Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1873 Page 9
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| THE BAM OF ENGLAND FORGERIES [ I Herald Special Report I from Havana. I Four Persons Captured and Charged F with the Crime. ' >T J TT-y J_J cliikjjs unci JJCSCTipuuxi kjj. the Prisoners. ' | -Important Concession by the Spanish Government for Their Detention. THFCMIS TC TKE HEW YORK HERALD. The following speciul despatch ?to the TTuwAx.n has been received from our correspondent in the capital ot Cuba : ? Havana, March 21, 1873. , Byron or Warren, alias A. Bidwcll, prc' (tending to be a native of Chicago, with an American passport, issued by the State Department at Washington; his wife, an English woman, and Harry Noyes, or Nuun, travelling with the former as a ' servant, who arrived here last Saturday on board the French steamer from St. Nazaire, "were arrested yesterday at the Hotel Telegrafo through the efforts of the British Consul GennrVtA Vkft/3 Kaon nvaviAnelw incfrnotarl lr\*r VACB&f nuv uuu wvu ^/ivf avuaij tuaviuvvvu mj telegrams to be on the lookout, as these parties would probably arrive here on their way to Mexico, and were confederates of a .gang of forgers on the Bunk of England. XHEIB PRESENT LOCATION AND PERSONAL LOOKS. Warren and Noyes, or Nunn, arc confined at the military barracks and deprived of all intercourse. The wife is under surveillance at the hotel. Warren is about thirty-four years of age. j His appearance is not prepossessing. The Wife is about twenty years old, good looking, /with abundance of golden hair. Their baggage has been examined. Nothing criminating was found, except a notebook with some leaves torn out ' MARITAL CAUTION?IS IT CONJUGAL OR CRIMINAL? Bidwell, when arrested, turned to his wife, Baying, "Don't you say a word about who you are, what you arc, where you are from or anything about us." After uttering the foregoing he was stopped from further conversation. BID WELL'S PART IN THE OPERATION. , Bidwell is supposed to be the principal ? !. 41.. f l? It.. r>f vjjuawi ta vuc uuuuo uu iuu x/uun ui juugland, and answers to the description telegraphed by the London police. Travelling With an American passport, he went through France into Spain and reached Santander, where he embarked on the French steamer for (Havana. j.eoal concession bt the spanish goyxbnment. There is no extradition treaty between Spain and Fngland, but the Captain General has received instructions from Madrid author. zing him to act as if a treaty existed. The authorities will send the whole party back to London if the proper proofs are furnished. A detective is expected here from England Boon to identify and take charge of the prisoners. * testimony fob tjse at the tut at. ft It is stated that the confessions of the confederate now under arrest in London, fully implicate Bidwell in the forgeries. : British Government Clntm tor HtDen* neira J?xtradition from Hew York. London, March 21,1878. The eteamahtp Celtic, which sailed from Liverpool for Now York on the 13th Inst., carried out Inspector Webb, of tbe London police force. He has with him the extradition papers to secure the * i return to England of George McDonnell, who was arrested at New Yerk yesterday on the charge of <t>eingone or the Baak or England forgers. FRANCE. now of Bullion to the Bank?War Snppliea for Spain Prohibited. TELEGRAM TO THE SEW YORK HERALD. Paris, March 21,1873. ' The specie In the Bank of France has Increased 000,000 franca during the past week. victralitt ordkr towards tiu bpanisii bklLIGIRRNT8. Tlie government has Issued an order prohibiting the exportation of war materials flrom France to Spain. CHINA AND JAPAN. Dread of Mohammedan Invasion of North China?An Invisible Divinity in Allegiance to the Crown?Universal Toleration in Japan. I TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. San Francisco, March 21, 1873. . The steamship Alaska, from Hong Kong via Yokaliama, arrived here to-day. She brings advices from the lormer to Februarv 12: from the latter, to Tebruary 34. Orcat apprehension Is felt of a Mohammedan inwaslon or Northern China. A special edict tolerating Christianity throughout fupan has been promulgated, and It Is determined to throw open the whole coantrj to ^foreigners. The government is endeavoring to form a code based npon the European system. The Grand Lama of Thibet professes allegiance ho the young Emperor of China. The Grand Dure Alexis sailed from Hong Kong January 28. COMprrmvs indi-stkt. A Universal Exhibition Is to be held In Japan, gtrobalily at Joddo, within the next four years. WRECX. The clipper ship Serlca, engaged In the tea trade, tins been wrecked near Puraceles. Out of a crew of twenty-nine, Including the captain, only one nan was saved. All hands at first escaped on a raft which four days afterwards went to piece*. The llrltlsh brig ilcssle boa right foundered at sea Bear Nagasaki. No live* were lost. > DEATH OF A TURKISH 00H8UL. * 11 altimore, March 21, 1873. The death of William Grange, the Tnrklsh Consnl t. this port, Is announced In the city papers this morning. NEW T O THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT The GeneTa Arbitration and Iti Principle of , Maritime law Under Debate. Ths Throo Kales Eliminated from the Treaty of Washington?What la Feared from Their Operation?Cabinet Defenoe of the Tribnnal Conclusion?Disraeli's Idea. TEUEPAM TO THf_?W YORK HER ill. Londow, March 21,1873. In the Howie of Commons this evening the Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy moved an address to the Crown, praying taat the government be Instructed to dissent from the three international rules adopted by the Court of Arbitration at Geneva. Mr. Hardy, in the course of an able speech In support or his mutton, declared that in malting it he had no party abject in view, nor did he intend to cast the slightest imputation on the rairness of the arbitrators. The disclaimer waa received with