Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1873 Page 8
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8 MI1LM0 C0MERCL1L. Continued Activity in the Money Market. The Rate on Call Ranges as High as 1-16 and Interest. GOLD ADVANCES ANOTHER POINT. Tne Clique Competitors ior tne Government Coin. A FURTHER DECLINE IN ST0CE8. Tumble of 5 Per Cent in Panama) and Bm II. aud E. Down to 4. REACTION IN THE ST. PAUL SHARES. Business Failures in tbe United States During 1872. watt, street, 1 thursday, March 20?0 l\ m.) On 'Change to-day cotton was Irregular, and 1-lBc. easier for futures. Flour was steady. Wheat was neglected, but firmly held, while corn was in moderate demand and firm. t1ie government gold sale. The bids lor the government gold were nineteen In number, calling ior a total of (4,772,000, at prices ranging from 114.51 to 115.03. As high as 115.67 was Did by one firm for the entire million and a half offered for sale. The award was made at 115.57 a 115.63. ti1e foreign market. The London quotations were better for consols, Indicative of the abatement of the agitation in KMvcrumcni circles. uimeu states nouns were steady aud dull. Eric shares were weak and declined to 81%. The Bank of England gained ?53,oor In the bullion account for the past week. The rate of discount remains unaltered at 3>? per sent. French rentes In Paris were strong and Advanced to 55.62. BUSINESS FAILURES IN 1872. According to the statistics gathered by one of the mercantile agencies the year 1872 pioduccd an unusually heavy crop of business failures in the En.ted States, the total number having been 4,089, and the liabilities Involved $121,056,000. These figures compare with those of previous years as follows? Year. No. of Failures. Liabilities. 186 8 2,008 $ 03,774,000 186 9 2,799 76,054,000 187 0 3,651 88,242,000 187 1 2,915 88,222,000 187 2 4,089 121,066,000 Going buck in our history as far as 1857 we find that the total laliures in that memorable year were 4,932, and the liabilities $291,750,000. The next most disastrous year was 1861, when the outbreak of the war caused so many mercantile bankruptcies, the total having been 6,993, involving liabilities to the extent ol $207,210,000. MONEY ACTIVE. Tne money market was active throughout tne day at 1-32 a 1-16 per cent In addition to 7 per cent. Towards the close and after accounts had been made np, the demand slackened, and those who had balances to lend quite late In the day were compelled to take 1-32, and In some Instances 7 per cent gold. Among the government dealers the rates were 7 currency and 7 gold. Commercial paper was unchanged. Foreign exchange was nominally steady, but actual business was at a concession of ?, a '? from the asking rates. GOLD FIKM?115,'i, A llfi'i. The gold market was strong as a result of a sharp competition lor the government gold, particularly as it was believed that the bid of U5.57J* for the whole $1,600,000 had been made In the Interest of Jay Gould. The price rose, in consequence, from 115'* to llS'i, nut subsequently relapsed to 115>?. The market was comparatively quiet, and little interest was shown In it by parties outside the clique. The principal fluctuations of the day are shown in the table:? 10 A. 1U 115?f 3 P. M 115?i 11 A. M 115,* 3:30 1'. M 115 12 M M>X 3:05 1'. M 115, :2:-0 P. M U6?i 3:57 P. M 115>i J M 11.'>,M 4 P. M 115>a a 115.1, ? I . M 115 ?? In the gold loan market the rates ranged from 1 per cent gold for carrying to flat for borrowing. The operations or the Gold Exchange bank were us lo'lows:? Gold cleared $42,621,000 Gold balances 1,412,323 Cunency balances 1,723,336 The ttub-Treusury paid out f35,oou on account of Interest and |6,500 oil account of redeemed livetwenties. SOtmiERN SECURITIES MORE ACTIVE. me ouui at i u ^iaie uoutis were more active, with an lrregulv but generally firmer market. The Tenncssees were freely dealt in at 88 a 85 aud a strong demand for Missouri sixes led to a rise A one per cent in their price. One Louisiana bond passed at 40, although 42 was alterwards bid. Virginias were a fraction lower and the others steady. The following were the closing quotations:?Tennessee, ex coupon, 85>? a 86; do., new, 86yt a 86; Virginia, cx coupon, 45 a 50; do., registered stock, old, 37 a 40; do. sixes, consolidated bonds, 56 a 58^; do. do., deferred scrip, 14 a 15; Georgia sixes, 70 a 76; do. sevens, 88 a 00; North Carolina, ex coupon, 30 a 32; do. to North Carolina Railroad, 60 a 61; do. funding, 1866, 20 a . 25; do. do., 1838, 18 a 20; 06., new, 17 a 19; do., special tax, 13a 15; Missouri sixes, 95'; a96; do. Louisiana sixes, 42 a 50; do., sew, 45 bid; Alabama fives, 65 a 6o; do. eights, 80 a 85; South Carollua sixes, 30 a 40; do., new, January and July, 17,'^ a 18; do. do., April and October, 19 a 22; Arkansas fixes, funded, 40 a 43. TUK RAILROAD BONDS. The average umuunt of business was done in the railroad bonds, which were decidedly firm. St. Paul eights sold at 107, Morris and Essex (irsts at 106, New York Central sixes (<?f 1h63) .it 05, and Fort Wayne seconds at par. Union Pacific incomes were lower at 72)4. Boston, Hartford and Krie firsts declined to 41X and the guaranteed bids were offered at 60. The following were the bids at the Board, as amended by prices in subsequent dealings. KwlrrKCcnf' !HV Pel, Back A West 2d m. 96 t>t w i 01 K i < li IB. Ut7 22 Tol 4 W 1st III, Si B (liv s'.l >ew \i,rk i hi t's.i e.. PO 'Jol A Wah 2d in u:rl? bew V i,i k (. * n I't. Mill, ill 11 a li A .Naples 1st in.... S7 Brie Im ni, extended. .103 tit West l?r ni.isss 24 lira 1st hi, endorsed... t8 i?t Wi si 20 in, 1823 82 Brie i's.iu no '70 ljo Vulncy A lol 1st, '???.... '.<1 Brie i'l.idni, *3 97)% 4/jI A t'lilc extended...101 BrieV's.iih ni, No luo^ oalcna A ? hie 20 111 28 Brie Pa, an in, 's?t W Chic, H 1 Ai'nc 102, Krle ?'s, con in gld bds. 'J7 Morris A I'.ssex 1st 111.. .10S^ Is iik Iocs Ik,nds OS Morris A haacx 2d in... 07 li lid U i'a, ift 111, ? I, 's5.104 Is .1 Cell 1st III. II 102)% li u<i H j's. id ni, '7ft... .101 N .1 Southern 1st ni Vi.. 74 librieni ','s. Isini 102 Pitta, Kt W A Chle 1st.. .10.1)4 All. A Mis ill IxlS its I'ltu, h W A Cllic 2tl in. SS Alb A Mis mi lid. . . ?;l'i J-itls. K W A I hie 8d ill. V!,U 4 hie. I ur a ty s'h Istin.lOOs, r, 2 \V A C spc < <|tbd. HO Mich ho , p t 2,1 us, , 4 |.iUs 2,< jjgi/ Mini to A N 1.1 ! ?....l04-!g < lev a fills 3d IB M" < lev A Pitts41 It ill P.V2 4,l?v A lol new tids... 26 Chic A Alton s 1 100 C. I A A old I sua 07I In. A Alt Isl in till ii.'.Ji t t?\" "Vi" v0 Chic A All income 07 Bun A B.rie new Mi... *14 l.|no? Mishoh si 23*4 i wo '! .7. !r "" '* ! Ohio A .V.iss eon 92'., 1 u."; , Bhio A MisS'AI III, coll.. SHJs 4cn Fausitic sold L<l*...ju3>i |,ul. A h|?ux City 1st... 23 Leu 1 ac Stale aid Ul*. -11 IB si l.ouis a lion .M isi,. 24 Western! AcibcMs.... H>% MHA IP Isl in.h's, PI). IU7 Ll.IWI But:ilic J?t in.... si. M a si P 1st in. I A M U t.)4 Union ? ?< ilio I h 1 ??7.74 Cliic A Mil isi in m I moll Pacific ilie Id's 7.U Juliet A 1 l,i<- i?t m nil Jlhlioiaim 7perct,7fUIM Col, chic A in.. A 11 Aler li 20 ni, inc.. HI 4i.l, UitcA India ' 7;U 4 bic A Is H i 1 yi'i lol. P a W 1 u.. y'l 4 hie Ah W coil lids.... 20'lol, P A , W II KS Chic A N VV extcu hda. <? 'Jol,P A W. I'.url'u djv. :! Chic A N H' 1st in 2<'., Tol, I" W inn 7'? . 