Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Mart 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Mart 1873 Page 15
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glTTTATTOItB WA!fTKD-FK!HAliEg. ' Cook*, die. *7 UNION COtTRT. UNIVERSITY PLACE, BETWEEN -4 Uth and 12th sts., second floor.?A Scotch Protestant 'woman an cook, who understands meats, soups and jellies, bread, biscuit and pastry; is capable of taking charge of a gentleman's luiniiy as housekeeper; Christian family preferred; city or country: good city reference. ydq bast ?d st., near hadison ay.?a rktu spectable middle-aged worn a a us flrst class cook; no objection to the country. Call lor two days. mwest 17th st., between 6tii and 7th avs.?A competeut woman as first class cook; understands meats, soups, (tame, poultry and serving 'dinner In any style; no ohiection to a flrst class boarding house; city or country; good reference. Call for two -days- f 1QQ WB8T X3TH ST., I.N THE REAR AS GOOD X*J*J plain cook and to assist in the washing and iron- , inf. good city reference. I 1 ^0 wkrt 28th st.?a respectable vouno AcfV/ woman as flrst class cook un'l would assist with washing; no objection to go a short distance in the 'Country; best city reference. 1 ^0 W?8T 28TII ST.?A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS j AtJly good cook, wa*ber and ironer, or would do cham- 1 herwork and line washing; understands fluting; best city reference. ? \ 1 CO WEST 28TII ST., REAR.?AS FIRST CLASS cook; is an excellent haker : understands soups, meats. Jellies and desserts of all kinds; best city reier 1 r pr WEST 52D ST., BETWEEN 6TII AND 7TH AV8.? IOi) A respectable colored woman as first class cook; first class reference. -I r>7 EAST 62D ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK.?A REloi spectablc young person as competent cook; is a stood baker and is willing to assist with the washing and ironing; no objection to a first class boarding house; best reference from lust place. OlOI EA8T 29TH ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS GOOD X plain cook; splendid bread and blscnit baker: no oblcction to assist with the washing ; seven years' reference from last place. OOfk WBsT NTH ST.-A8 OOOD COOK AND TO assist with the washing and ironing: best city reference. OOl EAST 47TH ST., BETWEEN 18T AND 2D AV8? OO J- room 4.?A respectable mother and daughter; one as cook, washer and ironer, other to assist children or do other work; city or country; good reference. OOQ WBBT 26TH 8T.-AS FIRST CLASS COOK; OOO understands all kinds of meats, soups, game, poultry, and can serve in any style; also made-up dishes, poulng, larding, Jellies, Ice creams and fine preserves; is a first rate bread and biscuit baker; a large establishment prelerred; no objection to the country; best reference. , * QJQ 9TH AV., IN THE FANCY STORE.?AS FIRST vtu class English cook; best citr reference. doe WEST 42D ST.?A YOUNG GIRL AS GOOD. TtlU cook; willing to assist in the plain washing and .droning; city reference. ftqq 7th av.?a young girl as good plain voO cook: no ob'ection to assist with the washing -And ironing; three and a halt years' city reference. Chambermaids, &e. OQ WEST 1STH ST.?AN EXPERIENCED TOTING OO woman as first class chambermaid; excellent waitress; no objection to a private boarding house; good ' city reference-, OQ WEST ISTH ST.?AB WAITBE8S OB A8 CHAM. OO bcrraald and waitress; is very obliging; good city yoftrence; good home preferable to wages. Oft BTH AV.?A BESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIBL AS OU chambermaid and waitress. Can ba seen at her present employer's Saturday and Monday. 1AQ WEST 44TH ST.?A BESPECTABLE PBOilvO testantgirl as chambermaid anil waitress in a email private family; good references. Apply at her , pro.icnt employer's on Saturday morning. "1 CONCORD ST.. BBOOKLTN.?A YOUNG PBBJ-ZiU son as chambermaid and seamstress; can operate on Singer's machine. Call or address for three days. 71A1 WEST BOTH ST., THIBD FLOOK AS OOOD ItI chambermaid and to assist with the washing and Ironing, or will do general housework in a small private Jfttmlly. -Oil WEST MTH ST.?A BESPECTABLE YOUNG girl as chambermaid and to assist In the washtog; has good city reference. *>vl_ 1 WEST 27TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TH A VS.? X- r I A Protestant girl as chambermaid and waitress, or would do housework in a small family; is kind to cohlldren. *)/t A WEST 47TH 8T.-AS OHAHBEBMAID AND X/TT seamstress, by a young woman; ean operate on Wheeler k Wilson's machine, or would do fine washing; can flute and polish. OKK WBST 80TH ST., REAB.-TWO BESPECTABLE ^uOO girls, sisters, in a private family; one as good cook: the other as chambermaid and waitress; thoroughly understand their biisines?; best city reference, *>n7 EAST 21 ST ST.?A YOUNG OIBL TO DO CHAHvu I berwork or waiting. Call tor two days at present employer's. Oft WEST 42D ST.?A Yoififo OTKL AS CHAM-. TrOU bermaid and waitress ; no objection to assist in the washing and Ironing; city rcferenoe. CM O SD AV., NEAB MTH 8T.?TO DO CIIAMBEB*>11j work and One washing; can Ante; no objection to go to the country; good reference from last place. Dreiimskers and Seamstresses. tfTQ 4TH AV., ENTRANCE ON DTH 8T.-A FIRST <JO class dressmaker could accomodate a few more ladles; fitting a specialty; references. Address DRESSMAKER. , -ii. s WEST 16TH ST.?A FIRST CLASH DRESSAial maker, thoroughly understanding every branch of her business, wishes a lew more engagements by the day or week In flrst class families, or would go In an establishment to cut, fit and design. Call or address. <*)A f) EAST Z7TH ST.?A FIRST CLASS BRES8AiTL maker wishes a few more engagements by the day or week, with or without own sewing macbing. Call :?r?llliMfc^ BAST 8JD ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.?A 1 OIa competent dressmaker'to go ont by the day; Operates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; terms mode1 rate. WASHINGTON ST.?A YOCNO LADY. WELL I UO educated, an excellent seamstress. In a llrst class family as lady's maid and seamstress or companion to an invalid lady; willing to take the entire care ot one or two children and teach them the German language ; city preference. Call on or address Miss M. K. i A" YOCNQ LADY, MANY YEARS EMPLOYED IN JHL one of the flrst millinery and dressmaking houses of Paris (Mme. Hefele's, Rue de la Palx), wishes a situation tor the Summer season in a similar establishment In J?ew York. Address L. K. T., Herald office. A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WISHES A FEW ENJl gagemcnts by the day or week; can alter and re" pair neatlv and operate on a machine; terms moderate. ^Address Mrs. PAGE, Herald Uptown Branch office. Jf ' A FRENCH DRESSMAKER. A STRANGER HERE, fix. iullv competent to cut ana fit any garment, and is w excellent trimmer, wishes to make someicngagcments. (Apply *t her present employer's, 86 5th st. (QITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO LADY, WHO has worked At millinery for some years, whose health 'will not permit her to lead a sedentary life any longer, could fill the position of nursery governess, wncre the ' < (comforts of a home with a refined tumlly would be more (appreciated than wages; very heat rejVrenccagiven as jfa> character. Address C. C. U., Ucrald. uOlco. General Homework, Ate. ?f>0 1ST AV., BETWEEN *218T AND 22D PTS., IN j)v)u bakery.?A respectable woman to do general {housework in a private (ainlly; excellent washer and 4ronar; good plain cook. Monsekeel^i'l, Ae, NQ FRANKLIN TERRACE, WEST WTH 8T.