Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1873 Page 14
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10 ? JUSTICE! COHTDTUED FROM THIRD PACES. boon disponed or It. When the body ktd hang twenty-nine minutes. ? Une rosewood eoffln in s targe deal case was carried in front of tbe scaffold and the remains were stretched ont decently therein. As they drew the black cap off tbe Ihce It was seen to be nncontorted. bat there was a suffusion of blood about the meuth. A crowd pusnea upon tne undertaker's men r? "?> f the dead. The executioner pushed his way (e the corpse and TOGGED AT THE NOOSE TO UNLOOSEN IT, With a will that seemed re voicing. Then the prison doors were opened and the crowd poured ut Into the office and thence into the street. 80 tinder the broad light of the morning snn was the crime of murder in the night time avenged In New Tort yesterday. SCENES AROUND THE T0VB8. At eight o 'clock a dense crowd bad formed at the corner or Centre and Franklin streets, and was at every moment Increasing in magnitude. Police, thirty in number, were stretched in double line from this point along the edge of the sidewalk f Centre street to Leonard street, guarding With Jealous care both the main and the aide entrance of the Tombs and Allowing "none to pass them except snch as were hilly armed with the deputed authority or the Sheriff. The cordon, htrongeat In front, extended all around the building, but on the rear Bide, where there are no entrances, the watch kept was less strict and people were allowed te pass and repasa at their pleasure. A double guard was, however, placed at Ahe corner or Elm street and Leonard, near the entrance to the prison barber shop, consisting of thirty men, and also at the large gateway In Tranklln street, between which point and Centre treet the presence of unofficial persons was not tolerated. The force of police on doty In the vicinity was composed of over three hundred men from the different precincts. Six officers were Etatloned on the roof of the old narlem depot and a number on the balcony. Six more enonnted guard on the top of the large tenement house at the corner of Elm and Leonard streets, and several on the one next to It, so that It wets 'impossible for any morbid-minded spectators to eenre from tbese points a view of the terrible Ecene that was about to be enacted. A few faces appeared at the windows of the honses and one or Awo solitary figures loomed np grimly ON THE HOUSE TOPS, In dark relief against the background of the clear hlnesky; bnt they saw little to cause them anv palpable shock, the tragedy not being visible to Ahem at all. Their mauner seemed as stoical as Chat or the low-looking crowd In the street which j was staring Incessantly at the bard granite walls of the prison. During every moment which now passed THE THRONGS UREW LARGER AND MORE EAGER, and it was a carious sight to gaze into their faces, .turned persistently toward the dead, silent wall, that to them was as inscrutable of intelligence of what was transpiring withtn as iB the Sphinx of the Desert of the dark secrets of the past. Very Ifcw persons of a really respectable type were among the srowd, the major part of whlsh was composed or the lowest representatives of vulgarity and brutality. It was, however, a quiet conoourse. There were no murmurs or altercations; no jabberlngs or ghastly laughter, but a seemingly solemn and awed stillness, which showed the depth to which the impression produced by the shock of a hanging sinks in the heart f the susceptible humanity of the day. A sadness?a mixture of determination and sorrow? marked most of the faces; while in others the principal expression was idle indifference or morbid curiosity. When the SherlfTs deputies, having previously assembled at the Sheriff's office, marched solemnly Id procession, with black staves In their hands, to the Tombs, the interest of the assembled multitude grew to be more fierce and Intense. The sun at intervals shown warmly upon the street and the prison walls, and the day was growing into its prime or life, vigor and beauty. the time dragged slowly. Nothing could be learned In the crowd outside the prison of what was taking place within. But men palled out their watches and began to count tho moments. The crowd now had grown Into a dense black mass that Impeded the progress or cars and 'wagons, and when the rattling of their wheels over the pavements had ceased a silence fell over the whole scene that was deeply Impressive. Men poke in whispers about the justice of the verdict and the decision of Governor Ulx. There were shaking of headsand deep sighs and sad looks. It was nearly nine o'clock. The seconds passed. The suspense was dreadful, and Its cause was so near and yet unseen, that it seemed some supernatural pall thrown over the mind, tilling its gayety and its Interest In i common objects. A number of banditti from fair Italia stood upon the edge of the curbstone and pointed with brown, bony fingers at the cornice of the wall, gesticulating strangely and making disagreeable grimaces. There wsh an old woman with dim eyes, who wore around her head a dirty kerchief, once bright in Its hues, bat now sombre and greasy. She carried a bag of rags on lier back. Her teeth chattered and her lips mumbled as she looked feartally at the stern, blank walls of the Tombs; and you might have canght three words dropped under her breath, and, although she was evidently a Catholic and the victim was a Protestant, they were, "ood 11bli' in*!" "Yes," said a well-dressed man, who seemed somewhat more refined than those about him, "And that Is all we can say. He is meeting his re vara." At a quarter to ten o'clock a sensation swept through the crowd?a rumor that *UK TKAUKDY WAS OVER. Soon afterward this was conflrmed by the approach of an undertaker's wagon drawn by a pair ol black horses, which was driven through the mass of people, now in a tempest of excitement, and through the gateway Into the prison yard. The portals closed immediately alter It, and after a short interval of restlessness the would-t>e spectators began to depart. Some, however, remained behind, and the police applied vigorous persuasion to induce them to disperse, which they did slowly and reluctantly. A strange relief seemed to have come upon every one. The dread tragedy lyas over. THE I.AST SCENE OK YESTERDAY. Croups of anxious and curious persons lingered around the Tombs up to dusk yesterday, waiting to look upon the bier of the dead. At half past seven o'clock a carriage was seem hurrying down Franklin street. The driver pulled up as quickly as possible oefore the Franklin street entrance, and the brother-in-law of Foster stepped from the vehicle upon the sidewalk, leaving Foster's sister within It. Arrangements were quickly made by tne former id nm hurried interview inside the prison door with the Warden In charge for the delivery of the body. In a few minute# the gentleman returned, re-entered the carriage nuil Immediately drove away. Still a few sentinel# waited and watched. At twenty minutes to nine o'clock the trotting of a horse and the sound of a very light covered wagon broke ln upon the dismal ailcuce of the hour sad place. It was occupied i?j two men only, officer Cowan, on patrol, led the horse to the entrance of the prison, and after one or two knocks the men and wagon were soon wi thin the prlsou yard. The lifeless remains ol William Foster were then placed in the wagon. TliecolHn was covered with black canvas, and the sides and ends of the wagon closely bound with cauvas. The carriage was driven very hurriedly up Centre otreet, through Leonard, and other devious ways to ah uptown house, where the body wus tuken in find seen for the first bitter moment after execution by the poor, desolate widow. Numbers of sympathizing lady friends gathered at the dwelling and <ondoicd with the bereaved and devoted Woman, who would not be comforted. The arratuewenUi lor the iiuituwl wvhvUct wnpiavd* NEW TC tat It 1a understood, though not