otfice, 921 Tlilrd avenue. DON'T. ALL SPEAK AT ONCE.?'WK A RE INSTRUCTed to fell a Hue brown atone House on Sixtv-tlrst street, worth $24,<X)>. and one on Lexington avenue, worth $22,OW. tor the best otler we can get; see them. HOWELL A UL'HST, V2! I bird avenue. liAOR SALE?KOI R STORY BROWN STONE FRONT r 207 Last Filtecuth street; house 2i loet Clnchea liy 60 feet; lot lull feet It inches None hut principals need apply. P. L. WILSON, 20 Nassau street. IIOR SALE?A NUMBER OF FINE HOUSES. PLEAS1 antly located, ranging front $10.000 to $29.0 U Terms cuay. liK|iilreol i (). BILLINGS, Ea.-t Forty first st. FOB SAI E?THAT ELEGANT FOP it STORY HOUSE. 29x60x100, three stories in best tier Iwood, cabinet finish. Apply on premises, 19 East ITity-lhlrd street, near Flllli airntio. No better location in New York. frtOR HALE?A HOUSE INI) LOT, 93 CENTRE STREET. 1 Appl.< "o I'. L. A Mi Mi; SON, 2id Grand s'rcct LIOR BALE-THAT BEAUTIFULLY PLANNED r brow n stone House, 210 Last Forty-third street, 19 by BO, b.r 100; recently painted and in perfect order; 10 rooms; v, ry larg< bntaroom; gem of a kitchen; carpels it desired. i cry low. Apply at any time. LH>R SALE?THREE STORY BASEMENT AND SUB r cellar brown atone front Ileum ami Lot, No. 0 East rhirtii .'i strut; house in ( rate order, po: session Mna t. Is;;;. For particulars apply In ALLEN, DOOLEY ft nii.Htl(|i Ls, yo itroadway. L.TOR SALE?TI1REB STORY DWELLING IIOFHK, 43 r Columbia street. Inqutie ot JACOB FHOMME, 903 Eaat lentli treet, from 0 to S P. M. For SALE?( extra I, park Lor. eiouty n ond strict. m :ir Fifth a venue ; term* reasonable; only principals in-i il reply. Apply at 255 sixth avenue. }jvOIt SALE CnRAP-a?! KELT FROM FIFTH AVEnuc, on Murray 11111. a handsome lour story mciilum sized lirnv ii stone House-, v 111 hi- sold lor lc-s lliiui J'K),U00it applied lor this week. } '. Ii. I.l ULOH A CO., No. 'i 1'lllf street. FOU SALE VERY LOW?THREE STORY HKI1I sti op brick House, with marble trimmings. (66 Second avenue, near l'liirty sixth street. Apply immediately. s. Broadway. Hari.KV -FOB -A I.E. THREE RTORY BASEMENT high stoop brown stone front House, 255 East 123d street, n- ar second avenue, lv\l?x100, with furnace in cellar-, all modern Improvements, Including gas fixtures; terms easy: price, $ I t.UOO. Apply on the premises. TOOK -bi M iwtli BUT A FTM LOT, wrra AKICB J I ri>-h. House, mi Last Eighty-fourth street: yon outv ' lined $2. I'ticiiOt; i,e ifttick. Also a few other bargains. S. Kit lit DEN RICH A CO., But! ami His Third avetltie. ) ID AVEM'E. 7S!) AND 791. NEAR FORTY-NINTH I nJ street.?Valuable Business 1'roperty for sale reason- ' able: building 37x100; three stories and basement. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr.. II Fine street and 2811 Filth avenue. n Til MEM F..-ClIODE RI'll.DIM) LOTS CORNER ? Flflleth street. 57x131, excavated, $Us.0(0; between J-'oi ty-sevi nth and Forty-eighth streets. .'iSxPM, low. V. K. STEVENSON, Jh., II Fine street. Branch office KB Fifth avenue. era AV.-EXTI1V SIJ?|. \M> FIRST CI. VSS HO! OiS cr for sale Near !WUh st, 2Sx78xl25, and Sfuhle Comer 39tli *t., iPixlUO, furnished or unfttruisln-U. ? near "in m.. "x. 1 .i1"'. neivis erceieu. Near ?*tti s(., 27.6x6nxlni>, u. t\ li., fpUHM. Ooruci 49th??., " Near nth -t., 37xfn.xltW. exquisitely frescoed. Near Mill Ht.. !fT*8IxIDO. NcarCOtli at., 4Jx<nxI'Ht, ftirnlshpd. Near ,Vd M.. 4Jt!lftxl2&, and Stable. ' Near Cud st.. 27xSSxbti. opposite Turk. V. k. STEVENSON, .Ir., U Pine street. Brnnell offlee 228 Filth nvolute. rOI> STREET, IIPTWI.IN MADISON AND SIXTH tjO avenues (and corner,1 lull *t/.o KeMdencra, in-wlv erected with preat ijtre embodying all Die most up proved and modern appliance*, and planned with ekifl, for sale to ealate. V k BTKVFNSUN, Jr., 11 Pine street; IIranch ofllee 22d Fifth avenue. CI 7/H1 ?ClIfeAP?LABOB FOl'R STOKV AM) ' 7 !. | t M I. basement br'ok (louse. with all nioilern Improvements, in first dies bicntloii. Inquire in 127 Kant Thirty fir-i street, between Fourth and Lexington hv? I C~ fWWl SACRIFICE?WB WILL HUM. TWO I ?' 1,1 *" ' I rov i) stone Houses, east side wliieli i o.t * the own, I $26,101, (or $21.If 10; quick sale uc not ntall; also small brick tor J'hOtNt HOWELL A lll ltST. $31 Third avenue. "Will "ILL HI V. ON EAsT TERMS. A HAND- i 7^, I. )"/!' new throe sPn v high s'oop brown tone Hoii-o on Murray lllll. Apply to A. KENNEDY, Builder, MI third avenue. Ck)7 itfWt FOR A FOFR sTultV BROWN STONE i ??.. I .1 'in' French Flat; rented tor $3, I'D; only I $'i.e n?h required; a real bur .iln. Mbl'llKN M. YANCEY, No. 5 Fine street. ti ? ?? nun A i'i't.L frost, SOl.lOxlM, on new avfnvk ill. rni liititli ntreel, lor sale rheap andonea-y j Wrtu>. Iiijjh mi l emnmandtiig lor-ati<>u. STEPHEN I) YANCEY, No 5 Pine atreH. ?r??i: sale?ki.xtii avenge?kohr rotJit Mors Hull .Miml Uteres. above f urtr-second str< el, t,'r,u ?" suit. Ad J rem S. J., lux It! Herald office. .l1'1- bali med1vm m/.mi brown htone a Dwelling lAI we,, Forty-second street, tastefully V.1'HI1! , I ""Ji r : orlce low ; terms cw.v. iii<|Uire Of J. I AMI HK1, 1j, I'ui ihe Hunk. , FUJI s\1.e- \ ( INK FIVE story brick ikhsk. with store; rent* lor ?l.n?) price $U.W*i: term, ?f*t ; on Tenth avenue near III mark. I; ai7.c. MxM, lol, 1W reel. Inquire at Xst ttost riiirty second street. LK>R PALE?A HOCRE AND I.WVSh OF LOT. :!H2 r oreetiwirli (treat, near < Uauiber*. Annlv to M A C\, SHI'Greenwich street. Tj^OR PALE?PRIOR RKIHI' to Jo; i... r 11K X elc?rnht hnnae 36 West Thirty.ninth air.-et, ? iih two I story extension dining room; also H Ka*| Fortv.second aired, between Filth and Madiwu avenues nr>dn). tatloh A HTEAHNP. No I'J I'lae street. | For pale?four loth in west sixteenth j ktrect; can be bought at a bargain. P. s. GOLDEN A co., !W7 Hixth avenue ri'K -M.I 11, K DK8IKABLK J STORY HIi.ll f sloop l.rtck Horn*. SHireentvlehlrt aim; boa* has | dll the iinproveinents and l* In p.lead 11 order. AVcly I In FitMsttU.UlVlVVUif Mid G vMVV'w. NEW I CITV RR-tX ESTATI^POR SAT.E. West Sl?l?. For bale?the large, well built house. in good order, 198Tenth uvenue, 28x1110, price S13,000. it in worthy ol' examination. JAMES 11. EDWARDS, 69 West Twenty-tlilrd street. For rale-a very cheap nous* ow twbm*ihecond street, near Sixth avenue; n large lour story high stoop. 25x85 ull the way ii|>. lot linlt the block in depth; alt modern Improvements, first rate order; price $26,000; one ol tlie cheapest house* ottered this season. JAMES t< EDWARDS, 69 West Twenty-third tret TTHiR SALE?IN WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET, r tietweou Eighth anil Ninth avenues, a throe story brotvn stone lioiise, lli.sx55xllH), in thorough repair; neighborhood good: will be sold a|t a bargain anilI on easv terms. Dome uuick. Apply to Col. W. J. LOLKs, 1 ,-67 B road way. Fiiir sale?in west forty-fourth street. first class tliroe story and basement high stoop brown stone trout Houses, 243 to 258, $0x50 and IS.iixM); price $17,009 and $lt>.o<H luuuire on premises or ot JAMES HENDERSON, 292 Seventh avenue. IfiOR SALE OK TO LET?RARE CHANCE FOR A 1 baker, four story House and Store, Willi three story extension in rear,si East Broadway; bukchousc under tlie store nnd cellar under that; built lit the very best manlier by its late owner. For further particulars Inquire on the promises, or to ALLEN, DUDLEY A HENitiyl'ES. 90 Broadway. rEASE FOR SALE.?THREE LOTS AND BUILDING A in Twenty-eighth street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, with 63 yours' Dense. Inquire at 611 TwentyclKhth street, In the sami block. JOHN JORDAN, 1 ispenabd STREET IH'.-l.NLs.S property?POSI. I A live bargain ; owner going to Europe ; lot 25x94, with substantial building; only $5,000 casli: balance on mort gage. t. MASaum, at Broadway. PUiF. A M'CAFFERTY, FIFTd AVENUE. CORNER Fifty-second street,'offer, ?* reduced price*, several magnificent Residencies O'l and near I'itlli avenue; rlclilv decorated, splendid mantel and pier mirrors, and trimmed wiili costly foreign woods. Also a lull Hue of Houses at all prices. 