Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1873 Page 13
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THE ERIE INVESTIGATION. The Astonishing Story Told by R. Arch dull O'Doherty. How the English Shareholders Obtained Control of the Boad?Directors and Officials Bribed to Besign?Senators Beceiving $30,000? How the Money Was Distribnted. < JAY GOULD ON THE STAND. His Story of Last Year's Coup d'Etat? Tammany Tactics in the Executive Committee?How "Iago" Lane Worked on Both Sides. The Erie Investigation Committee appointed by the Assembly held Its nrst session in this city yesterday, at the Fifth Avenne Hotel. The Investigation had previously been going on in Albany, but for the purpose of hastening the work and securing the presence of witnesses, most of whom reside here, it wus transferred to New York. There were present yesterday Messrs. Babcock, Chairman; Lincoln, Wight, Crary and Carpenter. Sergeant-at-Arins Oerlng was also in attendance. K. AKCIIDALL O'DOHBRTT was the first witness called. The following is his testimony:?1 have no oillclal connection with the Erie Railroad, and never had; I have some acquaintance with the workings of the company; in the early part of 1872 F. A. Lane saw some of the Erie directors, ana arranged with them that they rBbould resign their positions in consideration of receiving some pecnnlary considerations; he communicated with me and asked me if the English shareholders would pay for the control of the Erie road; I telegraphed to McHenry the Bame night; his replies for some time were indispnte; he finally agreed to pay the amount; in a telegram, dated the 16th of February, be dedesired me to communicate with his agents in New York: I did so, speaking to Mr. Barlow first; I first obtained some pledges from Mr. Barlow that -the affair was to be kept secret, that the amount to be paid was not to be reduced, and that he (Mr. Barlow) was xo have no share in the profits 6f the transaction; the amount agreed to be paid was one and a half millions; the next proceeding was made by Mr. Barlow, who wanted the profit divided among four instead of three; 1 refused to give Mr. Barlow ANY OF TUE TBOFIT, pointing out to him that he could make as much money as tic pleased irom his knowledge of what was going to occur; he replied that he did not want to speculate in the stock, but he sent a telegram to Mcllenry, suggesting that It would be well to advance money to carry out my suggestions (the telegram, h is been already published); tue result was that everything was arranged except the payment of the money; Mcllenry sent out a man by the name ol Crouch, who was placed at my disposal; not thinking he conld be of any use to me 1 introduced him to Messrs. Day & Barlow, to assist them is the lobbying operations which were being carried on in Albany; having been in the employ or the Brie Bail road before as a sort ol newspaper clerk he communicated with the Erie directors and learned Lane's plans, which he IMrARTKD TO OKNBRAL SICKLES; Sickles, nettled at being left out of our plans, made arrangements and set Crouch to fix matters with our directors, so that they conld tender their resignations on the same terms obtained by Lane; hickies then communicated with McHeury and offered to accomplish the same result I had proposed lor $aoo,ooo; Mcllenry ana his mends tailed to make good their agreement with me; Sickles then saw Lane and told him if Iia wnnirl not. rnnaant. tn aoeant the smaller amouut his services would be altogether dispensed with; Lane was so frightened that he refused to put the amount In one of Bartow's telegrams, who also took part in the breach of faith; Barlow then sent on for the money, and it was forwarded to Sickles, showing that the people on the other side would not trust Barlow; this exasperated Barlow and me alpo. and I telegraphed to McHenry"Beware; present plans will result In loss of money;" I had made up my mind to go to Jay Uould la the meantime and reveal the plot, I was so angry; McHenry telegraphed asking for more iniormation; Barlow soothed my angry feelings and quieted me; on the lltb of March we carried out our plan to remove Gould from the presidency and give McHenry absolute control of the Erie road; ho events of that day are pretty well known; we met at Barlow's house in the morning: there were present Messrs. Barlow, Lane, Stebhins, General l)lx, General McClellan and others: after settling our plans. Lane and myself proceeded to the Erie offices; Lane organized the board, and, by the display of extraordinary PKK8ENCK or MIND and courage accomplished the revolution; the directors whom we purchased retired one by one; tbcn Gould waa removed irom his position, General Dix was elected President, W. W. ohermau was appointed Treasurer, 8. L. M. Barlow counsel, and orders were glvea to the officers to recognize no otber authority; meantime Gonld showed fight, the nliuw was filled with rowdies and nollcemen. and lor a day or two e very thing was la confusion; an the second day General Sickles appeared on tae scene and entered Into negotiations with Gould, which resulted In everything being peaceably Bottled; Gould's consideration for doing this was, no donbt, an agreement which Sickles signed releasing Gould from all claims against him ay Erie; the existence of any such arrangement was strenuously denied, but I have read the letter irom General Sickles In which the agreement was alluded to: Lane, tearing that the plot would fall, told Jay Gould of the whole plan, so that Gould was as well Informed as ourselves when we walked In on the morning of the 11th; Gould reded on an English banker CALLING HIMSELF LORD GORDON, who deceived not only Gould, but Horace Greeley, Tom Scott and Horace Clark; he claimed to control a majority of Erie stock, and asserted that he controlled Sickles; soon after that I went to England, having rejected an offer made by Barlow to take direction of measures which were about to be instituted for the recovery of money from Gould, as I did not believe In the sincerity of Mr. Barlow; I saw Barlow pay by check $67,500 to Lane's agent: Henry Thompson got $67,500; Archer got $40,000, Hilton $25,000, Otis, the Secretary, $25,000: White, Assistant Treasurer, $25,000; Simmons, a director, got, I think, $60,ooo; Ramsdell and Slsson got nothing to resign; RamsHell did not resign; be is still a director; tnat was all the amount that was at first used to effect a change, though 1 heard that a larger amount was alterwards distributed?$450,000 by Mr. McHenry en the eve of the July election; I myseir got $25,000; Gardner got $'25,000, and Creuch got $60,000; we got our money from McHenry ; Bischoffshetm furnished the money to buy up the directors; McHenry was the owner of the Atlantic and Greut Western Railroad, and for this reason wished to obtain control of Erie; on the eve of the last election, which took place In July, 1872, the Erie directors placed in the hands of Btsciioffshcim A Goidschmid, of London, consolidated bonds for negotiation to the extent or $6,000,440; the Board was then composed or men who had not been elected by the stockholders; the election toe* place on the Dth of July; the net proceeds of the sale ef the bonds was $6,ooo,o8o; that would give about ninety-lour and one-third per cent in currency for every $loo in gold; on account of these net proceeds BlschoffSheirn has paid to the company something over $4,000,900, leaving a large balance, which, I believe, TUB KKIK RAILROAD COMPANY WILL NEVER RECEIVE, as the London bankers will doubtless repay themselves for their former outlay; the loan was issued under a contract made on the 8th or May, 1872; the contract Is binding on the Erie Hallway until the year 1020; the mortgage under which these bonds were issued was for a total sum or $80,000,000 in gold; but $423,000,000 of this was required to replace mortgages already In existence; the amount realized by Blschoffshelm A Goldschmid was about $000,000 In gold on the sale of the bonds; in addition they nave got one per cent half yearly on tho interest; General Dlx was President of the road at the time the contract was made; I published in the Tttii*s an Erie voucher, showing mill mamma imrion nnii ur?u rov,uw, b|>(ibi vumj to pay General Sickles for services rendered by him. (The voncher was here i rodueed.) on the back 01 the voucher you will see that the amount la charged to the transportation accoant, aa If the amount was for fuel and oil: the amount or Sickles' hotel bills paid by the Erie Railway was 936,000; a lew days alter Barlow drew the $&y,uoo; he drew an additional $10,000 for lawyers' fees; United States Marshal Sharpe received over |l,ooo for services to be rendered; Sharpe got an order Irom the Treasury Department in Washington to seize the hooks of the Krie Railroad, but Secretary Boutwell rescinded the order before It was carried Into effect; Mcllenry told me he dad given sickles a large sum to secure the passage of the bill at Albany; I have no personal knowledge of how It was used, but I know that k $30,000 was used In March, limnedia'ely alter the / coiip a'euit; Archer, the Vice i'resldsnt of the k Erie Railroad Company, was then in Albany, and he authorized the payment of $6,ooo each to six Senators; I heard W. H. Vanderbilt disbursed tne money personally: Barlow pocketed the insult he first received by the money being sent to sickles, because he believed, by keeping still, he could step NKVV Y01 lntc the position he now occupies, tne customer/ commission for executing the bonds of the description I have named In England is abeut a hall per cent; the dav alter Gould's overthrow Barlow drew two bills on McHenry for In favor ol Oardner and myself; It's a pity that Mr. Barlow and Mr. Watson can't give their evidence until the/ hear what other people say ol them; under the arrangement made by McHenry and me the directors were to be more liberally rewarded lor resigning than tbey alterwards were; It was not necessary to expend any money for the repeal of the Classification act; 1 have uo personal knowledge of money being expended In Albany; I never saw the original of the copies 01 tne vouchers winch 1 have given vou. A recess was taken at this point uutil lour o'clock. After Kecess. The committee reassembled at four o'clock and called Jay Gould to the stand. The examination was conducted by Mr. Whitney, who was evidently too young to worm very much out ol the wily expresideut. Mr. Gould, however,spoke very freely and told all he wanted to tell in a nonchalant manner, meanwhile quietly studying the calibre of his examiners and wearing throughout a peculiar, sardonic snnlc, especially when telling how he adjourned a meeting of the Executive Committee just previous to the coup rt'Ctat of March, 1871 Ills testimony was substantially us lollows:? Before the meeting ol the directors on the 11th of March I had an interview with Mr. Duncan; tiiere was nothing said about my resignation or any other member of the board; 1 saw Mr. L. P. Morton at his office in broad street; I went there because he was a large stockholder; the purport of our conversation was about the programme to be pursued; he lelt favorably Inclined to the use ol nls name on the new board: 1 think I told lnm 1 was in correspondence with Mr. J. S. Morgan; other names were mentioned, which I think are substantially the same as referred to in my letter to Mr. Morgan; before Iceuld have received an answer the Duncan negotiation came up. so 1 did not receive any auswer; 1 met Mr. Duncan at his house; we talked about the reorganization and the conditions on which it should be carried out; the only condition, I think, was that all the large interests which feed the road should be represented; there was nothing said about any money to be paid to anybody; the matter was to be voluntary on the part or the outgoing members; 1 met with Messrs. Duncan, barlow and another within a day or two after; we met at Mr. barlow's house; it was either the last week in November or first week in December; WB A11RKKD TO HAVB A NKW BOARD; the names mentioned lor the new Board were Erastus Cornipg. E. D. Morgan, George P. Alden, W. b. Duncan, Levi P. Morton, John Ewen, Asa Packer, Horace F. Clark, J. S. Morgan, of London, and Dr. Eldridge. of Klmira; my own name was to be added; we discussed the propriety ot the change and hew it would suit interests in Europe; we thought this programme was so eminently proper and in the Interests of the company that no gentleman would stand in the way of it, especially as the financial matters were pressing, and 1 agreed, in order to facilitate the matter, should it be necessary, to have a law passed repealing the classification; Mr. Duncan was about going to Europe, but we agreed to go on; I controlled about twenty-lour millions of dollars of stock; we thought none of the existing board would reiuse to comply, but if they did I would have a law passed repealing the C1nH.4iflciit.inn net : there wan nn other remedy nro posed, and if this were not done?why, it would be a very good thing for the '*ina" and A VKBY BAD TQ1NO FOB TIIK OUTS; it was agreed I should prepare a.letter, embodying the names oi the new directors, for Mr. Duncan to take to Europe; I had a conversation with Mr. Lane shortly alter my first conversation with Mr. Duncan; Lane told me there was a great conspiracy ; the whole force of United Stales marshals and a majority of the directors were purchased and bound by an oath; this was in February; the road was to be handed over to tho Atlantic and Great Western road; there were one or two vacancies; somebody was to get up and move to fill these vacancies; I think Mr. Lane told me $300,ooo was the price of certain men; Nathaniel K. Sands was one. 8. 0. Hall was another; Mr. Hall had a grudge against me on account of a contract In which he was interested and which 1 opposed; Mr. Simons was to receive $50,000, Mr. J. White $'25,000, Mr. Otis to receive I dou't remember what; Kamsey, to my surprise, was the hardest man he had to bargain with; Mr. Henry Thompson was to receive $100,000; the money was to be paid, so Lane said, by the Atlantic and Great Western or Uischoirshelm and Mcllenry; he said they counted on him (Lane); he said he had always been true to me, and they bad not money enough to change him; the pretext for the meeting was to be the settlement of a schedule between the Erie and Atlantio and Great Western; committees had been appointed and settled the raattor previously, bat it was stated that the Courts of Ohio required the seal of the company to be affixed by order of the board, and 1 was to call the meeting for that purpose; he sometimes talked one way and sometimes another; he pretended to be working against them and in my favor; the thing would block itself, as without him they would not have a majority; he said he acquiesced, bo as to know what was going on, to get into tiie enemy's camp? Sickles was to engineer the movement; Mr. E. K. Willtrd came to me in February and asked how I would like to give up my position; told me that I was worn out by great application to business, and if I would give over the control, or resign and acquiesce In a change, he was authorized to state that $600,000 would be placed to my credit; be was not at liberty to state by whom he was authorized; nit m%>i/vuipk w no izuuu uiauc ?u ^ci? n iucuviu^ V* ??? Executive Committee, just as Lane said; this was In the fore part or March: I called a meeting or the Executive Committee; Messrs. Lane, Rumsdell, Archer and myself were the committee; they had the majority; the programme was that I was to resign; they would talce the