70 IihiiA.ijo a l.ll)% fcosl, H A Krn isi ' n1, Ban A hi Jo convert... hk Bui . c a A >1 f'a, lat,it. VJ'? Bel, case* A W 1st 111.. .lo2'% uuVmnmet* ft ur. J'hc government Bat wan atruj for the gold NEW T bearing issues, wltb sales of the 67's at 117, at which all the offerings of this date had been taken before the close of business. The new fives advanced to 113H- The currency sixes were a fraction lower. The foliowiug were the closing quotations:?United States currency sixes, 113 V a 113 V1 do. do., 1881, registered, 110 V a 117V5do. do. do., coupon, 118V a 119V1 do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 115V a 110X5 do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 115V a 116V > do. do., 1804, do. do., 115V a HOV 5 do. do., 1865, do. do., UOV a 11 TV? do. do., 1807, registered, January and July, 115 a 115V i do. do., 1865, coupon, do. 114V a lis; do. do., 1867, do. do., 110V a 117V 5 do. do., 1868, do. do., 116V a 116V 5 do. tenforties, registered, 116V a 110V 5 do. do., coupon, ill a Ulv; do. fives of 1881, registered, 113V a 113V; do. do. do., coupon, 113 V a 113v. STOCKS WEAK AND LOWKK. The stock market succumbed to the influence of the protracted scarcity of money, and prices declined, the announcement of the suspension or the Ball's Head Bank helping its early weakness, bnt only temporarily, however, as the fact was soon ascertained that the depositors and note-holders of the bank were protected, and that the defalcation which caused the stoppage would entail its pecuniary trouble on the stockholders only. The de tails of the aiTair as far as they have transpired will be found at length in another column, as also an account of the arrest of the supposed author of TUB RECENT FORGERIES in Wabash and Port Wayne stock certificates. The market meuded about midday but again went off with the continued activity in money. It recovered after banking hours and for a while gave promise of brightening up to higher prices, but toward the close drooped ouce more and left off at pretty nearly the lowest points of the day. St. l'aul fell back to .16, and Itoston, Hartford and Erie declined to 4. The greatest decline was in Panama, which fell from 118 to 113. Otherwise the decline ranged from %' to 1 per cent. Western Union was exceptionally firm and was actively dealt in at 80% a 66>, a 80% a 66%. niOIlEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day Highest. Loire st. New York Central 101% 100% Erie 64% 63% Lake Shore 03% 03 Wabash 73% 72% Northwestern No transactions. Northwputorn nri>ferr?<1. .... RHW 881? Rock Island 114 V 114 V St. Paul 6"V 60 St. l'aul preferred 76 V 76 V Ohio and Mississippi 46 V 44V Union Pacific .*. 34V 34 V C., C. and I. C 40 30 Western Union Telegraph 86V 86 V Pacific Mall 66V 85 V In Philadelphia Reading was weak, and declined to 116 V. SALES AT THE NEW YORK 8T00K EXCHANGE. Thursday, March !40?16 A. M., 1 Before Call. J 1100shs WestUnTel..c 86V 100 shs 0 A R I RR.... 114V 500 do 8t>v 100 Panama RR c lis 100NYCAUR 101V 100 do 117V 200 do S3 101 100 117 2000 do 101 300 Mil A St P Rlt 57.V 100 do C 101 200 do 57 V 300 do loiv 100 do 67v 1000 Erie Kit 64V 300 do 67 1300 do C4V 100 B. HA ERR 5V 1000 do 64V 100 do 6V 800 do 04 V 300 do... 5V 300 do ?3 64V 100 do 6 V 1800 do 64 V 500 do 5 1000 do S3 61 400 do \% 800 do 64V 700 do 5 200 do 0 61V 1U0 do 5V 700 L S A M KK 93V 600 do 6 300 do *3 93V 600 do 4 V 500 do C 93V 100 do c 4V 600 do 93V 100 do #3 4 V 40 uo 93V 200 do 4V 500 do 93,V 200 do 4 V 300 do c 93V 200 do 4V 100 do C 93V 600 do 4 V 200 do 9SV 61*1 do 4V 1.00 PttC M SS Co 56V 200 do U3 4S 2UU do C 56V 200 Ohio A Miss RR.... 45'i loo Chic A U 1 KK 114 V 100 O, o A 16 KK 40 luO do 114 V First Board?10t30 A. M. *31*41 T.-on 6'. now r KM. 21*1 ell. NV fl .4 H It Rll 11*14' 1(X OU Vu b'o, I'nu 50 llK> llo C l<iU* 1004*1 Mlssoun O'g.. ... 94}a 2dt)0 do 100;, 104**1 do 95 2000A PKKgUl 88* liOOO di ttt)4 1(X) do he 88* ;ti*?l Moo's, 11 A St.) is yl 1000 Eric ltK....he..-3 04 NXX) Louisiana 6* 40 10X1 do 61* 9000 N V C6'?, '83...b3 95 1400 do 04 7UUU l u Pae 1st ill 00 000 do *3 04 84**1 L n 1*;'*. I K h. .. 78 600 do H3* 5000 LII Pae 10*?, lnc. 72K 000 do e 63* 1UUI Alt A T II 2d in pl? 80 100 do b3 04 SOI*) Alt A T II 1110 81>i 400 do 61 lUUOCIilc A N W con. 91 200 do aS 64 10000 TAW 1st. KlL. (llr 89,* 100 Eric KK prl be 74 11**1 Tol A Wall20 1)4 800 Harlem KK 1:47 70001'U.KtWA C Jdm. 100 100 do 186* 154**1 H, HA K 1st 4!?? '200 do be 1)7* 1000Bur.OB A M 1st.. 90 700 uo 137 10UUC, C A I 4. 2d in... 73* 1300 L S A M h KK... bc 93* 140*1 do 73 * 400 do s3 93* 6000 T, r AW 1st, E D. 91 * 400 llo 113* 3000 C Kails AM 1st... 10 600 do 93* 2000 C.C.C A I 1st 103 5 0 do 93* 1000 C A K I A I'lic 7'8. 102* 5") 93* 600 Mor A Es 1st in... 105 300 do 93* 40OO N J Ceil 1st, new. 102* NXX) do 83* 1000 N 3 Moiltllern 1st. 74* 2"0 do 9.5* 204*1 Ohio A M coll * I. 93 * 500 do 93* 2000 Ohio A.Miss Mm. 88* 100 do 9.i?* I M 1st III... 94.* 400 uo 9.?* 1000 M A St P 8's, 1st m 107 900 do 93* 100U North Mo Ul 111... 91 1100 Uo 93* 25 sb* Continental Hk 79 loo Panama KK 117 20.Merchants' Hunk.. 117,* 20 C. C,C A I Kit. 88* 20 Irving liaiik 122 104 do Hs 20 Hunk ol Republic.. 110 2100 Un l'ae KK.. .bc.sS 34'a 85 Am Kx Dank 111?* 300 do 34* 2.5 dial liaiu bank 152 200 <lo 34* 100 Mar L A l.5>i 100 do c 34* 2i*l C.iii ..hi- 56* 100 no - 34* WWW I.-it In Tel be 86% 1110 C it K lKK.,.bi'.s!l IUJ, 7UO do c 86% 100 do c 114% 100 do. 86% low do ll,i. 600 00 86% 600 do IIIL 160 do C 80% 200 do 114-', low do 804, 600 do Ill'I llA! uo 1)3 86% 2ouM A htP 60-. 300 uo 80% 100 do 66i, 800 do 8b)-. 100 do...? 5,', liflt) do 86)1 1(W do 66'I S??> do <1 8o', 3u0 do 66)2 loo du U3 86% 4U0 do 60 41W do Si). 100 do tO 5i% loo uo C 86% loo Mil A St I'pi 7b), 400 do 86*. liw Dub A Sioux City.. 63 10O0 8..% HUB, 11 A K KK . b c 4 I60U do 86% 800 do 4'. 1.64) do 86% 1U0 do C 4 400 uo C 86). 1100 do 4 000 do 86), 1U0 do 4% 500 do 80% 60 do 4 100 Atlantic M ss .b c 4'4 liw do 4 4% 100 \Ve!l?-l"'#rgo Kx.... 83 600 do 4), 60 Mich (en KK 106 100 do *3 4% 100 fae Mali 08 Co 66% 400 do 4-, 700 Uo be o#?4 3U0T, W A W KK.. 78'. 300 do st 66% 100 ii. Lack A W KK 101% 300 uo C 66'4 200 Cllie A Alton.*. .1)3 118 SW do 66'. 200 do 112'; 300 do 66)4 10)1 do 112)4 4'W do 66)4 200 do be 1121. 600 do 66), 20 Chic, Bur A y KK.. 112 300 do 66'4 2UU lian A 01 Jo 44 60J do ffi>, 300 do be 43% liloo do 86)4 600 do 83 43 1400 do 66*4 700 do 4.3 1000 UO 66 14 N Y, N 11 A Hurt... I 'D. WW do 56% 600 UUtu AM .43 1). 2200 do 6*6)4 6).0 do 40 g 200 do. C 66:. 6)41 do 46% *14) do 55% 200 do e I;.1. 414) do 56% 6.41 do 4.')i, 101 do c 66% 2141 do 45 1200 do 66 8141 do -IM I'd do 66% 100 do 48% 300 do 6b % 12U) do 46% 2 0 N Y C A II K.. 101% 100 do s.3 46'. 1400 do 101 IIwe, C A I C KK. 36% IUU nn ....CUM .*! ! no 39', luu c loO% loo (i<> *? 3.1 , 1400 UII lUOJt U? do 39% 200' do Jul 100 do 39% l^ilS anil SilS F. 31. $5000 l*s Mn. c, W H7 I20U0U I S 6-20,c, '65.... iicj,; 25000 do s3 11674 ltti.'iU to '4i3U P. 31. $3OO0TeiW 6's, old.. .1)4 M> 700*||? trio HK C 04 4000 Missouri 0 .1 95', 4110 do on, 11X0 slig Wist lin i'cl.62 1*1),'j 1900 do 64 9U0 do 86% 1JIA) do 611,7, i "00 8o'? too do c 611 4 I" I Mil', ."MSI do 63', i 1-00 do 86% 100 do s3 ill)*, 400 do c mi% loo Panama KK lit "* Son d. MO 87 300 do llo j 100 do 03 ?6V 200 do 115 MO do MO*, 1U0 do 111% .'