-A WIDOW mJ as housekeeper or coiu|ianlon; would Also give infractions on the pianoforte, fall on or address Mrs C. 0. Qfk WHAT 10TII ST.?A WIDOW LADY (EASTERN), o\J as housekeeper in a small family. Call on or adslress Mra HKR8EYT JOQ1 BAST 119TH ST., HARLEM.?A YOUNG AMERI.yLrOJL can widow lady as housekeeper tor a widower or bnckelor. In cltvor country; a pleasant home more desirable than high salary; references given and required; none but respectable parties need address tor cue week I* L. _ S07/? 1ST AV.?AH HOUSEKEEPER IMMEDIATELY JUt\J by a young American lady. Address A. C., care of Mra. Kraser. Q/1O WEST !Q8T ST.. THIRD PLOOR.?A YOUNG OUa lady of fine appearance, Intelligent and refined, las housekeeper and companion; fully capable; references exchanged. Call lor two days. Inquire for Miss *{%EBMONT. ti(Vl WEST MTII ST., THIRD FLOOR. BACK.V7f a respectable lady as working housekeeper; oald like fo take her little daughter with her;noobctions to the country. Call all week. j?0?? ELIZABETH ST., IN GROCER'S STORK.-A MJaiVJ neat, respectable woman an housekeeper: liexperienced ; ran make ilesfterta ami pat up fruits and joints; only honorable parties need apply; best reference. Address L. H. J LADY OK niflMEHT RESPECTABILITY AND RE_/?. flncment desires a position as housekeeper or companion In a gentlemnn's family, where no menial services aro required. Address Mrs. C., Herald Uutown wrench office. A N ENGLISH LADY. WITH MOCII EXPERIENCE A desires n position to take thorough charge ot a gentleman's establishment; testimonials as to capability and Respectability. Address t. M., Post office. East New York, A N INTELLIGENT NEW ENGLAND WOMAN WOULD J\ like a position as working housekeeper, and she ? -Would manage the household entrusted to her care with the same consideration und economy as she would her ?wn; la fond of children; tonus moderate: references given. Address CONSTANCE. Herald Uptown Branch bfflee. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A REfined German lady, in a gentleman's houso:hest Kererence given and required. Addreas T. B., Herald gffloa. , Fib) MAY lT?A RESECTABLE AND EXPERIENCED JL middle-aged widow lady (Protestant)*as huusefceeper to a widowir, with small children: no oblectlon fr> teach music or travel. Address tor one week, by letter Erst, C. J. M., box 16 Hloomilcid (Essex county, N. J.) Post ?Hce. Laundresses, die. W)Q rT'HRY ST., IN THE TAILOR'S STORE.-A REf?<J spectable girl as good washer and ironor; city reffcswa. _____ gtQ WEST ?3D ST., ROOM l.V-TWO YOUNO OIRLS, VO one as latiniVr -ss and the other as chambermaid ; rt(^ith<^^ has any objections to the country; good city refrcnoe. ? 1"IA WEST I7TH ST., BASEMENT DOOR. - A OoL , J.1U ored laundress of great experience wishes famlt Bes' and gentlemen's washing; all kinds oi dresses and WEW YOJ nrfPATimii wjiiprip^rMii.B?. Lanndrtiiri, dtc. mVARICK ST.?A FIRST CLASS LADNDKKM to do lew more families' washing by the dozen or month; Mutingand puffing; ladies' evening dresaes done up at from $1 to $10^0. Ol O WEST J7TH ST., IN TIIK STORK.?A BKZj. YJj spec table laundress to go out washing the first three days in the week, or would take in washing at her own borne. JO/i WKSTMTH ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? 0^5O A respectable woman wants family washing at her own home; Is a first class laundress; understands all its branches; best reference. A l)A BAST 19TH ST., SECOND FLOOR.?A I.ATTN, dress to go out by the day. A 90 BAST 17TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.?A REspectable woman, a competent laundress, wishes some lamilles' washing; terms irom 7Sc. to $1, including fluting; satistactory references. Call or address. 7HR 8I> AV-- T0P ''LOOa FRONT ROOM.?A RK OO spectable woman wishes the washing of a lew families; Is willing to go out by the day or week; can do trench fluting. QQfi 3D AV., RINO THIRD BELL.?A RESPECT!r. able widow woman wishes to take In washing and ironing; ladies' and gentlemen's fluting and crimping done at a moderate price; no objection to go out by the day. Nurses, dee. in DOWNING FT.?A YODNO WOMAN AS WET I'' nurse, and also a nurso for her baby. Inquire for Mra OIBSON. A?> EAST 62D ST., NEAR MADISON AV.?A UEtO spectable middle-aged woman aa nurse to au invalid in a private family; speaks French and English. Can i>e seen for two days. AH WOOSTER ST.?A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL AS T: I nurse or maid ot all work in some private family. 1 AQ WRIT 15TH ST., REAR BUILDING.-A PROT?1/(7 estant young woman as thorough infant's nurse; is capable ot taking sole charge aitd of bringing It up on the bottle; excellent city reference given; no objection to the country. mWEST 46TH ST.?A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH woman as nurse; can take charge of an infant from its birth; can bring it up on the bottle; is a good plain sewer; country preferred. Can be seen all next week. m LIBERTY ST., REAR BUILDING, ROOM 16.?A respectable young woman as wet nurse. 1QQ WEST 42D ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A ?Ot7 young girl aa nurse; no objection to travel. 170 THOMPSON ST.?A COMPETENT FRENCH ?IO woman as nnrse and seamstress; is fully competent to take tlio entire chargo of a baby; best city refer- . ence. Call between 10 and 4 o'clock P. M. m MULBERRY 8T.. IN 'THB STORE.?A YOUNG girl, lately from England, as nurse and chambermaid. Call for two days. OQQ WE8T (3D ST.?A MONTHLY NURSE WILL BE ?iOO disengaged the last of this raomh; best references QHft EA8T 47TH ST--rA RESPECTABLE GIRL AS 0170 nurse and seamstress; can cut and fit ladies' dresses and operate on Grover A Baker's machine; good reference if required. OA O WEST 26T1I ST., TOP FLOOR.?A YOUNG OIO French girl just arrived in this country, as muse. CflTUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO TAKE 0 care of chlldrtin-and do plain sewing. Address J. G., Ravenswood Post offlce. Hunter's Point, L. I. WANTED?A 8ITUATION BY A RELIABLE AMERIcan woman 89 nurse tor an invalid lady or as scamstress; is a good operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; good reference given: a place in the country preferred. Address J. M. LEKO Y, Post office, Brooklyn. t Hlseelianeou, A Q WEST BOTH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S,?AN 70 English woman desires to travel with a lady to Europe thts Mummer; understands French and takes excellent care of an invalid; references exchanged. QQ 2D AV.?A FRENCH DADY, SPEAKING GERMAN t/O and English, as lady's companion, tor travelling; reference. 1 9Q EAST 65TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.?A LZifJ young German girl, who sneaks English, wishes to accompanv a family to Europe to take care of children and make herself useful. Inquire of or address S. L., for two day a 997 WEST 12TH 8T.?A YOUNG WIDOW, OF A jLlj I cheerful and amiable disposition, having now to maintain herself, as travelling companion to an Invalid or tamilr; no oblection to going to Europe or California; or as housekeeper to a party ot gentlemen or a widower; only parties of respectability need answer. Call on or address lor one wcex Mrs. W. OOQ EAST 18TH ST.?A PROTESTANT PERSON TO wait on the door, go oi errands or do other light work. Apply at present employer's \ OA A EAPT 80X8 ST--A GERMAN LADY, WHO IS 077 a good sailor, wishes to accompany a lamily go to Europe; would take charge of children or attend a ' A NORTH YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, LATELY ARA rived, desires a position as lady's maid, or to take charge of children from i to 10 years of age; unexceptionable reference. Address A. E., box 111 Herald office. AN INTELLIGENT WOMAN, ACCUSTOMED TO travelling, who speaks French well and does not suffer from seasickness, wishes to engage with a family going to Europe. Address