resignation before a meeting of the Board to be called for the purpose and so get control; I had the resolution confirming the settlement in my possession; I put the resolution, it was carried and 1 adjourned the meeting so quickly that their programme fell through; the adjournment was in the usual way; I thought I heard most yeas, so I declared the meeting adjourned, got up and went out; I don't know who made the motion to adjourn; I thought I heard it, so 1 put It and declared It carried. (This explanation was given In such Inimitable style as to cause the staid members of the committee to laugh alouu; Mr. Gonld polished his glossy mustache first on one side and tnen on the other with the head of his walking stick, varying the performance occasionally by half closing his left eye with the aforesaid stick and taking a bead through his eyelasheB and over the stick head at the members of the committee and the young man who acted as counsel.) The next step was a call for a meeting signed by Mr. Archer, which was no call at all, as It should have been made by the President at the request of a certain number of directors; JAY GOULD'S FLAM. My theory was that, as the meeting was Informal, the most they could do was come together and resign ; every thing they undertook to do Infilling vacancies would be void; the only resignations would be those of the conspirators, so that the only legal directors lelt would be my own friends and those who did not attend; the only legal directors would be Messrs. Gauson, Sherwood, Drake, Dr. Eldrldge, Archer, Ramsdell and myself; 1 knew the meeting was to be called the evening before, or rather Saturday evening, the eth; on Monday, the lltb. I called a meeting for Tuesdav. the 12th. of those gentlemen I have named; at that meeting we should have filled up the vacancies cansed by the resignations of the day before; the meeting would be of my friends, for I had conti ol as perfectly as ever; when we held one side of the building by force and they the other Dr. Kid ridge came to me and urged a settlement; said he nad had a conversation with Mr. Harlow, and he had no doubt asatisiactory arrangement could be made; 1 Immediately acquiesced; he bad a second Interview with Barlow, and they agreed to accede to my terms; the memorandum containing the terms was partly In my handwriting, partly in Mr. Sherwood's, and, I think, some in Sickles'; General Sickles took It; I never Raw it since; he said he bad placed It among the archives of the company; the substance was that everything that had been done the day before should be void; I wasto call a meeting for the following day of the legal directors, and the vacancies were to be filled by these men; they were to retain all the employes who bad been loyal to me; the advances I had made, amounting to $1,000,000 or $1,500,000, should bo repaid; the bonds I was on should be relieved, and I was to hold the releases ol the company which 1 had In my possession, and the counsel, Messrs. Shearman A Field, were to carry on the existing snlts; I had an Injunction ready to serve at any time, and I made up my mind to let the matter go to that point and stop the meeting; I had placed my resignation In the hands of Mr. Greeley; he knew all about this movement of Sickles, and I placed my resignation In his hand to be used at the proper time; Mr. Lane said it might De necessary to use money with Sickles, as ICILKS WOUI.D 00 ANT WAT that would pay best; I do not know ol any money being paid in this matter; within a week of the 12th of March, at the meeting I called, 1 closed all connection with the company, ana have not been near the offices since; I think the Diz Board,which was the ad interim Board, made a contract with Bischotrshelm for the sale of some of the company's stock; I made a contract with J. 8. Morgan embracing a negotiation of these Bo-called consolidated mortgage bonds. To a member of the Committee?During the session of '72 1 went up one morning; was there a conpie of hours, most of which time I consumed In getting my dinner and getting ready to come home; 1 resisted the passage of the Classification Repeal act up to a certain time: I only took such measures as would make It public; 1 did not give a dollar to any Senator or any member; I only nsed the evidences of the popularity of the management of the company as testified to by people along the line ot the road; I know nothing or my own knowledge os to any money being paid for any railroad measures at Albany; I don't, as a general thing, care about inquiring Into other people's business. To the Counsel?When I went up to Albany 1 went for a railroad ride and a little relief, and also to make a personal Inspection of the situation; 1 met Senator Madden and Mr. Baker, or Troy; 1 wun't swear that 1 did not see any one else; I did not register my name; If I had gone uppuhliclj and paraded myself, It might have been said I was actuated r>v Improper motives, you know~-(here the committeemen grinned as ir tney did know) ? so I went up quietly and took a view or the situation; I was not In the Hoard when a resolution wiu passed to pay $30,000 to William H. Vandorbilt for expenses attending legislation at Albany. Mr. Gould, at the close of his examination, mosl complacently hade the committee "good morning' (it was exactly nine minutes alter six P. M.) ami withdrew, after which the committee adjourned tc meet again this morning at ten o'clock, 4 IK HERALD. SATURDAY, SHIPWRECKS. Additional Particulars in Regard to the Accident to the Niagara and the bou of the Peteraburgh?The Petersburgh a Complete Wreck. The latest advices (torn Bermuda give some additional particulars about the accident to the steamship Nlarara, Captain Stark, which left Bermuda Mareh l, bound lor New York. The weather was favorable until the afternoon of the following day (Sunday), when she encountered heavy gales, continually Increaalng In fury. The barometer fell to 29 2-10, and the passengers soon experienced a most lerrioie nurncanc. un ruesuay, Marcn ?, me main stoaniplpe gave way, completely disabling the ship. The drag was immediately got oat to bring the ship head to sea. This was accomplished, and efforts were made to repair the pipe. These efforts were partially successful, but the gales still continuing Captain Stark decided to return to Bermuda?only eighteen miles had been made in the last twelve hours. The Niagara arrived at St. Oeorge, Bermuda, Harch 0. She had just undergone a very thorough Inspection by the Colonial government of Bermuda and had been accepted to carry the mads. The dimensions of the Niagara have been given at length in the Hkkald. She was owned by the Old Dominion Steamship Company, and this was her arst trip to New York. Her cargo was Bermuda produce. The damage sustained Will not amount to more than $5,ooo. The following testimonial to captain Stark has been published in the Bermuda papers:? STBAMsnir Niagara, March C, 1873. Captain Stark, Stbamrhip Niagara:? Drak Sir?rhe undersigned. passenger* per steamship Niagara, under your command on liur late trip from Bermuda to New York, dc-iro on their return to Bermuda (having been iorcod by ureas of weather to return to eaid port) to convey to yourself, your officers and crew our heartfelt thanks for tho many acta of klnducsa received at their hands during the trying period of the last few days. Without wishing to make any distinction we cannot refrain Irom mentioning the noble and heroic conduct and antiring exertions (durlug your own painful Illness, aud when tue ship was in a moat perilons coudilion, disabled in machinery during a heavy gale) of Mr. Oddersleeve, chief engineer, and Mr. Kelly, first officer, to whom, under the blessings of Providence, the safety of the Niagara and ali on board are duo. With our best wishes tor your future success and happiness, we remain,dear air, respectiully yours, B. 1*. LUNT. J. W11ITTAKKR, H. K. BROWN, Quartermaster, TflOS. i. ou t ERBRIDOE, Fitty-scvcnth regiment. THOS. A. BOKDKN, A. D. I'lLLSBUftY, W. L. UKDUES, Captain Fifty-third regiment. The steamship Petersburg!!, of Leitb, Scotland, Is a complete wreck. The account published In tho IiBRALu uf Tuesday last, has been corroborated t>y the lateat advices. Tho value of the cargo or tea, the greater part of which was insured in New York, Is now stated at $700,000. She had as passengers the captain and crew of the wrecked ship Cliarlotte, Captain Austin. The Petersburg!) grounded outside sr. George, but 12,ooo packages were landed dry, and are now stored at St. George; 3,000 of the packages that were saved were wet. Parr of the cargo was consiged to ?. W. Corlles. 