certain, that the taueral vtu take place oo to-morrow. Th? Oellowi' Death Roll. The Allowing 1b a list of executions In New Tork during the past iorty-one years:? Daniel Ransom, January T. 1832. Richard Jackson, November 10,1838. Bamuel Hack ley, January 14.1837, Edward dsiewan, January 12, 1838. Pii trick RusselL December 8,1841. James Eager, May 0, 1846. Charles Thomas, November 20, 1848. Matthew Wood, June 2,1840. Beassn and Douglas, July 26,1851. Aaron srokey, September 19,1861. Otto Grunsig, February 27, 1862. Patrick Fitzgerald, April 19, 1862. William Saul and Nicholas Howlett, January 28, 1863. Joseph Clark, February 11, 1868. James L. Uoare, January 27,1864. Jshn Doraey. July 17, 1867. JanieB Rodgers, November 12, 1868. James Stephens, February 3, 1880. John Crimmins, March 30, i860. Albert Illcks, July 30,1860. Nathan Gordon, February 21, 1862. William Henry Hawkins. June 27,1862. Bernard Friery, August 17; 1866. Frank Ferris, October 10.1866. George Wagner, March 1, 1867. Jerry O'Brien, August 2, 1867. John Reynolds, April 8, 1870. John Real, August 6, 1870. John Thomas, March 10,1871. William Fester, March 21,1878. Hick* was conUned in the Tombs until the day of ess GUUUIl, TTUCU 1IC TT KB UIMU U) UCUlUtiH IfllUUd AUU Ranged. ! T AMUSEMENTS. L ** ?'"" ? I ChtrUtte Ciihman'i RellAjte|l-" M*c> _ teeth." . Another of those very select and very Intelligent audiences each as hav% Attended Miss Oushman's readings assemble^ at Bteinwa.v Hall last evening to hear that gifted ladj give her reading of "Macbeth." It is unnecessary to make any extended comments on the manner or style of the performance. It has already been stated that Miss Cushman remains seated while reading, and It may readily be conceived that to give such Intense pictures of ambition, moral cowardice, mental force, remorse, superstition, fear, boldness, love* hate, absent-mindedness, watchlulness and other contradictory and controlling emotions as mark the characters or Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is a task of no small moment. The selections were from the first, second, third and fifth acts, and eaota was so well given as to make It difficult to particularize. The lecture to Macbeth by his severe spouse and the sleep-walking scene were really grand. Miss Ouslnnan's sigh alone is as effective as an entire speech, and might with profit be imitated by any or our rising artists, fclie was frequently and earnestly applauded, and at the clogo of the performance was called out to acknowledge toe continuous plaudits of her audience. Italian Opera?"La Figlla del Rcgglmento." ' Mme. Lncca won freBh laurels last night In one of Donizetti's most bewitching rOlea?that of Maria, In "La Figlla del Reggimcnto." To those who heard Plccolomini In this, her best part, It would appear almost impossible to find In those dayB a Maria equal to ner, out ima rare privilege was accorded to the brilliant audience that thronged the Academy last evening. The unsophisticated, genial and coquettish vivandiire, a Iraglle flower growing so eweetly in a rugged soil, gives Mme. Lucca an admiranle opportunity to display that irresistible archness of manner, girlish frankness and irrepressible playfulness that characterize her two Zerhnas. Her acting in the first scene, when fehe Is at home with her own "Dndecimo Rcgglmento," is naivete Itself. Her unqualified admiration of her bronzed and bearded comrades Is shown In the "Giascun lo dice," while the serio-comic complacency with which she recounts her own martlui virtues toSulpizio in her first air, "Appuri alia luce, sul cumpo guerricr," is irresistible. Then the rataplan duet with tbe old sergeant, whom she delights in teasing, and the love scene with Tonio, a charming combination of sly coquet ry and mock prudery, brongbt out Madame Lucca's brilliant acting to its fullest extent. Deep feeling thrilled in every tone of her voice In her parting with her darling Undeclino In the plaintive aria vonvien partle."gi When, under the rnle of her auui, mana in cumpenea 10 mug me dreary platitudes about Venus and Philomel, the struggle between her sense oCauty and her natural buoyancy 01 mind was admirably delineated. At length she casts the heathen infliction to the winds, flings away the score of music and breaks fojrth Into the glorious old rataplan to the horror and dismay or her aant and the delight or tne grim Sergeant Sulplzto. Rarely has anything been sung on the Academy boards with such firo and inspiration us the weilknown "Evlva la Patria." That fascination of voice, peculiar to herself, was doubly Intensified In this spirited song. There was a feeling of disappointment on account or the non-Introduction of some favorite aria In the mnstc lesson, but It Is Erobable that Lucca has reserved this lor her enefll on Monday. Considering that the performance scarcely lasts two hours something might have been Introduced or supplemented to It. The merit 01 last night's representation began and ended with Lucca. Vizzani was at times sadly at (ault in the rOle of Tonlo, and Ronconl seemed to lack his usual comic powers as Sergeant Sulplzlo. The chorus were at Blxes and seveus In some of the numbers, and were only held lrom chaos by the firmness of the chef d'orcheetre. A rehearsal or two before the second representation on Monday would be of Incalculable service. A matinee wiil be given of "Der Frelschlleiz" to-day, and ttis present season, one of remarkable popular success, will be brought to a close next week with the benefits of Mme. Lucca and Miss Kellogg. WEATHER REPORT. War Department, ) Office of the Chief Signal Officer, > Washington, March 22,1873. J Probabilities. For Saturday In the Western Gulf States southerly winds, rising temperature and partly cloudy weather; In the Eastern Gulf and South Atlantic States generally clear weather, light winds and low but rising temperature; for the Middle States cold westerly winds and cloudy weather, clearing away in the afternoon; In New England rising barometer, partly cloudy and clearing cold weather, with southwest and westerly winds; for the lake region northwest winds, rising barometer and generally clearing weather. Cautionary signals continue on the Middle and East Atlantic coasts. They will be displayed on the lakes from and after April 1. | The Signal Office, at 4:36 o'clock P. M. yesterday, reported it would snow at the following places:? Kaltimore, Buffalo, Burlington, Cleveland. Detroit, Grand Haven, Montreal, Mount Washington, Oswego, Pittsburg, Morquetta, Port Stanley, Saugeen, Toledo and Olympia. And at eleven o'clock P. M. as follows:?Pittsburg, Oswego, Rochester and Port Stanley. The Weather in Thla City YesterWay. The following record will show the changes in the temperature lor the past twenty-four hours in comparison with the corresponding day of last year, as indicated by the thermometer at Hudnut's I'harmacv, Herald Building:? 1872. 1873. 1872. 1873. 