T. W? Herald Uptown Branch office, fer three daya LADY'S MAID HAIRDRESSER, speaks English and Frenchi, Sill) a family going to Europe. Address O. M? box 130 HerAld offlce. ^ , ffTWO NORTH GERMAN OIRLS WANT SITUATIONS J. In one family: one as lady's maid; Is a first class hairdresser; can cut, fit and sew on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; the other to mind itrown up children; Rives Oerraan and music lessons; city, country or Europe; Sood city references. Address A. E. 8., Herald Uptown ranch office. . mo OWNERS OR AGENTS.?A RESPECTABLE LADY. 1 who speaks French and English, wishes to take care Of a respectable bouse on reasonable terms. Address EXPERIENCE, box 140 Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION AH COPYIST, BY A yonnR lady of experience. Address MAY L1VING, STONE, box 103 llerald office. nrANTED? BY A LADY, DISENGAGED MAY 1, A Vv situation aa companion, housekeeper or cashier. Address E. P., station B. PROFES 8IOK AL. SITUATIONS VVANTKJJ? FEMALES. AN ACCOMPLISHED LADY, EXCELLENT MUSICIAN, and speaking French and EnRllsh perfectly, desires an engagement as companion or to teach with a lady or fumiiy Koine to Europe : highest references given ana required. Address J. M. J., box^MST Post office, New York. A YOUNG LADY OF OOOD EDUCATION, SPEAKINO French and English and accustomed to travel, desires an engagement as nursery governess; wonld like to accomouiiv a tamilv going to Euro lie: is never sea sick ; highest references. Address II. B., Ileralil Uptown Branch ottlce. A lady of respectability, education and experience anil of good business qualifications desires a position ot trust and nsefnlncss: can adapt herself to almost anv position not menial; unexceptionable references. Address II. H., box 184 Herald Uptown Branch office. . - - ' TirXNTED?A POSITION AS GOVERNESS AND COMvv panion in a gentleman's family; would take entire charge; reference*. Call on or address Miss B., 13 East 28th rt., between 2 and 4, for two days. HELP WAKTED-FKMALKS. * ?WORK GIVEN, AT TUB. VERY BEST PRICES XA? to par lor nm CUM f?* WWlng machines; ali earned avera small Instalment w?l pSy "**"i BLAF_j BUCKWALTER A CO., 115 4th av.. corner 12th StTalhl 101 Bleecker st, one block west ot Broadway. _ A GOOD OPERATOR WANTED-ON WHEELER A Wilson's machino; one who can cnt out work. Apply at 1,191 Broadway. Mrs. OLIVE A. STONE. Experienced dressmaker wanted?on pine suit*; steady employment to good hands\ none others need apply. At 240 West Seventeenth street ! Mme. SPRONT. Experienced dressmakers wanted-for a large retail house on fine suits; steady employment l to good hands. None others need apply at 349 6th av. ' Mine. OKVI8. M'MENAMY, HESS A CO , 736 BROADWAY, RROl'IRK the services of a lady in their subscription department; must have fair education and reierences for responsibility. Call between 11 and 2 o'clock. TX/-ANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK TV at 183 East 44th st WANTED?A YOUNG WET NURSE; MILK NOT over two months. Apply nf.or 3 at 185 West :14th st. Wanted?a youno girl to do general housework In a small family. Inquire at C4 West 18th st . fXrANTED.? A FIRST CLASS COOK MAY FIND ' TV steady employment by applying at 161 Chatham st. WANTED?A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON four mile* from the city by rail. Call at 198 Fulton ?t.. second floor WANTED?X PLAIN COOK. WILLING TO WASH and Iron, in a auiall family. Call ihla morning at 112 West 23d *t. TlfANTRD?A OOOD CHAMBERMAID AND LAUNV? dress. Apply at 4? West 20th at, lor two days, Horn 9 to 2 o'clock. TirANTED?A OOOD COOK. WELL RECOMMENDVV ?,i. Apply at 4fi West 20th at. for two days, from 9 to 3 o'clock. WAMTED-AN EDUCATED, YOUNG, FRENCH GIRL to tro to Tarrytown a? nurse for a child three yea(t old. Address X. R., boa j.378 Post ofllcc. "11TANTED?AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN GIRL TO " <fo general housework In a small American family. Inquire at 2?3 West 12th st WT ANTED?GIRLS. STEADY EMPLOYMENT ALL 11 the year round at the button factory, corner 3d ami Orand sts., lioboken, up stalra X\T ANTED?AN ASSISTANT* FOREWOMAN FOR If suits; only experienced and well recommended parties need apply. 5IF.OKL into., 308 Canal st. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL, To MIND A BABY AND C II CW^'weaMvth^t!^' ua?ful; reference required. Wanted?a girl, to attend children and make heraelf generally useful. Call at 347 West IKItli at Wanted?a girl for housework : one who Is kind to children. Apply at 23ft We?tS7th st, baaement, between Wand 4 o'clock. Wanted?a youno lady, who is thoroughly competent to attend In a bakery. Address, with reieretKS, BAIafift. bo* 140 Herald Vptotrattrauuh uiUce. tcK aERALD, SATURDAY, hb i.p* WAirri!n??nir ? T.wg;v IIrANTED?A OOOT1 LAUNDRESS?" MUHT JBB willing and obliging Apply at 22 West Slat at, from 9>? to IPS A. M. WANTED-A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS AND TO " aasiot in light ehamberwork; excellent reference! required. Call at 66 Weat 3?that TITANTED?A COMPETENT YODNO PROTESTANT "? woman aa nor*.' and searaatreas; good reference a required. Apply at 20 West 51st at WANTED-A NICE, ATTRACTIVE, YOUNO WOMAN to do light work in a atore and to learn to aell. Addreaa, in applicant's own handwriting, SMART, lleruld office. Y1TANTED?IN A SMAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY. A ?V tidy, honest colored woman, aa cook anil to do general housework; references required. Inquire at 1SS East 26th at WANTBD-A YOUNO GIRL, 16 OR 18 YEARS OP age, to do light chambem-ork and make herself Seneraily useful; best references required. Apply at 1,130 roadway. WANTED?AN ENGLISH OK GERMAN GIRL AS TT nurse for two children and to do ehamberwork in a ftnatl faintly at Elisabeth. N. J.; wages $12. Apply, with reference, at 360 West liith at, between 9 and 12 on Saturday. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN A8 NURSE, who thoroughly understands the care of young children; best references required. Apply at 19 East 19th at, for three daya, between 10 and 1 o'clock. WANTBD-TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS (OERMAN preferred), one to cook, waah and iron, and one for ehamberwork and waiting and to assist in washing. Apply. Saturday and Monday, at 291 Madison avenue, before 2 o'clock. WANTKD-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT 8ALE8ludy In tho lace department. FRIEND PITTS,86.1 Broadway. TiriKTTfn tiff AlffCTDruODa a un /\*?cy> a ta i> a it vv \i,!M Hroadway, aocond floor; 90 per week. Call at 8A.lT today. WANTEn?A NORTn GERMAN GIRL THAT apeak* Hngltsh as norae tar a child 2 years o il. Call for two days, between 10 and 12 o'clock; best city reference required. Apply at 356 West 28th sL WET NURSE WANTED?FOR A YOUNG INFANT. Address W. A. G., Herald ofllco. OA WAITER GTRL8 WANTED?CALL AT OER?j\l mania llall. Franklin stre-t, Urccnpoint, L. I. Inquire of FRED KKOI'E, between 6 and 8 o'clock P. M. Saturday. SITUATIONS WANTKD-MAI.ES. A SMART BOY, AGED 15, WITII GOOD RKFF.Rence, wishes a position In a commission house, insurance or first class real estate office. Address SAMUEL, Herald Uptown Branch office, box 119. A MAN AND WIFE DESIRE SITUATIONS?IN A private house, together, in the city or out; lately from the South. Call from 9 to 4 o'clock at 157 West 30th st A GERMAN. SPEAKING FRENCH, ENGLISH AND Italian, and who knows the Continent well, wishes to go with a gentleman as valet or to accompany ladies to the Vienna Exposition. Address H., box 143 Herald Uptown Branch office. AYOUNO COLORED MAN WISIIE8 A SITUATION as waiter; understands the care of horses and driving; can give best city reference. Call on or address G. W.,70 6th av. _ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE, steady and industrious young Scotchman, as farmer or to work on a gentleman's place; two years' experience; best references as to honesty and capacity. Address R. MJI.NE, box 145 Herald office. New York. A MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS FARM LABORER; understands the care of horses; will make himself generally useful: can bo highly recommended in his last place, address McLOFTUH, 35 Greenwich st., New York. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WAITER and to make himself generally uretul In a private family: best references given; call or address 802 6th?av., at Mr. Spice', butcher. AS BELL BOY OR WAITER IN A nOTEL; GOOD reference* Call at or address 55 Broadway, base ment SITUATION WANTED?AS HEAD WAITER OR MANager In club house or hotel, city or country, by a competent man, with A No. 1 city reference. A. QKRNKK. 153 Delancey st SITUATION WANTED?BY A SINGLE MAN, AS FORE k_/ man or farmer on gentleman's place ; understands the care and management of cattle and horses; good driver and can do any kind of work on gentleman's Since has best reference from his late employer. Call, aturday and Monday, at 876 Broadway, In tne seed store. Translations madk of frencu and German books, letters, Ac., Into English by a person who understands the sciences nnd dillercnt branches of literature. Address WM. REYNOLDS, 130 John St., Brooklyn. WANTED?by A 8TEADY YOUNG MAN (AN AMER1can), a good house to cart for. Address GOOD SEMPLAR, Herald Brunch office, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CARVER OR BUTTER cake and oyster pie baker. Address CARVER, Herald Uptown Branch office. Young colored man wants a situation as waiter in the city or out; can give reference. Apply at 226 West 30th sL CLERKS ASP SALESMEW. ~~ Accounts-eight languaoes; arrears written up; books devised lor special requirements; books kept, examined or balanced. JAMI^g CO\, 47 WMl itfect, third floor. A YOUNG MAN EMPLOYED AT PRESENT AS bookkeeper (double entry), conversant with several modern languages and well acquainted with the different office duties, cspcclallv a banking business, wishes to Chahge his situation ; first class reference given. Address HOLLAND, Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN WANTED-TO SELL a line of ladies' underwear. Address MANUFACTUBKR, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, THOROUGHLY CONVERSANT with the advertising business, having had seven years' experience as advertising clerk on a leading dally journal, desires a position to attend to the advertising department of some prominent real estate house or newspaper agency; would accept a position on a Western paper; highest reference given. Address M1CAWBEK, box 143 Herald office. CLOTH SALESMAN?ONE HAVING A GOOD WESTern connection and familiar with fine goods. Apply to WATEKBURY. SMITH A CO., SI Walker sL Drug clerk wanted?a competent, active and industrious young man. Address, with reference, L., Herald office. Salesman wanted?a practical dry goods salesman, to go to Oil City, Pa.; references required. Address B. M. A CO., Astor House, New York. Salesman wanted-in the mourning goods department. Apply to james a. uearn a son, 775 Broadway. THE ADVERTISER IS PASSING HIS TENTH YEAR at the books ol one of the largest fanrv gmids houses In tlie city, but wishes to chance into a hank, tigcncy or importing house, at not less than $1,200 first yeur; has kept books in sterling; is gentlemanly and discreet; first class references and security. Address H. P., box 156 Ilerald office. Tl/*ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS SALES7 7 man. Apply at 437 Grand st. TITANTED?RETAIL DRl'O CLERK. REFERENCE 77 required. Address t>ox t'.ts Kli/atieth, N. ,I. "117"ANTED?BY A GERMAN WHO IS AN EXPERI 77 enced bookkeeper, a situation In some good incr eantlle house or lite or Are insurance company; refer ences unexceptionable. Address H., box 108 Herald office Tir ANTED?A GOOD BOOKKEEPER; ONE ACV7 quftinied witli the natawA'fe or iron business preferred ; also a good strongman as snlesmau and porter for same business. Address, stating nee, experience anil salary wanted, box 26 Post office, Brooklyn, E. D. Wanted?position as assistant bookkef.por iu ftlAfge bouse, by a young man, 19 years of can speak Oennan aud luts bad a little experience; good reference; moderate salary. Address CUARLE8, Post office, Newark, N. J. ? agt ~ . -" CP""' WANTBD-A YOUNO MAN AS CLERK IN A OROeery and crockery ?tore in the country, having $400 as security and meaning work. Address GROCERY, liernld oincc. WANTED?IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE, A YOUNO man as assistant book keeper; must be a good penmnn, (jntck and correct at figures. Address, with references, stating what salary expected, IMPORTER, Herald office. Wanted?a young man, about is years old, It as clerk in a coal yard ; must Uve with his parents and have good references. Apply in 1st av., corner of 23th st _ _ WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN OK (IOOD ADDRESS^ a situation In a hotel as day or night clerk, or where he ran make Inmsell generally useful; is not afraid of work. Address tor one week L. A. O., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN AS clerk In a publishing house, who can loan employer $200 on first class security; permanent situation and good alary. Don't rep y unless you mean business. Address O. P., Herald office. ^ W'ANTED?A OOOD PRESCRIPTION CLERK, FOR contitrv store - also a Druir Stare, dnlnu a nice cnsli rrnde, tor wile' in New Jersey, Api>jy at M Cortlnnilt street, Saturday morning or Monday morning. WOULD LIKR TO MAKE A TEMPORARY KNOAOU. ment with a wood house ; rapid penman, thorough bookkeeper and of strict business habits; would travel, Ac. Address 8. P., box 141 Herald Uptown Branch office. COACHMEW AMD tMHDEVEIH. A FIRST CLASS COLORED COACHMAN. MARRIED, wishes a situation as coschmnn and groom; IS years' city reference ; A years with his present employer; understands his business in all its branches; some knowledge of furriery. Call on or address D. T. B., 108 West 47th st.. or r.M Front *t. (employer's), lor ihrec days. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH PROTESTANT WISHES a situation In the country, with his wife, to take charge of a garden or a country seat. Apply to J. PERROTON, 342 West 38th st The best reference can be obtalned at 338 Canal st, up stairs. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED MAN, NO FAMILY, wishes a situation as coachman and gardener with a private family: 10 years' experience; best references as to honesty and capacity; Is smart and active; always merits the highest confidence of his employers. Address P. P., box 127 Herald office, ftyr one week. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKD-BY A SIN. gle man; thoroughly competent In everything apnertalning thereto; experienced, caretul city driver; willing and obliging; reliable reference. Address COACHMAN, box 221 Herald office. AHINOLK MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS OROOM or coachman; one who understands his business In all its branehes; citv or country; city references. Address T. C.. box 1YI Herald office. MARRIED MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS farmer and plain gardener; one in family, dlaenEaged March 3<> Cat! at or address scud store, 35 Corttudtst, New York. MARCH 22, 1873-Tlu'PL] - , ? ^ COACH!**;# AMD 6AliDKMKRS, ^ A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?bt AN Englishman; single man; Protestant; understands Msbueinev ; no objection to the country; can furnish