?) do IVaw do 114 , -(id oo ? >, 200 do 11.1 ! 8.W do W, 3iW do fllfl I 300 Oil C NO', UK) do 114*4 ! 1100 do Ho', UK) L S A M S 11.4 .... 1)3', loo fac M N.J I.o 55', l.w do 93 301) do 65', 760 do 9.6', Jo0 do Ml, 2IIO do fit1; | 208 do M'J 160 do 91',' 12110 do :i3 , 71)0 do, two do. 5tv 2600 oo 9.1', I luU do 1)3 36 aw do .ml 93 ' 100 do 55'4 500 do 1)3 93!, I 300 do 6..;, 300 C A k i KK Ill', j 1800 do 5a?, 100 do 1 i l>, I 2O0 do 66', UK) do c 114% j :) ' do 55:. 300 oo Ills UHW do 5o 20 do 114 10 do 57 1)09 do 114', j llK) do 56', UK) do 114', 400 do 50', 7'"0 Mil AHtl'RK 5>l2 I WW do Hi'i '00 do c 50 , 2*>0 do 7)57, 2IW do 56', 100 do 55', 2l0.Mil A 8t U KK pi... 75, 1500 do 55;', 100 do 1)3 75*2 700 do 121 66% I0UT, WAWKR 73 I 100 Ponn Coal 2.0 100 do 72% 1 100DA II Canal 118 2(?) do 72, 1U0Coll Coal 55% '1IKI do..... 72', UK) do 65 s, 100 C, CAIORK 39% 200 do 557, lot) do ?3 39', llM Maryland Coal.... 26 100 do 39', UK) yulek M Co 1)1 5''% 100 do 33 , KK) AtiullllC .M NNC'O. .. 4', U*> do 39% UK) do 4% 200 do 39 5'KI M Y C A 11 K c. 10", 4UUB, IIAKRR 4% aw do I?30 101', 600 do 4\ 200 da . .8.3 106', UK) do 1)3 4', 190 do 1)30 101', 1RU0 do 4>, 11H) do 100% 1600 do t.'i UKI do c I00?, (WO dw 1)30 4', 1.44KO do 10 % 100 do 4 '4 1100 IO.i?, 1011 __ do 4', 1 2uO do 10 500 Omo A alls* RK.... -.6% 4W do I"! % 500 do 0 43 100 Infill'Kit 44-, 2.(1(0 do 45 I 300 do .14S 90J llo 44% I 2-8) Uv 31;. 3u0 do... ,03 US ORK HERALD, FRIDAY, I JTOfi <>o S4V Wo do ?K 100O A N W pi 1)3 ?*?.{ 1200 ilo 417* 8UOErieKK 611; 100 bS 45 300 uo 83 64\ Second Call of State Bonds. f3000Trnn 6*8, n?w.... 85$ fWWl Missouri 6*8 ???4 6000 do S3'2 7000 Uo 1*100 do 1.60 8?$ SHJ00 do ' 'o^ 10000 do 85$ 16000Ul'ttc lO'i,inc.. .. 72$ 10UOSC6's, n.JnAJy. 17 v 3000 C, 0 A I C 2d 78% Note.?No Hec(nd Board to-day in consequence of the funeral ol the late U. W. SutilU. a?30 to 4 P. M. 1008h8 Pel A H Cinal. US lOOshs Panama UU... 114$ ioo ao no loo Uo "4? 10.1 Maryland Coal.... 26 100 do 114 -4 BOOPacM 88 Co 85$ 400 do 118 800 do 56J4 200 llarlcm UK 136* 2000 do re 200 do 137 300 do 661,' 600 L S A M S UK W 2U0 do 66 UU0 uo W 4 200 do 85$ 100 do c !?'' 100 do b.3 V'% 100 do 93$ 500 do 55$ ?-0 Uo 98$ 100 do 85$ 400 do 93J? 600 West lln Tel m '* ioo ao M 93$ 900 do 86$ 200 do 93$ 1400 do 03 86$ 300 Uo 83 96$ 600 do 8611 300 do ?J$ 300 do ,k3 86$ 800 U Pacific Kit 34$ 35 do 1)3 86 100 do 34$ 200 do 88$ 100 do 34>i 100 do 82 86$ 500 Boat, 11 A h UK 4}, 100 do 1)3 86$ 600 Uo 1)30 4$ 200 Uo 1)2 86$ 100 do 4$ 300 do 86$ IOO Uo blO 4$ ion Iln Ii3 7fi?. 2*1 Uo 4$ 4U0 do 80*4 300 do hS *'i 200 do 35)4 sno do *i, 300 do WH 100 do iii lOONYCillK KK.sS 101'* 211C, O, C A I RB ,38,, bUO do lot)'-. 10.) Book Island 114), 1300 400 M 4 Bt P BR 56)4 600 do l'30 101*4 800 Ohio 4 MlgsRR.... 44)4 600 do 030 111 , 23(41 do <3 1400 do 100'J 60(1 do 1)3 46 100 do 10.'J? oOO do iohi 800 uo 100)4 300 do k3 48 600 do s3 100?: 700 do 45 800 Pittsburg RB 38 100 Ohio 4Miss Bit prof 73)4 100 Eric KB 03'-: 2001)01, L A W KB.... 101 10) do b3 64 lOUHnn A BtJn RB... 43)4 3600 do 64 10 Morris A Essex BB 91 1200 do 64 M 800C.OAICRB 39 2000 do 64.*-4 400 do 89)4 600 do 64*: 100 do 1)3 S'Jli 2000 do 64 100 do 1)30 39)J 1000 do 6374 300 do 39 60UC AN WKRpl..... 88), 1U0 Atlun A l'ac pt.... 26 CLOSING PRI0E8?4 O'CLOCK P. M. Western Union. 8B54 a 86): Northwestern.. 81 a 82 Admns Kx 94)4 a 95 Northwest'!! pi. 88*4 a 83)4 Ani Mer Un Ex. 68*4 u 69 N J Central 103)4 a 104 U .3 Express.... 73*, a 74): Roc6.lsland.....ll4'4 u lll?4 Pacittc Mail.... 55', a 55)4 st Paul Ni), a 66?4 N Y Central...100*4 a 100)4 St Paul pref.... 75), a 76 Erie <>3)4 a (4 Wnt'ftsh 72), a 73 Harlem 137 a 137)4 Ohio A Miss 45 a 45)4 I.akc Shore 93): a t'l!, llan A St Jo.... 43 u 43*. Union l'acinc.. 34)4 a 34?4 Boston, 11 A E.. 1*4 a 4)4 Pittsburg 88 a 88)4 C, <. A 4 0 38J* a 39 COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Irregular; Receipts at the Ports, 14,594 Bale.?Flour Steady?Wheat Quiet?Corn rirm?U*ti Mteadler?Provisloni Quiet?Groceries Steady?Petroleum Dull and Nominal?-Naval Stores About Steady?Whiskey Dower. Thorsday, March 20?a P. M. The trade movement was retarded by the rata storm, and business in most commodities was accordingly light. Cotton was still dnll and nominal, with very little business except in contracts. At the Produce Exchange the markets were generally quiet at unchanged figures. Flour was in rather better request at steady prices. Wheat was quiet, but firmly held. Corn was quiet, but firm. Oats were steadier under a better demand. Whiskey was quiet and lower. Pork was very quiet, but firmly held, particularly for future. Lard wa3 strong, but not very active. Groceries were quiet, but not essentially changed in price. Petroleum remained dull and nominal. Naval stores were quiet, but without essential change in value. Copfbk.?The market continued dull and nominal for lots from first hands, but the Jobbing trade was moderately fair at full prices. From the out ports sales were reported of bags Rio, ex Chowan, at Baltimore, and 3.431 bags do., ex Win. Aiming, at New Orleans, both on private terras. We quoteRto? Ordinary cargoes, a 17*40.; fair cargoes, 18c. a 18^e.; good cargoes, 19e. a 19'4c.; prime cargoes, 19^c. a 19^c.; extreme range for lots, lC}4c. u 20c. Javu?Government bags. 20c. a 21c.; do. grass mats, 2Uc. a 22c.; Singapore, lOJjc. a l'/.tjC. , Ceylon, 17>*c. a 18Jic.; Maracaibo, 18c. a 19c.; Laguayra, lS'jc. a 20c.; Jamaica, 17>jC. a l^c.; St. Domingo, 16c. a lfi' jC.; Porto ltico, 19c. a 20c.; Costa Rica, 18c. a 30e.; Mexican, 18c. a 19c.; Manila, 17>sc. a lSJjjc.; Angostura, 17)4c. a lHJic.; Suvauilla, I7^c. a 18'.<\ ; Curacoa, 17t?c. a 18,'iC.. gold, per lb., 60 a SW days' credit. Cotton, not deliverable on contructs, was very much depressed ami quite unsalable except at low prices. The are nominal for nil .'rn.lnj fo.f morn especially so for ttie Interior qualities, which were offered freely, without purchasers. The market wus ahotit steady tor low middling uud the he tier qualities. For future delivery the transactions were less extensive as compared with yestcrday, but the market ruled about steady at 1-ltio. decline. We sum up thus:? To-Day, Latt Evening. Total. Export 1,U6S HW 1,163 Consumption 194 206 399 In trutisit *43 ? 443 Total 1.700 305 2,1*15 ?For future delivery (basis low middling the sales have been as followsSales last evening atler three o'clockMarch. l,4UU at lskc.; April, 100 at lsJ,o., 6t*l at l8%c.; May, 1*10 at IK 13-ltio., 1.500 nt i8ke. ; June, 200 at Ifc.; ,1 ulv, loo at 19 116c., 100 at J9%c. Total. 4,'.*?i hales. Sales to-day up to three o'clock P. M.?March. 400 at 1KJ,'e.. 300 at 18 *-16c.; 51*' at lb.%c., MUat Ik??o.; April, 600 at la9-l?c., 200 at IK5?C., too at IK l-16c.. 300 at lb%o., .TiO at 18 7-10c., HOOat IK'te., 100at 18%c.; Mav. 2i*iatis 13 16o? 2,11*1 nt 18kc., 1,2JO at IK 1316c.. 100 at 18 V-, I'M at 18 13-16c.,400 at 18J;c.. 200 at 18 1116c., 400 at IS*?e. s .tune, 800 at 191-I6C., 100at 19c., 100at ID l-16c? 300at 19c.. 60atl9k'c., 100 at 181516c., 400 at 19c. ; .tulv, 101 at 19ke? 31X1 at 19 3-IV 800 at 19'fc., 200 At 19 3-16c., 104 nt tO'.c. Total 1148 oaies- grandtotal, 16,.160bales. Exchanged?9-16c. pa t< exchange MHl April for July ; %c. paid to exchange 200 April lor July. The receipts at the ports sum up as utilews:?Galveston, 831 bales; New Orleans. 