3A.M 16 34 3:30 P. M.... 27 88 6 A. M 16 31 6 P. M 26 33 9 A. M 17 32 9 P. M 23 33 12 M 22 34 12 P. M 21 33 Average temperature yesterday 33 Average teaperature for corresponding date last year 203* A TERRIBLE TORNADO IN THE 8WJTH. Nokfole, Vs., March 21, 1873. Yesterday afternoon about four o'clock a most terrtllc tornado irom the northwest swept down the James ltiver, across the Hampton Roads and thence down the Atlantic coast. It Is estimated It reached its greatest force at this polut. main uunil bUC lUttAb, UUU UUUIHU'.VI causing groat damage to shipping. Tlie Armament became suddenly overshadowed, ' necessitating the use of gaslight in stores and offices; a dense volume of rain poured down, and the ternado swept with great violence over mis section, with but little damage to property, however, us far as ascertained. Above Hranehvillo the telegraph wires were prostrated and trees were uprooted. At Meherrln a irame dwelling, occupied by negroes, was thrown down, hut I am not informed whether any of the inmates were hurt. Large quantities of hail tell and the atmosphere turned intensely cold. At IVeldon great alarm was felt about the mammoth depot shed, and the Portsmouth train coining Into WeVlon had to stop a mile outride from a fear of being Idown front the track. In the harbor here the storm raged fnrlotislv lor a few minutes. The water was lashed to Jury" and the billows chased each other extremely oceanlike. The steamer KUzabcth, though stanch and , new. was caught out of her dock In the severest of the gale. ?he got down heavily la toe water at one 1 time and it required the most sklliui exertions ol j her officers to work through it. A schooner near ( Tilly Mill was blown on her beain ends And it was thought by those who witnessed the catastrophe that Hhe must go to the bottom. Unexpectedly she came out all right. An open boat, containing two men, was capsized and turned bottom upwards at High street slip. Parties put out to the rescue, and the blew quickly subsiding the men were inched uiu uwujiU codaiduiaUiy exhausted. IRK HERALD, SATURDAY, HEAVY BHOW 8TOBM8 DOW EAST. Bath, Me., March 31, 1873. A violent northeast storm of snow and sleet prevailed here all last night, accompanied, about twelve o'clock, with thunder and lightning. No damage Is reported. W atbrvi lle, Me., March 21, 1873. A heavy snow storm set In last evening, which continued nntll this morning. The snow Is badly dm ted, and trains irom the East, due here at 10:36 A. M. did not leave here ror Portland until one o'clock P. M. Concord, n. H., March 21, 1873. A severe snow storm, accompanied by high winds, prevailed yesterday alternoon and through the night. The storm has blocked all tue railroads above here. The Ciaremont train due here at ten A. M. has not arrived at Bradford. The train which left here at nine o'clock last evening over the Northern Railroad is stuck In the snow at Grailon, and the down tram over the same read due here at half-past Ave o'clock this morning Is stock at Canaan. A freight train Is between them In the same condition. On the Montreal roaa me train uue nere at ten u'ciuck nan uot nut Plvmoutk at half-past ten. The Boston trains Ate reported to be on time. OPENIHG OF THE HUDSON. Podohxekpsie, N. Y., March 21,1S73. The channel of the Hudson Is now open at Peekskill, and the steam ferry at West Point commenced its trips to-day. THE WEEKLY HERALD. Tit* Cheapest and Best Newspaper la the Country. The Wmn.Y Herald of the present week, now ready, contains a seleet story, entitled "The Queen's cadet," together with the very Latest News Dy Telegraph from Alt Parts of the World np to tbQL R6iir of publication; Governor Dix's Autograph Letter to Rev. Dr. Tyng, giving his reasons Our not commuting the Sentence ol Foster: Executions in Illinois: St. Patrick's Day Celebration in this City; Bloody Tactics of the Reed Republicans in Florida; Rattling in Cuba, and the Progress of the Herald Special Commissioner; a Philadelphia Tragedy; General John 0. Fremont's Explanation of his Relations with the Memphis ana El Paao Railroad; a Banking Tragedy; important Lite Insurance Decision; NavalIntelligence; Expulsion of Rev. Dr. Huston by the Baltimore Conlerence of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; the Modocs, and Central and South American Ne ws. It alBO contains the Latest News by Telegraph lrom Washington; Political, Religions, Artistic, K&shlonaule und Sporting Intelligence; Obituary Notiees; Varieties; Amusements; Editorial Articles on the promliient topics of the day; Our Agricultural Budget; Reviews of the Cattle, Horse and Dry Goods Markets; Financial and Commorelal Intelligence, and accounts or all the important and lnteresUag events of the week. Terms Single subscription. $2; Three copies, $3; Five copies, $8; Ten copies, $13; Single copies, live cents each. A limited number of advertise uiencs inserted in the Weekly Hkral,d. SHIPPING NEWS. WHITESTONE TELEGRAPH. The New York IIrrald hag constructed a telegraph line from New York city to Whitestone, LI, and the same is now open lor the transaction ot business. The line will be found of great service to those having business with vessels passing to and from the Sound, and every facility will be given to merchants and others to communicate promptly. As there is no other telegraph communication with Whitestone, the Ilerald Line will bo open for all business and private messages, and the same attended to with all possible despatch. All messages must be prepaid. The following rates have been established:? Private messages, twenty-five cents for ten words or less; two cents for every additional word. Business messages?For a message of twenty words or less, to be delivered on board vessels off Whitestone, one dollar; live cents for every additional word. Advertisements for the Nrw York Herald Oreo, ornccai Herald Office, comer Broadway and Ann street Ilerald Ship News Office, pier No 1 East River. Herald Branch Office, No 1266 Broadway. Herald Branch Office, corner Boerum and Fulton streets, Brooklyn. Whitestone Dock, Whitestone, LI. At the Herald Branch Offices, corner of Boerum and Fnlton streets, Brooklyn, and 1266 Broadway, New York will he a bulletin ot the arrival of all steamers daily. Almanac for Mew Ior It?This Day. fTN AND MOON. I HTOH WATER. Pun rifles 0 01 |<Jo*. Island eve 3 <9 Bun sets 6 14 I Bandy Hook....eve 2 04 Moon rifles...morn 2 12 I Hell Gate. ere 4 34 OCEAN STEAMER&, DATES or DEPARTURE FROM NEW YORK FOB THE MONTHS OF MARCH AND Al'KlL Stratum. j Sail*. UeMinaton. Ofllee. Bultlc |M'ch22.. Liverpool.. IK Broadway. City of New York. |M'ch 22.. Liverpool., lb Broadway Villede Paris M'ch 22.. Havre 68Broadway Mosel M'ch 22.. Bremen 2Bowllng Green Australia ?M'ch 22... Glasgow. .. 7 Bowling Green Greece M'ch 2ti.. Liverpool.. 69 Broadway. Wisconsin M'ch 26.. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway. Qlvmpia M'ch 26.. Giaxgow.... 7 Bowling Green Thuringia M'ch 27.. i Hamhurir.. 61 Broadway. Chyot I'arix M'ch 29.. Liverpool., lb Broadway. Ccftic M'ch 29.. Liverpool.. 19 Broadway. Victoria..... Mich 29.. Glasgow..,.|7 Bowling Green Egypt M'ch 29.. Liverpool.. 69 Broadway. Rhein M'ch 29. Bremen.... 2 Bowline Green America April 2.. Bremen 2 Bowling Green Nevada April 2.. Liverpool.. 29 Broadway Holxatia I April 3.. Hamburg.. 61 Broadway. Holland (April 6.. London 69 Broadway. Citvot Montreal. April 6.. Liverpool., lb Broadway. Atlantic IApril 6.. Liverpool.. 19Broadway. Canada April b.. Liverpool.. 69 Broad way. St Laurent April 6.. Havre bH Broadway. Wexer IAprll b.. Bremen.... 2 Bowling Green Cityot Brtxtol 'April 10.. Liverpool., lb Broadwav. Republic I April 12.. Liverpool.. 19 Broadway. PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH 21, 1873. ! CLEARED. Steamship Australia (Br). Hcdderwlck, Glasgow?Henderson Bros. steamship Stefnmann (ltclg), Knudscn, AntwerpPunch. Edye A Co. Steamship Zodiac, Chapin, Morchcad City?Murray, Fern* A Co. Ship Oevana (Br), Thomson, London?Chas L Wright A co. Bark Aurora Australia (Br), Duff, I?ondon?Peabodr, Willi* * Co. Bark Axel (Swe), Borgaten, Stockholm?Punch, Edve A Co. Bark Abble N Franklin, Ilolbrook, Matantas?James Henry. Brig Selma (Swe), Lycke, Oottcnburg?Funcb, Edye A Co. Beia Carrie Purinton, Whlttemore, St Johns, PR?Miller A lloni'hton. Brig Harry Vtrden, Colliaa Cardenas?Jas W Elwell A Co. Brig Magaguadavic (Br), Johnson, St John, NB?Heney A Parker. Schr Louisa Price, Jackson, I'ortau Prince?R Murray, Hchr Ella Matthews, McElwell, Jacksonville?Hlaght A Petty. Schr Abby K Bentley, Mchaffcy, Charleston?Bentley, Qlldersleeve A Co. Schr Ben, Davis. Wilmington. NO?E S Powell. Hchr I H Barden, Dodge. Kail River?H W Jackson A Co. Hchr Harvest, Corwln. Providence?F W Jackson A Co, Hchr Franklin, Vail, Sew Haven?11 W Jackson A Co. Schr R A Forsyth, Hobble, .Stamford?Stamford Manufacturing Co. KebrDart, Williams, Stamtord?Stamford Manufacturing Co. AIUIIVALS. EXPORTED BT THE HRHA1.D OT1AM TACHTS AND 1IKRAI.D WHITKSTONg TELEOHAPH LINK. Steamship Oreece (Br), Thomas. Liverpool March 5, via Queenstown 6th, with mdse and 34S passengers to K W J Hurst