4RTORT BROWN STONE ON FOUTV-FIRST street, $28,000, worth $'12 000; one on Fifty-eighth street, S37.00U; mie on Kmqy-sixth street, $55,000; one on 1 wvnty-llrst street, $25,000. DOTY ,fc KKUNnAOE, 2.1 Union square. HUTU STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?COMFORT?>'" ulde and choicely located Dwelling, 21.6xli5; lot 100 teet; a Unrgnin at $35,01*1. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 I'ine street; Branch office 226 Fifth avenue.? 1 QTIT STREET, WITHIN 150 FEET WEST OK THE TO Fiilli avenue.?A lull size extra deep, very substantially hiitlt and recently frescoed lour story high -loop I ron n stone Residence tur sale, on liberal terms. V. K. STKVE.NaON, Jr., 11 I'ine street and 220 Fifth av. HVisccllancous. AN ELEOANT HOUSE ON FIFTY-SEVENTH STREET, near Eighth avenue, 25x57x11*1; four story brown atone, high stoop ; will be sold low. Store on Water street, near Roosevelt, 20*60; four stories, brick; newl.v built. First class House, all modern Improvements, Washington avenue, near Atlantic, Brooklyn; 20x50, three story high stoop brick; lot .'Wx220, running through to Hall street. 20 Lots, Kiishwlck avenue, Margaretta street, Brooklyn. Full diagram and prices litnii-lied on upplicai ion to MURRAY, FERRIS A CO., 62 South street. Desirable property will Ik- accepted In part exchange. IT \ BARGAIN?TWO FIVE STORY BRICK 1)171,1)lugs and Stores, yielding large rental; only $17,000 cash required ; must he sold immeulately. A. I,. STIOEK, I'd Warren street. t BAKHAIX-A NEW THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE g Y 20x36x106, with every Improvement; llrst eluss neighborhood. Apply at the office of the late A. J. Walker, 112 John street, New Fork, from 12 to 2o'clock. 171 OR SALE?COTTAOE, NINE LOTS ON THE HOME I Savings Hank plnn. _ Inquire at WILLIAM 11. RAYNOR'S, 5Ji Fine street, or 1. E. TOMLINSON, Jr., 71 Broadway, room i<3. CPLENMD TENEMENT PHOPHBTY FOB SALE? O Very centrally located, renting tor about $8,000; a great bargain; not much cash required. JAMES l'RICK, 200 Hudson street. fer av t ti i a party who will boy a first class Mouse nod give me n lease ot it tor five years nt ten per cent on purchase price, and ui the expiration of tins le.i-e sell me the house. Address A. 11. K.. Herald oltlee. rrHE BOSHB AT THE TOMBS Tilts MullMNU. 1 SEE THE EXTRA TELEGRAM. ioOKIiTK nUHPSBTT FOlt SALE AM) TO LET. ppRALD BRANCH oiTH E?BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOlt THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OCR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON~AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM ? A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 0 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A A.?MACON STREET, BEFORE YOU BUY EX. nmine the remaining five oi the ten new brown stone French roof 1!noses on Macon street, between Marcv and Tompkins avenues; there urn no better built, more' elegantly finished, nor better located Houses tn Brooklyn; they were built by the owner of the bloek for pattern houses; aire 20x13, Lots 20x100. Apply to K. DU NN. on the premises, or E. 11. NICHOLS (owner), No. J Flue street. New York. \ LARGE FOUR STORY BUILDTNO, 00X80) no room*; tot200feet tbont on two avenues; .junction ol four railroads; $30,001); eost $50,000. S. C(M KCROFT, No. Pino street, room 9, \ J 'EI.Ii; I1TFI 'I.I.V SFfFATEK DETACHED COTJY. tage, stable and six Lots; irult, shade and shrubbery; a bargain, House on Qulney street, 10 rooms; nil ! Improvements . $4,000. $l,P0iion?h. MARCUS H. i.AINll, 55 Inherit street, New A'ork. T/OR SALE?AT LOW PRICK A NI? ON EASY _T tones. 11 fine Mansion, In splendid order, with or ' without Furniture, 11o seven Lots, on and near the two 1 principal avenues ot Brooklyn ; en's in every direction; immediate pos-os.-hrfi; lorlv minutes from Clt\ Hull, New York. Apply to J. M. CuUUHLIN, 40 Broadway, room BO, New York. Lloir S U.i:-- IIOI'SE 560 !HJ!KIVi:i: STREET. r Brooklyn: nil tin? modern Improvements, n roc in-, hut and cold water; three story 1>t^rti stotip French root frnme, filled in; 20x..'8xl8fl; price fit,Olid- j'.'.IVKt rash required, hnlanre tnor gn?e. Aprily at the premises, or in the office ot A. OBKIiJ .* CO., tios. 9 and 7 New street. New York. TilOR SALE-TIOUSE, TWO STORIES, HIGH MASKr nient. Philadelphia liriek, brown stone trimmings, In period order; all improvements;good neighborhood. Sit North Oxford street. Brooklyn. HtOB BALE THE PBOPMRTT CORNER OF YATS8 I avenue and Witherspoon street Brooklyn, known as the Long hi aetata. The boaaa is two stories, with French root and cupola, and contains 16 rooms, with all modem Improvements; lot wo teat Moan, with Ana shrubbery, loimiaiii. Ar.: evervthlng in complete order. Apply to MILION J. BAKLiY X CI)., tW broad street, New Y'ork. |.1(|R SALE NEAR I'ROSI'I (T PARK, NO. fkl PROSP nliicn \ thvnn dturv imt Iciki int nt ilnttlilss trniiid House, .Si; ground, t&'jXlSl; a tine place lor a genlU'inau ow mug In-r-i- as there is plenty lit room tor a stable. Appl.v to I". l?. NORRIS, No. 31 HcKalb avenue, Brooklyn. HMTitNrTritK, < AKPMTS, I KOCKKHV, 1'I>ATK. <W., of house one-hull' hour from terry, lor sale; pood as new; House for sale or rent. Address J. WILLIAMS, box 1,748 New York Post office. nlMKi'MKI.Y rCRMSBBD HOtTBB IN BROOK, lyn, eiKht minutes' walk from terries; rent moderale; or the furniture will lie hired to responsible party, to he removed u here desired, ImpUre at Oil Compuny, ll>3 Maiden hi lie fTIHL KLSIIiKNt K AND UKOt'NDK OP TilK X late lion. Mariiu Kalblleiach, all lulled oil Bu&hwlck avenuq. Brooklyn, E. D? are ior sale at a reasonable psict, and on easy terms. The mansion, built in the very heat manuei', is one of the lamest ntnl moat commodious in the eitWd Brooklvn. It contains 3d rooms, ami is replete with every comfort and tonvi nienee 'the grounds comprise about ai lots, which are tastefully laid out and filled with the finest fruit ?nd shrubbery. The stables are of the best character. 'J In whole Is admirably adapted tor a nnmr inswimon or a uuuucmnn ? ncnucnro, l\?r par l< ulur* apply to .m hi JOHNSON, .Jr., 21 Part row, New Tort. rpo IMT skvkimi. PQMT OlMt MOWN BTONN I I??rrllitiK? nil Tompkins avenue, ni'Hr Kill ton: Nil Improvement*; rent $1,000. Apply to owner us above, or at Htrrapcnt ilou>e. \rIKf DBBIBBLB M vv HOUSB8 IN THE BEST PART ot Brooklyn; nl'the modern Improvements; rcul* very low to tlr*t class tenants. Apply to BLAl'KWLLL A cc.", 95 Lttorty street. VI'III \ Wll.l, HIKE A NEW Til KK K STOIIY HHIl'K PUUlr liiice, In avenue. Brooklyn; all modern improvements; neighborhood first class. It. T. BUSH, owner, 190 Maiden lane. o-. mill CASH, MUKOl ON MOBTOAOB.-PON sale, a three story nnd hnsement brown Mntie I run I llott-e; all Improvements, Heillord avenue, near ll? wis ?;r,et, I null ire oil premises, 171 Bedford avenue, or at J.tfi Canal street. \VEf*TC' IIKHTKR COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. \T YuNKl !t>, AO MINI n:s KRO.V KOKTY-HKCONI) di p 1 l * sale n flrst cIiim Kesidenec, containing flrottnn, heautiliill.t laid out in lawn Hint garden; Mrsl ela** stable an?l rurrlagu house, wilt fjc tin nap lor New York or Brooklyn llousc. T s. MIKI'llkUD, 181 Broadway. i Mil tl'EST PROrbRTY IN YONKKIMI I >i:s\u:_ " i Munsitnl runl House. with Ui < muilt'rn improve men)*; unexceptionable neighborhood; em ring* house; plot Ilk) feet iront; fill,UUU. Apply to 'VMLS Yul'MANS, Agent, Yonkera. h~t?lt SW.K -THREE KINK KKHIDENl P.S IN WEST chastercounty, near Weal Forms; nil ktndsot irult and ah*tic irocs; t'li" niut wider; hIi improvement*; cusy <>i aecm* t<> city by boat or attain car*; will exchuuae. WALLACE IIKOS., (U William afreet, New York. CtOB "HALE?H i'm MOCK Hot"sK-A HSK HOTEL 1 pr >|H i iv, hi Kyc Beach, on Lima Island Sound, one inile Iroin Hyp Ktalion, New Haven KallroHtl; good lintti ing and tlshlng For particular* inquire of J. A J. LAUKR. :tl Cltif atrcet, or ll. M. WEBB, tin the pre in lata. IOTH FOR SALE-AT WOODLAWIf HEIGHTS, i Woodlawn, only alioiit two mile* from the upper part ot the* city at Kfngshrldgc. Plot No. IIM, about lour city lot*. ?MSO. No 197. ???; No. UK $?.?; No. IW.?f?IU, Ac. i entire Block* and Half Block* lor wile, clo*e to the depot of Harlem Railroad POTTER HHoS., 4 and H Warfen street branch oftlca, Ford ham, Wcsteliertcr. OWRKKS OK PROPER I'Y IV THK sol TIIKRN PART ol Wesichenter county, denirou* of *clling at lair prices. please acud full dencnptlon iind lowest price to POTTr.R HKiiTHKRS, Broker* In We*tehe*ler Property, No*. 