good retcreni es Iroin last employers. Address E. m., box 128 Herald office. A French gardener, understanding thoronrhly the cultivation of flowers, fruits, (trapes and vegetables, desires a steady situation. Apply 738 Broadway, flower store Abinoi.r man wishes a situation as (jood gardener; thoroughly understands the caro of greenhouses and graperies and the laying out of pleasure grounds; ts not afraid to work and will be found willing and obliging^ best reference from last employer. Address GARDEN EK. box 122 Herald offloe. AOKNTLEMAN WISIIEH TO OBTAIN A SITUATION for a very competent French Protestant gardener, married, no children; can lurnish best qualifications; is Industrious, temperate and obliging. Apply to J. L. WIIITK, M 8U| av., before IDA. M. or alter G P. M. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST class driver; excellent groom; strictly sober, carettil and obliging; married, no latnily; best city reference. Address J II., GO West 43d st., private stable. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKD-RY A COM potent, sober, steady man; excellent groom; careful city driver; tidy appearance; tirat class city rcieronces; present employer going to EuroDO. Address J. D.. Herald Uptowti Branch office. " * (GOACIIMAN OR GARDENER-BY A MARRIED J man, with ainall family; is a good vegetable and plain gurdoncr; best refcrcnco can be had from his last employer; country preferred. Address m. J., boa tli Herald oMlco. German coachman and gardener wanted? One who U a carelhl driver and understands .ruin, vegetables an l greenhouse gardening. For particulars Inquire at IS Hubert st GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A PKAOTIcaiman (married): understands the management of greenhouse, graperies, cultivation ol'fruit and vegetables; reference first class. Address UAIUiEN lull, Henderson's seed store, 36 Cortlandt st. (gardener's situation wanted?by a praot tical man, married, who thoroughly understands hta business in all its branches; greenhouse, graperies and fruits of all kmds. Mow. rs and vegetables; at years' reference from last employer. Call on or address thomas <)., at .lames Fleming's seed store, 67 Nassau st. Gardener (sinoi.r) wants a permanent situalion; fully competent: 16 years' experience ; can take full charge; not afraid of work: good reference. Address M. If., New England llotel, 30 Bowery. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG married tnua, who understands the culturo of grapes, greenhouse, Mowers and vegetable gardening: good city and country retercuces. Address DANIEL, 36 Curtlaudt st, seed store. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A 8COTCIIman, who understands the care of hot and cold graperies, greenhouses; Is competent to take charge of a f:entleman's country scat; wile as llrst class batter maker t required; best references given trom last employer I and others- Address W. B. G? 876 Broadway, in seed store. Gardener's situation wanted-by a man, who 1* thoroughly practical In everything relating to horticulture; has had entire charge ofsomu oithe very best places In the neighborhood of New York; understands tarniing and innnagemont of stock; ninrrlud; no children; good references. Address tiiobouuu uak1)KNKR, box 1U6 Herald office. WANTED-BY A SWEDE, A SITUATION AS GARdener; Is thoroughly competent and understands his business perfectly; has excellent refcroneos from last employer. Address GARDENER, Herald Brooklyn Branch office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS OARdener (in all its branches), by a married man (Swiss) ;can give first class recommendations; none need apply without gluss. Address J. CONRAD, l'ort Washington. Long Island, N. Y. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN, MARRIED, A sitnatlon on a gentleman's place; understands care of horses and cow and garden; wife a good cook, washer and lrotier; good reference; country preferred. Address J. 8., Herald office, or 223 west 27th st, for two days. HKlsP WANTF.D?MALES, ANOELL'S TURKISH BATHS. 61 LEXINGTON AV., want agreeable, intelligent, Industrious young American men and women, not older thnn 25 years; profitable employment and medical Instruction; reierenccs required. A MIDDLE-AGED MAN, WHO HAS TRAVELLED in every clime, seeks a situation as nurse to n gentleman about to travel; can furnish excellent references front hospitals and private Individuals he has nursed. Address CALCUTTA, Philadelphia Hotel, Now Jersey. Agents wanted?male and female, everywhere. Now article, ncedud in all stores, offices and residences; $200 a month; steady employment; samples, by mall, 26c. AMERICAN NOVELTY COMPANY, 302 Rroadway. Agents are making $100 per week selling our goods by sample; a lew more good men wanted. Call at 95 Liberty st., room 25. A WAITER WANTED; ONE WHO CAN OPEN OY8ters preferred; wages $7 a wcok. Apply at No. 4 Coentles silo. Boy or youno man in a real estate office-, must be a good penman; salary $150 first year. _____ C. A. HUSBEY, 82 5th ar. BOY WANTED IN I1ARDWARH OFFICE. ADDRESS HARDWARE, Herafd office. BOY WANTED?TO LEARN WHOLESALE MKRCANtllo business; reference required. Apply at 312 Washington st. nnv WANTED?GNF. WHO RESIDES WITH HIS 15 parent*. ?g*"l aliout fifteen. Address, stating salary | required, box 3,284 4*0*1 office. Boy wanted-a smart boy in wholesale storr to go of errands and carry bundles. Address box 1,998 Tost office. CIOLORED BOY WANTED?BY A SINOLE GENTLE) man, to act as valet, go of errands, Ac. j not younger than 14 nor over 17; flrst clam recommendations required. Apply for one week at 1.3ft hast 39th st. Hall boys wantkd-with good crrY refebence. Apply at AltLINUTON HOUSE, 22 East 14th at. The republic like insurance company, 409 Broadway, want a few first class business men to act as solicitors In the metropolitan district. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED PACKER OP DRY goods; one used to tho jobbing trade. Apply at331 Broadway. WANTED?FOREMAN FOR CASTOR OIL WORK8. Address lockbox ft.lftl Post office, Boston. WANTED?AGENTS FOB VILLAGES. TOWNS AND cities in New York and New Jersey States. Apply In person on Monday. Parties distant trom city can apply by wall. SEAMAN A HAZZARD. 163 South St TXT" ANTED?MAN AND WIFE AS WAITER AND n cook, to (to to Elizabeth, N. J.; must have reiercncrs. Apply on Monday before 3 o'clock at 244 West 38th St., between 7th and 8th avs. IVANTED? COLORED MAN A3 WAITER; ONE M who can act as coachman when required. Address CKOTQN. box 122 Herald office. firANTED?A FIRST CLASS CANVASSER FOR ADV? vertlseinent.s lor a well established and favorably known periodical: satisfactory references required. Address V. K., box ISO Herald office. WANTED?A MALE COOK FOR A RESTAURANT; must be first class. Apply at NLSBITT'S, Boughkeepslc. WANTED?A MAN WHO TIIOROUOIILY UNDERstands the oyster business; a Oerman preferred. Apply, alter one o'clock P. M., at tile OYSTER BAY, l,2Ul Broadway, near '29th st. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN IN A GROCERY STORE who will make himself generally usetuL Apply at 887 7tli av.. corner 46th st WANTED-AN ERRAND BOY, WIIO CAN MAKE himself useful In store; must he ae<|iiainted with city and come recommended from last situation. Address, In applicant's handwriting, F. H., box 101 Herald office. "IITANTKP?A YOUNO MAN A3 BARKEEPER IN A TT family liquor store; one who understands the bnsi. Tlei# ami with good city rclercucoa; none others need apply.' Can "al 324 Hudson st itrANTED?IN A MANUFACTORY, A SMART, ACTT tlve yonth, about 17or 18 years of age; one that ran write, and figure well, not afraid of work, and willing to inake himself useful; salary first year #200; one residing up town, west side, preferred. Address in handwriting of applicant, with references, to X. Y. 55., Herald oflTee. fj/ANTED-FOR THE UNITED STATES MARINE Vf Corps, ftOO line, able-bodied men. This service offers /mnnphinitifiu tn visit (nroii'ti nt til ft t r ii M nfl hitliril United State* ships of war. Fur further Information apply at Recruiting Rendezvous, 89 Chatham street, Now York (ivy. JAMKH LEWIS, Mafor United State* Marine Corps. THE THAI) EM. A RESPECTABLE BOY WISHES TO LEARN HOME eood trade; honest and willing to work. Address A. 0. 