8,001; Mobile,491; Savannah, 1,760: (Charleston,786; Wilmingtbii.tR; Norfolk, 1.205; New York, 1,389; lloston, 64? Total. 14,591. Tins duv last week, 13,003. This day last year, 6,bb:>. Rates on cotton to foreign ports closed as follows'To Havre, bv steam, ll4e. a 1 %c.: sail. 1c., compressed; to Hamburg, by steam, f?d. compressed; lo Hremcu, bv steam. 1 'ac.; sail, le. ; to Liverpool, by steam, "id. a 7-10d.; sail, 9-32d. a II-32d We quote:? l /)l'in<U. Alalama. tieic Oriemit. Texan. Ordinarv 14k 14k 14k 14k Hoo.1 ordinary 16k 16k 16k 16k Sirlct good ordinary 17k 17% 17k 17k Low middling 18 '*% lb% 18% Middling 19k I", 19k 19k Hood middling 21% '!!% 21% 21% ?The quotations are based on cotton In store, running in quality not inure than half a grade above, or below thu grade quoted. 1.1,0(0 hudiels: corn. 20,900(to.; corn meal, BOO hblx. ami 1.877 bans: oate, 20,027 bushels; barley, 650 do. The Hour market was s.eady under u rattier bolter inquiry. The Hales since our hint loot up about 8,700 bills., at prices within t it ratiKo ot the appended quotations. Corn meal was quiet and unchanaeu. Sales 200 bids. of Western yellow a: $3 2 > on the pier and 4uo baas of coarae at $1 20 a si! 21 per IU0 lbs. We quote No. 2 State $4 00 a $8 26 Superfine State ti iKta 6 SO Extra State 7 25a 7 7r> Choice State 7 75 a 8 28 Superfine Western 0 00a 6 60 Extra Western 6 90 a 7 SO I 'xtra Minnesota 7 SO a 0 60 Hound Hoop Ohio, ahlppitur brands 7 no a 7 60 Hound lloop Ohio, trade brands 8 00 a 9 00 family 9 llOu 111 25 St. l.oitU low extra 7 00 a 7 75 St. Louts straight extra 8 00 a 8 so st. Louis choice double extra 9 no a 10 00 St. Louischoice family lOoOa 1.1 oo Calliornla 9 no a 10 00 Kve Hour. .1 SO a *> tk? Southern No. 2 4 25 a 6 50 southern superfine 6 nOa 0 50 Southern extra 7 26 a 9 50 Southern tntnlly 10 Oil a 1.100 Corn meal. Western 1 26 a .145 Corn meal, Jersey 1 t)0 a 8 66 ! Comment, liratidvwlne .1 7:. a 3 s.l I Knnimoro 4 il l', o. h. , Calorie .1 00 a 8 0S I'unclieotiM 19 .VI r. o. b. ?V. heat was very quiet, but prime was tlrmi v held: the sates were confined to small lots at $1 68 tor No. 2 .Milwaukee Sprinir, $1 70 a $1 86 for red Winter; other deriptiuns were held at previous prices. Corn was dull, hut firm; the sales toot up 72,000 bushels, at iV'VjC. lor prime old Western mixed, In store; 64c. lor do." hiirh mixed Toledo; 61*, c ;i 6 ? for new Western mixed, afloat; 6'>V- lor new Southern yellow; ti", a 70e. mmiimiliv mr i ,'V Wes'orn while; Include 1 In the sales ,ire .12.000 bush1 els tor 'tute. at 62c. dat? were tn better demand and I steadier ; i transactions CompriseCahout bushels, ? 16c., tra iiml t"C., dlio.-it, for new bin. i? Western; 1 !-,e. a .7. . new \\ stern mixed, afloat. t-c. a 6<lkj0. lor I win !- ii i. ? i : man r I i t verv cnoi- e?ana ai ',c. fur tnncy whit* an h : old .nix il held at 61 He., in a torus. I llarlei w.ta tlrnil.v held, but onunal. in the absence of transactions. Hye quiet; sales s.uut) hu?hels 01 Canada, | in burnt, at 88c. I'm ill berth freights continued quiet, j owing to the scarcity of .1 coinwiodntlon. hates were steady except lor grain, r> "in fur which broughtrather ' la iter figures. The 1 bartering demand continued lair, | and those closed were at lull rate-. I he engagements | were:?To Liverpool, by st< am, 7,600 bushels ol' corn, ut I 6'nil., 30,nud bushels uf do. a, fi'4d., 1,(S 0 tiulcs cotton at j I. a 7 list.. 50) buxi s baron at l"s. To London, bjr sail, 1 15,000 bushels of Wheat At s(| rhn charter* compriseA ; Norwegian bark, hence to Stockholm. 2,200bbla naiihtha, at as.; a .Norwegian hark, he ice at It- rdenux, 3.301) bbls. erode petroleum, on private terms: a Uritlsh hark, henee 1 to a direct port lit tile I uited kingdom, 2.000 Id.Is. rttilled | do., 7s.; a Hrlii-h brig. from Montreal to the llivur I'lato, :Cs' <vr) lert lumber, at $2h. gold, and primage; $4 extra if to upper ports. I Moi.assvs. ? I he market to-day continued quiet, trans1 actions being confined to small unimportant 10 dung lots. 1 Prices were iiU'haliged. Block tin- date Includes 4,047 It lids. ot 1 uba, 650 do. IVrto i.lco, 77 do. Kngltsli Islands I and .'i.WXl bids, ol New Orleans. We quote (Jit/ Crop. JV'rte Crop, ! Cuba, centrlfBgal and mixed 17c. a inc. ? a ? I Cuba.clayed ? a? 28c. a .'Me. 1 Cuba, muscovado, lending ?a? 2!?c. a 35e. I Cuba, muscovado,grocery ?a? die. adfle. I'orto Kico SOe. a 60c. 36c. a 55c. I Hnglish Islands ? a ? 26c. a 46c. j New Orleans ?a? 66c. a "6c. S *? a 1. Wtokls.?Kor spirits ot turpentine the market was dull, and nominally steady at yesterdav'a figures. Held at 67c. hosln was also dull and weak; strained quoted lit $.i 40 a f.T 15, Willi sales ol :10U bids, at the IllSide price, and a eargu at Wiimiugtnn 011 private terms. I The oner qualities w ere held at former prices. Tar and I pit h wi re m glecti d and nominal. Provisions. ? Kccclnts?Pork, 1,2X0 bids ; hoof, I'lOpaek| ages; cut meats, 0,641 do. : laid. 2,?27 biiL*. and tierci a and list kl gs. Hie market lor mess pork opened dull, but suhseqiienily olos* d tlriner tor iiilure, but asier lor cash rouuJ lots, sales were reported id .'"hi I.bis. lor May at (10 U and SOD do. lor Julie at ?16 IS'f. t ub mund lots were o'lcred a' no Id. Itaeon was very Arm, hut only in ninderate request. We heard of sales ot 2'ki boxes of short 1 ih inbl ilesoti private terms, tut boxes ol eliy lung ch ar at H'?o.; short clear quoted at 8V- We also note fitJcs 01 6UI) bikkes ill lioaloU iiac-ks on Private torma Hoe) MARCH 21, 1873?TRIPLE I was qnlot and price* unchanged. Pale* l?fi package*, within tlu; range oiflOit 9:2 lor new plain mem, $13 a Cl< lor do. extra (lo., bid*., 921 a 922 lor do. prime do., tierce*, and 92: a 925 lor do. India do., tierce*, i Beet' ham* were quiet and unchanged. Southern and 'I'exa* quoted at 922 a $20 and We.Mtern at915. Out meat*? The market wa* lea* active to day ; atill there wa* a fair bu-lnos* con*unimated at tree price* Sale* woie reported of 151) boxes of dry *alted, short-cut ham*, 141* lb*, average, at lie.; 70 boxes do., 17 a 181b*. overage, at l'rke.; :t00 boxe* smoked hit in*, 12 lb*, average, at l"c.; 140 do., 16 lb* average, at 12c.; 800 city pickled shoulders atC^c., Iiut generally hclil at 7c. . .too boxes of Boston bellies on Srivate terms. Lard?The market tor Western opened rmer, but lubsequently closed about steady. The sale* were 80 tierces, spot, at 8 7-lfie.; 100 tierce* on the dock at *v. a 8 7-lfle.; 800 tierce*, for April, at 8K,c.; 600 tierces fordo., later, at 8 9-16c.; 1,800 tierces, last nlifht. atH^c.; 750 tierces lor June, at 9 I 16c.; 100 tierces ho. 1, *pot, at 8V. City was steady, with sales of 150 tier es at S'^c. Dressed boa* were easier ftilv minted at 7c. a " .. and Western at 7c. I'etbolkck.?The market for rcflmed remained ia tlio snme condition as hitherto noticed?namely, dull and nominal. Contracts lor balance of month were obtainable at 19c., while cargoes for prompt shipment were held at 19%c. Crude, in bulk, continued lirni, but very scarce for lots for prompt delivery, the difficulty 14 obtaining transportation being the cause: held nominally at 9c. Cases were quiet, but not quotably chanced In pri e : held at '.'5%c. a 26',c., the higher price tor sinul! lots. Naiihtba was (full, but nominally steady, at 12c. for Western ana 13e lor city. Reports from the Creek were of a continual dull market, but prices were not mutorlatlv changed; quoted on the rouds ut 52 ou both upper unit lower and (2 15at Oil City. Tbo Philadelphia market remained neitlectcd und nominal. Refined held at He. a 18%c. tor remainder of month. Rick.?The market was unchanged, both as rcftards Ihe demand and prices current. The sales to-day comprlso about 34 tierces ol Carolina at 7%c. a 8%c. and 1U0 bags of Rangoon at 6%c. a 7c. Scoar.?Tho inquiry for raw continued light, but there was no noticeable change in prices. The sales aggregate about 799 hhds., including molasses sugar and common Muscovado, at 7%c. a 7%o., and centrifugal at 9%c. Refilled was lit less demand, but steady. Messrs. C. Ainanu A Co., in their circular ol this date, report the stock, sales and receipts as follows:? OtuU. Box**. Bag*. Mtlatlo. Stock (ascertained by actual count, Including speculation). March 1. 