4 and fi Warren *tr?et; Brunch ?ftlee, Ford ham. RYE M l K I'lAl E FOR Stl.K?I'oTTMJF HoTSE, Burn. Grapery, Ac., in good order, 4 acres, tr.OUU, or It acre* everything in working order; horses, eowit farming up rialta, Ac.; one mile from Mamaroueck. '< mile b<? flarriwiii depot, New Havea Railroad Apply lot s shepherd. 181 Broadway.or u. A. GRANT, Sri Brugdvay. ORK HERALD, FRIDAY, ^ WESTCIIESTER COCNTT PROPBBTY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. TO LET?AT WOODLAWN, HARLEM RAILROAD, hall mile west of depot, a large furnish, d House, with lawn, garden, carriage house and stable , pleniv of fruit and shade. Apply to 8. M. VALENTINE, 34 hurling slip, ug stairs. TO LET?AT KIN08BRID0E, WESTCHESTER COUNtv, within live minutes' walk of the depot ol the Hudson River Kuilroaa, a handlmne country Residence, with 8U acres ol ground; the house largo, Italian villa style, with gas, water and all the modem Improvements; stable and gardener's house on thu premise*', also plenty of fruit; rent very moderate. Apply to OQUEN A ( I.AItK, Broadway, corner Seventeenth street. TO LET?A PART OP THE MOST ELIGIBLE OKFI' B in Brooklyn; suitable lor Insurance business, Ac inquire ou the premises, basement new I'nited Slates Court building, Montague, corner Clinton street. JERSEY CITY, IIOHOKDN, III OSON CITY ANI> lll.lft.l N REAL ESTATE. For Hale. AT nOBOREN.?CALL on SEND FOR OPR REAL Estate Bulletin of Property, for sale and exchange, now reuilv. WEEKS A CUISSY, SI Hudson street, liobokcii, K. J. For sale?a well built house, eight rooms. all improvements; Ave minutes from Newark and New York railroad station, Jersey City Heights; n bargain to prompt purrhuser. Cull ou owner, W. B. ASKINS, .Lick-on, near llruuihull avenue. Lafayette, jersey city, fifteen minutes troin Liberty street.?Houses for sale and to let; rents $375 to $1,500. Apply corner Pacific und Commuulpaw avenues or ut 15 Montgomery street. WOODWARD A SHERWOOD. dt?l C Ann FOR A HANDSOME GOTHIC HOUSE, qpAO.l/UU wltli corner lot, lOOxlUO, in Fifteenth ward, Jersey Cltv; fruit, irrnpos and flowers in abuiulanco; Cotliic stuhlu; house has all Improvements; hor*e cars one block mill New Jersey Central Railroad lour blocks; ir> minutes from Lib, rtv street, N< w York. WOODWARD A SHERWOOD, 13 Montgomery street, Jersey City, ouu block from lorry. To Let or Leaie. AOENTT.EMAN'S RESIDENCE TO LET?FI'RNISHF.D . or unfurnished, at Bergsn Point, It. J., aBminntM from New York, 6U trains ilaily; s| u< ions man -ion. 13 rooms; grounds comprise S acres, fronting the river, latvn, shade, Irnit, garden, ooaeh home and stable; two uiiuutes troin steamboat landing ; f.MS> ( A. D. MELLIi'K, Jr., A BKO., No. 0 Pine street. To I.KT?TWO STONE FRONT DWK,I.I.I NO HOl'SKS, with all the modern Improvements, in I'nulinier place, near Van Vorst I'ark, between Jersey nvenno and Barrow etreet, in Jersey City ; it) minutes from Wall st. rPO RENT?FURNISHED, BE III I F.N' POINT, N, J.. A 1 new House, hcantitnllj finished, on paved street, live minutes Irom depot; house litis tuurteen rooms; contains nil the modern conveniences, and is tarnished with everything requisite to housekeeping; 25 minutes I mm New York by Central Railroad of New Jersey. Apply to SOLON HUMPHREYS, otllce of E. D. Morgan A Co., 51 Exehange place. PROPERTY OPT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. \ LI. V A Nil NO FARMS. ?FOR SALE. TO FARMERS, J\ gardeners and larm laborers irom tho old country, good Farm Lands (virgin soil) nt g.'a per ucro, on six years' eredit. The soil is a good productive loam near I tho great markets of Now York and Philadelphia, by rail rima, where irom -0 to 4u acres constitute 11 Rood lurm when partly l imited to fruit. From this locality a greater (luantftv antl variety of fruit in sent to market than Irom any other place of equal area in the United States. It Is In tlie midst of a thriving community; with good roads, stores, schools and manutactories. Female members ol liimilles and others can procure work at straw sewing, shoe work, button making, clothing work und other brunches. Manv Fugllsli, Irish and Scotch farmers have settled and arc prosperous. Numbers of gardeners trmn the vicinity ol New York arc locatiug. as in tins section forming pays Hsr better than in the West. Papers containing lull iiitortiuuion will be sent tree of churge. Adorcss CHARLES K. LAN DIB, Proprietor, Vlneland, N. J *T NEW BRIGHTON, STATES INLAND?TO RENT, j\ several brick Villas, iurnished and miiurnislied; ins, Iiot and cold water; modern improvements; gardens, lawn, shade trees; -tables; 3) minuted ol Wall street; location unsurpassed. H. DUNCAN SNIFFEN, 130 Broadway. A HOTEL FOR 8 ALK?FAIRFIELD HOUSE, FAIR (ield. Conn., to close the cBtute of the late Lewis F. Cleveland; furnished eumpleto. Inquire oi W. W. STEPHENSON, 247 Broadway, room 22, New York. \ T NEW BRIGHTON. 8..I?ON FRANKLIN AVENUE JY and Ft Mark's place, furnished, and tinfuriil bed Houses to let, hut lug modern conveniences and In good order; about an acre in gardens; situation unsurpassed I and near to terries. Address W. II. P., lit) West street, j New York, for permits. AN ELEGANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE?ON THE Hudson, to let (8 acres). New Jersey (late rosldeiico I ol A. I.. Gomez), opposite Riverside Fatk' 4.1 uilnnaos to City Hall, New York; rent moderate. Apply at 217 West Thirteenth street A FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE?TO LEASE, lor sale or cxehunge for city Property; ground III.'I, nlnnlt of t111r no nio.oolloe-i or noil,in i - one hour by rail in Westchester county. W. (I. MAt'KAY, <aKt Broadway, room i. A GOOD BOMB IN' VinillNIA Foil SALE?Cll E A P; 17!) acres, witli nice house and outtmildiiiKs, line shade, plenty ot fruit, wood and water; two miles from depot, und convenient torburch, school, mills, &r. t'rico : $'i,iNO; terms eusy ; title pcrluct; possession immediately; stock, Ac., low. Address J. lltVIN, Slacks A Whites, i NottaWHy county, Vu. j A CHEAP HOME?#.1.000 (TERMS EASY) FOR A J\ nent Cottairc, in n tine location, In Central MorrlI sanln. Ap|ily at the Westchester Lund office, No. 'I New | Chambers street, (1. W. DITCHKTT. ! A VERY FINE COTTACE OF 11 ROOMS. HALF ACRE, I J\ tine Improvements, $ti,60O; also Cottage, six rooms, ; one acre $7,000; and Cottairc, tour rooms, one o re, #1,000, I one hour front city. ,IOilN BLACK, 17 Chambers st. A WHOLE OR PART OF FIRST CLASS HOUSE, 13 rooms, all "modern Improvements, very larue Harden, on mosi fashionable avenue, at Elizabeth, near the depot ; rent#980. lewi r Part. 7 rooms, $000. liii|Ulreof I). H. A ,\t KS, ia Wall street, New York. A SAKE ANll PROFITABLE: IN YE'.STM ENT?PE/l troleum Farm for sale, now yielding lurire royalty revenue; soveral iiditltloniti well" nearly completed. h^rjiazaku. .in., 110 Broadway. 4 (1 It K AT H A HI J A IN?IN SIX HIUIBDR VILLAGE, u\ nine aere? of splendid Laud. well fruited, good buildingsuperior location; choice; only $.'i,(XK). | J. S. KEKUI ciON, 3D Nassau street, room 0. i I II ! : \ I' KKNT, *7?l; Fl' UN I8IIKH llorsR, 14 U\. rootn", improvements; city of Bridgeport, I'miii.; miitnhie for hoarding honttc: possession April I. t all on owner. Til Sixth avenue, iroin I to 3 o'clock. V SPACIOUS A Nf> ELEGANTLY PI RNISHBD M ANsion to let.?Ila? all Improvements, with rich rose| wood anil Mack walnut furniture ; grounds ami nudiulldings to correspond ; two hours distant; rent $1,200; milk, carriages nnd harness included. HON All II AN A 0U? 1S1 Broadway. t HOTEL, PIT RNISHBD. Kt >H SALE, to LBV OH j\ exchange, near New York city. Apply to 8. 