Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1873 Page 9
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y THE POSTMASTEBSHIP. The Inaide Workings of the New York OfficeInterviews of the Ingoing and Outgoing Postmasters?Interesting Points About the Conduct of the Big Machine?The Improvements To Be In trod need?A Conference Between Postmaster Jones and Mr. James Yesterday? The Conclusions Arrived At?Sinecnres and Political Influence. Postmaster Patrick n. Jones yesterday had an Interview with Mr. Thomas L. James, on the 1st of April next General Jones goes out and Mr. James comes in. The former has held the othce lor lour years, ana in wie nine uaa ?uu ??> <. ?? ? the position Is not so nice a tiling as it is generally supposed to be. The motives were fully detailed in the Hkkai.d lust Muuduy. They do not partake or a political character, as General Jones ts in full accord with the administration, and Is governed In his couduct entirely by private reasons. Mr. James, the Ingoing Postmaster, Is a gentleman who has been lu the Custom House for many years and has a lull knowledge of public duties, l'lie two gentlemen, who are in entire harmony together, met yesterday to discuss matters connected with the Post Oitlco, and the statements made were of a very Interesting character. A i1kkai.ii reporter was present at the conference between them. General Jones began by saying that the New York Post Office, as at present constituted, was eertalnLy deficient in the accommodations needed to do lis large business properly. The accommodations were now just what they were years and years ago, and yet within that time the business hud doubled more than ouce. It was calculated and found true by statistics that the business of the office doubled everv elirht years?that Is. within the time he hud beta iu the cilice only it hail become hair aa large again a> It was. To do the Work needed there were certainly clerks enough. But these clerks had not roetu enough to do their work properly. They were crowded together and almost elbowed each other out or their places, the room wus so wanting there to do their work expeditiously. What, above all IS UBUENIXY NKEOED are carriers?men outside to deliver letters properly and promptly. At present he had 900 men under him?that Is, 319 carriers and the remainder oj^rks. A good many of the latter were at the various stations spread through the city. The 319 carriers were not enough. At least 100 more were needed immediately to do the business effectually, indeed, the public was very indulgent to the many shortcomings of the Post Olllce, lor they really had reason to complain 01 many tilings. At tills point Mr. James asked how the Loudon Tost Olllce was carried on. General Jones said that the London Post Ofllce bad three men to our one, and that therefore London held fully three times our population. This matter must not be considered by population, but by space. New York carriers had more ground to go over a great deal than the London carriers, and this is what made the disparity. TUB MANAliKJlKNT AS IT IS. Reporter?Will the Increase, If It Is made, give as more deliveries? General Jones replied that at present there were eight deliveries made dally down town?that Is below Canal street, and hvo daily up town. That the Increase, besides giving gieutcr promptitude, would cause one delivery more each day. The pay of the carriers, he went on to say, came trom the appropriation given by Congress to the Postmaster General, and that the consent of the Postmaster General would have to be obtained to get this Increase in the force. There might probably be no ditlleultv In getting It If the appropriation were large enougn. But the main trouble was that a lot 01 little country towns were allowed to have carriers which really did not laced them, and in this way the big cities were de?rived of them. The salaries 01 carriers in New orit was $soo a year and oi the clerks never more than $900 and $l,ooo, and this was not much tor men who worked trom seven In the morning to five and six at night. Mr. James?can yon get good men at such salaries as these? General Jones?I don't think so. That is why a great mauy men just pass through here and go elsewhere directly they can better themselves, fins Is the trouble ?f paying such small salaries. The men are all examined by the surgeon of the otlice and proved to be able-bodied men before their applications can be considered. Thou there is a sort oi a civil service examination which they have to go through. 1 have now in my desk there about a hundred applications from various people who have passed through these ordeals. political influence in tuk post office. Afii uni r.n?aic uivv ui'^uiiiiujtuia uuuicij governed by political con-lderatlons? General Jones?1 have my theory about this. I think that after these uicu have been through all the examinations, both physical aud mental, all other things being equal, a mau should appoint another 01 his own political faith in prelerence to one who is not. 1 do not believe in appointing a republican without brains in prelerence to a democrat with brains; but 1 mean, in case both are equally good, I should undoubtedly prefer the republican, and you will, perhaps, agree with me that the republican party has as much brains as the democratic. Kkportkr?Do any democrats apply lor positions? General Junks?1 have not known a single one to apply to me of the democratic persuasion. If they did 1 should of course consider their applications and (with a smile) take the best men. There is one democrat In ttie building down stairs, lie has been here some time. improvements to be made. Mr. James asked wUether there were any changes going on In the Post ottice at present. ' Yes, there Is one," said General Jones. "In regard to the outside malls arriving in the city, on the Eastern and Southern railroad routes we have clerks who go on the early morning trains, one at Philadelphia and the other at New liaven, and, coining in with the trains, they have all the letters assorted and arranged by the time they reach the city. This is a great accounnod.ition, because In cases where letters are destined lor other parts of the country they are placed In boxes and sent on to the other depots witnoiit passing through this otnee at all. In the same war letters which are meant for the upper part of the city go direct ami don't* here. Hut neither ttie Northern nor the Western routes nor the Erie nor the Hudson Kiver have got these postal cars, and just now we are negotiating with Vanderbilt and Tom Scott for arrangements of the kind. I don't mean to say that tnese roads dou'i afford any accommodation, tint tliey don't have the postal cars ou the very trains on which we need theiu?the last morning trains. Hut this will tic soon arranged, no douht, and it will tie a great accommodation and will allow ol letters to the city being delivered much earlier than they would otherwise he." TilK KBVALCATIONS AN1> KMIIK/./.LEMKNT8. The conversation here turned on dedications and embezzlements which have been made In the Host office. General Jones said that it was almost