1873 12,745 20,02(1 74,664 1,275 Receipts since March 1 22,385 25,294 52,669 2,024 Totals. 35.130 45.390 127,ail 3,300 Sales since March 1 19,025 24,600 16.948 636 Stock this day. March 20, 1873. 15,503 20,720 110,385 2,664 Comparing with stock, March 21, 1872 23,489 32,218 70,269 1,993 Comparing with stock, March 2.1,1871 31,112 31,574 270,279 3,992 Comparing with stock, March 24, 1870 59,347 95,894 271.518 1,367 ?W e quote -.?Cuba?Refining, inferior to common, 7c. a 7%c.; talrto good fair, 8%'c. a 8'4c.; good to prime, 8% a 8V4c.; grocery, lair to good, 812c. a 9c.; prime to choice, 9',c. a 9%c.; centrifugal, hhds. and boxes, 9%c. a 9'q,c.; molasses, hhds. und boxes, 7c. a 8c. mclado, 4c. a 612c. Havana?Boxes, Dutch standard, No*. 7 to 9, 7%c. a 8J,c.: do., 10 to 12, 8%c. a 9%c.; do., 13 to 15, 9%c. ? 97,c.; do., 16 to 18, 10%c. a 10%c ; do., 19 to 20, 10%c. a llV4c.; white. lOJic. a 11%. Porto Rico? Kellniug, common to prime, 7' 2c. a 8%c.; grocery, fair te choice 8!2c. a 9%c. Brazil?Dutch standard, Nos. 8 to 12, 7c. a 8'|C. Java?Dutch standard. Nos. 10 to 12, C\,c. a 9%c. Manila?Superior and extra superior, 7%e. a 8%c. Stkahink was in better demand, Willi sales of 8(1,000 lbs. in hhds. at 8%c, Tai.low continued dull. We have only to note sales of 30 bbls. or common at 8%e.; city quoted at 8%c. W msKKT. ? Receipts?675 bbls. The demand was OlJic?,' and'fiO bbisT at Skte.7 c lo'sing'at the lower price. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Galveston, March 30, 1873. Cotton firmer, In lair demand; good ordinary, \6Ho. Net receipts KM bales. Exports?To Great Hrltnln, I,2i6; to the Continent, 1.250. Bales. 1,200. Stock, 06,084 Nkw Oklkank, March 20,1873. Cotton?Demand actlre: ordinary, l.lKc; good ordinary. 16c.; low middlings, 17&c.; middlings, 16Jic. Net receipts, 8,001 bales; gross, 11.521. Eyiorts?Coastwise, 1 525. Bales, 2,5110; last evening, 8,000. Btock. 213,115. [Note.?3,513 bales, shipped to Liverpool March 8. The ship, being disabled bv lire, is below the city. The cotton (damaged) will eomo back, and is added to the gross receipts and stock.] w ?? ,0? Mobile, March 20, 1373. Cotton quiet and steady; mlddllugs, 18^c.; low middlings 17Vc- Net receipts, 404 bales. Exports coastwise, 052. Bales, 600. Stock, 42,581. savannah, March 20, 1873. Cotton qnlet and steady; middlings, lS^c. Net receipts, 1,700 bales. Exports?To the Continent, 5,560; coustwise, 1,181. Bales, 600. Btock, 48,983. Charleston, March 20. 1873. Cotton quiet: middlings, 18J?c. Net receipts, 785. Ex ports?To Ureat Britain, 2,287! Sales, 3U0. Btock 30,570. Wilnincton, N. C., March 20, 1873. Spirits of turpentine quiet; sales at 51c. Rosin firm; $2 70 for strained. Crude turpentine quiet; $2 25 for bard, >4 for yellow dip and virgin. Tar lower; sales at $2 76. OawBoo, March 20,1873. Flour steady and unchanged; sales, 1,100 obis, at $8 75 lor No. 1 Spring. $9 75 tor amber Winter, $10 50 for white Winter, $11 for double extra. Wheat firm, stock light. Corn dull ; sales, three cars at 60c. Barley scarce and quiet Corn incal, $1 30 for bolted and $1 25 for unbolted per rwu ^Millfeed unchanged; shorts, $21; sliipstults, $22; middlings, $23 per ton. Railroad freights? I' lour to l'hihidelphia, 60c.; to Boston, 72c.; to New York, C2c. ;to Albany.54c. t Buffalo. N. Y.j March 20,1873. Flour quiet; Western Spring, $7 50 a $8; aiuher $3 50 a $0 25; white, $9 60 a $li). Wheat dull; no sales made public; quoted Milwaukee No. 2 Spring, $1 60; Chicago No. 2 Spring, $1 40 a $1 50; Duluth No. 1 Spring, I $1 Hs; white Canada, 91 75 a SI 93; white Michigan, $1 80 a $1. Corn steady; sales of 5,(100 bushels Western on the track at Sic.: small lots ol No. 2 In store at 82c. Oats quiet; sales of 1,41*1 bushels Western at 42c. Barley quiet; sales ol 1,800 bushels two-rowed State on the irm k at 81c.; 1,600 do. No. 3 Western on the track at 87c.: 780 do. Canada In store at $1; quoted Western 00c. a 08c.; I < nil.ida 98c. a $1 08; fonr-rowed State 98c. Rvc nominal 85c. Barley mattflrm; Western, $la 91 10; prime Winter Western, $1 10 a 91 18; prime Canada, 91 20 a $1 25. ltye malt nominal at 05c. Other artieies unchengcd. Chicago, March 20, 1873. Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat moderately active, hut irregular and lower; salesot No. 1 Spring at 91 2C%; No. 2 Spring, 91 19% a 91 19%, cash: $1 20U, seller, April; 91 24%, seller. May; No. 3 Spring, $1 07% n 91 08%, according to date ol receipts; rejected. 93c. Coriwsteady at Sl\,c. a 31%c. for No. 2 mixed, cash; 31%c.Nl 3l7$c., seller. April: 38,%e. a 35%c., seller, May. Cats anil and drooping at 2t>c a 26\?c. for No. 2 regular, 26%c. a 27c. for fresh, 23%c. lor reiected. Rye srendv at 64c. a 64kc. for No. 2. Barley steady at 73c. a 73%c. for No. 2 Fall, regular ; 75c. for fresh; 63c. a 65c. lor No. 3. Fork in lair demum! and higher at $14 70, seller, April: 914 90 a $15, seller, May. Lard steady at $7 90, cash ; $8 05, seller. May. Bulk meats quiet and unchanged. Whiskey dull; holders unwilling to make concessions: sales at 87e.. closing nt Sti%e., bid; 87c. asked. Receipt*?10.000 bids, flour, 43,000 bushels Wheat. 71,000 do. Corn, 43,000 do. oats ami 12,000 do. barley. Shipments?11,000 hhls. Hour. 14,000 bushel* wheat, 12,000 do. corn, 34,000 do. oats and 8.U00 do. barley. HAVANA MARKETS. II at ana, March 19,1875. Sugar Irregular. Exchange?On United states sixty days, in currency. 11% a 12 per cent premium ; In gold, 291 a a 3 > per ecu: premium; on London, 44% a 45 per cent premium. EUROPEAN MARKETS. LOXlJOJf MONEY MARKET.?LONPON, March 20? 5 F. M.? Consols and American securities closed unchanged. Kriu Railway shares, 51 Ji. Consols opened atVt\ a 1Yl% lor money ami 92% a 03 lor the accuont. Fakis Bourse.?Fakis, March 20?F.M.?Rentes closed at Is*. 