0. SMITH, owner, Frnnkfort House, 20:1 William street. Vl'AUM, on OP T1IK BEST IN NEW JBRSBY. near I'aiorsoii, si acres, aluimlanee of line Iruit, lor sale or exchungu for Improved property. MuNAOUAN ,V en., I,si Broadway. A SPLENDID COUNTRY SEAT <>N THE IIAKITAN of lit acres, under best of eultn a I Ion; tlrst class residence of 14 rooms; abundant outbuildings; superior loca* lion; magnificent lawn; beautllul surroundings; price, H? miles from depot. J. 8. FKK(llT80N, 89 Nassau street, room 6. TJELMONT HALL, <>N RICHMOND TKRHACK, NKVV I J Brigbtofi. Stuten Island. 78 rooms, to Lease; 3 niinutcs irotn landing; a splendid chance. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. /ihotcb rAll on nnino brook), l&i A ORES, 28 miles Irom Now York nod 1!? from depot ol Erie Railroad: location healthy: nioiuitiiin nir; io> ehills and li ver; substantial Uulldlmis; price low, $l.\00(). OEOKlil H v\ ai.ion, 21 I'nrk row. CIOVNTHY RBS1DEN0B TO LET?IN PORTCBBflMRa ) 5 minute*' walk from depot; house, 111 rooms, 1 uere of ground, burn, stable. troll ami shade; rent $ tw. Address.!. L. MOMIIKR, Olenvlllc, Conn. / tol ntrv ?to let for THE 8RA80)l, KTR V lushed or unfurnished Houses In till parts; also lor sale, all pri'-r*. Hee realatfer. OLIVER BRYAN, Real Estate, lift Broadway jjinoise wood.?ONI or the CIIOK i:st estates Hi In town; very centrnl; stone nuiiisioo. Hjcoiihmiso*. stable*. Ac., complete: abundant trnit and shade; tsH1 acres; on lltrve streets. CHAS. D. KF.LT.OOCi. No. 4 Pine street1/LEOANT RESIDENCE, 4(1X70. ALT, THE MODERN Pi aeres, plenty of unit in perfect order. 10 minutes irom torrv; $Rt.ftJ0, worth over JdO.UOU; terms easy, to close tin estate. BARRIN, #0 Broad street. Unarms on oouhit property por balsam P cxchumic. Call or endow stamp for list. .ion n .<. i t i n, :t:? Niis-au street. l/oIt SAI.K-khtahlihiikd LCMBER HI RINBM at P Muniaroncek, Weatehesler eoiinty; well seasoned itoek on bund, extensive water Iront; ii ttood ell.nice lor the right man. K. H. HAl.HiKD. Mnmareiieck, N. v., or O. I'. halsted, 114 Nus?iiu street, room 1. tlOR HALE.?$1,000 DOWN, BALANCE IN MONTHLY paimenls ot $00 eueb month, w ithout Interest, until I paid lor; n rhunce seldom oflcrrd to own tour home; price $4,M*i. for a large ami comfortable f arm House, with ti Pits of ground, on Corona avenue and Mtfrn :i\i mi", tnreo inoess irmn mo depot; stone sidewalks, shade and ornamental Ircus all through the Niirr<Miii(llii^{ 1 property: only 22 minutes front the ellv: lite pi cent*, ('nil at a I o iv 43'J Tturil avenue, between III a rid 11 A, M. Mips of Corona Park free; loll (II) monthly. LKIIt SALE?AT ROSLYN, I,. I.. 1H MILKS FROM r Ni w York a Cottage, containing nix rooms, largo cellar; fruit ami simile trees, tinli in re of grouint; several trains ami steamboats diiily; 1U minutes' w ilk from (look or station; pr're $2,1**1. Apply to DENIS l'o\YKits, 2.021 Third avenue, llarletn. Lit) It SALE-ONE OF Tin; HF.ST FA It MS IN NEW r Jersey; 120 acres, flow mansion, modern stile, 13 rooms, >nnrlile mantels, parlor 1(1x33, all finished in liegt in.inner; tine shade, all kinds of fruit; two tenant houses; extensive outbuildings; 2 hour* tram New York; 2 miles tram depot: licuutilnl location; living streams and tine springs; prtcc til,it- 0; terms easy. Address .1 ASIhs J. BERGEN, Somervlllc. N. ,1. HlOlt SALE-AT MADISON. N. J.. A MODERN HOUSE, with Improvenicuts; house about Rd\4ii; grounds | Hhoiil 1,'? acres: excellent neighborhood; direrllv oppo1 site the Drew Theological Seminary '.partly furnished. I Parties view ins please ask tor 1'rof Worman, at Semi nary, for terms, Ac., which are reas<nuhlc. Apply to : FRANK PHELPS, 10.1 Front street, New York cltv. FAOR SALE-AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE IN ASTORIA, nine lots; house, with all modern Improvements; Mul lc. fruit trees, Ac.: all in good order; possession iui medlatelv. Address W. T., bo* ISO Herald ottlce. IVOR SALE?A COUNTRY SEAT. WITB OUTHOUSES, r la pertecl order, and alMHit lour acres; will he sold cheap, as the owner lias no use lor it: situated one mile from West Brighton Ferry, L. I. Cull on Dr. GkEGORY, 714 Broadway. F.KIR SALE-THE SUBSCRIBER'S COUNTRY RESI' deuce, on the Heights, at Passaic. N. J.; 4.7 mimiles troru New York, It minutes froip depot; tl CRY Lota, barn, fruit. Ac. Terms easy Call on or address J, G. FOX. FauiU.u avtuue. ras?ate. >'. J, MAKCH 21. 1873.?TRIPLE PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR _ MAI.K Olf TO KENT. _ 1NOR SALE?A MATCH FACTORY, WITH OR WITH1 out Real Estate, In good running order, wltli Steniu I'ower or Machinery: particular reasons tor selling. Ad.dress box 1H6 Post office, Jersey City Heights, N. J. IfOR SALE?TWENTY-SIX ACRES. THREE MILES ' irom Millburn, N. J,; improvements and frutt; purt may remain. Address OWKtR, Post office box 795, Piaintluld, N. J. FAOR SALE-AT RIDGEWOOD, N. J., ON ERIE Railway, one hour's ride Iront the city, beautiful and henlthy'country; no mosquitoes, ? pleasant and desirable Country Residence, wltn burn and other outbuild inns and eight ucros o! tine land. The house baa seven rooms on first floor and lour bedrooms on second floor, and Is surrounded by large shade trees; beautiful stream of brook water In front of house; abundance of Irnit, consisting of apples, pears, cherries, quinces, grapes, ruspberries, currunts, plumbs, Ac.; large garden. v> iili asparagus lied. A complete place. Price $12,500. 'lerms to suit. Apply to A. U. VVALTON, Lenox Lisuruuce Oompauy, I5S Broadway. FOR SALE OR TO LRJ-FOR HOTEL OR SI MMER boarding, n House containing 30 room', with outbuildings and un acre ol'grotind ; has it tine view ol Lower liny and mi rro unit lugs : situated at LillTord's station, Sta ten Island Railroad, seven utiles from Vanderbilt's landing. For particulars inquire of G. KENT, 155 West Forty-sevetrth afreet, New York. TAOK SALE OH TO LET?WITH OR WITIIOl'T I CRr nilurc. a handsome lour story House in one id'the hest streets In Brooklyn ; easv terms to desirable parties. Nuns but principals need address M., box :;.n.,s I,,t otllce. For sale or to let?fphnisiif.d, for tiie season. at Hayside. Long Island, the residence of the late S. T. Nicola, dciighifullv located on the bay, n verv elegant and Hilly tarnished Summer Residence and outbuildings. overlooking the Sound and surrounding country : house- contains all the modern Iniprajmpicuts; lawn, gurdeu, shade and trult trees, Ac. Also, fllr sale tor private residences, adjoining the above, about 24 ueres of ( round, commanding line views and easy of access and well adapted to bo dii ided into villa sites; accessible by railroad tram Hunter's Point several times a day. JjHNBB* FA KM IN NEW JERHEY?AT MORRIHTOWNr Meadow, upland. timber; excellent buildings; splendlil Hour mill; never-lalling stream; no cucuinhrtineu; will exchange. J. 1ILMIY JOHNSON, 98 Broadway, room & HAOKENSAOK, PASSAIC, RUTHERKURD PARK.Kor sale, exchange and to let, I urn lulled and unfurnished. Country Heats, Farms and Cottages. Printed descriptions. E. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambersatreet. HO I'EL FOR SALE OR TO LEASE.?A BRICK HOTEL, 89lent tront by 39, 3 stories and basement, 98 sleep in? rooms; brick barn and sheds; stables lor It horses; one of the best commercial hotels in the country; will be sold or leased on reasonable terms; possession at once. Apply personally or bv letter to JOHN II full AM, Mill illetown, N. Y.. or TlluVt. BENNETT, 913 Fulton ?t, N. Y. Hudson river.?a princely estate, ro miles from the city, 80 acres; In adornment and elegance unsurpassed In tlic country; cost over $300,000; will be sold very low, as owner goes to Europe. C. D. KEGLOHO, No. i Pine street. Homes rv new jersey.?houses, farms and Lots for sale, rent or exchange.; property In Elizabeth and Linden a specialty. C. T. WARREN, 1(59 Broadivbv, room II. Hotel to let.