Impossible for a Postmaster to guard against these, lu the case of Norton, Mr. Kelly, the lornier Postmaster. and himself were both liable, himself to the extent ot $80,000. The Knapp affair would probably be arranged all right, and would bring no troabie. But the position of the Postmaster was very dangerous In this particular, and It was difficult to understand how thefts could be prevented. The new registration plan worked well, it was difficult to rob inside the Post Office. These affairs were generally done outside, beiore the letters reached the Post office. Where carriers robbed money from letters it was generally where tliey were addressed to publishers ol papers or to lottery dealers, where the fair inference was that money was Inside the letters. It was not by the feeling that the carriers lound that money was in the letters; but where registered letters were robbed they could tie traced irom hand to hand, it was not very difficult to trace even ordinary letters. The Postmaster, to cover all cases 01 deialcation, had 10 give oonao ui, aim eacu superintendent of a station wan obliged to give the i'ost master bonds In $10,000. These stations worked very well, and would remain as they were after the new 1'ost office Is iu operation. "When will this be occupied?" asked the reporter. ' In abont one year, 1 should judge," said General Jones. "The very lirst thing which will be done will be to get ready the new oillce where the newspaper mails are sorted, because these are tho most bulky. These mails, after being sorted, will be sent by pneumatic tube irom the otlloe direct to the various newspaper oillces. This will save a great deal oi trouble in one of the departments, which must bo attended to with the utmost despatch." SINECURES. "It Is popularly supposed," said the reporter, "that there arc manv sinecures Iti the I'ost Office." "This Is quite untrue. The men in the I'ost Office work hard for their money," answered General Jones. "The work they have to do takes tliein irom eight to eleven hours a day, and during this tltne It Is incessant, in the entire bin ding rliere Is only one, a man over cigiitj-three v< an ol age, who came into the Post Office In this city in 1817 and has hecn here ever since. He is now unable to come down to his duties; but I, for one, do pot care to discharge him." The repvrtcf asked Mr. Jtuuca whether he cvu NEW YC templates mating many change* on his accession t? the office. Mr. James said he cofld nut tell, as he would have to lurther consult with General ] Jones about It; but he would not do away witli a single mau who did Ills warlc well. General Jones aald that when he came In he had to make some changes, as at the time there had been the mixed administration of President JohnBon, but that in many or the changes that were made he found that he had done the wrong thing and took the incumbents back. There was some further conversation on the matter of the office, notably about the boxes, which were voted a nuisance, as General Jones said this work could be much better done by carriers and with less embezzlement than characterized the present system. 1H0RE DUPED EDICR1BTS. Statement* of Some of the Member* of a Party Who Were Induced by Falw Representation* to Go to Brazil. The "olt told tale" of the wrongs of immigrants, who come to this Western World in the hope of realizing their conception of the R1 Dorado,was repeated at the Castle Garden yesterday afternoon by members of a party of Englishmen who had been iuveigled into emigrating hither by the glowing talcs of a land flowing with milk and linnuy. Their story, the gist of which Is printed below, Is that of many others who never have an opportunity of exposing the frauds perpetrated upon them by unprincipled villains, whose consciences are not above any means of making money, no mutter bow villauous the plan. From affidavits in the possession of the Commissioners of Emigration it appears that some time in September, 1872, there were circulated In Liverpool un<l its suburbs circulars which purported to bo Issued by a Brazilian colonization society, slating that unprecedented Inducements were ottered by the company to those wishing to emigrate to south America. The inducements were these:?A Ireo passage, seventy-live acres of laud, a house and ?2 a iiead lor all over ten years 01 age. Having faith in these inducements, a partv of 253 persons organized to start lor Brazil. The first representation proved genuine, lor they were brought thither free ol expense ou the steamship John Rider, which left Liverpool on the 2i?th or November last and arrived in Kio Janeiro December 23. The deponents, Reuben Walker, Henry 1'agh and James Millard, state that the lure on the way out was tolerably good, but ulso that they experienced the truth of the adage that "Hod sends us food and the devil cooks." When they arrived In Itlo they were sent on a liver boat 350 miles to a port called Cauuetie, in the province of St. l'aulo. After arriving there they were left for a whole day without food or water. The next day the whole party were lodged in a mud hut which was without a stick of turniture and all, men, women and children, had to huddle together on the tloor. In this place they remained for twcnty-iour days. On the tweutlerh day a delegation went up to the colony, which was about fifteen miles oir, and had a conversation with Mr. Mallow, tho manager ot the colony, who Inioruicd them that lie did not want them and had no place for thcin. During nil tills time tney had no cooking utensils, and their fare was very poor. On. the twenty-fourth day 185 were sent back to Kio and tlie rent to Mcnuez, a town aooui uinety-iive unii-s distant. Of the 268 who left Liverpool thirty-two died, thirty-five came to New York per steamship Merrimnc, which arrived yesterday, and the rest remained behind, it is the opinion of those who have come here that those left behind are c?*sldcrahiy dinilnlshed in numbers, as many of them were ill when last seen. Thomas Litham and Thomas Fell also make affidavits, In which they state that thev were Induced to go to lirazli by similar inducements, nouc of which were lulliUed. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Brannan?Lott.?On Wednesday, December 4, 1872, by the Rev. Father McNallv, i.kokok A. Brannan to Mrs. S. A. Lott, both of Baltimore, Md. Baltimore papers please copy. Died. Alpkriiick.?Ob Wednesday, March 19, Charles W. aldekdice, aged 30 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the itinera), irom his late residence, 159 Fourth street, Jersey City, this (Friday) aiternoon, at one o'clock. Philadelphia papers please copy. Allen.?On Thursday, March 20, after a short illness, at bis residence, No. 221 Varick street, John Allen, in the outli year of his age. Notice of funeral hereafter. Baldwin.?At Yonkcrs, 011 Wednesday, March 19, Armenia, wife or Anson Baldwin and daughter of the late James Palmer, aged 73 years. Funeral irom her late residence, at three o'clock, Saturday, March 22. Carriages will be In waiting on arrival of the 1:39 train irom Thirtieth street nil two n'r.ionk train from Fortv-second street. Jtass.?At Loudon, England, on Monday morning, March 17, Samuel w. Bass. Jr., only sou 01 Samuel W. Bass, or this city, aged 22 years. Notice of funeral hereafter. Belknap.?lu Brooklyn, on Wednesday, March 19, 1873, of pneumonia, Miss Jtlia M. Belknap. Ueiativrs and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 333 Dcgraw street, Brooklyn, on Friday, March 21, at two o'clock P. M. Blksson.?On Thursday, March 20, Mart BleseoN, widow of James Wesson, a native of the parish of C'luue, couuty Leitrim, Ireland, in the 5uth year of her ago. The rnends of the family are respectrnlly invited to attend the funeral, rrom her lute residence, 445 West Forty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, on Saturday, March 22, at one o'clock P. M. Boons.