Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1873 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 13,362. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. ' AMUSEMENTS? Second Pace?Fourth, fifth and sixth cola inns. ASTROLOGY?Eleventh Pace?Sixth column. BILLIARDS?Nintii Pace?Fourth column. BOAKDF.RS WANTED? Eleventh Pace?Sixth column. BOARD AND LODGINU WANTED?Eleventh Page? Sixth column. BROOKLYN BOARD?Eleventh paor-Slxth column.BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR BALE-TweUTH Faor?First xnd second columns. _ .. , BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?.Nintu Pace?Blxth COlBUSINESS NOTICES?Seventh Pace-Fifth and sixth columns. _ __ nrv RK AT. ESTATE FOR BALE?TWELFTH PAGE? clerks'1 aNIT^'saLESMEN?Elrtenth Page?Third n^THlMI-EurUTB Pici-Klftli column. COACHMEN AinJUARDENEKS?Eleventh paoe-Thlrd nU fourth columns. .. , COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS?First Page?Sixth column. COPARTNERSHIPS? Eighth Pack? Filth column. CORPORATION NOTICES?Twelfth Page?Sixth column. COUNTRY BOARD?Eleventh Pagx?Sixth column. DANCING ACADEMIES?Second Pack?Sixth column. DRY GOODS?First Page? sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET, FURNISUED AND UNFURNISHED?Second Page?Second and third columns. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?First Page?Fifth and sixth columns. EUROPE?Ninth Page?Fifth column. 1 XYE8 AND EARS?Ninth Pao??Sixth column. FINANCIAL?Eighth Pagx?Fifth column. PINE ARTS?Ninth Page?Filth column. FOR SALE?Eleventh Fagr?Filth column. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Skcond Paok?Third column. FURNITURE?Ninth Pagb?Sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS?Elktbnth Paok?Fourth column. _ _ HELP WASTED-FEMALES?Eleventh Pack?Second and third columns. HELP WANTED?MALES?Blxtknth Pagx?Fourth colamn. HORSES, CARRIAOES, AO.?First pagr-Third, fourth and fifth column. HOTELS?Eleventh Pagx?Sixth column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED?Ninth PAO??Fifth column. INSTRUCTION?Ninth Page?Fourth column. JERSEY CITY, UOBOKEN. HUDSON CITY AND BERGEN REAL ESTATE FOR 8ALE?TWKLTTH Pagx? Second column. LECTURE SEASON?Second Pagx?8ixth colnmn. LEGAL NOTICES?Second Page-Filth column. LOAN OFFICES?Ninth Pagx?Sixth column. LOST AND FOUND?Fiest Page?First and second columns. MACHINERY?Eleventh Page?8lxth colnmn. ARBLE MANTELS?First Page?Sixth columnMATRIMONIAL?Ninth Page? Filth column. MEDICAL?Second PAOR-Thlrd column. MILLINERY AND DKK8HMAKINU?First PAOX?Sixth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS ADVKUTIS1SS1ISNTB?1XNTB IAOE? Sixth column. _ MISCELLANEOUS?Ninth Page? Fifth column. MUSICAL?Second Pace?Filth column. MKW PUBLICATIONS?Setknth Pack?Sixth column. PERSONAL?First paoe-Flrst column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AO.?Second Pags?Fourth column. PORT OFFICE NOTICE?Firs* Pace?Sixth column. PROPOSALS?Second Pace?Fourth column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? Eleventh Pace?Second column. PROPERTY oct of THE CITY for 8ale ob to rent?Twelfth Pace?Second, third and loortb columns. _ _ _ mat, estate to exchange?Twelfth Pace? Fourth and fifth columns. mat. ESTATE WANTED?Twelfth Page?Fifth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?Niwrn Pace?Fifth colnmn. REWARDS? First Face?Second column. SALES AT AUCTION?Twelfth Pack?Fifth ?nd sixth columns. _____ _ SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES?Eleventh Page? First and second columns. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES?Eleventh Page? Third column. SPECIAL NOTICES?First Page?Second and third columns. SPORTING?DOGS, BIRDS, AC.?First Pack?Third colnmn. THE TRADES?Eleventh Page?Fourth column. -M' THE TURF?Fibst Page?Third column. "v TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES?8 xoond PAGE? First and second columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?First Page?Sixth column. VMPURNI8HED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? BaooNn Page?Third column. wanted to purchase-Ninth Page?Fourth column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC ?Twelfth Page?Sixth coW smn. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?Twrlvth Page?Second column. TACHT8, STEAMBOATS, AC.?Ninth Page?Fourth column. PARIS AGENCY OF THJE SEW YORK HERALD. TLTE8SRS. KREMEB A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, SAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR TUB S8W VOBK HERALD. TIIKT WILL SUPPLY DEAI, BBS WITn COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PATER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. PERSOB AJL. ANDREW DAVIDSON, STONE CUTTER, OF CHIA cago, at present In this city, la requested to call at MM Broadway, plasterer's ?hop. A JOSEPHINE.?J\AI CE MOMENT RECU VOTRE A. lettre. et desire 1'honnenr ilc votre connaissance. Berire toot de suite. Adressez, a'il voua plait, HENRI VBRE, Herald office. "*1 RANDY"?MEET ME TO-DAY (SATURDAY), CORX) ner Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, atl 'clock "sharp," rain or shine. "WHISKEY STRAIOHT." BEAUTIFUL BLONDE?LONO DINNERS. PLEASE write. Herald Uptown Branch office. Y. O. 8. . ANOBNWALL?ADDRESS LETTER ADDIE ST. LEuN, k \j station E, New York. CORNISH GIRL. EM, W. or l. h. s. will immediately address K. g, boa ? station F. Figaro-there was a mistake in the print of last personal which I expected to explain to yon Friday, Please write me when you arc coming to New York, stating time and place I can meet you. Green eyes?her address can be found by addressing GREEN EYES, Herald office. Harry?meet me at the spiritual conference, Apollo Hall, Sunday afternoon. KATE HUOHES. IF MAX STERNBERG, ALSO CALLED CARL RENNF.R, of Brrslau. Prussia, would communicate with P. A F. UHLMANN, 6y Broad street. New York, he will hear something to bis advantage. Any person knowing of his whereabouts will oblige hy communicating as above. Ie mrs. O. MOKONG, FORMERLY OF CALIFORni?, will answer this through tho Personals of the Herald, and give her address, she will hear of an old acquaintance and iriend. SAN FRANCISCO. TOXIN BRANDO, FORMERLY FIREMAN ON STEAMW ship Ladnno, will And it to hia an vantage to call on r. O'll ARA, of the Ann of Slater A O'Hura, steam encrine and boiler builders. 239 West street. New York. I" ULIT-YOD WILL FIND A LETTER FROM ME AT J the same postal station to which I sent parcel in I>e?etuber, addressed in your lull name. Call at once for n. h. Little red ridino hood-doctor and myaelf will be at the Argyic Matinee this afternoon. FoXIE. Looking at the moon. Saturday night sure. POET. MlislNO?SINCE MONDAY, THE 3D INST., PATRICK Kelly, of 381 Eait Seventeenth street; black whiskers and dark brown hair; 8 feet 9 Inches in height; had on Scotch cap, black overcoat, brown, mixed pants, with black stripe; gold watch and chain. Any information of blm will be thankfully received by his wife. 381 Fast Seventeenth street. ELLEN KELLY. Mr. e. l. HOUCHE, FORMERLY OF MYSTIC, Conn., recently at Slutn avenue and Bleecker street, J#? city, please send your address to EDWARD II. MAXwell, iff Central Wharf, Boston. Muss. MY DEAR?COME HOME, AND ALL WILL BE forgotten ; oreall at B< ekrnan street. mm. 8mith?CALL~FOR THBYOYI ~~ Mrs. rouw, from savannah, will please meet me at the Swedish Kvungellcal Lutheran chnreh of Uustavus and Adolphus. Twenty-second atreet and Third avenue, on Sunday, at 11 o'clock A. M. A. w. oYKRHOLM. PICTURE?WHY SO PERVERSE INSTEAD OF~A good nlghtf Don't forget the little pictures, POTATO SALAI), THURSDAY NIUHT, DINNER,? Gent opposite, in light overcoat, would like internew. Address Rt1 i LEDGE, Herald office. SINCERE, MAISON DOREE. MARCH 8.?LETTER umi late to attend ball at Central Park Garden 11th. When and where ran I see you Saturday, Stindav or Monday P. M. f Answer immediately, as 1 leave town town ior a while. Address GAttRlfcK. 