50 Pine street. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. KNiairr?Walton.?On Thursday, March 20, at Christ Church, K&st Orange, by the Kev. Horace s. Bishop, Austin M. Knuhit to MakikLouisk, youngest daughter of the late James Be Lancey Walton, o! New York. Mkssmann?Fobnbekoer.?On Thursday evening, March 20,1873, by the Rev. H. McAllister, okokuk Mkssmann, Jr., to Elizabeth, daughter oI Joseph Egenberger, all of this city. No cards. Stephenson?Wrllinu.?In New Kochelie, at the residence ol the bride's parents, on Wednesday, March 10, 1873, by Rev. L. J. Coutant, Stuaut A. Stephenson, or New York, to Claudike, daughter of Samuel O. Welling, Esq. Wilson?Amkdkt.?On Thursday, March 20, at the residence of the bride's uncle, llenry Kellv, Esq., by the Rev. T. B. Anderson, D. D., Martik 1). E. Amidkt to E. Cuables Wilson, all of New York. Boston and Louisville (Ky.) papers please copy. Died. Ai.lkn.? On Thursday, March 20, after a short illness, Mr. John Allen, m the 89th year or his age. Funeral from his late residence, 221 Varickstreet, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Troy papers please copy. Ayrkb.?At Astoria, Long Island, on Friday, March 21, Maky Louisa, wife ofThaddeus Ay era. Funeral sertices from the Methodist church, Astoria, on Sunday afternoon, March 23, at two o'clock. Baldwin.?At Yonkers. on Wednesday, March 19, Armenia, wife of Anson Baldwin and daughter of the late James Palmer, aged 73 years. Funeral from her late residence, at three o'clock, Saturday, March 22. Carriages will be la waiting on arrival or the 1:30 train from Thirtieth* street and two o'clock train from Forty-second street. Bkroin.?Of croup, Willi* F. Bkroin, youngest son or Michael and Julia Bergln, both lrom county Kilkenny, Ireland. His luneral will take place on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of his parents, 31 East Thirty-flfth street. Alt friends are respectfully invited. Blanks.?On Wednesday, March 19, in Brooklyn, Florence, wife or George C. Blanko and daughter of the late George W. Nexsen, iu the 36th year of her age. Kelatives and ftlends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her lata residence, Brooklyn avenue, corner of Bergen street, on Monday alternoon, at two o'clock. Uoogs.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, March 18, Margaretta Booos, relict of William Boggs, aged 74 years. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son, Walter I), cv Boggs, 76 Clinton avenue, on Sunday, at two o'clock. Philadelphia paners please copy. Cabkzola.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, March 21, youngest son of Golllermo and Elizabeth C'abezola, aged 7 months. The relatives aad friends are respectfully Invited to attend the luneral, irom the residence or his parents, 167 Prospect street, Brooklyn, on Sunday, 23* Inst., at hair-past two P. M. Canary.?On Friday, March 21, Mrs. Maggie C. Thompson, of Albany, daughter of Andrew Canary, F.sq., of this city. Clark.?On Wednesday, March 10, 1873, Patrick Clark, altar a long and severe Illness, aged 42 years. The funeral will take place on Snnday, 23d Inst., at o'clock P. M,, from his late residence, 59 Hilary street, Brooklyn, to Cemetery of Holy Cross, Flatbush. The relatives and friends af the family are respectfully invited to attend. Cincinnati papers please copy. Clasher.? On Wednesday, March 10, James Clasiier, aged 01 years. Funeral at late residence, 838 West Thirty-sixth street, Saturday morning, at hall-past tea. Sterlings hire (Scotland) papers please copy. Daly.?On Thursday, March 20, of pneumonia, Margahkt aones, wife of Cornelius Daly, in the 28th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the tuneral, from her late residence, 7o East Broadway, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock. Decker.?At Brooklyn, on Thursday, March 20, Mrs. Charlotte Decker, aged 78 years. Friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son, S. C. Decker, 217 Lafayette aveiue, Brooklyn, on Sunday, 23d Inst., at twelve o'clock M. The remains will be taken to Havana, N. Y., for Interment. Ellis.?In this city, on Thursday, March 20, Nathaniel Ellis, senior partner or Ellis, Knapp A Co., In the exst year of his age. Funeral from Thirtieth street rresbytorlan church (Rev. S. D. Kurchard, I). IK), on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. Remains will l>e tuk?>n to M&mua. chusetts for interment. Felix.?At Passaic, N. J., on Wednesday .March 19, o( pleurisy, Harriet P. Felix, wife of Francis J. Felix, aged ?4 years and U days. Funeral will take place irons her late residence, on Saturday, March 22. Carriages will be In waiting at the depot on the arrival of the l :45 P. M. train from New York. Fleihciimann?On Thursday, March 20, 1873, Katiibrin Fleischmann, beloved daughter of Fredrick and Henrtette Fleischmann. The relatives and mends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the fnneral, from her late residence, 108 Ludlaw street, on Sunday, j March 23,1873, at one o'clock P. M. Gardiner.-At Peekskill, on Friday, March 21, I Samuel Gardiner, aged fll yearrs.<' Funeral from his late residence, on Sunday, 23d Instant, at halt-past one o'clock. Hamilton.?At Flushing, l. I., on Friday, March 21, General Charles A. Hamilton, In his sad year. Funeral services on Sunday, at St. George's Kpisf copal chnrch, at two P. M. Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend. Cars leave Hunter's Point at one P. M. Long Island papers please copy. Harrison.?At Elizabeth, N. J., on Thursday, March 20, Thomas Harrison, Infant son of John H. and Mary J. Harrison, aged 4 months. Funeral from the residence of his parents, on Saturday. March 22, at twelve o'clock, noon. Carriages will he In waiting at Sooth Elizabeth depot lor train of Pennsylvania Railroad leaving New York at ten A. M. Jones.?On Thursday, March 20, of pleuro-pneumonia, Jbneins Walter Jones, a native of carol[ ganshlre, south Wales, and for thirty-two years a resident of this city. 1 The relatives and friends of the family are Invited 1 to attend the funeral, from St. Ann's church on I tne Heights, on Sunday, 23d Inst., at half-past two ' o'closk. Gash.?AtOreenpolnt, u i., Peter Gash, In the 06th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the luneral, from the residence of his son-in-law, John Smith, 177 Franklin street, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. MacCartiit.?At New Brighton, S. I., Mrs. MacCartut, wtieof Denis Mact'artliy, a native of Ktll' dee, county Cork, Ireland, 1b the 66th year of her I age. > Funeral this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, to (,'ftlvarr Cemetery for Interment MARCH 22, 1873?TRIPLE Maxwell.?Suddenly. on Friday, March 21, at the residence of her nephew, William P. Douglas, Mihs Maky Ann Maxwell. Notice of funeral herealier. Melvillr.?On Wednesday, March It, of consumption, Lizzy Clark, the beloved wile of Harry E. Melville, aged 2fl years. Mokiarty.?At the residence of his mother, 322 East Fllty-Orst street, after a short illness, Kihirnr