Had W winds throughout. March 16, lat 43 28, lou 56 28, passed a brig rigged steamer, bound K ; 17th, lat 42.18 N. Ion til) S, a White Star steamer, do; 20th, 9:30 AM, a bark-rigged steamer, do; same day, 11 46 AM, steamship Manhattan, hence tor Liverpool. Steamship Arragon (Br), Western, Bristol March 1, with indse and 78 passengers to E E Morgan's Sons Had strong westerly gates throughout Steamship Rh?la (Oer), Meyer, Bremen March 8, and Southampton lltli, with" and 718 passengers to Delrichs a Col stcamshln Flamsteed (Br), Brown, Rie Janeiro Feh 28, with mdse to Busk A Jevons. Crossed the Equator March 7, in ion 40 15; had variable weather. Steamship ticc-ge W Clyde. Cole. Oalveston March 11. and Key West 14th, with mdse and passengers, to C H Mallory A Co. March 17, lat 3000 N, Ion 73 42 W. spoke hark K W i>ninths, hence lor Havana; 18th. lat 32 21, Ion 77 30. schr Richard, trom lor Baltimore ; 20th, Ahsecom bearing WSW' 20 miles, hark Carrie E Long, trom Havana lor hew York Steamship Virgo, Itulkiey, Savannah March 18, wltn mdse and passengers to Murray. Ferris A Co. Steamship James Ailger, Loekwood, Charleston March 19, witii mdse and passengers to II K Morgan A Co. Steamslii|> Isaac Hell Hlakeman. Richmond, Citv Point iiiiu nonius, wim muse anu passengers 10 Uio viu vominlon Steamship Co. Steamship Regulator, Freeman, Philadelphia, with nidse mill passengers to JLorillard. Ship Kllzaiirih llnmllton, t'lapp, Havre Jan U, via Tybee March 14, in ballast, to J Atkins A l!o. ship America iBr), Bartb tt, Autwerp Jan 4, via Tybee March 17, in ballasL to.las W Klwoll A Oo. SlilpW J Hatfield tot Yarmouth, N8), Tilly, Antwerp Jan M, with imi>? to Hoyii A Hlnrkcn. Bark Helios (Nor), Mathiesen, Liverpool 55 days, with aalt to order; vessel to Tetcas A Hockmann. Had heavy westerly gales to let 30; from thence variable weather. Bark I'atra (Run, L'lenlus, Liverpool *7 days, with salt to Punch, Kdye A 4,o. llark Breniea tiler), Ilalb, Liverpool Jan 17, with mdse to order. Bark Dacaoo (Nor), flnvndren, Sunderland Nov 2N, via Plymouth Keti 4, witn railway iron to W J t'eok; vessel to much, Edye A Co. Hark ibis, Overton. Malnra Jan 27. with frnlt toTupper A livattle. The Ibis is anchored outside the bar Hark (lunhtlda (of Pietou, Xrii, Sutherland. Antwerp .Id days, with eniptv (.arrets to order; veaael to I) Mct'oll. 'look tlie middle pa-sage, and had line weather up to Bermuda; from thr in e lb Java wnh heavy NW gales. Bark Emma C Lltelilleld (ol itock:and). Crockett, KJo Janeiro Jaa 26, with codec to J B Ingrahanl A t'? Hark said Bin Sultan (of Hoston), ntla, nit' Harbor, .Ta, .Xldayy, wuit log wood to A U A Ljp; viaaul tv , , MARCH 22, 1873.?TRIPL] Boyd 1 Mine ken. Had light wind, ud celma up to Hotteraa: from thence heavy NK file*. Mark Carrie K Cong. Parka, Havana IS days, with aagar to Jamca K Ward* Co. Bark John Bonlton (of Kingston, Ja), IJndaey, Porto Cabcllo 13 (lav*, with coffee to Oallett, Bliss * Co. Had variable weather; left ao vernal*. Mark 8 W Holhrook (ot Portland). Polleya. Matanaaa 10 days, with molaees to order; vessel to Brett, Son A Co. Had Ntrong NK anil NW galea; loat and split sails; March It, off Cape* of Delaware, apoke brig Uw Ohaae, hence lor Cardenas. Hrlg Unoa (Nor), Royen, Cardiff M daya, with railway iron u> ietens A lloekuiann. Brig Veloca (Itali, Lauro, Lisbon ifidaya, with mdae te Konch. fcdye * Co. Brig Ma'tano, Jar vis, Uoaatanamo 20 daya, with angar to Moses Taylor * Co. ? Brig N Mowers (of Stockton), Salvage, Ponee.vla Que* ranilld, 19 days, with sugar and molasses, to waydell 4 Co; vessel to walah, Field * Way. Had strong N and N w wind, the enlire paaaage; lost iky light and filled the cabin with water. Brig unnyaide (Br), Alexander, Matanaaa 18 dava, with agar, *c, to C P Sumner. Brig Alica (Br), Wurrlngton, Matanaaa 14 daya, with sugar, Ac, to Beney A Parker. t chr Nancy Smith, Boyd, Havre Jan 8, with mdae to Jatnei Smith A Co. The Nancy la anchored on the bar. bchr C L Herrick, Partridge, Surinam, with cedar to Lanmann A Kemp; veaael to Van Brunt A Bros. Had variable weather. Schr L K Warrea, Berry, De merer* 13 days, with sugar to M idler A Houghton. The L >' W is anchored on the bar. Schr Victor, Nlcke raon, Para 14 day?, with rubber and nuts to F Ouimuraes. Hailed In conirany with schr Silver Star, for New York; schr Jesse Oarll, for NfW York, sailed day previous. Bad strong N and Nw gales. March 17. lat 32, Ion 73, spoke bark Vereln (NO), trom London for New York; Jan 17, on the outward passage, fiO miles HE of the Highlands, Martin Oroth, seaman, a native of (lermany, aged 30 years, tell off the Jibboom overboard and was drowned. Bcnr Jesse. Card, Underbill, Para 19 days, with rubber thd nuts <o BUrdett A Pond; vessel to B J Wenberg. Had variable weather. Schr Leona (of Granville, MS), Havener, Jeremie 18 days, with logwood and eoffee to Richard Thackery: vessel to Millar A Houghton. Had strong NW galea ap to lat ^r0 00% Tkutpioa 29 days, with skins, Ac, to Latasa A Co, ~ ?V Kcnr Ringdove (of Calais), Swain, An Cayes 1? days, with logwood and coffee to-A Noonla; vessel to Jed Frye | A Co. Railed in company with schr Henry Mlddleton, for New York; had variable weather; March 14, In the Gulf Stream, experienced a heavy gale trom NW, lasting 24 hours; carried away ioremasthead and malntopinast Left no vessels. _ ?. ... Schr Henry Mlddleton, Brown, Aux Caye?20dayB. with logwood and coffee to I B Staples. . Schr Astra (or St John, NB>, Hasklns, Old Harbor, Ja, 18 days, with logwood to r I Nevius A Son. Schr F N Tower (of Cainden), Perry, Milk River, Ja, 22 days, with logwood, to A H Solomon A Co: vessel to 11 W Laud A Co. Bulled In company with schr Charles Dennis, Benson, lor New York -, had strong northerly and easterly w Inds the entire passage. Schr Thomas Clyde (of Philadelphia), Cain, Havana II days, with sugar and mclado to H V King A Co; vessel to master. Had strong W and NW gales the entire passage. Schr Rnbina (of St Johns, NBj, Seacold, Matanzaa 12 dart, molassea to Henry A Parker. ficlir N J Millar (of Hrookhaven), McCobb, Cardenas 14 days, with sugar to Maitlamd, PtielDg A Co. Schr Wm Jones, Jones, St Mary's, Ga, 10 days, with lumber to ordor; vessel to 8 C LouiTA Co. Schr Kxertlon, Lyman, Virginia. Schr Sarah J Vaughan, Vaughan, Virginia. Schr James Veldram, Cavalier, Virginia. Schr I O Irwin, Johnson, Baltimore. Passed Through Hell Gate, BOUND BOOTH. Schr Dolly Varden. Allen, Mosquito Inlet, Fla, 12 days' for New 1 ork, with live oak to Swift Bros; vessel to Van Brunt Bros. Schr Frank Herbert, Crowoll, Providence tor New York. Schr Herald, Hodgdon, Rockland for New York, with lime to J K Brown A Co. Steamer Electra, Mott, Providence tor New York, with mdw and paswugcre. Steamer Thctia. (laic, Providence for New York, with mdae and passengers. BOUND BAST. Steamship Chesapeake, Mangum, New York for Portland. Steamship fllancus. Bearae, New York for Boston. Schr J R Mitchell, Merrill. New York for Stamford. Schr R A Fo.'s.vthe, Bobbie, Now York for Stamford. Schr Mall, Mead, New York for Qreenwich. Schr Orlando Smith. Ferris, New York for Portchestcr. Schr Alice Bell, Hathaway, New York for Providence. Schr Hvne, Oliver, New York for Fall River. Schr Flyaway. Rnoa, New York for Providence. Schr S M Tyler, Barrett, Philadelphia for Providence. Schr E F Meaney, Lewis, New York for Newport. Schr Josephine, Hall, New York for Bridgeport Schr Mabel Hall, Lurvcy, New York lor Providence. Schr Helen, Perry, New York for New Bedford. Schr Annie E Matin, Newell, New York for Boston. Schr Charley Woolsey, Parker, New York lor Providence. * . Schr Althca, Smith. Baltimore for Boston. Schr Helen H Jones, New York lor Rockland. Schr H P Ely, Stokes, Now York for Providence. Schr Vn Young, Young. New York for Port Jefferson. Schr Harriet Lewis, Fuller, New York tor Newport Schr Chief, Smith, New York for Providence. Schr P Boice, Higher, New York for Fall River. 