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, March 18, Maro JBetta Bonus, relict of William Boggs, aged 74 years. Kelatlves and friends are Invited to attend the rnneral, from the residence of her son, Walter I). u. Boggs, 76 Clin ton avenue, on Sunday, at two o'clock. Philadelphia papers please copy. Boyd.?On Wednesday. March 19, Georok, the only child of George and Fannie E. Boyd, aged 1 year, 1 month and 18 days. The relatives and It-lends of the family are respestfully invited to attend the funeral, lrom the rcsloence of his parents, 45 King street, on Friday afternoon, March 21, at two o'clock. Bryant.?On Wednesday, March 19, suddenly, at the residence of her mother, 13 Seventh street, Jennie, eldest daughter ot John aud Jane Bryant, aged 10 years and eight months. Relatives and irlends of tne family are invited to attend the funeral, from St. Ann's church, Twelfth street, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the repose of her soul, this (Friday) morning at ten o'clock. Btod.?At Rye, on Wednesday, March 10, IUnnah, widow 01 John liudd, in the 82d year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family, also the congregation ol the Thirteenth street Presbyterian church (Rev. Br. Rurchard's,, are respectfullv Invited to attend her funeral, at the Presbyterian chnrch, Rye, on Friday, at half-past one o'clock P. M. Tralu leaves depot of New Haven Railroad at 11.38 A. M. Carriages will nc In waiting at depot, Rye. Carey.?On Wednesday, March 19, Mart Anne Carey, the beloved wife or Bartle Carey, a native of Athlone, In land. The friends of the family, and of her brothers, Michael and Peter Harris, are respectfully invited to attend tlic funeral, from her late residence, aid Kast Thirty-fourth street, on Friday, the 2lst inst., at one o'clock P. M. Converse.?On Wednesday evening, March 19, of pneumonia, William P. Converse, in the G9th year of his age. Funeral irom his late residence, 105 West Twentythird street, on Friday, 2lst inst., at one o'clock P. M. Friends or the family are respectfully luvited to attend. Interment In Greenwood, Louisiana and Texas papers please copy. Biriilkk.? On Thursday morning, March 20. Geurok 11. Diurlek, son of Henry G. Dlbblee, in the 22d vear of his age. The relatives and mends arc invited to attend fm.oral Irnm Hip houuu rtt Uiu unxm f! IJ T?t|. blee, 24 West Twenty-Beventh street, this afternoon, March 21, at halt-past one o'clock. Dkckkr.?At Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 20, Mrs. Charlotte Decker, aged 73 years. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son, S. C. Decker, 217 Lafayette avcaue. Brooklyn, on Sunday. 23d iDst., at twelve o'clock M. The remains will be taken to Havana, N. Y., for interment. Dick.?On Wednesday, March 19, Philip Dick aged 65 years. Funeral services at his late residence, 139 Waverley place, on Friday, 2lst inst.. at one o'clock P. M. Helatives and iriends are Invited to attend. The remains will be taken to Qermantown, N. I., lor interment. Divkns.?At New Hamburjr, Dutchess county, N. Y., on Wednesday. March 19, Maky F. Divkns, niare or the late Felix Ingoldsby. The funeral will take place on Saturday morning", at hall-past ten o'clock, from St. Francis Xavler'a church, West Sixteenth street. The relatives and friends of the lamily are respectfully invited to attend. Kof.y. On Saturday, March 8, at sea, on board of the steamer Klslng star, the seventh day out on her voyage to Asplnwall. Jri.u, wife of Charles c. Kdey, and daughter of Mr. William I. Sctieuck, ! this city. Notice of funeral will be duly given. Felix.?At I'sssalc, N. J., on Wednesday. March 10, of pleurisy, Hakkikt P. Fklix, wile 01 Francis J. Felix, aired f,4 years and 11 days. Funeral will tnkc place irom her late residence. The friends of the lamily are respectiully invited to attend. Carriages will be in waiting at the depot on the arrival of the 1:45 p. M. train from New York. Ki.hry.?On Wednesday, March 19, F.zra II. FERRY, in the 7.'<th year of 111s age. The relatives and friends 01 the family are respectiully Invited to attend the funeral, irom lib late residence, 72,South Second street, Brooklyn. L. D.. on Friday, March 21, at two o'clock 1'. M. Catskill (N. 1.) papers please copy. Fi.kibchmann.?On Thursday, March 20, is?a Katiikrin Flkiscfimann, beloved daughter o 1 Fredrick and llenitette Fieischmann, The relatives and trtends ol the lamily are rc - siceUuUy luviwd to intend the iuncral, {Tom uc IllK HERALD. FRIDAY, M late residence, 168 Ludlow street, at one o'clock P. M. Garvky On Tuesday, March 18, Ai.ick Garvrt, a native 01' Coluinbkid, couuty Longfoid, Ireland, aged 73 years. Relatives und friends arc respectfully invited to attend her lunoral, from her late residence, :i5? Tenth avenue, on Friday, the 2lst lust., at two o'clock P. M. Ciucaffo papers please copy. gash AtGreenpolnt, L. 1., Petkk Gash, in the 65th year ot his ajte. The relatives aud friends of the family are rcspeetiully luvttei to attend the luncral, from the residence oi Ins son-in-law, John Smith, 177 Franklin street, on Sunday a'ternoon, at two o'clock. GotTLDsnt'ky.?On Wednesday, March 19, IIarkiut, youngest child of Richard and Mary Gouidsburv, utted 4 years aud 6 months. The relatives aud friends of the family are luvited to uttend the luiicrnl, from the residence ol her finvents, 240 East Thirtieth street, on Friday, 31st list., at half-past one precisely. Harrison.?1On Thursday, March 20. at Elizabeth, N. J., Thomas Harrison, aged 4 mouths, infant sou ol John 11. and Mary J. Harrison. Notice of funeral hereafter. Hakinii,?on Wednesday, March 19, Marcus Uakino, aired 59 years. The luncral will take place from his late restdeuce, No. 450 Fourth avenue, ou Friday, March 21, at one o'clock. L.vinn l.i llennLlvn An ThnvoHntr Kaenh Ifl rxf pletiro pneunioniit, J. w. Jones, a native or Cardiganshire, South Wales, uud lor thirty-two years a rcsulent of Brooklyn. Notice of the funeral hereafter. Kkknan.?In Rrooklyu, on Wednesday, March 19, 1H7.