8t Mchola" Hotel. TWOPHOTOORAPHERS (APPARENTLYBROTHERS^ who inquired nbout the place on Broadway and Thirteenth street, Wednesday, P. M., will pleaae call Rain. WILLIAM RIDOWAY, SON OK JAMKH RIDOWAY, formerly of Kenton, Staffordshire. England, glass blower, who went to the united States about lorty years ago, and resided in Jersey City (or his heirs, if dead).may learn something advantageous by writing to THOMAH GREOli, 38 Chatham street, Hanlcy, Staffordshire, Eng. WriTCH-HAVE WRITTEN YOU TWICE. HEART tt all right. KEstcs.^ TXTILL THE LADY WHO RODE DOWN IN A FTFTH avenue stage Kriday, at 8 A. M? as far as the Orand Central Hotjl. address C. I1. JOHNSON, oiisey House! WILL MRS. MONROE, OP WAVERLEY PLACE, send her exact address to No. 123, or toR., box lu3 Herald Uptown Branch office? 5TH AVENUE STAGE?WILL THE YOU NO LADY please send her address, Ac., t6 gentleman next to her, who handed a dollar for her to the driver, about 3 I* M- ? She got out at Stewart's. Address HAVRE, Herald office. dtOC REWARD FOR THE INFORMATION TO FIND the residence of Toska Scbleslngcr; born in Bsagedln. Hungary. Address his brother, LAOOS, earc i,v of L. Baseh, 1?9 hast Broadway, New York. Calilornia \ anwapapers please copy. wl ' LOUT AMI POimio. 6* A DOO LOST?ON FRIDAY MORNINO, A~VRRY 9p A small Black nnd Tan. A liberal reward will be paid "E NE NEW IAJBT AND POUND. OSTIA POCKKTBOOK AND 8 A PR KEY, IN WILllamsburg, In South Seventh street, between Fourth and Sixth streets, nrar the new bank. A good reward will be paid at fl btantoa street. LOST-THURSDAY NIUIIT, IN CARRIAOR, BEtween Urand Opera House and Sixtieth street, a Portemonnaie. containing papersonly valuable to owner. Driver will be suitably rewarded by leaving same at Grand Opera House. T 08T?CERTIFICATE NO. 175, OF SO SHARES OF U German American Insurance Company, in (he name of James W. Dobbins, Madison, Wla, dated March 7, 1872. The public is cautioned not to negotiate the same, as transfer has been stopped. WILLIAM F. HF.IN8. President, Jj Clinton place to fourth avenue, containing money, a Masonic murk and papers of uo value only to the owner. A suitable reward if left at the above number. STRAYED?A FLESHY WHITE PONY, HARNESSED to a business gig. A liberal reward will be paid oa return to 395 Canal afreet RKWAiyJS. if! Knn REYNARD.-STOLEN, FROM THE FALLS ! Ju.iJUU City Tobacco Bank in Louisville, Ky., the following Securities, via:? I Louisville. Cinti and Lexington Railroad First MortI gage ($1,000) Bond, No. 322. 10 Louisville and Portland Canal Bonds ($1,000 each), Nos. 732 to 741 inclnsive. maturing in 1878. II Jeffersonrtlle. Madison and Indianapolis Second Mortgage (1.000 Bonds, No. 1020, No. 1904, 1021, 1979, lira, 1978, 1023, 1977, 1340, 1978, 808. The above reward will he paid for the recovery of the 22 bonds, or $2N) for each bond. The public Is hereby cautioned against buying any ot the above securities. SMALLS 4 BACON, 111 Front street SPECIAL SOTICK8. A?THE AMERICAN REQI8TER. The most widely circulated of the American Journals published , In Europe. A capital medium for American < advertisers addressing themselves to 1 European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Qreet Britain and *?? Wneonnon P/mtinpnt ^Subscriptions and advertisement! for the AMERICAN RBUI8TER will be received at the office ot the New York Herald, New York. A?NO DOUBT NOW exists as to the overwhelming success of THE THIRD GRAND GIFT CONCERT, which is to be given by authority of a special act of tho Legislature, for the benefit of the Public Library of Kentucky, at Library Hall, Louisville, Ky.,positlvely on TUESDAY, April 8, 1873. One hundred thousand tickets of admission only, at f 10 each, will be sold, to provide funds tor tho magnificent gifts, and the Concert itself will be a combination ot the best musical talent ever assembled on the American Continent Ten thousand Cash Gifts will be distributed by lot among ticket holders, of which the following is a detailed list and aggregate, viz. One grand gift, cash 9100,000 One grand gift, cash 50,000 One grand gift, cash 25,000 One grand cash gift 20,000 One grand cash gift 10,000 One grand cash gift 5.000 24 cash gifts ef 91,000 each 24"" 50cash gifts of OOOeach 2 80 cash gifts of 400 each 100 cash gifts of 500 each? 150 cash gifts of 200 each ? 590 cash gifts of 100 each v*"V 9,000 cash gilts of 10 each 90,000 Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Cash. $500,000 All preparations for the Concert on the day set are positive, and agents throughout the country are peremptorily ordered to have full returns sent in on April 1. All gifts payable in currency, without discount ExGovernor Thomas E. Bramlette, of Kentucky, has been secured as agent of the Library Trustees, to overlook all business details of the Concert Full details of the method of drawing gifts and paying them can be learned from the large circular, which is free to all. Buyers do not necessarily have to be present at the drawing, as an official list is furnished each ono, and gifts due ticket holders at a distance can be collected through any bank or express company, the same as a draft or chock is col lectcd. order quicB. nena money uy rosi once order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. Tickets, $10; halves, $5: quarters, $2 80. For tickets, mil programme, Information and all particulars, apply to the Gener.l^enc^j. ^ co ? 009 Broadway, New.York. Branch Agents at 18 Broad street (basement office), and also at 173 fifth avenue. A?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, come ot Fulton avenue and Boermn street Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. k -A.?OMAHA LEGAL GIFT DISTRIBUTION, * IN AID OF NEB1?7TKA STATE ASYLUM. Grand Concert and Legal Distribution of the following amount in Cash Prises $230,3061 Positively March 31,1873. $230,806. One Grand Cash Prize $75,000 One Grand Cash Prize 25,000 One Grand Cash Prize 15,000 One Grand Cash Prize 10,000 One Cash Prize 5,000 One Cash Prize 4,000 One Cash Prize 8,000 One Cash Prize 8,000 One Cash Prize 2,000 One Cash Prize 2.000 One Cash Prize 8,000 One Cash Prize 2,000 One Cash Prise' 1,000 One Cash Prize 1,000 8.465 Cash Gifts in all. Uiubim UI UIV iiuiiiK uuinuers win uu ncui w each ticket-holder immedlati-ly alter the drawing. Ticket* $1 each; six for $6; 13 lor S10. For rale at P. C. DEVLIN'S, stationer, SI Nassau street. Rat few tickets remain on hand. Those wishing to purchase would do well to do so at once. A large assortment oF boots, shoes, Trunks and Valises, at the Orcat Family Shoe Emporium, $30 Bowery, corner -of Bond street, selling at 20 per cent below Broadway prices. W. D. RIOKLOW. robert IRWIN. ADARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF Royal Havana Lottery, AH6 Broadway; box 4,909 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. A? IIAVANA LOTTERY.?PRIZES CASHED AND . intormation furnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH BATES & CO.. 71 Broadway, room SI. first floor. A PUBLIC LIBRARY OF KENTUCKY; $100,(100 FOR $10; distribution of gifts will take place April 8; Whole Tickets. $10: Halves, $5; Quarters, i2 50. joseph bates, 196 Broadway, room 4. ALL PARTIES ARB HEREBY CAUTI6NED"AGATN8T negotiating any notes belonging to the late Henry Fridenberg. Anr one having in their possession such papers or properly will please communicate with his widow, 201 Second avenue. /1 OLD~AND "SILVER ~ AND ARTICLES CON TAJ NINO \T Oold bought at market price. Polishing. Philter and Photograph Papers burned and smelted, by REFINER KCHAWEL, 28 John street Havana lottery.