V. X. Mori aktt, aged 21 years aud 3 mouths, son ol the late Edward Fitzgerald Mftriarty, Esq., of Dingle, county Kerry, Ireland, and brother of Kev. J. J. Moriai ty, of Chatham Village, S. Y., aud nephew of Rev. J. 8.. John 8. and l>r. R. J. O'Sulllvan, of New York city, and of the late Sir Thomas , Morlarty, of Roscommon, Ireland. His classmates and the relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence to the Church ot St. John the Evuugellst, where a requiem mass will be celebrated, on this (Saturday) morning, at ton o'clock. Morris.?Oh Thursday morning, March 20, of consumption, William H. Morris, In the 24th year of bis age. Relatives and friends of the family, ami the attaches of Adams Express Company, are respectlully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 118 Meadow street. Hoboken. N. J., to Calvary Cemetery, on Sunday, March 23, at halfpast ten o'clock A. M. Morrow.? William Jamfs, ron or Jamea D. and Margaret Morrow, aged 1 year and 2 months. Funeral will take place lrom No. 8 Kssez strcot, tills (Saturday) rooming, at ten o'clock. Belfast (Ireland, papers please copy. Mulvey.?On Wednesday, March 10, 1873, at hor residence, 13 Uooseveli street, Mary Mulvey, aged 36 years. Reqnieseat In peace. Her remains will ne taken to St. James church this (Saturday) morning, at ten o'clock; from thence to Calvary Cemetery. Murphy.?On Friday. March 21, alter a lingering Illness, Alice anoei.l, beloved wife of Frederick W. Murphy, aged 26 years, 3 months and 16 days. Notice or luneral In to-morrpw's paper. McDonald.?On Thursday, March 20, Wii.MAM, son of Jamea McDonald, of 112 York street, Brooklyn, aped 14 years. The funeral will tako place, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'cloe.k, lrom the residence of tils father. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. McGrath.?on Friday, March 21, Katie McGratii, daughter ot the widow Catherine McGrath, in the 22d year ot hor age. The relatives and mends of the fhmlly, nlso those of her uncle, John McGrath, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. 422 bloat Tenth street, on Sunday, March 23, at half-past one o'clock. MoKinlay.?At Wapptnga' Falls, n. Y., oroThnrsday, March 20, Jambs S., second son or tUo late Daniel McKlnlay, aged 18 years. Funeral an Sunday, at two o'clock. McNui.ty.?On Thursday, March 20, Lanty, eldest son ot Bernard and Mary McNulty, aged 41 years. Tne relatives and friends of the family, also the frlendH of his brothers, Charles and Bernard, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday aiternoon, at one o'clock, from his lato residence, 537 Fifth street. I'atchkll.?At Jersey City Heights, on Thursday, March 20,1873. #i ter a short illness, Eliza H. Patchell. In the 3Uth year oi her age. The relatives and friends of the family are re- ' spectfully iuvited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, March 23, from the First Presbyterian church, West lloboken, at hulf-paBl twejve P. M. Brooklyn papers please copy. QuidLKY.?On Friday, March 21, 1873, Daniel QuioLBY, in the 28th year ol his age. Notice of the funeral hereafter. Schroder.?On Tuesday, March 18, after a severe and painful Illness, Uknry Schroder, aged 62 years, it luonuis ana 14 nays. The relatives aud friends of the family are respect fully requested to attend the Mineral, item his late residence, 108 Meserole avenue, /ireenpoint, on Sunday afternoon, March 23, at one o'clock. Summons.?The members of Oreenpoint Lodge, 403, F. and A. M., are hereby summoned to meet at the lodge room, on Sunday, 23d met., at twelve M., to attend the funeral of our late brother, Henry Schroder. Members of Independent, Island City, Seawanhaka, Herder Lodges and Altau Chapter are invited. Smith.?On Wednesday, March 19. 1873, at his residence, 162 Sands street, Brooklyn, Mr. Henry H. Smith, aged 60 years. Relatives aud friends are invited to attend the funeral, from the Church of Sea and Land, corner Market and Henry streets. New York, on Sunday, 33d Inst., at half-past ten A. M. Smith.?Ob Friday, March 21, at 236 East Thirtyseventh street, Claka, daughter of E. B. Smith, aged 2 years and 9 months. Funeral Sunday afternoon, March 23, at twoo'clock. THiTRBBK.?In Brooklyn, on Thursday morning, March 20, 1873, Isaiah Thurber, aged 84 years. Funeral services at 182 Fort Greene place, on Saturday, at half-past three F. M. Friends of the family are invited to attend. L'hl.?On Wednesday, March 19, Isabella Uhl, beloved daughter of Oswald and Anna Ottendorfer. Relatives ;lnd friends of the family are Invited to attend tho Mineral, from No.. 7 East Seventeenth street, on Saturday. tne22d Inst., at one o'clock P. M. Interment In Greenwood Cemetery. Van Loan.?On Thursday, March 20, C. Atoitsta Baucock, wife ol the late Frank Van Loan, In the 26th year of her age. Notice of funeral on Sunday. Van Sciiaick.?O11 Friday, March 21, Benjamin Van Schaick, in the 72d vear of his age. Tlin PAloHnoa ami fviamla ?>,? family a.? in vited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, March 23, from Chriat church, Sutfern, N. Y. Wilkinson.?On Friday, March 21, Ei.izabto P., widow of James M. Wilkinson, In the 74th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral service, at ' the Forty-third street Methodist Episcopal church, ; on Monday, at half-past twelve o'clock. Interment at Stanley, New Jersey. New Jersey papers please copy. Wright.?On Friday. March 21, after a long and painful illness, Sarah A. Wright, beloved wife of Theodore Wright, aged 47 years. Relatives and friends of the famllv are Invited toattend the funeral, on Monday morning, March 24,. at half-past ten, at the Plymouth Baptist ohurch, Fifty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. Hempstead (L. I.) papers please copy. Wright.?On Wednesday, March 19, William IX Wright, eldest son of the late William Wright, of White Plains, Westchester county, N. Y. The relatives and1 friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his mother, at White Plains, on Monday, March 24, at half-past 12 P. M. Train leaves Grand Central depot atlO: 40 A.. M. YACHTS, HTKAMBOATS, IfOR RALE-THF, A. M. BUS-*, RLOOP YACHT, 40 feet long; to be Men foot of Franklin street, Creenpolnt. For rale?a iiekrerhoff yacht. 37 ff.kt long; very fast. Address HALL A RON8, 169 Chat lIBUi iUBCl. For pale?a sloop yacht, ?o feet long over II. 16 feet beam, with a cabin, 5 feet S inches between joiuts, beautifully linished with hard wood ; aim n water cloaet and washbasin. with tank of water; two staterooms, with bertha, Ac. Please apply to AUSTIN A CO., comer Water and Bridge ate., New Raven. Conn., or to GKOKGK M. GRAVES, Boat Builder. Fair Haven. Conn., ea-t aide, wnere the yacht now Ilea. For any further Information address box 2,379 Post office. New Haven, Conn. For hale?one sloop, is tons register, in good condition, well adaptaa for the oyster trade. Addrcaa OHO. W. MILES A CO.. Milford, Conn. FOR SALE CHEAP?A FIRST CLASS BARGE; dimensions, tt) feet length, 19 feetbcani and H feet hold; in perfect order. Apply to BULMAN A BROWN, Newburg. SIDKWIIEBL STEAMBOAT, COMPLETE, 31 FEET long, H toot beam, price $w)0; all kinda of Boata, wood and iron, on hand, cheap. 