-1. Bernard Kkknan, aged ?4 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respeetiuliy luviteu 10 attend the luneral, lrom the residence of Ins son-in-law. Edward llauley, 186 High St., on Friday, the 21st inst., at 2 o'clock P. M. Kerrigan.?On Tuesday, March 18, Maggie I)., wife of Dr. Joseph A. Kerrigan and daughter of the late Daniel Devltn. Relatives utid lriends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, on Friday, March 21, Horn her late residence, 170 West'I welilh street, to the Church oi St. Francis Xavler, West sixteenth street, where a requiem mass will lie celebrated, at ten o'clock A. M. LiOWk.?Un Wednesday morning, March 19, Gakiuk. youngest daughter of Gilbert and Anna Lowe, in the 4th year of her age. The relatives and lriends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, 88 Elm street, near White, to-day (Friday), atone P.M. Lynch.?On Wednesday, March 19, Edward Lynch. 'I he funeral will take place this (Friday) altcrnoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 02 First avenue. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to uttend. The members of K. A. Kimball Post, loo, G. A. R., are ncretiy notillcd that there will be a special meeting of the Post held on Friday, March 21, at one o'clock P. M., tor the purpose of attending the funeral oi our late comrade, Edward Lynch. HENRY C. I'ERLEY, Commander. II. A. M. Reehs, Adjutant. Mathews.?On Weancsduy morning, March 19, Edward L. Mathews. Relatives ami friends of the family are Invited to attend the luneral, lrom his late residence, No. 474 Henry street. South Rrooklyu. on Friday aiternoon, March 21, at two o'clock. Montgomery.?On Thursday, March 20, James Montgomery, Esq., lorinerly of Dalhousic, n. B., Dominion of Canada. Friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, at two o'clock, on Sunday. March 23, from his late icsidence, 347 Hedlord avenue, Brooklyn. Morgan.?()u Wednesday, March id, Agnes Mokoan, the beloved daughter of Pctor II. and Julia Morgan, aged 3 years, tt months and 21 days. The lunerul will leave her late home, 6ti Chrystle street, on Friday, March 21, nt half-past one o'clock P. M. The relatives and friends of the faintly are respectfully Invited to attend. Moriabtv.?At the residence of his mother, 322 East Futy-llrst street, after a short illness, Eugene F X. Mori abtv, son of the laie Edward Fitzgerald Mariarty, Esq., of Dingle, county Kerry. Ireland, and brother ol Rev. J. J. Morlarty, of Chatham Village, N. V., and nephew of Itev. John 9. and Dr. It. J. O'Sulllvan, of New York city, and the late Sir Thomas Moriarty, of itoscomiuou, Ireland, aged 21 years and 3 months. The relatives and irlcnds ot the lamlly are invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, to the Church of St. John the Evangelist, East Fiftieth street, on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock, Morris.?On Thursday morning, March 20, of consumption, Wiluar 11. Morris, In the 24th year of his age. Relatives and friends of the family, and the attaches of Adams Express Company, are respect lully Invited to attend tiie funeral, from Ins lute residence, 111) Meadow street. Ilobokcn, N. J., to Calvary Cemetery, on Sunday, March 23, at halfpast ten o'clock A. M. Murray.?On Wednesday, March 19. at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Mary O'Conncll, 75 South Second street. Williamsburg, Mrs. Cathahink Mckkay, mother of the late Peter Murray, In the 95th year of4her age. Funeral will take place from Sts. Peter and Paul's church, Second street, on Saturday (to-morrow) morning, at ten o'elock. McDonald.?On Thursday, March 20, William, son of James McDonald, of 112 York street, Brooklyn, aged 14 years. The funeral will take place, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock, trom the residence ol Ids father. Tke relatives and friends of the lanilly are respectfully invited to attend. Okmond.?on Thursday, March 20, Hanora 'Ormonp, in the 7oth year of her age. Helatlves and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, which takes place on Saturday, March 22, at one o'clock P.M., from her late residence, 14 Herbert street, Brooklyn, E. D. O'Lkary.?On Tnnrsday, March 20, Tiirkesa, daughter of Ellen und Arthnr O'Lcary, aged 14 months and 11 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfnlly Invited to attend ttie funeral, from the residence of her parents, Jersey street. New Brighton. L. I., on Friday, March 21, at two P. M. O'sullivan.?On Thursday, March 20, at 22 East Broadway, Mart, wile of Sylvester O'Sulllvan, native of Trnlee, county Kerry, Ireland, aged 80 years. The remains will be taken to Woonsocket, It. I., for interment. Tralee (Ireland) and San Francisco papers please copy. 1'arsonp.?On Thursday, March 20, 1873, In this city, Susan Decatur, wife of John Parsons, late of Florida. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the luueral, on Saturday, 22d Inst., Irom Calvary church, corner of Twenty-flrst street and Fourth avenue, at twelve o'clock M. Randolph.? At Jersey City, on Wednesday, March 10, Hon. Joseph F. Randolph, in the 7lst year of his age. Funeral services at 87 Washington street, Jersev City, thtR (Friday) afternoon, at five o'clock, Burtul at Fasten, Pa., on Saturday, March 22. Nine A. M. train from New York. Friends are invited. Robb.?On Wednesday, March 19, Ai.lkn Frank, youngest son or Matthew and Eliza A. Robb, aged 3 years, 6 months and 24 days. The relatives aud friends are respectfully invited to attend the luueral. on Friday. 21st Inst., at one o'clock, lroui the residence of bis parents, 12 Sixth avenue. scovell.?On board ship Jloratlo, on Sunday, I December 29, 1872, in lat. 18 21 South, Ion, 77 34 East, on the passage from Manila to New York, of liver complalat, alter an Illness of thirty-nine days, Mr. Ezra Scovkll, chief oillcer, a native oi Essex, Conn. Smith.?On Wednesday, March 19. 1873, at his residence, lfi2 Sands street, Brooklyn, Mr. Hk.nkt ii. Smith, aged 50 years. Relatives and friends arc Invited to attend the funeral, from the Church of Sea and Laud, comer Market and Henry streets. New York, on Suuduy, 2dd Inst., at two o'clock. Smyth.?On Tuesday evening, March 18, Mary Annk, widow of John W. Smyth, and eldest daughter of the late (Jeorge Coggill. The Irlends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from Calvary church, on Frldav afternoon, March 21, at two o'clock. stkhi ino.?on Thursday, March 20, Catharine Stf.rlino, aged 40 years. Relatives and friends arc respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence. 14 Suffolk street, on Saturday, March 22. Taylor.?on Thursday morning, March 20, Mary A. Taylor, aged 25 years and 11 months. Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday, March 22, from her late residence, 218 Thompson street, at one o'clock. Townsend.?On Monday, March 17, at Oreenvale, Long Island, William J. Townsend, in the 63d year of his age. I' On Wednesday, March 19, Isabella Uhl, beloved daughter of Oswald and Anua OttenUorfer. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from No. 7 East Seventeenth street, on Saturday, the 22d Inst., at one o'clock F. m. luuriiit in Id Gieenwoed Come tor/. Yiadero.?on I'llursJay ruofnlng, March 20, at hair-past sue, Pidbo Viadero. Relatives and friends arc respectfully Innted to attend the funeral, from the residence of Ida frlcnda, 314 hast Twelfth street, on Friday, March 21, at twelve o'clock. Van Ixm n.? On Thursday, March-20, c. ArnrsTA Babcock, wife of the late Frank Van Loan, In the 2Cth year or her age. Notice or funeral on Sunday. Webb.?At Ja< kaouvllle, Ha., on Friday, March 14, M^jor Stephen U. Weub, formerly of the United States Army, son of the late General Samuel II. ' Webb, of the Revolutionary Army. Funeral services this day (Friday), at two o'clock P. M., at Trlnitv church. Claverack, N. Y. Wood.?On Wednesday, Marcn 19, after a llngi ermg Illness, Benjamin Franklin Wood, in the 11th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family, also tho i members of Amity Lodge, 323, F. and A. M., are i invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, the 21st inst., from St. Thomas' chapel, sixtieth street, Uotwocn Second and Thlru avenues, at twelve o'clock, M. >; ITHIMONIA \ GENTLEMAN. AOFD Sfl YEARS. DESIRED THR acquaintance of a .vounj widow of retliiemrut; ohji-ct, matrimony. l'lease address JO.IN FOWL Ell, station E. 1 a WIDOW LADY OF MIDDLE AGE, TARTK AND Jx refinement would like tho acquaintance oi a gont'e* * man oi like qualit'CAtlons:matrimony her objCeL Ad r UfcoettH. LwW/UO?a.?ulivUl'. AKCH 21, TPTPTJjH *? Altll'SKMESTS. IJNION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER BEOINS AT 8. SATURDAY MATINEE AT 130. Carriage* may be ordered at 10:40. LAST PERFORMANCES OF A BUSINESS WOMAN. FRIDAY EVENING AND AT THE SATURDAY MA TIN EE. LAST TWO PERFORMANCES ot A BUSINESS WOMAN. SATURDAY RVEN'INU, March IS, alter careftil preparation. will be produced, with new nccnery and aiipoiutn.ents, a e harming Uireeact Comedy-Drama, by M. Loui* Leroy, entitled COUSIN JACK. Characters as follow*:? Jack Valdent (Cousin Jack) Mr. D. H. Harking George Valdent, a wealthy nmnulacturcrer

Mr. F. F. Mackay M. Ifoiinegrace. an adventurer Mr. Edward Lamb M. Chambry, a man of the wot id Mr. George Par keg Clialut, a leader oi the strikers Mr. W. H. Stuart Peter, a youthful workman Mlm II. Thoriie Celeste, sister oi George Valdent. ...Miss Einily Mestarer It In ii<-In-. Ills d.iUL'h:er lliv ins llrst wile).. Miss Jennie Leo Euiineline, his second wife Miss Mary urixwold \\ oramon, Rioters, Ac., Ac. MON DA V EVENING, AI'KII. 11, the charming young actress MISS A (INKS ETHEL will reappear at this theatre in her original part of EROU KROIJ, in Mellliae A Ilalery's Drama of that name, box oftice oneu t'roin 8 A. M. to 5 1*. M. 0OU8IN JACK, t^ATUUDAY EVENING, MARCH 24 ?10USIN JACK, ^ATURDAY EVENING, MARCH 24 ^JOUSIN JACK, t^ATUKDAY EVENING, MAUCII 22. WOOD'S MUSEUM. USA WEBEK, VV ^ THIS KVRN1NO AT 8, FAREWELL HEM'.KIT ol the accomplished artiste, MISS USA WEBEK, on wiilch occasion the celebrated Drama ot SOLON SHINGLE, followed by the kindly volunteered specialties, YOUNG AMERICA, the Itiintit Violinist; Mr. C. J. MATHEWS, the Champion Jig Dancer, concluding witli llroush's Burlesque Exlruvtiuan/.u ol' EKNANI. ERNANI Miss USA WEBER MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2 I'. M. Last time of Mr. J. J. ItARTLETT Injhe JJKVIL'n CRAG. "VVOOD'S MUSEUM. V> FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 21, 1873, Vh'ii,i> of run regiment. C. J. MATTHEWS, tlio great American Jig Dancor. CUM,I) AM ERIC US. liurlcsi|ue of felt NAM. VTIBLO'S GARDEN. NIBLO'S GARDEN 1> EAST NIGIITS, . LAST NIGHTS, LAST NIGHTS, LAST NIGHTS. THE MOST MAGNIFICENT SPECTACLE EVER PRODUCED ON ANY STAGE IN THE WORLD. LAST PERFORMANCES, LAST PERFORMANCES, LEO AND LOTOS, LEO AND LOTOS, leo and lotos, WITH ITS ORAND COMBINATION OF SCENERY, COSTUMES, MUSIC, VOCALISM, ballets, panorama, V A EI f-.TI KW, TRA NSFORMATIONS, EVERY EVE NINO AND SATURDAY MATINEE. SATURDAY, MARCH 22, AT IIALK-PAST ONE O'CLOCK, POSIT! V Kl.Y LAST MATINEE BUT ONE. POSITIVELY LAST MATINEE BUK ONE. POSITIVELY LAST MATINEE BUT ONE. MONDAY EVENING, March SI, a realistic picture of Lite on the Plains, in which Hie principal characters will hu assumed by the renewed trappers unci scouts, Hon. YV. F. CODY, hotter known as BUFFALO BILL: Mr. J. 11. OMOHUNDRO, tuitions as TEXAS JACK ; the popular author, K. Z. O. JPDSON (NED I1UNTLINE), and the peerless Dnnseuse, Mile. MOKLACCIII. NIBLO'S GARDEN -LAST MATINEE HUT ONE. SATURDAY, MARCH 22, AT V< O'CLOCK. LAST MATINEE 111 T ONE OF 1 l'.O AND LOTOS. Academy of music, Italian opera. MAX MAKF.TZEK Solo Muuager LAST NIGHT BUT TWO OF THE SEASON. FRIDAY*, MARCH 21, AT 8 P. M., CHILD OF THE REGIMENT. MMK. PAULINE LUCCA, STf). VIZ'/.ANI, J A MKT AND OTHERS. SATURDAY, MARCH 22, AT 1 P. M? FAREWELL I.UCCA MATINEE, DER FREISCIIUKTZ. LUCCA, DDRIA, VJZZ.VNI, JAMET. Matinee Admissions?$2, Reserved Seats $1 extra, Boxes $ll>. MONDAY, MARCH 24, BENEFIT OF PAULINE LUCCA. POSITIVELY HER LAST APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK. TUESDAY, CLOSE OK THE SEASON, BENEFIT OK CI,AHA LOUISE KELLOGG. Tickets and seats tor sale at lit and 71)1 Broadway and tlio Academy of Music. CQC?ATIIENKUM. JOU Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. It. W. BITTI.F.R Manager The most brilliant and varied performance ever witnessed, every evening. GRAND KUKLE.-yUli AND OLIO. THE WORRELL SISTERS, the Oueens of linrlesque. SOPHIE, IRENE anil JENNIE. LOUISA'S COURTSHIP, MISS JENNIE WORRELL, and LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT. The Star ot 1H7.1, Mis.s LEON A DARE. The henutitul Vocalist. Miss CKLIA BKK'l RAM <' . The Black Vlvaiidicres, GEO. Hnd CM AS. REYNOLDS. GEORGE ATKINS, the famous Burlesque Actor, AND OUR REGULAR ATIIKNKUM COMPANY Poor* open at 7. Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box Office open daily. Seats secured ill udvance. matinees every Wednesday and Saturday. Notice.?More Novelties ready for next week. Tony pastor's opera house, 201 Broadway. The most W onderful Woman, LADIES' MLLE. DK GRANVILLE, INVITATION the Lady with the Iron Jaw, NIGHT. who makes an ascent to the top ol'the LADIES theatre suspended by her teeth. ADMITTED THE GREAT JOHN MULLIGAN, FREE Miss LIZZIE ( OoTE'S Serio-comic Songs. THIS TONY PASTOR'S EFFUSIONS. EVENING. A Glorious Programme for the Ladies. One ticket admits both lady and gentleman this evening. STEINWAY HALL. MORNING AND EVENING READINGS FROM 8HAKSPKARK AND THE POETS. Mi<i? Pit A RI.OTTR CIIKilMAN will have the honor hi rcud 011 FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 21, MACBETH. SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 22. MISCELLANEOUS SELECTIONS, ni ut t (THE YOUNO ORAY HEAD MissSouthey " l. j THE GRANDMOTHER Tennyson f THE SKELETON IN ARMOR Longfellow [ IHKVE KIEL Browalug PART II. (THE CHARGE OF THE LUiHT | brigade Tennyson (.BETSEY AND I ARE OUT?By request. The Evening Rending* at H. i Doors open The Morning Readings at 2. I one hour before. Admission to each Heading ONE DOLLAR Reserved seats may be had in advance for anv ol the Readings, without extra charge, at Hteimvay Hall, lroin 9 A; M. to 4 P. M. dull v. Terrace harden theatre.-grand concert every evening, by the unrivalled NINTH REGIMENT BAND, commencing hl'NDAY EVENING, March 23. Parquet, 28centa; Balcony. 80eenf*. D. L. DOWNING, Musical Director. Terrace garden theatre.