-furniture (nearly ne.av), Horses, Carriages, Harness, Ac., for sale. It is a first class Summer and Winter hotel, now open, very pleasantly situated, a short distance trotn New York'; it is complete in all its appointments, in the best of order, and ready for the reception of guests lor the coining season. To parties desiring a business of this kind it Is a first rate opening. Terms easy ami price reasonable. For further nartieubira address box lfiJIIcriild office. North smoke, status island.?a residence near West New Brighton Landing wanted in exchange lor the equity (worth $7.uuu) in an excellent Farm near Pnterson, N. .1. .Address N. F.. box 4,862, New York. OR A NOR. N. J?AT MONTROSE STATION, FoUIt no w, eoniplote Houses; elegant, heallhv neighborhood; $10,000; easy term*. ! '. S. STALLKNECHT, owner, or HAMILTON A WALLIS, No- 0 Nassau street "PRICE, $6,000; LEASE. $000.?COITNTRY SEAT. 13 I rooms; acre garden; 10 luluutes'walk front depot Central Railroad New .terser: orchards and grass if wanted. Addrombox HPostomce, Somervllle. N.J. RVTHBHrnD PARK.?SPLENDID INVESTMENT.? Twenty acres in Lots anil Plots to suit; S minutes from depot, on principal street. Terms easy. O. 0. KNOW a CO., 230 Broadway. Riitii Kit Ft MtD park.-for sai.k ok rent, House, twelve rooms, ham, throe-quarter nere garden, shade and fruit trees, one, ten rooms, all Improvements; Mic-lfitartcr to one acre. Apply to 0. M. It CLE It. at statlon,.or 32 Lcroy streot. TO LET?AT WOODSBURO, THE NEW AND fashionable Summer resort on Long Island, several new Cottages, containing A, 0 and 111 rooms each; very conveniently arranged and handsome in design; also one large House, containing 16 rooms, in complete order, with ample grounds and line stable attached ; rent $150 to $600. Woodstmrg is on the Roekuway branch of the South Side Railroad, IS miles from New York city; 6 trains each wav daily; its loeution Is unsurpassed tor healthlulness an.i beauty of snsroitndliif scenery, commanding a Inc view of the hay and ocean, and attorning ample opportunity for boating, sailing. Ashing; still water and surf bathing. There are two hotels, the Pavilion and Neptune House ; the former is leased to N. P. He we 11, Esq., a well-known public caterer, rontainp 260 elegantly furill-lied apartments. Is frequented by the best class of rammer visitors. A well-conducted district school Is located but a short walk from all the cottages; also a Methodist and Episcopal ehnreh. For full information apply to or address SAM t'KI. W(tol), l'.2 Front ctreel. eitv. rpo LET?A DESIRABLE STONE DWELLING, FRAME I Outbuildings and Tenant Home; large Plot ot flrmind; situated on Littlo Close road, "Lord property," Staien Island ; 1 cot il.omi. .1 \ |) WENPOKT, Newark, N. J. mo LET?AT R AIIWAV, NEW .IERSEV-A NE AT TWO J story House , with 8acres of around, Will be lei to i? f tnnII lumily. Address ,J. B , Ilerald olllce. rpo LET?BE AITI I'TL RESIDENCES. FURNISHED I and unfurnished, in Stamford, Daricn, Norwulk and Westport; tlrst class families can he anited. Apply to MELVILLE E. MEAD, South Nortvulk, Conn. rpo LET?COUNTRY SEAT, <0 MINtTES FROM WALL JL struct, furnished or unfurnished. C AM K.ll.N, 77 Nassau street. TO LET -A SMALL OP.IST MILL, AL LOCUST YALley, Long Island, with Dwelling and a low acres of land; the. mill can be n lie red to suit a manufacturer re. quiring about 20 horse power. Apply to RuBLUT FRANCIS, 47 Broad street, V v TO LET?SUBURBAN HOUSES. FROM $2110 TO $1 000. PBMARBST A WH1TLOCK, No. If, Park place. rpo LET?IN THE PLEAS A NT EST PLACE IN NEW 1 Jersey, 30minutes ftom New York, a gentleman's Residence; a largo Billy luruishtd house, In perfect order; gas, Ac.; line grounds, vegetable garden^ great abundance ot tine Iruit trees and berries. Address box New York Post OfflCO. rpo LET-NEAR R VIIWAY. N. J., ft MINUTES' WALK 1 Irom Eli/.ubelh and Amboy Railroad ; 65 Acres, tine House, In rooms, plenty ot Irult; JMlt). to T. VV. BUACHEK, It! Mereer street, New York; 8. u. LAI I EH, 067 Broad stroet, Newark. TUALUABLE MANUFACTlTRtNd PROPERTY, WITH v tide water and railroad I'aellities. for saIo and to lft. Apply to MELVILLE E. MEAD, South Norwalk, Conn. $riWk CASH, BALANCE ON SMALL PAYMENTS ?/U\7 to suit purchaser?A splendid French roof Dwelling; 11 rooms; near t? ? depots at VYooiUlilc, L. 1.; three miles from city on two railroads; 15 minutes from Thlrty-iourtli street; 35 minutes Irom City llull by James slip terry: litre. He , including ferriage. Call hetwcon 9 aud 11 A. M nt 43!) third avenue, on It. W. HITCHCOCK, owner. Will exchange for Farm in Queens county. 19 ritn -,,N HACK K N S AC K it 1 \ K It. 7 MI.Ni'TKS qPZusHJI'. from depot, on the Midland Railroad, Cottage, Barn, Ac.; 3'? acres; price $7,501, cash $3,500; also 13 acres. Inquire at 103 lliiane street. & f -DESIRABLE COTTAOK iHIRER M1Nipx.'M'vJ. ntcs' walk). West Brighton Landing. 8 rooms; plenty ol fruit, (lowers and shade; suitable lor a gentleman of moderate means: termsensv. DAKRIS, 50 Broad street. |IAA IN P-KAT, ESTATE. CONSISTING OF 2,000 City Lots (356 acres), undoubtedly underlaid with best una I veins, situated in Scranion, I'u.. together with $10,000 to $15,000 |n cash, to exchange tor one or two first class city Dwelling Houses in desirable location. Address, giving particulars, L. D., box till Post ottlc.n. riniF. EXTRA TELEGRAM this MORNING will J contain I'llf. fullest and MOST reliable accoi nt of the trial and execution of forte r. RIAL ESTATE TO EXl'IIAYUE. A FIRST CLASS FOllt STORY BROWN NTONK House on Madison avenue, one block Irom the Park ; will take in exchange a small House nt Harlem. Mortgage* or Factory Property, in or near Centre street. WM. OEE, owner, e ,rner Klin and Franklin streets. AN ELEGANT ESTATF. OF BOO ACRES, WITH HALF a mile ol river trout on the Hudson, lor city Property; a Hudson River Residence anil money for Lot* in Brooklyn or city ; a Farm in Jersey and ensli lor city Property. MARCH'S If. LAI Nil, 55 Liberty street. A? II\NI> OMF.LV FITTED HOOT AND SHOE Store, doing a lair business, lb a growing country town, lor sale or nxohftnge lor Real Estate. \\ o MacRaY, 202 Broadway, room i. TjtXOHANGK?100 At RE FARM, STOCK. UTENSILS. Jy Ac , unencumbered, tor good business Slore or Hotel, Brooklyn. or I roucrtv convenient b> New York. Owners Inquire ai 73 Re liroan street, third flaor, ftom 13 to 4 l^XCHANUK.?ONE OK FOUR THRKK STORY I'j brown stone Houses, well located in Brooklyn, will lie exchanged lor good country Property. .1 HHlit .-.ii tRPfc, 38 Pine street. l/Xi'HA s.;i;_nii:i;i-: noi.SKS on northern I'j Railroad tor I'nrin on I-olig Inland or else>vliero; will pay difference in mortgage. Also to lot, House*, Iruui $?*> to $3,1" ) DEMAKrlsT A WHTTLOOK, No. 1', Park place. IRXCHANGE FOR A STOCK OK OOODS-A FINE 'j Fruit Fnrin nt 'J'..I?i'? River; food buildings; 34 Lots In Rah way, well located; 2M> Lots on Murru atid Essex Railroad; 12 Lot- In Wo-t Mount Vernon. J. M. FBBOUSON, 3V Nassau street, room 6. KNOB i:\rn a\c"on amies, near griNcV, I' III., unencumbered, undoubted title, for salable Merchandise, fry Hoods, Boots and oboes. Jewelry. Liquors, Dinars, Ac. PliKLPS, s2 Cedar street. F'oli BALI OR BXCHANHK?TWO MODERN THREE J" story t?rirk Houses In Newhura; Irec auu clear; will take llrst inortgiyc. W. A. BARNES, 12 Wall street. FOR Mill OB EXCBANGS FOR MKW FORK OR Harlem Property?A fine Residence at Kchraalenhurt. N. fourteen acres, large hou o (II robins), burn and good outbuildings, all in good order; alto all fruit trees, berries and shade trees; three minute*' walk (Yum new depot, on branch ot .Midland Railroad ; 17 tnlles from New York: *.'