8chr Starlight, Blatchlord. Now York for Bath, Me. Schr Caroline Young, Young, New York for Providence. Schr Sparkling Sen, Larder. New York for New Haven. Kclir Z A Paine, Jones. New York for Eastnort. Schr Franklin, Chadwick, New York for New London. , Steamer Eiectra, Mott, New York tor Providence. BELOW. Bark Ennomia (Nor), Olsen, from Cardiff 97 days. Bark August (Qer), Lonnies, from Hamburg via Plymouth. Bark Sabra Moses (Br), Robblns, from Rotterdam Jan 25 (all by pilot boat Widgeon, No 10). Schr J P Wheeler, from (by pilot boat Mary A Catharine, Noli). , | SAILED. Steamship Zodlae. Morehead i.ity, NO: bark* ficorgo Kingham, Genoa; Martin W Brett, Matauzas; brig I Howland, Hamilton; G Miller, Gibraltar. Wind at sunset SW. I'resh. The Herald Almanac, The most popular and really valuable book of the year Is the Herald Almanac tor 1873. It 1* now going rapidly through Its Fourth Edition. No book of the kind ever so deservedly attained the circulation of this muftvm in I parvo of an Almanac. It is a compendium of Interesting and valuable information to all classes. It contains a i variety of ''specialties," arranged under appropriate heads, pf intrinsic value to all who may have need to refer to any of them. Its Marine intelligence contains the' "Mariner's Guide" (collated from the columns of the New York Herald), Cyclone and Hurricane Charts, indicating the scope and course of the tempests which so often beset the mariner at sea, with directions how to avoid their influences and escape their dangers; cautionary and weather signals of rare value; tables showing the time of high water at all the principal ports of the United States; depth ot water on the bars of the principal seaports; list of life-saving stations, Ainnel marks and night signals of the Atlantic stcamshiD companies' vessels; code of fog signals; change and description of lighthouses and lights, buoys, Ac, Ac. on all the coasts of the world. To this is appropriately appended the fullest, most accurate, and, withal, concise information on yachting matters?table* giving the names of all the recognized yacht ?lu!>? in the United States, officers of the clubs, names of the yachts, and their owners, measurement, Ac. To all captains of vessels, and, in fact, to alj shipowners and seamen, and to all yachtsmen the Herald almanac Is a necessary guide, counsellor and friend. The Herald Almanac is sold at the nominal Dries of 26 Cents, at Wtllrh nrlcs It is sent fraa hv mail tn 11 part* of the United State*. I Marine Olimiteri. Bark Jkrs Larskn (Nor), Sorensen, from London for Philadelphia, went ashore at Indian Hlver Inlet 20th Inst. The captain's wlte and daughter, the first and second mates and two seamen were drowned In attempting to land. The vessel is on the northern point of the inlet, and is full of water. [The J L was built at Qrimstad in I860, from whence she hailed, registers 470 tons and rates Al.] Straws me Palmyra (Br), McDowell, at Roston March 30 from Liverpool, reports March II, lat 49 S1). ion 31 44, passed the wreck of what was apparently a very large ship, with decks and bulwarks gone. 1 be hull had settled down into the sea considerably, but it was thought she had carried a deckhouse. A broad white streak was painted around her tallrail. llcr name could not be ascertained. Bark Fkarlkss (Br), Borden, fVom Zante for New Tork, before reported at Bermuda in distress, arrived there Kcb 17, and reports that on the 6th of Feb, in lat 36 36, low 7212. a sale ol wind was experienced front the westward and Nff; the ship was put under easy ?ail; on the 9th the f ale continued, with the wind front NW to NR. and barkng into the westward, with much snow and heavy rain. On the 10th the gale increased to a hurricane, and at 7 AM the ship was struck on the starboard bow by a heavy sea. which swept the decks of every movable thing and started the ship leaking; at 10 A M discovered the cutwater and stein started clear of the wood ends forward; also bowsprit and headrails started. All hands were put at the pumps. On the 11th a nortion of the cargo forward was thrown overboard to lighten ship. On the 13th, in lat 36 16, Ion 67 03, the wind blowing from NW, with a heavy cross sea?the same coming on board in large quantities?it was deemed nd visahle, alter consulting with the officer*, to cut away the mizenmast to make the ship seaworthy, which was done a12pm. It was also at that time deemed advisable to hear away for the Bermuda Islands to cllect repairs. the ship at the time leaking badly. Bark Anns (Ital), from Hull River, BC, for Plymouth, E, before reported abandoned, left die former port Feb 8, and when two days out shipped a sen which caused her to spring a severe leuk. The leak increased so rapidly, notwi hstandlng Incessant la:>or nt the pumps both oay and alght, that the vessel went down nt about 7 o'clock on the morning of 14th s.?me 4ft miles In aWsw direction irom Ulbbs' Kill Lighthouse, Bermuda. The crew had taken to the bont a short lime before she sunk anil were distant from her about two miles when the sea closed over her. Having saved their nautical Instruments lh<-v shaped their course lor Bermuda, where they were fortunately rescued, ns before stated. Neither ca'ptain nor crew had sleep for eight days. Bina Josirniss (of Portland), Haven. from Bnenos Ayres lor Boston, with wool, hides, sheepskins. Ac., went ashore on the beach at Scituate, Mass, ai t> CM, Ihursday, during a thick snowstorm. The crew launched their boat and lauded in sal'otv. When the/deli the vessel she did not leak, but during the night the Wind and sea increased and at daylight next morning htfr cabin and portions of her upocr works were found to h*ve been broken by the force or the waves. The wind has ||one down, and it is possible the property may lie saved ta a damaged coudltion, but nothing can b i done in saving the vess< Tor cnrgountil ihe sea becomes calm. About 500 bales of wool on busrd, consigned to Larkln, Btackpole A Co., of London, are insured abroad. Bank Blkrcatra (Br), Ooran, at Boston JOrb inst (Tom Singapore, reportslieo ft, lat ft o# S, Ion HO 20, Bad a hurricane irom Mi and K and back to M and W, during which split saila ' Hahk PsetTA (Bp), reported from New York, arrived at St Johns. I'R, March Hi, in distress, ol what nature not stated. Hakk Ailkmi (Pr), Bertho. from Marseilles for San Francisco, put into ItioJaneiro Feb 13, to restow cargo, and rcinniu> d 2id. Brio Timarpra, DeWolf. at Sun Francisco 13th from Newcastle, N?W. bad buttling weather tf ilie i quaior; then stroug gales, during which carried away jibbuoui and foretopgaltam trussle-trees. BcrrO W Kimrai.i., Pendleton, from New York for Bpston, wilh a rnrgeol oenn nl, Went n-horc on the southeast pnri of cutty bnuk morning of the 19th, and bilged; crc\w saved. .bauiaa kliaaascTA. Vow. from New York fox 1'ravidancn. i S SHEET. fell In with schr Thoi Morris off Stratford, with both Jtbo rone, and towed her into New Haven. Hciik Kima Rmin, which pnt back to St John, NB, leaky, has discharged her deckload. and la having her topxfdes and declu rccalked. she did not make any water until the met heavy weather, and It is thought that the leak is on the topsides or about the bowsprit Schu Many Hamilton, from iloboken, arrived at Sto Ington adth lost, leaking badly. Sena ViBomia, from Philadelphia for Boston, waa run Into by schr Gen Hheridan while at anchor in Lewes (Del), harbor, on the 10th inst. carrying away the Virginia's mainbooin, stove boat and broke her maingaff. Bbe was repairing list New roar, BI, March 20?Schr E A Bartel. from Hoboken tor Boston, before reported run Into by schr Alpine, will proceed to Boston the first lair wind, having temporarily repaired. ?* *areh 21?Another severe snow storm Mmm<jiced hern yesterday afternoon, with a strong l"c/?as?