cheers. Right Hon. Mr. Forster opposed the motion, because it practically called for a vote of eensure on me aruittators wno auoptcu ine ruies. ineie rules affected the United States as much as they did England. No other nation was Interested. If England objects to them now It will appear as If we were smarting under the sense of having to pay the compensation awarded, and united action of America and England hereafter, in case of war with or between other Powers, weald be Impossible. Mr. Vernon Harcourt spoke strongly In favor of the motion. lie declared that the rules never held water. The best thing possible to do was to request the United States government to withdraw them and substitute others which, In the event of war, would not make neutrality Intolerable. Mr. William Kathbone, member for Liverpool, was opposed to disturbing the decision ol the Geneva Board. He argued that the rules only required England to enforce her own laws. Ii they were repealed England's commerce would be ruined forever in the very next war. He hoped the House would not reverse the government's Just and statesmanlike policy. Mr. Gregory, a conservative, shaTply criticised the action of the Geneva Board in Imposing dangerous liabilities on neutrals. Mr. Samuel Laiug spoke against the motion. Sir Scafford Nortncote was disposed to favor it. ne asked whether the government really accepted the ideas Involved In theBe rules; If It did they ought to be made law. The Attorney General, Sir J. Duke Coleridge, asked whether it was wise and dignified to pass such an opinion as the right honorable gentleman's address indirectly conveyed upon the conduct of the arbitrators whom the country through Parllo ment had thanked fur their services. He continued "We must submit to the award made at Geneva. We had better hold our tongues and pay the money." He coniessed that It would be Impossible to submit the rules to other Powers lor adoption without a distinct statement of the extent to which England consents to be bound thereby. Mr. Disraeli wag glad that the government Intended to come to some understanding with that of the United States In regard to these rules. He hoped they would do so speedily, and then the two governments could jointly lay the rules before the other Powers for their consideration. Mr. Gladstone concurred In the view of the subject taken by Mr. Disraeli. He believed the rules would lose their force if England alone submitted them to the Powers. The government's opinion was unchanged, and he assured the Honse that the matter had not and would not be neglected. The motion was then withdrawn and the debate ended. The Three Articles Incriminated by the , English Opposition. The Geneva Court or Arbitration, after reciting a formidable and technical preface, sets forth the principle by which it was governed In concluding the Alabama claims award, in the following words Whereas, having regard to the fourth and seventh ariicics of the said treaty, the arbitrators are bound, under the terms of the Bold sixth article, "in deciding the matters submitted to them to be governed by tne three rules therein specified and by such principles of international law not inconsistent therewith as tne arbitrators shall determine to have been applicable to the case." . WHAT THS TRBATT OP WA8HINQTQN SATS. ? The sixth article of the Treaty of Washington reads as follows:? Asv. A?In deciding the matters submitted to the arbitrators they shall be governed by the following three rules, which are agreed upon by the high contracting parlies as rules to be taken as applicable to the case, and by anch principles of International law not inconsistent therewith as the arbitrators shall determine to have been applicable to the caseRules?A neutral government is bound, first, to use due diligence to prevent the fitting out, arming or equipping, within Its larisdletion, of any vessel which it has reasonable ground to believe is intended to cruise or to carry on war against a Power with which it ia at peace; and also to use Tike diligence to prevent the departure from its lurisdiction of any vessel Intended to cruise or to carry on war as above, such vessel having been specially adapted, in whole or lu part, within such jurisdiction, to warlike use. Secondly, not to permit or suffer either belligerent to make use ol Its ports or waters as the base of naval operations against the other, or for the purpose of the renewal or augmentation of military supplies or arms or the recruitment of men. Thirdly, to exercise due diligence in its own ports and waters, and, aa to all persons within its jurisdiction, to prevent any violation of the foregoing obligations and duties. Her Britanttic Majesty nas commanded her High Commissioners and Plenipotentiaries to declare that Her Majesty's government cannot assent to the fereSolng rules as a statement ot principles or international iw which were in force at the time when the claims mentioned in nrucie i argw, out uih oer i froTcrnmrnt, in order to evince it* desire of (strengthenQg the friendly relations between the two countries end of making satisfactory provision for the future, agree* that, In deciding the question* between the two countries arising out of those claims, the arbitrator* should assume that Her Malesty's government had undertaken to act upon the principles set forth in these rules. And the high contracting parties agree to observe these rules as between themselves in future. and to bring them to the knowledge of oiher maritime Powers and to invite them to accede to them. The seventh article of the Treaty of Washington reads Abt. 7.?The decision of the tribunal shall, if possible, he made within three months from the close of the argument on both sides. It shall be made In writing and dated, and shall be signed bv tne arbitrators who may assenttoit The said tribunal shall first determine as to eaob vessel separately whether Great Britain has, by any act or