114th afreet, Harlem River. STEPHEN KOBEBTH. SCHOONER FULTON, CARRYINO CAPACITY 109 tons, lying at Perry street, North River, will be sold at auction on Wednesday, March 26, at 3 o'clock P. M. TIT ANTED TO CHARTER-A YACHT OR FAST SAILVT ing sloop, about 2? tona register, from May I to November IS. Addreaa GEO. W. MILES A CO.. Milford, Conn. WANTED TO PURCHAHE-A STEAM YACHT. GIVE description, price, speed, Ac. Address UEOltUE BROWN, l'oat Office box 1,959, New York city. WANTED TO PURCHASE mo DRUOGI8T8?I WISH TO PURCHASE A DRUG 1 Business; small cash payment. Address SOBRIETY, Herald office. WANTBD-A SECOND HAND "HOE" FOLIO POST or Cap Cylinder Presa. Address JOHN WILSON, box 174 Herald office. INSTRUCTION. / iol.LF.GIA rK AND COMMERCIAL INS.ITUTK, I I NEW ft A VK V CONN Preparatory to College, the Scientific Schools or BuslnessSummcr session begins April S, Is73. PRIVATE COUNTING ROOMS OF C. C. MARSH, lor Practice ami Instruction In Bookkeeping and Bnxincis Affairs. Apply lor circulars at 7'Jti Broadway. ' BIIiLIAEPB. ~ a 1 -standard american billiard TABLES Aii and ihe PImIh I UoUendsr OonMuMn Oukions, manufactured and lor sale only by the Inventor anil patentee, H. W. COLLENDKK, successor to i'helan A OoBandat, 7VI Broadway, New fork. * 1 -FIRST CLASS .1x10 BKVKLLKO BILLIARD i\l. Tables at $150 . first class plain 1x10 Tables at RiOO. GBoRGE K. PHKLAN, No. 7 Barclay street Billiard tablb for sals.?a s by io fret Carom Table, of Kavanagh A Decker's manufacture, complete with Balls, Cues, Ac.; has been In use only a short time; is In excellent condition, and will be sold low. For particulars address D. D. L., Herald office. 7 iiimfKKSSKD IVOKT BILLIARD ~HALLS.-2>.? aj; \J 2k in., 9?; 1# Ball Pool, $24 set; Bagatelle, IV, 96; 2 in., $Ssct Checks?1)7 In.,?(>0, 990 set ; 1L in., far Poker, 99 per 100. WM. M. WKLLINO i CO., ______ 2117 and .09 Centre street. New York. VTOW I* YtlLR TIME TO PI RCHAHK TABLES AT IN greatly reduced prices. Second hand Tables com plete tor 92S0. Old tables cut down and remodelled. Call and examine DeUney's Patent Hteel Wire Cushions, applied on old tables. W H. GRIFFITH, to v.-sey street. _ N1W 5*10 BILLIARD TABLES, Rtill; SECOND HAND Tables made over new, 92MIto 9279; Nonpareil and Bevel Tahloa In great variety. K A VAN ALU A DEC RAH, corner Canal and Ueatre iti vets. SHKJST. HMTi'WIOPS WOTlOKg. " A IJTHORITY THK^^^NC^E^OF^ntTIti <?0 VERN. IX ment" wlil be the subject of a discount, bv Rev. Or. Bellowa, at All Souls' Church, corner of Fourth avenue and Twentieth street, at 10^ A. M. March a. At 7\ p. M. a discourse tor young men nn "The Decade of the Passions." Seats tree in the evening. Apollo hall, corner broadway and twkn. tyeighth street.?Mrs. jenny LEES, inspirational speaker, will adtlruM a few romarks to the Lyceum children, their parents and trlends, at IMf A. M.. and will lecture to the society at 7X p. M.; conterence, t! ? p. M. BLEECKKR STREET MISSION. II CARMINE street?Episcopal services at I0k A. M. and P M. Ninth and tenth lectures on the ^'Lord's Prayer" by the chaplain, J. Bclin Laval. Bishop snow will preach in the university, Washington square, on Sunday, at s p. M. Seats free. Subject?"That Terrible shepherd of the Latter Dav."?Zonh. xl hi. BLKKCKKK STREET UNIVKRSALlHT CHURCH.? Re*. K. C. Swtetter will preach Id the church, corner of Hleeckcr and Downing streets, to-iuorrow morning and evening, at lujt and 7>i o'clock. Morning subject, "Christ'# Temptation to Cast Himself Down trom the 1'innacle ol the Temple." Kvcn ug subject, "The llniversalist Idea of Heaver,." 1'rnver and conterence meeting every Tuesday evening In life church vestry, at 7?*. Subtect ot conterence next Tuesday night, "Religious Co-operation." The public Is cordially invited to attend. BROOKI.YN TABERNACLE. Rev. T. De Witt Talinage, D. D., Pastor, at the Academy of Music TO-MORROW and hereafter. The Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation will occupy the Academy of Music, morning and evening, ut Id .-30 and 7 3U, until their new church Is built, beats tree. (IIIURCn OK CHRIST, WEST TWENTY-EIGHTH J street, near Broadway.?Rev. W C. Dawson, the JtasUur, will preach in the uioriiing at 10 30, and 7 30 (TIIURCH OK THE RECONCILIATION, THIRTYJ first street, wen of Second avenue?Rev. E. Solllday Wlddemer, pastor.?Services Sunday at 10)* A. M. nud 7s P. M. Subject in tlie evening?"I* tbere Any Physical Value in Prayerr" Scats free. C1HUROH OK THE MESSIAH, PARK AVENUE, COR ) ner Thirty-fourth street.?Rev. Henry Powers, paster. will preach at 11 A. M. and in the evening at 7% The public are Invited. (THURCII OK OUR SAVIOUR.?REV. J. M. PULLMAN J will prcaah to morrow morning at the rooms of the Young Men's Universallst Association. 1,28ft Broadway, and in the evening at Trenor's Lyric. Hall, Sixth avenue, opposite Reservoir square. Evening subject:?"A Lost Soul." DR. LANDIS, THE SOUL-STIRRING ORATOR, should be henrd hv every lady and gentleman on "The Rock upon which 'The Church' Split," ne-xt Sunday, :it 8 I*. M., at the Athemuum. Seo amusements. MR. MORGAN?COOPER INSTITUTE.?IIEV HENRY Morgan, ol Morgan chapel, Boston, author ot "Nea Nevins," by request of the 2.0UD assembled lust Stindav, will repeat, "Why Men Don't Marry; llow Some Act Who Dot" (give the whole lecture) iu Cooper Institute, Sunday evening at 8, charging a dime only, except for' reserved seats. PRESBYTERIAN MEMORIAL CHURCH, MADISON avenue, corner Fifty-third street. Rov. Charles S. Robinson. D. D., pastor.?Services at 11 A. M. and 7'i P. M. The Hampton Students will sing at the commencement of the evening servico. and a contribution will bo made in behalf of their Institute. Rev. dr. e. o. flaoo will preach on bund ay morning at 10>? Hint in the evening at 7*j in tho church in Eighty-tilth street, between Lexington and Third a vs. REV. THEODORE L. CUTLER, D. D., WILL preach in the Madison Avenue Reformed church,, corner Kilty-seventh street, to-morrow evening, at 73* o'clock; morning service at 11 o'clock-, Sunday school at 936 A. M. All are invited. REV. A. D. GILLETTE. D. D? PREACHES IN PLYmouth liaptist church, Fifty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, on Sunday at 103i A. M. and 734 P^M. REV. IIALSEY W. KNAPP PREACHES EVERY BUNdav in the Lnlght street Raptlst Mission, commencing at I0ltt A. M. and 7>? 1*. M. Seats free. Rev. j. w. harniiart, pastor forsyth street M. K. church, near Division street, will preach Sun. day at 10^ A. M. and 7 45 P. M. Trustees in attendance to seat strangers. RUSSIAN-GREEK CnAPKL, #.M 8ECOND AVENUE, near Fiftieth street.?Divine servico in tho English language overy Sunday at II o'clock. All cordially invited. Tabernacle baptist church, second avenue and Toitth street.?Rov. Wayland Govt, pastor, will nreach to-morrow mnrninir und ovcninir at. the usual lt?>iirn. Strangers are cordially invited. TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH, CORNER OP Hicks and Rapclyo streets.?Divine service to-mor.row, at 10:30 A. M. and 7 0.) P. M. Preaching by tho pastor, Rev. A. C. Oshorn, D. I). Baptizing at close of service. Sunday school and church Bible class ut 2:30 P. M. All are cordially Invited. The presbytery op new york will meet in the Korty-sccond street Presbyterian church (west of Broadway) on Sabbath evening, March 23, 1373, to reinstate the pastoral relations between Rev. W. W. Newell, Jr., and the Korty-seconil street church and congregation. Rev. Dr. (tattle Id will moderate the meeting. Rev. Drs Adams. Thompson anil Booth will deliver addresses. WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WEST Twenty-second street, between Sixth nnd Seventh avenues.?Rev. J. K. Dcmarest preaches Sabbath morning and eveuing, at 10:30 aud 7 JO. Strangers welcome. HOUSES, ROOMS, dtCM WANTED, In this City and Brooklyn. A gentleman desires a comfortable room on secoad Door; location, between Third and Sixth avenues,.not lower than Eighth street, or above Twenty-ninth; prioe must not exceed $12. Address J. SMITH, 111 Greenwich street An unfurnished house wanted-in city, by a private family; about 14 rooms, with gas, bath, water, Ac.: good locution; rent about S1,2U0 per annum. Add'csi. with particulars, AMERICAN PEOPLE, box 162 Herald office. One plain furnished room, single bed, ground floor, Twelfth to Thirty-third street, Sixth to Fourth avenue. Address particulars to ARTIST, 12 East Twelfth street Low rent, but respectability, required. Wanted-in