-german i-tate lotteries. Send tor circulsrs. KUHLMANN A CO., Rankers, 85 Nassau street, box .'1,585 Post ofiice. Notice.^bought yacht sails from two men in a boat on Thnrsdnv, 18th inst. I suspect them to he stolen. The owners ran have them hv proving property and paying expenses. MICHAEL .I.'THOMPSON, 17 Grand street, Jersey City. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIE8. BKirrrrxr--r.xTHa class kg. 2$"?march 21, 1878. 27. 55, 64. AO, 81. 28, 72. 23, 6, 58, 16, 4& KKRTGCKT?CLASS 80. 236?MARCH 21, 1873. 07, 70. 71, 34. I. 77, 3, 40, 4V. 17. 14, 07. SIMMONS * CO., Manager*, Covington, Kv. f HEIST COLXKiK? EXTRA CLASS 0 0. 130? If ARCH 21, 1H73. <0, 12, 23. 18, n. 47, 9, 45. 41, 26, 74, 1. SHELBY COLLEOK? CLASS NO. 136?MARCH 21. 1673. 00. 40, .10 20. 73. 24, 0, 6, 47. 36, 42, 55. SMITH * CO.. Manager*, Covington. Kv. _ J. CLC1K, Broker, 206 Broadway. Poet office ho* <.969. rjIHE FIRST EDITION OF THE DAILY GRAPHIC TOday will be ready at 11 o'clock. The enterprise of the DAILY GRAPHIC In presenting to the public yesterday vivid and accurate pictures, with pen and pencil, of the last hours of Foster needs no comment That this enterprise Is appreciated was manifested ia the demand which the paper created. Everybody wanted it and over 80,000 copies were sold. The illustrations in the DAILY GRAPHIC of yesterday are to be taken as an earnest of what will be done hereafter in depicting the news of the day In language that any man. woman or child can readily understand. The improvement that has been steadily made in the illustrations of the paper, and which has received the warmest praise of the press and the public, will be as steadily continued hereafter. As a newspaper THE DAloY GRAPHIC; challenges comnarison with anv of its contemporaries. A* an Illustrated newspaper, It la without a rival. The circulation of the DAILY ORAPHIC la larger than that of any other first clasa evening newspaper In New York, and outside of hew York It* circulation ia larger than the combined circulation of all other metropolitan evening newspapers. To-day the DAILY ORAPI1IC will contain tall and accurate Illustrations of the execution of Foster, truththlly made from drawings hy Its artists on the spot, and not rehearsed from old drirwtngs nor prepared In advance. Royal iiavana lottbry.-prizer cashed-.or. rtrrs filled; information furnished; highest rates raid lor Koanisli hunk hill*, Ac. T AY l.i i K t in Hnnker*. loWnll rtrect, New York. Royal Havana lottery?the next extraorrliuary Drawing will take place on the 2Sd of April, 1h73 j h. MARTINEZ A co., Baukers, 10 Wall street. Post tifllcc box 4,666, New York* W YO YORK, SATURDAY, MAR SPKC1AX. NOTICBS. PUBLIC NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN THAT TnB Huldings, Parts of Buildings. Eencc?. Ac., to be removed to consequence of the widening and straightening of Broadway, between Thirty-second and Fifty-ninth streets, will be sold at public auction on Thursday, the 27tb day of March, 1873, at 10 o'clock A. M. The sale will take place on the ground, commencing with the premises known as No. SOS Sixth avenue, between Thirty-tnird and Thirty-fourth streets. Catalogues may be obtained of WILLIAM KENNKLI.Y, Auctioneer, office No. 4 Pine street, or of the undersigned. okoroe m. van nort, Commissioner of Public Works DapaanrsNT o? Public Wongs, March 14, 1873. Royal baxon government lottery at leipslc, Germany; VS.UQO tickets; 47,800 prizes; Brunswick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lottery . Royal Havana Lottery. Prises cashed and Information given. THEODOR ZHCHOCH, _____ 116 Nassau street; box 6,080 Port offlcc._ Tickets in Kentucky library gift concert for sale by J. T. EDGE, 18 Broad street, New York, finfl CA8H GIPT8.-KENTUCKY LIBRARY JR. IIIII I II It I nit, en?..A-, n..,vi?ir n..?iilv?l* Anrtl & Whole Tickets, $10; Half Tickets, t?>, (Quarter tickets, $2 SO. For tickets and descriptive circulars apply to P. O. DEVLIN. Stationer, 31 Nassau street (opposite Post office), New York. nnn -uptown office public li. tJ>t)UU.UUU. brary of Kentucky. Tickets lor sale by W. L. DAVIS, Agent, 173 Fifth avenue, between 22d and 23d streets. dfcPTQQ CQQ 18 DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEOAL Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree; 12>f cents commission allowed. Address BALLY k CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. ! gPOETIWG-DOQg, BIRDS, AC. A -FOR BALE, ALL KIND8 OF FANCY DOQ& Birds, Ac.; Medicines for all diseases, Prepared 1 Food for mocking birds, at B. U. DOVEY'8. No. SOrccne street, near Canal. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs for sale and stock. BUTLER'S Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75c.; BUTLER'S new work, $2. Dogs boarded and trained. Medicines lor all diseases. For sale-a remarkably handsome, intklligent, well trained white Spitz Dog; perfectly clean; sold solely because owner intends travelling. 238 West Twenty-tfrststreet,between8and 11 A. M. The first of the -home anu mumk" hatch between I. A. Paine aad E. W. Tinker will be shot at Dexter'B Union Course, L. I., on Saturday, 22o. Match 80 bird* each, $800 ; 6 trap*; 28 yards; EagBsh rules. TWO MUZZLE-LOADING MOORE-HARRIS guns foreale; price $80 apiece. Apply at 38 East Fortyninth street ??" , , , , : THE TURF. T" O LET?FROM APRIL I, 1873, FLEETWOOD PARK Club Honse; Kate house, bars under trraad stand, and hitching privilege of grounds. Apply at the park, or 112 Wall street W. H. TAN COTT, Superintendent. HORSES, CARRIAGES, diC. Arch, joonston auctioneer. Office and salesroom / } SI Nassau street, opposite the Post office. ' ! Horse and Carriage Branch 19. 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, between University place and FUth avenue, New York. A CARD. The firm of Johnston & Van Tasaell having been dissolved by mutual consent Mr. JOHNSTON continues the business at the old stand, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. . .. The Horse Auction Branch of the Honse is now conducted at the spacious premises 19, 21, 23 and 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place, and has no connection with the other stand lately occupied by the firm of Johnston A Van Taasell. TWICE A WEEK. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honorable principles which have always characterized the dealings or our house and won the respect and confidence of the business community as weU as the public at large. . Entries for sales may be made aa usual either at our down town house, 37 Nassau street or at the Mart, 19, 21, 23 and 2ft East Thirteenth street. Liberal advances, as usual, made on consumenta ^ AT VAN TAWSELL'8 AUCTION MART, 110, lit and 114 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth venue. Private sale, the following second hand Carriages Clarence, lined with brown satin, used only two months; made to order for ?2,200 by J. B. Brewster A Co., o< Twenty-fifth street Extension top Cabriolet or Phaeton, with pole and shafts. Pour seat Park Phaeton, second hand, by Wood Bros., pole and shafts. Jump seat top Wagon, very fine and light Two second hand Barouches, by Wood Bros. Top Wagon by Brewster, of Broome street Three spring no top Pony Phaetons, very Una. Two spring no top Pony Phaetons, very fine. Ten top Queen's Albert Phaetons. Twenty high snd low wheel top Pony Phaetons. Fifty top wagons of different styles, with and without patent wheel. Ten light cheap Rockawavs for one horse. Plve very ligbt Express wagons Boo sets of single snd doable Harness, Ac. Please call and examine our stock. It Is as fine as In the city and twenty-five per cent below any bouse in this city. T. DEMAREST A CO., 628^ BROADWAY. We offer a large and elegant assortment of fine Carriages, of onr own manufacture, comprising onr popular family Rockaways, 12 styles; Landaolets, 5 styles; Landaus, Brett*. Phaetons, Coupe Rockawaya light and new styles; beautiful new styles T Carts and turnout seats; work first class; prices very reasonable, Second band Tilbury, top Buggy. Phaeton and Rockaway. ^ THE "BREWSTER WAGON." A in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exqulsltelj finished, and embracing In their construction the various improvements introduced by ns daring the past 16 years, making them the Standard for Quality throughout the United Btatea These wagons are exclusively die production of our well-known Broome street factory, and arc offered In stock in all respects equal in quality to those* built to the order of the roost valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. in order that we may not bo conrounaea witn imni itock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made for the ''Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that aur only warerooms are at the corner of fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street BREWSTER A CO., of Broome street. At fkivate sale, at ARCH. JOHNSTON'S new Mart 19 to 28 East Thirteenth street, near University place, at prices below sero. to cover advances. Five basket no top Pony Phactous, Ten ton Buggies, Three Business wagons. Ten top Pony Phaetons; best bnlld. Take the Broadway aad University place cars and call and see. Prices absolutely lower than any other place in the city. A -NEW AND HECOND HAND CLARENCES, . Coaches, Victorias, Coupes, Rockaways, Park, Extension Ton. Hnsket and Pony Phaetons trom $198 up; Top and Road W agons (Brewster and other makers), Express and Jsgger Wagons, Sulkies and Skeletons; Harness ot all kinds, Blankets, Ac., cheaper than any place in New York. WILLIAM H. OKAY, 20 and 22 Wooster street. AT OCR FACTORY, 1,404 BROADWAY, ABOVE Thirty-ninth street, are the following second hand Carriages :? one Barouche, [ Pony Phaeton, with Rnmble, Extension Top Phaeton, I Four-sent Pony Phaeton, Coupe, | Top Buggy, Clarence, Coupelet. bradley. I'll ay k CO.. 888 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS HOTEL COACH A BARGAIN? Newly crimson painted, scarlet trimmed, Ac., at JOHN LINK'S, 1,408 Front street. Philadelphia. Address him there, or ADMINISTRATOR, 217 West Twelfth street. New York. A few FULL-BLOODED ALDERNEY AND AYRshlre Cows for sale; also two Ayrshire Hulls. Inquire ot WILLIAM WATSON, 99 Franklin street. A PONY PHAETON, IN OOOD ORDER; HALFspring Road Wagon, Dubois maker, at private stublo ISO West Forty-first street, near .-eventh avenue. AYOUNO HORSE, TWO EXPRESS WAOONS AND a second hand Coach, in perfect order (patent | wheels^ must be sold to-da.v. _ Call before 8 P. M. at MCN Nii-'. s Express omce, 7*5 sixm avenue, near rorty-second treat A LOT OK TOP BUGOIKS, BOAD WAGONS. Express Grocery and llirht business Wagons second hand covered two seat Depot Wagons. ?<8 West Tweutyseventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. A PINE, (1 YEAR OLD BLACK MARE It HANDS high, well hred. without blemish, warranted kind ami gentle, verv atvlisn. steps well, by a physician havtnir two; priee $3A0. 2M West Thirty-fourth street. ALDERNKYS FOB RALE?A PURE BRED Bl'LL, three years old; also fresh Cows, llelfer* and Calves. Apply to JOHN VAN ANTWERP, Throat* Neck, Westchester county, N. Y., or address him at W Keade street a BARGAIN.?FOR HALE, a LIGHT DOCTOR'S il. Wagon or Phaeton, used six times; price $200: original eoatSHO; also a splendid Mac a Horse, perfectly (ten tie; lieen used in a private family; needs no whip; will stand without tying; price $250. Can lie seen at ISO East Thirty-ninth street, or enll at 32 Keade street. Army wagons, farm carts, blankets, tenth. Meridian Saddles, Mule Collars, Harness, Canvas, Rubber, Waterproof Wagon. Truck, Horse covers: Army Clothing. W. A CARTER, 52 Cortlandt street near Greenwich. A BaY HORSE, 15K HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD. kind and true in nil harness, tree from vice and warrant) d sound ; alao two Top and one Depot Wagon and Harness, all new, lor sale. Inquire of O. D. RODE, Aft Market street ANY ONE OWNING A GOOD HORSE WHICH THEY 00 not want to use this Spring and Hummer ran | have it well fed anil eared tot in the country without expense hv a responsible person, who has lust enough use ror a horse to keep it In good condition. Address H. D. M., New Haven, Conn. A SHETLAND PONY, PHAETON AND HARNESS lor sale?Almost new; also HUvera' Koad Wagon, III) | pounds; has been used but two months. Apply at 3M Third avenue. _ AOJO.M; TOP WAGON, fM| COTTPB, $12ft: BRETT, $25(1; Rockaway, $125: lour Business Wagons, ten pony Phaeton*, one cart. 1,430 Broadway, near Fortydm (treefc JAMLS JhlNKlNB. RK H CH 22, 1873?TRIPLE SH] HOHSKS, CARRIAGES, <?C. At barker and chase's CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTER8ALL8, Corner ol Broadway and Thtrty-ninih street, MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. Regular rales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Twenly-lour hour* allowed lor trial on every hori-o sold under warranty. This la the only mart in the state having the proper facilities for showing horses on sale?via, a large driving ring entirely under cover. CATALOGUE OK SALE T11I8 DAY AT 12 O'CLOCK. The last, high bred and extra stylish dark bay trotting gelding Captain Jack, sired by St. Lawrence and bred in Western New York; is 16high. 6 years old; an elegant and extra gamy driver; waa driven last season In 2-.53 to wagon: can trot In 2 All to-day; Is afraid of nothing; can bo handled by any one, and Is warranted sound and kind.

The line, large and very handsome brown trotting Mare Clara, sired by Volunteer, dam by George M. ratchen, Ibii high, 7 years old; an extra pleasant, line, prompt and easy driver; can trot in 2 -.60 sure, and was never handled for apeed; has great style and appearance, and is warranted sound and kind. Gentleman's Road Turnout, comprising the fine, gamy brown trotting Mare Pattie, sired by Major Kdsall, l&X high, 6years old; a very stylish, fine and easy driver; can trot in about 3 minutes; is one of the greatest roadsters ever offered at public sale and can road 16 miles an hour: lea rs nnthinir: can be driven bv a lad v with safety. and Is warranted Hound and kind; also fine top Wagon, built by Long A Silaby, or Albany; Harness, Blanket*, Ac. To close a car load, two extra flue, blocky built businew Horses, warranted all right. blue gray Uoldtng, 15k high. 7 year* old; an extra atyliah, prompt and ea*v driver; can trot in three minutes; la flue under saddle, and is warrauted sound and kind. Eight top and no top road Wagons. New aim second hand Harness, Horse Clothing, Baddies, Bridles, l.ap Holies, Ac. Two top Kxpreat Wagona Three no top light Kxpreas Wagons. Also several other Horses. Full description at sale. Bales never nostponcd on account of weather.