8., Herald Uptown Branch otltce. A PHOTOGRAPH PRINTER WANTED AT GUKNEY'S Gallery, 5th iv., corner lfith st. A FRENCH AND GREEN HHONZER, OF II YEARS' experience, wishes a situation; good reference. Call on or address HENRY GRADE, MO West Utli st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOl'NG GERMAN (with references here), Jnst from England, as a watchmaker; or willing to make himself generally useful in a Jewelry business. Address or apply to JOHN WILLIBALT, 33 Myrtle av., Brooklyn. "llf ANTED?AN ENGINEER FOR A HTEAMHOAT VV running on a Soul horn route : one who can take an Interest In the boat to tho extent of $4,000 preferred. Address, with references, EHOIMMBB, Htrala odVce. WANTED?BLACKSMITH AND (kill, MAKER IN an iron pipe factory. None but steady, IIrst class men need npply at Ml West 4Mh st. WANTED-A GOOD TINSMITH; ONE Act I MTOMKD to shoo and outside work. Apply between 7 and 10 o'clock at 383 6th a v. WANTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS CALCINing plaster. Address, by letter, giving name, residence, reference, Ac., J. L. h. A SONS, 75 Hudson st. WANTED-A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDEKstands grinding paints ami competent to take charge of a color mill in Weatern city. Aitdresa, with reference, box 5.W3 Post office, New York. "If ANTED?A FIRST CLASH FINISHER ON SILVER V* ware; permanent situation. Apply to JAMBS Y. BUTLER, *12Locust street, Philadelphia. WI1IICH AnVMRTllBWMTI. OV DEMANDE?UNE JEUNE FILLS KRANCAI8R, pour prendre soln des email la ct coudre. 8'adreaser, 42me rue Qwest, i.vj. UNK DAMS ERA NCA18K, DK I'AKIS, POLVANT tournir les ineilleurea reference s cot&me prolctseur de flrnnoals n Now YorB. desire troiiver In table et In In rentent dnn?la laTitllle d'nno dame amerlea'ne eomine II fnuten cchange do leeons; elle pnnrratt quitter la vlile a pros roxpirattnn de sea enuairementx dans lea peit'iouf. htrim ?ii Z., boa lti lit raid tptuwu Uraucli vUiv<* E SHEET. ' " P3tt lAta, A-POR sals, ONK or TK^BBSt"ANJ^OLD!!8T . CHtatdlshea Grocery end Idquor Stores, on a proui.tient corner, wert side of KisMh avenue For port truing inquire of KKMrlkEH * SCULO.S8, 270 Wost Tlurty?iii.V street Afi'Sst clash corner liquor stork for ?*le-'With or withoA Stock. In * food location: rent ory low. Apply to l'HO* ?DAPFNISY\ Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street . A LOTOP HERRING'S, WILDE R'S, MARVIN'S BAFES, et ha f price to moke roeae/ etock. Cheap for cash. LILLIB 8afb CO., 81 Maidea laue, near Gold street AT HARLEM, NORTH BAST COBNEB OF I29TH street and Third avenue, at the Hrldge.?rhe I .en ho of House now occupied a* m cigar, liquor etore and ladies' restuurnnt; long lease. ___________ A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR A OROCBRYMAN; A three yenr*' I<ease of an old estaWtshed Grocery Store on Third avenue; Fixture* go with the store: stock very light; at first coat NICHOLS A oapferty, 93 Fourth avenue, and 1,497 Broadway. A well KHTABI.ISIIRD merchant taplorino and Clothing Store tn Fulton street, Brooklyn, Stock, Fixture* and Lease, tor sale low lor cash. Inquire of or add res* l. J., INS Fulton street, Brooklyn. A FIRST CLASS QROCRRT STORK FOR HALK? Hto k and Fixture*, doing a good cash trade; rent low. Apply to Wll.l.lAM ABBOTT, f<0 New Bowery. A FINK 1)1111(1 STORK FOR 3ALK-FOK $300; RARR chance: also first class corner Drug Stores; also Bakeries, Confectioneries, Stationery Stores, (igar Stores. Mi roll ELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A ?FOR HALK, LIQUOR STORKS, BAMI'LK ROOMS, J\ , on all the avenues and business streets; also down town Restaurants, Oyster Saloous, Hotels, Chop Houses, Butter, Fruit and Grocery Stands. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street^, A BAR, BILLIARD AND LUNCH ROOM FOR SALF? Centre business; under a popular hull; price #600; dissolution of partnership cause of selling. Apply at 76 Varick street, tor three days. pOAL YARD FOR SALE?WITn FAVORABLE \J lease, good will and fixtures; everything complete, und now doing a splendid cash trade. Apply at tlioyurd, 136 Mulberry street. Drug stork for salk-on a leading avenue up town; good neighborhood: doing a good, paying business; will be sold cheap, on easy terms, on aeoount of proprietor going to Europe. Address DRUGOIST, box 1S4 Herald ottloe. DRUO STORE FOR HALK?WELL STOCKED: LONO lease; low rent; a sure fortune for a German; cash price $.*110; sickness solo cause of selling. Apply at S7U First avenue, near Forty-ninth street. Drug stoke for sale?only $i,uoo cash required; stock aad fixtures vary handsome and full; cost $3,ftiltl0; III health cause or selling. STRICKLAND'S Druggists' Agency, 73 Cedar street. DININO AND LIQUOR SALOON FOR SALF.-WITH Lease. Apply at 164 Chatham street "I7IOR SALE?A noon RARROOM FSTiUl.TSIIWn r over 20 yean; doing a good business: lease, 5years from the 1st of May next ; rent for store and basement, $800 per year; price $S,000; a great deal of money In the place lor a busiuesa man. JOHN sil ANA MAN, corner of West and Carlisle streets. Fob sale?the fixtures, five years' lease, Ac., of a corner bouse, in one of the best thoroughfares down town; tho store lias been occupied as a Urst class liquor store for the last 2U years; store is rent tree. Address W. 8. M., box 109 Herald office. For sale?stock and fixtures <and store to let) of tho old established Fancy Store 50 hi Catharine street; present owner cannot attend to the business; if i do not get a customer i will sell at auction, but before auctioning i will sell at great sacrifice. Call early and don't miss a good chance. For sale?a boardino house, with 12 elkgantly furnished Rooms, with Restaurant and Bar, on tho west side, near Canal street; lease two years from May 1; proprietor leaving tor Europe. For particulars inquire of J. TARTTKK, 55 Franklin stroet For sale?the lease, good will and Fixtures of a first class Batcher Shop, on a prominent Eighth avenue corner - reasons for selling owner going in other business. Inquire ut 910 Eighth avenue, corner Fifty-fourth street For sale?on RionTH avenue, stock and Good Will of an established Ice Cream and Confectionery Saloon; Store to lease. NATHANIEL ROE, 200 Varick stroet For sale?a splendid liquor store, with Lease, Stock and Fixtures, corner north Fourth and Third streets, Williamsburg; good reason given for selling. Inquire on the premises. For sale?drug store, in Brooklyn-, small, neatly fitted, well stocked; will sell at inventory or fixtures without stock; Hamilton avenue, corner Carroll street Apply on premises. For sale?a bakery, confectionery and Restaurant; tho best place in tho State; the owner wtshos to retire from business. Apply to PAYSON A PAUL, 3.') Cortlandt street For sale?a cioar store, with sample room-, good chance for two young men. 241 Grand street, Williamsburg. For sale-store fixtures, ready made, for rlrntrtrltfld fffocnrt Itiitrnra Jfr/v yonuilhlnir iinw iitnl should be seen before decidinx'upnn others. It. M. FLEMING A CO., corner Franklin and Woststa FlOIt SALE?A SMALL FANCY GOODS BUSINESS; 1 excellent location and trade; Fixtures rented with store ; rent low : present occupant has too much other business to attend to It. Apply on premises, 4(J8 Graham