<1 to a heavy northeast gale and conli the night At about 3 o'clock this morning tht schooner New Zetland, of Deer Itle. dragged ??l ^ MC!i0?W went ashore on the rocks on the south side ot Cobb's wharf, in fcouth Cove. In ber course she drifted into the schooner Allegheny, carrying away her bowsprit and headgear. The New Zealand Is badly damazed. and, should the gale continue, the vessel will probabiy be broken up. ' m The schr Oregon, of this port, broke from her moorings i. S ""l ashore on the beach," where she lies bedded in the sand. Some minor damages were also done to the wharves and shipping. The snow has ceased, but the gale continuca Miscellaneous. The parser of the steamship Virgo, from Savannah, has our thanks for favors. Purser A J White, Jr. of the steamship James Adger, from Charleston, has our thanks for favora 8mr Milo, of New Bedford, late whaler, *01 tons, has been purchased by Capt Cleaveland, of Wm U Oook A Co, for parties in New London, on private terms. Bark Liars Bakarka. 263 tons, late Austrian, which ran ashore on Cape May In Nov last, subsequently got off and taken to New York, has been sold ana her name changed to Lincoln. Bark Black Eaclr, of New Bedford. 229 tons, late whaler, has been sold to John W Phillips, of Beverlv, Mass, on private terras. She wUl be employed in the general freighting business: Nine-sixteenths undlvWeJ Tnfe?tS In the sehr Bhlloh, 537 tons burthen and six years old, was sold at auction, at Baltimore, 20th, tor $8000. Overdue? Bark Nereid (Br). Doherty, sailed from Philadelphia Dec 11 for Liverpool, and had not arrived up to March 8. Bark Ptsarro (Br), Matthews, sailed from Boston Dec 8 for Liverpool, and not having arrived up to March 0 some anxiety la lelt for her safety. BmrstnLDiKO-^dt Belfast, Ufenry McGilvery has eon' tracted to build a snip of lSOO tons for Baker Me Near and others. Workmen are now cutting the frame In Virginia. Carter A Co's shipyard is the busiest place in town. They have the frames of Ibur vessels up and ready for planking. Launched?At Newburyport, March 18, the new schr Ocellc. She is to be immediately fitted for sea, and will engage in the Para trade. Capt Robert Pendar, who Is part owner, will command her. Notice to Mariners. ENGLISH CHANNEL?NORTH COASTOr TRANCE?SHIFTING Or WRECK orr CAFE UKISNKZ. The wreck marked by a green buoy, bearing N 45 degrees E from Cape Grisnez, has shitted, ana now rests 39.17 leet S 81) degrees W from this buoy in 12)& fathoms at Roarings magnetic. Variation, lfl>i degrees westerly In This notice affects British Admiralty charts Nos2248.' 2339, 1598. 261i), 1440, 2712, 1433, 2711. 1MW; US liydrographie Office Charts Nos 291, 280, and United Status Light Lists Nos 3 and 4. MEDITERRANEAN?ADRIATIC SEA?DALMATIA?HARBOR LIGHT AT COMISA, on LISSA ISLAND. A fixed light has been exhibited since Jan 17,1873, from the extreme end of the harbor mole at Comisa. on the Island of Llssa. It consists of a petroleum lump, on an Iron post, showing red to seaward and white toward the harbor, and Is visible 2 miles. Position, lat 43 2 30 N, Ion 16 5 E. ADRIATIC SEA?STEAM FOG TRUMPET IN TRIESTE HARBOR. A small stone house has been built at the northern corner of the mole of Santa Teresa, in the harbor of Trieste, in which a steam tog trumpet has been placed instead of the bell apparatus heretofore used. In thick and foggy weather it will give signals of six seconds' duration, with Intervals of fifteen seconds. ADRIATIC ?KA?DALMATIA?BUOT ON BAN ASTRA BANK, NEAR MELADA ISLAND. An iron booy with pole, surmounted by a ball, has been placed on the Banastra Bank, lu the entrance ol' Beguglla Harbor, In 16U teet water. Position?Lat 4412 N, Ion 14 61 E. AUSTRALIA?BAST COAST?QUEENSLAND?ALTERATION IN BEACONS?WIDE RAT BAB. Information has been received at this office that the leading beacons on Inskip and ilook Points now lead over the bar of Wide Bay. southern entrance to Great Sandy Strait, on a SW by 8 \ H bearing, with 3 fathoms at low water. Small vessels can pass tnrough a middle channel, which has recently opened out, with 10 feet at low water, by keeping Buupal Mountain Jnstopen of the high land on Great Sandy Island. A pilot service is to be established at Hoek Point, and strangers are recommended not to attempt to enter Great Sandy Strait by the Wide Bay entrance without a pilot. HARBOR LIGHT AT ULLADULLA. NEW SOUTH WALES. A fixed green light is now exhibited from a lighthouse on the pier at UUadulla Harbor, visible between the bearings 8w >4 W and WSW K W. It is elevated 43 teet above the level of the sea, and in clear weather should be seen tfom a distance of 7 miles. Position, lat 35 20 40 S. Ion ISO 30 30 E. ^Bearin^smagnetic. Variation, Wide Bay9>?, UUadulla flils notice alTects British Admiralty charts Nos 586, 1814, 2801, 1068, 1905,1018, 2769b, 2467, and; US Light-lists Nos 1 and 2. SOUTH AHRRICA?WEST COAST?ECUADOR?LIGHT AND BUOTS IN GUAYAQUIL RIVER. Information has been received at this office that a new Uglit has been established on Maadlnga Point, at the entrance of the GuayaquU River. The light is fixed white, elevated 10d feet above the sea level, and In clear weather can he seen from a distance of 10 milea The light is half a mile east or Puna Village, tn lat 2 44 SO 8, Ion 79 62 60 W. BUOTS ON MALA BANK. The following buoys have been placed on Mala Bank, via. :? Buoy No. 1. A bell buoy of the first order, painted red, and Is placed on the southern extremity et the sh oal. Buoy No. 2. A bell buoy of the first order, painted red and white, and is plaecd on the middle part of the shoal, opposite to the mouth of the Klo Uondo. Buoy No. 3. A bell buoy of thi^ first order, painted white, and is placed on the northern end of the shoaL DUOT ON ATACAMES SHOAL. A bell buov of the first order, painted white, has been placed on the NW extremity of Atacames Shoal, with me lonnwing Hearings irom uuoy, vizbsmeraiua Point, N 78 E; Aguada Point, 8 4 E; Sua Point, S 11 W; and Galera Point, 8 40 W. At 400 feet from the buoy there la two fathoms water at low tide. AKBOB LIGHT At MAKTA. A harbor light has recently been established at the port of Manta, Kquador. The light is tlxcd white, visible In clear weather from a distance ot nine milesand through an are of 270 degrees. The light is placed at the north end ol the town, In lat 0 56 40 3. long 80 43 10 W. (Bearings magnetic. Variation, OK easterly in 1873.) By order of the Bureau of Navigation, R H WYMAN. Commodore U 8 N, Hydrographer. Hydrographlc Oltlce, Washington, DC, March 3, 1873. Spoken. Ship New Wabeno (Br), from London Jan SO for Boston (reported having experienced 21 days heavy gales trom the westward), March 10, lat 42 50, Ion 58 43. Shin Sandusky, from Havre for New Orleans, Feb 8, lat 34, Ion 24. ship Itjukan (Nor). Anderson, from London for Brunswick, Oa, Feb 10, lat 3157, Ion 23 02. Ship llenry (Uer), Weasels, (Tom Bremen for New Tork, Feb 16. lat 31 46, Ion 38 40. Bark Konkordla (Nor), from Newcastle for New Tork. Feb 8. lat 34, ion 24. Bark Huron (Br), Williams, fTom Darien tor Cardiff, Feb 21, lat 35, Ion 40. SchrJ 11 Sticknev, bound south, March 17, Hatteras lighthouse bearing west Bchr 8 B Hume. Digging, from St John, NB, for Cientucgus, March 6, lat 30 4?, Ion 68 48. Foreign Porta* Bassatit, March 3?In port Titan, Berry, fop London, loaded. Bombat, March 7?Arrived, Arcturus, Williams, Liverpool; Richard McManua, Foster. Cardiff. Butitos Araas. Feb 2?Arrived, schr Jeremiah Simonson, Crawford, New York; 4th, brnr Carrie Winslow, Welsh, Portland; 5th. bark Amity (Br), Fisher, Plctou, N8; 9th, harks Brothers, Thornton, Savannah; Canny Scot (Br), Yeoman, Brunswick, Oa; Modesto (Br), Lanfhre. New Tork, Hailed Feb 4, harks Chas Forbes, fiwett, Cuba; 10th, Lepanto, Smith. Boston. , Cleared 8th, bark Brunswick, True, Mats nr. a*. In port Feb 15, brigs Hedwlg (Ger), for New York, Idg; Johannes (Ger), and H Epding (Ger), tor do, do; schr Florence Shay, Hutchinson, tor Boston, do; and the above Barbados, March 7?Arrived, bark Carlora, Paw Christian, La; Hth, ncbr C E Elmer, Corson, Philadelphia. Cadiz; March ft?Sailed, ship Theobald, Adatna, Leuhorn. Calcutta, March ft?Sailed, Thoi Hamilton, GIbb. San Franci?co. CiKHruzooR, March IS?In port, bark* Caro, Beals; Lewis T Mocker, Tyler; Kobt Murray, Jr, Jackson; AImlra Coomb.", : brigs R C Redman, Gardiner; T