^ PONY FOR CHILDKEN-BAFK IN EVRRY way, $75; flne business Mare, 15>{, eight years, $100; splendid Pony Phaeton, with top, city make, all Beventh avenue, between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth sts. A?YOU CAN BUY A light Top Buggy, Pony Phaeton, Rockaway or Depot Wagon, of reliable build, cheaper at 68 Liberty street, near Nassau, than anywhere else in the world. AN ELEOANT C1IE8TNUT BORREL PONY FOR sale?14 hands high, 7 years old, perfectly sound, broke to all barnoss and line saddle horse. Apply at THOMPSON'S Stable, 136 East Thirteenth street. A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY HORSES FOR SALE? A 1SX hands high: sound and kind; very sty 11 ah and fine drivers; price $100. Also act double Harness, Ac. Apply at 138 East Thirteenth street CARRIAGER.-A LOT OF. flECONIl HAND TOP Wan oils, llffht Road Wagons, Doctors'wagons, Derby Dor Cart, six-scat Rockaway, Ac., at R. M. STIVERS' Manufactory, 144 to 162 East Thirty first street. CARRIAGES?SLIGHTLY DAMAGED; GREAT BAR] sains; Carriages, now and second hand, of every description, at low prices; now is the time to purchase before trade commences. MANUFACTURERS'UNION, 638 Broadway. CARRIAGES.?NEW AND SECOND nAND FAMILY Carriages, Pony Phaetons. Business Wagons, Ac., will be sold low to make room for spring and Summci styles. witty A CO., Fulton and Nevins streets, Brooklvn. CORBETT A CO., 122 AND 126 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH street, offer one Landau, nearly new. cheap; one Clarence, very light and in good order, and several Wagons. * For sale?an importbd English thoroughbred Horse, a perfect beauty, five to six years old, broken to saddlo and harness: particularly suited for a gentleman's riding horse. Apply at private stable of ' owner, 103 East Forty-first street Fob rale?a fine and fast youno hamblktonian Mare, beautiful dark bay In color, with long tall and mane -. warranted sound and kind, and can bo driven by a lady and to trot a mile in 2:60; also a first class road Wagon, almost new. together with Harness, Robes, Ac. Address box 147 Herald office. Fob sale-on account of removal, a gentleman's Road Establishment, consisting of a bright sorrel Horse. 8 years old, good roadster, sound, kind and so gentle thai he can be driven by a lady; one shifting top Buggy and X Road Wagon, made by Corbctt A Co; a flne single Harness, Albaav Cutter, Robe. Blankets, Whips, Ac.?a complete turnout The whole will be sold together or separately. Inquire at private stable^ 133 East Nineteenth street between 3 and 7 o'clock P. M. FOR RALE?A BRIGHT BAY RADDLE nORRB; VERT showy and thoroughly trained; gentle In single or donble harness; price $4ua Address box 1,129 Post office. For sale?a pair of elegant black car. riage Horses, 16 hands high, sound and gentle; also flne Carriage, bv Lawrence, with set double Harness; the owner going to the country only reason for selling; Htable and Carriage House also for sale. Apply to coachman, at the stable 139 West Twenty-fourth street. Fob sale?for want of use, a gentleman's Turnout, couslstin? of a very handsome and stylish team of road horses, long tails, 15>J hamrn ln*.> iU??* brown); can trot In three minutes; abo shitting top wagon and double harness, both in good order; will exchange for a pair carriage Horses about 16 hands high. JR. FRANKLIN, 46 East Fourteenth street. For sale?pair rich bay colored, close mated, Kentucky bred carriage Horses, 16 hands, 7 years, smooth made, rangev, with long arched necks, near? manes, and tails drag the ground, high knee action, splendid style and action, fear nothing, and for style ami beauty tney cannot be excelled ; also pair black, close mated carriage Horses, 16 hands. 6 years, rangey, with arched necks, heavy manes and tails to the ground, splendid style; all warranted sound aad kind, without fault or blemish. Aadress GEO. D. LEHN, Easton, Pa. LIOR SALE?A PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES, ALL r black, 16 hands high; weigh 1,300 pounds each; long tails, fine limbs and good feet; all sound; will do for any kind of work. For particulars address HENRY KARiUAH. Castile, Wyoming county, N. Y. Fob sale?basiiaw road mare, is hands high; will suit anr one who wrfnts a good animal; warranted. Rear of 3U7 Wooster street For sale?a top wagon, in good order, best city make, atTHOS. J. LYKCH'S, corner Fiftieth street and Third avenne. For sale?a good wagon, suitable for- Express work, $100. Inquire at 116 Beekman street For sale?a coupe (English style) very little used and In splendid condition. To be seen at A. L. FLANDKAU'B, No. 7 East Eighteenth street For sale?a very handsome double iiarness, by Merry, of London, never used. Private stable, 47 East Thirty-thlrd^treet. For sale?at half his value, a bay hambletonlan Horse. 6 years old, 16 hands; sound and kind ; very stylish; good double and single, al'o under saddle; price $600. Apply at private stable 30 East Fortieth st. IftOR SALE-AT WILLIAM H. ROSE'S, 21 EAST 1 Twelfth street a splendid Coupe; very cheap. For sale cheap?two road and two work Horde*; aim. a business Gig, at the new City Hall livery and boading stable, 337 Adams street, Brooklyn. CHURCHILL C.jWlTl). I.tOK SALE CHE A I*?A PAIR OK BLACK HORSES, ' nearly 16 hands hitch; sound and kind. Can be seen from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M . at HlrdsiiU's stable. Southern Bi-ulevard, adjoining Harlem Bridge, Motthaven. N. V. FOR SALR CHEAP-A LOT OK SECOND HAND Coal Carts. Call at 408 West Fourteenth street. FOR SALE CHEAP-A LADY'S TURNOUT, CONSIriTIng of a beautiful Pony, hands high, five years old, Basket Phaeton and Harness', ean be used by the inost timid lady or child. Apply at 206 East Kilty-first St. Horses? for city and country use, from $60 up; one fine truck Horse; also stylish gray tor express or carriage ; warranted. 169 South Filth avenue, near Urand street. H0b8eb taken to board, drive and break, with good care, bv JOHN H. TWKDDLK, Montgomery. Orange county, N. Y. References?James 11. Brewster A Co., Haw York city. Harness for the track, road, coach, coupe, Park, pleasure and business use : also for ploughing, farming, teaming, trucking, carting, expressing, contractors, railroads, Ac.; also Saddles, Bridles ana Horse Equipments of evcrv description. A kingdom for a horse. C. 11. MOSKMAN A HBO., Harness Manufacturers, wareroams 114 Chamber* st. UAK.NESN, carriages, ac, No ton Road W'agon, by Brewster; Pony l'haetons, top and no top; Rockiiways and depot Wagons, Second hand Du.senhury top Huggv, AT NPW YORK KAf.KS A Nil MTORAflK Its Pi iSITORV. 317 TO 341 FOURTH AV., CORNER 25TH HT. RICHARD McCULLOUOlI, Proprietor. HAKNP.HH.?A LAROR STOCK OP 8INOLE AND Double Harness ot my own make, at extremely low prirei Winter stock of Horse Hlankets and Lnp Kobe* nt a ?a? riflee; Pawn Truck Rlankets< heaper thanerer. R. BARTLKTT. 42 Warren street and 21 and 23 College place, HAKNRSS.