omission, failed to fulfil any of the duties set forth in the foregoing three rules or recognized by the principles of international law not inconsistent with such rules, and shall certify such fact as te each or the said vessela In rase the tribunal find that Great Britain baa tailed to fulfil any duty or duties as aforesaid ft may, if It think proper, proceed to award a sum in gross to he paid by Great Britain to the United .states for all the claims referred to it, and In such case the gross suin so awarded shall be paid in coin by the government ol Great Britain to the government ot the United States at Washington within twelve months after the date of the award. The award shall be in duplicate, one copy whereof shall be delivered to the agent ol Great Britain for his government, und tne other copy shall be delivered to the agent of the United States lor his govcrnmeaL If A VAX 0RDEB8. Washington, March 21, 1873. Captain Homer E. Blake baa been ordered to duty at New Tork In connection with recruiting. fiAmmon/laa Tnltn fpvrin haa hnon flotflPhBfl frnm the naval station at League Island anV ordered to the command of the Habine. relieving Commander Breesc, who is ordered to the command of the Potomac. The orders to Commander Law to command the Potomac arc revoked, and he is ordered to the Naval Asylum at Philadelphia, Commander Weaver being placed on waiting orders. The Secretary ot the Navy has addressed a letter to Chief Engineer King, of the United States Navy, thanking him fer his very able, efficient and faithful administration of the liureau of Steam Engineering during tne fonr years Just past, and assuring him of his personal esteem and friendship, w. W. Wood, having bean relieved of sea duty, has been confirmed as Mr. King's successor. M'ENERY ADVISES RESISTANCE 10 TEE TAX OeLLBOTJB&i Nnw Obliihs, March 21, 1873. A brief letter signed "John McEncry, Governor of Louisiana," advises the organization of tax resistance associations throughout the State. > DREADFUL ACCIDENT U FOURTEENTH STREET. As Mr. Reed, of the Roifman House, accompanied by his bookkeeper, was driving to the foot of Horatio street yesterday afternoon his horse took fright at the sight of a large two-wheeled track, and. suddenly veering rouud, threw out the occupants of the vehicle. The horse ran through Pourteonth street, and, when near the French Theatre, struck Miss Mary Ann Maxwell and knocked her down. The unfortunate ladv survived her lnluriea only half an hour. RK HERALD, SATURDAY, PREPARING TO FIGHT. The Modocs Surrounded by Troops and Howitzers. General Canbv Carefully Posting the Soldiers. Dyar Added as a Firebrand to the Peace Commission. Taw Brewer's Ranch, March 20, 1 Via yreka, Cal., March 21, 1873. J There has been considerable activity in camp daring tbe past lew days, and although the future movement of the troops is kept very quiet at headquarters 1 have just learned that the Lost River camp will be broken up on Saturday and tno troops there moved Into camp on the south-eastern shore of Tule Lake, about three and a half miles from Captain Jack's cave. huwitzkk8 bung planted near jack's cave. Lieutenant Chapln, or the Fourth artillery, leaves to-morrow for Lost River to take charge ot the howitzers oi that camp. Four twenty-four ponDd Cochon mortars arrived here yesterday and have been given In charge ?f Major Evan Thomas, of the Fourth artillery, who will be assisted by Lieutenant Cranston, of Battery M, of the same regiment. The troops from Derrls' and this camp will probably move about Monday or Tuesday and take up a position at the southwest of Tule Lake, close to the bluffs, about two and a half miles distant irom Jack's cave. RECONNOITRING IN THE LAVA BEDS. 1 am going to-morrow ou General Glllem's staff on a reconnoissance with two troops of the First cavalry. We shall probably go to the lava beds and return the same evening. A HODOC ENEMY ON THE NEW COMMISSION. The Indian Bureau have Just put a clincher on their peace policy by the appointment of Mr. Dyar, Indian Agent for Oregon, on the Peace Commission in the place of Odeneal, who has been excused. Dyar is the man who scared fifteen of these Modocs out of a year's growth, and sent them back to fight when they were on their way to a reservation. APAOHES MURDER AMD HORRIBLY MUTILATE TWO BETTLER3. * San Francisco, March 20,1873. On the 11th of March the Apaches murdered Augustus Swain and James McDonald, near Wickenberg, Arizona. Their bodies were horribly muti laieu. Mr. swam was one 01 me in hi seiners, ana, for a long time, was a government guide. THE STATE CAPITAL. Governor Dix and the State Comptroller lalke the Charter Amendment!?The Committee Tired ot the mil?Comptroller Green Again to Figure Up?The Senate Committee on Brie. Albany, March 21,1873. The charter has not yet ceased to be the sensation of the day. Governor l)lx to-day inquired Jast what was the status oftho present twentyseventh section (recently the twenty-fifth), and, on being enlightened as to Its provisions, said that it was a great improvement on the old section. He said nothing as to the merits or demerits of the amended charter as a whole. The State Comptroller also expressed approbation at the chaages In the wection. On the other hand, Senator Perry has received despatches from citizens in New-York declaring that everybody is madder than before, and net a member of the committee seems entirely pleased with the amendment. The committeemen are, however, utterly worn out and glad enough to have ended their labors even in thiB nnsatisfactory warAs an evidence of the Inane condition of mind to which snch continuous charter doses have reduced them, Woodin, who halls from the Twenty-flrth district, is said to refer to himself habitually now as "the Senator (Tom the Twenty-fifth section." NKWHPAPEK SUITS AGAINST TKB CITY. Mr. Cook Introduced a bill for the "promotion of the ends* of Justice In certain legal proceedings against the city