52c. Liverpool Cotton Market.?Liverpool, March 20?5 P. M.?The market closed firm : middling uplands, 9Wd. a 9'?d.; middling Orleans, 93?d- n 9'id. The sales of the ilay have been 14,uU0 bales, including 5,000 tor speculation and export, of the sales , 10,000 bales were American. Sales of cotton shipped frotn Savannah or Charleston February and March, at 9VI, and from the same ports deliverable in April, at 9 Mod. Lit KitrooL URKAosTurrs Maukkt.?Liverpool, March 20?Noon.?The market Is dull, except corn, which is llrmor Wheat 11s. Oil. a lis. Hd. per cental lor averaca (California white, lis. lOd- a Lis. 4d. tor cltth do. and lis u l'is. 3d. lor rod Western .Spring. Flour, 23s. Cd. per bbl. for Western canal. Corn 27s si, per quarter. Livkrpooi. Frovisioxs Market.?Liverpool, March 20?Noon.?Fork 59s. per bbl. lor netv tness. London Fropcik Makkkt. -London, March 20.?Refined petroleum, Ifilj'd. ner gallon. Linseed oil, 132 10s. a ?32 15s. per ton Common rosin. 'Js. Od. per cwt. Spirits turpentine, 44s. t'sl. a 45s. per ewt ? ? FINANC1AI/. VUGU8T BELMONT A CO., Hankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street, ls>ue Travellers' t'rcdlts, available In alt parts ot the world, through the Messrs. PR ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits nml transfers of ntonoy on Cnlilornla, Knrope and Havana. V? LAT'SLMY A HA/.I.MY, 47 BXCH4NGK IM.Al M . Stock privileges HiHy explained in circular, with practical Illustrations and roltrenres; circular mailed to any add toss; no risk beyond amount invested. V?MONEY TO LOAN?ON MONO AND MORTGAGE, In New York, Brooklyn and New Jorsev. Frincl1 pals only apply toS AMU KLS. woo it, Jr., 155 Broadway, | room id. Bono AND mortgage.?to loan- $2,000 W?;ited to i irohasc, for a permanent Investment, a First >|. rt - e on desirable dwelling house property, of i /lOMMuNWKALTH OV VIRGINIA.?COUPONS DUB ! ' January 1. 187 >, off the uld bonds ami consul* and , interest on rcsiatend stock, payable April I, collected hv JOHN B. MANNING, No. S New street. IAOll SAI.K- SH ARKS I'KKt KHRKO. 300 DITTO Common .-lock Little Rock nnd Kurt Smitli Railroad Company. PARIS A STOCKER, 24 New Htreet, room 211, New York. Haskins a i;rai\k. ti it road street, Stock nnd Hold Brokers, stock Privileges a specialty; Puts, Calls nnd Double Privileges on sll active# stock ; small rapitnlists will tin,I tlii* a s iic method of speoulBtlng; explanatory circulars, with references, mulled on application. JAY COOKE A CO., No. 20 Willi street. New York. Exchange on London, Taris, Berlin, Frankfort, Bremen. Cnhlc Tran.-fcrs, Circular Letters, Commercial Credits. JAY COOKE. MrCPLLOCU A CO., H Lombard street, London. A I I I; It AY HILL BANK. JVI Nrw York, March 18, 1873. The directors of this liank have tliii .lav declared a dividend o( f l per share, payable on and litter April 1, lh7.'l. 'I he transfer books will he closed lrom date to 1st proximo. JAMES STRIKER, Cashier. VTOTICE. jlI Tkkasl'rkii's Orricit, Erik Railwat Coxrssr, I March 18. 187A S The Interest due April I next, on the loufth mortgage bonds, New fork and Erie Railroad, will be paid at the otllee of Duncan, Sherman A Co , II Sa-.-ou street. vi . r sHEAR.itBN, Treasurer. rnilE Eul tTBR?NEW 1! . BNTIOV. rHE Ml ITER 1 Is an instrument tor averaging accounts and #11 cases Of Puliation of payment'', charges, Ac. It dispenses with multiplication, addition and division. On exhibition and i sal? ststori ot 11. AIM'l.EiyN A CO.,(161 Broadway mid | at C c. MAHSLld rooms. 720 Broadway. Descriptive : circulaii. 1 SHEET. W1TA1TCTAL. I TUK COUPONS OK THE ARAPAHOE COUNTY RAILroad bonds due April 1, 1873, will be paid by tlie Fourth National Bank, of tills city. nnfkTO$lS,OOOTO LOAN ON BOND ANDMORT; dH"?uUU gage, on strictly first class improv< d property in the city of New Vork. Apply to HORACE CRAVES, 192 Broadway, New York. <j?1 ooa to loan on bond and mortffou,UUU gage: Second Mortgages cashed at once- RICHARD V. HARNETT, lll'Broadwuy. room E, basement. &1 ^0 nnn to loan-on NEW YORK, BROOK. i. e.", .. lyn or New .Jersey Property, In sums tosuit; First, Second and lieascbold Mortgages cashed. A. M. JOHNSON, ltt) Broadway, room 3. ^400 000 T,? LOAN ON NEW YORK, BltOOKSTVV,yU\ ,yn and Westchester Real Estate, in sums to suit; no bonus required: term of years. C. E. V> 11,1,1s. Motitauk Insurant-,> fin ism HrrmSuu v COPA 11TN K RSH1M, TXISSOLUTION OF OOPARTNKRSHnv^THR CO 1/ partnership heretofor existing between the undersigned, under the Drmnl Mteadinan A Parry. is this day dissolved by mutual couscnt u. STKAliM AN. HAM1TF.I, C. PARRY. The business will be continued ai heretoiore by bamuel C. Parry, New Yobk, March 17,1873. The copartnership heretofore existing under the tlrm nnmc of Friend, Sterns A Co. is this day dissolved hy mutual consent, Mr. B. Levinc wtllidrawinir. The business will be continued under the naine of Friend A Sterns at 257 Canal street All settlements will be uiadv by the new flrin. HERMAN FRIEND. JOSEPH STERNS. New York, March 18,1873. BERN HARD EE VINE. REAL ESTATE MATTERS. Considerable anxiety was manifested before yesterday as to how the property advertised by Muller, Wilklns k Co., consisting of thirty-four valuable lots, situated on Mornlngslde St. Nicholas, New and Eighth avennes, would sell. The day was by no means propitious, and the assembly, though numerous, partook largely of the dreariness of the weather. However, the offered property was disposed of, but at prices far below the general estimates. The following are the details of Muller, Wiikiis k Co., as well as the other sales held at the Exchange yesterday 6 lot* on n. w. corner Now (Knickerbocker) av. and 109th St., 100.11 on av. by 78 It on 109th st.; T. II. Scott t at $3,000 $15,000 7 lot* s. o. corner New (Knickerbocker) av., 100.11 It and 108th st 170 tt; H. Marks , ai $4 000 28,(09 7 lots s. p. corner Mornlngslde av., 100.11 It and 112th at. 170 ft.; A. Kainak ; at $3,850 2G.950 3 lots a. s. 113th St., 225 It west 7th av. Boulevard, TF..\rU\ 11 48 . T n/.n>vl/4 L'nln.lmon. at UlVl 11 Af\\ 11 lot!", occupying tho entire (gore) block, bnutuleil bv Central l'nrk av., at., av. St. Nicholas uud 123d at; A. Kaniak 69,500 BT JOSKI'H M'OtHKlt (KXECOTOR'a BAI.K). 2 5-g. (Ho. 380 2d av., corner 22d at.), 24.11x50.10)4 and 25.2x22, lot 100 It neep ; Terrence McUaliill 30,300 1 4-s. bk. h. (No. 381 2d av., corner 22d at), 24.1)4x48.10 x03.11)4 It; Jameg Keilly 25,090 1 4-a. bk. h. (No. 383 2d av.), 24.11x48.10x63.11)4 ft. : Terrence Brady 18,600 1 6-s. bk. It (No. 243 East 22d at), 18x40x74.9 tt.; Frederick Pecker 9,500 1 3-s. h. g. b. a. h. (No. 149 East 41)th at), 18.5x51.1x100.5 It.; Daniel Fltymtrick 16,000 2 3-8. bk. h. (No. 723 and 725 East Uth at.), each 21.2x 41.8 tt; also 1 3-a. bk. It (No. 13 Dry Dock at), 24.2)4 X42.4 tt.; B. F. McOalilll 16,500 1 3 a. bk. h. No. 727 East 11th at., 24.2)4x46.3 ft. and 1 3a. bk. h. No. 14 Dry Docket., 24.2^x30.4 ft, to Murphy A Co 11,750 13 a. h. a. b. a. h. No. 901 2d av., cor. 61atat., 20.5x65x80 ft, to Oeorge Cornell 19,500 14 a. bk. h., a. w. cor. av. C and 9th at, 23.6x44.7, and 3 a. bk. h. en 9th at, adioining, 18.3x23.6, to Henry Oppeuhciiuer 23,000 1 3 a. fr. h. and 2 a. bk. atable, No. 420 East 53d at, lot Irregular, to James Smith 9,000 3 a. fr. h. No. 418 East 53d st, 18.3x32.5x100.5 ft, to F. V. Loew 8,000 Br A. J. BLKKCKEK, SON ANll CO.?-BROOKLYN ruorKBTV. 