> mluutrs' by rail; price $14,500; half can remain on mortgage If desired, the rest w ould take on good mortgage In New York city or Harlem. For i'urTuer particulars address J. S. EN'OB, Rchraalmbuig, Bergen county, N. J. _____ ? FOR 8ALF.-HWALL IIOl'HES, OOOD LOCATION; ft three storv brown ?tooe House; will exchange lor good Tenement Property. II. McKKNNA, WW third avenue, near Fifty-ninth street Mortgages wanted. 1 W ANT fo St Lb CHEAP OR KAMI WOK FOR I Cows and Chicken*. a Lot lu West Ko>!?>l*;j5,l*,a>n. beautifully situated. Address O. U. WIMON. 10# Last Ninth street. SHEET. BUI. ESTATE TO EXCHANGE; r EXCHANGE?80 ACRES HUDSON river water trout, opposite Poughkeepsie ; good buildings, small mortgage, tor tenement*. ? ? C. 0. WAYLAND A AYMAR, 163 Fulton at., N. V. \\T AN TED?IN EXCHANGE FOR A HANDSOME ?T brown atone Reatdenee in Brooklyn, good location, five minutes trom City Hall, worth, cu'ttli, $16,000, mortgage fs.uuo, n good paving business, city or country. Address, with particulars, BUSINESS \VANTED, llcrald offlee. or. ft acres. virginia unencumbered farm, H*-'", with nil the improvements, lor ?alo or exchange baggaiyg^lh.?:'Mc0e'; Pfi'? AJJre"* sri 9 000 -exchange, a small farm near Tm fri- u. i!, ' teraon; Id aero*; good Buildings; will take Brooklyn House or Residence near the city. J. O. HOYT h SON, 171 Broadway. HEAL KSTATE WANTED, WANTED?A STOCKED FARM* ON SHARESTNEW Jer*ey preierred. Address FARMER, East Chester, N. Y. WANTED?TENEMENT STORE CORNER PROPit erty. Apply to JACOB FROM11E, 3oS East Tenth street, irom 0 to 8 P. M. W ANTED?A SMALL FARM, WITH LAROE HOUSE, Vt not more than 40 mile* from New York, near depot; parties a*king fancy prices need not answer. Address, witli lull particulars, C. F. HOWARD, Heruld Uptown Branch ottlce. W ANTED FOR INVESTMENT?DESIRABLE HOUSES TT iii Brooklyn or New York, worth about $2.1,000, for which will he given in?xchange live unencumbered Lot*, in most desirable part of Brooklyn, on north side of Monroe street, 175 foot cast of Franklin avenue, each icet, nun wiinni a lew imimrcu reei 01 too avenue and Franklin avenue curs, and tlio balance In rash. Address JOB. KLING, No. 12Cortlaudi street, N. Y., or No. 281 Hates avenue, Brooklyn. WANTED TO BUY?A COTTAGE, WITH FIVE OR more acrea attached, lor a summer residence ; the grounds must front on the salt water und be suitable for hathiftx und boating and free from mosquitoes; within about two hours ol New York. For sucli a place I will nay from $5,(HA) to $7,000 if it suits nnd is downright cheap for the inonev asked, as I do not believe In paying a fancy prieo for a country place. Address WALTER, Herald otllee. MtM.E8 AT AUCTIOM. A UGl'ST MARTINK9, AUCTIONEER. J\. $25,000 worth ot Magnificent Household Furniture. Pianoforte, Bronzes, Paintings, Drawing Room Suits, Works ot Art, at public auction, THIS DAY (Friday), at 1UK, o'clock, at the elegant residence 36 West 15tli St., between 5th und 6th a vs., Drawing Rooms?Superb Suits Furniture, Pompadour, Marie Antoinette sty les, covered silk brocade; nianiuetorlc hots de rose Cabinets, Tables, Etageres, Secretaire Bookcase; Velvet, Medallion Carpets, Mirrors, Lace Curtnitis, Paintings by eminent artists, arlistic Bronze Staiunry, Clocks, Vases, mugnitlcent rosewood Planolorte, celebrated city maker; Canterbury, Music Books; rosewood, walnut Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, en suite, style Louis XIV.; Mattresses, Extonsil n Table. Sideboard. Silverware. Linen, Glassware, C'hinuware, Cutlery; Basement, Kitchen Furniture. N. B.?Parties wishing to attend this sale take 5th av. stages or 6th av. ears. J. BLEECEER, AUCTIONEER. Partition sale of valuable Canal street Property. A. ,T. BLEECKKK, ,?ON A CO. will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April 2, at ll'M.,at tlie Exchange Salesroom:? Canal street?The live story brown stone Factory No. 43S Canal street, running through to Vestry, 25xtK>, building covering entire lot, and now used as n furniture manufactory; Trinity church lease, U yours to run; terms easy. Maps at 77 Cedar street. * .1 BI.EFXgEB. snx A CD AITCTTONKER.?f il. Executor's sale, Estate of the lute Daniel Marie v, THURSDAY, APRIL 3, at 12 M., at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway. Three story frame House and Lot *02 West Tliirtv-fourth street, next to southwest Corner ol Seventh aveuuu, sUo 2lxt>0; house contains l;f rooms and is conveniently arranged, and recently put in complete repair. ?Maps at 77 Cedar street Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. otUcc and salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post offlce. fionteol Ilou.-o'iold Furniture. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell, on .Saturday, at 10>? o'clock, at his salesroom, . 7 Nassau street, an assortment ot Household Furniture, consisting In part of walnut liedroom Sluts, Pickhardt Bedstead, Drawing Table. .Mantel Mirrors, Cariietnand oilcloths, Parlor suits, China and Oluss Ware, ulso very Hue Table Cutlery (Kodgers A Brothers', 50 fine Sewing .Machines, Office Furniture, Desks, iron Hailing, Stools, Chairs, Ac., Ac. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer, Office and salesroom .'17 Nassau street, opposite the Post Offlce. the oldest stand in THE city. Mr. JOHNSTON will, as for many years past, give Ills personal attention to sales of household turuiture at ptivate residences of parties dee lilting housekeeping. LIB ER A L ADV A NOES M APE ON CO N S U .N Ml', NTS.. AltCII. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER, Offlce and salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post offlce. Household Furniture, Rosewood Piniiotorio, Carpets. Ac., at Auction. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell at auction, on Saturday, March 22, at I0)? o'clock, at 19'? West Tenth street, all the Furniture, Ac., contained in said house. Allen b. miner, auctioneer. Salesrooms 95 < hninbers and 77 Rondo street Bv ALLEN B. MINER A BKO., SATURDAY, MARCH 22, at 10?i o'clock, at their salesrooms, 06 Chambers and 77 Kettle street HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, removed from private city resilience for convenience of sale?Hilt French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, velvet, Brussels and ingrain Carpets; rosewood and black walnut Parlor, Dining and Bedroom Furniture, consisting of suits iu various colored reps and brocatel; Etagcrus, Centre und side Tables, Buffets, Wardrobes, Bookcases, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstanils, Oommoces, Extension 'Tables and Chairs, i.ounges, Rockers, cottage suits, hair and spring Mattresses, leather Beds. Bolsters and Pillows, Window Curtains and Cornices, Srockerv, Glassware, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., Ac.; also 5) Sewing Machines, by celebrated limners; also uii luvoicc ui ricuuu piaiv x lur, kiuiiwi aim bedroom Mirrors, ol various sizes. 4 l.LKN H MINKR, AUCTIONEER. 1\. tiulesrooms 96 Chambers and 77 Renilc street. Bv ALLEN B. MINER A 11KU., SATURDAY, MARCH 22, atlO'j o'clock, at their salesrooms, 95 Chambers and 77 Reinle street, FIFTY FULL CABINET AND HALF CASE SEWING Mai hi tics, stock of a Broadway dealer retiring from business, bv the tollowing celebrated and tavorito makers, viz.Wheeler A Wilson, drover A Baker, singer, Weed, Domestic, Flnkle A Lyon, Elliptic, Florence, American, Manhattan, rarhnm, Ac. YLBERT 11. WALDROV, AUCTIONEER. By 11. W. IVES, salesrooms HB Liberty and ill Cedar street, Household and Cabinet Furniture, on SATURDAY, at II o'clock. D. W. IVES w ill sell as above u very large and general assoriment of Furniture, Carpets, Oilcloths, Bedding, Desks, Pictures, ( rockery, (Buss, Ac., being a very largo sale ot llrst class made medium priced Furniture, including every article used In housekeeping. Particulars tomorrow. AT AUCTION, ON MARCH 25-A FARM CONTAINING 9!i acres, In Beektuan, Dutchess county, three hours' ride from city, suitable tor country boarding bouse: containing 60 rooms: three large barns ; iruitol all kinds; all in good repair and well watered. For particulars apply to PHILIP HOLMES, .'DO East seventy-tourtli street. A CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER. . ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. At the residence 157 W est Tw entieth street, this day (Friday), March 21. at lOJ-j o'clock, consisting ot elegant Parlor Furniture, in rosewood and walnut; superb rusewood Pianoforte, Ktngeres, Centre Tables, Easy Chairs, pier and oval Mirrors, lace Curtains, Oil Paiutings, Carnot.s. Hronzpa. Kn>nrh (Murk* llnllHtnmla. vprv rl<?h Chamber Suits, Urdu ami Bedding, Toilet Sets, Stair Carpets, Oilcloths, extension Tables, Chairs, Buffet, Crockerv, Class and Silvor Ware. Sale positive and without reserve, offering an extraordinary chance for housekeepers. AUCTION'. AUCTION. AUCTION. This day. at private residence, 124 West 2#th street, commencing at lisg o'clock, over 300 lots ot first class oliy-inade Household Furniture (made for the present owner, J. Isaacs, at a cost ot $Ui.0Pi). to be sold without reserve, via.ko ewood Pianoforte, rich Parlor Suits, covered In plain and figured satin and silk reps; Mirrors, Brussels Carpets, Oil Paintings, Bronzes, Lace Curtains, marble top Tables, Ac. Bedrooms contain rosewood and walnnt Suits, single anddnnblo Bodsieads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, 2u curled hair mid spring Beds, Bedding, Lounges, leather Pillows, Bolsters, Ac.; also dining room and basement and kitchen Furniture, Buffet, extension Tables, Chairs, Crockery and Ulasawarc, Cutlery, china. Plate (solid silver), Ac. HKh ttr Z1N.X. Autloncer. Auction salb, THIS DAY (FRIDAY), commencing at 11 o'clock, r> story brown stone residence 12U Wesi 2(kl street, near titli avenue, the propertv ot K. Ray, Keg., leaving inr lurupc, namely?Rich rosewood I'lanoforte. made by Gilbert, of Boston. 4 round cornered, co*l$l,0UU; magiil|gcnt Parlor Suits, covered In crimson hrocn'el and reps; line Centre Tables, Mirror*. 1'ulutings. Bronzes, Lace Curtains. Etngeres, Turkish CBalrs, Clocks, Velvet and Brussels t'nrpete, Jardiiiicres, t-tnuds. Chandeliers, Bookcase, and volumes Books, Kngrnvings and Bedroom Suits, rosewood and black walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands, Wardrobes. soring anil Hair Mattresses. F< a'her Beds. Pillows, yuiMs, Blanket*. Limn, Ac.; extension Tables, hlook walnut Buffet, Chairs, China unit Silver Ware, Cutlery, Olntsware, Ac.; basement, kitchen and servants' Furniture, Ac., which sale will commence with. Mile positive, rnm or shine. N. B.?Deiiostle required from purchasers. Competent men in attendance to cart and pack goods lor purchasers alter sale. LI KK FITZGERALD, Aucliouccr. Office and store 4416th avenue. \ I CTIdN NOTICE -S. \\ IlAUCHY. AUCTIONEER.? J\ DAUl'HY A.HHINSON will will, >>n Tuesday, April I, at 10o'clock, at 220 and CM) West street, the Stock, Tool* and Hxttiro* of the Neeius Co-operative Manufacturing Company, consisting oi Plumber*' Material*, Ship Closets ami r nines, t roton Holler*, bras* and Iron tilobe Valve*, Dock Hydrant*. Croton Bra?*work, lull stock of Steam and Gu.sfltting Material, together with a complete set of Pipefitters, Tinsmith* aim Coppersmiths' Tools, and r>ne i lurgc set of Hollers: also seveial Fox and Engine dear I.athes, Chucks, iRhds, large lot of shotting. Belting and Pulleys, Ac. . also one 10 horse power Engine and Boiler, In running order. The whole of the above stock will tie . oflered tor sale, amounting to over >2o,nuo. Auction pale. . auction sale THIS DAY (Friday), at 10^o'clock, all the elegant Honsehold Furniture of residence 210 West Twenty first street, uear Seventh avenue. *111 be sold *t auction hv ROBF.ttr C. CASH IN, Auctioneer. Rich Parlor Suits. Murle Antoineiu., drand Duchesso and Princess styles; magnificent ro*cw?.,i 7U octave Pianoforte. Stool and Cover; Centre Tables, kiuu-res Console Tables, Turkish Chairs, exquisite Oil Fain#'. Ings. Fronxes, Mirrors, Curtains, Clocks, Library and Dining furniture, Silverware, Cutlery, Bedroom furniture, consisting of elegant rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, Wardrobes, Chairs, Lounges, Toilst Sets, Mattrusses. Bedding, Carpets Ac. Take seventh or Eighth avenue cars to Twenty-flrst st. N. R.?sale positive, doodscan remain until May 1 Iree ot charge. Cut this out B1EI AMD BAM. Artificial human eyes-bauch k oouoklMANN dormerly with Prof. Bolssonneau. of Paris), makers and inserters of the Improved Artificial Eye. .16 Bieeeker street. n. B.?These eves are endorsed by tliu faculty, 4 < SALEM AT AtTCTIOW. A rcTIOW." AUCTION. AUCTION? -rA. Over $10,000 worth elegant Household Furniture. WOy***!* Curpets; tW tine Oil Paintings, Work* of Art. 'Tilld (Friday) MORNING, March 21, at 10k o'clock, at the private residence lis Clinton place (Enrhth strceO, *,a<;douiful street and Sixth avenue. ERNEST KOTH, Auctioneer. Magnificent double round 7'i octave Pianoforte, six elegant latest styles Parlor Suits In aatiii, brocatel aud rep?; Bookcases, Turkish Chairs. lounges. Mirrors, Curtains, Etuircre, Tables, Bedsteads, Hureuus, Wushstands. Mattresses, Bedding. French Walnut lluflct. Extension 'able, chairs, Olnss, China, Bilrer Ware, Cutlerv. Responsible men in attendance to cart or pack goods tor purchasers in city or country. By b. a. ci.arr * co., ~ ^ ut store 061 Broadway, opposite Bond street. The snlc of rich Silverware un<i flue Table Cutlerv will continue dally the present week, sale commenclnir at 10>a o'clock A. M. Goads on exhibl. tion previous to sale. Ever} article warranted first class, and to be sold without reserve. ____ _ By john h. draper a co., Auctioneers. The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company will Mil nm,!**) tons Scranton Coal at public auction, on VCLMiWfiTlA V Vf'irch 2f. at 12 o'clock noon, at 26 Exchange place. HAMl'KL seoa.v, President. BY VIRTUE OK AN EXECUTION, M. DAVIS, AUOtloneer, will sell, on Saturday, at 11 o'clock, at 63! and filVi Hudson street, a largo quantity ot' Household Furniture, consisting of green rep Suits, murtilc top Tables, V\ ashstands, Bureaus, Bedsteads, ehamol Suilt), Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths ami Kitchen WareDealers invited. A. HPRINSTEEN, Attorney. BV S. W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNSON will sell this day, at two o'clock, at 4.4 Canal stroet, a general assortment ot Household Fnrnlture, consisting of Carpets, Canton Htraw Mattings, Oilcloths, Hugs, I'arlor Mitts, black walnut Bedsteuds, Cottage Suits, Beds, Bedding, hair and other Mattresses, Extension Tables, Bureaus, WaslistAnds. Dining and Card'Iallies, Mirrors. Window Curtains and hhades, Mautie Ornaments, Wardrobes, China and Oiassware, Table Cutlery, Woodwuro, Lounges, Sofas, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. BY S. W. DAUCHV, AUCTIONEER. DAUCHY A JOHNSON sell this day, at 10J< o'clock, at the private residence 32T West Fiftieth street, between Eiglittiand Ninth avenues, a large and desirable assortment ot elegant Household Furniture, consisting of Carpets, Mirrors, Chninbor Mills, Purlor Suits, Curtains, Sideboards, Crockery and Oiassware, Paintings, Engravings, Clock. Kitchen Utensils, Stoves, Mnttre.-3es, beds, Budding, Pillows, Bod Linen, Ac. BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER?SALER room 722 Broadway, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, March 26 and 27, at 10.'^ o'clock, the entire elegant Furniture, Mirrors, Ac., of ilia Wadsworth House, 611 Filth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. Details in lutura advertisements. Special notice.?The undersigned gives Tils personal attention to sales of Fnrnlture. nt private residences, as usual, for the past 11 years.. Having spacious salesrooms every facility can he offered lor the display and sale of Fnrnlture. Ac. DANTEL A. MATHEWS, Auctioneer, 722 Broadway, opposite the New York. Hotel. . 