and county of New York." It provides that In any suits brought by any newspaper designated by the Common Council todo advertising In 1869 or 1870, no legislation prior to the act amending the cnarter or said city, passed in 1871, shall be beld as invalidating #r Impairing the right or power of the Common Cenncll of said city to designate and employ corporation papers daring the years 1809, 1870 and 1871; also that no defence in each salts shall be made on the ground of the failure, or want of appropriation, want of employment or nndne or detective authorization, and all such salts shall be subject to the code of procedure the same as in case of private parties. Adjourned until Monday evening. REPORTED FAVORABLY. In the Senate the Assembly Civil Rights bill, which secures to our colored brethren the first choice at all hotels and theatres, was reported favorably by Senator James Wood's Judiciary Committee. The bill In relation to the sslaries of clerics of the Marino Court was amended so as to couflrm the clerks already appointed and giving to the Court the power to appoint all other neebssary officers, subject only to the confirmation of the Board of Supervisors, who shall fix their salaries. It was thus reported. ntoaHKssxD. The National Academy of Design bill was discussed and progressed in Committee ol the Whole. THE 8EVENTU AVENUE WOODEN PAVEMENT. Senator Woodin introduced a resolution calling on Comptroller ureen to present within five days a copy of the contract for paving Seventh avenue, from Fourteenth street to Flity-nlnth street, or any part thereof, with wooden pavement, the testimony regarding it taken before the Commissioners, whether Judgment was recovered against the ctty in relation to it, the amount of such recovery, whether such judgment has been paid, ami when, tiv whom the Comntroller was renrosented before Buch Commissioners and, ir said action wan tried, when and before what Judge, and who acted aa plaintiff in Bach action. The Senator has received Information of some irregularity In the matter of thia contract, and propose!) to find ont about It. The numerous Inquiries directed at the Comptroller hitherto have been replied to somewhat evasively, and this one may receive the same treatment, but If It does he will And that the Senate will take him In hand In a way that he won't relish. exten ding desbr0sse8 street. A bill to alter the map 01 New York city, by extending Desbrosses street In a prolongation of Its ? resent line eastward, was Introduced by Senator enedlet. the senate bute investigating com kitten, of which Woodln is chairman, will not at present hold any meetings, the city charter demanding all the attention of lia chairman. It Is probable, as the present Assembly committee seems te be going ever the same ground, that the commute will, Indeed, drop the subject and hold no meeting at all. SUICIDE OF A UNITED STATES ASSESSOR, Evansvili.e, lnd., March 21, 1873. Jndge Joseph 0. Bowman, formerly a United States Assessor for the First Indiana district, committed suicide at Vlncennes by stabbing himself with a carving knife, illness had unsettled his mind. CASHIER SAVAGE INDICTED. Boston, March 21, 18Mi The CTrand Jnry Have indicted John Savage, Jr., late caahidr of the Lockmere National Bank, for embezzling $ia,ooo of tm funds. A HEW 0&LEAH1 8TEAMEB MISSING. N>w Orleans, March 21, 1873. The British steamship Mexican, lrem Jamaica en the 28th olt., via Vera Cruz for New Orleans, has not b?en heard from alnoe aha left Jamaica. The agenta think she was detained probably nine day* off Vera C'raa dj aorthera and may reach here by the 26 th lust. ' HAY ASA EIOHAM QE. Sugar weak; bnyer* demand a reducUoD*rC?x^hi!n?u? On the United States, 80 days, currency. U a, uk per 'ent premium; da, short sight, currency, U\ a lflle per ceut Sremlum; do.,80ders, gold, SOX a SI per cent premium: o., short sight, gold, 32)4 a 33 per eetrt premium; on London^ ts a M per ceut premium; on reals, 28 a?>^p?r MARCH 22, 1873.?TRIPL WASHINGTON. Senator Casserly and the Bank of California. CALDWELL'S 0A8E IN THE SENATE. Florida Whistling for 90,000 Aores of Land. TAKING ISSUE WITH THE TREASURY. Collector Cuey's Appointment Under Consideration?Uominationa and Confirmation! of Official* Washington, March 21, 1873. Tht Charge* Against Senator Kngene Caeserly, of California. He Is an official or more than Roman fortitude, not to say virtue, that can afTord, in the light of recent events, to affect disregard of publlo sentiment and defy charges of political and official dishonesty coming np from the people and finding voice In these despatches. This majestic rOle Is now assumed by Senator Casserly. It has been announced that the Benlor Senator from California "will take no notice of the charges made against him to the effect that his election to the Senate was secured by the Bank of California, having made It a rule or his life," he says, "not to notice such attacks." The translation of this, It Is alleged, Is that Mr. Casserly is Inspired by the confidence of lntrenchment behind a financial fortress, impregnable to attack even from the auguBt Senate of the United States, to wit, the Bank of California. There can be no doubt that Mr. Casserly, as well as his colleague, Mr. Sargent, on the principle that there no politics In business, find their mutual reason or being In the exigent interests of this monetary Colossus of the Pacific coast. There has been from the beginning, among the masses of that State, a moral conviction that Mr. Casserly was the ambassador of the Hank or California near the national scat of government, and that Sargent, otherwise known as "Effigy" of that Ilk, was also created Senator by the same potential voice, to supplement Oasserly's power and hold up his hands in the cause of his omnipotent creators and masters. Mr. Casscrly's disregard of the forthcoming memorial certainly does not proceed rrom an Indifference to the declarations of the