Kemlck, Rom; Navarlno, Blood; Myronus, Higgles, Merrlwa, ; Dauntless, Coombs; C C Colson, Payson; Harry, Brown; Battle, Cates: Lima, Hill, and Angella, Bray; Bchrs Maggie Cain, Scull; Guy R PhelDs, ; ? M Hanagan, Shaw, Nellie Oray, ; Klla Amsden, Smith; J J Spencer, Lnfktn; F R Balrd, Mayhcw; Marlon Gage, lleather; Chas McCarthy, Cobb, and H 8 Marlow, Wines, destination, Ac, not reported. Cardenas, March 13?Arrived, barks Nictaux (Br). Davis, and Vicklng (Br), Tracey, Ci< nfuegos; brig F II Odlorne. Home. Havana; schrs Artie Garwood, Godfrey, do: W A Levering, Corson, Clenlnegos. Sailed 13th, bark Kvanell, Colcord, north of Hatteros; brig Inis (Br), do; schrCora Naah, Coffin, New Orleans. Oiiknt, March 1?Sailed, Die Peenee, Tesnow, Wilmington, NC. Havana, March 18?Arrived, steamship Cblcamauga (Sp), Curtis, New York. Arrived Hlth, steamship city ot Mexico, Sherwood, New York via Nassau. _ . Sailed 1Mb, bark Iron Age, Crabtrcc, New York. Cleared 13th, brig Clara J Adams, McFndden, Sartta. Livkkpooi., March21?Arrived, steamship Buenaventura (Sp), Aldainlz, New Orleans. ? Off the port 8th, ships Yosemlte, Mack, from San Francisco; Setnlrauils, Gerrish, Irom do. Montevideo, Feb 1?Arrived, barks Yorstcn, Portland; 3d, saga (Br), Garvin. Fnrnnndlna; 4th, Mary KI1lam (Br). Butler, do; 3th, Phenlx (Br) McKenzIe. st Mary's, <ia; 7th, Jovon Henrique (bp), ralp, l-ernandlna; Angellne <Fr), Picault. st Mary's. Ga; A C Bean. Wooster, ' Sailed'1 Jan 117, bark Pathfinder (Br). Moorehouse. Buenos Ayres; brig Rush, Evans, Patagonia; Feb 1. ship Delithavcn. Frcese. Bolivia ;Sth, barks Wien llohenfelde (Oor), Schult/.e. Now York: Lizzie Gtllesule (Br), Wilson, do; ith, Speculant (Ger). Roter, do; llln, Tremont, Carlisle, Rosario; brig II H Wright, Meyers, Boston. In port Feb Hi, ship Florence Treat short, unc; barks Nannie T Bell, Flits, far New York; Eugenie (Br), llaw* son. and Jennie (Br). Staples, tor do; James E Brett Nlckcrson, lor do; Levaater, ; Helen Marlon (Br>, Rtilmor: Talay, Morse; Speedwell (Brl, Sargent and Isaac Lincoln, Jordan, uac ; brig Walter Smith, Smith, for New York; schr Wm Hunter, llarksen, for do, Mauritius, March I?Arrived, bark Dutveland (Br), Graves, Boston. Matanzas, March is?Sailed, brigs Pnrtollas (Bp), Item, New York; C 11 Foster, Coombs, north of Hattrras. PkUNAMBfco, Feb 17?Arrived, bark Constance Wilson (Rr), Robertson, New York; 18th, achr Glimpse (Br), Endteott, Philadelphia. (ailed it; h. bark J S Pontoppldan (Dan), Baltimore; Utl), brigilltnna, New Y'ork. In port Feb '18, bark Louisa (Ger), tor New York, ldg; brigs J II Epptng (Ger), and lied wig (Ger), for do, do; Gem (Br), lor Hampton Roads, do. Paka. March ft? In port achr Maid of the Mist, Smith, for New York, ldg. ? ? I'oNcr, March II?In part brigs Eaglet, Tookcr, for New York: Blackwood (Bri, tor do; Echo, McCanan. for Bat tlinore; British Oucen (Br), for I'nlted States; achr* Windward. Ellis, lor New York ; Howard, Wooster. lor Baltimore; A M owea (Hr),lor Boston. utitr nstown, March 21. 10:30 AM-Salied, steamship Atlantic (Hr), Williams, Liverpool for New York. RIV JANkiao, re!) ll^-lit poriehip Zainbusi (Br)l Berrys I tor Penaaeole: barks Wavelet (Br), Christopberoen: Jan L Pendergaat (Br), liatcs, and Santo Ursula (Br), Dick* man, unc; Amelie (Pn, Bertho, from Marseilles tor Han < Kranctsco. pat in lith to restow cargo; brigs Sullivan, < Giles: Kremlin, Wyman; Win CondeU (Br), McParland, and Valencia, small, unc. w Riotiaaaos, Feb 1?Sailed, brig H H Seavey, Lee, New York; whr ?cidius (Oer). Popp, Boston. _P?*t Peb 2, brigs Ulauiaieur (Bri, Lennon, for New T?r|t; Plora (tier), Hansen, lor do; -chrs Bose (Oct), for <9*r'. for 1 uited elates. s?Arrived, brig Josle, Pettigrew, New *tJH J2hn Bird, Sleeper. Havana ii?Ll M?Arrived, brigs Messina (Br), WM^K.SvnLVIf 6iJ*mes Crosby, Tapiey, do; in'^f? JLep4ia,New York,in dUtrem dVi./Sl fohennes (Oer), (iabrs, from PhUaphr ?S.i * <or Delaware Breakwater. Msg from Bt Thomas, arrived Peb Wau?hA%w<Krk.^iVT1,H<1.,i>5.,k *ornlng Star (Br), ffT 5SU- vn M^i-h,WaJuAl,et 0 9lark- Noore, do. PhUadelpbla' "-Cleared, schr Osaeo, Martin, American Ports. BOSTON, March 2b?Arrived, schreLocv JKeeler Free, man, Virginia; J! M Baxter, Stanford, Port Johumnfsu Simmons, Oanuy, and Geo Glendon, Jewell, Uobokcn. Cleared?Steamship Seminole, Matthews. Savannah: barks Predonia (Br), Burke, Winterport. Me, to load for Payal; Lawrence, Howes. Norfolk; brig Zerlina (Br), William*, norioia; scnrs.i ? wciiiumou. uu??o, Alexandria, Va; Maryland, Turrey, Jacksonville; John B Hanlord, Westgate, Baltimore. Hailed?Bark John Mathoei (and anchored In tha Boads). Bark J S Winalow aalled Wednesday evening. SUt?Arrived, achr O B Ferguson, Penaacola. Below, bark Banger (Br). Cox, from Liverpool. _ jv BALTIMORE, March 20-Arrlved, ship Dulsburg (Oerjl, Holljet, Rotterdam; barka Leone (Jiaat), Tranuit, Cork t Deileer (Norw), Telleieen, Waterford, Ire; Preatdent DaaliMor), Olaen, Dublin; Minerva. Cork, Ire: achra D f Keeling, Robinson, Mayaguez, PB; 8peedwell, Driecoll, and F J Lock wood, St John, Boston. Below, barka Crimea (Br), Glover, from Liverpool; Pontoppld'on (Dan), from Pernatnbuco; brlga B C Mutch (Br), Match, from Havana; Florence May (Br), Cochran. Ponce. PB. Cleared?Steamer Liberty. Hudglns, New Orleans, Havana and Key Weat; barka May gneen, Hedge, Rio Janeiro; Natal (Br), Short, Port Spain: inca (Oer), Wendehorat, Bremen; achra B M Pvnnell, Mitchell, West Indie*; James A Parson*. Pafsflhf, iiobokeu : Maria Piersop^Gjrant, Hobokea^ Lemuel HaU.^gRdell, MMHStaamar Anitrian, LlverpooL"j-r- * BELFAST, March It?Arrived, achr If VT Drew,-Per' kins, Jacksonville. Hailed 13th. achra Sarah Potter, Hall, Charteaton; 14th; Connecticut, Pendleton, New York; lfith, Clara Sawyec. Branscomb, Savannah. CHARLESTON, March 18?Arrived, achr Lizzie Florence, Lippincott. New York. Below, achr James Jonet, from Savannah, bound S (put In for a harbor). EAST PAHCAOUULA, March lb-Bailed, hark Carrier Dove, for Montevideo. ? - "V - FALL RIVER, March 19-flalled, achra Vandalia, FnP lerton; Effort, Rich; Eliza Elizabeth, Surry, and Mary B Cushman, New York. GALVEBTON, March 13?Arrived, achr Veto, Henderson, Boston, Cleared?Schr Geo B Thatcher. Thatcher, Boiton. 18th?Arrived, brig Ulendale, Nichols, New York. :? GEORGETOWN, SC. March. 17?Arrived, schr Annl* Murchte, Cobb, Charleston. Cleared 12th, achra B 1 Hazard, Brewster, and C S 1 Welib, Hoiuan, New York; 17th, Wua Slater, KlUman, Tbomaiton. _ GLOUCESTER, March 20?Arrived, schr* Chase, Peck) Rockland for New York; Jas Ponder, Hudson. Newcastle lor Portland; Trott King. Bradtord, New York for Pembroke. HYANNI8. March 19?In port schr John H Perry. Kelly) from Newcastle lor Portland. MACHIAHPORT, March 11?Sailed, schrs Alma. Sanborn, Wast Indies; More Light, Allen (from Calais), Nor- "? folk : Jolin Bovnton, New York. In port lfith, wig wind, schr Kepler, Bryant, for New York. MILLBRIDGE, March 13-Arrived, schr Wigwam, Field, Brunswick, Ga. Sailed 9th, schrs Alaska, Strout, Brunswick, Ga; E S Staples, Htrout, Florida. MARBLEUEAD, March 19?Arrived, schr Lizzie O Hickman, Robinson. Philadelphia. NEW ORLEANS, March 17?Arrived, steamships Tappa- J hannack. Read. Havana; Havana, Pennington, Havana. 1 Below?Steamship Cuba, Johnson, from Baltimore, via ! Key West and Havana; ships Virginia. Baker, from Ant- ' werp; Genevieve 8trickland, Strickland, from Liverpool; > hark Excelsior (Nor), Llngdahisen, from Tralee. ; cleared?Bark Hamingia (Nor), Christensen. Revel;) '\ schr Conchita (Mex). Barrett. Vera Cm* via Pnaeaarnnia Southwest Pass, March 17?6 PM?Ships Dllharree and i Reunion and steamships Vandalia and Mississippi on the bar, bound out NORFOLK, March 19?Arrived, schr Sarah Lavlnia, Anderson, New York. NEW BEDFORD, March 19?Arrived, achrs 8 K Lane, Fuller, Yarmouth for New York; Monitor, Chase, Warehaul for do (with loss of flying jihbooml. ' Sailed?Schr W W Bralnarn. Fitch ,Eliza bethport. 