-A VERY CHOICE ASSORTMENT OP light Single Harness, at prices to suit the million, as l.ilicrty street, near Nassau. ________ ft. FOLEY, luCTlONBER, WILL SELL AT auction the Trotting Mare "Wnite Heels" thara record of 2.34). also Wagon and Harness, on Saturday, March 22, 1873. at 10 o'clock A. M., at the stable, south aide ot II-ih street, between ar nup A and the river James poolf. is on the road with .32 pine Horses. Will be at II, TEANKY'S stable, No. 39 West Forty-fourth street. IANDAU POR BALK?FIRST CLASS AND IN PINE A order; new last November, and very little used. Apply at 116 Wall street. PRIVATE STABLE.?THE OWNER AND OCCrPANT of a first class private Stable, on West Thirty-second street, having more room than wanted, would take a pair of Horses and Carriages on 1st May. Address 11. K. W., Herald office. (^CRATCHES AND SORK8 ON HORSE8. Kennedy's Scrofula Ointment is a snre cure for the worst cases of scratches, cracked heels and grease In horses. Hold by JOHN F. HENRY, No. 8 College place, and druggists generally. Price $1 a bottle. Manufactured by DONALD KENNEDY, Roxbury, Mass. . OECOND HAND CARRIAOF.H IN PERFECT ORDER; lO light Victoria, small Pony Wagon, jump seat Rockaway, two Dog carts. Coupe, six-seat Rockaway, top anil open ltusgles. Depot Wagons, Coupe Kockaways; great variety Spring styles new Carriages at low prices. i manufacturer*' CNioN.ais Broadway. ERA] BET. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC. I STABLE TO LET?WITH FIVE STALLS AND ROOM lor hay and feed; situated In the Ninth ward. Apply to B. Hi. MASON. No. 1 Chamberi street. WANTED?TO BUT FOB CASH, A LIGHT, NEW style Phaeton, beat city make: mint be bnt ltttlp used and in beat order. Address C. F., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. WANTEB?LIGHTNING ROD WAOON. OR ONE aaitable for same. Address MORGAN, box 8,497 Poat office. _ TIT ANTED?TO HIRE TWO STALLS AND ROOM FOR TV carriage and wagon, in private stable, between Fourteenth and Twenty eighth streets and Fourth and Seventh avenues. Address box 2,V<4 Post office. WAGONS CHEAP-TWO EXPRESS, TWO GROCERY, one Baker's, one Milk, one Delivery, one light Business and one platiorm spring Spring Wagon, one Coupe and one Top Buggy, at 226 Spring street. 3 HORSES, WITH DOUBLE AND SIN OLE TRUCKS, Harness, with or without work, will bo sold, separately or together. Iuquire until sold at 33 and 34 South street, of the carman. C HORSES FOR SALE.?FIT FOR ALL PURPOSES. ?I truck or farming; warranted sound and kind. 211 Wooster street, between Blcecker and Amity. 1 X YOUNG, SOUND WORK AND DRIVINO HORSES, 1?J Just arrived from the West; also two trotting Mares; d>"10K KACH.-THREE NEW EXPRESS WAOON8; PLZi*.) also 10 sots of ellverplatcd Express Harness, hand made, $25 nor sot; also three handsome Buggies, cheap. Ill East Sixteenth street dhnnn?stylish sorrel noRss, s years, is hands: brown do., $155; hay, blooky mado, ISO; all warranted sound nnd kind or money returned. 418 Eighth avenue, corner Thirty-flrat street Oftl WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, NORTHZiU 1 east corner of Eighth avenue.?Two Work Horses for sale; one for $80 and the other $180; will work either double or single. Cult for throe days. (hQCA ?FOR SALE, BAY HORSE, 6 YEARS OLD, POi)". 15Vhands high; perfectly sound and kind. Call at 150 West Thirty-first street. _____ ttftnn WILL BUY A VERY HANDSOME PAIR OF JJIllUU bay Marcs; very light made and fast, perfectly sound and gentle-, any one wanting a really desirable team; the owner has other horses or ho would not sell. Apply to N. W. HIKER, Westtleld, N. J., or at No. 5 Pine street. New York. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. 1XTH1TE STAR LINE. ~ W FOR QUEEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL, CARRY 1 NO THE UNITED STATES MAIL. New and full-powered steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. BALTIC Saturday, March 22, at 12 noon. CELTIC Saturday. March 29, at 3 P. M. ATLANTIC Saturday, April 6. at 11 A. M. REPUBLIC Saturday, April lb. at 3 P. M. ADRIATIC Saturday, April 19. at 10:3(1 A# M. ?From the White Star dock, Pavonia ferrv, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations for all classes unrivalled combining safety, speed and comfort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms in midship miction, whore least motion ia felt. Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Kates?Saloon, 380 in gold (for Mailing safter April 1, $100, gold); steerage, $.10 in currency. Those wishing to send for friends in the old cduntry can now obtain steerage prepaid certificates, $32, currency. Passengers booked to or from ail parts of America to Paris. Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. For inspection of plans and other information apply at the company's office. 19 Broadway, New York. Bills of lading issued to Continental ports. ? U- HPaIIKS, Agent UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP BALTIC. In consequence of the Are at Pavonla passengers per steamship Baltic will embark at ten A.M., Saturday, Murch 22, taking Jersey City ferry, foot ot Corlandt street J. H. SPARKS, Agent. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Company's mail steamships between New York and Havre, calling at Brest. The splendid vessels oil this favorite route for the Continent will sail from pier No. SO North River as follows VILLE DE PARIS, Hellard..... Saturday, March 22 ST. LAURENT. Leinarie Saturday. April ft VILLE DU HAVRE, Hnrmont Saturday. April 19 PEKEIRE, Danrc Saturday, May 3 Price of passage, in gold (including wine), to Brest or Havre t? First Cabin $128 | Second Cabin $75 Excursion tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carry steerage passengers. American travellers going to or returning from the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit bv English railway and the discomforts of crossing the Uhaunel, beside* saving time, trouble and expense. . GEORGE MACKENZIE. Agent, 88 Broadway. OTF.AMER VILLE DK PARIS, FOR BREST AND ?i l'ayre, will leave pier No. 80 North River, foot of Mor' Am rtAi-t, Mtarokf, March sa, ?t lhuM&Jt M. Tmsengers arc requested to bo on board at II o'clock A. M. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent. 1NMAN LINE. For Queenstown and Liverpool. Royal Mail Steamers are appointed to sail as follows CITY Of NEW YORK Saturday, March 22, at 12 M. CITY OF PARIS Saturday. March 29, at 2 P. M. CITY OK MONTREAL Saturday. April 8, at 12 M. CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, April 10, at 2 P. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Saturday, April 12, at 2 P. M. CITY OF WASHINGTON...Thursday. April 17, at9 A. M. And each succeeding Saturday aud Thursday, Irom pier 46 North River. RATES OF PASSAGE. Cabin?$86 and $100, gold, according to accommodation. ffonnH inn *(s?Wx.Fm at rafos Steerage?To Liverpool, Qucenstown, Glasgow, Londonderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $30. Prepaid certificates, $33, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Ilavrc, Tlambnrg. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reduced rates. Drafts issued at lowest rates. For Cabin Passage and general business apply at the company's office, IS Broadway. For Steerage Passage at S3 Broadway. JOHN O. DALE. Agent, or to O'DoamtLL A Pantjc, 403 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. Crkagh, 102 State street, Bostou. ' K. C. Brows, Wl South Market street, Chicago. UNARD LINE. " The British and North American Royal Mall Steamships, between New York aud Liverpool, calling at Cork harbor. From New York. CUBA Wed.. March 3d 'RUSSI A Wed., April lfl ABYSSINIA.. Wed., April 2 CALABRIA. Sal.., April 19 ALOKRIA Wed., April 9 JAVA Wed.. April 23 And every following Wednesday and Saturday front New York. Steamers marked thus do not carry steerage passengers. Kates ot Passage?Cabin, $80, $100 and $130, gold, according to accommodation. * Tickets to Paris, $13, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steerage, $3o, currency. steerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. For freight and cabin passage apply at the Company's office, No. 4 Bowling (Irecn; for auteragc passage, at 111 Broadway. Trinity Building. ay, CHARLES O. FRANCKLYN, Agent. Or to P. H. DUVERNET, corner of Clark uud Randolph streets, Chicago, III. National link of steamers. Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; fortnightly Co London direct. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers 44 and 47 North River. GREECE, Thomas Wednesday, March 2H,at3 P. M. eoypt, Orogun Saturday, March 29, at 3 P. M. CANADA, weoster naturnay, April a, ui iu a. m. PRANCE, Thomson Saturday, April 12, at .1 P. M. SPAIN, Orace Saturday, April 19, at 10 A. M. SOK LONDON DIRECT. nOLLAND, Brass Saturday, Aprils, atll A. II. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARK THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin Pun-age, $90, $73 and $03, currency. Steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid sterrnge tickets from Liverpool, Queenatown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff. Bristol or London, CHEAPER THAN BY ANY OTHER LINE. Por further Information apply at the company1* office, 69 Broadway. F. W.J. HURST. Manager. Anchor link.?express steamers nail from pier 20 North River, New York. AUSTRALIA. .Nat. MVh 22 I VICTORIA... .Sat., M'ch 29 OLYMPIA.. .Wed., M'ch 26 I TRINACRIA.. Wed., April 2 Passenger* booked and forwarded to and from any railway station In Groat Britain, Ireland, Germany. Norway, Sweden, Denmark or America a* wifely, speedily, comfortably and cheaply a* any other route or line. Tlcaeta, Draft* or Certificates can tie bought at lowest currency rate* by applying at the company'* office*. No. 7 Bowling Green. HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agent*. North ueuman lloyd steamship company. Eor Southampton and Bremen. The*team*hlp MDSKL. Captain O. Ernxt, will aail on Saturday, March 22, at noon, froin Bremen pier, foot Third street. floboken, to tie lollowed by steamship KIIEIN, Captain J. C. Meyer, on Saturday, March 29 Rates of paw-age to London, Havre and Bremen, paynbtn in gold or Ita equivalent in currency Flrat cabin $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage 30 For freight or passage apply to OkLrICIIS A Co., Agents. No. 2 Rowling Green. The hamburg-amkrican packet company^ iron mall steamship TUtJRINGIA, Captain J. Meyer, win sail on i nursoav, Maren 27, at 2 P. M., for Hamburg, taxing paasengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $72. Steerage. $30, payable in United States goin. KUNHARDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents, General Passenger Agents, (1 Broad street. New York. 01 Broadway, New York. The II AMMONIA will sail April 3. L"~TNITRD STATES MAIL LIME?STEAM TOyUEENSJ town and Liverpool. Sailing everv Wednesday. WISCONSIN, Freeman, Jr March 26. at3P M NEVADA, Forsyth . .April 2, at 9 A. M From pier 46 North River. Cabin passage. $80 gold ; steerage, $30 currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. Passengers booked to and trom Pari*. Hambnrg, Norway and Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England, France and Germany at lowest rates. Apply to WfLLIAMH A GUION.2M Proadway. Great western STEAMSHIP LINE. NEW YORK TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DIRECT, taking goods and passengers for London, Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester and all porta in Bristol Channel. The steamers of this line will sail from pier It) East River as follows:? ARAGON, Western Tuesday, March 25 GREAT WESTERN, Stamper Wednesday, April 23 Cabin Passage $70currency Steerage $30 currency Partbes wishing to send f?r their friends can obtain certiorates Drafts (or ?1 and upwards. For freight or pa.^e ?&OROAN,? aONSt 70 South street. New York. PABHKNOfcRS CAN CARLE HOME THEIR ARRIVAL abroad for $Z Passenger Cable Telegrams sold at steamers' officii*, at wharl and by KILIINAN A CO., Taicgrnohto AgsaU. 13 Wall street LD. PRICE FOUR CENTS. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIP*. TOURIST AND F.XCURHION ARRANGEMENTS. (Passengers booked hv any line of steamers.) COOK, HO!CA JT5NKIMS. 2<K Broadway, New York, are now prepared to book passenger* either separately oT in parties to anv part of Europe, embracing tours of any extent, at great reductions. "Cook's Excursionist" for March, price 10c., contains rull particulars. I ersonally conducted party per steamship Victoria (Anchor line) to Italy and Vienna, for 10ft days' tour, leaves May 10; price, including all necessary expenses, 97SU, gold. THE AMERICAN EMIGRANT COMPANY. NO. 3 BOWling Green, New York, established 1W.'.? Steerage passage tickets, foreign exchange and railroad tickets. Heud lor circular in English. German or Scandinavian lauguages. Address box 4.M2 Post office. UNITED STATUS PASSPORT BURKAU.-OFFICIAL Passports of the Department of State Issued by A. C. WILLMARTH, United States Court House, 41 Chambers street. Remittances to England and ikkland.? Drafts for ?1 and upwards and Passage Tickets, hy steamship and sailing packet, issued at the lowest rates bv'IAPSCOTr BROTHERS A CO., d6 Soutn street. COASTWMB STEAMSHIPS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Line to CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, , carrying malls, passengers and freight to Aspinwall, Panama. Santa Martha, Ureytown and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, Peru and Chile. Steamers leave 10th, 20th and 30th of each month, except when those days tail on Sunday, then the day previous. March 22.1873-Stcamer HENRY CHAUNCBY, Captain Gray, will leave pler<2 North River at 12 o'clock noon for Aspinwall direct,connecting at Panama with the steamer UHEAT REPUBLIC, Captain Caverly, touching at Acapulco, Mauzanlllo, Mazatlan, and also connecting tor all Central American and South Pacific ports. Departures ot lilt It and 20th of each month connect with the company's steamer touching at San Benito, Tonata, tialina. Cruz and Port Augel. Steamer Alaska will leave SAn Francisco April 1,1873, for Japan and Chtna. For rates of passage, treigbt and all further information apply at company's office on the pier, foot of Canal street. . F. R. BABY, Agent Special Notice.?Postponement of sailing.?Steamer HENRY CHAUNCEY will leave plor 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, Saturday, March 22,1H73. P. R. BABY, Agent NEW YORE AND BERMUDA MAIL STEAMSHIP Line. For Hamilton, Bermuda, carrying the United States Mail. The A1 sidewheel steamsllip ALBEMARLE, H. A. Bourne, Commander, Is now receiving cargo at plor :t7 North River, and wil\ sail on Tuesday, March 25, at 3 o'clock P. M., for tho above port For Irelght or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply to LCNT BROTHERS, 28 South street ClOLUMBIAN MAIL STEAM PACKET LINE, FOR ) Matanzas and Havana, carrying the United States mail.?The first class sidewheel steamship SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Captain J. W. Reynolds, will sail from Pier No. 4 North River, on Tuesday, 25th instant, at 3 P. M. For freight or passage apply to C. L. GUILLKAUME A CO., Agents, 14 Broadway. Due notice will be given of nextsalling day. Australia, pioneer line. The A1 at Lloyd's extreme clipper ship ANGLO SAXON, 1,200 tons burden, Davidson master, will be despatches Iroin pier 9 East River, on Wednes?iny, April 2, for Sydney, N. 8. w., and has superior accommodations for cabin passengers. Apply to R. w. CAMERON k CO.. 21 South William strcot. New Yerk. NITED STATES MAIL TO HA VAN A AN D M EX ICO, HAVANA, PROORESO AND VERA CRUZ, New York and Mexican Mall Steamship Line, leAVing pier No. 3 North River, at 3 P. M. EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OP HAVANA (Havana only) March 2T CITY OP MKRIDA (Havana via Nassau) April s CITY OP MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) April 10 CITY OP HAVANA (Havanaonly) April IT CITY OP MBKIDA April 24 For freight or passage apply to F. ALEXANDRE k SOWS, ? Broadway^ Texas line op oai.veston steamers, touchIng at Key West, carrying the United States mall. The steamer CLYDE, Captain Kennedy, is now receiving freight at pier E0 East River, and will sail Saturday, March 22. Through hills of lading given to Houston, either by the O. H. and U. R. K. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to all points on the Ualveston, Houston and Henderson and B. b. and C. Railroad. No charge tor forwarding In New York. For lreight or passage apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO., las Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE, 119 Wall street. UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP Company.?The elegant screw steamship ONTARIO, L000 tons uurilen, Captain Ueorge B. Sloeutn, will sail for tn. Thomas, Para, Peroamhnco, Rahia and Bio Janeiro on Monday, March 24, at 10 o'clock A. M. for freight or paaaagc apply to W. R. OARUISoN, Agent, No. 6 Bowling Green. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE STEAMER CITY OP GALVESTON. Captain Rowland, will leave pier 21 East River, March 2ft, at 4 P. M. Pretght received dallv. Through rates given to Galveston, Indianoia, Rock port or Aranzai wharf, Brazos Santiago and SL Louis. Cabin passage, $30; steerage, <26. Por freight or passage apply to 0. H. MALLORY k CO.. 133 Maiden latify FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No. 6 North River, at 3 o'clock P. M. EMILY B. SOIIDEK, on SATURDAY. March 22. Freights received dally. Through rate* given ror 8t Louis, Vickshurg, Mobile, Galveston ami Indlanola. For freight or passage, having superior accoinmodsHons, apply to FREDERIC BAKER, ;V1 Broadway. FOR NKW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwell Steam ship Lino. The steamship OKOKOK CROMWELL, Captain a L. Clapp, will leave pier No. 9 North River on Saturday, March 22, at 3 P. M. Freights received dally. Through rates given to Galveston, Indianola, Rocktort or Aranzaa wharf. Brazos Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $.71, steerage, $25. - For freight or pa*sage apply to CLARK A SEAMAN, 86 West street. FOR NORFOLK, CITV POINT AND RICHMOND.? The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch I'rom Pier 37 North River their elegant sldewheel steamship ISAAC BELL, Blakeinan commander, for Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Saturday, March 22, at 3 P. M., giving through bills of Inding to all points South and Southwest Through passenger tickets Issued to alt points. Accommodations unequalled. Apply at pier 37, or at the general office, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Dcy. TRAVELLERS' OPIPB. Pennsvlvania railroad. Trains leave New York, from foot of Desbrosses and Cortlnndt streets, as follows :? Express for Harrishurg, Pittshurg, the West and Sou tit, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, at9A)A. M. ;i,7 an I and 8:30 P. M. Sunday. 3. 7 and 8 :M P. M. _ For Baltimore, Washington and the South at9 A. M. ;t and 9 P.M. Sunday, 9 P. m. ? _ , Express for Philadelphia. 8, 9. 9:39 A. M.; 12:13.1, 4, V'I, 8 :SU,'? I'. M., mid 12 night. Sunday, 6. 8 JO and 2 P M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington. at 7 A. M. audi P. V. Emigrant ami second class, 1 :IA P. M. For Newark at 6, 6-30, 7, 7 ill 8 I), 9. II). It. 11 A. M. 12, 1, 2, 2:30, 3. 8:20,3:10, 1:10, 4 JD, 5:10, 53). 5 :T), 5:W 6, 6:10, 6:30, 7. 7:30. 8:10, 9, 111, 11:1), UP. .VL Sun day, 5:20, 6. 8:10, 9 P. M. For KllzaM'ih, 6, 6:3a 7, 7:40, 8 6:10. 9, 1). II, 11 :l> A. M., 12 M., 12:J0, I, 2, 2:10, 3, 3:20, 3:10. 4, 1:10, 4..IOl 5:30. 5:30, 5 JO, 6, 6 ID, 6 JO, 7 JO. 3:10, 10. U :W, UP. i gunday, 5 JO. 6 and H:iu P. M. ForRahwav. 6, 6 JO, 7, 8:10,9:30 and 10 A. JL. 13 M., I, 2, 2 JO. 3,'3:20, 3:40, 4:10, 4Jli 5 JO, 5:1(1 5:30, 6, #J', 7 JO, 8:10, 10 P. M. and 12 night Sun lay. 3:20aoi4 P. M. For Wocdhrldae and Perth Amhoy, 6 and 10 A. H.. 2:1), 8:40, 4:30 and 5 S) P. M. For New Brunswick, 7.10 A. M? 12 M., 1,2,3, 4 .10, 5:1>. 6, 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 6 and 9 P. Sf. For Ea*t Millstone, 7 A. M., 12 noon, 4:10 and 3:1) P. H. For I.amhertvillc and Flcmlngton, 9 A. M. and IP 8. For Philli|i*biirg and Belvidere, 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation for Borilentown, Burlington and Cainden, 7 and ?:3l) A. M.. 12 JO, 2, 3, 3 :40, 4 add 6 P. M. For Freehold, 7, 8 A. M., 2 and 4 P. M. For Jamesburg, Peinbcrton, Camden, 8 A. M., 3 P. M. Trains arrive as follows:?From Pittsburg, 6:30 A. M , 1 111 P. M., dally, 10:14 A. M. and 6:34 P. M., dally, except Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:40 A. H., 4 M, ?41:12 P. M. Sunday, 0:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, 5:21, 6:5*1 10:14, II1H, II :54 A. M., 2:14, 3:51, 6:04, 8:41 P. M. Sunday, 5:21, 6 JO, 11 A. M. Tlekct offices, 526, 436, 271 anil 944 Broadway, No.' Astor House, and foot ot I)est>n>*?es and t'ortlandt streets, Emigrant Ticket office. No. 8 Battery place. A. J. Cassatt, D. M. BOVD, JB.. Oencral Manager. 'Ion. Pasa. .Vg.-nt POMT OFKKK \4>T1CK. POST OFFICE NOTICE. The Mails for Europe during the week ending Saturday, March 22. 1873, will close at this office ou Weilnesday, at 6 A. M.; on Thurtduy. at 11 A. M , and on Katurit? u ii a \i P. II. JONES. Poatmaster DRY GOODS. Attractions increase at smith's pattern Razaar, 914 Broadway. Superb Costumes I Enchanting Novelties I Pattern* now ready. Clntli model with each pattern. Come early In the day. A. BUIIDBTTK SMITH. 914 Broadway, near Twentieth street. New York. Hair; iiairi uairi The largest stock o< Human Uatr Goods In thfc city at SHAW'S. 3S2 Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones streets, and :e>3 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twen ty third streets, up slalra. SHAW'S Patent Hair Switches; can be combed and brushed, $1 each. Human llalr, cheapest and best In the market, btiurt llair Switches, $2 each and upwards. French Switches. $4. Curls, $1 and upwards, latest styles always ou hand. M I I.I.I V Kit V AND DKKHHMAKING. PARIS MILLINERY?MMK. FKRRKRO, SO.'7 WEST Thirtieth street. New and elegant styles of Bonnets and Round llats. Flowers, Vella, Ac. MAKBI.E NANTELN. AKLABER, STEAM-MARBLE AND MARBLEIZINO . Works, 1J4 and 1146 East Eighteenth gtr*e:.-Marli..t and Marbleized Mantels, Tiling, Marblo Counters, >1 mi ments, at prices Uiat dely conipetllton. Marble furnru tor the trade. AN ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, I'NSIRPASSED for beauty ot design and quality of workmanship. Slats Work of all kinds a specialty. ?p PENRAYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Lmon square. ^ VJTKWART'S SLATE MA NTS LA?RICH AND ELE D gant designs: Slate Works ot every descr ptlon; Mar Me and Wood Mantel*. T. B. STEWART A CO., AAianl 222 West Twenty UurU street, near Seventh avenue, X *,

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