press, or the allegations of a large portion of his constituency, but is, It Is Bald, decplr based In his confidence In the potency or the aggregated capital and overmastering influence of the nabobs of the Bank of California, men like D. O. Mills, W. P. Ralston, Eugene Kcllcy, Barron A Co., and B. F. Hastings and others, who have compassed the money power of the whole coast In their gnpe and whose influenoe, ever exerted and never loosened, ramifies to the smallest business relations and the remotest localities of the Golden State. To those knowing to the facts the troth of the syllogism Is apparent that whoever might, could or wonld be elected United States Senator from California, could not be chosen In opposition to the will of the Bank of California, and, therefore, Mr. Casserty, who was elected four years ago to succeed John Conncss, owes his success to its intervention, and Its preference of him Is equally due to his unremitting allegiance and subserviency In and out of season. A power that can secure the nomination of so essential a member of the Executive Cabinet as an Attorney General will find little difficulty In returning the man It pleases to the Senate from It sown bailiwick. These charges, which were first made In pamphlet lorm Immediately after or, vnHsenjn eieciiuu sou HuuBuuiuaieu on bis own authority by Volney E. Howard, an opponent of Mr. Casserly, are not the vagne suspicions of a few or the vindicative giving* out of Mr. Casserly's personal opponents. They are the moral conviction of the whole people of California. Mr. Casserly, as a newspaper man, has certainly not that imperial Indifference to the voice of the press which he Is said to profess. His sense of secnrlty lies in another direction. He believes, and has some reason for his faltn, that the power that created him a Senator is equally potential In the suppression of an Investigation In the Senate, by the same token that it killed off an. Incipient Inquiry In the State Legislature that elected him as soon as broached by auriferous dynamics. There has been no mitigation of that popular decree In California that declared Mr. Casserly the creation of the great banking corporation four years ago, but at that tune Investigations were not the fashion and that Mohammedan fatalism, "What shall be, will be," was the rule. So Mr. Casserly has retained his seat for fonr years without interference from the people. But, encouraged by the possible and probable event of the Caldwell investigation, the memorial, with the body of charges and allegations, was prepared, and on that the Senate will be eonstrained to take Borne action, should Mr. Casserly demand an investigation In the premises, or shonld he, with magnificent contempt above the comprehension of our poor human nature, be oblivious to the existence of the many-voiced populace* and serenely confident in the omnipotence of the Bank of California, serve ont the fag end or his term with the charges resting npon him and tarnishing his Senatorial fame. The Debate on the Caldwell Case Continued?Zach Chandler Growling at Morton. The Caldwell debate occupied the greater part of the day In the Senate without any Indication as to Its limit. Senator Chandler prognosticated that the early part of next week would see the final disposal of the case. Senator Perry, from Connecticut, offered an amendment to expel Cald well, which will come up In case the Morton resolution should fail. Senator Frellnghuysen made a comparatively short and very sensible speech, opposing Morton's resolution, but stigmatising Caldwell's conduct very severely. After bim Senator Morrill, from Maine, made one of the finest speeches of the session. With a dignity approaching to grandeur he drew a terrible but true picture of the political demoralization In Kansas. He brushed away the vain sophistry of ConkUng's argument In favor of Caldwell like so much cobweb, and denounced with unsparing severity the heinous offance of the Kansas corruptlonlst. In conclusion he announced his intention to vote for Morton's resolution to unseat Caldwell. Stewart followed and rehashed the weak platitudes ottered by the previous speakers in favor el Caldwell. Then was, however, very little attention paid to him, and when he concluded the Senate went Into exeentlve session on the nominations, chandler la not contented when he hears Morton denouncing Caldwell for having used money to secnre bis election to the Senate* and he ha* reason to be indignant Who knows so well as the chairman of the Congressional Republican Committee how mnch hard cash this same Senator Morton made an earnest appeal for to be sent Into Indiana to aid in securing his own re-eleotioriT Yet Morton prates about the parity of Senatorial elections, aad Chandler sits grlml r and listens. What If he, some One day. can no longer bold his peace, bat hauls Morton over the coals? Florida's Ninety Thousand Acre# ot Agrlenltnral College Fond. Pacta recently developed show some very questionable transactions relative to the disposal of the Florida Agricultural College scrip, amounting to ninety thousand acres, It seems that the scrip was delivered by the Interior Department In January last to (Reason F. Lewis, o( Ohio, on an order of ex-Llentensnt Governor Hloxham, of Florida, claiming to lie lawfully empowered by the college for that purpose. Lewis has the scrip, but the State has received no money. The record In the Interior Department shows a very singular contract between Hloxham aud Lewis. The scrip has i aot been (ormallv assigned to Lqwla by the college E SHEET. trustees, yet Lewi* holds the scrip oy aenvcry. r? ' 1* alleged that the State Is liable to lose all benefit from the scrip by this transaction, and that neither Bloxham had legal anthortty to dispose of It nor had the Department the right to deliver it to any person except the party specified in the act of Congress. The matter has been referred to the Attorney General