a first rate location, A small House (prater a Part of one), unfurnished, for light uuumikcciniiK, nmj UTC UI HIA I UUIIIB, *JJ IIIC IJUIUI n^in, only three-adults in family. Address MERCHANT, box 144 Herald Uptown Branch office. "flrANTBD?A SMALL UNFURNISHED HOUSE. IN A Vl good locality; gas and bath. Address, with full partIculais, E. F. B., fleral^ Uptown Branch office. WANTED?PART OF A HOUSE (UPPER, ABOUT five rooms), unfurnished, located between Second and Third avenues Eighth atul Twenty-third Mreots, for a family composed of two adults. Address UANLON, box 3,871 Post office. WANTED?TO LEASE, A CORNER STORE IN A respectable locality fer the lli|Uor business. Address PATRICK McSIIANE, 47 Jackson street. WANTED TO LEAHE-FOR TWO OR MORE YEARS, a first class unfurnished Dwelling, where owner would accept Board In lieu of rent; best reference given as to care, Ac. Address P., box 4,953 Post office. WANTED?TO RENT OR LEASE, A WOOLLEN Factory, with two or three sets of Cards, with Spinning Machinery, Knitting Frames or Cloth Looms to rollow. Address Z. w., Herald office. WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS' A moderate-sized furnished House In a good neighborhood ; centrally located in this city. Address J. A., box 4,136 Post office. nnn TO *s-000 PER ANNUM.-I WISH TO PT.e.JUl/ lease tor throe or five years h high stoop fiiti width House in good order, location between Twentythird mm Forty-second streets and Sixth and Madison avenues. Address A. U. K., Herald office. In the Country. WANTRD-TO RENT OR BUY, A SMALL FACTORY Building, three or lour stories high, not too far from the city; room wanted in all nhoiit U*)x2(W fee t, well lighted; steam power necesaary. Address A. D., care (J. P. RoweH A Co. WANTED TO RENT?NEAR NEW YORK, A SHED TV or small Premises (ground floor, with water), for manufacturing purposes. Address, with particulars, H. P., box 161 Herald office. W"ANTED TO RENT?A SMALL FARM, WITHIN 13 Vv milcsof the city, fronting on seu shore, with good buildings thereon. Call on or address FARM, 346 Fourth avenue. EUROPE. / 1 UEKLA1N?IS RUE DK LA PAIX, PARIS. Vj Ambrosial Uryam for shaving. Fashionable Perlume lor ihc handkerchief. Kitu Lust rale lor the hair. Kau ile Cologne (preparation speclale). jjotkl mirabeau, paris. Thin splendid establishment is beautifully sitnated In the Itue tie la Paix. the finest part of the oitv, adjoining the new Grand Opera, the fashionable boulevards, the Plare Veadotne and the Tuileries Gardens, and is conducted under the Immediate Hupertnteudence of the proprietor. Mr. CASANOVAS, who respectfully offer* hi* grateful acknowledgment.- to American fumifies und gentleuien tor their continued putrnnage. The reading room Is supplied with American and English papers; there are besbfes handsome smoking and coflTee rooms; the apartments combine every comlort and elegance, and the superior auistne, excellent attendance and conscientious, moderate charges, render the Mlrabeau to the best class of travellers a most comfortable and agreeable residence. owi8h AND UNITED COURIERS' SOCIETY?COUi' rlcrs may be secured on arrival bv families visiting Europe, on writing the Secretary, id Mount street, Urosveiior square, Ixiudon, England. rrilB QUEEN'S HOTEL, NEAR the CRYSTAL 1 Palace, Upper Norwood, London.? To tourist* and families?Ita elevated, pleasant and most salubrious position, combined with the comfort afforded .uid it* general management, have made the Uueeo's Hotel a tavorite resort of the upper ranks of English society. matrimou (alsa Amiddlk-aoed man, tired or loneliness, wishes ts become acquainted with a young lady, with a view to matrimony. Address john haomwlor, box 1W Herald MM, nRI ART*. F'or sale three valuable oil paintings, gold (Tame*; all perfectly new; the largest bfudlth) being ttix'Hi. value all three will he sold for only $120. Can be seen al.bii Ninth avenue, neur Thirtieth st. MIsCKI.bANEObt. parmer wishes _ to furnish a rbbpoivsi J\. bi? party Willi tno i rcum irom oa *oou ai.ierneT cow# during tlic comlax ecason, to coutuicuca April I. Add raw bo* Poat oincf, Wow York. (NRAPK. VINES, THE Kg. SHRUBS, AO.. PRUNED BY 7 practical gardener Oall on or addrcu J. R. IK, 91 Attorney street, New York. N. B.?No objection* to go a aliort disuueu lit the tpiuutry If application* art. atadu ooBt . 9 BITgIlTie?tB OI^PPHTtHHTIBH. ?CAPITAL SECURED FOB INCORPORATED . companies, manufacturers. merchants. persoM desiring investments informed dcglrable opportunities References? President! Mercheets', Fourth National. Mercantile Bank* CMABLK8 0. DAHLUKKN A CO.. 112 Broadway. AI.Ij WHO ARB LOOKING FOR BU9INB93 WITH large or small capital to Invest call at 490 Broadway, from 1 to 4 P. M , and investigate on* of the heat inventions in the market A RARE OPPORTUNITY?A WELL KNOWN AMP long established Hardware, Stove and House Furnishing Business, with three years' Lease, for sale; a fine took, locality unsurpassed. and doing a successful trade. Valid reason* for selling. Particulars and terra* obtained by applying to 0. 9. BLISS, 719 Third aveuue. corner Forty-ttllh atreet ACT1*!? BUSINESS MAN OP GOOD STANDING and influence can secure a sate and profitable bust* nesgby addressing MERCHANT, bo* 9.886 Post office. A PARTNER WANTED WITH ?600 IN A RKLIARL* and profitable cash manufacturing business; articles staple, demand unlimited ; ready sales; no risks. Address M. MARTIN, bo* 104 Herald office. A LADY WITH ALL BoqSB FURNITURK wishes a partner with rash to take a bouse; goo* chance. Call at 13 East Houston street, basement A rare opportunity is offered to a permim having energy, perseverance and capita) tog* into a good budnesa, established seven yearn. Address M. N. M., Herald nfllco. A finely located hotel, on the coney . laland road, to let or lease, with 13 acres of the best Pasture Lund attached; plenty of shed room, box stalls, stables, wagon houses and all necessary conveniences lor n road bouse; well adapted for a goon horse man; there are eleven rooms In the house, including parlors, reception rooms, Ac. Inquire ot MARTIN WOOD, 28 Pulton street, Brooklyn; or address box 256 Brooklyn Post office. Business opportunity.?tub advertiser, who has a business fully developed aud capable or Kreat extension with corresponding profit, wishes the c?s? operation of one or twocnergetlc men of (food character; some capital indispensable, which will be amply secured. Address, with reference, 111)HART, care ot S. Eddy A Co., No. 1 Park place. For sale?the lease hood will and ma. chtnery oi a manufacturing business in this city, in successful operation, the (tress profits exceeding $38.1**1 per year and increasing; will be sold low tor cash, or good improved real estate in tl>?) city will tie entertained at cash valuation. Principals oaly address EXCELSIOR, box 170 Herald office. Hotel at samana. Wanted?A man accustomed to tho troples, who can iurnUh^pod security that ho will keep this hotel In * suitable Manner. Address box 1,667 Post office. New York. Manufacturing business.?partner with from 93,000 to $5,000 wanted; house well established and selling to dealers only; good margin lorproflt; a young man who can take snort trips preferred. Apply to ORfOGS^C ARLKTON A Co., OS Broadway. Rare opportunity.?any party wishing to engage in an old and well established Plour, Grain, Hay and Seed Business; established 1855; now doing a larse and profitable trade; to parties wishing to engage In a well established business this is a chance seldom offered. For particulars inquire of W. a A. HOLMES A CO., pier 56 East River, foot of Broome street Thoroughly investigated business opportunities of sterling character, requiring $1,000 to $50,(WO each; haird ware, dry goods, grocery, restaurant, hotel, manufacturing aud loans. ELLIS ft CO., 48 Broad street VftTANTBD-A