avenue, Williamsburg. TilOR SALE?THK STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE r ot a Fancy Ladles' and Oentleinen's Furnishing Store, on Third avenue, below Fourteenth street; a rare chance. Apply to C. J. FOlSOM, 144 First avenue. For hale?wine and billiard room, four Tables, will sell tngcthe r or separate, on easy term*. Apply at Skin Eighth avenue. No agents. "L"10R SALE-A FLOURISHING DRY GOODS BUSIJU ncss In Amsterdam, N. Y.; a clcau stock ol goods, with lease of store lor a term of years. Address box 129 Post office, Amsterdam, N. Y. For hale?hotel, on European plan, no rooms, doing fine trade .well established. For particulars apply to J. K. Hl'KATT, 28 and 30 West Broadway. For hale-uptown wholesale and retail Floor und Feed Store, Lease. Trucks, Horses. Ac. Addross OPPORTUNITY, Herald Uptown Branch office. IjlOR RALE?A FIRST CLASS I.iyiniK STORK, ' doing a good business; (old tn conscqnenco of the proprietor going to Europe. For Information inquire in tore, 181 Grand afreet. IHOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASn-RTOCK, FIXTURES, ' Good Will anil Lease of Grocery Store 2At Bridge street, Brooklyn. T. L VIC HERS, 113 Water street, New Vork._ For hale in brooki.yn-a boot and shoe Store, doing a good business; low rent; excellent location. For particulars Inquire corner ol Myrtle and Tompkins avenues. IIQl'OR STORK FOR SALE?CORNER OF FORTYJ ninth streot and Eighth uventio, with Stock and Fixtures and three years' Lease. Apply on premise* Large show window for sale cheap?inquire at 743 Broadway. PRINTING OFFICE FOR SALE?TYPE (GOOD AS new). Press, Ac.; all In good order. Price $700. Address PRINTER, llcrald oBlcc. SAFES?A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SECOND HAND Sales, of all stylos and sizes, for sale cheap. Call uuil exainiue. AMERICAN STEAM SAFE COMPANY, 300 Bruudway. Tea ami fancy grocery stoke, with stock anil fixtures, for sale cheap?Is situated in the best business part of Fulton avenue, Brooklyn ; doing a cash business of II ,000 per week; must be sold for cash within a week; satisfactory reasons for selling. Address FULTON box 130, llerala Branch office, Brooklyn. To tailors?small stock, with fixtures; good efiunee to make money; good terms; cheap rent; 111 years' stand. Inquire on Monday, 10 a. M. to U m., or William glen cross a co? m ttroadway. TWO HEATERS AND ONE If An bisltw bb run uur. at a sacrifice. Ingnlre at 611 Broadway, la the twaeI as?.* : W HEELER A WILSON'S AND OTHER POPULAR Sewing Machines, slightly used, in perfect order, from $20 to $M); rare Bargains; closing out sale, ('-all quick. 28 West Broadway. dtfl finn CASH WILL BUT A NEW STOCK OP P l.Ul/U Fancy Goods, Toilet Articles Jewelry, Fixtures, Showcases. Ac., which Inventories about $l,HnV; a New York credit and food will thrown in ; goods easily removed: unheard of chance for old or new storekeeper; I enter another buaiucss April 1. Address SQUARE, Herald office. MAC III NBK1. ~T WILSON A RiiAKE'S NEW AND SECOND HAND Machinery Depot. 282 and 284 Water street, Engines, Boilers. Pumps, shafting. Pullys, Hangers and Machinery Bought, sold and exchanged. Bargains.?now running, isx3fl and kxis horizontal Engines. K. P. HAMPSON, 38 Cortlandt street, N. Y. I ?*?? O ?t w A c ItftDilD H/lWVU L'VillVP li'.MilNB run n/sun?n u-iiu?nu . Fi warranted perlect, an good an new; will be sold cheap. Can be teen in working order at 333 Went Flltyaecond street FOB HALE-PORTABLE AND STATIONARY KNglnes, Ave to forty horse Hollers, tubular Hue Locomotive, ten to sixty horse powar Hoisting Engines, new and second hand. JOHN JFcLAKEN, Third and Orand streets, Hohnken, N. J. For sale?a steam knoink, 44-inch diameter of cylinder by .13 Inch stroke, in first rate order and as good an new in overy respect; said ernrine emne out of the steamship Granada, of 764 tons burden, IR2 feet long, ,30 Isoiin and 30 depth of hold. For further particulars apply to J. UK RIVERA A CO., 114 i'earl street, N. Y. "LVOR RALK-A GOOD STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND r hand Engines, Hollers, Shafting, Pulleys, Hangers, two Wood Planes, 24 to 38 Inches, and Suw Benches, Steam I'uinns, Ac. Address BENJAMIN FOX, 414 and 316 West Thirty-lonrth streak For sale?one planer, & feet, jixJo, upright and cross feed ; 1 Drop Press, ,W and 9) lb. drops, good as new; I cast-iron Pulley, 2 leet 6 in. by 12 in. 2R; 1 do. do., 4 feet by 6 In. 2)4; 1 do., wood rim, 4 feet din., 2)^. Call at or address FACTORY, corner of Tenth and Grove streets, Jersey City. TWO HORIZONTAL TUBULAR BOILERS, 6X16, ?t 3-Inch tubus; now In use. Inquire of D.'ALsKNUKR, 41 Oold street. ' CLOTHING. A T H. ROSENTHAL'S 233 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR J\ Nineteenth street, ladies anil gentlemen may obtain full value of i nut off Clothing, Carp 't-s. Ac., by calling or addressing. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. ClliWUin WORTH OK CAST-OFF CLOTHING, , iplU.oUo Carpets, Ac., wanted for Chicago; the ' highest price paid. Call on or address G. ELI AS, 412 I ccvcnth avenu , befwten Timt> second aud Thirty-lUlld 4 r tree I#. V*die. attended li> Mr*. ft. 11 IM?ahdkrs WARTRO. 1 LA ROB, KLBOANT FRONT HALT. ItOOlT VlTH closet, to let, with Hoard, at *17 W.;?i Fourteenth atrert; the houao and location unusually d?*lrable> reference; no moving in May. 11 BLOCKS FROM BttOADWAV, 1 114 Kant Nineteenth atreet. Large front Boom on second atorv, with Uoar.l. llaa?> aoutely tarnished. Klegant location, Iteterenca. 2D KLOOK LAROB ROOM AND TniRD FLOOR HALL Room, with Board; reference*; no moving In Mar. 27 West Thirty-eighth .stieet. <t(i TO $10 PKR WKKK. $1 #0 PBR DAT.?PLEASANT "5" ' Roe res with exe!!ent Hoard, far famillea and single gentlemen, 170 Bleeuker atreet, ai block* we*t of Broadway. PER WT.EK.?M ARKIKD COUPLES AND RIKftLR yy. rontleman can flml a good table; beat coffee and hnadmmcat ltoains In thaoity; house modern. 301 Baal Wrty-third street, corner Second arenuot IK HAST FORTY SIXTH stbbkt a. i.l?nB AMD Xlt elegantly turri?t\nrl irnst Room, with' alcove .1 raped, can now be had, with tint clan Hoard; also u. hall Room; unexceptionable references exchanged. nWAVKItr.KT PL.AOK.-A LARUR FURNISHED Parlor and conuacting Bedroom iw the Bret door, and nicely furnished Uoouu on the upper doors. with claaa Board. Or ORAMBBOY PLACE I15S KAHT TWENTIETH 0>) Htreet).? Largo ami handsomely furnished Rooms, with good Board, tor genllauiaii and wife or two geutl*men; reasonable prices. A O OROVB RTREBT, BETWEEN HUDSON AND rrHlceckor ?A front Hall Room to let, with' hoard, suitable for a Mingle gcntlemats; $7 por week, AO WEST WASHINGTON I'LACB, WEST OP SIXTH rrO avenue.?Simile and double tront Rooms on seeond and third floors, southern expoeure, to let, with UbesM Board; no movin CD WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STB BET, NEAJS Broadway.?Elegantly turnlahed Rooms, on Ant and third floors, to lot, with Bourd ; references. CO WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?A PRIVATBf tJO lainlly, occupying an elegant bouse, will Ibt* with Hoard, two sunny Rooms, soeond storv. front; mlam front hall Room on upper floor; references exchanged. 1 <1 i EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, SECOND BOOK I"T from Kourth avenue.?Furnished Rooms to let to* ladies and gentlemen: Hoard lor lady only ; or a' fear young Indies accommodated with Board. ]in EAST FIFTY KuURTH STREET.?A FEW RH1 I ' I snoctable young men can he accommodated with1 furnished or unfurnished Rooms, wltli or without Board;, buth and gas. ICO EAST TniRTY THIRD STREET, NEAR LEXJ.?JO Ington avenue.?A large three-window, finely furnUned tront Room to tot, to a gentleman and with;. Hoard lor the lady only; tnoalsserved In room; or suita> bio for two gentlemen. 