-marco duschNITZ'rt Pupils' Performance, Saturday Evening, March 22, 8 o'clock. Tickets at the office. Laughing oar.?for ladies. Dr. COLTON will give a LECTURE and an EXHIB1TION, lor ladies only, at the Ooot>er Institute (large hall). FRIDAY AFTERNOON. March 2L Admission tree. Doors open at 2X; to continence at 3. I EXHIBITION OF TRAINED BIRDS RY PROFESSOR J GILBERT and Musical Entertainment at the Lecture Kootn of the south Reformed ehttrrh, Twenty-first street, near Fifth nvenue, Fridny evening. Marcli 21 at# o'clock. Reserved seats, 5ttc.; children, 25c. Tlckcti ab the door. nroical. AN EXCELLENT CATHOLIC ORGANIST AND BBILlianl pianist would like to change his present position; those who can appreciate the services of n good musician and reliable character may add red* PRosHSKuR, lot! East Ftitv sixth st. 1*. 8.? i aihollc institutions Ln want of a competent fro lessor ina.v also apply. A SOPRANO AND ALTO DESIRE A POSITION; Rood to Ices and first class readers; together or separate; in a Orst class quartetclJoir, from May I, ln Ilrooklyn or New York ; best of rcferenco can bo Riven. Address L. W., bax 2,tdO Post office. A SUPERB 4 ROUND ROHEWOOD PIANOFORTE, made by Gilbert, of Boston, in Rood onler. price $160; itiairniiiccut 7\ octave ; all improvements; bargain tor rash. Call this day at 120 West 23d street, private house, near 6th a v. Bass singers wanted?for a chorus ciioir, next Sunday (March 23);, with view to permanent situation. Apply" on Thursday an I Friday (March 20 and 21). between the hours of 4 and 6 P.M., to C. A. MONGER,^University place. Basso seeks an immediate engagement in a first class choir, catholic or Protestaat; exceptional Qualifications of voice nnd style. Address ARTISTE, box 138 Herald Uptown Branch office. /NARD.-MISH WATSON OIVEH PRIVATE PIANO, \J Organ and Onltar Lcnfin* at her residence, 92Cllntcn place (Eighth street). Instruments furnished lor daily practice. Circulars, with particulars, mailed free. MME. BKUT1IA JOHANNSBN HEREBY ANNOU.Nces that she has resumed Instruction in the art of Singing in this city. Address care SCHIKMKK'S Music store, 701 Broadway, New York. \f UHICIANS-ONK CENT PER SHEET FOR NEW lvl Sheet Maaic. $10,nut) worth from all composers. A large wholesale stock. Every one buying $1 worth will receive 'A) pieces Into the bargain. Also Fixtures lor sale. Also an excellent second band Piano, prico $95. Must be sold. 94 Hleecker street. OROANIS^-AN IXraiUEBCBD, FIRST CLASS ORgauist, n< customed to a large organ and the direction ol quartet and boys' chorus, desires an engagement will* an Kpiscopul church, within easy access ot New York, where there Is tin opening for a first class music tcaclver In the place or with uchurth school; highest rcfrrcwies furnished. Address OKOANIST, box 133 Herald liptawn Branch office. \v'anti:rv-an ordanist for the month of ?* April. Call Krlilay evening on organist,K3 West Fifteenth Street, U'ANIF.lJ-BY A vol no LADY, WITH CIJLTITAted atto voice, a position in seme ch,arch, either in Brooklyn or New York. Ad.lre.s tor one week, stating i tahUi, Jm., t. U., & ayutU id ?Ut WUlUtuiburg.L. is . i? TIlKATttE C< >m iuu S14 BROADWAY. 11 li.^OMI H^r.Lpmop BMU . ^ ... THEATRE COMIQUE. 514 BROADWAY. TIIE COMICAL BURLESQUE, . ROBINSON CRUSOE, u. unci/ vmirv .. piptain WIT.I. ATKINS. ROBINSON CRUSOE. ROBINSON CRUSOE. Mr. J. H. BUDWOKTII, Mr. O. H. ADAMS, Mr. JOHN HART. Mr. JOHN WILD, Mls? JENNIE I Hit i IIKS Miss ADA WHAT, Miis KITTY O'NEIL, Minn NELLIE SANDFORD, Mi-8 FANNY LUOKl.LB, Mi?s DAIIRIK HAINES, Mtiis IDA OBAN FIELD, Miss KITTY TILSToN, Hi ?n entire now olio, concluding with the laughable Burltsiiue. ROBINSON CRUSOK. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Bowery theatre. WM. II. FRFLIOII Manager FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 21, 1873, annual lioiio.'lt oi Mrs. W. O. JONES. The groa: Drama of DESTINY. The FIELD1NGS In their L new act, and the roninnii<- Drama of tho Six DEGREES OF DDI ME. A Great Bill tor Saturday. Monday-JACK IIAUKaWaY. Look out for u BAD LOT. BOOTH'.-' THEATRE. BOUCICAPLT. Mr. Edwin Booth Proprietor and Managur Every Evening, Mr. DION BOl'CTOAULT, as Mike O'Dowd of tile Dladdagh, in his new Comedy Drama, illublrutiug Irish lite, manners and chaructur, entitled DADDY O'DOWD; or. Turn {About Is Fair 1'lay, u.vusted by Mr. 8HIKL BAKHY, Mr. ROBERT l'AIEMAN, Mr. JOSEPH WII EE LOCK, Mr GEORGE BECKS, Miss BELLA PATKMAN, Miss MARY WELLS, Miss MARY YOUNG AND OTHERS in the very strong and eittoient cast. Matinco of DADDY O'DOWD on Saturday at 2. Reserved |laces may lie secured n FORTNIGHT IN ADVANCE: iii the Theatre or at Dltson A Co.'a Music Store, 711 Broadway. QLYMPIC THEATRE. Mr. J. E. HAYES Sole Leasee and Manager. MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 10. EVERY NIGHT AT 8 O'CLOCK and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 2. Ttio "Atncricnn Grlmaldt," ( OKI). L. FOX, anil hta mirth-provoking Pantomime of HUMPTY DUMPTY, the revival of which has met with a SUCCESS WHICH HAS N K V K It UK EN EQUALLED ill tho annuls of amusements. The Grandest Corps of Specialty Artists ever assembled in one entcrtainmuiit DT. JAM KS' THEATRE, O Twenty-eighth street and Broadway. G. SWAINK The burlesque opera BUCKLEY LUCKE/IA BORGIA and und SAM SIIAltPLEY'S A BRILLIANT OLIO. TROUPE. Begins lit S. Seats secured. / TOM I'LIMKNTAItY BENEFIT TUNDERKI) TO .MISS v JULIA oAYLoitD. at the Union Leagae Theatre, Twenty-sixth street and Madison avenue, this evening, on which occasion the billow ing distinguished urtists, who have kindly volunteered, will appear Miss KAN NY DAVENPORT, bv kind perinisHlon oi Mr. Augustln Duly. Mr. J. H. STODDARD, by kind permission ol Mr. Lester Wallnck. Mr. C. 11. ROCKWELL, Mr. 11. T. RINGUOLD, PA Ul VON I, the IMPERIAL QlJAKTKTTE of HORN PLAYERS, by kind permission of Mr. Augustin Daly. WILLIAM MAC DONALD, Tenor; F. BARTLETT. Baritone; ALFRED PEASE, Pianist. The programme will consist of MUSICAL SELECTIONS and tho brilliant comedy of AMERICANS IN PARIS. By kind permission (if Mr. Lester Wallack. Tickets $2. For sale at the principal music stores and box othcc of the theatre. uteinway hall. O 'HI I > QRAND CONCERTS. MONDAY EVEN I Nil, March 24. THURSDAY EVENING, Mnrch 27. HAMPTON COLORED STUDENTS will sing their cabin and old plantation songs. Entirely new programme. Admission. 50c.; Reserved Seats, 76c. Obtainable at hull and Methodist Book Concern, 803 Broadway. ; LJOUL-STIKRI NO SERMONS. O SIMON M. LANl)IS, M. D . D. D.. Founder and Pastor of the P. C. Church, of Philadelphia, having leased the ATHHNACI'M, 5S6 Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, will give a series of his sciontitlc, thrilling nnd eloquent Sermons on Sunday evenings, beginning with the subject? THE ROCK UPON WHICH "THE CHURCH" SPLIT, NEXT SUNDAY, 8 P. M? March 23. Tickets, .We. and 25c. For sale Saturday, trom 10 to 2, ninl Sunday evening, at the Athemciim Ticket nlttce. \TEIV YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY BIS KROAD. i\ wav, between Houston and Bleeckor streets.?Every one should visit this wonderful Museum; it is lull of everything people should see and understand. Lectures dally on 'The Philosophy of Murriage.'