PARTNER WITH $1,200 IN A FIRST ft class oyster house and ice cream salooon and re. tail fruit store. Address GEORGE RIPLEY, 134 Bleeckef street, near South Fifth avenue. WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER, HAVING PROW $6,niX) to $7,000 worth of household f urniture, wants a gentleman or lady to invest from $500 to $2,000 to carry on the hotel business and become an equal partner in the same. Cull on or address HOTEL, .'116 Fourth av., N. Y. d?1 fin ?an enterprising MAN WITn this mannlaeturim,' business; article tn threat demand, CaU at 95 Liberty afreet, room 24. tQAA ?A OOOD BU8INF8H OH ANCF.?FOR 8ALB, ipOuU. a Fruit, Cigar anil Soda Fountain Store, liar* ing a continued lease, corner of Orevo and South Third streets, Jersey City. dtfl o nnn ?to a party advancing that Jpl^.UUU. sum-cash I offer the fourth part of the interest in a projected railroud, having a charter. Address O. J. O., corner Ocean avenue and Forest street. Bergen. v LOAN OFFICES. ~ AT 77 BLKECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP stairs.?Highest cash advances on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tiokuta bought, at 77 Bleecker street AT WOLF BROTHERS, W BROADWAY, BRTWEKIC Nineteeath and Twentieth streets.?Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, SHverware, bilks, and particularly Pianos, l'riyata parlors tor ladles; bualneaa strictly confidential AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER OF FOURTH KTRKET, liberal advances an Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Suits, camel's hair Shawls, Laces and Personal Property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. Money loaned?on diamonds, watches Jewelry and silverware, and the game boueht and sold. geo rob c. ALLEN, 641 Broadway, near Fourteenth street, and 69 East Thirteenth street, near Broad. way. Money advanced on diamonds, watches. Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, Laces. Shawls and other (roods or homrht at full value : also old Gold and Silver: Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought 195>i Bowery, up stairs, opposite Spring street. D. M. Johnson. QQ NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? Oo Liberal advanres made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and ail kinds of Merchandise. The same bought and sold. Room 1. DAYMAN LEOPOLD. A O'J SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH Tu?) and Twenty fifth streets.?Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry aad all kinds ot Roods. Same bought at lull value. L. BERNARD, nor BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? DOO Money liberally advanced on-Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loam, office. Same bought and sold. M. ROSKNliEKO. Q-IQ BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND ?7j.O most responsible office.?Money advsneed on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac; same bought at lull value. A. 0, HERTS. 1f)f?7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH .Zi*) I office, raom B.?Parlors for ladies; branch its Kultoii Ntreet. Brooklyn. Mosey loaned on Diamond^ Waitchcs, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. ? LIN DO BROS. FtltilHTUHE. ^ A?STORAGE. . STOitAliKfor FURNITrRB, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac.4 ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built exuressly for the purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND HTREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS. CASKS and other PACKAGES containing articles of EXTRA VALUE can he stored with HAFKT* at low rates. Persons can forward their goods from any part of EUROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC is invited to examine the superior accommodations, tight, ventilation, safety, Ac., which this warehouse possesses over all others. JOHN H. MORRELL, Owner and Proprietor. AT 120 WEST 231) STREET, BET. 6TH AND 7TH av*.?A private family declining housekeeping will 4 soil all their city-made Kurniture, Ac., namely?Grand Dtichcaa and Pompadour style* Parlor Suits, covered in crimson satin ami brocade', cost $d(W, for $250, one do., $130; Marie Antoinette Suits, colored reps, cost $3u0, for $160, plain ren Halts, $30: Bedroom Rots, cost $000, ror $273; rosewood 1 Suits, cost $330. for $100; other Suits complete. $30 to $100; Carpets,.30c. per yard; Pianoforte, Bronzes, tine OH Paintings. Mirrors. Biuret and Extension Tables. Stiver and China Ware, Ac., will be sold in large or small lots to suit cash customers. Jt. B.?Goods can be stored in house until 1st of May, free of charge. Call before purchasing at private house, 120 West 23<l street. A?THE COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF private residence 210 West 21st st., near 7th av.. for sale at a sacrifice; elegant Parlor Suits, from $70 to $123: Chamber Suits, froin $30 to $70; inagnitlccnt rosewood octave Pianoforte; Library and Dining Knrnlturo, Carpets, Bedding, Ornaments, Ac. N. B.?210 West 21st st A MAGNIFICENT INLAID FRENCH WALNUT, latest style, crimson satin Parlor Suit; cost $375. for $173; one do.. $130; hrocatel and rep Suits, $75. $30 and $23; Pianoforte. Paintings, Bronzes, Mirrors, rosawi>od I and walnut Chamber Suits, $33 up ; Carpets, 30 cents uo; ; Library and Dining Kuruituro; a sacrifice for cash. Residence 113 West Eighth street (Clinton place), between Kilth and Sixth avenues. AT BBNDALL'fl OLD STAND, FURNITURE, C A Itpets and Bedding cheap for cash, or by weekly and monthly payments. C. E. CANNON, 202 and 211 Hudson street, corner Canal. A MAGNIFICENT DRAWING ROOM SUIT, POM PAdour, Marie Antoinette styles, covered silk brocade, made order, coat $530, for $2UU, do., $175; do., $43; Ktafere, Cabinet and Table , rosewood Pianoforte, Bronzes, nintlngs, Mirrors, velvet Carpet* Clocks, rosewood, walnut Chamber Kurniture, Mattresses, Extension Table, Sldoboard, Silverware. Glassware; a sacrifice. Property family leaving city. 3d West 15th st, near 3th av. A LABOR ASSORTMENT Of CARPETS, FURNITURE and Bedding at lowest cash prices, by weekly Instalments, at O'KAHKKLL'H warehouse, 411) Eighth svanuc, between Thirtieth and Thirty flrst atresia FURNITURE WANTKD.-TIIK ADVKRTIrtP.R WILL buy the Furnltare, Carpet* And Full Content* of several houses lor rush, in order to furnish * Summer hotel. Cull on or sddre** I). M. JOHNSON, 196A, Bowery. Fm RN1TI rk wan veiv-i will oite in exchain,'' tor a Rente*I lot or Furniture, My to tlin monnt <7? $2,000 or $3,000. * Certificate of Stock in ? prosperous manufacturing company, guaranteeing % Jivideini el not lew than ten per cent. Address D. C, J., box 143, tleriild office. rtKORUF, A. CLARKE'S POPULAR SYSTEM OF X payment for elegant Furniture, Carpet*. Cpholetery. Ac. 747 Broadway. House* furnished to order. Monthly or weekly payments,.carpet* Furniture, Bedding, ko. OEALY A CUNNlNailAM, 3S4 anil MA Third avenge, near rweiuy-elgtittttlr >>U Prices lower than any other house in the city. Private parties desiring to dispose (>p their Furniture cau tneotwlth a cash purchasac by addrealng S.H. P.. boa Ml Post oCloa. IlfANTKD?FURNITURE AND CARPETS (NEW OR '? .second hand, if not much used), by a party ?oln* Into housekeeping May I, in exchange for a Building Plot, In Rutherford Park, tea miles (Tom New York, on Erie Railroad: fine location: three minutes troru depot. Address M. iLdT., boot 106 Herald office. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR FCRNIlure. Carpet* ami Bedding, at A M. LOWPhR. TIIWAIT A COM, lij Chatham street. An Uameusa stock, and low prices. EYES AXP BAM. A RTIFICIAL HUMAN EYES.?BAL'CH A tJOUUKLJ\ MANN (formerly with Prof Boissonneau, of P?ria). makers ami Inserters of tho Improved Artificial hve.H Hlcecker aV. U.-TUv^g bj Ui% #s^u>

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