for Investigation. Pennsylvania's Warwick Wisely Silent. Cameron Intended yesterday to hare pitched Into namilton, of Maryland, far some recent criticisms ] on the recent election of Senator In Pennsylranla, I but be slept over it and wisely decided to-day te hold his peace. Tnlclng Tssne with the Treasury Department. Mr. Wallace P. Groom, of New York, to-day demanded payment, at the United States Treasury, of a one hundred dollar legal tender note in specie, or an interest bearing boud, or anything receivable lor customs duties, and, payment being refused In either of these methods, he purposes having the KicL'iii'uun lurmauy prutestca lo-iuorruw, nil mmu objects being to publicly attack tko existing practice of purchasing Ore-twenty bonds which are not yet due with over due greenbacks, and to Illustrate the alleged need of prorlding government bonds that shall be Interchangeable with greenbacks at the option of holders. The Nomination of Collector Casey Under Consideration. CotUetor Casey's name was brought up to-day In executive session and went over under an objection. With the exception of West and a few discontented republicans the only opposition will come from those republicans who want offices for rlends, and who hope that by affecting opposition ! they can indnce the President to bay them off by granting their requests. Appointments by the Secretary of the Interior. The Secretary of the Interior to-day appointed Congressman J. P. C. Shanks, of Indiana, Charles Marsh, of Nevada City, Cal., and Agent J. L. Burchard, of the Round Valley Indian Reservation, Cal., to be commissioners, under a recent act of Congress, to appraise settlers' Improvements on the Round Valley Reservation, and report where its northern boundary shoald be located. Messrs. Shanks and Marsh are allowed $8 per day and actual expenses. Instructions, merely embodying the provisions of the law, will be prepared immediately by the Commissioner ot Indian Affairs. j Nominations by tbe President. The President sent the following nominations to tho Senate to-day James E. Miistead. to be Collector of Cnstoms at Yorktown, Va., and David Bushy, to be Collector of Customs for the District ol Oregon. Public Lands Offices?Joseph Fox, to be Receiver at Qrand Island, Neb.; James K. LuflTerty, to be Receiver at Dardonelle, Ark.; George W. Uurchard, to be Receiver at Independence, Kansas; W. W. Martin, to be Register at Independence, Kansas; 8. 8. Tlbbetts, to be Register at Tallahassee, Fla.; James A. Shrlgley, to bo Register at Dardoacllo, Ark. Nominations Confirmed. The Senate in executive session to-day confirmed tbe following nominations: ? Receivers of Public Moneys? Lewis Lewlston, at Duluth. Minn.; Joseph Fox, at Uraud Island, Nob.; 8. c. Wright, at Caison City, Nev. Nomination made to correct error in name, James U. Bradln, at Litchfield, Mian. Registers at Land offers?Simon L. Tlbbetts, Tallahassee, Fla.; William U. Fellows, UulutU, Minn.; John P. Owens, Taylor's Falls, Minn. Miscellaneous?Benjamin F. Greene, William n. Hendrtckson ana Edward S. Golden, to be Professors of Mathematics in the Navy: Lucius Garfield, Collector of Customs at Puget Sound; Joseph D. Pillow, Surveyor ol Customs at Portsmouth, N. H. Postmasters -A. L. Christie, Nvack, N. Y.; D. C. Frisbte, Morrlsania, N. Y.; Elizabeth Z. Vanlcw, Richmond, Va. Nomination Rejected. The Senate to-aay rejected the nomination of John M. Dunn to b<r United States Marshal for Delaware. Mothers, fin we Tour Children flrom Being bitten and disfigured by bedbugs and fleas, bv an early and plentiful use of KNOWLKS' INSECT DEsTKOYKtC The large flasks are cheapest. A.?The Beat in the Market.?If Ton want an elegant dress or business MAT go direct to the manufacturer, K8PKN8CHKID, 118 Nassau street. A.?Herring's Patent CHAMPION SAPKH. . 251 and 252 Broadway, corner of Murray street. Ah?Herald Brnneh Oilier, Hreeltlya, corner of Pulton avenue and BoerumstrosC Open irom8 A. M. toll P. -M. On 8undav from J to IF. M. A M. UV "0HUJEV* VI 1T*? borrowing tho language of Camilla, la the KNOX Spring style of Gentlemen7* llata; it Is complete in a cnapter, a sentence and a word?"PF.R PEOTION." Buy It at 212 Broadway, If you arc down town; at the Prescott llouae. If more convenient, of at his splendid store uuder the Filth Avenue Hotel. A Honl-Stlrrlng Herman by Dr. 9. M. LAND1H. the celebrated agitator and Christian reformer or Philadelphia, will he delivered next Sunday, 8 F. V., at the Athennum, 888 Broadway. A.?For a First Class Hat at Popular price* go to DOUGAN, 102 Nasaaa, corner of Ann street. According to Htatamcnta from PhyiU clans, GRAKFKNRKRM MARSHALL'L CATHOI.lCnN Is a very valuable medicine for complaints to which women are subject. 11 SO per bottle. 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Snow's Peetoral Pearla.? A Noted Confection fo# Cough*. Sore Throats and Hoarseness. Hold by OruRirist*. U&. cents per bo*. U. U. SNOW, holt* Manufacturer, New Haven, Conn. Spring la Coming.?Lad tea* and Gentlemen's BOOTS and SHOES! all styles and prices. MILLER A CO., No. 3 Union square. The Celebrated "Tlveli" Larer Beer, bottled In Herlln Insert* and plnU), the lineal tn the world, mid to fatnllUa at loer rate*, or to the trade Jat agents' rate*. H. B. KIRK A CO.. 69 F el ton street, K t. Established iWL Teiai Jack, the Living Hroat, Wow Per* lor mi ni( with Buffalo Rill and Ned Bantliae In the drama oi'Tho Srout* of the Prairie," I* the hero of no exciting story Jast commenced la the NEW YORK WEEKLY. The Mlefortnne of a Rnplarr Can Be easily remedied by wearing the NHw ELASTIC TRIS8 without Metal Borings. It retains the Kuptere under alt circumstance*: Is worn niglu ami day with perfect eoetfort and soea effect* a peraianent core. Hold at a moderate price; it Is aeDt by mall to all pert* of the country bv the ELASTIC TKTRH Ot)., 6X1 Broadway, Raw York city.?Harper's Weekly, March. 