> Those purties unable to attend these important lectures can havu them forwarded, post tree, en receipt ot 25 rents, bv addressing SECRETARY NEW YOliK MUSEUM OK ANATOMY, 018 Broadway, New York. NEW MUsIC.?MISS SIMMONS' "'FROM EAST TO West," waltz, 75c.: J. R. Thomas'"The Old Time," 40c.; Molloy's " So the Story Goes," 30c.; Strauss'"Doctrlnen" and "Honor the Ladies," waltzes, 75c. each: Millard's "Meeting," 50c.; llublnatein'a "Melody in K," 40c. ; fourteenth thousand of our "tlems of Strauss." $2 50 DITSON .1 CO.. Puhlishi rs. 711 Broadway. J A DIES BRING THE LADIES TO SEE THE J ADMITTED Wonderful Female Samson. Mile. DK KKEE GRANVILLE, at TONY PASTOR'S THIS OPERA HOUSE. 8he ascends to the top EVENING. of the theatre suspended hv her teeth. /"TERM ANY?1THE RHINE-FOR SALE, A SERIES OF IjT grand Paintings of Germany and the Inie war, Including the principal cities and noted places on the Khine:?Schloss i'lntz and untcr den Linden. Berlin. Kilheltn, Koenig See, Cologne, Lorely (by moonlight), Strasbourg, Ehrenbretsteln, Cohlentz, Battles of Sedan, Weiasen burg, Grnvelotte, Spirit of the Rhine (beautiful transparency), Grand Allegorical and many others; will be sold cheap lor cush. Address GERMANY, Herald office. HE" PILGRIM. LAST DAY. In and for the benefit of the CHURCH OF THE STRANGERS (Rev. Dr. Deenw, pastor)?Mercer street, ticur Wavcrley place. MATINEE AT 2:30, AND 8 O'CLOCK P.M. Fifty Paintings, Hongs and Music; 125 tdees In the chorus. Admission, 50c. and 79c. Children, 25c. J. W. BAIN, Proprietor, I EVERY LADY SHOULD IIEAR THE I Beautiful and Accomplished Young MOST I Vocalist. LIZZIE COOTK. at TONY INTKKKSTlNOl PANTOft'8 OPKRA HOUSE. Ladles adCIIILI). I milled t'ri e tlil< evening. Mil, TKKNOR'S RECEPTION DANSVNTE? At Lyric Hall, 728 sixth avenue (Reservoir square), mi Friday e veiling. 21st Inst., at 8 o'clock. Former pupils and irlcnds can attend without tickets. OK'T FA1 L*T7TSECURE TIIK " KXIKA TELEUKAM THIS MORNING. IT WILL CONTAIN A HISTORY OF WILLIAM FOSTCP., TIIE MURDER, THE TRIAL AND THE EXECUTION. WW ARTS. ~ OTM A TITERS. sY Auction of the remaining Picture*. Ac., of the last Palette Exhibition, TW IS DAY, March 21, at 7 :10 o'clock P M., In SOMERVILLB'S OALLERY. 82 Filth avenue, corner Fourteenth street. Admission tree. LROAIi WOTICRS. " OUPREMB OOPRT. Cj In the matter of the application of the Department of Public Parka, for and In behalf of the Mayor, Aldermen and coiMBonalty of the city of Mew York, retail;e to the Opening of Klngsbrtdge Road, northwardly from the southerly lino ol 153th street to tin Hurl.'in River, as laid out by the Commissioners of the Central Purk, in the city of New York. We. the undersigned Commissioners ot Estimate and Assessment In the ahnvo entitled matter, hereby give notice to the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of ail houses and lots and improved or unimproved lands alleeted thereby, and to all others whom It may concern, to wit :? I.?That we hare completed our estimate and assessment, and that all persons Interested In these proceedings or in any ot the lauds affected thereby, and who mar be opposed to the same, do present their objections in writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our office, 160 Broadway (room 15), in the said city, on or betore the Zld day of April, 1873, and that we, the said Commissioners, will hear parties so oblerttng within the ten week-days next after the said 23d day or April, 1*73 and for that purpose will he In attendance at our said office on ench of said ten days, at II o'clock A. M. II.?That the abstract of the said estimate and assessment, tope the r with our maps, and also all the affidavits, estimates ami other documents which were used by ns in making our report, hsve been deposited In the office of the Department ol Public Works, in the city of Now York, there to remain until the ?th day of May, 1874 IK.?That the limits embraced by the assessment aforesaid. are as follows, to wit:-Allthose certain iota, pieces, or parcels ot land contained, lying and being within the following hounds or limits, that Is to sayCommencing at the point formed by the Intersection of the northerly line or side of Hflth street with the westerly line or stde of the Kightti avenue; running thence northerly along the westerly line or side of the said Eighth avenue to the high water mark of the Harlctn Kiver; thence along the said high water mark of the Ilarlsm Rivera* it winds and turns to thn Hudson River; thence southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson Itlvur, at high water mark as said river winds and turns. to the southerly line or side of 166th street; thence easterly along the said southerly lino or side ot 156th street to the easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly, along the said easterly side of said Boulevard, to th" northerly line or side ot 146th street; and easterly, along the said northerly llns or side ot 146th street, to the point or place of beginning. IV That our report herein will be presented to the Supreme Coart ol the State of New York, at a special term thereof, to be held ill the New Court House at the City Hall, In the rlty of New York, on the *Rh day of May, 1*875, at the opening of theConrton that dav, and that Ihon awl thens or as soon thereafter as counsel can bo heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report be couslrmed. _ __ HENRY PARSONS, ) Wild J AM J. PARSONS, J Commissioners, jmhn t. m mo wan, j Nrw York, March 19, 1373. JHIHCKLIjA ? KOI*. AS DIX IS RADICAL IN HIS TREATMENT SOR crime, so Is WOLCOTT'8 Catarrh Anuihliatnr in curing catarrh and cold In the head, while Palu Pnmt removes pain Instantly. TA WALKER'S SONS, EXTRA AND PLAIN BOOK rd. binding done at shortest notice nnd lowest ptuie cdiUtuui 91 bv-'As Uyh? m l>?iOtgl?, W liietik 9 AMCSHMMTK rTH AVKSUK THKATRK. " . Q Bole 1^**<^ and Manager Mr. Mr DALY offer*, upon alternate evenings, v r'* most . .iin^nt nueeor-teH of the season. * tir? TUI8 (Friday) EV EN I No. Mar> h 21. the great emotion. J'ariHlnn Play, "ALIKE'.!!'* characters by Mr. Charles KLilier. Louis James, James Urn, Ct-orge Clarke, J. A. MaeVay, Miss Clara Morris. Kosa fit Ciulr, Linda Uietz, Nellie Mortimer. TO-MORROW (Saturday) MATINEE AND BVENtlTO, Uie brilliant Loudon Comedy, NEW YEAR'S EVE; or FALSE SHAME! Seat* maybe necured rix daya in advance. In preparation, DIVORCE ; also a new piece ol singular emotional I'OW KK, oy Uie author of "Leah, the For(taken. matinrb to-morrow (Saturday) begina at IXGrand opera iiousr, Wcat Twenty-third street, comer of Eighth avenue. Curtain rises ats. Doors open at 7*. o'clock. MR. AUGUSIIN DALY bole Lessee and Manager Sardou's brilliant Comedy on American society. UNCLE SAM; OR, TIIE FLIRTATION t 1 1 PROHIBITED IN FRANCE. uncle sam 111 will be given EVERY EVENINO AND SATURDAY MATINEE, with the following unapproachable cast:? The Marquis Robert do Itochemore Mr. llenry Crisp M. Francis Hriot Mr. Julian Oroea Mr. SAMUEL TAPPLKBOT, called "Uncle Ham" Mr. JOHN BROUGHAM Ulyses Tapnlebot Mr. J. O. f'cakea Benjamin Tauplcbot Mr. J. H. Burnett Launeelnt Elliott, Esq., a Journalist.. .Mr. George Devero Colonel Nathaniel Flibburty Mr. W. J. Lemovue Fairfax Mr. Martin Uoldcn Gyp Direson