4 Edward sciienck, auctioneer. very elegant cabinet furniture. By edward 8CHENCK, this day, 21st iust., at It o'clock, at 60 Liberty street, an elegant assortment of Cabinet Furniture, by one ot the best city makers; will be Hilly warranted in every respect, viz.Black walnut full Chamber Suit, ChltTonnlers; card,Library nrtd Centre Til I kin 4 ri nin Wiiri<l 1'iirlrir Kuita. in Kiitin .ind Pi'liB : Lounges, Easy Chairs, Hall Stands. Secretary, Desks, Escritoires, Ac.. Ac. Also some elegant mnrhlo Clocks ?n<l Bronzes, which have just arrived. Tito above are now 011 exhibition. JjMNE ART SALE. The Mozier Statuary. Executor's sale ot Marble Statues. belonging to the estate of the late Joseph Mozier. The works ot Mr. Mozier are two familiarly known by all Americans who have visited Koine to need any continent The subjects now on sale are:?"Rebecca," "Klzpah," "The Peri," "Undine," "L'Allegro," all of tho large size. And of tho smaller size there are six Statues, viz.:?"The White Lady of Avenel," "II Penscroso.'*' "Silence," "Undine," "Jeplitha's Daughter," "Wept of the Wish-Ton-Wish," colored. In addition to the above are several very heautlfnt Busts and .Medallions, by B. II. I'ark, Esq., ami Byron U.. Pickett; also two very elegant Clocks. Tho whole now on view nt the Clinton Ilall Salesrooms, and to lie sold by auction 011 Saturday evening, 22d 111st.. at a o'clock. FINE ART SALE. Time of sale, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY EVENINGS, Mareir 20, 27. Books on exhibition, FRIDAY, March 21, until day of $ale.. A SUPERB COLLECTION OF FINE ART AND ILLUSTRATED WORKS. Picture Galleries, Antlouitics, Architectural Works, Costumes, Collections of Etchings, Original Drawings, Ac.' Special attention is solicited to this, the richest, most valuable ami costly collection of Fine Art Books ever ollored for sule iu this country. Catalogues ready. The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneers. Henry b. herts, auctioneer. 16 cortlandt street, has received infractions to sell the entire elegant Furniture, Oil Paintings, Works of Art, Ac., 01 B. L. Solomon. Esq., at his residence, KB WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL, 2, AT Id O'CLOCK. r uii uetuits ncrcaiier. IS. WEINBERGER, AUCTIONEER.?MARSHAL'S sale this day (Friday), March 21, at lit; o'clock, at 16>? Bowery, ol ubout 30 fine Accordoons; uTso a lot of German linen Bedclothes, Towels, Napkins, Tulilo Covers, Shirts, flue Rolrigernhnr, Ac. By order ot Lorenz Oberlo, City Marshal. Also, immediately thereafter. General S(erchandir>. Wines, Liquors, cigars, Ac. Sale of General .Merchandise on the lollowin.; day. JW. CAMPBELL, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL BY auction, on Saturday, March 22, commencing 2 o'clock, on premises, Forty sixth street and Ninth avenue, without reserve, three hcntititul young Horses, warranted sound and kind; two line top Grocers' or Express Wagons, one tine top Buggy, nearly new; set of double aud two sets single Harness; all lu good order; nl-o lot Baking Utensils. Nate positive, vain or shino. JACOB BOOART, AUCTIONEER.?MORTGAGE SALE Grocery Store. Horses, Wagon, this day, March 21, at 10 o'clock, at 633 Hudson street, corner of Charles, the Fixtures of a Grocery Store, Counters, Shelving, together with a valuable lour years' Leuse of the 1'remises; also one Horse and Grocer's Wagon. JAMES C. QUINlf, i City Marshal and Attorney tor Mortgagee. JACOB BOOART. THIS DAY, Marshal's sale, at 11 o'clock, at the Auction Booms, No. l North William street, House Furnishing Goods, Kancv Goods, consisting ot Wooden and Hollow Ware, Fots, Fans, Kettles, Cutlery, Baskets, Sieves, Sliver Fluted Ware, shelves, Washtubs, Icc Box; lot of Clothing, Dry Goods, Jewelry, Watches, Showcases. JOHN R. FARRTNOTOX, Marshal. JACOB BOGART, AUCTIONEER. SATURDAY March 22, at 11 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, No. 1 North Wltliain street. Household Furniture, Carpets, Looking Glass, Office Furniture, ono Herring's sale. JOITS II. HILLTER, Marshal. JOBBING AND RETAIL DRUG STOCK AT AUCTION. BCRPETT A DENNIS will sell on Thursday, 20fh, ai 2SI Hudson street, between Canal and spring'streets,at 10 O CIOCK A. m., by order ol the mortgagee, the large Stock, elegant Fixtures, Lease and Oood Will of the extensive lobbing and retail T?rug Store 281 Hudson street, formerly owned by John Aitkcn. Jr., nnil recently by the present occupant If not sold In one eulire lot ft tnen will be sold snme day as per eataloirue. Information at the office ofthe auctioneers, 113 Pearl st Catalogues two day s prev ious to sale. Owing to want of time to prepare catalogue, tho abovo sale is postponed until MONDAY, 24th inst. JR. FOLEY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT auction the Trotting Mare ''White Heels-' (has % record of 2:3?, also Wagon and Harness, on Saturday. March 22, l?7!l. at 10 o'clock A. M., at the stable, south sido ol 118th street, between avenue A and the river. MARSHAL'S SALE.?TnOMAS J. M'ORATH, AltC. tloneer, 133 Chatham slreet, will sell, this de v. at 10 o'clock, a general assortment of Dry Hoods, Host ry. Fancy Hoods, Yankee Notions, Ac. Ry order. I*. KKKNf.Y, city Marsha'. PAWNBROKER'S SM.E.-R FIELD. SI1ERIFI 4 and (luneral Auctioneer, salesroom I T Bowery, a ill sell this day, at 11 o'clock, WU lots Men's and Woini n'a Clothing, Dresses, Shawls. Remnants, Underclothing, Redding, Quilts, Blankets, Hoots. Shoes, Ac.; also * large lot Coats, Pants and Vesta. By order Julius Metzler, Houstou street. -' PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-HAM FOREST. AUCTIOYeer. sells this dav, at 17 Bowery, at 12 o clock. ."sM lot* men's and women's tine clothing, silk Dresses, Skirts, Remnants, tine Shawls. Sacoues, spreads. Sheets, Khiris, tine Coats, Pants, Vests anil other goods. Order of l>o Long. 2W East Broadway. PAWNBROKER'S SALE. ?THOH. J. M'ORATH, APCtloneer. 133Chatham street, will sell thi> day, at II o'clock, IV*) lots Women's f milling, lire <ses. Mi.a wis. i:,in. nan Is, Quills Blunkcts, Bcddiiiir. Hunts, Shoes, Ac. By order Hnah McAlcenan, Second avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-THIS DAY, JAMES A OAR. Anellontor. will sell at 00 Now Rowers- 0(1) |ot? of Men's and Women's Clothing and other seasonable goods. By order of Mr*. Fullan, (lift West 'I hirty nlnili street ' OlMON HIKM\N Al OTIONBBB. Ft Wines, I.lgoors, Cigars, Tons, Ac. This day (Friday), Maren 21, at lti'? o'clock, at IS Bowery, (ho entire stock of a denier, consisting of choice Wines anil Uqnors-ns casks line Brandies, oin, ca-k* Port and Sherry Wines, also HO barrels choice old Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, as Bo wen, Bixby, Hhnwnn, Tovlor. A-c.; Scotch and Irish Whiskev, Claret and Rhine Wfnes. also cases Brandies, dm. Bitters, Ac.; also Havana Clears, inchests Tea, 12 cases Preserved Meat, Iron sate. Desks, Chairs, Ac.; also 111 barrels Kentueky Bourbou, three years old; sale positive; dealers Ins Ilea. TWO EXECUTIONS TO-DAY. TWO EXECUTIONS TO DAY. SEE THE EXTRA TEI.EORAW. SEE THE EXTRA TELFHRAM. BIIiMABHS. -- utwiiikD American billiard table* A1 ~iLi , hePhelani CoUender Combination c.isn... ^.nollarViredMd for *ait otny l.j the inventor and S " f CoElkNDKIL aucccsebr to Photon a Jollt'niter, T3? Broadway, New York. ihltiaRD TABLE FOR 8ALE.-A fl BV 10 FEKT 15 Carom Table, of Kavnnagh A Deckers manufacture, "oraplete witu iaUa, ?-j.ItMheen la iue only a dinrl time; I* In aacellent condition, und will be sold ow. Fur particular* address It. I). L., Herald office. (lOM PRESSED IVOBT BILLIARD BALLS.-2W, Mr I / 2'. in..$d; 1R Ball Pool, f24 set; Bagatelle. IS. ?>; I In fd?rt. Ohccka?IS tn.,ww, $50 set; IV in., >or Pole" $? per 100. M. WKLLlVO A CO. 207 and 100 Centre street. New Vork. \TKW 5X10 BILLIARD TABLES, $300: SECONDHAND iX Table* msde over new, $200 to $27ft; Nonpareil and Bevel Table* In great variety. K AVAN toll A t?*c? Kit. eorncr Cgual and Centra Straeto.

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