1875. Vatlnsthle and Reliable?Re-own'* RRONCHIAf' TROCHES are Invaluable to thoee exposed to *udilen changes, affording prompt relief lu toughs, Cold*, Ac. Zoelnlon la Pare Cod Liver Oil, Combined with Oxygen. Half the usual dose is sufficient. Price Uc. _ NEW PPBLICATIOII^ The worth or $1 for w. Four bark numbers of PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL (January to April) sent, prepaid, first no*., for 25c.. by *. 1 WEl*JU< IwidtimlhAZa, T * . WlflW PrtllLICATIM!!. CUIBAFKJT BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD. / Libraries and Bool* iw>light 35,1X10 magniflcent lathi M intr price. 50,000 nilasellaneoue BoekB at your price. 30,000 Tliootouii al So*k* at a.ty price. Catalogue* 33, 34 and 38 free. Rend sum jr. bltmlibUS, 3 Bcekman "L, corn vf lark rt*T? DAJ'l'UKTON * CO., M9 and 531 Broadway, LAKEVIIXB; OK*T*IiBSVANIJE*"AND RHADOW. *f Mary Healy. author of "A Summer'* Bo?nuc?y *?. m?LT?;v8v^.; paper covera. $1 ; cloth, 91 SO. . _ . MAM.Al. up CHKMICAL ANALYSIS, at Applied 4N_th* Kxauiinailop of Medicinal Chemical* By Fre JoncM ? 1 voL, ?*o; cloth, $3 50. . THKI li.tlitiK. ur janwi Fenimore Cooper. RvW '-mo; cloth, price $1 50. ^ * XHK PorilLAH scilnue monthly. April anmbeYf Kitty centa; $5 per LKt'lOBBs ON LliiUi. Delivered In the Unlteih Stale* in 1373-1. By John fvmluil, LL. D. 1 volt 12uio; paper Covers, 7i ceuta : cloth, $l. HANDBOOK OK SOCIAL ECONOMY; or, The Worker* A, II. C. By Kdinuud About. Translated I ruin the laat French edition. 1 vol., Main; cloth; price $2. THE PRINCIKLlN OK PSYCHOLOGY. By Herbert Spencer. Vol. II. Completion the work; price S3 'A MAD hi, INK. By Julia Kavnuayh. 1 vol., I'Jino; cloth; price $1 15. Forming the uinili volume ot a new cdluou oi Julia Kavaiiagh'a Novel*. DYNEVOK TKKKAOE. By Charlotte M. Yoltae. Formica the tenth volume ot the new Illustrated edition ofl Mi** Yoiuje's novel*. 1 vol., 12mo., cloth. Pricn SI 75. THE PIONKRKH. By Juines Kenlinore Cooper. New library edition. Ltiuw, cloth. $150. ThL* toruuth* ho von ib. NOT WISELY, BUT TOO WELL. By Bhoda Broughton. author oil "Cometb Up aa a Flower." Utmo. euiUnn. l'rice $1 50. . AN OPEN QUESTION. A Novel. Br James d? MIB0. author oi the "Lady of the loe." with JU illostratiena by Alfred Kroderioks. 1 yol., Hvo. I'm per covers, H; cloth, $1 60. . TIIK i,AST ()K THK MOHICANS. Now Library BdlUoatf Mmu., cloth. Price $1 61). RACHEL OKA V. By Julia kavanagh,author nf'" fill lie,1' Ac. 1 rot., Umo. otoih, $1 Zb. LADY 8WKETAPPLB; UK. I'll KEK TO ONK. By Oeorg* Wcbbe DusciiL 1 vol., 8vo., with illustration*. Paper cover*, 75 cents. UA.NU BOOK OK AMERICAN TRAVEL. SoilihaCT* Tour. Willi Maps. 1 vol.. liimo, cloth. Price $2. TUB PATHK1N1)K1<. By Jaines I'cniinoro Cooper. ThA lourth issue ol the uniform lltmo oUiliua of Coooul'A novel*. I vol., l.'ino. Cloth, <1 SO. RECENT DlSCU.-sllLN.-i I.N SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY AND MoitALS. By Herbert Spencer. New edition 1 vol., 12mo. Clotli, $1 SO. TUB Sl'Y. A Tale ol the Neutral Ground. By J. Kent* more Cooper. With eight new llluitratioai by K. Oti C. Darley. Paper, 75 cents; cloth, $1 2X TILE OCEAN WOULD. Being a Description of the Sua and Some ol It* Inhabitant*. By Louis Siguier. A vol.. 8vo. Cloth, AIM). TUE EXPRESSION OK THE EMOTIONS IN MAN ANDr TUB LOWBK ANIMALS. By Charie* Darwin, M. A,, P. K. S. With Photographio and other UliutraUanA1 vol., Kimo. Cloth, A< SO. Either ol the above, when not to be had iirbook store* sent post-paid hy mail, to any part of the United Stale*, ou receipt of the price. HARPER'S ? NEW MONTlftiT UAQAZINB KOR APRIL, 1873. 00NTBMTB. THE CRADLE OK TIIE NBW WORLD. Illustrations?Baiandra Head, at the Entranee od' Hamuiia Buy?Discovery of Sauto Domingo, from a Sketch by Columbus?Mup ol Hamana Bay?Town and' Bay of Puerto Plata?Caves oi Sain ana: The Amphitheatre?f igurc* Cut in the Rock?A Buccaneer ?ABoucun?doing Ashore?Loading Cargo?The Old Kork F at Puerto Plata?Washing Clothes?Old Part ol Kaut* Domingo Cily?A Dominican School?Business Street in Santo Domingo City ? Apartments?'The only Steam Engine an Sauto Domingo?1'bo Vega Ileal, irons the Saute C'erru?Market Square of rmnttago?Haytioa Waiter?The Guide?Palace oi fJans-Souci at Capo Uaytlcn. DOUBT. PIGEON YOTAGERfl. Illustrations?Lowering the Pigeon?Methods of Atu aching the Messago?Bolglun Pigeons at the Palace m Industry; The Bscnpc?.Mode ol rastcniNg Message* t? Carrier Pigcons-The Four Principal Varieties: Antwerp Carrier.* Liege, Cross ol English and Liege, Bts Anglais?Exierlor of Pigeon Lolt?Interior of a Carrier I'igcon Lott?Interior ol the Trap-Improved Model of Pigeon Lolt Inierior?stamping the Wing?Race of th? Carriers?Pigeon Basket?Newly Hutched l'igean, natural Size. "TILL DEATH." THE MOIIN rAINS-Vn. ninstrated by Porte Crnyon. Illustrations? Dick?Subterranean?'The Plight--"HA Killed uiy Wolf"?Au Improvement?'The Old Tiriem-* Hub?Domestic Bliss?Delusive Industry?A Quandary. GOG, MAGOG A CO. , . Illustrations?tlayant and His Family, the Gianta of Doual?Gog-Magog?Corlneus?The Tailors' Giant? Anus of Antwerp ?Antigoaus?Goliath and His With, the uianu of Ath?Lyderic and Uiaat Phinart?Tl?* Snap-Dragon?The Snap-Dragon's Head?Bt Christopher. AGRICULTURAL LABORERS IN ENGLAND. Portrait of Joseph Arch. TOLD IN TIIE DRAWING ROOM. nr< iai r cnwintiD ?* in ami til ft UTinVff 8EA*AND SHORE."" " "* Illustrations ?Section of the Atlantic In the Tropftja.? Comparative Salines* ef Sea*.?iceberg* of the An taretic ocean.? Rolling* of a ship upon the Wave*.?Ay* crago Height* ot Waves obftcrved at Dybster, Scotland. In 18.12.?Route of steam Packets.?Profile of a Tidal Ware In the Bay of the Seine.?"Giants' Caldron*" ea Hselstolmtn.?Section of the "Utanta' Caldrons"? Tidal Wells.?Different Positions of Cape Ferret from 176.1 to 1863.?Formation ol a Dune.?Formation of SanA Dune.?Section of a Dune.?Calm During the Hurricane at Reunion, February 16, 1861.? Calin During the Hurricane at Keunlun, February 17, 1761?spiral* mad* l>y the Vesnel Charles Meddle*.? Cyclone In the Indies Ocean, In January, lSftl?Parabola Described by m Hurricane. ? Whirlwind* of Du*t ? Comparative Amount* of Rainfall. LOD KENSINGTON. By Mlsa Thackeray. Chapter XDY What Ann tSarnh 1-ett for Dolly. Chapter XDVI. Tbc Sorrowful Message. Chapter XLVIL From lleart ot Very Heart. .Chapter XDVIII. An Explanation. \Illnitratlona?Head Piece.?They Found Poog Black Heap Dying Coon the Floor in the Sunlight" HURaCE URKfc.DEV. Hy Juninj Henri Browne. Illustrations.?Horace Clrtcley'* Sanctum, Trlhun* Ofllce. A 8IMPLKTOX.