1 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET. NEAR BROADl.t./U way.?Furnished Rooms to lot, with Hoard, t?' gentleman und wife, with Hoard for the lady only; or twa Voung ladles can be accommodated. 907 WEST TWENTY-SRCOND STREET.?HAND. iinmcly furnished Room'* to let, with hath, with or without Hoard, tor gcntlemeu only, in a small family. OOI WEST FORTY-TFIIRD STREET, NEAR BROAD. ?'?1 way.?A handsomely furnished Parlor; also a' Second Floor, en suite or single, to gentlemen or lor housekeeping, with or without Hoard; no moving la May. OOK WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?NICELY sJtftJ furnished Rooms, on suite or singly, with or without Board. qi /T WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?TO LET. OI ft with Board, a handsomely lurntahed Hall Room on second story front. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, SECOND FLOOR Front Room, with Board, in a private family; heat and gas. References required. 128 East Fifty-second sc. BOARDINO.-89 WEST TWENTY 8LXTFI STREET.? House new; nowly furnished; elegant double Rooms, with Bedroom attached; also single Rooms; con. enieuces of a hotel; comforts of a home; prices reason, able. _ HOARD AND LODGING WANTED. ^ A?WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, BY A PARTY OF three gentlemen and their wives, Bret class Board in the vicinity of Fifth or Madison avenues. Address R., box 779 Post ofllco. _____ A SMALL FAMILY WANT A SECOND FLOOR, UNfurnlshod, in a strictly private family, with Board { neighborhood to he quiet und respectable, and not below Fourteenth street. Address box 3,711 Post office. A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN DRsire three connecting Rooms, with Board, in a good neighborhood, where there are few other boarders: board and rooms must be good; price not to excood $225 per month; references given and required. Address L. K. OEORQk, Herald office. BOARD WANTED?FOR A OENTLEMAN AND WIFE and one single gentleman; terms must be moderate; locality between Fourth and Fourteenth streets; not tar from Broadway preterrod. Address box 117 Herald office, stating terms, Ac. BOARD WANTED?IN A PLAIN FAMILY, WHERE there are no other boarders taken, by a man, wife and three children; terms rau<t he moderate: reference* given ami required. Address /.. /-., station G, I'ost a flee. Board wanted?by an American oentlem in, on tlie west side, between Sixth and Eighth lly preferred. Address, wltli terms, Ac., HUGH, Herald office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN LATELY ARRIVED, Board In a private family, at about per week; willing to pay more after sonie lime; refereuce8 exchanged. Address 1'ERMaNKN r. Herald office. WANTED?BY AN ELDERLY GENTLEMAN, A nice Mingle Room, with or without meals, bctwoen Fourth ninl Fourteenth streets: referenced exchanged. Address Colonel ALSTON, Herald office, stating terms. nUOUKLYN BOARD. 8f-r FULTON AVENUE, BROOKLYN.?WANTED. 'ftj tir a respeetahle intddie aged lady, cue or two Inung children to Board; best of reicrcuucs. .Lidruns j-s, tlNO. A PRIVATE AMERICAN FAMILY, HAVING A modern hoase, in one of the most quiet and genteel neighborhoods m the city of Brooklyn, '?) minutes from ferry and oue hour New York City Hall, and within easy walking distance of Dr. Scudder's new church, would lot, with Board, n very convenieht second floor tront alcove Room, to a responsible gentleman and his wife or two single gentlemen of refined habits desiring a conitortahle homo. Addreae lor three days REPUBLIC, Herald effice. HOTKL.W. Angkll's Turkish and electric baths, ?l Lexington uvenuc.?Rooms lor gentlemen or families, with or without meals, ami prlvute table U' desired; house arid baths open all night. /tozzex3' WEST POINT HOTEL will open on or about th? first day of dune. Three Cottage, to let, with Board In hotel. Special terms offered to purties taking hoard lor the season. For particulars address EDWARD CoZZENri, West Point, N. Y. (tlUTTKNIIKN IIOCflB, 1,144 BROADWAY, CORNER J Twenty-sixth street.?On the American and European plan, suits and single Rooms, 91 per day and upwards. ITIRANKi'ort IIOL'SK, ONE BLOCK OF CITY HALL, P corner Frankfort und Williuin streets. Now York.? 250 Rooms. $1 M to $.1 pur Week, for gentlemen and families; open all night Hotel st. gkp.main, fifth avenue, twknttM-cond street and Broadway.?American and Burn lie an plan.?Rooms, all front newly furnished ; splendid location for permanent and transient guests; ialilu d'Hote, $1 AO per day. 1RVINO PLACE HOTEL, CORNER FOURTEENTH street and Irving place, opposite Academy ol Music.? Nicely furnished Rooms to rent, at moderate prices, with French restaurur.t attached. MAINON PARIBIKN.N8?88 EAST TWELFTH (STREET, between University place and Broadway. Elegant Buit of Rooms-, also single; private table if required; table d'hote at P. M. ^ \7EW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 BOWERY, CORNER OF 11 Bayard street?20) light Rooms, neatly furnished, 00c. or we. per night; $3 to $4 per week; tor gentlemen onlv. 0ATM AN HOUSE, 31 BOWERY, CORNER BAYARD street?Rooms, in suits or single, with or without Board ; Rooms. :*?. 75c. an. 1 $1 per iinrlit /? AND 8 Y4 ASH I NO TON PLACE?ST. JULIKN IIOO tel, having changed hnnds and being newly carpeteit aud renovated. Is open lor the reception of lamilies and single gentlemen. COt'.lTRY BOARD. /NOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR THREEADULTH; \J permanent if suited ; would reuulre separate rooms; time not to exceed 1>4 hours irom New York. Address; I staling terms aud accommodations, AVONhaLK, Herald office. /VoCNTKY BOARD WANTED?APRIL 7. FOR M IDAy die-aged lady and niece, In a private family; on NewYork and New Haven Railroad preferred; parlor, with bedroom adiolnlng. reauired; full partlculiirs must tie given. Address RARE CHANCE, box 142 Herald office. Mountain house, south orange, kontrok* station. n. J ?This favorite ilrst class hotel is open lor the spring and Summer season; It has all the conveniences and coinloris ot a city hotel; 60 minutes ft on foot of Barclay street, via Morris ami Essex Railroad. 34 trains daily. Extra inducements offered to partlen wishing immediate *8%ntLMUW91? ,.r?prlru,r. The wathon hoi he, babtlon, long island will he open for the season on the 1st of April; Kooma may he examined and secured at any time alter the openSELAll ' SMITH, Proprietor. vvr.MTi. ri nv x GENTLEMAN WIFE AND CHILD YY' tf month* old, food Countrr Hoard. with plenty of milk. from April IS, for the Humnwr, easy of m. cess ami convenient to the city. Addreaa, staling terms, which. mu*l bo tuodorato, A. M. H? Herald Uptown Branch oillcc. , ' AXTKOIi?H4Y. Attention!?consultations on bcsikmsi. Lawsuit*, Enemies, Losses, Ahacnt Friends, I .eve, Mnrrtago. Sickness and lleath. I'As refused unless si*U?> ficd Mine. ilnuhi, Clalrvovant, bl flltth ivtnua Attention.?know thy destint . consult thin wonderfully gifted clairvoyant ;}[i ves tuck, cause* marriages, number*, tolU everything. 130 West r'ortytlrst street. Vcall will convince the doubtpul <>p nrii wonderful power ot Mme. WBISK, eUrlvuyant, 131 Wa?t Twenty ninth street. \KKIVAL - GREAT EUROPEAN CLAlRVolANP tclla name*. jJiow* likenesses, causes marriages, give* numbers; f?ic. and $1. 142 West Tweaty-tlhh "treef. MISS WRLLINOTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TiiLLS everything, lucky numbera; ha? a positive cure for drunkenness; call or write. 41 East Tweiity-elkhtti at. Prop, lister is the ionly astkoloof.r in skw York. Send stamp fur eirculAt. 340 statu avanu% i BfH( Tweutv-Om streak

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