2 a. and at. f. h., 295 9th at., bet. 4l!i anil 5th ava., 30.Ox SSxHuft: to James Boyuton 5,700 2s. and at fr. h., 180 10th at., bet. 3d and 4th ava., 20x 36x100 tt.; to N. T. Ackermnn 4,000 12 a. fr. h., 593 Carroll at. 18x25 ft.; on rear ot lot small cottage, 18x24 It., and atable, 18x26 It; lot 76.2x11)0x115 it; to A. O. Corder 5,250 MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board of Aldermen. A mcetlncf of the Hoard of Aldermen was held yesterday, President Vance In the chair. A NEW STKEET. Alderman monheimer moved the following resolution Resolved, That the Board of Strait Opening and Improvements be requested to tnKc Immediate measures to extend Kim street, from Kcado to t'hutnhurs street, and widen and straighten said street to a unitorm width of eighty feet tor Its entire length from Chambers street to Marion street on the westerly side, and extend the said street In as nearlv a straight line as possible, of a uuilorin width of eighty leet, to connect with Lafayette place; also to extend Laiayette plaoe to the Fourth avenue in as near a straight line as possible, passing along the easterly side ol St. Ann's church and Eighth street. The resolution was referred. annexation of part of westchester corntt. Alderman billimis brought up a report irom the Law Committee endorsing the bill now before the Legislature for the annexation of West Farms, Kings Bridge and Morrlsanla, and urging that the resolution and report of the committee be lorwarded to the Legislature. After a close vote. Alderman Cooper moved that the report be laid over, and the motion was carried. TTTE NinilT sou, CONTRACT. Alderman cooiek moved that the Board of Health be authorized to advertise for a contract for the removal of the night soil, at a sum not exceeding $::0,000 per year. The motion was, 011 a vote, lost: six voting In the aitlrmatlvc and six in the negative. tite OETTYSr.cbo memorial. The Board of Apportionment was authorized to appropriate $5,000 lor the above memorial. There was not a sufficient number ol members present to carry "fleneral Orders," and the board adjourned at lour o'clock. Board of Supervisors. a ninntinir ft! 1i10 ttnirrl nf irnn liptfl yesterday, the Mayor in the chair. WHAT IT COSTS TO TRY Ml'RDERERS. The following bills were presented for professional services as medioul experts in the case of John Scuunel Dr. Thaddeus M. B. Cross $1,000 Dr. William A. Hammond SUO Referred to Committee on Criminal Courts. Bill of the Astor House for meals lor jurors on the lollowlng-named trials Cordc's trial $100 on | Scanned trial 1,770 110 I Scanned trial . 20 <10 Robert Bonymic, stenographer, for taking testimony in Scanned trial 400 20 THE TWENTY-SECOND HKiilMKNT ARMORY. The roHOlution for rc-lcasing the Twenty-second i Rcirifucnt armory for throe years, at $20,000 per annum, was adopted on a vote ol eleven votes. The Board, alter the transaction of the regular business, adjourned to Mouda? next, on the motion of Alderman Kiley, as a manifestation of respect to Alderman Ottendorier, tin. itinera! of whose daughter took place yesterday. The Markets of the City. The following report has just been made to the Legislature by Comptroller Green, relative to the public markets, in accordance with a resolution olTered by Senator Tiemann on the 3d of March instant:? Til TIIK IlnNOKAM.K TIIK SWATH:? In compliance with a resolut.on of the Senate, whereby the undersigned Is requested to communicate '-it -.atenient showing tlie expenditure* and revenues of ihe vurioiis piitiiic inarltets ot the city and any other Information respecting -aid markets tlmt may, In Ids judgment, be useful in framing proper legl-latkiu on this subn et,'' the following statements mid Information arc rospectlully submitted The present Comptroller assumed otllce in the Kail of 1871. For a comparison of results with the year 1372 the year 187*1 is taken. The total number of employes in 1870 was 84 The total number of employes in 1872 was 42 Reduction in number of employi s 42 or one-hall. I lie cost ot these emplo.v -s in 187 t was $8.'.324 The cost of these employes ill 18/2 was 4ii,i8Vt Showing a reduction of $8ti,0j8 or nearly ift per cent. Schedule A shows this matter in detail The total receipts ill 1872 were $381,803 The total receipts in 1870 were 373,184 Showing a gain in 1*72 over 1870of $10,879 The total expen-i s in 1870 were $83,417 The toial expenses ill 1872 were $ti9,l>77 I.ess tnc (Inference paid lor repairs In 1872 0Ver,(,7a ?t,842 Shmvinir a roiliirtlon In 1H72 over 1S70 of $-'l.f>74 Schedule t' shows (lie receipts mill expenditure* olem'h ol tlie iniirkeN of the city tur ton >ci?r?, trotn isd3 to 1873, liutli Inclusive, as lolluiv- :? M.nUh. Nr<-ript*. EjcpentlHiirei. Wndilnyton $ihi, , 43 i.ji l,un Went WaoliiiiKton 911,-20 1M..V9 Kulton 4^,.tiki lee. >i) i-rnuKiin 34.H23 ,i9,4ild t ,<v^-ttH 4!i,5:.i " linton 107 t.W fli.149 (leuverneur 7.MH 8 i,4:ill Centre OB bb,M Jritrmn ' 61,3.7 41,177 Essex 60,917 40,044 19,>10 .37,438 Tompkins . .V>,8fl2 43,492 EHhtccnttt ward 12,142 I0,ftft0 Totnl S'i,919,7i)7 ?1IV074 Total receipt* $2,919,7l!7 Total expenditure* M.r>,o,4 Net revenue lor ton venn S3,074,699 Till* w ennui lo 4.?6 per cent per utinuni on u v-.*a atioii oi $l,26i,Ji4. A XEiRIBLE MISTAKE. Mr. Frederick Schenkei, the Newarker who, as reluteil In Monday's Hkkald, took poison on Sunday In mistake for medicine, has since died a frlirtitlul death. At first It was thought he would recover, but the muriatic acid and solution oi /.ino ate e way the under coatliiff of his stomach, caused ltit1.nnniai.iiin, the voruitluir ui several quarts of blond, ami tiuin death. iMwnoMd was (ortv-emut years oi u^e. rv 1 NEW JERSEY'S VICTORY, f The General Railroad Bill Passed Both Houses. . McPherion'i Repentance Applauded?The VotA ? in the Senate Unanimona?A Blow at Patterson's Bill?Local Option Killed. Monopoly, which was killed In the New Jersey Lculsluture on Wednesday, was laid In Its little bet! i yesterday, when the Ueueral Kallroad bill passed 1 the Senate, without a dissenting voice, all the * r Senators betng present. There was no debate, yet a remarkable and pleastn? scene was witnessed In the DUbllc conversion of McPherson to the ranks of the people. He was the only Senator who spoko on the bill, and he spoke in explanation or hla position, ne rojolccil that the hour was at hand when the people of New Jersey might cry out that they were at last reamed from the power of the monopoly. When tnls end would be accomplished New Jersey would sit robed ' in white, for she had been redeemed through lire. In this strain he proceeded, provoking hearty , laughter from Tlopkins, lrirk, Sewell and Jarrard. his late companions, but eliciting applanso from < the galleries, which the President, however. ' g quickly suppressed, and he aunounced that tha galleries would be cleared if the demonstration | wero repeated. McPherson's pride once more regained sway over him, when he announced that 1 In his past record he had nothing to recall, nothing j to regret. This rererred to his vote on Assembly bill No. 3, when he waged war and waged it sueccssfully against the people of the State. When the vote was being taken Sewell explained his vote by saying that, though ne had offered several amendments, he offered them in perfect good faith and with a view to render the bill i fM/im ?hn harelnnlnff in fo ma I pcrit't'li lie iiuu uccu 11 uiu me uckuiuiu^ iu layuv of a general railroad law. and wonld, therefore, gladly vote aye on the present bill. When the President announced "The bill 19 passed, twenty-one Senators voting In the afllrma* tive and none in the negative," another storm