-A 8TOBT OF THE DAT. By Chart* Reade. BAHY AND MUSTARD PLATING BALD.? A FloridaIm cldent THE NEW MAGDALEN. By Wilkin Collin* Chapter Xxtf. The Man fa the Dining Ream. Chapter XXHl. Daily Jauatat Bajr. VOICE AND PACE. EDITOR'S EASY CHAIR. editor's LITERARY RECORD. EDITOR'S SCIENTIFIC RECORD. EDITOR'S HISTORICAL RECORD. EDITOR'S DRAWER. ITARPER'S MAGAZINE for April ha* every variety ad hiHtructivo and entertaining reading matter, with eighty-five Illustration*, (t contains an Illustrated paper on Santo Domingo, by 8. S. Conant; a comprehensive summary ot the most interesting marine ph^ nomena, by Charles Nordholf, with over twenty illnatrutinns; an Important and timely contribution from M. D. Conway, ou the English Agricultural Laborers' Movement, with a portrait of Joseph Arch; a graphte IKeicn 01 Horace iiohshi, uoui uic u> una .. Henri Browne, with an Illustration of Mr. Greeley** Sanctum at the Trlbnue office; an entertalufac illustrated paper on Carrier Pigeons; another instalment of Porte Crayon's "Mountains;" mora of the "Recollections of an Old Stager;" a continuation of "Old' Kensington." by Mini Thackeray; of "The New Magdalen," by Wllkle Colllna, and of A Simpleton," by Charlea Keade; a characteriatlc ahort story, by James Payn, tha novelist; a tale ot dramatic and thrilling Intereat, by Ellis dray, and a poem of rare beanty and pathos, by Will Wallace iiarney. The Editor's Historical Record contains a comprehensive resume of the subject of TransSortation; and in the Kdltor*s Drawer there ia a grapbio -scripitoo, with fi?ur Uluatrationa of Leicaaler Square, London. TERMS FOR HARPER'S MAGAZINE. WEEKLY AND BAZAR Magazine, one copy for one year M Weekly, one copy lor one year 4 Ba/ar, one copy for one year ..4 M Harper's Magazine. Harper's Weekly and Harper's * Bazar lor one year, glQ; ot any two fur 17. UAKrKR A BROTHERS, Now York. IOH L1F1 IN NEW YORK.~iV~j6.NATUA* SLICK, AND MISS LESLIE'S NEW COOK BOOK, And other New Books are published this day by T. M. PETERSON A BROTHERS, Philadelphia, and arc lor sale by all booksellers and news agents. UlOll LIFE IN NEW YORK. HIGH LfFK IN NEW YORK. By Jonathan Slick. Esq., of Weaihersdeld, Connecticnt Being a Series ol Letters from Jonathan Slick to Ills Par, Mr. Zepliarlati slick, Justice ol tbc Peace, and Deacon to the Church over to WeathcrsOeld, In the State of Connecticut It contains illustrative Engravings of scenes and experience* in Ills travels and places visited In the city of New York; with his iueas ol Love and Ladles, ami his Private Lev? Atlairs an I Flirtations. For downright drollerv au<l hearty humor it has never had its equal. It Is Publishedcomplete In one large duodecimo volume, bound ia morocco cloth, lull gill back. Prire $1 75. MISS LESLIE'S NEW COOK BOOK. MTflfl LESLIES NEW COOK BOOK A Complete Man. ual of Domestic Cookery in all Ua branches. By Mia*. Leslie, author ol "The Ladles'Uulde to Truo Politeness and Perfect Manners," "Miss leslle's New Receipts for Cooking " Ac. Complete in one Urge duodecimo voluin* of over eoo pages, neatly and strongly bound lu cloth, full gilt back. Price M 75 a copy. mvtv uiuifrs just prm.rsiiED. Miss Leslie's New Cook Book, ('loth $175 High I.ile In New York. By Jonathan Slick. Ran. .. I 75 WiiuMD'a Wrou?. Bv Mrs. fciluart. (1Mb. Kilt back. 178 The Corty-flre Guardsmen. Caper, $1; cloth 178 Harry Corerdale's Courtship and Marriage, cloth., 17$. Tom Racquet. Illustrated. Caper, 7Jc. Cloth 1 75 The Mysterious Guest. By Miss Eliza A. Lupuv 1 75. Lewis Arundel, Illastratod. Caper, $1 j cloth...... 1 7$. The Greatest Hague of Lite. Illustrated cover W. Mme. t>? Chamblay. By Alexander Dumas 30 Count of MonteCrlsto. By Alexander Uumas. A new and beautiful edition. Caper, $1 DO-, cloth ... 1 7$. The Couuteaa of Monte Crlsto. A new and beautiful edition. Paper cover. $1; cloth.., 175. > Edmund I'antes. Sequel to "Moute-Crlsto" 7$. Treason at Home. By Mrs. Greeuough 175. Crank Calrlulgb. Illustrated. Paper, 75 cents; cloth 1 75 The Artist's Lore. By Mrs. E. D. fc. N. Houtbworlh.. 1 74Beautltal snow and other Coema A new aud beautiful Illustrated edition. By JL W. Watson.. 2 IXW Tlif Uutcastand other Poems. By J. W. Watson 2 Mb Above books are for sale by all booksellers, or will be scot, post paid, on remitting price to the pub listers, T. B. PETKKOON A BKUtL. 305 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. UTPAkl.Y RRADY~T1IE NATIONAL QCARTRULT ' REVIEW?VOl* XJtVL^ NO. Ll? (SPRINlB auinbtr). Content*:? _ . , _ I.?North America Before 'the Spanish Oononest II.?Motive* and .struggle*, ut shakapaaru iu settling 1% London. _ 1 III.?World Wealth. IV.?Jean RaptUte Pe TA Salle. V?Supplement to "The University of Pennsylvania and Its New Window** ' > VI.?The Internal and External Eire of the Earth. VII.?Notice* and JrllicUm*. VIII.?Appendix?Insurance. Good, Ead and Indifr nrent IX.?Alphabetical Index to Vnlnme XXTT. The work may be tia.l from agenu In all part* or tna country. Oeii'/rai agent*. American Newa Company. A apeelinen co'jy, pottage paid, acnt by the editor to any part of the Ignited State* or British America on receipt 01 $1 ? F.IIW. L SEAMS, W* Oy Editor and Proprietor, M Bible Houae. Aator Place. N. ? NEW AND OLD BOOKS. T Su.iWO vol*, In line liludmg. Illustrated BoeAaia EuglUlt edition* ot Standard Hooka, at reaaoaable prioea, l ,h* \ 011 "XtiX'fC** >?> .

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