20th? Arrived, schr Baltic, Parker, Port Johnson. Sailed?Schrs Kichd Hill. Smith, Baltimore; Cohosset, Cobb, Philadtelphia; J M Freeman, Eldridge; R B Smith, Nickerson; Harriet Rvan, Wixon; S K Lane. Fuller* Amelia. Wentworth; Golden Eagle, Howes; W w Bralnard, Fitch, and John Mosscr, Ahrams, New York. NEWPORT. March 19, I'M-Arrlved, schrs Avail, Smith, Fall River for New York; Whistler, Keete, Taunton for da 20th?Sailed this AM and previous, scbrs Ida A Annie, Cook: Native, Dehart; Amlrald, Hlckcj, and New Regulus, Halloca, NewYork:Abbv Morton, Whitton. New York for Plymouth; Isabel L Pierce, Kemp, and Alice, Bernard, Boston tor Virginia; Mary J Meade, Thrasher, and Sylvester Hale, Coleman, Taunton for New York; Hunter, Crane; Watchlnl, Gill, and Artist, Somerset tor do; F H Miller, Smith, Dlghton fordo; John Randolph, Robbins; Charles Carroll. Chase; John Manlove, Carr, and S H Tyler. Barrett, Providence fordo; J S Yvcldin, Rich, do for Philadelphia; Sunbeam, .Bunker, from Calais for Washington, DC; Blrchard A Torrey, Frlabee; Herbert Manton, Crowoll, and Mary Ella. Fall River for New York; Pilot's Brloe, Brewster, New Bedford for do ; Laura T Chester, Gross. Provincetown for do; Electric Flash, Gloucester for do'; Wm Rice, Pressey, and 8enator Grimes, Phil brook, Providence I ar do; Lizzie W Hannum, Fox, do for Virginia; Emma, White; Salmon Washbnrn, Hathaway, and M M Merriman, Babbitt, Taunton for New York: Motile Porter, Megathlin, Kail River for Baltimore (or Philadelphia); Ney, Chase, and Mediator, McLean. Fall River lor New York; Whitney Long, Hayes, Rockport lor Savannah; Frank Jameson, Knowlton, Portland.for do; E 1 Morrison, Lavender, Boston for Baltimore; Transit, Racket, do for Philadelphia; Alligator, McGregor, New York for Calais; Jos W Fish, Seavey, Belfast tor Charleston; W D Mangum; Henry (lihbs,Chase; Rescue, Kelley, and Fea Flower, New Bedford for New York: Benl TCrocker. Harding, and Nil Desperandum, Rich, Providence for Virginia; Nightingale, Young, and Palladium, Ryder, do for New York; Eagle, Cliasc, Fall River lor do; Geo Kliattuck, Mills, Wlckford for do; N AH Gould, Latham, Providence for do; Eaward Everett, Drinkwater, Wood's Hole for New York: John Mettlcr. Parker, New Bedford fordo; Hastings, Chase, do lor Virginia; sloop Clio, Chase, Taunton for New York; Klisha T Smith, Baker, Somerset for do; Hannah E Brown, Hackett, do for Cold Spring; MarvK Amsden, Provincetown for Philadelphia. NORWICH, March IS?Arrived, schr Lottie ECook, Janvrin, Virginia. 19th?Arrived, schr Ann E Safford, Powell, Phlladel- I phla. PENRACOLA, March 17?Arrived, ships Isabella (Br), i Meadows, Liverpool; lona (Nor), Klein, London; barks Ida (Br), Morris, do; Berkley Castle (Br), West, Ply-, mouth, E. _ _ i-iearen?nmp tieiena (nori, ?amuei*en, iiamnnrg; , barki Oriental (Br), Upham, Montevideo*. Pallas (Nor), Gunderson, Marseilles; Cleone, Maloney, Clenfuegos. PHILADELPHIA, March 2t>?Arrived, steamship Wilmington, Holmes, New York; ship Tidal Wave (Br), Hatfield, Antwerp; harks Hilda (Nor), Boe, Ipswich; Orpheus (Ger), Belltnea, Hamburg; Yibllia (Br), Me{ray, London; Eva H Fisk, Davis, Boston; brigs Kio (Br), IcDonald, Providence; J U Kirby, Bernard, Sngua. Cleared?Steamship Gull Stream, Crocker, Providence schr Hazleton, Roger*. Taunton; Sarah A Bolce, Yates Providence; W (J Bartlctt, Bartlett, Fall River. 21st?Arrived, steamer Benefactor, Jones, New York I ship Hudson (Br), Nicholas, Liverpool; brig Albert LewN Santord. Palermo; schrs H B McCauley, Cain, Trinidad j Mary Cobb, Godfrey, Providence; Annie, Johnson, Wi comlco Kiver, Va; E H At wood, Morris, Providence; k H Read, Benson, New Bedford. Cleared?Schrs Emma B Shaw, Shaw, Oambridgeport ' James L Malloy, Russell,do; S H Bickmore, Baxter, Bath John Shay, Tilton, Salem ; E II Atwood, Morris, do; Li C Wlshart, Mason, do; Sidney Price, Godfrey, Boston. Lkwks, Del, March 2.1, PM?Passed In last night, shi( Hudson, Irons Liverpool; harks Slbilla. from London and Lava, from Liverpool; brigs Rio, trom London, an. Herald trom Pernambuco. Also barks Amphltrltc, iron , Liverpool; Vasa, from do; Riga, from London; Ang)< . fTom Hampton Roads, and Fredan, trom London. AN brig Albert Lewis, from Palermo; brigs Helen O Phlr J ney, (Tom Sagua for orders, and Annie B Btover, ar here. PORTLAND, March 19?Arrived, brig Bride (Br | nruuKS, V'leuiuefcuii. | Cleared?Schrs Alpha. Sanlsbnry, Richmond, Va; Mat fie J Chadwick. Crowntl, Baltimore: Cba* Comery, Crei mcr, and Ida L Howard, William*, New York. 20th?Arrived, brig Fountain, Morgan, Damarlsrotta f< Charleston; schr Challenge, Bennett, Boothbar for Ne< 1 York. FORTSMOUTH, March 14-Arrlved, schr O Grant, Bov t le, New York. l5th?Arrived, schr Commerce, Torrey, New York. PAWTUCKET. March 19-Salied, schr* J as Parker, 8 1 Kellv, and Henrietta, Smith, New York. PROVIDENCE, Marcn 19-Arrived, achr MatehW Harding, Va: Mary A Predmore, Hhermaa, Weeliawke Sailed?Steamers Wm Lawrence, llallett, Norfolk; A llance, Nickle, Philadelphia: schrs Billow, Eldridg Trenton; Storm, Staabe, do; Mist, Money, do; Corael Newklrk, Huntley; New Zealand, Cook ; John Lancastr Williams; J W Rumsev. Brown: Francis Ellen, Cousin A T Cohn, Springer ; Grecian. Mitchell; A F Klndbci Thomas; Abigail Haines. Smith; J D Buckalow, Be Cornelius, Pratt; Redondo, Whitmore; Minonas, He ney; B F Woolsev. Torrey. and George W Middle!.. Shannon, New York. , , 20th?Arrived. schrs Leona, Wiley. Virginia: Samnel Hart, Kelley, Baltimore; Win O Irish, Terrill, Wecha Kon. Sailed?Brig Martha, Cassidy, New York; schr* Agm , Chester; Gen Howard, Johnson; Lark. Guptill; Jas Kb lish, Barker; FNnnle O Warner, Dickinson; J I Worthir ton. Terry; Mary E Gage, Church ; ChaaC Hazard, Clar a ' Bertha, Conover, and Lillie O Wells, Wells. New Yor f, Nellie M Snow, Snow Virginia; Theo Dean, Babbitt, B t ? timore; Surge, Warwick. Trenton. RICHMOND, March 19?Arrived, bng* Orloff, Brr I shaw, Liverpool vAo City Point; Romance, Duncan, N l vassa. ROCKLAND. March IS?Arrived, schrs E Arcularli 1 Oregorv; W H Thorndlke, Cushman. and Convoy, llJ >4 fins, New York ; ltth, Kqual, Kcnnlston. do- 16th, r Ma( loll, and F Hatch, Kales, do; 18th, J E Uamage, Pitchj J wanon win, scnrs stnbafl, Perry, New York; 13th, Alij iM ntak. Rogers, and Hudson, Foot, do: Ada Ames Adar Wilmington: L M Warren, Johnson; Chase, Feck, a llcmld. Mall, Now York: ISth, Petrel, Pcrmot; Arc! Whitten, and Lake. Rogers, do. SAN FRANCISCO, if arc n 13? Arrived, bark F.snorn dor (Col), Pockham, Iquloue: brig Timandra, OeW'i Newcastle, NSW. Cleared?Ship Haze, Wilkinson, Liverpool. Sailed?Shipa Holdhunter, Freeman, and Tahor, Ol Liverpool ; Dartmouth (Br), Rlsden, Queenstown; t> Eldorado, Wilkinson, Mollpotirne via Eureka. H 19th?Arrived, ahlp Frank N Thayer, Starrett, N ^'saVANNAH, March 21?Cleared, bark Carmencita (f | Unrpool; brig San Miguel (Sp), Montero. Santa C j, ^B (Teneriffe). 21 at?'ailed, steamship Metropolis, Nlekcrsnn (fr ,^B New York. lia\ing repaired crank pin), New orlea, ! schr* Traveller, Hodges, do; David Faust, Lord, N I^B ^RALEM, March 19?Arrived, senr* Bedahcdec, Pea j^| Port John son; Mary C Roevea, Maloney, llonoken. ^B Arrived 17th, achr Llxzie Smith, Oorham. Tangier, ^B SOMERSET, March 18?Arrived, stearatug Cora F ( ^B plea. New York. . ! SToNINOToN, March 20?Arrived, schr Mary Has I^H ton, Hobokcn. leaking badly. 1 Sailed?Schr* White Wing, Crandall, and D T Wille smith, New York. ^B TAl'NTON. March 20?Sailed, achrs Peering; Whist O'Keete, and Niantlc, I'aibltord, New York. Jfl WILMINGTON, NC, March 19-Arrlved, bark* Son H bund (Uer, Pu*t. and Vorwarts (tier). Chubby, Uh< Wild llttnter <Rr), Krrlek*on, Liverpool. WAKKRN. March av-Satled, schr Mary H Mifflin, 1 ris, New York. MISCELLANEOUS. J H A -HERALD HRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN. I jl . turner oi Fulton avenue and BocruinsireuU > >, Open from S A. vf. to J P. M. On Sunday from 1 to 9 P. M. I ft tl^H ABSOLUTE DIVORCES LEO ALLY OBTAISKM dllTerent State*, without *eamtal; desertion. sufficient cause; no charge until divorce granted; I vice tret*. M. HOUSE, Attorney, 194 Broadwa j"

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