arose In the galleries, which conld not De suppressed till they were cleared. There Is nothing In the entire hlstorv of Now Jersey legislation so remarkable as the unanimity with which the Scott Senators voted for this bill. A few grumblers In the lobby, who were supporting tho bill and who would never give a man credit for good intentions construe this action into "a nigger in the fence." Their suspicions were certainly aroused when McPherson, soon after the passage of the General Railroad bill, offered a resolution that after that bill should become a law (by the signature of the Governor) no further action be taken by the Senate dnring the present session , !' on bills giving power to build railroads. That resolution whs a clincher, nnd was an overt act of hostility against Patterson's through line bill, which Is simply a reproduction of No. 3, with a few trifling alterations. I Williams moved to lay the resolution on th? table. Irlck soon afterwards had It called np. Havens opposed it, declaring it was out of order. Alter some further debate, In which Cutler, Sewell, Williams, Hopkins. McPherson, Havens, Hewitt, Irick and Stone took part, Stone protesting that it was unjust, unfair and disrespectful to the Assembly, a division was taken, with the following result:? Ykas?Messrs. Beesley, Hopkins, Irlck, Jarrard, T-ydecker, McPherson, Xloure, Newkirk, Sewell and Bhcppard?10. _ Navs?Messrs. liamtliart, cornisn, cimcr, r-usaii, navens, Hendrlckson, lie witt, Stone, Taylor, Williams and Wood?11. The resolution was accordingly lost. The Locul Option hill came up in the House, and Morrow moved rho lndetlnita postnonement of thla vexatious question. Maeknett, In snpnorting the bill, read some temperance lectures ;but he was completely floored by K.vder, who defended the square, straight drinkers, by advancing the doctrine that more persons descend to premature graves for want of a proper supply of caloric than died from excess or It. At length a division was taken, and as this is a question which has agitated the people of New Jersey for the past four years, the record will be instructive. For the Indefinite postponement of the bill the vote stood Ykas?Messrs. Anderson..I.: Anderson, J. J.; Baldwin} Campbell, Oanfleld, Carpenter, Cole. IKircmns, Knrrier, Foreman, flaede, Olfford, Hill, Hopper, Jones, Letson, n Lindsa.v, Morrow, Mutchler, l'attcrson, Plympton, Hear- 1 don, K vder, Smalley, Sproul, Wandlo, Ward and Wash, burn?Si Navs?Messrs. Borton, Carse, Cavlleer, Cooler. Dorrell; Eldridge, Hemminvway, Hotiart, Hopiiock, Howell. Iszard, Leamine, Lee, Lufherry. Muckiiett, Martcr, Mclianold, McKinley, Schenrk, Sohultze ; >mitli, A. J. I Smith, A. W.; Thompson, Whltticar, Wildo and Wit. letts?26. This is the last of local option during the present session. THE NEWARK TRAGEDY. Funeral of Mies Lyon?What the Kind Clergyman Said. At the residence of her uncle, Mr. Israel Ilaldwln, j '? t>i nontor/1 it vr Ihn fiiiiAfu 1 nrtrlond 1 ,? J JUUV7 - - - , over the remains of Miss Lyon, the Newark snlcidej ; took place in the presence of a large number ol |' friends and relatives of the deceased <yrl. Placed in a handsome casket, and arranged with all thq ' art of the undertaker, the body presented an ap< pearance the very reverse of repulsive. In lifd j Miss Lvon was very prepossessing in features, an4 J in death she looked as though enjoying a refresh* i ing sleep. A profusion of choice flowers lay about the casket, and on it was a silver plate witli the usual inscription. Cltv Superintendent ol Schools, G. H. Seers, and several teachers wera among the assemblage. Rev. Dr. Mcllvalne, of the High street Presbyterian church, conducted tha services, and in the coarse ol some feeling remarks on the deceased charitably stated that there vaA r but one conclusion us to the cause of the poo , girl's rash act, and that was that she was irrcs sponsibly insane. County Physician Dodd and Dr. Abraham Co'ed sav Miss Lyon's is the only case of suicide they > have known in a quarter or a century o: practice in which a woman has committed suicide by shooting herself. They have known of many cased tn wtiieh iiritieninir niul unison have been resorted to by females, but never a case of throa^-ruttlng* hanging fir shooting until the art or Miss T.yonThey attribute this to woman's natural lack o| physical courage generally. JONATHAN OLDBPCK TO GO VEEN 03 DIX. No Tax on Six Per Cent Mort^ igei. To rnu Editor of tnr. Hfrai.d:? To Governor Dix?You referred in your annnaf message to the propriety, if not the necessity, ol repealing or altering the law that Imposes a tax upon money loaned upon real estate security* This recommendation has been received with soma favor bv the people, but there aro manv who apprehend that the udvantigcs you proi >se are all on the side of the capitalist, or loaner, therefora they hesitate, and doubt the accuracy of yout assertion that all will be benefited, as they shoulrf t.? i>* Mm pptiphi oi this tax. Manv borrowers sua that the tax attonld net be absolutely repealed* so as to exempt air loans upon mortgage, but that the repeal should Indirectly reduce the rate of Interest to the borrowor. Ii the tax shall be repealed where the Interest Is charged at only six per cent, and not repen'od whero the rate charged N seven per cent, that such a law would benelit the borrower as v ell as the lender. The tax imposed upon personal projiertf > throughout our .Mate will average more than two per cent. Therefore, a mortgage ben :ng seven per cent Interest must pay two per ce it tax, which reduces the net interest to live percent. Uy exempting all mortgage loans that bear six per ceus interest, It will appear that the capltalls* or loaner will receive one per ceut more on a six per cent mortgage loan than upon one bearing an interest of seven per cent, You will thus practically rednco the rate of Interest to six per cent to the borrower, while yon enhance the uet interest more than ono per cent to the loaner. Here is a plan that Is equitable ami inst to bor? rower and lender, and will receive universal approbation, as all such laws should. From yonr old ir.cnd, JON A mAN OLDBUCK. THE FIRE ALARM TELEGRAPH CLAIM. 104 Centre Street, Marca 19, 1373. , To tiie Editor <>e the Herald:? The late firm of Charles T. A I. N. Chester (of which I am the surviv inn member) miwlc contracts with the Fire Departineat of the city 01 Now Yorlc for the construction of the fire alarm telegraph. At the time Comptroller (ireen came into i illte thero was a balance due us from the city on account of said contracts of about one hundred and eighty* seven thousand dollars, the work having been all completed and the city In possession and use ol trio system. Tnc statein >nt in your pu, erof tins date thai our "claim could have been settled lor twelve mouths ago" is a nii.-iake. Ws have never offered to take, nor would we at any time have taken, any amount less than our clans under the contracts, snowing that we wero legally and Justly eutitie > to tlie full amouut. We wcra compelled to appeal to the Courts to enforce the payment, mi'! \v- t awarded the amount of our china with interest, hut we were compelled to paj I our own cysts. Ucsuuctfuliy yours, CUAULfca 7. CiitdXJSK.

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