Mr. J. W. Jennings Itev. Jedcdiali Buxton, a "Porinctloniat".Mr. J. A. Meada Tog, lu ll boy. Filth Avenue Hotel Mr. E. Chapman Robinson Mr. K F. Kotchmp Miss SARAH TAPPLKBOT Mrs. JOHN WOOD Miss Angela Tapplebot Miss Rella Oolden Grace Flibburtv, a married Butterfly ...Mlsa Mary Gary Miss Betsy, a music teacher Miss Ella Diet* Mine. Bellamy, a I'arislenne Mlsa A, lie land NEW SCENERY I NEW APPOINTMENTS! I NEW SENSATIONAL EFFECTS I! I TO-MORROW (SATURDAY) AT 1* O'LOCK, FIRST MA* TIN EE OF UNCLE SAM I 1 1 -fir AT.T.Arif's Tf Proprietor and Mannger.. Mr. LESTER WALLACE SIXTH WEEK. MR. SOTHKRW In Ills splendid impersonation ot DAVID GARRICK. This charming plnv Is lilOHTLY GIVEN with the most gratifying success. A perfect ensemble of acting ntnl tulse en scene. Mr. SOTHKKN, Mr. .IOIIN G1LBKRT, Mr. J. It. POLE, Mr. GEORGE BROWNE, Mr. W. J. LEONARD, Mr. K. M HOLLAND. Mr. O. EDWIN, Miss IvXTIiERINB ROGERS. Mnie. POMSt ami Mrs. JOHN Sl'.STON. Notwithstanding the extra accommodations provided the demand for seuta two weeks in advance is so urgent tout EARLY APPLICATION Is strongly recommended. BOX OFFICE OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. DAVID OARRICK EVERY NIOIIT AND SA I URDAY M ATINEE AT itj P. M. Carriages may be ordered at lOtlk /TRUMANIA THEATRE, IX Fourteenth street, near Third uvenno. AD. NEUENDORFS', Dircctoi FRIDAY, MARCH. 21. DAS STIFTUNGSFEST. Comedy In three acts, by Moser. Box office open dally from 9 till 4 o'clock. MRS. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. EVERY EVENTED AND SATURDAY MATINEE, MONTE CKHTO, with the GREAT MAJILTONR In the GRAND CARNIVAL SCENE. BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD ST~ between Sixth aud Seventh uvs., near Booth'sThoatre, EVERY EVENING AT H. SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPICS DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE KPU'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE KPU'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I UNCLE EPH'S DREAM BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. | Characters by Dan Bryant Davo Reed. McAndrews. Noise Seymour, Stanwood, Mor rlssy, Emerson, Brockway, Ac. family Matinee, Saturday at 2. Scats secured. jyjTR. GEORGE VANDENHOFF, The Great Shaksporian Reader. MR. GEORGE VANDENHOFF, The Great Poetical Reader. MR. GEORGE VANDENHOFF, The Great Pickwickian Humorist Saturday matinee, 2 o'clock, Association Hall. PT. BARNUM'S GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S . FAIR, MUSEUM. MENAGERIE AND HIPPO DROME WILL OPEN SATURDAY. MARC'II 29. AT ONE O'CLOCK P. M., AT THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE BUILDING (RINK), corner of Thlril avenue and Sixty third street, FOR TEN DAYS ONLY. Look out for the great three-mile procession on Friday nirning un<l afternoon. March 2H (route to be published next Thursday). Everybody within 2U tuilei of New York ought to sec It. Doors open from 1 till 5 and 7 till U P. M. Double Hippodrome performances begin at 2 and 8. Adtni-slon to all 6o cents; children 26 cents; a tew reserved seats 26 cuuta extra. STEINWAY HALL?RICHARD WAGNKlt. The public is respectfully informed that THE NEW YORK WAONEll UNION will give their FIRST GRAND CONCERT on FRIDAY EVENING, March 28, when the programme will contain a number of t he mod popular as well as the latest orchestral works of RICHARD WAGNER, the reformer and most prominent Musician of the day. Progra mine. OVERTURE?"Der Fllegcnde Hollander." VoRSPIEL?"Lohengren." FINI-. FAl ST OUVKRTURE. SYMPHONY?1"Brolca," Heethovcn. SCENES from "Die Walkure." The vocal part by Mr. CARL RKMMKRTZ. KAISER MAKSCII. Admission tickets to floor nnd first balcony, $1 SO. Admission tickets to second balcony, SI. Reserved seals, fide, extra. The sale ot reserved scuts wilt commence on Monday evening atG. Schlrnicr's, 701 Broadway, 114 Broadway, and at the box ottlec of Stein way llall. Admission ticket* can be had stall the principal music stores and piano warernoms. Doorsopcn at 7!j ; to commence at 8 o'clock. ril CENTS PAYS FOR BOTH LADY AND OKNTLE?)U man to TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE thin evening. There Is no chnrge for ladles accompanying gentlemen on Friday evening. Remember. TTtOX'S AMERICAN THEATRE, Ii rioidtnnt atennt I'hilfiilplnhla P*_ THE "GR EVr K A M I LY~ "ft KSO RT. A FIRST CLASS l-.NT e llTAl N MENT Nil HOTLY. STOLEN?THE AFFECTIONS OF A TO UNO LADT who Attended the Presidential Inauguration Ball. Hear IONY i'ASIOIt hihk about the ball. Ladies Admitted free to TONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE on FKIDAY EVKKINU. Banjo.-just issued, booaN'S banjo manual, the most simple and only work of the kind ever published : containing 55 popular airs, enabling the most unmusical person to play tunus at sight. Price 95. Call and see it. N. B.?Ilanlo, song and dance, jig. clog and Irish jig dancing for the stage, taught by JOHN BOOAN. I0U East Houston street, near Bowery. Ladies taught. /a band billiakd ExnrniTio.n liven tomoiit kjr by oykillk dion, at Onrnier's Billiard Room, corner University place and Fourteenth at. Also fancy shots. 201 BOWERY, T Ladies Free This Evening! T TONY PASTOR'S. Q-? <| jy?KTOPOLITA N TIIEATIlIt/'AL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD-nUlLDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLT __ ON ~|TTND. TI1K LECTURE SEASON. m Alec-turf, by WENDELL PniLLIPH, E?]., on Daniel O'Connell, at Cooper Institute, on Monday evening. March U, at 8o'clock. Tickcta Ml cent*. ABOITL-STIRMNO SERMON NEXT SUNDAY, S P. M., at the Athenwuui, 3H5 Broadway, hy Dr. If. M. Lahdla, paator of tne Prcure-oive Chrlatlau Church of Philadelphia. See card In amuaenienti. CTOOPKR UNION?FREE LECTURE FOR THE rho) pie, in the great hall, at S P M., Saturday, March 12. The lecture will he delivered by Profenor LonLo Klatierg. M. !>., of tho L'niveralty Medical College, N?*r York, oa "Hound and Hearing.'' Tlcketa gratia at thai offlre of the Cooper Union, and at Brentano a hook a to re. Union wiuare. A It RAM 8. HEWITT. Secretary. YM. C. A. LECTURE * on FRIDAY EVENING, March 21, at ASSOCIATION HAI.L,. Twenty-third street and Fourth avenue, ky ex-Senator THOMAS L. CLINOMAK, oftlprth Carolina, OW "Srili,H K ANU UBKU11AA11I." Ticket* M)c. each, at the door. THE BAI.I, HK AMON. IRVI.NO MAUL. WEDNESDAY EVENING. MA ROM J8, W73, SECOND GRAND BALL OK THE HOBOKBK MASgi EKADE CLl'B. Tickets, admitting uentlemat. and lady, Hi for aat* a% the principal hotel* and 114 B*o?d way. DANCING ACAD1DBBB. A? DODVYORNIH CLASSES KOK DANCING, AT tli Kitth avenue, now opeu tor ibe reception of pupil* Send lor circular. A T MR. TRENOR-S ACADEMY OT DANCINUt il LYRIC MALL, 7ffl SUth avenue (Reservoir aqtiarel. PUPILS cau commence at anv time, attend at ilieir Convenience, an.I LBARN PAHflCULAE DAWOK A J. HAVRE'S DANCINO A i AI' 8 MI KB. ?C I.ASSBS . at Ma*uhtc Hall, 114 and lis cast Thirteenth etreet, and Brevuuri Hall, lit and l.o Ka?t S*^JJr? ?'? SOIREE at Ma*.?nlo Hall, Tttenday, March 18. ItfA. i PRIVATE LESIONS at any h nr. day oreve;nn? ,, CUcCitAUS At 1'PDAW AWUV Jdi W KMl

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